Weight Loss Support - Who is your #1 fan? It should be you!!

bubble gum
05-05-2002, 07:01 PM
Hey, anyone and everyone who checks out this thread. ;)

I was thinking . . . are we our own best friend or worst enemy?

I think that I am my own worst enemy. Anytime that I do something good, I typically discredit it. I tell myself, anyone could do that. Big deal. If I make a mistake, I beat myself up so much for it. I completely judge myself according to the mistake, disregarding anything that I do well.

I was wondering how common this is.

I am so sure that being one's worst enemy has a horrible impact on overeating. I definitely think that my low self-worth is a strong factor in my binge-eating.

What do you think?

I really want to challenge my view of myself. I want to be my own fan, rathern than just knocking myself down all the time.
I really think that a turn around in my self-worth will help me lose weight. It will make me less depressed and less likely to find comfort in food instead of friends and activities.

Let me know your responses.

Good luck to everyone with regard to improving self esteems, dealing with emotional issues, and, of course, losing weight!!!

learning to love myself,

bubble gum

05-05-2002, 10:01 PM
Bubble gum... everything you wrote sounds right to me. ;)

I know for myself... I didn't neccessarily totally hate myself... but I did hate myself for being so FAT.
I could not forgive myself.

"Learning" self worth is definitely a quality we all need to learn.
I don't know anyone how hated themselves into a skinny body.
They may hate the fat... but I don't think you can succeed and hate yourself.
I didn't start with "love" myself.... but I did start by being "loving" to myself. The act of love more than the feeling.
Forgiveness is one of the first steps of learning how to be loving to yourself. I had to forgive myself for being fat. I had to learn that I am not a bad person just because I was fat.
I learned that I was not a bad person trying to be good...
I was an overeatter trying to get well.

I am out of time. I could write on this topic all night if I had more time.

bubble gum
05-06-2002, 11:41 AM
2Cute2BFat: Your words were definitely insiteful. I agree with your statement that those who have become thin did not hate themselves in order to become thin. We need to love who we are, regardless of our body size.

Honestly, when I was thin, I totally hated myself. It's just that being fat makes me feel even worst about myself. I am trying to work on loving myself regardless of my weight. It is soooo hard, though.

When I was thin, if I felt bad about myself, I would just look in the mirror in order to cheer myself up. How superficial!!! Not only was it a superficical thing to do, but it was only a superficial way to help me feel better. The mirror only helped me feel better for just so many minutes. On the other hand, true self-love exists regardless of our size.

Trying to love myself,

Bubble Gum
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