General Diet Plans and Questions - Differences Between BodyBugg, GoWear Fit and Sensewear?

01-06-2009, 12:31 PM
I have decided that I want to buy one of these products, but am just trying to decide which one and was looking for a little help :)

It looks like the BodyBugg and GoWear Fit are very similar, except that the Sensewear has the sleep monitoring (which the BodyBugg does not) and the BodyBugg has a daily food log and the GoWear has a food log that you do 3 days at a time. The 3 day food log does confuse me a little you have to enter all 3 days worth of food at the same time or can you use it as a daily log and just have the option to not have to log your food after 3 days? Are each of the food logs user friendly? I am looking for something that I can adjust the serving size/amount of food in oz. or grams.

The Sensewear in comparison has both the sleep monitoring and the daily food log, but it is so much more expensive! With the BodyBugg and GoWear Fit going for between $200-250 right now with the watch display, I don't know if I can justify spending $350 for the Sensewear. The Sensewear website also doesn't specify if a web subscription is included, whereas the other two include 3-6 months in the purchase price.

It is also my understanding that the Bodybugg allows you to put in your goal weight/pounds lost/week and tells you what calorie deficit you need to achieve your goal. Do the Gowear and Sensewear have this option?

Also, can you print out reports for each of them for the past week? Do you find the reports helpful?

I would appreciate feedback and/or screenshots that anyone can offer, Thanks!

01-06-2009, 01:56 PM
Welcome aboard! I too have a BodyBugg which I ABSOLUTELY love!
I have lost 16 lbs since Dec 3rd with it. :broc:

YOu will find alot of great information and discussion about electronic products here:

I hope this helps.

01-06-2009, 02:21 PM
Thanks Wickky for the welcome and I am glad you like the Bodybugg!

I have looked though the post that you suggested already, and it has a lot of great information. The only thing is that most of the information is about the BodyBugg v2 and the Sensewear. There is not a lot of info about the GoWear Fit or the BodyBugg v3.

I am very interested in the websites/subscriptions for each of the products and what they have to offer. I have been searching the web for more information on the web features of each model, but have not had a lot of luck, it is like they are keeping the website info a secret :). Since they are all basically the same product but different colors (differences mentioned in the first post), it looks like one of the main differences is the subscription content/food logs, so this is one of the big things that I was hoping to get more information on before I make the big plunge and buy one!

I e-mailed GoWear and am waiting for a response as to the main differences between the GoWear and Sensewear. I will share the response when (if?) they get back to me.

01-06-2009, 02:41 PM
Fitbit is still in prototype stage, but it should be out soon, maybe in the next four to six weeks, but regardless before the end of the quarter 1 (March 31?)

I was told by the Bodybugg people when I called the phone number in Ventura County, CA that the Bodybugg v3 DOES monitor sleep.

However, somehow it ticks me off to pay $250 for a product and then have to pay a monthly fee to enter my data into the computer system.

Fitbit won't charge a fee other than the $100, plus $10 shipping, and our local CA tax coming to a grand total for me of less than $117.

01-07-2009, 04:00 PM
Thanks Shelterwatch for the info on the Fitbit! It does sound interesting and you will have to let us know what you think of it when it gets released.

I am not a very patient person, so last night I decided to go with the Bodybugg. Unfortunitally, I decided this on the night of the season premiere of the Biggest Loser, so the website was painfully slow. I hope that it doesn't take too long to ship. I will report back once I have the Bugg.

01-07-2009, 06:08 PM
I ordered mine last week and after the show last night I wanted to log in to see if they had changed the price at all. WOW was it slow. They must have sold a tons of those babies last night. Glad I got my order in and it shipped before the madness ensued. FYI mine took an entire week to get here (supposed to be here Friday) and shipped from Canada, so if they really did get slammed with orders yesterday just be prepared to wait.

01-07-2009, 06:32 PM
Ahh, that's not good! Did you do the regular ground shipping? I did the 2 day express mail. I was really hoping to get it by Friday or Saturday, but my order is still "pending", so given this and your feedback, I guess I will have to re-adjust my expectations. I really hope that I get it early next week...

01-07-2009, 07:04 PM
I have an update from BodyMedia regarding the differences between the BodyBugg, GoWear Fit and Sensewear! They have updated there website and have a comparison graph now, here is the link:

01-07-2009, 10:38 PM
Babes I just did normal shipping so hopefully yours will be here soon also.

01-08-2009, 02:16 AM

From what I can see...gowearfit appears to be better than bodybugg..sleep efficiency, activity control, except for food logging which I anyway do on fitday everything else looks to be good.

Why somebody needs bodybugg over gowearfit if they are logging their daily calories elsewhere..I have a bodybugg 3 and I do see an issue with the my activity levels as I can't set it to high intensity mode.

For the new buyers I'll recommend doing an overall evaluation again and see if gowearfit can do all that you are seeking. Doesn't makes sense paying $ 100 more for something you can get at lower cost.

01-08-2009, 03:34 AM
Well if you go by Amazons current discounted price for gowearfit and 24hourfitnesses current price there isn't much of a difference cost wise if buying the arm display too.

gowearfit (170+ 30) = 200 + Free 3 months subs (20.85 value)
bodybugg = 249 + Free 6 months subs (49.97 value)

v3 of BB and gowear are almost the same unit, and I rather have the ability to track food intake, but that's just me. I don't think either unit looks better then the other. Only being able to log 3 days of food is actually what made my decision on which to buy, but I think they are both cool either way.

01-08-2009, 01:16 PM
Bodybugg doesn't ships to my country, Amazon won't do it either and hence I had to buy it from someone at EBAY where it costed my 379 + 25 shipping and I paid another $ 75 in my country for the customs..:(

But at the end..I'm extremely pleased with it, I'd been using it for last 7 days and I have realized that it learns with your body everyday. The first day figures indicated I'm burning over 4400 calories a day and then next day it showed different figures...after 3-4 days more close calculations started coming in and now it shows changes on the display as soon as I get on doing something of high intensity and when I stop.

Its my personal opinion..and I liked the gowearfit more, more because I find two activity levels, lower subscription charges, sleep efficiency mode and yes more economical. For diet logging I prefer to do with fitday.

Overall...its cool and helps you stay pretty accountable with your activities.

01-18-2009, 09:33 PM
Did you get your questions answered? I need the same info.

01-18-2009, 09:45 PM
Does the sensewear or gowear fit tell you how many calories you need to lose the weight? Does it tell you how many more calories you need to burn?

01-18-2009, 11:25 PM
Hi Brenda!

I did get most of my questions answered, so I have summarized what I have learn here. Check out this great link that shows the differences between all of the devises: . According to this chart, all three give you your "Calorie Balance" (weight gain or weight loss trends), although since the GoWear Fit has a 3 Day Nutrition Assessment instead of a continuous food log, it gives you your "Average Calories Consumed" instead of your actual calories for the day. It looks like all of them include personalized target and goal setting and reporting.

For me, it was between the BodyBugg and GoWear Fit, I just couldn't justify $350 for the Sensewear. I ended up going with the BodyBugg because I could log my daily calories. I must say that I was disappointed when I got the devise, as I didn't care for their food log and that was the main reason why I picked it over the GoWear (with the sleep monitoring), although there are plenty of happy BB users our there.

I have added some attachments so you can see what the food log is like for the BodyBugg. At first look, it looked good, but then I tried to use it...a whole different story. It suggests a daily menu plan for you, which is nice, but if you want to change it, it is a big pain. In attachment 3, it shows you how you can change your food choices for your menu, but for some reason, some of the words are cut off and it cannot be fixed by maximizing the screen. Also, once you click on a food, it assumes that this is your final choice and all of the other options disappear, which makes it difficult to search for items if you want to make sure the calorie count is right before selecting it.

In attachment 1, I put a red circle around the "Calories Consumed" button. The first attachment is only your plan, you have to separately input your food as shown in attachment 2. If you actually ate what is on your plan, you can put "I ate my meal plan", but if you did not, then you have to manually log everything in, although at least in this window the words are not cut off. Once you enter your calories in this section, it does not look like you can change them, so you can only enter them after the fact.

In short, the BB food log has the fundamentals, but it could really be a lot more consumer friendly and was not all that I hoped for.

Regarding sleep monitoring, the BodyBugg will tell you how many calories you burned while sleeping, but that is it. The GoWear Fit (and Sensewear) tells you calories burned, but also your sleep duration and how efficient your sleep is.

One other nice feature of the GoWear Fit is that it has 2 activity levels, where as the BodyBugg only has one activity level.

Regarding pricing, there are two good specials that are going on right now. On Amazon, you can get the GoWear Fit for $199 (until Jan. 31) with free super saver shipping, and as of Jan. 19, it is no longer on back-order. It comes with a 3 month subscription. With 24 Hour Fitness, you can get the BodyBugg for $249 with a 6 month subscription, and this price is a "limited time" offer. Both prices quoted include the digital display (thanks Beloved!).

Hope this helps!

** UPDATE 2/20/09 - the GoWear Fit now offers the option of a 3 day assessment or continuous food logging **

01-18-2009, 11:38 PM
Just to add to what babes just said, the 24 Hour Fitness deal includes a free digital display ($99 value) and is good until January 31.

02-22-2009, 12:17 PM
I bought a gowear fit and display from Dick's Sporting Goods (instant gratification, I didn't want to wait a few weeks in the mail) I really love being able to see how many calories my body is burning all day, very helpful and interesting.

Also, they just updated the food log options. ***you have a choice!*** You can either enter your meals daily or just put in 3 days and it will do an average for you. I used to do fitday for my calorie logging, but now I think it will be easier to do it all on one site and have my calorie intake on the reports as well. Only negative for me here is re-entering all my custom food items (yuk)

Oh yeah, I paid $179.99 for the gowear fit and $79.99 for the display.

02-24-2009, 10:46 PM
***x-posted in another BB thread!
Hey, does anyone know, or has anyone seen both the BB and the GoWear? They look so similar and I'm wondering if the arm bands are interchangeable? I asked a GoWear rep today (WAY easier to get ahold of than BB reps) and she could only tell me that they are different machines and I needed to speak with BB. Come on! BodyMedia makes them both!! They look like identical tools - but I don't want to fork over the expensive shipping charges to only have to return it if it is different.

I have the BB and have worn it 24/7 since I received it January 21st. I LOVE it! But, yesterday it fell off of me and I noticed that the glue that is holding the Velcro circle on has lost it's stick. Granted it's been soaked with sweat nearly everyday and also washed a fair bit...but hasn't everyones? I was expecting the bands to last longer than 4 weeks I guess. There's thick rubber there, but they should have stitched the Velcro in place instead of glue. For now I have it pinned with a safety pin. And, I cannot see where to reorder them on the BB site. There's lots of other accessories, but I don't see armbands for the v3.

12-16-2009, 12:14 AM

I am new here. I am really interested in your experiences with the various fitness tracking devices. Specifically, I would like to know more about the sleep recording ability. Could anyone share their experience?

Thanks for all the great info in this forum,


07-19-2010, 10:44 PM
how did your body bugg and go fit thing work out?
I am ready to get one and I just wanted to know how you are liking yours?

10-14-2010, 06:41 PM
can any of these be worn in the water. I'm doing water aerobics

10-14-2010, 07:38 PM
can any of these be worn in the water. I'm doing water aerobics

No water for GoFitWear and Bodybugg. I