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01-08-2009, 10:17 PM
Hi, I'm a 26 year old teacher who is getting married June 26th, 2009. I started Nutrisystem 2 weeks ago and I GAINED 2lbs. I am beyond depressed about it. I am sick of diets. I have done every diet in the book and cannot stick to it because I just don't lose weight.

I need someone to help me. i want to do this on my own. I want to eat better and get off my butt and exercise. The problem is, I dont even know where to begin! I dont know about calories, carbs, proteins, etc.

Anyone out there have suggestions?

Thank you so much!


01-08-2009, 10:34 PM
Hey Jerseykates,

Sorry you are struggling, it is hard to get started, it seems like the information is overwhelming!

Back in 2004, I would have said I had done every diet in the book too. But I hadn't, I hadn't actually made lifelong changes I could stick with. That's the part where it gets so personal and individualized - only YOU know what changes you can make and stick with.

I'm biased because this is what worked for me, but I would recommend a combination of eating good, whole, healthy foods and calorie counting. You said you don't know anything about calorie counting, but with Fitday, The Daily Plate and Sparkpeople, you already have all the resources at your typing fingertips to get started. The calorie/fat/carb info for almost EVERYTHING is on the internet already!

My easiest recommendation for a new person getting started eating healthy:

Imagine your dinner plate divided into 4 equal pieces. When you're figuring out to make for dinner, 1/2 of your plate should be vegetables, 1/4 of your plate should be a lean protein and 1/4 of your plate should be a healthy, complex carbohydrate (healthy fats should be used sparingly, a little olive oil to cook with, etc). Now that might sound complicated, but in application it's pretty simple:

Shrimp stir fry (with bokchoy, carrots, onion and orange peppers) over brown rice
Home made pasta sauce with tomatoes and broccoli over whole wheat pasta
Grilled salmon with asparagus and a side of whole wheat couscous
3 soft chicken tacos with tons of lettuce tomato and 3 whole wheat tortillas with a side of fat free black beans

I would also invest in a good food scale and some pretty measuring cups and spoons that you will be happy to use.

Good luck and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

01-10-2009, 11:43 AM
Hi Katy,
Like you, I tried them all, some worked for a while and then it would all come back. I was watching tv one day, caught the end of an infomercial (I don't like 'em either), and have since had a major change in my love affair with food. I have been using TNL self hypnosis CD's since November and it is the answer I have been looking for. I don't want or crave the junk food, any of it, and I am eating much less than what I use to, by choice. For me it is working great, a lifelong change, an easy one that I believe will be with me forever. So....another option as your trying to find the one that fits for you. Wishing you good luck and success in your search.

01-10-2009, 12:24 PM
Hello Katy!

I would highly recommend starting at a site such as The Daily Plate too (my personal fave). For me, calorie counting was the my main success factor. I started slowly by eating the foods I had been eating but in smaller portions and then over time started eating healthier foods as I got a handle on the whole portion control thing.

As far as exercise, start simply walking! Maybe you can walk right after school? Once you are used to doing something a few times a week hopefully it will be encouraging to start other forms of structured exercise.

Congrats and I wish you much success! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me :-)

RN BSN 2009
01-10-2009, 12:30 PM
Have you been drinking plenty of water? Excess salt or lack of water can make you retain fluids

01-12-2009, 07:21 PM
Hi Katy!

This is wild. I'm 26 and I'm a first year teacher and I'm getting married on June 28th.
I've had a lot of trouble droping pounds and I'd love for us to support each other. I am doing the eat to live plan by dr. Fuhrman. Have you heard of it. It's vegetarian so that can be difficult. It's a bit strict but maybe that means it will work.

Nice to meet you.

01-12-2009, 08:23 PM
Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

I'm actually not surprised that you gained weight on Nutrisystem- the calories are far too low (MIL calculated hers to be about 900 cals a day) The body goes in to starvation mode and hold on to everything its got!

How much do you weigh and how much would you like to lose, if you don't mind me asking.

I would suggest heading over to The Daily Plate and signing up. When you enter your weight and activity level, it will reccomend a calorie goal for you. Try to plan your meals into that range. I usually aim for 350-450-550 for meals, which adds up to 1350 and leaves me plenty of room for snacks. Try to find a couple basic meals that fit each of those ranges and rotate through them for awhile until you get the hang of it.

And, exercise! It doesn't have to be anything big- and starting small will keep you motivated to stick with it. Aim for 30 minutes a day every day.

Don't forget to chart your progress either, and I don't mean the weight you lose. Try giving yourself a sticker (I know, cheesy, but it's a great visual tool) for every time you exercise, or for sticking to your calorie goals. Or, go at it challenge style like some of the ladies here do. Commit to doing something for 21 days. You can have a pause day or two (decide how many ahead of time!) but, if you use up all your pause days and miss a day, you have to start over again at day 1 until you can reach the full 21 days. The idea is that it takes 21 days to make a habit.

We can help even more with more information- what are your diet and exercise habits like now? What does a typical day look like food wise?