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05-08-2002, 08:30 AM
Welcome to a thread full of encouragement, support, and humor as we share our lives, as we restore our health, lose weight and raise a family! We welcome newcomers as well as all of our regulars!
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05-08-2002, 08:37 AM
HI all
I had to start a new thread because .....it was too long .. Anyway hope you didnt mind
Cant stay long have alot to do but I figured when I got back it would be too late to start a new thread with a easy for me to catch up on things clickable..
I will be back later just wanted to stop in quick and say HI!!!!:wave:
Take Care

05-08-2002, 04:11 PM
hey everyone, how is your day going? I am op, gonna do tae bo again cuz, i woke up too late!! BUt tae bo will make up well!! I had my fat free turkey dogs, and they were great!! Well, gonna keep this short. later.


05-08-2002, 08:11 PM
Latisia.... who makes the fat free turkey dogs? Are they any good? I had Oscar Mayer fat free weiners last week... I didn't think they were very good. I've gone back to the Healthy Choice low-fat ones... very tastey!:T

05-08-2002, 11:09 PM
hello, just gonna answer the question, Jen, the maker of the turkey(fat free) hot dogs is ball park, and they are pretty good ( much better than oscar myer!! well goodnight to all!! ttyl!!


05-09-2002, 08:00 AM
Good Morning!

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I've been extremely busy! :dizzy: Sheila: Thanks for opening up a new thread & also for the clickable. It's awesome how you do that. When my life slows down, I'll have to try & figure out how to do that. DH & I are walking around like zombies due to lack of sleep. We've been running non-stop since last Friday preparing our downstairs for our new flooring. I had to take everything out of the closets, pantry & we had to remove the fridge, stove, washer, dryer & even the toilet! Do I have to say anymore?
The contractor started yesterday & was able to get the kitchen completed. It looks gorgeous! We decided to go with wood all the way through the hard surface areas. I can't believe how much larger our kitchen looks. It also looks so warm & inviting. As for me: I've been staying OP for the most part. (I had a Turtle Sundae breakdown the other day.) I'll blame it on being low on sugar! :rolleyes:
With all the running around that I'm doing, I managed to lose another pound. This brings me to a total of a 15# loss since Easter. Oh!, I finally found the favorite picture of me & if DS & I can figure out how to post it, I will. (Once our lives get back to normal.) It's kind of weird though because I'm still a little bit heavier than in the picture & have already decided that I'd like weigh at least l0# less than in the picture. I then w/b down to the weight that I was before quitting work 4 yrs. ago. It sounds like for the most part, you all are in pretty good spirits. Wow! I can't believe that it's 6:00 a.m. already! Time to wake ds up for school. Sorry I can't address you all personally & I promise to do so later. Take care all!

05-09-2002, 10:21 AM
Hi all!!!
I know I been lurking but I been not doing so great on OP and was afraid to admit it..(Well since I really dont have a program to begin with I guess it will be my version of OP) I been on a pizza and onion rings binge..Been too tired to cook and so I went for the cheapest food around..
FRECKLES Doing that clicky thing is as easy as painting your toenails..If you can copy and paste you can do a clicky thing..If anyone wants to know how (if they dont already know) just ask I will be more then happy to post it..I would now but I dont have much time..
I been up since 4:30 and I think I need a nap.. I get about 3 hours sleep a night since hubby switched shift I need to adjust.. (My downfall is when he worked night I got addicted to a few shows "ally McBeal "(reruns nightly which I know that show is in its final season at its regular night but I know by watching rerun I can see everything from the beginning) and "The Sheild" (tuesday nights at 10pm) I would tape it but since I got the new digital box the cable guy didnt hook up my vcr to the box so all I tape is static..When I can get one of those dudes here I will tape my shows and watch them when I can..
I am not repeat NOT allergic to the firballs.. After lots of think I was itchy BEFORE the little buggers came to my home..
Well I am going to take a few winks then I can think of more of a post..
Take Care

05-09-2002, 04:01 PM
Originally posted by spryng
Well it's confession time :o
Tuesday night I went over my fat grams and it was fast food AGAIN!!! I had a list of every restaurant except one and of course that is what my DH brought home. So I over ate. Yesterday I didn't stick to a low fat diet it was more of a low cal but not that low. I ended at around 1600 or so cals. I'm going to confess something. I know I really liked Low Fat eating. I liked it alot. But to tell you the truth I'm so tired of dieting. I'm tired of eating "certain" things and weighing so often. I hate depriving myself of favorite foods when we go out and thinking about food all day long. So I talked it over with my husband and I think I'm just going to do portion control and exercise. I will use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate when I eat. I will still buy low fat foods and such (I prefer the taste anyway :) ) But I'm not counting calories or fat or weighing in anymore. I'm going to measure success by the way my jeans fit. If they are getting tight I will cut back but if they continue the way they are or get loose then I know I'm doing something right. I will weigh but only once every couple of weeks. I'm putting the scale out of sight. I've been dieting for such a long time (almost a full year non stop) switching diets often and feeling guilty when I go over my daily allowance. So I'm taking a break for a while. maybe in a month or two I will feel like doing it again. But I'm losing hair like crazy and I thought it was my BC pills but someone told me excessive dieting can make that happen. I'm still going to buy a treadmill and today I'm going to start some strength training. So I'm not giving up girls I'm just changing the way I lose weight this time. It will probably be really slow but I'm ok with that. Yesterday I ate what I wanted (including pizza) just to see if I could manage without a "specific" plan and I did good. I even got some exercise in so I feel good about it. Does this sound like I'm giving up? I don't feel I am. I just need a new approach. You know??
Anyway, I guess I'll get off here. I'll check back in later.

05-09-2002, 04:03 PM
Originally posted by lilbitOsunshine
Hi everyone!!!

Ginny~ I'm glad to see you posting. I missed you! What is your theme for the birthday party? Hope you can get outa neutral soon!!!

Gemini~ I'm glad you are back posting too! Happy Birtday too! When was/is it?

T-girl~ How are things going? Are you seeing results from the tae bo?

Spryng~ I made the same transition as you. I don't count calories or fat anylonger. I am cutting all portions in half. I still get on the scale. Good luck! Are you still going to post? I hope!

05-09-2002, 04:05 PM
Originally posted by spryng
Of course I'm still going to post!! :) I have made great friends here and even if I was going to put on 20 lbs I'd still post. :) I'm not going anywhere, just changing my dieting approach.

05-09-2002, 04:07 PM
Originally posted by lilbitOsunshine
:lol: @ myself! I have been really weird lately. I'm not sure why I said that to you Spryng:?:
I sorda felt like I didn't belong here anymore since I'm not dieting anymore.
It's my insecurities. I guess I was wondering how you felt about it all?
What do all of you think?

05-09-2002, 04:09 PM
Originally posted by spryng
Misty you will always be welcome here whether you are dieting or not. In fact even if you hit your goal weight you will always be dieting to maintain. It's a never ending process!! :p So in my humble opinion you are greatly appreciated! Please don't quit posting ok??
My day is going well so far. I had a bowl of bran flakes with fat free milk for breakfast. I still feel like I am on a low fat low cal diet. But I didn't measure my cereal or milk nor did I look at the nutrition panel (a hard habit to break) But I know I can do this.
Last night was a doozy for us. We had a massive thunder storm roll through at about 3:00 this morning. My DH got up to check the weather on TV and we were right smack in the middle of a tornado warning!! My DD (2) was really scared and ended up in bed with me, and I was so afraid. We live in a double wide, not the safest place to be when there is a tornado on the ground. But there wasn't anywhere for us to go. So I clutched my kids to me and prayed very hard. I was crying and my DH was pacing and then it blew by. Just like that. Gone. Even the rain and wind stopped. Talk about prayers being answered. I told my DH that if I'm going to be that scared everytime a storm comes through because of the type of house we live in then I'm MOVING. or we need to invest in a storm shelter. But they are so expensive. Needless to say when we all went back to bed my DD came with me and wasn't tired anymore so she spent the rest of the night waking me up by playing with my hair or arms and such. I am so tired today from all that. Nap time is coming up and I think I'm going to steal one too :)
Anyway, they are calling for more storms the next three days. I hope they are mild. Or I'm staying elsewhere.

05-09-2002, 04:11 PM
Originally posted by t-girl
Hey all, how is your day, I am d oing great, but didnt get to tae bo early!! Gonna do it in a min though!! Misty, I am seeing more results now from the tae bo, I put on those 18 capri pants, and they honestly are tooo baggy. Also i just feel better, I wanted to tell you too, you are welcome here also no matter what you are doing! We love to hear from ya!!

Thaks Ginny for the support, and helpful words, dont know what id do without tae bo!!LOL

Happy Birthday, Jen, I know it feels good to get that jewelery back, Have a nice on!!

Spryng, Well girl, you just have to do what is right for you, and what you feel comfortable with, Just because this (low fat) works for me, doesnt mean it will work for you, or lots of people. I hope you do find the plan that you can stick with, thus leaving the dieting yo-yo!! I know it is hard, I have been there, as alot of others have!! I cant stand counting anything, so I don't. This plan is just programmed with me, but everyone likes/respons to things differntly, I wish you well, !! I really agree with you about the scale, it can set some people for failure, if used too much!! Well ttyl.. Take care everyone, !!


05-09-2002, 04:18 PM
I hope you ladies didnt mind but sometimes some people cant use the clickables I put on here..(dont ask me I am computer illiterate) Anyway so that in case the link clickable didnt work I did the quoteing so that we can keep updated on all our FAMILY..(yes I added a clickable to come from the old thread to the new thread just now)
TGIRL- LILBIT- SPRYNG I hope you didnt mind me quoting your posts to this thread..

LILBIT dont stop posting, you are a success story and a wise one we can turn to for guidance on our journey..YOU Belong here ..
Well I had a tough copy paste day so I am taking a break and will talkto youall again tomorrow
Take Care

05-09-2002, 04:26 PM
Thank you Sheila for letting me know there was a new thread going. I had no idea.
I'll be sure to post here later. Oh by the way we have 6 new pets!! :) We finally set up the aqaurium for fish (I said g'bye to my crawdeds and let them go) So we have 6 fish now. I don't know the kinds. A bottom feeder, a black gold fish, two white clouds (I did remember that name) a black speckled one and a shark looking one (all freshwater) So anyway, they are all doing great and the tank looks really neat with them in it. I want a few more different varieties and some more plants and it will be perfect. I also am wanting a ferret. I had one before I got pregnant with my first baby. His name was Cocoa. He was so adorable. I sold him before I had her. I wasn't sure if he'd be ok with her. Now I regret it. I miss him. So I want another. I don't know what has gotton into me lately, I have just been wanting pets like crazy. We have the turtles, the bunny, the fish, and now I want a ferret. Strange huh??
Well anyway, my eating has been great so far today. On OP my own plan :dizzy:
I might go check out the bookstore tonight and see if there is anything that interests me.
I'll talk to you girls later!!

05-10-2002, 01:23 AM
Well, I made it over here to the new thread. Sheila, thanks for starting a new one for us!!!!
Been super busy- had to go to a National Honor Society dinner for Dd tonite. (she is a great student in addition to a good athlete). We are so proud of her.
Anyway it is great to see a busy thread. BTW, Misti- please do not leave us!!!!!!!!!! I do not care if you are not dieting- we are all friends here and can use you as inspiration!
I am tired (half past midnight here in NY) and had better get some sleep. Have a great nite.

05-10-2002, 10:37 AM
Hi All
Is there a thing called pre period depression as well?? Just thought I would ask.. I have really been disappointed with myself lately so dont mind me if I yammer on without making sense..
Things here are getting better..Hubby found out that he will be getting promoted yesterday..That is a good , maybe even a GREAT thing..!! Thing is why cant I get all excited for him?? Guess it wont sink in till his paychecks tell me so..:?: His pay will go up from 440 weekly to 1000 - 1600 a week..Depends on quota and how he does with payroll and stuff like that.. I have a bunch of stuff to read to find out exactly how his checks are figured out..He will be in transition untill he gets a full grasp on what his new postion which will take about 6 months , he is not sure if his paychecks will change any before the 6 months or not he will find that all out either today or Monday
I have to figure out why I been so tired lately.. I know it shouldnt take this long(2weeks) to get adjusted to a new sleep schedule..I have just had a full physical that came back fine ( exception of UTI and bacterial yeast infection) but those I should be over by now I took all the meds for it..
Well all I best get going I will talk more later hopefully ,if not I will be back on Monday
Take Care Sheila

05-10-2002, 03:29 PM
Good Day, All!

I thought I'd stop in for a little while. The contractor is still @ my house installing the new floors. I've been keeping myself busy by organizing & cleaning the basement & also trying to tackle the remainder of ds's room. I'm really in a throw-out mode this week. I'd like to be totally organized by the time summer vacation starts here, which is less than a month away! (June 7th to be exact!) As for myself: I've been extremely good with staying OP, but didn't get too much pedalling done this week due to having a stranger in the house. :eek: I did manage to lose another pound this a.m. I'm so excited, 4 more #'s & I will have 20# shed from my fat bod! I started to get bored with salads & veggie wraps for lunch & dinner, so I'm starting to try different veggie burger & garden burger entree's. I just had a garden burger riblet sandwich for lunch & it was delicious. :p Sheila: I'm sorry you're feeling a little wore out again. Sometimes the type of foods you eat can make you sluggish. Carbs can give you a quick pick me up, but in no time at all, will leave you more tired than before you had them. Protein's are an all-time food that will completely drain you! I just learned this from the Fit For Life book. The reason why it tires you out so fast is because protein is the hardest thing for your digestive system to digest. Did you know that digesting food is one of the most physical things that our bodies has to perform? That's why not long after you eat a BIG meal, you want to sleep!
Sheila: Congrats goes out to your dh for the job promotion! What a big difference in pay, huh? It's hard to raise a family with only $400.00 p/wk. these days, so I'm happy for you all that such a nice raise has come your way! Maybe you better give your dh a great big hug for his accomplishment! ;) Ginny:
My congratulations goes out to your dd too! I bet you're proud of her. I guess her hard work puts her in a bad mood once in awhile, huh? I hope by the time summer vacation comes, you'll be able to catch your breath. I'm sure wishing the same at my house. :lol: Jen: Happy Birthday to you (I'm not sure if I congratulated you or not.)
Misty: Don't go & leave us, okay? I'd miss you too much! Spryng: I hope you stick around with us too! What would we do without Spryng? I think that the weight you & Misty are at right now is more than perfect to be at! Just stick around here to keep you focused on maintaining, okay? About Ferrets: I was just looking @ one the other day @ the pet store & I fell in love with one too! DH will not let us get another pet, so I guess seeing one at the pet store is about as far as I'll get! Our cat Klarabelle snuck out of the house last night. This is the first time she has done this in the 6.5 years that we've had her. We all of course panicked & @ 10:00 @ night we we're running around outside with our jammies on! Well, we gave the poor kitty a run for it & in no time she was pooped out & hiding under one of our cars. I then was able to grab her & take her back into the house. We live on a well-traveled county highway, so we were so terrified that she would get ran over by a car. That naughty kitty! :nono: Latisia: Sounds like you're doing a fantastic job staying OP & exercising. Keep up the good work girl!
I hope you still keep in contact with us when you move to Virginia. If you do-will you still keep t-girl as your username? Have you started to pack yet? Keep us informed, okay? Well gals, I'd better get going & get some more work done around the house. In less than 2 hrs. the kids will be home again. TTFN

05-10-2002, 03:57 PM
Thank You all!
I really needed to hear that.
I don't know if it is the fact I'm miles from home, the fact my kids are being spoiled rotten and won't mind me, my kooky parents (oh, if you only knew) or the fact that I am so bored I'm about to lose that last little brain cell.

I've taken the kids to all the sights, parks and visited all the relatives I can bear to see. Now what? Any suggestions. Oh my family is sooooo strange. I can't wait to get home. Is it Wednesday yet?

Sorry for being so selfish. I just had to vent. Be back and more personable later.

Oh and there is no healthy food in the house! I'll die if I eat fast food one more day. It's an insult if I bring my own groceries.

05-10-2002, 09:42 PM
Hey Gang!

Just a quick check in... I wanted to be sure to wish everyone a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! since I won't have a chance to post again before then.

Ginny and Jackie, the Wonder Twins are at it again, I see. You go, girls!!!

Misty and Spryng, you girls are not going anywhere, lest we hunt you down! :)

Sheila, big time WOOOO HOOOO on dh's pay raise! Sorry your spirits are down, but that should lift them!

Latisia, you are da woman!!!

To everyone, your b-day wishes are wonderful, but cracking me up! You see, my b'day isn't until the 22nd! :lol: But my girlfriend just happened to want to throw the party last weekend, so I guess I'm having a birthday month! Fine with me... you only turn 30 once! (btw, my family is not throwing me a party til June 2nd! :lol: )

OK, gotta run... good OP today, and 2 hours of running around the yard playing ball and frisbee with dh, the kids, and the dogs... couldn't think of a better way to start off my M-Day weekend! Have a good one, ladies! Talk soon... :wave:

05-11-2002, 12:19 PM
Hey all, sorry I didnt get on yesterday, had an uneventful day, but imma put it in he past, ( if my stomach ever acts right),lol
You see, I had a low fat chinese dish, but no.. i wanted an eggroll, and my body is not used to that oil! I just went into fat intolerance!! Imma be ok though, taught myself a lesson. Plus my hubby called and said he will be back TODAY,, a week early, I was like, oooo kkk... :( LOL. Well one thing that got me up and moving today is my weigh in.. lost 2.5 pounds this week!! I was surprised, I still wear my old jeans, but they look silly!! Yet, they are quite comfy.. Yesterday was yet, another learning tool.. Hope everyone has a great OP weekend, Take care, and ttyl!!!

05-11-2002, 08:45 PM
Happy Happy Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!

Hey there! I have no idea if I will get on tomorrow, so I want to wish each of you a special Mother's day!!!!

To Jackie- I wish her lots of patience with all that work going on in her house........and some quiet time as she is the only other person who's life is as kooky as mine! What amazes me is that you face each challenge with a sense of humor. I wish you inner peace and joy. Hugs to you, dear friend!

To Misti- who I will personally find and harrass daily if she does not stay with us from time to time!!! You too, my dear have been overwhelmed with too much to do. As a young mom, I wish you peace and some quiet time- and some good quality time with your family. Lots of hugs (and some sanity until Wednesday) to you!!!!!

To Sheila-lots of hugs and congrats on Dh's promotion!!! (bet the extra bucks won't hurt either!) And, I wish you health and feeling great!!!!!! Lots of hugs to you!

Latisia- I wish you wisdom and joy. You are a special person- I sense a real inner strength in you. Your children will be (and are now, but too little to know it!) blessed by that. Lots of hugs to you!

Spryng- I wish you peace and happiness and a gift certificate to the pet store! (congrats on your fishies!). Relax about those last few pounds (I think you are anyway). Sounds like you look great and are healthy. The rest will come off sooner or later..............Relax and enjoy! Hugs and more hugs to you!

Well, ladies.......life here continues to be a bit busy. Dd had a tournament today (they won!) but I did not go. Ds did not want to spend another day watching softball (don't blame him) so I stayed home with him and Dd (6). Got some gardening done (it was starting to look like I was growing all those weeds on purpose!) and some flowers in the flower box on the deck. We are still sprucing up the place for Dd's party next Saturday.
Gotta go- as you know I can type forever...........
:dizzy: so I had better stop myself here. My eating has been fair- and my excercising ok. My weight............absolutely stable.... no loss no gain.........I have to break out of this plateau but I have been so busy that it has been hard getting focused on weight loss again.

Nuff of my babbling!!!!!!! You all deserve a wonderful Mother's Day! Thanks for being my friends and supporting me and all of us!
Love and hugs to each of you-

05-13-2002, 02:39 PM
hey everyone, how are ya, I did good oh my day, My hubby is back , been alot of tension there but I refused to mess up ever again, so I am not. Something hit home when I read these posts, Ginny you are so right about what you say about me.. It took alot of strength for me to do what I did to day, as well as stick to my guns about going home without him, in July, The mil is going to move my stuff, so I went there today to make arrangements, as well my hubby know exactly why I made this choice, and that I am not going back on it. Well everyone, hope you are OP, and doing great, soon as I can, Imma peep into the 8 min tae bo 2 tape I h ave, just got it,, TTyl

05-13-2002, 11:01 PM
Good evening,
Well, at least for now, Latisia it's just you and me here!!!!:) Good for you today, sticking to your guns and not budging. How long is Dh home for?? I hope that all is going as well as it can for you. Hugs to you!!!

Today Ds stayed home "sick" from school. He was not so sick, but we are all so tired (allergies, I think) and he was next to impossible to get out of bed. So, he stayed home and got some rest. It was nice having some company.

This week is crunch week, with Dd's party on Saturday. Golly, it looks as though the house will never be clean by then.........but little by little stuff is getting done. The downstairs is still a disaster area! Where are all of you efficient cleaners when I need you!!!!!!!!!:lol: Aw, I know that I will get there......I just take so long to do so.

Got my walk in this morning (in the rain!). Eating is status quo- I have to shake myself out of this slump..........

Me tired. Have a great nite!

05-14-2002, 12:04 AM
Good evening all! Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days. We took my sister (15) home with us friday and she stayed until sunday and she hogged the computer! :) My mom and dad has a very old computer and it doesn't have internet access and crashes often so she was on cloud nine to surf the net. It was a nice weekend though. Last night though I got sick and have been sick all day. I slept until noon today and was still dragging after I got up. Then we went to town to eat lunch and I was so nautious. I didn't eat much. I just felt worse from then on. We came home and I went to bed again for three more hours and here I am now. I'm eating some soup and trying to keep my eyes open. I'm just so tired. But that's all m symptoms. Tired and nautious. I was worried so I took another pregnancy test and it was negative (thankfully) so I know it's not that. I am on the pill and take it every night so I shouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant yet every month I am beginning to worry about it. Is that normal??? Anyway, I hope this passes by tomorrow because my DH goes back to work and I won't be able to sleep any until the kids do. But other than that things are the same around here. My eating has been good. My weight is stable. I bought a new halter top shirt and my Dh just oogles when I'm in it so it must look nice :) makes me feel good. Saturday we took the kids to a drive through safari and petting zoo and boy was that fun! They had two week old tigers that were so gorgeous and we got to bottle feed them! They also had kangaroos that had babies sticking out of their pouches that we got to pet and feed. It was just amazing. The kids loved being outside all day and so did I. I got a nice tan from it and my love for animals grew a ton.
My fish are dying. We went to walmart thursday and bought four goldfish and then two died of "ick". I went to buy some treatment at the same walmart just to find out they sold me the fish already sick!!!! I was so mad. Three goldfish have died now (the treatment doesn't seem to be working) and my black molly is getting sick. One tetra is dead and the others don't look so good. It breaks my heart. I was so proud of those fish and now because of four cheap goldfish they are all dying! I'm thinking about calling a manager at that walmart and pitching a fit. I think they should pay for all the fish I've lost and am losing because of their incompetence. Fish are not cheap.
Well, I'm glad everyone else sounds like they are doing good. I need to finish this soup and go back to bed. I'll try to post tomorrow. G'nite.

05-14-2002, 11:02 AM
Good Morning!!!!
Spryng- sounds like you had a busy weekend. Bet you will be glad when life returns to "normal". That is so sad about your fishies........ I had the same thing happen to me- when I bought expensive fish- then expensive (fan tailed/bubble eyed) goldfish and had all of them die. You should be able to get some satisfaction from complaining to the store- they are not supposed to sell fish that are sick. Have you had fish before???? You know all the stuff about floating the bags before releasing the fish. Also try getting the fish enzyme (the name eludes me now) that you pretreat the water with ........ah stress coat and stress zyme are the names. They help protect the fish's slime coat (sounds gross, eh) and prevent illness. You pretreat the water with that before you let the fish in it. So to make a long story short, the man at Petco told me to try some cheap feeder goldfish (as in 20 cents a piece) to see if the tank was ok. So, I bought 5 of them- they were fairly small say 1 1/2 inches........... and they ended up being the best goldfish we ever had!! They got so large that they outgrew the 20 gallon tank we had and I had to give them to a nursery that has a large indoor goldfish pond and can keep goldfish that are 6 inches long!!!!!!!:dizzy: (that is how large they got). The kids loved them........ and we just "visited" them this weekend and they are fine. So you might want to try cheapies- at least they do not cost a lot and my kids loved them as much as the fancy fish.

Got a walk in this am........now off to my messy house. Have a great day!

05-14-2002, 11:41 PM
Hello, how is every body doing?/ I am op, loved the low fat oreos today, and we made a pretty good compromise!! I also did my own weights workout that was just what I needed!!Been kinda busy too, but gotta do it!! Well ttyl!! letting u know what's going on!! Take care. ttfn

05-15-2002, 11:52 AM
Good Morning!!!
Soooooo quiet here............but then Jackie knows that I am good at talking to myself on the thread! (just before Christmas noone was here and I babbled on and on and on for days all by myself...does that say something about my sanity?:lol: )

No, Latisia and Spryng, I did not mean to say that you were nobodies! I am happy that you have been able to check in too!!

Latisia-you have been busy too! Is your hubby still around? How is everything going. Those low fat oreo's are good - but when I buy them they vaporize in seconds. I have teenagers.........;)
Good for you getting your weights in. Keep up the good work!
As for me, it looks as though I will not get a walk in today- just too much going on and I slept a few minutes late this am and could not squeeze a walk in this morning (woke up at 5:20 instead of 5:10:yawn: )
Gotta go. Have a great day!

05-15-2002, 12:28 PM
Good morning all!
Well I guess I need to go back to some sort of plan. I've gained! about 4 lbs already. I think I will just cut portions and see what happens in the next few days. If that doesn't work then I will have to go back on some sort of diet. I have a big convention to go to next month and I want to look my best. Last year when I went to it I was a size 16! So this year I want to be a comfortable 8. My jeans are getting a little tight so I know I need to do something soon.
Ginny I remember all your posts before last christmas. That's when I joined this thread. It was just you and me for a long time! :) But that's how I got to know you better. And thanks for the advice on the fish. I did buy some water treatment but I don't think it was the right one and the ick treatment didn't work. But now that all the ones infected are dead I put the tetras and bottom feeders back in and they are doing great. The tank just looks so empty without the others. O-well. Walmart said they would replace the goldfish and that's it. Because we bought them there. But I'm not buying anymore fish from them. I'll be too afraid that they are sick too. I will just go to good petstores.
I have a game that I want everyone to play. But it's through email. It's a guessing game on how much we know each other. If anyone is interested please send a blank email to spryngk@csweb.net and I'll send it to you and you guys send it to each other too! I've got great laughs from doing it with my family so far! :)
Well I'll catch everyone later!

05-16-2002, 08:04 AM
Good Morning!

I'm still alive,but still real busy. My Mom had surgery yesterday on her esophegas (sp?) They also did a colonoscopy to rule out cancer. We will get the results in about a week. I had to keep Mom with me for 24 hours post surg. I will take her back home later on this a.m. My eating has been a little sporatic since Mother's Day. Of course Mother's Day I royally screwed up! Monday & Tuesday I did okay & yesterday...I don't even want to go there! DM & I went out for lunch after surgery, dd talked me into the custard stand after school & then DM, DD & DS talked me into Pizza Hut for dinner. Do I have to say anymore? Besides being really busy, I'm back to feeling severely depressed again. PMS doesn't help any either! Thanks to everyone who kept on posting here. I did check the posts every couple of days, but was either too busy or too depressed to post. I enjoyed hearing from all of you. I'm sorry if I have bored you all to death with sounding self-centered. I'm just not in a real bubbly mood lately. Sorry! :cry: Well, it's 6:00 a.m. here & I have to wake ds up for school. I'll try & check back in later & hopefully I'll be in better spirits by then.

05-16-2002, 12:43 PM
Good morning all!
Jackie sorry to hear you are feeling down. I wish I knew what could cheer you up. How about if I get on a plane and come make you dinner?? :) I would love to. Or how about a babysitter for the night so that you could have some time alone or with a friend? :) Sometimes I do wish we all lived close toegther. But please feel better soon and don't let eating bad get you down. You have been doing so well lately, you deserved a few cheats. Just drink up that water and get right back to FFL. You can do it!
I'm doing pretty good today. Back down to 135. I guess that 4 lb gain was all water because it is gone today. Whewwwww.... I was worried. I didn't cut too much back yesterday. I had ramen noodles for lunch with the kids and then I made a really good chicken and rice for dinner which I had only one small plate of. I got hungry about 9:00 pm and gave into a small bowl of cocoa pebbles. Ok, so it wasn't so small. But I told myself it was ok because I ate it with Fat Free Skim Milk. :lol: Well, thankfully the scale told me that it was ok too. :) But what I have been trying to do is eat moderate portions and not eat after 8:00 pm. It's going ok so far. But I found a plan that I will try to do before my convention next month. It's a two week metabolism booster. It's called the Scarsdale Diet. Anyone heard of it?? It's a kind of low carb diet but you still get lots of vegetables and some fruit on it, plus it's only for two weeks. You lose at least 1 lb a day. So I thought I'll keep up my maintaining until next month some time and then I'll go on it for two weeks. If you are interested in reading about it here's where I found it http://lowcarblisa.tripod.com/thescarsdalemedicaldiet/index.html
Anyway, I've been doing alot of research on it and everyone I've talked to says it really does work. So I will give it a whirl. It may be just what I need to break my plateau of 135. If it's as good as they say I'll hit my goal weight on it. that would be nice.
Well anyway, I guess I'll get off here. I'm suppose to be expecting a phone call and here I am on the net tying up the phone. I need one of those things that allow you to have both working at the same time.
c-ya :cool:

05-16-2002, 12:57 PM
SAHM #45 has been started so please mosey on that way :smug:
I look forward to seeing you all there!!

05-16-2002, 03:39 PM
Glad to see you Jackie and Spryng.......
Got an extra kooky day going on here........... so I will get back on later (hopefully).
Eating is for the birds today.........but on the brighter side, I got a nice 45 min walk in. (I would be a basket case without my walk)

Spryng- best of luck with the fishies....
Jackie- my prayers to you and your mom. Hang in there! And please remember to take your meds, ok?;) Get out for some sunshine (if you can) even 5 minutes in the morning might help.
I wish I could drive over and give you a hug...........so a cyber hug will have to do. We all love you lots.

Gotta go to another softball game..............