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05-07-2002, 05:12 PM
Thru Thick & Thin is a group that was formed to give and receive support on our journey to take off the excess pounds and to keep them off. No matter who you are or where you are from, you're welcome here with us. We'll stand with you while you're losing and stand by you if you're not. We all have ups and downs and we need support in both.

05-08-2002, 08:03 AM
Good Morning~~I must tell you right off, I'm not real lively this AM. I got up about as tired as I went to bed. I wanted to go to bed at 7:00 last night, so I come in here and read around on the board. I found some interesting pictures.. the link is at the bottom, check it out. Just scroll down until you come to the pictures.:strong: I want to lose weight but I'm not ready for that. Also started a new thread while I was here.

Jen~~ Sounds like you done good with your diet yesterday. I done OK with mine too. No sugar, might be why I'm feeling so dragie this morning. Sugar is very addictive. I couldn't agree more about eating off hubby's plate, I only eat the meat, I'm a meat addict too. My pledge was just for the day yesterday, not to mess up and eat anything I shouldn't have. I'm making the same pledge for today.

Skeeter~~Don't you know that checking out the fish is just the beginning, it just makes you want to get that tank filled up. All my babies was still alive as of last night. I do have one male platy that is keeping an eye on the little ones. One of them made the mistake of getting way up in the water around the basket where the others are and I looked away long enough to get the dip net and when I looked back he was gone, I hope he got away, but I don't know.
I'm setting here sweating right now. Hope your food is going better.

I'm going to town right now before it gets too hot, I don't need to go anywhere except Walmart and they are open 24 hours. Have a nice day everyone.

05-08-2002, 07:27 PM
Hi ya'll. I hope your having a good day. We just had a storm blow thru, lots of rain but it didn't last to long. We've just been dumped on with rain lately. We could stand a good week without any rain at all. All the rivers and streams are at or over flood level and some farmers may have to replant their crops because of standing water.

Dh called me at work this afternoon and said he needed me to take him to the dr. The rug slipped out from under him when he got out of the shower and he fell and hurt his wrist. He can't bend it at all and its pretty swollen. The Dr said it doesn't look like its broke but we have to wait till the official word from the radiologist tomorrow. If something is going to happen, its going to happen to my dh. He has the worst luck.

Marlana, I was so tired last night cause I had trouble sleeping the night before. DH got in almost 2 hrs overtime on his first night at his job and I just couldn't go to sleep till he got home. Its just going to take me a while to get used to him not being home in the evening. I was watching tv last night and kept thinking dh was in the back room watching the other tv and then it would dawn on me that he was at work. His boss was really nice about his accident but he is so mad it happened since he just started this job. I think it will be ok tho.

Jen, I really don't need the coffee after work, decaf or regular cause I sip on coffee all day at work. So I just don't drink it at all when I get home except on Friday nights when I know I don't have to worry about getting to bed early. Its looking pretty here with all the spring flowers. I love lilacs. They smell so good. Our neighbors have a bush right next to where I park but it doesn't smell as good as most lilacs in fact, I don't think it has a scent at all.

Tobey, dh really likes it at the new job. They've got him doing things he likes doing. He was kinda restricted at the other place cause certain mechanics did certain things only. He fell into that catagory. The vigil was really moving. I remember the very first one.

I've got to get off here cause its storming again. I'll come back later and edit this.

05-09-2002, 08:24 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I went to a luncheon today with the ladies from my church. They had earned some money from a fund raiser a while back and were ready to treat everyone to lunch. We went to a buffet style restaurant and I think everyone pigged out. I ate mostly pastas because I never have them at home. The good news is that it was the only meal that I had today. I am still not hungry.

Marlana~I find myself thinking about that empty aquarium all the time now and wanting to set it up. That is so stupid of me since I don't have much free time the way things are now. I can't believe that I am even thinking of taking on another responsibility right now. It must be the heat getting to me. :lol:

JoJo~Oh my gosh, your poor husband. Will he be able to work at his job? Is his job very physical and he has to have the use of his wrist to perform? I guess it will be really hard for a while to get used to being alone in the evenings again. I have gotten very used to my dh being around all the time and would miss him very much if he was gone on a regular basis again. Once in a while is great though. :lol:

I have to go get a shower before all my shows come on tonight. Y'all have a great evening.

05-10-2002, 09:32 AM
Good Morning~~I slept in this morning, I didn't get up until 6:00, thats sleeping in for me. Hubby is home today.grrrrrrr It is so cool here this morning, down in the 50's. I have a bunch more flowers to put out, but I don't know when I will get them out. It is so wet and is suppose to rain again on Sunday. I guess I will go back to work on the bedroom. Need to get that done and out of the way. My food kind a went down the drain yesterday, so my biggest job today is to get back on track.

Jo Jo~~My goodness JO JO....what next for you and yours. Of all things to do, slip on a rug, and just when he started a knew job. If it wasn't for bad luck, you guys wouldn't have any luck at all. I hope he's better now. Glad Hubby's boss was understanding about the accident. Overtime money can come in really handy, your dh has missed so much work the last few months.

Skeeter~~ Girl if I knew how to ship you some fish I would ship them in about 6 weeks. I have more than I know what to do with. I cleaned the aquarium out good yesterday and would you believe I found 7 more babies. I hope your food plan is still in tack. I really messed up yesterday. I'm going on all protein today and perge my system of some sugar.

[COLOR=deeppink]Got work to do, so I will say good bye for now and bid you all a wonderful day as well as a good week end.

05-11-2002, 11:47 AM
Good Morning.

I wanted to come in and say hi and also to tell everyone Happy Mothers Day.

I don't have big plans this weekend. I need to get my MIL something for Mothers day. I have one thing already and was thinking about maybe getting her a hydrangea for her yard. I got her one a couple years ago and the next year someone put the hose reel on top of it not realizing it was a flower plant and it died out. So I thought this year, get one and put it someplace else, safe from the hose cart. I also want to get some flowers to take to the cemetery for my moms grave. Other than that, I have housework I need to do.

I woke up to rain this morning. Just what we don't need. We need a good week without rain just to dry out a bit. A little rain is ok but every time it rains, it comes down so hard and at least an inch or more each time. We don't have to worry about a drought this year. It was either this time last year or the year before that they were coming up with water restrictions because it was so dry.

Marlana, I don't think DH broke his wrist. He tried to call the nurse to find out what the radiologists report said but couldn't get through. He can move it up and down ok but side to side movements hurt pretty bad. Anyway, his job is fine and he goes back Monday night. Whew. I was really worried about that but its ok.

Skeeter, I keep trying to send this rain your way but it won't listen to me. We have more than enough to share with you in Florida, thats for sure. Yes, dh's job is very physical. He has to turn huge wrenches and other big tools. Luckily it was his left wrist as he is right handed. Your luncheon sounded good. Pastas really aren't bad for you, in moderation of course, but they are filling. I don't have them often either and sometimes I crave it.

Hello to everyone else.

I've got to get moving soon so I'm going to get going. Take care everyone. Have a great weekend.

05-11-2002, 12:42 PM
Good morning gals. It's been a few days since I've been here, but it doesn't seem like it. Man, time sure is flying. Anyway, Wednesday I took my finals, and then there was a party at one of the students houses in Iowa City. It was 7:30 by the time I got home, and I was so tired. Thursday I worked 12 hrs day shift, and yesterday I had errands to do and then mom came back. UGH. I also got my hands on a bag of sugar free jelly bellys yesterday. Now when the bag says "may have laxative effect", believe them. I had cramps and pains all night. Glad it's gone today. I work tonight, but only for 4 hrs so I'll be able to finish cleaning the house this afternoon.

Jojo- I'm glad to hear your hubby's wrist will be ok. What luck. Sounds like me. We have the same rain here. It's been going for at least 2 1/2 hrs that I know of. Wonderful. At least the ground will be soft when I do my planting next week.

Marlana- How is your plan going? I got up the courage to weigh in this morning. It appears that I haven't done any real damage last week, or I fixed it this week by being careful. Now I'm in place to lose, lose, lose.

Skeeter- Your lucheon sounds good. I like to make pasta with fresh summer veggies in a lemon type flavoring. You and Marlana with your fish, and now fish swapping. You'd be in trouble if she knew how to ship them!

I guess I'd better go, work has paged me, but I think they can wait a few more minutes. I may take a shower before I call them back. I'm sure they want me in early!


05-11-2002, 08:29 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

Happy Mother's Day
It is so hot and dry here that I don't even want to go outside anymore for a while. I have worked outside for the last two days and just want to stay indoors for the next couple of days. We have a wonderful lady that is very crippled with arthritis that has a ministry that feeds and clothes a lot of people in this area. We helped her set up a large yard sale yesterday and then helped repack everything that didn't sell this afternoon. It sure caused me to drink a lot of water though. :D

Marlana~I'm glad that your fish are doing so good. Maybe I will get this tank set up one of these days. Then again, maybe I should just leave it empty for a while. I tell you, I have my hands full with my critters now.

JoJo~I am very glad to hear that your husband's writs is going to be okay. I know he just hates getting hurt so soon after starting a new job. It is so depressing to hear about all the rain up there and we can't get a drop down here. I can't believe that we are going to go through this dry weather AGAIN this year.

Jen~I know that you are glad to get those finals over with. Now on to new adventures. I guess your mom made it home for Mother's Day. Maybe she will decide soon to get her own apartment.

Gotta go get a shower and relax for a while. Y'all have a good evening and a better day tomorrow.

05-12-2002, 09:31 AM
Good Morning~~It seems to me we just had mother's day and here it is again. I guess hubby is going to eat with his family, I heard him talking to his Mommy on the phone. He hasn't said anything to me about it yet, don't know if he will. He knows I won't go though. I'm am going to Muskogee this afternoon and treat myself to something. Maybe a movie. My dear friend Carol sent me a ivy plant yesterday. She's very thoughtful. God put her in my life because he knew I was going to need a really good friend. She has been with me through thick and thin. You guys has too, but I can reach out and touch her.

Jo Jo~~I know you don't have any children, does it make you sad when Mother's day rolls around? I hope not. Kids are good but they can be a heart ache too. I won't hear from either of mine today. Of course my daughter isn't talking to me again, she's owe's us money and so she stays away from us, even the phone. I am so glad to hear you dh is going to be able to go back to work tomorrow. I sure hope nothing else goes wrong for a while.

Jen~~Glad to hear you got those test over with. How did you do? I seem to be hit and miss at getting in here everyday too. The last two days I've been very depressed again. I seem to get that way around holidays. Needless to say food become my friend again. Yesterday I done OK, but the day before, I could have eat the kitchen sink. Nothing satisfied me though. I won't meet that goal of 6 pounds, thats for sure.

Skeeter~~You need some of Jo Jo's and my rain, I've had plenty. I can't even get my flowers out, it's too wet. I will either have to flush some of the little fishes when they get old enough to tell what sex they are, or see if the LFS will take them. Of course I don't want the males, they are a pain in the a** to say the least. I sure hoping that this last bunch are out of the little Platy male. I give him a shot, if he failed it isn't my fault. I do believe they are really small. The first two, one of them is 3 times bigger than the other one.???

I'm planning on doing well on my diet today, heck I have to weigh in tomorrow and I don't want to take away paper clips. Just noticed what I noticed what I wrote on the attachment, I ain't changing it. You can tell I'm not with it.

05-13-2002, 12:20 PM
Good Monday Morning!

I just realized it has been a week since I have been here! :nono: I have just been so darn busy! But things are starting to calm down now. In fact I only work 2 days this week and then I am on vacation until next Tuesday! YIPEE! :D

Marlana: Have you managed to get your flowers out? We have had a fair amount of both sunshine and rain so everything here is very green. Unfortunately it has still been quite chilly. I heard that outside of the city they were calling for overnight frost Ė the tulip killer as they called it. A 24-hour Wal-Mart? I would hate to see who would be shopping at 4:00am. 24-hour stores donít seem to be too popular here. We have a few groceries stores but that is about it. The Home Depot by where I live used to be 24-hours but after a few months they switched back to regular hours. So how did you spend your afternoon yesterday? I hope you really treated yourself. I hope your weigh in goes okay.

Jen: So how good does it feel to be done school? CONGRATULATIONS!! How did your finals go? The most important part is that they are gone! I am still enjoying my running as much as always. I have already registered for the half-marathon in October. Iím already getting psyched to do a full marathon in 2003.

Skeeter: Sounds like Iím not the only one who has been zooming all around. I did manage to have a bit of down time this weekend though. Dh and I had an agreement that if anyone called to invite us out we would say NO! But as luck would have it the phone was quiet all weekend. ahhhhÖ. Sounds like your Lily of the Nile are going to be beautiful!! Your lunch with the ladies from church sounded really nice. Iím looking forward to our church picnic that is coming up in a few weeks. I just hope it warmer by then! How did the yard sale go? Those can typically raise a lot of money.

Jojo: We have had our share of rain too. But at least we are also getting some moments of sunshine in between so there hasnít been any flooding. Poor hubby Ė what a way to hurt his wrist! He had better come up with a more macho story to tell his friends. :lol: Iím so happy to hear that he likes his new job. Those jelly bellys sound kind of scary. I have really been turned off with ďchemicalĒ food lately. So I have started eating a much more natural diet. I have stopped eating anything with additives, preservatives, refined sugar, etcÖ I have felt really great too!

Well I had better get back to work. I really want to plough through everything to make sure I clear by the end of tomorrow.

All the best

Jen: This attachment is for you!

05-13-2002, 07:45 PM
Hi ya'll.

This is going to be a really short post. My hand and arm is killing me from using a date stamper today. So I'm staying off the puter tonight. I just wanted to come in and say hi and let you know I was thinking about you. Take care and I'll try to post tomorrow.

05-13-2002, 08:55 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

It's not fair that there is so much rain north of us and not a drop here. We are supposed to have a chance of rain tonight and tomorrow and we are praying real hard for it to happen.

Marlana~I'm so sorry that you didn't hear from your kids and your husband only thinks about his mother. I hope that you treated yourself to something special yesterday. I heard from both of my kids and my husband's middle daughter. She never misses me on Mother's Day even when my own do. We were gone to town all day again. Today was a very relaxed day though. We really didn't need anything so we spent a lot of time looking around the mall and ended up finding stuff that we just couldn't live without. :lol: I told my dh that I was staying home the rest of the week and only leaving this house for church Wednesday. Then I remembered that we are going to visit an old friend from Orlando. She retired and moved farther north. She is just barely in Florida. That will be an all day trip but we are taking the dogs with us. Other than that I am staying home. I forgot to weigh this morning but it is just as well since I have been eating so badly the last couple of days. I am back on the wagon tomorrow for sure.

Tobey~Thank you for the fun package!!! The boys smelled it all over for a long time, inside and out. :D That is the coolest water bottle and bowl. Thank you for being so thoughtful. It will be so handy when we 4 wheel but I am going to use it Friday too. Looks like a great idea for traveling too. It is so compact. The peanut butter treats were also a great hit. My boys thank you too. The yard sale went really well and made a lot of money for being in such a remote area. There are never any prices on anything and people just make and offer. I think a lot of people pay more than they normally would to make a donation. Poor people can get what they need. Hope that you have a great vacation. I'll take a picture when those flowers bloom.

JoJo~Let's hope that arm feels better soon. We'll be thinking of you too. That was nice to check in and let us know that you were okay though. Get rested up and have a good evening.

Hope most of you aren't getting drowned with all that rain. Wish we could trade y'all some of this sunshine for some of the wet stuff. :) Y'all have a great evening.

05-14-2002, 11:10 AM
Good morning all.

It is cold and rainy this morning. :( And you can you believe that I was out the door at 5:15 am to do a 4-mile run in this crap? I can tell you that I truly appreciated my post run shower! I donít think our shower ever felt so good! Then to top it off, I have rowing tonight. It is going to be very cold out on that lake. Why do I do this to myself? Oh well.

We did get some good news though. One our closest friends gave birth to their first baby yesterday! 36 hours after her water broke, she gave birth to a 8lb 6oz baby girl! Since I will be off work for a few days, I am hoping to go see them either tomorrow or Thursday. Sound be interested to see dh with her. He is not used to being around babies and especially newborns!

Jojo: Good plan. Relax and take care of that arm!

Skeeter: I would only be too happy to send you some of this rain! Iím so glad that you and the boys enjoyed the package Ė it was so long over due! I was thinking that the water bottle would come in handy on all of your many adventures. Thatís great that everyone was so generous at the yard sale. Some days you just need to know that there are still a lot of good people left in this world. I am really looking forward to my vacation. Friday is our 5th anniversary and we are going away to a small country village called St Jacobs. (http://www.stjacobs.com/html/shopping-village.html) We have a master suite booked at one of the inns. I am soooo looking forward to it!

Well I guess thatís all for now.

Have a good one!


05-14-2002, 11:19 PM
Hello gals. I made it back in. I think it's been a few days again. Yesterday I worked another 12 hr day shift, and today I started my week of vacation. I go back to work on Monday! :D I spent today running errands, got my flowers and veggies bought for the garden. I got the garden planted, and cleaned up weeds and stuff around the front and sides of the house. Tomorrow I'm going to have to get more mulch and potting soil. I hear it's supposed to rain again on Thursday and Friday, so I guess I'll be spring cleaning inside then.

I still don't have any grades from my finals a week ago. I don't understand that place. Actually, I don't have almost 50% of my grades, and may not find out until after the graduation ceremony on Saturday. Ridiculous.

Tobey- Thanks for the attachment. That is very cute. No, I can't believe running and rowing in the cold rain, and on the same day. Are you insane? I think it was in the upper 60's here today. It felt good outside, and the sun was actually out. Congrats to your friend and her new baby. 36 hrs of labor? That's enough to keep me from having any!! A half marathon? How long is that? We have a 7-mile Bix run in July and then a "Marathon" in September, but I don't know how long it is.

Skeeter- Please, take my rain. Everything here is sopping wet. One day last week we set a record of 2.5 inches in 24 hrs. Ugh. I hope mom gets her apartment soon, I like her a lot better when she doesn't live with me.

Marlana- I'm sorry your Mother's Day wasn't all you wanted it to be. What makes the male fish so different from the females? Are they more aggressive? How did your weigh in this week go. I lost, but I can't be sure how much, I never weighed in at the beginning of the week. I have lost 7 lbs this year though.

Jojo- You're so sweet, coming in to say hi. Take care of yourself and check back in when you feel up to it.

I guess that is about it for me. I need to rest a little on the couch before I go to bed early!

Jen :cool:

05-14-2002, 11:40 PM
:wave:~~I can't believe it's been 2 days since I've been in here and wrote. I thank I wrote on Mother's day. AH...Mother's day. It was a strange day for me. Hubby left by 9:00 to go to his Mom's. I had a pity party for a while and then got up and done some work. At 2:00 he wasn't home and I decided to get out of the house. I went for a long ride down all the roads I used to travel as a child. I really enjoyed it, remembering all the kids that rode the bus and just where they lived. A lot of things had changed for sure, some houses gone and brand new one added. I went to Staples and bought myself a editing program that is much smarter than I am. I have had 4.2 PhotoImpack for 3 years but they have got them all the way up to 7.0 and I wanted one. May have been a big mistake. When I got home I had a doz. roses waiting for me. Now wasn't that nice. I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Would you believe I haven't even weighed this week. Yesterday my Sister come and stayed all day, and low and be dang if my neighbor didn't come today. Please people I need some time a lone.
Jo Jo~~ Sorry to hear your having problems with your hand and arm. My back and hip is doing much better. I stopped lifting and bending for a few days. Last 2 days I've set on my butt and talked.

Tobey~~I haven't got my flowers all out yet, it's too wet. We've had a lot of rain. Plus all that rain that Mo. got is coming down into our lakes and they are getting up pretty high. Ft. Gibson the one I live close to has come up 8 feet in 3 days, and it's a big lake. And as for as chilly goes, it was 42 degrees here this morning. I can't believe it!!! Crazy weather. Our Walmart store has people in it all the time. We have a lot of Walmarts in OK. that is open all night. These dang rednecks don't have enough sence to go to bed.

Skeeter~~ PI is a fancy smarter than I am editing program. I don't know about it. It has so much in it it's mind boggleing to me. But I'll try not to get down on myself yet, maybe I can learn it, but it will take a long time. I belong to the PI webring, but I'm afraid to tell them I have the right PI now. I'm afraid I will drive them nuts not being able to figure it out and asking for help.

Jen~~ I thank everyone is going on a vacation. Ours starts in a couple of weeks. Of course we are going to fish. All this extra water in the lakes can mess us up bad though. We've seen the lake get so high that there wasn't any boat ramps to put the boat in. There was a total turn around with my Mother's day. He gave me the rose's to late in the day. 7 pounds is good for you girl, you aren't that big anyway. CONGRATS.
Ladies it's bed time for me. Be good.

05-15-2002, 09:45 AM
Hey..Good Morning. Just come in to post my paper clips...2 days late but here they are. I missed my 6 pounds by a long shot.

05-15-2002, 12:27 PM
I've been on this darn puter all morning. I'm going to start doing tuts in another group that uses PhotoImpact, the editing program I bought. It is going to be hard for me, but I want to learn. I come back to post a pic of my roses. How ever the roses cost as much as the camera. It's a really bad imatation of a camera.

05-15-2002, 04:48 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

Well we didn't get a drop of rain anywhere close to our area. There were only a few showers way south of us. It smells smoky outside every day now but we are lucky so far not to have any fires real close. Let's pray that it stays that way.

Marlana~I was so glad to hear that you got a dozen roses for Mother's Day. That was a really nice surprise. I counted 13 paper clips. :cool: That is a great start. You will have a really long chain when you put them together. :smoking: I am on my second day OP and feeling pretty good so far. Maybe I can add two more paper clips to my little chain by next Monday. I am sure trying.

Tobey~I hope you are doing all kinds of fun things while you are on vacation. Visiting that new baby is probably one of those kinds of things. :lol: My mom was in labor for 36 hours with my youngest brother. It sure is rough to go that long. I am surprised that doctors are still letting that happen. My brother is 35 now. It seems that most doctors are inducing labor nowadays to fit their or the mother's schedules. You better take lots of money and a big appetite Friday. That sounds like a really great place to spend the day. Lots of great food, too many shops to visit in one day and plenty to do. At least you can ride in the horse drawn trolley when you get tired. Have a wonderful day there.

Jen~Hope you are enjoying your vacation too. You seem to have started out at a very hard and fast pace. I hope that you save a day for nothing but fun after you get all that yard work done. :D We need to see pictures when everything is in bloom. I will gladly take all the rain that you can send this way. Seven # is really good. You don't have that much to lose and it is really hard when you are only a little bit over weight.

Y'all have a good evening.

05-16-2002, 08:51 AM
Hello All

Yesterday was the first day of my vacation and the sun decided to come out and shine for the day! (However, it is supposed to rain today :( ) Dh had to work so I got a few hours to myself. I went for a 6-mile run and went downtown for the afternoon where I picked up dhís anniversary gift. I also got a bit of housework done. I am hoping to see our friendsí new baby girl. Being on vacation just feels so good!

Jen: So you are still going a breakneck speed! Your yard sounds like it is going to be amazing! What kind of veggies are you growing? Nothing better than fresh veggies from your own garden. That is crazy that you wonít get your grades until after your graduation. It was so cold for rowing that only about half of the people showed up. Wimps! Although I canít say that I blame them. It took me a few hours to defrost once I got home. A half-marathon is 13.1 miles (a full marathon is 26.2). I bet your 7-mile run will be fun. Just make sure you are ready for it Ė so you donít hurt yourself.

Marlana: Your Motherís Day actually sounds nice. I wanted to have a pity party myself yesterday. It never fails that as soon I take a day off, dh picks up extra work. But instead, I was like you and just decided to make the most of it. Your roses are beautiful by the way! Our weather has been crazy too. This is the May long weekend here and most people like to go camping. But you would have be crazy to camping in this weather. And CONGRATULATIONS on adding 2 more paperclips to your pile. It is starting to be quite a collection. YOU GO GIRL! We are all behind you cheering you on!

Skeeter: I keeping trying to send you our rain but it doesnít work. Around where my mom is (the city I grew up in) they get really bad forest fires too. I remember there were a few summers where it looked like it was snowing outside but it was actually ash that the wind had carried in! I am having fun my vacation and am really looking forward to our stay away tomorrow. The inn that we are staying at is supposed to be one of the nicest. It only has 11 rooms and we have the master suite booked. Apparently there is a great view of the lake. If it is nice enough, we want to rent some bikes to go around the town on. Also just outside of the town is a huge farmerís market that we want to hit on our way home.

Well thatís all for now. Iím not sure that I will make it tomorrow. It is our 5th anniversary and we are leaving first thing for weekend away. All the best! Rain for Skeeter and sunshine for the rest!


05-16-2002, 11:52 AM
Good morning. I thought that I had posted in here yesterday, but apparently I didn't, or it got lost in cyberspace. Oh well. Yesterday I got all of the areas of mulch touched up and all of my flowers planted in pots. I bought 2 flats, and almost ran out of pots. What's a girl to do? I still want to add a mulch ring around my 2 trees in the back yard, and I'd like to do an area along the side of the garage. But the temps are dropping into the 50's and rain now until Sunday. Can you tell I'm on vacation??? I guess it's back to inside the house spring cleaning. Not that I don't need to do anything in here!

Turns out one of my instructors was nice enought to post our grades on the class website. I got an "A". Now only 2 classes to worry about!

Tobey- Sounds like you are going to have fun on your vacation. I'm not sure I'm going to be in the 7 mile run. I have to check and see if I work that weekend. But the 3 mile race for the cure is coming up. I know I can handle that one. I planted 5 kinds of tomatoes, 3 kinds of peppers, zuchini, cucumbers, a few different herbs (including catnip), and of course my strawberries and rhubarb. It's not much, but gives me something to do. I wish I had a larger area, but my yard is kind of slopped, it would be alot of dirt work first.

Skeeter- Please, I'm begging you, TAKE THE RAIN! I'm not sure that I have time for a day of nothing, although this weekend will be slower. I have to go to the University Saturday for the ceremony, and then dear bf is taking me out to dinner. Sunday I have to go to my cousins high school graduation party. I don't have a digital camera for pics, but I'll find a way. Oh, I know, when I have the film developed I can have it put on a CD.

Marlana- I'm so glad for you that you got a dozen roses. They are beautiful. I am a little confused about the paper clips. Is it add or take away when you lose lbs? I guess it really doesn't matter, it's still a visual motivator. I can't believe I lost this week, it's that monthly deal. Hmm, can't wait to see next week! Your mothers day trip sounded nice. Are you still willing to post pics on the photo album for me? I still have your address!

I guess that is it for this morning. I have to go to the surgeon again today. I'm afraid one edge of my hernia that I had repaired in November is coming back. It's a gall bladder incision that herniated and has been repaired twice so far. I may just have to live with it! UGH!

Jen :cool:

05-16-2002, 07:06 PM
Hey there.

I tried to post yesterday but I kept losing my connection. I finally gave up. Very aggrivating.

My arm is very sore today, plus my shoulder hurts to. I wasn't on the puter much at work today so I had a little rest but its not enough. The thing is, its not going to get any easier at work. In fact, the work load is going to increase and I'm really flustered over it. I think they think I am a machine or something. But I will try what they want me to do and if my other work suffers then so be it. I consider the other work my priority work so we'll see what happens with it.

Dh's job is going pretty good except I think its going to kill me. He gets in lots of overtime. Monday nite he didn't get home till 3:00 and I only got a couple hours sleep that night and last night he didn't get home till 3:30 but I did get some sleep. I just worry when I wake up at 2 a.m. thinking he is home and he's not.

Jen, congrats on the a's. Thats great. Bet your glad that is all overwith. I have a graduation this weekend. My niece is getting her associates in computer networking and is already working towards her bachlors degree. Looks like we are not going to get the heavy rains and storms they were calling for tonight and tomorrow morning. I'm so glad. Spfld isn't to bad with flooding but all around here, its really bad. How is it in your area?

Tobey, Happy Anniversary. Oh, I would love a weekend away from here. Our 25th anniversary is next month. Sometimes it feels like it hasn't been that long and other times it feels like forever and its hard to remember my life before marriage. Strange.

Skeeter, I sure hope you start getting some rain soon. I can't imagine worrying about fires all the time. We've definetly had more than our share of rain. They said on the news we've had 13 inches of rain since April 18th. One weekend we got almost 4 inches. It just seems to come down in buckets lately. The our esteemed governor has declared the entire state a disaster area because of the flooding.

Marlana, thats wonderful about the roses. I bet that felt good when you saw them. How is it your paper clips work again? I've got something in the works as far as a diet goes. I'll tell you more about it once I get going on it. I hope it works for me.

Well, I'm going to get off here and I think I'm going to get the heating pad out tonight. I'm really tired to, maybe I'll go to bed early. Ha!!! Not likely. Take care everyone.

05-17-2002, 08:44 AM
Good Morning~~Making it in this morning. I've joined in a class to learn how to use my new editing program PI. Believe me it is taking about 2 hours a day to work on tutorials. I've got the first one filed, but I worked on tut 2 yesterday and I haven't got it yet. One of the problems is that the tutorials are wrote for PI 6.0 and not 7.0. I have to just hunt for everything. Of course the group is really nice to help, and I'm going to need it. I'm loving learning it though. My diet is so so, needs to be better. My fish babies are still all alive. I'm wondering what the heck I'm going to do with them when they get a little bigger.

Jo Jo~~Good to see you had been in. I wish you could get some help with your arm, sorry to hear it is still hurting you. As for as your job, in this day and time the more they can give you to do and you can do, there would be no end to it. Most of them don't give a damn if your arm is hurting or that you are over loaded. You will get used to dh hours, might take some time, but you will.

Jen~~This flower planting is expensive isn't it. I have bought 3 flats of plants. I don't have them out yet, it won't stop raining long enough. I have out part of them and they have took hold already. Question...I pay 11.00 a flat here, 36 plants, what do they cost where you are? It has warmed up some at night, but for about 3 nights it was down into the low 40's, what is going on. Plants can't grow unless the temp is 60 and above. Congrats on that A. I feel like I'm in school with my Puter class. An old bird like me can still learn.

Tobey~~Hope your vacation is going well. Because I don't have a job, does that mean I'm on vacation all the time. Believe me I'm not. Isn't it bad when your having pity party. Gees do we look silly. But somehow when I get one started I can't seem to stop it right away. My mother's day was good even with just the trip, but the roses and the card really capped it off well. You enjoy the rest of your vacation girlfriend, and watch out holding that baby girl, it will give you ideas, and believe me those babies are trouble sooner or later.

Skeeter~~Would you believe that it is raining cats and dogs here. I wouldn't be on this puter if I hadn't of got the backup battery for it. The lake is up 11 feet now. Unless it goes down some the catfishing will be messed up again this year. We can't win for losing in the fishing field this year. I thank hubby starts a vacation in about a week. I wish I could send this rain to you.

About my paperclips...I add one paper clip for every pound I lose. I got to runs girls, got homework to do.

Happy Anniversary Tobey.

05-17-2002, 08:35 PM
Good evening gals. I decided I'd better get in here and post today. I may not be able to all weekend. Tomorrow is my graduation in Iowa City and Sunday I have to go to my cousins high school graduation and party. For that matter, Monday I have to work another 12 hr day shift, so it may be Tuesday. The weather here sucks this weekend. It's supposed to be down to 36 tonight. I hope it doesn't frost, or my garden is in big trouble. It's dreary and cold, more like March than May.

Marlana- Wow, a class to learn your program? That is probably way over my head. My diet could be better too, but considering I have a ton of free time this week that I'm not used to, I'm doing alright. The price of flowers is probably about the same here. I've spent about $100 so far, and I have alot more to get.

Jojo- Hmmm, what could I say about more work and less time to do it, hmmm. Story of my life. I'm glad the rain will slow down for the next few days, but ugh. There really isn't any flooding around here this year. It looks like alot of places in central IL look like my area did last spring.

Wow, I guess that is it already for today. I suppose I'd better get the rest of the house cleaned and then take it easy for awhile before bed. I think TV sucks tonight, so I'll end up reading a book (purely for pleasure, not learning!) :lol:

Jen :cool:

05-18-2002, 09:43 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I have had another busy past few days. We went north yesterday to visit a friend and there was a rain shower while we were gone. It wasn't much but at least it was some moisture. I also had another 2# loss on my scale yesterday morning. :)

Marlana~I am glad that you are enjoying that new program. I don't think that I would have the patience to sit on this thing for as long as would be needed to learn that stuff. I have a hard time sitting here long enough to write on this board and answer my email. I am looking forward to some pretty new stationery though. :D

Tobey~I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend. That really sounds like a great place to spend a few days. We loved the water bottle and so did the boys. My friend thought it was the greatest thing that she had ever seen. Today was our last chance of any rain for a while and all we got was clouds. I hate having another summer of watching it snow with ashes and smelling so bad all the time. The worst is watching for smoke and worrying about fire getting close to us. I saw a news report about Colorado though and they haven't had any rain in a year. It is awful there. Made me feel lucky that my grass is still green and my well still has water.

Jen~Congratulations on the great grades. I'll bet you did very well in the other two classes also. I am working on a roll of film also that is going to be of my blooming flowers this year. My little digital just doesn't do well on the flowers. I was going to try the CD also when I got this roll developed. It's going to be a while though because my Lilly of the Nile hasn't opened yet. My scanner seems to blur the pictures so I am looking forward to a better way.

JoJo~Sure glad that you stayed connected long enough to let us know how you have been. You need to find something for that arm. It gets so tiresome to hurt all the time. I saw some of that flooding up your way on the news. I find it so weird that you guys are flooding, we need rain and Colorado is literally drying up.

Y'all have a good weekend.

05-18-2002, 09:49 PM
Hi Everyone.

I hope you are all having a great weekend. We just got home. We went to see our niece get her associates degree today. She's doing great, got highest honors for having 4.0 average and is working on her bachelors. After that was over we went to eat an early supper at the Outback. I'm just so glad to be home. I'm getting really sleepy so I need to move around a little. Its way to early to go to bed now although it sounds really good to me.

Marlana, I hope you learn alot from your class. Some of these puter programs, you need a class to learn them. Most of the instructions may as well be in chinese. My arm is feeling a lot better. I was off yesterday and wasn't on the puter hardly at all. That really helps. This is the first time today I've been on and I'm getting off here soon as I finish this. I'm going to put my nightgown on and kick back and maybe even doze in the chair. You know the problem with dh's hours, I dont want to go to bed if he isn't home. I like to stay up late anyway but if he's here, I tend to get to bed earlier.

Jen, are you drying out up there? We didn't have any rain today. It was cold last night and its supposed to get in the 30's tonight to. I've got my heat turned back on. Congratulations on your graduation. I know your thrilled to have that done. I think if we could have a good week of no rain, things would start getting better around here. Its been a mess. People have to drive miles and miles out of their way just to get home. I'm really glad we don't have that problem here in town. Well, there are times it rains so hard it floods the city streets and we have to zig zag around town just to get to where we are going.

Well, I'm getting off here now. Take care everyone.

05-20-2002, 08:45 AM
:dizzy: :^:
Morning girls~~I had to make some time to come in and write a word. I don't know if I'm going or coming. I thank I told you guys already but I'm in a editing group and trying to learn my new Pi. It is taxing my brain for sure. Now starting right now I'm taking a class from HP to learn web page making. I don't know how I will do with that. 27 of the girls signed up for it out of the PI group and some of them already know how to make web pages, in fact already have web sites. They only joined to help those of us who doesn't know how. I couldn't let that pass me by. So I won't even try to make it in here everyday. But I won't quit, I'll make it in every couple of days. To top it all off I'm painting on that bedroom again, I called the carpet layer and he wants to come one afternoon this week, don't know which one, he's just working me in. If he doesn't do it this week it will be a month. geeeees How will I cover all this.

Jen~~Your getting through with classes and I'm just starting. The problem is I have a few years on you and I've lost a lot of brain cells. These classes is taxing the cells I have left. Congrats on getting through your classes with flying colors.

Skeeter~~Don't look forward to any pretty stationery any time soon. It may take me a long time to get through the Tutorials I have to do. 50 of them no less. And right now I can't receive my mail for some reason. My puter has been giving me some problems lately. It looks like I'm on line but I'm not. Also I thank someone in the group has sent a file that is too big to download. I need the link to check my mail on line. I'll call you in few.

JO JO~~My life is the computer right now. I spend hours a day trying to work on my lessons. I'm having to give up some sleep in order to have time for it. I really don't know if I can cover all that I have to do. Glad your getting some relief from the pain in your arm. My back and hip is better, I just have to watch what I do.

Got to run girls. I've got to go to Muskogee and get the carpet just in case he decides to come today. You all have a great day. Food is so so. Someone state a new thread and just use the last logo. I don't have time to make a new one right now. Thanks

05-21-2002, 11:14 AM
Good morning. I finally made it back! :D It's been a busy past couple of days. Saturday was my ceremony. It was so unorganized. Of course, it was never rehearsed, so what do you expect? Sunday was my cousins graduation from high school. I only went to the party afterwards. It was outside, and it was so cold. All the girls were wearing those tiny little crop tops and halter tops, and sandals. They must've froze. I wore a big bulky sweater. I must be getting old! :o Mom went to my brothers again. He called on Wednesday to say that there vacation plans changed and they needed a dog sitter, so she jumped, packed, and left Friday. She didn't even go to my graduation. Nice, huh? Oh well, at least she won't be back until next week.

Marlana- Wow, you are busy, classes, and still remodeling stuff at home. I would like to start a new thread with the logo, but I don't know how to carry it over. Don't try to tell me, I'll still never get it. My food wasn't too great over the weekend, but I was careful. It could have been worse, that's for sure.

Jojo- I think we are getting a little drier. But my furnace is running right now. And I sleep in my flannel jammies and electric blanket again. I sure hope we didn't get any frost last night, or I'll have to replant a few things. Usually after Mother's Day is pretty safe.

Skeeter- Wow. Congrats on your 2# loss. I'd like to get out and get a few pics of my yard. My dwarf lilac bush is blooming. It's right outside a window on the west side of the house so when the wind blows, the house smells good. But it's too cold to keep the windows open. What a strange year this has been.

I guess that's about it. I'm planning on another fruit and veggie only day for me. I like to throw one of those in every once in a while. It's kind of refreshing.

Jen :cool:

05-21-2002, 05:46 PM
I'll start a new thread. See y'all there.