Support Groups - "Every-Day" 21-Day Challenge -- Fresh start for the new year!

01-04-2009, 01:33 AM
Okay, everyone, as is the tradition, I start a new thread when I personally start a new challenge.

Below is a short explanation of how this challenge works so all you newcomers can take a look and decide if you're game or not! I hope you are! Hop aboard and enjoy the ride. We've got a great bunch of supportive people, so I hope you'll give us a try. A lot of people try for a while and then disappear.. I hope some of you will keep trying. There is NO shame in starting over. Remember, it's not over till you give up. And our motto around here is:

NEVER GIVE UP!!...Just start OVER!!


It works like this: you decide you'll do something for 21 days straight, every single day, so keep it doable. Then you count through 21.....and if you flub it, you MUST go back to zero and start over again. Everyone will be on different days. You can start anytime. At the beginning of the challenge you declare what level it is -- Level 1, 2, or 3. Level 1 means you feel it's a relatively easy challenge for you and means you only give yourself ONE pause day (see explanation of pause days below). Level 2 would give you two pause days and so on...
And taking NO pause days is what I'm going to call "aceing a challenge," as in "I'm aiming on aceing this one!" Yowzah!! :cb:

With a pause day you pause in your counting and continue the next day with the number you left off with. Pause days are NOT substitutes for days, i.e. Day 12 -- Day 13 -- Pause Day -- Day 14..... I suggest taking a pause day late in the game (better to go back to Day 1 early on) if you need a break or screw up when you're well into the challenge, meaning, when you're on Day 15 or something like that.

In any case, the trick is to keep going. The momentum builds and it's great incentive to stick to your guns, cause if you don't.........back to START you go. :( And the really great thing about this challenge is that you are forming new habits that will wipe out the old! AND, you get to do it with a great bunch of really supportive people to whom you are accountable! :grouphug:


In the interest of maintaining structure, a sense of solidarity and facilitating support I ask anyone who wishes to join this thread to please strive to follow the following guidelines while participating in this challenge and in posting.

1. Although this is a fabulous support group, the focus is to be on your CHALLENGE/S and/or other people's challenge/s AND weight loss, whether your challenge is about it or not. Please keep the challenge a priority, although we welcome chattiness! :lol: This means tell us what day you're on when you post and it's a good idea to make regular mention of just what your challenge is. This an action-based thread. Our members are ON a challenge, RESTARTING a challenge, or just in between and looking to start up again REAL SOON. ;) We also welcome posts from admirers, encouragers, and old friends!

2. Please refrain from posting food logs or recipes, except where you are really looking for help and advice on your eating. If journaling is your challenge, please keep the journaling off the thread and in a notebook or blog and just tell us if you've done what you set out to do. We have ALL types of dieters here, low-carb, high-carb, low-fat, high-fat, vegetarians, meat-lovers...please use simple mentions if you have something you want to share and then links and/or private messages to do so.

3. Please do NOT go into glowing accounts of any slipups, food indulgences or binges, what we here call "food porn." Simple mentions are fine, but use of smilies :censored: :tape: etc. as substitutes where possible is encouraged.

4. Please keep this a secular thread. Of course, passing references to your beliefs, a bit of introduction about your beliefs, brief faith-related words of encouragement are fine. :angel:

5. Please show support, support, support! This is key. :grouphug: You can waffle on about yourself but please, at least occasionally,come up and look around at others and what they are doing and MENTION it with words of encouragement and/or praise or sympathy. We understand "busy," poor computer connections, and bouts of self-pity and life problems where the focus turns to "me" and dealing with those problems, but these should be temporary, not a habit! ('cept in the computer case.)

In conclusion, let me say, the above are just that, GUIDELINES. Please realize that these guidelines have been added in an attempt to keep this a supportive and beneficial thread, at the LEAST, to those who need it MOST, those for whom weight loss is the hardest and, more often than not, the most crucial as well as for those who still, perhaps despite great success, know all too well that the road they walk will always be a slippery one. :^:

The guidelines are also meant to cultivate an atmosphere of consideration and concern for ALL, not individually, but AS A GROUP.

Well, all's said. Please join us!! :wave:

01-04-2009, 01:48 AM
Well, people, if I could I would never drink again in my life. I got so drunk yesterday at the party and though it was fun for a while, today certainly doesn't feel fun. Oh well, it's done. It's gone and it's time to try to slog on to my next's not going to be easy. :(
Here's where I stand before counting today (Sunday)

No Booze
Day 16/0 complete 2 pauses taken/none left --starting new streak Jan. 4 -- longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 18/60 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) second round completed Dec. 16
No Sugar
postponed -- longest streak 48 days (to Dec. 25)
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 12/53 no pauses allowed, second round completed Dec. 22


Cyndi -- Glad you like the photos. That's what it looked like yesterday. I only took a video on my phone so won't post anything. I guess it was good I drank but I made a mess of things because the alcohol just hit me like a ton of bricks. Not eating and not drinking recently just has me NOT able to drink like I used to. Oh well, that is a GOOD thing.
So, what's the bird of the day? Is that a sparrow or something more exotic? It's not a wren, is it? Hmm...
Your challenges sound good and great going on that choco save. Yes, a pause AND only two squares??! Wow. Pauses to me, unfortunately, still mean excuses to binge. Not good. One question, if you melt the chocolate, can you then say you've met your challenge? Oh, wait...that's my way of doing things.... ;) Just kidding!! Good luck! :goodluck:
As for me being "back on track" or not, I'd have to say NOT quite yet. I am quite hungover and naturally depressed and my skin is driving me crazy....or is it the other way around?

Everyone else, hope to see you over here soon. Apple, good to see you again! mod, Sunni, Shy, Quix, Tech, miriam, how goes it? :wave:

Apple Blossom
01-04-2009, 02:52 AM
Cool idea, Red. New year, new thread. So I guess I'll come up with some challenges...
I think my key to success will be exercise, so
10 minute run daily, 2 pauses allowed
20 min additional exercise, 2 pauses allowed
Daily crunches, 2 pauses allowed
We went bird watching today too! But I spent most of the time in the car with my sick daughter, while the rest of the group took a short hike. I saw grebes, coots, mergansers & egrets. One lone ibis. A few hawks. It was a beautiful day.

01-04-2009, 05:50 PM
Morning all. Hope to see more people over here soon. Apple, good to have you back and best of luck!
I am in a bad slump, very bad. Just going to have to pull out bit by bit.

No Booze
Day 17/1 complete 2 pauses taken/none left --starting new streak Jan. 4 -- longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 19/61 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) second round completed Dec. 16
No Sugar
postponed -- longest streak 48 days (to Dec. 25)
Write-it-down Challenge
starting over Day 0

Apple Blossom
01-05-2009, 02:08 AM
No slump, Red. You are on track to complete 2 very difficult challenges. No slump.
I completed day 1 of all my exercise challenges. Yay. I probably didn't run for 10 minutes with out stopping, since I brought a dog and of course she has to stop here and there. But I prob ran for close to 20 total. I haven't taken this new dog for many walks since we got her 2 months ago. She HATES cars and freaks when ever one goes by. Need to work on that. It's especially bad at night. Eating today was OK. I need to come up with a simple eating challenge too. Maybe no dessert or something.
Hope everyone comes back soon! My life returns to a bit more routine with the kids back in school, if thats the case for the rest of you, well, here we go again!

01-05-2009, 08:12 AM
Thanks, Apple, I needed that. I'm doing bad with the sugar, but I was glad just to be able to go into work today that's how depressed I am. It's the skin and the incessant itching and all. I may just have to go the steroid route again. It seems to be the only thing that knocks it back. Even two months off alcohol didn't get rid of it. Anyhow, congratulations Apple, for liftoff! :bravo:
I couldn't believe it. Though the thought of drinking was making me sick, I was still mentally entertaining the idea. After a day in the office I wanted to drink. I know. Insane.
With smoking, I could listen to the ill feeling. Gave away a bunch of lighters...

No Booze
Day 18/2 (second number is straights days) complete 2 pauses taken/none left --starting new streak Jan. 4 -- longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 20/62 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) second round completed Dec. 16

Where is everyone? :listen:

01-05-2009, 09:01 AM
Good morning Red & Apple.

Red - Sounds like you've had just one stress after another lately :( It's absolutely amazing and impressive that you stayed away from those cigs. Now to get everything else back. Is today Day 1 for you? Sounds like the skin problem is ongoing. Are there any alternative treatments that work or is it just the steroids? I'm going to see a naturopath in a couple of weeks to check into diet and other environmental stuff for myself. I've got a real issue with inflammation and don't want to take any of the favored drugs. Not sure if I'll get any good info but it's worth a try. I've got to restart one of my challenges too because I messed up so let's get back on track together. I know you can do it! Heck, You're my role model :carrot:
Oh, and the bird is a Northern Hawk Owl, very cool bird I've always wanted to see. We just got a quick look so will probably try again if it hangs around for awhile.

Apple - I read your post while drinking my first cup of coffee and thought your dog had a problem with cars and freaks. You'd never get anywhere here with a dog like than :rofl: Great job with the exercise challenge :cp:

Well I messed up my exercise challenge and need to start over :( I was so tired after driving 11 hours yesterday that I just fell asleep the minute I hit the pillow so no stretches or exercises of any kind for me.

My Challenges:
* Chocolate Challenge, Rnd 2 - No solid chocolate, 1/3 serving sized pauses. First challenge completed 12/20. 7/21 - used 1 pause

* Grain Challenge - Limit of 3 grain servings per day, 1 pause used.8/21

* Exercise challenge, Rnd 2 - yoga, weights or stretches every day (cardio is assumed). 1 pause First round completed 12/22.
Restarting because of extra pause used! 0/21

* Journal Challenge, Rnd 2 - Journal everything that goes into my mouth,no pauses. First round completed 12/27 . 8/21

**A new, very necessary challenge - No more than 1 serving size of nuts or nut butter daily. I'm calling this the Stay out of the Jar with a Spoon Challenge ;) No pauses allowed! 0/21

That's it from here. Just another day back at work but starting late because of freezing rain. It's been that kind of winter.

01-05-2009, 10:51 AM
Something has been wrong with my 3FC - I haven't been able to access the site for ages!! I kept getting a "access forbidden" notification!!! GRRRRRR

01-05-2009, 12:31 PM
Oh hi guys! New thread--thank god! I needed it. Red--I have been having a rocky start to the new year, as well--really I have been pretty much within guidelines as far as total calories or not over-eating, but have given in to alcohol nearly every day since New Year's eve, and also much more sugar and fat than I was used to. Needless to say, I've felt alternately up and down, full of energy sometimes, and extreme lack of it at other times. Combined with the post-holiday blues, some depression from the bad eating/drinking has been interfering with my resolution for exercise. Yesterday--I resolved to get back on track--hit the swim class for 1 hour, 20 minutes and ate MUCH better! So I woke up today already feeling a little happier and more optimistic.

And by the way, I agree with Cyndi--I love hearing about the cultural stuff you encounter as a normal course of life there--it's so fun to have on-line friends from all around the world, hmmm? Your informational tidbits are every bit as good as a travelogue--which I spend way too much time reading on the web sometimes!! Or watching--(does anyone else like watching Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations"? New shows start this week--yaay!!)

Apple--great to see you! New dogs are so fun, and really a good motivation for some activity, huh? I hope she gets used to cars, though, for your outside runs--some dogs are naturally a bit nervous about some stuff. Our neighbor's standard poodle is quite timid and spooks easily--luckily we live in a very quiet neighborhood.........

CyndiM--11 hours driving?!?! Wow, you were motivated to go see that bird, huh? Or was that combined with some other purpose as well, like coming home from a few days away?

Miriam--Hey girl! I was wondering where you were! I hope you've gotten that computer glitch worked out now! How have you been amidst all the drama going on over there? Try to stay sane.......

Well, off to do a short run around the neighborhood with a dog or two, before going into work only a half-day today--oh well, at least that's better than no work at all! Keeping my fingers :crossed: about more work opportunities in this new year, though!!......

01-06-2009, 06:36 AM
Hi all. The day started out bad but I forced myself out to the riding club with the promise I would work from home today on a story. Well, the latter hasn't materialized yet but the deadline is still a bit away...I really needed the break. Things have been very stressful at work with lots of new crises and worries. I am not good at rolling with the punches until they become familiar....hmmm, that doesn't sound too nice....but, anyhow, break is justified. I needed it for my sanity!
AND, I think I'm finding my groove again!! Not quite this good yet, but I'll be there soon!!

I made vegetable juice for the third day in a row. I'm hoping I can still get my skin better with lots of vitamins and minerals.
I bought a new budget book and datebook and plan to use them both this year!

I sent a dreaded email explaining why I had to back out of a job offer...I have been losing LOTS of sleep over this recently, but I just can't justify leaving the job I'm in now, no matter how stressful it is, it IS a job and here we had big reminders of how bad things already are. The past few days, with me in a slump, I still kept thinking of all the men, some 500 of them who suddenly lost their jobs that were through agencies and were camped out in central Tokyo. Here they were moving to the park that offered to give them a place to sleep.

They've moved them now to better lodging and many companies have come forward with offers of work, but it's scary. I still have mine and I better stick to it for the time being. Opportunities come but this may have been an opportunity to recognize poor timing when I see it instead of a job I should lunge at.

Oh, and for the culture bit for today. The old woman by the riding club (she must be 86 by ow) called me in to the fields for a big radish (daikon). I couldn't turn her down. She has so many of them and was trying to give them away. They were huge! The one I got was relatively small (like the ones pictured here on this photo from the Net) and weighed over 8 lbs! I don't even like them all that much so I gave it to the neighborhood fish shop people. I often do. They always feed one of my cats who goes begging delectable bits of grilled fish, sashimi and all sorts of delicacies. No wonder she's nearly 12 lbs herself! The shops here are mostly open to the outside and my one cat sits under the parked car nearby and waits for them to notice her, which they always do. They're looking for her! Such sweeties. Now, how do you like this, Elvis followed by unemployed and homeless to an old man holding Japanese radishes....hmmm, no I have NOT been drinking.

Cyndi -- Thanks. Your words meant a lot to me. It felt good to have someone giving me a bit of sympathy and praise. I LAP it up like a starved dog. I also started taking spirulina again yesterday. I ordered some from the States. My brother used to send it and maybe it helped. Who knows? I'll try any sort of superfood. I think my eating is actually very poor. I just don't get the fruits and vegetables that I used to these days. Did you get a better look at the owl? I actually meant the bird in your avatar. What's that one? Too bad about the exercise challenge but kudos for just starting over again, no song and dance...'cept that would probably count as exercise too! :lol: I hear you on the p.b. challenge. I used to be really bad there too, though not recently. I go through phases. Nut butters are very hard to stop at just one serving. I mean, come on, 1 serving is only enough for like ONE cracker!! :dunno: :shrug: :?:

miriam -- Glad to see you again! How are you?!?!? It must be scary there. Is Hamas still sending rockets over? I haven't been following it closely I'm afraid. I hope you're not in an area that is under attack. I wish both sides would just STOP with the violence!!

modcat -- Well, I have to admit I'm glad I'm not alone on the rocky beginning to 2009. As I said, here I definitely was not, but still, it was getting me down. Of course, here too, I think the drinking and poor eating was really depressing me. Then again, I started feeling bad before I had the two days of drinking, so I don't know. Like I said, skin is so bad. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed the cultural stuff. Well, actually it's just my life here. Good work on the swimming and 'm glad to hear you're feeling better too. Forward, march, eh?!!!! :dancer:

01-06-2009, 12:56 PM
Hi guys! Well, I'm like Red, slowly getting back into my groove, but I'm not posting any challenges until after my birthday, because there is just too much else going on this week. I have 2 friends who have b-days this week also--both want to go out and celebrate! One just one-on-one, one as a couple with me and DH out for football on Saturday. Oh yeah, and the football! Playoffs, both Saturday and Sunday games, going out to watch and eat with friends, ARGH!!

See how many excuses I have for not being accountable? I am just going to wait until after this week-end to post my new challenges--I can't wait forever. Suffice to say I am trying to exercise most days now again and NOT overeat or over-indulge in anything. But need to give myself a couple of pauses coming up here quick so I'll just wait.......

Red--you know I share the same birth DAY as Elvis, right? (Not the same year, haha....) I know several people who were crazy about him, including my cousins, my aunt, and DH's grandma. He is so retro and campy he's almost cool again, ya' know? I have to confess I did tour Graceland once, it was very interesting....and I sometimes find myself watching an old movie of his I find on cable, they are a fascinating insight to another time.....

That's really sobering to see that long line of men that are jobless. And homeless, also? Wow, it really is a global economy, isn't it? When we collectively decide to stop spending, buying stuff, it affects everyone, and it is a never-ending spiral, as more companies lay off more people and then more families are evicted and not having any money, and on and on.....Well, the credit extensions did get waaay out of hand and we all bought too much with too easy credit, including houses and cars and such. I remember my parents never bought a car unless they could pay for it in cash, except the very last one they bought on a vacation when theirs broke down and my dad had decided to just buy a new one (a Dodge Intrepid) and he wrote a check for $10,000 and then had to pay the other $12,000 on his Discover card--but only until he could get home and transfer some money out of somewhere else then he paid off the Discover in full next month! We all should be living like that, I now realize..... <ruefully>

That daikon is huge! I don't know, I like them ok, but not sure if I could eat that big of one in a short time frame!

Well, off to get ready for work.....:wave:

01-06-2009, 06:51 PM
Hey all. Morning here. Have such trouble sleeping these days. The itching drives me crazy. Crazy dreams and my usual one about not being packed and yet late for the airport. Last night I spent in Africa, where I've never been. Interesting. Must be the Nelson Mandela autobiography I'm reading. :lol:

Well, no alcohol is still ok (since I allowed pauses this round) and no smoking is still an ace (this round is completed!!!). I really don't want to drink. The two months off did absolute wonders. It broke me of a rut, a canyon of habit in fact, mostly psychological. I was thinking how many years it must be since social drinking has been a part of my life and that two months off, though it seems like nothing, was huge. That is the very sad fact. At least I realize it now. The mental habits were the biggest and those two months were really hard, but now that they are done, I feel so much more decisive and free about decisions whether to drink or not.

Well, I weighed myself for probably about the second time this year. It's way up and I feel it too. But, I have to face the fact that if I eat sugar, I bloat big time. However, I also need to face the fact that no matter how "good" my eating is, the calories are just too many. I wasn't losing enough in those two months, not enough at all. I obviously was compensating with other food, food other than sugar and alcohol. THAT has to change.

Here's to changes. Though I haven't made it a challenge yet I realize must start counting calories. It's something I despise, just as I despise Frank Covey-like datebooks. Looking at them in the store yesterday, they give me the creeps. They to me are the opposite of what makes me happy (spontaneity, carefreeness, simplicity) and yet, I know I have to take a bit of them and use it to reach my goals. OR, I can just give up and learn to be happy with being overweight. I could do that. I'd have to get a bigger horse. I'd have to give up dreams of bare, tanned legs and tucked-in shirts. (Sigh). Aren't my dreams petty?

No Booze
Day 19/3 (second number is straight days) complete 2 pauses taken/none left --starting new streak Jan. 4 -- longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 21/63 Third round COMPLETED!!! JAN. 6


mod -- No, I didn't know you and Elvis shared a birthday. I didn't even know when Elvis' birthday was but looked it up. So, tomorrow! My time, that is. I think Elvis was way ahead of his time, amazing, totally, though I was never big into him at all. I don't think I've ever even seen one of his movies. Really should. I like some of his songs that were also way ahead of their time or maybe it was just that he got out into the mainstream unlike others because he had more to mainstream about. The moves were incredible, still are. It's a shame he went the way he did, but everyone's life is rough. People tend to forget that the money only makes lives interesting and easy in one way. The battles we all share.

You know, I'm not sure why the men here were homeless, but they were. I guess with their jobs cut they just had nothing to pay anything, including rent or they were homeless to start with. A lot of the homeless here do work and the numbers of people living in tent cities in parks have really grown in recent years. The Japanese government is useless.

So, where is everyone?!?!?

01-07-2009, 07:49 AM
Ah, where is everyone?!?!?!?
As the subject line reads, it was utter **** at work today.
I am all worked up, really bad, the itching is horrendous. I pigged on sugar. I did NOT drink. I did NOT smoke. I almost drank but at least stopped myself there....please let things get easier.....
I will start new challenges (other than the continuing no booze/no cigs pair) soon. I promise.

No Booze
Day 20/4 (second number is straight days) complete 2 pauses taken/none left --starting new streak Jan. 4 -- longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 1/64 fourth round, no pauses -- Third round COMPLETED!!! JAN. 6

01-07-2009, 09:55 AM
Well it's a work at home, snowy icy day again! It's getting really old this winter. I've been doing pretty well with my challenges and they are making me stop and think more, which is the point for me. As much as possible I'd like to turn around years of eating disorder behavior and be able to make good choices rather than have a long list of forbidden foods. :shrug: The jury is still out on the experiment but I hope it works.

My Challenges:
* Chocolate Challenge, Rnd 2 - No solid chocolate, 1/3 serving sized pauses. First challenge completed 12/20. 9/21 - used 1 pause

* Grain Challenge - Limit of 3 grain servings per day, 1 pause used.10/21

* Exercise challenge, Rnd 2 - yoga, weights or stretches every day (cardio is assumed). 1 pause First round completed 12/22. Restarted 1/5 - 2/21

* Journal Challenge, Rnd 2 - Journal everything that goes into my mouth,no pauses. First round completed 12/27 . 10/21

The Stay out of the Jar with a Spoon Challenge. No more than 1 serving size of nuts or nut butter daily. No pauses 2/21

Red - C'mon girl restart that sugar challenge today! It's obviously playing havoc with your body and you've got enough stress without that too. YOU CAN DO IT!! Just step away from the sugar for today.

I'm counting calories too. I discovered pretty early on that I could easily overeat healthy foods too (like that was a surprise from the chick who got fatter eating bags of chips from the co-op!). Your dreams are yours and there's not a thing wrong with them :) MY goals were all health related early on but I have to admit I am now very vain about my size 4 jeans and that stops me from overeating as much as anything else :o

Mod - I think I'm in a mood today - you can find a challenge or two that works with your plans for the next few weeks - exercise, limiting the amount of fat or calories or whatever you count, adding a vegetable to every meal. There must be something that will fit ;)

THe bird in my icon is about the size of a healthy sparrow and we just barely got a glimpse of the owl. I suspect that, weather permitting, we will be off bird chasing again this weekend. I hope not as far though!

Okay, I'll stop being such a bossy nag now and go do some work :)

01-07-2009, 11:00 AM
So right you are CyndiM!!!! OK--at least a challenge or two........

1) Either take a healthy lunch to work or eat out a salad, with fish or chicken. NO MORE excuses for a "whatever" lunch when at work, even if going out with co-workers!!!

2) Cut back again on the alcohol--it just hurts my calorie burning. Amazing how easily I slipped back into red wine for dinner or beer with football.......

3) More VEGGIES (thank you CyndiM!) This time of year I just don't crave them as much. Just gotta get back to it--they are filling and hardly any calories.

4) Cut out the toast in the morning--fell back into that again. Only fruit or healthy yogurt or a sweet potato.......

Officially starting Day 1 today, finish on January 28th.

Bye guys, gotta go to work again! Yaay!! :)

01-07-2009, 11:15 AM
:carrot::broc::cb: It's the cheering produce section! Way to take control Modcat!

Apple Blossom
01-07-2009, 04:08 PM
10 minute run, Day 3 completed, 2 pauses left
20 min additional exercise, Day 3 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, Day 2 completed, 1 pause left.
Forgot to do crunches yesterday. Haven't put myself on a no beer challenge, but maybe I should. I went 2 days with out, but then had some last night. All we have in the house now are special brews that were gifts; stuff that has to be shared. So maybe that will keep me in control. I'm still not talking myself into it. OK, no beer, 2 pauses allowed.
Modcat, great challenges! I'm sure you'll sail through!
Cyndi, I probably need to count cals too. The food that always gets me is the nuts. They are supposed to be so good for you, but even a few can put up the calorie count too much! And thanks for kicking some :kickbutt:you are a great motivator.
Hi Red! I wish I had a solution for your itching! I get dry skin in winter that can keep me awake at night if I don't take care of it. I've found that a body or massage oil applied right after a shower does the trick.
Wow thats a big radish. I don't really care for them. Maybe one bite, but thats about it. They are supposed to be very cleansing.
See ya later chicks!

01-07-2009, 09:03 PM
Hey all. I AM trying to find my balance again after yesterday. I started eating sugar at work. In fact, I WANT it now. I started and kept going and then at home I was doing a real allout binge that had me back in my teen years when I binged all the time because of problems at home.
Today, I naturally felt ill and instead of going out to see my horse, which would have offered me much needed calm, I decided to cancel and go to the gym before the office.
I have not been at the gym yet this year. It seems like weeks. It's only one.
I have to get back to a point of relative peace. Otherwise, what's the point? I can't ride. I'm too ill and upset. If I retire my horse I can leave the job. Either I don't let this get to me or I get out. Simple as that.
Wish me luck.
Challenges are back. A total of FOUR. That's right. FOUR big ones. I got sick of all the no, no, nos, so I switched No. 3 around to really name what I CAN do. It's going to be tough.
In addition to

1) NO BOOZE (no pauses)
2) NO CIGARETTES (no pauses)
there will be added
3) EAT only natural, unprocessed foods (that means no sugar, no processed foods, no white flour or sugar) (three pauses allowed)

Ok, too late to talk to you all now. Apple, mod, Cyndi, thanks for the support. I took it to heart! You all hang in there. Later! :wave:

01-07-2009, 10:47 PM
End of day 1 and I am successful--yay me. I am strong today, just want this feeling to last. Tomorrow I am off for the first time this week and I am going to the store to stock up on fruit and veggies and stuff like that. I will also get out cookbooks (the healthy ones) and look through them to pick out a few menus for the next week. I think my palate was getting jaded here recently. Time to wake it up again!

That's the spirit Red! You are on your way back! I know you will feel better tomorrow, and no, you are not going to give up on your horse. Just try to breathe....... the peace will start to come. And yes, that sugar addiction is one of the toughest ones to break--I'd venture about as tough as cigs, but I don't speak from experience there, so I don't really know. It is a vicious cycle, the hugely strong cravings even a little sugar can start up--it really is like crack, I think! :lol:

Apple, I love nuts as well, and do allow myself some most every night. I usually eat mine with a little square (or two) of dark chocolate. Except pistachios--I could eat a whole bag by myself (DH loves them also, so they don't last around here, that's for sure!)

CyndiM--LOVED the cheering produce section! and I echo Apple, thanks for the :drill: We all need someone to give us a little prod now and again. Sometimes I just have to get out of my own way, ya' know? Then I can go far!..... :)

See everyone tomorrow!

Apple Blossom
01-08-2009, 06:06 PM
10 minute run, Day 4 completed, 2 pauses left
20 min additional exercise, Day 4 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, Day 3 completed, 1 pause left.
No Beer, Day 1 completed, 2 pauses left
I did extra crunches yesterday to make up for the pause day. :p
I tried on pants yesterday. Talk about depressing.:(I'm feeling really impatient about the hard work ahead. I must stick to it I must stick to it I must stick to it........
Mod, I'm with yuo on the menus. It's something I need to get into the habit of doing. OOO, is that a future challenge??
Red, keep reminding yourself to be strong. Once you get back on track you are so good at staying on it! So buckle down, chica, and get over the hump!:)

01-08-2009, 07:30 PM
Hi all. I'm feeling better. I was able to get to the gym yesterday morning and did a little. Though I later felt bad in the office like I was getting a cold, it lifted.
Another hellish day there, but the attack was not directly directed at me (as it was the previously day). Interestingly, I noticed that when the attack is directed at someone else, I am totally energized by it in acting to protect the victim. Strange, isn't? Like with so much, so many of us tend to put ourselves last, be caught off guard, become despairing, and such like when it's about us, but have great advice, help etc. when it involves someone else. Not good. I suppose the trick is to learn how to gain distance and put ourselves outside of ourselves, look at ourselves as if we were bystanders and then take action, take heart, but not let it get to us!
OK, I know this sounds totally whimpish but I am easing my challenges. I am going to allow for a lot more room in the eating one because I want to be able to continue it while making progressing instead of the ultra strictness followed by an explosion that I generally see.
I am NOT going to do this for alcohol, however, because the results on the moderation experiment are in. I cannot, do not want to, just have one of something. It snowballs. It's like a Law of Nature with me. Alcohol and I can't be just friends. When we meet, it's like lightning!

No Booze challenge
Day 21/5 (second number is straight days) Yet another round completed!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 pauses taken/none left --starting new streak Jan. 4 -- longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking challenge
(Started Nov. 5)
Day 2/65 fourth round, no pauses -- Third round COMPLETED!!! JAN. 6
Good eating challenge
3) Day 1 completed -- Description: Make a strong attempt to eat only natural, unprocessed foods (that means no sugar, no processed foods, no white flour or sugar) Anything is allowed but only if the good food is getting in and I have not binged! (three pauses allowed)
Food log challenge
4) Day 1 completed -- Description: Journal food and start writing in calories and building a calorie log of foods often eaten. (no pauses allowed)
Again, gotta run, but Apple and mod, thanks SO much for your belief in me!!

01-08-2009, 07:51 PM

Red - this produce is for YOU!

I'm in the middle of making dinner but had to send the produce your way :) I'll be on less for the next week. My desktop died and my tech is having surgery tomorrow. I'm using my weekend laptop but it's really not comfortable for regular use so I'm on less. I'm also taking a break from the journaling challenge as my software is on my desktop (my co-worker says my friends are in there too!!).

01-09-2009, 08:00 AM
As I sit here yet again in mid sugar binge I resolve to start tomorrow on a strict regime...... :lol3: Is that sad or what? :cry: I don't know, people. I don't know what hit me. Life?
Anyhow, NO drinking and I almost, almost, almost hung around to hook up with some sure drinkers. Last night too I turned down a persistent invitation (though that was easy because I felt sick anyhow) but tonight I hung around and then LEFT alone 10 minutes before I would have come to the point of NO RETURN. (play Twilight Zone music here...)

Anyhow, what can I say, I'm a jerk, I'm insane. I don't know. I just KNOW I only work with super strict regimes. It must make me feel oddly and somehow (in my warped mind) interesting. Anyhow, I've decided I have to do something weird in its strictness. Starting TOMORROW....tomorrow, tomorrow, we'll start the day tomorrow with a smile..or two...Mr. Rogers, no? anyone? Ok, I'm from Pittsburgh (as he was) and the sugar is doing bizarre things to my mind...(she says as if it wasn't bizarre to begin with)......HELP!!!!!!

No Booze challenge
Day 1/6 (second number is straight days) Yet another round completed!! 3 pauses --starting new streak Jan. 4 -- longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking challenge
(Started Nov. 5)
Day 3/66 fourth round, no pauses -- Third round COMPLETED!!! JAN. 6

01-09-2009, 12:34 PM
Red--What's with these personal attacks? What kind of crazy co-workers are you working with? It sounds altogether mean-spirited where you work--no wonder you are determined to find another job sometime soon! It actually sounds like junior high--no maturity, no respect, no tolerance for others, no compassion, a bunch of clicks.......I couldn't work in that environment, I don't think! MAJOR kudos to you for biting your tongue and trying to get along, sticking up for other victims when they are attacked, and NOT falling back into old habits of escape from the stress (i.e.--alcohol, cigs). What a tough climate you have to go into every day!! :hug:

CyndiM--I hate computer problems! I have had computers unexpectedly die on me, and I just almost panic! I have gotten so dependent on them now.....

Apple--ahhh, the ol' pants test rises it's ugly head once again! I totally understand.....But you are off to a strong start and now, it's just a matter of marking off the days, putting in the time, doin' the routine, and before you know it, you'll look behind you and marvel at how far you've come already....

Well, the start of Day 3, not doing so badly, even at (one) birthday dinner last night with a friend. No scale for me except for TBL challenge once/week, as I am on another challenge to NOT step on the scale for 6 weeks!! I thought that was gonna be tough, but it is becoming a relief, not to see a slight fluctuation and then feeling bad, beating myself up about it--at least for awhile. I'm sure I will get antsy and worried if that continued too long. I am considering having my DH read the scale and come to my computer and post the weight on the weigh-in page for TBL, just to be true to the no scale challenge on the other thread. Just not sure if I want him to really know my true weight, haha! (Or to know my screen name or start reading my old posts......)

Well, more later--off to a class to work off some of this poundage......

Apple Blossom
01-09-2009, 06:10 PM
10 minute run, Day 5 completed, 2 pauses left
20 min additional exercise, Day 5 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, Day 4 completed, 1 pause left.
No Beer, Day 2 completed, 2 pauses left
So I'm going good with this running thing, even though the dogs are driving me crazy. I tried to go out last night dogless but since it was dark my husband made me take one. :p Not only is it annoying to have to stop and start so much, I also can't bring music and it becomes more of a dog training session then a good pound out the frustrations run. Plus who likes running along with a bag of s**t?? Grrr. At least the dogs are happy. (insert happy dog icon here)
I still don't think that this is enough exercise to make a difference. I need to find a class I can take regularly, maybe twice a week. Hard to find, but I'll keep looking....
Red, I'm with you on the can't just have one... I had a bit too sugary dessert last night and felt nauseous later on. Wondering if it was related.
Mod, I don't know about the scale thing. Right now it is certainly not doing me any good. If I was actually seeing results I'd be encouraged by it, but it's to early on in my exercise program for that. So it's just a downer now...
Hey cyndi, hope your copmuter survives with minimal cost to you! It's amazing how dependent we become. My SIL moved to a new home and after 2 months they still don't have a connection. That would be one of the first things I would do. Before the phone, even.
Well, that's all for now. Later, Chicks!

01-09-2009, 09:17 PM
Hello. Got up this morning but canceled riding and crawled back to bed. Just too down. A sugar hangover makes it all the worse. Now I am trying to blast out of that with coffee.
I mean it. Today I am going to get this right. :mad:
I don't like giving in to anything that is keeping me down, a filthy room, attacks, depression, sugar, alcohol, smoking. So, I've got the last two in a death grip and the others are up to me because they are constant and I have to learn and polish my fighting skills EVERY day to thwart them. Well, the last two too but with them I can keep them well beyond the moat. The others penetrate behind the walls of the Kingdom of Redballoon. They are omnipresent. (Sigh.)

mod -- Sorry to scare you. I didn't want to go into specifics and details as this is, after all, a public forum. But being too vague makes things sound worse than they are. I work at a newspaper and papers have always been crazy in the best of times. However, in good times, they can be full of a LOT of positive, creative energy and people flying on good work and a sense of personal achievement. In bad times, however, as we are experiencing now (all newspapers are) the office nurtures everything bad and it poisons the entire environment.

Cutbacks, lack of budget, lack of leadership, lack of direction, confusion, hard feelings are all there and what is not really meant as a personal attack comes out as one. It's just disheartening more than anything. I can't blame people for losing it. A lot of them were never too mature. They have their own problems, full-blown drinkers etc. The personal attack I took care of afterward by calling in that person's superior and demanding it be handled by proper channels, that I would file an official complaint and that the person's behavior must change. So much is tolerated because of the lack of leadership etc. And others are affected. The effect ripples out. No one does anything. I am constantly having to rise up and say, "it's going to stop here!" And that all, though I can do it, I do at extreme cost because I am actually very sensitive. An odd mix perhaps but one that is perhaps necessary in order to recognize the problems and what a lot of others go through.

The other attack was one of the kind we get all the time, from outsiders, readers, the public, whatever. This one was a man harassing two of our reporters and they were near tears thinking they had done something wrong when they hadn't. So, not only did I have to step in and deal with the jerk (without really letting loose and opening the company or myself up to lawsuit) but I had to/wanted to then help the young reporters realize this was not their fault.

We field calls from irate readers, nutcases, whatevers every day. They see fit to attack a paper for a number of reasons, often totally personal ones. Email has actually made it easier but it is depressing to read the letters. But the callers are far worse. Someone working on the news desk with a skeleton crew or even alone works his butt off to get good coverage in the paper and then has to field a call from a caller irate over the fact that two photos of Israeli dead were used, which in his mind obviously means we are biased and should be condemned. Stuff like that. From such, to typos and poor headlines, to why didn't you use that, to that photo was too graphic, to where are the cricket matches? You can't please everyone but they expect this. And this has to be pleasantly fielded by people who are working under worsening conditions without a word of thanks or appreciation. So, you see, it's just the way it is, no real crazier than probably any paper, but it could be a lot better if we had a strong leader.

Anyhow, sorry for the long explanation. I thought you deserved one though since you were so sweet to show such concern for me.

And thanks much for your congratulations! :hug: As for asking your husband to read the scale. You could always have him email the weight to a friend, one who could then post it, one whom you wouldn't mind knowing your sign-in name etc.

Apple -- I hear you on the dog run. I guess you'll have to try to make time to run when it is still light. Is that possible? As for the poopsie bag, perhaps a waist pack on the dog to carry his share would be a good idea. I often see people here with a plastic bag tied to the leash or to their collar which really gets in the way of the dog but they have little side bags for dogs that would work well.

I wish I had room in my room to have an exercise bike. With that you can always get in a session. Do you have such?

Sugar just has to be banned with me. I don't know what it is. I used to be able to eat more in moderation but recently it's just been a trigger to binge. It's mostly mental I think. I am unhappy with so much and sugar must reach back and in my twisted, traumatized mind represent some sort of paradise I crave, so I can't get enough. I don't think it's physical. I think it's mostly mental. The same with the alcohol. If they were physical I think I could stop. Actually, though, I can stop, it's that I don't WANT to. Childish, yes. :tantrum:

01-09-2009, 11:04 PM
RED--ohhhh, that makes much more sense. Oh yeah, I know the newspapers are having a very rough time of it--everyone is reading on-line for free, no one buys the papar much anymore, the news bureaus have been cutting back on remote reporters and/or locations altogether, it's just too bad. We have had HUGE consolidation here of the newspaper companies, and less and less local i.e. small-town coverage. And the irate, irrational, unreasonable public--that is something almost all of us understand. No one is too terribly quick with any compliments, but most are quick with the complaints.

Still, you are to be commended sticking it out in a chaotic, rapidly changing environment. I'm keeping my :crossed: for you for it to improve sometime soon, though......

Now, as regards the sugar/sweet thing you and Apple are talking about....
I whole-heartedly agree!! I thought I was really getting a handle on this discipline thing, but with this birthday, I had some (little bit) of a dessert yesterday night. Now today I was going crazy, wanting sweet, sweet, sweet! I tried very hard to satisfy it in a healthy way, must have had about 10 servings of fruit, also, some other stuff that is "supposedly" low calorie but with those darn artificial sweeteners I was trying to cut out. I have sort of calmed it down now, but getting ready for birthday dinner #2 now. At a very nice restaurant my sweetie is taking me to, our first time there (a "special occasion" place--i..e., expensive). Here's to will-power!!

Then tomorrow, last b-day dinner out with friends--2 other couples. Geesh! Please make it stop! No really, it is all very nice and everyone is so sweet and trying to help me over/through my mental "hump" with the 45 thing. But Monday, everything will be finally back to normal. On a good note, I did go do a "hard" work-out today, running followed by weights, crunches, squats, etc. Just gotta do that again tomorrow and Sunday.

Apple--I hear you on the dog-running thing! The exact same thoughts run through my mind when I take them outside with me for my runs. It really is more like a training session and exercise for the dog! I just generally do it anyway, I feel so guilty if I don't take one or two with me. That's why it is so much easier sometimes to just go to the gym. The weather here is perfect for running, but I still prefer going inside to a treadmill--go figure! It's just easier that way, it seems. Still, I try to get out with them for long walks at least a couple of times/week, if not a run.

Gotta run finish getting ready for dinner!

01-10-2009, 08:49 PM
I have to run but just wanted to say that I have one very good day behind me. I feel SO much better. Here's to another and another and another.... :)
mod, you're doing great with that "hard workout." Come on, you're not going to undo everything with some parties. Celebrate! And Happy Birthday!!! :bday2you:

Apple Blossom
01-11-2009, 12:23 AM
10 minute run, Day 6 completed, 2 pauses left
20 min additional exercise, Day 6 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, Day 5 completed, 1 pause left.
No Beer, Day 3 completed, 2 pauses left
Just a quick check-in.
Glad to hear you had a good day, Red. Start stringing them together!:hug:
Mod, I find if I eat out, that's enough of a treat and I don't need dessert. Harder on your birthday I suppose.By the way: :celebrate::bday2you:

01-11-2009, 09:18 AM
I've missed you all! My computer is still silent but I'm making do with the laptop. I'm using a version of FitDay to keep track again, even though I won't bother to update it on my desktop. At least I'm tracking again. Here's where I am:

* Chocolate Challenge, Rnd 2 - No solid chocolate, 2/3 serving sized pauses. First challenge completed 12/20. 12/21 - used 2 pauses

* Grain Challenge - Limit of 3 grain servings per day, 1 pause used.14/21

* Exercise challenge, Rnd 2 - yoga, weights or stretches every day (cardio is assumed). 1 pause First round completed 12/22. Restarted 1/5 - 6/21

* Journal Challenge, Rnd 2 - Journal everything that goes into my mouth,no pauses. First round completed 12/27. Took a break when computer crashed. 11/21

* The Stay out of the Jar with a Spoon Challenge. No more than 1 serving size of nuts or nut butter daily. No pauses 6/21

I've done pretty well though had chocolate sooner than I'd planned and I'm sure I went over my calorie budget when I wasn't tracking. Not sure who I thought i was fooling but I bet it wasn't the scale!

Red -:cheer3::woohoo: :cheer2: I don't know about you but for me nothing holds the depression monster at bay like taking charge of some aspect of my life. I just need to remember I can do it and I KNOW you can.
Sounds like the job is really tough but it's part of the culture. That's a hard one because if you want to do that kind of work can you escape it? Figuring out how to survive in that environment may be key if you love your work. Crappy choice though. Hope things look up one way or another soon!

Mod :celebrate::balloons::bday2you: better a day late than never (or you could have a birthday weekend or even week! That's my answer) Hope the party was fun and not too off plan. And speaking from experience 45 ain't so bad ;)

Apple - :running::encore: You are rocking those challenges in spite of the doggage :)

I'm with you all on the sugar thing. I keep trying to learn to control single servings but so many things lead me into a spiral of overeating. I know high fructose corn syrup is out of the question but there seems to be other things that cause me trouble too. I'm doing better with the chocolate as long as my single servings are really dark. Maybe it's a degree of sweetness issue? I've seen a lot of theories about the addictiveness of sugar and I think there's something to it. On the other hand I can eat fruit (except for prunes) as much as I want and never have trouble. :shrug:

I need to get some breakfast now. have a good day/evening all

01-11-2009, 06:09 PM
Good morning, all. Gotta do a flyby here. I have SO much work left and it MUST be done by deadline today. I got another good day done yesterday, so that makes TWO on the string of good days. Gotta keep on truckin'!!! :dancer:

Cyndi, Apple, mod THANK YOU! I really need your support these days. Getting out of this bad slump is tough. Talk to you all later! :wave:

No Booze challenge
Day 3/8 (second number is straight days) Yet another round completed!! 3 pauses --starting new streak Jan. 4 -- longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking challenge
(Started Nov. 5)
Day 5/68 fourth round, no pauses -- Third round COMPLETED!!! JAN. 6
Good eating challenge
Day 2 completed

Today's a holiday, -- Coming-of-Age Day -- when one marks the year he or she will turn 20, and normally I'd get to take off, but got work to do and a page to be OK'd, so in I go. Weather will be good. All the girls dress up in fancy kimono. Great day for pictures like this (from the Web). ...

01-12-2009, 01:25 AM
Cute picture of the girls dressed up, Red! And you sound so much better--yaay! Even if you had to go into work today.

:thanks: Red, Cyndi, Apple for the :bday2: wishes!!!! Now that's all over with, and it's back to normal for me. It's just a number anyway, not to worry. I worked my butt off on Friday because of all the evenings out and boy did I pay for it--sooo sore Saturday I only did some stretching and yoga-type poses along with a brief walk, and still sore on Sunday, but still managed to make it to my swim class--which made me feel better. But after three late nights in a row out, plus the exercising and cleaning the garage I did Friday and Sat and Sun I am now worn out and about ready to head to bed for my very busy work day tomorrow. Still, pretty happy with the challenges and staying pretty much OP for the last few days. I feel sure this week will be even better!!!

talk to everyone later, buh-bye....

01-12-2009, 07:43 AM
Got through another day here with pretty good food. Maybe not as good as the other two days, but still good. And I made my green juice, had no sugar and of course no alcohol. Gotta keep it up.
Also, I bought a piggy bank last week and am feeding it every day with money saved from things like not eating sugar, not going to a cafe for coffee, not eating out, etc. I have a list of things I would likely normally be doing and if I don't do them I get to FEED THE PIGGY! Isn't she cute? I don't know what I'm saving for, but I figure in a year I should have the pig packed!

Challenge-wise, I'm clear on all three!! :dance: Three days of good eating behind me and I feel SO much better. Now, I know, it's the sugar even more than the alcohol that drags me down. God, the stuff is true crack! :^:

No Booze challenge
Day 4/9 (second number is straight days) Yet another round completed!! 3 pauses --starting new streak Jan. 4 -- longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking challenge
(Started Nov. 5)
Day 6/69 fourth round, no pauses -- Third round COMPLETED!!! JAN. 6
Good eating challenge
Day 3 completed

Well, it looks like this thread is down to five of us. I guess people are just not yet up to it yet. I know, I don't feel like doing good. It's cold and all that, but, oh, well, I have to be here kind of. ;) Glad our core crew is here! :grouphug:

mod -- Really, it was only 45, right. I'm ahead of you and this year...oh, I really don't want to go there....just forget you heard anything... :^:
All that swimming you do too. It's so good. I hate swimming. I hate being cold. But, I do wish I could get to like swimming. It's such good exercise. And, for me, it doesn't even feel like exercise, just torture... :lol3:

Cyndi -- Yeah, you're right, getting something done right keeps the depression at bay. I've always been a melancholy baby, always and I've had to learn a lot about keeping depression from becoming a real ball and chain around my leg. Actually, I probably just have learned to drag it around better. Wish I didn't have it at all. But, I think that's just part of our makeup. A lot of greats were pretty dreary! :rofl:
Yeah, the work is a pain. Today, we had some pranksters calling the office constantly, literally constantly. The one guy kept losing it, but I took over and just used the phone to keep answering, not saying a word and they started having to call back immediately with no gratification. Luckily, I was finished with my work and was kind of enjoying it. I was listening to them giggle on the other end, bunch of foreigners, too. Proabably out drinking with nothing to do. Either that or it was someone from the office having a real laugh over us having to work today. :lol:
I don't know what it is exactly with the sugar. It's probably the glycemic thing. White rice does it for me too. Also, there is a lot of hidden sugar in processed foods, so be careful there. Things that don't taste sweet at all can still have a lot of sugar in 'em. Processed sugar has been, they say, chemically altered. It is nothing like natural sugar. Fruit doesn't bother me at all. Nothing like a big apple to fill you up too! :yes:

Apple -- You're sticking to it too! Good for you! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

miriam -- Are you OK? Things sound really rough over there. Hope you're safe.

01-13-2009, 06:44 AM
Where is everyone?!?! :listen:

I'm doing well again!! Had a great first riding lesson today! Hurrah! I am staring the bag of candy in the face and it is NOT tempting me. Bizarre!

No Booze challenge
Day 5/10 (second number is straight days) Yet another round completed!! 3 pauses --starting new streak Jan. 4 -- longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking challenge
(Started Nov. 5)
Day 7/70 fourth round, no pauses -- Third round COMPLETED!!! JAN. 6
Good eating challenge
Day 4 completed

01-13-2009, 09:08 AM
Hey Gang :) I'm still desktopless but finally back on track! It feels so much healthier to have a few clean days in a row.

* Chocolate Challenge, Rnd 2 - No solid chocolate, 2/3 serving sized pauses. First challenge completed 12/20. 14/21 - used 2 pauses

* Grain Challenge - Limit of 3 grain servings per day, 1 pause used.14/21

* Exercise challenge, Rnd 2 - yoga, weights or stretches every day (cardio is assumed). 1 pause First round completed 12/22. Restarted 1/5 - 8/21

* Journal Challenge, Rnd 2 - Journal everything that goes into my mouth,no pauses. First round completed 12/27. Took a break when computer crashed. 13/21

* The Stay out of the Jar with a Spoon Challenge. No more than 1 serving size of nuts or nut butter daily. No pauses 8/21

Red - :cp::hat::flow1::bravo::flow1::hat::cp: You're my hero! I knew you could get past the bump. I love the piggy bank idea. One of my goals for the year is to be more responsible with money and a visual like the piggy bank could just work for me. Mind if I borrow the idea?
Depression and I are old friends though I finally feel like I have it at bay. Sugar definitely brings it on for me along with the urge to binge. Fruit never bothers me but processed sugars and those juice dense leathers do seem to cause problems. too bad because i love the Clif Kids twizzler like things.

Mod - Must have been the weekend. I way overdid it on the mini trampoline and am still feeling it in my hips! Gotta watch us old chicks ;)

Apple & Miriam :wave: hope all is well in your worlds. :crossed: hope things calm soon Miriam.

okay, off to work.

Apple Blossom
01-13-2009, 07:27 PM
10 minute run, Day 8 completed, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 9 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, Day 8 completed, 1 pause left.
No Beer, Day 5 completed, 1 pauses left
I think thats right. I need to post everyday or I have to use my brain. Simple math.Ouch.
My run pause was lame, I really could have gotten one in.:shrug:
My beer pause was just one beer. I guess that's a plus.
My computer is incredibly slow right now for some reason. Grrr
Red, good to hear you are back on track. There's no stopping you now!!
Hi everyone else!

Apple Blossom
01-14-2009, 04:39 PM
10 minute run, Day 9 completed, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 10 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, Day 9 completed, 1 pause left.
No Beer, Day 6 completed, 1 pause left.
Well, I know it's unrealistic, but 9 days and no weight change is pretty darned frustrating. Gotta keep going though. How many times have I said to myself, if only I kept up with it, I'd be seeing success by now. Seriously though, if there is no change by Feb, I have to step it up a notch.
Hope everyone is having a great day. It is a beautiful day here, so I'm going to try to get back out side.

01-14-2009, 04:46 PM
Another day notched. Is it only 5?!?! :shrug: I can't believe it. It feels like 5 months. Honestly, why is a bit of change so hard. Jeez, you'd think I was moving mountains. Well, maybe I am. Ingrained habits are powerful things. Oh well. Just gotta keep on. I met someone last night and he sat there while we talked and downed three beers. It was tempting but I know I can't drink anymore without getting quite drunk quite fast. I have become such a that sense. :)

No Booze challenge
Day 5/10 (second number is straight days) Yet another round completed!! 3 pauses --starting new streak Jan. 4 -- longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking challenge
(Started Nov. 5)
Day 7/70 fourth round, no pauses -- Third round COMPLETED!!! JAN. 6
Good eating challenge
Day 4 completed

Cyndi -- Good for you for getting back on track! :cp: Thanks so much for the congratulations. I don't think I'm worthy of hero status!!! :dance: But, if you insist!
Of course you can have a pig too! Which reminds me, I have to feed her! I'm naming her Charlotte. I know, that's the spider, but unless I name her Wilma, Wilbur just isn't right.

Apple -- Your post came in as I was typing. Hang in there! If you're cutting back on calories, you should see a difference soon. Are you? Isn't it a pain that effort is...well...just that? It's so easy to compensate for effort, because we feel so deserving. I don't know. We have to learn to reward ourselves with other things. Let's make up a list of things, from long therm to short to instant. The instant is what's so hard. Food is just that, and smoking. Any ideas?

01-15-2009, 12:31 AM
Instant, hmmm? Well, I hate to say it, but food is easiest and most available reward. Other rewards--spending money (uh, not good), petting a pet (but not at work) maybe a little back/neck rub? (Who to ask when at work?) At home, it's easier, a pampering bath, scented lotions, a kiss or..... Often I try to pick up a book and immediately get involved in that. But true, instant rewards are hard to come up with, besides food, huh? This question will keep me pondering for awhile......

Well, majorly busy this week, and lots of stuff going on at home, as well. Mostly just financial stuff, not life or death, but still stressful. I have been so tempted to go out of control, and have had a few small slips but stopped myself before totally losing it. I do believe my general caloric goals have been met every day, but not without some struggle. I have eaten carrots and fruit galore to stop my urge to eat other stuff. And I've had a few diet pepsi's and a couple of glasses of wine. Oh and a ton of nuts--need to crunch apparently. But otherwise not bad under the circumstances.

I've been dying to get a massage or get to the yoga classes at the gym--that tells you how badly I am needing to relax. I am determined to go to yoga on Friday when I am off--heck, that's free (I mean, my gym membership is all paid up for at least 6 months so basically "free"). I keep cutting out coupons for "introductory" massages at various places, at really low rates, so hopefully I can try one or more of them in the next couple of months. I can't stand this type of stress--it's "worry" stress and anxiety of the future and the unknown. General "Busy" stress, where everything else in my life is really pretty good, but I'm just too busy, I can handle alright--have done many many times in my life. But this kind of anxious, worried stress......ugh!

Why isn't this the 60's, where they used to hand out Valiums like candy for middle-aged housewives who can't handle their lives anymore? Sure everyone was a little zoned-out, but sooo relaxed! They could deal with anything life threw at them, and still have that dopey "c'est la vie" smile on their face.

Anyway, enough whining--gotta just get the next couple of days put behind me and hopefully this week-end will be better.....

Apple--I'm like you, I forget how many days it's been since I started this challenge--I think this is day 9 but I'll check on that later. Just had to post today before I lose touch and get too far behind.

Red and Cyndi--I feel for you and your battles with depressive thought and moods. I think all of us probably have issues like that--else why do we have problems with food in the first place? It can't be just that we love food too much--it's all tied up with mood elevation, as we know. Happy chemicals being released in our brain. Maybe the truth is that that is what is addictive, the release of the happy neurotransmitters. And we've found food to be the easiest and most effective way to trigger that.

Gonna ponder all that some more, hopefully with a good night's sleep tonight....

Apple Blossom
01-15-2009, 05:15 PM
10 minute run, Day 10 completed, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 11 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, Day 9 completed, 0 pauses left.
No Beer, Day 7 completed, 1 pause left.
Forgot to do crunches yesterday. It's a challenge that probably isn't going to make much of a difference, but it should be easy to do once I get in the habit. That's what its all about, isn't it?
So Red, who IS this guy you met? I interpreted it as someone you JUST met, but you may have meant that you already knew each other and met meaning got together. Just wondering if I had some dirt there, that I could tease you about. Wink-wink.;)

01-15-2009, 08:33 PM
Another day notched. I have so much solid energy, it's scary. My skin (knock on wood) seems a bit better. I'm actually able to sleep a bit more. That's why I am now late and gotta run! Later all! GO STEELERS!!!

No Booze challenge
Day 6/11 (second number is straight days) Yet another round completed!! 3 pauses --starting new streak Jan. 4 -- longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking challenge
(Started Nov. 5)
Day 8/71 fourth round, no pauses -- Third round COMPLETED!!! JAN. 6
Good eating challenge
Day 5 completed

Apple -- :lol: No, there's no "guy" in my life. That was a business meeting. No dirt, no teasing. Ha! Yeah, the crunch challenge is nonetheless good. It keeps you in workout mode and if you do them well, you will make a difference in your strength at least. I mean, that's what it's for, right? I for one have a habit of thinking everything is going to affect the stores of fat on me and that ain't true, is it?

mod -- Good to see you! Oh, the food is definitely chemical with me. But, we can also make those chemicals through thoughts. It's just slower and doesn't have the crack-like feel to it. It's gentle, not a jolt and who wants that? Jolts are jolly! Speaking of which, whatever happened to jolly? :dunno:
I hope you can get some relaxation. I understand "busy." Gosh, do I ever. Hang in there!
Gotta run. Later! :wave:

01-16-2009, 07:24 AM
Ok, calling it good early on another day. I'm eating too much and too much bread but I'm still going to allow it. No sugar, no processed foods other than a bit of bread. I am definitely doing better. I feel so much better.
Where is everyone? Come on out and talk to us!!

No Booze challenge
Day 6/12 (second number is straight days) Yet another round completed!! 3 pauses --starting new streak Jan. 4 -- longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking challenge
(Started Nov. 5)
Day 9/72 fourth round, no pauses -- Third round COMPLETED!!! JAN. 6
Good eating challenge
Day 6 completed

Apple Blossom
01-16-2009, 06:15 PM
10 minute run, Day 11 completed, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 12 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, looks like a start over
No Beer, Day 8 completed, 1 pause left.
I miss Jolly too. She must be really busy with law school. Jolly, If you are lurking, please drop us a line. And Fish woman! She's probably had her baby by now!!
I just had a conversation with my BIL about how he wants to lose some weight. So maybe there's motivation for me there.
Red, I'll find something to tease you about! ;)

01-17-2009, 05:52 AM
Well, I'm sitting here drinking my pint glass plus of green juice. You've seen the picture before... Today it's a mix of spinach, komatsuna (similar to spinach), dark leafy lettuce, burdock root, parsley, a banana, soy milk, flax oil, fresh lemon and vanilla and almond flavoring. Oops, am I breaking my own rules here? :?: Am I sending any of you on a vegetable binge? :o I hope SO!! :lol3:
Despite my healthful juice, I am going to have to take a pause because I had a bit of sugar. Oh well, I knew what I was doing. No binge or anything so that's good! :yes:
Hope we see some more action around here! Apple and mod have stopped by recently. Cyndi, where are you? :listen:
Oh, and on another note...the body I want is like this butterfly to the kitten... :^: Actually, if I were this energetic, it might help...

01-17-2009, 04:08 PM
:wave: good to see some of you still here :)

* Chocolate Challenge, Rnd 2 - No solid chocolate, 2/3 serving sized pauses. First challenge completed 12/20. 84/21 - used 2 pauses

* Grain Challenge - Limit of 3 grain servings per day, 1 pause used.18/21

* Exercise challenge, Rnd 2 - yoga, weights or stretches every day (cardio is assumed). 1 pause First round completed 12/22. Restarted 1/5 - 11/21, 1 pause used when I had a draining day and soaked instead of exercising

* Journal Challenge, Rnd 2 - Journal everything that goes into my mouth,no pauses. First round completed 16/27. Took a break when computer crashed. 13/21

* The Stay out of the Jar with a Spoon Challenge. No more than 1 serving size of nuts or nut butter daily. No pauses 8/21

Red - I discovered kamatsuna last summer when my CSA had it. I love it steamed with tahini lemon sauce, Yum. Not sure about that green drink but it certainly sounds healthy. Good job controlling the sugar beastie. The trick now is to stay in control. Feeling better is the best reward IMO.
:bravo: on acing the smoking challenge yet again!

Apple - Doing great with all the exercise! I was all impressed yesterday because I managed to run 2 3 minute chunks and here you are at 10!

Mod - did you make it to yoga? I love yoga, may not do much for weight loss but it's great for the head. I think you're on to something with the food - certain foods mimic serotonin (chocolate for one) and make us feel better. Gives some credence to those who say sugar is a drug because I think some of us use it that way! I just had a consult with nauropath about diet and health stuff which should make for some interesting ideas floating around.

It's just a quiet, cold weekend here. I'm hibernating and doing chores. Well except for the 2 hour break to watch the basketball game! I've discovered that the stepper we bought is great for reducing TV watching guilt though.

Have a good day/evening gals!

Apple Blossom
01-17-2009, 09:12 PM
10 minute run, Day 12 completed, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 13 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, still a start over
No Beer, Day 9 completed, 1 pause left.
I've been battling a sore throat. Today it is winning. It is definitely easier to stay away from beer while I am not feeling well. I'm surprised I've come this far on my challenges.
Hi Red. Green stuff. yum...
Hey Cyndi, looks like you are close to finishing a challenge! That's great!!!

Apple Blossom
01-18-2009, 06:32 PM
10 minute run, Day 13 completed, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 14 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, still a start over
No Beer, Day 10 completed, 1 pause left.
Hello everyone. Looks like everyone is busy with week-end stuff.
Depressed about absolutely no results at 2 weeks in. Not working hard enough I think. I'd like to run more. Darn dogs. well, if I ran, and THEN walked the dogs, that would be fantastic. I really don't have a lot of time for that though. Maybe once or twice a week. Usually I combine the 10 min run with the dog walk for 30 or 40 minutes. These last 2 days I've just done 10 minutes, no dogs, and I love it. I can listen to music and I don't have to stop. Ahhh.
Well, we are off to the art museum. Enjoy the 3 day week-end!

01-18-2009, 06:41 PM
The weekend went well. Yesterday I stared down the bag of sweets and WON!!

No Booze challenge
Day 8/14 (second number is straight days) Yet another round completed!! 3 pauses --starting new streak Jan. 4 -- longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking challenge
(Started Nov. 5)
Day 11/74 fourth round, no pauses -- Third round COMPLETED!!! JAN. 6
Good eating challenge
Day 7 completed, 1 pause taken


Cyndi -- Good to see you. Great going on your multiple challenges! :cp: You're nearing through the grain challenge. Is that helping you maintain your weight, do you think? I'm surprised you've had komatsuna. I guess all kind of veggies are available these days. Funny this vegetable isn't cultivated in the States. Or is it? What is you CSA? Don't know the acronym. The smoking challenge was aced 11 days ago. I am on my fourth round! Seventy-four day without a puff. That, however, is due mainly to not drinking, because it was only when I drank (and a rare one elsewise) that I smoked. I was thinking the other night, that it would be fun to let go totally again and do the irresponsible nights out on the town, drinking and smoking till dawn, but then I thought, no, I have to make a choice. You can't have both. The revelry (if you can call it that) just saps my energy and resolve and I can't do what is important. So, no, no need to go back to that now. Good, eh? I gotta get a stepper too. There's someone here who is going to give me one when I go get it. It's far by train but I was thinking the same. I can get it in some exercise while watching the tube.
You know, the word "guilt" just doesn't seem to be in my vocabulary. Never has, since I was a kid, but I do feel I've wasted time, not done what I could have. I then feel disappointed in myself. I guess it's a perfectionist thing or something. Even though I have no problem forgiving myself, I just feel I could have and should have done better and I could have, just didn't. I guess I'm basically a self-centered hedonist. ;)

Apple -- YES!! on the beer challenge. You're rockin' it this time. Keep it going! :bravo: Hope you're feeling better. Sore throats are terrible. So, did you have a vegetable binge because of my green juice porn? :lol:
Oh, I just saw you posted while I was typing. We often are on at the same time, eh? It's Monday morning here. Gotta get off to the office. The gym opens late today so I won't make it.
Don't be down about the lack of progress. You're not gaining, right? Just analyze and redo. I'm in the same boat. I could get all ticked over not losing because even though I'm not exercising much, I'm not drinking nor eating sugar. You really think that would be good for something but it don't seem so. :mad: Still, what's the point? Gotta find what DOES work for my super smart body!
I was going ask what the three-day weekend was and then remembered. Martin Luther King Day, right? AND the inauguration. Wow.
Enjoy the museum. What museum might that be?

01-18-2009, 09:03 PM
Two days in a row! Guess I'm getting used to this laptop.

* Chocolate Challenge, Rnd 2 - No solid chocolate, 2/3 serving sized pauses. First challenge completed 12/20. 20/21 - used 2 pauses. I'm glad this is working. I want to learn to eat serving sized chocolate occasionally without losing control.

* Grain Challenge - Limit of 3 grain servings per day, 1 pause used.20/21 This has been more difficult the last few days. The naturopath actually wants me to eat wheat every day so we can get accurate allergy testing done. How weird, I have to eat it to find out if I can't eat it!

* Exercise challenge, Rnd 2 - yoga, weights or stretches every day. 1 pause First round completed 12/22. Restarted 1/5 - 13/21, 1 pause used

* Journal Challenge, Rnd 2 - Journal everything that goes into my mouth,no pauses. First round completed 16/27. Took a break when computer crashed. 15/21

* The Stay out of the Jar with a Spoon Challenge. No more than 1 serving size of nuts or nut butter daily. No pauses 10/21. This is the hardest one right now because I am craving nuts like crazy. Don't know what that's about but I know I can't give in to it.

Apple - How's the throat today? 10 minutes dog free sounds like a good idea - maybe get your run in and then bring them for their walk?

Red - Wow, way to go with the sweets!! Looks like you are back on track and it's paying off.
CSAs are Community Supported Agriculture - basically local farms that you can buy a share in and get produce in return. It gives farmers some guaranteed income in the spring and gives consumers a selection of fresh produce all summer. Our guy grew all kinds of different greens including komatsuna. I even dried some so I would have it in the winter.

Mod - hope you're having a good weekend :)

01-19-2009, 01:45 AM
Hi guys! Well, my busy week is over and the busy week-end as well. Oh and it was just a doozy! I had my purse stolen in the middle of it all--can you believe that? So of course I had to squeeze in a visit to the DMV on Friday to apply for a new one--it takes at least two weeks to come from the state but at least I have a paper "temp" license. But no picture ID for awhile.....

Had to go open a new bank account, inactivate the ATM cards and apply for new ones, fill out police report, blah, blah, ugh! I just feel so stupid--left my purse in my car with the door unlocked! Jeesh! And after knowing there have been a lot of thefts of purses and wallets in recent months around here......

Anyway, I hope this coming week not to be so busy. So I can really concentrate again on hitting it with my exercise. I have been "stable" with my weight, but not really making any progress. I did go to yoga on Saturday, and decided to buy a yoga dvd for use at home--made one of the guest rooms my yoga room and have a mat there now as well as a spare dvd player and tv in there. Haven't tried it yet--it is The Biggest Loser Bob's yoga dvd--I heard some good things about it and thought it would be easy for me to do more yoga if I didn't have to try to plan my schedule to fit my gym's schedule. Also because it seems that I will be working now at least two days a pretty long day, (as I've taken on another job for now) and getting home late (for me) so no time really on those days (Wednesday and Thursday) to get to the gym. I'm not complaining--I really needed more days to work, it's just that it's not the preferred schedule for me, and it's a fair distance away as well.

So, my challenges.....well I guess I had been "ok", no binging, no desserts, just not exercising as often or as much as I should this week. But, I need to re-think my challenges now, as my schedule has changed.....

1) Logging in food and exercise--I need to do that again. It helps to make me conscious and accountable (no pauses)

2) Yoga on days I cannot get to the gym or pool--I need the stress relief (3 pauses)

3) Posting more here--once a day (3 pauses)

4) Continue again on the decluttering/organizing of the household. Stopped awhile ago, but need to get something done every day. Will really help my stress levels I think (3 pauses)

Ok, that's enough for now. I think those are gonna be tough enough with my busier schedule now. Let's see how it goes......

Apple--I too have been battling something--a little cold, sniffles, sneezing, but nothing full-blown yet thank god. Take care, hmmm?

Cyndi--you are doing great! Yes, I do love yoga, for some reason it really makes me feels good, and I miss it when I can't do it much...

Red--you sound so strong now!! You are full of self-discipline--isn't it great? I will be joining you soon, I'm sure.....

Well, off to bed. Adieu!

01-20-2009, 02:05 PM
OK, thru one day and part way thru Day Two. De-cluttering/organizing is getting done, and logging food has started! Yoga at home posting here--check!

Back to work now--just wanted to check in......

Apple Blossom
01-20-2009, 03:28 PM
10 minute run, Day 15 completed, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 16 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, still a start over
No Beer, Day 11 completed, No pauses left.
Well, that beer challenge will now be very tough. Went to a brew pub for dinner on the way home from the beach. 10 days isn't too long I guess. I'm going to try to make it to the Super Bowl with out a beer. (Red, you must be pleased with your Steelers.) I might have to root for the Cardinals though. Big Kurt Warner fan.
So has anyone else spent a bit of time in front of the TV today? I am pretty darn exhausted from a very emotional morning. All I can say is WOW. I'm other wise pretty much speechless. I'm hopeful and excited about the future. :celebrate:

01-20-2009, 03:44 PM
Yes, WTG Cardinals! Such a good story there--gives all the non-superstar franchises HOPE!

And yes, we've had the tv on at work in the back and I've been keeping up--quite an emotional affair most years anyway, but even more so b/c of the sheer history of it. And the numbers of people all turned out in the freezing cold for this! Poor guy, he's got the weight of so many great expectations on his shoulders--I sure hope he can handle it--so much pressure is being put on him. I would be super stressed about that much being expected from me.

I am really rooting for him to thrive, and shine.....

01-20-2009, 07:15 PM
Blew it Monday. Tuesday was just as bad. Back up and fighting (trying to...) today. :^:

No Booze challenge
Day 9/1 (second number is straight days) Yet another round completed!! 1 pause left --starting new streak Jan. 4 -- longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking challenge
(Started Nov. 5)
Day 1/1 starting over -- no pauses -- longest streak 74 days.
Good eating challenge -- starting over
Day 0 completed, 0 pauses out of 3 taken

01-20-2009, 08:35 PM
Sorry, people, but I am on the brink of throwing in the towel and just saying, "leave my body to whatever." I have gained about 10 lbs I think. It seemed to come on suddenly but I know it wasn't. I don't know. The focus on not eating sugar and not drinking alcohol seems to have had me eating way too much. I was doing really well at the end of last year, going to the gym regularly, losing weight, then the horrible haircut came and my face broke out with strange things that still are there but a bit less. I lost heart. And then two days of drinking knocked me off the wagon and into a pile of sugar. I was able to get back for a week or so but now I'm so disgusted with myself for ONCE AGAIN being back at start and BEFORE start that I am in despair.

I know I should just start over but I am sick of it, so sick of the struggle that I never win, NEVER. I think it's time to stop pretending I am going to win and just give up. Maybe I should take an extended break from this thread. There are so few people recently anyhow.

Well, those are my thoughts. I am really tired of the effort and that includes everything on top of exercise and diet. :(

I know they say to never give up but this is a battle in which the enemy is me. Well, maybe it's not. Maybe it's the circumstances I battle as well but it seems like it's all my fault. I mean, no one is forcing the food in my face.... :cry:

01-21-2009, 04:53 PM
Well, the pity party is over. I'm just going to get DOING, even if that means going a little easier on myself. Action is more important than the particulars, I think.

Apple Blossom
01-21-2009, 05:11 PM
10 minute run, Day 16 completed, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 17 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, still a start over
No Beer, Day 12 completed, No pauses left.
Oh, yesterday was kid of a crummy day. I had a good morning spent watching TV mostly. But I had things to do and when they didn't get done I started eating. Ate kind of a lot yesterday.
Red, I'm glad you were able to pull yourself out of negativity. I was almost ready to throw in the towel with you. But I would really like to loose some weight before my brothers wedding. So I'm in it for another 5 months or so. Then I plan on concentrating more on exercising because I like it, not because I need to to loose weight. By then, I will have larger chunks of time to myself to get back into that routine. Stick with me, chica! We can do it!!

Apple Blossom
01-22-2009, 04:20 PM
10 minute run, Day 17 completed, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 18 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, still a start over
No Beer, Day 13 completed, No pauses left.
8 more days of no beer. I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...
I went out and joined a gym today. I was not supposed to spend any money in January, and I'm not doing so well in that category....But not terrible either. Only 1 purchase that I can't really rationalize. I'll just be good next month too.
Anyway, I joined a gym and now I have to go 3 times a week at least and get the ball rolling here. The dude I spoke to seemed to think 20 pounds by june would be no problem. I really hope this helps. I'm sticking to the 10 minute run, I think I'll up it to 15 next time, then I should try to get back into the half-marathon training program.
So where is everyone else??

01-22-2009, 08:10 PM
Hi there. Not really decided on what I'm going to do. I think I need time to coast and just be me. That's not that bad because it usually means I don't binge.
Apple, thanks for hanging in here. I don't know what happened to everyone else. We have these periods of near total inactivity. I think it's the way the planets line up or something. ;) GOOD for you for sticking to your challenges, especially the darned booze. And joining a gym is a GREAT move! :cp: Hang in there and thanks for the support!! :hug:

01-23-2009, 03:59 PM
Part way through day 5. Why oh why can't I get on here more? Is it just working more, and trying to then go to the gym and also fixing healthy food (i.e., not eating out so much or relying on the "convenience" foods?) or is it just my calendar seems extra busy lately? Social engagements, other commitments (like babysitting), some de-cluttering in my few spare moments, trying to satisfy my husband's wishes? Argh! Did I say I wanted to work more? Let me amend that to I needed to work more, but with that comes a distressing dramatic drop-off of "me" time!! For about 6-7 months or so, I have been working only 2-3 days/week--that hurt! But now back to a full 4, sometimes 4-and-a-half or 5, that sucks! Can't I have a happy medium?

Oh well, not meaning to complain, really I'm not. It's just me. I am trying sooo hard to hang onto my gains and progress I've made these last several months, and I feel like I am not, maybe. I am letting my fitness goals slide. Yoga is great, yay, but I've got to do more cardio and weight-training! More spinning and swimming and running, etc.

Maybe this week-end--no football and no social commitments (yet).

Apple--you can't give up--you are sounding the strongest of all of us. I'm not sure what is going on, but it seems like several regulars on several other threads are also having dedication issues now as well. Is it the economy? The political change we have now (so still a sense of uncertainty about the future?) Is it the moon? Climate change? What?????

All I know is I am in the same boat as you and Red, not really able to be strongly disciplined or focused right now.

And Red--you can't admit defeat and throw in the towel--I firmly believe even if we are struggling, we still need to have our goals to shoot for and keep our conscious alive, even to feel guilty about not hitting our goals or not acing our challenges. If we just give up--that's like giving us free rein to do whatever and you know as soon as we do that, we will all really backslide in no time at all. And just think of how hard it will be to come back from that!!! I think I have gained about 4 pounds--but I am not quitting! I refuse to give up--just have to learn it is all a process, and soon, I will be able to really crank it back up again, and I will feel good that I didn't completely go AWOL and cause double or triple or worse the amount of damage that entails.

Come on guys--I am really sorry for not being on here as much as I should, but let's work together and try to kick this strange sort of malaise and ennui we have all been fighting.

I know we can. :grouphug:

Apple Blossom
01-23-2009, 06:18 PM
10 minute run, Day 18 completed, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 19 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, Day 1, 2 pauses allowed.
No Beer, Day 14 completed, No pauses left.
Hey modcat, thanks for the much needed :coach:
I'm actually feling pretty motivated today. I went to the gym, and although I don't think their circuit is what I'll be needing in the long run, I think it will help me get started. There are other things to do there too.
My son really wants to get on the computer, so I have to go. BYE

01-24-2009, 12:27 PM
OK, day 6, and I, too, am feeling more disciplined and motivated today (like Apple). I am eating very OP yesterday and today, and feel, well, just "lighter", for whatever reason. Lighter in mind and spirit as well. Amazing what a little "me" time does, as well as a day off work and just spent with DH out and about, "quality time", as opposed to just being couch potatoes in front of the boob tube. And so, back on the fitness "treadmill", in both the literal and figurative sense. I am about to go to the gym for an attempt at a 5K, which I have not done in, oh, about a month now? I probably have to work my time and fitness down again, but oh well. Last time, I was somewhere around 36 minutes, with only two brief walking periods. I could easily (ok, not easily) run 22-25 minutes before the first "break". I wonder how badly I've backtracked?

No matter. I've updated the ol' IPod with new playlists and I am anxious to go--wow! That's a change, right there! I am "anxious" to get to the gym--like I used to be!! I don't know why my mood goes up and down so, but I'm grateful that at least it continues to rebound to the "up" side fairly frequently.

Apple--alright girl! Isn't it great to find a "new" activity or routine to feel good about doing? It is one of the hardest things, to keep from being either bored or intimidated at the gym--and to find something you like and feel like it helps you achieve your goals--that's sweet! Even if later you need to progress to something different, it's enough you have some sort of initial routine that you can tweak later on. I hope your circuit goes well today!

Well, off to do a "run"--be back later, guys!

01-24-2009, 04:27 PM
Yaaay!! I did the 5K in 36 min, 50 seconds! Only 3 stops to walk. I can't believe I hadn't slid further! While I had done a little running around the neighborhood or for 15 minutes on the treadmill a couple of times in the last 2-3 weeks, it has been awhile since I forced myself to complete 3.1 miles! Whew! A few weights, and a few stretches, and I left--happy to have accomplished some meaningful cardio! Tomorrow--swim! (which I do about every Sunday, at least). I am feeling good today, despite the rain and clouds the last 3 days. Now, off to plan the dinner and to de-clutter/organize something!

Apple Blossom
01-24-2009, 07:47 PM
10 minute run, Day 19 completed, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 20 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, Day 2, 2 pauses allowed.
No Beer, Start over:(
Well, my DH poured me a beer for dinner with out asking, so I drank it. But again, only one beer. So not so terrible, except I have to start over.
I probably won't go back to the gym until Tuesday. I feel a little bit sore in my shoulders, but other wise not so much. I think I didn't push myself too hard since I'd never used the machines before. When I'm a bit more used to it I'll push harder.
Mod- I'm loving your positive energy! Yay! I might try a 5K too. I'm feeling competitive.;) I AM curious as to how long it would take. I'm guessing about the same as you.

01-24-2009, 11:34 PM
End of day 6, not bad! Made a very healthy dinner and feel full. So finally, a really good day with a significant amount of cardio, and hopefully the same tomorrow!

Apple--I bet you can do it, maybe faster than I. I'm pretty slow, and I do have to stop and walk at least a minute each time. I have the tm set at about 5.4 or so for the first part, then about 5.2, then finish about 5.0 (mph). I can never do it as fast outside--seems harder, for some reason. But, much better than the first time I ever did it, it was about 48 minutes--lots of walking!

Well, the mood is still good, and I am wondering why the mood changes so much--b/c there was no one event or anything really that I can point to to say "that really helped or hurt me" this last week. Is it just hormones? Is it really just these crazy neuro-transmitters and such that affects us all so? I refuse to believe I am so outside of normal that I need meds--I really do not want to take meds for "every little thing" and try to steer clear of them. Because really most of the time I just think I am weak, always making excuses or procrastinating, or can't handle a little stress, or feeling neglected or misunderstood. But I feel like we truly don't understand the human mind at all, and the fluctuations of emotion, and mood.

ah well, just ruminating here. I just wish I could bottle this feeling and delve into it whenever I feel it lacking....

01-24-2009, 11:47 PM
PS--Apple-- the beer thing is admirable, really. Or rather, no beer thing. I did a no alcohol challenge earlier, as well. You are to be commended, (as well as Red) for trying to cut that out completely. I probably should try again to do that, as it helps so much with weight loss. But I just have an occasional drink, so I don't feel like it is really sabotaging my efforts too badly. And especially on the week-ends, a good dinner just begs for a little red wine. (Or a football game and a beer.) But I am mindful about any over-indulging, or anything more than 2-3 times/week. But I am totally in awe of all that can do it--as I realize how much of a challenge that truly is! :cp::cp:

01-25-2009, 09:24 AM
Hey there, Apple and mod! :wave: I just don't feel like writing but I have had two great days! Well, not so hot eating but exercise was great, so I am getting pysched again. I just don't really want to make a challenge yet. I am going to experiment again. Though it didn't happen at once I have had what you can call a lightbulb moment. I have decided to consider my weight-loss attempts to be like Edison trying to invent the lightbulb. Every time I fail, I am that much closer to finally having it ALL click! I feel I am indeed closer to that time.

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

He also apparently said:

"****, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something."

I like that one too! :lol:
(Deep breath). Yes, I can do this!
mod, I think a LOT is hormones. It is with me and I am sick of it, really sick. I don't like having my mind screwed around with so much. I mean, and this is when I am not drinking, not eating sugar. I shouldn't have to have these days of depression and gorging. Why? Just because! :tantrum:
Apple, I was just about to write and congratulate you on the no beer when you posted saying you had to start over. Too bad. But, like you said, it was only ONE, so you are still way ahead of the game. If it were me, it'd be an entire evening and on til morning. :^: Granted, the pace drops considerably after midnight. Good luck on your other challenges. You're almost through!! :dancer:
And thanks to BOTH of you for keeping things going here. :yes:

01-25-2009, 02:39 PM
Red---awesome, awesome quotes you posted there! I love inspirational, thoughtful, or funny quotes! I hope you don't mind if I appropriate one to add to my signature. I have already posted them on my "sticky" of quotes I love!

It is so good to hear from you! For some reason, we have reversed roles--now I am the chatty one and feel the need to post often, to keep in touch, when you know there are times I don't (or can't). A lot of course has to do with that all-encompassing "mood". But just as much has to do with me feeling really back on track and "with it" again. Sometimes I feel a little out of it, which leads to introvertedness, I guess. Other times I am like the quintessential extrovert. And it is easier to be extroverted online nowadays than in real life.

Anyway, start of Day 7--I did not go to swim, but am in the middle of a major de-cluttering project. I am still a little tired from my "long" run yesterday, but I will get out later with the dogs--they need to run a bit and get in their cardio, haha. Finally the sun has graced us with it's presence, and even though we have a lot of clouds, at least it is on a backdrop of blue sky (mostly). It seems brighter at least and no rain today is expected, I don't think. (Although we do really need it--we are still in a 7-year drought--which makes for awesome weather but not good for us at all!)

Just found some stuff for my hair and face, and that, combined with some ingredients from my fridge and pantry, will occupy me for awhile as I make up some masks to apply and leave on while organizing stuff (and coincides nicely with my <forced> new-found frugality to not spend so much $ out on stupid stuff, like facials and hair treatments).....

Apple Blossom
01-25-2009, 02:44 PM
10 minute run, Day 20 completed, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 21 completed, 2 pauses left
Crunches, Day 3, 2 pauses allowed.
No Beer, Start over
Wow, I actually finished a challenge! It's been a long time for that!!:encore:
Well, I'll just keep going with that one!
No restart on the beer though, had some again with dinner last night.:shrug:But again, under control. No late night Red-like party. :devil: Oh believe me, it hasn't been so long since I've done that! That's the habit I really need to quit, but as far as losing weight, I really need to stay away from empty calories.
Well, it's certainly great to have this upbeat turn on this thread! Positively illuminating!;):sunny:

01-25-2009, 03:45 PM
:congrat: APPLE!! Another one bites the dust! (oooh the early eighties rearing their head, hehe!) And you will finish another one tomorrow, it looks like. But it's funny about the beer--'cause it's on the one week-end in several months without any football! Oh....maybe everyone's household doesn't revolve around sports like mine seems to do at times. :lol: And around here, football is the BIGGEST one of them all.

Well, currently sitting here organizing the bathroom drawers and I have on a homemade hair mask and a face mask. The face is very interesting shade of green, and thick and clay-ey. Already my facial muscles of expression are frozen (temporarily!). My DH always has to laugh every time he looks at me. Oh well, as long as a neighbor doesn't stop by!......

01-25-2009, 06:08 PM
Hey Gals - glad to see so much chatting going on here :) I finally got my computer back and set-up. Then I had to email and apologize to the friends stuck inside my computer ;) Wow, has it been a whole week since I logged in? Sorry to be such a slacker. I've been mostly on-track and am happy (and perplexed) to report that once I decided to just let the weight I'm at be my goal (after 6 months of fighting it) I dropped 2 lbs. The universe has a sense of humor.

Where I am, assuming I'm on track to do the right thing today:
* Chocolate Challenge, Rnd 2 - No solid chocolate, 2/3 serving sized pauses. First challenge completed 12/20. 26/21 - used 3 pauses.
I'm going to stop tracking this one because I am where I want to be with it. Don't be surprised to see it come back again in the future though. Chocolate and I have a long and complex relationship ;)

* Grain Challenge - Limit of 3 grain servings per day, 1 pause used.27/21 This, like the veggie challenge, is a getting back on track challenge so I'm not carrying it forward.

* Exercise challenge, Rnd 2 - yoga, weights or stretches every day. 1 pause First round completed 12/22. Restarted 1/5 - 13/21, 1 pause used. Well blew this one again. I need to restart and rethink. It may just be unreasonable for me to try this without pauses, at least the first time through.

* Journal Challenge, Rnd 2 - Journal everything that goes into my mouth,no pauses. First round completed 23/27. Took a break when computer crashed. 22/21. Another getting back on track challenge completed.

* The Stay out of the Jar with a Spoon Challenge. No more than 1 serving size of nuts or nut butter daily. No pauses 17/21.

I'll be back tonight to update and add new challenges.

Red - You are so right on about each attempt bringing you closer. I found the same thing when I quit smoking (told my DD that the other day). Every time you try you learn something new about yourself and what works for you. It won't be long before you have all the pieces you need. As far as moods and binging go, everyone is different but South Beach really helped me get that stuff under control. I actually didn't think it would, just thought it would be a healthy way to eat but I've been impressed at how well it helped with the crazy eating. Not to say I'm perfect, as you all know from the chocolate and nut butter challenges ;) Anyway, one from the FWIW department.

Apple - :carrot::cb::broc::bravo::broc::cb::carrot: Way to go with the running! I wish I could get motivated on the crunches. Do you do the regular style or one of the new lower ab variations? I've been trying the yoga leg lift things - they kill me but I know my abs are way too weak.

Mod - !! It's good to see you again and wow, doing great.

Okay, gotta go get a workout in. See you all later

01-25-2009, 08:52 PM
Morning all. Monday here and I'm late as usual. That's what happens when you stay up too late just enjoying a tiny bit of down time and the next morning realize that having just 8 hours sleep is going to put you over the time you should be OUT of the house. Oh well. I am feeling sore (from the gym no doubt) but with the beginnings of a sore throat. I hope I can keep that at bay because there's a lot of influenza going around and the owner of the riding club got hit with it yesterday. I really need to cut out the sugar. Yesterday, I was doing fine and then just had some right before going to bed because it was there (the box!) and because I could. Oh well, it could have been a lot worse. Still. Sugar always bloats me badly.
Well, I'm going to try to get through today without any anxious eating. Calm, calm, calm, this has to be my mantra.

mod -- Glad you liked the quotes. And of course I don't mind if you use one. They aren't mine! Yes, you certainly are chatty lately. It's great! And I certainly don't feel like talking these days. It's odd. Even when I'm racing along on caffeine. The caffeine kick did give me some good times in the gym the past two days. I wish I had had more time yesterday but it was closing.

Apple -- Way to go on the exercise challenge!!! :cp: :encore: :cp: Three cheers for Apple!!! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: Tell me, was your run in addition to the additional exercise or part of it. In either case, you are doing well. Keep it going!

Cyndi -- Good to see you back again and boy, are you ever going heavy on the challenges! Wow. In my present unchallenged state, they are quite overwhelming. You know, going off sugar and processed foods always helped me tremendously too with the cravings and outside of pms time, it still does, but recently, pms week has been next to impossible to ignore my body wanting to EAT! Oh ****, a lot of the feeling probably comes from me wanting to eat because I'm so down and then the cold can't help. I'm not going to fret about it. At least my skin is not as bad as it was this time of year last year. Gotta look on/for the bright/brighter side. :^:


Over on the blog lynsweigh, in an interview with Jennette Fulda, author of "Half-Assed," the Q and A goes like this:

How is maintenance different/same as weight loss?

Jennette: It's the same because you have to keep doing everything you did to lose weight, but it's different because you don't get the reward of seeing the number on the scale go down or the joy of fitting into a smaller size of jeans. If anything, you sometimes go up on the scale or your pants start to feel tighter.
It's also important to keep things interesting. Anything gets boring if you do it too much, so I try to preserve that sense of enthusiasm I had for healthy living that I did at the beginning. If I let myself get into a rut, I have to remember to try new activities or foods that will keep life interesting. For example, I recently signed up for a race up 37 floors of a skyscraper as a new way to challenge myself.

And over on Escape from Obesity blog the talk continues with another question...

Are you still regulating your food in the same way? Do you ever feel like it's a burden?

Jennette: I stay aware of what I'm eating and always try to make the best choices. Sometimes if I'm particularly stressed, sad or alone I might grab a chocolate bar, but as long as I'm eating healthy 80-90% of the time I feel like I'm doing well. There are some days it certainly feels like a burden. I'll find myself sitting on the couch thinking about food, wishing I could stop thinking about food and wonder why my brain works this way. I've accepted that this is just the way I am and this is the problem I have to deal with in life. At least I'm not a crack whore :)

Now, this is sobering because it shows that it's no party on maintenance. Now, I sit here thinking that I would be ecstatic to be slim and lean and able to wear the clothes I wanted, but tell me, why is that every time I lose 5-10 pounds and feel GOOD do I wind up gaining 'em back and then some? Huh? What goes? So, I think what Jennette is saying is going to hold true. You have to keep vigilant always. It's just the way we are made. We're survivors and eating is a survival behavior. Duh. We have to be DISCIPLINED. God, I hate that word, right up there with "moderation" ......

01-25-2009, 09:51 PM
I can attest to the maintenance thing, if only with 6 months experience. When I slacked off I re-gained 6 lbs and they were a whole lot more work getting rid of the second time. No matter how much of a hassle it feels like though I would rather be fit and healthy in a size 4 than tired, unable to walk up a flight of stairs, and moodier than anyone should have to live with in a size 24. It's not perfect when you get where you're heading but it's a whole lot better and absolutely worth it. The FWIW Department is getting a workout tonight ;) And now I better do the same!

01-26-2009, 02:44 PM
well, I'm at work and a little bored--so decided to check in. Hi CindiM!!
I am so good--I brought carrot sticks to work and have been nibbling away like a rabbit! But, trying to post on my IPhone is driving me crazy!! So I'll have to wait until I'm home to write more!! TTYL!

Apple Blossom
01-26-2009, 05:10 PM
10 minute run, Day 21 completed!!
20 min additional exercise, Day 21 completed!!
Crunches, Day 4, 2 pauses allowed.
No Beer, Start over
Back on a bit of a beer binge I guess. Again, in moderation, and I'll be back on challenge today! Football is huge here at my house too. There actually was a football game on Saturday evening, the Senior Bowl. They are still not done with all these silly bowl games. But I don't usually drink beer with football anyway. I'm more of a beer while I cook dinner, beer with dinner type.
The 10 minute run is supplemented with the 20 min additional, for a total of 30 min. I'm upping the run to 15 for the next challenge. I'm taking today off though. I'm just doing regular old crunches, and when I feel like I'm in some sort of shape, I'll start throwing in some sets of different ones. The yoga leg lifts are intriguing, how do you do those?
Well, its great to hear all of you are doing well.
Red, are you eating sugar straight out of the box? Is that it?!!:p
I don't even want to think about maintaining. Ughh.

01-26-2009, 10:30 PM
OK, home now, and wanted to post a quick reply.

CyndiM--South Beach helped you with your moodiness? As in, hormonal imbalances? I saw this Oprah show about a week or so ago (I know, I know, I shouldn't put so much stock into anything I hear on TV, my hub mocks me by saying "Is Oprah a Doctor or something?") but anyway, the main topic was our crazy hormonal chaos from anywhere around age 35 to 55, and she along with others have sworn by finding a doctor who tests and then prescribes "bio-identical" hormones, the 4 or 5 most important to us and that go into a flux at mid-life. Since I saw this show I have thought about getting tested just to check them. See what is high or low or very low at this time in me.

And Red, apparently this has a lot to do with facial breakouts as well. My face started acting up again about 3-4 years ago, and I have to treat it with stuff all the time to try and control the madness. I forget if I told you this before--of course, stress seems to affect it as well. My new-ish dermatologist (a woman) recently suggested I may have PCOS--something no one has ever suggested I get checked for before. But I guess break-outs, coupled with very irreguler periods (which I've had for years now) and extreme difficulty losing weight and always tending to be overweight--all are common components of this. I will ask my Ob-Gyn next time I see him, about it.

Anyway, off I go now to make dinner--DH is looking at me like "well? Are we going to eat anytime tonight or what?"

01-26-2009, 10:35 PM
Apple--I forgot to add I guess I am happy DH didn't really know or care about that FB game on Saturday--it was nice to not have to revolve our life around the games! We went to see "The Wrestler" and saw Mickey Rourke's come-back performance. Next we will see "The Reader". My favorite movie recently is Slumdog. I do so hope it wins the Oscar--a foreign film to win a Best Picture, and a feel-good one at that--it would be a great achievement!

01-27-2009, 06:35 AM
Hi, people. Not feeling very happy about myself. Really feeling like I am out of control when it comes to eating and my weight. I DON'T know what happened. I really don't.
Oh well, I just made my green vegetable juice. Maybe that will help. I am kind of afraid though. I feel out of control, like I really can't care anymore. This is not good. :nono:
mod, Apple, Cyndi, sorry I just don't feel like writing... :cry: Best of luck to you all though...

01-27-2009, 07:49 AM
I told myself that despite the binge (1,500 cals!) I would make vegetable juice and this vegetable soup. I made the juice. The soup is cooking as I type. I feel a little better. Can we say bootstraps? Grab hold and pull! :^:

01-27-2009, 11:00 AM
Red--1500 calories doesn't sound so bad--is that in one sitting, or the entire day? Even if just one sitting, I wouldn't get so down. It really isn't all that much and very easy to correct over the next 24-48 hours or so. As someone on another thread recently posted, a single slice of a type of pizza had 700-800 calories per slice!! I can't remember which pizza, maybe a Costco one, in any case, I was like :eek: !!! I love pizza, :love: and DH and I have one almost every week--and it is so easy for me to eat half (but in recent months, I only eat 3 slices, he eats 5. Sometimes I can eat just two.....) So even 2 slices are already 1500 calories!!! Really has made me cautious now, but I still have some occasionally. To not would encourage a complete binge sometime later on stuff I really didn't want.

SO forgive yourself, give yourself a little permission sometimes to eat something you really want--and don't look on it as a binge. In the larger scheme of things, it's ok, once in awhile. Just not every day!! :nono:

Of course--this comes from someone who is still not at her goal either, so maybe my FWIW (nod to CyndiM) isn't the advice you need to hear........

Here's another thought, before I go to work--every trainer and fitness expert I've ever talked to has said with a frequent "good" exercise regime in place, you can have more of the stuff you love, without any ill effects. In other words, if you are getting in your WO 5-6 days/week, a good effort, then you don't have to be so so strict with the diet--still need to be mindful, of course, if you want to lose, but you can go "off plan" occasionally, and fit in that stuff you really have a craving for.

Just have to "work it off" ya'know? Don't look at it as a set-back.....

Apple Blossom
01-27-2009, 04:26 PM
15 minute run, starting today, 2 pauses allowed
20 min additional exercise, Starting today, 2 pauses allowed
Crunches, Day 5, 2 pauses allowed.
No Beer, Starting today, 2 pauses allowed
I ran on the treadmill at the gym today, to see about the 3k. I can see why people might fing running boring, if they are running on a treadmill. Yuck I'd much rather be going somewhere. Anyway, I went 2 miles in 25 minutes. I walked the last 5 min, and the first 3 min or so was spent figuring out the machine. (I've never used this particular one before) So I don't think I can catch up to the 36 minutes just yet, but it's a goal of mine! I only plan on the treadmill once a week. I only like it because it paces you. I'll lay out a 3K run in the neighborhood to work on.
Hey Red. You really are going through a rough patch.:( Well, we are all here for you and you just have to get back the ol' Red I can-do-anything-if-I-put-my-mind-to-it attitude and get rolling again!!:hug:You can do it!!

01-27-2009, 08:41 PM
Hi there, Apple, mod. Thanks for your support. This is not just a patch. It's a long dark tunnel and I am sick of it. I am late getting out to work again, but I did have a good sleep, which is unusual these days.

My eyes are badly swollen from crying BUT it's not anything alarming. There was a show I was watching on TV last night that is about songs that make you cry. The panel listens and then rates the song on how much it made them cry. This is very Japanese, by the way. Of course, I was crying constantly. My God, what a sap.

My skin is better but I don't know if it's due to the latest herb from the herbalist or my own self-medications of spirulina. I used to take spirulina (it's an algae) all the time, then ran out and never ordered it. Have to order from the States because the stuff here is way too expensive and low quality. Anyhow, something is changing because my skin is better. Hallelujah!
There happened to be a link on getting back on track after a sugar binge in my mail this morning. Can't find the link, only the email, but it was on this site, which seems to have a lot of helpful articles.

The binge was my usual style, just start with one and keep going. So, mod, it was just the binge and not my entire day's eating. Heck, if it were the entire day I wouldn't care so much. Though it would be bad nutrition at least the calories wouldn't be that much. In fact, they'd be WAY lower than I usually eat. All in all, I'm trying to give myself what I want but not overdo it. I don't think it's going to work. Sugar and I do NOT mix. It's the same as alcohol. It is NEVER just a bit. Oh well, we've been there before.

Making the vegetable juice and soup was a huge victory for me though. That's the stuff I have to be eating. These days I don't want it though. Just shows how depressed I am.

Apple, good luck on staying off the brew. mod, my problem is I never have a plan. I so hate structure, really despise it and thus, with the present full-time job, I am hating my life. I wish I could learn to keep everything out of the office. I guess I am simply not meant to work. :lol3:

01-28-2009, 06:35 AM
Hi people. Oh, heck, I'm talking to myself again. La dee dah, da dee dah.
Anyhow, I had an interesting day foodwise. Though I am eating sugar, I forced myself to eat some disgustingly healthy stuff. Now, you know that's gotta be bad because I actually like the green vegetable juice I make. Anyhow, the weird thing was is that I didn't have to eat junk. I didn't really want to....but I did. Now, I'm sick with a cold, but that has never stopped me before. So, I'm wondering, duh, if eating really healthy stuff might be key to getting the fat off? Gosh, if it were, I would make this a challenge. I would still allow anything, but I would HAVE to eat vegetables and soups and such, things that I have NOT been eating even when I was off sugar. Let's experiment a little bit. AND, I feel better mentally too. Of course, it could all have to do with the fact that I left work early because I felt so bad and, surprise, surprise, once home I felt fine! Sigh. It's the same old, same old.
Hope to see some posts in here! Later! :wave:

01-28-2009, 06:51 AM
Hey Red - I'm not awake enough yet to post much but you found the reason I had the vegetable challenge on my list. Every day I include at least 4.5 cups of veggies (real veggies not just salad greens) and at least a 1/2 c serving of beans. It leaves a lot less room for binging on bad stuff. But seriously, and I know you know this, unless you come up with a way to deal with the stress you're just setting yourself up for failure. The stress is going to get you every time, that's obvious. I can't tell you what you should do but obviously you need to do something - either get the h*ll out of that job or find ways to manage your stress (yoga, more exercise, punching bag.....). Use the challenges to make it work for you. They worked for me and I am so grateful to you for having this thread here. Let us cheer you on to taking control of this mess and getting back on track to being healthy.

01-28-2009, 06:56 AM
Hi Cyndi! Yeah, stress. It's not the stress so much. That I DO manage. It's the malaise that is affecting me. I need to make change and what better change than to get the body I want. I must. I must. I must.
Ok, if you're saying vegetables are the way to go, then I'm going to do it. Last night, with the soup cooking (it had bean sprouts in it) it took me back 25 years to when I first came here and I got down to 60 kg by eating a lot of soup, with lots of sprouts. And it came off easily, the fat. It was the first time since pre-puberty that I looked good. Wow, maybe I can do it. Thanks for the support. I'm turning in now. Good night! Good morning! :wave:

Apple Blossom
01-28-2009, 04:03 PM
15 minute run, Day 1, 2 pauses allowed
20 min additional exercise, Day 1, 2 pauses allowed
Crunches, Day 6, 2 pauses allowed.
No Beer, Day1, 2 pauses allowed
I always find Day 1 kind of depressing. There is so much more to do. I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere until day 5 or so.
Ah-ha! Soup! Red, that is a fantastic idea! I am trying to find a way to work soup in at least once a week. Right now I have to un-load some spinach and soup would be a good way to use it up. I think you are really on to something. You might have to slowly but surely find your way, but you can do it. I had been eating really terribly too, and so I'm slowly adding more good stuff to my diet. More fruit and fruit juices, more salads. Cyndi has some valid points too, about stress. But feeling good about yourself is an important part of that, so get on it chick.

01-28-2009, 04:23 PM
OK, feeling a bit better today. Hope I can knock this cold back with healthy eating!

Apple -- You snuck that completed challenge right by me! Congratulations!! :cp: :encore: :cp: Don't be depressed! My gosh! Why??!!? You are not on Day 1, you are on Day 22 or 44 or whatever. If it helps, do like I was doing and carry the number over as a cumulative thing along with the number of this round.
Yeah, stress, well, if I had other options I wouldn't be stressed. My other options are only more stress inducing. And the economy over here has sucked for foreigners for years now. Anyhow, if I can get feeling good about myself and my body I will be in MUCH better pun intended.
I just ordered the Mary Lou Retton Platform. Seen it? Looks like fun.


Later all! :wave: Mod, where are ya? Cyndi? Others? :listen: Get back in here, buckle down and do some challenges........she, the unchallenged one says. I'm going to call something soon. You bet. :yes:

01-29-2009, 06:25 AM
Well, I'm talking to myself again here. I guess the time difference just doesn't make for getting together.
I am still pretty sick with a cold so a lack of appetite and lessened sense of taste makes it a lot easier not to eat. That said, I forced myself to eat my soup. I literally have to force myself to because, even though it doesn't taste that bad, it's the last thing I want. I want all these other sweet things, junk things, all sorts of food porn! :eek: It's bizarre. It's like my body is rebelling against health. Why, oh why do I want to eat garbage and not healthy stuff. I feel diseased, like some sort of twisted, traumatized fiend. Oh, heck, that's getting a little too close for comfort.....!

01-29-2009, 07:22 PM
Hmm... Thirteen hours later and not a peep... Where are all our challengers?!?!? :dunno: :shrug: :?:

Apple Blossom
01-29-2009, 08:42 PM
15 minute run, Day 2, 2 pauses allowed
20 min additional exercise, Day 2, 2 pauses allowed
Crunches, Day 7, 2 pauses allowed.
No Beer, Day 2, 2 pauses allowed
Hey Red! Do you chew gum? Sometimes it helps when you are about to eat something bad. Or brush your teeth. I don't like eating right after that. I've been trying the gum thing lately, but I keep forgetting and sometimes I have already started munching. At least I don't munch as much. Good idea about the carry over from the last challenge, but how does that work for pauses? The same I guess... My little brain might not be able to handle it...
I think I'm catching a wee cold too, plus I have TOM coming up and with it serious munchies...

01-29-2009, 08:55 PM
Hi there Apple! Glad to see you have liftoff! :bravo: Yeah, I chew gum. It does help for sure. I just have to force myself to change. I was sitting here analyzing what I've done after writing a total self-pity entry in my journal. I should just give up. Instead, I have to take a hard look at what I'm doing, which, I figured out, is asking things to change without changing. Now, it doesn't take a three-digit IQ to figure out that that's not possible. And yet, that is exactly what I've been demanding. Like a total idiot. You know, those vegetables I despise eating. I'm gonna have to eat them. Why do I despise eating them? I don't know. Any number of reasons, but so what? Just eat them! Sigh. OK, sorry about that ME tangent.

The carry-over is only to show the total number of days you've gone on a challenge. And it only worked with acing the challenge the way I was doing it. But you could make the second number the number of days out of the total actual days that you've stayed on a challenge. Of course, it would have to be the same challenge. In any case, it's just to keep you aware that this is not really a new beginning. It's a new chapter within the same book. So, if you have two rounds of exercise challenges, have three numbers and add on the pauses for the last one. Let's see.

Exercise challenge Day 2 -- 0 of 3 pauses taken -- (23 days on plan in the past 26 days).

Explanation: If you had three pauses in the last challenge, it means you had 21 days on and 3 days off. Add your 2 good days so far in the new round to the first number in parentheses and 2 days to the second.

I know it's complicated but not once you get it going. You just have to know where to add the numbers. If you take a pause to the above it would become:

Exercise challenge Day 2 -- 1 of 3 pauses taken -- (23 days on plan in the past 27 days).

Got it?

Hope the cold doesn't catch you. I am sick right now and it's a real drag.

Apple Blossom
01-30-2009, 05:05 PM
15 minute run, Day 2, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 2, 1 pause left
Crunches, Day 7, 1 pause left.
No Beer, Day 3, 2 pauses allowed
well, I kind of took the day off yesterday. I have mixed thoughts about taking a pause or just starting over. I am choosing the more difficult route of taking a pause. I don't see any reason why I can't get the run in for the next week. The schedule looks favorable.
Red, thanks for the explanation, maybe I'll try it next time, but I'm feeling kind of brain dead right now. I know what you mean about the veggies. I like to garden and I get all excited about seed catalogs and successful harvests, but when it comes to actually eating the stuff, I balk. I'll cook veggies for the kids but not eat them myself. When I have a salad, I eat it really really slowly. They are just not all that exciting until you start throwing the unhealthful stuff on them like....well, you know.
Yes, change without changing doesn't happen. Change with out changing enough doesn't happen either. And change takes so *%!#!!@! long! Looks like I will be logging a 2 pound loss for the month. That's better than nothing, and I haven't been at it the entire month, so I can't loose hope. (but I am !@!#**! frustrated!) I need 5 in Feb. I think I can I think I can I think I can.

01-30-2009, 10:55 PM
Hi, Apple. Glad to see someone's hanging in here. I am trying to get moving today and get my mojo back. Where did that thing go again? :?:
That was a tough decision on the pause. I hope you can do it! :yes:
I understand your frustrations. so well. I am going crazy here, truly. I mean, this all shouldn't be so hard, should it? Why is it that we never seem to get it right? It is mind-boggling, to the point of tears.
But, maybe it's not, maybe it's just the lack of consistency. I mean, a 500-calorie deficit a day would be a good thing but how easy is that to undo. Super, super easy. More like, four times that. And yet, if I save 500 calories, I'm going to feel so deprived that I will "blow" it by pigging on 2,000 calories, so naturally I see no progress. I guess until we learn to come up with rewards for the saved calories, the loss is not going to happen. Remember that list of instant gratifications other than food. Pretty short, wasn't it? In fact, I can't think of anything that takes the place of food. Maybe we should change the list name to "Diversions." That might get us somewhere.
Well, wish me luck, please. I'm near hysterical I think. :(

01-31-2009, 12:59 PM
Hi guys! Well, my very busy week is over--I have a little touch of something and I swear, I just have been coming home, fixing dinner, eating, sitting on couch and falling asleep! Like, literally! Thursday, I said I've got to got to go to bed b/c I'm falling asleep and DH looked at me in amazement and said "but it's only 7:30!" No matter, I had to drag myself off to bed where I promptly fell asleep until 5:30am!

One of my jobs is in a mobile clinic--at times it goes to "south county" which means another 50 miles away. I already live about 36 miles away from the home office, so needless to say, I have a loooong day sometimes, just with the commute and all. But strangely, this is my favorite job--it is the lowest paying one of the three places I work, but the most rewarding to me for some reason and so I keep going. I'd like to work there more--they need me, but the others I have now help pay the bills better.

Anyway, yesterday I had a bad lunch--at a fast-food place, and instead of ordering a healthy thing, it was a bad thing, no, three things I ordered and scarfed down. I don't know why. Well, maybe I do. It was the fact that I had my lunch cut very short, to just 25 minutes, and so what do I do? Instead of just saying to heck with it and eating the rest of my carrots I've been bringing everyday to munch on in down times (not using them as a lunch, though) I feel like I am starving and have to eat something! So I go to the closest, fastest place and go totally off-plan! :devil: Oooh how I hate that!

So the vegetable thing is really hitting home with me, and the "change without changing" comments as well. Here I am bringing carrots to eat, but still, not eating enough veggies otherwise. And maybe b/c I am eating carrots and drinking water, I justify to myself that I can eat a bad lunch, or have a drink with dinner, etc. I think I am creeping up on my portion size again, as well. I really need to get back to smaller amounts of food.

So here I am starting and stopping again. But since it is almost the first of the month, and I have all of a sudden a whole new set of challenges I want to strive for, I am starting again. I have new issues now that I need to address, some bad habits I am beginning to fall into, and with this new schedule, some adjustments I need to make to be relevant and successful.....

1) More veggies! Including more "healthy" salads and soups. 5 different types a day. If I have to go to fast food, GET THE SALAD!! (Or the soup/chili, or the chicken, at the very least!!!)
2) Less food! No seconds, no "finishing" the pan or pot of food--push away from the table before I feel "full". Save the rest for leftovers or give to the dogs.
3) Some exercise every day--even just a quick walk around the block after dinner. Been really slipping here, due to time factor. Lately I've been lucky to get in exercise 3 times a week--waaaay down from my old average of 6 days/week.
4) Check in here (only here--just for you, Red!) every day--even just a quick one. Helps for accountability for me, support for you guys.

Let me just try these--all with 3 pauses, because I may fail one or two times, but let me just try to get back on some sort of plan that I can be successful with, for 21 days! Thank goodness it is slowly but surely staying a little lighter a little later every day now, I think that will help, in several ways.

OK, off to start Day One (on the 31st, so the finish will be somewhere around Feb. 20th or so) with some exercise. Outside, with the dogs--I needs me some face time with the little beasties right now.....:)

Apple Blossom
01-31-2009, 05:29 PM
15 minute run, Day 3, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 3, 1 pause left
Crunches, Day 7, No pauses left.
Start over on Monday
These early pauses are definitely bad news. Now I 'm not so sure about the crunches, and the beer will just have to wait until after the superbowl. I'm having one of those days where I am feeling guilty about any personal time I am taking, ( I went to a gardening clinic this morning for 2 hours)but I'll just have to get over it and get that run in. We went out to dinner last night, and after over eating I was really looking forward to taking a nice long run. Well, long for me anyway.
I think TOM is coming.
Mod , I've always found that the lowest paying and most difficult jobs are the most rewarding. At least it's been that way for me. I had a job like that right out of college. I loved it and have very fond memories of it, but I couldn't continue because of the demanding life style and low pay.
The three of us (and anyone else who pops in) should set a mini goal or challenge for ourselves. Maybe it doesn't matter how much we lose, but to have a loss of some kind by a certain time. Or to walk/run a certain distance. What do you think?
Hope you are all having a nice week end!

01-31-2009, 10:31 PM
Let's do it! What do you think--something like 2 pounds in 10 days? or run 1 mile every day after work for a week (before dinner?) That's only 12 minutes or so for me.

Give me some ideas--I'm totally up for it. Maybe no alcohol for 7 days straight (after Superbowl), or totally no processed food for 7 days, or no stuff with sugar, or no red meat, or no pasta/pizza, or, or, or, ?????

I think I may need a very mini challenge, just to get really moving and motivated on the weight loss again. (Maintaining? Heck, that's what I've been doing for almost 3 months now.....) :?:

02-01-2009, 07:04 AM
Hello, ALL, all two of you. Gads, where did everyone go? Oh well, no probs. I've found some sort of resolve again. Don't really know where it came from, but I've been able to log and tally calories for the past two days. Amazing! So, I'm going to make that my challenge.

Log and Tally Challenge Day 2 completed -- no pauses allowed

Now, naturally I am trying to stick to a number and eat healthful stuff and all, but I'm not making that a challenge. I am actually weighing my food. !!!!!!!!!! :?: :shrug: Bizarre!

mod -- Yo, mod, who suddenly popped the cork on the verbosity! It's a celebration! Wow. You're either here like a hurricane or not at all. :lol: Good to see you. Superbowl!!! MY CITY!!! GO STEELERS!! I will be at work, trying to snatch moments in front of the screen (if I can find anyone airing it) Oh, no, this could mean a celebration tomorrow night. I can NOT go out whatever the outcome. Anyone, sorry for the tangent, but you both were talking Superbowl.
Well, you sure have taken on a lot of challenges, put my measly one to shame!
Glad some of the blabber is hitting home with you. I did like the change with no change demand. Seems to have been my logic of recent. (One can tell the state of my psyche from this little gem). Heck, it finally hit home. Something's truly got to change and I don't have a fairy wand. so...
Good luck, you!

Apple -- Of course, you can't watch the Superbowl without some brew for fuel but you have to root for the Steelers, OK? ;)
Guilty about personal time? Whatever for? Gosh, I wish I had ONLY personal time. Guess that's why I'm single. :lol3:
So, what's this with the challenge trio? Give me some ideas? Do you mean like a contest? I have little goals set for myself but just don't say them on here because I need to keep the thread focused on the challenge. But, sure, seeing as we're all by our lonesome, we can try something. Tell me more. How about a workout like this...?


02-01-2009, 07:56 AM
Hey Red! Just stopping in to check up on you and see how you are. Hope all is well?
I went back to Weight Watchers this past week and am really on that wagon that I fell off of, right now.
Wish I knew metrics and could understand your numbers, looks like progress?
Linda, with lots of snow in NH

02-01-2009, 12:09 PM
Hi Red! Well, sure, that WO worked for Rocky, but I think I need something more intense.....:rofl: Man does he look young! And he got so buff! :whoo:
Since you seem to like Rocky, does this mean you aren't the typical Steeler fan who hates Philly and everything to do with it?

yeah, about the mini challenge--just something extremely small, one thing at a time, for about a week, that's what I think Apple meant, and sure sounds good to me. She hasn't confirmed, but I'm gonna pick one to start Monday, for 7 days. It is just for one week--but I'm gonna shoot for:

no pasta, rice, pizza, potatoes. None, for 7 days. This is tough, this means even no Lean Cuisines, b/c about all of them have either rice or pasta. Are you with me Apple? Just for 7 days. Red--could be very tough for you, in a rice culture over there. Anyway, just my own personal thing--gotta cut out some of the glycemics this first week. My weight just isn't budging--it's "maintaining" but not continuing down, for awhile now.

Hi derrydaughter! Brrrr! I feel for you, it wasn't all that long ago I was in the cold and snowy Midwest, around Chicago. I am hearing all about my (our) "abandonment" of the in-laws to the "fun-and-sun" of California all the time now! Well, it is cold here a lot, down to freezing, and some frosts, but not bitter cold and no snow, so I guess they are pretty right. That's ok......:D

Apple Blossom
02-02-2009, 04:05 PM
15 minute run, Day 5, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 5, 1 pause left
Crunches, restart today, 2 pauses allowed
No beer, restart today, 2 pauses allowed
OK mod, I will try your challenge. No pizza, pasta, rice or potatoes. I'm adding tortillas, becuase I eat a lot of them. For one week, starting now, noon Monday.
May the force be with you....
Red, you are hysterical! I didn't watch the whole clip, but I loved it! I especially need to do more one handed push ups.:rofl: Guessing you are happy about the football game, eh?(Only 2 beers by the way, I'm proud of myself) I was really rooting for the Cardinals, but you have to love an exciting game like that. YAY.
Hi Derry, as always, good to hear from you. We'd love it if you joined us on a regular basis. Stay warm!

02-03-2009, 12:48 AM
OK one day down in the mini-challenge, and Day 2 done with the "eat more veggies, but less overall food" challenge. And posting today. I will add the no tortilla thing as well. And adding an alcohol moratorium, just for 7 days, mind you. But useless carbs and cals. there so I am stopping it this week.

I am logging cals. again as well. About 1600 for today. Not too bad. Most amazing is how good I feel already. Maybe it's just the positive action I am taking right now that's got me feeling this way, but I like to think this day of very healthy eating was also the cause.

It's strange. Every year I fumble through January, never ever really getting on the whole healthy thing until after it is over, roughly coinciding with the Superbowl. I start and stop and seem to lose motivation, then somewhere after those first few weeks of the year I seem to get back in the groove. I thought maybe with my new-found attitude and approach to weightloss this past year I would have avoided that black hole I fall into after the holidays, but I guess not.

Well, I feel I am back now and can begin to be focused, again. Yay me.

Red--did you get to see any of the game yesterday?

Apple--wtg on the beer quantity!

CyndiM--where are you?

02-03-2009, 07:32 AM
Going to restart the challenge. Got off track yesterday after the Steeler win! Wow! :dance:

Well, even though I am surrounded by mostly Brits and Aussies at the office I put out the call for drinks and said the beer was on me after work. Got 6 or 7 together, made them all learn the final score, the number of Super Bowls the Steelers have won, the team with the most Super Bowls and to say (with feeling) "Go Steelers!!" and that was all they needed to partake of the free beer. It was fun. Needless to say I am in bad shape today and stayed home. I have a fat bill for the night but have educated some ignorant Brits with vital Pittsburgh knowledge. The world is a better place for it.

Journaled and tallied today but calories were a bit out of line. Still...

Day 1 completed -- no pauses allowed

Going to be back on track tomorrow.

derry -- Nice to see you. Glad to hear you're back on the wagon. WW should be good. I'd go if there was a Japanese and vegetarian version here. Metrics as far as kilograms are concerned are easy. Just multiply everything by 2.2 to get the pounds. My weigh under the avatar is wishful, it's old. I'm back near 72 kg but....I am once again, yet again, still determined to get the fat REMOVED...this is my new term, fat removal. Got it off another site. Like it?

mod -- The Rocky thing was just something someone had put up on a blog and I thought it was fitting for here. I wouldn't say I'm a Rocky fan, but it was good stuff. I very much like the last movie though. Oh, and mod....I'm a typical Steelers fan. :lol3: Philly? Do people actually live there? Hmmm...don't know what kind of challenge I should take on. Probably some little exercise thing. Will think.
I only saw the highlights of the game, because I was working and couldn't hang out in front of the TV. The sports guy had it on, but he was an Arizona fan, so I didn't really want to hang around. Wow, that sure was some game though. And Arizona played a great one. I really thought we were goners there right before the final Steeler touchdown. I was ecstatic...well, inside.
Looks like you and I are doing the calorie thing. For some strange reason, I'm begin to actually embrace it again. Couldn't for years. Best of luck! :goodluck:

Apple -- Glad you liked the Rocky clip. I thought it was hilarious, especially the trainer. Can you imagine us leaping through the streets doing stuff like that? They would lock us up! :rofl: See above for the game. Suffice to say, I am HAPPY!! Good for you on the beer. Wish I could say the same....:^: The post-Bowl evening here for me was....hmm...funny, I can't seem to remember the evening that well...for some reason.

02-03-2009, 11:47 AM
Hi Red! Well, yeah, why do you think I am newly motivated myself? Because of the SB party and blow-out I had with the beer, et al. I was trying to be moderate and mindful, but somewhere after the 3rd beer I said 'what the heck' and just enjoyed the evening.

Well, surprise, surprise. After 3 weeks of being busy 5 days/week, today I am off! Totally, not just a half-day. Kinda surprised me, too, but no one needed me today, and frankly, that's ok! An entire day to concentrate on ME! Only ME! With no DH around, I mean. So, I'm gonna go to my favorite spin class in about an hour, then groceries (lots of veggies and such) and then some dog walking at the state forest near here (should be pretty empty today), then get to my favorite swim class tonight. If I don't do all this, please just :frypan: me! I am writing it down here, to make me do it! No excuse, b/c it is such a beautiful day here and the house is clean, all the laundry caught up and everything fairly organized (I've been doing a lot on that for the last 6 weeks or so, since before Christmas, starting when I was searching and dragging out all the Xmas decorations), so NO EXCUSES!! :ziplip:

Anyhoo, just a quick note here and a couple of other threads and I'm OFF! :wave:

Apple Blossom
02-03-2009, 07:30 PM
15 minute run, Day 6, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 6, 1 pause left
Crunches, Day 1, 2 pauses allowed
No beer, Day 1, 2 pauses allowed
There I was, all gung ho about a mini challenge, and I can't even do it for 1 day. :mad:I'd like to think I can try again, but any eating challenges have to wait until next week, DH is going out of town and it becomes much easier to control what types of food I eat. As for quantity, I should be able to manage portions, so that will be my mini challenge. Eat small portions. A bit vauge, but I'll know when I've crossed the line. ;)
Who, did I actually consume less beer than everyone else? Amazing. I must be on the right track.
By the way, I have been wondering about the theory that if you consume 100 less calories a day, you can lose 10 pounds in a year? Or some wacky math like that? If I'm laying off the daily beer, and exercising as well, is that really all it takes? I would think that your metabolism adjusts after a while. In much less than a year. I just have to believe that it's harder than that. Just wondering.:chin:

02-04-2009, 01:37 AM
Good question. I guess it depends what your base burn rate is. It takes a certain amount of calories to get thru the day--I'm sure everyone's number is slightly different, depending on age and activity level, etc. If you are way overeating, but then cut out 100 calories, seems you would just gain weight at a slower pace then, but not actually "lose" weight. I would think we need to take in 100 less calories than we expend/burn a day--or conversely, pump up the activity to burn off 100 more cals/day if we have been "maintaining" our weight.

I am not the expert however.

Just wanted to check in--I completed a make-shift triathalon, meaning today I did 50 min. of cycling (in spin class) walked with dogs for 90 minutes, then swam for 90 minutes 6-7:30. Need it be said I am pretty wiped. I guess I'll be sore tomorrow, my calves were cramping a couple of times while swimming tonight as it was.

No matter--I needed to do this big push to jump-start my fitness goals again. I am sick at hovering in the same weight range. I do not want to be self-defeating and become complacent b/c I have already lost something like 40 pounds in the last year. I just need to push myself to get this last 30-40 pounds off me. I am the only one who is holding me back.

Of to bed-- :yawn:

Apple Blossom
02-04-2009, 04:20 PM
15 minute run, Day 7, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 7, 1 pause left
Crunches, Start over, 2 pauses allowed
No beer, Day 2, 2 pauses allowed
Mod, I am so Jealous! I wish I had that much time to exercise! I could do exercise videos at night I guess, but I can't motivate myself to do it. I don't especially enjoy that form of exercise. I'd love to be able to walk and swim! If you keep that routine up, you'll be dropping weight quickly. Way to go!:swim:
So I'm thinking, I have been ingesting 120 less from a daily beer, 200 burned in exercise AT LEAST. So I need a total of 3500 to lose a pound. That would take about 11 days. I need to try to get that down to 7 days. 500 cal a day. I'm still convinced that the body metabolism adjusts. But I also believe it can only adjust to a certain point. Lets face it kids, it's not easy.
The good news is that I am moving my ticker. I will be doing this at the beginning of each month. (I hope) So a 2 pound loss in 3 weeks actually fits with that little math exercise. This morning I was actually down another 2, but I could bounce back from that pretty quick. :(
Enough of me. See y'all tomorrow!

02-05-2009, 10:43 AM
It does adjust somewhat, but then, eventually your activity level will too, if you don't have the energy to do as much, you won't. You'll be exhausted. If you were keeping up your same activity level, eventually you will be losing weight if you don't bring in the right amount of fuel it needs. But yes, you can go into starvation mode and the body metabolism does slow way down.

I read two good articles recently about diet/exercise. One said something about how thin people and overweight people often think differently about hunger. We already intuitively know this but it's nice to see it in black and white. Thin people are not overly concerned about hunger, or feeling hungry. They don't give in to that urge to eat every time, and they know that if they ignore it, soon the "hunger" passes. And it's true. If you can't eat for it, later on, you realize your huge hunger pains have subsided for the most part. You don't feel especially starving. So thin people don't panic and feel like they have to eat, now or very soon.

Also, many overweight people mis-identify hunger--they eat when they are bored, or happy, or anxious or stressed, or excited, or dehydrated, or tired. These all can produce "hunger" urges or pains. We mistake our need for something else for hunger, and thus, go in search of food. We (most of us, that is, myself included) need to realize what we really need and go distract ourselves or do an activity or reduce our stress some other way or drink some water or get some rest or whatever. Engaging someone else in something, like talking, can put off the urge to eat.

And the daughter of Aaron Beck had an interesting article about the 10 or 11 things we need to do to be successful at losing weight--I'll try to find it and post it here. One was quite surprising to me--do not chew gum in your weight-loss efforts. Really? I always had heard that was an effective weight-loss strategy for some.

Anyway, just some musings......

Btw--I am rocking my mini-challenge so far. For some reason, 7 days seems totally doable to me. Of course, the challenge could be the upcoming week-end, but with nothing really planned, I am hopeful to make it through fine....

02-05-2009, 10:55 AM

Here is the link to one article I just read. At the bottom it has 10 dieting tips, and it talks about what I just said, about not being afraid of being hungry, and just waiting until your regular meal-time to eat anyway.

And another important point--the hungrier you are, the slower you need to eat. I have to remember that. My DH often says I eat too fast (unless I am talking) and I know I do, especially if I am starved or it tastes really, really good.

I have to eat like a princess, or a debutante--one bite, napkin, take a drink of water, say a word or two to whoever, then on to another bite, etc. From some movie or book I once saw/read. :lol:

02-05-2009, 06:24 PM
Long sigh. I really blew it yesterday. I just couldn't stop eating. All sorts of junk and then more junk. I was so irritated, so ticked off about things at work and tired, very tired, and yet I had to keep working. Ok, I know these are excuses, but they are my worst triggers. And now, what do I have for it? More irritation, more stress and now it's aimed directly at me.
So, enough at last! I am NOT going to beat myself up. I just have to find a more intelligent way of dealing with all the crap that happens in life and especially at work.
But, I'm also not going to pretend that losing weight is such a wonderful, fantastic, godawful thing that sticking to my plan is going to make things rosy. No, not at all. It'll just be a little thing, that some days will make me feel a bit better. But a bit better doesn't mean good. Deal with it.
I've got to take things way beyond myself and my petty desires.
Back on things today. Trudge, trudge.

Apple Blossom
02-05-2009, 08:39 PM
15 minute run, Day 8, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 8, 1 pause left
Crunches, Start over, 2 pauses allowed
No beer, Day 3, 2 pauses allowed
Depressing moment: Went to Fit Day where I updated my "situation" and apparently, when I first logged on to Fit Day I weighed almost 15 pounds less than I do now. That was before I was pregnant with my little one. My daughter was about 3. Wow. I weighed 15 pounds less and I was still trying to lose 10 more. Quite a journey lies ahead.
I fell good today though. The exercise is going really well and I'm enjoying it.
Red, don't despair, you will be back on track tomorrow!
Yeah, I'm a stress eater big time. I LIKE to feel hungry sometimes. I think I even tried to make that a challenge once. Feel the hunger once a day. I don't think I made it through that one. :devil:
Gotta run kids! Chin up Red!!:carrot:

02-06-2009, 02:29 AM
Conversely, my food challenge is working. My exercise is still below last year's average--probably a function of my increased work schedule and commute times. But the eating is good--everyday now I take TWO big bottles of water to sip on and I have a baggie of raw veggies with me, which I munch on at lunch and during the day, as well as the drive home (before dinner). Tomorrow is my last work day, and then I'll hit exercise this Sat/Sun. Probably I'll over-do it a bit, but I want to get in a lot of "minutes" this week still.

I feel better, just from eating healthier. I hope to lose a pound this week, or next.

Red--you can do it. I know it's hard, believe me. Stress. Ugh. Worry, irritation, drama, and all such ilk are the downfall of most of us. Here's hoping you can get past it all again soon!

Apple-- I have at times almost liked to feel hungry as well, mostly when I was in the midst of a diet and feeling good about the results. But the feeling was fleeting, and I soon started "rewarding" myself for being so good and denying myself so much, so often. So maybe I am scared that I will fall back into that self-destructive pattern again. But I am trying not to give in to every urge to eat, now. And I am attempting more analysis of whether I am truly wanting food, or do I really want or need something else. Certainly I eat (or drink) to help deal with stress, or to elevate my emotions. So I am trying other distraction techniques--I have my IPhone and now will try to play a game or some new music on it, or taking a book with me almost everywhere I try to lose myself in that, and yes, I try to call someone or more likely start to write an email to someone, (or just a long letter to myself, trying to set down in words exactly what I'm feeling or thinking about now) or if home, I need to just get up and do something, even if it's just housework. But better to do some yoga poses or crunches or stretches or such. Or go for a walk. Or Something. I'm still trying to figure it all out.

Apple Blossom
02-06-2009, 04:35 PM
15 minute run, Day 9, 1 pause left
20 min additional exercise, Day 9, 1 pause left
Crunches, Day 1, 2 pauses allowed
No beer, Day 4, 2 pauses allowed
Just a quick hello!
Mod, the iphone as a diet tool! There's another marketing angle for them!

02-07-2009, 08:00 AM
Heh, people, thanks for the support. I'm just not up to writing much these past few days, since I've been on a godawful binge for two of 'em. Got things under control today. It's the anxiety, job anxiety, uncertainty, really bad now with management taking people in one by one to offer a couple months' pay if you quit. Sigh.
Anyhow, won't dwell on it now.
The most important thing is that I got the binge under control, I rode, I got some more books. I'm pushing on, damned it, pushing on. :strong: You all take care now!


02-07-2009, 06:41 PM
Ok, here's me last night: :hat: :cheers: :hyper: :dancer: :joker: :spin:

Here was me this morning: :p :headache: :tired: :sorry:

here's what I need: :frypan: :coffee2: :tape:

'Nuff said. :dz:

Apple Blossom
02-07-2009, 08:16 PM
15 minute run, Day 9, 0 pauses left!
20 min additional exercise, Day 10, 1 pause left
Crunches, Day 2, 2 pauses allowed
No beer, Day 5, 2 pauses allowed
Didn't get the run in yesterday. That challenge is not looking so great, but I'll get as far as I can with it.
Mod, I am jealous again! I'm in some serious need of :hat:. Long time before that's gonna happen around here.
I'm kind of bored, in that way.
Sick people in the house today. Moms are not allowed to get sick. Apparently, it's OK for Dads.
I'm going to get out in the yard for a bit before it gets dark. Bye!

02-08-2009, 01:35 AM
OK, feeling alive again. Well, so much for the no alcohol for "just" 7 days. I was good with the eating part, but not the drinking. So tonight, we went out to a movie and then dinner and I had some again (just a little tonight). But food-wise, I have been good, and feel better b/c of it. I am going to go for another 7 days, with slightly altered rules, to be more reflective of real life.

SO if I want a starch like a noodle or rice or potato, just for one meal of the day only, only one (like not a noodle and a potato same meal) and not more than 2 times/week for any of those 3. So no more than twice/week for the pasta dishes. Same with rice, or potatoes.

Part two has to do with the tortilla, bread and pizza. Not more than once/day, and not more than 2 slices, or two tortillas, or 2 pieces of pizza. So if I have toast in the morning, no sandwich or wrap at lunch, and no pizza for dinner. I love my toast, but may have to plan better if we get pizza one night. This is all to try to force me to eat more veggies as sides or between meals, and more focused on protein and salads and healthy soups as meals.

And let's try for no alcohol again for 6 out of 7 days. One day I am allowed to have some.

Not technically due to start this challenge until Monday. Which is fine--still gotta get through Sunday without any of the above. I can do that.

Apple--don't be too jealous--it was a girl's night out but it kinda blew my challenge a bit, and I don't know how far it set me back with calories and slower fat-burning. But, I guess it is nice to have friends and let loose every once in awhile. Just, I should have known without eating as much this week and the alcohol abstinence that my tolerance would be really low and I should not have had as much as I did. Not particularly happy this morning, both physically and mentally. Couldn't get to the gym. Oh well.

Sunday--gonna swim and eat right and do my WI for my other thread and see if I accomplished anything this week vs. past weeks.

Red--sorry if I let you down. I am not great at follow-through still. I am like you though--pushing on. Pushing myself to get back on the proverbial horse and try another go-'round. I just have to (for the time being) work at this in smaller increments, just 7 days at a time. It seems like the only way to manage myself now.....and I can't even get through one 7-day period yet!

I am so hoping you will have a less-stressful time coming soon. I am pulling for you! :crossed:

02-08-2009, 06:35 AM
Hi, people. Stopping in for a check. I will have to start a new challenge or rather restart. Actually, I think I'll start a new one. I think the calorie counting is what set me off bingeing, that coupled with the stress of course.

So, tomorrow I'll start.

Log all food and exercise and do an estimate of calories -- No pauses
New challenge -- Maintain the lean/mean me mindset and eat accordingly -- 3 pauses allowed. (This is something new I'm trying to start eating as if I were the person I want to be. I have found that when I get down on myself, feel given up etc. I start eating like that kind of person. So...I'll try to maintain the mindset. After all, the mind is what makes us, isn't it? We're not forced to do much and we DO have choices, no matter how hard.)

Apple -- You're doing well, from the looks of it. Yes, you've got a ways, but you can do it if you really set your mind to it. Why don't you allow yourself a big reward if you make it? Hope your family gets well again. The sound of "going out in the yard for a bit" sounds nice. The wind is really, really strong and it's COLD here!

mod -- What did you let me down about? I didn't think so. You're going through a rough patch too, it seems, although for a while there you sounded really gung-ho. Well, I know how that can be short-lived at time. Your short challenges sound nice, but those are extras. Where is your 21-day challenge. Even though we're the only three, let's keep things going. You can pick something super easy. but please, let's do something, drinking water, weighing yourself, not weighing, giving yourself a pep talk, whatever. Then again, I'm rather out of it. Maybe you are doing one and haven't posted it....

But,. really, what happened to everyone? Has the economy got people everywhere so down? :?:

02-08-2009, 11:58 AM
Red--my 21-day challenge is to eat more veggies, and less food intake overall. I just don't remember what day I'm on with that--I think somewhere around 9. I gave myself 3 pauses, and technically I would have to say Friday was a pause, b/c the calories with the alcohol would have been way high I think. But it is a deliberately vague and "easy" challenge--I also have been trying to string together 3 separate 7-day challenges that focuses more on specifics.

I feel like I let you down b/c I was trying to help with the inspiration and motivation and pep talks while you were struggling, to maybe help get you back, too. But I had my failed days as well. Some motivation, huh, to hear about me rah-rahing one day then going out and doing exactly the opposite of what I was supposed to do. It sounded like I was a hypocrite--do what I say, but that's not what I am doing.

I think, from my other threads, several people all over the place are struggling. It could be the general overall bad news we keep hearing and reading about. The entire world revolves around money and jobs and savings and investments and it's all going down. Only those self-sufficient types living off the grid growing and making all their own food somewhere on the edges of civilization as we know it aren't affected, and don't care.

Or it could just be this time of year--winter, (although our aussie and nz friends are in summer, of course) and after the holidays. I don't have the answer. Was it like this last year on the boards? I wasn't here then last year. It does seem to be better, for me at least, when we start having more daylight hours, the darkness coming early at night starts to shut my system down, I know. I seem to get up earlier and get sleepy later when we have the sun doing that also.

OK, on to Sunday. I feel great again today. I will go to my swim class, and resolve to do another something later today. DH wants to go to a movie again today, so will have to get in all exercise before that. (Last night saw The Reader--I can see Kate Winslet winning for that role alone, and I haven't seen Revolutionary Road yet. Today, prob. see Gran Torino.)

Apple--be sure to take care of yourself as well--I hope you don't get sick, too!

02-08-2009, 03:47 PM
Ok, went back and re-read the posts--I started the 21-day challenge on the 31st--so today is the 8th so that means:

More Veggies--on Day 9
Less Food Overall--on Day 9
Exercise Every Day, even if just a walk--this is the bad one, on Day 6, already had 3 pauses, so will probably have to start over on this one soon....
Post Here Every Day--on Day 7--had two days I didn't post--2/04 and 2/06--I can hardly believe it b/c I have been pretty active here but I guess I let two whole days slip by me.....

WI today was .06 pounds lighter than same time last Sunday, but about 2-and-a-half pounds lighter than Monday, after the SuperBowl, when I started my 7 day mini-challenge.

So, good! Somehow my conservatism this week, despite Friday night's excess, seems to have paid off. Now on to Week Two.....

Apple Blossom
02-08-2009, 03:59 PM
15 minute run, Day 10, 0 pauses left!
20 min additional exercise, Day 11, 1 pause left
Crunches, restart, 2 pauses allowed
No beer, Day 6, 2 pauses allowed
Restarting on the crunches. I have a hard time remembering to do them. Part of it is that if I do them in front of DH he will tell me I'm doing them wrong or make some other comment that will bug me. So I have to sneak my crunches. :p
I'm like that with phone calls too. I need to sneak phone calls. Sounds healthy, doesn't it.;)
Mod, you are making me jealous AGAIN! A movie? I haven't been to a "grown up" movie forever. I am actually thinking of taking the kids out for a movie later today.
Red, I'm not going anywhere until this weight comes off. So you're stuck with me!
Gonna get that run in now. Enjoy the day!

02-08-2009, 06:15 PM
Up at last here, just kept sleeping and yet I swore I'd make it to the gym this morning and I will do it, because this is Day 1 of my ME Challenge. Doesn't that sound wonderfully selfish? Well, it is and it's meant to and I'm trying to get that me that really does exist and does all these awesome things like eat brown rice, make fresh vegetable juice, do hard workouts before work, ride horses the same and all that. It's not that sloth of a bum that pigs out on sugar, drinks beer until morning and blows off riding and workouts with a lie of an email and a bigger lie to the real me. No, this is what it takes and I DO have it takes, for chrissakes. I've always had it but it gets easier and easier to forget it. So, back up. Yesterday was good too and Saturday as well actually but I'm going to call this Day 1. Logging the food is the other challenge, with an ESTIMATE of calories. I hate calorie counting and always will and when I do it it starts me eating junk. Forget it. I have NO idea how much I should be eating when I'm working out like a demon when I start thinking calories. But if I listen to my body I can tell. It's just that the sloth ignores it. Well, I'm calling foul on the sloth and listening to ME. :dancer:
Oh, and I'm starting another challenge, one I just thought of. I'm going to eat an apple every day. It's still the season. They're cheap, great hunger satisfiers, and healthful. :yes:

mod -- You silly thang. Do you think I'm sitting here enjoying your support and then checking it against what you do for yourself. Hail no. You can do what you want, just as long as you prop me up. :lol3: No, really, hypocrisy?! Come on. If I ever did even a fraction of the things I advice consistently I'd be on the maintainers forum, not here with 30 lbs of the soft stuff to burn. Besides, I know what you've accomplished. I've SEEN the pictures. Wow. And, I know that despite your great attitude you have a lot of stuff going on that would have most people down for the count and staying down. No, you're made of tough stuff, mod, you can't fool me with your couple days of goofing off. :nono:
So, I see I was just out of it with your challenge. Glad to hear you're going strong. You see, I have no problem telling people to get with the challenges even when I'm lolling along without a clear one myself. :rofl:
Oh, and you posted on 2/4 and 2/6 in Japan. ;)

Apple -- If having you here is being "stuck" with you, then I'm going to have to redefine the expression. It's probably no wonder that when things get tough, we have two of the toughest still hanging on and going strong.
I hear you on the crunches. Another joy of being single. So far, my cats have not learned to vocalize their criticisms of me. I see it in their eyes though...
And, Apple, I haven't been to a movie theater in years myself. I was just thinking of it the other day when I passed one early in the morning and thought, who goes to a movie at 9 a.m. on a weekday? It would be nice though sometime, to do something so different. Well, hope you got that run in. :)

02-08-2009, 08:21 PM
Oh Apple--me too! With the not being to exercise in front of DH without some snarky comment, and with sneaking my phone calls. I absolutely DON'T need any commentary one way or the other from him about my conversations with others or my work-out attempts!!

Red--an excellent addition to your challenge--the apple thing! I did that for all of October and November as a challenge on another thread. Funny thing, looking back I was doing really well those months. I will have to revisit that challenge again soon, I think.

Well, still here at home, after my swim. Didn't make it out to the movie yet--DH was taking a nap. May get there at the next showing--I just have been feeling like a quiet day here doing some reading (started a new book) after talking to family members and answering some emails. I should get out for a walk with the dogs but......

Apple Blossom
02-08-2009, 10:01 PM
Perhaps we have found the group challenge, to do all together! Apple a day! I'm in!

02-08-2009, 10:19 PM
Sounds like a plan--I will buy some tomorrow as I am out. The fuji's just went back on sale again I think!

02-09-2009, 12:41 AM
Ooh, looks like I've started something! And it was something I was about to forget myself. I came in here (I'm at work) had a look, saw the talk about apples and remembered I'd brought one. I often forget them and find them in the bottom of my bag days later. Good thing they last...anyhow, I got it, cut it up and am NOW, at this very moment, eating it. Yum!
And I got to the gym this morning, had a good run to some real kickA music. Back at it! Yes! OK, peops, we are the APPLE BUNCH!

02-09-2009, 11:08 AM
As opposed to The Brady Bunch? Or maybe The Wild Bunch, or Honey Bunches Of Oats or the Apple Dumpling Gang? :D

(just kidding you, Red! So glad you are sounding good today!)

Apple Blossom
02-09-2009, 04:24 PM
15 minute run, Day 11, 0 pauses left!
20 min additional exercise, Day 12, 1 pause left
Crunches, restart, 2 pauses allowed
No beer, Day 6, 1 pause left
Apple a day, lift off
Took a pause on the beer. My brother came over for dinner. I'm confident I can finish this challenge though.:D
I need to buy some apples too. I have a few but they don't look like they would be very crunchy anymore. I have a whole bag of pears I need to eat too.
I'm off for my run. Have a great day!

02-09-2009, 10:37 PM
Hey all,

I WILL be joining back here soon - lots of stuff going on in my life and now i'm in the states again.. Leaving here tomorrow and I'll be back on Wed. night and then some time in the near future I shall be joining y'all again!

Good luck on the apple challenge :)

And Thanks, Mod - for the poke!!

02-09-2009, 11:39 PM
Yaay Miriam!!

Day one on the apple challenge--check! And did a 25 minute walk at lunch today and just ran tonight at least 2 miles outside before dinner! So far a great start to the work-week. I hope I can keep it up!

02-10-2009, 10:51 AM
Off to work, and then swim class afterwards. Wanted to get in my post today in case I come home and fall asleep after dinner......

Apple Blossom
02-10-2009, 05:29 PM
15 minute run, Day 12, 0 pauses left!
20 min additional exercise, Day 13, 1 pause left
Crunches, restart, 2 pauses allowed
No beer, Day 6, 0 pauses left!
Apple a day, Day 1
Oh dear, I'm drinking beer again. Must stop.
I have a really busy day today, so I gotta run.

02-10-2009, 08:27 PM
Quick check-in. Gotta run! Clear on all challenges, so that's Day 2 completed on all three. Got my apple cut, baggied and taking it with me. Later all! :wave:

02-11-2009, 10:55 AM
Checking in again before work. Went to swim yesterday, came home really tired. But, planning on the gym tonight for weight training. That will make me go after work 3 days in a row--running, then swimming, then weights. It's been awhile since I did that--and yes, I feel like I'm accomplishing something again.

Apple yesterday--check! I will count out my days for the various challenges this week-end again when I have more time.

Apple--I be you could find a book someone has written about a Beer A Day Diet, or something that incorporates beer, haha! It might almost be worth it, to make it a planned part of your program, so you don't beat yourself up about it. I swear, there's been a ton of other crazy books/plans out there for all kinds of diets, that's because people need to find one that fits into their lifestyle the best.

Red--thumbs up!

Apple Blossom
02-11-2009, 07:33 PM
15 minute run, start over:(
20 min additional exercise, Day 13, 0 pauses left
Crunches, restart, 2 pauses allowed
No beer, restart, 2 pauses allowed
Apple a day, Day 2
I just couldn't fit in any exercise in yesterday. well, that's not entirely true. I could have exercised, I just couldn't fit the running in. I was way too busy. Lets just call yesterday a failure and I'm back on it today. I went to the gym this morning feeling kind of crummy and left feeling really good. I really love my ipod. Nothing like a good work out and some cheerful tunes.
Ha ha, A Beer a DAy diet. It certainly is possible. Although beer is pretty much empty calories. I should make myself run a mile for every beer I drink.:hat: = :running:

02-11-2009, 08:16 PM
I'm back to my pissed off attitude after seeing the scale go down then up and I'm just so tired of it all. I am not willing to eat less or exercise more. I really am not. I am doing a lot and if that's not enough, well, I guess I'm going to have to give it up, because I am just NOT prepared to do any more. It really sucks because I do a lot.
Oh, well, ignore me I guess. I guess I shouldn't think of it as having to do so much different to maintain a lower weight. The difference between maintaining a weight of 30 lbs less and what I am now isn't that much in calories. It's just that I'm not willing to do the work to "spend" the needed calories involved in burning off the 30 lbs of lard I have on my body. Damn, it's hard enough not eating more, let alone lose weight. And it's SO easy to gain weight, SO hard to take it off. What goes?
Anyhow, I'm calling yesterday clear on all three challenges. I am really in a vile mood today.
Day 3 completed on all three

Apple -- Too bad about the challenges. Maybe you should alter them, the running and the no beer ones. It can't be good to keep failing at them but they, or the beer particularly, seem too hard, too strict for you. Why do you do it anyhow? Does giving you the challenge still help you drink LESS? If so, then it's meaningful, but if not, then I would alter it somehow. Perhaps on the running too, you should lower the time or allow more pauses...can you? Anyhow, you know what you're doing and you're the only one who knows what you need. I should just shut up with the unsolicited advice, eh? I see you're clear on the apple challenge though/ Hurrah! :bravo:

mod -- Sounds like you're in a groove. Good going! Did you get the apple in?

02-12-2009, 10:21 AM
Hi again--quick check-in before work. After work tonight no work-out, meeting a friend for a movie (He's Just Not That Into You), and so no gym, but my co-workers at this place are some of the ones who want to do a lunch-time walk so I will get in at least a 30 minute walk. Two places I work at (Mondays and Thursdays) have girls who want to walk at lunch--just started this past week b/c spring is just around the corner, we can all sense it, so that is really good for me and I've started bringing my (healthy) lunch with me to eat so we can get out and walk. Although it is supposed to be raining today, and all week-end, off and on, clear here for now, though.....

Anyway, will have more time this week-end to write more.

all other challenges--check....

Apple--don't you know beer is liquid bread? That's what my dh always says. Take out your bread or tortillas for the day, and substitute. Or if unplanned, just cut back on the "bread" tomorrow..... It could be incorporated just fine. It's just my trainer had told me and I had read, that the process of metabolizing the alcohol supposedly slows down the fat-burning process greatly. I don't know why--not really a bio-chemist so don't understand the biology of that statement. Could be b***s**t, for all I know, something they love to tell you to scare you away from having unnecessary calories and also, losing all inhibitions to eat more, and unhealthy food at that. I've read enough "scientific" research to know that we don't really know the whole truth about many, many things and you don't have to be a genius to soon realize that half (or more) of the "studies" we read about don't prove a thing that's absolute. "Needs Further Study/Research" is such a common catchphrase it is added invariably into almost every article I've ever read.....

02-12-2009, 07:25 PM
Made it through yesterday but my attitude is faltering badly. The apple and journaling challenge were good and I'm going to OK the attitude because I did make it to the gym and jogged and did some weights and did the other challenges. AND, I tried to analyze what I needed to focus on with the attitude. Two things, I need to keep foremost in my mind "An Expectation of Success." Not, the questioning, can I do it, will I do it? Just knowing of course I can, of course I will.

And the sugar is a downfall. The last of The Box from my sister calls me every night and I answer with "yes." But worse, I am buying sweets and things and eating them. When I write the calories I see a good 500, often more that I surely would have saved if I had not eaten sugar. Maybe I would have had other things, but I know it's not hunger at all that's driving me and I don't think the satisfaction from the sugar is enough. Obviously, if it were I could stop at just a couple hundred calories. Also, it makes me not like myself, to be eating sugar. It makes me feel like I've given in. Otherwise, I think I'm doing well, but I'm not going to see the weight loss unless I cut out sugar. Besides, it's nutrition devoid, just like alcohol. I think I'm going back to cutting it all out, but may just make it sugar until I get the weight coming off again.

So, all clear on Day 4 of my three challenges. :dancer:

mod -- Good for you for making all your challenges! :bravo:

Apple -- Where are you? Hope you're OK. :listen:

02-13-2009, 10:48 PM
Quick post to make one for today--went out for happy hour and so had drinks--also had food but fairly healthy food, fish, salads, etc. so just bad about the drinks. Oh well, I had built in 1 day/week to drink, so tonight was it. Tomorrow I plan a "good" workout at the gym to make up for tonight. Talk to you all tomorrow!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! :love:

02-14-2009, 03:19 AM
Well, I have to be both proud and angry at myself today. I was so good yesterday. I couldn't get to the gym in the morning before work but I lugged all my stuff to work to go to the sports center at break and that includes taking shoes so it was a haul.

I wanted to blow it off but I didn't. I went and worked up a good sweat on the exercise bike, then did some weight training. It wasn't a long workout but it was something.
Later, I had a good salad with brown rice and just overall was doing great. I decided not to totally cut out sweets because I get such a little happy feeling when I allow myself something. As long as I can stop at a little I will allow it.

The angry part came later. Instead of going straight home and enjoying my success I opted out for drinks with coworkers and we went all night. All I got for the evening was a wasted day off and feeling very ill. Ok, enough of that. I am off drinking for the next three weeks except for one allowed evening. And that's it! :mad:

Though I kind of blew it in the evening, I think I learned some very valuable tactics. During the day, I had been thinking it would be so hard to distract myself from eating at work because I can't do things I want to do, but I found there are things I can do.

Also, I've started taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
Here's to continued won battles.

I also made a point of buying and eating my apple. It's so easy to forget, but I haven't. Hurrah! :cp:

Day 5 is done on all challenges.

Starting two new challenges.

No alcohol Day 0 completed -- 1 pause allowed
No cigarettes -- Day 0 completed -- no pauses allowed


mod -- You sound like you much the same kind of day as me, but I was far worse. :(
But good for you for planning the workout. That's the attitude!!

02-15-2009, 12:12 PM
Well, all challenges met. No major mess-up for VD--and got to the store and bought a bunch more healthy stuff. Bought some more apples--even DH is having one every so often! It's been blustery, wet, and cold here, makes me want to stay indoors and curl up on the couch and read or veg out in front of the television. Right now it is raining at a pretty good clip. I really don't want to go to my swim class but I will try to make it still......

Red--it was bound to happen sooner or later. We can't live in a shell, really we shouldn't. We need to socialize and even let loose every so often. It came with more insight, didn't it? And the in-between times, when you are practicing your healthy lifestyle habits with discipline, that is very valuable, as well. We may soon forget why we are doing what we do if we didn't re-visit every so often what we used to do, or what we know isn't good for us. (Am I making sense here?) Anyway, I can see you struggle like all of us to keep yourself on track and I truly believe we are growing stronger, smarter, and healthier every month, every year that we continue.

Well, I need another cup of tea before I leave.


02-15-2009, 07:06 PM
Well, I had a great weekend as far as getting back on track went and saving the remnants of what could have been a totally wasted Saturday. Getting to the gym Saturday evening despite the fact that I had spent the entire daylight portion of the day recuperating from the excesses of the night before was major.
And then Sunday after riding I came home and went out again to the gym and jogged and did weights. Today, I am extremely sore and I know my weight will be up because of the soreness but I am going to stick it out with food and drink and the fat WILL come off. This much I HAVE learned.
Key is not getting upset because the scale doesn't immediately reflect my effort.

Yesterday the platform (this is my Mary Lou Weigh platform) said I was 2 pounds under my starting weight, and I had been expecting to be even higher, so I'll take it. It's about denying what looks to be gain or no progress and keeping pushing until I see the proof of progress.

I've stuck to my challenges, all of them, including eating an apple an day. Hurrah!!

Day 6 completed on the first three (journal, attitude, apple)
Day 2 completed on no booze, no smoking


modcat -- Kudos to you for sticking to your challenges! :cp: And thanks for the nice post. Yes, you can say we have to socialize but I overdo things and I was really, really ticked with myself for blowing Saturday. But, yes, I am acknowledging the changes and they are HUGE. I used to think I needed to stay out to morning. I used to enjoy it. Not any more, not at all. And you're right, perhaps I had to do it again in order to realize it's no longer what I want. If I hadn't done it, I may constantly hold it up as some sort of sacrifice I'm making by not going. Now, I went and I can see, it's a thing of the past, or at least not a thing I want now.
And not wanting it means change, inside there is change and outside it's right around the corner. And the discipline beforehand is not the kind where I'm forcing myself to do stuff. I actually WANT to do it. Major change. It's my attitude challenge. Every time the negative self-dissing talk comes up I shoot it down because I know it's not me. It's whatever crud has stuck on me from the outside, the environment, whatever. Losing weight is hard but it's not something beyond me. Not in the least and I will fight tooth and nail to get this 30 pounds of lard off me. You bet.

Apple, where are you? :listen: miriam, you said you were coming back....

Apple Blossom
02-16-2009, 02:27 AM
Hey all. I guess I took a few days off...:^:
I'm back to restarting everything. I really think that the 15 run is with-in reach. It didn't work out well last time because of that pause way in the beginning. It's an important one to me, because I really like doing it. So I'm sticking to it. I can modify the beer one, but I KNOW I really shouldn't be drinking the stuff. It's like a lot of people challenge them selves to stay off soda, or chocolate. I don't especially like soda, and I can live with out chocolate. That wouldn't be challenging. No beer is. and I will benefit from staying away.So on with that one too. Apple a day, in with that one too. I'll see how it goes with crunches.
We are having a family challenge to lose weight by Aug 5th. There are 7 of us in the challenge. $100 each.We need to set a goal, and meet that goal to recover some of the money. The rest goes to the person who gets there first. I don't know what happens to the money if no one, or only some of us reach goal. Well, details still need to be worked out, but I hope this will be great motivation, especially for my husband. (He could stand to drop 50 or 60 lbs) I have decided to enter a triathlon in August, so if training goes well, this shouldn't be to hard.
Red, it really sounds like you are getting ahead. That is great and keep up the great work!!:cheer2::cheer3:
Mod, you are doing great too.
My littlest one really needs to go to bed RIGHT now. BYE

Apple Blossom
02-16-2009, 10:28 PM
15 minute run, lift off, 2 pauses allowed
20 min additional exercise, lift off, 2 pauses allowed
Crunches, lift off, 2 pauses allowed
No beer, lift off, 2 pauses allowed
Apple a day, lift off, 2 pauses allowed

Are you guys doing pause days for the apple a day?
How is everyone? Did you have a nice week-end? I had kind of a crummy one, glad it's over, but the week isn't shaping up to be much better. :mad: Hopefully I can get going on these challenges and eat well, so at least I can feel good about that aspect of my life.
See ya tomorrow!

02-16-2009, 11:30 PM
Hi guys. I am feeling not so good today, and so did not get much done. I did eat my apple, actually ate 2 today. Weather was crummy here and it even hailed! We had thunder and lightning, and heavy rain most of the day--very unusual. I have had a low-grade headache and just feeling low energy, so no real exercise.

My challenges--good on the eating and apple, not so good on the more veggies and exercise. I think that makes it Day 15 on the eating less, Day 14 on the more veggies, Day 11 on the exercise, and Day 12 on posting here. Still slogging along--I'll feel better tomorrow, I'm sure. Drinking tons of water today--hope that helps!

Hi Apple--good to see you. We all have our bad days or week-ends, huh? But, we haven't quit. We WON'T quit! Right, Red?

Apple Blossom
02-17-2009, 01:35 PM
15 minute run, Day 1, 2 pauses allowed
20 min additional exercise, lift off, 2 pauses allowed
Crunches, lift off, 2 pauses allowed
No beer, Day 1, 2 pauses allowed
Apple a day, lift off, 2 pauses allowed
Well, not much of a lift off, since I forgot 3 of 5 things.
But I got the 2 most important, and the scale read out this morning was favorable.
My DH is being argumentative about how much he should lose. I think, because of his size, it will be easier for him to lose the same 20 pounds I need to lose, so he should try to lose twice as much. He disagrees and thinks we should all shoot for % of weight. Well, as long as he loses a bit of weight, I'll be happy. Its actually more important for him than for me.
I'm off to eat an apple.

02-17-2009, 07:57 PM
Heh all. I'm still here, still chugging along with the three challenges. Beer and cigs fell and I'm going to let them lie because I know I'm just not committed to them now.
So, I guess that makes it...

Day 8 completed on the three.

The three (journaling, apple, attitude) are hard. I'm getting good with the journaling and have remembered the apple but sometimes I had to eat it pretty late at night. The attitude is the tough one because I do the negative talk with everything in my life, not just diet and exercise, and they're all interconnected, so one affects the other. Anyhow, will keep it up. I think it's helping.

Good luck, Apple and mod!

02-18-2009, 04:11 PM
Another day down. Where is everyone again? :?:

Day 9 completed on the three.

I even got to the gym again at work break. That takes a lot. I can never stay too long but I work up a good sweat (they keep the temperature high :^: ) so it's certainly better than nothing! Oh well....

Apple Blossom
02-18-2009, 04:40 PM
15 minute run, Day 2, 2 pauses allowed
20 min additional exercise, Day 1, 2 pauses allowed
No beer, Day 2, 2 pauses allowed
Apple a day, lift off, 2 pauses allowed
I'm taking crunches off the list for now. It's like Red said, I'm not committed to them.
My old dog is sick and I'm afraid he may be headed to "the farm" I hope it's just the rainy wet weather.:(

02-18-2009, 11:37 PM
OK, I fell off the track for a couple of days--just "wasn't feeling it". But today, felt much better and did go to the gym and had a good work out and a healthy dinner, so I'm back on today. But I'm starting over......

Eat more veggies--Day 1
Eat less overall--Day 1
Exercise every day--Day 1
Apple a day--Day 1

Yes, attitude is very important, Red. I usually have a good attitude, except for my down days. I am the eternal optimist, generally speaking. But, I also have a lot of self-defeating thoughts to derail me, excuses why I can't/won't stick to the "plan". Whether eating or exercising or whatever. I am constantly working on those, not letting them creep into my life and make me go off the plan.

Apple-- I hope your dog gets better. I hate to have to say goodbye to a dog--or a cat or any pet. It has happened too many times already in my life and it never gets any easier. Yet, I feel lucky to have known all of the ones that were/are in my life......

Well, super tired now, so I'll check in tomorrow.......

02-19-2009, 05:54 PM
Got through another day. I am eating too much junk again. Come home and end a good day with too much snacking, sweets too. :( Oh, well, it's the last of The Box.

Day 10 completed on the the three


mod -- Too bad about the fall, but you got right back on so great going! I thought I was optimistic but I can see that my self-talk is anything but. Just stopping the downer talk is a big plus for me. It's so easy though. Where do we really get any encouragement? Gosh, none.

Apple -- Sorry to hear about your dog. I hope it's nothing. I have an old cat. His sister died at the end of last June. I know how it feels. I do hope he gets better. Keep up the good work!

Apple Blossom
02-19-2009, 08:31 PM
15 minute run, Day 3, 2 pauses allowed
20 min additional exercise, start over 2 pauses allowed
No beer, Start over, 2 pauses allowed
Apple a day, Day 1, 2 pauses allowed

Well, we went out for dinner and well.....
I've also fallen into the habit of getting a short run in but forgetting to do the extra 15 or 20 min of exercise. If I go to the gym, no problem. I need to walk the dogs more! Speaking of dogs, Thanks for the well wishes about my old guy. I don't think he will be around much longer. Since the last 2 days have seen some sun, he drags himself out of the garage to lie in a sunny spot and drags himself back in. I haven't actually seen him move, so I don't know if he's walking or dragging. He's a mess and I'm constantly washing blankets. I have to go clean him up a bit right now.

02-21-2009, 01:04 PM
Well, it must be a hormonal blip, b/c I am struggling here with binges the last 3 days. Mostly sugar again, all of a sudden. But, carbs, salt, alcohol even, just feeling like I'm careening out of control around some unexpected bends in the road I've just encountered. And I can't point to any specific event that's happened recently. It's as if I had a cap firmly (I thought) on a very full bottle but the contents were churning and bubbling just under the surface, and then the cap blew off and an unexpected eruption of said contents is now occurring.

I am once again at the start of today striving to clean up the mess and gain control again. Yesterday's excesses are staring at me from the top of the dining room table, the result of my semi-intoxicated excursion into a little store next to the place we went last night when I felt the HUGE need to find something sweet to cap off the evening. I literally could not deny myself, it was like it was a matter of life or death, I think I may have even thought I was missing some critical food nutrient, and I had to have it now or I may literally die! Which was utterly ridiculous, of course, b/c I'd already had this "critical food nutrient" (i.e., sugar, and chocolate) 3-4 times in the past 96 hours!

Now, I am repentant, and trying to get off this runaway train. As well as trying to figure out how to avoid this in the future, (like, tonight, or tomorrow......)

I will attempt to get out and walk today at least. Just not feeling the gym lately. I did go on Wednesday, and felt better about life in general afterwards, but it was a real struggle to make myself go and get through it--strangely didn't have the usual enjoyment in being there and working out until after I'd finished. Even the tunes on my IPod didn't really help.

Maybe it was the several days of rain and clouds we've had here, maybe it's the busy-ness of my work lately (although I am relieved I'm bringing in more money, but I am really working for it!), maybe it's.....oh I don't really know. More rain starting again tomorrow, to last for at least 3 days, so I'd better try and take advantage of this day to get outside.

I hope you guys are doing better than me--sounds like we all are still struggling a bit here. Just the February blahs, maybe.

If I am successful today, I'll be back to re-start my challenges (again!) :crossed:

Apple Blossom
02-21-2009, 04:33 PM
15 minute run, Day 5, 2 pauses allowed
20 min additional exercise, start over 2 pauses allowed
No beer, Day 1, 2 pauses allowed
Apple a day, start over, 2 pauses allowed
Sounds like SOMETHING is going on. Maybe it's something to do with the lunar cycle, I don't know. I've had a few bad days too. I have a big volunteer event that I'm helping with next week and the stress is building. So that's my excuse. Plus the feeling of losing control of the household (think mess) and the sick dog (doing better but I still think his days are numbered) I hope to pull through the fog soon. The run is my one bright spot, it is SOOO relaxing to get away from everything for 15 minutes ahhhh.

02-21-2009, 04:41 PM
Quick check here. Not doing too good myself. Everything is just too much and then with the cold on top of that. February always finds me exhausted and in the dumps. I too am trying to salvage myself from the ruins. Will figure out where I stand on the challenges and what new ones I'm going to be making soon. Gotta run. Take care all! :wave:

02-22-2009, 11:47 AM
OK, Sunday here. Once again I will try to have a "good" day. Yesterday, not so much. Today, going to my swim class in a few and hopefully that will put me in a good frame of mind for the rest of the day. If so, I will try to effect a "re-start", again! We had friends over last night so of course we had alcohol and snacks and such, so I am discounting yesterday.

Today the clouds are back, light drizzle-y rain, and just blah. But, I am not going to let the weather be my excuse, it's just me, doing what I do, sometimes up, sometimes down........

When is summer coming again?

02-22-2009, 08:05 PM
I am still not doing well, though I will say that I still am pushing on, I am still not dead yet.

I have been slack on two of the challenges and instead of worrying about pauses I am going to start some new ones. The only one I will continue is the apple a day because I like it. It's easy to do and yet still a challenge. I have to make a conscious effort to buy the apple and eat it, but it's something I actually enjoy ONCE I do it.

I only had one pause day, where I didn't eat it all day then had a night out. Though I tried to salvage the day by cutting one up and actually taking it with me. What did I think, I would eat it in the bar? Maybe, or at least afterward. But, as it turned out I was out way too late. So, that was a non-day. That was Friday. Saturday and Sunday were good. So, that puts me at:

Day 12 completed. Now it's Monday, so this is Day 13 and I have them at work so I'll be OK this week...I should be. I've learned to get the apple in early in the day for one thing.

mod, Apple, gosh, it sounds like we're all having a rough time. At least the three of us are hanging in there somehow. We're not packing on the pounds, are we? It sounds like no.
The times I don't even post a thing are usually the times I am sticking my head in the sand for days on end and, naturally, just not looking at what I'm doing, or not admitting it. And naturally, it's during those times that I gain a lot of weight and have to start all over. So, we're still in the game, even though we may just be going through the motions. It's still better than being totally sidelined, right?


02-23-2009, 08:03 AM
Day 13 done on the apple challenge.

And the rest of the day was good!
Hurrah! :cp:

02-24-2009, 11:33 AM
You are correct, Red, we are not just ignoring everything and letting the pounds pack back on. But, we are struggling. I am not in "I don't care" mode yet, but I am in a bit of "helpless" mode--no Willpower at all!!

Anyway, starting today, I feel better. Yesterday, ate the last of my candy in the AM, had something bad at lunch again too. But today, it's amazing how all of a sudden I feel better, mentally, and maybe it's just the fact I cannot have anything in the house that's bad. Nothing at all, but now that it's all gone, I feel like I can make it through the day without any problems.

Or maybe my hormones have just cycled back to "normal" again! I did have a ton of veggies yesterday for dinner, made some new dish which started out Korean, but was a bit of an ad lib with what I had on hand. Anyway, DH liked it, that's all that matters, and it was healthy and had tons of veggies in it!

I am going to go swim tonight, and hope to make it to the gym the rest of the week. The scale, well, it isn't my friend, but I'm not totally ready to throw it out the window yet. Lots of water to help with the flush and I should be "back" soon, I hope!

New challenges have to re-include the water--lost that somewhere along the way.

Apple a day--Day 1
64 oz. or more H2O--Day 1
A little exercise every day, even if just 15 minutes--Day 1
More veggies/salads--Day 1
Cut way down on bread/pasta/rice--no more than 2 servings/day--Day 1

OK, let me get back on track with those.....

Red--I was watching Anthony Bourdain recently (you may not know who that is, but he is a food/travel personality on TV) he was in Tokyo, and he went to some alley-type place (or maybe just a little street) where there are a lot of very tiny little "bars" where people go after work or maybe even "after hours" to drink, places that only hold like 8 or 9 people crammed in tight quarters. Is that where you go when you go out with friends? I can't remember the name of the "district". His whole show on Tokyo was very interesting, (all of his shows are) and made me think of you in many of those places.....:)

02-24-2009, 08:09 PM
Day 14 done on apple challenge.

I know an apple challenge doesn't sound like much but it's the only thing I am calling a challenge. I am doing other things, like not eating sugar and staying out of the bar and keeping my calories down and exercising. The apple challenge is like my flag bearer. It helps keep me in line, because if I were pigging out etc., I wouldn't be eating apples. In fact, I'd be doing well if I even looked at an apple, let alone any sort of fresh vegetables etc. For the past two days too I've had big salads as my main meal. And that is cool. :yes:


mod -- I find it amazing that you get your swimming in. To me, who hates swimming because I'm no good at it, if I were able to drag my sorry arse to the pool to swim it would be a major accomplishment. Keep it up!

Glad to hear you feel better. It really irritates me that our resolve and clearheadeness is so tied up with hormones, over which we have such little control. Well, maybe we do, but they're still going to knock us around.

The place you saw on TV may indeed be one of the places I used to go a lot last year and still go occasionally. It's not just one little street though, it's many. There are many areas in Tokyo where there is a street of such bars, well, anywhere in Japan really. But it probably was the area known as Golden Gai (pronounced "guy" and means "district or "area" though often misunderstood by foreigners who think it has something to do with the gay area... :lol3: ) in an area called Shinjuku in Tokyo. Shinjuku is one of the many places, but probably the biggest in Tokyo, that is huge and NEVER sleeps. I almost never go to Golden Gai with other people, only alone, which is part of the reason I go till morning. Drinking with coworkers near work and then still wanting to keep on drinking even though I'm alone, which also means I'm not too sober any longer... :^: . If I go to these places there are tons of people I know. Very bad habit but it served its purpose, which was no less than to keep me sane last year.

02-25-2009, 07:49 AM
Cool on Day 15! :cp: Hard to think I've had an apple every single day (except one) for two whole weeks. How it adds up. And, I even bought a big apple to cut up and take with me riding tomorrow. When I go in to work on my late days, I risk not getting to the apple in time.


02-26-2009, 06:53 PM
Well, I made it through Day 16. :bravo: I'm having some good days. Wish I could bottle these. Heh, where is everyone? How come every time I start doing well, everyone disappears? :cry:

02-27-2009, 04:23 PM
Well, another day is finished successfully. and it was a GOOD one, in all ways, really good. :encore:

Day 18 on apple challenge notched!

Apple, mod, anyone else, where are you all??? :dunno:

02-28-2009, 04:06 PM
Wow, wtg Red! You are doing great! I am just busy this week, and can't seem to get on here as much (probably good for my rear, this not being able to sit on my computer so much, lol!) I have the fever to be out and working on my garden and planning/planting, etc. Also started again on organinizing some stuff in the house. Lots of energy again!

Eating much better--turns out I had pre-TOM so that was making me eat sugar like crazy for a week or so. I am so irregular and skipping often now that I don't ever know if what I am experiencing is indeed hormonally influenced or what, but it truly was--whew! I really do usually have better will-power than I'd shown last week!

Red--yup--that sounds like the district or area he was in. I am so hoping to go there one day in a 3-4 years. Never been to any asian country yet.......

Well, off to go do stuff with dh today--will check back in tomorrow. So sorry I seem to get so busy during the work-week, will try to be better this upcoming week.....

02-28-2009, 04:38 PM
Through another day. The apple was eaten walking to the train from the stable. I had cut it up and packed it to take with me. I almost had a scare thinking I had forgotten it later in the day, but nope! Even got some apples from the landlady, who had them sent to her from her sister in Nagano, heart of apple country! (other than Aomori)

Day 19 done on apple challenge.

mod -- At last!! Some life around here. It was SO lonely for the past several days. I sure wish you could pop in, even if it's just to post your days. I was about to give up coming in here myself.
The sugar cravings are awful, aren't they? There was a time when I didn't get them, or I was able to ignore them. But recently, even if I've been off sugar, I get them. I wonder what I'm doing differently or is it just less of a resolve to stay off sugar. I think it's the latter. Oh, and I remember I was nearly off caffeine before too. Maybe that's the difference.
Hope you get to travel soon. What country would you want to go to? I haven't traveled extensively in Asia but have popped in to some. Japan is nice, but expensive and difficult language-wise, but I like it and it's very safe and you don't have to worry about getting ripped off.

03-01-2009, 06:24 PM
Day 20 completed!!


Apple Blossom
03-02-2009, 03:30 PM
OK, sorry to have disappeared like that. I was helping to organize a big event which took place last Friday, so I have been really busy with that. Now I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and my life can sort of return to normal. Pheww!
I wish the huge weight had been lifted off my hips...:D
Needless to say, I need to restart everything, but I'm not sure yet what the challenges will be. Stay tuned.
Red, you are doing wonderful! :cp:
I weighed in for March, and only a 1 pound loss for Feb. While that is pretty lame, it's better than nothing. I MUST lose at least 5 in March.

03-02-2009, 07:29 PM
Day 21 is done. The Apple Challenge is completed!! :cp: :encore: :cp:

I am doing horribly though. My weight is up an entire 5 lbs from yesterday so you can understand the bloat from the sugar binge.
I am really devastated that I totally lost control again. It seems every time I make some progress, I wind up undoing it all in a day or two.

Good to see you, Apple.

03-03-2009, 07:48 PM
I started my second round of the Apple Challenge. It seems to keep me in a good least until I eat the apple.

Apple Challenge: Round 2 Day 1 completed :)

03-04-2009, 11:26 PM
Apple Challenge: Round 2 Day 2 completed

03-05-2009, 06:40 PM
I'm afraid I didn't eat my apple yesterday even though I had it standing by and ready. :^: I must remember to do it early in the day. It's so filling that I just don't want it late. So, a pause on that.

Apple Challenge: Round 2, Day 2 completed, 1 pause taken

I'm not doing well at all on anything at the moment and getting pretty down on myself about it. I'm tired of trying but that's all there is to do. It's hard being the only one in here too.

Apple Blossom
03-06-2009, 02:21 AM
Hi Red! I'm sorry to have stepped out again. I'm going skiing this week-end too, so I won't be back here until Monday. And I'm not going to start a challenge until then either. I really need a vacation! So until then, keep eating those apples!
Congrats on finishing the challenge!!!:cp::cheer2::cheer3::hat::cp:
How can we motivate some new people to come on over to our lonesome thread! COME ON PEOPLE, COME ON OUT AND CHALLENGE YOURSELF! You'll be surprised at what you can do!

03-06-2009, 03:17 AM
Heh there, Apple...thanks for stopping in. At least I know you haven't abandoned me. And what timing!! I had forgotten all about my apple...oh, no, wait...I DID eat it. Oh gosh, I am totally losing it. Anyhow, good to hear from you! :wave:

Apple challenge -- Day 3 completed!

03-07-2009, 04:50 PM
Apple Challenge -- Day 4 completed, 1 pause taken

03-08-2009, 09:33 AM
Well I'm happt to have found this thread again. I remmeber how happy I was when I completed a challege. It's nice to see that some regulars are still hanging around.

My new challenge is to do strength training for 20 minutes a day three pauses and yoga/stretching for 20 minutes a day also 3 pauses.

Red- good job with keeping up on your apple challenge. I personally love apples so I think it's a great challenge to do. Don't get down on yourself justlook back at all the old challenges you've completed from start to finish and remember how awesome it feels when you do. We wanna keep that feeling going.

03-08-2009, 12:33 PM
hey all! Hi bbybear!

Well. I have to say I am a bit lost--working waaaay too much now, desperately taking everything coming my way to catch up on bills, but no time for anything else! :( This past week I've had two evenings with social engagements, two evenings I did go work out, and one evening I was late b/c I went to run errands after work, including grocery store. And then getting home and fixing dinner and catching up with the mail, DH, etc, etc and then I'm falling asleep and time to get up again!

Needless to say, I haven't been good on my eating. Still doing a few work-outs but..... I am up about 5 pounds as well--probably a lot of salt, plus still fighting the sugar demons. Oh heck, I'm just eating anything now that's put in front of me! I've got to rein it back in!

I am not going to state a challenge yet. Ok, yes, I am. I challenge myself to get back OP, on track, whatever. I'm not sure if the "all or nothing" mentality is working for me anymore, though. I recently read an interview with Jillian of BL fame where she said she doesn't believe in total denial-just moderation, and allowing yourself to eat a little of what you want/crave every day is fine. I guess the key is, "a little". Oh, and those every-day work-out sessions that she does......

Anyway, here it is Sunday, and I have time today to try to plan another new attempt at this. And I am off to my swim class--I truly enjoy it and it starts the week off right for me. When I come home, dh has me working on yet another home project with him, which is fine. I hope to be able to check back in here better this week, though.....

03-08-2009, 09:11 PM
I am not doing well. Have to take another pause. Gosh, even as something as simple as eating apples. But, I'll get through the rest.

Day 4 down, 2 pauses taken.

bear, mod good to see you!!

03-09-2009, 10:53 PM
I'm no longer in the "trying mode." And, yes, it means I've been doing a LOT less exercise. But, I've decided I'm going to learn to relax, slow down and stop imposing all these rules on myself.
I just made fresh vegetable juice for the first time in a long time. Not too special, just spinach, lemon, soy milk, banana and hemp oil, but I see it already as sign that I'm on the right path with my new strategy...well, my new outlook. I am making an effort to breathe more as well, long, deep breaths whenever I think of it. It feels good. It's the first time I've tried hemp oil and it has a definite flavor, quite strong, much stronger than olive and the color is dark green.
I'm also continuing with spirulina and have added chlorella to my diet from yesterday. Even though I had some sugar yesterday, I had no interest in going on a binge, which is often the case after just a bit. I also had my apple and made a conscious effort to drink water.
Well, I'm heading to the gym today before going in to the office. First time to the gym in quite a while too.
Here's to a good day!

Day 5 of Apple Challenge complete, 2 pauses taken

03-10-2009, 11:22 AM
Red--I think we all need a break every now and then from constant diligence, especially when other things get in the way and we have to re-focus our energies elsewhere. Not to say we are giving up of course, just that a change in tactics is good for us sometimes. Getting ready for work again--gotta run! (Not literally!) :(

03-10-2009, 10:57 PM
God, yesterday was a **** of a day. From the moment I got in the office till the time I left the place, it was one confrontation after another. Must have been the full moon. I took it all, went out drinking till 3 a.m., and then just came home and cried. Kind of exhausted. But, I'm OK. I had a good day otherwise, making that juice, eating my apple, going to the gym and making some moves to help get me out of that place for good. Yup, it's looking like I may have an out I am willing to take, an exit that leads somewhere other than to a deserted alley with a gang waiting at both ends.

So, here's to pushing on. Listen to "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Got a version with Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Daina Ross, Faith Hill, Donna Summer, Destiny's Child all playing together. Great stuff. Wow, I get chills hearing it. It was off the radio somewhere. The mpg is about 5 MB. I'll send it to anyone who wants it.

Apple Challenge -- Day 6 completed, 2 pauses taken


mod -- Hi there. Thanks for coming in. I really need a rest. The remembering to BREATHE is helping. Wish others would get off their pin cushions though. Jeez. Unbelievable how people can ruin a day for someone. Then again, yesterday I also was out with some great people and have some really good times. What a mix of extremes. I can handle it I think. Hope you can find that energy too. Good luck!

03-11-2009, 11:02 PM
Thursday morning here. One pound under starting weight. Did well yesterday mostly though I did have a bit too much junk. The scale is no doubt a good reflection of a regular day, i.e. no dehydration, regular amount of food.
The power of distraction was brought home to me last night. I was bent on going out to the store and buying some salty snacks. I had my coin purse all ready to take with me on a short walk to the convenience store which would have seen me consuming a good 400 extra calories. I then got working on something the computer and though I kept thinking "I'm going to leave soon and get that snack," I never did go because then it was late and I had to get to bed. I always belittled distraction as just postponing when I would start eating, but last night showed me I can truly use it where I get to the point I have not merely postponed eating but have foregone it!
Got my apple cut and ready to go!

Apple Challenge Day 7 completed, 2 pauses taken

Apple Blossom
03-12-2009, 12:39 AM
I am back from skiing. I thought I did really well about eating and thought all the extra exercise might have helped the scale move down. But no such luck.
Unfortunately, we had to euthanize our old dog yesterday.:( He couldn't walk anymore. For a while he was still able to drag himself out of the garage and into a sunny spot, but the last few days were not that good. I think we should have done it sooner, so I'm not feeling great about the whole situation. He is in a better place now...
The same day, my mom was ill and is now in ICU. She is getting better, so I am not too worried, but I was for a bit.....
I still don't have a challenge. I know it doesn't sound good, but a beer at the end of the day has been helping me get through the stress. Man, I thought March was going to be a return to normal, but everything continues to be crazy.
So I still don't know about a challenge. I think I will eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday, 3 pauses allowed.
And exercise 30 min daily. I've been going to the gym a bit, but my running is falling to the wayside. I want to start training for a triathlon, so I'll need to figure out a schedule and that will become my exercise challenge.
Red, sounds like you've turned a corner. Find that sweet spot!
Good to have you back, bbybear!
Mod, time to get back on it!:drill:

03-13-2009, 10:46 PM
Day 8 completed.

Yesterday I spent most of it stuffing food into my mouth, mindless eating that I was aware of. I know that sounds odd but it is exactly what it was. I was not focusing on the food. I wasn't even really enjoying it but I continued to feed my face. I know why. It's the anxiety in my life. Well, it's me feeling the anxiety. I have to learn ways of just taking the changes and potential changes in my life, taking them, as in taking up the reins and riding them out, not throwing the reins away and allowing the horse to take me where it pleases.

Apple -- Thanks for coming in. I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. It's always difficult and you must miss him so. He is in a better place as you say and he is watching over you and feeling the love you gave him.
I do hope your mother continues to improve. My prayers are with you.
A challenge like eating oatmeal sounds good. My apple challenge has been a big help. The apple is like a symbol of all that is good and making myself buy it, cut it up and eat it is not as easy as it sounds. It keeps me thinking of adding other good things to that ritual and even if I don't I know it helps keep me closer to the good life, and by that I mean healthy, calm and content living for mind and body.

mod, hope to see you again soon. bbybear, what happened? You popped in and then disappeared again? :?:

03-14-2009, 08:41 AM
Getting near bed time here for me. Just had my apple. Had a GOOD day eating-wise even if exercise wasn't hot. If I just had long lazy days for myself, I could whip this body into shape, lovingly whip it that is. Well, I may get my chance soon enough. Course, I'd have to keep it there...hmm...that could be a problem.

Day 9 done on Apple Challenge!

03-15-2009, 08:38 PM
Monday morning here. Had my apple yesterday, cut and packed and it went with me to the riding stable, where I ate it after riding. That makes...

Day 10 done and gone on the Apple Challenge

Got to the gym as well and even though I went out with a friend in from L.A. afterward for beers, I did NOT smoke. Things are rough, really rough but I am going to force myself to get ACTIVE, mentally as well as physically. No more moping around for me. :nono:

Apple Blossom
03-16-2009, 04:15 PM
I'm sorry for being so inconsistent. Things with the old folks are still not all that well. Turns out my mom has a bleeding ulcer in her stomach. She's out of the hospital and healing, I hope. The same day she got out, my father-in-law went in, and he is still there. ugghh.
I've been running 2 days in a row, so that is my challenge, just to run everyday. I really need to step it up to get 5 pounds off in March, so I'm actually trying to burn 500 cals a day with exercise. It will have to be a rough approximation, since I prefer not to exercise on machines. Who knows how accurate they are anyway. DH won't be home much this week, so it might be hard to do. I think I'll try to double short runs. I'll figure it out. We got Wii Fit a couple of weeks ago. It's not a high calorie burner, and some of the "games" don't even feel like exercise, but they're fun. I know I can't rely on it for serious results. The whole family is being really competitive about it, because it ranks you for each exercise. I guess that helps.
OK, I need to prune my apple tree. See ya soon.
Day 1 completed, run! 2 pauses allowed

03-16-2009, 05:48 PM
Day 11 complete!!

Hang in there, Apple! :strong:

Apple Blossom
03-17-2009, 08:16 PM
Day 2, Run!, 2 pauses allowed.
When I weighed myself this morning I was down to 163! I'm sure I'm back up, but that was kind of cool.
This week is looking like another chaotic one. I can't WAIT until school is out. Except that I'm not ready for a bathing suit. *sigh*
Way to go on those apples. Red!!

03-17-2009, 08:47 PM
Well, I got the apple and ate it yesterday. Later, in the store I even saw an apple on sale because it was a bit marked and I thought, hmm, good for tomorrow. So I bought it. Now, if I could just expand this thinking so much that it would block out all garbage eating. Actually, I think it is helping a lot. Not that it shows anything on the scale yet, but it is truly hard to feed my face when my stomach is really full and an apple really fills it. Incredible, actually, because it doesn't look that big. Of course, I still DO feed my face and just suffer more for it. What goes here?! I am a total masochist. I should play "Jaws" music when I'm eating junk.

Day 12 is done!!!


Apple -- I thought you already had two days done on your running challenge... :?: In any case, it looks like you're still OK. Good luck and don't poo-poo the scale going down. Has it gone down that low in recent times, in "truth" or not? Probably not. So, it DOES mean you are lower. :cp:


03-18-2009, 08:39 AM
Wrapping up Wednesday here and I'm good for go on the apple! :spin: Day 13 is in the bag!

Had a good day at work. Snuck out for a long break and went to the gym. Did 40 min. of cardio and some weights. Good sweat.

Apple Blossom
03-18-2009, 03:45 PM
Day 2 completed, run! 2 pauses allowed
Hi Red. Don't you just love a good sweat?!
Thanks for asking about my # of days. It's just that when I wrote that, I was counting the run I did that day, but I don't post it until the day is truly over. It's easier to keep track for me that way. I already went for a run this morning, but it won't show up till tomorrow.:running:
I was 163 agian today, so maybe something good IS happening. If I could get my eating habits under control, imagine what I could really do. It seems when life gets hectic it's hard to eat well, but it also becomes more important to get the exercise in. It's pretty therapeutic. Or maybe it's just escapism....
I have a Wii Fit injury! Actually, I think I just used some muscles I don't normally use and I'm still kind of sore.
Well, it's time to take care of the old people....

03-18-2009, 05:44 PM
I know it's lame to say "hoping for a good day." I should just do it, right? But, outside things just really do knock me around.
Yesterday I had some good news at work and my immediate reaction was to write a bunch of people and say, "let's celebrate with drinks." How lame. Of course, I couldn't do that at 11 a.m., so I decided to get to the gym. I had brought my stuff so I could and am glad I did! Wish I could do that more consistently.
Guy at work bugging me to join him on his weight loss. It does bug me too because already he's telling me what I should do. Heh, look, I KNOW what to do. It's just a matter of doing it. And besides, he was like 30 kg overweight and has lost 10 kg by stopping drinking (and eating tons afterward) and I think I'd be pretty good losing 10. So he's telling me I have to stop drinking. And though I have to cut back, I know cutting it (and the socializing) out totally would just make me want it more and I'd fall way far from the wagon into the mud and lie there for weeks no doubt. I mean, look, I didn't gain 30 kg did I? Isn't it a pain how once people have some success they become know-it-alls? Still, I do want to do something to kick this arse into action. Ok, gotta run. Later. :wave:


Apple -- Hi there. Good to see you. Ok, clear on the running days. Glad it went well. You see, that number on the scale probably does mean something. Good for you! Exercise as therapeutic or escapism. I guess it's both, one because it's the other. I've been reading a lot about how good thoughts are necessary to get our metabolism going. Stress and shallow breathing just cause the body to NOT burn calories and to secrete too much cortisol, which makes for fat storage. It's no wonder I can't lose when I'm so stressed by work and why when I'm off and can relax on weekends I feel so much better and doing well is easy. Anyhow, good luck!

Apple Blossom
03-19-2009, 04:54 PM
Day 3 completed, run! 2 pauses allowed
Rats, I know there is probably no way I get a run in tomorrow. Grrr. Only if I get up early :rofl::rofl: or run late, which my husband might not approve of. Today I went to the gym AND went on a short run/walk, so I may have put in more than an hour of exercise. I feel that frustration level building though.....Red, I hear you on the know-it-all thing. Tell him to stuff it. ;) What you SHOULD do is show him that you can do it to. Cause I know you can!!! I'm going to see my SIL's family over the week-end. They are the one's we have the weight loss challenge with. I'm going to try not to bring it up because it will set my BIL off on a long boring conversation of which I've heard it all before.....
Well, if you don't hear from me tomorrow, it's because I am NOT running....;)

03-19-2009, 11:46 PM
Friday here. National holiday, spring equinox. Nice to be off. Having a very lazy morning. It's almost noon.
I had the apple yesterday too. I am getting a bit sick of them, to be honest. Day 14 is done. Another week. It's good practice. I am eating better. Yesterday, I had a MAJOR save. Coming home after work, I am in the embarrassing habit of stoking my gut with a good 400 calories or more. Something to sleep on, you know? :?: But yesterday, I decided I am going to do this stupid calorie thing and try to make 1500 a day plus anything I do in extra exercise. It's SO incredibly easy to stuff away hundreds of calories. The Anyhow, instead of doing that I went down a different aisle in the convenience store that aids my insanity and found a cup of instant noodles that had only 150 calories. I brought that home and ate it and it was GOOD! I then contemplated throwing in butter and a bagel but stopped. Oops, food porn! but who's looking these days? :^: So, that was good.
Of course, I'm ticked that the scale has not shown a 5 kg loss over night. Certainly, CERTAINLY, my efforts of yesterday deserve something like that, no?

Apple -- You COULD get that run in and you will feel so much better. Stuff the husband! Sure hope to see you in here with a good report! :yes:

03-20-2009, 05:41 PM
Had a great day yesterday. I am unofficially staying below 1,500 calories a day plus extra exercise. Yesterday in the a.m. I had eaten too much, then tallied my calories before hitting the gym and knowing that whatever I wore off there was going to be able to be used for dinner pushed me to go further. Also, thinking that I could have a big salad and feel filled up really helped. That's exactly what I did too. I want to make this plan a challenge but want to do a bit of a stealth before starting.

Day 15 is done on the Apple challenge as well! Hurrah! :dance:


Apple -- Oh, no, does this absence mean you took a pause?

03-21-2009, 06:09 PM
Day 16 done on my Apple Challenge.

Looks like I'm all by my lonesome again. Apple, that's not looking good, is it? I had another good day yesterday, but the scale doesn't budge. It's bizarre. It moves around a LOT more when I'm not doing anything. So sad that it plays such tricks with me when I'm really trying. Just no justice. :(

Apple Blossom
03-21-2009, 09:05 PM
Hi Red. We went to San Jose for the day, that is why I knew I was doomed. I could have gone when we got back, but after a long car ride and getting in at a late hour, it was pretty darned impossible to get inspired. So yes, pause.
Day 4 completed, run! 1 pause left. I am about to go for a run right now....
Good job on the apple, Red. And good save with the soup! When ever I try to limit calories, it takes a few days for movement on the scale. Those first few days are tough, but it will be worth it. Stick to it as best you can, and if you go over one day, compensate by extra exercise, or a bit less the next day. You can do it!!

03-22-2009, 07:06 AM
Just got back from my loop walk. A full hour and 45 minutes with a couple stops. It was hard at first but got easier and then I was going fast just to get the friggin' thing over with. Raining too and the wind was strong so the umbrella was a pain as well.

I'm in a vile mood. Partly because this constant vigilance with the calories is ticking me off. And because I know it's going to be long, hard work. Long, SLOW work. And that totally sucks. It is SO easy to pack in the calories and yet takes so much work to expend them. The exact opposite of earning and spending money. I guess though in the olden days it was hard to find food and easy to have to work it off. That's what we're made for. I don't want that so I'll take this.

Anyhow, the Apple Challenge is done for the day. That's Day 17 done!

Apple -- Hi there! Good for you to complete Day 4. Did you get the run in you were about to do? The soup....oh, yeah, that was a while ago already. It really was quite a save. Maybe all I need is a bit of change.
Thanks for the encouragement on the scale. I have a feeling it's still not going to budge for tomorrow. I suppose as long as I'm sore, but being sore is because I've been working out and, with all the effort, I really wish I could see something happening. Oh well. just have to wait.
The calories are going well. I think I may be eating too much actually. But I'm going to stick to this system and try to be consistent long enough to see if it's working. I know I could still pack in tons and tons more if I weren't watching the calories. But, as I said before, it is so irritating.
Also, with the guy at work, yes, I'm going to show him but I don't want to do anything with him, like a challenge or mutual support. I know that will turn into him giving me his unsolicited advice continuously ad nauseum. So, I'm just going to do it on my own. You bet!

Apple Blossom
03-22-2009, 05:39 PM
Day 5 completed, run! 1 pause left.
Just a quick check in to be sure I at least get that done. I'll write more later if there's time!

03-22-2009, 07:00 PM
Hurrah, hurrah, the scale says I'm 1.5 lbs under my starting weight. It's about time!! Four days on my plan of 1,500 calories a day plus points for exercise. I always underestimate the exercise points on purpose. I did this before and if I was consistent the fat started coming off. I am sure to eat good food and to keep junk to a bare minimum. I will generally allow myself to eat some junk at the end of the day with any leftover calories I have. Well, now to keep it going. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....I KNOW I can!

Continuing with my apple-a-day challenge is helping I think. It makes me think, plan, prepare, the whole ritual from store to mouth. It helps so much that this morning now as I am getting ready to go the gym before work, I have my cut-up apple, a Thermos of asparagus soup and some vegetables from home to make a salad at work. Wow!

Apple -- Way to go!!!! Three cheers for you! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

03-23-2009, 06:41 AM
Day 18 is done as well! :cp:

Apple Blossom
03-23-2009, 06:28 PM
Day 6 completed, run! 1 pause left.

You have done it! Now keep it up!!! You are doing great! It's exactly what I need to do. The exercise part is coming pretty easy, now if I count calories....

03-25-2009, 07:21 AM
Well, I kind of lost it yesterday because I went out drinking. Everything was going well and then I just decided to add liquor to the event. It was bound to happen. If I can just keep these times to a minimum....

Yesterday's apple done and today's as well. That puts it at...

Day 20 done on my Apple Challenge!


Apple -- Thanks for the congrats. And bravo to you for Day 6!!! :cp: :cp: :cp:
I'm afraid I let things get to me yesterday. My skin is really bad again. Looks like some sort of allergic reaction but I can't pinpoint it. It always starts up bad when I start losing weight. I don't know what it is. Face was swollen and red too and my eyelids. Really a pain. I wonder if the extra exercise just makes me more allergic to allergens. It really ticks me off. Still, I can go a bit easier if that's the case. Glad to hear you're doing well on the exercise. Good luck with the calories. Are you going to do that as well?

Apple Blossom
03-25-2009, 05:16 PM
Day 7 completed, run! 1 pause left.
Yesterday was not a good eating day for me either. I had pre-menstrual munchies, and could not stay in control. Plus I had a bit too much beer. Today I am feeling very hungry, but not in the munchy way of yesterday.
I WILL be doing calorie counting, but only on the days DH is out of town. It's kind of hard other wise. I know that sounds lame, but I think it will work.
Looks like March will be a wash and that really stinks. Now I only have 3 months until the wedding. I am hoping to get serious about the eating in April, maybe I can pull off 8 pounds, then in May I will be able to exercise a lot more, and June too, so maybe 5 per month for a total of 18. That would satisfy me! There's work to be done!!
I like your new balloon, Red!

03-25-2009, 05:38 PM
It's the last day of my challenge. Get that apple in! Early Thursday here. Face is better. I've decided that maybe I was just doing way too much. I was really exhausted. Weight is up again though. But the drinking the other night has my body screwed up again for sure. I'm not going to lose it again though, my resolve to keep to a calorie count. I'm just going to go a bit easier on the exercise and try to relax more. if though it may not seem like much to me, my body is not used to it anymore and it is surely a shock. Sure wish I could work out like I love to though really. Then again, I have never been good with limits.


Apple -- Good for you for getting that run in. :cp: As for eating, we have our "good days" and our "bad days," eh? Your calorie counting when your husband is away will surely give you some good results. Best of luck!

03-26-2009, 08:34 AM
The Apple Challenge is FINISHED!!!!!! :encore: :cp: :cp: I did it, ate them all! Actually forgot today to buy an apple when I went to the store, but went back out and got one. It was a nice one too. Hurrah!!!

Apple Blossom
03-26-2009, 03:36 PM
Day 8 completed, run! 1 pause left.
Ahhh, I had the morning to myself today. It was great. Of course I didn't do anything I really NEED to do, just relaxed. Which is nice now and then. Took BOTH dogs for a walk, but not at the same time. They both need so much training so individual time is better. Actually, I think I am the one who needs training. They are both smart dogs and with the right guidance would learn fast. We will probably take a training class some time soon.
I hate TOM. I feel so bloated and yicky. And I always gain a few pounds for a week, so it doesn't exactly motivate.
Yay RED, for finishing the apple challenge! (Hey all you lurkers, jump in and congratulate the girl!) :hat::cheer2::cheer3::cheer2::hat::cheer2::cheer3: :cheer2::cheer3::hat:
So what is next? Carrot a day? Avocado a day? Kiwi a day!;)

03-26-2009, 08:48 PM
Good for you, Apple and thanks for the congratulations!! It looks like it's just you and me these days. I don't know what happened, but whatever, I'm going to keep plugging on. I have been off calorie counting for the last few days again. Setbacks and disappointments and anxiety are taking their toll. But, I have to be stronger than these and just kick on. It wasn't that hard to do what I was and maybe I was doing a bit too much. That's my usual modus operandi so no surprise there. I'll be starting a new thread soon. See you there and keep up the good work!! :dancer:

03-26-2009, 09:17 PM
STOP, STOP!!!! This thread is CLOSED!!!! Go to the new one!!!

Here is the link:

See you over there!! :wave: