General chatter - dieting isn't expensive if you plan

12-28-2008, 05:56 PM
There are many out there struggling with finances. And many times people have used the excuse that loosing weight is expensive. Yes it can be, if you fail to plan. But if you plan, you can succeed even with a limited budget.

For example, here's what i did today. I planned out a few menus that i would like (and DH too). I got a shopping list together and went shopping. I did have to go to a few stores to get everything, but luckily they are all within a 5 mile radius. I did spend about 5 hrs between shopping and cooking but it was well worth it to help me stay on track. My life is pretty chaotic, and i work until 8 or so every night. And DH's school sememter this time will have him doing nothing but night classes. So i planned ahead and am going to freeze a lot of what i made to make for quick, easy and healthy (low fat/calorie) meals.

Some of the tricks i used included using items that are similar in recipes (ie onions or carrots etc). I chopped everything at once, not just as needed for each recipe, that way i'm a saving time. I shopped mostly at walmart (god i hate that placed LOL), but i also got bulk meat at BJ's (like sam's or cosco). And the few items i couldn't find were found at publix.

I spent about $90 in food...but here's what i got out of it.
I just finished a huge pot of low fat ground turkey and bean chilli. It will probably feed dh and i for at least 5-6 meals
with the left over ground turkey i made 6 - 1/4 lb turkey burger for grilling when we're craving burgers.
I am currently cooking a 9x13 pan of low fat whole wheat lasagna that will probably last at least 4 meals
I made ground chickpeas with feta and roasted red bell pepper for lunch or snack.
And i'm finishing a lentil and spinach soup that is unbelievable. It usually lasts about 5 meals.
I also got some lettuce and salad fixings and i made a yummie apple salad for a dessert like item (apples with low fat sour cream and pumpkin pie spice).
So for those who think you can't make your diet work because you are strapped for can do just takes some planning...but as most of us who have been doing this for a while know..planning seems to be the only way you will succeed. Speaking from experience since i know when i don't plan...i don't succeed with the weight loss.

12-28-2008, 06:19 PM
The lentil and spinach soup sounds excellent. Recipe perhaps?

Also, the apple salad sounds really good. I love the tangy-ness of sour cream with the sweet apples.

12-28-2008, 06:25 PM
here's the soup recipe

12-28-2008, 08:20 PM
While I agree with your statement sometimes it just is really expensive.

Your menu sounds very delicious. We made turkey chili at my house today and that will probably last us through tomorrow. Then I'll probably lay out some meat out of the freezer tomorrow and cook something that will probably last thru tuesday. I try to get a day ahead on meal cooking that way its not that much work everyday though doing it a week at a time sounds like a much better idea.

12-28-2008, 09:27 PM
I estimated 38 servings from your post:
chili (6x2) 12
turkey burgers 6
lasagne (4x2) 8
chickpeas 2
Soup (5x2) 10

38 servings (plus side dishes) for $90 is $2.36 a serving.
At 42 meals a week (21x2) this would be $99.

However, these are primarily lunch/supper/dinner items and I'm sure breakfasts can be done for less. Sounds good.

(Sorry, give me some numbers and I can't help myself. :o )

12-28-2008, 09:57 PM
lol at webrover you must like math. yep darn cheep. And yes you are breakfast in the list. I already have some oatmeal i need to eat. The total cost also including some 100 calorie packs and almonds for snacks. And yep, breakfast can be done for less. Some egg whites or egg beaters don't cost much and throw a little veggies in with it and voila. cheep eats LOL. I was sort of doing the math when i was cooking and i was very impressed with myself. usually im not too frugal when it comes to food..but i was proud of myself to see that i could do healthy meals and not loose the farm (: