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01-04-2009, 01:23 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! The wind is howling outside and there is a very fine mist that has been falling most of the day. The side streets are covered with ice, but so far the trees and electric wires seem to be ok. It must be light enough that it doesn't cling to anything until it hits the ground. Bob has to usher this month so will have to leave early for church. I'll either ride in with him or not go if the trucks haven't gone by with sand. I don't mind driving on snow, but I sure hate the ice.

I was the best customer at the gift shop this morning. :D The Christmas items go on sale Monday at a 40% discount. The lady in charge called me and said I could take my 40% today so I did buy a couple of painted trivets. I can use them as gifts for next year or keep them for decoration myself.

We worked in the basement this afternoon. :cp: I pitched electric blankets that no longer work as well as washed a pile of shirts that Bob said could go to the Good Will. I figured they were dusty from hanging in the basement and they were. The Christmas stuff has been put away for another year and I need to vacuum and put furniture back in place tomorrow. I don't know what I did all vacation but it sure wasn't much from the looks of my kitchen counters.

Susan -- Where did all of the vacation days go? I will be glad to get back on the schedule of Monday seeming like Monday. MIL said today seemed like Sunday to her because it was so dreary and there was different football games on TV. Thank you for sharing the cute poem!

LaVonda -- It would be nice of you to start a weight loss program at work. If your coworkers join in then you could plan healthy snacks and everyone would be working towards the same goal of losing weight. You would have a support system right along side you!

Maggie -- I hope your cold is lots better by the time you read this. I love the bits and pieces of wisdom that you share with us! I seem to "start over" way too many times, but have to remind myself that starting over is better than not doing anything.

"Gma" -- I missed your post today and am too tired to go back and look for one. I hope you had a good day!

I'm heading off to bed. I need to get back in the routine of getting up early for school. Ready or not it starts all over again on Monday. Have a nice day tomorrow!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

01-04-2009, 07:55 AM
Good morning to you all! I think I forgot to come in and post yesterday!

My poor Thomas has the chicken pox! He called me Friday night. I guess he, his parents and his other grandparents were going to go out to dinner on New Year's day and Pat noticed a couple spots on his neck. She said, "What's are these?" Thomas says, "Mosquito bites, I have a whole bunch of them on my stomach!" Kelly looked at them and sure enough. She said to Thomas, "Since when do you get mosquito bites in January?" He told her "Well, half of December it has been 70 degrees!" lol They have no idea who he was exposed to but the poor little guy has them bad. We went over yesterday and took him a couple puzzle books and his favorite candy, M and M's. He has them bad in his hair and down his throat and on his tongue so his throat is sore. He isn't itching though and I told him if he just can't stand it, put on some clean white socks and sort of pat where it itches. Kelly called out dil (nice to have a pharmacist in the family) and she said to just keep him on Benadryl and use the oatmeal baths. She said calamine lotion really doesn't work much for the itching.

I am so far behind on my cleaning I just have to get caught up today. Jack keeps telling me it is no big deal that the house looks clean even if I don't think it is, but you know me, I need to stay on my routine.

I have decided to start walking no matter what. I have to try it at least. I just don't seem to be as dedicated to exercise using the chair even though I do work hard and sweat and feel it afterwards. I seem to get up and get dressed and get out and walk after Jack leaves everyday if I walk. I will have to start out with shorter walks as we are up hill on all four sides but I am going to at least try it.

I am not going to try and do individual posts this morning. I need to get going on the house and make some progress.

Have a wonderful Sunday all!

01-04-2009, 01:29 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining but it is so cold with a slight breeze blowing through the tree branches. I don't think anything will melt again today. I went early to church and was surprised at the number of older people who were there. The trucks had not been out to sand the side streets and one could have easily ice skated down the streets and sidewalks. On our way home the trucks had been out but the driveway is still covered with ice where the ice melt didn't hit. The Sunday paper is late because of the ice cover so here I sit.

"Gma" -- I didn't think you were here yesterday! I'm glad you just forgot and are not sick. :D Poor Thomas! Beth got the chicken pox when she was in kindergarten and had a very light case. The school nurse was a neighbor and said she could very well get them again, but she never has. She gave them to Jason and he really had them bad just like Thomas. He was miserable and we were going on vacation to my parents cabin in MN. I don't have the box, but Bob took generic Loratadine, 10 mg, for itching when he had the hives. It took care of the itching fairly quickly. Good luck with your walking plan; take it slow and easy so you don't injure anything. :)
Bob got our treadmill opened and ready to go yesterday. I forgot how much noise the thing makes! I much prefer to walk outside.

My dryer is buzzing and I have a couple more loads to do. I plan to iron this afternoon! Have a relaxing "rest of the day" and enjoy!

Jean -- :brr: in Iowa!

01-04-2009, 02:52 PM
Happy Sunday! Yes...that's right...a good day it is! :) I had planned on leaving for Va. Beach this afternoon but have decided to wait to leave EARLY tomorrow morning instead. Mom has been moved out of ICU and into a "step-down" room. She's getting chemo in with her dialysis now. And that makes me feel better knowing that the cancer that is still inside her surely cannot be growing again. She still cannot speak because of the tracheotomy but that will be closed up (or will heal on it's own) when she can clear out the flem in her throat. I hear she's getting frustrated with her lack of communication skills. She's too weak to write but she can use an alphabet board the nurses have given her.

We've put away the Christmas decorations and "discovered" a bookcase stored in the basement that had remained hidden since we moved into this house almost ten years ago. So, we managed to bring it up to the computer/home office and now I have an extra bookcase to store more cookbooks, knitting books, and novels. :) I feel like we went out and bought a new piece of furniture!

I haven't re-joined WW yet but I will. When I return from Va. Beach on Friday, that following Tuesday I'll re-join. I like the Tuesday morning leader. So that's my plan.

Jean, that is one thing Wayne said while we were in the very back of our basement digging out that bookcase, "We have got to send at least half of this stuff to Goodwill!" We also give to the American Cancer Federation--they take a lot of clothes and books. I have a ton of stuff! I agree with you--don't mind driving on snow but not ice!!

Donna Faye, do you know about the website: It's a private knitting community and I'm always picking up great knitting tips...and seeing the most beautiful knitted projects. Sorry to hear that Thomas has the chicken pox. Bless his heart. Chicken pox seems like a rite of passage for kids doesn't it? I remember giving my girls those oatmeal baths and benadryl as well. I never cared too much for the calomine lotion--it is too messy and always gets on things or that could just be me being sloppy! Anyway, I hope he gets well soon--chicken pox down the throat and on the tongue sounds awful. Would ice cream soothe him? :)

Maggie, you have a cold?! Just got over mine. Hope you're feeling better soon. <passing the tissues to you>

Susan, I think I remember one post you posted awhile back about quilting material shopping and nothing spoke to you. That is how I am with yarn! I have a LOT of yarn stashed away. Rarely does yarn not speak to me. :)

Hello to all the newbies! I really am an upbeat person--I'm just going through a difficult time right now...

01-04-2009, 04:44 PM
Good afternoon, ladies!

Have you seen the new WW commercial for Momentum with the orange stuffed toy called Hungry? I want one of those, in fact I want 2 of those, one for home and one for the office. I wish they would sell them at the meetings. I picked up WW 5 Ingredients 15 Minute Recipes today ($10 at Kroger). I think it probably came out sometime last year but the recipes look great and easy. By the way, the Potato Chowder in the Week 1 booklet is delicious. I made that yesterday.

I went to Church this morning then out for coffee with a couple from Church.

Faye, I'm sorry Thomas has the Chicken Pox - no fun. I had such a light case I never felt sick or itchy. I'm sure your house is just fine. Start out slow with your walking and gradually build up. I can't walk outside in the cold weather so I do my Walk Aerobic tapes. They are a lot of fun.

Jean, I know what you mean about wanting to get back on schedule. I was to the point I had to look at the newspaper to see what day it was. I will not be happy to quit working someday.

Gail, I'm glad your mother is improving. I'll keep her on our prayer circle.

Maggie, hope you are feeling better.

Hi, Gloria!

Have a good day!

01-04-2009, 05:48 PM
Susan, Wayne will be retiring at the end of this month. He is choosing to say he will be semi-retired. He will need to keep working a little to keep from going crazy...and for us to get the nice extras we might want. I've thought about going back to work part time but with how things are down in Va. Beach, now is not the time. But I do understand about losing track of days--I do that all the time!!

01-04-2009, 05:50 PM
Gail -- You "sound" more like yourself today! :D I'm glad your mom is doing better and hope that she continues to do so. It is not easy to watch your parents' health decline. We feel so lucky that Bob's mom is still pretty much independent except for driving and living alone. She is happy in the assisted living facility and we see her for a few minutes every day. It is amazing what you can find stashed away in a basement. I have Beth's Cabbage Patch dolls and clothes that my mother made for them. She asked about getting them for Maddy, but Kolby is rather rough with things and especially so when he gets mad at her for something. I told her I'd get them out and keep them here at our house for awhile.

Susan -- I have not seen the WW commercial yet. If Bob is home he surfs during commercials only to find that every channel seems to have commercials about the same time. :twirly: The 15 minute cookbook sounds like my kind of cooking! I have to decide about early retirement by Feb. 1st. I guess the bottom line is what the schedule works out to be; sometimes I feel like people take advantage of my good "humor." I don't mind helping anyone when they ask politely but hate it when they assume I will just go ahead and do something because I've done it before. I know I will miss the money because that is my "play" money that I buy things that aren't really necessary . . . like a new stove and refrigerator! I did find the receipt for the old ones and we've had them almost 5 years. I don't think the oven ever did work right and I was too dense to figure it out until a year ago. :dizzy:

I just finished cleaning my bathroom and need to put the rugs back down, so I'm off!

01-05-2009, 09:52 AM
Good morning to you all! I not only caught up on cleaning but got ahead a bit for the week so I only have dusting and vacuuming both floors. The darn pine needles have plugged up my vacuum somehow so it is overheating and it is less than 6 months old. I would like Jack to take it apart and clean it out, but I think he is afraid if he takes it apart he won't be able to put it back together again. Asking him about electricity or electronics and you have someone in the know, anything else, not so much! :lol:

My chair aerobics was 25 minutes and I walked all but the last cool down song and did it indoors in the chair, ie stretching and such so I feel pretty good about it. It is about half mile I think. My knee hurt a bit and my hips really hurt, but after I get some fat off them, they should settle down, that and walking consistently. My routine is 6 am watch Third Watch and knit, 7 exercise, 8 breakfast and then cleaning after that.

I am up a couple lbs, but no sweat. I did have some calorie laden stuff a couple days because we ate out a couple times. I am not saying I am back just continuing on.

Gail: So glad your mom is doing a bit better. Just takes what comes good or bad and deal with it as it comes. Don't hope too much, don't worry too much. We are all here for you. Jack is dying to retire. He is so fed up with working, but he can't retire until January 2016 so still has a few more years.

Susan: I have seen the little hungry monster several times on tv. He reminds me of this monster on a bugs bunny cartoon that bugs torments. Have you ever watched the tv show "Ruby" on style? It is a pretty interesting show about a morbidly obese woman trying to lose weight. So far she is down from 479 lbs to about 388. She is doing things for the first time or able to do things once again, like driving, going camping (ugh, that is something I would never do as a fatty. They would never get be out of the sleeping bag!) Besides, I hate anything that is camping and always have. Would you be willing to sneak me the potato chowder recipe sometime?

Jean: Ooh, it is cold here. I just wore a hooded sweater to walk and my hands were freezing by the time I was finished. I seem to be thawed out finally. I started out on the treadmill today, but gave it up after one song and went and got my sweater on and went out to walk. I just like it better. Nice fresh air and I don't have trouble stumbling like I do sometimes with our treadmill. Jack is the treadmill guy.

LaVon: You keep up the good work! You will get to goal in no time!

Have a good one ladies. It is a bowl of raisin bran, bottle of water and "The Sopranos" for me now.


01-05-2009, 01:48 PM
Good afternoon, all. Well, the routine has started once again and it makes me happy. Next month is the big quilt show so I have something to look forward to - 5 days of great fun. Fortunately it is in my backyard, so to speak, being only 10 minutes from my house.

Faye, I'll email you the recipe. It's quick, easy, and very good. Maybe you need to wear gloves when you walk. I swear when my hands and/or feet get cold I feel like I am freezing. Some nights I wear socks to bed.

Jean, how close are you to getting SS? Do you think you can take those kids much longer? My "work" money pays some bills but I set aside some for fun and quilting.

Gail, guess you are in VA Beach by now. I hope things continue to improve for your mom.

I have Bible study tonight. We only had it once in December so it'll be nice to see everyone.

Have a good day - work is piled up, as usual!

01-06-2009, 07:49 AM
Good morning ladies! It is cold and wet here again this morning. I know my knees, hands and ankles sure knew it was cold and wet.

Susan: I wear socks and a sweater almost all the time in the house. We try and keep the heat down to around 68 or so and the downstairs really gets cold. Like you, sometimes I have to wear socks to be, at least until the electric blanket warms things up. Funny thing though, I have to have a fan on for my head. I sweat like the dickens on my head.

We have to go and get the new car inspected so that when our paperwork gets here we can get the new tags. Jack wants retired Navy tags for the car, but they aren't too much more expensive than the regular ones. At least here, we don't pay an excise tax for a new car. In Indiana your tags are calculated according to the age of your car and a new car's tags are $$$$ of dollars. Ours are $117 per year. I told Jack that we will have two sets of tags due at the same time now because they are done according to your last name, not when you purchased the car.

Nothing much else going on. I did finish the body of the sweater and am well on my way with one sleeve so maybe just maybe I will get to wear it when we go to Indiana next month.

Everyone have a good day.

01-06-2009, 12:36 PM
Good morning, ladies - raining and cold (well 41 degrees, so I know some wouldn't think that was cold).

Bible study was very interesting last night - Solomon and David. It was nice to see everyone after the long break.

Faye, I keep my house at 68, too. I might put it up to 70 on the weekends if I'm not going out. I just wear a sweater and cover with a quilt when I'm watching tv or reading. As fast as you knit, I know your sweater will be finished by your trip. We pay personal property tax on our cars, based on their value and age. Mine is $42 this year.

Well, I really should get back to work. Doing year end reports - UGH!

01-06-2009, 11:49 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am having trouble with my email . . . again! :tantrum: Makes me growly that I have to call the isp and jump through the automated answering system. Kids were back in school today; lots of moaning and groaning about their schedules. We are so crowded that the classes are pretty full, so that those wanting to change schedules are having a hard time. Then we have the "Fs" in required classes that have to be put in another class because they can't take second semester when they don't pass the first.

"Gma" -- Congrats on being ahead in the cleaning program AND getting your excercising done! :cheer: Our license tags are due in our birthday month. Some dummies put the stickers around the edge of the plate rather than in the spot that the directions tell them. :(

Susan -- I could collect social security right now since I turned 63 in October. If our budget is in as much trouble as the superintendent is leading us to believe, I'm wondering if the early retirement money will be available after this year. They sent out 50 early retirement letters which are due back by Feb. 1st. I know of 9 or 10 of us just at the high school -- not all are teachers but would leave a few empty spots to fill. :yes:

I am heading off to bed after I finish here. I am tired and I have a 7:30 budget meeting tomorrow. There was an article in the paper that the school district is spending more than we are taking in. Well, duh!! Let's cut free before and after school learning clubs (babysitting) with free bus rides home at night to start with!

Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-07-2009, 07:34 AM
Good morning to all of you. Well, it has at least finally stopped raining. It poured down all day yesterday and we had to go and get the car inspected, which we did then got a bite of lunch and started for home. Oh, my gosh, there was a truck that was a double trailer driving like he was on speed. He came up behind us and was almost sitting in our back he was so close. He was whipping in and out of traffic, tailgating, and going over 70 on roads that had standing water from all the rain, the visibility was terrible because the rain was causing a fog like appearance. I emailed the trucking company and complained, but of course nothing will be done. As long as they pay these drivers by the mile, they will continue to drive like this. We have hundreds of truck through Memphis because we are sucha huge distribution area and they all drive like their pants are on fire.

Susan: I am sure Bible Study was interesting. Those are two very interesting biblical figures. Have you ever watched the "Naked Archaeologist" on I think it is the Discovery Channel. Very interesting show and he always has some compelling information about some biblical burial site or some building, etc. We enjoy it very much. I now am almost finished with one sleeve so hopefully in the next week I might be able to finish up and sew it up and show it off. I found I really enjoy the lace patterns more than I thought I would.

Jean: Maybe they will offer you a good incentive to just retire and enjoy the rest of your life with Bob. It seems to have gotten so contentious at your school with the students as well as the administration, it takes the love out of teaching at any level. I am thinking about talking to Kelly and finding out how I go about volunteering in T's class. They have parents come in and read and I know Pat does it from time to time. I never could because I couldn't work out the logistics of being at the school and picking up Jack.

I just finished paying all the bills and taking out the trash. Geez, seems parallel somehow...:D Everyone has to get their lb of flesh. I just paid the final installment on the insurance and it includes the new car so it was $400 instead of the $126 I pay most of the time. I am on a 4 month on 2 month off plan and we carry a low deductible on both cars so it is a bit pricier. Jack wanted to change the grand marquis but when I showed him the little amount we would save by changing to just liability, he said to forget it.

Well, better get the dishwasher unloaded and sit and knit for awhile. Jack has his yearly cardiologist appt today so I will go with him to that later this morning.

Have a great day all!

01-07-2009, 06:03 PM

This day has warmed up temperature wise but there is a chilly breeze so I am staying inside. My cold is abating somewhat and I am almost back to exact. I made a post yesterday but it poofed before I saved it while I was still typing. :stress: Earlier today I made a post and saved it and was in my word program running a spell check on it and my computer decided to freeze up. :faint: Usually when it does that which isnít often but when it did it before what I was working on in my word program was saved automatically. Somehow it was gone this day and so here I am retyping it over. Such is life with computers. :comp:

DONNA Insurance here in the heartland is much higher for our Jeep than it was on the left coast. They tack more things on it here where CA is more inventive and hides those costs elsewhere but believe me they get the money somewhere from the folks. We found insurance and license was lower for us in TN and TX than elsewhere we have been. AH the truckers. Way back in the dark ages when I was in the working class of folks I was driving my little yellow Opel GT which they donít make anymore. But if you canít imagine what it looked like ~ IT was a small version of a car looking rather like a Corvette. Anyway a trucker took my space on the freeway and since I didnít want to be crunched I hit the ice plant in the median. That plant is there to grab your tires and stop your car quick when you are pushed off the freeway. Anyway there I sat not hurt when just as I stopped a gentleman in a Ford pickup pulled in behind me and I got out and handed him my ďsnatch em strapĒ. He hooked one end to his back bumper and the other end to my front bumper and snatched me right quick out of that ice plant. Meanwhile a couple of Californiaís finest CHPís :drill: stopped traffic in that lane while I was being snatched out of that ice plant. I got on my way and was not even late for work. I had taken all the 411 off that truck that I could and called the local office. I was told that they didnít have a truck in that area. Well now just who was driving one of their trucks I queered. I told the man that when he located who was driving one of their trucks in that area at that time to just let him know that I was OK and that he needed to make sure any little cars were not in his blind spot next time he made a quick lane change. Well since they denied that they had a driver there I just said when they got to the bottom of it and found their stolen vehicle to please give me a call :callme: and let me know the outcome. I got a call later that day and yep, it was one of their drivers and yes he was where he wasnít supposed to be. He had somehow gotten on the wrong freeway and was in a hurry to get on the right one. They delivered my message to the driver. However ~ later that evening a nice bouquet :val3:of flowers was delivered for me from him at the front desk of the institution where I worked. Please do post a picture of your current handy work. I love looking at what you have made.

JEAN Sounds like your school is in step with the whole country. Every place is overspending their budget and we, the people, will have to pay and pay for the mismanagement ~ programs ~ PROGRAMS ~ PROGRAMS. I want a program but Iím not qualified because I am just a poor European American. My suggestion to you is to take early retirement if offered. Turn your back on that mess you didnít help create and just be a good sane citizen paying your taxes and let some others that canít retire yet deal with a mess that they didnít create. Bureaucrats :stir:. Donít we just need more of them to think up programs that fail and then we have to pay for their failures. Thatís the American way it seems. :soap:

SUSAN Seems like we all keep our inside temperature the same. This house is rather draft proof so it keeps the heat in and that ever so cold wind out. At our church we have a ladies Bible class that meets on Tuesday evenings. They have decided that we will meet here at the house instead of that huge building that takes a lot to heat. My idea anyway because I wonít have to walk out there in that wind. It is quite a walk across our front lawn and the churches large lawn to the front door. The sidewalk is about twice as far to take. We heat the house already. Wednesday evening Bible study and both Sunday services will be at the building. I can think of good WW type snacks to serve with coffee and tea and we can all sit around my large dining room table.

Everyone ~ please have a wonderful afternoon and evening. Type at y'all later:wave:

01-07-2009, 09:01 PM
Good evening, ladies! Its warmish (58 degrees) but raining and the wind is howling.

A rather blah day today - just work and working on a new quilt pattern this evening. Rather tired so I'll go to bed at 9 after the National Body Challenge is on.

Did any of you see the people on Biggest Loser last night. They are huge. There is a young teenager who is well over 400 pounds as are several others. Some of them lost over 30 pounds that first week! I hope these people can get the weight off, especially the younger ones.

Jean, I hope the decision isn't too difficult for you. You'll take a big hit on you SS retiring at 63, but the kids may kill you before you much older.

Faye, I hope everything was okay with Jack's doctor visit. You'll have that sweater finished this week. I do enjoy the Naked Archaeologist. I also like the History Channel.

Maggie, we have something going on at our church every day and most evenings. Utilities are a big bite of the budget. We are asked to tithe 5% but no records are kept if you do or not, its left up to conscious. I love to be on the go in the summer, but I want to stay in in the winter, the cold is so hard on my asthma.

Have a good evening!

01-08-2009, 12:47 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I've had my nap in front of the TV, and am heading in the direction of bed shortly. :yawn: It is cold and windy here, "feels" like -10 but no ice nor snow so I won't complain. School was more schedule changes which should pretty much be done, I hope. I'm ready for the weekend!

"Gma" -- I hope that Jack's doctor appt. went ok and he is in good shape! Our gas went from $1.49 to $1.69 overnight. :( The newspaper said to expect the price to go over the $4 mark again. It seems like any school, hospital, nursing home, etc., would appreciate your volunteer efforts. I know that here they are always asking for anyone to come and read to students and patients. I have about $9000 coming in early retirment; it has to either go into a retirement account of some sort or go towards health insurance through the district (Bob says that is no deal at $600+ a month!). I have a truck story too! :D We have the HUGE semi type trucks carrying turkeys and hogs coming into town 24/7. In order to get around town, to the plants, there is a short bypass connecting two highways that they must take rather than come through town. Coming home from town I can see them on the bypass and 98% of the time they will not stop at the stop sign -- they just roll on through and I have to follow them around the lake, at a snail's pace, until I can turn off. Well, I happened to come home on the highway route one day and managed to get in front of a semi. I took my sweet time and sat at the stop sign long enough so that he had to come to a full stop behind me. I'm sure he was calling me various names! :o I was around the lake part and turned the corner before he was even close to me. :lol: Truckers used to be pretty cordial but not these guys.

Maggie -- I'm glad your truck story had a nice ending! :cp: I doubt that any truckers around here would send flowers; they'd be more likely to give you "what for!" We went to a budget meeting before school this morning. Our district has to make up for roughly $150,000 in the current year's budget so that we are able to fianance next year. Several programs that were federal money to start with have been cut and the expense picked up by the district. Well, guess what . . . the district can't afford all of the high priced teachers and administrators that come with the special programs! Our property taxes took a hit this year and I'm sure the district will ask for more next year. The funny part is that the $150,000+ superintendent lives out in the country club area which is in a neighboring small town school district! Their school is joining with another small town to share some of their programs for next year. The teachers all think there should be a freeze on the administrators' salaries! :yes: It's nice of you to host the Bible class even though it makes it easier for you to do so. What kind of WW friendly snacks will you serve? I need some ideas for card club.

Susan -- I did see some of the Biggest Loser participants when I was on the phone. :eek: I just wonder if they will be able to keep the weight off once they are back in their "normal" routine of life. The one guy I saw had so much excess baggy skin that I would assume he would have to have surgery to remove it. I am overweight, but I sure can't imagine weighing in at 400+ pounds. :no: That makes my joints hurt just thinking about it. I wouldn't have to draw social security right now; I need to visit my local ss office and see what the options are. I get a summary in the mail, but would rather talk to a "real" person. Is the 5% your church wants just for utilities? Our Catholic Church asks for 10% as does our own church. Our Catholic Church/School/Parish (??) has opened a second hand store with all proceeds going to support the school. They seem to have higher standards on what they will take and what they don't want they then take to the Good Will.

Hope you all have a terrific Thursday tomorrow. Today seemed like Tuesday and kids were confused . . . so was I! :dizzy:

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-08-2009, 09:56 AM
Good morning to you all! I hope your day is starting out well. I think I am going to do some weights today since I had a no sleep night and forgot about getting out and walking. I just ate breakfast so I would have to wait awhile and so I will do some weight training today.

I had 2 lovely pieces of wheat french toast made with egg beaters, skim milk, nutmeg, cinnamon and sf syrup. Cost me only 3 pts. It is nice to have a breakfast change every once in awhile other than cereal and fruit.

Jack's appt went fine. They are in this huge new building built just for the cardiology group. It has it own testing office and everything so Jack can get everything done right there. He has to go in on the 20th and have a stress test. He isn't looking forward to that. His bp, which has never been high even before his heart attack was 106/78, heart sounds good and the nurse practitioner talked to him a bit. Dr Anderson came in with a medical student, said anything I can do for you? Talked to Jack a bit and that was that. Not much he can do if Jack is not having any problems. They are wonderful about keeping up on blood work and testing though to make sure he is doing well. Jack didn't want to have the stress test because he said that is how they found the problem the last time when he had to have surgery. I told him a) he was having those pinching feelings in his chest last time which meant something was going on b) not to look for trouble as he would be experiencing some kind of discomfort, higher blood pressure, bad circulation in his neck, extremities or whatever. I told him that people just drop dead of heart attacks, but I am sure right before they do, they experience something as there are always indications your heart is working too hard. Truth be told, those stress tests are tough. They not only make you basically run almost, they incline the treadmill about 40 degrees and you have to keep up the 3 mph speed and the incline but it needs to be done every year for him.

I haven't heard from the trucking company, but I read them the riot act. I told them that as long as they push drivers and pay them by the mile, they are going to continue to drive too fast and too recklessly.

Maggie: I am glad you are feeling better.

Susan: I saw just a snippet of the biggest loser where the one guy lost 32 lbs in one week. They do really push those people to their limit though. I like the guy trainer, but I think Jillian is an obnoxious jerk. There is tough love so to speak with people, but sometimes I think she carries it way too far. They had one gal vomiting.

Jean: The knees and ankles take a real beating from morbid obesity. I know as I have problems that even a couple years ago I didn't have. I am trying to lessen the stress on my knees, but it takes time to get the weight off that's for sure.

Well, the washer is off so I need to put clothes in the dryer and fold a load then want to finish the sleeve. I am at the decreases for the top so am anxious to get it done. It is upstairs to clean bathrooms then.

Keep your fingers crossed for us. They moved in a new family next door!

01-08-2009, 03:18 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Another storm on the way - we had a terrible one yesterday, very high winds, driving rain. It wiped out a marina!

Jean, the 5% for tithing at our church is for everything. Father would rather have it be doeable than drive people away. You can go to social security on line and put in some figures and it will tell you what you get. Since I'm still working, I reached another bracket and will get more. Just got the letter so I am glad for that.

Faye, glad the doctor appointment went well, sorry about the stress test. Stan had to have a stress test after he was in a wheelchair and they actually have medication that mimics walking on the treadmill. They give some, you wait then they take readings and draw blood, more medicine etc. several times. It's only used for handicapped. I saw and interview with Jillian one time and she was nice. They want her to act like that on the show - more interesting. She has her own website and it is pretty popular and people pay for her plan.

Maggie, glad you are better!

I have quilting bee tonight, quilt guild in the morning followed by lunch with friends, and then the doctor for my thumb. I hope it's the last appointment for that!

01-08-2009, 11:30 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a gloomy cold day in my neighborhood, but no wind, rain, nor snow. We are one day closer to spring. I made a WM run after school which made me later getting home, supper was later, nap was later, and I'm ready for bed! :yawn:

"Gma" -- I'm glad Jack had a good report from the doctor. Does he have to do a stress test every year? I've never had one and don't think I could run, let alone walk very fast on the treadmill. I will keep my fingers crossed that your new neighbors are quiet and clean! ;) You will have your sweater done in no time. What is your next project going to be?

Susan -- I will have to check out the ss website. Thanks for the suggestion. Did you move into another bracket because of the length of time you have worked or the amount of money you have contributed? Have fun with your day of quilting activities tomorrow! I hope you get a good report on your thumb! I'm sure that seems like it is taking forever to heal. :yes:

I'm heading off to bed. Have a fantastic Friday tomorrow -- the weekend is almost here! :cp:

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-09-2009, 11:22 AM
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