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01-07-2009, 05:49 AM
Hey there all you fellow cyclists!

I thought I'd start up a new thread for 2009 - we had monthly threads late last year but that seemed to die out, so here goes again.

This thread is for all cyclists - begginers to advanced. Whether you do 15 mins a week on the stationary bike or 300kms a week on a mountain bike.

I've been cycling seriously for a while now - having ridden a road bike for quite some time, but now riding a BMX and a mountain bike.

Come here to share stories, ask questions, receive answers or just have a chat to people with a common interest.

Regards. :)

01-07-2009, 06:41 AM
YAY! Hi! I became a cyclist last May 2008. My husband and I read an article written about a man in New York who weighed almost 500lbs and took up cycling to save his life. He blogged everything and goes by "Large Fella on a Bike". At 300 and 400 lbs respectively...we were inspired and that was our life altering day. May 8, 2008 I took my new bike out for the first time since I was 8 years old. I bought a 3speed, coaster brake, classic. Figured it was a good place to start. We had a trailer hitch installed on our car, bought a rack for the bikes (there are 4 in our family) and loaded up all our bikes and headed to a lake with a 3.5 mile bike path. That first day, that first lap...I thought I was going to die. It took us over 2 hours to do 3.5 miles, we had to stop 6 or 7 times. We walked up 2 hills (what we considered hills at the time).

We didn't die. We kept going. Every weekend day and a few laps around the neighborhood at 3am M-F (in the dark no one can say HE LOOK AT THAT FAT CHICK ON A BIKE!). Eventually our mileage climbed, our stamina grew by leaps and bounds, we added in sweatin' to the oldies to supplement that "good feeling". By August I realized my bike wasn't going to cut it. I needed gears, I wanted to do more but was held back by the limitations of my bike so I bought a new, 21 speed bike. Added an "odometer/speedometer" thingy to it. The distance climbed. Till finally, one Saturday instead of packing up our bikes and driving to that lake that we did on May 8th for our first ride. We rode from our house to that lake and back on our bikes. 30 miles round trip. It was amazing. Now we think nothing of going from one town to the next. We got our good friend into biking as well so he joins us on weekend jaunts. I am utterly addicted to it and currently suffering sever withdrawal because I live in Minnesota and December has been the snowiest month to the point of being unsafe for me to ride in my area so I've not been able to ride my bike in over a month. I look longingly at it daily and hope to try it around my neighborhood next week at 3am.

I created a blog to track my progress and share with friends and family. "mepowered.blogspot.com" . I had lost 40 lbs and my husband had lost 55 as of October. I have put 8 lbs back on during the holiday time (oct 5 - Dec 31) but that will come off quickly I am sure.

This spring we are joinging the TCBC (Twin Cities Bike Club) and we are both so excited. We plan to do the 40 mile "St. Paul Classic" this fall as well as having a 50 mile ride to Stillwater planned for us in the early fall.

Long story made short. I love biking, it has completely changed my life. I feel in control, healthy, motivated, addicted, happy and the self confidence I feel now is completely foreign to me. Who is this fat chick on a bike? I don't know yet but I really like her a lot!

Keep Pedaling!

Mrs Snark
01-07-2009, 08:23 AM
Great story Jennifer! Very inspiring!

Have you thought about getting an indoor bike trainer (hunk of metal you attach to your bike to keep it basically stationary) or rollers (your bike moves freely on rollers) for your bike so you can continue to enjoy that puppy throughout the winter? You can get DVDs to watch while on the trainer that simulate real bike rides ... like the Tour de France! It's pretty cool stuff!

Search bike trainers and rollers on youtube to see some neat stuff...

01-07-2009, 10:01 AM
What a great story, Jennifer!

I agree with Jo, check out some of those trainer attachments.

01-07-2009, 11:15 PM
hi all i love cycling but on the stationary bicycle i keep it in front of the tv and can cyle for hours a day depending on my mood.unfortunately where i live the streets are crowded i cant cycle outdoors so i'll share with you my daily cycling workouts.

01-08-2009, 01:38 AM
I agree, awesome story Jennifer :)

I didn't go for a ride today, still recovering from yesterday. I plan on going tomorrow, though. There's a new route by the bay I want to check out.

Later this year I'd like to ride in the "Sydney to Gong" (Wollongong, a town in NSW) bike ride - it's about 90kms and should be fun.

Where have you guys been riding these days? Any other news?

01-08-2009, 01:47 AM
I'm sorta a biker... more of a Tri-geek though. My longest ride has only been 40miles to date. I took a few months off and now I've got to back track on my progress. I've been doing the trainer every other day (I run on the alternating days) My backside is none too happy about the time away - ouch)

Anyway the trainer rocks compared to the exercise bike I used last year in cold weather. I look forward to it getting warm enough to ride outside again though.

01-08-2009, 11:43 AM
Yay a biker thread!! :cb: I have to go to work now..I'll post more later.

Awesome story, Jennifer!

01-08-2009, 03:27 PM
I'm the poorest excuse for a biker. I just started and I will be mixing biking with jogging because I need variety. :)

Can I ask a question? Does everyone bike on the road or trails or what? I do not have a trail here, but I have a great sidewalk area that I can use. The problem is, I am fearful I'll get bored of going down the same areas everyday. I also do not love biking near cars because I still feel like a wobbly child learning to ride a bike again. :o


Mrs Snark
01-08-2009, 07:02 PM
I bike mostly on roads or bike paths. A few packed dirt/grass trails. We have a couple scenic routes right along the river where cycling/pedestrian use is expected, so even though there is no shoulder or path, cars have a speed limit of 25 and have to go around. That area is my favorite.

01-09-2009, 09:51 PM
We have an AMAZING 32 mile bike path along the river. Most of my recreational riding is there. But when it gets dark a little later again I'll be back to riding the streets to work at least a couple days a week. I also ride inside - I teach spin. Can ya tell I like to ride? :cb:

I'm a poor excuse for a jogger tho...does that make us even? :lol:

01-10-2009, 06:28 AM
I want to cycle so badly (outside), but I am afraid! It is so strange! I am afraid to put my big butt on my brand new bike that has never been ridden (but that I bought last year in late summer). I am afraid I will fall off because I am so heavy and have not ridden a bike since I was 15 or so. I have taken spin and things like that, but the "real" thing scares me.

Anyone relate? What did you do? It is really a shame because I am lucky enough to be living in Germany for another 11 months, and the area I live in has walking and biking trails galore that cut through from village to village. When the weather warms up, there is this "ride the rails" thing that has seated carts driven by pedaling (like a bike) on an old railroad that cuts through about 40 miles of villages and beautiful countryside. That would be a good workout because two adults pedal for the whole cart that seats 4-5 people.

Anyway... Sorry to ramble. I am a wannabe cyclist for now. I stick to my elliptical and treadmill because I am a chicken.

01-10-2009, 11:28 AM
I love to road bike too. It is too cold for me now so I've been going to spin classes. I can relate to being scared but somehow you get used to it. Just be safe and follow the rules. I've been biking for a couple of years now and I can't believe some of the roads I ride on now. We have a big group of girls who ride so I usually ride with others which helps.

01-10-2009, 02:27 PM
I just have to share. I got a new bike this summer and it was love at first ride. It's the first good bike I've ever had and I couldn't believe the difference! Well now it's cold and snowy and I don't go outside unless the house is on fire ;) so I've been missing my bike. Yesterday we ordered the Lifespan S2 indoor cycling bike and I can't wait until it arrives! I'm going to get to cycle all winter :woohoo:

01-10-2009, 06:08 PM
Went for an amazing ride yesterday. I'm happy to live on the coast.

I fell down the other day and I'm pretty sure the wound is infected :D no fun.

Cyndi - I've recently gotten a new bike, too. =]

Betz - It must be awesome having a big group to ride with !

01-10-2009, 09:11 PM
Gak Mazza....get that checked out. :rollpin:

I had a fabulous ride today...spring seems to have come early. The best part was keeping up with a couple dudes on fancy bikes for like a half an hour. :woohoo: I think I freaked them out tho...I'm not really a fancy gear type of gal...people don't expect me to be able to ride. :s:

01-11-2009, 08:44 PM
Gina - I thought I was the only one who tried to keep up with the other cyclists :lol:. Sometimes when I'm riding laps along my favourite route (called the 'bay run' - a 7km path for bikes and walkers that traces the outline of a bay near here.. hence the name :D) I set targets like "Ok, see the dude in the red shirt... gotta beat him". When I overtake that person it's like a small victory.. it's the way I set mini goals for myself. That might sound kinda crazy but it's the way I let my competitiveness out in a constructive, non aggresive way I guess.

I'm loving my Giant Yukon. I can go places with it that I'd never even dreamed of going on my road bike or bmx.

Not riding today. This weekend I spent hours on my bike and today I'm taking a day off. Well that's what I'm thinking now. Maybe i'll go out later tonight. (It's 11.43am monday here).

Hope you're all doing well. :)

01-12-2009, 11:30 AM
They prolly think I'm insane when I complain (out loud as I pass them) how long it took me to overtake them. :lol3:

01-17-2009, 05:32 PM
My apologies to the people who are in the cold and the snow....but it's a sunny 65 degrees and I'm going for a long ride.

Rawk on, chickies!:bike2: