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01-12-2009, 12:43 AM
WELCOME to the loosing floozies! We are a great group of ladies with a few common goals. We want to lose weight, get healthy and STAY friends! We have shared happiness, sadness, life changes with the kids, a variety of everyday life happenings and have continued to offer support and motivation thru the hardest of times. Please stop in an introduce yourself, you will be happy you did and we will be thrilled to have you here!

01-12-2009, 12:53 AM
I am so tired of death and illness. Over the past week, my uncle passed, then a communion client, 2 residents and my BIL's grandma. Enough already.

I take Mom Thursday to the specialist out of town. They received all of the bloodwork from here and seem to not know what is going on either. My mom is very independant and is very strong willed, but she is going downhill and they can't seem to figure out why. The bloodwork is showing no problem.

Dee, I'm happy to hear your mom is better. Prayers do work! She will continue to be in mine.

Off to work the next three days squeezing in a funeral as needed too. then heading out of town to take mom to the doc. I'll keep you updated!

A little birdie told me we have a birthday here on Wednesday!

01-12-2009, 09:45 AM
Popping to the top! :carrot:

01-12-2009, 10:26 AM
Gayle boy life has been dishing out to you. I am sorry for all the losses of lives. I certainly know that it tough.
I hope that they can figure out what is wrong with your mom. You think with modern medicine that shouldn't be a problem.
Thanks for starting a new thread. Much quicker to open.

I emailed Cheryl today. Let's see if she gets back to me or posts. It has been to long since she posted.

y mom is improving a bit each day. It just took me back when i got to talk to her for a few minutes as to how sick and weak she is. Thanks for the prayers. Gayle your mom is in my prayers too.

I talked to Uncle Albert last night. That is Sally's husband. He is starting to heal but he said he is so lonely. He was sad to hear about mom. They stayed over night there last sunday as it was there first pit stop in the long drive. They only made it one more day after that. My brother Garry from Ottawa is hoping to be able to drive dad's van back and will stop off and visit with Albert.
Hopefully we find out today when mom will come home.

Larry left for conneticuit early this morning. It is going to be a month before I see him minus this saturday. it is going to be tough for both of us.

Better get going to the Y.

Have a good one.

01-12-2009, 03:16 PM
Gayle, you have had so much death and illness in your family. You too Dee! I do hope that things start improving for both of your families very soon!

My daughter-in-law went back to work today, so I have the two little ones here on Mondays and Thursdays. If everyday goes as well as today has we won't have any problems! ;)

01-12-2009, 04:07 PM
Grandma is a busy one. I can't wait to babysit grandchildren. I will make them cookies and spoil them.

I haven't talked to mom's nurse yet today but will call shortly. My sister talked to mom but she was still a bit mixed up from the lack of oxygen. I hope that I will get to see her before I leave.

01-12-2009, 09:15 PM
Suzy I was just looking at all the new projects you have going on. I love the blue wool you picked up. Was there enough?

01-13-2009, 12:58 AM
Gee I am getting lonely here talking to myself.

Gayle I just praying for your mom when I was wondering how old she is? my mom was born in 1936 and my dad was born in 1933.

How old are everyone else's parents?

Time for bed. It was a late night last night talking to Uncle Albert but it was worth it.

As we were saying good bye we both said I love you Darlene and I love you Albert at the same time. lol Ahh how it means so much to me. Sally would be so proud of him.

01-13-2009, 09:50 AM
Dee- you're not alone. I read the posts a few times a day. Glad you enjoyed your talk with Uncle Albert.
Both my parents have been gone for a while. My mother passed away from breast cancer when I was 25. I came home for funeral and went into labor with Amanda. My mom passed away on the 7th of October and Amanda was born on the 9th, I never made it to the funeral.
My dad passed away at 72, January 15, 2004.
I am trying to get back on track with eating and lose the pounds I gained over Christmas. It gets very discouraging.

01-13-2009, 10:17 AM
Dee, I think your mom is about 10 years younger then mine. My mom will be 83 this year (born in 1926) My dad has been gone 22 year+, he died on his 66 birthday when I was around 22-23. Liz was just over 1 year old. I still miss him dearly and even though Liz can't remember him, she feels like she knows him. He is still a big part of our life with photo's displayed, etc.

I'm worried about Cheryl. This is unlike her to not check-in.

Heading out the door! Will chat later!

BTW: Dee, when do you leave?

01-13-2009, 10:19 AM
Oh, ya, considering the age of my parents compared to my age...I was a "late in life" baby, also known as a boo-boo! :-)

01-13-2009, 11:04 AM
You might have been a boo boo baby at first but I am sure that your mom feels so blessed to have you. What would she do without you. You help her so much. But your right your mom was considered older at that age to have a child. I didn't realized your dad died on his birthday. How did he die?

Is anyone working on dropping some pounds?
Did aneone watch Oprah last week and on the web last night? I can be download and it is well worth it. It helps you figure out why you gain weight and the Bob Green gives you a healthy way to lose it for life.

With the windchill it is -41. I am staying home and will do the exercise bike plus yoga.
I am leaving early sunday morning.

01-13-2009, 01:23 PM

Sorry I haven't been around lately. It's been very hectic here, lately. I was in the Christmas Play at Church, so I was spending a lot of time rehearsing. Also, the Tupperware selling has been taking a lot of time--since I can't work in it during the day, I have to try to squeeze in a few minutes at night on it, after Jake has gone to bed and before Stewart gets ready to "shut the house down."

Jake's first Christmas was so exciting. Christmas is definately for parents (kids just think it's for them!). He actually played with all of his toys--we had to take them away from him before he'd move on to the next present. He's not walking yet, but he's CLIMBING on anything he can, so we have to watch him extra close to make sure he doesn't fall and hurt himself or reach anything that could hurt him.

I really meant to check in sooner, but things just kept happening. One of my childhood friends committed suicided on Christmas Day, but didn't "die" (they didn't unplug him) until a couple days after new year's. They harvested his organs because he was only 29 and nothing was damaged. That put me off for a while. My uncle has been sick and in the hospital for almost a month--he just died yesterday. So that's another visitation and funeral. Also, I woke up sick as a dog yesterday and still haven't fully recovered from that. It's just been bad around here.

Thanks Dee, for e-mailing me and "waking me up."

01-13-2009, 04:10 PM
Cheryl thanks for checking in.

Janice I missed your post when i checked in this morning. That must have been hard for you not to be able to go to your mom's funeral. I hope that you are doing a monthly exam of your breasts.

Who does a monthly exam of thie breasts?

I check every couple of months.
As some of you might remember my mom had brest cancer a few years back.

01-13-2009, 05:55 PM
Dee, I usually let Steve do the examining. ;)

My dad had prostate cancer spreading into his bones. By the time he passed, he had to wear a neck brace because of the cancer causing a honeycomb effect and breaking the bones.

Janice, I just re-read your note too. Isn't it so hard facing the enjoyment of a little one the same time as the loss of a parent?

Hugs Cheryl! You have had a rough month. Thanks for the email and the "little angel" in the message. He is a sweetie!

01-13-2009, 07:31 PM
Gayle I have a friend her father passed away the same way 15 years ago. He was first diagnosed with prostrate cancer but it spread. It sounds like your dad really suffered.
I never bothered to do a breast exam like you I left that up to Larry but really you need to do it. Please check regularly the guys are no thinking of checking for lumps.

Here is the link to Oprah's Best LIfe series. If you are struggling with weight issues you really should take the time and watch this.

01-13-2009, 09:34 PM
Here is my brothers last email he sent me on an update on mom.
Had a long visit with mom this afternoon. We even went to the patient lounge to watch Oprah on TV.

The oxygen supplement was removed early this morning. Again we see continued improvement. Mom went for several walks this morning and washed her own hair. With no oxygen supplement, the oxygen reading when resting was 82 and when walking and trying to breathe hard the reading was 85.

We met with Dr. O'Brien this afternoon and he explained that with mom's type of COPD, he believes that increases in carbon dioxide are not triggering increased breathing as it should and that prolonged oxygen supplement will result in her body loosing the ability to automatically increase breathing when oxygen is too low, thus he removed her oxygen today and does not plan on giving her oxygen when she leaves. (I am paraphrasing and hope that I explained this well enough). Tomorrow the doctor will determine if he thinks that mom would be able to travel on Thursday.

The doctor's recommended options in order of preference are as follows:
1) Travel by car to Ossoyoos
2) Travel by Air Canada to Winnipeg (however he doubts that Air Canada will approve her traveling on the airline)
3) Travel by car to Winnipeg (least desirable because he feels mom would become too exhausted before getting to Winnipeg)

Dad called Ossoyoos and they can give him the same room if he wants it (the room is now reserved).

I like their first option. It would be nice if they can make it for their winter vacation.
Thanks for the prayers. I believe they made a difference.

01-14-2009, 10:16 AM
Things are quite hectic here right now, so forgive me for not being around much this week. Tim is having some minor surgery on Friday, so we're working our behinds off trying to get as much done at work and home as we can before hand. He will be off for two weeks recovering and we hope to spend the last week of that recovery time in NC with our son, dil and the new baby. I'll check in as much as I can, but don't worry if I'm not here as much as I normally am.

Gayle and Dee, do know that I'm keeping your mothers in my prayers.

Cheryl, it's good to hear from you! I know you're busy, but I hope you can find time to check in more often.

Same goes for you Janice! I know you read every day, but we like to hear what is going on with you too...even if it is boring! :wink:

01-14-2009, 11:12 AM
Suzy let us know how Tim's surgery goes friday. That will be nice to go for a week visit to see the new little angel. Good timing, when she is so young. Thanks for the prayers. I will be gone in a few days so you better check in and make sure everyone is behaving.

Janice is it a big count down til you leave? Larry set up a counter on my computer that not only gives me days but hours and

It is freezing here today so I am staying put. Exersise at home is a good thing too.

Shelley I wish I was in your climate right now. I am sitting in my garden room with a heat plugged in under the table to take the chill of my bones.

Gayle what's the plan for today? How many days is your salon open anyways? You always seem to be pretty busy.
Are you keeping warm? I know that your temps are usually comparable but a bit warmer.

Cheryl are you going to check in with us today? Don't wait til Jake starts walking before you post. I know that won't be long but that is too long to leave us friends hanging.

Time to get some brekie.

01-14-2009, 02:58 PM
Actually,,,,,Jake took his first two "steps" yesterday at the babysitter's house. He was "walking" between a table and a chair. I was there, but I was talking to the sitter when he did it--her husband was all excited, though!

There's a challenge somewhere on this board, right now I have no idea where, that's a 100 pushup and 200 situp deal. It's supposed to take you from having no upper body/core strength to having enough to do 100 pushups and 200 situps in 6 weeks. It kind of reminds me of the couch25k program.

The website is

I'm going to try it. Since today is my birthday, I figure it'll give me motivation to keep going if I start it today!

01-14-2009, 05:19 PM
Happy Birthday Cheryl! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Have a super happy day.
Dee and Cheryl thanks for the websites I will check them out.
It was hard at first my Mom passing and Amanda being born but what God's plan is we never know. I think he gave me a happy occasion because of the sadness that I would be feeling. It was terrible to watch me mom's cancer spread and she never gave up hope. She would say to me "pray for me" at the end I was praying for God to take her home and end her suffering. I felt guilty for praying that way, almost like I made her die. She was 44 and I was 25. I had my first breast lump removed when I was 44. I was sure that it was the beginning of the end but it wasn't cancerous. Life is full of trials for us all.
We are counting down to the trip mostly with how many days we have left to work.
Dee - not very nice sending me that cold weather, it is minus 22 celcius today and windchill of minus 35. BRRRRRR. I watched a bit of the Oprah shows but didn't catch it all. I want to lose this weight once and for all. I feel such shame that I never get past losing some then gaining it back. (http://************************************************** *******=ZSzeb112_ZSYYYYYYYYCA&utm_id=7920)

01-14-2009, 09:53 PM
Happy Birthday Cheryl. I hope that it was a marvelous day. It looks like you got your birthday present early when Jake started to walk.

Janice I think that you are right, God gave you hope and healing through your daughter. I hope that you check you do a monthly exam. I can't imagine what you went through when you found the lump and had it removed.

Gayle where are you today?

Shelley get over here and post, we miss you. I can hardly believe that it was only a month ago that I was visiting you. I often replay my minds video of us meeting each other as we ran into each others arms. That was fabulous.

The latest on mom is that they will release her in the morning and my brother will drive them to Osoyoos, where they will spend the winter. God is a good good, he has blessed us again.

01-15-2009, 10:57 AM
Dee, I'm usually there 3-4 days of the week which are full days. Usually 8:30 in the morning until 4:30-5:00. Some days I change my schedule around to pick Allie up from school if Steve can't. All of my clientel are really good to work with my schedule. Yesterday I did all of my Thursday regulars so I can take mom today to the doc.

I won't be around until tonight. Heading out the door to go pick my mommy up for her appointment. Wouldn't you know it! We had snow last night! YUCK! I'm not the bravest to drive on the stuff. See ya all later!

01-15-2009, 11:43 PM
Well I'm back home but mom isn't. The doc said he could see a major decline from September and chose to admit her to the hospital. There was discussion of congestive heart failure, valves, etc. who knows until the tests are ran. I am home tonight, packing toiletries, going to the bank etc. then heading back in the morning. Steve & Allie may come up tomorrow after Allie gets out of school. I'm taking my laptop in the morning, but it depends if I'm able to connect or not. Keep us in your prayers!!!!!

01-16-2009, 10:35 AM
Gayle i just read your message. My dear girl of course i will pray for your mom. I am glad that you did bring her to the doctor. I hope that they will quickly find out what is happening and treat her. {{{HUGS}}}

My mom was released from the hospital yesterday. My brother drove them to their winter destination yesterday afternoon. She was very tired but they made it. She was already looking forward to the old time music they will be playing this afternoon.

My internet was down yesterday so I didn't get to check in til this morning. I am off to the Y for my last class. I will be glad to say this is my last walk in the _40's winchill.


01-17-2009, 05:00 PM
Gayle ~ I'm sorry to hear that your mother is in the hospital, but maybe they can get to the bottom of the problem this way. My prayers continue for you and you as well.

Dee ~ I'm glad that your mother is back home and improving. I am praying that her recovery continues to go well.

Janice ~ It's freezing here too. It was -18 F (I think that's about -27 C) this morning when I got up. It is just TOO cold outside for anything!

Tim's surgery went well yesterday. He's really sore and uncomfortable today, but has pain meds that take the edge off. He has spent most of the day in his recliner next to the fire.

01-17-2009, 05:48 PM
Suzy I am glad to hear that Tim is doing well. I know that you will take good care of him. I am sure that he is anxious to heal up so he can go see your new grandbaby.

Gayle your mom will be in my prayers until I hear that she is well. God be with you at this time. Trust in him.
I recieved my birthday card just in time yesterday. I will take it with me and open it up on the 29th. Thank you. It will probably be the only surprise that I get that day. My girlfriend will be coming down for a week but she leaves the morning of my birthday.

Shelley how are you doing? We don't hear much from you. I have my pics from Florida on my pc as a screen saver. I see the pics of us often and just remember how great of a time we had. Thanks for coming to see me.

Janice it is warming up here this weekend so it should be heading your way soon. Enjoy your trip. I hope that you get to relax and have lots of adventures.

Cheryl how is Jake making out with his walking? it is going to be so hard to keep up with him now.

My brother said that mom was doing fine but tired. His last email sounded like he was upset with mom. She hadn't smoked in 10 days and he thinks that she had a few. He gave her a stern speach but there isn't much we can do but pray that the desire will be gone. If not she won't last very long.

Well now on to better news.... Larry arrived late last night but just in time for Ashley's birthday party. We had a nice evening but he was really tired. Tonight they are having a family party at their house tonight.We will go for a short time to visit and say our good byes. I am leaving tomorrow bright and early. I am all packed and ready to go. Now it is time for a nap and to get ready to party again. I will be checking my email and the board every couple of days. Mexican internet is slow and I have to go to star bucks to be able to connect up to the internet.

I love you guys and thank you for the prayers.


01-18-2009, 09:03 AM
Gosh, where have I been? If you are on FB, you know where I've been! Anyway, Cheryl happy belated birthday!

Gayle-I am so sorry for all your losses. Life is so sad when everyone starts
getting up there in age.

Dee-On to PV??

Cheryl-I received the Neilson thing, but it's the wrong one. I have a digital phone line, so I can't use it. They are sending me another one that I can do online. I actually decided not to do it, but since they sent it, I'll go ahead and use it.

Hi Janice, Suzy, everyone!

01-18-2009, 09:50 AM
Suzy, I am so sorry I missed about Tim having surgery. He is in my prayers! tell him to enjoy his mini vacation.

We are in Hays, about 2 hours away from home. Mom isscheduled to have surgery in the am. We are taking Allie back home today to stay with the other Grandma and then Steve & I will come back up. While home, I'll drop in at the shop and update the staff there. Not sure at this point when I will be able to get back to work. Moms spirits are up, she is looking better and talking a mile a minute. Something is working. Could be the 7-8 pounds of fluid removed as of this point from her body. LOL! I'll try to check in when I can. So far I am having luck finding a net connection.

Dee, stay safe & have fun!


01-19-2009, 09:33 AM
Plans changed since the last time I posted. Due to the time required, the doctors will be doing two precedures compared to the original one and the date is also moved back to sometime on Tuesday. Mom will be fitted with a pacemaker and then they will do an electrical cardio conversion of stopping the heart and then restarting the heart. Each precedure on it's own is fairly uncomplicated, now with the combination of the two precedures, the congestive heart failure, past patient history and age, there is the risk of something happening. I called in and took the week off from the shop, Steve is try to schedule his store calls so he can spend a night or two with me. Allie is staying with the other grandma. I can usually check-in throughout the day. I'm finding great wireless connections. So, me and my little computer trod off to the hospital each morning and then trod back to the motel each night. Well, I need to go! Everyone take care!

01-19-2009, 12:29 PM
Prayers and hugs to you, Gayle.

01-19-2009, 05:52 PM
Gayle ~ My dad had both a pacemaker and cardio-version done and did wonderfully well afterwards. It was amazing the difference that it made in how he felt. I pray that your mother does as well and is feeling better soon. Remember to take care of yourself too, my friend! :hug:

01-20-2009, 10:56 PM
Gayle i just got on the internet for the first time since I have been here. I pray that things went well today. I have heard great things about pacemakers. God be with you guys. Hugs!

Janice when are you going on your trip? Is it cold there?

Suzy when are you going to see your granbaby? I forgot what his name is.

Cheryl come on over and post.

Shelley yes I am in Pv. I am loving it. Lonely for my Sally and Viv but it is ok. I have my moments.

I will check in a often as i can. My girlfriend comes out thursday for a week so i will be busy but i am thinking of you gals.

Be good.

01-21-2009, 06:37 PM
Shelley, yeah, the Neilson thing can be overwhelming at times. Since having Jake I don't scan or transmit as regularly as I used to. It's still fun, though--and I love getting all the free stuff when the points build up.

Gayle--wow you've been through a lot in the past week and I didn't even know it!! I have GOT to check in more! Thanks for the birthday card--it made my day!

Dee, hope you're enjoying the warm weather. Drink a cold on in honor of Sally and Viv. They would want you to enjoy yourself.

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes!

I signed up my 2nd tupperware recruit today! I'm so excited! One more and I'll be able to start earning royalties! I can't wait!!!!!

01-21-2009, 07:42 PM
Cheryl way to go, you are doing very well with Tupperware.The product sells it's self it is so good.

Gayle how is your mom doing?

I am just off for a walk but thought that I would check in with you and see what is new.

01-21-2009, 10:37 PM
Dee, I'll trade you a trip to Kansas for your trip to PV. I am having way too much fun at the motel & hospital.

They placed the pacemaker yesterday and will cardiovert her in the am. The original plan was to do both precedures at once, but her heart is too weak. They fitted her with the PM to set her heart rate up, no they can medicate her for the congestive heart failure with meds that typically lower the heart rate. Think of a see-saw on a playground, one will level the other one out. Mom won't make a complete recovery, but they are doing what they can to give her better quality of life, keep her comfortable and aid with the heart failure symptoms. They are cardioverting her in the morning and we'll go from there. Thank you for the prayers.

01-22-2009, 07:39 PM
Gosh, Gayle. Your mom is going through so much. I'm sure our prayers are helping and will help get both her and you through this.

Cheryl-Yay! I hope you get the royalties. I wish I had $$ to buy some.

Janice-10 days and counting?? I've been reading your count down on FB.

Suzy-I missed the surgery Tim had also. I hope he is doing fine now.

Dee-When is Cindy arriving?

01-22-2009, 11:37 PM
The cardiovert went well today. If she "passes"a test in the morning, we can head home. Arrangements are being made for in-home healthcare etc. If all goes well, I'm planning on being able to leave someone such as an aunt with her so I can do hair Monday. Thank you for the prayers, they are working!

01-23-2009, 10:25 AM
Gayle, glad to hear things are running smoothly. It will help you if you're able to find someone to stay with her even one day/week. When you're able to kind of resume your normal activities, it will really help your stress levels.

Shelley, yep, let the royalties roll! I know what you mean about $$$$!! There's still so much in the book I think I need, but right now I don't have the funds to buy it! At least I do get the 25% seller's discount (which I LOVE!). In fact, I think that from now on when I'm signing people up I'm going to do it from the "Buyer's Club" perspective----Get either kit for $84 or $118 (which includes tax, etc.), then buy your stuff at the 25% discount (plus any consultant bonuses they happen to be offering at the time). That way, people won't have to focus on selling so much, but they can share the discount with their friends and family if they want to--or make a little in commissions if they don't! I've been trying to create a flyer to hand out at some of my parties that just focuses on that.

Janice, be watching your mail.........

01-24-2009, 03:47 PM
We made it back home!!!!! I am going to and from mom's house, cleaning, shopping, cooking etc. getting it ready for in-home care this coming Monday. I plan to work in the shop Monday, then meet with the healthcare workers on Tuesday. They will come out throughout the week to draw blood, check vitals, bath assist and offer physical therapy. I am so tired but there is alot to be done. Thank goodness I have Steve taking care of Allie and doing the stuff at home.

01-25-2009, 07:54 AM
Gayle-You are one busy woman! Try to pause for a second and breathe!

01-25-2009, 04:44 PM
Shelley, if I stop too long I'll fall asleep! :-)
I was exhausted the first night home but couldn't sleep, too many things going on in my head. I was on the computer at 2:30 that morning!

01-26-2009, 03:43 PM
I'm glad that your mom is home Gayle! I'm sure she is feeling much better now that she is home in her own surroundings. I know how you feel about not being able to stop or you will crash...I feel the same way! Tim is doing much better now...still not 100%, but he's on his way. He goes back to the surgeon on Wednesday and hopefully he will be released to return to work next week. We were hoping that we would be able to sneak a trip in to NC for the weekend, but I don't think Tim is up to very many hours riding in a car just yet and besides that they are calling for 8 inches of snow here Wednesday and ice south of us, so it's not good traveling weather anyway. I guess we'll wait a week or two before we go.

01-27-2009, 01:31 AM
just checking in to see how everyone is doing. Gayle \i am releived that your mom made it through. Remember last time how she showed the doctors? Well hopefully she will be a miracle again.

Janice enjoy the trip.

Shelley cindy is here now once she is gone i will have more time to check in. sure do miss you.

Cheryl you are doing great with selling tupperware. Keep up the good work and keep checking in too.

better go it is late and i am tired.

miss you gals.

01-27-2009, 09:58 AM
Good Morning Ladies,
Just four more days until Peurta Plata- we are so excited like a couple of kids waiting for Santa. We have never been anywhere.
Gayle - I'm glad your Mom is doing better, I read your posts and was praying for you all. Try to get some rest yourself, even though I know thats hard right now.
Diet is not in my vocabulary right now.

01-27-2009, 03:17 PM
Janice, I am so excited for you! We are planning a trip someday too, hopefully! We have never went anywhere other then just here in the States and those trips are few and far between. HAVE A BLAST!

All is ok here! Mom is setup with in-home health. She will see the nurse once a week unless problems, the Therapist & Bath Aide will be 2-3 times a week each. I'm trying to fit in 3 full days at the shop this week so my brother has been trying to help me out staying with mom. She is by herself most times, but we are spending part of the days with her. Thank you all for the prayers.

Dee, while your in PV can you price the difference of which would be better as far as food cost etc. To rent a condo as a group or to do an all inclusive resort near the downtown area??? I am trying to sell PV to the group, they all want to go to Cozumel or some other spots. I'm HOPING we could go to PV and schedule it close to the times you are there so we could finally meet. A single friend we have, is going to be a hard sell... he wants to go to a more commercialized area so he has a better chance with "hot babes" :-)

01-27-2009, 08:02 PM
Well he is right cancun is for singles and partying.

Sometimes you can really awesome deals with all inclusive so that might be cheaper. There are no resorts downtown but hotels. Look into hotel tropicana, lots of people like it. it isn't fancy but it is clean and good location.
i would love to see you here one year.
There are lots of condos here with a big price range. Do a search for the all vallarta board and puerta vallarta scene board, there are some condos listed to rent there. It is some where to start. How many condos would you need?

Janice enjoy your trip. You will catch the travel bug.

today we spent most of our day walking on the beach and lounging afterwards. It is so nice and warm here. I love it.

Time to make dinner and shower.

Have a good day everyone.

01-27-2009, 08:54 PM
I'll sleep on the floor if I can come to PV!!!! :-)

01-28-2009, 12:48 AM
gayle the beds are as hard as the floor here in mexico so you wouldn't even notice the difference.

01-28-2009, 10:24 AM
I really don't want to wake up with a gecko staring me in the face! LOL!

You are staying in the downtown area, correct? Also which side? I noticed most of the hotels are listed as East side, west side, etc. Just wishing we could eventually meet up.

01-29-2009, 06:21 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARLENE!!:cheer::bday2you::bday2::celebrate::hb::w oo::balloons:

01-29-2009, 09:27 AM ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE!! ( (
CELEBRATE YOUR SPECIAL DAY. LOVE YA!! (http://************************************************** *******=ZSzeb096_ZSYYYYYYYYCA&utm_id=7924)

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Aww you guys are the best! It is nice to here and see your birthday wishes. My girlfriend left today so I will be basking in the sun alone or should I say with all my amigos that wants to be my bodyguard, or give me a free massage.

Gayle I am living right downtown, not on the north or south side. I highly recommend the south side or the romantic zone as they like to call it here. There are only hotels there not resorts but you are in the thick of things. People that stay in the hotel zone north of here have to take a bus or taxi in. If you were on south side or downtown you walk every where. There are lots of condos downtown and on the southside.

My girlfriend took me out for dinner last night. It was a new restaurant and it was a wow experience. Twenty dollars for dinner, presentation awesome in a higher class new restaurant. We even got them to through in our drinks. The price included tcos and fresh salsa, tortilla soup or salad, with garlic rolls, main course I had mahi mahi, cindy had fahitas, and your choice of dessert. We had flan. Yummy.

Thanks again for the birthday wishes. I am going to go grab a cervas and head up to the pool. It has the best view in Vallarta.

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Happy Birthday Dee!!!! Which is this one? 38? 39? I forget.

My little man has a birthday coming up in less than two weeks. In ways I'm looking forward to it, and in ways, not.
My little monkey isn't walking on his own, quite yet. He can take one or two "falling" steps in between two objects. But the little sucker CLIMBS everything that's knee-level or shorter. And he's not afraid of heights, which scares the crap out of Momma! He's also getting to that stage where he only wants ME--I can't even leave him with Stewart in the living room for 2 minutes while I try to take a bathroom break! He follows me down the hall and sits outside the door and HOWLS while he stick his fingers under the crack between the door and the floor. It's very interesting.

AND he fights sleep at night! I've tried to outlast him and it just doesn't work that way! Finally I realized that if I'll sit down with him in "our" chair in the dark with a bottle and sing or talk quietly to him while I rub his ears, eyes and fingers he'll eventually go to sleep. Takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes, though, and if I lay him down too soon he pops right back awake!! I do still love to hold and rock him, though, so that's not too much of a strain on me.

He's at the stage now, as well, where he likes to try to feed himself some of his foods. Talk about a messy experience! I think I'm mushing up his food too much, but I get paranoid about him choking on something.

The little bugger, I swear, will look at me right before he heads into something he knows he's not supposed to be in. He also tells himself "ant ant" when he's heading that way!! Last night he was messing with something that's a "no-no" and when I picked him up and sat him away from it the first time he turned and looked at me and headed right back to it. The 2nd time I spatted his leg (through his sleeper and diaper) and he acted like I KILLED him. Then, as soon as I sat him down he looked at Stewart and laughed and I'll be damned if he didn't go right back to where I had just moved him from TWICE!!!! I had to get up and go to the bedroom! Ah, the joys of motherhood.

01-30-2009, 04:40 PM
Wow, over a day with no posts!!

Hope it's because everyone is too busy having fun and enjoying life and not because anything is wrong!

01-30-2009, 05:44 PM
Cheryl - Jake sounds like a joy. They grow up so fast enjoy it. Does seem a bit quite around here today.
Dee is probably having a Siesta.
Me - I'm at work for ten hours then starting Vacation. 2 more hours to go Woo Hoo!!

01-30-2009, 06:53 PM
Janice, have a blast! You deserve it! We want details when you make it back!

01-31-2009, 02:54 PM
Gayle hopefully it will be your turn next year and you will be able to come to PV.

Janice yes siestas, you sure do need them with the heat. Have a wonderful time. Incase you didn't check on face book I mentioned to you to bring an umbrella because they are known for a quick afternoon shower every once in awile.

Cheryl you are so sweet. I turned 46. Even though I am nearing 50 I am comfortable with my age. I wouldn't go back in a heart beat. I am happy to be 46.

Shelly what are you doing this weekend?
We haven't heard much from you lately.

I seen these little princess frog magnets and I just had to buy one. I love frogs maybe partly because frogs symbolizes french and of course the princess. It is just too cute.

Yesterday it was so hot here, my nose was dripping sweat off the tip of it as I washed the deck in the sun. Of course I waited to the hottest part of the day ;)

I am having a lot of fun even though I am on my own. There is just so much to do.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

02-01-2009, 03:48 PM
Yesterday it was so hot here, my nose was dripping sweat off the tip of it as I washed the deck in the sun.
Go ahead and rub it in Dee! :lol: There's a big snow storm headed our way tomorrow and then more sub zero temps. I am so ready for, make that SUMMER!

02-01-2009, 04:31 PM
Suzy I will send some sunshine over to melt the snow.
Today as I walked back from church my butt was sweating beneath my