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12-29-2008, 05:27 PM
So I've got my good running shoes now and I'm ready to get started trying my hand at jogging. I went this morning for the first time. I'm in Texas, and it was 25 degrees. Baaaaaaaaaaad idea. :o I ran the majority of 3/4 of a mile before my esophagus and lungs were frozen and I'm still coughing about 10 hours later. I'll do my running on the treadmill until spring, I think....

But still, I was fairly impressed I could go that far. I think I might've been able to do nearly the entire mile without a break had it not been freakin' cold outside. Whoo hoo for me!

Mrs Snark
12-29-2008, 05:45 PM
Congratulations, you rock! :)

12-30-2008, 05:10 PM
Well done! I dont blame you, Im in North Texas as well and my husband and I use our treadmill all winter, except for those great Texas winter days when its 65 degrees outside, but anything under 50 and Im indoors, I know they say around 54 is ideal running weather, not for me. I trained for my marathon in 100 degree temps with no problem but it gets cold and suddenly Im a weather wimp!! :D

Shannon in ATL
12-30-2008, 05:16 PM
Congrats MindiV!

12-30-2008, 05:49 PM
lol...I think anything OVER 50 degrees is too dang hot to run.

25 degrees is not cold enough to do damage to the esophagus and lungs. Run a little slower and you'll breathe easier. Since you probably arent that used to cold look into getting a light weight balaclava that you can wear over your mouth until you warm up.

12-31-2008, 09:27 AM
I ran on a treadmill at our little local "gym" yesterday. I also learned that I run very flat-footed, so I've got to work on that...But I ran half a mile and walked 3/4 of a mile in a little over 15 minutes. Gonna get better from there!

12-31-2008, 11:30 AM
Great job on the running! 25 degrees is not too cold for the lungs. I don't have a gym membership or a treadmill so I run outside in New Jersey 5-6 days a week. Just slow down and concentrate on your breathing. I do, however, cough for a few hours after a good, long run in VERY (below 5 degrees) cold weather. It's exercise induced asthma and is common.

Thighs Be Gone
12-31-2008, 11:33 AM
MINDIV, I am also in N Texas and run every morning at 5:30. I SO know what you mean about the burning. I have found something that helps though. First, wear a hat. Secondly, wrap a scarf (I use a fleece one that I made) and wrap it to cover your mouth and nose. Mine is really long and the texture of the fleece stays in place on me and my fleece top.

Also, on the breathing. I am BIG on breathing. I inhale through my nose and exhale through mouth.