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01-03-2009, 03:56 AM
I would like to do the take off plan. Can someone please explain how it's done and what you eat to do it? I don't have the juice so I'd need to know the substitutions for it.

Also can hollywood diet juice be used for the juice?

01-03-2009, 04:33 PM
Hi greycrazy! Here's the Take Off info that I got from the Newbie sticky thread. Take some time to read through that can find a lot of info there. :)


I bought two bottles of Knudsens Breakfast Blend juice (1 for each day). You mix 26 oz of juice, 6 oz of water, and 8 tsp of Benefiber.

6 oz. of the same protein
2c. raw GREEN veggies or 1c. cooked
2 LA Lites
16 oz. TO Juice (You add 16 oz. water to it)
no more than 2 6 oz. cups of caffienated coffee

The paper suggests this:

Breakfast - 2 oz. protein; 6 oz. coffee
Mid-Morning - LL; 6oz. coffee
Lunch - 2 oz. protein; 1C. green veggie
Mid-Afternoon - LL
Dinner - 2 oz. protein; 1C. green veggie

Here's specifically what I did:
Breakfast - 2 oz. chicken; 2c. Decaf Blueberry Herbal Tea w/1 pkt. Splenda
Mid-Morning - LL
Lunch - 2 oz. chicken; 1 c. romaine w/Wishbone Salad Spritzer (15 sprays)
Mid-Afternoon - LL
Dinner - 2 oz. chicken; 1 c. broccoli; 1 c. No Sodium Chicken Broth (this helped me to feel full and had 10 calories)

I broiled 2 chicken breasts with McCormick No-Salt chicken seasoning on Monday morning, and then I cut them into 2 oz. portions. For dinner, I added the same seasoning to the veggies and stir fried in Pam over the stove, and then added the 2 oz. chicken after the veggies had cooked a little, so that it was all heated together. And I added a little bit of No Sodium Chicken Broth to the mixture for some moisture and flavor

01-03-2009, 04:43 PM
Here's all the TO info copied from my files:

Menu for each day of TO (which you do for 2 days)
32 Oz of Juice each day or Fruit (4 C of cantalope or 4 oranges)
6 oz protein (recommend you eat the same protein all day)
2 green veggies
& 2 LA Lites (or a substitute protein bar such as Lunas, Prio Completes, Kashi Go Lean bars or Chocolate PB Bliss Bar)

If you use the official COD drink, it's 16 oz of their juice and 16 oz water for each day. You can also use Hollywood or Celebrity 48 hr Juice, but a better and less expensive alternative is shown below:

Buy 2 bottles of the Knudsen Morning Blend juice and each day you mix 6 oz water, 26 oz Knudsen's juice and 8 teaspoons Benefiber powder. This seems to be the closest in taste/nutrition to the COD juice.

Sample daily menu is broken down as follows:

B - 1 C. cantaloupe (or 8 oz juice or 1 orange)
S - LA Lite
L - 3 oz protein
1 green veggie
1 C cantaloupe (or 8 oz juice or 1 orange)
S - LA Lite
D - 3 oz protein
1 green veggie
1 c. cantaloupe (or 8 oz juice or 1 orange)
S - 1 c. cantaloupe (or 8 oz juice or 1 orange)

01-03-2009, 04:52 PM
Take off with juice modification. This is if you are at a plateau

2 eggs, 6 oz of meat, unlimited green veggies 1/4 cup of 100% not from on concentrate orange juice 4 times a day. and 2 bars

Original Take off with juice - This is if you have been completely off plan. And yes, you can use the Hollywood juice, but diluted orange juice or cantalope work just as good!

2 eggs, unlimited meat and raw green veggies, juice same as above or 1/2 cantaloupe quartered, 1/4 cantaloupe 4 times a day. No bars. No deli meat No hot dogs, no condiments other than vinegar and oil or butter. This not for weight loss, it is designed for your body to pull its energy from your stored body fat.

Both versions are done for 2 days only.


01-04-2009, 02:38 AM
Thanx :)

01-06-2009, 07:38 PM
There are TWO different take off plans. The ones posted are take off #2 which is done to break a plateau. Upon starting brand new or if you have fell off the wagon the one that you would do is Take off #1, aka LA Express

4 oz. to juice 4x day mixed with 4oz. h2o (or other suitable substitution)
unlimited amount of beef, chicken, turkey, fish, lamb, liver, shellfish, tuna, veal (no pork- no cheese) unlimited green veggies. 2 eggs per day or egg beaters. LOTS of water- no less than 64 ounces. no condiments containing sugar.