Exercise! - What do you do when you're away from your gym?

12-31-2008, 03:36 PM
The free gym at my college isn't fancy, but it feels like my second home.

I have a very specific ritual: light cardio, strength training, light cardio, sauna, shower. I love the sauna--it makes my skin look and feel amazing and the heat feels so good on my muscles.

I'm home for the holidays and I'm gym-sick, I swear! I've been taking long, brisk walks, and doing some strength training (pushups, squats, situps) using heavy books as resistance, but it just isn't the same. What's more, I'm now on my period and my motivation to work out is absolutely zero. I'm literally counting the days until I get back.

What do you do when you're away from workout home base?

12-31-2008, 03:52 PM
My elliptical is currently acting up, so I've had to use alternatives. Mine are:

1. Stair HIIT. All you need is a stair! Just do step aerobics...up, down, maybe some kicks, maybe some knee lifts, for 2 min, then go as fast as you can for 30-45 seconds. Then another 2-3 minutes at regular, then fast. Half an hour will kick your butt.

2. Videos. I have a weird collection, so I just go with whatever. Today I did some TaeBo. You can usually even rent these cheap at the library.

3. "Boot Camp" style circuit training. This is fun...you do some form of cardio for 1-2 min (jogging in place, jumping jacks, knee-lifts, etc), then some form of strength training using your body weight (squats, lunges, pushups, burpees, etc). Repeat. You WILL kick your own butt doing this as well.

4. A good long run is nice, also. Push yourself! You could go to a local track or even your normal walking path and do intervals...walk 3 min, run a minute, etc. It's a great way to break into running since you have the intervals to break up the effort, and it burns a ton of calories.

Hope that helps!

12-31-2008, 10:10 PM
Well, I don't have a gym membership. Just an open road and some free weights and resistance bands. My entire workout consists of running outside in NJ (all year long) and doing 2 sets of 12 reps for various upper body strength training. I also do lunges in my family room if the mood strikes me.

01-01-2009, 03:12 AM
When I am away (I have a membershgip at the YMCA and a home gym) I am frequently in a hotel. If I am, their's usually a gym in there. Or I will walk the stairs up and down until I am tired.

If I am visiting friends I walk the neighborhood and do pushups and stretch.

It's not the same and I too get anxious about gettong back home to get a good workout on machines that I am familiar.

If you have heavy enough dumbells (for me 35lbs works well) you can work 90% of your body with just a set of dumbells.

Then there is bicycling and swimming if that available.