General chatter - Kewl things Im gonna do when i lose the weight

WVU Jenn
01-09-2009, 03:49 PM
Ok so I been thinking about this, and I dont want to post on Facebook or Myspace, so Ill do it here....Please add what YOU cant wait to do! :D

Things To Do when I Lose the Weight:
1. Bend down and put on those hard to buckle dress shoes.
2. not fear that my underwire is going to POP at an inopportune moment and STAB me in the chest!
3. Dance and jump and bounce without feeling self consious.
4. Buy a backless shirt and WEAR IT!
5. Go swimming!
6. Get wedding pictures retaken
7. Take pictures of myself with my family and friends and my pets having fun and living the good life!
8. Buy some sexy lingerie to wear for my hubby!
9. have a face to face get together with old friends I have gotten in touch with on facebook and myspace but have been too ashamed to meet in person.
10. Start singing again with my band!!!!!

Now your turn!!!!!! :p

01-09-2009, 04:07 PM
Things To Do when I Lose the Weight

1 - Not feeling self-conscious when I go to the grocery store, or going out in general.
2 - Wearing a spaghetti-string tank-top with no fat sticking out!
3 - Wearing shorts out in public.
4 - Continuing to working out and join a gym.
5 - Continuing to be aware of the calories that I'm eating.
6 - Feeling healthier, and light.
7 - Taking more pictures!
8 - Being able to shop at Victoria Secret :o.
9 - Proving the people, who said I couldn't do it, wrong.
10 - Making other aspects of my life better.

01-09-2009, 04:15 PM
Things To Do when I Lose the Weight

1 - Not feel embarrassed at the neighborhood pool this summer
2- Get those expensive jeans, even if it hurts the credit score
3- Take more pictures (borrowing this answer ;-))
4- Not hate myself in the mirror
5- Go to parties
6- Go for walks and runs before dark
7- Not think that people are calling me fat
8- Shop with thinner friends/family
9- Have a baby
10- Keep it off!

01-09-2009, 04:31 PM
Hi I tried to PM you since we live in the same state but I dont have enough posts yet.

Things To Do when I Lose the Weight:
1. Bend down and put on any shoes without getting winded.
2. Play with my little one with out getting winded and just feel better in general to takle care of him and be around a long time for him.
3. Be able to buy panties anywhere not just the stores that carry the dinasour briefs and charge out the yang for them. If Im gonna pay that kinda money I want cute skivvies like VS!
4. Go shopping without feeling like a failure. And have a nice wardrobe of clothes instead of 1 pair of jeans and some Tshirts.
5. Have the confidence I use to have many pounds ago.
6. Get wedding pictures retaken Stealing yours here I sooooo want this! I hate my wedding pictures even though DH looks so happy and so handsome I hate looking at my huge self in a dress that had to be made b/c I couldnt find one big enough to even try on in the stores.
7. Take pictures of myself with my family and friends and my pets having fun and living the good life! Love this one too there are hardly any pictures of me and my baby :(
8. Wear a sexy dress and go out to a nice dinner with my husband at an upscale restaraunt.

01-13-2009, 01:34 PM
The things Im gonna do when I lose the weight:

1. Get married! Im not getting married at this weight!!
2. Be able to play football and soccer with my kids
3. Run on the beach (right now I get tired just by walking on it)
4. Go to Disneyland and be able to fit comfortably in all the rides!
5. Swim in our pool!
6. Go dancing and shake my groove thing and not think everyone is staring at me!
7. By sexy things for my man!
8. Go shopping for SKINNY clothes!

Im sure there are more..these are just the main ones!!! Im going to write these in my journal..Its great motivation!

01-13-2009, 05:40 PM
1. Shop for my wedding dress.
2. Buy an all new wardrobe, with all those cute clothes and shoes!
3. Go to theme parks without getting embarrassed that I almost don't fit on the rides.
4. Look at myself in the nude and not think "centuries ago, I was considered beautiful".
5. Get pregnant. (sounds backwards, eh? Well, now I'll know exactly how to shed that baby weight)

01-13-2009, 06:21 PM
Things To Do when I Lose the Weight

1 - Be able to wear tank tops and shorts out in public
2 - Be able to wear cute dresses during the summer
3 - Being able to shop at Victoria Secret.
4 - Being able to buy those cute little matching panty and bra sets
5 - Not feeling depressed when I see pictures of myself.
6 - Let my BF pick me up or sit in his lap without embarassment
7 - Become muscular....not just thin... athletic and toned too
8 - Wear some of the cute shoes I have in my closet without feeling like an elephant on stilts
9 - Maybe joint a martial arts or yoga class
10 - Have my pick of all the wedding dresses rather than just what will fit

01-13-2009, 06:38 PM
how about things I am DOING while losing this darn weight....

1- thinking more about me instead of everyone else
2- as I lose inches and weight--not buying a whole new wardrobe-but at least one really cute outfit that makes me feel good complete with new shoes, socks & undies cause I AM going to lose more
3- taking more pride in who I am instead of what I think others think--losing the weight is not going to change the person I am
4- taking those pictures now--I have a new grandson and realized that everyone was in the pics but me--when he is older I don't want him to ask where I was
5- buying that dvd and doing yoga, pilates or dance to help me lose
6- painting my toenails wild colors and knowing that it is for me...well maybe for my hubby too cause he likes it
7- reconnecting with old friends who don't care that I weigh more now--I have found 2 and 1 found me--none care and only one has gained weight
8- seeing the person that my family loves no matter what the weight
9- finding a great website like this with others going through the same journey
10- getting outside and enjoying walking even if its only 15 minutes at a time and cold as heck...