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01-01-2009, 09:28 AM
Happy New Year! Time for a new start, a clean slate, to turn over a new leaf! There are a few of us who started together last January to change our lives for the better. We have had ups and downs, successes and frustrations, but through it all we have offered support and friendship to each other. We will continue our journey here, but this thread is open for anyone who has resolved to be healthier in 2009. Tell us your goals and share a little about yourself. We will all work together to be FINE in '09!


01-01-2009, 03:11 PM
Hi everyone! I'm am currently about halfway through my weight loss journey. Last January I joined 3FC with my friend Mindy. In 2008, I lost 48 pounds using purely diet and exercise. I have about 40 more pounds to go before reaching my goal weight, and might even like to go lower than that. For now, losing the 40 pounds will be just fine, thank you! Last year, I lost 35 from January to June, so I am hoping I can do that again. Mindy and I are teachers together in Michigan, and we work out together after school every day, and keep each other on track. We have competed in 2 Biggest Loser competitions at work, and won one of them when we were doing "Couples". We begin another BL race in a few weeks, so I am very excited. I look forward to hearing everyone's successes and setbacks. It will be great to help each other stay on track!

01-01-2009, 10:02 PM

I was so glad to be able to find our new thread so easily. Thanks Ward for getting us going again and I LOVE the Fine in 09...that's going in my journal to remind me of what my goal is summed up

To anyone that is new and finds us...we would love to have you here with us to share our successes and help us through the hard times--we promise to do the same for you.

Ward, Mindy and Kelly had a GREAT year last year when it came to weight loss. Me, I did NOT! But it wasn't a failure. I learned so much about myself here and it has set the stage for good things to happen and much success in 2009 for me--I can just feel it. This will be the year that I control the binges and emotional eating and by doing so, I will show a huge loss this year.

I had a good on plan day. I even had a birthday part to attend and I stayed on plan. No mindless eating. One of the things I know I need to do is to stop and think about what I'm about to eat..and if need be have conversations with myself if I'm not eating for fuel. I did have a few of those today. I had waited a little to long to fix my lunch and while I was fixing it I saw a cookie, I thought I could have one while I"m fixing my lunch and then I said to myself, why, you are going to have food in about 5 minutes..I can wait, eat my lunch and then decide if I want the cookie...I didn't want it and that allowed me to have a small brownie at the birthday party--Aften I had my dinner there.

The new year has gotten off to a good start for me and I feel good about that.

See you all tomorrow.

01-01-2009, 10:20 PM
hi Ladies. It seems I am the last of our core group to check in. I just finished my 5K for "Stinkin up the New Year Challenge." It is cold here in Michigan, so I did it inside with WATP. I am good with food today and totally committed. After some reflection today I realized I have been within about a 5 pound range all of Nov. and Dec. How frustrating.

Today I was up to 202.4. yuck!!! Maybe I snacked a bit too much at last night's party. Didn't seem like that much. I even worked out yesterday. All I can do is stick to 1400-1500 calories and workout most days. I am aiming for 45 min. a day.

Ward- Awesome job with the working out. You are a champ.

Susie- You have figured out a lot this past year. You will lose weight in 2009.

Kelly- Back to work soon and so back on track. We will reach our goals this year. Or die trying. :smug:

See ya tom.

Fat in Hong Kong
01-01-2009, 11:36 PM
Hi Ladies,

I hope you don't mind me jumping in on your thread? I'm a bit of an old timer at 3fc, but I haven't been around for a long while and I feel that I'm finally in the right frame of mind to tackle my weight problems. I've weighed in today at 190.5lbs, so have around 55lbs to lose.

I've been so unhappy for years with the way I look and feel, but just haven't been motivated enough to do anything about it ... I've tried and failed miserably many times to lose weight and now I feel like my life is passing me by. I don't want to waste any more time feeling the way that I do. I want to do this the right way ... no gimmicky 'diets', or starving myself and then binging ... I'm choosing to eat healthily and taking it slowly, one step at a time. I'm doing this for myself and no one else. I'm not going to set myself any targets as I know from past experience that this always sets me up for failure ... if I haven't managed reached a certain target, for instance, I immediately feel like I've failed, and end up un-doing all the good work that I've already done.

I look forward to getting to know you all and hope that we can all give support and encouragement to each other to help us on our roads to success.:)

01-02-2009, 12:39 AM
Hi Nichola! We are very happy to have you on board! I totally agree with your outlook on weight loss. There is no point to starve yourself, go on some fad diet, or yo-yo all the time. The only way to lose and keep it off is to make a lifestyle change, or the weight will come right back on. I am like you, when I feel like I haven't reached a goal, I binge big time. This year I hope to talk myself out of that mode and not sabotage myself. My other resolution is to post on this site more often. I wasn't very consistent last year, and I feel so much better when I have so much encouragement from others. I am glad to meet you and look forward to your posts!

Susie--Glad to see you again! This will be your year! You have such a great mindset-- weight will be falling off because you are as determined as you are!

Mindy-- Can't "weight" for Monday. I kind of miss Kickboxer Kelly, so don't do her this weekend! I got new shoes this week, too, so I won't be complaining about those worn out shoes anymore!

Ward-- You are a rockstar working out as much as you have in the last year. Do you plan on keeping up that pace in 09?

01-02-2009, 08:35 AM
Good morning,

I"m up early. DH is working today and I want to get some things done.
I just set up my new Ipod with some work-out music so I'm excited to get back to the gym on Sunday.

I wrote in my journal last night and I logged all my food on my food sheets. It felt good to do all that. I just want to be sure I keep up with it all when I get back to work. That's the funny thing, I do better with a routine but you all know how busy my routine gets with my job and then I get behind with the journal and the food...but not this time. It's ALL about me this has to be. I'm tired of "loosing weight" being my hobby. I want to get it done this year and next year my hobby can be maintaining my weight loss.

I am having lunch with a friend today. Before that I want to organize a few shelves in the garage and write some letters to get mailed out. I"m about to have a bowl of ceral and get on with my day.

Hi Nicola--WELCOME...we are excited that you are here and look forward to your posting and being a help to you to reach your goals as we reach ours.

Mindy: I"ll say it again...I can't believe how much you work out now...I'm so proud of you for that. I know you want those scales to stay under 200 and you are frustrated that you can't seem to get out of that 5lb range. What about more lean protein? I've read where that can help with weight loss.

Kelly: I'm glad to read that you plan on posting more often...I like it when you are here! You inspire me.

Ward: Your numbers last year looked great. I'm thinking about keeping a spreadsheet of my workouts. Do you keep yours in Excel?

Ok...I'll see you all tomorrow. Stay on plan--we are doing this!

01-02-2009, 08:57 AM
Hiya guys!

Newbie! My motto for this Year, 'ZEINAB, YOU'RE WORTH IT!':carrot:

Good luck to you all my darlings!:dizzy:

01-02-2009, 06:44 PM
Welcome, Nichola and Zeinab! I am looking forward to getting to know you both better.

Susie, I agree that this is going to be your year. You are mentally ready and that's half the battle.

Kelly & Mindy - Are you ready to go back to work? I have mixed feelings about my kids going back to school. On one hand, it's been nice having them home and we've had fun, but on the other hand, they can get a little rambunctious. Well, a lot. ;)

As for me, I have stayed on plan for five straight days(!) and my workouts have been good. We have the final holiday party tomorrow. I plan to get up and to the gym early and avoid all food except fruits and veggies until I get home. (It's an open house at 11am.)

I also weighed and updated the current numbers in my profile. Wow, how easy was it to pack on that many pounds over the holidays? It'll be a lot harder going in the other direction, but I am up for it.

See you tomorrow!

Fat in Hong Kong
01-02-2009, 11:13 PM
Hi Everyone ... Thanks for the welcome! I look forward to getting to know you all and I promise to be a regular poster.:)

I've got off to a good start and I feel such a sense of relief that I'm finally doing something positive about my weight problem. I went food shopping yesterday and stocked up on lots of good stuff ... plenty of veggies, salad, fruit, chicken, etc. All of the Christmas goodies are gone out of the kitchen cupboards, so I've no excuses for not being able to eat healthily from now on.

I must confess that I've never really been into exercise, except in my younger days, when I used to do aerobics classes and go jogging, but that was many, many years ago, why back before I had kids ... my son will be 20 on Monday and my daughter is 16, so that gives you a good idea of how long it's been!!:o Anyway, I do realize that I need to start moving, so I plan to start walking more. I've got two dogs who need plenty of exercise, but it's usually hubby and the kids who do most of the dog walking. From now on though, I plan to do it more regularly. I'm going shopping this weekend to look for some decent footwear ... if I'm going to do it properly, I need to get some good walking shoes/trainers ... the ones I already have, have never really been that comfortable.

I had an ipod for Christmas ... I'm just waiting for one of the kids to put music on it for me ... I'm really rather naive when it comes to technology of this kind. My son has promised to do it today, so once that's done, and I've got some decent footwear, I'm ready to go!:running: (OK, I know that's a running smilie, but I couldn't find one for walking so it'll have to do for now!:))

Have a good weekend everyone! Make the most of it if you're all back to work on Monday like I am!:(

01-02-2009, 11:41 PM
Ooh, Ooh, new people. How exciting. Welcome!! I am feeling better today since I was down about 2 pounds today. Yesterday I ate 1400 calories, worked out 45 min. and drank more water. I hope I have found the right mix. Today was pretty much the same, so hopefully I'll be in good shape tomorrow.

Nichola- You will find that this is not easy for any of us. We certainly have our struggles. What is nice is that we are here for each other. You can count on us. Had to laugh reading about your Ipod. I also got one for Christmas and my DD and I spent a few hours the other day loading music. Oh to be young again.

Kelly- New shoes are great. I will be ready to do some kickboxing. I am going to try for 45 min./day, so I might have to add in a little something more each day.

Susie- Accountability is so important. I can not let up any single day. Went to the movies today and was offered popcorn. Had to turn it down flat so I didn't overindulge. I need to make sure I am not sneeking in a nibble of this or a bit of that.

Zeinab- Welcome. I personally feel you have joined up with a great group of women.

Ward- I, on one hand, would love to stay home longer. But, I do so much better on a regular schedule, that in that respect it will be nice to go back.
I have gained and not changed my tickers. I guess I shoud do that.

See ya tom.

01-03-2009, 02:18 PM
Hi Ladies,

I am on plan and doing well with it. I'm keeping a food sheet and a Feeling Journal. I have found it has helped me out of some emotional eating temptations already. Yesterdays was when I wanted a chocolate covered cherry (they are my DH's). I thought, just one and then I thought will lead to many others. So I wrote about how good it would feel to not give in to that "just one" and I didn't.

DH and I went to the mall last night and I had some gift cards to the Footlocker...I bought myself a new pair of shoes for my workouts. I'm going tomorrow to the Y for a walk on the indoor track.

Ward: It's good to have you back and on plan. As much as you workout those lbs that you gained over the holidays will be gone soon.

Mindy: I'm glad to see that you had a 2lb loss. What you said about being on top of this everyday is so true. I will think of you saying no to that popcorn when I'm at the movies today with my nieces. I just won't have any, because I know that it would start a binge. If you can do it, so can I.

Nichola: Did you get your new shoes? I think both you and Kelly will love having your Ipods to workout with. If I don't have music I find it really hard to workout.

Kelly: How are you doing? I know you and Mindy are going to do another Biggest Loser contest at school and I think that will be great fun and and a big help to keeping yourself on track and getting to your goals this year.
I've never watched the show "The Biggest Loser" but I see that it starts on Tuesday so I'm going to watch it for inspiration.

Zeniab: Wclome to the January Club thread. to get moving here. I'll see you all tomorrow.

01-03-2009, 03:16 PM
Hi guys. I made it through the open house. I got up extra early and worked out, then had a snack size zone perfect bar before we went. Despite all the delicious looking food, I ate some grapes, most of a clementine, and 8 almonds. I also skipped the wine and warm cider.

You guys are making me want new shoes. :lol: See you tomorrow.

01-03-2009, 07:44 PM
Hi girls,

For the past couple of days, not touched chocs or biccies. I've replaced them with cucumber & carrot sticks eaten with a red kidney bean dip (similar to humus). Also had low fat,cottage cheese mixed with tomatoes, cucumber & a little chili powder, to make it exciting. Even the kids loved it! I've really surprised myself not heading to the biccie drawer!

Kids go back to school Monday. So will definitely go jogging for an hr. Can't wait!

Thanks guys for welcoming me here with open arms. Just the kind of support I need to get me into, The Motivation Mood.

01-03-2009, 10:02 PM
Susie- I really wanted that popcorn too. I have been craving it ever since. So, tonght I had some lowfat popcorn that I added into my calories. It was even better than at the theatre because it didn't blow my plan for the day.
BL should be good this time. There are some really large people with a lot of health problems. I believe we start our next round at school next week. Can't wait.

Wardhog- Way to nibble. And avoiding wine. That would not be aproblem for me. I don't like wine. Even got in a workout. Good for you.

Zeinab- I also go back to school Monday.:( I have been enjoying my vacation. The good thing is, I will be even more on plan.

See ya tom.

01-03-2009, 11:02 PM
If I could find the wagon, I would happily climb back on it. What is wrong with me????? Yesterday, I ate out for lunch with my mom. Greasy, terrible quesadillas AND some of my mom's nachos. Then, I proceeded to have ice cream for dinner. Oh, wait...did I mention the hot fudge, peanut butter topping, and mound of whipped cream on top? I felt like throwing up when I was done. Why do I do that? I am sooooo done with it. No more sabotaging myself! I missed 2 days of posting already, but, hey, I was out of town, at least I have an excuse, I guess.

Zeinab--Welcome! Glad to meet you! By the way, what are biccies?

Mindy-- Glad to see those 2 pounds come off. You know this is just a temporary blip on the screen for you. Will you be there after school Monday? Don't you have the afternoon off?

Susie--Good for you keeping that journal. You are going to do it this time! Let us know what you think of the BL show. It is just so inspiring!

Wardhog--Good job keeping those party snacks away. That is so difficult!

Nichola--I am glad all the Christmas goodies are out of your house. That will certainly make a difference. I just got a pair of Nike Running shoes. They are great! I really notice they are much lighter weight than my old ones which I think were cross trainers. Check out the Nike section--I have always had good luck there!

01-04-2009, 05:13 PM
Kelly- The wagon is right there. All you need to do is jump on. I'm saving you a spot. See ya tomorrow. Don't think I will be there after school. My appt. is at 3:00. I could come back though, if you want me to.

01-04-2009, 07:42 PM

I just got back from the gym. I walked for 40 minutes and got in 2 miles and then I did some ab work. It felt good to get back to working out. I've packed my gym bag for tomorrow so I can do my lunch time workout.

I am happy to report that I was able to not have the popcorn at the movies. I felt so strong and proud of myself for being able to not have it.

I'm about to sit down to dinner--hubby cooked for us tonight. I've had a good day being on plan and working out.

Tomorrow it's back to work and normal life.

Ward: What a good idea to eat before you went to the open house and to get your workout in. It's not always easy to do these extra things to keep on track but don't you feel good about yourself for doing so?

Kelly: Yep..the wagon is here...we will always come around and get you when you fall off. It takes all of us to keep the wagon balanced.
That binge is over and done are moving on.

Mindy: Counting the popcorn in to your calories and having it at home where you can control how it's made is a smart choice. You have taught me that I can have things like that...just count it in and control it.

Zeinab: Glad to see you here and that you are on your plan.

Nichola: How is the dog walking going? Looking forward to hearing from you. to to you all tomorrow

01-04-2009, 07:52 PM
New to 3fatchicks!

Back on WW and lost 4# since 12/31. Water probably, but none the less 4#!

Going back to teach 4 year olds tomorrow and hope I can do it without a Real Coke. Stress makes me want a coke soooo bad!

Wish me luck.

I want a weight loss ticker!!!

01-04-2009, 09:14 PM
Danielle- Good luck!

Kelly- Biccies short for biscuits, this part of the UK! LOl

My Choice- Proud of you. Well done.

Mtiger- Low-fat popcorn is fine. Good girl.

WardHog- What amazing willpower. Hope it brushes!

My day started with some fruit salad (no bananas) & a hot lemon & honey drink.

Midday, had some homemade veg & lentil soup (consisted of courgettes, carrots, onions, celery, tomatoes, clove garlic, cooked in a light chicken broth). Both filling, healthy & yummy. Drunk 2 litres of water & for supper had a low fat yogurt mixed with fresh blueberries & sliced strawberries. Before bedtime, herbal drink.

On that note, shall bid you all a good night, cos crazy school run tomoz, for the gang of 4. LOl

Night Night! :dizzy: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

01-04-2009, 09:42 PM
Kelly - I am sure once you get back into your routine you will find your mojo again.

Mindy - when does the next BL contest start?

Susie - great workout! Keep it up!

Danielle - welcome to 3fc and our January club thread. I hope you will come back and post often. Another teacher!

Zeinab - I think I would starve if that's all I ate in a day. The soup sounds great, though. What's a courgette?

I have been on plan 7 days now and I'm starting to feel a lot better. My workout was awesome today but I am a bit worried that the gym will be super crowded tomorrow. It's my Group Power day and if the class is full I will be annoyed and off-routine. What will be, will be - I will deal.

See you tomorrow!

01-04-2009, 10:03 PM
Thank you for the encouragement everyone. I think I am back on track. Food was good today. My daughter was in a hockey tournament all weekend, and it was really difficult to resist the concession stand. But, I did it! (Her team won the whole tournament, undefeated, by the way! We were so excited! Hers is a team of pretty much all girls that beat 4 teams of all boys!)

Ward--Hope Group Power is kind to you tomorrow!

Susie--Great workout! You are doing great staying on plan!

Mindy--I am bummed you won't be there to work out with me tomorrow, but I am still going to walk or something!

Zeinab--I think I would starve, too, but everything sounds really good!

Danielle--Welcome! Mindy and I are teachers, too. I look forward to your posts! Let us know if you need help finding a ticker!

Nichola--Hope things are going well!

See everyone tomorrow! I hope I can stay awake long enough to post. Had the last 2 weeks off, back to kids full force tomorrow--they wear me out!

01-05-2009, 04:40 PM
Hi all and Happy New Year!
I'm new and looking for some gal pals to keep me motivated - and judging by your tickers - I came to the right place! Last year was kind of a disaster for me. I suffered a pretty bad injury at the end of 2007 and had to stop working out for a while - that combined with stress eating from grad school - I gained over 30 lbs. I wasn't a thin girl to begin with. Now I'd like to lose about 50 lbs or so. I figure I'll know when hit my goal by how clothes fit and how toned I am.
My immediate goals are to eat healthy (lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains and very little processed sugars or fats) and to exercise several days a week. I've never liked exercising, but there were times where I was able to make it a habit. I want to get there again.
Thanks for reading!

01-05-2009, 08:17 PM
Hi Ladies,

I survived the 1st day back to work. Someone brought in saltwater taffy and also some chocolate covered cheeries. I just told myself that it would't taste that good and then I moved them away from the file cabinet by my desk to a much more open space. I am a "closet eater" and I only overeat in private so I knew if they weren't where I could get to them in private I wouldn't eat them.

I wasn't too tired when I got home tonight. Maybe it's because I did get in a lunch time workout? I did 20 min on the bike and then finished with some Natulis training for upper back and chest.

At my work gym they are offering us 3 free months with a trainer for free. Let me tell you I jumped on that! I should have something in place with them around the end of January. I'll let you know more as I know more.

I am on plan with food, with posting here, with keeping my food and exercise sheet and my feelings journal. It sure takes a lot of work but if I learned one thing last year...that's what it will take and so because I so want to be successful this year; I WILL do what it takes.

Martini Girl: Weclome to the thread. I had a hard time last year as well but just posting with these gals kept me from giving up and this year I have the right mind set. I'll be looking forward to your posts. I had to laugh when you said you didn't like exerice, neither did Mindy and you should see how far she has come with that. Now she signs up for 5ks and is actually running!

Kelly: I'm glad you got back on the wagon--I knew you would. How was your workout without Kelly? Did you use your new Ipod?

Ward: Was your class crowded today?

Zeniab: That soup sounds really good. Your food looks very healthy and balanced.

Danielle: Welcome to the thread. We will be here to support you and look forward to your posts. All posts help all of us and give us support. If you need help with a ticker I'm sure many of us can help you.

I'll see everyone tomorrow.

01-05-2009, 08:35 PM
Susie- WooHoo!! Score for you. A trainer. That would be heaven. I am sure you will get a lot out of it. Keep moving them cherries away. As I type, there is a box sitting next to me. Good thing I don't like them. Thanks for the comment about my working out. I do seem to live for it now. 45 min. today.

Danielle- Welcome and stick around. This is a great group and we really support each other.

Zeinab- You're making me hungry. I hope that's enough food. :smug:

Ward- Today is day 7 for me also. Hope you get your class. Funny how we get so stuck in our routines.

Kelly- you didn't mention the tournament. YEAH!!! GO GIRLS!!! Hey, I made that workout today after all. Kickin butt!!!:cool:

Martingal- Welcome. I've said it before, this is a great place to be. Hope you stick around. We can meet our goals.

I was under 200 again today. Lost track of how many times now. Got a good 45 min. cardio workout in and have eaten well. What more can a girl do??

See ya tom.

01-05-2009, 09:30 PM
I promised to post every day, and I will. Short but sweet, today, though. Got homework to help with. Food was good today, I was over my goal calories by 115. I ended up eating 1515 today because of a stinking piece of garlic bread. I guess I'll have to do some Wii Fit tonight to make up for it. Mindy ended up returning to work after her appointment so we were able to work out after all. 30 good butt kickin minutes of Bob Harper should help me! My husband made some cookies after dinner, and guess how many I ate?........0!! Woo Hoo! I told him he better eat them all and eat them fast! See you tomorrow girls.

Welcome Martinigal! Looking forward to your posts and helping in any way!

01-06-2009, 02:22 PM
Hey, something must be going right. I am inching down everyday this week. Must keep it going in the right direction. I am eating 1400 calories, doing 45 min. cardio one day, 45 min. strength/cardio combination the next day. I am allowing myself one rest day a week. Hope this keeps working.

Kelly- Tell that hubbie of yours to ixnay on the cookiesay. I'll miss you tonight. Get that workout in though without me. Promise?? :smug: I'll be getting mine done also. :strong:

hope everyone is doing well today. See ya tomorrow.

01-06-2009, 03:50 PM
Susie, that's some fantastic will-power you have! Way to go!

Kelly, you too! And I can't believe your husband made cookies. My husband can't boil water.

Mindy, :woohoo: on the results! Keep it up!

Welcome, martinigal! I hope you will be reading and posting here a lot. I am looking forward to getting to know you.

As for me, I am on my 9th straight day of on-plan eating but the scale has not budged. Soooo frustrating. I had a great workout this morning - 60 min of cardio and Group Ride. I also had a nice long chat with another woman at the gym. I know a lot of people at my gym, but I hope she and I will become friends - she's a mom of two small kids, too.

Zeinab, Danielle, Nichola - I hope we haven't lost you. ;)

01-06-2009, 08:40 PM
Ward--Oh, yes, my husband is a great cook. I cook, too, but I let him do it most of the time. If only I could get him to stop making stuff that makes me want to binge.

Mindy-- Just returned from hockey practice, and BL is starting soon. It will record, I will get my workout in, and then I can watch it. Just have to wait for my girls to go to bed.

Dropped a half a pound today. Hope it keeps going in the right direction!

Danielle, Nichola, Zeinab, Susie, Martinigal,---Hope all is well.

01-06-2009, 11:19 PM
Hi Ladies,

It's later than usual but I'm here. I just finished watching The Biggest Loser. This is my first time to ever watch it. I cried and cheered. I'm excited to see how those who go home do.

I know if I was someplace where I had someone in my face every day that I would loose weight more easily. One reason, I'm competitive, two I'm a binger who overeats in private, so I'm anxious to hear the stories of those that go home.

The desperation of those people on that show is very, very familiar.

I am on plan, I've worked out (did my Hi/LO class with weight training=60 min and then did a 30 min walk. I went 1.50 miles).

So, tomorrow is a day I had to think about and make a decision about and I needed to do it tonight. We are having a "Welcome Breakfast" for a new Brand Manager. I orginally thought that I would just eat what would be there for my breakfast. But after thinking about it more I have decided that I will stick to my own's something I can control. I know the calories, I know I like it and I know what it will be. I've never given this much thought to my food before.

Ward: 9 days is something to be proud of. I know, as you do, that the results will come. Stay strong.

Kelly: Some days it just gets really busy doesn't it? I'm proud of you for sticking to your goal to come and post and for planning on working out after homework is done--you'll show that piece of garlic bread!

Mindy: I'm glad you went under 200 again...I know you wanted it. You are doing all you can do--just keep doing it.

I need to go write in my feelings journal and then get to bed. 5:15 a.m. comes early.

See you all tomorrow.

01-07-2009, 11:22 AM
Had a busy evening. Dr. Appt., hair appt, then needed to get home and WO before the show. Got home at 7:40. YIKES!! Did 20 min. of Jillian and the show was 7 min. in. Then I did 25 min. of walking and jogging while watching the show. I got in 45 min. YEAH!!! Stayed on plan eating wise and went down a tich today. Day 10. TOM is looming, so I must keep it together, perfectly.

Good job to all of you with your own success's. We are all learning so much and doing so well. Let's keep it up.

01-07-2009, 06:05 PM

Posting a bit early today. I think I'm going to have a busy evening. I'm working a bit late and then I have a workout at 7:15 p.m. then home to eat a salad for dinner. So I might not get computer time tonight.

I'm on plan and going strong. I'm happy to report that I did skipp the group breakfast and feel so much better about myself for it.

I tried a new class at my workout gym. They have Zumba. It was scary walking in there knowing I would be new but once I was there, it was ok and I had a great time. It was a workout. 45 min of Latin style areobics is how I describe it. It's like dancing though so it feels fun. to wrap up some things and head home. I'll see you all tomorrow.

01-07-2009, 06:42 PM
Mindy, I taped TBL and have only watched the first half hour or so. I can't wait to see the rest tonight.

Susie, you rock! You resisted the breakfast temptation and tried a new class. Even though you were nervous going in, you did it anyway! :bravo:

My husband drove carpool this morning so I was able to do Group Ride and then Group Power back to back. I love when that happens. Eating is on plan. Even though my weight is still stuck, I feel so much better than when I was eating junk. :)

See y'all tomorrow.

01-07-2009, 08:59 PM
I am doing well this week, with my eating and with the scale. I have gone down a pound two days in a row. Unfortunately, last night, I had great intentions to work out after my daughter's homework was completed, but I made the mistake of sitting down on the couch to rest for a few minutes, and never got up...:( That's ok, I worked out today with Mindy, did 30 minutes of Kickbox bootcamp, and boy are my legs going to hurt tomorrow. After my dinner tonight, I realized I had about 360 more calories to eat to reach 1400, so I decided to have some ice cream. Last year, I just gave that stuff up, so I really had no idea how many calories there were in ice cream. I had a whole cup of vanilla (280 cal), which I measured out in my pampered chef measuring cup which is for dry measurements, then you push the bottom up to get the stuff out. I was shocked at how much ice cream a whole cup is! It was way more than I ever imagined! Then, I decided to have some chocolate syrup on it, which I used a Tablespoon measuring spoon to measure out. 2T was 100 calories, but after measuring out 1T, I had plenty! I guess I had overestimated my calorie "guesses" on ice cream toppings in the past and was marking down way too many calories. So anyway, now I am just 30 calories short, and by god, I am not one to waste calories, so I WILL find something else to eat tonight.

Ward--Let us know your reaction to BL! I was surprised at the end!

Susie--Good for you for giving up the breakfast. We have one on Friday to deal with. We'll see how it goes.

Mindy--Keep your head up with that scale! You are rockin with TOM right around the corner! Let's lose more by Friday!

See you all tomorrow!

01-08-2009, 04:40 PM

Last night I was filling out my food sheet and I realized it was completely filled out. I did it! I haven't done a whole week in so long...I was so happy with myself and excited to start the 2nd week.

I feel like I've done well with the food, the exercise and the emotional part of this. I haven't ate for any reason except hunger. I've had a couple of times that I wanted to eat for an emotional reason--usually it's because of an anxiety feeling--but I haven't done it. So...I'm hoping the scales show my effort. I have my weigh-in at TOPS tonight so it will tell.

Speaking of emotional eating; I came out of a meeting this afternoon, walked past a filing cabinet where no one was around and there was a huge plate of BIG chocolate chip cookies. Now, I can have a cookie..I just can't have it because I came out of a meeting where the aniexty was a bit high. So I walked right on by...came to my desk, got a piece of gum and here I am.

Ward: The scales will move soon...I know it. In the great you got to do the workouts you love to do.

Kelly: It's good to see you here. You are doing great. I was shocked at the end of TBL too! Good luck with the breakfast. I'm sure you will figure it all out.

Mindy: I hope you are having a good day and I'm glad you and Kelly got to work out together.

Zeinab, Danielle, Nichola: How are you guys? We miss you!

Ok..I'll see you tomorrow. After my TOPS meeting I will go for a 30 min walk. I didn't workout at lunch today so I could have lunch with my mentor.

01-08-2009, 06:06 PM
Kelly, I always estimate in the other direction. That's why I have to weigh everything I eat. You are doing great!

Susie, you are too! There is no way I could have passed up those cookies, especially if I was upset at the time (and no one could see me). Great job!

I had an awesome workout this morning. I started with a 35 min (3.55 mi) treadmill run. Then I took my son to preschool and came back for Group Ride and 25 min on the elliptical. My bodybugg says I burned a ton of calories; in fact, I have met all of my targets for the day already and it's only 5pm. Eating is on plan.

See you tomorrow!

01-08-2009, 09:21 PM
Ward--Mindy and I were just talking about getting Bodybuggs today! How weird! Are they expensive? So you get them online or do they sell them at stores somewhere?

Susie--Good for you, both on logging in your food and walking by the cookies! You are doing amazing! I eat in secret, too, and I know how hard it is to walk away from food. Especially cookies! Great job!

Mindy--Do your arms and legs hurt yet? Because mine can barely get me up and down my stairs!

Mindy and I did Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga tonight. Anyone who ever thought yoga was not a good workout has apparently never done yoga with Bob Harper! That was tough! There were times when I wanted to collapse onto the floor because my arms and legs burned so badly, but I made it through! Food was good today, and I still have 60 calories left, which will be filled up by a Sugar Free Jello Pudding cup. I am feeling great about all this today! I feel like I am totally back on track with a new drive and I know I can do this!

See you all tomorrow!

01-08-2009, 09:41 PM
Kelly- Everything on my body hurts right now. Some of it is from yesterday, doing the kickboxing using your 5 pound weights. Then jogging afterwards. Then we repeat today with Yoga. My arms hurt, my quads hurt, my shoulders, and then to top it off I have the cramps from TOM. Tomorrow could be ugly at school. Those children better watch out. OOH, we have that breakfast in the morning.

Susie- I think I need to pull a Susie and eat my own breakfst and avoid the one at school in the morning. You never know what they are going to have. Let alone how many calories some of that stuff will have. I'll pop in for the social aspect, but not eat. Good luck at TOPS. You have been doing great.

Ward- Keep it moving. You and that gym. They should give you a frequent visitor discount. Or put you in their commercials or something. :)

I am on plan, day 11. The scale went up today with the start of TOM. Unusual for me. I usually gain before and start to lose when it starts. Not this time. My body is going, "WTH?" How do you like the bodybugg? Tell us more.

See ya tom. My official weigh-in day. :?:

01-09-2009, 07:58 AM

I'm usually on the road to work by now but I decided that going in early this week hasn't helped me get done what I want done because as soon as my group sees me they need me for something else, so I decided to take some me time this morning and get my laundry sorted so I can start it tonight after work and to answer emails and post.

Ladies, I had a GAIN last night! and it was 3.25 lbs. I was so shocked. I don't feel like I gained, but there it was. I have no idea why. I have stayed in my calorie range and I know this range works for me to loose weight in.

The only thing I can think of is that we had almost 3 weeks off between weigh-ins and I must have gained a bunch during two of them before I got back on track.

It was hard to see that gain..but I am NOT giving up. I want this to badly.

I will admit I'm in a bit of a bad mood about it all..another good reason to take bit of me time this morning.

Mindy: I know you will see another loss soon. Just keep doing what you are doing.

Kelly: I have done yoga before and it can really be a workout! I hope the sorness is better today. You are doing a great job!

Ward: What is bodybugg? Good job with your workouts and for staying on plan. I know that you have issues with binging too and it can be so hard to overcome but you are doing great.

Ok..I got to start getting ready for work. I'll see you all tomorrow

01-09-2009, 06:46 PM
Mindy and Kelly, you guys are sounding so strong and motivated! :carrot:

Susie, don't let a temporary gain de-rail you. Keep working your plan and those pounds will be gone.

Today I did 45 min of cardio and Group Power. I ate more than usual for lunch so my total intake for the day will be higher than normal. But, I did not binge. :D

The bodybugg is a device that you wear on your arm that measures four things that are going on with your body and from those measurements tells you how many calories you're burning, how much time you're active, and how many steps you're taking.

You subscribe to the website and upload your data there. You also keep a food log there so it calculates your surplus/deficit. It sets targets for you based on your goals. For example, I put in that I want to lose 8 pounds, so for me, it said I should burn 2150 calories a day and consume 1650 to create a 500 calorie deficit. That should result in a 1 lb per week loss. My other targets are 3 active hours per day and 12,000 steps.

I bought my bugg on eBay (used) so I didn't pay a whole lot for it. You can read all about it and see the current pricing here -

That's actually a fabulous price they have right now, and it's a newer version of the armband than I have, too. I absolutely love mine and I wear it all the time. It is so motivating to look down at the display and see how many calories you've burned. Or if I look down and see that I might not meet my targets, I get off the couch! Like I need to do right now. ;)

See you tomorrow.

01-09-2009, 09:35 PM
Susie- I am sorry to hear about your gain. I totally understand. All week I inched down little by little. Got to 198.8 and then have gone up almost 3 pounds in three days. What the ****?? I get very frustrated. I am starting to feel like I am never going to lose any more weight, just keep going over and under 200. You have the right attitude though. Just keep plugging along, keep working hard and good things will happen. We can do this.

Ward- Thanks for the info on the bodybugg. Isn't there a monthly fee for the website also? Do you feel it is really helpful? I'm starting to grab at straws here. My current plan seems to be failing me.

Tomorrow is another day. Let's see what it holds. Once again, I was on plan today. Maybe hit 1500 calories, worked out 45 min. and drank a good amount of water. Don't know what more I can do.

01-09-2009, 09:48 PM
Ward--Thanks for the bodybugg info. That was really helpful! I will have to look into it more--especially watch for deals on ebay.

Susie--I am so sorry to see the gain. I am sure you are right about gaining over the holidays. It just doesn't seem possible to gain after doing everything you have been doing. Keep your chin up and keep plugging away. It will happen!

Mindy--I don't know what more you can do either. Maybe your body just wants to maintain for a while. Either way, everything you are doing is making you healthier, if nothing else. Eventually the scale has to drop. Your body is just very stubborn about giving up its fat stores.

I was a little off plan today with eating, just because we had a staff breakfast at work. I tried not to overeat, but I did eat some things I wouldn't normally eat. All in all, I had a bagel with light cream cheese, fruit, and some scrambled eggs. I tried to make up for it by eating a lunch meal that was only 180 calories, so hopefully it won't have ruined my whole week. I also had 2 cookies tonight. Man, I messed up worse than I thought. But, I won't let it get me down. I'll just plan on playing the Wii or something tonight, even though Mindy and I did WATP after school. Anyway, have to run. Children are waiting to be tucked in!

See you ladies tomorrow!

01-10-2009, 04:54 PM
Hi all. I'm not very happy today. I had a great week, working out and eating, and today I go up 2 pounds. A half pound away from where I was a week ago. Yesterday's eating was not the best, so even though I worked out with Mindy, I still did another 30 minutes on the Wii Fit. Maybe I am not eating enough for the amount I am working out. I also read somewhere recently that working out in the morning helps burn more calories throughout the day, so I wonder if working out in the afternoon isn't helping as much as it could. I also read that the majority of calories should be consumed during the day and not in the evening, so I wonder if I am eating too much at night, even though I am staying within my calorie range. I don't know, it just gets frustrating, but you all know that for yourselves. I guess I will maybe adjust my calories a bit, and try to eat more of them during the day and less at night. We'll see how it goes.

01-10-2009, 05:43 PM
Kelly- WTH?? Are you tyring to be like me? I thought I was the only one who could gain 2 pounds a day even though I worked out and ate pretty good. You know, our bodies are just freaking out. They don't understand what we are trying to do to them. They will catch up soon. We just have to keep telling them we are serious and they don't have a choice.

Today I was down almost a pound. I am hoping and praying the gain was just because of TOM and I can get this party started. Went grocery shopping today and picked up lots of stuff to try out some new recipes. Should be fun. I'll let you know if I come up with anything fantastic.

01-10-2009, 06:20 PM
Hi Ladies,

It sounds like we are all on plan and waiting to see the results on the scales. I think that there will be times when our efforts just don't show there.

Ward said it best in her post where she told me to not let a temporary gain derail me...the key word here being temporary.

So, while we want the scales to show the numbers we want I think that we also should have other goals too that have noting to do with the number on the scales, like we did so many minutes of exercise, or logged our food so many days in a row, of we can now go up the stairs and not breathe hard and we need to share those things as well.

We will all keep at this and soon those numbers will follow.

Speaking of food log..I need to get mine caught up and totoled. I haven't done that at all day and we are going out to eat with friends so I better see where I am.

Mindy; What sort of things did you buy and what new recipies are you trying?

Kelly: Keep your chin up about that's going to come off.

Ward: Did you get up off the couch? to get that food sheet thing done by the time our friends get here.

I'll see everyone tomorrow.

01-11-2009, 12:59 PM
Susie- I bought the Biggest Loser Family Cookbook and a couple of magazines. They are full of recipes that are low cal and good for you. I have some muffins on the agenda for today and there are a few yummy looking chicken meals. I have to get off my butt today and get busy.

The scale is going back down. It never goes down as fast as it goes up. I can gain a pound or 2 a day, when gaining. When losing, I might squek out a 1/2 pound a day. I was 200, even, today, looking for that 199 again. Really, it is time to get past this plateau.

01-11-2009, 08:21 PM

It's so cold here in Ohio. It made it hard to go to the Y today for my workout but I did and I'm glad I did it. I did a 35 min walk. Got in 2 miles. I am not feeling to well today. I think I've mentioned here that I have a chronic condition called I.C. it can feel like a UTI when I have a flare. I might have a UTI or I might be having a flare, eithier way it can make me feel uncomfortable and tired. My urologist has me treat a flare the same as a UTI. Some cipro and Azo for the symptoms and a lot of water. Also heat helps. Hopefully I'll feel much better tomorrow.

I'm doing well and on plan...even with 2 pies in the house (they are going to work with hubby tomorrow--we had company over last night).

Mindy: I need to look for some new recipies. Did you manage to get busy today and get in a workout.

Ward and Kelly: Looking forward to your posts.

Time for some dinner, get the kitchen cleaned up and watch a bit of TV. See you all tomorrow.

01-11-2009, 09:30 PM
Hey y'all. Have we lost our new posters already?

Mindy, how did the muffins turn out?

Susie, you resisted two pies? You are a rock star.

I had excellent workouts yesterday and today. Eating is on plan and I am looking forward to another binge-free week next week.

See you tomorrow.

Fat in Hong Kong
01-12-2009, 04:18 AM
Hello Again! So sorry I haven't been posting! I started back to work last week and it's been a really busy time ... I've been so exhausted when I've got home! Also, for some reason, I haven't been receiving any email notifications when someone has posted, so I'd assumed there were no new posts ... until I checked-in today and found 4 pages!!:dizzy: I promise to check-in more regularly from now on, and I'll try to post most days.

Anyway, I'm pleased to say that when I weighed-in on Friday I'd had a loss of 2lbs which I was pleased about ... not a great loss for a 1st week, but a loss none the less:)

Only a short post today just to let you know that I haven't fallen off the waggon and I will be back more regularly! ... I have to go to take my son to meet his driving instructor now for his 2nd driving lesson so I'll be back tomorrow

01-12-2009, 06:46 PM
Nichola! Welcome back and congratulations on the 2 lbs lost. I think it's a great start. :)

I did Group Power and then Group Ride today. Eating is on plan. The weight still won't budge, but I really feel better than when I was eating all that crap. I just need to keep telling myself that.

I hope you're having a good day - I'll see you tomorrow.

01-12-2009, 08:18 PM
Nichola--Glad to see you back! Woo Hoo on a 2 pound loss! I think the weight coming off slowly is a good thing! Maybe it will stay off more easily! Good for you!

Susie--Good job resisting the pies. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope things look up soon!

Wardhog--So glad you are feeling great even though the scale doesn't budge. I am feeling the same lately.

Mindy--You know you are going to have to bring those cookbooks to school so I can make some copies. That popcorn/cereal mix you brought today was YUM!

I had a good weekend. Ate well, didn't work out, but didn't binge! Weekends are definitely my downfall. On plan today, but only got in 20 minutes of workout today because I was running my yapper instead of changing my clothes to work out. Hopefully I can do a bit more tonight. I am feeling great, like I am starting to tone up again, which I could tell I was losing over the holidays. I have an uncle coming into town this weekend from Florida who I haven't seen in over a year. I am excited to show off my new body. He's commented that he's heard I have been losing, but he hasn't seen me. Can't wait! I am back down that couple pounds that I gained a few days ago, but I am going to wait until tomorrow to make sure it is really gone to change my mini-goal ticker;)

Have a great evening everyone!

01-12-2009, 08:59 PM
Wow. look at you guys, all getting here and posting. I am just getting home and getting things settled around here. I stayed later than Kelly so I could get in a full 45 min. workout. Then I gabbed a bit, gathered my stuff and got out of there.

Stress greeted me at the door. Heat was out because we had run out of propane. Apparently just before they came to fill it today. Over $1,000 worth of propane. Then I got my monthly bill from them in the mail. They raised my payment from $200 to $400 a month. Then my student loan bill came, it went up over $100/month. And to top it all off, my IRA statements came, and I lost $700 this quarter. Can it get any better??? How in the world are we going to make it? Sorry for the rant.

The scale was kind. Back under 200, 199.4. Hope I continue the downward trend. I am going to make muffins tonight. Yesterday I made a snack mix. Kelly's right, it was yummy. I am on day 13, I believe, of being on-plan. I have worked out 7 days straight now. YIPPEE!!!

Keep up the good work girls.
Kelly- More pilates tonight?
Ward- You are one buff chick.
Susie- Keep on keepin on.
Nichola- Yeah!!!

01-12-2009, 09:20 PM

I'm feeling a little better today. My workout made me feel better yesterday and I noticed it did again today. I did the bike at lunch today.

I need to get my food sheet caught up for today but it's been on plan. I did have a piece of pie tonight. I just felt like I wanted it and I had room in my calories so I had it.

Ward: It's hard when we don't see the scales move down but focusing on how you feel is important too. Keep up the good work with your eating and your exercise.

Mindy: I'm glad the scales have moved down again. I hear you about the stress of the income. My hubby's car is in the shop, something we weren't expecting. I need to reorder my meds for my IC and take them like I should. These meds are expensive. They cost me $150 for a 3 month supply but not taking them like I should have been has me back to square one with the pain and so now I have to take them and deal with the time it takes for them to work, sometimes 3-6 months.

Kelly: It will be fun to have your Uncle see you and your weight loss. Did you get a workout in tonight.

Nichola: Welcome back. I know I'm looking forward to your posting. Congrats on that 2 lb loss!

I'm going to catch up my food sheet. See you all tomorrow.

01-13-2009, 06:35 PM
Kelly, your uncle will be blown away! How exciting.

Mindy, I am sorry about the financial stress. It seems like many of us are feeling the pinch right now.

Susie, I am glad you're feeling better. Get that medicine - there are some things that you can't scrimp on. :hug:

Same old story from me - great workout, eating on plan ... no loss. I will not give up. See you tomorrow.

01-13-2009, 07:28 PM
Evening all. It is cold here also. And it keeps snowing and blowing. ICK!!! It is Jan. isn't it?? I think I'm on day 15 being on plan. Goods for me. I have worked out 9 days straight. We did P90X with our other friend tonight. It was kind of fun. It includes lot of thing we have done on other DVD's. Some Yoga, kickboxing, planks, etc. A good 45 min. workout.

Susie- Hope you get the meds and start feeling better. Good job keeping up the food log.

Ward- You are so close to your ideal weight. That must be so nice. Hey, we can fudge a few pounds, can't we??

Kelly- Hope you had fun at hockey practice. I also hope you chose well at Taco Bell. I love the place and can always work into my calories. Well, once in a while.

See ya later. Oh, by the way, 198.8 today. :smug:

Fat in Hong Kong
01-14-2009, 02:47 AM
Hi Everyone,

It's nice to see that so many of you post regularly on this thread ... it helps to keep me motivated. Many others that I've posted on in the past can sometimes go for days, or even weeks without having a reply posted, which doesn't help much when you're looking for some support.

Susie ~ Glad to hear you're feeling a little better. I see you fill in a daily food sheet, that's something I keep meaning to do. I know it helps to keep you on track because I've done it in the past and have found that usually when I do it I always have a loss. I think I sometimes try to kid myself that I'm not eating as much as I am when I don't write everything down. Although I haven't got around to doing it yet, I have still been eating much more healthily since Christmas, so I'm moving in the right direction.

Ward ~ It's great to see your determination continuing with your workouts and staying on plan even when you haven't had a loss ... I'm sure it'll all pay off and things will start moving again soon. Keep up the good work!

Mindy ~ Good see your scales have gone down again, well done! It's really cold here too (well, by Hong Kong standards anyway!), although not as cold as where you are I'm sure. However, we're so unused to this kind of weather because the winter in HK is such a short period (most of the year it's hot & humid). Generally, because the climate is mostly hot, houses and apartments here are not built with any kind of heating:eek: Consequently, we have to plug in small oil filled radiators of electric fan heaters and the running costs are astronomical ... hence I haven't succumbed to switching them on yet ... just keep adding extra layers of clothes!

Kelly ~ It's great when you lose weight and you haven't seen someone for a long time ... your uncle's going to be amazed I'm sure. I've just found out that there's going to be a big family wedding in August, so my family and I will be going back to the UK for our summer holidays so that we can attend. It will be a couple of years since we've been back to the UK so I'm hoping that I will be well on my way to goal by then so that I can show off my new slimline figure to everyone. I've been overweight for so long now I'm sure none of my family can remember me when I was slim. Anyway, it's certainly given me an incentive to do it and helps to keep me motivated.

See you all tomorrow!

01-14-2009, 10:02 AM

I can't believe yesterday got by me without a post! It was a challenging day time wise. I think in my last post I mentioned that DH's car was in the shop. That can really throw us off because we both communite about 40 miles one way to work but he had that worked out.

Yesterday DH wakes up with a severe sore throat and a fever. So, he couldn't go to work & his work requires a doctor's excuse, so we had to find a way to get him to the doctor. I went in early to work so if I could get him an appoitment later in the day I could leave early. I was able to get him a 4:00 appt. so that turned out well. So, I drove home, picked him up took him to the doctor, took him to get the car, then I went to the Y for a workout. I got home about 7:30 and fixed a quick grilled cheese for my dinner and watched Biggest Loser. I realized at 10:00 p.m. I hadn't posted. I had been up since 5:00 a.m. so I just went to bed!

Despite the crazy day yesterday I was able to stay on my food plan and I got my workout in.

Watching the Biggest Loser is very inspiring to me. I was crying during that show last night. My DH, who is very supportive of my weight loss efforts, looked at me and said, I think I'm beginning to understand the pain that this causes you sometimes. I cried even harder.

Ward: You are like the Energizer bunny! Do you realize how long you have gone without a binge? Even though the scales aren't moving, you are accomplishing what you are setting out to do.

Kelly: I love Taco Bell! How did you do there?

Mindy: I see you are doing planks in your workouts. Aren't those killers?!

Nicola: Yes, I keep a food sheet. It has taken me a little while to get into that habit. Just keep at it, it will happen for you. The week that I had a whole one filled out and hadn't missed a day doing so was a small victory for me. I too have some summer events that I'm using as a goal post for my weightloss to be noticed. Together we can do this! to get back to work. See you all later.

01-14-2009, 07:29 PM
Did P90X with our friend again tonight. It was a different workout from yesterday. It was 58 min. None of us went that long. I did about 48. There was some tough stuff on this one. More muscle work than cardio, I think. Inched down again today, 198.2. I'm getting there. Hope to see 197 tom.

Susie- Some days are just crazy like that. Good for you sticking to your eating plan. And you got in a workout. YEAH!!! You are doing the right stuff.

Nichola- It was 6 degrees on my way home. Now you understand the $1,000 propane bill I got the other day. You can always count on at least one of us to post each day. Keep up the good work. Write down that food. It really helps.

Ward- How was the workout today??

Kelly- Tonights not as busy. I expect to see your post.

01-14-2009, 08:46 PM
Mindy--Ha Ha, tonight's not as busy? You heard Micque say today she is giving Science and Social Studies tests tomorrow, right? I have to help my daughter study. (For everyone else, Micque is our other friend we have been doing the P90X stuff with, and my daughter is in her class!) I can really feel the muscles in my arms and upper back from all those sucky planks and push ups. Can you tell I don't like exercise??

Susie--What an ordeal having to deal with only one car. I guess keeping busy is one way to stay out of food temptation, though, I guess! I am so glad you are enjoying the Biggest Loser! I wanted to cry last night when Jerry was voted off. That darn Jolene needed to go home for sure!

Wardhog--I know you are working hard and staying on plan. That loss will come soon!

Nichola--I hope you are staying warm. Our wind chill is expected to be negative 17 degrees tomorrow. We are all hoping for a snow day off school! I'm glad you are eating more healthily these days---It really pays off to write it all down. I just started being faithful about writing everything down again, and I am glad! I have dropped 4.5 pounds in the last 10 days.

Eating good, staying on plan, did about 40-45 minutes of P90X the last two days. Feeling great! See everyone tomorrow!

01-14-2009, 09:28 PM
Susie, I cried during TBL last night, too. I really wanted both Jerry and Daniel to stay (and Joelle to go home) so it made me really sad when they picked him. But then I was so happy when I saw how well he did at home. You did a great job getting through the roadblocks you faced today. Those are the times that I tend to binge.

Mindy & Kelly, tell me more about p90x. It sounds interesting (and difficult).

Nichola, keep on posting - we'll be here cheering you on! :cheer2: It's cold here, too (to me). We do have central heat, though. Central air is a must in the summer, too.

Yep - I did a double today. Group Ride, then Group Power. The rest of the day was pretty productive, too. Eating was on plan, so I hit all of my targets. Yay! I hope the scale will be kind to me on Friday.

See you tomorrow.

01-15-2009, 07:26 PM
Ward- P90X is sold on an infommercial and probably online. Not sure. But it is a series of workout DVD's and a plan as to how you should work through them based on your goals. There are several different types of workouts. Cardio, with strength moves, yoga, kenbo, basically something for every part of your body. We have only done 2 with her. They are a good workout.

Susie- I know you are going to TOPS tonight and weighing in. You have been working hard. I just know you are going to see a loss. My official weigh-in is tomorrow. I will be down, I hope alot.

Kelly- We have done great this week. Gotta keep it up. We should both have good losses. :smug:

Tonight we did WATP for 45 min. Not as tough as the P90X, but still pretty good cardio. Tomorrow we will throw in some strength. I was 197.2 today. Still creeping down. Just hope it keeps moving in that direction.

We are supposed to weigh-in tomorrow at school for the begining of our BL competition. If we don't have school, it will have to wait until next week. It is frigid here. I'm sure it is in Ohio too.

01-15-2009, 09:47 PM
Mindy, you are shrinking day by day! :woohoo: Those workouts sound interesting.

Susie, how was the weigh-in?

Kelly, Nichola - I hope you guys are doing well, too.

I had another kick-butt cardio workout today and my eating was on plan (day 18)! Tomorrow I weigh in, but I'm not too hopeful. I'm not sure what's going on; I guess I will keep at it. What choice do I have?

See you tomorrow.

01-16-2009, 11:26 AM
Hi Everyone!

I am well today. Yesterday I went up a pound, but today it was back off. Mindy told me I was probably retaining water to repair the muscles I have been using on those P90X workouts. It looks like she's right! I have been on plan with eating and with workouts. I have done 3- 45 minute days of exercise in a row, and that is very abnormal for me. I must be getting stronger, because by the third day, I didn't feel like I was going to die by the end. ;) I am glad to hear everyone is working hard and on plan. Susie--how was your TOPS weigh in? We will not start our BL competition at work today because we have a snow day, which is really a cold air day. The wind chill is -27 today, so it is too cold for kids to walk to school and wait for the bus. So, our BL competition will begin next Friday instead. Oh well. Have a great Friday, everyone!

01-16-2009, 02:37 PM
Hi Ladies,

Happy Friday to you all. I'm having a great day at work. Most of my department is out and I'm getting so much's amazing how much of my work doesn't get done daily because I'm helping my group with their work! It's ok though, I work with great people. I just hate to have things pile up..makes me anxious and when I get anxious I binge. I felt that tug to do some this morning. I wanted some peanut M&M's badly. But I just dug into the work and reached where I wanted to be on my work goal by lunch and low and behold...that craving was gone.

Now...drumm roll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I lost 3.25 lbs at my weigh-in last night! Yeah!!!! It has set me up to want to do it again. I hope I don't have a disappointment like that one girl did on the Biggest Loser...she worked so hard and only lost 1 lb! I couldn't believe it when I saw that. I mean...she puked from exercise....I would expect more of a loss...I bet this week she shows a big loss.

Ward: I hope you get the numbers on the scale that you want today. I am with you, I was excited when I saw how well Jerry has done on the BL.

Mindy: I'm here in Ohio freezing with you guys. It was 4 below zero here this morning! I see those scales creeping down for you...keep going Mindy!!

Kelly: Glad to see the scales going down for you and I think Mindy was right about the water retention after the muscle workout. To get through that be sure to drink a little more water than usual when you do a muscle workout.

Nicola: I hope you are on plan and doing ok.

Ok..back to work for me. I'll be around this weekend. See ya!

01-16-2009, 04:07 PM
Well today is my weigh-in day and it's not as good as I hoped. I think it is my day to do the water retention thing. I was up about 1.5. For the week though overall, I weighed 198.8, down 2.8 pounds. I hope I lose some of that back tomorrow.

Susie- YEAH!!! See you are doing the right stuff and reaping the benefits. Keep it up.

Kelly- I am glad to hear it came back off. Now don't skimp on those workouts today and tomorrow. Gotta make time for yourself, somehow.

Ward- I'm thinking your body likes it's current weight. You are so close to your goal that it is just getting difficult. You just stick with it because I know how great you feel, and look.

01-16-2009, 06:02 PM
I can't believe it. Here I am posting twice in the same day. Usually when I am at home for the day I never get around to working out, but guess what? Today, it is done! I did BL Yoga, and it definitely was easier than last time. I feel really good, though, my arms are still tingly and warm!

Mindy--I am so glad to see a loss for you. FINALLY! We have got to keep it up and keep working hard. Cardio tomorrow? Make sure you do strength today. I think the combination is working well!

Susie--:bravo: You have been working so hard! Congrats on the loss, and on staying away from those evil M&M's.

Ward--I know you are on plan. How did your weigh in go today?

Nichola--How are things going for you?

Fat in Hong Kong
01-17-2009, 01:18 AM
Hi Everyone!

I've had a really busy couple of days getting my son sorted out to fly back to the UK to university. We had to be up at 4.30am this morning to take him to the airport and I can hardly keep my eyes open now:tired: Things have not been good at home for a couple of days either ... son lost his brand new iPhone on Wednesday night, which we had bought him for Christmas!! Hubby is mad!:mad: ... that is an understatement!! Thankfully, after many arguments and lots of upset, we are all ok now, although it was rather upsetting this morning when he left ... probably worse because of all the emotions over the last few days!

Daughter has been out all night doing a 24 hour sponsored walk with a team of students from school. They will be going on a month-long expedition to Madagascar in June and are raising funds for the underpriviledged people there. They will be doing community work in schools, orphanages and villages. A lot of hard work, but I'm sure it will be a worthwhile, once in a lifetime experience for them all. We visited them on the walk twice last night, at around 7.30pm and again at around 11.30pm, to show our support ... not suprising that I'm so exhausted today!!:dizzy: I have to go and collect her at 5pm when the walk is finished, then I think we'll all have an early night!!

Onto the weight-loss issue ... no loss on Friday I'm afraid:( So, it' back to writing everything down ... let's hope that will help me to have a loss next week!

Well done to all you losers this week!:cp: Hope I can join you next week:)

Just as a matter of interest, what sort of plans are you all following ... WW, calories counting, etc.?

Have a great weekend everyone!

01-17-2009, 11:07 AM
Nichola--Mindy and I are counting calories. We use quite a bit to look up food items and calculate how many calories we should eat, and then set a limit. Mine is between 1400-1500 a day. I think Mindy's is about the same. Usually if I don't work out, then I try to stick to 1400 that day. If I do work out, I go up to 1500. So far it seems to be working pretty well.

Last night I had pizza with my husband's family. I had a salad first, then a couple slices. I went up on the scale today, though. Back up to to 188 from 187. Although it is only a pound, it is irritating. I need to get past 187. I haven't been below that yet. Come on!!!!

01-17-2009, 12:43 PM
Yay! Everyone is doing so well! :cheer2: Congratulations on the losses!

Nichola, I am counting calories, too. I use my bodybugg to tell me what I'm burning, and I journal my food at the same site.

Well, I worked my a$$ off last week and only lost 0.2. So I was disappointed and binged. What an idiot. Anywho, I am back on plan today. I had a great workout this morning and I am moving on.

See you tomorrow!

01-17-2009, 01:00 PM
Well I am happy to report being back down today. Here's a coincidence. I had pizza 2 nights ago and went up 1.5 yesterday. Ate better yesterday and went down. Kelly had pizza yesterday and went up today. HMM??? No more pizza for us. I was back to 197.2 today. I want to see 196ish desperately.

Nichola- Kelly was correct. I count and log calories. I had gotten lax on measuring and recording every single thing. I have gotten back to that and started losing again.

Ward- Just curious. What does a binge entail? You don't have to tell me if you don't want. That has never been one of my problems, so I was just wondering. A few hundred extra calories or you eat everything in sight?

Kelly- Did BL Bootcamp last night 25 min. Then WATP for 30. Yeah, that was alot for me. Probably why I went back down today. Cardio today, remember!!
You will probably go right back down tomorrow. I don't think pizza is evil, but I do think it is packed with sodium and that is probably why we gained.

Susie- Stick to your guns this weekend. You have been doing great. I know weekends can be tough. Kelly and I both have a 4 day weekend. We';; have to be vigilant.

01-18-2009, 10:17 AM
Hi Everyone,

My day was pretty busy yesterday. I got up at 8:30 and was at a dead run all day. We went to Dayton, OH--about 40 min from where I live for 2 birthday parties, one in the early afternoon and one in the evening. In between we went to a movie.

I did pretty good with my food. Not as good as I do most of the time but ok for not being at home with my own food. One party was at Chuck E Cheese, and they have a salad bar so I had salad. The other was at Olive Garden. I ordered Fettucine...but only at half the order--I'll have the other half for lunch tomorrow and then I had salad and 2 bread sticks. I really only wanted to eat 1 bread stick but I *sigh* I had two.

I've been keeping my feeling journal and my food journal everyday and I know it's helping me to stay on track. I'll get back to my workouts today. I plan on going to the Y for a 30 min walk and then 15 min on the elliptical. I'm starting back slowly with that. It can flare up my IC--the bouncing does it. I've been feeling pretty good with the IC the past week--I'm not having acidic foods--that's why I didn't have something with red sauce at the Olive Garden.

Ward: you binged and it was because of the disappointment at the scales. It is hard to work as hard as you do and see those scales move so little but you know it's because you are so close to your goal. Muscle through it! and good for you for moving on after the binge and getting back on track.

Mindy: I think you are right about the pizza having a lot of sodium and therefore the temporary gain you and Kelly saw was from that. I know you get frustrated when you see those scales going up and down but hang in there. Maybe you should make a goal to get to 196 and then work on holding it there for a couple of weeks and keep inching down like that. Your body is tring to do a set weight but you can change that.

Kelly: You are doing so well with your workouts, and posting here. You are going to see results soon. I think you know what your next goal get under 187 and stay under it.

Nichola: It sure sounds like you had a lot going on with your family. I am keeping a feeling journal--so that I write instead of binge, and a food journal and I count calories. My range is 1500-1600. I am at the upper part of it right now. I am one that I have to write the calories down right as I eat them so I have a book calorie counter that I carry with me.

Ok..I need to go get ready for church. I'l see you all tomorrow.

01-18-2009, 11:32 AM
Even though the weekends are harder for me, I have done well. Eating is on track and I've kept up with my workouts. I only did 20 min. of Jillian's Shred last night, but it was level 2. Got me sweating. I went down a little more today, 196.6. YEAH!!! :carrot: I saw that about a month ago after I had food poisioning. I think this is the real deal though. I will really feel success when I get under 195 and never see 200 again.

Susie- It is hard to eat on the go all day. I just realized yesterday that since Jan.1, I have only eaten out once. That was a Whopper Jr. one night. I've had Subway, but that's not the same. Keep logging and journaling, you are doing this.

Everybody else- Hope you are doing well this weekend. Hope to hear from you soon.

01-18-2009, 10:17 PM
Hi everyone. I feel like I have had a rough weekend. I started off ok, going up that pizza pound from Friday, but then I proceeded to be busy and out all weekend, hence more eating out. It is depressing. Lunch Saturday at McD's (yuck), then dinner at a local mexican restaurant Saturday night. Went to a movie with my hubby, and ate nothing (Yay!), but then went to my grandmother's house today. She kept asking me if I wanted one of her homemade brownies over and over again, and I avoided them altogether. I had a couple cookies instead:(. Then came home and proceeded to have pizza for dinner (yes, again). But, tomorrow is a new day, and I am proud of myself for working out 6 out of 7 days last week. Monday through Saturday. I am giving myself today off. Back on it tomorrow. I am not giving up! I want under 187, and keeping at it is the only way I am going to get there.

Mindy--YEAH! I am so excited to see the 196's for you! Now let's hit 195! I am up for 45 minute workouts this week. We just have to start a bit earlier. We ARE going to do this!

Susie-- Good for you making smart food choices while out and about. I hear ya on the breadsticks at Olive Garden. They just lay there in the basket calling your name, don't they :devil:?

Wardhog--Glad to see you back on plan. It is so hard to see that scale stuck. I get disappointed and binge as well, therefore ruining all the hard work I did through the week. But, as long as it is not a life long binge and you get back on track quickly, you can work through it. Keep your head up!

01-19-2009, 10:59 AM
Kelly- Like I have said before, weekends are hard. We get totally off track and life gets in our way. I, unlike you, have done nothing this weekend. I think Friday and Sunday I didn't even leave the house. I have stuck to my calories and worked out everyday. I have been cooking also, trying out new recipes. I am down to 196.2 today, almost ready to see the 195's. I figure I have a few good days before mid-cycle gain time. I hope it won't be too bad.

We will get to it on Tuesday. I also want to do some P90X again, if that works out. 45 min. seems to working well. I need to stick to it.

Susie and Ward- Keep up the good work. You know it will pay off.

01-19-2009, 04:19 PM

I'm sitting in my house watching it snow. It's not a lot but I sure am tired of winter already.

I have been piddling around the house. I got a closet straightened up and also my home office. I tackled the filing cabinet and cleaned out some old papers. I've been reading a book too. I thought I would go to the Y for a workout but I just don't feel like getting dressed to go out and so I'm giving myself permission to not do it today. I did go yesterday and felt better for it.

I'm seeing some sweets creep into my food log each day. I've got to cut that back and get to my fruit instead of a cookie.

I think I'm a little down today because I was talking to a friend last night who had the lap band surgery in October and she was telling me that she has lost 55 lbs. I guess I'm a little (ok..a lot) jealous. I just am tired of being the "fat girl". I know I'm the only one who can change it. Just feeling a little "why me" down today.

Mindy: I'm glad to see that scale below 196.

Kelly: You will be back into your routine tomorrow so don't give up. You are doing so well.

Ward: Were the kids home from school today? How are you doing?

Nichola: Have you been writing in your food journal?

I'll see everyone tomorrow.

01-19-2009, 05:31 PM
It sounds like we're all having some challenges. I am finally back on my eating plan and I really want to stay here. Exercise has been good.

See you tomorrow.

01-19-2009, 07:48 PM
Ok, I am over my pity party. I am back on plan, and feeling better for it. I ate well today, I am under my calorie goal, so I'm feeling good. I still need to work out tonight. Gotta get my cardio in. Hopefully I can fit it in while we are waiting for a plumber to arrive. Our main sewer line is beginning to back up, and we want to catch it before it actually does back up. So, we'll be waiting around tonight.....

Mindy--You just keep going down! You have been waiting so long, you deserve it.

Susie--Just remember, you will lose this weight on your own, and you will feel better knowing you did it by yourself without surgery. Be proud of all you have done! You have worked so hard!

Ward--Glad to see you are on plan.

Nichola--How's it going?

See everyone tomorrow!

Fat in Hong Kong
01-20-2009, 09:29 AM
Hi Everyone,

Had a relatively quiet weekend and did ok food-wise ... except I probably had a bit too much wine:o Then last night I had to go to a surprise birthday dinner for a friend of mine who's husband had arranged it, so not so good with the plan yesterday. I ordered fairly sensibly for my starter (Prawn/avocado salad), and my main course (Lamb Rack ~ it was small! With Veggies) ... but her hubby had arranged a wonderful chocolate birthday cake and the waiters cut it all up and put a slice in front of everyone ... I should have declined, but didn't!:devil: Oh well, what's done is done. I'm back on plan today so I'm hoping that I haven't done too much damage ... we'll see on Friday when I weigh-in again.

I'm afraid that I haven't done the food journal thing yet ... I've been a bit slow off the mark ... although I did go and buy a new book at the weekend, so I'm ready to make a start on it ... I'll start it tomorrow!:)

You all seem so motivated, I hope some of it rubs off on me soon. I'm trying to encourage a friend to come walking with me, I'd be far more inclined to do it regularly if I'd got someone to share it with ... then I wouldn't be able make excuses for not doing it and to talk myself out of it!

Keep up the good work all of you!

01-20-2009, 08:17 PM
Okay, you all know me so well. Well today starts mid-cycle gain time. I went up 1.5 pounds and I am relaxing about it because I know what it is. I just hope it keeps to a minimum this time around. I don't want to go back up to 200, no way, shape of form. Wish me luck. I have stayed on eating plan and worked out everyday.

Last night I tried some Tai Chi with my DD. I don't get it. I had enough after 45 min. and she got mad at me for stopping. 45 min. Come on. We also spent a good hour and a half in the barn yesterday. We were trying to clean up some poo. It was frozen like granite. We hacked away with a pick for about an hour. Want a good arm workout. Come on over. There is plenty to do.

I bought new DVD's yesterday. So today Kelly and I did Jillian's kickboxing, for about 30 min., then tried a Latin dance workout for 10. That was funny. We have no clue what we're doing. :smug:

Ladies- We are all doing so well. Stick to your guns. Eat right, move that body and never give up. We are strong and capable. :)

01-21-2009, 02:30 PM
Hi Ladies,

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I wanted to get here and just didn't get a chance but I was thinking about you all. In fact, I had a very stressful evening with DH and some work issues that he is dealing with and there were chocolate chip cookies in the house that he baked BUT I only had one after my dinner. I just kept thinking about all of you and your motivation. So, see will rub off! ;)

I've got to catch my food journal up from yesterday and today but that I'm still on plan and doing well.

I did Zumba at lunch today. I just love that class, it's a fun workout and I don't realize how hard I'm working until it's over with. Tonight I'll walk with my friend and round out my free weight workout working those areas that I haven't worked this week.

Ward: I'm so happy to hear that you are back on plan.

Mindy: The Latian dance workout sounds like my Zumba class.

Nichola: Don't sweat the cake. I think it's Kelly who plans that sort of thing into her calories. I think that is a smart thing to do.

Kelly: I've got to ask..was it "Joe the Plumber" that you were waiting on?! Did you get your workout in before he came.

One more thing, are you still watching The Biggest Loser? That show is so motivating to me. I'm glad that Mindy and Kelly talked about it so much last year and made me want to watch it this year. I couldn't believe that those 2 girls jumped for over 2 hrs! I would have puked!!

01-21-2009, 04:19 PM
I had a good workout today and I am on plan.

Nichola, one piece of cake will not undo all of your hard work. I tend to eat the whole cake!

Kelly, did you get your cardio done?

Mindy, hooray for new DVDs! I am really bad at any sort of dancing exercise - I have never tried one at my gym because I'm too embarrassed.

Susie, good job on dealing with the stress in a positive way. That is such an important skill to develop - I wish I were better at it.

RE: the Biggest Loser - It's probably my favorite show on TV, the only thing I really look forward to watching every week. That said, I was really disappointed with who went home last week and this week. I wish it had been someone else. (Don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it.)

See you tomorrow. Stay strong, everyone.

01-21-2009, 07:18 PM
Still on track, day 24. Yep, going strong. So far the gain is only 1.8 pounds, I hope it doesn't get any higher. Kelly and I tried her new DVD today. It uses figure 8 resistance bands. We both agreed, we need stronger bands. Hmm!!! Are we getting fit???

Susie- I would love to try Zumba. I have heard so much about it. Chocolate chip cookies would definitely be my downfall. Must stay away from them. There is a Girl Scout cookie order form in our lounge. I am so temted to order just a few boxes. One tagalong is 70 calories. The problem is----who can stop at one.
Oh, by the way, she did puke afterwards.

Ward- I am not a good dancer, well not a dancer at all, but I am at that point in my life when I don't give a rat's a** what people think. I'd do it and laugh my way through it. Who would you send home? Someone with a sucky attitude and lazy to boot??

01-21-2009, 08:18 PM
:dizzy:Life is good!:carrot: I was down to 186.5 today. A new low! I was so excited I stood on the scale and shouted, "YES!" I am looking forward to seeing 185 soon. I agree with you all about who went home on BL this week. I was really disappointed. I am going strong with exercise this week. I think I am at about 45 minutes or so every day so far. My calories are in range every day. I even went to Applebee's for dinner last night, and I stuck with a salad. I have vowed to (again) stop sabotaging myself after a week of hard work. By the way, dancing is not for me. I apparently have no natural rhythm whatsoever, because I could not even keep up with as little as 3 steps in a row.

Mindy--I thought the same thing about the Girl Scout cookies. I am not ordering any, because if they are in the house they will get eaten secretly in the pantry. All by me of course.

Ward--I did get my cardio in, I am proud to say. I did 25 minutes of Walk away the Pounds, and 25 minutes of BL Power Sculpt. This 45-50 minute business is getting easier.

Susie--Fortunately, it was not "Joe the Plumber", (I heard he doesn't even have a plumbing license). My husband had rented an electric snake machine to snake our main line last week, but unfortunately it didn't work. So, it was time to call the pros! $266 later, we are able to flush our toilets! And, the workout definitely came before he arrived!

Nichola-- It is so hard to pass up cake at a party. Just count it in your plan for the day and you'll be just fine!

See you ladies tomorrow!!

01-22-2009, 10:11 AM

Tonight will be my TOPS weigh-in. I can't tell you how badly I need to see those scales go down 3 weeks in a row. I've worked hard and I'm hoping for the best.

Kelly: I could hear you shouting "YES" all the way in Ohio! Doesn't it feel good to finally get under a number that you kept getting close to but couldn't get those scales to budge under it? You are so smart to get into the habit of not allowing one meal to undo all your hard work. I'm trying to get into that habit as well. I know in the past that the night of my weigh-in, after it, I would go eat what I wanted. Sort of like my "cheat night"...but I've been telling myself not to do it..because afterall....who am I cheating?

Mindy: Keep those scales holding steady and don't go over 200. I KNOW you can do it. BTW, I don't think there is a Girl Scout cookie I don't like!

Ward: Tell us more about your workouts. I know you do a spinning class and a body pump but how fast and far do you spin and what sort of weight are you pumping? I'm glad to see you are on plan. Keep it up.

I need to get to work. I'll see you all tomorrow.

01-22-2009, 08:46 PM
I am trying to keep my gain to minimum, but as we all know, I have no control over that. I was up some more today, 199. Still under 200, but that is 2.8 pounds in 3 days. I am praying it stops there and starts to go back donw now. Kelly and I did BL Bootcamp tonight. Level 1 is pretty easy, so did that and went on to level 2. OMG!!! Bob was trying to kill us. I lieterally couldn't open my eyes because sweat was burning them. Take that you 2.8 pound gain.!!!

Susie- GOOD LUCK!!! I am pulling for you. I know how hard you have been working and you certainly deserve a loss.

Kelly- What's on tap for tomorrow?? We have to kick some butt again.

01-23-2009, 12:37 PM
TGIF ladies! It's been a long week for me; and the weekend is going to get just as busy. I need some down time! It's coming next week. I have 2 days off from work--it will kill me getting ready for that and to catch up when I come back but I'm looking forward to it. My DH and I are going to a concert next Thursday night and we are spending the night away from home so we took a couple of vacation days.

But that is next week. This hard work paid off..I showed a 1.5 loss! I'm getting my mind set and geared toward keeping the losses going...I won't have a weigh-in next week but I still need to eat and exercise like I'm going to so that the next week I show a really good loss. I"m sure that I'll stay motivated if I keep doing what I'm doing..and that includes coming here to post.

Mindy: You are right..when it's cycle time you have no control..but you sure are showing your body who the boss is by those killer workouts that you and Kelly are getting in.

Ward, Kelly and Nichola: I hope you are all doing well and are on track. I'll check in tomorrow with everyone.

01-23-2009, 02:52 PM
Kelly, congratulations on the loss!

You too, Susie!

Mindy, we all know that TOM weight will fall right back off.

Nichola, I hope you are doing well with your plan and have started to incorporate the food journaling. It really helps.

I am down 0.8 from last week, a minor miracle considering the 3-day binge I went on. I was stuck for two weeks while following my plan to a T, then I lose when I go totally off plan. Oh well, I'll take it. Workout was good today, but I am behind on my total activity time so I think I might go do some Wii Fit before my daughter gets home. It's much easier to accomplish with only one kid in the house.

Speaking of my daughter - I am so proud of her. We got a letter from school yesterday informing us that she's being referred for testing into the gifted program. She only made the age cut-off by three days so she's the youngest first grader in the school (out of 13 classes). I don't know the details about the testing yet, but I hope she does well.

See you guys tomorrow.

01-23-2009, 07:38 PM
Hey congrats to all of you. Each of you has lost weight this week. Not a good week for me, but hopefully that is about to change.

This is a quickie. Have a lot to do tonight. Keep up the good work ladies.

01-23-2009, 07:53 PM
Hi everyone!

Down to another new low today, 186 even! I am so excited I can't see straight. My next mini goal is to not overeat this weekend and ruin all my hard work. Hopefully no eating out will occur, and if it does, I am sticking to a salad. It has been a while since I have seen the scales going down pretty consistently, and I like it! Now, I am only down 1 pound from last Friday, but I totally blew the weekend and had to start over, so I am happy with that 1 pound. Mindy and I did a new DVD tonight, Jillian's "Backside" workout. It was a strength/circuit training workout, and it felt good! It seemed a little easy for most of it, but I think it will be good with some heavier weights. Sweat was dripping off my face onto the floor, so I guess that has to count for something!

Mindy--I am so glad you are taking your mid-cycle gain with a smile. A year ago you would have been in tears. You have learned your body so well, and you know next week the weight will come back off. Just in time for the first weigh in that pays:hyper:

Wardhog--Which "games" on the Wii Fit do you like to do? Congrats for your daughter! Doesn't that feel good?! Apparently your body needed some extra food, or maybe needed to be shocked. Either way, I guess a binge was helpful this time!

Susie--Congrats on the loss!!! You are doing so great! You are so committed this year! Don't stop! Have fun at the concert next week. Make sure you eat something before you go!

Nichola--Hope all is well.

See everyone tomorrow!

01-24-2009, 10:20 PM
Down to 185.5 today. YAY! I am just a half pound away from my 50 pound loss!!! Eating is on plan, and the weekend is half over! :dizzy: I am taking my rest day from exercise today, since my hamstrings and knees are killing me from Jillian's Backside workout yesterday.

Hope everyone is doing well!

01-25-2009, 11:26 AM
I got and and read post yesterday but didn't post myself. I found myself busy yesterday. Well the mid-cycle gain is working it's way out. I only got as high as 199.8, never got over 200. YEAH!!! I'm happy for that. I gained 3.5 pounds in 4 days, all water retention. If I could figure out why my body does this during ovulation time and wish I knew how to combat it. There doesn't weem to be anything I can do about it.

Well today I am back down to 198.8, so down a pound out of the 3 gained. Now I just need to get back to where I was before TOM will strike. Funny how I don't gain much during TOM, but gain so much 2 weeks prior. Wierd!!!

Kelly- I am so happy to hear that you have broken the plateau. Keep it vigilant this weekend so you can move forward. Get ready for some good cardio on Monday. Or do we have stupid staff meeting? If we do, maybe it will be short. Speaking of Jillian, I did her kickboxing DVD yesterday and 20 min. of Latin dance DVD. I think I got a little better at it.

01-25-2009, 11:34 AM
I was going to wait til January to start my weight loss but I looked in the mirror in November and I was winded from putting my pantyhose on for work. So I joined a weight clinic and the week of Thanksgiving I started my 'healthy eating'. I was down 17 pounds but about 3 weeks ago I hit something and I have put 3 pounds back on. I am trying to do a few small changes to help me again. So I read a post on facebook and someone mentioned this site and so far I really like it.

:moo: :D

01-25-2009, 11:34 AM
Mindy & Kelly - you guys are doing great!

Susie - where are you this week-end?

I just got back from an 8 mile run with my girlfriends. My hands and face are freezing. :dizzy: It was a little frustrating because there were lots of starts and stops, but it was good to have company while I ran.

Yesterday I did a spin class, 1 hour on the stair mill and 20 min of Wii Fit (step). Eating is on plan, 6 days without a binge so far.

See you tomorrow.

01-25-2009, 08:30 PM
Hi everyone. I have been doing well today. I stayed at 185.5 this morning, but I fully expect that to go up. I hope it doesn't, but I know it is not realistic. I tried to make it all the way through the weekend without going out to eat, but we had company this weekend, and I knew we would end up going out to eat at least once. I vowed to eat only salad if we went out to eat, and I sort of made it. Last night we ordered pizza, salad, and breadsticks. I am happy to report I only ate salad. That pizza was calling my name, but I resisted temptation. Tonight, however, we went out for dinner, and I couldn't bring myself to eat another salad as a meal. I just don't enjoy salad that much. So, I ordered grilled pot roast (without gravy), and it had mushrooms and onions on top. I also ordered carrots and a small salad. I think it was ok, since I had just been to the grocery store and looking at all the frozen meals with pot roast in them, they seemed to be low calories. I tried to stick to vegetables and not all the other good stuff like buttermilk biscuits, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese which are my favorites. Although, I must confess, I had a few bites of my daughter's mac & cheese. So, I am now off to exercise some of that off, and keep my fingers crossed that I will continue to see 185.5 tomorrow.

Wardhog--Wow! I am impressed with the 8 mile run. I don't even think I have any girlfriends who could run 8 miles with me! (I couldn't run 8 miles :))

Mindy--I know how busy feels. Hope you are staying on plan (which I know you are.) I hope you are eating enough. I know you forget to eat when you're busy. I am sooooo happy to hear mid-gain is gone and you never saw 200!! Yes, we have staff meeting tomorrow, so if it is long winded we'll have to work at home!

Junebaby--Welcome! I look forward to more posts!

Susie and Nichola--Hope you are staying on plan and having a wonderful weekend!

See you all tomorrow!

01-26-2009, 12:12 PM
Hello! I really had the best intentions of posting over the weekend but it was another whirlwind weekend with too many other committments. I have made a vow I will not let that happen's been like that the past two weekends--both day's jammed packed.

When I'm overwhelmed I tend to get off track..which I did a little this weekend. I didn't do to badly...I just didn't keep up my food journal and feeling journal and I missed a workout. I'm back on track and caught up this morning and I have a lunch time workout planned today.

Ward: I too am impressed with the 8 miles and I understand the need to celebrate the no binging...I'm a binger too and I'm trying to learn how not to be or at least overcome it. You can always reach out to me here if you feel you are in the cycle.

Mindy: I'm so glad that you didn't go over 200...I think that you are making headway with your weight and the cycle that your body takes you through.

Kelly: You are so close to that 50 lb loss..I just KNOW you can do it. I think what you did with the Pot roast should earn you a gold medal....good thinking. Having just a salad isn't always a good idea. Thanks for the reminder to eat something before the concert...they always have such tempting things at that sort of venue.

Nichola: How are you doing?

01-26-2009, 02:50 PM
I DID IT! I DID IT! I finally hit my 50 pound mark!! I was down to 184.5 today. That is a grand total of 50.5 pounds! I am so excited! Isn't it sad that I want to celebrate with food? But, I won't!:dancer:

01-26-2009, 09:54 PM
Kelly- YEAH!!! You have done it. I need to try and catch up with you. I worked out hard tonight. 55 min. of BL Bootcamp. Yowser!! I hope I go down tomorrow.

Susie- It is hard to stay on track when busy. I on the other hand, did nothing but hang around the house like a slug all weekend. I did shovel some driveway, vaccuum and grocery shop, but that wa it.

Ward- Good job running. I miss it, but there is no place for me to run right now. :(

01-27-2009, 09:18 AM
:jig::bravo::cp::dancer::encore::congrat: WAY TO GO Kelly!!!
I'm sure that you did not celebrate with food!

Mindy: A 55 min workout is a great thing. I just keep thinking back to when you didn't want to workout..and now it's such a part of you.

Ward: I'm still thinking about your 8 mile run. Yesterday on my lunch workout I did 1 mile on the eliptical (10 min) and 6 miles on the bike; I was trying to get to your 8 miles! :) How are you doing? No binges?

I am at work today despite a 5 inch snowfall. I hear we are going to have ice later so I'm planning on leaving early if that starts.

I'm thinking I won't get to work out today. I need to get a couple of videos for home for when days like this happen.

I'll still stay on plan with my food journal and my feeling journal.

I better get busy so I can leave early.

Have a great day everyone!

01-27-2009, 08:23 PM
Kelly and I did BL Yoga tonight. Then I went for a 15 min. run. I walked a couple of laps. My scale has held at 198.8 for 3 days in a row now. Come on!!!

Susie- Good for you working out at lunch. You are sure motivated and doing well. Keep it up.

Kelly- What's up for tomorrow??
Ward- what did you do today??

01-27-2009, 09:37 PM
I know I am neglecting you guys, it's just that I have recently become addicted to Facebook and I spend all my computer time there. Sorry!

Susie, did you get that bad weather? I hope you found a way to stay active at home.

Mindy, I am glad your scale stayed under 200. A couple more pounds are about to fall off, I just know it.

Kelly - :woohoo: I am so happy for you! How about some updated photos of your 50 pound loss?

As for me, I am plugging along. I work out like a fiend every day and I've stayed on my eating plan the last nine days. Still no loss. Maybe I will just decide to accept myself as I am. I am a healthy weight according to the charts and I am feeling very fit. Who cares what the scale says?

Also, I am toying with the idea of signing up for a triathlon. The one I'm looking at is at the end of June, so training for that would certainly keep my fitness level up for the next few months. I am still thinking about it but I'll let you guys know what I decide.

I'll see you tomorrow!

01-27-2009, 10:03 PM
Ward--I have been thinking lately that Mindy and I need to take some more pictures. I'll have to see what we can do about that! You should totally do the triathlon. If anyone can do it, you can! You rock!

Mindy--I'm glad you did some running tonight. This is my early night to get out of there, or I would have gone with you. I think Micque is going to bring some P90X tomorrow....legs, I think? That ought to be a blast. Not.

Susie--You are right. Having some videos at home to do is very helpful. Let us know if you need any suggestions. I was telling Mindy the other day that it looks like we have a serious problem if you open my cabinet at work. The top shelf is full of workout DVD's. Then we have weights and mats and resistance bands, and all kinds of stuff stashed all over my classroom. The kids find stuff sometimes and try to play with it. They get in trouble! :o

Oh, by the way, my excitement over hitting my 50 pound mark was squashed this morning when I went back up 2 pounds :devil:. I know it will only be a couple days and I will see it again.

See you all tomorrow!

01-28-2009, 11:52 AM
Hi Guys,

I needed to get here early today. I'm snowed in and I'm nibbling on everything. I've got to I came here so I would. Just reading your posts have turned my mind set around. I'll have to do a lot of self-talk to myself today. I'll spend some computer time reading success stories as well.

I watched BL last night. If you haven't seen it I won't say who went home but I was not happy with that choice. I was pleased to see that this person is doing well at home though.

Last night when I was watching BL, and Bob was talking to Jolee (I think it was her) he told her that she was working hard and would be able to bring her partner back but in the end it was all about herself and she needed to remember that. I could relate to that so well. I'm one to help others before myself and so sometimes I can get caught up helping someone else and forget my own goals.

Speaking of goals, I received an email from my trainer at work that said she is ready to meet with me face to face so we can start on my goals. That is going to be so helpful. I have to constantly renew this committment with myself and having someone there to check in with me is going to help as well.

You know I can accomplish so many things and I'm known as a strong person; why can't I be that way when it comes to food and weight-loss? Why do I fall of the wagon? I swear it's like an addiction.

Ward: I think that a triathlon for you sounds like something right up your alley. I have a Facebook page too!

Mindy: I hope those scales move down for you soon.

Kelly: I think you know from Mindy's experience that the scales would do that...and you know they will come back down. Hang in there.

My workout today will involve snow shoveling. ;) We have about 7 inches on the ground and it's still coming down plus there is ice under it. I'm glad I can work from home.

01-28-2009, 07:56 PM
Kelly and I did P90X with our friend tonight. Kelly had to leave after 30 min. and Micque and I did the whole thing. An hour of legs and back. That was a good workout. I need to do some cardio tomorrow though. I was 197.6. Not quite back to 196.2 yet. Keep it coming.

Kelly- Ready to sweat tomorrow. I know how much you hate that. I LOVE IT!!!

Susie- Working with a trainer must be awesome. It will be so good for you. You are working hard, keep it up. We got snow today. The drive to work this morning was fun. We probably got 3 or 4 inches.

Ward- You may be right in becoming comfortable with the weight you're at. You work so hard that if your body wanted to let go of some more, I think it would. It will probably happen when you aren't even trying and least expect it. The triathalon sounds right up your alley.

01-29-2009, 10:12 PM
I worked my A** off last night and really thought I would lose today. I didn't. So I worked hard again tonight and still hoping to lose tomorrow. It is weigh- in so that would be nice. Come on.

Susie- Good luck with your weigh-in tonight. I bet you lose again.

Kelly- Good luck tomorrow. I know you will show a loss.

Ward- How's it going?

01-29-2009, 10:43 PM
Hey everyone--Short today. Gotta go upstairs and watch Supernatural. Workouts were good yesterday and today. Eating is on plan. I was down to 184.5 the other day, popped up to 186.5, and have been down to 185 the last two days. I am hoping to see 184 tomorrow, that will give me a 2 pound loss for the week. If not, that 185 better hang on tight!

01-30-2009, 11:26 PM

I didn't have a weigh-in last night...two reasons, I was not in town. Hubby and I went to a concert and my TOPS meeting was cancelled on Thursday due to the weather. From this winter storm we ended up with 9 inches of snow and 2 inches of ice.

I fell on the ice today and I have a very sore ankle. I'm icing it down and elevating it. It's going to slow my workouts down a bit but I will find something I can do.

I just wanted to check in. I'll write more later this weekend.

Hang tuff everyone.

01-31-2009, 01:31 PM
Susie- OUCH!! I am so tired of the snow and cold. And just think, it's only Jan. Hey, you can always do punches and arm stuff. Hope your ankle feels better soon.

I am just stuck and holding right around 198. YUCK!!! Nothing seems to be working. Guess I just have to keep doing what I've been doing and wait. I did notice calories have around 1200-1300 each day. I think I will pump that up a bit this weekend.

01-31-2009, 10:03 PM
Ok...I'm feeling blue, down in the dumps...I think it's the weather and the fact that my ankle is bothering me.

I've comforted myself with food today. It's not as bad as I have done in the past but still not on plan. I came here for confession and to turn it around. I don't know why I do this to myself. Usually it's because I'm feeling overwhelmed. I do know that I feel tired. I think I'll get to bed early tonight.

I tried to workout today but just couldn't do any cardio. Walking hurts, biking hurts, forget the elliptical. I bought an ankle bracke today so that tomorrow I can try some walking again.

Mindy: You said you were going to up your calories. What # are you upping too?

Ward and Kelly: I hope you are having a good weekend--looking forward to your posts.

01-31-2009, 10:46 PM
Hi everyone. It must be this icky winter weather, because I am down in the dumps as well. I haven't wanted to do anything lately. Mindy was funny yesterday, because she came down to my room after school and said, "So, are we working out?" I told her I didn't really want to because I didn't feel like it, and she told me, "Too bad. Get your clothes on. You're not skipping just because you don't feel like working out. Let's go." Thank you Mindy! Even though I grumbled, I am glad you made me do it. Even if I don't have the motivation myself, I so appreciate that you are there for me!

Yesterday at the BL weigh in, I lost two pounds for the week. Down to 184. Yay! But, then today, I pop up to 185.5. WTF?? I am getting so tired of the up/down game. I know so many of you are, too. So, tonight, we went out to a favorite Mexican place and had a quesadilla and chips/salsa. The last few weeks I haven't really planned a "cheat" meal, so I am counting tonight as my "cheat" meal. Maybe that will help? I don't know what to think anymore. I guess I just have to hang in there and be thankful that the scale is mostly going in the right direction.

Susie--Hope that ankle feels better soon!
Ward--Hope you are hanging in there!
Mindy--Just keep on keepin on. It's coming off slowly but surely.

02-01-2009, 04:51 PM
It's bad. Really bad. We are having a Super Bowl Party tonight, and there is food all over my kitchen. Have I been nibbling on it? Yes, of course I have. Do I want to quit eating all of it? Yes, but I am struggling big time. Hopefully it won't get worse. I am also depressed because the scale went up again today to 186.5. Again, WTF? Whatever. I guess that's life.

02-01-2009, 08:46 PM
Well ladies, It looks like we can all moan and groan together this weekend. Since I had only been eating about 1200 calories, i upped it to about 1600 on sat. All I have done this weekend is gain. I second with Kelly, WTF??? I was back up to 199.6 today. All I can think is TOM is coming, but not for several days yet. What gives?

Well I am going to do WATP for 45 min when I'm done here. See if that does any good. See ya tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a better day for all.

02-01-2009, 09:01 PM
Hi Gals,

It was a bit warmer here in Ohio today and I noticed a lot of melting. I tried to think about how when I stay on track those lbs melt just the same way. Right now it's slow. I've had some "freezing happing" and then the thawing. During the thaw (when I'm journaling, working out, logging my food and staying on plan) I so want to see the melting but it takes awhile for that to happen. I've got to generate that heat during the thaw so that the melting will happen.

Mindy and Kelly: It's so awesome that you have each other to keep the other one going.

Mindy: Don't give up. You are doing this and those scales will go back down.

Kelly: Step away from those snacks. I think the scales went up today due to the Mexin food you had last night--it's full of salt which helps to retain water.

Ward: We miss you!

I will try working out tomorrow at lunch time. My ankle is filling better today. It's a little tender but it has improved greatly.

I'm back on track with my food today. I'll see you all tomorrow.

02-02-2009, 08:26 PM
I went down to 199 today, not much. Why this has become so difficult is a mystery. Kelly and I went back to an old friend tonight, BL Cardio max. We did the whole thing, 50 min. I was so worn out, I couldn't even do it very well. It could be TOM on the horizon. Probably in the next 2 or 3 days. I just want to crash.I have too much to do though for that to be an option.

Susie- Glad your ankle is feeling better. I hope you get to work out today.

Ward- How's it going??

Kelly- Phew!!! I hope tomorrow is better.

02-02-2009, 08:33 PM
Ok, so I have never had this happen before. I must be retaining water, BIG TIME, because I have gained 6 pounds since Friday. Again, WTF? Yes, I ate like a big fat pig yesterday, but that has happened before, and I have never gained 6 pounds in 3 days. I am back on routine today, so that's good. Mindy and I did all 3 levels of BL Cardio Max which is about 50 minutes. That is a good workout. We were both pretty tired today, though. Just sort of ho-hum and not a lot of energy.

Susie--How's the ankle today? Did you get your workout in at lunch?

Ward--We're getting worried over here. When you are gone this long it usually means you are off on a binge?! Hope you are just on vacation!

Mindy--We'll keep it up. Our mantra just needs to be: It has to come off eventually.....right?

02-02-2009, 08:34 PM
Ok, that was strange. Mindy and I must have been typing at the same time for those last posts!

02-02-2009, 09:16 PM

What a CRAZY day I had a work. I hit the ground running and I it never stopped for me.

I was only able to do 15 min on the bike today before my ankle started hurting. Tomorrow I'll try the treadmill and see how I do. It is getting better every day..just taking a bit.

Kelly: I have no idea why you would gain 6 lbs and I know it's not a good feeling but I bet you will see it drop quickly. Hang in there and keep moving.

Mindy: You work so hard at this, just keep it up.

Ward: Where are you? Do you need us to come and get you back on the wagon?

My food was good today. It was time for me to really get back in the game with the food. It sure didn't take long for me to get off track and get hooked on the sugar once I let that guard down--lesson learned!

02-03-2009, 08:13 PM
Well I know for sure TOM will be here very soon. I am going to account all the wonky weight fluctuations to that. I was down a pound today, 198. Worked out hard with Kelly, and after she had to leave. I did all of BL Bootcamp. 55 min. Maybe I'll see another loss tomorrow. Anyway, as soon as TOM moves on, I am COUNTING on a loss.

Susie- Just get right back on the horse and ride. Like my horse metaphor? You know what it takes.

Kelly- Wanna try Cardio Max again tomorrow??

Ward- Come back, come back.

02-03-2009, 09:29 PM
Hey all. Well, some of the water is coming off, now I just hope a little bit more comes off. I was back down to 187.5 today, still up 3.5 pounds from Friday, but I guess it is better than 6. Hopefully those darn scales will go down again tomorrow. Worked out hard today, one of those days where sweat is just pouring down your face. I hate that much sweat, but I know it is important.

Mindy--I'm up for Cardio Max tomorrow if you are!

Susie--Be careful with that ankle. You don't want to damage it more. That will really put a damper on things!

Ward--Looking forward to your posts again!

See you ladies tomorrow!

02-03-2009, 09:38 PM
Ok Mindy, I got back on the horse. I was able to complete my regular workouts today. Ankle is feeling good. I'm going to wear a brace on it tomorrow when I do's easy to twist it when your body is twisting so much.

Mindy: You amaze me with your workouts.

Kelly: It sounds like you and Mindy are hitting the those 6 lbs who's boss!

Ward: WE NEED YOU!!!

I have a question for you guys. Have you changed the way you eat? Is it just less food or different food?

02-04-2009, 08:03 AM
Thanks for the encouragement, you guys. I am having a hard time getting it together. I am not sure why. I'll check back in later.

You all keep kicking butt!

02-04-2009, 07:59 PM
Susie- I cook more. I have found lots of good lower cal recipes, so I am always trying them out on my family. I try to eat more fruit, but forget it's in the fridge. Veggies, no change there. I don't like many. Biggest thing is portions. Instead of taking the bag of chex mix to the couch, I'll measure out my portion.

Kelly- Glad we have our plan set for the next 2 weeks. Hope it works.

Ward- Having one of those spells, eh?? C'mon, you know you can get over it. Come cry on our shoulders.

TOM hit full force today. 198.8 today. I am hoping that will start to change with TOM moving through. Did Cardio Max tonight for 40 min. Legs were killing me. Kelly too. Must keep moving.

02-04-2009, 08:54 PM
Man, am I tired this week. Working out is a chore! It just feels like I can't lift my legs to do anything. I guess that is what it felt like 50 pounds ago, so I will just shut up and be thankful. I am on track so far this week. 3 and 1/2 pounds of the 6 are gone, I just need 2 and 1/2 more. Hopefully by Friday it will be mostly gone.

Susie--I haven't changed what I eat very much, I just count every calorie, which essentially just reduces portions. I have tried to find some reduced calorie foods to replace some of the higher cal stuff. For example, I buy Musselman's Lite applesauce cups, because they are 50 calories, as opposed to 100 for the regular. I also buy sugar free jello cups (10 cal) instead of the full cal stuff. I get Aunt Millie's Light Whole Wheat Bread, which is 35 calories per slice, instead of 70-90 for the regular. Just stuff like that has helped a lot. Lately I have been thinking about changing some things I eat, to try to break this plateau I seem to be on. I am going to replace a couple lunches a week with salads instead of eating Lean Cuisine stuff all the time. I am also trying to make sure I keep yogurt in my diet every day, and eating more veggies at dinner, instead of potatoes or rice. I am kind of picky about food, so it is hard for me. One thing that was important to me from the beginning was that I was not going to eliminate food groups, or try to eat "fat free" or "low carb". That is just not how I am going to live my life forever, so I wanted to make sure I lost weight by eating the same stuff I eat now, just reducing portions. I want to make sure the weight I have lost stays off for good, and I am hoping this plan is the way to do it!

Mindy--We just keep kicking butt. Hope it pays off soon. Sure gets frustrating sometimes.

Ward--Glad to see you back. Hope things look up soon!

See you tomorrow!

02-04-2009, 11:04 PM

Thank you so much for sharing your food routines with me. I am really good with working out..I have that down pat and I love to do it--really I do..I just have to get my mind wrapped around the food part.

Your suggestions of measuring out things and making those little changes to save some calories on things you would normally eat anyway are all good things that I know I can change and live with.

I wanted to let you know that I met with my trainer today. We sat down and came up with a S.M.A.R.T goal for me. A S.M.A.R.T goal stands for Sensible, Measureable, Attainable, Reachable, and I can't remember if the T is for Tracking or something like that.

So we went throught that and set that goal. She will be working up a program for me to follow to help me reach it and I should have that info in a couple of days. We made a long range goal and some short term ones to get me to that goal.

Once I get my program I"ll share that with you guys.

Kelly: My legs are feeling that way too. I did Zumba at lunch and then a 45 min walk tonight and I worked them on the natulis machine.

Mindy: TOM will roll through and those scales will come down.

Ward: I'm sorry that you are feeling a little unglued and don't have it together....we don't expect you to be that way every know that you can come here and we will help you though you help us. Please come back...we miss you!

02-05-2009, 08:59 PM
Well Kelly and I decided to do WATP tonight. It's not hard core with weights and stuff, but good cardio. We needed a little bit of a break. TOM is crushing my uterus and making itself known. I was down to 198.4 today. Not quite where I was last week at 197.6. It would be great to at least be back down to that tomorrow. I don't know though.

Susie- I am interested in what your trainer comes up with for you. That would be a dream, having someone help me out. I follow plans well, just not sure if my plan is the right thing or not. Too many calories, not enough??? Do I work out enough, too much??? I just don't know these days.

02-05-2009, 09:37 PM
I'm with ya, Mindy. Sometimes I wish someone else would tell me, "Do this..." and it magically works. I am tired of guessing. WATP was good tonight. I can actually walk up and down my stairs, so that feels kind of good!

Susie--Let us know more about what the trainer says!

Ward--Hope things are going according to plan.

Today I was down to 186. Only 2 more pounds to melt off before tomorrow's weigh in. Then, I would break even for the week. I'm not very optimistic. :( Oh well, if I show a gain this week, it will be a small one, not that freakish 6 pounds that came out of nowhere. I saw my doctor today. Part of me was kind of annoyed, because when I weighed 235 pounds, none of my doctors ever mentioned my weight, or told me I should lose some weight. All of my labs and everything have always been within normal limits, so I guess they didn't feel the need to comment. This time, I go in 50 pounds lighter, and after I get a "congratulations", they point out that I am overweight and want to run labs to check thyroid function. What the heck? Obviously I know I am still overweight, and clearly I am still doing something about it! Why mention it now and not 50 pounds ago? Ok, I will stop my rant now. Oh, yeah, the reason I went in was to get a chiropractic referral, and I came out with a tetanus shot, paperwork to have blood drawn, a prescription to have my knee x-rayed, and a list of exercises to help with my knee pain. Now I remember why I don't go to the doctor unless absolutely necessary. My arm hurt from the tetanus shot so bad, I couldn't even raise it up to work out to WATP. I know I looked foolish!

See you all tomorrow!

02-06-2009, 11:11 AM
Hi Ladies,

I have good news...I showed a 2lb loss last night! I was so very, very excited. I can't tell you how much it helps me to come here everyday with your guys. Even last year when I didn't loose like the rest of you, being around and seeing your achievements and watching you fight your ways through struggles it influenced me to keep trying.

So, here's the scoop with the trainer. We sat down and came up with a long term goal for me, that is measurable every week. We also determined that when doing my cardio I need to stay in my fat burning mode and then gave me a cardio outline to use of the week so that when I'm working out I stay in that zone. Eventually I will get a heart rate monitor so that I can see the numbers but for now I'm going by these feelings that she gave me for the 5 zones. If you would like me to share the information that she gave to me for that I would be happy to. Maybe we could exchange email addresses; I know sometimes though they don't go through on this site when doing them through the Private messenger. I do have a Facebook account and if you have one and want to contact me there you know my first name is Susie and my last name starts with a C so I bet you can find me. My profile picture there is the same one as here.

Mindy; I believe you are doing your cardio workouts in a really good fashion because you mix it up. That's really the same sort of Cardio outline I was given by the trainer but it's outlined for me by minutes during the workout.

Kelly: I had to laugh when I read about your doctor visit. I know it didn't feel funny but it just figures it would go like that. I've had the same thing happen to me before. Good luck with your weigh-in.

Ward: Still missing you bunches here!

I'll be around this weekend...looking forward to seeing guys here too.

02-06-2009, 08:28 PM
So, tonight's workout was very disappointing for me. I wanted to do so much more than I was able to do. My arm is still killing me from that d**n tetanus shot they gave me yesterday. Since we were doing kickboxing, it was hard to do with the intensity I wanted to do. So, I did as much of it as I could, then went out and walked in the halls. My weigh in was better than I expected. I only showed a gain of 1 pound. I was back down to 185 today. So, only 1 pound to go to get back to my lowest weight. We went out to dinner tonight because my husband's grandmother is in town. Usually my weakness is eating out, but I am happy to report I was successful and only ate my salad and the piece of garlic bread that came with it. All my best friends were there: nachos, potato skins, cheese sticks, onion rings....And I turned my nose up at them and told them they were not my friends anymore!! I never want to see a 6 pound gain like that again, and they will not drag me down with them! :carrot:

Susie--I am intrigued by the cardio plan. Does the trainer have you working on machines or doing other kinds of exercises?

Mindy--You kicked butt tonight. Have fun tomorrow while I am wasting away at yet another hockey tournament. (I will avoid the concession stand at all costs!)

Ward--See you soon!

Bye girls!!!

02-06-2009, 09:01 PM
Great job on the dining out, Kelly. I hope your arm is feeling better soon.

Susie - Yay! on the weigh in. I am glad we found each other on FB. Now you know how to call me out if I go missing again. :)

Mindy, did you kick that other pound to the curb?

Today was day 3 back on plan. I normally weigh in on Fridays but I opted not to go there today. Workouts have been good. See you tomorrow.

02-06-2009, 09:44 PM
Wow you guys have been busy today. Well tonight must be the night for eating out. We had no easily ready food so went to eat. I had some potato and egg stuff, with cheese. Toast also. It was kind of a disappointment. Calorie wise I am still okay, I think. I am going to be careful this weekend because I want some more pounds to go bye-bye since TOM is moving on.

Susie- Awesome. You are figuring out this game. Good job. You are so fortunate to be able to work with the trainer. I know Kelly and I are both interested in your plan. I'll try the PM route, since I don't have a facebook.

Kelly- I offered to punch you in the other arm, then that one wouldn't hurt so much. Have fun at the tournament. Beware of that consession stand. Just keep saying, "6 pounds, 6 pounds".

Ward- Glad you are back in the zone. You always pull yourself together. Keep up the good work.

I did 50 min. of that d*** kickboxing DVD tonight. The ab part was tough. I am still hanging out around 198 something. Come on!!! Time to lose. See ya later.

02-07-2009, 11:46 AM
Hi Gals,

I need to stop in here early so that I get my mind set for the day. It's the weekend and I always have issues it seems like on the weekend, mostly because I am out of my routine.

I'm about to start cleaning house and it's going to be some work for a few hours. My whole house with the exception of the kitchen and baths, which are tile, are all hardwood. With all the winter weather we have had, it goes without saying that I need to mop them all today and get them into shape. It looks like we will not have snow and ice for a good week or so, so I want to get them cleaned up before it all happens again. I can usually just sweep them and dust mop them and then about every 6 weeks I will mop them but not in the winter time. It's ok though I love them and my allegies are a lot because of having them and not wall to wall carpeting.

We went out to eat last night to. I don't know if you guys have Bob Evans in your area but that is where we went. I had this Bobburrito thing. It was really good and it was large. I could only eat half of it, I brought the other half home to have for lunch today. I had a veggie one and with the egg in it it gave me protien as well. The cheese added a lot of calories but I still think it was a pretty good choice for me. I am not only looking at calories but nutrition and will it keep me from getting hungry later.

Kelly: I'm sorry that you couldn't work out like you wanted to. I know how bad those tentus shorts hurt. I had one about 3 years ago and I swore never again! I'm glad to see that the gain was a small one. You can take the credit for that; without all your hard work it would have been much worse. I laughed when I read about your "old friends" at the dinner table with you and you sticking your nose up at them. It is such a great mental picture.

Mindy: I see I have a PM from you. I'll check that later and then hopefully get you more information about the cardio plan the trainer gave me.
I want to say what a great friend and workout partner you are to Kelly to offer to punch her in the other arm! lol

Ward: You strong woman you! Powering back through whatever it was that got you off track and now you have been on plan for 3 days in a row. I am a binger too and I know how it can be, so know that you have someone who understands and is willing to help you work though those I know you will help me to. I'm glad to find your on Facebook too. Can't let you go MIA again!

Ok..I've got to get to work on this house. My reward for getting it all done is that tonight I can relax with my computer..come back check posts, get the cardio info out--some me time..It sounds good.

02-07-2009, 07:17 PM
Susie, how did it go today? Week-ends are hard for me, too. My husband always wants to eat out, plus there's a birthday party every time I turn around.

Mindy, how did you feel after the kickboxing? I think I might try to go to a kickboxing class next week. I used to really enjoy it, but then I got scared after I broke my foot.

Kelly, I hope your arm is all better and you are lifting lots of weights today. ;)

As for me, I had a good workout this morning - 3 mi run (30 min), Group Ride class, 30 min on the elliptical. My legs are quite sore this afternoon. Eating is on plan - day 4.

See you tomorrow. :)

02-07-2009, 08:44 PM
Ward- That particular kickboxing DVD seems to get better every time I do it. I get to know the moves so I can really add some power. It must have done something because I was down to 197.8 this morning. A few hours later I was 197, and a few hours later I saw 196.8. Well, wonder what I will be in the morning. Low 197 would be good. Glad to see you back on plan and working out like the fiend we know you are.

Susie- Looks like you will keep yourself busy today. Cleaning house is on my list for the weekend. Already got groceries, the kitchen is almost clean, except the table. Have to do my taxes, school work, other stuff. All I "want" to do is curl up with a good book.

I did something interesting today. I went to my calorie-count account and analyzed. I figured out my loss for each month so far. the first 2 months were like 8 and 7 pounds. After that though, I average about 3 pounds a month. I knew it was slow, so that puts things into perspective. I gained .8 in Dec. I guess I had more Christmas fun than I thought. Well, I guess as long as I stick to that pace, I will be getting smaller, just slowly.

Gotta run and get stuff done. See ya tomorrow.

02-08-2009, 05:47 PM
Hey, where is everybody today??? I have been a busy little beaver. DId my taxes, graded papers, even went outside for a walk jog. Yep, outside. It got into the 40's I think. I still need to finish cleaning house and do some cooking.

Good news of the day. I was down to 196.8 this morning. Must keep this going. I want to get under 195 before the "big gain". Hope to hear from some of you soon. Hope you are all doing well this weekend.

02-08-2009, 06:14 PM
Mindy, I ran outside today, too (8 miles). It was so nice. We took the kids to the park, too. It will probably turn cold again so we had to take advantage of the nice weather today. You just keep chipping away at the pounds!

Eating is on plan - day 5, I think.

See you tomorrow.

02-08-2009, 07:45 PM

I'm here (finally!). It has been a full day wth church, finishing up the laundry, and my workout.

It's so nice here, in the high 40's and almost all the snow is gone. I don't know how long it will hang around but I'll take it when I can get it.

Coming here early on Saturday morning helped me to on track. I did have a "Grands" cinnamon roll but other than that...pretty good.

Today I did the fat burn routine on the Elliptical and then I worked my back, chest and shoulder with the weights. The food has been good. Knowing that my trainer is going to be looking at it helps me to make better choices. I'm really looking for guidance on nutrition from my trainer as well a guidance on the workouts. It takes all parts.

At some point I need to find a way to deal with the emotional eating/binging that can get me sometimes.

Ward: It's so great to have you back! I'm not a runner but I think I've heard most runners say they perfer to run outside when then can. Are you that way?

Mindy: Good to see you showed a loss. I was reading your post from Saturday and I think it was good thing that you looked at the information you have been keeping and took a look at it. It shows you what does work for you. Maybe not as fast as you want it to, but it IS working. I'm emailing you the cardio zone workout that my trainer gave to me. Let me know what you think of it.

Kelly: How did the weekend go for you?

I'll see everyone tomorrow.

02-08-2009, 10:39 PM
Hi ladies!

I think my weekend was successful. I was out of town at a hockey tournament all day Saturday, and half the day Sunday, so needless to say, there were lots of meals that had to be eaten out. I am happy to report I never once even walked over to the evil concession stand! Yay! I was able to eat normal breakfast on Sat, but had Taco Bell for lunch. I got 2 Fresco Ranchero Chicken soft tacos, 170 calories each. Not bad. For dinner, we ate in the hotel restaurant. I had a salad. Blech. I am really getting tired of salad. It was not very satisfying, so I had half a grilled cheese. Of course, later on my husband ordered pizza and breadsticks (at 10:30 pm, mind you), so I just ate a couple breadsticks. It might have been too many calories for the day, but not too bad. This morning we ate at a breakfast buffet. Ate probably too much, but I carefully estimated calories and ate a bowl of cereal for lunch, and some beef stroganoff for dinner that made up for the breakfast. I think I managed to stay at 1450 calories for today. Because I wasn't at home this morning, I was not able to weigh myself, so now I am just terrified to step on that scale after what happened last weekend. Sadly, I have not had time to work out this weekend. After getting home today, we all fell asleep on the couches, got groceries, had dinner, did the bath and bedtime thing with the kids, and now I am here. I still have to pay bills and grade papers tonight, so I guess working out will have to wait until tomorrow.

Susie--I am looking forward to seeing your trainer's plan. I know Mindy will share it with me.

Mindy--Watch it girl. I'll punch you right back!! My arm is feeling better, finally, by the way. Woo Hoo on the 196! 195 will show it's face in no time!

Ward--Glad to see you back!

02-09-2009, 08:15 PM
Hey, hey. Kelly good job keeping any damage to a minimum this weekend. It sounds like you did well. Also great work doing all 55 min. of BL Bootcamp tonight. Level 2 is the killer. My arms are feeling level 3 right now.

Susie- Thanks for the info. It is interesting. I am assuming that the cardio can be whatever you like. Either from a treadmill, elliptical, bike etc. So you should never get to levels 4 and 5 huh?? I gotta say, there are time I am certainly there.

Ward- Hope you are doing well today and still on plan.

I am just plugging along of course. 197 even today. Looking for that 195. Maybe this week. See ya later.

02-09-2009, 08:41 PM
BL Bootcamp was killer for sure. Felt good though. I am still amazed that I can manage to do 55 minutes without dying. Last year at this time I was keeled over doing 30 minutes and giving up. Not bad. A little fifth grade boy gave me a compliment today. He stopped me in the hallway and said, "Have you been working out?" I told him yes, and he said, "You look really nice." I wanted to jump on the kid and give him a huge hug! Usually the kids notice when I get my nails done, or get new glasses, but most of them just see me too often to notice the weight difference. He sure put a spring in my step tonight. Food is on target today, weight was 185.5. Only up half a pound from Friday. I was worried that all that eating out from the weekend would kill me, but I think I made decent choices and it worked out!

Mindy--If we keep working like we did tonight, you should definitely see that 195 by the end of the week! Hey, forward Susie's trainer plan to me if you get a chance. I am interested!

Susie and Ward--Looking forward to seeing how you did today!

Ta ta for now!

02-09-2009, 09:18 PM
Hi Gals,

I had the day from he** today at work & I managed to stay pretty much on plan. I say pretty much because I did allow myself at 6:30 tonight...when I was still at work, to have a small bag of M&M's. They were very good and I have been wanting them for days, so I just got it over with. Of course I have to write it on my food sheet and my trainer will see it. But it's much better than I have done in the past.

I had a good workout today. I did the treadmill and I choose to stay in Zone 3 & 4, going back and forth between them.

Kelly: I think you made very good choices for the situation you were in. What counts here is that you thought about it and did the best you could. I'm sure you remember a time when you wouldn't have.

That was so awesome what that little kid said.

Mindy: You are correct that that the cardio on my plan can be whatever I choose. I've done the treadmill and the eliptical so far. It's not that I can't ever get to a 4-5, she said that right now I need to get in my fat burning range there will be times in the future that I will be touching the 4-5 range for a few's all to build up my anaerobic threshold. As I push it up, then I get a bigger range in which to burn fat.

Ward: Looking forward to hearing from you.

02-09-2009, 09:50 PM
Kelly & Mindy - sounds like you are stepping up the workouts! Way to go! And a compliment from a fifth grader? You must be looking really different for him to notice. I am still waiting for those updated photos. Just sayin'. ;)

Susie, no worries about the M&Ms. I am sure you can work them into your plan, and even if you can't - one bag of M&Ms isn't going to do any damage in the long run. I am sorry the stress got to you today, though. :hug:

I am on plan. I even filled goody bags for my son's birthday party and valentine sweet sacks with candy without being tempted. I don't know, it's like I have an internal switch, and when it's on, I don't want to go off plan at all. But when it's off, it's WAY off. Anyway, I did Group Ride and Group Power this morning and then raked sweet gum balls out of my front yard, too. I just hit the day's calorie burn target (2150) with three hours to spare.

See you tomorrow!

02-10-2009, 07:50 PM
Well Kelly had a meeting after work so I was on my own for my workout. It was 60 degrees at 4:30 so I headed home to get outside. I did a 3 mile walk/jog. It was beautiful. I know it will get cold again and we will get more snow, but I sure enjoyed these last few runs outside.

Tomorrow Kelly and I are back to working out at school. I believe we have Cardio Max scheduled. Lots of lunges in this one and we both complain about our knees.

Susie- I would love some M&M's right now. I did have a mini Kit Kat today. Other than that, I am on plan.

Ward- Good workout. I understand what you mean. Sometimes I have the willpower of a saint and nothing phases me. Other times I am tempted by everything. We must be strong.

02-10-2009, 09:27 PM
Mindy, isn't it great when you can get back outside? I hate lunges, too. There, I said it! ;)

I wore myself completely out today. I did a 3.6 mi or so run on the tm, then Group Ride. I came home and raked for about another hour. Then this afternoon I ended up doing like every household chore there is - they kind of all piled up at once. Anyway, so here I am at 8:30pm with almost 2600 calories burned already. Eating is on plan, right at 1500.

See you tomorrow!

02-10-2009, 09:39 PM
Hi Gals,

I am happy to let you know that those M&M's yesterday didn't upset my plan; I'm doing good. Did my Cardio Pump class today and then a 30 min walk. I can't believe it but I'm sitting here watching the biggest loser and I'm thinking I need a bananna! Who is that girl? lol

Ward: I am so happy that you were able to not be tempted by the Valentine candy. I told my husband I did not want any for Valentines day. He could buy me a pair of workout socks or something instead! It's so glad to have you back Ward.

Mindy: I'm enjoying the warmer weather too. It reminds me that I want to look toned and thinner this summer so I've got to work hard now.

Kelly: I see that you had to miss a workout. Wouldn't it be so nice if life never got in the way?

OK, I'm going to get my bananna and glass of water and settle in with the Biggest Loser.

See you all tomorrow.

02-11-2009, 08:01 PM
Somehow I did not post yesterday. Hmm. Don't know how that happened, since I read everything! I am on plan, both with diet and exercise, but not really seeing anything happen on the scale. It has taken almost 2 weeks to get back down to where I was before the wicked 6 pound gain. I was back at 184.5, which is where my ticker is set at. I worked as hard as I could tonight, my knee was bothering me, and I had to leave early to pick up my daughter from daycare, so I only got in about 45 minutes instead of the whole hour of P90X Kenpo. It was good and hard, and felt good when my knee didn't feel like it was giving out. Maybe tomorrow that scale will be kind to me. I would like to see an overall loss at my BL weigh in on Friday. I always seem to weigh a half pound less there than I do at home, so anything I can lose in the next 2 days will be an overall loss. My Valentine goal was 180, and I don't think I am going to make it :(, but I am not giving up. This weight is just being stubborn. I got 2 more compliments today. It must be compliment week. Our male assistant principal, and my brother in law both told me I looked good today. My husband wasn't real excited to hear it. He even made the comment he doesn't know if he likes the attention I am getting. Oh well, too bad for him. Because I am not going to let him sabotage me.

Susie--How was that banana? Look at you go!

Ward--Mindy and I keep talking about those darned pictures, we just have to remember to take them!

Mindy--You can totally have the M&M's. You are probably the only person I know that can just eat a few and not chow down on the whole bag. What amazing willpower you have.


02-11-2009, 09:12 PM

How was everyone's day today? My workout last night really did me in...I feel so tired today and everything must have been a effective workout. I did do my Zumba workout today. It gave me energy fo a while afterwards but I'm now tired again. My legs are the worst from all the squats we did.

I need to get to my feelings journal. I have some pent up frustrations with work and a situation there that I need to get out. I'm tired tonight so I'm not sure how much I will write but I need to get back with it. It's an effective tool for me.

Looking forward to seeing everyones posts.

02-11-2009, 11:18 PM
Kelly- I had to laugh at your post about the compliments. We get comments all the time from women, but it seems a little different when men notice. Like Monday our male custodian told me I am sure losing weight and it really shows. He even told me I better slow down. It seems a little strange coming from him. Your husband will just have to adjust to having a new hot mama on his arm.

Susie- I never have time time to write about my feelings. I just ramble a mile a minute while we work out. My class is the most frustrating group of children I have had in a long time. Of course, they are 5th graders. Thank God I get to work it out of my system right after work.

Ward- nice job getting out there and running. Chores??? My house is never clean. Where does the time go??

This morning was joyous. I saw a new low, 195.6. Can you believe it?? I was very happy. Now to see 194. I did the whole P90X Kenpo. 56 min. It was long, but it was fun. Tomorrow I have a dentist appt so I'm off in the a.m. If it is nice I might come home and go for a run before I need to work for the afternoon.

02-12-2009, 05:43 PM
Congratulations, Mindy! And you called your workout "fun"! Is that something the old Mindy would have said? :cheer2:

Kelly, I bet you are feeling very motivated by all those compliments. Those guys don't know whether you weigh 184 or 180, they can just see you changing!

Susie, did you get your feelings out? Do you go back and re-read your journal, or just write it down to get it out? Just curious, since I've never done anything like that.

I have worn myself out again. Yesterday was crazy with my daughter's parent teacher conference and my husband getting home late from work. Today she had early release again and I had to take her on errands with me. I worked out both days, don't worry. Eating is on plan, too.

Tomorrow I have a birthday party from 4 - 6, and then we're having my son's party at the exact same place on Sunday. Many of the same kids will be there. :sigh: Have I mentioned that I am already so.tired.? I think I might cook a nice dinner for V-Day. I need to stay on plan at least until Sunday, though. I might have to have some cake on my baby's 5th birthday.

See you tomorrow.

02-12-2009, 09:30 PM
Ward--I am with you. I am just worn out. I couldn't stay to work out today. My daughter had an orthodontist appointment right after school. I swear, I have been on the run ever since. Dinner out (I ate another salad, of course), went and got my nails done, went to the grocery store to buy the things I need for our school valentine party tomorrow, back home to do baths and bedtime. Oh, and I have a pile of dishes upstairs and papers to correct tonight. Wow, the fun just never ends. At this point, I need to work out because my weigh in is tomorrow, but it sure looks like life is getting in the way again. I hope next week is better. I have been summoned for jury duty next week, I just have to keep my fingers crossed that I don't have to report.

See ya tomorrow!

02-12-2009, 10:00 PM
Kelly- I was going to get on and ask what workout you were going to do tonight, since we couldn't work out together. It looks like it is going to be the busy teacher workout. I hope you are planning on staying tomorrow for a good workout, since you obviously won't get one in tonight. I just finished BL Bootcamp, levels 1&2, 45 min. Didn't feel like doing 55 min. and my arms are sore from yesterday's Kenpo.

Ward- Lots of partying for you this weekend. I also have a busy weekend. Tomorrow of course is our Valentine's party at school. I am already planning on 1 Lofthouse sugar cookie. Hopefully nothing else. Then my DD is in "The Vagina Monologues" tomorrow night. On Sat. my neice is getting married. I am so happy we have Monday off.

Susie- I hope you are doing well at your weigh-in tonight. You have been working hard. I just know you will get a loss. Tomorrow Kelly and I weigh-in at school. I am down maybe 3 pounds. I was 195 today. I am really hoping for 194 something tomorrow.

02-13-2009, 09:45 AM
Well, Iím not sure how to feel about my weigh-in last night. I didnít gain but I didnít lose. I stayed the same. I really wanted to see those scales go down. I feel like I had a good week food and exercise wise but sometimes these things happen.

Iím that much more determined. One of my friends at TOPS met her goal last night. She lost 93 lbs! It has taken her 3 years but she looks great and she has changed her lifestyle so much.

Iíll be working out today at lunch time. I know that this will not happen overnight and last week I was actually surprised to see that 2 lb loss, so I know it will happen again, I just need to keep on doing what Iím doing and continue to work and improve on my food and workouts.

I have sent my info to my trainer so we will see what she has to say. Any advice, encouragement and total honesty is appreciated!

Ward: You are a busy lady. I'm so happy to see you back on plan. I have written in my feelings journal. I really don't have a plan for it when I do it. I just write whatever I'm thinking at that time. I do go back and read it sometimes. I also put in quotes I find that I like and other inspiration ideas. I've not done this before so it's all new to me.

Kelly: I am tired too! I have been dealing with a bit of a cold. I had it for 2 weeks and it just kept getting worse so I finally got some meds from the doctor and I slept in a bit in the mornings. Because of that I didn't get my ab workouts done but I thought it better to sleep, feel better and keep on track with my other workouts. Sometimes we do need to give ourselfs a bit of a break.

Mindy: Look at that # on the scales!!!! I'm excited to hear about yours and Kelly's weigh-in today.

Ladies...let's just keep it up. We can do this...I CAN DO THIS--as long as I have my team support ladies are wonderful!

02-13-2009, 06:33 PM
Hey there. Good evening. I am posting really quickly here because I am busy tonight. But I had to yell about my good news. At school weigh-in I was down 3 pounds and won for the week. Yay me. At home I had lost 3.8. I was 194.6 this morning. Did you hear that??? I am thrilled.

Now the downside is, I have beat the crap out of my body this week and everything hurts. I think I pulled something in my back because that really hurts. I am taking today off from working out for that reason. Plus my DD is doing her "Vagina Monologues" tonight, so I have to leave in a little bit.

Susie- We all have good weeks and not so good weeks. I'm sure next week will be better. Keep doing what you're doing.

02-13-2009, 08:18 PM
Hey guys! Mindy, that is awesome! :cheer2: Congratulations on the win!

Kelly, how did you do?

Susie, I am glad your weigh-in resulted in increased determination. Just keep going and the scales will go down. :hug:

I ran about 3 mi today, then did Group Power and 15 min on the elliptical. Eating has been on plan, but I am off schedule because of the birthday party from 4 - 6. I just ate dinner so I hope the hunger settles down soon.

I had a nice compliment today. I was talking to the other moms about exercise. One said to me, "I didn't know you were a runner, but I guess I should have since you're always so thin." What, me? Always thin? It's funny how other people's perceptions don't match up to our own.

All right - see you tomorrow. If you're not here, Happy Valentine's Day! :val1:

02-13-2009, 09:46 PM
Hey gals!

I was only down half a pound today at our weigh in. But, I am happy with that since I was only able to work out on Monday and Wednesday. I kept my food good for the week, so I am glad something showed. At the valentine party today, I had the smallest scoop of ice cream imaginable, with a miniscule squirt of chocolate and teensy weensy quirt of whipped cream. I counted every calorie, though, and wrote it down. Tonight I had Subway for dinner while shopping at the mall for Valentine stuff. With all that, I still didn't go over my goal of 1400 calories for the day. I am getting ready to work out here. I think I am going to do WATP and BL Yoga tonight. I really need to get my Jillian game out for the Wii and get into it. That was one of the only things I wanted for Christmas, and I have hardly looked at it.

Mindy---:woohoo::congrat: I knew you could do it!! I am so proud of you! Let me know what color shirt you get with your winnings. We can't get the same color. (I'm going to hint to my hubby that I would like one for Valentines day...)

Ward--Are you kidding! You look super skinny in all the pictures you have ever shared with us. I am not surprised someone made that comment.

Susie--Hey, staying the same is nothing to worry about. I remember last year being in tears the weeks I stayed the same or only lost 1 pound. We have such high expectations for ourselves, and some disappointment is always going to be part of this journey. But, I can say, at least the scales are heading in the right direction! You are definitely losing overall, and that is what counts! In no time, you will have reached that first goal, and you'll think to yourself, "That wasn't so hard, I can do that again!" I am glad you are more determined than ever!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day if I don't see you tomorrow!

02-14-2009, 12:50 PM
Happy Valentines Day my friends! I hope that none of you got sweets--I told my hubby I didn't want any and he listened. He got me a gift certificate for a pedicure instead...that's perfect!

I had a good workout yesterday on my lunch hour. I did the eliptical and chose program 7, it was an interval program. I would stay for 2 min with the cross ramp at 4 and then it would move to 10, then back to 4. It was a 30 min workout and it made me feel so much better about those scales staying the same last week.

In Ohio we are enjoying such nice warmer makes me think of spring and summer and how I want to be thinner for my favorite times of the year.

As you all know the weekends can be hard for me because I"m such a routine person and when I'm out of it, I get off track easily. I will not let that happen today. Sunday's are better for me with the routine so I don't have to be so much on guard but on Saturday's I do. So, I told myself that today, even though I'm not at my goal, I'm going to act like I am. I'm going to eat in moderation, I will move my body, I will stand up straight, I will hold my stomach in--it's used to that because of all the ab work I did to get to goal. You know what they say, "Fake it until you make it".

I did have a run in with some popcorn last night and a glass of Sprite. I was just feeling a bit overwhelmed and worried--some people from my hubby's workplace were laid off and I'm afraid the same thing will happen to him eventually. Even though I know that eating is not going to make it any better I just felt like I needed to relax and I couldn't think of another way. So I tried to keep it a small comfort with food, but I would like to get over that....anyone have suggestions for it?

Ward: I was showing my husband your picture and he said, WOW when he saw you...he said you look in shape...I told him how much you exercise.
I know you have little ones and they most likely got candy for Valentines Day...keep your guard up and don't even have 1 piece. I know you have binging tendacies like I do and I know for me 1 piece can do me in. BE !

Mindy: What a great weight loss you showed! I could hear you shouting from here! lol Keep it are doing so well.

Kelly: I love how you count in the special treats and keep in your calorie range. It's something I'm working on doing to. You have showed me that I can still have them, but I have to treat them as a part of what I'm eating and to remember that they are special treats and to include them as such.
I'm happy you showed a loss at your weigh-in.

Ok...time to clean the house. Hubby and I are going to a late matinee movie later and then to our local Mexican resturant for dinner. I've decided already what I'm having so I know how many calories are going into my body and I've planned for them.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

02-14-2009, 05:22 PM
Yee Ha! I have finally gone over the hump and have a new low number! Today I was 182.5! My valentine's goal was 180, and while I didn't make it, I am happy to be pretty darn close. I am trying very hard to be vigilant this weekend and not eat over my calorie limit, I don't want this losing to stop now! Of course, my husband wants to get pizza tonight for V-day, since restaurants will be busy. Of course, he wants to order from my favorite place. I will just have to make sure I only eat a little, and not allow myself to go crazy.

Susie--Sorry to hear about the stressful times at your husband's work. I myself struggle with emotional eating. I just try to have snacks (usually sweets, for me) on hand that cure my craving for sugar, and are low in calorie. For me, it is not realistic to think that I am going to overcome the emotional urge to eat, so I am always prepared. I even try to leave about 100 calories (or maybe a little more) at the end of the day for a snack in the evening, because I know I will want a snack. Lately I have been loving the 100 calorie packs of Orville Redenbacher Kettle Corn, or the little individual Weight Watchers ice cream cups that are 130 calories, or Sugar Free Jello Pudding cups which are 60 calories, with a dollop of Light Cool Whip for 20 calories. I found some orange creme popsicles at Sam's Club, some swirl things, and those are really tasty and only 10 cal.

Mindy and Ward--Hope your day is going well!

Hasta la vista!

02-14-2009, 09:50 PM
It has been a busy weekend so far. Last night was my DD show. It was really good. Her monologue was hysterical. I had tears running down my face. She goes to a vagina workshop to get in touch with her vagina. She lays on the floor, legs spread, and a hand mirror to get to know herself. Funny, funny.

I pulled something in my back Thurs. working out. No workout last night. Tonight I did 1 mile WATP and then 30 min. of Jillian's kickboxing. I did it at a much lower intensity. I hope it is feeling better soon, so I can get back to regular workouts. My neice got married today. It is reaaly sort of a farse. I have heard they are already fighting and arguing tonight. Sad!!

My scale was down a touch today, 194.4. I'll take it since i didn't workout yesterday. I had one sugar cookie, but counted it in my number. Didn't get much water in either. Have to do better with that today. I better go get some right now.

Susie- I am wishing the best for your husband. Times are certainly tough. One of my exes friends was just laid off from a job he has held for 30 years. My son can't find a job. I wish you the best.

Kelly- Yay for you!!!:carrot: It is nice to finally break through to a new weight. I know you are feeling great. Hold off that pizza. He loves to do that, doesn't he?? I ate at the wedding. Ham sandwich, 3 meatballs, tad of bean casserole, scalloped potatoes and 1 mini cupcake. I think I'll have popcorn tonight and call it good.

See ya all tomorrow.

02-15-2009, 04:01 PM
Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a "on plan" Sunday. I'm doing ok, but I did have some leftover pizza for lunch. We haven't been to the grocery and so that was what I had. It was cheese and mushroom and I had 4 squares. I'm just not that happy with my choice because it wasn't all the healthy. I"ll make up for it tonight.

I'm planning on going to the Y here in about an hour for a hour workout.

I did really well at the movies last night. We had a late breakfast-didn't eat until 11:00 so I knew I wouldn't be hungry until about 4:30, which was when we went to the movie. We planned to go out afterwards. So, I took an apple and a piece of cheese. My hubby said "I can't believe you aren't having popcorn". I just smiled at him. It felt great to be that in control.

Mindy: Your numbers on the scales look good. I hope your back is feeling better.

Kelly: YEAH! That number looks very good on you.

Ward: How are things with you this weekend.

I want to thank you all about the kind words concerning my husbands employment. I am a very spirtual person so I'm trying my best to pray about it and leave it in Gods hands. Right now, he does have a job and that's more than some have.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

02-15-2009, 07:14 PM
Okay I have to come and tell you guys about one of the most awkward compliments I've received so far. I was out shopping today with my ex-hubbie. You know our weird situation. This attractive bi-racial man (with 2 young children) walked past, smiled and said hello. I said hello back. A few minutes later he came up and asked me if I used to work for the Dept. of Ed. I laughed and said no, but it was funny because I am a teacher. A few minutes later he comes up to me again and says," I know that was kind of weird but I think you're attractive and wanted to meet you". I just said , OH. He asked me if I was married and I told him no but I was with someone. He politely said Oh, Okay but I did want you to know I think you are attractive. I just said well thank you. He said have a nice day and left.

I felt so strange. I haven't had someone hit on me since I was in my 20's. I didn't know how to react. I was thrown for a loop. I just ried to avoid hin the rest of the time we were in the store. My family got a real kick out of it.

So today I am the same as yesterday, but I know it is mid-cycle time. I am hoping I don't gain very much this time. PLEASE!!!!????

Susie- Pizza gets me every time. I will not deny myself the pleasure, but try to keep the frequency down. hope you have a great workout tonight. I am making spagetti pie for dinner then I will work out. My back is feeling a little better, but certainly not 100%.

See ya tom.

02-16-2009, 08:11 PM
I tried this once and it didn't work. Here goes again. I managed to lose a little more today. I was 194. I will take it as long as it keeps coming off. It is definitely mid-cycle gain time, but I haven't seen it yet. It could sneek up at any time time, so I am prepared. I am hoping it doesn't though.

I hope you are all doing weel. I hope to hear from you tomorrow.

02-16-2009, 09:37 PM
Hi all. I was up a half pound today to 183. It seemed like a very busy week last week with a lot of eating out on the go. Hope this week is back to normal routine. Worked out for about 50 minutes today. I did 25 minutes of WATP and 25 minutes of BL Power Sculpt. I bought some new clothing items today. I bought a spring jacket (size L :carrot:), a new pair of black work pants (size 14 :carrot:) , a new workout shirt with matching pants (size L again:carrot:). I realized today that even though it feels like I haven't lost much weight lately, I have actually lost 17 pounds since school started in September, 7 pounds since January 1st. I guess that's not too bad. I'll take it!

Mindy--Good for you for turning some heads! Maybe S will realize what he has and stop being a stinker! Keep up the good work and hopefully those scales continue to go down despite the mid-cycle.

Hope everyone is on plan and doing well.

02-16-2009, 10:28 PM
Hi Ladies,

I was off work today; had a pretty good day. I got a workout in--30 min on the eliptical doing an interval program on the machine. I then went and did some weight training.

Tomorrow night is my body pump class--that class kicks my butt!

Mindy: How exciting to get that compliment.

Kelly: Size L? I can't wait for that day!

Ward: I know you hit the gym early did the rest of the day go?

I'll see you all tomorrow.

02-17-2009, 08:18 PM
Hey guys. I am just checking in quickly. I am in a slump and I can't seem to pull out of it. I saw a number on the scale today that was just horrifying. Workouts are good, but eating is out of control. This is how I gained back 35 pounds - up and down - is this how my life will always be?

I am glad to see everyone else doing so well!

02-17-2009, 08:49 PM
Kelly- Cute workout clothes. I am going to get mine tomorrow. 7 pounds since Jan. is really good. No complaints.

Ward- You are good at catching yourself when you start to slip-up. You do a good job of getting back on track. That is my plan. 5pounds either way and then it's time to take action.

Susie- Good job working out. You are getting to be quite the regular.

I just did kickboxing and am trying to get posting done before BL. I was 193.8 today, by the way. :smug:

02-17-2009, 10:22 PM
Hi everyone! I was still up to 183 today. It has been a busy, busy day. I was called for jury duty this week, so I have to call every day after 5:00 to see if I have to report the next day, and so far I have been lucky and haven't had to go. But, I have to stick around work until at least 5:00 to see if I need to leave plans for a substitute the next day, so I have had to deal with crazy scheduling to get my kids picked up. Anywho, Mindy had to leave early today, so I worked out with our friend Micque. We did some P90X cardio. Boy, that stuff is a butt kicker. Especially when he saves this "Superman, Banana" move until the end which is very difficult at that point in the routine. But, I am feeling great, and on plan, so I am hoping maybe another pound will shed itself soon. By Friday would be terrific!

Mindy--Sorry I bought the same workout clothes you were looking at. I thought for sure you would go for the blue. You are always such a blue girl.

Ward--You can do it. You know how to get back on track, and those pounds WILL come back off.

Susie--You keep workin it girl! You are doing great!

Off to watch my recorded BL and American Idol! See ya tomorrow!

02-18-2009, 07:35 AM

I wasn't able to post yesterday due to some sort of stomach virus. I'm feeling a bit better this morning, but I'm staying home from work so I can be sure that I'm over it. I drive over 40 miles to work one way..that's to far away from home when dealing with something GI.

Needless to say I didn't work out yesterday but then again, I didn't have much to eat and what I did eat...well...let's just say it didn't hang around long.

Mindy and Kelly: New workout clothes? How fun!

Kelly: I watched the Biggest Loser last night to. It's so inspiring.

Ward: You will get back on top of your game soon. I'm like you...I'm good with the workouts...but the food is always a challenge for me. How about some more protein so that you feel fuller? Hang in there...we are here to help you through this.

I'm going back to bed. I got up so that I could email work that I'm staying home and turn on my out of office assistant.

I'll check in later.

02-18-2009, 07:38 AM

I wasn't able to post yesterday due to some sort of stomach virus. I'm feeling a bit better this morning, but I'm staying home from work so I can be sure that I'm over it. I drive over 40 miles to work one way..that's to far away from home when dealing with something GI.

Needless to say I didn't work out yesterday but then again, I didn't have much to eat and what I did eat...well...let's just say it didn't hang around long.

Mindy and Kelly: New workout clothes? How fun!

Kelly: I watched the Biggest Loser last night to. It's so inspiring.

Ward: You will get back on top of your game soon. I'm like you...I'm good with the workouts...but the food is always a challenge for me. How about some more protein so that you feel fuller? Hang in there...we are here to help you through this.

I'm going back to bed. I got up so that I could email work that I'm staying home and turn on my out of office assistant.

I'll check in later.

02-18-2009, 08:56 PM
Hi everyone. Just a quick update for the day. I was down to 181.5 today. Yay! It keeps heading the right direction! Did about 45 minutes of Jillian's Backside workout tonight with Mindy. A lot of it was kind of easy. I can definitely feel it in my muscles, though.

Keep it up ladies!! See you tomorrow!

02-18-2009, 10:11 PM
Yep, our workout was kind of easy, but it was mostly strength stuff. It was allright. I was up today to 195.2. Could this be the big mid-cycle gain. Probably. Or should I say, duh?? I hope it stays small.

Kelly- It's oky about the workout clothes. I tried them on tonight and they just wern't working right. I'll have to try something different.

Susie- Hope you get to feeling better. My DD went to the doctor today. She acute bronchitis. Poor baby.

Ward- Come tell us all your troubles.

02-19-2009, 07:45 AM
Susie, I hope you are feeling better. Your dd too, Mindy.

A Jillian workout that was easy? You two must be getting really strong!

Me: good workout yesterday and eating on plan. I am feeling a bit better but still beating myself up over the number on the scale.

02-19-2009, 01:01 PM

I'm somewhat better today. I haven't had much to eat but crackers since Tuesday night. I'm at work, but moving slow. I'm sort of hungry but when I think about eating I feel sick again.

Needless to say, I'm not working out. In fact I made a decision to table them until Sunday. Just taking my shower this morning wore me out.

I hate when this happens. It seems like I just get going really well on a program and then I get sick! It's frustrating.

Mindy: You know why those scales are up a bit--it's the way your body cycles. I hope you DD is feeling better

Kelly: So happy to see those scales going the right direction for you. Your comment about the strength workout made me smile. That's they way they the time it doesn't feel so hard, it's later on that you can really feel those muscles.

Ward: It can be upsetting to see a number that you don't like, but it's just a can change it. Power back girl!:ebike:

02-19-2009, 09:17 PM
This is funny. Kelly and I were doing BL Bootcamp tonight. We had both agreed that last nights workout was pretty easy. Then we did some move and we both went "ouch" at the same time. The backs of our legs were both hurting. Yep, I guess you feel it later. Tonight's workout was certainly tougher.

My DD has bronchitis and my ex has Upper res. infection, almost phnemonia. He is on all kinds of drugs, steroids and antibiotics. I feel like I should move to a hotel for the week. Hope i don't get what they've got.

Susie- Take it easy. Remember, you must eat though. Light and bland.

Ward- Sounds like you are back on track and your number will look better soon.

02-20-2009, 12:31 PM

I'm almost back to normal, but the food is very light and bland. I'm thinking a baked potato for lunch. I talked to my trainer and she agreed, no workouts until Sunday and then to keep it on a Level 1-2.

I did show a loss at TOPS last night, 2.5 lbs. I thought it might not be a true number but I never got sick with my virus..just felt like I could, so the Docs that I work with said it's most likely a true loss..maybe not the .5 part. Anyway, you can bet I'll be very careful this upcoming week so those scales don't go back up next Thursday.

Mindy, Kelly: It's killer when those hamstrings hurt! But it's a good know you worked them.

Ward: How's things going?

I'll be around this weekend. Not much planned..thank goodness. I'm tired!

02-20-2009, 07:02 PM
Hi girls. Well, I was only down a pound this week. I was excited earlier in the week because I was down another pound, but that was short lived. I guess a pound is a pound and I need to stay positive about the scale moving in the right direction, but it sure seems like a lot of exercising and a lot of not eating what I want for that pound to come off. It makes me question if it is worth all the work. Hopefully next week there will be a better showing at the scale. I couldn't stay to work out with Mindy today. My 3 year old got sick at daycare and I had to leave work early to pick her up. I will be doing it tonight on my own I guess.

Mindy--Sorry about the gain for the week. I am glad you can laugh about it now. Just think about what would have happened a year ago! At least that darn body of yours is pretty predictable. Sucky, but predictable.

Susie--Great job on the 2.5 pound loss! You have been working really hard for that! Take it as a true loss!

Ward--Hope you are doing well!

See you tomorrow!

02-20-2009, 08:43 PM
Susie, I am glad you're feeling a bit better. Good job on the loss.

Mindy, get out of the house if you can! ;)

Kelly, I completely agree with you about working so hard for so little result. But, we have to remember that it's not all about the number on the scale. We are doing this to be strong and healthy, too.

I am back on the eating plan. Exercise has been good, too. I went to Power this morning and something happened to the stereo on the second song. The mike wasn't working, either. So the instructor just counted reps for us for the next 45 minutes. It seemed much harder than doing it to music. Then I got on the bike for 15 minutes, and my iPod crapped out on me. No music for me, either! Oh well.

See you tomorrow!

02-21-2009, 12:17 PM
Well, I was hoping this month's gain would be small. HAH!! No such luck. As a mater of fact I think it is the worst one ever. I am up 4.8 pounds. WTF???? As Kelly said, I can usually blow it off since I understand this is just what my body does, but 5 pounds. I have got to say that has me quite worried. It only took 4 days to go up that much and God only knows how long it will take to come back off. HELP!!!!

Susie- So happy you saw a loss again. You are making progress. So happy for you. Keep it up.

Ward- I knew you would be back on the band wagon ASAP. Keep it up.

Kelly- Yep, it's work. Lots of work. But it is so well worth it when we get to buy smaller clothes and look good. You know it's worth it.

02-21-2009, 01:47 PM
Mindy, just keep drinking your water so you're not retaining. It'll be gone soon. :hug:

I had a good workout this morning - with music! One hour on the stair mill and Group Ride. Eating is on plan. I have the extra incentive of a swim birthday party next week-end. I am so not ready for this year's swimsuit debut! LOL

See y'all tomorrow.

02-21-2009, 04:15 PM
So, I was back down a pound this morning, but I am sure it is going to go back up. I was very down on life yesterday, and I ate. Pizza for dinner, and a couple more snacks that night. Not a huge binge or anything, but enough to make me blow my calories out of the water for the day. Today I was off to a rocky start, had to go out of town to get my hair done, in really bad weather, mind you, so I ate fast food for lunch. And yes, I had the fries, too. It has been a long time since I had fries. The good part is that they didn't really taste that good, so I don't think I'll eat them again for a very long time. But, now I am back home, and I headed straight for the workout DVD's. I did 25 minutes of WATP, and 25 minutes of BL Cardio Max levels 2 & 3. I feel good, and I will try to eat light tonight. I don't know, though. We may go out to dinner since the kids are at grandma and grandpa's for the night. I vow to choose fish, chicken, or salad.

Mindy--I know exactly how you feel about that 5 f*****g pounds. It has not been that long since I had that 6 pounder. It sucks, and it most definitely has to be water retention. Did you eat salty stuff yesterday? Probably not. Just rest easy and know you are still below 200, never to see it again.

Ward--Glad to see you back and on track. Working out without music must be pretty boring. I know the times I have walked on the treadmill, I never would have made it without music.

Susie--Hope you are feeling better and taking it easy.

See ya!

02-21-2009, 09:15 PM
Hi Ladies,

I wish I could afford a housekeeper! It's like my Saturday's are always taken up by housework! It took me al day today. I had 2 of my nieces for a couple of hours today. My DH and I fixed them breakfast and then played games with them and hung out for a while. So, I really didn't get started on my housework until about 1. I was doing laundry when the girls were here.

I still am not able to eat normally. I did have a cheesburger from McDonalds today--it just sounded good and I had one pancake at breakfast. I just finished eating some pears. I know it's not much food but I'm trying to listen to my stomach and only give it what sounds good. I've heard that this virus I had seems to last about 4 days before your stomach feels normal.

I will do a workout tomorrow. Most likely a walk.

Mindy: I am shocked and sorry about your gain. I know that's hard to deal with and I can't really see why it happened. Hang in there. It came off before andit will again.

Kelly: You hang in there too. As long as you don't have fries everyday they are ok sometime. I smiled when you said they weren't that good; that's what I thought the last time I had them...I only wish I could think that about potato chips!

Ward: The words "Swim Party" would strike fear in my heart! I know that we will be swimming at my family reunion in June. I'm really hoping to be at a 25 lb loss by then. I'm glad your music was back for your workouts. I don't know how you did it without the music.

Everone stay strong! :strong:

02-22-2009, 02:50 PM
Well I didn't lose anything today, but I didn't gain any more either. That is a good thing. It is so frustrating to be right back where I was before my loss last week. This just makes me crazy. No rhyme nor reason. I did WATP for 45 min. last night and didn't eat very much yesterday, at all. Hopefully some of this crap starts going away tomorrow.

Kelly- I had fries last week and was shocked when I looked up their calories. 400 for a small at Wendy's. That is crazy. Just get over it and move on. We have a staff meeting Monday so we can't workout together. Hopefully we'll get in a few days this week.

Susie- I have been meaning to clean my house all weekend and haven't done it yet. I hate cleaning and nobody seems to give a s***. I really need to vaccum and dust. YUCK!!!

Ward- I'm with Susie. The thought of a pool party would freak me out. i don't even own a suit. Not ready for that step yet. Have fun though. I'm sure you will be smokin.

02-22-2009, 06:35 PM
Mindy, sounds like you're going to start going back down now.

Kelly, I don't like fries any more, either. I wish I could lose my taste for sweets and chips, too.

Susie, I hope you are getting closer to 100%. Did you get in a light workout today? I am sure you will be feeling good by June and strutting your new body in your swimsuit.

I ran 9 miles on the treadmill this morning. It was too cold to run outside. Eating is on plan.

See you tomorrow!

02-22-2009, 11:18 PM
I am very unhappy with myself today. Not only did I not go for my workout, but I also ate way to many M&M's.

I'm a little ticked at my hubby for buying that bag and bringing it home...he knows better! But yet, I'm a grown woman...I should be able to stay away from them, but I didn't and now I'm terrified what those scales are going to say on Thursday. WHY DO I DO THIS SORT OF THING OVER AND OVER?!!!

All I can do now is move on, do better tomorrow, get to the gym at lunch (my workout bag is packed!) and hope for the best on Thursday.

I'm headed to bed..I'll see you all tomorrow.

02-23-2009, 04:53 PM

I'm having a much better day with the food today. Thank goodness!
I also have my workout in for the day. I worked out at lunch using the treadmill for 20 min and then the bike for 20 min. That's going to be it for my 1st workout in a week.

How's everyone else doing?

02-23-2009, 05:27 PM
Great job, Susie. Way to get right back on the horse. :)

Eating is on plan and I did Group Ride and then Group Power today. After that I went swimsuit shopping because my suit kind of disintegrated at the end of last summer. You all know I have been kind of down on myself because I have gained a few (12!) pounds and I can't seem to shake them. But, swimsuit shopping was absolutely painless. I remember crying over trying on swimsuits in previous years! Today I bought two tops and one bottom w/ a cover up skirt and I am ready for the swim party on Saturday (except for the glow-in-the-dark white skin, that is). So even though my scale is not moving, I feel like all this working out and eating right is worth it. I don't have to feel self-conscious, hide in my cover-up or wonder if I am the fattest person at the pool. Screw the scale!

See y'all tomorrow.

02-23-2009, 08:09 PM
Ward- To heck with those 12 pounds. I'm sure you still look great in your new suits. You are buff and people probably don't even notice your little gain. I would like to thank you for saying I would start to head back down. I did today, about 1.5 pounds of it. I'm still up 3, but I was happy to see the number go down a bit.

Susie- there alwys seems to be something lurking out there, tempting us, taunting us. If we avoid it most of the time, it is okay to give in once in a while. You were right to get into your workouts today and work those M&M's off. good for you.

Kelly- Missed working out with you tonight. Stupid staff meeting. Hope you get a workout in on your own. I plan on meeting you after school tomorrow.

I've eaten dinner, I am currently digesting while posting, then I will get my workout in. See ya tomorrow.

02-23-2009, 10:27 PM
Hi girls! I am finally back on plan today. I didn't eat like a pig this weekend, but I did go over my calorie goals each day. Today, I am at about 1300 calories, so I may have a snack in a minute. I am trying to gear up for another hectic week. My husband has a sleep study scheduled on Wednesday, so I am trying to figure out how I will get everything done that I need to while he is gone. I guess I am more dependent on him than I thought. I also have to go to a conference on Thursday morning, so I have to do a lot of running around with my kids, dropping them off in various places so they can get to school, and daycare on time, and still get to my conference by 8:15 am. Those are the days I dread because I will be feeling hectic and I am more likely to go off plan. Hopefully the other teachers I am going with to the conference will want to eat somewhere semi healthy for lunch.

Mindy--Yep, I got my workout in. It wasn't a very good one, though. My daughter had a speaker in her class today who was talking about heart health, and how important it is to exercise. So, she wanted to exercise with me tonight because she will get a prize next week for logging in 30 minutes of exercise per day. So, of course, the three year old wanted to exercise, too, so we all put on workout clothes and did 30 min WATP. It was really cute to watch them try to do it, and I had a hard time doing the workout with my space more limited, trying not to kick the kids. Staff meeting was ok, at least it got over early. Definitely looking forward to working out with you tomorrow.

Ward--Forget about those 12 pounds. That has happened before and you have shed them in no time. Glad to see your swimsuit shopping was painless! I can't wait for the day when I can say that!

Susie--Those M&M's will get ya every time! They really do melt in your mouth, not in your hand, huh? Only because no one can stop popping them in their mouth! Good for you for getting back on the bandwagon and working them right off! Sometimes our men just don't get it, do they? Some things we just CAN'T have in the house, no matter what! The reason we ask them for help keeping it out of the house is that we KNOW we don't have the willpower to say no.

Keep on keeping on, girls, and I'll see ya tomorrow!

02-24-2009, 08:35 PM
:tantrum::dunno: Yep, that's how I feel today. Went back up a little and can't seem to get anywhere near where I was last week. :( I'll just keep working and doing my thing. I have almost resigned myself to the fact that if I lose, GREAT. If I don't, who gives a s**t.

Susie- Keep working. You have been dong awesome.

Kelly- It was good to workout with you again tonight. I miss it when we don't.

Ward- Probably too busy working out today to post. You keep on truckin'.

02-24-2009, 09:36 PM
So, I realize my post yesterday was VERY long. Apparently I didn't have much adult interaction and had a lot to say! Anyway, I was down around 181.5 today. That is the lowest I have seen, and I saw it last Wednesday. I would like to see lower by Friday, but I don't know.

Mindy--Yes, it was very nice to work out with you tonight. I soooo missed it. I almost called you last night because we hardly had time to talk yesterday and I was going through Mindy withdrawal. Can't wait for tomorrow.

Susie and Ward--I know you are on plan and having a great day!

See you all tomorrow!

02-25-2009, 09:59 AM

I didn't realize until about 10:30 last night that I had not posted. It was just as well, I was in a rotten mood yesterday. I was just tired of everything!

I will admit that I did feed that frustrated desire a little. Nothing to drastic but I'm pretty sure I'll have a gain on Thursday. I'm not giving up..I'm powering through this. I think I might be a little PMS. I don't usually experiece this much anymore. I had a hyst 4 years ago but I still have my ovaries so sometimes I still deal with all of that.

Anyway, even though I did feed the frustration more than I would have liked I did get my workout in yesterday and today I'm going to my Zumba workout at lunch.

Mindy: Even when those scales don't move down, stay strong. The things you are doing for your body with the exercise is going to look so amazing on you!

Kelly: I'm glad to hear that the scales are still moving downward for you. I hope it all shows for you on Friday.

Ward: Looks like you were MIA yesterday too. Looking forward to seeing you here today. Your posts are always inspiring, even if you don't feel that way.

02-25-2009, 03:37 PM
Susie, I am glad your mood has lifted today. Great job working out even when you were down, and again today. All those endorphins are sure to make you feel better.

Kelly, congratulations on the new low. :cheer2:

And Mindy, you are so right to just keep on going. You are making progress, although it may seem slow.

I am eating on plan, but a little hungry today. I desperately wanted something different for lunch so I had protein pancakes, fruit and a couple little chicken sausages. I guess it's not as much as I am used to having (although a little higher in calories). Some hot tea will probably help. Workouts are good: yesterday I did Group Ride + 40 min on the elliptical and 2 mi running (20 min) and today I did Group Power + the same. I thought I had posted, but I guess I just read. I was anxious to get downstairs and watch the Biggest Loser. I can't wait to see part 2 tonight - I wish it could be on every night. :lol:

See you guys tomorrow.

02-25-2009, 11:17 PM
Still plugging along. Scale didn't really change today. :( Wish this could be easier. Did 45 min. of BL Bootcamp tonight. Didn't really feel like I was "getting into it." My heel has been killing me lately. I have that Plantar fasicitis or whatever. Pain, okay. No more jumping for me.

Ward- I am with you on the hungry feeling. I just seem to be starving lately. Got up over 1400 calories today before I even knew it. No snack for me. Keep fighting it.

Kelly- I will miss you tomorrow. have fun at your workshop. Try to get in a workout at night. I will be doing something. Then it is Shred on Friday. Doesn't that sound like fun times.

Susie- You just might be surprised tomorrow and lose something. Just keep working. We are all in the same slow moving boat. Keep paddling.

02-26-2009, 11:27 AM

Well tonight is my weigh-in. I"m hoping for good things. Yesterday I did my Zumba workout class at lunch time. I love that class, it's so dancy and it really makes me move and sweat. Then last night I went to the Y and did 30 min on the eliptical. I choose to do the interval training setting. It was a great workout..the whole time I was on it I kept thinking, this is like the "Last Chance Workout" from the BL! :D

When I went home and had dinner, my hubby had fixed breakfast for dinner. He fixed me two waffles; I gave him one and kept one, and 5 p of bacon! I kept 2 and gave him the rest and I also had a scrambeled egg. He looked at me as if I had two heads when I gave him the extra food instead of eating it. LOL! I just wasn't that hungry and why eat it all if I'm not and was to much to start with in the 1st place.

I did watch the BL last night and I'm finding it so inspiring. To see the way they have changed their thinking and the way they now eat and exercise and how it all is working, it's amazing. I am so bad with the names of the people on the show but the one young girl, who is there with her mom said something about watching the show in the past and now finding that same thing inside of brought tears to my eyes! I'm feeling that awaking inside myself.

Ward: You made such good choices on your lunch. I hope the hunger didn't last long. With your food choices and your exercise, I bet those 12 lbs that you want gone will be gone soon.

Mindy: Plantar fasicitis can really be painful. There are stretches you can do and also icing it down after a workout can help. I've suffered on and off with it for years.

Kelly: I'm looking forward to hearing about this Shread workout you and Mindy have planned.

I'll see you all tomorrow, good news or bad news at the scales..I'll be here...I'm not giving up!

02-26-2009, 05:20 PM
Mindy, I really like that "slow moving boat". How fitting. :)

Susie, great job turning down that food. I know if it had been on my plate, I would have eaten it, hungry or not. Good luck at your weigh-in.

re: The Biggest Loser - what in the h-e-double hockey sticks were the blue team thinking last night? They are so screwed now!

Today I did Group Ride + 40 min elliptical and 20 min running (2+ mi) again. Eating is on plan. T-two days until swimsuit. :lol: I was down to 129.4 this morning, but weigh-in is tomorrow. See you guys then.

02-26-2009, 08:43 PM
Ward- 129.4??? OMG!! you skinny little thing you. You are going to be awesome at the pool party. Our local YMCA is sponsoring an overnight for our school tomorrow. We have been encouraged to stop in. When I was talking to our assisstant principal today he was saying he is going and doing everything; playing baseball, swimming, etc. I was like oh no. Not going swimming with people from work. this body will stay safely under wraps. So you go live vicariously for me at the pool.

Susie- I am sending the best vibes your way for tonight. Congrats on passsing up that extra food. I have been ravenous the last 2 days. I will eat anything in front of my face. I had 2 peices of cake, before dinner. I'm starving. I don't think I've gone over calories, but I could very easily. Let me know if you have info about those heel stretches. Mine is really hurting lately. It is starting to hamper the workouts. Shred is by jillian. You've probably heard about it before.

Kelly- Missed you today. Hope you had fun. After American Idol I am doing some type of workout. It will probably be WATP or yoga. Besides being extremely hungry, I am also very tired. I think it has to do with TOM coming soon.

This is what ticks me off. I weigh myself at night, just to get a hint on what to expect in the morning. I was down about a pound last night, so I thought I should be lower today. Right?? NO!!! What gives?? And why won't this last gain come back off??? I sit at 197.8, up 4 pounds from last week. Can I just hit somebody?? I don't think we will weigh-in at school tomorrow because our nurse is sick. My official weight will be whatever I am at home.

See ya all later.

02-26-2009, 09:34 PM
Ok, so what the heck! Is starvation in the air or what? I have been starving the last two days, too. I am sure I am going to gain tomorrow on the scales, because yesterday and today I just ate...and ate...and ate. It was as if a switch flipped and I was hungry (or just craving) and didn't care anymore. My daughter's 3rd birthday is on Monday, and we are going to be doing several different celebrations with our families over the next week or so. I am worried. I will be doing my best to be vigilant, but I know it will be a lot of eating out. This week was terrible with the eating out. I think I have had something from every fast food restaurant imaginable.

I am very tired tonight. I had to get up super early today to drop kids off before a conference I went to today. My husband couldn't help me because he was at a sleep study. He just found out this morning that he has severe sleep apnea and will be using a machine at night to sleep from now on. It was kind of crazy. In the first 3 hours he was asleep, he had interruptions in his breathing 114 time. They woke him up and put him on a breathing machine. Once the machine was on, he had 2 interruptions in 3 hours. It is scary to think that he could just stop breathing in his sleep and not start breathing again. I think just thinking about that today has made me worried and stressed, and I don't seem to care about eating the way I should when I am worried and stressed. Hopefully I can rest a little easier when he gets a machine for home. I always thought he had sleep apnea, but now it is just so much more real.

Anyway, I have to go for now, I will catch up on personals tomorrow!

02-27-2009, 09:21 AM

Those M&M's did me in. I had a BIG gain and I feel like I need a BIG cry! I gained 4 lbs. I'm so everything! Lucky for me I'm made enough not to eat. I'm like, "I'm going to show you". I really want a 5 lb loss for next Thursday because I just can't take those 4 lbs and I need to loose 1 more to get over it. I'm going to be diligent with my food and exercise from now on.

The fact that I was so hungry this past week and didn't give into it when I was and pushed away extra food...and I still gained? All because of those damn M&M's at the first of the week.

I know we have all had these issues and I know I can get over's just that I want it to happen NOW!

I am working out with weights with my trainer today. That should help me get some frustrations out.

Ward: I want to feel good enough about myself to go to a pool party! I'm so happy you do!!! That # on the scales looks good on you.

Mindy: Girl, I understand your frustation with the numbers. As for the heel stretches, I googled and found them. When I went to my doctor about it, he gave me the same stretches. Let me know if you find something when you google it, if not I'll see if I have a copy of them somewhere and email them to you.

Kelly: I'm glad your husband figured out the sleep apena issue. I hope your routine gets back to normal soon. I know it's important to have a routine.

Ok to get to work. I have a lot of meetings today and I need to get focused.

I'll be around this weekend.

02-27-2009, 09:52 AM
Susie, :hug: I am sorry the weigh-in didn't go like you wanted. It's over now and this is a new week. Don't lose focus.

I am off to the gym now but I'll check back in later.

02-27-2009, 07:24 PM
Well I am a little happier today. I am down 2.5 of the 5 pound gain. Not where I'd like to be, but better. Did Jillian's Shred tonight. Hadn't done it in a long time. It is a good workout, but it certainly not as hard as it used to be. YAY!! Then I jogged a mile. Well I walked 2 laps, so good for me. I am going to Schuler's this weekend and picking the New Jillian DVD's. Yay for income tax returns.

Susie- I hear ya girl. You know I understand the frustration. Just keep doing the right thing and move on. That's all we can do sometimes.

Kelly- See ya at the Y. Should be interesting. Our students are having that sleepover tonight. Fun, fun.

Ward- All geared up for the pool party?? I'm sure you're ready. Have fun.

See ya all later. Maybe there will be a little less of me tomorrow.

02-28-2009, 11:05 PM
Hey, where is everybody today?? Well I was down a little more today. I have lost about 3 of the five pounds I'd gained. Moving in the right direction. I bought 2 new Jillian DVD's today. I did the one that is a metabolism boost. It is 57 min. long and I could only do 45 min. of it. I think I will like this one.

Hope everybody is doing well this weekend. Hope to here about your good progress.

I also bought some new workout clothes, Large pants. Yippee. Need new shoes. Mine are getting worn out.

03-01-2009, 07:20 PM
What's going on?? Where is everybody?? It is not just this thread either, but a few others I post on. Nobody has been on. Well I am on track. Didn't lose anything today, held at 195.8. I figured my loss for Feb. and it was 2.8 pounds. That is like my average. Well, TOM is certainly near so staying the same is good.

hope everyone is doing okay this weekend. Hope to hear from you all soon.

03-01-2009, 09:23 PM
Hi..I finally made it. It has been a busy weekend. I've been doing pretty well and feel back on track after the 4 lb gain. I'm working hard to have a loss on Thursday.

I made it to the Y today for my workout. I did 30 min on the treadmill at a 3.6 mph. I felt like I was flying and it felt good to be able to do it. Then I went to the weight-room and did the strenght routine that my trainer gave me to do when I met with her on Friday.

Mindy: Glad to see you have lost most of that gain. I'm sure the balance will come off this week. Where are you buying your workout clothes? I'm looking for some cute ones for spring.

Kelly: How was the time at the Y with Mindy?

Ward: How was the pool party?

I'll see you all tomorrow.

03-02-2009, 07:57 PM
195.2 today, so still up about a pound. TOM should be visiting any minute now. Once he passes through I am hoping to lose some significant weight. Maybe I can get down to 191 or so.

Susie- Good to see you back on plan. I got my new stuff at Target. It is pretty cute too. Keep up the good work.

Kelly- Hope you had a good time for the little one's birthday. Get ready for a good Jillian A** whooping tomorrow.

03-02-2009, 08:46 PM
I didn't get to the gym today because it was a snow day. I found Jillian's 30-day shred (level 2) on demand and did it (after an hour of Wii Fit). My legs are fried and I don't think I am going to be able to walk tomorrow. ack.

My eating has sucked all week-end and today.

Good job, girls! Keep it up.

03-02-2009, 10:32 PM
Wow. It feels like forever since I have been here. My niece and nephew were here for the weekend and I think my niece was on the computer 99% of the time. I didn't work out Sat. or Sun. because my husband and nephew were playing XBox the entire weekend and hogging the TV. Oh well. Back on track today..sort of. I ate pretty well considering it was my daughter's birthday and we went out for dinner. We went to an IHOP type place and I had breakfast. An omelet with onions, peppers, mushrooms, ham, and cheese, and 2 pieces of toast. I figured the veggies were better than the other greasy options on the menu. Then I came home and did BL Yoga for 45 minutes. Levels 1 and 2. Level 2 was new for me, and boy was it tough. My wrists feel like I need carpal tunnel surgery! My weight is holding steady, although I wish I could stay on routine and see a drop. Yesterday I saw 181 even. I would like to see it again, since I was at 182 today.

Ward--Just out of curiosity, what kind of weather do you get in Atlanta that warrants a snow day? How was the pool party? Put the fork down!!!! You don't want that 12 pounds to come rushing back, right? It is not worth it!

Susie--I am sorry about the gain last Thursday. You are so determined. I bet it was a lot of water weight. You keep going and show those 4 pounds who's boss.

Mindy--Had fun at the Y. I can't remember the last time I played any basketball, but it was fun. It gives me inspiration to play basketball in the driveway with my family this summer. I'm glad to see your # coming down. I hope I am ready to get my butt kicked by Jillian tomorrow. I wasn't feeling as strong as usual tonight, so I can tell I need to get back with the program.

See you ladies later!!

03-03-2009, 09:40 AM
Hi Ladies,

Sometimes my body makes me so mad. I just get to doing well with food, workouts and such and then I get sick or something. Yesterday was "or something". I had a UTI. I woke up yesterday morning in horrible pain. I was praying it was a UTI and not a IC flare--they feel the same. I have some meds for the UTI and I'm feeling much better today. In 48 hrs I should be back to normal.

Ward: Is the snow still on the ground? The Shread workout sounds killer!

Mindy: We have a new Target opening...I'll have to check out the workout stuff.

Kelly: Good to see you back and good job at IHOP.

I better get to work and I need to go get some water and start drinking that. It's good for me and my UTI.

03-03-2009, 07:49 PM
Why does this happen?? I have been working hard for 2 weeks to get that gain back off. Yesterday I only had one pound to go. Then today I gain 2. WTF??? TOM should be starting today, but nope. That could explain the gain, but come on. 2 pounds???

Ward- Shred level 2 just about killed me the first time I did it. Now it is much easier. Now it is her new one kicking my butt. Blast fat, boost metabolism. We did it at school today and we all felt like death warmed over.

Susie- Sorry about your situation. I understand how you fee. Sometimes you just feel like you're being ganged up on. Keep up the good work though.

Kelly- Good job. Are you breathing yet??? Ready to give the next one a try tomorrow??

03-03-2009, 08:06 PM
Susie, feel better soon! I love the C9 brand of workout stuff that Target carries - it's made by Champion. Pretty much all of the snow is gone; there's a little bit on the deck still. The roads were completely clear yesterday morning, even early, so I don't know why they closed the schools. Maybe they have to decide the night before, I don't know.

Kelly, today I was in the grocery store looking at the ice cream (I know!) and I remembered you saying to put the fork down before I gain the 12 pounds back. I walked away, and just wanted to thank you for being in my head today. :)

Mindy, just throw that scale out the window. It'll make you feel better.

Today I did an hour on the elliptical and Group Ride. My legs and sides are still toast from yesterday, though. Amazing how switching it up can make such a big difference. Eating was on plan (a miracle)!

See you tomorrow.

03-04-2009, 11:38 AM

I'm looking forward to my lunch time workout today--it's favorite.
I wish I could say that my eating is going well. It's not bad but just not all the nutritious as it could be. I'll get it worked out eventually.

I'm still dealing with some effects of the UTI. I feel much better than Monday but it has my IC stirred up and I've got to get that calmed down now. It's ALWAYS something.

Ward: Because you and Mindy are recommeding Target for the workout wear, I'm going to check it out on Friday when I get paid. I'm so proud of you for walking away from that ice cream because Kelly was in your head. That's what is some awesome about this board!

Mindy: I hope that increase yesterday went away today. Hang in there

Kelly: Looking forward to hearing from you. Stay strong and on track.

03-04-2009, 12:27 PM
Have fun at Zumba, Susie! I am glad you're feeling well enough to work out.

Today I did 40 min on the elliptical, then left the gym to take my son to school. This is usually about a 15-min round trip, but today I got stuck in horrible traffic and it took 40 min. So I only did 3/4 of Group Power, and then did 20 min on the bike after. I guess this is going to be my week of crappy workouts - tomorrow I have to cut it short to take my son for his 5-yr check-up. Eating is on plan.

See you tomorrow.

03-04-2009, 08:35 PM
Some of that gain came off, I was back to 195.8 today. I am still wondering where the heck TOM is. I know I won't lose anything significant until that moves through. I feel so far behind today. Just got back from running some errands, scarfed Subway, need to post and workout, and watch American Idol. YIKES!!

Susie- I would love to try a Zumba class. Is it fun?? Glad you are feeling a little better. Good luck with the workout clothes.

Ward- Your day sounds sort of like mine. Rushed and not working right. :p

Kelly- Hope you get a workout in tonight.

03-04-2009, 10:00 PM
Rush, rush, rush! This is the month from **** for me, even though it seemed like February was very busy, too. In our family it is birthday season, which means a lot of eating out and family get togethers. My daughter also has hockey tournaments 3 out of 4 weekends this month (luckily they are all here in town, so no traveling), but it makes it hard to get anything done. My job has me pulled out two half days this week to work on our school's plan for next year, so I keep having to write substitute teacher plans which take forever. Anyway, I am starting to get stressed, and it is not pretty when I get stressed. Everyone look out!! Still holding fairly steady, waiting for TOM to go away and take a pound or two with it. I can't wait for life to slow down a bit so I can get some regular workouts in.

Mindy--I had great intentions to get a workout in tonight, then got home and realized everything I need is at school. Weights, shoes, the whole nine yards. I'll have to find something. Maybe I'll do donkey kicks and tricep dips while I watch tv! Let's keep our fingers crossed I don't have to stay too awful late tomorrow and I can still work out.

Ward--Good job staying away from that ice cream. I know how hard it is to stop binging once you start. I am glad my voice was in your head that day!!!

Susie--I'm so sorry to hear about the UTI. Do you always get sick in the winter so much? I seem to remember you being pretty sick last winter, too? Good luck with the workout clothes--there are certainly some cute ones out there!

See ya later!

03-05-2009, 05:23 PM
Sounds like we are all very busy - but still taking the time to exercise! Yay, us!

I did 30 min elliptical, ran 2.33 mi (23 min) and Group Ride today. Then I took Kevin to the ped. and did not much else for the rest of the day. I am getting ready to take him to t-ball now, though. Eating is on plan.

See you tomorrow.

03-05-2009, 07:59 PM
Ward- Is that like 2 hours at the gym??? I have been doing a minimum of 45 min/day and some days close to an hour. Don't know where I'd find the time to do much more.

Kelly- I know you are really bummed today. :hug: We both understand how hard this has gotten lately. I'm not willing to quit, or settle. I don't think you are either. Have you been logging all your food and counting it? I know you guys like to eat out a lot, but maybe you just need to cut it way down. Just a thought. Hang in there. You know something has got to give......eventually.

Whoops. Had to come back and talk about myself a little, even though there isn't much to tell. TOM is still MIA so the weight loss is getting nowhere fast. I think since I am older, it is tougher. Hormones, no metabolism, onslaught of menopause. I must get this weight off. Did Jillian's Trouble zone workout tonight. 1 hour of torture.

03-05-2009, 08:34 PM
Yes, I'm still logging everything in. I know my eating is not as vigilant as it was a year ago. I know we need to eat out less, but apparently my time management sucks lately, and we are so busy, sometimes eating out is our only choice. That is why I have been trying to figure out better food choices at restaurants because there are many days that I just can't avoid eating out.

Mindy--Sorry about giving up today. I just couldn't take any more. Tomorrow is another day and I will be ready to give it my all again. Let's hope that protein shake does something!

Ward--2 hours at the gym just rocks! I can't even imagine. I gave up after maybe 30 minutes today.

So, does anyone pay attention to protein, fiber, or anything like that? I am curious to know if anyone sees results when watching that stuff. Someone at work was talking about it today and I just keep thinking I should start looking at nutrition a little bit more.

See you tomorrow!

03-06-2009, 11:54 AM
Hi Ladies,

I didn't realize I hadn't posted yesterday until now. I guess I was pretty busy too yesterday.

I am happy to report a 2 lb loss at the scales last night. I would have liked to get the other 2 from the week before off as well, but I'll take what I did have and that was with the UTI problem, so I'm happy overall.

I've made a goal for myself for this week. It's a 3 lb loss, and with it comes that I will journal in my feeling journal every day from Friday-Thursday AND I'm not only going to log my food but I will strive to stay in my range of 1600-1700 calories each day. That means I have to look it up..and count it. I'm just not that good at it, but it's a habit right? and you learn a habit by doing.

I"m working out at lunch today. I plan 20 min cardio, the rest of the time for weights. That leaves me 35 min for them.

Ward: I'm glad you called out that even though we are busy we are working out...might not be the workouts we planned but we are doing something..moving every day. That is a huge thing for all of us. We have made it a lifestyle change and that is what will get us to that maintaining status someday.

Mindy: I hear you with the age thing. I keep thinking, I just can't be like this when I turn 50 and that's only 6 years away. Hope TOM shows up for you soon.

Kelly: It sounds like you had a tough day all around yesterday. I'm so proud of you for coming and posting. We eat out a lot too. It's just the way it goes with our life. Keep looking for those best choices and I will to and we can share them.

You know, now that you mentioned it, I do seem to get sick a lot in the winter. I know it's a time of the year that I dislike very much and I feel like I drag though it. I'm going to remember that for next year and maybe talk to my doctor about it and see if there is some sort of thing I can do to keep my immunities boosted. Sometimes I know my B12 gets low so maybe that's a problem.

Ok, I've got to get back to work. I'll be around some this weekend. We have a lot of things planed. A jazz concert and dinner with some friends on Sat. night. A birthday dinner on Sunday--I'll be eating out a lot I'll think of you and my calorie range and make good for me choices.

Have a great day! It's going to be in the upper 60's here in Ohio and that makes me happy!

03-06-2009, 09:57 PM
Susie, congratulations on the loss and I hope it continues. Sounds like you are going to have a busy (fun!) week-end.

Kelly, I am sorry you had a bad day. It happens and sometimes we just need to take a step back. I hope things have turned around for you now.

re: your question: I log my food into the bodybugg website and there is an analysis of protein, carbs, and fat. I do pay attention to it, and have a goal of 25% P, 50% C, 25% F. I got those percentages from a friend who is a dietician; she said that those were the ratios they used for their diabetic patients. I don't often meet that goal, but I try to eat a lot of protein and not a lot of fat. However, there was an article published recently that kind of says that the ratios don't matter and that it all comes down to calories. Here it is -

Mindy, did TOM show up today? I have forgotten how old everyone is. I'm 44 (and sometimes feel like I am 100). I never got into seriously good shape until I was in my 40's, though. I was always too busy working and had a long commute. Now that I stay home and the kids are in school most days, I do spend a couple of hours a day at the gym. Well, the goal is 2 hours, anyway and I do as much as I have time for between appointments and errands and whatnot.

Today I did 30 min on the stair mill, Group Power, and 15 min on the bike. Eating is on plan. See y'all tomorrow.

03-07-2009, 10:14 AM
Good morning,

I'm up early, starting laundry and paying bills. I want to get started on the house in just a little bit. My plan is to have everything done by noon--hubby will do the grocery shopping, he likes to do it and I don't.

I want to get done by noon so I can talk a walk in the neighborhood and get in some exercise since I won't be able to do my regular Sunday workout tomorrow afternoon.

Ward: Thanks for the article. It was very enlightening. It also reminded me of my 1 week goal to look up the calories to what I've been eating.;)

Mindy & Kelly: I'll be looking forward to your postings.

Have a good, on plan, day everyone!

03-07-2009, 12:36 PM
I didn't post yesterday, infact I didn't do much of anything. I was tired, grumpy, mad, you name it. No TOM and more weight. I couldn't even believe it. I was all the way back up to 198.6. I really don't understand. Now this morning I am down about a pound and TOM is finally here. I hope I am on the downhill road now.

It is so hard for me to handle these wild swings up and down. Then I feel like I am making no progress at all. I so wish I was more like Kelly who will just maintain for a long period and then lose a pound or two. This wild ride that I'm on is too frustrating.

Anyway, enough of my complaints.

Ward- Thanks for the article. It makes me feel better about what I'm eating. Now I just question how much I should be eating. That is still a mystery. Good for you that you get that 2 hours a day.

Susie- Happy to hear about your loss. Keep at it and you will meet your goals.

Kelly- Have a good weekend. Get in some workouts.

03-07-2009, 09:35 PM
Susie, have fun this week-end.

Mindy, I'll be celebrating along with you when TOM is over and the pounds are gone again.

Today I did Group Ride and one hour on the elliptical. Eating is on plan. See you tomorrow.

03-08-2009, 02:40 PM

It was so nice to get that 30 min walk in yesterday and do be able to do it outside in such nice weather. We had a high of 70 yesterday. Today it's a windy, cool March day but I'm happy because yesterday was so nice.

I had a nice time at the jazz festival and I did pretty good with my food choices with the exception of some onion rings from a shared appetizer. I had about 4. It was truly mindless eating and so today when I go to the birthday party I'm going to be more aware.

Ward: You got a great workout in yesterday and I'm glad to see that your eating is on plan. You have been staying away from binging now for a binger myself I know how hard it can be to keep it under control.

Mindy: It sounds like hormones were raging yesterday. When that's happening it's good to lay low like you did and just take it easy....usually the next day things are better and it looks like they were. This is what your body does....don't be so hard on yourself and just use the time in between that to continue to work hard like you do.

Kelly: I hope you are having a good on-plan day!

I've got to get moving so I can be ready for that party. Talk to you all later.


03-08-2009, 02:53 PM
Susie, have fun at the party.

I ran 8 miles this morning, in about 90 min. I will probably spend some time running after my daughter on her bike this afternoon, too. Eating is on plan (day 6). I am also grumbling about daylight savings time. ;)

Kelly & Mindy, I hope you guys are having a good week-end.

03-08-2009, 05:20 PM
Ward-- I too am grumbling about daylight savings time. Usually it is no big deal, but today I had to get up at 6:15 (really 5:15 :mad:) to get ready to leave for a hockey game. I am glad to see you have been back on plan for a while now and keeping up on those great workouts. Thank you for the article. I really do feel better about what I am eating after reading it.

Susie--Glad you had fun at the jazz festival. Don't worry too much about the onion rings now. Just get back to saying "no thanks" and you won't even miss them.

Mindy--I am so sorry about the gain/lose game. I don't know how you manage to deal with it. You are extremely determined. We all know I would have given up long ago if I was in your situation. I am very proud of you for continuing on this journey. I still wonder about those hormones. It is getting to be that time in life.

I was down a little today. I worked really hard to stay on plan yesterday, since weekends are my downfall. I was successful at staying in my calorie range. Today, we had a birthday party for my daughter, and I had 2 pieces of pizza. No breadsticks, no cake. That was difficult. I almost felt like I had to eat the cake to not disappoint her, but then I pushed the thought aside and busied myself doing other stuff. Hope everyone else is having a good last few hours of the weekend.

03-09-2009, 12:44 PM

We have sunshine in Ohio today--it really helps me to feel better in both mind, body and spirt.

I did well with my food yesterday; I even passed up birthday cake. I really was full from my dinner and the cake was chocolate (which bothers my IC and ever since the UTI, the IC is all crazy..didn't need to make it flare even more).

I usually work out at lunch time on Monday's but I have a few errands that need done and so I'm going to do them at lunch today and then walk in the neighborhood tonight; since it will be light later due to daylight savings (I grumbled about it yesterday too when it was time to wake up--in fact, I skipped church and went back to sleep!--I NEVER do that).

I did pack my lunch so I wouldn't be tempted to driver through someplace. Eating out with family and friends and enjoying the food and the company is one thing and to me it's worth a bit more of my daily calories..running through a drive-through at lunch is not worth that to me!

Ward: 8 miles is amazing and day 6 of on-plan eating--you go girl! Let's go for day 7!!

Kelly: Good for you for buckling down on the weekend--doesn't it feel good come Monday morning? As you can see I passed up birthday cake too-you are not alone! :hug:

Mindy: How's it going? Hang in are one tough & determined lady. You have no idea how many times when I'm disappointed by those scales that I think of you and your determination and I get right back on track.

It's almost time for lunch and my errands. I'll see you all tomorrow.

03-09-2009, 07:52 PM
First and most importantly. Thank You for your words of encouragement. I sure need them sometimes. It really is hard to keep my head in the game when I face these drastic swings on the scale. God knows I'd like to quit at times, but I want this so bad that I must keep going. It really helps when you guys say such nice things and encourage me to keep going. THANK YOU!!!

TOM is better today. At least the cramps have subsided. My scale was down a tad today, 196. I really want to get close to 190 before the next "wild swing". I am going to give it all I've got.

Susie- A few rings will not wreck your whole day. Good for getting right back on track. That is something I'm sure has gotten us all in the past. Getting off track and staying off. But we are learning how to get over that blip and move on. Way too much rain here. I feel the need to build an ark.

Ward- GOOD RUN!!! Kelly and I did a little running tonight. We alternated walking a lap, then jogging a lap. On the last jog lap I said, let's sprint. We ran, as fast as we could anyway. That was kind of fun.

Kelly- See you can be a runner. I think we both need more of that pure cardio workout. We should do it more often.

03-10-2009, 12:19 PM

I am doing well. Food and exercise are on track. I have scaled back the exercise intensity a bit; I'm looking for more ways to work out without jarring my body so mcuh so that my bladder doesn't get going due to the vibrations. The elliptical helps--I just can't do the ramp as high as I would like. I've been walking a lot...just on level group but it's still a good workout.

I can only dream of running some day--I don't think with IC this will ever happen.

Mindy: I'm glad you are feeling better in so many ways and that number on the scales looks good better to you.

Ward & Kelly: I'm looking forward to your posts.

03-10-2009, 07:46 PM
Hey there. Just hanging in there today and doing my thing. I am looking for some weight loss action to happen around here. Not really seeing it yet. I feel like I have been stuck here forever. Hopefully this week something good will happen.

Susie- Good for you to keep moving. I was telling Kelly, I think we just need some pure cardio workouts without weights and stuff. An elliptical would be great. Have fun with it.

Ward- Hope you're doing okay, no binging.

Kelly- Nice workout. Tomorrow is Wed. You say you always lose on Wed. Good luck.

03-10-2009, 09:20 PM
Nope, no binging. Just too much stuff going on. Yesterday I did Group Ride, then Group Power. Today I did an hour on the elliptical and Group Ride. Eating is on plan. Gotta go - Biggest Loser is coming on. You guys keep up the good work!

03-10-2009, 10:15 PM
Mindy--We'll see about the loss tomorrow. I am not feeling very optimistic. After breakfast and lunch catered by school today, I have no clue how to count calories for that stuff. I did eat a salad with some chicken on it, and a piece of garlic bread for dinner hoping that would be ok with the other stuff I ate today. Not sure. Good workouts the last couple of days. We should sit down and write up a routine sometime. We've been talking about it, but haven't done it.

Ward--You are doing great staying on that horse! Has the scale been moving for you lately? Is there anything left of that 12 pounds from before?

Susie--I am glad you are continuing with your workouts even though you have been having some problems health-wise. When you were talking about scaling back the intensity and not doing a lot of stuff with jumping, it made me think about the Jillian DVD we did tonight. She makes a comment about the kickboxing stuff and how if you have any lower body injuries you can keep your cardio up with some of the kickboxing stuff like the punches. You can get into a deep squat (which helps your legs burn like crazy), and just punch it out. If you keep it up, your heart rate will definitely go up and keep you working hard without jumping and hurting yourself. Just a thought on some more modifications you could make! P.S. Good job on the birthday cake!

I am holding steady at 180 today. I am waiting for the ball to drop. I have been here for 4 days. I am either going to go up and be sad, or finally see the 170's and be super happy. So, Mindy, if you see me skipping down the hall tomorrow, you'll know why. If I come into your room fuming, you'll know why. See you all tomorrow!

03-11-2009, 10:32 AM
HI Everyone,

Our warm weather in Ohio has come and sure was nice while it was here. I did my Body Pump class last night and then went for a walk on the outside track that night.

I've got to share something funny with you. My hubby bought some vanilla ice cream. I was mad because he knows I can get in BIG trouble with ice cream. Well, last night, because it felt so much like summer I thought I would have a scoop on a cone. I went to get it and I looked at the calories and it said 100 per serving. He bought the low-fat kind and I know he doesn't know he did because he says he can always tell when it's that and he doesn't like it. It's hard to see it on the box so I know he doesn't know. Even though it's low-fat, I won't be having a lot of it; maybe another scoop on Thursday night after my weigh-in.

Did you watch the BL last night? I felt so sorry for the Blue Team. I was SHOCKED at the way the Black team acted on their 24 hours of luxurey.

I have Zumba at lunch today. I'm looking forward to it.

Ward: I know you watched the BL..what did you think about the show?

Mindy: It is good to switch your exercise routines up. I hope you have a loss today.

Kelly: Thank you for the tip on the squats and the punches. I'll add that sort of thing to my routines. I hope you are skipping down the halls today!

03-11-2009, 09:40 PM
I was down to 195 today, 2 pounds from yesterday. I must keep it going and get as far away from 195 as possible before gain time. I really want to see 192, maybe 191. I'm giving it my best shot.

Ward- Good to see you are still on plan and working hard.

Susie- I get a few low cal ice creams or yogurts from Schwan's and they are delish. Don't even miss the other stuff. I don't think anyone can believe how stupid the black team was. Have they learned nothing at all???

Kelly- You may not have seen the 170's, but you didn't go up. You will be there before you know it.

03-11-2009, 09:46 PM
Ditto the blue team. They keep voting off the strongest players and soon there won't be anyone left. Guh - so much bugged me about last night's episode.

Mindy - :cheer2: 195 is awesome! Keep it up!

Susie - how was Zumba? And yum - ice cream.

Kelly - what happened?

Today I ran 4.75 mi (47 min) and did Group Power. I also raked leaves for about 45 min. Eating is on plan.

See ya tomorrow.

03-11-2009, 10:00 PM
Well, I wasn't exactly skipping down the hall today, but I wasn't fuming either. I went up a half pound to 180.5. It would really be nice to see those 170's.

I agree with all of you, I felt bad for the blue team last night. They totally deserved to win. The black team is so cocky and makes comments about how they can do whatever they want because they win everything anyway. They are just ridiculous. Apparently they have forgotten the true reason they are there.

Ward--I wish it was warm enough to rake leaves here. The wind chill was below 10 degrees today, so the kids couldn't even go outside for recess.

Susie--I am noticing how much you are really paying attention to the calorie content of food. Good for you! Once you start looking at that stuff, it kind of becomes an obsession, and you can't stop looking at the labels on everything! I have found some really good ice cream stuff, too. The Weight Watchers ice cream bars and little bowls of ice cream are delicious, and only 130-140 calories. That is about how much I usually save for a snack in the evening, anyway.

Mindy--I am glad to see those 2 pounds come off. They were just hanging on for no reason. Send some of that losing energy my way, would you please? I would like to lose another 5 pounds (175) by Spring Break. Then, maybe another 5 at least by the time school is out. It sure seems like I can't set my goals very high anymore.

See you ladies tomorrow. I have to go catch up on American Idol.

03-11-2009, 10:24 PM
I only lost 1 pound this week! Because the last two days I ate too much on my friend's wedding ceremony.

03-12-2009, 10:33 AM

Well..tonight is my weigh-in. I hope those scales are kind to me and show a loss. I'll take any number, as long as it is a loss.

Ward: It looks like you are doing well. You have so much energy!

Mindy: I'm glad those scales went down for you.

Kelly: 1/2 a pound is not really a don't worry about it too much, just dig in and next week it will be gone along with others.

WELCOME to Sindy: Some weeks a pound is a good loss. Just get back on your plan and more will come off the next week.
I hope to see you posing again really soon. We would love to support you and be supported by you.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

03-12-2009, 12:48 PM
Kelly, I agree with Susie. 1/2 a pound is not really a gain. It's probably gone already. Or it will be if you drink just one extra glass of water.

Susie, good luck with the weigh-in tonight. You deserve a good number.

Today I decided I wanted to try something different, so I did a step class. For me it was more like a "stand around and try to figure out what to do" class, but it was fun. Maybe I'll start doing it once a week, instead of spinning all the time. Can't hurt, right? Also did 30 min elliptical and 30 min running (3.08 mi). I only got about 1/3 of the back yard done yesterday and I want to get out there again. I need to get the back cleaned up so the kids can play back there. Eating is on plan.

Sindy, glad you decided to join us! :wave:

See you guys tomorrow.

03-12-2009, 08:16 PM
Susie- Good luck on the weigh-in. I'm so rooting for you. You really do deserve a good loss. Our weigh-in at school is tomorrow. I hope I am at least back down to my lowest. I went up a little today. I have regularity issues. I went down 2 pounds yesterday because , well I cleaned out the ole system. Now for 2 days, nothing, so I was up some this morning. 195.6. Need to find a way to correct that. Anybody have ideas, besides Activia, which I have just started.

Ward- Something new is always fun. I understand the stand around and try to figure out. Kelly and I tried a new DVD the other day and I was lost. Once I started to get the move, she quit and did something different. You don't feel like you get much of a workout until you really know the routine. That's probably why we stick to what we know.

Kelly- You know that the 170's are just around the corner and you will see them any day now. Just keep working and the reward will come. Hope you enjoy the pampering party tonight.

I should be losing like crazy this week, but I'm not. I feel like I am pulling teeth around here.

03-13-2009, 12:47 PM

I am happy to report a 2 lb loss at the scales last night! :carrot:
I was so happy and now I'm ready to work hard and do it again. In a perfect world I would loose 2 lbs every week and then at the end of the year I would be very close to my mainting goal #.

I'm about to head to the gym for my lunch time workout. It will be weights and cardio today.

I'll be around this weekend; for once I don't have a lot planned. I'm looking forward to it.

Ward: I used to do Step and I thought it was fun. I think it's always good to try something new. Give it a will keep your workouts fresh and your body will be surprised because you are doing something new.

Mindy: I hope those scales are good to you today!

Kelly: A night of pampering? I can't wait to hear all about it.

03-13-2009, 08:48 PM
Hey, it sounds like a good week at the scales for us. I am back to 194 today. Now to just get a little lower before gain time. I need to get my 2-3 pound loss for the month.

Susie- Way to go!! Keep it up and you will be getting closer to that goal.

Ward-hope you gotyour workout in today and stayed on plan with food.

Kelly- You are almost there. Be strong this weekend so you can make that goal.

03-13-2009, 10:11 PM
So, yesterday I went up another 1/2 pound, but today I went down the half, so I am at 180.5 today. I just can't stand to see anything higher than my lowest number anymore. I need to get used to the up/down game, but I just can't. Still waiting for those 170's. A couple people were joking with me today that they had a hard time picking me out of a crowd of fifth graders because I am as small as them. I guess that's ok as long as I am not as sassy as they are, right Mindy? My night of pampering last night was a spa party. They did hands, feet, a mini face lift, head massage, the whole nine yards. It was fun and relaxing, but I spent way too much money on just a few products. Those parties get ya every time.

Mindy--Don't worry about your day. I wonder what that kid would have called you if he would have been in your class last year. Now he is showing his ignorance. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you to lose tomorrow after doing P90X. Of course, if my theory is correct, you'll see the loss on Sunday ;).

Susie--Nice loss at TOPS! Keep up the good work!

Ward--Ooh..a step class. I think that would be one I would like to try sometime. I like the step game on the Wii Fit! Let us know if you see any results!

03-14-2009, 11:36 AM
Hi Gals,

Life has a way of throwing curveballs. My husband, along with 2 others at his company were terminated yesterday! It was very strange. The company that my husband worked for for 15 years was bought last year by another company. Yesterday they let all three of them go do to work performance, they said they were over on time for the jobs they were doing. It's very strange that they worked for this company for more than a year and just 3 weeks ago they were given a warning about production times and now they all three are gone and that it happened within a year of the exact date that they were bought and became employees of this company.

So, now we start looking for jobs and also hope that he will get his unemployment easily and that we don't have to fight his employer for it.

Talk about stress. Here's the good thing...when I'm under this type of stress I do not eat. I mean, I eat, but I eat for fuel, not for comfort.

I hope you all have a good onplan day. I'm planning on it.

03-14-2009, 12:19 PM
Susie, I am so sorry to hear that. I hope he is able to find something quickly.

Kelly, is that a new reality show - Are you smaller than a fifth grader? LOL

Mindy, hope you see the loss you're looking for.

I got hit by the binge truck yesterday. I ran for 25 min, did Group Power, biked for 15 - then ate everything in the house. Today I have a food hangover, and tried to make myself feel better with an hour on the elliptical and Group Ride. Breakfast was on plan, and hopefully I can keep it together today. I have to go to Chuck E. Cheese later for yet another birthday party. Just kill me now. It's raining and chilly and there will probably be a billion kids in there.

See ya tomorrow.

03-14-2009, 07:18 PM
Yee Haaaa! I saw 179.5 (briefly) this morning! The next time I got on the scale it was gone, but that is the first time I have seen it! I am very excited.

Susie--I am so sorry to hear about your husband's job. It is good to know you are keeping strong in spite of it all.

Mindy--Hope that scale went down today.

Ward--Mmm. That sounds like a good reality show! I am sorry you had a bad binging day. Just get back on plan and keep moving forward. Every day doesn't have to be ruined because of one day.

See you all tomorrow!

03-15-2009, 12:32 PM
Feels like forever since I've been here, but it's only been a day. Well let me tell you my whole body hurts. Did BL Bootcamp on Thursday and P90X on Friday and all muscle groups hurt. My DD and I spent the day at a horse expo and I complained al day. Sitting, abs hurt, standing, thighs hurt. Still hurts today. I am back to 193.8. I saw 193 today, but then it went away. Strange, wacky scales.

It is beautiful here today so I am planning a walk/jog for later. Haven't been able to get outside in a while now. I am actually looking forward to it. Maybe tomorrow I will see the low 193's.

Susie- Sorry to hear about your husband. About 15 years ago something similar happened to me. I worked for a bank, they were sold, then downsized. I was one of the people let go. It turned out to be the best thing for me. I got my unemployment, profit sharing and went back to school to become a teacher. Things have a funny way of turning out. Wish him all our best.

Ward- Chuckie Cheese?? So gald I don't have little ones that party there. Pizza is my downfall. I might indulge once a month. Good for you getting right back on track. Don't let one binge become two.

Kelly- I knew you would see it very soon. It will be right back, I'm sure. Keep strong and get a workout in this weekend. Just one, that's all I'm asking.

03-15-2009, 03:24 PM

Thank you ladies for all your kind words about my husband's job situation. When I lost my job 2 years ago things turned out so well for me. It took me about 3 months to find the job I have but it is for the most amazing company.

I'm hoping to make it to the gym today for a walk and some weight workout.

I'm not sure that I"ll get there for sure. I still have some housework to do. I didn't get it all done yesterday, my energy and mood were just zapped. I usually take a little nap on Sunday but I'm not going to do that today. I want to be sure that when I go to bed tonight I sleep.

Mindy: Look at that great number on the scales! Your workout sounds rough but I bet it gets results!

Kelly: 170's! I'm sure it looked great and it will be back on the scales soon.

Ward: How was Chuck E Cheese? I hope you were able to work through the food hangover.

03-15-2009, 10:42 PM
:carrot:178.5 today!:carrot:

But, it was my dad's birthday, and we went out to eat for lunch. I only had a salad, though. Then for dinner we ordered pizza. I am not hugely over my calories, but it is super tough to count.

Mindy--I know tomorrow that scale will go down even further. I wonder if this week will be a race for the money between the two of us. I don't care who wins, as long as we lose a bunch!!

Susie--Keep hanging in there.

Ward--Hope Chuck E. was nice to you!

See ya!

03-16-2009, 08:31 PM
Well I did get 193.2, so .6 lower. I was hoping for more, especially since I was really low when I checked last night. Well there is still tomorrow and I am looking for 192 something. PLEASE!!!!

Kelly- It would be nice if one of us won this week. You just might be able to do it. Stay strong. Warn your hubbie that when we go eat tomorrow, it will have to be some place decent on calories. For Ward and Susie, we need to stay after school tomorrow for a reading night.

Ward and Susie- Hope you are both working hard today. Some of us need to lose this week. Ward, you just get to stay the same.

03-16-2009, 09:03 PM
Mindy & Kelly - you guys are totally going to win.

Susie, I hope you got your workout in today.

My eating was back on plan today. Workouts have been good - 9 mile run on Sunday, Group Power and Group Kick today. I hadn't done Kick in a while - it was fun. I hope I'm not too sore tomorrow.

Oh, and Chuck E. Cheese is **** on earth. The kids had fun, though.

03-16-2009, 10:09 PM
I was back up to 180 today. Oh well, at least I know I will ping pong between 180 and 178 now instead of 180 and 182. Let's just hope I can get 178 (at least) back by Friday. It would be nice to have a chance at winning this week! I gotta earn my money back at least!

Mindy--It's coming. I can feel it.

Ward--I agree. Chuck E. Cheese is ****. I hate going there. Especially if I have to keep track of more than one kid.

Susie--Hope everything is going well today.

See ya!

03-16-2009, 11:43 PM
Hi Ladies,

I'm so tired! It's the stress of our recent situation that's doing it to me. The good thing is that I have no desire to eat. I'm eating my meals but no desire to binge or anything.

I have not got a workout in. It will most likely get done on Wednesday this week. You know, some weeks are just like that. I am logging my food and doing my feeling journal.

I have been working on DH's resume and things like that for most of the night since i got home from work.

Tomorrow I told myself that I will watch Biggest Loser and give myself a little break from the job hunt. DH isn't all that computer savey so I have to help him a lot.

Mindy: Those numbers on the scales look good!
Kelly: It looks like you are doing ok as well and I know you will get back to 178 soon.
Ward: I'm glad you survived Chuck E Cheese! lol. When I go there with my nieces I always need a nap when I come home.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

03-17-2009, 11:14 PM
I am just here doing my thing everyday. I feel like I am not really making much progress. I should be getting down to 192 or 191, but no such luck. It will be time to gain here pretty soon and I'm scared I will just go right back up. Something has got to give.

Ward- your workouts must be killer. Youe remind me of the Energizer bunny.

Susie- Enjoy the show. Take a break. you deserve it.

Kelly- Keep it up. you know it's working.

03-17-2009, 11:53 PM

I made it here! I came home from work and did more job searching for my hubby and then we spent almost 4 hours working on his unemployment worksheet telling them why he was discharged unfairly. I'm praying it will be allowed.

I did watch the Biggest Loser--I didn't see a lot of the 1st hour...just bit and pieces but I did watch the last hour. That poor Blue team! Cathy does look really good now..and that's even at 215!

Mindy: You just keep doing your will pay off. Do you think you could be overtaining. Jillian was talking about that.

Ward: Did you see Cathy spinning? I was thinking of you!

Kelly: How are you doing?

I'm looking forward to Zumba tomorrow. It's going to be my first workout since Friday!