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01-09-2009, 10:35 AM
I just posted some details (http://www.myoaexperience.com/content/changing-my-food-plan-going-raw) on my blog. I'm curious to know about others here in this community. Have you ever changed your food plan? How did you go about it? What works for you?

01-09-2009, 11:01 AM
Hi Tony. My Food Plan has evolved. I think this is quite common for OA'ers, to realise that some foods don't work well for us. So in order to achieve or continue with our abstinence those foods have to be removed from our plan.
After taking into account the foods I can't eat, I then ask myself if my Plan is something that fits my life. Can I live with it?

Whilst I applaud your decision to try a raw vegan diet, I would have to ask if this is a realistic food plan for you? It can be a tough challenge to stick to a plan such as this. How will you cope with it when you go out to eat at a restaurant? Or dinner with family/friends?

If it fits your lifestyle, then that's great. But don't set yourself up for failure if it will be just impossible to follow this type of plan.

Oh, and to answer what works for me - staying away from sugar, 'white' carbs and not drinking too much alcohol is basically what works for me.
Still working it and struggling for abstinence right now though.

BTW, I've enjoyed reading your blog and had been waiting for your next post!