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01-06-2009, 08:34 PM
I am just starting out and have chose to count calories. I'm not a total veggie hater but picky eater more fits the bill. Here is what I like.... Like Salads without too much fuss, cooked tomato but not raw, squash and zucchini about any way,potatoes anyway, cooked cabbage, broccoli cooked, brussel sprouts cooked, of course corn, and the only beans I will eat are fresh green beans that I cook. I pretty well like all fruit except pears. My questions are, do I like enough to make this a healthy go or do I need to look closer at my plan, and does anyone have any tips for being a little more creative to fight boredom?? I've always been a big "meat and potatoes" person, and this is a big adjustment for me. I'm trying to switch up and get a little more veggie and a little less potato. I'm also trying to "lighten up" some of my favorite veggies and fit them in a little better. I don't think tempura squash quite makes the grade! LOL