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01-09-2009, 12:00 PM
Good morning to you ladies. It is a pretty day here. Not too cool. I was up really late not being able to sleep so I went back upstairs this morning and went back to bed then got up and cleaned what needed to be cleaned upstairs so my cleaning chores are done. I just have to unload the dishwasher and reload breakfast dishes then get clothes finished.

Good grief! The lady next door is cooking icky again. The day before yesterday she was doing the really stinky stuff and she must have been having company the next day because the smell went away in the afternoon then returned full strength around 8 pm. Our bedroom smelled like old chinese food all night!

Susan: Jack knows he will have to have these stress tests for the rest of his life about once a year, but that doesn't mean he likes them. I wouldn't, I know that. Of course, I would have to do the one that mimics because I can't do the treadmill fast with my knees. Hope you got an a-ok report on your thumb.

Jean: I have a large quantity of a deep purple yarn that I think I am going to find a sweater pattern for and make another sweater in a smaller size to spur me on to losing weight. I don't know. I am so used to having projects to do for other people or as gifts. I imagine folks are tired of getting knitting from me for birthday presents. I can't wait to finish and sew this sweater up. The pattern is so pretty on it. It has a flaw, but I wasn't about to rip it all out. The yarn I bought is what they call "no dye lot." So, I couldn't buy dye lots in the same number to make sure they matched. I knitted the back with a couple skeins I had, then went to the store to get more and the colors didn't match. I went to every place in town that sold this yarn and couldn't get it to match. So the back is a brighter peach than the front. That is ok, but then I knitted the one sleeve and finished it and discovered that the first half was knitted in the brighter peach and the second in the more muted, but I was darn sure not going to tear it all out. Since it is the sleeve and not as noticable, I am going to just keep it the way it is. If it were for someone else, I imagine I would have torn the whole sweater apart, but since it is for me, NOPE! I am thinking about making this sweater but don't know if I will make the matching hat or not. You can wear something like this as a jacket or alone, which I like.

Well gals, I need to finish my daily chores! Have a wonderful weekend! It is commissary weekend for us! yippeee! :^:

01-09-2009, 12:27 PM

I go to the doctor today to get my yearly perscriptions rewritten. I found one 20 miles away in a smaller town which is much nearer then trecking down to Texas to see one. It is so wierd here in this town because the ones we called didn't answer the phone. We were told that all the good doctors went to work at the hospital here. The one I am seeing might even be a nurse practioner if that doctor is at their hospital this day. At least that doctor does have an office. I am not sick ~ just want my perscriptions that keep me well. Next I find a dentist.

DONNA Thanks for starting a new thread for us. Girlfriend what a beautiful sweater. I bet no one even notices that yours is slightly different shades here and there. That lacy look is so neat ~ makes me want to try it.

Everyone have a lovely day and enjoy the weekend coming up. Type at y'all later Magnolias :wave:

01-09-2009, 05:44 PM
Good afternoon, ladies. Cold today, down in the low 30s so I guess it'll be in the 20s tonight.

The brace came off this afternoon. My thumb is still sore and hurts when I put pressure on it so it's going to be a little while to get it back to full use again.

My quilting bee was a lot of fun as always. We were invited to put up a display of our quilts at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest this year, the first bee they have asked in their 20 year history. They heard we do a lot of swaps and quilts that are exceptional. They have alotted us 60 feet for our display so we had to decide what we were going to hang and we decided to hang the quilt from one of our long time members who passed away 14 months ago as a tribute to her. Today was quilt quild, more fun and then we had lunch out. I ate 1 slice of an 8" cheese pizza, a small salad and a slice of bread and butter. They make the bread there and it is wonderful. Since I used to eat 3 slice of the pizza, I think I am doing better. Still within points for today. The fact that I have to weigh in tomorrow morning may have influenced me a tad.

Faye, I love that sweater. That lace pattern is so pretty. You are talented to be able to do that. Is Thomas all over his chicken pox? Maybe you need to take up quilting and that would keep you busy making gifts for everyone again. Quilters are very friendly, sharing people.

Maggie, do you have your records from your last doctor to take to the new one? My doctor has a nurse practioner in the office. She is very knowledgeable and the children love her.

Well, I have a tuna fillet, asparagus and cauliflower on the menu for tonight since I had lunch out.

Have a good evening!

01-09-2009, 07:12 PM

Back from running around the territory. After the doc visit we drove another hour to another town to pay a fellows rent for him while he sits in jail then over to his place and pick up some things that he is allowed to have while in the slam. I don't know why he is there but probably for something stupid since he isn't the brightest bulb. I have never met the guy but he is someone that called out of the blue to talk with Will a few weeks ago. I now have an appointment for the 16th to have my blood drawn and a mam-o-gram. Don't you ladies just love those things. I don't mind the blood draw a bit but the squeeze treatment from that machine is less than desireable. I avoid it when ever possible. ;)

SUSAN No I didn't take any records in and they didn't ask for any. Since for years I have only been to a doctors office once a year so there isn't much of a record anyway. If they want to take a look at them they can have them faxed over. You did so well at lunch and your dinner sounds wonderful. Do take care of that thumb and ease it back into the free world slowly. I can imagine you are glad to get that brace off.

Type at y'all later :wave:

01-10-2009, 01:17 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! Happy Friday! The snow started shortly after lunch; at first it was just a few lazy flakes floating around, but by the time school got out it was coming down pretty hard and the wind had kicked in. It has been snowing ever since. I was going to go get some groceries after school but decided to come home instead. This town is crazy on Friday afternoons with retired people out and about as well as those who don't know how to drive on ice and snow. :eek: I decided I would either go in the morning or I can send Bob for the few things we need.

"Gma" -- Thank you for starting the new thread! I'm betting that no one will notice the difference in the color of your yarn. The sweater is very pretty! :yes: Thank you for sharing the picture with us. You should model your sweater and have Jack take a picture! I'm sure that only you will know where the mistake is! ;)

Maggie -- I'm glad that you were able to find a doctor closer to you than Texas! I hate finding new doctors, dentists, etc. Our new doctor is here for the month of January and then will be here permanently the end of July. I'm sure he will seem awfully young when I meet him for the first time. :lol: I must admit that I don't mind the mammogram; I have had one every year since I was put on HRT years ago.

Susan -- I hope that it doesn't take too long for your thumb to feel normal again. One doesn't realize how much they use something until it doesn't work right for awhile. You did well eating within your points for lunch. :T Good luck at WW tomorrow!

I plan to clean, sort, and pitch in our bedroom tomorrow. On Sunday Bob has to usher first service, we have to serve coffee between services, and I play bells at second service. We will be just a little busy for a while!

I'm heading off to bed. Have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :snowfight: from Iowa!

01-10-2009, 07:17 AM
Good morning to you all! It was beautiful here yesterday, near 70 degrees. We were able to drive around with the moon roof open, which was fun. It is 64 right now, but it is supposed to dip down to around 48 today and go back to the 40's. It did say we were supposed to have sun for several days so after running a couple errands last night, we went and got the car washed. Of course, it is raining now! Sheesh! I just looked at the forecast and it says sunny all weekend. I guess they consider this liquid sun.

Susan: I imagine I would be one stinky quilter. I can handsew pretty well, but have never been very good with a sewing machine. I do have to say that except for home ec in jr high, I haven't really used one though. I love color so much that I imagine my quilts would be colorful if nothing else. The pattern for this new sweater came from a yarn company so I looked at the yarn that they used and it sure comes in some pretty colors. I am thinking about buying one of these to make the sweater. I didn't think I would ever buy yarn that had elastic in it again, but this one does.

Jean: You seem to always be "pitching." I am amazed your house isn't completely bare by now! :lol: I do not envy you the snow. I know Jay and Alicia are getting a lot of snow and cold temperatures. I hope it improves in February, but I am sure not holding my breath. I don't even own a winter coat! When I finish the sweater, I will put it on and have Jack take a picture. I am still trudging along on the last sleeve. I didn't work on it at all yesterday but I think I will work on it this morning until breakfast.

Maggie: I can't imagine having to go so far to a dr. I hate our practice, but it is convenient. It is only about 3.5 miles from the house. I have to make an appt and get in and get new meds too. I just dread going. Not because of anything that is said to me, I just don't like the practice and there aren't any others any better. The only practices that take tricare seem to be those that handle a lot of medicaid and indigent cases so you go into the waiting room and it is overflowing with creepy people. You sit forever and then are rushed through. I wish I could just see my gastrointestinal surgeon all the time as a regular physician. I really like him. lol I am looking forward to trying this new lace pattern for the sweater. Since I now have the hang of it, I don't think it will be a problem. I just have to be patient, because I do make booboos and have to tear stuff out sometimes. Lace patterns are mostly keeping correct count so I put a lot on paper to keep things straight.

Today is commissary day. I don't have a very big list so it shouldn't take too long to get in and out I hope. It isn't any of the paydays so I am hoping it won't be too crowded. Jack is going to take Monday off so we can go and get the new tags for the car and go to the base and get a base sticker all in one shot. Millington has a county clerk's office (which is where you get tags in this town) so we can drive out there, get the tags, then just go to the base. I need to get online and pull up the bases website and find out the hours of the pass office though. It is pretty easy to get the base sticker as long as you have your id card, registration and insurance proof. Jack wants to buy specialty tags for the suv that say retired Navy on them, but the extra cost isn't that much, around $25 so I said that was ok.

Oh Jean, Jack and I were discussing the buying of the car last night on our way home. I told him that I knew him so well that I knew I was in for a struggle the minute he went out and test drove one of the cars. I told him he is very predictable when he wants something. When he wanted a new laptop, he would go to the website everyday and work up a prospectus on the the cost. Well, I began noticing in the morning while he was eating his breakfast at the computer that he would go to the Ford website everyday and put together a car. So, I knew it was hopeless that we would never wait until July. He told me last night he had no intention of waiting until July that he planned on buying a car in March or April! lol That's what happens when you have a man raised by permissive and spoiling parents like he had. Don't get me wrong, they made him behave but they sure spoiled those two kids. Anyway, I thought you would get a chuckle out of the fact he had no intention on waiting very long! Oh and I don't think I ever told any of you. After that first day, the Grand Marquis has worked perfectly since then. I think that maybe when he put it in reverse he somehow got the shift inbetween gears and that is why it wouldn't back up. I can honestly say, this was not in the plan. Jack is not sneaky. If he really wanted the car right then, he would have driven me crazy about it knowing I would give in and not pretended there was something wrong with the other car.

Well, gals, I need to go. I hope you all have a grand day!

01-10-2009, 12:18 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is out and several guys are out blowing snow. There are deer tracks in the back yard this morning. We have had deer coming, during the night, to eat the bird/squirrel food that Bob puts out. Sometimes they will come at dusk so that we can see them up quite close. They are very nervous and will take off if they sense any movement from the house. At least the new snow has covered up the dirty snow from before Christmas.

I've got laundry going and need to pay some bills. I am going to the grocery store sometime this morning since I never made it yesterday.

"Gma" -- Bob has been talking about going to look at a new (old) tractor down by Lincoln, NE, which is a good distance away from where we live. He found it online; it has more power, just what he thinks he wants for the farm work that he does, etc., etc., etc. However, he doesn't have a trailer to haul it and his pickup doesn't really have enough power to haul the tractor that far. I keep telling him to call his farmer friend and go have a look. He can borrow another farmer friend's pickup and trailer to haul it if it is really to his liking. He has three tractors and tells me which one (like I know one from the other, other than the fact they are all the same color and brand) he would sell and has had guys tell him that if he ever wants to sell to call them first. I wish he would just go buy the tractor and be done with it. I think half the fun is in the looking, which he does a lot of online. :D The different yarn colors are very pretty. Are you going to use all three for different projects or you haven't decided? I am a "saver" and a "pilot" (pile it here 'n there) so it doesn't take me long to accumulate "stuff." The problem is that when I get something new, I don't get rid of something old. I keep thinking that organization will be my goal when I retire! ;)

Well, the dryer is buzzing so the washer should be done too. Have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-10-2009, 05:01 PM
Good afternoon, ladies. Nice day today, nearly 60 degrees - but snow is predicted for next week. Oh, well, snow doesn't last long here.

I weighed in at WW this morning - down 2.6 pounds for a total of 10.2 in 1 month. I feel great about that. I'll be glad to get back to Curves for exercise next week. I love it there and I usually been a tad more than 300 calories per workout.

I have a pot of zero point Veggie Soup on the stove and I'm making Chili from the "5 Ingredients, 15 Minutes" cookbook. I'll have a big salad with it and a few saltines.

Maggie, I don't mind the mammogram but I never schedule it until the doctor insists. I think I'd be more open to these tests if there was cancer in my family. There has only been one person in the last 4 generations has had it and he married in so not related by blood. I'm really concerned with heart disease and stroke prevention - boths sides of my family have had those probems. Funny but no doctor I've ever been to has asked me to have any kind of cadiac test or anything. I've outlived my father and 2 of his brothers who all died with their first heart attack before they were 60. But I've tried really hard to keep things like blood pressure and cholesterol in check while eating healthy.

Jeanne, we are overrun with deer around here - no preditors so they flourish. I quit trying to have a garden because they ate everything. What they didn't get to first, the racoons ate. They are so beautiful, though...

Faye, there are still a few diehards who do all the piecing and quilting by hand. I guess I'd have to say I'm about 80% hand piecing and quilting (including applique) and do about 20% of the piecing on the machine. I can sew quite well, I've made coats and suits in my time, but I prefer the handwork. That yarn is gorgeous.

Have a good evening, ladies!

01-11-2009, 07:23 AM
Good morning to you all! I woke up with a darn backache and sneezing my head off so I decided to just come downstairs and post and knit for awhile or read. I just got the new Janet Evanovich book yesterday and have it almost done. She is so funny.

Danged if it didn't rain all over our clean car yesterday. In fact, it poured down rain on the trip out to the commissary. We always go in the back gate and this time they refused to let us go in and made us go around to the front and go to the pass office to get a pass. I sat in the car 25 minutes waiting for Jack. The pass office was never open on Saturday and all of a sudden it is. There was a total mess at the front gate. Cars lined up down Navy road to get it. They have all these road blocks you have to drive in and out of to get up to the gate for security now, which slows everything way down. I was pretty miffed about it actually. Not so much the security or having to get a pass but having to wait 25 minutes. I mean, think about it. You never open up on the weekend so everyone has to take off work to get their base stickers or temporary passes, etc. All of a sudden you have Saturday hours. Wouldn't you think they would put more than 2 people to wait on folks? Jack says it is because they use civilians now instead of military people and they have to pay them to work on Saturdays. Uh, no, not if they have them take off a weekday instead. Close the darn pass office on one weekday like they do the commissary. I think it is funny all this heavy security for a base that is basically now filled with paper. There aren't much in the way of military personnel out there anymore. There are no schools, they have been sent to Jacksonville Fla several years ago, there are no planes, they no longer do any training at the base, in fact, the base sold their airstrip to the town. They now basically do things with personnel, it is headquarters for Naval Recruiting, they have all the advancement teams or whatever they are called and that is about it. Half the buildings are empty. It isn't likely the base would be a target for terrorism, that's for sure.

Jean: I think it is funny about Bob deciding about buying a tractor like he is buying a cadillac. I guess for farming it is important to get a top notch tractor. Living in a farming community my whole life growing up I saw enough of them chugging down the country roads, let alone half the high school population were farm boys. The boy I walked down the aisle with at graduation was a farm boy big time. Big, silent, shy and dutch. His parents were dairy farmers from the old country and spoke mostly dutch. He married someone completely opposite of himself and I don't know if they are still married or not. He was a nice guy but I guess I went for bad boy sailor types! lol Actually, I usually attracted the older guys that were out of high school and I was so dumb I had no idea how to handle it. I don't imagine I will buy more than whatever color I decide on for that sweater. It is a pricier yarn and to make myself a sweater would put it near $100. I think I may make my dil a sweater for her birthday this year with the raisin colored yarn first. I have so much of it and it is lovely soft yarn and I have never made her anything but a scarf. I think she would wear this sweater as it is a simple cable. She is not one that dresses up and wears jeans for the most part with t-shirts and such. She has to wear a lab coat for work so no one sees what she wears anyway.

Susan: The soup sounds good and I love chili, but Jack hates tomatoes and won't eat beans in his chili so I have to make a goofy version. Don't get me wrong, it is really good chili, but it is really simple too. I have to put my beans in my bowl and put my chili on top of it, which is ok. I think I will stick with knitting. I finally got the hang of it! :lol: I used to cross stitch and have several pieces hanging in my house, but those days are gone. It is too hard for me to see those tiny squares anymore and sewing for a long time makes my hands hurt so I am sure the same thing would happen with quilting. I have trouble from time to time with knitting causing my hands to hurt and I end up having to put is aside for a couple days if I have been knitting for a long time.

I guess I will get in the chair and either knit or read for awhile. I am going to start the downstairs cleaning today since Jack is going to be off tomorrow and I will probably go with him to get tags and the base sticker. Wonder how long we will have to sit this time!

Have a good one everybody!

01-11-2009, 01:14 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Still raining. It's depressing.

I went to church this morning and that's the highlight of my day. I have a load of laundry washing and it's time to mop the kitchen and vacuum and then do the bathrooms. After that I'll get my meals planned for next week and then, finally, I'll be able to work on my quilt patterns a little more. Once I sketch out my quilt design, I make patterns out of freezer paper and then I can cut the fabrics. That's what I'm doing now. I'm anxious to start sewing.

Here's a little inspiration.

Today I will make many choices, and each will have a consequence.
Today I will choose to tell myself that I am worth the effort, or I can tell myself it doesn't matter, I'll do it tomorrow.
Today I can choose to journal, or I can choose not to.
Today I can choose to drink my water, or I can choose to be dehydrated.
Today I can choose to stay in my points range, or I can choose to hinder my goals.
Today I can choose to be more active, or I can choose to take the easy way.
Today I can choose to be motivated, or I can choose to tell myself "I can't.
Today I can choose success.

Faye, You knit so beautifully, it's well worth what you spend for yarn. I'm sure you DIL would love a sweater from you. A lot of people don't put beans in their Chili. Ever had Cincinnati Chili? You get a bowl of meat and then can chose what you want - pasta, beans, onions, cheese, diced tomatoes, sour cream. It's good stuff. Janet Evanovich is one of my favorite authors. I thing Stephanie Plum and her gang would make a great movie or even better a tv show.

Maggie and Jean, hi!

01-11-2009, 04:09 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We are in a blizzard watch through tomorrow, but they are only talking a couple of inches of snow with 40 mph winds. I hope not! :no: I spent most of the morning at church. Bob ushered so I went to early church, then we to served coffee between services, and I also had to practice with the bells before second service. I skipped out as soon as we finished playing which was early in the service. The youth group was getting ready for a baked potato with toppings, lettuce salad, and bars lunch; that smelled much better than our donut holes. :lol: The kitchen was just a little :crazy: ! We did eat baked potatoes before we came home. Yum! :T

"Gma" -- Bob washed my car last night and this morning they had sprayed the streets so it is a mess again. I'm not sure what they use (no salt because of the lake) but it makes everything sloppy. I'd rather have sand! It's too bad you couldn't use the pass from your car to get into the base. I don't think we had to have passes because the Sioux City base was "open" since the airport was connected to the air base itself. I do remember the commissary days though. I remember a farm kid in my class; he had to do chores before he came to school. That was back in the days when they didn't take showers before coming to school and he smelled like the barn! I'm sure your dil would love a sweater made especially for her, by you! :yes:

Susan -- Chili sounds good! :T I will have to check and see if I have everything and maybe make some this afternoon. Bob will eat it for lunch all week if I make a double batch. Sometimes I will freeze some in individual containers and take to school. Thank you for sharing the "Success is a Choice" -- I have printed it off to read as I write what I bite and think about the treadmill waiting for me. I have cleared off the island and now I'm off to attack the pile of magazines. Have a fun quilting afternoon! :yes:

I hope you all have a nice day today. January is almost half over . . . the days are getting longer minute by minute. :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-11-2009, 10:29 PM
I just read your post and I can relate to what you are going through with your mother. I just wanted to say hello as I am also from Delaware
I started eating every 3 hours on Jan 1, 2009 and as of today I have lost 8.4 pounds.
Two years ago I lost a lot of weight by eating every 3 hours. It is a way of life and really works. My mother got cancer and started chemo in 2007 and eating every 3 hours wasn't an option for I gain much of it back. My mother died 1 year ago and with the new year I am ready to regain my life (for my husband and son)
I tried to PM you but can't until I have 10 posts.

01-11-2009, 11:13 PM
Just bringing #3 back to the top. :D

01-12-2009, 07:56 AM
Good morning to you all! I hope yesterday was a fine day for you and today will be even better. I ended up in the chair most of the night with Fortchy as I had one of those tickles in my throat that kept me coughing. Sitting in the chair, I went right back to sleep and we slept all night except for the loud mouth neighbors making tons of noise around 1 am. I hope it didn't wake Jack as our bedroom window faces out the back. Rude people, goody, goody, great neighbors again. At least they haven't parked in front of our garage and blocked it yet, but it is early in the year.

Jean: I hope I didn't make you misunderstand. We got a pass good for a month, it is just you have to go to such lengths to get it now. You used to be able to get one at the back gate if you had ID cards. They just put some info on a sheet of paper and gave you a plastic card good for the day only. Ahh well, we will be getting the permanent sticker today so then it will be no more problems. At least I hope they aren't closed today. With our luck, they will be and Jack is taking a vacation day to do this. Sounds like you had a busy morning at church. I am not a huge baked potato fan, but at least I eat skin and all! :D

Susan: What kind of new quilt are you starting? Thanks for the encouragement. We all have to make a choice about what we are going to do with our lives that's for sure. This new book she called Plum Spooky and it is a "between the numbers book." It was pretty funny and not so much Ranger or Morelli, but Diesel is in the whole thing and just for a hint, a monkey named Carl. She has a grand sense of humor and sure can spin a tale. I agree a tv show would be hilarious if they could pull it off. Who should we cast as Stephanie? I will think on it and see if I can make a cast list. I have to say, good ole Grandma Mazur is my favorite. That lady is a real character and :sssh: don't tell, buy my mother was a noodle head like her so it makes it doubly funny. My mom used to go to McDonalds for breakfast and clean them out of stir sticks, napkins, salt and pepper, etc. She would go around to customers asking if she could take their scraps, then pull out a big plastic bag and scoop it all in to "take home to her dogs." The ultimate doggy bag! She was a character. Everytime I take shampoos and stuff from a hotel room, my husband pipes up with, "Way to go Mary-Etta." (my mom's name)

Well, I am going to unload the dishwasher and such.

Have a good Monday all and keep warm!

01-12-2009, 08:59 AM
Good morning. I am back from Va. Beach. I'll start off with an update about my Mom.

Where to begin in explaining about my Mom? general...if one compares to where she has been right after surgery to this day, one would say she has improved. However, she still has cancer and chemo will not start for at least another two weeks or more depending on her health. She needs to become stronger. She entered the hospital in the beginning of December malnourished and that has not improved much. She has a feeding tube and she's getting "adequate nourishment" (doctor's quote) but she has not passed the test that will allow her to eat or drink normal food. Hopefully, they will administer another test for that today. Her bowels are not working properly yet. The doctor told us (Dad and me) last week that Mom will be on dialysis for the rest of her life. She still cannot speak because the tracheotomy is still healing. She gets extremely frustrated and agitated when she's not understood. (I don't blame her because I would feel frustrated also.) She's supposed to be receiving physical and respiratory therapy. The only physical therapy she's receiving is getting her out of bed twice a day to sit in a chair which she can do for about two minutes tops...which they did not do Saturday or yesterday according to Dad (who is angry). I have yet to see the respiratory therapist. She's also supposed to be receiving some kind of voice therapy which I have not seen. Dad and my brother will address these issues with the doctor this morning. When I arrived the beginning of last week she was no longer in ICU. She had been moved to a "step-down" room and then last Wednesday she was moved to a regular room. I left for Delaware late Friday afternoon. Yesterday, Dad told me that Mom will be moved out of the hospital into a rehab center (next door to the hospital) today or tomorrow. In my opinion, she's not ready for that but it's not the doctor or the hospital; it's the insurance company. She is being moved out of one system and into another. This is all so disheartening...because quite frankly, my Mom's mental state is not very good. Right when you think she's lucid and understands, the next instant she becomes confused and begins to act like a child. I'm scared to death. That's enough about my Mom because I can go on and on...

So...I returned to Delaware. Wayne was waiting for me by the door. I think I fell into his arms; I was so exhausted physically and mentally. I think I scared him...but gosh I was so glad to see this man! I don't have to explain any of my feelings to him--he knows me and he just plain understands--he went through similar issues when his Mom was sick and passed away twelve years ago. I apologized to him (which he said I didn't need to do) because when he went through this with his Mom I didn't fully appreciate what he (and his Dad) went through.

On the drive home, I made a decision to rejoin WW (for the 30th time) the next morning. This time, it's not so much to lose the weight (although I do); I need to get healthy. When I'm in Va. Beach I have a difficult time eating from the stress of being strong for Mom, Dad, and my brother...and trying to get to the root of issues of all things happening down there. After about two days back in Delaware I'm finally able to sleep and eat like a normal person. But whenever I do eat (in Va. Beach) or when I'm home (in Delaware), I'm not eating very healthy. So, I rejoined WW on Saturday morning at the lowest weight I've ever (re)joined. 215.2 pounds.

I have the new WW materials. For me, it's like core and flex have joined together which makes sense. I like the emphasis on whole grains which I have started doing anyway since I retired two years ago. Just eating as many whole grain foods as I can brought my total cholesterol level down 30 points in two years.

Because this post is getting long, I will take a break (I need to transfer clothes from the wash to the dryer), pour myself a cup of coffee, and come back and try to do catch up...

01-12-2009, 09:48 AM
I am back with a filled cup of coffee... :)

Donna Faye, Wayne sees a heart doctor once a year now. He also has to have stress tests and blood tests a month before each check-up. He's healthy and for now, the doctor is keeping a check on him. He started seeing the heart doctor (referred by our family doctor) because of an ache he had in upper shoulder and chest two years ago. I loooove the books Janet Evanovich writes! Stephanie Plum is a hoot! I have yet to buy her latest PLUM SPOOKY though but I will. :) I love the sweater you're going to knit. One of my goals (not resolution) for 2009 is to knit a sweater. I'm going to start off with a sleeveless shell for summer. I've been looking at patterns for some time now; I just have not decided on one yet. The yarn shop I go to in Va. Beach is closing. Right now, everything is on sale (except for needles) at 30-50% off. I've been buying yarn like crazy. It's been my "retail therapy" when I need a break from the hospital.

Donna Faye and Jean, Wayne loves the internet for "wishful buying" of cars, boats, planes... :) He can spend hours sitting in front of the computer screen. That is why we bought me a lap top a year ago.

Susan, everytime I read one of your posts I always look how far you've come in your weight loss journey. You are an inspiration to me. Congrats on that loss of 2.6 pounds. And the total for the month--10.2 gone forever. Wonderful!!! :carrot: You have had so much trouble with your thumb! Bless your heart. I would love to see your handwork--I know you have some gorgeous quilts. I bought that same cookbook and I bought it for the chili recipe which I have not yet made. I have several of the WW's FIVE INGREDIENT 15 MINUTES cookbooks. I've also got the ingredients to make the no-point vegetable soup. It's supposed to be very cold here in Delaware this week.

Jean, Delaware is supposed to have a very cold February and March this year. According to the Farmer's Almanac (and the weather person on tv) we're supposed to get hit with a lot of snow. When we first moved into this house, we saw a lot of deer from our backyard but since our neighborhood has been finished we don't have any more up close and personal deer visits. However, we have to be extremely careful when we drive anywhere because a few years ago, Wayne hit a deer...and we were lucky because you know how much damage they can do to a car! That deer came out of nowhere! So glad he was driving and not me!!

Maggie, traveling to see a doctor reminds me the time we lived in Mineral, Virginia back in the late 70's. Wayne was working at a power house in Louisa and believe me we lived in a very remote area. We called it God's country! Beautiful but nowhere to shop. We also saved a lot of money in that 8 months we lived there. I remember when Amy (my youngest go sick--I had to drive to Fredericksburg to see a doctor). THAT is one thing I need to do today--phone to make an appointment for my mammogram! don't like them either.

delafax, thank you for your post. I am sorry about your mother. Join us. The women on this forum are the sweetest. Good luck on your weight loss journey.

Today, I have to catch up on my laundry, clean the bathrooms, and run a couple of errands. I'm also going to take a walk on the treadmill this afternoon...for at least 30 minutes.

01-12-2009, 09:54 AM
One more thing...(don't y'all love how I don't post for eons and then I post three times in a row?)...have y'all tried the new Weight Watchers Brownies? Four in a box. Two points each. I found them at Walmart. DELICIOUS. AND...the best part (for me) is that it really satisfies the chocolate craving without the urge to binge. I think it's the dark chocolate. If I eat anything that has milk chocolate I just want to keep eating and eating and eating... But these are great! :)

AND...I'm reading the book, THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF DIETGIRL by Shauna Reid. Amazing. She weighed 351 pounds and by the end of the book she's down to 189 lbs. Amazing. She started losing weight by joining Weight Watchers; however, she did leave them and lost the rest through another weight loss program (for a few months) and ended by losing the rest going it alone.

01-12-2009, 10:50 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! We are on the edge of the blizzard/high wind advisory watch. It was snowing pretty heavy early, but has tapered off a bit. The wind has switched directions so it will be an interesting day weatherwise. They started off with a two hour late start and just changed it to a "no school" day after ALL of the surrounding towns have been "no school" since around 6:30. :rolleyes: I have lots I can do today -- the problem being which project to work on first. :dizzy: I have a couple loads of laundry left so will get those done for sure.

"Gma" -- I guess I thought you had to get a pass each time you drove on to the base. I could never "sneak" on or do anything the least bit illegal because I'd just look guilty without saying a word. :lol: I'm sorry you had to sleep in the recliner but glad you did get some sleep. Are your new neighbors Asian that their food smells awful? I remember our Ohio neighbors used to cook some foul smelling stuff.

Gail -- I have read and also been told that whenever a family member is in the hospital someone should always stay with them. I know that doctors' orders get mixed up and one has to be their own advocate to ask questions. I do hope that your mom is on the road to better health, but I'm sure you continue to worry. It's hard when you don't live right there and can be with them on a daily basis. It's as hard on the family as it is on the patient. Just remember that you need to take care of yourself too. Congrats on rejoining WW! :cp:

I'm off the get dressed and get busy. Have a GREAT day . . . the choice is yours!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-12-2009, 01:47 PM
Good morning, ladies! Sunny is shining today so I am happy.

I'm going to Curves after work then bible study tonight. Just about done with year end closing at work so that is a relief.

We haven't put in our weekly goals for awhile. This week I will go to Curves 4 times, stay OP and follow all 8 HG. I will also spend 1 hour Friday, Saturday and Sunday filing papers and getting rid of the clutter I've allowed to accumulate in the home office :dizzy:.

Jean: I always wondered if the food we cook smells bad to the neighbors next door who cook food that smells bad to us. Some of the ethnic dishes are rather aromatic, to say the least. Enjoy you unexpected day off!

Delefax: Please keep posting, you are :welcome2: to join us. I do WW and eat about 5-6 times a day.

Faye: I'll think about casting the tv show. Now if we could just sell one of the networks on the idea... I'm making another applique quilt. It's for the 2009 Challenge "Have You Read A Good Book Lately." I'm doing a block for each book in "The Cat Who ..." series by Lilian Jackson Braun (The Cat Who Read Backwards, The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern, The Cat Who Went Bananas, etc - 27 books in all).

Gail: I went through a lot of the same things with my husband that you are going through with your Mom. It is hard. If you are ever in VAB and need something, let me know. I'm only 40 minutes away. :carrot: for deciding to go back to WW. We know it works if we work the program and :cb::cp: for getting on the :woops: Knitting is good theraphy in stressful times.

Have a good day!

01-12-2009, 01:56 PM
Jean, one of the things you're going to like when you retire is not having to worry about driving in bad weather. One of many things you will like! :) You're right--a family member should be with their loved one, sitting in the hospital room as much as possible. While my Mom has some wonderful nurses, they are overworked and spread thin among patients. Also...a few...just a few...should not be nurses at all. Thankfully, I haven't come across those too many times. It bothers me...and makes me feel guilty that I'm not always there for my Mom. To help with the little things like putting lip balm on her lips because they are so dry...or flipping her pillow to the cooler side...or rearranging her blanket...or distracting her by giving her a foot massage with lotion. Or running for a nurse when they don't seem to respond to the press of the medical button. My Mom cannot speak right now and I feel as though I'm her voice. When I drive home on Friday afternoons I feel a tremendous amount of guilt and cry just about the whole way home--4 1/2 hours. My Dad means well but he doesn't think of the little things. Whereas I would gladly sit all day and into the evening EVERY DAY I am there, my father insists that I do not. He cannot sit very long periods of time in the chairs the room has. He has arthritis in his lower back and right hip. He has early stages of Parkinson's Disease. He uses a cane or crutches when he walks any distance and sometimes I need to find a wheel chair in the hospital for him. When I'm there in Va. Beach, I take Dad to the hospital in the morning (early so we can catch the doctors), in the afternoon, and in the early evening and then my brother takes him home so I can stay longer. Its very stressful for me while I'm there--worrying about Mom and then there are issues with Dad. My brother does as much as he can but he keeps the family business going. I don't know what I would do without my uncle (Dad's brother). And it helps that my daughters go down on day trips. I worry when I'm there and I worry when I'm home. But Wayne insists that I come home so I can get some rest and recharge. I only sleep about 2-3 hours a night when I'm in Va. Beach.

01-12-2009, 02:03 PM
Susan, I love to knit but when I'm in Va. Beach I don't knit; I buy yarn. I'm so stressed from worry and lack of sleep all I can do is thumb through a magazine. When I sit with Mom in her hospital room...after everyone has left...I zone out. I don't sleep but I feel as though I shut down. I understand now what you went through and I'm so sorry. There's a saying that goes "If God brings you to it; He'll see you through it." I'm counting on that. In times past I used to say (when re-joining WW) I want to get healthy but I don't think I knew the meaning of that until now.

01-12-2009, 04:01 PM

It is WINDY here in the heartland. A cold wind that will turn your head around. No snow, no rain, just WIND. Reminds me of when we lived in the Mojive Desert when I was going to kindergarten. I had to hang onto the chain link fence on the way to school so I wouldn't be blown away. The flyboys at the base there took pity and sent a bus to take us to school. Did I mention that my most unfavorite weather system is the wind. Must have. I had a bout of food poison last night and my sleep was not qulity. Up with both ends being active. I haven't had that experience since I was a kid. But I recognized it for what it was and I will NEVER eat at that place again. I hope this wind abates when I head out for WW this evening. I missed last week because I surely didn't want to pass that awful cold around down there. Wouldn't make me happy to infect my friends and don't want to miss this day.

:congrat: SUSAN on you good loss ~ you are certainly an inspiration.

:welcome: DELE Please do come and join us. We are a group that certainly does help each out on this road to thin.

:hug: GAIL Bless your heart. Girlfriend you do have your plate of life full at this time. I am so thankful for you having your Wayne there for strength.

:wink: JEAN Just think when you retire what you can do with your piles of paper. They are laying off lots of folks here in the hospitals and I am hearng that the un tenured folks at the school are being thinnned out. Times are rough for those nowdays for those raising a family and need a job.

:grin: DONNA I thought about you last night when I was sick sitting in your easy chair. Mine is further to a bathroom than our bed is for we have one off the bedroom and the other one upstairs is down the hall a bit. I certainly didn't keep Will or Ragg Mopp wake ~ they both were snoring away. I probably snore louder than both of them but I am neve awake to hear myself. :o

Have a good afternoon all y'all. :wave: Type at you later this day.