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Happy Canuk
01-05-2009, 11:53 PM
Good evening. Thought I should stop in and say Hi.

Well, I went to the Dr. about this darn foot, and it is inflammation in the Metatorsil. Keep taking Celebrex and stay off the foot and it will be as good as new. It is caused because I haven't been walking the right way, because of this darn back pain. I did go to the chiro today, and it does feel better than it has in the last 3.5 weeks. Hopefully, it will be even better tomorrow. I had stopped taking the Celebrex, because I needed to take a pain med that is Asprin based and you can't do that with Celebrex. Now, I am taking Tylenol 3 if I need something and a muscle relaxer if I need it. I guess the Celebrex was working, as my hands were really sore yesterday and they haven't been.

Mima - glad that you are starting to feel better. I guess the new med must be working.

Candice - I remember those snowmen from a picture you posted a few years ago. They are cuties.

Kate - it is nice to get back to normal, whatever the heck that is.

Well going to go sit and watch some TV for a bit. I have to be at work by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, so I need to start to get tired somehow.

Have a nice evening.

Oh yes, it was an absolutley beautiful day here today. I don't know if you know that after having temps of -35 below zero, that -3 (26F) feels like HEAVEN. After the chiro I was feeling pretty good, so went shopping, which wasn't the brightest thing to do with this foot, but it has been soooo long now since I could even drive the car. Found my insoles and away I went.

Here is a little fun for you. Uncle Jay explains the news for 2008

01-06-2009, 12:44 AM seems we all have foot pain, back pain and such...also it seems to flare around the same time. I guess our connection is the Fibro or are we all sisters?!? :) Maybe just getting old ......Yikes.. I take Tylenol #3 when I think I can't stand the apin much more and need a bit of help but it upsets my tummy and sometimes I get a weird reaction like a heart attack feeling, pain pressure, shortness of breath...scary....I hate meds! How is your elbow, mine hurts off and on.

Kate I usuall rely on someone else to report stuff too....sounds like you enjoy your time alone...well you do have Queenie! So do you cook for yourself when DH is gone?

Mima.....I am dissapointed in my orthotics....the left onehurts my foot, feels like something is making the ball of my foot hurt. I told him I could not tolorate the hard orthoics, tried them years ago, but that is what he made me and covered them with foam. I will have to go back and have them adjusted..they are a pian to get in and out of your shoe. Glad you are feeling better....I am a bit bloated today.....hate that feeling.

I shopped after the foot doc, can only where new orthoics two hrs at a time so had to change in the car. Got some good bargains on x-mas clearance.....(a really nice green entry rug with snowfakes on it for 5 bucks, was 30...I had my eye on it for awhile) stored for next year, then groceries. I am hurting and pooped. The dog still needs a bath, did get his tummy trimmed, but he is really wooly!

Hey Tam and Meme:wave:

01-06-2009, 04:55 AM
Just checking in for a minute on my way to bed. It's nearly 3 am and pouring rain (again). Thunderstorms and flash flood watch tonight so you can guess what kind of shape I'm in. Entertained last weekend on top of Christmas and New Year ... I'm still asking 'what was I thinking.' At least I have leftovers for a couple of nights. Took today off completely (except for one customer ... in the rain) and from the looks of the weather forecast I'm going to be taking off tomorrow, too! It rained all day today plus there was a water leak down the road and the water dept. had all the water on our street turned off most of the day so I couldn't really do anything (not that I wanted to!) :p

I'm going to bed, hope you have a good Tuesday. I'm sleeping as much as possible!

01-06-2009, 06:21 AM
Wow for all the foot and back pain. I have spinal stenosis and I told doc that it probably affected my foot. No comment from him.
Sometimed I put foam under my arch in my shoe. It is a pain to put them in and out-I only have 2 pair of shoes I can wear them in. Can't wear my sabdals which are most of my shoes. PT today.
I am thanking God that our car was fixed free-didn't realize it had a warrranty left and the heat wouldn't go off and the ac wouldn't go on. 600$
And a ride back and forth.
No call about my blood. Can't seem to find out what vitamins are in Hemax so I won't take too many.
Sleep, Meme, sleep. I was up at 4 so I will have an early nap before pt.
I enjoy my time alone-sometimes a little too much.
Have a good day all. Mima

Joanne D
01-06-2009, 10:56 AM
Today is my turn to go to Dr.I really don't like running between labs and Dr.'s. I have been having a pretty steady weight loss. I don't know why but I will take it.. I weigh less now than I have in years..I guess I am just getting 'younger.'Tomorrow it may be up. Different each day.. Our daughter gave me a electronic scale for Christmas.. I have wanted one for a long time..
Today is the 6th of Jan. There will be huge crowds in town.. Big day here. Young men dive for the cross amd then there is a glendi till dark.. We don't go anymore.. Watch it on T.V.

01-06-2009, 11:15 AM
Good morning everyone! Another fine sunny day here in Florida! I think we are due for a cool spell tomorrow night though and we really need some rain soon.
Candice, I have a neighbor who cannot take anything with codeine. Isn't that one of the ingredients in Tylenol 3? She gets these "panic-ky" feelings with heart racing and such. I had to go sit with her a few weeks back when she took some cough syrup with codeine in it from her doctor. She was really afraid of what she was feeling. Upset her stomach too. She has the same reaction to Benadryl too.
As for hubby being gone....well it is just a daily thing and he is home every night but I do enjoy the peace and quiet (almost too much!!) and yes, Queenie does keep me busy. I swear she hauls in a ton of sand every morning from her walk in the park! Sometimes I feel like the vacuumn cleaner should just be attached to my body! That way I could just suck up the dirt as I walk around! I cook everyday but once in awhile we have to do leftovers to clean out the fridge. I did have take-out pizza Sunday night though. I'm sure the scale will reflect that too!
I meant to ask those of you out there who have IBS; has your doctor ever suggested fiber therapy to you? I started fiber therapy way back when I was diagnosed and part of my evening regimen is to drink a glass of physicians grade psyillium with water/juice every night before bed. I buy 6 containers at a time through a company called N.E.E.D.S and have been doing this for over 25 years. It really did help my symptoms as long as I watched my diet. I still drink this every night even though my symptoms have subsided on the SB diet. Just curious if it was ever suggested to you. I know Metamucil is recommended quite often for IBS sufferers.
Off to the store to pick up some supplies. Making lemon chicken tonight. Hubby gets tired of poultry but I could eat it 7 nights a week. He loves his beef...I love my chicken and fish. Guess who wins most of the time???;) I am the cook after all! Hope everyone enjoys the day. Kate

01-06-2009, 01:33 PM
I know I've been kind of silent for a while. When I'm flaring, I just can't seem to follow threads easily that aren't on a single topic (does this make sense to anyone?). I do ok on one subject threads, but when there are several conversations going on at once (which I really enjoy when my brain is working), just reading them feels confusing.

If my post makes little or no sense, I'm sorry. The cognitive effects of fibro sometimes are the hardest for me to deal with. Hubby says I can seem like I have multiple personalities, because sometimes I will act and speak as if I'm almost drunk (long pauses in the middle of a sentence, taking seconds to comprehend what a person is saying to me, mixing up words, not being able to find the word I'm thinking of, and even slurring my words). Other times he says I'm "normal," and other times my thoughts are racing and I'm contemplating topics he says "sound brilliant, but I have no idea what you're talking about."

Ok, lost my train of thought.

Any way, Kate I have IBS and my doctor also recommended increasing fiber and veggies (slowly). I've noticed that it helps with the painful flares, but not so much, the inconvenient ones. As I said in another thread, my flares are now more of the inconvenient and embarassing kind (my husband calls me the gassiest woman he's ever met) and I have to stay close to the potty sometimes (are you in the bathroom, again?!) rather than the painful kind (the kind that inpire prayers for an instant death).

Hubby and I went to the doctor yesterday, and the doctor prescribed the muscle relaxant, cyclobenzaprine primarily to help with sleep and night pain, although I can take it up to three times a day if I need to (but he said it will make me groggy, so I won't want to use it except on days when I'm not good for much anyway).

I was wondering if anyone has been on this drug, or one like it and what they thought of it (I haven't picked up the drug from the pharmacy yet. Hubby is going to do pick it up this afternoon).

Sleep is a big issue for me, and if I don't get decent sleep I'm in flare city. I have had a lot of trouble staying asleep and the doctor feels this will help. One thing that does seem to help some (and maybe will help more with the drug) is a sleep mask. I seem to sleep longer with the sleep mask on, even though I didn't think there was much incidental light in the bedroom (just the digital numbers on the alarm clock).

I'm so tired of feeling like a giant chemistry set (not only my drugs, but all of the ways I'm trying to discover how my body works).

01-06-2009, 03:41 PM
Hi Kaplods. That is the generic for Flexeril...a muscle relaxant. I was prescribed that many moons ago for muscle spasms but it did not do well with me. I got very irritated when I took it. Let's call a spade a spade here...*****y!! I got *****y on it. So they switched me to Soma which worked much better for me. Good luck with it, it's different for everybody. Have to walk the Queen....Bye for now. Kate

01-07-2009, 05:03 AM discribed all of us with fm fog! Sometimes I think it is early alzhiemers it is so bad, and as you can tell on the key board I change my letters around too as I do when I write manually. I tired Fiber, lots of it and just was bloated all the time...still try it naturally and to keepmy meds to a min. The Flexeril will make you tired and slow your bowel down. I use the elavil to go into a deep sleep and Ambien cr if I can't get there. Sleep is so important and I do not get enough of it and then flare too.

Hi Meme..yes what were you thinkin! WE have ice and light snow here..I feel crappy with rain too. you can.....

Kate.....I thought your DH was gone for a few days at a time with his job! I know all about the sweeper and we do not have sand! Kate that sounds like my reaction with the codine but it does not happen everytime and I can't seem take anything else. Sooooo I do not take it but once in a blue moon!!!!!!! I just suffer! LOL

Mima....I had to get some rest off my feet to try them again to make sure that is the problem...need to be pain free in the foot which usually happens with rest before I can go back to him, and I do not sleep much. Glad your car was fixed for FREE!

Joanne.....hope you are not losing due to illness! Keep and eye on it, Meme did that awhile back.

I am trying to get a few off now too...

I was so tired when DH got home and didn't feel good ate a banana and took a meclizine(for nausea) and told him he was on his own and layed back down and fell sleep, then he comes in the room and wakes me up to tell me he is going to bed..I was so tired I just stayed there and fell asleep again(the med makes me tired and I needed the rest! ) Got up at 2am had a v8 and a salad and A ww meal and a piece of dark choc and have berries defrosting for a snack gonna go watch my shows and then back off to bed after DH gets up and leaves, since we have more snow. If I have no appts and the weather is bad and no sun I sleep good. Still gotta bathe the pup..but since yesterday was laundry maybe it will get done today after I get up. This whole move thing has had me so messed up!!!!!!!!

01-07-2009, 05:48 AM
Good news-I am NOT anemic-went to doc yesterday-he said the lab the insurance co used must have made a mistake. I was upset for all I went through but I had my thyroid checked when I retested and my med is too high. No wonder about the sleep and waking up so early. He changed and lowered my med-now I am on genetic synthroid but I am a little skeptical. I was on Armour Thyroid and it worked well-had to adjust the dose once in a while. The good thing is that the new med is 4$ at Walmart. I will try it but
go back if it doesn't work. I have too many docs, Our doc here uses different meds than back home. I don't like the part where you have to wait 30 minutes to drink coffee.
I hate flexeril-can't stand being groggy and I was b----- too.
I loved the tolmetin but it made me bleed. Am only taking tylenol and one 5mg of prednisone when I get up. Foot is still sore and I am done with pt yjis week. He is giving me home exercises and I will wait before I get another shot. I know I am on my feet too much.
I am finally going to have my favorite art teacher today-Suzanne wants a picture for her bathroom and laughed when I suggested outhouses. I found something cute on the net so I am painting a pair of watercolors-small -and frame them. Hope they come out ok.
And then we will eat at church and go to the service. No cooking tonight.
And I can get a ted Dekker book out of the church library.
Hey tammy-are you back?
Bye for now. Mima

01-07-2009, 06:42 AM
It has rained solid for days. I'm so tired of it. Poured all day and all night and were supposed to have rain, SNOW and wind tomorrow. They say we should dry out for a couple of days after that but I'll believe it when I see it.

Flexeril knocks me out and I feel like something the cat dragged in the next day. It knocks out everyone I know who has ever taken it so be careful that you don't need to go anywhere or do anything. Doc gave me some for the times when I need to sleep but I usually take Tylenol PM instead. At least with that I don't have a hang over when I wake up. I really believe if I took a Flxeril and the house caught on fire I'd just burn up in it.

I've had IBS for years. Can't stand the fiber stuff. Bloats me up like a big ole frog. I usually tough it out ... take Imodium or something else and try to get through it best I can. I've had pills for it, little pills for muscle spasms because I have spastic colon, doesn't really help. Nothing much helps except pepermint capsules. They help sometimes.

I'm glad you're not anemic, Mima ... that really sucks. I've been there all my life. And no one understands why I'm so tired all the time. How do you explain that to someone who has never experienced it? :?: Between the arthritis, fibro and anemia along with lack of sleep, some days I don't even feel like getting dressed. Hard to explain to 'normals.'

Sometimes I find myself wishing a few of the people I know could take a little stroll in my shoes (so to speak) for just a day or two. I don't wish them any harm ... just wish they could experience the joy of being me for a bit. I think there might be a rude awakening.

Joanne D
01-07-2009, 11:09 AM
Dr. visit yesterday. Blood back in control No anemia here either now.. Still taking iron though.. The bad was the sugar.145. Ate wrong over Christmas.. Cholesterol high,273 Triglycerides 455.. Not good.. He said my weight loss was because of the high sugar.. I don't mind the weight loss..But, I guess I need to really take charge..
It was 70 degrees here this morning.. It is supposed to rain tonight.. If we get much more than 5-10 minutes I will be surprised.Meme, You can send us some of your rain..
I too take Tylonal pm.. I can't take any of the other drugs to sleep . I refuse to take a prescribed drug for sleep. They are too addicting..I want a clear mind .I am up at least 5 times a night..
I just looked out the window . It is starting to rain.. I am timing it!!!!!
I have been wishing a few people could walk in my shoes for years."If wishes were horses".

01-07-2009, 11:46 AM
Good morning all! Joanne, it's cloudy here on the east coast and looking very seriously like it will rain any moment now. Very windy too...suppose to get cool tonight for a few days. Hubby has high glucose as well and they put him on Metformin 2X a day. He still likes his bread and sweets which I have been discouraging. I only keep sugar free fudgicles or sugar free puddings around now. His triglycerides were up to 400 as well but the tricor medicine bothered him so he just stopped taking it the other day. His doctor put him on 4000 mg of fish oil capsules and 250 mg of niacin(to start) to help bring the cholesterol down...and of course watching his diet! I just have to make sure he's eliminating some of those carbos.
I sometimes have to take Advil PM to help get me to sleep at night too. I only take 1 tablet though just for a little help....and I have recently started taking 3 mg of melatonin instead and find it works as well. Have vivid dreams with the meletonin though. Joanne, before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, I was up an average of 6 times a night going to the pots. Once I got used to sleeping with my CPAP machine, I sleep straight through the night. That will make a big difference in FM symptoms. Why I am feeling so crumby lately I can only chaulk up to stress. Between the economy and worries about our retirement funds, I have some issues I can't seem to let go of. I try not to think about it too much but it just hangs in the back of my mind. I need to exercise it out of there I guess!
I think that is why we like this forum Meme, because we are all surrounded by "normals". This gives us a chance to communicate with folks that know how it feels to want to stay in bed and not face the world once in awhile and feel crumby for weeks at a time. I think we just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and not let it get to us. We're stronger for it, yes?
Enjoy the day folks....Kate

01-07-2009, 02:20 PM
It is nice to be able to talk about the fog and have someone understand. During my last year working (when we were still struggling to get a diagnosis), I was so embarassed when my words would slur and on other days the thoughts and words would race. I knew my coworkers thought I was on drugs.

Last night was my first night on the Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) on top of the Elevil (amitriptyline). I woke up about 90 minutes after falling asleep to go to the bathroom (as usual), so I thought "geez, this stuff isn't working at all", although I was a bit groggy, but once going back to sleep I slept the rest of the night, so that was actually pretty good.

I did wake up a bit groggy, but more like a sinus headache than a hangover (and I've been having sinus pressure the last few days, so maybe it really was just a sinus headache). Once I got dressed, I felt ok, so maybe it's a good sign.

I'll have to ask hubby about the irritableness, because he notices that in me more than I do (I just think he's being a bigger jerk than usual).

It's like a joke I read in the reader's digest: A woman's doctor asks her what happens when she stops taking her antidepressant and she says "To me, nothing, but my husband becomes a big jerk."

I really do appreciate everyone's experience and just the understanding. My husband does the best he can, but there's no substitute for someone who understands because they've been through it.

I was wondering has anyone else had instances of sleep paralysis, or dreams in which you realize you're dreaming, but feel like you can't wake up. I wonder if it has something to do with the alpha wave anomoly I've read about, in which people with fibromyalgia can have alpha wave brain activity (usually associated with being awake) during other stages of sleep, it's like our brains don't shut the awake part off (or it doesn't stay off) while we sleep. Combined with not getting much Stage 4 sleep, I'm wondering if that might not be the core of at least some fibro. (on the other hand, it might be a consequence rather than a cause of the fibro).

It's frustrating to know that sleep might be key, because it's not like you can guarantee the right amount and kind of sleep. Drugged sleep often isn't the right kind of sleep, but it's not like you can choose to get the right quantity, quality of sleep in the healthiest proportion of sleep stages.

01-07-2009, 04:24 PM
Good afternoon for a nap....cloudy, rainy and cool now. Curl up under those covers and snooze. :yawn: Queenie will join me....just like a furry blanket! Stress is getting to me with all these monthly financial statements coming in. Maybe I should just throw them in the trash!:crazy:

01-07-2009, 10:41 PM
I do gtaht allthe time..just thought it was the meds....I am awake can hear all the noises and am aware but cannot move...the Biofeedback doc said it was a high state of relaxation???????

Ate well for a few days........

Glad your anemia is ok Joanne and mIma....

Meme.....I always say I wish you could walk in my shoes.....even the people with FM , the ones not too bad do not understand..sometimes I think they are misdianosed...they say "I have FM but only have a pain in my neck or shoulder"...well FM is more than that...irritates me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ice and snow here so I do not go out...go to doc next week for MRI report, the card said it was I guess it is vascular...the vision problems are annoying!

01-08-2009, 11:40 AM
Good morning, no let me rephrase...VERY cool here this morning! This weather is definitely not good for my FM. I feel like someone took a baseball bat to the back of my shoulders today. :club:I do much better with the heat. Hubby home from work today due to company scheduling problems. What next I wonder? At least he is trying to be productive...and is fertilizing the lawn right now. He had a terrible reaction (flushing) to his new niacin supplements this morning. He thought he was dying or something. :rolleyes: Looks like he will have to take the flush-free kind which I was surprised his doctor didn't prescribe to begin with. Oh well, will wait to hear what doc has to say. Just one more pill bottle on counter to clean up around! Have to go run the irrigation system for a few minutes to water the fertilizer in....will check back to see how everyone is feeling later.

Joanne D
01-08-2009, 08:00 PM
I had a very bad reaction to niasin .. Can't take it. The son can't take it either.. When the Dr. gave it to the hubby he said to start with low dose and work up over a period of weeks. That is what he did and was able to take it. Although it did no good..He is on 4 different colesterol meds at this time.. That is the only thing that has helped him..I am on one at this time . I had a problem with them a few years back but am not taking one with q10. The Dr. said he may have to do something else if my Triglycerides doesn't come down..I don't want to take any meds for diabeties.. One you start that there in no going back.. I have a sister on insulin.. I think she started much too early.. I am trying to really watch what I eat for the next few weeks..
It is cool here and should get a little cooler.. We had about 5 minutes of rain the other day.. Very light and not enough
Got to walk Christie in a little while and then I can put on some more comfortable clothes and lay down with my book..

01-09-2009, 12:20 AM bothers me alot too......I ache really bad even when cool air blows and me.........

Joanne....does High Cholestrol run in DH's family...and diabetes yours? MIne came down, not sure why with this stressful move and all but I am glad. I eat sugar but not too many carbs and lots of good fats!

WEll I did the sleep eating thing again..ate a whole bag of almond M&m's :eek: LOL Not a good thing...35 pts gone!!!!!! I also cut my nails but do not recall doing either one!..Now if I could have taken my shower and done my hair....LOL:D Got Fish in the oven and hardboiling some eggs for later.

01-09-2009, 12:35 AM
I can take the extended release or flush-free niacin without incident (although my doctor did recommend taking it at night, as an extra precaution), but the regular niacin - Yikes. "Flushing" is such an understatement. I felt like all of my skin was on fire, burning and itching intensely, and twice as bad on my face and arms. I learned it's not an allergic reaction (which it felt like), but still a histamine reaction, so I took a couple benadryl to try and quiet the symptoms (then dumped the bottle into the trash and went out and bought the extended release niacin).

If I hadn't already been taking the slow release niacin for months without incident (the purchase of the "regular" niacin was an accident), I would have been too fearful to try the slow release. It was awful.

01-09-2009, 07:52 AM
Hope that niacin works out. Hate buying things and then not being able to take it. And wasting the money like 30$ for that hemax, I think docs should give you samples.
Last day of pt-I want to get a timer so I can time my home exercises-it's hard to look at my watch all the time. I hope I do not need another cortisone shot but....
Brad's sister has diabetes and does not take meds and he does-she is much more careful. It's quite weird because they were diagnosed the SAME day.
Dennis 's sister is going to call today and tell us how he is.
Slept good last night. I am feeling better on new thyroid med but afraid the dosage isn't high enough from what I read on the net. Doc wants MY thyroid to kick in-maybe it will.
It's cool=have the heat on for a bit. Mima

01-09-2009, 12:17 PM
Good morning all. Another cool one today and of course, that achy feeling along with it! Yuk....feeling so lethargic. Hubby's doctor's office called to tell him to continue with the regular niacin at night and to take a 325mg aspirin in 1/2C applesauce a half hour before the niacin. Awful lot of work for a crappy vitamin B pill! I asked why he couldn't just take the flush-free kind and the nurse had no answer...nice, huh? Well, hubby has decided the heck with it, he's not going to take it all because his flush was so severe, he doesn't want to take any chances. The literature I have indicates that the slow release/sustained release niacin is bad for the liver and that the flush free is actually better for the liver than the regular niacin. It also states that you can tolerate a larger dose over time using the flush free form. Don't understand why the doc didn't recommend that form for the hubby to begin with and disappointed his nurse didn't have the answer when asked. Has anyone heard of this new supplement called Sytrinol? Suppose to be this new heart health breakthrough for lowering cholesterol and triglycerides and improving glycemic control. I'm going to research it a bit. I'm of the belief we need to be aware of our own health care issues and treatments....we are ultimately responsible for our own wellbeing, right?
Candice, are you taking a prescribed med for sleep? I read that some people sleep/eat or sleep/walk while taking one of these new sleep meds....Lunesta? Maybe Ambien? One of those. That must feel so strange! I know I used to have night terrors when I was a young child but eventually grew out of them over a few years. That too, involved sleep walking...sometimes right out of the house! Of course I don't remember them much. Thank God we lived in a small remote community at the time! I couldn't imagine doing it now as an adult....hope it is a temporary thing for you.
And like most of you in this forum, there are certainly hereditary issues to deal with in my family as well. Diabetes, COPD, CHF, Glaucoma and Osteoporosis. I am fortunate to have not delveloped any of the above except the possibility of Glaucoma from my high eye pressure. But since I take drops for that and am continuing to watch my diet, lose weight and exercise, I am confident I can head off the rest. My sister on the otherhand......she'll be 70 this April and I am surprised she has made it this far with her weight and other health issues. She's on an oral diabetic medication now. She'll be visiting me next month for a couple of weeks so I will see how she's doing.
Off to get some housework done. Hope everyone enjoys the day and is keeping warm!! Kate

Joanne D
01-09-2009, 02:46 PM
High Colesterol runs in both my hubbies and my families. Diabeties in mine.. my G/mother was diabetic.. She died with pancreatic cancer.. Ofcourse some of these things come with age and overweight.. I was on blood preasure meds at the age of 30. My father had his first stroke at the age of 30.. He died at 67 of cancer. He was a lifetime smoker.. Cancer was a killer in his family..My daughter is very careful with her diet and weighs just about 100 pounds.. She has h/col. My son is in good health and has h/col.Not overweight too much he could lose a few pounds.. .so you see?
Today is cool. We use the heat at night. By the looks of things it should get cooler this weekend..I did a lot of house work this morning.. Now I rest.. Leftovers for supper so I don't need to cook .WOW! Got it made today!

01-10-2009, 04:37 AM can ask the pharmacy to give you just a few pills to see if they work, then you do not have to apy for them all.

Kala..what is this niacin stuff? and what is it for?

Kate..yes it is one of those meds, but only happens when I fall asleep somewhere and wake up to relocate after Hubby has left, sometimes I remember things and sometimes I do not..I have cooked a whole meal before and not eaten it but left it sitting out untouched.....I have gardened, walked the dog...things neighbors told me when we lived out in the country. Also cleaned the house, paid bills...(that is the scary one)....Never have I left the property....always in my pj's! Why I remember some and not all I do not know.

Joanne, sounds like bad stuff runs in your family and then you have DH too!LOL

Cooked a good pasta meal, walked the TM and rested. I am getting really hungry trying to stay within pts.

01-10-2009, 08:04 AM
Well, glad I don't have the sleep problems. I have been getting up later-all along it was the thyroid med. Also not running to the bathroom..
We went to meet Mike etc at DQ. I always have coupons for that place.
Gor our tax bill and it went up 300. Def going to sell the house but it will probably take 2 years with all the work. I just remembered what a mess the yard is. from the ice storm.
Brad is going to help on the handyman team this morning . Morning to myself. I bought a second timer at Target to time my pt exercises. 30 seconds for each exercise.
Bye for now-Mima

01-10-2009, 11:17 AM
Good morning everyone! A cool but sunny day here in Florida. Of course, we thin blooded folks here think 50 degrees is chilly!Hard to type when your hands are cold...
Candice, I'm not sure of your reference to "Kala" but my posting about the vitamin "niacin" is regarding what my hubby's doctor prescribed to help with his cholesterol because he had to stop taking his statin medicine. His liver function tests came back high so he decided to stop taking this "Tricor" stuff. So now he tried niacin, which I think is vitamin B3. There are several varieties of niacin...flush-free, sustained/slow release, and regular. The regular niacin often causes "flushing" in people....your arms, chest, face get red and hot...kind of like a severe hot flash with color added. The sustained released niacin could possible build up in the liver which is not good, especially if there is abnormal liver function to begin with, and the flush-free seems to be the product of choice. The dosage needs to be increased gradually to a level that is supposed to help lower cholesterol and triglycerides. Hubby's doctor wanted a gradual increase to 1000 mg of regular niacin, but to do it slowly. Of course, hubby had a severe flush reaction with the very first dose of 200 mg so now he doesn't want to touch it.
Well, have my first two reservations for company! They will be back to back for 3 weeks so this should prove interesting! Will be great to see my friends from up north though and we'll have a great visit.
Mima, my hubby used to be the local handyman where we lived so I consider myself fortunate. If it needs fixing, my hubby can do it and has all the tools. The garage is set up like his workshop with just enough room for my little suv. He just finished replacing the weather stripping on our big front door. That garage is his domain while the house is mine! Off to run some errands. I need to fix something simple for lunch for some friends who drove down this past week to their house in Kissimmee. They brought down a small trunk for us we had left behind. Maybe a small antipasto with some crostini. Hope everyone enjoys their day....and do keep warm!;)

01-10-2009, 11:45 AM
Just a suggestion for sleep, and I have discussed with my doctor and a pharmacist and they see no harm in it. I tried sleeping meds - couldn't stand the side effects. I now just take plain old Gravol - in generic form. You get 50 tabs for about $2.99. I take a hot bath about an hour before bed. Soak for fifteen minutes. Part of the falling asleep process is your body cooling off, so that starts the process even faster as your body perceives the cooler air and the cool bed sheets as the start of the process. I take two tablets right after I get out of bed. I have my bedside radio set to a quiet radio news station, but it goes off after half an hour. That is because I tend to be a worrier and if I have just my brain spinning around to listen to, I don't relax. Somehow the background news helps shut out the worrying (unless they start talking about the stock market). It has been working for me. After three years or more of awful sleep, I am making an average of five hours before waking. I can even get back to sleep sometimes. Now the doc did ask that if I feel I am getting into a better routine to cut back to one gravol and see if it still worked...After a while to cut to half and then to none. As in any case, we don't want to become dependent if we can do it for ourselves..right?

Also, a pharmacist alerted me to the fact that I shouldn't be taking aspirin on top of any anti-inflammatories. Is why I was getting ringing in my ears. I have discovered that ADVIL gel-caps for migraines..for whatever reason, work wonders on my hip and feet pain.

Lastly has anyone heard of the new study on the use of gabapentin for fibro pain. It is prescribed in doses of 1200-1400 mg. daily. It seems to work wonders. Doc put me on it, and either it is working, or I have just gotten so used to the pain, I don't remember what less pain felt like LOL CHeers

Happy Canuk
01-10-2009, 02:10 PM
Good morning, at least it still is here.

Mima - Sounds like your thyroid is OVERACTIVE. When my daughter had Graves Disease, she could only sleep a couple of hours and all body functions were speeded up, including her heart. Not a good thing. Hope they have it right now. Hope that Dennis is doing ok.

Kate - I took Niacin once, and it made me so darn hot. However, that was all it did, and I was ok with it, once I found out it was a normal reaction. Your hubby will need to change his eating plan to try to get that cholestrol level down. My Dr. told me, carbs are worse for cholestrol than fat is!!! I guess with the colder winter,people will start to flock to Florida. Mostly, people from Alberta, go to Arizona, not Florida. Eastern Canadians tend to go to Florida. So, I guess it will be company time for you.

Candice - That is scary. I get fibrofog, and have a hard time pulling the right words, but I don't think I forget stuff. I know there were times I would NOT drive my car, because I didn't think it was safe. I think I felt like a drunk person would feel.

JoAnne - boy high cholestrol must run in your genes, like arthritis runs in mine :lol: I guess you just take the meds and hope for the best. Diabetes is a BIG thing in our family. My grandfather was diabetic, My Mom, my brother, my other brother is right now doing a diet to try to control blood sugars, my nieces and nephews have it. Apparently, the HBA1C shows that mine quite stable, so far.

Molly - No sure Americans can get Gravol. It only works for me, if I am sick. Then I can sleep for hours. Other than that, it just makes me feel woozy. I try to take it when I fly, but NADA. That Gabapentin is Neurontin®
(gabapentin) Capsules
(gabapentin) Tablets
(gabapentin) Oral Solution

I think lots of Americans have taken that for a long time for FM. Is it new in Canada?

Meme - how are YOU? Hope you are catching up on some rest, but knowing you, you are still plugging along.

It is finally warming up. We are OUT of the deepfreeze. Never have I remembered such a cold December. For 3 weeks, we had such cold temps, often night-time temps, of -38 or better. Thankfully, we are now on the other side, and it is now 22F and heading up to 32F. I can now open my windows and air the house out. It feels WONDERFUL!

Hope you all have a good day.

01-10-2009, 04:49 PM
Hi everybody

Anne, Gravol is dimenhydrinate (available in the US as Dramamine). I've never tried it for sleeping, but have used diphenhydramine (Benadryl), which is closely related chemically. The Walmart generics for both are very inexpensive and worth a shot. My doctor told me I could take up to 4 benadryl caplets or capsules. It works most of the time, but sometimes it makes it harder to sleep (I'll feel groggy, but instead of falling asleep my brain doesn't shut down, so I'll spend several hours very sleepy, but unable to actually fall asleep).

Candice, I have fog that messes with my short term memory too - and having had an almost photographic memory in the past, this is a hard adjustment to make. I still sometimes get this paranoia that hubby is "messing with me" when he says I've done or said something I can't remember. Yesterday I found a piece of toast that I had put in the toaster more than three weeks ago (I don't eat bread very often). I knew it was me and not hubby, because it was only one piece of toast in the toaster (he always puts in two).

My neurologist recommended 1000 mcg of folic acid daily to help with memory (you can get prescription folic acid, but it's VERY, VERY cheap otc, the only problem is it mostly comes in 400 mcg tablets (which doesn't divide evenly into 1000 mcg). He said I could take 3 tablets (1200 mcg) daily if I wanted to (the "extra" wouldn't hurt) but instead I take 3 tablets one day and 2 tablets the next. However, I just looked online and saw that 1000mcg are on the Sam's Club/Walmart $4 lost ($4 for 1 month, $8 for 3 months, so I'm going to have to compare this to the otc cost).

I found that it really does help, though it took about a month to notice a difference (and hubby noticed more than I did - because I don't "feel" any differently when my memory isn't working so well).

I'm feeling shockingly decent today, so I'm crossing my fingers that the new med, the cyclobenzaprine (Flexaril) is responsible (and not just the "luck" of a good day). Before I started the med, I had found that wearing a sleep mask was somewhat helpful (actually more helpful than I would have imagined), but I was still waking up several times during the night - but for some weird reason hubby's snoring is less likely to keep me from falling asleep with the eye mask (ear plugs hadn't worked, because they weren't keeping out sound and they felt funny and wouldn't stay in my ear canal - but for some reason the eye mask helps me "tune out" the sound, weird huh?)

That's what frustrates me about fibro the most, the "weirdness" of it all. It's like "trying to pin jello to a tree," as the saying goes. What helps, what doesn't, what symptoms appear and disappear without rhyme or reason, what was working and now doesn't, the "weirdness" of some of the symptoms and conditions that aren't fibro, but often accompany fibro (the irritable bowel, the chemical sensitivities, the autoimmune symptoms, the allergic symptoms that aren't allergies, the skin conditions .....). I'm tired of hearing "that's common in people with fibromyalgia - but we don't know why."

01-11-2009, 07:09 AM
Good morning-Brad is mad at me-it's only 6 in the am -because I don't want to discuss plans to go home for a few days-it's too early in the morning, He also wants to discuss things at night!!!! All I said was that we could rent a car to get from the airport. I don't have any more info-besides it;s Sunday.
I spoke too soon about my stomache. It's acting up a bit.
It cerainly is hypothroid, I have been sleeping better except for last night.
Dennis has pneumonia. And it's snowing today back home.That was another thing, I was looking at the weather before I booked.
Trying to exercise my foot. on my own. Bye for now. Mima

01-12-2009, 01:45 AM
Kal...Dramamine and meclizine are the "same" or are both used to treat vertigo and nausia and I get both. Right now am on the nausia route. It does make me sleepy at times when I do not want to be.......I hate this..yucky feeling, not getting much done and my brain needs to be acitve with my body. Fresh air and sunlight......might help but can't stand the sun on the snow! ..or breath the cold.

I can't take a lot of meds or supplements, they bother my tummy.....everything bothers my tummy right now.

Cold here too and we had ice and now light snow. So I do not go out, just let the dog out the door.

Happy I will not drive on a bad day....requires to much thought!

Kate..thanks for explaining the nicacin....

Molly..I am thinking of getting a noise machine to fall asleep main problem is DH...he is a leg jerker and cpap user and a cover yanker and a night screamer and so far the only comfy bed is in the master. WE will get another once we are settled and it is warmer. I can fall asleep if I am tired anywhere, just wake up in more pain is I am not comfy all night. He goes to bed early and gets up early I go to bed and late and get up late.......

Mima....good you can get some sleep..Brad is being a poop!!!!

I wonder if I feel so bad becasue I cut points?..should feel better Huh?

01-12-2009, 06:25 AM
Well, we argued a bit and then went to church and out to eat with friends and had a great time. Then we went to bed at 9 and Brad wanted to know what we would do for food-and I wouldn't discuss it at 9.!!!!! I was reading to fall asleep. We can discuss it today but i need to get the tickets first. I believe you need yo unwind at night. I know i am anal;but I had a rule with my kids-anything they needed me for had to be done before 8 pm. Not an easy task for teens.
Candice-get what you need to sleep now. I used to run an air cleaner and that acted like a noise machine. I also wear ear plugs. they help but if I get woken up around 4-that's it for me.
no pt-I am doing my exercises.
Bye for now. Mima

01-12-2009, 11:11 AM
Good morning everyone! Lost my post yesterday....I think the sight was down for maintenance or some such. I am still trying to find more info on this Sytrinol which is derived from some sort of "flavones". It's a natural product that is used to lower cholesterols and triglycerides. It also acts as a powerful antioxident and improves glycemic control. I found the article in a publication called "Total health"...going to google it and see what happens!
I wanted to mention to Mollymom that I had tried 600 mg of Gabapentin for about a month but found I became very agitated on it. It does take about a week or two to get into the system. It works by blocking or shutting off the signal from nerve pain from the spinal area or something along those lines.....regardless, it didn't seem to be for me. It was explained as having the same components as Lyrica but had not been approved as treatment for FM by the FDA yet. It is actually an anticonvulsive medication....go figure!
Weather has gotten cooler and very cloudy today. It looks like we are finally going to get some much needed rain. Suppose to get a cold front moving through tomorrow too, which will push our temps down into the 60s for the rest of the week. Brrrrr...down comforter on the bed tonight!
Took a fall night before last while out dog walking with some neighbors. It was dark and I caught my foot in a hole on the side of one neighbor's yard...down I went. Didn't hurt at the time but got up the next morning and could barely walk! Getting too old to be doing these stunts! Feeling better today though.....I've been icing it and eating advil. That will teach me to remember my mini flashlight when walking after dark! Having a quiet day today I hope. Trying to get my thoughts around the impending visits and company beginning in a couple of weeks. I'm tired already and we haven't even got there yet!
Candice, as a cpap user myself, I am surprised your DH isn't quieter and more restful. I sleep so quietly and hardly move at all once I drop off. Hubby says that absolutely no noise comes out of me now. I was a talker, snorer and teeth grinder before the cpap machine. On the other hand, I have to keep poking hubby for his snoring now! He also has those restless legs once in awhile...moving them around every few minutes. It does become annoying when you're trying to drop off to sleep. I would consider using a sleep aid in your case as well. I've always had good luck with a single Advil PM when needed. Or the 3 mg of meletonin.....good luck with finding a solution.
Mima, good luck with your trip...and it's sounds like this is a trip up north? Does it have to do with your rental? Hope the weather cooperates with you. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day. I've been running late all morning so far....not good for a Monday! Kate

01-12-2009, 10:54 PM
Hello again. Just read posts. sounds like we've all had some pain from our fibro. We're expecting more snow and wind overnight. I'm tired of it already. Tim starts classes tomorrow. I'm doing ok. I have to get on here more often to read and to post. I'm sorry I haven't been doing that. Talk soon.

01-13-2009, 05:47 AM to Tammy.....great to see you on here:)

Kate....oh my...falls we can do without.....I never hurt right away either that is why I overdo so much I think...about 2 hours after I do something I will begin to feel it. Hope you recover fast! Can you still do stretches on the floor and stuff to keep you from getting stiff?

Mima...good for you holding your own:D

I am so sore form cleaning my girl came and we worked form 9 untill 2:30, she had to leave early again. I did the pots and sinks and she did the tubs and floors in the bathrooms. I mop the garage everyday when DH brings salt and cinders in and sweep the salt up on the walkway rug. Then I swept the cats room, that will be our task in the next few weeks to clean and scrub their floor and walls...they are such piggies! I decided to leave my x-mas stuff out for now, some of it is just winter but the little tree and mantle are one comes by anyway and it is alot of trips up and down the stairs. Got an appt WEd so gotta rest today...this cold snap is pretty rough temp is falling fast and snopw is a blowin'. So far the dog has not asked to go out....maybe will let him before I lay down for good. I layed on the floor earlier to stretch my back and dozed off for an hr. and could hardly get up!LOL Should beable to sleep today with the snow unless DH stays home, then the dog annoys me, he gets all confused!

HI Hap, Meme, Kala, Molly....:wave:

01-13-2009, 05:58 AM

Kate here is a pic of last dog we had, she was 17....finally had to pur her down about 6 years ago and were dogless for a few years. Looks a little like Queeney........

01-13-2009, 07:04 AM
Nice dog-we talk about Cassidy a lot. But we don't need a dog when we go back and forth.
Went for a walk last night. My back is hurting but it was no worse on my foot.
We are going back home because Brad wants to work on the heating systemo we won't burn all the oil. Am Express is converting our pts to miles and then transfer them to Southwest so we can get the plane tickets. We will be taking Aunt Beverly back with us and then she will only have to fly home alone. She is a sweetie but also 81. When Brad's sister took her in their camper, she fell and had a hairline fracture in her neck so I was thinking that a week would be long enough.
Sorry you fell, Kate, I fell in a ditch once when I was walking with my aunt because the darkeness covered it-not fun.
Brad refuses to talke anything to sleep and he wakes up all night long to go to the bathroom. I tell him he likes to suffer.
The insurance company will not insure me because of the lab test that was their mistake but I have not faxed the correct ones yet because one of them is not here yet.
there are so many good things I can do if I go home for a week-see Auntie-and my kids and get a decent haircut and a massage and see the good chiro, Wow,
Bye for now Mima

01-13-2009, 08:03 AM
Good morning everyone. Very chilly here this morning...need a sweatshirt to walk. I know, I know...I shoudn't even mention this, huh? This cold front coming through will stiffen me right up too. My ankle is feeling much better today. I will be off for my morning walk with the "Queen" in a few minutes. She was in a barking mode last night. Must be the remnants of the full moon we just had. They were calling it the "wolf full moon". Not sure why, but I think Queenie must have figured it out! Candice, such a sweet looking dog. I had a Samoyed for 13 years, then I got my first German Shepard, then added a second Shepard to the family. They lived to be 15 and I had to put them down 6 months apart. I waited 3 years thinking hubby and I would travel some when we moved to Florida. Well, we didn't get too far so I went to the Humane Society and brought Queenie home. Hopefully I will be as lucky with her longevity. Need to get something done around the house today...probably vacuumn and wash floors. Hope everyone enjoys their day. Kate

01-13-2009, 02:51 PM
Candice, feel free to come to my house and do some cleaning!! Loved the dog picture!

Mima, sounds like you'll be busy at home!

Kate, I'll take your chilly over mine. lol We're supposed to get down below zero the next few days. I don't like that much at all.

I think it is nap time for the puppy and me. I have things to do, but the pillow is calling me.

Hello to everyone else!!

Joanne D
01-13-2009, 03:23 PM
Yes it is supposed to get cold here. Damp and cold.. Raining ,but, very light.. Not going to do a lot of good to help the drought..
Christie or I will not be happy going out today tp potty. But, better that than my floor..
Tammy- I have been thinking about you when I watch the weather up there.. That is not for me. But ,I have been in Florida all my life so I don't know much about things up there..
Kate - It takes about 5 years to get used to Fl. weather.. My sister was born down here ,but, when she got married and moved to N.Y she seemed to forget what it was like in Fl. Now she is back and tryinf to learn again.. Saddly she was gone so many years and not much contact so we are really more like strangers..Her companion died just recently and now it may be even harder..
Candice- Sleeping with the hubby gets harder all the time.. He is up and down all night. I try to keep him awake during the day so he will sleep at night. Not a whole lot of luck.. So I don't sleep well at night.I wouldn't think about sleeping in the daytime. I would not sleep at all then at night.He is Greek and has no intention to sleep alone.
Mima- Will you be coming back down this year? Do you think that you may sell and stay down on a permanent basis?That is what a lot of the retirees do around here.
Hello Happy,Meme..Joanne

01-14-2009, 07:01 AM
We will only stay a week-just enough time to get things done.
I don't think we would move here permanently-we have 3 kids ans 3 grandchildren back home.
It is cold-went to the pool and jacuzzi before the cold front came in.
My foot is so much better. been doing the exercises faithfully-hope for a couple of acupuncture treatments back home.
I intend to wear long underwear at home.
We have a get together in Sanibel tomorrow-someone's kids rentaed a place and now the parents are staying there. It's a pot luck so i will bring chicken.
Art today. Church tonight. It's the best day of the week. We always have teatime at Art, Mima

01-14-2009, 08:44 AM
:(Morning all, I actually called in sick today. With windchill it is -27C. I had no students this morning, and I can do a lot of my paperwork from home. I am very very sensitive to cold..great for a canadian eh? I was only outside going from car to theatre and back last night and that was enough to set me off...joints all swollen and sore, hurts to even walk. I am having my hot oatmeal for breakfast, putting myself in a hot tub, not a hottub(darn..first on my lottery winnings list) and then in bed with my two heating pads. Hope everyone else is keeping warm. I have to weigh in tomorrow:o

Oh BTW we went to see Gran Torino last was excellent. Much funnier than I expected and very touching in parts. I highly recommend it.

01-14-2009, 10:42 AM
Good morning all! Yep, trying to type with frozen fingers is the pits! Hubby home from work called in for 2 am tomorrow! What an outfit he works for! Guess I can't complain least he has a job which is better than some folks right now, right? I'll fix him an early dinner so he can get to bed for 6 pm. Queenie and I had a long but chilly walk this morning so everything feels like it is working in slow motion. Good day to stay under the down comforter....but I need to get stuff done. Mima, hope your trip back north is uneventful. We had thought about keeping our house on Cape Cod and renting it when we first moved here. I had rented our first FL house for two years and it was such a hassle being a lond-distance landlord that we decided against it. Good move on our part as the bottom fell out of the real estate market right after we sold and moved. Too many headaches trying to take care of properties and tenants from a distance. We even tried a property management company here in Florida the second year and got screwed by them too. So, 4 1/2 years ago we moved into the house in Florida, built a new house across the street from the one were living in 2 years later with the money we got from the Cape Cod one. Then we sold the old Florida house after we moved into the new one...confusing, huh?. Hey, worked for me.....and it looks like we will be here for the long term based on what the economy is doing. We'd never get our money back on the new house right now so as long as hubby has his job, we'll hang our hats in Florida.
Okay, off to the store for a few supplies. Hope everyone enjoys their day and stays warm! Kate

01-14-2009, 03:02 PM
Joanne, when I've been in Florida during the summer months, I wonder how you do it!! lol I sure wish I was down there right now!! My classes at the Y this morning and the other bible/weight loss class tonight have been cancelled because of the snow and the cold.

Mima, I love my silk long undies. they aren't bulky, but they do help to keep me warm. I wore those the weekend my friends and I went to the bed and breakfast and we were part of a nativity. I didn't get cold like some of the others did standing outside in the snow like we did. Hope your art class went well.

Mollymom, it is cold here too, but not like you! I don't know what the windchill is. I do know the temp was 8 F earlier this morning. I love oatmeal. Maybe I'll make some later. My first official weigh in at the bible based/weight loss meeting won't be till next week. The leader called about an hour ago and said all activities at their church are cancelled for tonight. I'm seeing lots of cancellations on the TV, so I kind of expected it. I was actually looking forward to weighing! What is Gran Torino?

Kate, my hubby and I had thought about moving south (Georgia probably), but we weren't sure how far we wanted to be away from our son and my brothers and their families. Now with Bob gone, I'm glad that we didn't do it or I would be alone down there. I can still go visit though.

Tim is venturing out to the mailbox. He's taking the neighbor lady hers too. She's 93.

Joanne D
01-14-2009, 07:58 PM
Tammy- It is supposed to be in the 40's tonight. we will have some more nights and days of cold and cool weather about 5-6.. Summers are not always easy.. That is why we have ac.:D.. Eventually you may do as some of the other retirees. Spend some of the winter down here and some up there..
Molly.. I hurt with this weather. Tonight I will need to use Icy hot on my shoulder with some heat.. O.A doesn't like damp cold weather..
Kate. There is a neighbor across the street that had all her windows open this am. It was 49 degrees.. Now that is taking fresh air too far! I told mu hubby somethings loose upstairs..
Mima- I see it is pretty cold up there where you will be going.. A couple pairs of long underware may be needed..
Hello Candice, Happy Meme.. Joanne

Happy Canuk
01-14-2009, 08:37 PM
Good evening.

Joanne - It was -12C (+10F) and I had my windows opened this morning, and there was a nice breeze blowing. It felt soooo good to get some nice FRESH air in the house :lol: Nothing wrong with my head, other than my sinuses are a bit plugged!

Tammy - Is Tim at home again? Well, I don't wear undies, but under my scrubs for work, I wear a long sleeved shirt or else I freeze. Cold is all relevant to where you live.

Molly - I guess you are having the deepfreeze that Alberta was in for 3 weeks. You can have it :lol: We are having snow at the moment, but it is supposed to stop and get nice, starting tomorrow +7:carrot: 40F It will be like SPRING!!

Candice - hope you get to feeling better.

Kate - wear gloves, that is the answer to keeping you hands warm :dizzy:

Mima - a quick trip and you will get to see everybody. Rentals and renters are a pain - how is Dennis doing?? Glad you foot is getting better.

I spent yesterday, scrubbing floors and cleaning bathrooms and other rooms. Today, I cleaned out my linen closet as it sure got to be a mess. Got a couple of other drawers cleaned out as well. Also, got my computer cleaned up.

Here are a couple of pictures taken on Saturday at the lake near us. Now, this lake is probabley not what you are used to seeing, but it changes in the Spring
Ice fishing

Happy Canuk
01-14-2009, 08:41 PM
Hockey game


Ice Castle, built between the hockey rink and the skating rink. The town paid $15,000 to have this built + room and board for the two fellows that built it. Tourist attraction, ya know!

Inside the castle, having a rest. Look at how healthy they look, with those rosy cheeks.

Happy Canuk
01-14-2009, 08:45 PM

Just some houses along the beach as we were driving on the lake jpg

Diamonds in the snow - outside my window

That's all folks!

01-14-2009, 11:30 PM
Joanne, when Tim and I were in Georgia I was checking different places about possibilities for next winter. Not sure what I'll do. I've got some time to think about it, that's for sure.

Anne, I've had windows open on some of those cold days too. Feels good just to air things out. Tim moved home this semester. He is commuting 3 days a week to college. I'm going with him in the morning since the roads aren't the best. He said that he wasn't going to go because of the roads, and I don't want him to get started on skipping classes. It's too easy since it's an hour drive. Thanks for sharing the pictures!! Beautiful!!

01-15-2009, 01:26 AM
Mollymom, nice to meet you! I am a Newbie and have been recently diagnosed by TWO docs that I have fibromyalgia, (along with several other ills) like my mom. I am fifty something with 3 married kids and 6 grandchildren. Was born in Canada, raised in Michigan as of age 6, lived in Colorado, Florida, Chicago, and now Oklahoma.

Oklahoma sunshine does me good. Don't think I can ever go back to Michigan, even though most of family is there (excluding son, his wife and my beautiful grandchildren in Anchorage Alaska!).

I'm on lots of meds which have caused weight gain, just getting used to the limitations of fibro, and have just ordered Nutrisystem to try and get my weight down and some normal life back. Any suggestions?

Cindy (wannabefit)

01-15-2009, 05:08 AM
It is so cold.................DS took me to the appt, she (the doc) could not help me so referred me to a nuerologist, which is the reason I saw her, for the referral, DUH.....she said she could send me to two diff migrane clinics...way up north but we do not even know if the eye problem is I told her no new meds and let's get another opinion! She is so young..... It will probably get labled "fibro" as all my other ailments are. That is the reason I do not go to docs.....I guess it is reasuring there are not any tumors but I already knew that. I feel fine, just can't see things at times and it only lasts about 30 min a any of you have that? If I am looking at a page I can see all the words but can't read them because I only see half of the word, either the left or the right. )Like "Cl he f mo in ." (I just typed "click here for more info") and that is what I see when this happens.

Mima....hope you tag your aunt so she does not get lost going back. You will have fun..but it's very cold !

Kate.....we thought we would travel more without a dog too. NOT.....and the one we have now needed a home... and all kitties were adopted but they picked us..showed up on our door steps in the country.

Joanne....hubby does not like to sleep alone either...all though I do not go in there much, he still calls it our is my room, my closet my bathroom, he just sleeps in my room at night and I where ever.....He has a room and a closet and a bathroom on the other side of the house but does not want a bed over there, tells me I can sleep there...makes no sense to, they are so stubborn! The master only has a shower and a whirlpool and he wants a small tub. Warmer in his bathroom too.

Tammy..hope you got rested... so how are the pup and you doing? Nice of Tim to move home for a bit.

Happy...beautiful you really drive on the lake? I'm not sure I would feel safe or do they know how solid it is?? I guess up there it is different than here. But it is awful cold here now too. How do you stand it..I open windows all the time just for a bit of freshness) and DH yells at me.......

Hey meme, kala and Cindy all :wave:

Happy I really likethe last pic...........never did get my digital camera yet or you would be seeing all kinds of stuff!LOL

01-15-2009, 07:17 AM
welcome new people-we know your pain. It's 60 in here and heat would not go on but we have an electric heater-it's next to me and I have a quilt on my lap.
Last we heard, Dennis had pneumonia. We will go see him when we are home. Almost have the tickets-waiting for the transfer of points.
We are going to a potluck in sanibel-no swimmimg but maybe a walk on the beach. Tomorrow we are meeting friends in Punta Gorda for lunch and tomorrow night Evan gets his yellow belt in Karate.
Brad needs to bring home some tools. Have to check them or they will get suspicious-ha!!!
Love tose pics, Anne. Our ice doesn't freeze that much but they do icefishing and bring snowmobiles on the ice. But people have drowned when it;s not safe.
Bye for now Mima

01-15-2009, 07:35 AM
Hi Cindy! Getting your body moving any way you can will help some with the fibro. Walking is great, and water aerobics is very helpful. I know the water did me alot of good.

Candice, no I haven't had a problem like that. Hope you get things figured out soon!!! Maurice is doing great! Just had him outside a while ago. He doesn't mind the snow which is a good thing. He's hilarious jumping around in it. I planned to go with Tim this morning, but he didn't think it was necessary.

Mima, it's pretty cold up here, so have lots of warm clothes!!!

It is 6 degrees with wind, so the windchill is -10 to -15. Brrrrrrr. I have to go out later to go to the eye doctor to get my new glasses and hopefully the family doctor to get a prescription for one of my meds. For my fam. doc. you just call first thing in the morning to make an appointment for that day. Not sure I like that policy, but that's what he and a few others around here do.

Have a great day everyone!!

01-15-2009, 07:39 AM
Beautiful pics, Anne. Thanks for the memories of past winters....which I am definitely not missing! But it does look clean and peaceful up there in snow country. Very chilly here this morning....down to 43 degrees. Another cold front coming through this afternoon which will keep our temps in the low 60's which is way below normal for this time of year. Oh well, guess we can't have it sunny and warm 24/7 :)
Hi Cindy and welcome to the FM club! We all have some health issues that limit our mobility which I find the most frustrating. It seems I am on the go constantly and don't like it when this FM slows me down. Just try to stay active. I just ordered a new yoga dvd to do some serious stretching at home and I walk my dog about 3 miles a day. I need to get back on my elliptical too to rev up my diet program....the weight is coming off slower now.
Mima, having to bring tools back and forth to work on your rental house seems like another good reason to sell it! That must really be a hassle. Is there a way you can leave the necessary items up there in case you need to work on the house again? When we rented the Florida house, hubby built a small "owner's closet" in the garage where we kept some necessary items like tools, linens, coffee maker, etc and padlocked it so we had those items we needed when we came down to do tenant change overs. Worked out great! Well, off to walk the "Queen"...and it looks like I will be bundling up! It's suppose to stay cloudy all day today too which will make it seem even colder! Hope everyone enjoys their day and stays warm.....Kate

01-16-2009, 05:08 AM
HELLO.....JUST A LAZY COLD DAY! Am eating a meal right now and then will watch some tv.........salad, salmon, and a Sweet pot. I really want to bake to keep warm but do not want to be tempted to test all the batches!

01-16-2009, 06:53 AM
Brad is slowly duplicating his tools. He has a ton of them!!!
Went to sanibel and had potluck. 39 of us.We gave a ride to a lady who is 87. Yikes-you should see how beautiful she is. =her skin has hardly any wrinkles.But she is beautiful within.
We are going to meet our friends at fisherman's Village-not far. Hope my stomache survives-3 Immodium yesterday.
I got our tickets-what an answer to prayer/ Free except for $15. They also said they were sending drink tickets in the mail but we probably won't get them in time.
I already made a hairdresser appt= a massage, rheumo, and then I will make chiro. And meet Auntie for lunch. Now just watch out for storms.
Just have to rent a car.
Bye for now-Mima

01-17-2009, 07:38 AM
last night was better than any comedy movie-Evan is taking tai kwon do and we went to see him and his fellow classmates get their yellow belts. I the middle of everything, 3 of them had to go to the bathroom and then they had to go through their moves, They even kicked a board that broke-the teacher helped that along, I am sure. Hope everyone is getting some good rest, Mima

01-18-2009, 05:46 AM
Wow Mima..and 87 yr old with barely wrinkles...did you ask her how she kept it that way? Sounds cute watching Evan...little ones gotta tinkle!LOL Sounds like ya got your trip back home under control.

I have just been taking it easy, have had no extra energy latley, I think the cold has gotton to me. My son and his girl wanted us to go and eat out with them but I told them it was to cold for me so they picked up pizza and I made a salad. She brought my Christmas gift over (she lives out of town) and it was a WW cookbook, can't wait to try some of the recipes, lots of 5 pts or under. It took me two weeks to show my 1rst pound gone but that is about right for me. Need to get back on the Treadmill but now both feet are hurting, gotta go Monday and get orthoics adjusted.

Now that the last gift has been exchanged I can take down my holiday stuff inside. I wanted her to see it cause it makes the house looked lived in and homey even though there is no furniture. WE are having an ice buil up on the windows along the ledge and when it melts it leaks in. Don't know if this is normal or if it is a problem. I had to take my candles out of the windows that were battery operated since they were wet. Been a wild winter here.

01-18-2009, 06:57 AM
I don't think that it is normal for the ice to leak in but what do I know-we used to have a terrible time with ice but the roof leaked. One time we went home and we couldn't get in the front door. Was not fun.
I guess we are pretty well set. We are going to a concert at church tonight-Annie Moses.Lots of great vilin playing-it reminds you of celtic.
I don't have to pack any clothes because all our winter stuff is at home. I have lots of coats and jackets.Next sat I am going shopping witheveryone-now I remebered that I posted that.
Candice-you probably need foot stretching exercises-did the doc tell you that? I do them every morning. Along with my back exercises.
We wayched The Note dvd-a Hallmark movie-it was great. Course it started with a plane crash but that was not the focus.
Bye for now Mima

01-18-2009, 11:08 AM
Goodmorning all. Sure will be great to get some of this warm weather back again!! Suppose to warm up next few days. Like some of you, the cold wrecks havoc with my FM and have been extra sore and stiff lately. Makes it difficult to feel ambitious, huh? Candice, that ledge issue is definitely not normal. Sounds like the windows were either installed improperly or were sized wrong. It might be an issue that can be dealt with from the exterior of the house. Did you have the house built or did you purchase it from previous residents? Mima, travelling is so much easier when you don't have to haul all that luggage around, isn't it? The advantage of having your own home in both locations! I'm gearing up for the big enslaught of company. I still need to get the living room rug shampooed but I keep putting it off because I haven't been able to open the doors and windows. Hopefully it will warm up enough tomorrow to get it done. All those little things I want to do before company gets here and the pressure is on....:dizzy: Got my new yoga dvds the other day and I am anxious to check them out. While I'm not a huge fan of yoga, I do need serious stretching to get rid of some of these aches and pains. I'll let you know how it goes..:crossed: Enjoy the day everyone.

Joanne D
01-18-2009, 03:12 PM
It finally warmed up a little. I was able to get Christies bath done.. I guess it is going to cool down again this week. It is time for her shots etc. I didn't want to take her until she was bathed.. She doesn't get real dirty but I can't wash her after I put on her flea med..
I am a warm weather person. Not hot just in between.. I don't like to be cold.. It is hard for me to relate to the snow that some of you are used to.. The pictures Happy sent are a marvel to me. It is something I probably will never see any other way..
My bones ache in the cold and damp. My ancestors who passed this arthritis to me can take it back anytime..
Christie and I are out walking several blocks every day.. Thank the Good Lord I can still do that.. This coming week I hope to get to Sams. I am running out of some things.. I do a good bit of bulk shopping there. It is cheaper in the long run.. I buy most of my meats and some can goods there along with other household items..
Hope everyone is well...Joanne

01-18-2009, 08:09 PM
Mima, you sound like you are keeping busy. I'm sure it was nice seeing Evan and his tai kwan do. Wonder if "The Note" was based on the book by Angela Hunt. It sure sounds like it could be with the plane crash. I enjoy her books.

Candice, I can relate to no energy especially this weekend. My temp has been up over 100 most of the weekend, I've felt queasy, and just want to sleep. So I have! I'm sure that WW cookbook will be great! You'll have to let us know if you run across any super recipes. I am also slow at losing. I just started a Bible Based weight loss plan 1 1 /2 weeks ago. Our first weigh in was supposed to be last Wednesday, but it was cancelled because of the nasty weather. So this Wed. will be the first one. Maybe not eating this weekend will give me a boost. The ice on the windows was something that we had problems with in one of our homes. We never checked into having it fixed, we just put towels in the window ledges during the winter. Not a real good solution, I know.

Kate, let me know about your yoga dvd's. I took a yoga class at the Y, and I enjoyed it. I'm signed up for the one this session, but I haven't been there yet. There was a break week, then we were in Georgia for a couple weeks, then I had something else going on, and last week the teacher cancelled. I hope to be able to make it there tomorrow. I know it is good for me.

Joanne, I know several people who shop at Sams. I've never been there.

Hello to everyone!

01-19-2009, 06:33 AM
We go to BJ's but I like Sam's better but there is none near us back home-just BJ's.
It has actually warmed up a bit back home.Not that it would be warm enough for us.
We ent to see the Annie Moses Band at church-wow. 3 of them play the violin and I mean play!! 8 of them from the same family.
Well, packing the one suitcase. Got another headache.Think it's sinus and it goes away. I have been eating Activia=daughter says it's the best thing for ibs. Of course it's a milk product.
One more day of computer and tv, Direct tv won't put the tv on for a week
Bye for now Mima.

01-19-2009, 10:02 AM
Good morning all. Weather here in Florida is cloudy and getting cooler by the minute. Expecting some rain too. We're suppose to have record low temps next two nights...frost warnings in effect even! I know, I know....nothing like some of you in snow country but cold to us thin-blooded Florida folks anyway!:shocksn:

Tammy, tried my first session of the yoga dvd this morning before walking Queenie. I was hoping it would "loosen" things up so my walk would be more comfortable. Wow! :fr:is all I can say. I had forgotten how flexible one has to be to perform some of those moves! I even had trouble getting my legs to cross and lay flat sideways while in the sitting pose! The dvds are "Kundalini Yoga" with Ravi Singh and Ana Brett. It really focuses on stretching, breathing and alignment. My low back actually feels pretty good after this try and I didn't even get to finish all the warm-ups. I think if I keep at it, I will eventually be able to get through the whole thing. :yoga: I just need to be alone and in a quiet environment and early morning seems to be the best time. Hopefully my soon-to-be-guest house won't interfere....we'll see.

Mima, good luck with your trip back home...I hope everything works out to your advantage, including the weather!;)
Putting off shampooing the living room rug again is not going to cooperate so the heck with it for now. Hope everyone enjoys their day and stays warm!!

Happy Canuk
01-19-2009, 12:57 PM
Good morning (it still is here, anyway)

JoAnne - glad that you can get out walking. I agree, my anscestors can have this OA back anytime they want. I think my grandmother had FM as well, as she hurt everywhere, but they called it Rheumatism. All she had was asprin based meds to take for the pain, and something like Absorbine Jr.(could have been that for all I know). She was a short little lady, was born with Perth's Disease(dry hip socket) that was never fixed, so she had to wear a built up shoe as her one leg was a LOT shorter than the other. She would live with us off and on while I was growing up. She lived to be 96 yrs old and I NEVER heard her complain much. You could just look at her and know she was having lots of pain. Getting out of a chair was brutal for her.

I really do like winter. We have to get out in the snow and do things, as it is here for several months. However, the mid US has a LOT more snow than we do, and since it has been up in the high 40's the past couple of days, it is MELTING. It is what we call the January Thaw here. Kids have a great time in the winter.

Kate - hope you get your carpets cleaned. Is your company due THIS week? When we were in Florida last Feb., the first day we were there, it was something like 85F. Got dressed in my summer duds, stood outside for a little while, got a nice burn, because I hadn't got to the store to buy sunscreen YET. I was anticipating nice warm weather, but that afternoon, it rained soooo hard,and then the temps dropped like a rock, and it was COLD, and I started to hurt from the dampness. We made our way up the coast from Ft. Lauderdale - loved the orlando area, and then went into Georgia (we were driving back home). After 10 days, we were almost back home, and here is the funniest part - Alberta was the WARMEST of all the places we had been!!! It was now the 8 of March. Had to laugh at that one!

Good luck with the yoga. Used to do that a lot, but now it is downright impossible.

Candice - It sounds like your windows aren't sealed right. I can't believe that an inspector would have missed all this stuff (that is, if you had it inspected). That is there job, to find these kinds of things. Share some good recipes with us, please. I always find when I go to cook a ww recipe I never have what they ask for and in some cases have never even heard of some of the stuff they ask for.

Tammy - I hope you feel better today. There is some nasty stuff going around out there. The last time I had the stomach flu, I was sick for 3 days, and then had to to to the ER on the 3 night. My heart started into Atrial Fibrillation, because I could not keep my meds down. I had lost 6 pounds; got to the hospital, they hooked me up to an IV, and I spent the night, until my heart got under control again. They let me go home in the morning, and I decided to get on the scale, and I had gained back 6 pounds. It doesn't seem fair. I lose weight so slowly, it will take me 2 years to get rid of these 40-50 pounds I want to shed. I am down just over 10, but it is slow going.

Mima - Have a safe trip. I am sure your time back home will go fast, because you will be busy. Hope you don't have any major storms while you are there. I think you should sell the house and buy a condo, so that while you are gone, you shouldn't have many worries. We don't have a Sam's club here, but we have Costco, so that is where I go.

Well, since the sun is shining and it is warming up nicely (we are having a Chinook here) I need to get ready and go outside for a bit. My foot is still sore (inflammation in the metatorsil bone of my toe) so I can't walk too far, but I will get out. Have a nice day.

01-19-2009, 02:58 PM
Sounds like several of you are having some foot pain ... I can sympathize. I'm also having trouble walking today. And speaking of bad weather ... we are having a really cold snow here so that's not helping the fibro/arthritis situation either. Complain, complain, complain! :p Oh well, thank God for heating pads, darvocet and other pain helps, huh? I keep telling myself I could be in a shelter or out on the street in a cardboard box freezing to death. I'm really quite lucky to be where I am ... very blessed. I guess everything is relative to where you are ... mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter! ;)

I had FIVE whole pages to read to catch up. I didn't realize I had been away that long. I've gotta start checking in more often. It's been a busy week. One thing I remember reading was about the folic acid tabs. Someone said (can't remember who ... sorry) that they thought they only came in 400mcg strength ... they come in 1MG though because I take those, have been for years. 1MG= 1000mcg. Mine are prescription so you may want to ask you doctor about that. They're really cheap that way.

Not much going on here ... just the snow. A guy called and said he was bringing a friend down to see a trailer but never did show up (thank goodness) and with the weather like it is, I hope he doesn't! I'm waiting on the cable man now. (if HE shows up!) My internet service goes off almost every night about 10 or 11. Weird.

I think I told you our pastor left so we are now trying to find a new one. Well, most of you know I was choir director a couple of years ago and then gave it to our pastor's wife ... when they left the church asked me to take it back. I did yesterday ... we met for the first time. I had over 20 people join. She had to stop having a choir because she couldn't get anyone to participate. I really liked her ... I found that so odd. Everyone was so excited last night at practice. I had about 5 or 6 people either call or send word by someone else that they wanted to be in choir but couldn't make it to practice last night so there will be more. I was really surprised. I just can't figure all that out. Also, our Director of Education is leaving (or already left, not sure which) and the Elder board has asked me to take that position back, too. That's a really hard one for me. That is a lot of work ... I mean a LOT of work. I don't always feel like doing all that on Sun. morning. Mornings are hard for me. I struggled with that. I talked with a good friend of mine at church who is a retired teacher. While she won't do it herself she said she would help me with it. I finally told them I would with her backing me up. It's going to be a rough year for me. Just pray God will send us a pastor who has a wife with some background in some of these areas and can take up some of the slack. We have lost three families who were very valuable to our church. We even lost our youth director and as Director of Education I'll have to be working closely with the older youth quite a bit now, too. Not only did the Youth Diector leave but so did the woman who did the youth programs and special events like the Easter Egg hunts, plays and skits, etc. AND, although she didn't leave, the lady who was doing the lessons for children's church quit. So now that will all fall back on me. One of our piano players got upset about something (doesn't take much to upset her) and I'm pretty sure she is leaving so that will put me on the praise team every Sunday now. Like I said, it's going to be a rough year!!!

On the plus side (which in situations like this I HAVE to look at) we are being blessed with new people almost every Sunday. It is thrilling me to death! Even without a pastor and in all this chaos, our church is growing. GOD IS GOOD!

01-19-2009, 09:41 PM
Mima, glad you enjoyed the concert. I tried Activia, and the taste didn't agree with me, so I quit eating it.

Kate, good for you for giving the dvd a try! I went to class today, and I forgot how much better I felt after being there. A few of us were talking after class about how much better we feel and how less sore we are than when we started back in October for the first time. I have a dvd, Just My Size Yoga with Megan Garcia. It is for everyone, but it is geared to larger women. She gives lots of alternative postions for when you are getting started.

Anne, I felt better last night. Even ate some pizza, so I knew I was better. Today I went to my aerobics class, lunch with some other retired teachers, and the yoga class this afternoon. I agree that it doesn't seem fair that you had gained that 6 pounds! Tim's wedding is scheduled for May 2010, so I now have real incentive to try to lose some weight. My goal overall is 50, and I know I'll feel better even if I lose 1/2 that. Hope you were able to get in some walking with your foot pain.

Meme, you know it's funny that you mentioned being blessed. Tim and I were just talking about that earlier this evening. Very weird about your internet going out like that. Will keep you and your church in prayers that things work out for the best for His will. Your church is growing, so that is awesome!!

01-20-2009, 06:50 AM
Had to shovel again but I enjoy the exercise but it was to bright today got a headache. :(

Got the car out and to the doc but our subdivision roads are a mess and the new car DH got me is not good on snow....WEll....the doc trimmed my orthotics to fit better and I am trying a new anti-inflammatory cream (voltaren gel) since I can't take anything oral in that category. The cortisone injection is the next step but will be in a boot for two weeks so did not opt for that at this time. The other foot I had dropped an oak drawer front on and damaged the nail a while back and it was causing a lot of pain when wearing enclosed shoes so he removed it and now I am a lot more pain! LOL It should only last a few days but gotta stay off of it so no shoveling or treadmill for a few days. ...but I did come home and do more scooping and up and down a ladder to put x-mas away and then the numbness wore off....I am getting by with just Tylenol if I keep it elevated. He is not sure the nail will grow right with the bed damage. Always injuring myself.

Stay warm gals :wave:

01-20-2009, 07:18 AM
Meme-be careful about overcommitting-I know you have gifts . pray how God wants you to use them.
Boy-we are a mess but a good mess. My aunt thinks my grandmother had fibro-my cousin has it.
Went for a long walk last night-wanted to sleep well but didn't.
What a historic day this is!!I didn't vote for Obama but we pray he does a good job.
It has warmed up a bit back home. Every one wants us to visit, but I don't want to overdo it.
Bye for now-see you next week. mima

01-20-2009, 10:54 AM
Goodmorning ladies! A very brisk and windy day here but the sun is shining! I finally managed to get that rug shampooed yesterday. Boy, are my arms feeling it today! My shampoo machine isn't that difficult to use but the repetitive movements really kicked me in the butt! At least it is done....Then I cooked a great roast chicken dinner and had some neighbors join us. Finally walked Queenie at 10 pm and went to bed. It was a very busy day yesterday and I am feeling the results of it today.
Anne, does "having a chinook" mean a cold spell? I have never heard that term before. And Tammy, I did see a dvd for women of size and thought about purchasing it but bought the other ones instead. I think perhaps after yesterday's try, I should take another look at the "Just My Size" one. I definitely need some alternantive positions for some of these poses. I use for these purchases because they have a secure site for payments.
Off to the store to pick up some supplies. Making "Bolivian Pork Chops" tonight from SB cookbook. Hubby has been switched back to nights at work which is going to be tough to get used to again.... but at least he is working which is more than some around here right now! Enjoy your day, ladies!

Happy Canuk
01-20-2009, 11:51 AM

Mima - Will you be gone a week? I think you will be very busy while you are home and will need a BIG rest when you get back to Florida.

Meme - Mima is right - pick and choose what you want to do, but for heaven sakes, don't try to do it all!! God put other people on earth as well, and they can help! Didn't know your pastor had left, hope you find a good replacement.

Tammy - good for you doing two classes in one day. I didn't get out for that walk, as my foot is still sore.

Candice - I think I need to get some Voltaren cream. I used to use that years ago, and it helped a bit. Perhaps that is what my foot needs. I see that you can buy it without a precription now, but it hasn't arrived in Canada as of yet.

Kate - A CHINOOK is a warm, westerly wind and it blows in nice warm air. It has to do with the mountains. We are 100 miles from Calgary, but we always get the tail end of one.

Well, like Mima says, today is history. I hope Obama will be able to do something, but I won't hold my breath waiting for it. I think expectations for this man are HUGE and I hope he can deliver even apart of it.

Have a good day.

Joanne D
01-20-2009, 08:07 PM
I too hope Obama can do something to help our nation back to something stable..I missed his speech today. Had to take Christie to vet for her annual check up and shots.I didn't vote for him and I still have doubts about him.
Two weeks ago my son lost his job.. Something we/he never expected to happen . He is a Design Architect. Outside of the fact that there isn't much work right now and the new boss of the company was a complete nut in the middle of his wife leaving him , he decided to get rid of the ones who were making the most money .The stress level in that office was over the top. I hope and pray my son will find something soon. Thank God his wife still has her job..She makes good but as always it takes the two of them to be comfortable.His wife said that God must have wanted him out of that office..
My hubby has the bug going around.. Bad cold and conjestion.. So I am playing nurse.. I hope I don't get it.. Everything goes right to my lungs. They aren't very strong .
Meme..Delagate... Don't take on more than you can handle.. You will just make yourself sick..
**** Everybody....Stay Warm...Joanne

01-20-2009, 10:59 PM
Candice, ouch to the foot problems!

Mima, we are also praying for the new president and our country.

Kate, yum to the chicken. That sounds good right now, I'm hungry, but too late to eat. I use Amazon all the time. Always have good luck with them.

Anne, maybe that cream/gel would help your foot. Hope you get some relief.

Joanne, so sorry to hear about your son's job. Try to stay healthy!!

Hello to all!

01-21-2009, 02:17 AM
Happy..the cream I have is prescription, just hope it works so I do not need the shot although Mima says it helps. Cute birdie:)

Stayed off my foot all day and then had to remove the bandage and soak for the 1rst time, that was painful but it feels a bit better now, not throbbing. Don't know when I can get a tie shoe on again and I need that to walk on the treadmill. Those surgical shoes throw your body off.

Kate...what kind of pork is that? HOpe you can adjust to the shift change.

Tammy...hey....yes the president has alot on his shoulders. NOt only large women need modified positions but us Fibromites do too.

Joanne..hope DH gets better soon, nothing like a sick man!

01-21-2009, 05:21 AM
I ordered some of that cream ... hope it helps!

Candice ... foot/toe sounds painful! Stay off it and stay down off ladders. The tredmill can wait awhile.

I think we all need modified versions of normal people's exercises; no matter our size! I know I do ... with surgery on both knees it's hard for me to get in most of those positions. Even the ones for OLD people! (which I'm not, of course) :p

All talk about the nation, the president and the economy depresses me ... so I don't talk about it! I hear enough about it on the news. I think that's a lot of our problem, they talk about it too much!

Joanne, hate to hear about your son losing his job. They are hard to come by now. But who knows, maybe he'll find an even better one. Sometimes God has to move us out of where we are to move us up to where He wants us! Hope you don't get your hubby's bug. You're a lot like me ... catch everything everyone else has and then can't get rid of it!

Has snowed here off and on all day and boy is it ever cold ... feelin' it, too.
I bet Mima is feeling the cold right about now! :p

Well, I'm having another sleepless night in TN. I'm going to try to lay down and get warm ... maybe I'll go to sleep.

01-21-2009, 09:50 AM
My computer went online=not sure my virus protection is working so I need to be careful/ Cold!!! How about feels like 1.
Good trip-put heat on and went to dinner.
NO WATER=pipes are frozen. Brad has a crazy plan that we will move into Dennis' apt and he is hooking up other water heater and going somewhere to get water. I need to clean a bit but I have no water. massage appt this am-they have bathrooms.
I WANT TO GET RID OF THIS HOUSE. Course, that wouldn't have happened if someone hadn't closed the door in the boiler room. That's why we came back-because other people don't know everything. Well-it's only a week-supposed to be warmer tomorrow.
Gotta discipline myself to do my exercises. Oh our aching feet.
Kate-go slow with the yoga-Don't overstretch. I love yoga but stopped when I tore my rotator cuff.
Going to heat some bottled water to wash up/ It's like camping. Praise God for the computer-I am an addict. Mima

01-21-2009, 10:41 AM
Oh my, is it ever cold here this morning! 28 degrees with the wind chill factor. :coolsnow: Not even suppose to get over 55 today and this is Florida for Pete's sake! Can't remember it ever being this cold since I've been here. But the "Queen" is just loving it of course.
I've been so sore from shampooing the rug I haven't gotten back to the yoga yet. I could barely move my arms from the repetitive back-and-forth of the rug machine. Thankfully, I don't have to do that too often! I will try the yoga again tomorroiw morning as they put hubby back on days starting tomorrow. This company is a real piece of work......but like I have said's a job. My husband seems to just roll with it....but that's because he's got me to pick up the slack when there's a schedule change!:dizzy:
The "Bolivian Pork Chops" came out quite spicy, and I even cut back on the red pepper the recipe called for! :flame:The dish is made with boneless pork loin chops rubbed with spices and lemon zest, pan seared, then finished off in the oven. It's served with a split pea mash that is cooked with onions, carrots, celery, chicken stock and spices. I thought the dish was great but it was a bit much for hubby! Tonight is mediterranean codfish for me and baked cod for hubby. (He's not crazy about cooked tomatoes and onions on his fish). He was raised on meat and potatoes and is happiest when served plain old cheeseburgers! Since I'm the cook..... well, you ladies know the rest, right?
Not planning much today. I hope to get a session on the elliptical in sometime this morning. It's just so darn body doesn't want to move! :exercise:Hope everyone stays warm today....bye for now.

Joanne D
01-21-2009, 11:32 AM
It was 36 here on this side of Fl. today. Supposed to be colder tonight.. Hope being close to Gulf will help my plants. I am just not up to taking out the sheets and covering everything.Then I have to wash them all the next day..
Hubby agreed to see a Dr. today. Wouldn't you know no Dr's in office today. Got an appointment for tomorrow.I think it is just a bad cold but with his history of heart dx. and his age (83) we decided to play it safe..
Mima- Hope you get your water back soon.. Stay warm..
Hello Everybody...Joanne

01-21-2009, 11:31 PM
Mima, frozen pipes aren't a good thing.

Kate, I think I'd like the fish with tomatoes and onions.

Joanne, let us know what the doctor tells hubby. Since it's cold down there, I should call my BIL and rub it in. He always calls when it's cold up here and warm down there.

01-22-2009, 11:18 AM
Here we are...another "chilly" morning in Florida! Everyone was out covering their plants last night. Only 23 degrees with the wind chill today so far. There was even a frost on the grass this morning when I walked the "Queen". Suppose to get up to a high of 65 today. One more cold night and we will be warming up the mid 70's by Saturday...Yippee! Definitely don't like this cold!
Made a delicious soup yesterday with chicken, cabbage, onions and tomatoes. Found the recipe online at one of the health sites and it was very tasty. Great for lunch time. Now I have some leftovers to count on for the weekend so I can finally get some time off before company starts arriving. I'm making a shepherd's pie casserole for tonight and we can eat leftovers for at least two days. The recipe for the soup follows if anyone is interested:

1 pound chicken breast (cut into small bite sized pieces)
1 TBL canola oil
1Cup diced onion
1/2 C diced celery
4C chopped cabbage
1 potato (diced)
1-14.5oz can petite diced tomatoes with juice
4C chicken broth (1 large Swansons)
3C water
1 bay leaf
1 tsp thyme leaf
1/4 tsp caraway seed
2 tsp sea salt
pepper to taste
1 TBL chopped parsley
2 tsp Splenda
1 TBL lemon juice

Heat oil in soup pot. Add chicken and saute for a few minutes. Add onions, celery, cabbage and stir well. Add thyme, bay leaf, caraway, salt and pepper. Add tomatoes with juice, water and stock. Cover and bring to boil. Turn down heat to low and simmer about 30-40 minutes until chicken and vegetables are done. Add diced potato, splenda and lemon juice. Simmer another 10 minutes until potato is done. :hun:For a heartier soup, you can add 1 can of drained white beans. This is about 8 servings and is diabetic friendly.

Looking forward to some warmer weather this weekend. Mima, please leave the cold up there when you come back, okay?? Anne, we're not letting anymore cold fronts down this way....we are the sunshine state and we do not need any more cold weather here. :snooty:
Enjoy the rest of the day, folks!

01-22-2009, 11:50 AM
Kate..sounds like our weather! Soup sounds good but what is the splenda for..could you leave it out?..and I would probably add more tomatoes. sound so much like me! ..and we have dogs to match!LOL

Mima..frozen pipes..what a pain.....hope you get it taken care of.

Tammy....I would like Kate's fish too!

Joanne..let us no about DH....glad he is going to the doc.

My poor toe is hurting not sure when I will get a shoe on. I had all my soaking stuff and clean bandages laid out and the dog chewed them up..he is such a stinker! Here is a pic of the nailess toe...the dark part is what I smashed and the light part is the new nail he took off near the bottom, said it needed to come off to so he could clean the nail bed up from all the bleeding. Gross I know!

Happy Canuk
01-22-2009, 12:18 PM
Good morning.

Mima - sorry you went home to frozen pipes, but it's a good thing you got their before they burst. If you are going to live pt in Florida, it would be smarter to buy a small condo to have, as that way you can leave it, and not worry. My brother and his wife, lived in a 5th wheel for 3 or 4 years, before they bought a condo here, and had a modular home put on their lot in YUMA. Now, they have a camper, for when they want to travel elsewhere.

Kate - Don't you like that nice fresh air???? We broke records here the past while, with it being 6 consecutive days above 32F for the month of January. NEVER before has that happened. Heavens, it was up in the 50's one day. It is heading to -8F tonight, so a bit cooler for a few days, but next week again, it is going to be around 30F. It sure helps shorten winter when it is nice out. That soup sounds good. Here is a recipe for Cabbage Soup that I made the other night, and I really enjoyed it.

Smart Cabbage Soup

1 (28-oz.) can unsalted diced tomatoes
4 cups fat free, reduced-sodium beef broth
1/2 cup chopped flat-leaf parsley
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1 large or 2 small bay leaves
1/2 tsp. whole black peppercorns
1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes (optional)
Salt and ground black pepper, to taste
1 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
1 1/4 cups diced carrots
1 cup diced green bell pepper
1 cup diced celery
1 cup diced onion
2 pound cabbage, quartered, cored and cut crosswise into 3/4-inch
3/4 cup chopped scallions, green and white parts
5 oz. white mushrooms, stemmed and thickly sliced

In large Dutch oven or heavy soup pot, heat oil over medium-high
heat. Sauté carrots, green pepper, celery and onion until moist, 3
minutes. Add cabbage, 3 to 4 handfuls at a time, stirring until it
collapses, 2 to 3 minutes. Add scallions and mushrooms and cook
until vegetables look moist, 4 minutes. Cover, reduce heat to medium-
low, and cook for 8 minutes, until vegetables let their juices out.

Add tomatoes, with their liquid, to vegetables. Add broth, parsley,
garlic, bay leaf, peppercorns and red pepper, if using. Bring liquid
to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer until vegetables are tender,
40 minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Serve hot. Or cool to room temperature and refrigerate up to 4 days.
Reheat over medium heat before serving.

Note: For variety, when reheating the soup, add red kidney or
cannelini beans, or small turkey meatballs that cook in the soup. Or
serve with a dollop of reduced-fat sour cream and some chopped dill.

Makes 12 servings.

Per serving: 70 calories, 1.5 g total fat (0 g saturated fat), 11 g
3 g protein, 4 g dietary fiber, 230 mg sodium.

Candice - Have I told you, how nice it is to come here and see your name on the board, again?? Hope your toe gets better. Is it cut or what are the bandages for? Somehow, I must of missed that. My toe is still giving me grief as well. I don't think the anti-infammatories are working, so I guess I will have to go back to the Dr - AGAIN!! I know that Voltaren is a prescription, as the Dr. used to precribe it for me; however, just withing the past week, they have made it an over the counter thing. Don't know it is as strong as what the Dr. would give you or not. In any case, I have been putting it on my foot and it is NOT helping. It sure slows a person down, when you have a sore foot!

Joanne - I hope hubby is feeling better today. Let us know. Now you said you had lost a bunch of weight. Hope it isn't because you have not been well; I know you are happy about it, but it sure does make a difference on how and why you lost it.

Tammy - How is your little poochie doing? How is the diet going? I seem to be stuck here.

Well stress and FM = Pain. My GF (who I have know forever, more like a sister) brother passed away (know him since he was 2 yrs old). It was unexpected- had some kind of seizure. He was 57. Funeral is today. I keep seeing, in my minds eye, this little boy, that used to come to my house, everyday at lunch time to visit my dad, and the young boy and then the man he had become. It's such a sad day.

Also, my other gf, who I have known since I was 6 yrs old, is having a 3rd brain surgery on Monday. This time the tumor is on the brainstem, and it is much more serious than the other ones were. She had a "bad" feeling about it this time, as it could leave her paralyzed, or in a vegetative state, or kill her, or it could all come out ok. EVERYTHING we do, goes through the brainstem. If you could find a moment to sent a prayer up for her .. her name is Susan.

So now you all know how MY week was!! Found it hard to stick to anything, as all I really wanted to do was EAT chocolate. Had to fight with MYSELF to try to be good.

Hope you all have a good day.

01-22-2009, 12:56 PM
Wow-sorry about your friends , Anne. It makes us know we are not immortal.
I am sitting in 46 degrees because we turned the heat down upstairs and moved into the apt. That was a job-Brad and his friend brought the queen size matteress down and put it on the floor. I slept good.
had a massage but back is bad becuse of all the work -chiro tomorrow, Nice haircut and frost last night.
Dennis is doing better-we told his sister he can't come back to the apt. We cleaned wjhat we could yesterday-the bathroom was the worst and all the dog hair. We will go visit him tomorrow,
Going to bil's to take a shower. The pipes can't be fixed now-not til spring. Brad has water for the toilet and washing your hands. We are like campers!!
Bye-and hi everyone, The dog ate your bandages!! yikes-too funny.
Hope hubby is better, There is a cold going around-our neighbors in Fl have it.

01-22-2009, 02:01 PM
Anne, Sorry about your friends. That's hard ... lost my best friend in the whole world several years ago to leukemia so I know how you feel. She was sick for 2 years before she died.

Well, the cold has finally let up some here. It's 48 out and the sun is shining ... although it's supposed to rain tomorrow. :( No school again today, though. There are still a few spots of snow scattered around. Our school super has no sense. When there is snow on the mountain he closes ALL the schools. There's only ONE school up there but instead of only closing that one he has all the kids in the whole county stay home. But, this is the third superintendent we've had since I've lived here that has done that so I guess they are all dumb! If I were in that position, I'd just close that one school, then if we had too many snow days (which we have done before) they would be the only school that would have to go into the summer to make them up. The board could make that decision if they agreed to. (Or perhaps I should say if they were smart enough to!)

Mima, not having water is rough. Makes me think of how our ancestors had to live ... wonder how they would react if we could bring them back to today's time? I read a book once about a teenage girl who went through a mirror in the attic and changed places with a great-great grandmother or something. They were both in their teens. The one from the past was amazed ... she had never seen a felt-tipped pen. One thing I remember her doing was washing the dishes by hand and putting them "away" in the dishwasher because she thought it was the 'dish-safe'! :p Good book ... title: The Mirror.

Candice ... that toe looks horrible. Makes me hurt just to look at it! YUCK! (Funny about the dog eating your bandages, though). Yes, I think we are a lot alike ... we decided that years ago didn't we? Our dog's names are even alike ... and they both like to eat paper stuff!!! (But at least I don't have a bloody toe) ;)

Kate that soup sounds good ... I'm hungry. I just may try it next week. I'm going to make chicken cassarole tonight. I have praise team practice so that's something I can make and leave on the stove for hubby when he gets home. I have the kids again today since school is out. And they are fighting today. Thank goodness one of them is leaving at 1 to go to a friend's house. Can't stand them all day!

Joanne, hope the doctor gets your hubby straightened out and you don't get that. That's all you need!

Hey Tammy. What have you been up to ... inquiring minds want to know? Read any good books lately? I saw yesterday where Ted Dekker has a new one out that he co-wrote with his editor (I think). It's about a girl who loses her memory and goes home. Then she says if she gets it back she's afraid she will die. Sounds good.

Joanne D
01-22-2009, 02:12 PM
Hello Everybody.. We say the Dr. today. Hubby has a virus. And I am on my way of getting it.. Sore throath (sp) don't feel like looking it up.. We got a double bottle of med incase I get it or have it.. For the cough . has codeine in it. I won't take it unless I have to.. I don't like the sleepy feeling when I can't think clear..
34 degrees here this am. Christie didn't know where to pee with the frost on the ground..She is so spoiled!!!
Back later ...Joanne

01-22-2009, 03:59 PM
Oh boy, such a busy forum today!! Anne, so sorry about your friends. I just lost a close GF here this past year to cancer. She was diagnosed a year ago April with stage 4 and went through 2 weeks of radiation and 1 round of chemo. She was gone in a matter of months. She said she had absolutely no symptoms prior to her hip/back hurting. They discovered it had already metastisized to her bones and there was nothing they could do. It was a devasting thing to watch her go so quickly. I'll be sure to say a prayer for your friend Susan. And thanks for another soup recipe...always need some good cabbage soup recipes! My hubby is Polish (and half French/Canadian) don't you know!!
Candice, I think the splenda is in there to off-set the lemon juice but I am sure you can omit it with no problem. I also love tomatoes, so adding extra couldn't hurt! The calorie count is 80 calories per serving with mine. Good luck with your poor toe! Ouch is all I can say....
Mima, brave you are to be up there in this weather with no water!! My first reaction would be to head for the nearest motel!! Good luck to you and I do hope things work out for your former tenant. Sounds like you might be up there again in the spring to get the pipes fixed.
Meme, I never had children so I am safe where the care-giving thing goes. I was never crazy about being around young children but I do get along well with teenagers and older kids. I also love know, infants? After they turn 2 years old though I don't want to see them again until they reach 14-15. It's a full time job in itself being a parent/grandparent now-a-days. (My kids probably would have never lived passed puberty!) My husband's mother raised all 4 of her grandchildren (his brother's kids) when their mother left. They were very young, too. I think the youngest boy was only 9 months old. I just couldn't imagine it but I guess you just do what needs to be done. All I can say is that my husband is so different from his family. Both his folks are alive (in their 90's) and his brother is now disabled. They all live in Rhode Island so we don't get to see them all that often. Hubby usually gets up there 2X a year. We definitely have a different life from them.
And I leave this forum wishing a speedy recovery to Joanne and her hubby. It's no fun having the "crud" as I call it. I have been fortunate in the sickness department....(knocking on wood here!). Hope everyone stays well.

01-22-2009, 06:36 PM
Kate, the soup sounds good. Might have to give it a try.

Candice, ick to the ouchy toe.

Anne, your soup sounds good too! Maurice is doing great. He is so funny. I went to my first official weigh in last night, and I was down 3 pounds since 2 weeks ago. I am happy. I am eating, not starving myself. Also exercising. So sorry about your friend's brother. Will keep Susan in prayers. Keep us posted.

Mima, I never did like camping. lol

Meme, I've worked for several superintendents over the years, and not too many of them were the brightest when it came to common sense. I've been staying busy with classes at the Y and the 2 bible studies. I just finished 3 books by Beverly Lewis. The first was The Shunning, then The Confession, & The Reckoning. They are about the Amish. I really enjoyed them. Haven't read any Dekker books for a while. RIght now I am reading Truth Teller by Angela Hunt. Good!

Joanne, hope you and hubby feel better. Laughed about Christie and the frost. Maurice was that way when it snowed the first time. Now he just plows right into it.

01-23-2009, 02:44 AM
Happy..I dropped something on the toe, it got bad ,and the doc removed the nail so it could heal. Now it is very painful..the whole foot not just the toe. I have two bad feet now! So not using the treadmill , can't wear my tie shoes. Soup sounds good...I love sopus so will print off both recipes. Our weather has been colder than yours here! Prayers for your friend:)

Meme...gave the dog a bath and now he sleeping...he is pretty easy to bathe but heavy! Your g. kids should be old enough not to fight now huh?

Tammy....great on the loss...Maurice sounds like a cutie.

Joanne...glad hubby is better but now you have to take care of you and him! Christie doesn't like to get her feet wet? NOthing bothers Jazzie!

Kate.....I like babies too but can't hold them with the Firbro...I also like well behaved grandkids here yet just the animals.

01-23-2009, 02:46 AM[1].jpg

He is a clean pup now! Needs a haircut though....but he smells good and is so soft and fluffy:) Not quite dry yet.

01-23-2009, 04:48 PM
So cute!!! This will be the last time I will be on the computer til I get home. I don't mind no water because Brad got some to use the toilet. Went to his bro's last night to showere and then took them out to eat. We owe him big time for everything he did during the storms.
The apt is warm-latest plan is to move down there. Someone is interested in the upstairs. I get to get a new couch and tv on the wall.
We went to see Dennis-he's still in ICU but almost going into a regular room and then rehab.
He wants to come back here but we didn't tell him he can't but he can't. We did bring him a Bible and tried to talk to him about getting him self straight with God etc. He listened a little-he can't talk because of his throat.
Went to chiro today-great!! But he didn't have any accupuncture needles. But he did ultrasound on my foot.
Tomorrow night is a church dinner.
We are going to a motel Tues night near the airport. Then we can close everything down on Tues afternoon. I am going shopping tomorrow with sil and niece and daughter. But it's going to get very cold.
Candice-hope that foot gets better fast, Ouch. And everyone else stay warm. Should be ok when we get back on Wed. I am sorry you are sick Joanne-zinc and vitamin c. Rest!! Bye for now Mima\
ps-I am reading Obsessed and I just finished another one by Dekker . Tell you the name later. Mima

01-24-2009, 06:01 AM
Toe is really just throbs and feels like pins and needles being poked in the nail bed..hope it lets up. It looks better so I do not think it is infected. The soaking still burns alot and it is still draining. It is making my whole foot hurt! OUCH ...OUCH ....OUCH... I can't get much done......been researching it on the net..haven't learned much but you can get fake toenails now, but they have to be glued on! I have looked for them for years for my other toe that has no nail but glueing the skin is a no no..someone said try spirit glue used to apply things to the skin for acting and stuff. Now to find some..........

Hope you all are getting a good nights sleep.Mima..see ya when ya get back!

01-25-2009, 02:39 AM all have a bandoned me!LOL Toe still hurts didn't get much rest, been cleaning and doing laundry and finally got to take a shower and wash my hair., then layed down. Had put a big pot of been soup on and made corn bread for evening meal and ran dishwasher. I was not up when dH got home and he put dirty dishes in the clean dishwasher. (the green clean light was on and I had an extra clean sign magnet thing on the front) How dumb are men anyway..pretty dumb!!!!!!!! They were his dishes after he ate the I made him find them and get then back out and then proceeded
to check allthe other clean dishes before putting them away. He does this allthe time, says he does not see things.......duh.....he just is not looking now if I put a naked woman on everyting he might look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-25-2009, 11:29 AM
Good morning everyone! Candice, so sorry to hear your toe is not getting any better. Those are such sensitive areas (fingers and toes). I myself have two small splits in my fingertips that I am having trouble getting to heal. My hands are forever in water and they just aren't healing up. I tried that "New Skin" liquid to try and "seal" them up but good Lord, does that stuff burn!!! And it just peels right off as soon as my hands get wet again. This cold weather we just had is wrecking havoc with my lips and skin......they are soooo chapped!

At least your hubby makes an effort to put his dirty dishes in the dishwasher! Mine just leaves them on the counter and uses the excuse "I didn't know if the dishwasher was clean or dirty". Men can be such pains....but what would we do without them??
I'm going to put some homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs on for tonight's dinner...with lots of garlic in the meatballs. I cook them for a few hours so they are very tender. No sugar in the sauce but will use some Splenda if the tomatoes are acidic. Of course, this will be served with whole wheat pasta...that's all I eat now. Hubby is getting use to my changes but still has to have his white bread and rolls for his lunches. I'm only dropping a pound a week now but will hopefully be able to boost that with more exercise.
Weather is getting warmer here again. Will be up into the 80's by next Wednesday with humidity. Can't win here, huh? I sure hope the warm weather holds out for all my guests through next month!Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day.

01-25-2009, 11:03 PM
Kate I am watching your weight tracker move and I think it is exciting to see such a loss! You are doing great..I love whole wheat [apsta too and bread...not sure why others do not like it...I prefer it over the white.

Just shoveled snow....yes limping.....but foot not too bad right now...a bit better.

01-26-2009, 09:47 AM
Good morning all. Thanks Candice. I do feel like I should be losing a bit faster but I have to keep in mind that this really isn't a "diet", it's a lifestyle change. I will just have to be patient and concentrate on eating the right foods. I do see some excess "swing" in my upper arms that I need to work on too. As Betty Davis once said: "Getting old isn't for sissys!" or something along those lines.
Need to catch up on housework today as I put off this weekend's stuff. Not too bad around here though so shouldn't take too long. I've been feeling a bit better with the warmer weather too so I better be careful not to overdue. I tend to do just that when I feel good.
It's been quiet in here lately. I hope everyone is keeping well and not having problems travelling with bad weather. I think Mima is due back tomorrow and hopefully the weather will hold out for them. Joanne, Are you still sick? Hope everyone gets back to us soon.

Joanne D
01-26-2009, 11:37 AM
Yes ,I am still sick.. The nights are worse than the days.. I hope no one else gets this.. My daughter called yesterday and said she was sick with the same thing. She thinks I gave it to her via the phone.. She lives in N/Fl. Our son won't come within a mile.. So we are on our own.. Which is a good thing.. I don't feel like being polite...The housework can just wait. It isn't going anywhere.. I am doing good to take Christie out for her business..and heat up a can of soup..I will be better in a couple days. The hubby is already doing better..
I don't eat much pasta.. I do like Whole wheat though..
My wieght is staying good to my goal.. I haven't tried that much to reduce it. The Dr. said it could be the diabetes that causes my weight to go down..and stay down.. I'll take the weight loss any time..
Candice.. Soak your toe in hot epson salts.. I have a lot of problems with ingrown toe nails. When they get bad I just cut out the nail and soak it if is really sore..
Hello Everybody...Need to lay down... Joanne

01-26-2009, 02:32 PM
Candice, loved the picture! Laughed about the dirty dishes into the clean ones. That has happened here too.

kate, my fingers are hurting thinking about yours, like my toes do when I think about Candice's toes.

Joanne, hope you are feeling better soon!

Tim and I went to spend time with his gf and her mom over the weekend. We went shopping, etc. Looked at places for the rehearsal dinner and the reception. Ate out, but I tried to eat as healthy as possible. Right now I am ready for a nap. I had my aerobics class this morning and I have yoga at 4:30.

01-27-2009, 02:17 AM tall are you? I think we all overdo when we feel good..I know I afraid it will not get done (thinking I might have too many bad days ashead).

Joanne....I get worse at night too..feel like I am dying at times when ill. I think we feel so bad due tothe makes event he most comman illness seem really bad. JUST REST AND RELAX.............. I do soak in epsom salt..doc ordered that. It stings really bad........

Tammy....I hurt so much when I here someone else is hurting..I can actullaly feel their pain....but it doesn't last, just comes and goes while they are talking about it.

My foot feels better right now, I dropped something on the toe last night and it hurt all night. Off to bedc my nuerology appt in the morn.

01-27-2009, 05:43 AM
I'm so sorry ... I've been sitting here laughing at you gals ... needed a good laugh. I'm hurting sooooo bad my skin is even burning. It's raining a cold, sleety (is that a word) rain and supposed to snow tomorrow. YUCK!

Sorry you got hubby's crud Joanne. Hope you're feeling better soon! I sure hope my gkids don't bring me any of that stuff. I usually get a good dose of it around this time of year. The choir is doing an Easter Cantata this year and we only have about 10 weeks to practice ... that's only 9 Sundays and there are 8 very long songs. I need my voice. Some of those songs are so high I can't possibly reach the notes. I told my soprano ladies they have to get up there for me. I have an alto voice so I depend on them to hit the high notes. I have a wonderful group this year. I've had 2 practice sessions and everyone has yet to show up. I had 20 Sunday and several were out either sick or out of town so I still don't know for sure how many I'm going to wind up with. I really need a couple more tenors. Anyone like to join us? ;)

I was voted in as Director of Education Sunday Morning. More fun. Plus, hubby is an Elder in the church now so I have responsibility there. We are now searching for a pastor so I was tied up all day Sat. with a possible pastor's wife. They came in from W. VA for an interview so some of the Elder's wives had to entertain 'the wife' while the Elders interviewed the minister then we all went out for lunch. We're supposed to have another one or possibly two this weekend so we'll have to do it all over again ... this time Fri. night, too. We're using our house this weekend. Dread it. Plus, our best friends are going out of town next week and their sixteen yr. old daughter is coming to stay with us. Ain't life grand?

You guys got me to wanting soup now. Guess I'll have to make some tomorrow. Oh well, we're having good soup weather here! I'll make veggie soup, it's easy to make and not too fattening.

Candice, you and your toe. It's never going to get better if you keep dropping stuff on it. Maybe you should get yourself some steel-toed boots or something. :p Our dogs are so much alike. Ginger's ears are a little longer. I got so tickled at her. I turn my bedspread down and leave it at the foot because I sleep 'cross-ways' (from side to side) in the bed and across the top. She sleeps at the foot. I sleep alone in a kingsize waterbed so I can do that. I've been turning the heat down at night so it's pretty cool in the bedroom. She must be getting cold at night because she's been crawling up under the spread. I got her picture with my cell phone one morning when I woke up. I've posted it below.

01-27-2009, 10:09 AM
Good morning everyone! Cloudy here this am and we are supposed to have a few showers...then it is going to heat up and get humid until the weekend. Another cool front coming through then. This weather here is driving me nuts!!:dizzy: Candice, unfortunately I am only 5'2. But for a gal of size, I sure can move around! I am on the go all walking, cleaning, weeding, cooking, etc. Who needs a regular job???? I admit I love being home now after spending all those years working and running a business. Besides, my hubby seems to enjoy having all the little things done for him now like cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. If I go back to work, he will have to "participate" with all that. :kickbutt: And I agree with is that toe going to get better if you keep dropping things on it? Get yourself some steel-toed shoes! are scaring me with your ability to look so far ahead. Easter?? 10 weeks away?? I'm lucky to see to the end of the week....and Spring here in Florida comes with the hot, humid weather. Poor Queenie doesn't like that so much. I wish we could find a way to live "6 and 6" with summers spent back in north country. Alas, hubby's job wouldn't allow for that. Looks like we will have to endure those hot and hazey days until retirement. Off to run some errands. Joanne, I hope you feel better soon and Meme, good luck with your company this weekend. We're going to the neighbors for SuperBowl Sunday. Enjoy the day, gals.

01-27-2009, 08:03 PM
Meme, I like the word sleety so it must be a word. We are getting snow right now, and we could have up to a foot. I'm hoping for the 6 inches instead. I already told Tim that I don't think he is driving to school in the morning. He leaves here at 6:00 on the good days, I can imagine what time he'd have to leave with all of the snow. It just isn't worth it. He can email his professor.
Ginger is adorable!

Kate, I'd like to live part of the year in the south and part up here too.

01-28-2009, 01:10 AM
I guess I just need to go to bed and stay there to protect this stupid toe....had and early appt with nureo, says it is migrane visions but no headache, wanted me to go on topamax too but I said no so he said up my Fibro meds, elavil..I said he said up xanax when I feel stressed by a half, so I said I would.......maybe......if it is just visions and does not cause any pain and it won't hurt me...I do not need more meds......they just make me tired and fat......and then I am tired fat and crabby!!!!!!

Then DH went to the pharmacy so I got groceries while he complained everything was priced to high and he had to get to work, got home carried everything downstairs and decide the toe was feeling good so got on the treadmill...mistake...toe hurts... and my whole left leg is sore I guess from using diff muscles when walking to protect the toe.....go to the foot doc on Thurs.

Snowing here too....

Meme..I think if I had the hair trimmed on Jaz's head his ears would look gin's... she is so cute peeking out. Looks like and angel!

Did you see on the TV show the drs. that they siad sinus and bronchitis is cantagious??????????? Did I hear that worng????????

Kate..I cover my hands at night with cream and gloves....sometimes I forget and they get really sore and the edges crack like yours...put a finger cover on them.....or bandaid with ointment.

Tammy.....Hope Tim staye much did you end up getting?

Made meatloaf for DH tonnight and had a big fruit salad.

Seems like a may have pulled something in my abdomen on the right side, hurts....who knows.....I need to strenghten my core.

01-28-2009, 09:10 AM
Candice, maybe just staying in bed would be a good idea! Next to impossible to do though, right?

Tim did stay home. It is still snowing. Not sure how much we'll end up with. I had to shovel at the back door to let Maurice out, and I know it was at least 8 inches there. A bit much for a dachsund to get through.

Hope you all have a great day! My aerobics class and bible study at the Y have both been cancelled. I'll have to wait and see about the bible study tonight, but I'd assume it will be cancelled too.

01-28-2009, 09:24 AM
Hi guys-changed our tickets to Tues so we are in FL-just saw our plane today was already delayed/ Couldn't sleep wellbecause of being overtired but I am so glad to be home.
Even though we had to go somewhere else for showers, it was a great week. Saw my rheumo and he gave me methotrexate that you take once a week. But you have to have a blood test every month..Worth a try.
I even got some great shoes that you can put orthotics in-very expensive but made for orthotics. They were on sale for 74.
Your poor foot-when I had an ingrown toenail I had to soak mine in epsom salts. Take care of yourself, Candice.
Brad has a cold-I am taking zinc lozenges so if I get it, it might not be too bad. But it's only a cold. We dodn't see Brett and Angela because they had diarrhea and vomiting. Hope you feel better soon, Joanne.
We ate soup at home.
Someone is interested in our upstairs. we are moving into the apt when we get home -if we get a good tenant, we won;t have to sell the house. And we won't have to live in the camper. Our upstairs has a 24 x 24 lr with a large couch and 60 inch tv but we don't have that here and it doesn;t matter.
Everything is new in the apt and I can make it cute. Not much to do-just hang things and put curtains in the windows-
I bet you guys are getting the bad weather. Stay in . Bye Mima

01-28-2009, 11:31 AM
Welcome "home" Mima. Glad to see there were no problems with your trip. You should do a thorough background check on any potential tenant to make sure you don't get stuck with a dead-beat. I know down here in FL, it takes forever to get tenants evicted (and costs so much) that I always thought it was worth the expense to pay the fee for a background check. And I also use that Zicam nasal spray/swabs (gel form) to keep from getting colds that are starting. I think it works wonders! Zicam also makes an allergy spray that I have used and that works as well. That medication you just got is "Rheumatrex". You can look up the drug on This site has great info on medications and their side effects.
Candice, you are so like me in the injury department! And we don't learn to keep still and give things a chance to heal...just keep going and the Eveready Bunny!! My FM has been acting up terribly lately and I think it is the stress of planning for company. As much as I love my friends and sister, I just feel so...."crowded"... (I think that might be the word). I must becoming a hermit in my old age!!! Like Greta Garbo..."I Vant To Be Alone!"
Tammy, I see on the news this morning that the midwest states are getting the terrible cold and snow. I think it is supposed to have moved into New York and eastern areas today. We are suppose to get part of this cold front moving down around Saturday for a couple of days. I can honestly say I do not miss shoveling a path for my dogs to piddle and poop!! Good luck to you and Candice in the snow department! Hubby just called with the latest sale at the local market. They have prime rib roasts on sale and he wants me to run down and get one....good Lord! Men!! Hope everyone enjoys the day!

shrinking me
01-28-2009, 08:22 PM
Hi I am new to 3fc and just found your group I too have FM and for the last 7 months I have not been able to walk with out great pain I put on about 60 lb on top of the 40 + I needed to loose. I finally woke up and joined WW. Any one else out there who can't move ? What are you doing for exersize? I hate to mention it was about 75 today. About me I have 4 kids 3 are on there own. I live with a 14 yo daughter who is finally watching her weight with me. I have 3 standard poodles that are the loves of my life. I thought for a min. I missed having a man around and bought my first boy then a girl and then another boy. I tell my older kids if they don't have kids soon I will get # 4 lol Thanks for listening Victoria PS don't hate me because I am warm:cool:

01-28-2009, 11:14 PM
Mima, it sounds like a good plan for you to make a move when you return north.

Kate, I go to webmd quite a bit.

Victoria, we won't hate you because you are warm, but we might ask if we can come and visit!!

We're dropping into single digits and wind chill below zero tonight. The snow has stopped thank goodness!

01-29-2009, 01:43 AM
Tammy..poor Maurice....he can't be tall enough for that much snow..he would sink right in!

Mima...sounds like a plan...

Kate....accident prone I am....DH love Prime Rib but we do not have it much cause it has so many calories! HIs mom always had it for company. Hope you feel better..I get stressed too when company comes even if it is just for a bit. I feel crappy too now....ready for some warm weather..I know I will come visit you! LOL

Shrinking...WELCOME....boy you have found the right place....FM, Poodles and other pets and weightloss. What colors are your other dogs? My kids are grown and no grandkids yet.......

01-29-2009, 03:30 AM
Hello Shrinking Me. Yes, it does sound like you've found the right board. You should feel right at home here ... and there's lots of room! ;)

Sounds like Tammy is snowed in. I wouldn't mind being snowed in for a few days. It did snow here, and we haven't had school for a couple of days but not enough to actually snow people in so I still have to 'go and do' if you know what I mean.

Good news, (I guess). NO Ministers are coming this weekend. I'm sure there will be some coming later but they all cancelled for this weekend. I, for one, am NOT sorry. My best friend is having a jewlery party Sat. at 2 and I really want to go so now there's nothing to stop me. Only problem is, this puts us further away from getting a new pastor.

Had an awesome youth meeting tonight. Youth leaders met with the Elders before church and we ran a lot of ideas by them. They were very supportive. Then we had about 25 upstairs for our youth meeting (13-18 yr. olds). They seemed very excited. I sang with them for about 10 minutes before class. The Elders met again after church. I went with friends to eat and hubby met us afterward. When we got home hubby had a big surprise for me. He said, "you have 2 weeks to get a 'sermon' ready." I said what are you talking about. He said, "I told the Elder board you would take the Wednesday night service in 2 weeks." Since we don't have a pastor, the men have been taking turns doing the services. I was really surprised. The Wed. night service is from 6:30 to 7:30 and 45 min. of that is a teaching/lecture forum so that's what I will be doing. I've only done this once before for adults - and not as long. Of course I've done it countless times and on many subjects for children and youth but this may be a tough crowd! :p You guys want to come and help me out? You can add enough comments to take up 30 minutes of my time! :D

01-29-2009, 07:32 AM
That's quite a challenge, meme. Go for it. I used to speak at Alanon but I've never done it at church.
Shrinking Me-water exercises are the best to start with.Plus chair dvd's . You def need to move-staying put makes fibro much worse. Last night i went to swim-not for long-and then in the hot tub and put the jets on my back.
Also. massage is great.
We were so happy to be back in FL yesterday. The plane we would hve taken went out 3 hours late but it still got here. But we had a head start.
Southwest Air is the best.
Gotta pay bills today. And the tax stuff is trickling in. I really should get Brad to help me. He could do the business. But I have kept the records so he might get confused.I have a stash in my checkbook with all kinds of money set aside for different things. He will be in big trouble if i go suddenly.
Got good sleep. The other book by dekker is Blessed Child/
Auntie's blood is almost normal-praise God. We went to see her on Sunday and I was playing with her great grandaighter-she told her mother I was there and she was shy but that I had a beautiful new haircut-she's only 3/ and very precocious.
Got to find out what left a centimeter long terd while we were gone. I didn't think there were mice here. We do have pest control/ Any ideas Kate.
Bye for now-hubby is stoll snoring on the couch but I am going to put the tv on anyways. Mima

Happy Canuk
01-29-2009, 10:54 AM
Good morning. Sorry you are having such nasty weather, Tammy and Candice. Glad that it has warmed up for you Kate and Mima. I guess Meme is kind of in the middle. It has been beautiful here in Alberta. Nice and warm, with temps up into the high 30's and today, heading into the 40's. Almost feels like a Spring day.

Mima - sounds like you have a plan. Hope you like living in a basement, because I sure don't. They always smell musty and that gets my allergies going, so I try to stay away from them. I am REALLY, REALLY sensitive to mold and must. Glad you made it back to Florida safely, and that you find out what kind of beastie you have around. I hope it isn't a RAT! We don't have those here, thank goodness.

Candice. Perhaps you need to go buy one of those metal thingys that they use for fingers to protect them, and put one on your toe; or just STOP doing the things you aren't supposed to be doing so it can heal!

Meme - that sounds like a little bit of a challenge for you. Have fun with it. Also, have fun at the jewelry party.

Kate - Did you go find the roasts at the market? I like to have company for a day or two, but then I like to get back to MY "normal" whatever the heck that is :lol:

JoAnne - Ihope you are feeling better. You had better be resting!

Welcome Shrinking me. Some days are harder than others to move around, depending on whether or not the FM is in the legs. When that happens, each leg feels like it weighs a ton and they are soooo hard to move.

My foot is still really sore, so I guess it's back to the Dr. The Celebrex has NOT helped it at all. I need this fixed because I have a hard time walking for long, or being on my feet.

Love the pics of the dogs. They are so cute. Makes me wish I had one - NOT! I like to come and go as I please now, without worrying about pets, and I HATE to bother others to care for them when I am gone. I do, however, miss having one every now and then.

Have a good day, everybody.

01-29-2009, 12:32 PM
Good morning everyone! And welcomed to the "FM club", Victoria. Mima is right about staying active...don't just sit because you will stiffen up and have difficulty moving around. I am doing a lot of stretching with a yoga DVD. That helps a bit as does just walking with my "Queen". I try to concentrate on my posture when I walk, too. You know, suck in the gut and tuck in the butt! I tried Celebrex for about 3 weeks and like Anne, I didn't get enough relief from it to make it part of my medication routine. Even the Tramadol with Advil is not working as well as it had in the beginning. I have a doctors appointment at 1 pm and will mention this to him. Unfortunately, I don't know what is left out there that could help. Having the stenosis in my lower spine is what has been giving me a lot of problems lately but don't have a clue what the treatment could be for that. I'm almost afraid to ask at this point! I would love to schedule a massage regularly but the extra expense isn't possible right now. Too bad insurances wouldn't cover that!
Mima, I'm thinking maybe gecko poop? But then again, it might be too big for that. If it were mice or rats, I would think there would be more than one turd; where geckos only have the "one" . If I think of another critter, I'll let you know. I still have a "tax person" do my yearly returns. I never got into doing my own taxes because of the business where we needed someone with tax experience. I just don't want to learn anything more about bookwork at this point in my life. I take care of all the finances in our house too. I do try to keep hubby informed on where things are and how much just in case. He probably has his own little stash somewhere knowing him! He's tighter than bark on a tree, I swear! He's a hard-working man but he has always loved having money in his pocket too.
Meme, good luck with your sermon. Wish I had some suggestions for you but I was never good at the public speaking thing. I'm sure you will do well up there though. You seem very devoted to your church and that positive attitude makes the difference.
Didn't make it to the store yesterday. The housework took longer than expected so I need to go right after Dr.s visit today. I'm not crazy about red meat, would rather eat chicken 7 nights a week...but hubby loves his beef. I'll indulge him because it is on sale! Hope everyone enjoys their day....and Joanne, hope you are feeling better. Kate

shrinking me
01-29-2009, 02:06 PM
Thank you everyone for your nice comments. To answer a few questions I have 3 standard Poodles 1 black boy and brown male and female. My brown boy is Poo Bear he is huge 65 lb at 8 months my girl is small 50 lb and only 23" her name is Bell Well you ring my Bell Tootsy. They are sooo sweet to me. It has been hard to walk them a lot with the FM attacking my legs. The more I do the more I hurt.
This is about the 3rd time it has gone into my legs the last time I weighed in at 130lb so I am not beating myself up about the weight. Although it sure will help everything to get it off.
I pray each day for all who are suffering in this weather and yes your all invited for a visit.
Is there any way the turd is a bug??? Could you have brought it in at the bottom of a shoe or package
I Broke 240 yea!

01-29-2009, 05:50 PM
Schools were closed again today, and it's not looking good for tomorrow. Most of the main highways are clear, but they are having trouble getting all of the other roads cleared. We have a huge mound of snow piled up in the middle of our cul-de-sac. Tim backed into it earlier today when he wasn't paying attention. We went uptown for lunch. That's the first I've been out since Monday and I was ready to see people!

Meme, I think it would be fun for us all to show up and help you out!

Anne, it does sound nice in Alberta. Maybe I'll come and visit tonight.

Kate, one of the older women in my water aerobics class used to call out "suck and tuck" all the time. I had forgotten about that till I read your comment.

Victoria, I have a 6 month old chocolate dapple dachsund named Maurice. He is right about 10 pounds now. He is so funny, and he definitely keeps me entertained. Congrats on breaking 240!

I'm 5'8", and I'm hoping to get down to 170 or so. My doctor thought that would be good for me. I'm 53 years old.

01-30-2009, 12:25 AM
Well, we are stuck again. Our county is on a Level 3 Emergency which means only emergency personel are permitted on the roads. If you are out, you can be arrested. It is snowing and blowing again, and many roads are drifting shut, even the main roads. We've had at least 13 inches of snow in the past couple days before this new stuff started. I'm supposed to have class at the Y in the morning, but I'm sure it will be cancelled even if we go down to a Level 2. I'm tired of winter.

01-30-2009, 03:20 AM
Well, my toe was feeling alot better untill the doc messed with it...or his assistant, they gave me some stuff to put on it after it heals tohelpthe new nail grow better but said it might not grow right and they will have to work on it some more.

Had to shovel to get out today, the plow was supposed to come but they didn't....then it drifted and had to shovel when I got home. Good exercise but I have to wear boots and it puts pressure on my that is not good. I am supposed to wear open toe things right Birks work good int he house but not snow. will do fine with your lecture sermon. I remember back when growing up on youth Sunday....I always had to do something and I am terribly shy and not a public speaker at all.....hated speech class in HS and college.

Happy..our other basement was awful damp and so far so good, but there is a lot of light that comes in because the back of the house is open. I can't stand the musty smell either.

Mima.....DH pays most of the bills here I am just responsible for the ones I run up! LOL....I keep telling him to make me alist so I know what there is if her goes before me......he has not done it yet. best stay put...we don't want ta have ta come bail ya out now!:)

Kate..what's a greco..a lizard? Men love their red meat. WE do not eat it and turkey and chic here.

Shrink.....those are big dogs!!!!!!!!! Do they live in the house with you and sleep in the bed?.....Yes the FM is not will have allkinds of pains and stuff that know one else can understand so just come here and tell us! The brain fog is the worst!:D

01-30-2009, 06:11 AM
Good morning. There were a lot of terds. I vacced them up and there are no new ones so I will save one to show the bug ldy when I see her. We did have a skink-gecco like creature-in the house before. It was only when we were gone that it happened.
I do not do my own taxes-just get the stuff ready o mail to the acct. That;s a job in itself. I want to get all the deductions.
The apt is not in the basement-we don't have one. You walk in and it's right there. It did have some mold when the ac wasn't on last year . I didn't have any trouble last week. It's filthy so I will pay someone to clean it when we get water.
I have been fighting a UTI all week-time to call the doc as it woke me up.
Brad has a wicked cough so maybe he will join me. Knock on wood-I haven't been bothered by the trees,
I have exercises for the spinal stenosis, Kate. Best thing is electrical stimulation from chiropractor but it doesn't last. I do exercises every day amd that helps. Simple ones. I have to pick up my new med and take it once a week.
Bye for now-Mima Oh Tammy-that's rough weather!!!!

01-30-2009, 10:47 AM
Good morning everyone! Raining like crazy here this morning but I won't complain...we desperately need the water. The lawns look terrible right now. Mima, watch out for those "skank-geckos"...they are poisonous to animals if ingested. Horrible vile little slithery things! Regular geckos don't bother me...I have them all over my patio and house. They eat the little bugs up! Yum yum! Savage amusement was to sit in the garage and watch them run out in the driveway to snag a tiny beetle.
I used to dread getting ready for taxes! Hated it and was always waiting until the last minute to get things over to the accountant. I've gotten better now that we simplified our life. I'm just waiting for all the "year-end" paperwork to arrive so I can schedule an appointment. My understanding is you are suppose to receive everything (w-2s, bank statements, etc) by Jan 31st but a grace period for 1 week to allow for mailing. If I don't have all my statements by Feb 7th, I'll start making some calls. I like the feeling of having the tax stuff done and over with. Guess I will have to break down and go back to the chiropractor. Things have been very stiff and I have limited mobility now. The doc gave me Celebrex again but a higher dose. My choices are very limited at this point. I need to get back to exercising but the discomfort really sets me back. Maybe getting some adjustments will get me back on track.
Mima, drinks some cranberry juice everyday...that will help with the UTI.
Tammy, is your dachsund a mini or standard? My GF, who will be visiting next week, has two minis. One is that new "Isabella Fawn" color and she is quite the little huntress! I have a big love of dogs...all animals actually but especially dogs. I've had horses, cats, dogs, bunnies. Age and space now limit me to dogs. Hang in there with that awful weather....wish I could offer you a warm spot but it appears "the inn" is going to be full soon! Lord, give me strength!
Victoria, standard poodles are a favorite with me. I'm going to check out the local rescue group here and see what they are up to. Queenie is a Great Pyrenees and all I can handle right now but one never knows! Poodles were originally bred as water dogs for hunting. But I bet you knew that, huh?
Off to get my errands and chores done. Would love to make time for a haircut but not today! Hopefully hubby will have a full two day weekend for a change so we can get things done tomorrow and enjoy the superbowl on Sunday. Enjoy the day ladies! And stay warm in snow country!

01-30-2009, 12:00 PM
Candice, if I go to jail will you send me a cake with a file in it?? lol They just lifted the level 3, but to a level 2. It's still nasty, but at least it's daylight now and you can see when you are driving into a snowdrift. Great, huh? Be careful with anymore shoveling!

Mima, I used to do our taxes all the time, but a few years ago we had someone else start doing them. Things were getting confusing.

Kate, according the the vet, Maurice is inbetween sizes. I know I've seen smaller ones than him and larger ones. Our dachsund we had before was the same way. He was 15 pounds full grown, and I think that's what Maurice will be. His mother was 10 pounds, and his dad was 15 pounds. I'd love to see your friend's dogs.

I called my eye doctor to make sure they are open. I am supposed to pick up new frames. I got new ones with new lens a couple weeks ago, and the bridge was crooked so they had to order new ones for me. Tim is going with me so I don't have to drive by myself. I promised him food! lol right now he is still in bed. Lazy kid!!

I need to go to some exercises and jump in the shower. No Y classes since Monday. I really missed going Wed. morning and this morning.

01-30-2009, 08:59 PM
Hi My name is Eleni and a few of you know me as Joanne's sister.
I just wanted to let you know that Joanne is in the hospital with pneumonia in the critical care unit. She is being treated and hopefully will go to a regular room tomorrow. They thought she may have had a slight heart attck but now they say no she did not have a heart attack.I will get an update to you as soon as I have more news.She is doing ok but very uncomfortable.
PS.Tammy I have lost your email address.If you still have mine please send me a short note so I have your address.

01-31-2009, 12:46 AM
Eleni, I sent you a message, but it came back as undeliverable. I'll send you a private message on here.

01-31-2009, 06:48 AM
Don't know if this will work???
Poor Joanne-tell her i will pray.
I got a script for the UTI but don't think it's strong enough-have to go to the urologist next week.
I have to close the books for Brad's business and get everything together to send to the acct. I never do the taxes myself-too many new rules every year.
Still getting up way too early and now it's cold/.
I have cranberry pilld and I should have been taking them.
Hope you get out soon tammy. Bye for now-Mima

01-31-2009, 06:48 AM
Did not work. Mima

01-31-2009, 10:04 AM
Mima, keep us posted on what the urologist says. I've never had a UTI, so I don't know what you are dealing with.

I think we are now down to a Level 1, but there are still roads that aren't passable. I know the road crews have been working nonstop, but there are so many little back roads to cover. Yesterday morning a woman was going to work, slid off the road into the ditch a couple miles from here. A man stopped to help her, and he stole her purse and took off! What a jerk!!!

Hope everyone is doing well, and let's all keep Joanne in our prayers!

shrinking me
01-31-2009, 11:56 AM
Kate, my late brother love the Great Pyrenees too. My poodles are still water dogs you should see what they do with their water dish. My cats are Maine Coons who also love the water so we have a lot of fun keeping the floors dry.
Eleni your sister is is my prayers it is amasing how much are bodies go through. Even the fact that we make fat out of the calories we don't use is amazing and that we can loose it is even more wonderful.
I "Treated" my self to fast food I had the WW points and used them for a small burger and sm fry and one very large upset tummy. I can't believe I ate so many dollar burgers before and never felt a thing it just goes to show how eating good for you food leads to more good food.
Your all so great I hope you get warm soon.
BTW This is my girl Bell.

01-31-2009, 12:04 PM
Good morning everyone.....a very chilly morning here with high winds. Nice and sunny though! :sunny:

Poor Joanne! I do hope she has a speedy recovery. Eleni, please let her know "the FM ladies in the room" are thinking of her! :getwell:

Mima, hope that UTI gets better fast. Sometimes it takes several days for the meds to work. I have only had 1 in my lifetime and that was enough!

Tammy, I just couldn't imagine being caught up in all that snow again. As difficult (hot & humid) as the summers can be here in Florida, I have resigned myself to that in favor of a pleasant and snowless winter! I used to enjoy the changing of the seasons when I lived in New England and probably still could admit to loving the spring and fall up there, but I couldn't handle those winters again. I do wish you the best in the "snow belt?" area though. :snow4:

Candice, hope your toe is doing better. I had a tough night last night myself and only got about 5 hours sleep. My celebrex script should be here in a few days (I use a mail order pharmacy) and hopefully the higher dose will work. I am truly tired of being in pain all the time. I may have to find another who takes health insurance here to get some relief. I just hate going through all that "getting-to-know-the-new-patient" crap, know what I mean? Off to clean the kitchen. Hubby is home until Monday morning which means the kitchen will be busy all weekend. I hope everyone stays warm and enjoys the rest of the day.

Happy Canuk
01-31-2009, 12:56 PM
Hello everybody.

Eleni - please let Joanne know we are thinking about her and wishing her a quick recovery.

Mima - hope you have a quick recovery as well from the UTI. Do you take probiotics? So many FMers have yeast problems, and they can sure be the cause of a UTI, so they say. Did you find your new pet yet?? :lol:

Kate - Today is NOT a good winter day for me. It has warmed up considerably, and has been around 42F. We had RAIN the other day - not freezing rain, just plain old rain - unheard of for January in Alberta. Outdoor hockey games were cancelled - WE MADE HISTORY!!! January is behind us now, and we are a month closer to Spring. The weather is changing all over the world. Poor people in Australia and New Zealand, having temps of 115F + I would literally DIE in that heat. Don't do well in heat, I am afraid. I like it around 75 - a perfect temp for me.

I don't know what the Celebrex will do for FM. I don't think it does anything for much! Took it when it first came out, and felt exactly the same way. Hope it works better for you. Joanne doesn't have FM, but she does have OA.

Shrinking me - I have never been a lover of fastfood and rarely go to those places. In fact, I mostly eat at home. When I do eat out, I end up with stomach problems - too much fat I think. When you have been eating right, your body sure lets you know when it is unhappy about something.

Tammy - glad your roads are open. I don't think I have ever seen our closed, where we could not drive. They just pull out the ploughs and go to work. We are always winter ready here :lol:

Everybody have a good day. I am having an FM day today. The weather has warmed up, rain is around and the humidity is causing me PAIN!!!! So tired as well, but that COULD be from working 3 days this past week. I am not getting younger, I guess. Still, I enjoy it, so I will continue.

Hi Candice and meme

02-01-2009, 07:56 AM
Shrinking, love the picture of Bell! Good for you for having the fast food since you wanted it, but making a wise choice with it. Too bad it made you feel icky, but now you now how eating healthy can make you feel better, right?

Kate, I do enjoy the changing seasons too, but as I get older the snow and ice isn't so pretty any more. It hurts!

Anne, I'm with you about the 75 degree temp. I could handle that. When it gets cold, I hurt. I don't hurt so much when it is warmer, but I just don't like it. I've lived in this area all my life, and I've never seen the roads closed like this. It's amazing! In Jan. l978 we had a blizzard that closed roads for days, but this isn't nearly like that. One of my friends drives a snow plow. I saw him last night for a while, and he is totally exhausted.


Joanne seemed a little better today but it can still go any way.She was sleeping and I got her to eat a small pudding. Hopefully she will be noticeably better when I go tomorrow. Please keep her in your prayers as she is very ill.

I think I'll go back to sleep for a short bit, and then get up and decide if I'm going to venture to church. I think most of those roads should be cleared. I HOPE they are cleared if I go!

Have a great day all!

02-01-2009, 07:56 AM
Shrinking, love the picture of Bell! Good for you for having the fast food since you wanted it, but making a wise choice with it. Too bad it made you feel icky, but now you now how eating healthy can make you feel better, right?

Kate, I do enjoy the changing seasons too, but as I get older the snow and ice isn't so pretty any more. It hurts!

Anne, I'm with you about the 75 degree temp. I could handle that. When it gets cold, I hurt. I don't hurt so much when it is warmer, but I just don't like it. I've lived in this area all my life, and I've never seen the roads closed like this. It's amazing! In Jan. l978 we had a blizzard that closed roads for days, but this isn't nearly like that. One of my friends drives a snow plow. I saw him last night for a while, and he is totally exhausted.


Joanne seemed a little better today but it can still go any way.She was sleeping and I got her to eat a small pudding. Hopefully she will be noticeably better when I go tomorrow. Please keep her in your prayers as she is very ill.

I think I'll go back to sleep for a short bit, and then get up and decide if I'm going to venture to church. I think most of those roads should be cleared. I HOPE they are cleared if I go!

Have a great day all!

02-01-2009, 07:57 AM
Someone please start a new thread. I can't seem to find how to do it.
Hope Joanne is better. Talked to Dennis sister and they are going to move him to a nursing home after he has some kind of operation? he is also trying to get him into subsidized housing.
I get UTis because I have a urethral diverticulun. Which means the bacteria collects. That is why I have to see the urologist and yes I take probiotics. I actually bought something for ibs in Walmart.
Church and Sunday school and out to eat? Hang in there Tammy-what a creep to steal her purse.I hope Joanne is getting better, Mima

02-01-2009, 10:16 AM
Hi everyone...started a new thread...please go to #181....don't know how to "sticky" the thread yet