Dieting with Obstacles - PHYSICAL CHALLENGES ~ January's Monthly Thread

01-01-2009, 03:18 PM
WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us in our thread: to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.


01-01-2009, 03:30 PM

WELL, it's a new Month and a new Year! This gives us another chance to start fresh. I got so busy on another site last night that I forgot to come back and start the January thread; but, I'm not really late, becuz today is the first day of January and the first day of the new year 2009!!!

PURPLE ~ if you want to bring your new posts in here that would be OK. You beat me in here today. DH and I started the year off right and went out for a short walk this morning; I used my ski poles and it helped me a lot. There is a bit of a hill out front, so I went down and back up on the east side; the next time, I try the west side which is a bit steeper and my goal is to go to the next corner and back home. It's mostly hill up there, but downhill back home. The winds were very cold and my face was frozen by the time we got back; will have to wrap my face competley next time, and think I'll get my big parka out tomorrow as well.

We are going out to a friends for NEW YEAR'S dinner late this afternoon; that should be nice. We just stayed home last night and had a quite evening. DH watched movies and I met some new friends on a new Christian site that I had joined last year. They have a forum there similar to here and I found it by accident and got carried away answering questions, but it was a fun way to spend a coupld of hours on New Year's Eve.

:welcome: to 3TURKEYS ~ glad you found us and decided to join us on our Challenges thread. We are always happy to have more join us here!

HI MEOWEE ~ Hope you are feeling OK out there; haven't seen you around the last couple of days. We had blowing snow here tonight; hope the weather out there isn't giving you trouble. Anyways, when you can get back in, we would appreciate you putting our new thread up as a red sticky for us. Hope to hear from you soon and thanks ...


Hope you ladies are having a great day too! Take good care and I'll be back later :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-01-2009, 04:10 PM
Hi everyone

:newyear: Happy New Year for 2009 :newyear:

It still remains very cold here :brr: it has not gone above freezing and we also have fog which is a dangerous combination for anyone driving at this time of the year.

DH is out of the house at the minute walking Rizzie (dog) more than likely they will have gone for a 3 mile walk which I can't do. Plus with the weather being so cold I have been staying indoors so not to trigger my trigeminial neuralgia which does not act well in cold weather and is a known trigger factor for me. I have just finished doing 25 minutes on my whole body vibrator :yikes: I have found leg muscles that I didn't knew that existed :rofl: If I feel like it later I may have a short session of about 7 minutes.

I visited my sister the other day and the children where showing me their wii fit board. ( Christmas present to all 4 girls from their parents) Needless to say they dragged me up to have a go on ones that did not have too energetic moves :o I did the Slalom skiing and ski jump. I would love to have one of these as it has a whole section on balance and I know that MSers have have benefited from this. Trouble is that they are so expensive :( so I will not be getting one anytime soon. We are saving for the deposit on our car which we change this month. I am entitled to a car due to my poor mobility but some cars (the bigger ones especially) require a deposit. So we are saving like mad to give ourselves the biggest choice of cars to choose from. I can't believe that 3 years have nearly gone by it does not seem that length of time. You have the car 3 years then change it. You keep it for 5 if it is heavily adapted to suit your needs.

ROSEBUD I won't tell a soul that you told us when your sisters birthday was ;) Sounds like something my sister or I would do to her :lol:

It sounds like your ring sizes are different to ours in the UK here they are letters rather than numbers. I have looked at the conversion chart on the INTERNET and it says I was 7 3/4 (P1/2) and have gone to 5 (J 1/2). So we have both lost a lot around our fingers. I feel naked at the minute without my rings on my fingers but it will be nice that they fit rather than dropping off my finger. You sound like my Mum and sister regarding an allergy to metal. Mum and my sister it is gold but fine with silver. Mum did not find out until she had her wedding ring :(. But since then Dad has bought her a lovely silver one. Not that there is much choice of nice rings in silver.

DH normally takes Rizzie with him on his walks but occasionally he has a limp. I suspect it is the starts of arthritis. So if he has these symptoms only small walks are in order not to aggravate it. He is not a young as he once was. Mind you neither are any of us :lol3: To be honest Rizzie is the shadow of my DH he can not even get into the bathroom without him :) The only time he is not his shadow the minute he heres the shower go on for my DH he sits the furtherest place away namely the lounge :D Thats because he hates water with a passion.

NUMPSTER :balloons: :bday2you: :balloons: Belated happy birthday to you. I hope you had a wonderful day.

3turkeys :welcome2: to 3fc and to this thread. Here you will find a great bunch of ladies who have different challenges in life. You will find it is nice to find someone who really understands your struggles that you have on a daily basis. Look forward to getting to know you over the next few weeks and months

Must go to check on the lunch as I have it cooking at present. Do not want burnt offerings for dinner ;) Take care everyone

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-01-2009, 04:23 PM
Hello All :wave:

My apologies if I have posted duplicate posts of my last post but it keeps saying I have posted it already. I have refreshed the page and I still do not see it. Another one of those cyber mysteries we need Sherlock Holmes for or maybe it is my PC and it might be need of reformatting which I have been putting off as I hate the job. I might be extra nice to DH and he will do it for me ;) Joking aside if it is in duplicate and I get to see it sometime this January I will come and delete one of them.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-01-2009, 04:28 PM
Hi Again, I'm back ;)

Found it, I was having one of my moments where if I had a brain cell I would be dangerous moments :rofl: I was only trying to post my very first post rather than this one :o Oh well mystery solved and now to go and watch the worlds strongest man final heat before the finals tomorrow.

I have just remembered that over the holiday period I tried a recipe out on 3 guinea pigs :D Well Mum, Dad and DH it is a low fat chocolate pudding that is simple and easy to make.

Here is the site

That I took the recipe from we had it cold when it says it sets that is not strictly true. It is the consistency of custard. When i put it in the fridge to chill I put cling film (plastic wrap) on the top of the pudding to stop a skin forming. You let the cling film rest on top of the pudding but do not push the film in the dessert.

Everyone enjoyed the pudding if you want a more set pudding add more cornstarch though this will add a little more calories to the over all finish. one thing that is excellent about this site it can be easily adapted for as many as you want. It a good fix for those of us (namely my DH :D) with a sweet tooth also good for anyone whom is diabetic as it a diabetic recipe.

I feel spoil today being able to answer posts and having a leisurely day. It is certainly nice to recharge the batteries so to speak. Bye and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-01-2009, 11:55 PM
HI PURPLE ~ that was nice of you to come in again and re-enter your posts for today. That takes some time and I know you have lots on your hands. Don't worry, everything looks great to me. Thanks for the link for that pudding recipe; you know I try everything you send our way. I really love some of your unique recipes and passed on your CHOCOLATE-BANANA FREEZE to a friend today and they are going to try it too. I definitely want to try this one as the low-cal one I buy is quite expensive and not always available, so this may be a good replacement for us.

I see that it is still below freezing there: did you get any SNOW for Christmas then? Or did you just get the yucky parts; cold, rain, and ice? I saw one of those VIBRATING machines in a catalogue recently but he price is pretty high; probably the same for the WII machine too. A bit too dear for us too, I'm afraid.

I can wear white gold, rodium, and silver and they don't bother me, but gold eat away at my flesh when mixed in water, etc. Yet, I must wear gold or the afore mentioned metals in my pierced ears or they would get infected. So I wear gold earrings all the time (loops of various sizes are best for me).

Our NIKO is the same; he adores DH and follows him everywhere, so much so that DH has to send him out in the livingroom sometimes to get some peace. He wants to go everywhere DH is, including the bathroom, but DH has banned him from that room. ;) When DH bends over to put his boots on. NIKO licks his face off. I told DH ... don't you complain; you always wanted a little boy who adores you, and now you have one.:D

NIKO also hates water and the shower; and runs and hides whenever he thinks you are going to put him in there. We had to use a water spray to train away some bad habits recently and that's how we discovered just how much he hates water. He doesn't like to get wet at all and isn't too fond of rain either.

Well, we had a lovely dinner at our friends and played some games and the ladies won them both tonight. We had garlic and honey ribs with a potatoe casserole and fresh pineapple and strawberries with yogurt for dessert; Dh has a raspberry serbert as he isn't too fond of fruit (as you know). Boy, it was storming as we were leaving to come home; we had a lovely time, but was glad to get in from that mess. Will have to have them over for dinner and games in return.

ANYHOW, that's all the news from here for now; time to go put my feet up and do a puzzle before bed. VAL and NUMPSTER ~ TGIF hope you ladies had some time off work this week! I don't know if New Year's Day is a holiday anywheres or not ... :shrug:

Take good care ladies and have a great weekend; your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

01-02-2009, 12:23 AM
BUMP ...

Just bumping up this thread to make it more noticeable for MEOWEE and our newest member 3TURKEYS ...

If MEOWEE can't make it in tonight or tomorrow, I will ask another Moderator like MANDALLIN or MEG to red sticky this new thread for us ...

HI 3TURKEYS ~ glad to have you join us in this thread. Saw the picks of your two lovely girls in your profile. How's the weather down there in KANSAS? I'm am in the north and it's cold and windy here right now. Come back and visit us often ...

01-02-2009, 03:12 PM
Hi Ladies

It is a bit late for me coming on here but time just seemed to whizz by. I have been doing a bit of typing for BIL as a favour (letters and emails) nothing too taxing. Though I it took me far longer than expected. Plus we had a visitor this afternoon. We have not seen him in a long while (few months) and he noted on how well we are looking and how much weight we have both lost.

Jumped on the scales today to see the dreaded damage from over Christmas. Well 2lb up from my ticker weight so not so bad as I thought it might be. I suppose the exercise did some damage limitation ;) I am going out for a meal tomorrow at a friends house. She does healthy eating so food will be in that vain. I will ensure that I have light calories throughout the day as I will be eating a 3 course meal (normally do have ).

ROSEBUD I will have to wait for another year for snow on Christmas day :( . It was chilly but that was it. This year I thought we really had a chance with how cold it has been. I think the old adage came to fruition "to cold to snow"

Yes low calorie desserts from supermarkets can be pricey so any I can make that is a bonus. When I go shopping I look to see which one has the best deal at the minute. We have weight watchers framage frais type yoghurt's at the minute. Plus Danone feel fuller for longer yoghurt's. I make sure they pan in no more than 75 calories per yoghurt. I buy natural fat free yoghurt as well and sweeten that with sweetener. I then add in silvers of blanched almonds, dried fruit, fruit. To make my own yoghurt's as such. I got the idea from being on holiday in the Greek Island of Crete where Greek yoghurt was on offer and then loads of different fruits, nuts dried fruits to eat with it. If you do not have a sweet tooth the sweetness from the fruit and dried fruit maybe enough for you.

Sounds like Niko is related to Rizzie when it comes to water with their hatred for it in any shape or form. Yet some dogs you have trouble keeping them out of the water their in like grease lightening.

The dinner we are having at friends tomorrow we will be playing games also. More than likely cards but we do play dominoes (12 dot variety) and trivial pursuit. We play the trivial pursuit occasionally as the DH of the host likes that. Mind you were all hopeless at it except the host DH whose a walking encyclopedia :lol:

Yes the whole body vibrating machines are expensive. I think I would have waited to get one but DH insisted I get one as this model works well with MS and improvement is shown. This is the web site of the model I own . Unbeknown to me he had been saving money to buy me this as he had seen it at the MS centre. Most bits of equipment we get are thousands of English pounds and this one though expensive is one of the cheapest forms of therapy we have seen at the centre.

Take care all and have a nice weekend all. Hello :wave: Numspter, Val, 3turkeys and meowee

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-02-2009, 05:13 PM
:wave:HI LADIES ~ As you can see, Amanda has red-stickied our new January thread for us. Canada has been experiencing a lot of storms of late, esp in the south and eastern side of the country. I heard that the weather is colder all across the country (even in BC, which is usually milder); and all across the northern and mid-western states as well.

And with the storms, come power outages and the internet gets knocked off as well. I sure hope they get things sorted out for them soon; as many have to rely on the hydro to get their heating systems going too. Many have generators and/or wood stoves as backup as well. DH and I are going to get a generator for our lot sometime this year: for a power source mostly (to saw wood for our cottage), then later as a backup too.

We are way up north, so we are having mild temps today with lots of big snow flakes: it's very pretty really. I went out for a short ski-walking yesterday, and might try again today as well. Right now, I am catching up on laundry while perusing in here. I slept in very late for me today (10:30 am); and DH had been uptown and back by then.

He had to get a replacement as one of the tapes got mangled when he put it in the VCR; they were nice about it and gave him another with no problem (they said they actually expected it as they already had a few returned; with mass production, this can happen). He loved the movie, saying it was very well made; it came out some time ago and is called GLADIATOR. Yah, we are kinda behind on seeing some movies.

I haven't had time to look at my tapes yet; maybe this weekend I'll get DH to plug everything in for me. My leg was bothering me last night, so I slept part of the time on the couch, then went to bed at 6 am and slept in. It's feeling a bit better this afternoon.

HIYA PURPLE ~ yes, our dinner at our friends place was nice and healthy too; that helps a lot when others are also health conscious as well. They both eat a lot of veggies, and fruit for desserts too; and both have struggled to keep their weight down (although they are not obese or anything like that), but like many people in their late 50's and he just turned 60, they have to watch as the weight can creep on very quickly.

Anyways, I had some leftovers for lunch and had already taken out boneless lean and seasoned pork slices out for dinner tonight, so gotta cook them up; we will have them with a mixed rice and veggies, and I will have a salad for dinner tonight. Got some extra ripe bananas too, so will be making some Choco-Banana Freeze today too.


Take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-02-2009, 10:11 PM
My dear Aunt sent me this cute little poem in an email today; thought you might enjoy it ... but please remember that this was meant as a light-hearted joke for those of us who are not perfect yet ... and GOD BLESS!

After Christmas

'Twas the week after Christmas,
and all through the house
Nothing would fit me,
not even a blouse.

The cookies I'd nibble,
the eggnog I'd taste
At the holiday parties
had gone to my waist.

When I got on the scales
there arose such a number
When I walked to the store
less a walk, than a lumber.

I'd remember the marvelous
meals I'd prepared ...
The gravies and sauces
and beef nicely rared.

The wine and the rum balls,
the bread and the cheese
And the way I'd never said,
"No thank you, please."

As I dressed myself
in my husband's old shirt
And prepared once again
to do battle with dirt.

I said to myself,
as only I can ...
"You can't spend a winter
disguised as a man!"

So away with the last
of the sour cream dip,
Get rid of the fruit cake,
every cracker and chip.

Every last bit of food
that I like must be banished
'til all the additional
ounces have vanished.

I won't have a cookie
-- not even a lick.
I'll have only to chew
on a long, celery stick.

I won't have hot biscuits,
or corn bread, or pie,
I'll munch on a carrot
and quietly sigh ...

I'm hungry, I'm blue,
and food is a bore
But isn't that what
January is for?

Unable to giggle,
no longer a riot ...
Happy New Year to all
and to all a good diet!


01-03-2009, 03:14 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we have beautiful sunshine here, and so you guessed it: the temps have dropped down into the -20C range. How odd that is that everytime it's colder, we get sunshine; and when it's milder, we get more snow ... :lol:

Well, our dinner plans got changed a bit last night; Dh had hamburglers and I had some of that thin lean pork on a whole wheat bun (size for a hot dog). I cut up the rest and sauteed it with onions; today, I will add some more onion and sliced mushrooms and make some kind of stir-fry with mixed rice. I made up a large batch of PURPLE's Choco-Banana Freeze (love it) and will have that for dessert this week coming. For dessert tonight, I am having a raspberry and vanilla yogurt parfait.

Gee, not to busy around here lately; hope your absence means that you are all busy with life and not ailing in any way. We have just been unconnecting some of our outside decos today; and Dh cleared the porch of new-fallen snow. I am just keeping my tree up until the Epiphany (?) on January 6th when the Magi visited the baby Jesus and then will start taking down all the inside decos and the tree last.

Did my dust mopping this morning already; so I'm free for the day to do whatever I like. Not much going on here this Saturday, as it's kinda cold out there. If I feel up to it, I may try a short walk, but will have to bundle up good and use my ski poles, of course.


Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-04-2009, 08:16 AM
Hi Fellow chicks

I am afraid yesterday was so busy that I had time for nothing leisurely like typing posts on the INTERNET. I did a walk with my DH he dropped me off at a caf and he continued to walk as it is to far for me. I drank a coffee :coffee: and had my head in a book:book2: . From there we walked back home and straight in and made wholemeal toast and jam with a banana for after. Then straight out the house and off to the wholesalers to buy some of their bargains of the week. From there went to a catalogue shop where you browse the catalogue order your goods and then wait for them to be brought down from the warehouse. I bought an electric under blanket due to really feeling the cold now to the point of it hurting me. Needless to say this was all exercise walking around these shops. My legs were dropping off. We arrived back home in time for a swift coffee :coffee2: and then started to get ready to go to friends. Arrived about about 11.30pm and it was straight off to bed for me.

The meal was wonderful that my host had cooked. Leek and potato soup (no cream or hidden nasties). Then we had new potatoes, green beans, Brussels, carrots with beef stroggonoff (made with skimmed milk lots of mushrooms, peppers and onions :T ) Then rounded off we had fresh fruit salad with fat free yoghurt. All I could say is the food was wonderful and she is a great cook. The only pity was I have a raging sore throat and a snuffly nose. On waking that morning. Though this morning my throat is a lot better but still got the sniffles and my chests feels tight. I think I might be going down with a dreaded cold that is going around. I am not surprised if I caught it as I have been exposed to several people with the bug (SIL, BIL,sister and numerous friends).

ROSEBUD ~ Love the poem about the overindulgence of food that we are all prone to at Christmas and it's effects.

Yes my Christmas decorations have got to come down also on or by the 6th January. Not so many up this year as my tree would not fit due to the new sofa. If I had put it up some one would have had branches sticking in their back (namely me I tend to sit there as it is the closes spot to the kitchen when you have guests.)

I have the service people coming round tomorrow to look at the washing machine so :crossed: that it gets fixed else I will have to do some hand washing of the little items. Then give the rest to my mum to wash for me which I hate to do as she has enough to do without my washing. So that is why I want to make it as little as possible if I am going to let her do some.

Has you say it has been very quiet here on the board hopefully as people get settled down after the festivities we will return to normal. I know that Val has been with her parents over the holiday period.

Yes that was a good film gladiator we have the film on DVD I think (:lol: we have a fair few we have collected over the years. ). I watched a drama on television the other day and it was based on a true story. It was of a 28 year old whom still lived with her parents had no friends. Dressed very old fashioned. She had a job collected money from car parks. Here father had remarried after a few years as his first wife died when the lady in question was about 11. His second marriage was to a domineering woman. One thing that she did have a love for was Elvis Presley. Here work colleagues in general were not very nice especially 3 girls whom where particularly nasty to her for no reason.

Eventually she had enough and she just snapped and started taking sums of money from the car parks takings. Small amounts at first but gradually she took bigger and bigger amounts. Till in the end she had stolen the grand total of over 200.000 (which equates to $351.000 CAD). She bought a couple of small things for her Dad like a pair of new glasses as his old ones where broken. His wife did not want to spend the money on a new pair. The bulk of the money was spent on Elvis Presley memorabilia. Though inevitably she was found out when an internal audit came about. It was a pleasant drama with Elvis music weaved in through out to reflect different issues. It was very cleverly done a bit like Mamma Mia but without the singing from the stars of the show it was Elvis himself.

No more news :gossip: for now so over and out as they say. Take care all and see you all again soon.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-04-2009, 08:36 PM
HI LADIES ~ We woke up to -18C, but the temps came up by noon and the snow came with it; it was quite heavy there for awhile. We just stayed home and kept warm and cozy. I used this time to play around on my PC; and worked on my writing which I love to do.

THANKS PURPLE ~ glad you liked the poem; I thought it was so true and kinda funny too. I can sure see myself in that poem for sure, but each year I get much better. It's good to laugh at ourselves and our foibles now and then. That sounds nice that you have a little cafe not too far from your home. I am looking forward to the day that I can walk that far again; right now, I am just trying to make it to the corners and back. I can walk much better in the summer and can't wait for that time again. I know you get a lot of rain, but you have better weather than us for walking.

I'm glad you had a nice dinner and time with your friends; your dinner sounds really nice. Sorry that you picked up a cold; we have too. But a little cold is better than an all-out flu; I'll take it over that anyday. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Interesting true story about that lady; did she have to go to jail? Was that in the hundreds of thousands of dollars? She was wrong for doing that but probably also a very sick and sad lady from being so abused by her family and others (maybe an underlying illness there too). Maybe they could have sold off all that Elvis memorabilia and recovered some of the money to pay it back for her.

ANYHOW, not much going here right now; just having a quiet, relaxing weekend. Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-05-2009, 02:38 PM
Hi all

I feel a lot better than I did yesterday when the phrase "death warmed up" comes to mind. It is surprising what a good nights sleep and rest does for you. Nature does have a way of healing you, nice when you do not take to take pills and potions. Not that I don't realise that they are great as well. It is a wonder I don't rattle ;) if you shake me. If it was not for them I would not function at the level I do and have the quality of life. So I am eternally grateful for them. The next step if pills and potions do not work is brain surgery :eek and that sounds scary stuff to me not to mention the risks that would be involved.

The washing machine has been fixed today which I am very grateful for. The pump was blocked with one of our pooches "poopy bags" :o . DH has a habit of keeping them in the back pocket of his trousers/jeans. just in case Rizzie decides to perform ;) I must have missed it when searching through his pockets prior to doing the laundry. This must have been a long time ago as it was a red "poopy bag" and we have not used that brand in simply ages we found a much more cheaper brand which were black. The guy whom fixed it said it could have been the case it is just that the lint that comes naturally off washing goes into the pump and it has just backed up until it became completely block. He very kindly did not charge us even though he could as it was a bag that had blocked it rather than lint. He just put down that it was a blockage and it will come under our insurance.

ROSEBUD The lady in question from the drama did go to jail for stealing the money and it was hundred of thousand of dollars. Like you said the money could be recouped back and they thought the company would actually make a profit. This was because Elvis memorabilia is very popular all over the world. She had purchased a glove and a male friend (who so wanted to be her boyfriend but she was so tied up in her own little world that she did not see the signs) bought her the other glove. He did not know about her addiction of the thrill the auction gave her. t was fluke that he bought the glove that matched the other one. I agree with you that she had issues I think maybe that they stemmed from her mother dying when she was young. She was afraid to form friendships in case she would be hurt again. Though this made her lonely and isolated with no one in her life. The situation at home only compounded to her problems.

The drama ended as she was in prison , the male friend visiting her and she eventually twigging that he wants to be her boyfriend. She was only making the first attempts to make friends at the prison with fellow inmates. The memorabilia was being catalogue to be sold at auction each piece separately as it would raise more that way.

I feel much better today, though still not really hungry as it has taken my appetite. I am making an effort to eat regularly mainly for my tablets sake. I really do not know if I will be well enough for the tank tomorrow but :crossed that I am well enough. Like you I would have a cold any day rather than the flu. A cold makes you feel very much under the weather where as the flu wipes you out completely.
Try as I might I could not finish my book last night only about half a dozen pages to read now so I think I will manage it tonight ;) The back drop to the book was a 1930’s big department store. It was very grand and the elite ladies would come shopping here to get their exclusive clothes.
The restaurant was beautiful with huge chandeliers suspended from the ceiling. One couple in the book when there for a meal between themselves as the cost was extravagant to them. Though they though this occasion warranted it. They had married in secrecy as people thought they were already married as they had a child and wore when rings when they moved to the area. It has been a wonderful book not peppered with bad language. There has been only one word and that was to a man who was going to marry his daughter but had got another women pregnant. He was so angry has he knew it was going to break his daughters heart whom he loved so dearly. I am going to be sorry to finish it in a way they kind of become well known friends so finishing it is like saying goodbye forever :(

Looks like it is me and thee at the minute. Everyone else must be busy or unwell. I really hope it is not the later I hate to think of people unwell. So we with keep paddle on till we catch up on their news and what they have been doing for the Christmas festivities.

So glad my washing machine is fixed do not realise how much we rely on them in this modern day and age. Gosh I can remember helping my granny with the dolly tub in the outhouse. Then mangling the water out over the sink gosh now that was hard work. I also made butter for her turning the churn by hand to make it. Then using the butter pat to shape it into a block for the table. No fancy mode cons in her home. It was a two up and two down. No inside toilet ( that was a crude affair in a tin shack) :eek I shudder at the thought now. No bath that was tin bath in front of the fire in the lounge. Gosh yet I loved it there no television I played out in the fields when I didn't have my chores. I often stopped with them up until the age of 12 then my granddad died and she moved to be nearer both of her daughters.

I saw that you posted you like to write? what sort of writing do you do. I have toyed with the idea of writing about my time at the old victorian hospital I did my training at and the characters I nursed. You do not get clients like that today as these folk had often been in years and were very institutionalized. Many being put in hospital when in actual fact there was nothing psychiatrically wrong with them it was maybe physical like deafness, epilepsy or pregnant outside marriage. I have many a tale to tell.

All the news ,:blah: and :gossip: Thanks for :listen: hope to drop by tomorrow but a busy schedule on Tuesday and Wednesday so :crossed: a few spare minutes magically appear ;) Take care till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-05-2009, 10:51 PM
:wave: HI PURPLE ~ yes, you are right; I do recall now that VAL said that she is spending the holidays with her parents. I wonder if she is back yet? :dunno:

I sure hope MEOWEE is OK out there in Nova Scotia; I haven't seen her around the boards. I know that she hurt her back just before Christmas, and I hope that she is feeling better. I know that my BIL said they were having lots of ice and stuff down south over the last week; and others have said that there were lots of storms heading east. She does live in what is called a winter storm belt in this country.

I stayed home today; while DH went up town to check the mail, and sure enuff brought me a couple of utility bills. I have them ready to send out tomorrow along with a letter to a family member as well. I had lots of laundry to do today too, as I change our bedding yesterday. I didn't do much over the holidays on purpose; had enuff other stuff to do anyways.

Thankfully, we have lots of linen and clothes to last us some time. Now you have your washing machine repaired, you will be busy over the next week catching up too. That was so nice that the guy didn't charge you for that repair; things like that happen. My DH is notorious for leaving KLEENEX TISSUES in his pockets; I have to be really diligent in checking as then you end up with tattered tissues all over everything. :(

DH spent an hour tonight trying to level our washing machine as the floors here slant this way and that way quite a bit. When we viewed the place, DH said to the landlady, 'Gee, I feel like I'm going downhill' and we all started laughing and I told him to be quiet; but now that we are in here, I see what he meant. Our washer starts travelling all over the place when it's on the spin cycle; so we'll see if his handywork has helped any, the next time I do a wash.

When you mention reading your books, that makes me want to get into my boxes and get out some books. Think I'll rook DH into sorting some more boxes out for me tomorrow, becuz I have about six or more books that I bought last year and haven't gotten around to reading yet. I figured I would get at them this winter, but right now, I have to find them first. :lol:

Well, we had a nice turkey dinner: picked up some turkey legs and baked them with new potato each and lots of veggies; plus I baked up a few apples while I was at it. I love baked apples and I just sprinkled a very light oatmeal cripsy mix over top and it was really nice.

HI TO ALL OUR MIA's out there ... hope you are all well!!! Take good care :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-05-2009, 11:00 PM
:wave: happy new year!! I am back. Just really tired. and a few pounds heavier. Will try to stop by tomorrow!

01-06-2009, 09:17 AM
Good Morning fellow chicks

I decided not to go for my oxygen therapy due to the "cold" I have. I have only had a mild cold but I had a difficult decision to make this morning whether to go or not. I desperately need the oxygen therapy as my energy levels are at rock bottom. Though having oxygen therapy as it is given at pressure (like in an aircraft when you fly) it hurts you ears big time if you have the remotest signs of the snuffles. So you then have to ask them to stop the dive which I would hate to have to do for the other users. The other users still get their dive for the required time but they have to start all over again. Knowing that I am like I am I did not risk it as I did not think it would be fair on the other users.

I seem to have my baking head on this morning and I am itching to bake :stir:. I only have a certain amount of energy so I have to restrain myself big time :D I have decided to experiment with the oat berry muffins I make and exchange the oats for flaxseed. I have made 12 muffins and when they where cooking they smelt gorgeous. Our pooch was even crying as he wanted some. They seem rather successful I would just cook them a fraction more on hindsight.

Just finished 30 minutes on my whole body vibration machine time whizzed by on it as I listen to Queen and :exercise: . So sitting down now and resting till DH comes come from the MS centre where he works voluntary on a Tuesday. About an hour now till he comes back.

ROSEBUD I am doing a load of washing at the minute just the towels and foot towel ( one we stand on after showering). Only got bed linen left after that so have just about caught up.

I hope your DH has sorted out the travelling washing machine due to the slope in your home. I do not know if it is the same with your washing machines but you rectify this by highering or lowering the four pads that it stands on. Not possible the best description in the world but I hope you get the general idea. Is your washing machine a top loader or front. Here in the UK our washing machine are all front loaders. I think if you wanted something different than that you would really have to hunt high and low for it. Needless to say you would pay a high price for it also. I have a washer/ drier as a space saver as I have not got the biggest kitchen in the world. I do not use the dryer unless we have many days of consecutive bad weather. I am sure the things left in pockets are the bane of our lives when doing laundry. It is a nightmare I agree when tissues are washed and then fragment into about a million pieces over your clothing. You can guarantee it is when it is the dark wash too.

Talking of weather it still remains very cold here and it is forecast like that for the rest of the week. Today we are not getting above -1.

VALDINE Welcome back after your holiday at your parents home, I hope you had a enjoyable time whilst you where there. A happy new year to you also.

Your not the only one to put on a few pounds over the festive season. So have been reeling myself in since new year to get to my ticker weight. One more pound to shift so more days on plan and exercise should shift that. You should be the same now your back home and more in charge of what you are eating rather than a guest at mum and dad's. If like my parents they have not too much clue on healthy eating but fortunately they do copy one or two of my dishes now they have tried them at my house. I suppose my parent come from an era when eating healthy was not heard of never mind educated about at school.

I hope you soon re cooperate and get some rest with being tired. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

MEOWEE :wave: I hope you are well and that your back is on the road to recovery. It is one thing that takes it's time to get better once injured. Not easy when the weather is cold also.

Just going to wash my pots up from lunch. Nothing much with only being me. Hope to have a spare minute to drop by tomorrow to catch up on the news. Bye and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-06-2009, 09:26 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ not much going on around here today; very, very cold outside; but, once again, we were blessed with gorgeous sunshine for most of the day. Just did stuff around the house today, keeping it light as my feet and legs were a bit tired after doing a lot yesterday. Oh well, one day on and one day off, is a good balance for me.

HI VAL ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!It's so nice to see you back. Don't worry about a few pounds; once you get back to work, I'm sure they will fall off with how busy you are ...

HEY PURPLE ~ probably a good idea that you stayed home; as you wouldn't want to spread that cold around to others either. Wow, you stand on your vibrating machine for 30 minutes; that's pretty good, I'd say. I'd probably lose my balance after about 10 minutes or so. :lol:

Yah, I am going to bake some fruit-bran muffins tomorrow; enuff to put some in the freezer too. I have some ripe bananas that I want to use up. Will likely add some prunes in mine too, as I like the rich flavor they add too. I usually cut up one prune for each muffin. I really like to have muffins for a snack becuz I don't overeat them; I am quite satisfied with one with a cup of coffee or tea. I make them only medium in size and low-fat as well.

In our country, most people have top loading washing machines and the front-loading ones are mega-expensive here: the opposite of the UK. How odd is that? I find the top-loading ones better for me, as they are easier on my back (the bending up and down is hard on my back with Spina-Bifida). I only do two loads in one day to spread it out, and I have a large folding wooden rack that I hang undies and socks on and let them air dry. That preserves the elastic in them and saves on using the dryer too.

Our dryer drum is so large that it can hold two loads at once; so that saves in power as well. Most times, I only have to run it once; and I asked DH to arrange it so that the heat stays in the house, so now we get double-duty from the heat: it heats the clothes first, then the house too!

Well, that's all the news from here; take good care ladies :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-07-2009, 08:03 AM
Hello and good morning

Nothing much happening at the minute though will be busier later today. I will be meeting my BIL for lunch for dinner. Long time no see well 3 weeks. We normally see him at least once a week and meet up for lunch. This is if he is not busy with his business or sky diving. He give sky diving instructions all over the world as he is a qualified instructor. After lunch I have got the grocery shopping to do not that there is a huge amount but more the daily staples we have just about run out of. Like milk, bread, vegetables and fruit.

Saw my parents yesterday. Dad had to go to the diabetic clinic as he is just about to commence on insulin 2 times a day. He has now got the prescription for everything needed. It is a list as long as your arm :D Good job he does not have to pay for it. He is exempt for paying as he is over 65. Or now because he is diabetic. The diabetic nurse is coming to my parents house when he is going to give his self his first injection.

ROSEBUD Yes I would hate to spread my germs to others. People with MS have comprised immune systems as it is so not good. That is why they recommend the flu jab and the pneumonia jab. When I say jab I mean vaccination.

Yes I hear top loaders are spacious inside for loads where as not so much room in a front loader. Yes in a way I would love a top loader because it is much kinder on the back and my balance is not what it should be so bending down can give me the wobbles.

The wobble machine I have does have hand rails at the side of you to hold on and I have gradually build up my length of time on one. It also does gentle vibration as well. They are not as wobbly as people think. Though they do give you a good work out.

Good way of utilising the heat from the dryer to warm the house. Anything that saves energy is great with bills being so high.

I still have a glut of bananas to use up so no doubt I will be baking again in the next day or so. I might make banana ice cream as well. All you do is slice bananas up put on a flat surface. I usually use a lid. Pop into the freezer. Before you wish to use it take them out 10 minutes to defrost slightly. Then pop in blender and they turn like soft ice cream. The ripe banana work best for this as they give better flavour. Or they can be used into smoothies to give a thick texture to the drink.

Time to go and finish getting ready to go out for lunch. Till next time take care all

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-07-2009, 05:34 PM
Guess who . . . :wave:

The Twelve Days of Christmas brough me the same stupid, nasty gift everyday -- no Internet Connection. Eastlink Cable (my provider) did call and apologize a couple of times about the lengthy delay in getting things reconnected but they haven't yet offered a rebate for the time I was 'netless'. :mad:

We have had some really nasty storms over the last week and a half and there's another one coming tonight/tomorrow apparently. I'm just thanking my lucky stars that the only thing that I lost was my internet because there have been some real horror stories about people without power and heat for lengthy periods.

Anyway, I see that you got things going without me and I really hope I don't go missing again. Haven't had a chance to read up on the things I've missed yet, but hope to get to that tomorrow.

In the meantime, big :grouphug: for everybody and I'll see you all tomorrow. :crossed:

01-07-2009, 08:52 PM
HI MEOWEE ~ so glad you finally got back on the net and came back to join us again; we were starting to get very concerned as to what happened to you. I had done some research and found that your area had some bad storms; so figured that was the culprit again, at least we hoped that was the problem.

Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Years, despite all that happening. At least you got your hydro back on; I had heard some people had no hydro and no heat ... poor folks: winter is not the time you want to lose the power source that also runs your heat source. :yikes:

HEY PURPLE ~ Sorry that your Dad has to go on insulin needles; but hopefully they will help him feel better and balance his sugars for him. I'm am so fortunate that the Metformin combined with healthier eating is keeping my sugar levels in check for me. Thank goodness that sweet stuff is not a big problem for me and I am able to eat most carbs in measured amounts now.

It probably also helps that I eat whole grain breads, buns, and crackers most of the time. When I make my muffins, I use mostly whole wheat flour and add some bran to that as well. My biggest problem has been snacking; tried really hard to limit that this year.

Went to town to pick up the weekly perishables; got some strawberries, pineapple, bananas, and oranges plus a bit of meat, veggies, and bread for DH. Got some walking in and my feet and legs can really feel it now; I always pay for it later, and of course, the cold temps don't help much either.

I made salisbury steak patties with mushrooms and onions; plus we had some leftover veggies and a measured amount of red potato (I had about 1/2 cup). I take more veggies and that fills me up. We had a mix of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, turnip, celery, corn, and onions (really mixed up two bunches of veggies and it all tasted great together). Just had some late dessert tonight I had some CHOCO-BANANA FREEZE; yummy! I measured about 1/4 cup per container, which was about one banana per serving. I will try making some plain banana freeze with ripe bananas for a change for the next batch, although I do love the chocolate one.

Well, that's all the news for now from here. NIKO is bugging to go outside right now. Hi to VAL and NUMPSTER: your work-weeks are almost half over now. Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-08-2009, 11:41 AM
Hello folks.

Dropped by a bit later today as I was struggling to get going this morning. I need a good :kickbutt: to get me going. Still not the livest bunny going. I have a little bit of what my dog Rizzie is on. He seems to have boundless energy and it is not like he is a puppy at 10 years old.

I am going to my parents tomorrow so more than likely will not be popping on. Though should get time at the weekend :carrot:

MEOWEE Welcome back sorry to hear that you have been internetless for 12 days. It saw would be a nice gesture to have a rebate especially as you are paying for somethng that you did not get.

Yes that does sound horrid for those without power for long periods of times especially in winter where temperatures I guess are well into the minus. I hope that the storms do not cause any damage they are such a worry.

ROSEBUD yes shame Dad as had to go onto insulin. He has really resisted going on it and has been tittering on the edge for a long time knowing that it is a real posiblity but dragging his heels. He could drag his heels no more and something had to be sorted. I am sure that the reality of it is far less traumatic than he thinks. I think he had got visions of a huge needle rather than a tiny little thing.

Never heard of salisbury steak patties so you will have to let me into the secret ;) I used some of my glut of ripe bananas today by making a dessert from them. I blitzed them up in the blender with some plain fat free yoghurt and frozen raspberries. Perfect for me as I like things a tad sharp but did have to but a smidge of sweetener in for sweet toothed DH.

:wave: to Numpster and Valdine hope you are both well and you are not too tired from work.

Time to go and make a coffee. My mouth feels like sandpaper, the joys of my medication gives you chronic dry mouth ;) Till next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-08-2009, 10:10 PM
Thanks for the support ladies! I joined a weight loss competition at work with a friend and our weigh in is tomorrow.

Purple - did your dad just 'decide' to go on insulin? I ask because my mother is type 2 diabetic... and she should be on insulin because the drug she is currently on is hard on her heart (she has family history of heart problems). but all I can do is mention to her that her insulin needles are smaller than my needles and I would really hope she would chose to go on the insulin to protect her life. I dont know what more I could do.

Rosebud what did your husband do to keep your dryer heat in your home? Did you two have to seal your windows for the winter to keep condensation at bay?

I am still trying to untangle myself from the financial black hole that is my brother. Because of his intense foot pain from working a standing job, he only works part time.. and he's getting used to the idea that i will take care of him so i let him know I will be paying myself and my own savings account first out of all my paycheques. I may be able tohelp him.. but he wont get the majority of my take home anymore.. its getting kind of ridiculous. I've been working this amazing job since october.. only to support him.

anyways. life goes on. my job is still awesome :)

01-08-2009, 11:18 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ boy, I have been having trouble getting into this site; I kept getting a E-BULLETIN saying the server was too busy, try again later ... Well, I tried to post last night to ask someone something and got booted off with the same message and a couple of nights ago too; and lost both my posts.

Apparently, 3FC's Site was featured in a NEW YORK TIMES article and now the place is getting so many hits that the server can't keep up; this is the worst I have seen it. Anyways, I just was able to get in now, so better take advantage of it.

Poor MEOWEE loses her internet for 12 days and then just gets back and now we can't get in becuz the place is too busy; we just have to keep checking to see when the slow times are. I figured later at night would be best as many would be getting off to go to bed. I guess peak times are from 4 pm to 9 pm (after work hours).

HI VAL ~ TGIF nice to hear from you; glad you are taking some positive steps to help dear brother help himself. It's OK to help, but we shouldn't let someone bankrupt us; that isn't good for us or them. Good for you putting some money in savings each pay; you will never regret that decision. Pay all your bills pertaining to your house first, including mortgage & utilities (includes phone & internet); other necessary bills like car and house insurances; then savings; then food and the other household expenses like toiletries and cleaning supplies, gas for work, P/A (personal spending allowance), etc. Whatever is leftover after all that, can be put away for more savings for vacations and Christmas gifts. GOOD LUCK!

REGARDING THE DRYER ~ yes, we had a gaping hole around the vent pipe going under our house and the cold air pipe didn't have a special flap to stop intake of the outside cold air and it was making our kitchen very cold. I told DH that I could feel cold air coming in from around the washer & dryer and it turned out to be the dryer vent. So DH pulled it out; stuffed it with plastic bags and put a large piece of 1/4 plywood over it. Then we put a nylon stocking over the exhaust pipe at the bottom back of the dryer. Now about condensation: when I use the dryer now, we turn on our stove exhaust fan and the bathroom exhaust fan which is right next to our laundry center ~ this help take the excess moist air out of the house. We still get the heat, but the fans circulate it outside. Our furnace doesn't come on when the dryer is on now. We do have new windows in this house so condensation isn't a problem really.

HI PURPLE ~ SALSIBURY STEAK PATTIES are meat patties I make from X-tra lean hamburger; I put about a tbl of natural bran and 2 tbl ground oats in mine; and mix with a fork with some seasonings like garlic and onion powder, and a small amount of salt & pepper; OR 1 tbl onion soup mix which is really nice. Form into 2 oz patties: I like these better than the larger ones becuz they cook faster. My SM likes to put chopped onions in hers, but I always cook them with sliced onions (just happened to have some fresh mushrooms in the fridge so I tossed them in too); these are nice with sliced tomato and a new potato and coleslaw. One of my Dad's favorite things to eat, and DH loves them too becuz he has problems with his teeth. They only takes a few minutes to make so it's worth it to make them so happy; and hey, I love them too!

CREOLE PATTIES ~ My grandmother (who was also Irish) made something called CREOLE PATTIES which are the same patties as above only with more oats and 1 egg (which I just omit now) and some ground sage with salt & pepper & 1 tsp garlic powder combined with the lean meat (12-16 oz) and formed into patties cooked with chopped onions; when browned, add a large tin of chopped tomatoes and simmer until patties are cooked through (about 30 mintues). This is really nice served with mash potatoes, corn and green beans and coleslaw. My mother passed this recipe down to us from her mother.

I really like the vanilla yogurt I picked up; it has no sugar or sweetener in it but the vanillas sure makes it takes like it does. How interesting to notice how much the smell of a food makes it seem sweeter. I mixed in some raspberries that I had thawed and sprinkled with a bit of sweetener as the berries were very tart.

I talked to NUMPSTER last night for awhile; she has been very busy as usual; and she has a high-maintenance hubby (I mean, for attention), but he is a real sweety though, so he's worth it ... a real nice guy. And, he spoils her a lot too; picking up dinner for her after work, so she doesn't have to cook and stuff like that. Anyways, they are doing very well ...

Well, we had baked fish and chips tonight with coleslaw and sliced cukes and tomatoes; I was good and only had 12 chips and gave the rest to DH. I am doing much better in that regard. When I fill up on lots of veggies and/or salad, I don't miss them. :D

We took down all our inside decos and our tree today; it's all finished. Well, I better get this posted, as I don't want to lose it (I copied it, just in case this time too). Take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-09-2009, 11:33 AM
Hello Ladies

Well my plans changed as the whist drive we normally go to on a Friday was cancelled due to illness so we did not go to my parents home. In around about way will be better as next Friday is Dad's birthday so we will see him on that day instead. We have had a guest come this morning for a flying visit. He was here for about 30 minutes I was in the process of cooking lunch as well so just slowed the whole process down until he went. It is always nice to see him we only made friends with him as he came to service my pull cord alarm system. Though it has been up graded now and it is no longer pull cord system. Now I have a pendant around my neck that I press when in trouble that in turn dials a number and I am then able to speak to them. It has a speaker type phone that is very sensitive so can hear you all over the home. It also has a fire alarm on the same system should that go off it will call the number as well and dial the emergency team who deal with it as appropriate.

Went to bed early last night and had a good sleep that I really needed. Unfortunately it is TOM and it is making me extra tired. Oh well looks like it will be early to bed for the next few nights till I am back to normal. It was weight in day today which I do every Friday I think a combination of not being well and healthier eating has lost my excess weight put on over Christmas.

VALDINE I have joined a group on here in the 300+ section and I am doing the biggest loser challenge for the next 12 weeks I think. So hopefully it will keep me on the straight and narrow now for a bit. The last one I took part in I lost 6lbs over 12 weeks. I know that is not heaps but when we get nearer our target weight it does not come off so easily more like half a pound a week. Good luck in your endeavours in the work competition anything that is positive is helpful in losing weight. I have managed to lose my extra weight put on over Christmas but there again I have not felt so well so not eaten as much as normal due to loss of appetite.

Dad was dragging his heels big time about going on insulin for the same reason. Not that Dad said anything about it being the needles but you know men and talking about his feels. I wonder if the diabetic clinic or which set up your mum attends would show her the needle involved and allow her to inject just sterile water into herself. Maybe the reality of just doing it is not so fearful as she once imagined. It may take a few trips for Mum to get to the point where she is happy to give it ago. I know it must be desperately frustrating for you when you know something so simple as a daily injection would improve the quality of her life. I know what it is like as my Dad does not eat the best diet in the world. oh he does for the first few weeks after having a heart attack but the old habits come creeping back. I think the only time he eats properly constantly is when he come to me. He has Obsons choice I am cooking so I take control of the food and the way it is cooked. So hence there is little red meat, plenty of vegetables and sugar/fat free desserts. Oh you have to be inventive to create them but with thought and time it can be done. Lets put it this way there is always an empty plate after meal :) So it is not as if he does not like it. It is a matter of sometimes just standing back and thinking I can not do no more. The one thing I can do is be in charge of my own health. I do hope things get better on this front with your Mum.

ROSEBUD Yummy these Salisbury patties sound delicious :T Not sure though what hamburger meat is though (is this like ground beef), You have got me to thinking that I could make so of these with ground beef or for a healthier option ground turkey. I know my DH would love them maybe serve with potatoes and vegetables. Or baked potato and baked beans. I like the fact there is fibre hidden in these, and I bet you can not even taste it.

I love the sound of the recipe that is passed down by your Irish grandmother. Not that I have heard of it I will run it by my BIL sometime who is Irish to see if he has heard of it or eaten it anytime. We use to have especially on a Monday something called Rissoles. They are made from the left of meat from a roast joint or chicken for that matter. This is minced along with onions, bread and bound together with an egg. You make patties with this mixture with your hands and then fry then until golden brown on each side. Not the healthiest with being fried. Though I am sure in this day and age of the spray oil less oil can be used. Also not use the whole egg only the egg white would make this recipe much healthier for today. It was an excellent way to use up roast meat especially if it was not enough to go around the whole family on its own. Minced (grounded ) up this way it makes it go a whole heap further.

Excellent adaptation of the drier to heat the house very inventive I would never have thought of it. I bet it heats up the kitchen a treat during the winter months.

We had a dessert today that i had made from tinned peaches which I had drained and patted dry with kitchen roll. I chopped them up very small and added this to the plain yoghurt with a 10grammes of apricot jam ( can use diabetic if sugar is an issue maybe) and mixed. I then spooned the yoghurt over the chopped peaches. I love tinned peaches so a nice way to serve them.

The house now looks so bare now the decorations have all gone you walk in the room and feel something is missing. I feel like that for a couple of weeks after decorations have been put away for another year.

Right must go and make my coffee :coffee: I did start but ended up with not enough water in the kettle for me. Not sure what planet I am on but it is very rare I do not get the right amount of water in the kettle to make to mugs of drink. So I bid you goodbye till next time ladies and take care.

01-09-2009, 03:54 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we are having another gorgeous sunny day, but as you have probably guessed, it is still pretty cold out there (woke up to -20C) although that is better than -30C's. DH took the outside decos down today; we waited until the sun had melted the snow and ice off them. They are now thawing out in our back porch.

YES, PURPLE ~ you are so right; after we put everything a way, I told DH the same thing ... it looks so bare in here; too bad we couldn't have the tree up longer. So we have decided that next year, we are gonna put our tree up earlier, maybe in November. I heard a young lady say that one day while at the store, that now that she is married and on her own, she puts her decos and tree up in November becuz she loves Christmas so much. I heard of one lady that keeps them up year-round, but it's her hobby to find Christmas decos and she has turned her house into a museum and gives tours now ... :D

Glad you liked those recipes: yes, hamburger is ground beef; some call it ground chuck too. Yes, you could use ground turkey no problem with that recipe. I buy Xtra-lean ground beef here and don't use fat the fry them; a spray in a non-stick pan will do. The xtra-lean meat here costs more, but so does the ground turkey, so not much difference to use it. Does your ground turkey have less fat in it? Not sure about that here??? Would have to inquire about that ...

I'll bet your mom gets some healthy ideas when they come to stay at your house for awhile. Eventually, some will rub off on them. You have done so well finding ways to create meals that taste good but are healthier. And yes, I do put some natural bran and ground oats into all my meatballs and patties, and you cannot even tell that they are in there. Hehe ...;)

I like the idea of the egg white and omitting the egg yolk in some meat mixtures; often now, I just leave that out and they are fine. For my meatloaf, I often add some tomato soup (1/2 can in the loaf and 1/2 goes on top) or 1/4 cup skim milk to give it a bit of moisture. If you want meatloaf that slices, then the egg white will help bind it better.

I made my banana bran muffins with flax seed today; I added 1/4 cup flax seed to the recipe I use for 18 muffins. PURPLE ~ You didn't mention how much you add to your recipe for FLAX MUFFINS.

BANANA-BRAN & FLAX MUFFINS (makes 18 medium muffins)

2 small bananas, mashed
2 large eggs, beaten
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/4 cup cooking molasses
1 + 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1 + 1/2 cups natural bran for baking
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 tsp baking POWDER
1 tsp baking SODA
1/4 cup flax seeds
1/2 cup raisins
1 cup pure apple juice (or prune juice)
(xtra: 6 sliced dried & pitted prunes for my 6 muffins)

Combine and pour 1/4 cup into each prepared muffin tin (for 18); and bake at 400F for about 18-20 minutes. I add sliced prunes to my 6 muffins just before baking. These are very tastey and sweet but only use 1/2 sugar.

You may find ways to save on sugar or fat in this recipe, but it does make 18 medium muffins, so it is already low-fat and low-sugar. You could try cutting down to 1/4 cup sugar to see how they are; and 2 tbl oil, they just might not be as moist as these ones are. DH just loves them and so do I ...

HI TO MEOWEE ~ hope that newest storm hasn't knocked off your hydro and internet again ...

HI TO VAL and NUMPSTER ~ yeah, it's FRIDAY and the weekends here again!!! However, I know how much you love your new job, VAL, and we're so glad for that!

I didn't do as well last year as I had hoped, so all I can do at this point; is look towards this new year and keep on going. My legs are really giving me problems, so I am trying to find different ways to burn more energy through other means. As soon as the snow melts, DH and I are going to go out to the lot where I can walk around better. Here, I am trying to do dancing and aerobics indoors; but I have to do them in the morning, as my legs and feet hurt too much later in the day now. We hope that by this spring, they will have recovered enuff, so that I can walk a bit better.

Well, that's all for now; take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-09-2009, 05:16 PM

The latest storm was one of flickering lights . . . you know the kind of little power outages that last just long enough to make all the clocks start flashing at 12:00 :mad: It gave us a bit of everything in an ongoing cycle of snow, followed by freezing rain, followed by rain; then back to freezing rain and some more snow. :dizzy: Today has been sunny and calm, but very, very cold. Wonder what will come next?

Have a great evening everybody . . . hopefully we will get some degree of normalcy for all of us.

01-10-2009, 09:47 AM
Hi Ladies

Good afternoon gosh it still remains biting cold :brr: here today. Braved the weather wrapped up like a snowman :shocksn: to go the farmers market. It is a small outdoor market so I do not envy the poor stall holders having to stand there for hours on end in this freezing cold weather. Did not get very much as unfortunately a few of the stalls was not there. I do not know whether it was due to the weather conditions or the fact it was not there on the normal first Saturday of the month. I wondered whether some stall holders have another market to attend to on the 2nd Saturday of the month. I normally get my ostrich burgers from here as they are low in fat and very filling for a meal. I bought some bread, blackberry and apple jam and some wholemeal sugar free scones.

I started to watch a television drama started on the BBC ( television channel here in the UK) it was a 6 part television series about the Anne Frank diary. I can say honestly it is a brilliant drama at the minute and shows what it must have been like for a teenage girl growing up during such turbulent times in confined space with all those hormones racing around. At the same time there has been a one of documentary on another diary written roughly at the same time by a girl roughly the same age in the ghetto in Bedzin Poland. It covers a 3 month period of her life. Unfortunately the girl in question went on to die during the atrocities of that time but her father did live and remarried. He had one other child a daughter and it is her journey to find out more about her half sister whom she did not know about until she was 14 years old herself. This diary came to life in 2005 and it has now been publish and is part of the Polish curriculum of school children of about 14 years old. This is very sad but at the same time compelling to watch.

Not done so well on choosing the right foods yesterday I went and pigged out on nuts. These are my downfall I know they are. A few are not enough I really have to be careful around them. I suppose they are always going to be my nemesis no matter how hard I try. These where brought to the house by my parents that is how they came to be here. I had not opened them until last night in a weak moment I gave in. Looks like it is a hard session on the wobble machine to pay for my naughties :D

Looking forward tonight to the start of dancing on ice. Not sure if you have this programme in your parts of the world but this is like dancing with the stars but on ice as the name suggests. I love the razzle dazzle I suppose and the costumes. Nice to have a programme that is not peppered with bad language for once. So I know what I will be watching tonight ;) Not sure what else is on or whether that it is it for my taste.

ROSEBUD Lean ground mince beef and turkey roughly pan out at the same price so both rather pricey. Turkey here has less fat as it is made from the breast meat so that is low in fat. Meat is very expensive here now. Lamb is especially costly now for some unknown reason. Good job we eat less meat now and smaller portions so it goes a lot further than it use to with our old eating habits.

Now the flaxseed recipe that I use is high in flaxseed. The first one is courtesy of some kind poster here on the weight loss surgery section. Please note that flaxseed and flax meal are the same it is just that in the UK it is called flax seed so I may have put that down in my saved recipes which I collect.

1 Minute Flax Muffins

1/4 cup Flax Meal (available at health food stores or
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 individual packet of Splenda
1 tsp cinnamon (experiment here if you want)
1 egg
1-2 tsp oil (I use olive oil)

Mix the dry ingredients in a large coffee mug. Add egg and oil and mix well. Microwave 45 seconds to 1 minute. This is the tricky part since everyone's oven is different. The muffin should rise way up. It is done when the top isn't wet looking anymore but still moist. You'll know the look after a time or two. Pop it out immediately and put the cup to soak or it'll be a devil to clean. Enjoy plain or with a little butter or jam. I can only eat 1/2, the rest is great toasted.

This recipe has been around a while and has been experimented with a great deal. You can do pretty much anything with it. I've heard of people putting cocoa powder in for a chocolate one! You can sub the Davinci SF syrups, you can make it sweeter, it's all about what you like. Almost forgot, leave all the sweetness out and put in a seasoning you like like Italian and use if for sandwiches.

I have put nuts / dried fruit you can experiment with it. If you want to make a batch to put in the freezer for a later date. Make about 4 times this quantity, some time I put in mashed bananas (2 or 3 smaller ones) and cut down on the oil used. I put muffin cases in to a muffin tray or grease the muffin tray ready for the mixture. Divide mixture into 12 cases and cook for 20 to 30 minutes (normally for mine oven it is 21 minutes) at 375F/190C/ gas mark 5. I hope I have not missed anything out.

Here are two other recipes I use


1/4 cup shortening
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup molasses (I use cooking)
2 large eggs
1 cup milk
1 cup flour
1-1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup raisins (opt)

Cream shortening and sugar together; add molasses and eggs; and beat well. Add milk, and then bran. Combine flour with baking powder, baking soda, and salt; then add to liquid ingredients. Add raisins; then place in greased muffin pans. Bake at 400F or 200C oven for 18-20 minutes. Make one dozen large muffins.

Note that flaxseed can be used for shortening. Shortening is margarine or butter. But the ratio for flaxseed is 3 to 1. For example if the recipe asked for 1/3 cup of butter you would replace it with 1 cup of flaxseed.


Prep time: less than 10 minutes
Bake time: 12 -15 minutes
Makes 9 large muffins

3 eggs
cup unsweetened applesauce
2 tbsp canola oil
cup Splenda (or whatever sugar substitute you use) she used sugar free syrup, but I couldn'tt find any
2 tbsp water
1 tbsp vanilla
1 cup flax meal
tsp baking soda
tsp baking powder
2 tbsp cinnamon (sometimes I leave this out)
2 heaping tbsp cocoa powder
- cup sliced almonds, toasted and coarsely chopped
1/8 tsp salt

1. Preheat the oven to 350F/180C
2. In a medium sized bowl, beat the eggs with a fork . Beat in the oil, applesauce, sugar, water and vanilla
3. In a small bowl combine the dry ingredients.
4. Add the dry to the wet,mix well and let the mixture stand for 5 minutes.
5. Line large muffin tins with paper cups and spray them with low cal butter flavoured spray.
6. Spoon the batter into the cups and bake for 12- 15 minutes.

I hope these give you some ideas to play with. I know you are an experienced cook and so will have the ability to change recipes and tweak them to your needs and what you have handy. Sometimes I need a basic recipe to look at and then my mind whirls away and thinks how can I make that work here in the UK or I do not have that ingredient now what can I use instead ;)

Yes you are right one or two recipes has rubbed off on to mum and dad. Mainly the low fat desserts I suppose that it is a start. I think the main meals are a step to far at the minute but maybe one day I will be surprised :lol: In many ways they are set in their ways and are blinkered but that is partly to due with their age. Dad is worse than mum in this.

MEOWEE Sounds like you are living on a knives edge regarding your hydro at the minute. I hope that you still remain with power it must be horrid just wondering all the time. I know when I was growing up there power cuts in I think the year 1970 our home was lit by candles and oil lamp. We were much luckier than most as my house had a gas cooker ( due to when I was little I decided to put my hand on our electric one well after it was off and needless to say it hurt so my parents rapidly changed it) and gas central heating. It would happen 2 to 3 days a week as I recall but I do not remember anymore than that as I was only 6 at the time. I do hope the matter settles down very swiftly

Your weather sounds all over the place never knowing what you are going to get next. It is hard knowing what clothing to put on and what to take with you just in case.

All my news :blah: and gossip :gossip: for now I think ;) So till next time before I sign off I will say a big hello to NUMPSTER and VALDINE. I hope both you are not effected by the hydro problems being experienced by meowee. I hope your both well and enjoying the lovely weekend away from work. Till next time take care all

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-10-2009, 10:44 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

Thanks for those recipes PURPLEORC. They sound good and I'm going to try a couple over the next few days.

According to the latest forecast, we are supposed to have a couple of days of mostly sunny weather with the next storm moving in tomorrow night sometime. The next one is going to bring some really cold weather with it though.

Have a great day, everybody.

01-10-2009, 04:43 PM
THANKS PURPLE ~ those recipes look great, esp for someone who has to watch their sugar intake and wants to lower the fat too. Sadly, SPLENDA is very expensive here; over $8.00 for a bag or pouch of it. When my DH sees the price of some things like that and cereal, he gets quite upset now. One of my favorite cereals is BRAN BUDS but in the last month, they have jumped up to $7.00 for a small box.

So now, I just throw things in the basket and tell him to go for a walk, so he doesn't see it. Our LAMB here is very expensive too; always has been as is VEAL; and if we try to get BISON OR OSTRICH burgers here, they are very high too. Most people would find them too pricey; actually, all the food prices here have taken a huge jump recently, and no-one seems to know why. That isn't good, becuz it makes it hard on those with lower or fixed incomes like seniors.

People want to eat healthier, but the stores are counteracting by putting the prices up on the most healthy foods to capitalize on that. Our doctors often send people to the local dietician and she takes people right to the store and shows them what to buy and what to avoid. I heard her and some ladies having a discussion about the high prices of the leaner meats, and how to deal with that ~ she suggested they buy cheaper meats like LIVER and lean Pork to bring costs down, as well as to eat more MEATLESS meals with eggs, cheese, and/or beans ...

BTW ~ Flax meal and Flax seeds are different products in Canada: Flax Meal is GROUND UP Flax Seeds like a coarse flour. I see two of your recipes call for Flax Meal and don't include any flour in them. Without sugar and flour, they would be good for diabetics for sure; and Meowee would really appreciate them. I bought Flax Seed; might have trouble finding Flax Meal here now that we only have one grocery store now.

You are fortunate to have a Farmer's Market year round there; ours only runs from August to the end of October, and the stuff sells out so fast, it is unbelievable. They can hardly keep up demand on the fresh veggies and baked goodies. You need to make sure that you can be there as soon as it opens or you are outa luck ... ;)

I also have a problem with snacking; I thought I'd have nuts for my snacks, but it is very difficult to stop eating them. A serving is a handful but next thing you know, you have downed half a small tin. I prefer to buy those small 100 gram or less bags of non-salted nuts from the grocery, and even them only on occasion. I am trying to halt all the munching this year, so that is on my tweaking list for 2009.

HI MEOWEE ~ glad you made it back in again; and aren't any worse for wear becuz of all the finicky weather you are getting out that way. I think you will really like those recipes that Purple posted as they hardly have any sugar or flour in them; let us know how they turn out.

HI TO VAL and NUMPSTER ~ hope you ladies are having a nice restful weekend ...

Well, we spend the morning dusting and vacuuming the floors and rugs, and putting away the outside Christmas decos; boy, that's good exercise for ya. Dh said he was working up a sweat; I swept the floors, and he did the vacuuming. He surely knows now how much work housechores are now. :lol:

Well, that's all from here for now; take good care :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-11-2009, 01:20 PM
Hi gang . . . :grouphug:

ROSEBUD . . . although I usually buy flaxmeal, if you can't get it, you can definitely grind the seeds in a coffee grinder quite effectively. BTW, I have become quite addicted to adding a little cocoa powder and a little Splenda to my coffee of late. Thanks for the tip.

We had a gorgeous sunrise around here this morning but unfortunately the sunny didn't last nearly long enough. It now looks like our storm that is scheduled for this evening may just decide to move in a little early. :shrug: Oh well.

Had a great morning of moving furniture and cleaning corners -- so proud of myself :lol:. At this rate I may just about be ready for the furniture delivery that's scheduled for Thursday. Of course, if it actually makes it on schedule may depend on how much snow gets dumped on us by the next ,next storm that is supposed to be along on Wednesday night.

Have a fun afternoon everybody.

01-11-2009, 03:04 PM
Hi Ladies

Good Evening it has been miserable and grey all today with a few little showers. Did pop out with DH to the computer fayre just to get out of the four walls :lol: It was chilly in the wind but nice to get out never the less. There at the computer fayre there is a small basic café so I just sat and had a drink to wait for DH. He bought a few little cases to put DVD or CD in. Plus some A4 photo paper. Plus some rewritable discs I think that was it ;)

Nothing much doing here today. I had my meal already prepared so matter of reheating it. I have stayed on plan so far today and done my stretch on the wobble machine. My legs felt like jelly (jello) afterward but they are fine now some 25 minutes later. I also did the exercise told to us by recidivist a poster here on dieting with obstacles. I didn't do it with weights for my first attempt I just did it into thin air with both my arms. Oh by did I know I had done it they were shaking after going through the alphabet just once. I think if I had used weights I would have been really struggling to even do half the alphabet. More practice needed that is for definite.

ROSEBUD Here too the cost of living has risen terribly and my DH is alway looking at prices I think if I left him in charge of the groceries we would end up with junk in the trolley ( I think you call them carts). I love a drinking chocolate at night the cadbury's variety that is 40 calories per cup. For a jar which is 250mg (I think) it is $5.04 last week it was $4.50 so a big rise in prices. He keeps trying other varieties but I am not very keen on the flavour :(

I refuse to give in and go to the cheaper rubbish. He sees price where I see the calories :D I do not want to go to the weight I was I am much happier where I am now. I did not realise how unhappy I was until the weight started to come off. I started to go back to the person I once was who took pride in their appearance. Not that I ever been slim I have always been overweight since my teenage years.

The only reason I can think that the prices of the food went up was due to the increase in fuel cost. Though fuel costs are now slowly decreasing but the food is not getting any cheaper I noticed. A lot of our food I think is imported now so again many miles fuel to pay for.

Yes I find the same healthy foods are mega expensive where the high fat and sugar contented food is relative cheap. It makes it difficult to eat healthily if food is so expensive which is good for you. Governments wish to reduce obesity then they need to step in and reverse the pricing costs making healthy foods cheap and the junk food dearer. I am sure that would have a impact on peoples health straight away.

It is good that dietitians are suggesting cheaper low fat produces for their clients. Yes it is cheaper to have less meat and more vegetables. I already when making meals put extra vegetables and beans/lentils in casseroles. Or have extra vegetables to meat and vegetable type meal. We have a few vegetarian meals along the way also. So my diet has changed or should I stay been tweaked ;)

If Splenda is very expensive use an alternative it really does not matter which sweetener is used. We have something called half and half sugar. Which is half sugar and half sweetener I use that sometimes. Though I am not diabetic so I do not have to be so careful around sugar. flaxseed here is like a coarse flour. So I suppose it acts like fat and flour in a recipe just because of its nature.

Farmers markets here tend to be a little pricey. Though I do buy jam, some bread, ostrich burgers and no added sugar scones. So I do not know if they are the same price wise in Canada.

Even though I have lost the bulk of my weight I really do struggle with certain things. I though I would master them but I certainly have not. Nuts are a big downfall of mine it is not just a few but a whole bag full in no time! I am worse at night time. I am fine all day can keep on plan lovely then at night this even monster comes out :devil: that can lead me into bad ways. I have one bonus now that I can not walk very well before I would say I am just taking Rizzie for a little walk but it was more like via the shop for some naughty or other :o Get rid of the evidence eating the chocolate and putting the wrapper in the bin. It was like I had not had the chocolate then. So now I can no longer do that I have been stopped in my tracks. I think losing more of my mobility has had one bonus stopping my snacking on chocolate.

MEOWEE Your welcome with the recipes it may be useful for you with your diabetes as they are low fat and sweetener. Yes I have heard people putting flax in the coffee grinder to get the flour like consistency. I am lucky here it already comes like that and it is difficult to get it in the seed like consistency.

Your coffee with cocoa and a touch of sweetener you are growing to like so much is called choca mocha here. You can buy it when your out at a café as well as pre packed. Though like you I prefer to make my own but haven't done so in ages. Hmm you got me to thinking I will be having one soon I think :D

It is so surprising how the dust gets in those corners where the furniture goes and when I look in my Hoover (vacuum) I am horrified by the amount it has collected. I have a dyson Hoover and it is bagless. It goes into a round cylinder that you can see at the front of the Hoover. You just empty it when you have finished. It is all fully washable with warm soapy water when it need it. I love that Hoover and it is so strong and powerful. You wonder where all the muck comes from. Mind you will a dog he malts continually and my long hairs seem to get everywhere. Needless to say all my hairs seems to collect around the brushes that beat so frequently I have to clean them out. One downfall of my tail length hair. Well I think it about there I did cut it before Christmas so it maybe a fraction short of my tail-bone at the minute.

Time to wash up the pots from tea that I have been putting off for the last hour or so. So take care ladies and catch up with you soon.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-11-2009, 09:12 PM
PURPLE ~ yes, I did those exercises too; they sure give your arms and legs a workout. Maybe using those 2lb weights have been making my arms stronger. The best thing is that my shoulders and back discs are NOT hurting today; that's just what I needed, a way to do exercises that don't aggravate old injuries.

You're right, somethings are just worth the little extra money you have to pay for them, becuz the quality and taste is so much better. Your DH is like mine, watching the prices; I tell him not to look at them now. I bought a bag of skim powdered milk last week that cost over $22.00; I thought DH was gonna throw a fit right there in the store: he sure was very vocal about it. I told him, if you want it then you have to pay for it and that's it.

So far, I have being using another substitute though people often say that Splenda can be used in recipes better. I may try using other things like a bit of honey again like I use to in my recipes, as long as my sugar levels stay OK. Some people use honey, molasses, stevia, and something called agave syrup; but I'm not sure we can get that here.

Up til now, I have just been cutting the fat and sugar way down and in some recipes ... using none at all. I was upset to learn today that my Vanilla Yogurt has something called SUCRALOSE in it; which I interpet as some kind of sugar syrup. I see that as false labeling when they say there is no sugar in it, but in tiny, tiny letters at the bottom right, it says there is something called sucralose in it to sweeten it. I'll have to do some investigation as to what that is made of; as I thought I was buying a NON-SWEETENED yogurt.

Our new furry boy, NIKO, is a what we call a shedder: he also loses his hair, so we will be getting lots of exercise sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming the floors and rugs now. Our girls, we had before, were fine-haired NON-shedders; so we were fortunate with them. But DH is good about it, and says that becuz he sheds so much, and it is hard on me, he is helping me with this big chore more. Once the summer comes, NIKO, likes to be outside more, so it won't be as bad then ... we hope. ;)

MEOWEE ~ yes, I will check next time I go shopping to see if they have any flax meal; but if not, I'll just grind some up like I do the oatmeal now. Glad you like that MOCHA COFFEE ... CHOCA-MOCHA's a cute name too. :D

Well, we had Shepherd's Pie for dinner tonight with a light apple crisp and a few spoons of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, still left over from Christmas. This is a treat really; the rest of the week, I have fruit and/ yogurt or s/f puddings for snacks. I have been saving them for the evening so stop the munchie cravings, and so far, it seems to be working.

HI to VAL & NUMPSTER ~ hope you and yours are having a nice peaceful Sunday.

Well, that's all for now; take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-12-2009, 07:29 AM
Hi Ladies

Weather still remains grey and overcast with burst of showers thrown in for fun :rain: It has got a touch warmer now at 10C so that has made thing a wee bit more comfortable for me.

Today we are going to have a meal at the local pub. I will have chicken with salad and a jacket potato so nothing too off plan I think. I just wanted a break from cooking as you ladies know it is tiring not to mention time consuming. I do like to cook and create things don't get me wrong but I do find it some what exhausting at times. I hope this week to make the patties suggested by Rosebud this week when I have purchased some minced meat. I have searched my freeze and unfortunately none to be found else I would have cooked them sooner. Not sure whether yet to do it in the tomato sauce suggested by your grandmother. Hmm decisions I really do not know which way to go on this matter yet :lol:

I am really pleased with my efforts this weekend I have got myself back on track food wise and exercising which were slipping up a bit. That is the trouble when your under the weather things like food and exercise get swept a bit under the carpet so to speak. So now I have been planning so I know what we are having so that helps big time. If still hungry then there is always fruit to call upon to fill that little gap. Hope to get my exercise session in this afternoon just before tea. That way it give my legs time to recover. Gosh can not think it is another weekend gone and we are back to Monday again.

I am sure that you have heard of the composer Andrew Lloyd Webber of Evita and starlight express fame. Well this year he is composing the song for the Eurovision song contest. I know this will mean nothing to you but this is a competition that is run every year between European countries for the best song. It has launched the careers of several well know people after winning. It was the start of ABBA, Celine Dion and Lulu to name a few in its 52 years of running. This year it is from the city of Moscow in Russia. Unfortunately we have done poorly in the last 10 years so it has thought it has come the time to turn things around. So a competition has been devised and 6 acts were selected by Andrew Lloyd Webber and the viewer vote who they would like to keep. So it will be interesting how things turn out this time

ROSEBUD Any exercise that we can do that does not aggravate old injuries or our conditions is a bonus. I thought my arms would ache today but they were fine so it looks as though I will be doing that again.

Another sweetener that I have heard good things about that it taste like sugar is xylitol. Though I do not know what the cost of this xylitol is in Canada here in the UK it is very costly :( otherwise I would use it.

I am glad you agree with me on you just have to pay the extra for somethings to get the quality. Men just see prices then moan about the taste when we serve up our food. Now I am gradually educating on healthier ways but oh boy the price issue is the big one. I need to blind fold him :lol: then I will be fine ;)

It is so annoying that labels are so confusing labelled so a to deceive us unto believing something is sugar free for example. The sooner governments step in to make the law to make it clearer to the public the better as we do not all have a degree in chemistry :lol: Clearer labels would make it simple to know whether we can eat this or not if you having to watch sugar or fat for example.

Yes our dog sheds hair constantly but with being short haired it possibly does not show as greatly as a long haired dog. Though when you hoover it looks like you have hoovered up a whole coat of hair it is a wonder he is not bald :o. It is hard work having a dog there is no two ways about it but I still adore having him. He is company for me and peace of mind with living in a bungalow. My DH does not want to get another dog if anything happens to Rizzie but I do so I need to work on him ;) I am hoping he misses a dog more than he knows and will relent so we are in agreement.

No more news for today I think. Not sure if I will have the opportunity to drop by tomorrow as it is my oxygen therapy day but I will try. Bye for now and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-12-2009, 09:19 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

Talking about vacuuming up hair -- needles to say, I collect enough cat hair every day to make an other kitten. :lol:

Nothing too new around here -- we got another six inches of snow overnight and so far, there's no sign of sunshine for us. At least there were no power outages reported across the whole Province from this latest storm.

I'm full of vim and vigour this morning -- think it's an effort to keep warm -- I've cleaned kitty litter and got laundry started already and since, my driveway has now been plowed, guess I'd better finish up my 3FC 'rounds' and get myself out there for a grocery run before this energy starts to fade.

Have a great day . . . :carrot:

01-12-2009, 09:01 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ The day started out with lovely sunshine and mild temps; but the clouds rolled in this aft. We went uptown to pick up some specials today too; got some very good deals. The stores here are pretty good about putting lots of sales on just after Christmas, and we get to save some $$$. DH and I save our Christmas money up thru the year by saving all our coins; you'd be surprised how much you can save, esp since we have toonies ($2), loonies ($1), quarters (.25c), dimes (.10c), nickels (.05c), and pennies (.01c). DH save the pennies and rolls them and deposits them into his savings account once a year. We like doing it this way so we have NO DEBT after Christmas like some people do.

HI MEOWEE ~ yah, you have lots of kitties at your house; and we just have one fella, but like PURPLE says, you'd think we have more by the amount of hair he sheds, but it doesn't take too long with my dust mop to make a quick pick-up. Once a week, we get out the little ELECTROLUX hose vacuum and do all the nooks and crannys (corners). We still haven't found our extension wands and carpet bar, so DH used the UPRIGHT VACUUM CLEANER on our bedroom rug(s).

HI PURPLE ~ yah, you stand your ground there, girl: I do with my DH! The better quality of food issue is one battle I am choosing to have a go with him about. He makes comments to the clerks and complains about the prices, but I just give him this ... :p and fork over the $dough$. The household budget is my domain and I just make sure that I save in other areas so that I can increase our grocery bill now.

Today, on the net, I was investigating the Cable TV costs; DH and I are trying to decide whether we want to get it for this year. We had considered it as a Christmas gift to ourselves. Their site is really slow, so I was on there for almost two hours; I am trying to see if I can create my own package for the choice of channels we get. So, I will have to go back tomorrow to give it a looksee again.

We had nice roast chicken for dinner tonight with lots of roasted veggies; think I'll turn the leftovers into a nice thick stew/soup for tomorrow night's dinner. I managed to get some LEAN Hamburger today for only $2.00 lb, which is half price of what we usually pay. I try to drain out some of the fat, if it looks like there is too much.

Well, that outing helped me to get some walking in today too; I wanted to go today becuz they are forcasting really cold temps for the rest of the week, but I am hoping that will change as the week goes along.

HI to VAL and NUMPSTER ~ hope you both had a great weekend and a good week coming up ...

Time to put my legs up with a nice, hot tea; so take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

01-13-2009, 05:09 AM
Hi ladies

Just time for a swift drop by to say hello. Though not enough time at present to answer personal posts. I am just off to oxygen therapy. I hope to drop by later to answer personal posts. I have read through your post this morning to get myself up to speed.

So that is all I have time for now but catch up later. Take care ladies and look after yourselves.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-13-2009, 12:50 PM
Hi Ladies

The wanderer returns I had my oxygen therapy I am some what tired but I know I will feel heaps better tomorrow. The weather is a bit brighter today and a feels a wee bit warmer.

I have got to do my grocery shopping tomorrow and get the basics in. I am going out to lunch the following day with my brother in law. So a few things to keep me out of mischief. I am hoping to get in my exercise the next couple of days though today I think today I will have to be giving it a miss. I did an extra hard session yesterday as I knew today would probably not be a good time for me to do it. I normally feel tired from the oxygen therapy so do not want to compound that with doing exercise.

ROSEBUD Like you I save my small change. We have quite a bit of coinage in the British monatary system. 1p,5p,10p,20p,50p,1 and 2. We do not save 50p,1 or 2 but the smaller change we do. It is suprising how it adds up. Good idea to use it so you have no debt after christmas. Like you said so many people get theirself into debt at this time of the year. Like yourselves we are careful with our money as we have to be due to our circumstances. It wasn't like this when we both worked but you cut your clothes to your cloth as the saying goes. It was really hard at first I can't deny but you get use to it as it was a matter of having to. I wasn't going to get any better so we faced it head on together like we have all things in our lives.

Yes your right about standing your ground. I am the head cook so I have control over the food and what goes into shall I say. Like you say the budget for the food bill is my concern. I can be economical and make meals go further with little tricks of the trade shall we shall. At the moment I am using lots from my freezer to run them down a bit and then we start building them up slowly when offers come on. I alway like a bit of room though to put homemade goods like soups, stews and other goodies that I have concocted.

Nice christmas gift to yourself the cable television and I am sure it is somethign that your both will get hours of pleasure from which is most important thing. Our gift to ourself when we gave up smoking was to go on the internet. So I loved the internet enough to never to want to give it up for the cigarettes. We both have had hours of pleasure from it and it gives you excess to another world out there. If it had not been for the internet I would not have this site which has been paramount to me losing my weight for the first time in my life ( well a significant amount)

Nice dinner you had and great idea to convert it into a soup for another day. Makes it go so much further and a healthy soup as well.

Right time to go and make a :coffee:. Plus get a few chores pulled in that I have been putting off. Bye for now and take care till next time.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-13-2009, 05:45 PM
Howdy . . . :wave:

I spent most of today out and about enjoying the sunshine even though it was darned cold. Now, I'm hunkered down waiting for the next snow storm to start. The forecast is for a really mixed mess -- a big pile of snow overnight; followed by a lot of rain on Wednesday; followed by a real deep freeze moving in Wednesday night. Boy, never thought I'd say this, but I'm hoping for nothing but snow. :lol:

We are a thrifty lot -- I save Loonies, Twoonies, and Quarters -- they definitely add up pretty quickly over the course of the year.

I have my TV, my telephone, and my internet all through my cable company and find that saves a little over having them as separate items. Whatever way you look at it those three seem to add up pretty quickly, especially by the time you add in the taxes. I'm running about $140 a month.

Hope you have a pleasant evening, ladies . . . :grouphug:

01-13-2009, 09:46 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we have really cold temps today; the temp reads at -26C but DH thinks it's more like -30C becuz our thermometer is up against the building, and it feels colder, esp with the northern winds. We discovered another crack and filled it with rags to stop cold air coming in the house.

HI MEOWEE ~ wow, the weather is all over the place, but it's the same here; yesterday was mild, but today it is really cold, and I can even hear the building crackling some. ;) I'm not going out there at all; DH says your skin freezes as soon as you go out there, and NIKO wants right back in as quick as can do his duty ... :lol: Yes, we have that cable option here too, but I'm not sure it would be a a benefit for us here, as we already have a great deal on our phone and internet from another provider.

HEY PURPLE ~ nice of you to stop in when you are so tired; hope your therapy helps you feel better tomorrow. Yes, we ARE a thrifty lot, but as you say, that often comes from necessity; as was the case for us too. We have learned through years of experience and wisdom that we have gleamed from others too.

We had that lovely thick soup tonight and there is enuff left over for lunch tomorrow: there is a good way to make on chicken go a long way. :D Well, it's time to go take a shower, then have a nice hot tea. Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-14-2009, 05:56 AM
Hello Ladies

Up nice and early this morning after a good nights sleep leaving me refreshed. It is horrid weather out there this morning with fog and a really sharp frost lets hope it improves as the day goes along.

Unfortunately my DH is unwell or shall I say in pain. A few weeks ago he had some dental work done and a crown was fitted to the front tooth. We thought he had got away Scot free with no infections as he is so prone to them. It started to give him a lot of pain and now he's waiting to see the dentist at 12.30pm today. I am a sure it is not a minute too soon. There is nothing worst than toothache pain gnawing away at you hour after hour. I am trying to play nurse :lol: well you know men they are dying at the slightest thing. ( mountain out of a mole hill comes to mind) I am administering painkillers as and when I can but with very little effect. I suspect he will be on antibiotics after today for 5 to 10 days.

Went out last night to play whist and I won a prize a box of tea bags. I know the prize is small but we only pay a small fee to play so the prizes are not worth lots of pounds. Plus who every runs the whist drives saves a little each week to give lots of really nice prizes at Christmas drive. My DH also won a prize a well his was for the most 8's. When you finish your game you write down how many tricks you won and this number will be any where between zero and thirteen. DH had got five games where he had won with the score 8. Though if he did not win this prize he would have got the lowest score in the house :o He had a torrid time and could not pick up nice playing hands.

MEOWEE I am sure snow would be more preferable than the weather you have been getting. It sounds weather wise you having a horrid time at the minute there in Novia Scotia.

Looks like a lot of us saves the coins and know how quickly they add up over the year to make a nice tidy sum. We have just bought a coin sorting machine in the Christmas sales. So no more time spent sorting it out into the different denominations. I am surprised how reasonable it was the only trouble is it runs on batteries and they are expensive :(

We here can have a package deal on cable, broadband and telephone which works out cheaper. we have a deal with telephone and broadband. We use to have cable television but we found we were not watching enough of the cable channels to warrant the spend on it. We have to buy a television licence every year here regardless when owning a television. This then gives you 5 channels which are known as terrestrial channels. They give a wide selection of programmes to suit most taste. So they were sufficient for us. You do get the television licence free when reaching the age of 74. So I have a few years yet to have that pleasure ;)

ROSEBUD I love to drop by here daily if I can it helps keep me on the straight and narrow. Not only that I find it interesting hearing about others lives in a different country to my own. This site keep me anchored firmly to the ground and makes me accountable for what I put in my mouth. I decided that at the beginning I was going to use this site in that manner so if I messed up I had to let it be known none of this secretive stuff and pretend it didn't happen. That is what got me partly to where I was at 300lbs not being accountable for what I put in my mouth. Now I am more aware of that and the consequences.

Last night I watched a documentary on television that followed the story of four or five people who had lost considerable amounts of weight. Some through weight loss surgery and others by conventional means. The one thing that was showing that even though they had lost the weight they still had body issues. Why? this was due to all excess loose skin that remained. I thought it would not bother me and it didn't for a long while but the area that is most upsetting for me is my tummy. I has become more of an issue in the last few months as the nearer I am too my target. Though I never want to go back to 300lbs I can hide loose skin in clothing but I couldn't hide the fat. I think I will have to live with it and come to terms and having the operation on the NHS (our health care system which is free) as it is very strict about the criteria for tummy tuck. To have the operation you have to have medical documentation that it is causing problems with infections (fungal for example) or that there is problems from previous abdominal surgery. I do have a little over lap in skin so whether in summer that will give me fungal infections only time will tell. Till that time it is a matter of living with it as I can not afford to pay for any surgery at this time in my life. So for now they are my badge of honour;)

Time to go and wash a few pots up and not to mention get dressed. At the minute shamefully I am still in my nightwear:o . Till next time ladies take care and look after yourselves.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-14-2009, 10:07 AM
Oh YUCK . . . that describes our weather today . . . :halfempty:

01-14-2009, 03:36 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we have beautiful sunshine again today, but we are having some very cold temps here this week (-20's and -30's C), but they predict it will warm up (into the -teens :lol:) by the weekend.

MEOWEE ~ sorry to hear you have bad weather there again; my weather page says that you have +4 temps with some rain today, but it will get a tad colder as the week progresses. It's a good day to do some indoor stuff at least.

PURPLE ~ I think that is awful that you have to pay for a handful of airwave channels, and esp for seniors of 60 y/o and over; they should definitely get them free gratis too. That sounds like pure greed to me ...

I wish we had an antenna here like we did in the last place, as that is free; like you, we only get a handful of channels, but we don't watch a lot of TV. We are going to see if we can pick up a second-hand antenna somewhere. DH isn't happy that the cheapest cable package we can find is $40.00 per month and the price is going up again in March 2009. We think they should have a smaller, more affordable basic package for seniors and low-income families at around $10-$20 a month.

Our internet and long distance phone together are about $30.00. Our local phone is $30.00 a month just for that, so that comes to $60.00 a month for local phone, long distance, and internet. DH thinks that the cable prices are too high, and since we don't watch TV that much anyways, I have to agree that I can think of so many other things I would rather do with all that money.

Yes, I know what you mean, I think coming here helps me keep eating healthier too; and you quickly notice that people who stop coming often gain some or all of the weight back, then they come back and tell us about it. I have read many stories like that here. As long as I am on the net and well, I will try to come here. I have been eating healthier for over 3 years now and I know this place has helped me to keep at it for the last 2 of them.

In the past, I would always gain the weight back becuz over time, I would get lax about how I was eating and exercising. I find coming here reminds me: and I think that is key ... that it REMINDS US to keep a watch on our health; and we now know that eating healthy and keeping active is important for long-term good health.

I really do feel for you about the collateral damage (I call it: :lol:) from losing weight; I have the same issues. I lost a lot of weight over a few years and that was the result; I find my tummy the most difficult part too, but I still have lots of weight to lose yet. I'm hoping if I lose some more, that maybe it won't be as bad, so we'll see what happens.

Personally, I am not interested in surgery for that; I have my own reasons for that, as any kind of surgery would be risky for me with my health issues, esp blood clot problems. My doctors have already told me this; and I would rather be alive. VANITY, VANITY ... ALL IS VANITY! King Solomon's words ring in my ears ... :lol: but, I wouldn't tell anyone else what they should do; to me, it's a personal decision!

Anyways, we got lots of stuff done this morning; did a couple loads of laundry and we noticed that when the dryer was on, that the temps went up to 77F in here even with the fan on. :D And the furnace hasn't come on either. We also sorted out 4 mores boxes of stuff and can actually see my desk in the spare room again. I have this PC on a table desk in my livingroom where it is handier to use.

HI to VAL and NUMPSTER ~ hope you ladies are having a good week; half your work-week is over already ... yeah!!!

Time for my afternoon tea and put my legs up for a puzzle, I think. Take good care :hug: ROSEBUD:hug:

01-15-2009, 08:49 AM
Hi ladies and good afternoon

The weather is very cloudy here no sign of any sunshine today. We have the odd shower as well mixed in to the dry spells. Though along with the rain brings warmer weather which is nice.

I am tired at the minute after my DH has had a restless night. He went to the dentist yesterday due to toothache. He had an xray upon the infected area. Unfortunately the news is not good. Has expected there is an infection but it is widespread over the area of 3 teeth. Antibiotics have been prescribed for 5 days to see if that clears the infection. Though the dentist is thinking that he will have to go to a specialist (they are located at hospitals and come under the title of orthodontist) for this area to be treated. DH thought that the dentist thinks that the area may have to be drained. At the moment my DH is asleep as he is so tired from the painkillers that I have given him. He is not use to taking any medication and hates taking anything. So he is bad as he is only too willing to take what I have suggested. At least he is not in pain whilst he is asleep so that is at least one blessing to be thankful for. At the moment our Rizzie is laying with him kind of like a watch. Dogs are so acutely aware of things and he knows my DH is unwell. So he is sticking to him like glue at the minute.

I have got my rings back from the jewellers after being made smaller. When I took a look at my rings I was so shocked and thought they had made them too small. They looked so petite I thought they were never going to fit me. Though of course they did and perfectly. They are that tiny now it will not even fit on my mum's smallest finger (pinkie finger I think some may know it as). The real test for me and big wake up call I think when get my sister to try my rings on. To me she has always had long slender fingers which looked elegant. My hands were small and dumpy looking in comparison. The smaller I have become I see more and more of that we look more alike that I we ever did.

ROSEBUD We have to pay for the television licence regardless of your home circumstances. There are no reductions if you are on a low income which I think is very mean. Though people do take the risk and do not pay for the licence though if caught ( we have detector vans who have the equipment to know if you are watching with out a licence) there is a heft fine or prison sentence. So it is just not worth it it break the law. It is greed pure and simple as it cost around $216 per year. You can pay in monthly instalments to make it easier.

You and I are alike when it comes to using the site it has a positive aspect on our eating habits for the most part ;) I know I would not have been no where as successful as I have been without the reminder that this site brings on a regular basis.

I have been very anti plastic surgery all of my life except for people who are born with birth defects or have injury from an accident. So I am confused right now why I am of the view about my very wrinkly tummy. I can fully understand that not have the operation is the best choice for you due to your medical history. I think if I was in your shoes I would be making the same choices in a heart beat. Better being alive than vane. It is one thing having a necessary operation but another having an operation for personal vanity. I am hoping that it is just a stage that I am going through in my transformation and that I don't go down the path of surgery unless the doctor deems it necessary due say infections. So I am giving myself a good cooling off period to adjust to the new image. Yes so isn't not perfect but I knew at the start of it I was not going to get away Scot free there was going to be collateral damage as you say. I thought I had prepared myself mentally for this but obviously not as good as I thought ;)

Managed to pull in a load of laundry yesterday myself. I hope to crack on with the little bit of ironing that is left in the next couple of days if I have the energy to do so. I really hate letting the ironing build up as it gets too much for me really in one session to deal with.

I think I will go and put my feet up and rest whilst I can so till next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-15-2009, 04:32 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had really cold temps this morning: in the -30s and lower; a friend stopped by and said it was more like -40's :yikes:. DH tried to start the car and the battery was frozen, but he brought it in and recharged it; so it is working again.

Thankfully, we don't really need to go anywhere; we are gonna wait til the weather warms up. The only thing I don't like about January to March is the extreme cold and DH gets so bored that he can become a bit of a pain in the butt. :lol: He needs to find a new hobby, besides bugging me! ;)

MEOWEE ~ I hope your furniture delivery went smooth for you today, without any problems; and that the weather was nicer for you too!

PURPLE ~ Prayers going up for your DH and his teeth; feel sorry for anyone going through that, as I hate having bad teeth and dental work done too. I was up most of the night too; that scrape on my shin was stinging, so had to put on some salve and let it dry up again. So as not to bother DH, I layed on the couch but my sleep was fitful to say the least; our bed is so much more comfortable, but had to leave it open to the air. I will surely be more tired tonight. Sure wish this thing would heal up once and for all; never had a scrape give me such a hard time healing: not sure why it's taking so long ...

Honestly, I really understand how you feel about your tummy issue: when I look at mine, it saddens me too, but I have health concerns to deal with. Yes, give yourself some time and see how you feel after awhile. It's true that some problematic issues come up, esp the more weight you lose.

No, we are never quite prepared for all the changes losing weight brings with it: some people treat you differently; you get more attention than before (and not always the welcome kind); some people get jealous of you (your spouse, family members, friends & co-workers); you have to adjust to the new person looking back at you in the mirror (some people won't even know who you are); you have to adjust to the side effects of weightloss in itself (as we've mentioned already); you have to buy a completely new wardrobe (even if you enjoy that) but that's costly, and the healthiest foods also cost more; some people become unduly concerned about how much you are losing; plus, you may even worry about gaining it back, and find yourself saying, "How lucky do I feel? Will I be one of the 3-5% who are able to keep it off?"

Some of the ladies here say that maintaining is harder than the losing; I can see why. You are almost at your goal weight; pretty soon, and I noticed that you changed it from 170 to 167 lbs. How do you feel? I am getting used to this weight; and now want to get down some more so that I can feel even lighter. Right now, the most important things for me are my health; feeling more comfortable in my skin; and to be able to do more of the things that I would like to (like going places and walking longer distances again).

Whoa, that airwave TV fee is higher than I expected; and to me, that sounds a lot like the airwave police :eek:: I'm glad we don't have that here. I think we should always have an option to "opt out" of every service; that kind of negative billing sounds like too much control, and the folks would be outraged here. We had a huge rebellion here some years back when a cable company tried to dictate what TV channels you should watch and how much you should pay. It was called 'negative billing': and the people axed their accounts, in droves. The company was forced to rethink their business practices, and very quickly; but they lost many of their former customers to satellite dishes.

Well, it's time to go have a tea break and put my feet up; so take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-15-2009, 09:30 PM
:wave: good to hear your Dh's battery is working now Rosebud

:hug: Purple you have a good head on you and you have worked so hard. You have sooo much to be proud of.. dont judge your body too harshy.

01-16-2009, 11:48 AM
Hi Ladies

Still the weather remains dreary but it is winter and it is too be expected. At least it is not freezing and icy underfoot. Instead it is welly (wellingtons) weather and definitely :rain:.

Nothing much going on in my life right now just me playing nurse maid to DH ;)

ROSEBUD Sorry to hear that you have had a really bad night I hope last night was a wee bit better. How did you manage to graze your chin ? I so hope you did not take a tumble. Talking of grazes I managed foolishly to give myself one. I was on the phone and I had my legs stupidly resting on the door jarm. I was sitting down at my computer desk on my computer chair. When all of a sudden I got one of these twitches ( can get them in MS it is a misfired signal I think) well my legs dropped from their position on the door jarm right on to the corner of the computer table. Oh boy did I see stars and I had grazed the skin off of my left ankle. I bet I will have a shiner of a bruise tomorrow. Well I have learnt my lesson not to put my feet up there.

Glad your DH got the battery working again after being frozen. We do not know how lucky we are here never experiencing this problem.

The advice about how I feel for my body image at the minute is very sound and good advice thank you. I must admit I feel a lot different today I think it was the TOM making mountains out of mole hills :lol: It is so true I never really prepared myself for all the comments I would get on losing the weight. I suppose as I never mentioned such a thing to others. I would tell someone they look nice in an outfit but never anything about weight I feel that is none of my business. Though others do not have the same values as myself and I understand that. Never did I prepare myself for people telling me to stop losing weight. I am holding fairly steady at the minute give or take a few pounds. I eat plenty as my friends and family see when I have them over. Like we learn with the healthy eating it is what you eat more than anything else. If you have more of the volumemetric type food you get lots of it for less calories.

I choose the figure 170lbs when I started my weight loss but that was just a figure that I plucked out of the air somewhat. You see the figure 167lbs well that just happened to be the next increment of 14lbs which is a stone in my country. I have lost weight by using these stone increments so it may not be my goal weight. I will struggle I think to get into the 160's range as I can not do the exercise required but I will see where my body wants to sit and feels happiest at. I do have this niggling doubt in my mind that will I ever go back to the way I was weight wise. Though I try to push them from my mind and think I have adopted a new way of eating and if I stay with that then I will not go back there ever.

You ask me how I feel now that I am much lighter than I was. Health wise I did not get the big bonuses of others. Due to the fact the aches and pains was not health related but my MS. My mobility did improve as I was not lugging round 120+lbs around. I am happier mentally as I feel, I look better and I have had so many wonderful comments. It is so nice to go into the shop and choose what clothes I want rather than what fits. I now take much more pride in myself and see the old me returning that had slowly chipped away without me knowing. Not worry I am going to break anything sitting down or get stuck in turnstiles. No more struggling to fit into a seatbelt now they go round and loads to spare. The list is endless but the one word that sums it up best is FREEDOM. It is taking time to adjust to the new body and what this brings. I could judge by eye whether that would fit or not. Now I think the item is way to small and it is just perfect fit. So my mind needs to catch up with my body image. I hope that you start to get a little taste of freedom this year and your health continues to improve with this.

I had another restless night courtesy of DH but it is understandable with such pain. Thanks so much for the prayers that is very kind. He is a wee bit better this morning so hopefully the antibiotics have had some impact. He has made an appointment now for Monday to see the dentist again.

I have a survey to fill out as I am part of a trial scheme for a study into MS. I have been on it for several years now. It is about depression and MS. Depression can be a symptom of MS we are not depressed because we have MS it is changes in the brain that can bring this illness on. Touch wood I have been spared this so far. I was picked up at the MS clinic as I had my eczema at full swing at the time and that really was getting me down with very little sleep and poor quality come to that. So the end result of that was depression not that I was treated as I knew the reason why I was feeling a little low in mood. I was asked would I like to take part in the trial and I said I would be willing. I let them know that I thought my low mood was a result of the eczema being so bad and they said they still would love to have me on board. So the rest is history shall we say. I have to fill in a survey every 3 or 4 months and send it back. At the end of the trial I will be send the data that they have collected from the study group for me to look over. It will be interesting to see their findings and published report. I actually went on a 8 week course which meant attending one afternoon per week for that time. I loved the group it was about depression and MS. It was a great opportunity for me for the first time to meet other people with the same condition as mine. I was asked as well by the psychologist to run one part of the session as I was more qualified than herself in that area. It was nice that she asked me and did not put any pressure on me to do so. I enjoy teaching in a small group so this was me in my element. It was to do a talk on depression the signs the symptoms the reasons behind depression. For example you can get depression with bereavement which is quite well known but what is not so well know is depression without a cause or a reason.

VALPAL Hi there nice to hear from you as I know your schedule is manic at the minute. Yes I have to be easier on myself about my body and focus on the positive aspects of the fact I have lost the weight. I knew there was not going to be a beautiful stunning body with no flaws at the end. You can not expect to be the weight that I was and come away Scot free. So a few wrinkles and deflated balloon look is not too bad to live with. My DH still loves me very much no matter what I look like so I am very lucky lady.

Time to go and get this coffee drank before it is stone cold. Hi to NUMPSTER and MEOWEE hope your both well. I hope this reads OK for my concentration is not so great. Take care till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-16-2009, 04:37 PM

Yep the furniture is in place and I'm starting to get used to it. The cats, of course, hate it, but felines are notoriouslky opposed to change of any kind.

My back has been bothering me again and I have a very, very sore right ankle. Might have been doing a little too much furniture pushing but think it's more of a chronic thing than that.

Of course, the cold weather right now isn't helping any. Our normal highs at this time of year are right around the freezing mark. Today, after a full day of gorgeous bright sunshine and very little wind, we managed to get all the way UP to a balmy -25C / -10F. Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder. :brr:

See you later . . . :carrot:

01-16-2009, 09:15 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had nice sunshine today too; with colder temps during the night, but the sun did bring it up into the -20's for us. We decided to stay home and wait for the warmer days which should be coming this weekend or early next week. We will have to go eventually to pick up perishables like fruit, veggies, and bread though.

HI MEOWEE ~ glad you got your new furniture in the house and arranged; but now you better rest your back and ankle for awhile. Hope you feel better soon; like those temps much better.

HI VAL ~ nice of you to drop by; yes, DH has the battery in the porch on a low "trickle" charge, so if and when we want to go anywhere, he just has to put it back in the car, and we are good to go. He isn't sure how old it is; it could be older than we think. They can last anywhere from 3-9 years, depending on the make and the price. This was the first time it froze up on him (it came with the car), so I guess we were pretty lucky as the temps were really cold. Maybe if he had waited til later in the day and the sun was able to shine on the car longer, it might have been OK ... it's hard to say.

HI PURPLE ~ so glad you are feeling more chipper today; yes, that dang old TOM can bring the gloomies with it for sure: did that to me often. Since I turned 50 y/o, it has not made a visit; interesting ... maybe it has decided to leave for good??? Oh yes, now I remember how you got to #167, by using stones; that makes a lot of sense. I agree with VAL, you should be so proud of your accomplishments; and there's no need to worry about things. Soon enuff, you'll start maintenance, and that will help you keep on the straight and narrow.

I'm not really sure how I scraped my shin (the front calf of my right leg), but I suspect it was on my desk leg or something like that; and it was so small to begin with -- only about the size of the tip of my baby finger, but it got bigger for some reason. I almost didn't notice it at first; and I am trying different things, like antibiotic ointment right now. My doctor gave me a salve too; and I have been using it for quite awhile, but it keeps softening the scab and then it comes off, but the underside needs to heal better. I've tried leaving it open to the air like another doctor suggested; and it seemed like it was healing, but then didn't. It's a real puzzler for sure. I had more than one scrape in 2007 on my other leg and they healed quite quickly. I'm not really sure why this one isn't healing.

I do have a friend who had a sore on her leg that took up to two years to heal, but I was hoping it wouldn't be that bad. They used a charcoal paste on hers, but her leg was left with quite a huge scar. We both have sensitive skin and circulation issues, so that may be contributing to the problem. I thought my weight was adding to problem, but she is a normal weight person, and had the same problem, so now I am wondering if it was some type of infection that the doctors here didn't recognize. I just don't know ... I'm getting lots of people to pray for it, like I did for my friend. I am thinking of going back to the doctors again soon just to see what he thinks.

Spent my morning doing laundry and baked some muffins; only this time, I cut the sugar down to 1/4 cup and the oil to 1/8 cup; and they still taste quite good. I'm wondering if they really need any sugar in them at all with the ripe bananas in them, as they are quite sweet in themselves. I may yet use DH for a guinea pig, and try them without any sugar and see how they are. ;)

Well I hope everyone's having a great Friday night (you too NUMPSTER) and a wonderful weekend too ... take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-17-2009, 11:34 AM
Good Morning . . .

Another really cold, cold, cold day here in Nova Scotia but, once again, the sun is shining. Tomorrow is supposed to be the final day for our deep freeze. On Monday it's supposed to warm up enough to dump another 6 to 8 inches of snow on us.

I've been dithering about taking a run to town for a few things and guess I'll brave the cold because tomorrow could be even worse. :lol:

Have a good Saturday everybody. :grouphug:

01-17-2009, 02:06 PM
Hi fellow chicks

It is a bit blustery outside today and still remains around 7c which is normal for this time of year. At least no rain and we did see the sunshine for brief periods throughout the day.

I am having to take out dog out for a walk at the minute as I DH is still poorly with his tooth. The pain killers are knocking for six when they kick in. Though he only get short spells where there is very little pain. I can only walk very short distances especially on my own so planning my routes carefully so they incorporate lots of railings for me to hold on to. I must look like a drunk but hey better than falling. So poor Rizzie on rations at the minute regards distance but making the most out of a bad lot at the minute. Still I am sure it is my turn to look after him ;) as he does it all year round for me without complaint so a short spell is nothing really.

Made daphinoise potatoes today but tweaked them to be healthier using 0% total Greek yoghurt instead of cream and low fat cheese topping (but was sparing with this as I am not a cheese fan). I then made some hamburger after having the idea from Rosebud for the recipe. I didn't have onion powder so used grated fresh onion, did use garlic powder, grated carrot and oat bran. It was lovely and I coated lightly with tomato sauce the low sugar variety. All I can say it was yummy and will be a keeper of a recipe :T

MEOWEE Sorry to hear that you have a bad back at the minute. I am sure that the furniture moving as not helped ankle or back ;) I do hope things get better soon and things are more comfortable for you.

I hope you braved the cold weather and got your shopping in for the weekend. Have a lovely weekend and rest up no more moving furniture leave that for another day.

ROSEBUD Yes back to my normal barking mad self ;) and have a bright outlook on life again. I think TOM always makes me more down in mood more than I realise. I am fortunate that that do not stop too many days unlike they use too.

Gosh I read misread shin for the word chin have no idea why? Anyway got that mix up cleared up now and know what part of your body it is this graze. Some people for some reason are poor healers and it has nothing to do with being overweight. I have seen very slender people with the same problem taking months even years to heal. I do not know if anything else was in the charcoal paste because as far as I know charcoal does not promote healing though does help with any odours that a wound may be giving due to infection or necrotic skin (dead skin due to lack of blood supply for example). When I was nursing we use to use a gauze that was impregnated with charcoal and you would put this on after the active lotion or potion had been applied and a non stick lint applied. It is used to work wonders on the really horrid smelling wounds never believe that from a thin dressing with charcoal in .

I hope your doctor can shed light on which way forward with your wound to promote healing. Lets hope you can see them soon so treatment can start as soon as possible. It is a difficult condition (poor healing) you have to deal with there and it is a constant battle of being careful for sharp objects and looking after abrasions before to prevent them from detiorating.

I use my DH frequently for the purpose of guinea pig it is a good thing he is not fussy and is willing to try everything. I haven't had many complaints so far ;) let me know if you make those muffins without sugar and how DH thought they were.

Must go and put the home made soup to reheat up. I need to have something to eat so I can take my tablets. So bye all and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-17-2009, 04:10 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Boy, we've been blessed today with -7C temps; that has come up much higher than predicted so we went up town today. I had to pick up some things so we decided to take advantage; lots of other folks did the same: it was very busy today.

MEOWEE ~ glad you are able to get out to get some staples before anymore snow comes. So that means you were feeling better too. Sounds like you got the cold temps we had earlier this week; we were thrilled with the single - digits we got today with the sun helping a lot too.

PURPLE ~ Sorry, to hear your DH is suffering so much with his teeth; I guess they didn't want to pull them out. One of my brother's had to have all his pulled recently; he surely suffered (poor guy) as his teeth were so infected all the time, his new dentist said he'd be better off without them. He spent so much money on his teeth over the years, only to have to have them all pulled now anyways; and he went thru years of suffering. I know that he would rather have his real teeth, but two of my friends say they are actually glad they have false teeth now. Sending up some more prayers for him; hope he gets to see that dentist soon.

Thanks for your thoughts about my leg sore; actually, I had typed 'chin' by accident and saw the mistake and corrected to 'shin'. :lol: So, it wasn't you at all; it was me! ;) I am using triple-antibiotic ointment on a gauze pad right now; my sister suggested it. My aunt suggested OZONOL; so, that will be next try. I am going to call our clinic Monday morning to see if I can get in to see my doctor. We had sad news that he is moving away in April; and I am going to talk to him about that too, becuz that leaves many people here without a doctor. I was surprised that none of us were notified of this change: I think that should be manitory; that a doctor tries to make sure his patients aren't left hanging without one after they leave. I have had that happen to me so many times now. One time, I didn't have a doctor for over two years; was seen by fill-ins who came for 3 months at a time from down south.

ANYHOW, yes, I will let you know how those sugar-free muffins turn out; I have a so-called 'secret' recipe that I will find for you that has no fat in it. It uses fruit to sweeten it as well; I think bananas, apples, raisins, dates, and prunes all can sweeten muffins quite a bit. I managed to get a lb bag of FLAX MEAL at the grocery today; I think they were just sold out the last time I looked. I bet I could use that for some of the flour in my recipe; will have to try that too.

Good for you taking Rizzie for his walks; I'm sure he loves to go with you, even if it is shorter. Our NIKO loves to walk with anyone; so even though I can't walk as far as DH, he still loves to go with me, esp out at our lot where there is a nice oval flat area that looks much like a track. Someday, I hope to do half a block, then a whole block there, which is quite large. Can't wait for spring to arrive to go out there again.

Glad you tried those hamburger patties; and that you liked them. You can put anything you want in them. Sometimes, we have the leftovers patties with rice; I cook some rice and chop up the meat patties and add the rice and heat it through. This is also very nice and tastey. I use plain tin tomatoes, so the sugar shouldn't be too high; the sauce sounds good too.

HI to VAL and NUMPSTER ~ have a great Saturday ... Time for me to put my legs up a bit; did quite a bit of walking today as we had to go to two stores today. Bye for now :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-18-2009, 08:39 AM
Hi Ladies and good morning

I have woke up to a glorious sunny :sunny: day today and it is warming the lounge a treat ;). Even though it is beautifully sunny outside the temperatures are lower than yesterday at around 4c. So beauty deceives the cold temperatures :brr: .

I have been busy this morning writing a letter well typing :comp: as handwriting :write: is proving difficult for the last few weeks. My right hand isn't playing ball shall we say. I even fooled my my Mum when I send my Dad a birthday card for this Friday ( Dad's 75th birthday) she did not recognise my handwriting so was baffled who the card was from from the writing alone. I was writing to DH Auntie whom now lives in Cyprus with her husband. DH is no letter writer so I under take the task. I have also been busy in the kitchen preparing food. I have prepared some pineapple then put some pineapple yoghurt on top. Then used up a glut of banana's I have due to DH not eating like them as he normally does. So made that banana pudding with cocoa powder in them and vanilla essence. No vanilla essence so I just omitted it. So that is my morning just whizzed away in a flash with different chores. I wish to do the ironing but need DH to get the ironing board out for me. But at present he is sleeping so I am not going to disturb him for something trivial as that.

I think it is time that we bought some more bathroom scales as I think ours have gone haywire. My DH weight has gone up 14 pound in the last week which is virtually impossible :eek:. My weight seems to be dropping fast as well. So we changed the battery but it has not made a blind bit of difference to it :dizzy: I am not sure what is wrong with it but time has come to look for a new one when DH is back to full health I think. Till then I will continue to eat healthy and use my clothes to a guide if I am straying to far from the path. I use the scales to let me know if I am eating the right foods or going way of course and need to reel it in. So I know when we get the new scales I will have to readjust my ticker but better to be the right weight rather than some figure that these scales seems to be plucking out the air :dunno:

ROSEBUD Good to see that I am not going completely barking mad ;) I even went back to your post and saw that you had put shin so thought the error was mine. Well I know know that you altered your spelling error or typo. I hope you get to the doctor soon. One thing we used to do is put ordinary house salt used for cooking and put that in the bath. We did not put anything else in the bath water just a large quantity of salt. This bath water was then used to cleanse the wound naturally and salt is a natural antiseptic. Though this may not be possible for you to do as you may not have a bath in the home (like me) Plus I would need a board across the bath for me to sit and let it soak. I need lots of help and supervision in the bathroom with a bath. So a shower fits the bill nicely as I do not require no where near as much help with. It is more being aware that I am showering and listening :listen: out for me.

I know the protocol here in the UK is not :nono: to extract a tooth while there is infection there. I am not sure whether it is actually a tooth or an infection in the gum that spreads across three teeth. I am sure we will find out more when he goes to the dentist tomorrow. I am sure they will do a referral to the orthodontist at the hospital. I really hope he gets an appointment soon as he is so unwell at the minute. He is sleep a little better last night but I think it is due to the fact he is exhausted :tired: with being up in the night for several nights running. He is not used to broken sleep he sleeps extremely well normally for 6 or 7 hours straight through unlike me.

I know some people who regret having their teeth removed and others who are on the other flip of the coin. My Mum has dentures but that was due to the fact when she was 11 she lost a few teeth in an accident so a partial denture was made with the missing teeth. They in those days had wires to keep them in place which wrapped around other teeth. Those over the years where eroded by these wires so they required extraction. So the pattern when on that where the wires where to denture it eroded the teeth. I am sure had this happened today she would still have her own teeth apart from the ones lost in the accident.

Sorry to hear that your doctor is leaving gosh it is really bad that you are left without a doctor. My parents some years ago GP (doctor but GP stands for General Practitioner) retired after being their doctor for some 30 odd years. Though all that happened the surgery which they go to employed a new doctor and he took on all of the the old doctors patients on. My parents were reluctant at having a new GP as the old GP had been good to them over the years. Though they no need to worry as the new GP is great to them and takes such good care of them. He is a young GP but he treats his patients like friends and relatives so you feel at ease. He with this attitude seems to go the extra mile for his patients to get the best possible care he can for each and every one of his patients.

It is tricky to get hold of flaxseed from the grocery store here in their small health food section. I tend to get mine from my parents home town in a health food store. I thought they would be mega expensive but they are about the same price as the supermarket. I also get the flaxseed with gojo berries ground in it as well this gives the flax a reddish tinge to it. It makes it slightly sweeter in taste with the berries being in it.

Oh Rizzie loves walks alright but I feel I am short changing him as he is so use to 3 mile walks with DH every day. Though I can't do that distance. I did take him as far as I could yesterday with stops along the way. Oh well I am sure it is better than him getting no walks. I did take him to the park so he could run about which is about 3 minute walk away. That allowed him to burn off some energy that he has.

Yes I loved the patties and like the idea that you can sneak some bran or oats in there to make it healthier. I must get some onion powder and some more garlic powder as I am low on the garlic powder. So I can make more of these as DH loved them as well. I think I will have ago with making it with tinned tomatoes as a sauce next time. To jazz up the sauce put some garlic and herbs through it :T I think that would work.

I have no more news for now. I will say a quick hello :wave: to MEOWEE, VALDINE & NUMPSTER I hope your having a wonderful weekend and your all well. Time for me to make a start on the lunch so bye for now.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-18-2009, 10:23 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

01-18-2009, 09:28 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ had a lovely sunny day with lower temps. Just having a nice restful Sunday. Friends came over for some games this aft and the ladies won. :D We had a yummy lean round roast beef dinner with veggies ... a wee bit of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream for dessert (a fruit nappy).

PURPLE ~ yes, I have heard of the salt in the water bath; and we do baking soda in warm water; and also Javex bleach in warm bath too. All of these are supposed to do the same thing. I had my big toe nail torn almost off once and used a warm bath with a bit of javex in for disinfection and that worked wonders too.

Glad your DH is going to the dentist tomorrow; they should have some solution for him shortly. You have been a busy bee yourself. I like to have showers or a sitz bath; I have a gerry bench and can put the water in high enuff to soak my leg. Will be doing that probably tomorrow, I think.

HI to MEOWEE, and VAL, and NUMPSTER: hope you all had a great Sunday ...

Not much going on here right now either; I'm gonna put my legs up and do a puzzle and DH is watching a comedy movie. Take good care now ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-19-2009, 07:54 AM
Good Morning . . . I think? . . . It's really weird out there -- pouring rain and the temperature is already well above the freezing mark at first light. supposed to get to almost double digits (about 50F) by noon and then start dropping back into the freezing range again. All the schools have been closed in anticipation of the really nasty road conditions coming.

Oh well . . . I'm definitely glad I don't have to go anywhere today. :yes: Hope the rest of you have a good day shaping up . . . :grouphug:

01-19-2009, 07:56 AM
Hi Ladies and good morning

I have woke up to rain :rain: this morning so no sign of Mr sunshine :sunny: anytime soon. Let's hope it does not freeze else it will be a skating rink out side with all this rain.

Has I have told you we are having a school built at the back of our bungalow. This is a school for children with special needs so it is suppose to be a school with state of the art facilities giving the children the best possible chance to grow to their full potential. The workforce work Monday to Saturday (half day Saturday though) and have Sunday off. They must behind schedule as they were working for the first time this Sunday. I must admit it has not been as noisy as I thought it would be I suppose that is due to the fact we have a huge pile of earth banked up and this is acting as a buffer to the sound.

ROSEBUD Well D day has arrived to for DH and that could not come soon enough. He really does look like a hamster now with his face all swollen. Yesterday was particularly bad for him pain wise I wish I could take the pain away from him.

Trying to give him foods that are soft to eat as that has become very painful and he need to line his stomach if he can due to pain killers. I have made sausage casserole today and cooked it for a long time so everything such be very soft for him. We will have soup for tea today as again that is filling and nutritious. I might even make some of my own after today because that way I can make a big pan of it and use some of my vegetables I have lurking about.

I have over the past few days spent many a hour browsing and reading over this site I have come across. This is the web sites address I know like me you live on a tighter budget and this has woke me up to see that there are more savings I can make. I know it is a UK site and some of the forums will not pertain to you like benefits but certain ones like good old fashsioned savings will. I know one or two of the words will be a wee bit different but If you need a translation ;) I will do my best to shed light on the situation. I thought I was quite frugal but I know there are more areas now I need to work on.

By the end of yesterday I was shattered I had been busy for the best part of yesterday and I did the ironing too. By the last couple of items I had really had enough and I was so tired I could have quite easily have cried. With ironing done I sat down and relaxed and watched a DVD. We have been watching the series Ghost Whisper it was nice to sit and wind down to.

I really must go and get ready as DH is going to the dentist shortly and I want to go with him. I have a few chores that I need to do like post letters and get basic groceries. I also need to drop my prescription in for my monthly medication. Bye ladies and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-19-2009, 04:19 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we are having lovely sunshine today and temps in the -20s C; but that's not too bad for here. Supposed to be nice like this right to the end of January; hope the forecasts are correct. Then we just have to get thru February and March, as things start to really warm up in April. :D

PURPLE ~ Thanks for that link for the moneysaving ideas; I'm open to any and all suggestions. Since I have increased our grocery budget by up to $100 so that we can eat more fruits, veggies, and lean meats; I am cutting back on other things to make up for some of that. As you know, I make a lot of homemade stuff too: soups, stews, muffins, and biscuits. Also, I make a lot of one-pot meals; like oven dinners where I put meat of any kind in the center and surround that with a variety of veggies and new potatoes with skins on. I use a medium-sized roasting pan and add about 2 cups of water or broth and bake for 2+ hours or until the meat is tender. You can do this with any lean beef or pork, lamb, chicken, and turkey. The only one I do the veggies separate is for Ham becuz of the salty juices that come from it (we don't eat that); or if we really want some mash potatoes for a change.

Wow, feel so bad for your DH that his whole face is swollen up; sounds like it was worse than you thought. That's a good idea making all that homemade soup; I made a big pot recently and filled up several containers and put them in the freezer. I try to make different kinds; sometimes chicken-based, and others are tomato-based with beans and veggies too.

I was wondering if you couldn't set up your ironing board in front of your TV and watch a show or a movie while doing you're ironing. It would make it go so much faster and not be so much of a drag for you. When I was a teen, I would listen to the radio; then as an adult, I would watch TV. I remember when people used to iron everything; nowadays, becuz of perma-press materials for most linens and such, we don't have to iron anymore. In the summer, I shake my clothes out as I am taking them out of the washer and that helps them have less wrinkles; then when they are on the line for a few hours, all the wrinkles are gone. Our landlord says that he is going to help DH put up a pole for my clothesline in our backyard this spring; so, that will save us using the dryer from spring to fall.

DH went up town for me today and picked up a new pail so that I can soak my leg in it whenever I want and don't have to fill up the whole bathtub each time. He got one of those tall 5-gallon ones and it is perfect; and it only cost him about $5.00.

MEOWEE ~ it almost seems like the weather can't make up it's mind what it wants to do. Do I want to be spring, summer, or winter? :lol: I vote for spring right now ...

Well, it's time to put up my legs and do a puzzle; we did our housechores this morning and DH just put some caulking in the cracks on the outside walls to stop cold air that was coming in our livingroom under the bases at the bottom. That should help quite a bit; it's worth a few bucks to save many bucks and feel more comfortable too.

HI to VAL and NUMPSTER ... hope you are having a great Monday!

Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-20-2009, 06:54 AM
Hi Ladies

Good morning it looks lovely outside today but it is so deceiving it is really cold out there. It is 2c so not exactly warm plus there is a chilly wind. I am not venturing much outside unless I have to. It is to cold for my face.

Managed to do some exercise yesterday for 30 minutes on my wobble machine I had hoped to do a wee bit more but my body said NO so i listened :listen: to it for once. So no ill effects today though tired. I think it is due to the broken sleep I am getting from DH not that I sleep through the night anyway but I do get the odd night where that does happen. Yes infection really set in with looking like a hampster. Went to the dentist though he did not get refferred to hospital as we thought the dentist as prescribed 2 antibiotics to take at the same time. So he has piggy backed them or so that is called in the medical profession this is when you use another drug which is for the same thing along side for better effect. I have this with having 2 anti epilepsy drugs to take at the same time there aim is for both to stop nerve pain. Dentist also prescribed a pain killer but it was the same as I had been giving him anyway. They hope that this treatment may save the teeth. This is because the teeth are at the front. The area that is infected is above the canine tooth and the tooth either side of that. Due to the infection not being in the teeth but the gum. Drilling into the tooth would not provide relief as it would not drain it. They will on odd occasions do that and drain an infected tooth to give relief. I had that once with a front tooth mind you it was a very long time ago so can not remember a lot about it.

Went to the pharmacy to get antibiotic for DH and found a bargain a bathroom scales for half price so I paid $14.50 CAD. They are all singing and dancing ones not only due they take your weight but your BMI and body fat. They store the information as well for you in it's memory. I have not set up this feature yet but used the basic weighing scales. You can guess which way the scales went I am heavier on these scales by 4lbs :eek: never be the other way round. I am not sure why DH is so heavy I am hoping it is the combination of lack of exercise, being ill and medication. So as soon as he becomes well the weight will melt off. He hasn't eaten that badly oh he has had one or two things off plan but not enough to warrant that much weight gain. I think if this does not resolve shortly a visit to the doctor is called for to do some blood work to see what is going on. I know rapid weight can be caused by thyroid not working right, liver not working properly and diabetis. His father and brother both had or have the condition and there is an increased risk of it happening due to genetic link. My increase is of getting it is higher than the general population due to father and grandfather both having it.

MEOWEE :wave: The weather in your neck of the woods sounds really bad at the minute especially if they are closing schools due to the probable bad road conditions. I hope weather wise things are getting better and it is back to normal for this time of the year. Roll on spring and summer, I bet they can not come soon enough for you.

I just noticed that your ticker has moved quite a bit in the right direction so well done you for the weight loss. It is just that bit harder to lose weight when you have physical challenges to contend with as well.

ROSEBUD Like me I am open to ideas to save money or new recipes to use up bits and pieces that you seem to have from a meal. Not only those savings but other little techiques around the home in general they all add up to saving.

I try to make a lot of homemade foods as it is cheaper and nicer for that matter. They are big savings to say the least. I love one pot meals as now it less messing about for me with having MS there is less energy in the pot to things. Though I prefer home made food so these type of meals are excellent in labour saving and fuel for cooking.

I have made a cottage pie today with a little bit of mince turkey and vegetables I had left in the freezer. There will not be much meat it is mostly potatoes and vegetable but it uses up that mince without wasting it. I have put in a little sage and onion stuffng in the potato for a twist to make something called herby cottage pie. I thought the cottage pie would be soft enough for DH to eat. I will serve it with vegetables that I will steam in pressure cooker and gravy from the sausage casserole from yesterday. I still have two portion of the sausage casserole left for me and DH to eat later in the week. Plus I have made some patties up from the pototoes that I used for a topping for the cottage pie. I made to much as I over esimated :o So I will put a smidge of spray oil in a frying pan and cook them later in the week with some vegetable burgers. With not being able to shop for my big weekly groceries that I normally do as DH is out of action pretty much. It has made me inventive and look round in my freezers and cupboards to come up with healthy meals. In actual fact I have loved the challenge of thinking what can I make with that which is healthy.

I have made a jelly today and used up some tinned mandarin oranges to put in them. So a sneaky way to get some fruit into DH yet again. Good job he does not read these post about the way I con him into different fruits. The technique is to disguise it as a yummy dessert ;) Yesterday I drained a tin of peaches and patted them dry with kitchen roll. I blended them down to a puree. I then got some natural yoghurt and sweetened it a tad with sweetener. I then just spooned into a glass a layer of peach puree and then a layer of natural yoghurt. Afterwards it looked really pretty and DH gobbled it all up :T

I am in the process of watching something called Victorian Farm about 3 people who are living like Victorian farmers for 12 months. It is showing the skills and techiques used at that time. Like making pickles, piccalilli and tomato sauce all from the autumn glut of fruit and vegetables. No lids to seal like today pigs bladders where used to go over the jars to protect them. It is excellent I am learning so much from this and remembering some of the things my grandfather did. My granddad worked on the same farm for 40 years and some of the skills he did were from that era.

Hello :wave: NUMPSTER & VALDINE hope your both well and the weather is not being to unkind to you. I hope that your both well ?

Bye now must crack on got a few chores to catch up with so take care all.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-20-2009, 05:46 PM
Hi there . . . :grouphug:

Yep . . . our weather is definitely back to seasonal -- that means it is a good bit warmer; just a few degrees beflow the freezing mark; it also means it's a lot less sunny too. Oh well . . . win some and lose some. :lol:

This SI back problem is acting up again, big-time. Mostly all I've done today is take too many Tylenol and sleep a lot. Thinking of taking myself to the after hours clinic tomorrow since I know it will take me two weeks to get an appointment with my own doctor. :rolleyes: Don't know what they can really do about it anyway -- I've definitely not heard great things about the joint fusion option.

Oh well . . . that's enough of my complaining for now . . . see you later . . . :wave:

01-20-2009, 10:00 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we spent almost the entire day looking and waiting and listening for the US inauguration ceremonies for their newest president, BARAK OBAMA. Since we don't have a TV connection right now, we were able to catch his speech and the ceremonies on our national CBC radio. His speech was wonderful; and we really enjoyed it. What an amazing day this was for so many Americans. The whole world was watching and we are very happy for this momentous day in US history.

HEY PURPLE ~ so glad that your DH got to the dentist and they have given him some meds for that infection in his gums. I picked up some chewable vitamin C for both DH to help him fight off that cold he had; they were on sale half price. I noticed that I an feeling better already. Sorry to hear that you and DH have both gained some weight or at least for you, it could have been the scales for sure.

HI MEOWEE ~ sorry to hear your back is acting up; will send up some prayers for you. Don't blame you for just taking it easy; maybe that's the best healer right now ...

We ate well today: had a lovely roast chicken dinner with veggies. Just did the normal daily stuff and I just finished having a shower and came in here to post while my long hair dries. HI to VAL and NUMPSTER ~ Wednesday coming up tomorrow: half the week is done ... yeah!!!

Take care friends :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-21-2009, 01:58 PM
Hi Ladies

It is cold out today but sunny. So took the opportunity to put my washing on the line to have a blow outside. My fingers were so cold by the time I had finished and i did not have heaps to put out either. I have brought them in now some 4 hours later they have done well outside and just need to air before ironing them.

I have promising news on the DH infection front. Last night he was in absolute agony and virtually climbing the walls. I suggested a salt mouth wash which he did several times, just rinsed the mouth out with warm salty water then fresh water which did provide some relief. Then a warm compress on his face again giving some relief. I am by no means religious but I did pray extremely hard last night to ask for pain relief for him. Then this morning DH asked me to look at this lump in his mouth. Has I was taking a look it just burst ( so just seeing that was just pure luck). Since that point on he has started to feel much better and the pain level has decreased. I have sent thanks up for answering my prayers. I am just hoping this is the turning point in his return to full health.

I have good news on the weighing scales front for my DH he is down 6lbs today so it appears to be levelling out. I suppose he will have added a few pounds due to the inactivity and new scales making me a few pounds heavier also. Been good on the exercise front for the last few days I have been on the wobble machine and today took a small walk with DH who wanted a little walk out of the house for some fresh air. If I have enough energy later on I will take a session on the wobble machine for 20 minutes.

MEOWEE Not sure what SI is as I am not so use to using many abbreviations here in the UK. Sorry to here that your in pain and having to take lots of pain medication. I hope you got to go to the clinic to see if they can help you. It sounds like your doctors is like our GP's (doctors) you wait a couple of weeks to see them :dunno: but if you really need to see them then stress it is a emergency and you will get an appointment.

My sister is waiting to have a disc gram on her spine as she has had major problems and extreme pain still after a car accident when a drunk driver hit her. Depending on what they find ( if they find what they expect is there) she is going to have a rod and screws :fr: in her spine. I know this is a big operation as I have a friend who has had this done. I am not sure what the pro's and con's of having a infusion ( I presume you mean spinal) as I don't know nothing about this or not done so in my professional capacity either.

ROSEBUD I have heard of many 3fc users on here getting new scales and having them weigh more than previously. So I had fully expected it would happen so I was prepared. If it went the other way round and I was less I wouldn't have complained so you take the good with the bad. My clothes don't feel any different and I have been predominately on plan so no major worries.

Yes as you say a poignant moment in history for the American people with BARAK OBAMA becoming president. I had a thought the other day in the shower I do wish that Rosa Parks had lived to see the day and how please she would be to see this moment. It was also big new here for the day also as UK is a close allie with the USA. So any important news from the USA is broadcast here in the UK.

When is it you get your TV connection? It reminded me when you said you listened to it on the radio of an age gone by that we all used to listen to the radio avidly as that was the form of entertainment for all. Televisions in their infancy was expensive and when we were young children we did not have a televison. I can remember getting the first black and white television then the colour one a many years later. We thought it was wonderful though as much as I loved television my love still remained for my books as they transported me to places the television could never do.

I watched a programme about being overweight and anorexic. The father was about 320lbs and the daughter 105lbs (and she was 5ft 7" tall). They were both in councilling and it showed they both had issues with food. They both had obsessive compulsive behaviour and the father was dominating. The father was not being dominating in a cruel way but he was trying to prevent his daughter from making any mistakes in life that she had no choices. Like for her exams taken at the age of 15/16 he had told her what subjects she was taken. Though with the councelling he did not tell her what exams to take for the next level which you take normally at the age of 17/18. With having control back in her life she did not feel that the only thing she had left that she had some say over was food. It made me stop and look at my own issues with food with being overweigh for so long. Yes I do have some obsessive compulsive behaviors and if I do not watch myself they can get out of hand. I used food as a crutch for so long for when I was every emotion under the skin where now I am learning not to use food for those reasons and use other methods.

Time to shoot must get a drink to take my tablets so bye for now and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-21-2009, 04:29 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we woke up to really mild temps today, only -4C; hasn't been that mild in ages, so we took advantage and went up town to do our weekly shopping today. Well, I was able to get some more deals; picked up some more of that lean hamburger for 1.97 lb so we have enuff to last us to spring I think.

Also I got a belated Christmas present: it a lovely sitting stool shaped like a "-u-" with sides and it was on for a really low price. I had admired it at Christmas but they only had one and a lady was buying it, so I thought I was outa luck. Today, when we went shopping, DH found another one; maybe they ordered another one or had one in storage (we don't really know), but DH insisted that I get it as a present for myself becuz he got a big tool for Christmas that cost the exact same price. The reason I had wanted it is that it is lower to the floor with and is cushioned all the way around and the chair I usually sit on to use my PC was too tall and legs and butt were always hurting from the circulation being cut off (which isn't good for me). So, now I am so comfy while I am typing and what a relief it is.

PURPLE ~ Speaking of relief, I am so happy that you noticed that boil of infection in your DH's mouth; I bet he is so grateful that you found it. Am so glad that your prayers were answered; sometimes GOD answers us by giving us WISDOM, as in this case.

The other day, DH lost his glasses; and we searched everwhere in this house over and over with no luck. So I told him I would pray while he went back to do the snow shoveling. Sure enuff I asked GOD if his angels could help me find the glasses as they were $300 and he needs them to see. Well, would you believe a thought came whammo into my mind to go look around the doorway and all of sudden I saw something shiny (the sun was reflecting off of something in the coat closet). I started laughing becuz the glasses were stuck to a sweater and were hanging there by a single thread. :lol:

Apparently, DH had the glasses in his hands and was talking with his hands like all good Frenchmen do; and they got caught on the sweater, but DH was so busy talking he forgot about it totally. I'm afraid his memory is really getting bad these days, so I have to ask GOD for searching angels to help me a lot. His mother had ALZHEIMER's and I'm afraid that he has all the symptoms of early onset Alzheimers too. He gets frustrated, but lately I have managed to convince him not to get so angry becuz I can help him if he just lets me ... and everything seems new to him becuz he forgets it awhile later, like movies, for instance.

Anyways, I was able to get some walking in today and I felt much better becuz it wasn't so cold; the cold really hurts my back and legs, which makes it harder for me to walk. So glad your DH was able to get out for a walk today and those nasty scales went down for him too. I am trying to watch how much salt I use becuz I know that can cause me to hold a lot of water in my body.

MEOWEE ~ prayers going up for your back that you will be feeling better soon.

HI to VAL and NUMPSTER ~ well, Wednesday is pretty much over and tomorrow is Thursday; only one more day and it's Friday again. Hope you both are feeling well ...

Take good care ladies :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-22-2009, 11:03 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

Silly back is still annoying me, but not too badly -- right ankle is hurting a lot too -- Geez, I must be getting old or something. :s: Your new stool sounds great, ROSEBUD. Hope it works well for you. I use a steno chair set very low downstairs and I still love my big exercise ball as a computer chair up here. Neither one seem to bother the back any more (or less) than anything else.

We have sunshine right now but there is some snow in the forecast for later this afternoon. Hopefully not too much.

Woke up to overturned chairs and an overturned under-sink garbage can this morning. Obviously the cats had a busy night. :lol: Guess I'll buy a lidded can for under the sink. Purrecious will eventually figure out how to get it open, but it should slow them down for a wee bit. Now, about the chairs -- all I can think of is nailing them all to the floor. :dizzy: Oh well, nothing really got damaged and they certainly keep things from getting dull. :yes:

Have a good day ladies . . . :carrot:

01-22-2009, 12:49 PM
Hi Ladies
It has been a rainy day on and off. It rained throughout the night from about 7pm so pretty miserable here weather wise. We have building works at the back of our bungalow at the minute and it looks like they are today sorting the storm drains out at the back here. We have had very wet back gardens for a long time but no one wanted to take responsibility for this problem but now they are building on the land I would suspect they are having huge trouble with the water themselves. They were there with rods and then later they were digging up an area a couple of bungalow ups. I really do hope they sort the issues out with the water so that we no longer become water logged.

I have been busy with the laundry stripping the two beds we have (spare one and the one we sleep in) so they are both washed now and made up. Towelling is also been washed so I think I have caught up with laundry chores. All I have is a very small amount of ironing to do. So I can have a fairly restful weekend which I had planned for.

My DH did not have such a good night last night as once again he was woken by his mouth giving him pain. So he used my wheat pad (type of bag filled with wheat that you can heat in the microwave) to do some heat therapy on the area. He did eventually get some relief so was able to fall asleep and get some more rest. He has made another dental appointment for tomorrow to see the dentist and see which way forward he wants to go with treatment for this infection.

Did not get to come on the INTERNET till later as DH PC decided to go sick on us probably in sympathy with him :D After some fiddling around and diagnosing it by trial and error it was found to be the video card. (This is what gives you a picture) Until DH PC was fixed I could not go on the INTERNET as my connect comes via his. It is a big enough connection to support both of our needs and worked out cheaper that way. Fortunately DH has some spare parts (parts taken out when he has upgraded PC) it is not a great video card but will work for the interim till we go shopping for one. DH never throws any PC part out just for this reason they will do for the emergency repair until you can buy a replacement. I seemed really lost without my connection so initially I have written this on a word pad my news until I get to read the posts.

ROSEBUD Sounds like you have a really useful present a computer chair that is comfortable to your needs. We saved up our money and bought executive computer chairs. So they are padded and very comfortable. I spend a fair amount of time in my chair so we thought the buy was worth it for comfort alone. I have had mine now for years and years so the buy was well worth the money.

Good job you prayed for finding your DH glasses as they are so expensive to replace. The trouble is you can not do without them for very long. I need them for both distance and near work now. That is why I have varifocal instead of two pairs of glasses. Mind cost me around $500 for the pair but I did have one other feature put on my glasses which makes my lenses turn darker in the sun or bright light. This makes them like sun glasses but with the prescription lenses in. Not sure when my next test is due for my eyes but lets hope there is no change to the prescription. I could use the frames again but it would mean being without my glasses for a couple of weeks or if I take them to a store that makes them up in about an hour.

I really do hope that your DH has not got early onset Alzheimer's. It may mean that because his mum had the condition your seeing symptoms that are just down to the normal ageing process and adding two and two up and getting five. I know when you have cared for a loved one with this condition your more acutely aware of the symptoms and we all have them to a degree but this is just the normal ageing process as I said. When I started nursing and they were giving the signs and symptoms of different mental health disease I was convinced I had each of them in turn. I eventually had a light bulb moment and realised that we all have the symptoms so these diseases but for us they do not intervene or disrupt our daily living to any extent. We all get moments of being depressed and being elated. We can all have schizophrenic traits like you find yourself taking to absolutely no one :o If it gets to the point where you are really worried ask your doctor to take a look at him. Maybe the simple basic testing that they do will put your mind at rest. Here the basic test include asking who is on the throne, the PM , what is todays date, give the person 5 simple everyday objects to remember and a couple of minutes later ask them to recall them, what hospital is this, or what doctors surgery is this? Getting anyone of these questions wrong doesn'tt mean you have dementia or Alzheimer's you have a score and if you score below a certain amount then further tests will be asked for. ( well this is the normal protocol in the UK, the questions maybe different in Canada to suit the current events or titles of certain people. Like for example you would not ask who was the PM in USA you would ask who was the President)

MEOWEE Seems that your cats have been rather mischievous to say the least. My dog is rather mischievous especially when we are out. He likes to remove the cushions and seat cushions into a heap in the middle of the lounge floor. I do wish I had a camera to see him achieve this task and how long it takes him. He manages to take it off the 3 piece suite , and the two armchairs. Have been out for a short while today and fortunately no furniture arranging today ;)

I hope that your back starts to improve soon it is not nice being in pain constantly it starts to get you down no matter how upbeat person you are.

Must go, I have been typing this much longer than I expected so it is turning into a Marathon entry. :wave: NUMPSTER and VALDINE hope your both well. One more day to go and then it is the glorious weekend for you to both enjoy.

Take care and catch up with you soon
:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-22-2009, 08:52 PM
HI LADIES ~ We had another milder day; it snowed all night though, but the sun came out nice and bright by this
afternoon, so DH took NIKO for a walk, but he said there was a terrible cold wind so he had to come back.

Just made some apple-bran muffins for a change. I tried them without sugar and we still liked them, but I think next time, I will put a couple of artificial sweeteners in them and see how that is; I forgot to today. I did my towel laundry today too. We're having leftover roast chicken and veggies tonight.

HEY PURPLE ~ You are so right; as we age, our memories play tricks on us, and DH is 61 years young. He gets so upset with himself (even angry sometimes); and I try to assure him that this is quite normal. Yes, his mother had Alzheimers and I worked with these patients, so it is so easy to start thinking, 'oh no, that reminds me of my mom' or 'that reminds me of our patients' and so on, just like you say.

I have suggested that the next time he goes to see his doctor to mention this; but he will have to write a note to remember ... heck, even I have to write a note so that I remember to mention things to my doctor, as I forget things as well. I have heard doctors complain about patients who bring notes, but I think they must have a problem or something. My doctor didn't seem to mind it.

HI MEOWEE ~ sounds like your kitties have a ball playing around at night. Our NIKO loves to play by himself too, throwing balls around and running after them. But, if we leave him in the porch while we are away, he chews the edges of the straw snow mat, even if we give him bones and toys: we think this is separation anxiety as he was abandoned in the past. Lately, we have been taking him with us instead, and he is good as gold in the car. You're right, our little furry friends do make our lives so much more interesting and fun for sure ... ;)

HI VAL and NUMPSTER ~ TGIF ... well ladies, tomorrow is Fantastic Friday ... the last day of working for this week -- Hope you both have a good day!!!

Take good care :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-23-2009, 07:18 AM
Hi fellow chicks

Well it is still continuing to rain none stop so getting the canoe out tomorrow ;) Seriously it is very wet here and big puddles forming due to the level of rainfall in the past 24 hours or so.

Dentist is looming for my DH today at lunch time so will no more as regards the treatment he wishes to give to DH. One blessing DH did sleep all through the night so that is a good thing. Though I did leave out pain killers just in case. Now DH is not taking the pain killers much he is terrible about taking antibiotics I have to chase him up to make sure he has taken it. Thank goodness he does not have to take it on a regular basis or I would have no hair left :D

I have a little crack on my thumb where the skin has spilt for no reason. I fell with a bottle when I was a child and it was in the day when they were made of glass. I was going to the local shop to get some vinegar. I was going to buy the amount that we needed and they put it into the bottle or container you had given them. The ultimate way of not using the planets resources unnecessarily. You recycled your bottles and kept them for getting things in the quantity you wanted rather than the quantity the shop sold. Not many items went into the bin as very little packaging and certainly very little wasted food as you could not afford to. Well I digress it is splitting down the scar from this injury. The only thing I can think of is with it being winter my body is devoid from moisture and due to the dry skin it has cracked. i can remember my Nanna suffering the same way when I was a child but you do not pay to much attention at that age.

ROSEBUD I think most doctors do not mind a reminder list for their patients though I think what bothers them is when you put down every ache and pain. So you end up with a list that is really long rather than one that has maybe 3 or 4 things you wish to ask.

When I go to the MS clinic once a year well this time it is 18 months I take a list of important things. This is because if I forget to ask about something then I have a long time till I see the specialist. I do have an open ended appointment as well as they are called which means you can phone up and ask the MS nurse about seeing the doctor. Though it has got to be something very serious before they refer you. I have only got to see the doctor once that way and it was when I was suffering extreme pain in my face. I was getting passed from my dentist to my doctor with no joy both saying that it other was responsible to get my pain under control. I was referred to the MS doctor and it was such a relief to get a name to what I had wrong with me. I had trigeminial neuralgia and it was treatable ( though notoriously difficult to get the pain under control ). My own doctor had not picked it up as it is not a common condition so hence would not suspect it.

Fridays here which must be your best day when you work. I know I always loved my last day at work before some days off. IT was not necessarily Friday as my days off were often mid week. Hi to :wave: MEOWEE, VALDINE & NUMPSTER I hope your all well and the weather is being kind to you.

Bye for now I must start to get lunch under way. Plus start to make preparations for a casserole for tomorrow (turkey thigh one with heaps of beans and vegetables) Take care and catch up with the news soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-23-2009, 04:07 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we have been having a bit of a snow storm here all day, but the sun still tries to peak thru every now and then. The snow and cold winds are coming from the north; so I don't even want to go out there. DH went out and did the entrance way of our place as well as our neighbours, so he could go to the hospital: GOD BLESS HIM! He is good that way ...

I made a pot of tomato-bean soup for lunch as I knew DH would appreciate that after being out there in that cold; and it was very yummy. Not really doing too much today; just the every day housechores which I spread throughout the week to make it easier on my back. Well, we've been doing pretty good not using too much gas for our heat, as they did an adjustment for us as we'd hoped they would, which means savings for us in the end. It just makes sure we keep within our planned budget and won't have to dig into our discretionary funds too much ... yeah!!! That's with our temps actually higher than last year (another 6 degrees colder on average).

HI PURPLE ~ glad DH was able to sleep better last night; yah, I have to remind DH to take his pills and vitamins too. That's why they need us around, right? ;) My DH gets those cracks in his hands too and they can smart pretty good; they say that they are from the cold and dry conditions. I picked up some local sausages that are very lean and am gonna make them up with a tomato base and beans; I think that will taste very good. Tonight, we may end up having fish ...

HI MEOWEE ~ hope you were able to get in your weekly Thursday mall crawl and/or shopping and the weather isn't too bad. Also hope your back is feeling better too!

HI to VAL and NUMPSTER ~ hope you both have a great Friday night and weekend ...

Well, it's time to go put my legs up and do a puzzle; take good care :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-24-2009, 08:07 AM
Hi Fellow Chickie's

It is freezing here :brr: our lawn is all whited over from the frost. The paths are a bit treacherous as they are all icy from all the rain we had the last few days which meant when it froze it was wet on the ground. So I will not be venturing to far a fields today unless it thaws out.

DH when to the dentist yesterday and he was examined by him. The dentist could see two abscesses on his gums so he numbed the region and then cut the gum slightly for it to drain. DH has to go back next Friday to see the dentist then. He slept through the night again but mouth sore now from the sites injected to numb the area. DH is renowned from getting infections in these injection sites so fingers crossed this does not happen this time. He says that the site that they injected are the most sore this morning which is not such a good sign.

I have a casserole in the oven at the minute a turkey thigh one, with lots of vegetables in there and beans Flageolet and ballotti). There will be enough casserole for us for two days. I though if there is enough vegetables left from the casserole I would make a vegetarian type cottage pie from it. ( not completely vegetarian I know as it has been cooked with turkey) So I will squeeze another meal out from it. I have prepared plenty vegetables to steam as well. If there is any left over I will make a bubble and squeak type potato topping for my cottage pie.

I tried yesterday very unsuccessfully to try and do a walking Pilate's weight loss video. Well I am so uncoordinated I could not do both hands and feet together. I tried desperately to keep up with the work out. Not that it was very strenuous or anything like it but it was making me hotter. So the raise in my body temperature was a disaster I had to stop my DH was worried about me as I looked unwell. I felt it as well for hours afterwards. So I think this was too much for me I will stick with my own type of exercise walking when I can and wobble machine. Unfortunately I react badly to heat it brings on symptoms of my MS and now that I have deteriorated it is more marked. I still do not feel 100% this morning so I have well and truly learnt my lesson.

ROSEBUD Your bean and tomato soup sounds lovely and just the right thing for these cold winter days. Do you blend your soup once it is cooked or do you leave the beans whole in this? I certainly like the sound of your sausages with a tomato base and beans. I love a sausage called Lincolnshire which is a pork sausage seasoned with sage. So it has a peppery like taste to it. The sausage is more chunky texture as it is coarsely ground. If I can not get hold of those then I will select Cumberland. Traditionally they were made in a long coiled length though today you can buy them and they look like your traditional sausage shape. Again these are pork sausages flavoured with herbs but the predominate taste is peppery. Again this is a coarsely ground meat inside so has a more open texture to it. I am not so good at explaining what sausages are like not something you do every day :dizzy: These are local sausages and traditional English. Frequently served with mash potatoes and maybe an onion gravy. The dish is called bangers and mash. It maybe the same in Canada I do not know though I know you have many sayings and terminology from the British culture.

Needless to say each region of the UK has it own traditional foods so there are many types of sausages but these are the two I was brought up on but mainly Lincolnshire as we came from there.

Time to run I need to put the steamer on for my vegetables bye all and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-24-2009, 09:52 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ the temps have fallen around here again; down into the -20'sC, but we had lots of sunshine today too and that helps a lot. Well, our Winter Carnival is coming up in a couple of weeks so we will need temps at least in the -teens so everything goes off without a hitch for that. They are planning the biggest carnival they've ever had this year, so that should be nice for the people this year as it has been very cold here.

We're just staying home and frankly, I didn't do a dang thing today becuz an old visitor decided to drop by unexpectedly; and that always exhausts me (TOM); yah, guess old TOM didn't move away after all: dang it!!! :lol:

HI PURPLE ~ yah, I hate that when it rains and then freezes; we get lots of ice and then it snows and it becomes so slippery on the steps and roads too. You be extra careful out there when you go for your walks: we don't want you getting hurt now. :nono: Glad DH is finally getting some help with his mouth; prayers he doesn't get anymore infections.

That cottage pie sounds like our Shepherd's pie or Fireside Pie, which DH loves; that is what we are having for Sunday dinner tomorrow too.

DH is out in the kitchen making some homemade popcorn for our weekend snack; it sure smells good. Then I put my legs up and do a puzzle or two.

BBS ... I'm back; I had to go help DH with something in the kitchen. They venture in there so little that they can't find anything. ;)

HI to MEOWEE, VAL, and NUMPSTER ~ hope you all are having a great weekend. Take good care :hug: ROSEBUD:hug:

01-25-2009, 08:37 AM
Hi there . . . :grouphug:

Sorry I've been missing. The past couple of days have been relatively mild (right above the freezing mark) and very damp and my back has been very unhappy about it. Today is is extremely cold again but also pretty dry and sunny and it's amazing how much better the old SI area feels. Never thought I'd be happy to see a cold stretch. :dizzy:

Hope the rest of you are having a glorious Sunday . . . :yes:

01-25-2009, 08:59 AM
Hi Ladies

Good morning our weather is so changeable at the minute now we are back to rain and it has warmed up some what. No frost this morning on rising.

Managed a good work out this morning aka the house work. I was mopping the kitchen floor gosh it sure does get your upper arms. Went through the house with the hoover this morning as well. Have a small load of washing on at the minute like hand towels from the bathroom and kitchen.

Watched a lovely film last night with DH not full of swearing. It was called the secret life of bees. It starred several well known stars Queen Latifah, Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys. It was set in 1964 in South Carolina about Lily Owens (Dakota Fanning) who is 14 and is haunted my here memories of her mum. She runs away( due to her father unpredictable and vindictive nature) and finds her way to the Boatwright sisters a group who are intelligent and independent ladies. They are bee-keepers and Lily finds comfort in learning the art of looking after bees. This website tells you more about this film.

ROSEBUD The winter festival sound good fun lets hope it warms up a wee bit to let it go smoothly. Yes it is nice to see visitors but they can be tiring especially when TOM is here. I suppose now that TOM are infrequent they are humdingers when they do arrive.

Here cottage pie was traditionally made from beef and shepherds pie is made from lamb. I have the "cottage pie" in the oven at the minute getting nice and brown with those crispy bits on top. :T

That is one thing I have never made from scratch pop corn. What do you flavour yours with after? I know I like pop corn sweet rather than savoury (i.e. with salt on). I know I should be more adventurous with doing my own and I know it must be heaps cheaper than the shop bought pre done packets.

Time to go my dinner is nigh on ready now. Bye ladies and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-25-2009, 05:02 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we've had beautiful sunshine here all day; so nice for a Sunday (it seems to suit Sundays, I think). We're just relaxing at home again: I am definitely turning into a bear! :lol:

HI PURPLE ~ oh, I know that story: THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES; I actually owned and read the book a few years back. I either still have it, or I donated it to our local library or the goodwill for resale (can't remember which now). It was an intriguing story indeed, with some sad moments in it, but also some very interesting things too. I like the analogy about how 'life can sting us sometimes' esp for women (bees can sting, but they give us honey too); and that good can come out of bad too, like the scriptures say (all things work together for good) like the pain of childbearing, but we forget about that for the love of the child, and so forth ...

That analogy is true a lot in life: life has a lot of painful or sad experiences, but we can learn from them, heal, and then move on; and sometimes, great things can emerge out of a terrible tragedy, if we let it (like a parent, who starts a school scholarship in the name of a child they lost way too early).

Most people here call Shepherd's pie one with ground beef with a layer of corn (cream-style corn is popular with the French); Fireside Pie is the same with only peas and carrots for the vegetables. I have also heard it called cottage pie too; I have recipe for one that puts diced tomatoes with the cooked ground beef and green beans in the center with mash on top.

I can really see why Shepherd's pie would originally be made with lamb, but since that isn't commonly eaten here, ground beef is used instead. My mother used to make her shepherd's pie with a bottom crust, but I stopped that to get rid of all those extra calories. I also have made a cottage or Shepherd's pie with leftover roast beef, gravy, veggies, and mash or sliced potatoes: I use two forks to shred the roast beef and put it with some gravy on the bottom, layer of roasted veggies, then potatoes on top. I put the gravy on top of the meat or the whole thing, if I am using leftover sliced, cooked potatoes.

HI MEOWEE ~ Glad that you are having some better weather out there; we are sure liking these temps, and all this gorgeous sunshine we have been getting lately! :D

HI VAL and NUMPSTER ~ hope you ladies are having a wonderful Sunday too ... take good care :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-26-2009, 12:16 PM
Another very cold but lovely and sunny day for us . . . back and ankle are still niggly but definitely could be worse.

Hope the rest of you have some good stuff going on this Monday. :grouphug:

01-26-2009, 09:52 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had another lovely day with lots of sunshine; it was so warm, we turned the furnace down a few degrees. It's dropped down again tonight, but it's suppose to be nice all week, fair temperatures for this time of year. :D

Just stayed home again today and did stuff around here; daily housechores and such. We had some nice lean center boneless pork chops with rice and mix of veggies (broccoli, carrots, and kniblets corn) for dinner. Did good today staying OP; happy about that.

HI MEOWEE ~ Gee, I see you all over these boards. You do a lot of travelling! But then, so do I! Glad to hear that you have nice weather and you are feeling better too.

Tonight, DH and I played some games; he won 3-2 ... drats! Oh well, it's worth it, becuz it makes him so happy to win! And we like happy hubbies, don't we ladies? ;)

HI to PURPLE, and VAL, and NUMPSTER!!! Hope everyone had a Marvellous Monday! Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-27-2009, 05:04 PM
:lol: Yes indeed ROSEBUD, we definitely seem to travel in a lot of the same circles. Hope your good weather lasts through the week.

It's still unseasonably cold around here but not as cold as yesterday. I fear that the long-term forecast that is calling for more snow for us on Thursday is going to prove right. Sometimes, but not often, we do get weather that Ontario didn't have first. :dizzy:

Here's a good article that landed in my e:mail today -- just seems to reinforce that truism we must all accept -- this journey to better health and fitness we are on must last a lifetime.

Someone once said that the best way to deal with a temptation is to yield to it! Staying on a diet forever is extremely hard, so the first step is to recognize that at some point you will give into temptation. It's natural, normal, and even inevitable. You can manage your splurges if you accept that reality and don't feel guilty about it.

To maintain a healthy eating plan with occasional indulgences, try practicing the 3-to-1 rule: Each time you have a food splurge, follow it with 3 equal units of time in which you eat a more sensible, predictable diet. The time period in question can vary. It could be a single meal, a day, even a weekend. For example, if you eat voraciously for a day, eat conservatively for the following three days. Remember, good control is a game of averages, not a game of perfection!

Have a good evening everybody . . . our early news program has just started it's report on the budget . . . should be interesting. :yes:

01-27-2009, 08:56 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had another gorgeous day of sunshine; and the temps were a bit better too. Right now, it's sitting at -9C, but not sure that will stay there all night. If it's really nice tomorrow, we may go pick up a few things we are out of like salad stuff and some fruit.

HEY MEOWEE ~ I really like that theory: I'm calling it 'The Law of Averages' and I posted it in my Health Section on my PC as a reminder. I really think that is a good point: I have told others a similar thing in the past ... that one day isn't the end of the world. Just try to get it right the next day -- but the next three days, would be even better! I'm gonna try it and see how I do.

CONFESSION ~ On the weekend, I was naughty and succumbed to some Cheese Nachos: I had an awful craving for them as I hadn't had any since last year sometime, but then I paid for it dearly; I felt like vomiting from upset belly until about 1 am in the morning. I've been good for the last two days, so got one more to go for the law of averages (maybe I'll be good for a week for that one). ;)

PURPLE ~ I hope everything is OK over your way. Did DH get to see the dentist again; and did you get to your Oxygen therapy today? I hope so, as I know how much it helps you. I know that you are probably very busy taking care of your DH and Rizzie too. Don't overdo things now; we want you to stick around with your lovely upbeat and cheery personality.

Beside the regular daily stuff and meals, we managed to sort through and empty three more boxes today; quite proud of ourselves. We are pitching as we go. Now, we are down to three boxes of good dishes and wedding gifts; some of these things will be donated to goodwill. We are really making a dent now. I am hoping to have everything sorted by the end of March; I think we will make it (DH says, for sure). I have to watch him very closely becuz if he had his way, he'd pitch everything. I am getting a little suspicious of that guy! ;)

Anyways, I am starting to feel a bit better; afraid TOM came to visit and it seems that he doesn't want to leave. He's being a bit of a drain on me; but that is what happens when he only comes to visit every 3-4 months, as you say ... but I'll manage, as I always do! :D

HI to VAL and NUMPSTER ~ hope you had a great weekend, and are having a great week; it's almost half over already. DH says that he can't believe that January is almost over; for us that means only two more months of winter as the snow starts to melt here in April. YEAH!!! DH is marking off the days on the calendar, and I'm not kidding ... :lol:

Take good care, ladies ~ and have a good night ....
:hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

01-28-2009, 10:04 AM
Hi there . . . :grouphug:

Temperature was all the way up to -17C/+1F when I was hauling out the "waste" this morning and there is a tiny touch of hazy sunshine. BUT, the temp is going up and we are supposed to be getting a big dump of snow this even bing, followed by freezing rain by tomorrow morning. Oh joy. :s:

Stay warm and dry today, everybody . . . :wave:

01-28-2009, 09:08 PM
HI LADIES ~ we had lovely warm temps today with sunshine along with that, so it was a perfect day to do a bit of shopping. I'm glad we did, as we were able to pick up some really good deals: a lot of things on for half price this week.

Managed to keep OP and got more exercise today; did some this morning, and then with the walking in today, I can sure feel it in my legs. Went on a search for more crossword books; boy, you really have to hunt for them in a small town like this, but I did manage to find a few. These are one of my favorite hobbies, but I need the ones that are quick and/or easy.

Anyways, that pretty much took up our day; we had a Spit BBQ chicken with broccoli/carrot/corn mix and a baked new potato for dinner. I also baked some apples and will have that for my evening snack soon.

HI MEOWEE ~ It started to snow a bit this afternoon too, but now it's quite clear out there again. We had a mix of sunshine and warmer temps too; a really nice day! :D

HI PURPLE ~ I hope you two are feeling OK over there. I was just thinking that maybe you had to take a trip somewhere and we just forgot about it. Anyways, sending up some prayers for both of you ...

HI to VAL and NUMPSTER ~ well, tomorrow is Thursday; the week is almost over ... yeah!

I gonna put my legs up soon and have some tea; am trying to get this leg to heal. I am so glad that I got some walking in, but then my legs feel like lead by the time the dinner dishes are done. Take good care ladies :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-29-2009, 09:16 AM
Sounds like the worst of the storm ran south of you, ROSEBUD. Glad to hear things stayed decent for you.

Nova Scotia is a skating rink -- our high temperature (+4C/39F) happened before daybreak. It snowed a bunch; then it rained; then it froze; then it got windy. :dizzy: The good news . . . frozen snow doesn't blow around in the high winds so no drifting. :shrug:

My back is killing me again . . . guess I'd better find a neighbour kid to help me get the garbage out. This is the third time in a row, that I've been I've been mostly bedridden the day after.

Hope everybody has a good Thursday . . . :grouphug:

01-29-2009, 04:40 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Well, I managed to get a bit done this morning; did a couple of loads of laundry and then took NIKO out for a bit of ski-walking as it was quite mild out there. It did snow on me and I looked a bit like a snowwoman by the time we got back; was quite proud of myself as I pushed myself to go all the way to the corner and back (the long end that goes uphill all the way). Sure, I had to pause a few times, but I made it! I just hope I don't pay too much for it, later in the day.

MEOWEE ~ sounds to me like you need to hire yourself someone for sure: to do all those heavy lifting odd jobs around your home. I can't lift heavy things either becuz of my back; bending and twisting are out for me too! DH has to do the toting and moving stuff around for me: I kinda supervise, but I do so much other stuff that it all works out in the wash ... so-to-speak! ;)

Do make sure you rest up for a while until you feel better again. Yes, we just have light snow all day so far, so any storms did pass us by. Be careful with that ice too; nothing worse than ice covered up with snow becuz you can't see it: very dangerous!

HEY PURPLE ~ are you having troubles with your computers again? I just recalled that happened to you a while back and you were not able to come in becuz of that. Prayers you both are well and that any PC troubles get fixed up soon. Yes, we sometimes buy those little 'lite' microwave packages of popcorn as they are quicker and we can get them for a decent price here too. We usually only make some popcorn at home when we don't have anything else to munch on on Friday nights. I usually carefully measure 1 tbl margarine or butter to melt for it or I have put some spices like SEASON ALL, which has less salt that seasoned salt, if you can find it. I have put cheese powder on it before; and I did find a powdered butter-flavored substitute in the seasoning section that wasn't too bad (I think it was called Molly McButter, but not sure as it was a long time ago) but I haven't been able to find it lately. I'm gonna keep my eyes open for it again.

HI to VAL and NUMPSTER ~ TGIF tomorrow ... gee, this week sure seem to pass quite quickly for DH and I; but keeping busy is the reason, I'm sure. Well, it's time for me to my legs up for a while and take a break. Take good care ladies -- :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-30-2009, 08:12 AM
Hi Everyone

It has been such a busy few days no time for pleasures such as coming and posting a thread on here. I must admit I have missed coming on here very much. After such a busy schedule this week I am now very tired so plan a few days of relaxation to recharge my batteries. We have been to London for two days running so that filled our days and not much time for anything else. With going to London this week I have had to change my schedule to fit everything in.

I went for treatment on Tuesday to the MS centre then from there I went and did my weekly grocery shopping. Then went out that night to play cards that evening as well. I would not have gone out that evening to play cards but we take a elderly lady out to play cards and if it was not for us she would not get out. I know this evening is special to her so we do not cancel unless really forced to.

So I am pleased now to take life at a slower pace for a few days so my batteries recharge as I do not want to make myself ill. It is such a fine balance sometimes getting this right and not making yourself ill in the process. Today DH is at the dentist at the moment for treatment on the teeth/ gum giving him problems some weeks back. The last time he went to the dentist he had the area drained and this is the follow up appointment to commence active treatment. He is not pain free but it is much better than it was but is gradually getting worse over the past 48 hours so the appointment came at the right time. Not sure if he is having an extraction or root canal treatment as those were the two options on the table given by the dentist. The dentist said he would decide ultimately what he would be doing today.

I do not have the energy to answer personal post but did so want to drop by and catch up on here. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel somewhat refreshed and able to do some personal posting as well. So till next time take care and look after yourselves

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-30-2009, 09:29 AM

Seasonal and sunny weather today and the back pain is holding at mediocre so guess I'll venture outside for a bit.

01-30-2009, 08:50 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ our temps were a bit colder the last two days, but we've also been blessed with gorgeous sunshine to go along with them: and that warms things up a bit too. Just stayed home today; have caught a bit of a cold which makes you feel kinda yucky, but thank GOD, it's mild compared to the ones we had last year. DH went up town to pick something up for dinner (just chicken) and said there was hardly anybody out, which is very surprising for a Friday night??? :?:

So we are spending another Friday night at home, but that's OK with me. Our SIL dropped by yesterday to tell us about some updates on our BIL's health checks with the heart specialists. He has an aneurism in the bottom front part of his heart; and naturally, she is very concerned about him. His heart is too weak for normal heart surgery. His specialist is looking into a new procedure that goes through the leg veins, but it is also very risky, so our BIL isn't sure whether he would want to try that or not. Anyways, we put his name in with our prayer groups for them; he says he accepts it and has peace (he is a believer), as the doctors cannot really predict how long he can live with this condition.

HI THERE PURPLE ~ :carrot: so nice to see you back here::carrot: I was wondering if you had to take some trips. Usually, that is why you disappear: that, and/or your PC's acting up. I knew that you usually go for your treatments on Tuesdays; am glad that you made it there, and it's also really good to hear that your DH is getting some help for his teeth problems.

HI MEOWEE ~ glad you are feeling better too; nice to get out as well with decent weather. I almost went out today, but wanted to get this cold under check first ...

HI to VAL and NUMPSTER ~ hope you lurking ladies are having a great Friday night; and hope you have a nice weekend too!!! :D

Well, I thought I'd come in here with my tea to catch on reading and posts; right now, DH is watching a movie. Gonna put my feet up for a while and do a puzzle or two, and maybe some reading too. Take good care ladies :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

01-31-2009, 06:42 AM
Hi Ladies and good morning

It is a beautiful glorious sunny morning here kind of reminds us that spring is round the corner. I have already seen in others gardens that the snowdrops are shooting up and it will not be long before we see their flowers.

It is the last day of January where did it go to this month the time has flew by so quickly it is hard to belief that we are going to have another month tomorrow. Next Saturday I will be trotting ( mind you I do not know about trotting now days ;) more like hobbling :D ) off to the farmers market as it is the first Saturday in the month. Looking forward to going lets hope it is like today last time we went it was brass monkey weather and I was frozen. Not to mention the poor vendors out there they must have been frozen to the core.

ROSEBUD Sorry to hear that your BIL is not of the best of health and it must be a worrying time for all of you. Lets hope the new procedure is successful and he can lead a good quality of life afterwards. Religion to people is a great comfort as it is to your brother and he is helped a great deal by it. It helps people psychologically and physically their religion. I can remember that when we admitted clients in their psychological welfare was just as important as their physcal well being. We saw they went hand in hand. So if going to church frequently is part of your ethos then we would allow you do so like before. This is because you would not get swiftly well if your psychological needs where not being met. Going back I digress medical procedures are advancing all the time at a fast pace of knots. Though every procedure comes with a risk factor but due to the nature of aneurysm being a bulge in a blood vessels wall this makes the blood vessel fragile. Your family and especially your BIL will be in my thoughts.

I have had to eat out a couple of times this week and choice to have not so healthy, Scales reflect that and it is coming up to TOM also. My tummy does not feel so grand either but it will settle down now I am making my own food.

Today I am having one of your hamburgers homemade on a wholemeal roll, with a small portion of crumble. I have made that myself with blackberries and pears for the fruit. Then for the topping I have used flaxseed, oats, oat bran, coconut, olive oil, fruit juice and half and half sugar. So as well as being a nice treat it will be filling and nutritious.

Tea I am having homemade turkey and vegetable soup. Now this is a thick soup which stick to your ribs ;) I will put this in the casserole dish and leave it to warm up in the oven later. We had some yesterday it was yummy :T

MEOWEE Your having a bad session with your back at the moment and I suppose the weather is not helping at present for you. Lets hope when the warmer weather comes along it will see an improvement in your health.

Till later take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-31-2009, 04:55 PM

Another nice sunny wintery day is drawing to a close. Back is holding at medium at least. Nothing else is new for me. :lol:

01-31-2009, 06:01 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had another glorious day of sunshine today; the temps were cooler, but warmed up to about -11C this afternoon. DH went to visit our in-laws this aft to try to cheer them up and give some support, esp for his sister as she is feeling very anxious right now. I am just staying home to try to fight off this cold; it feels kinda like a head cold: more head and nasal conjestion than anything so far; hope that goes away soon. Have decided to wait until next week to do our next shopping as we have lots in the pantry and freezer.

We are having steak with mushrooms & onions with other veggies for dinner tonight; I'm making DH a hamburger steak (which is just a large hamburger pattie really). It's made of lean meat and he can chew that much better. I will likely have a salad with my dinner as well (for filler).

HI PURPLE ~ You are blessed to have such mild temps that your Farmer's Market is open already. In some places they have been around for so long, they are established better than here; I think this is common for England and other European countries from what I hear. We have a short growing season here, so we are somewhat limited, I'm afraid. Starting this spring, DH and I have decided to start travelling out of town for some of our food becuz with only one store here now, we are having trouble getting the kinds of things we like and need. We think we'll make at least one trip each month (maybe two) and stock up a bit, esp in the fall for the winter next year.

I was surprised that the nachos I had last weekend upset my stomach so much; someone suggested it was the fat and spices in them and I think they are right. Since we have cut back on that kind of stuff for so long now, I guess my stomach doesn't like them anymore.

Thanks for explaining the aneurism to me; I think I am going to do some research on the net about this as well. It's hard when you are getting third+hand information about a condition. We really don't know how serious it is; his doctors say that he could live for many years with this and be OK. My SIL is interpeting this as her DH is dying: but that's not what the doctors said (as far as we know). So, we are praying for her anxiety about all of this too (she's just frightened right now). Thanks for your good thoughts as well.

HI MEOWEE ~ Glad you feel better and there are no kitty mishaps lately. :lol:

HI to VAL & NUMPSTER ~ have a great weekend ladies ...

Well, I'm off to start dinner as DH just got back home; take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

01-31-2009, 10:17 PM
THANKS, PURPLE ~ for reminding me that today is the last day of January; so, I have started a new thread for February, which we can start using anytime.

We look forward to MEOWEE blessing our new February thread as a 'RED STICKY' at the top of the page for us too ... and thanks to her for all her help as well! :D

Hope everyone is having a great weekend; DH and I are relaxing at home, and I just finished a couple of puzzles with my tea. Guess I'll go do some book-reading after I finish lurking around here for awhile! Have a good night, friends ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug: