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12-28-2008, 05:56 PM

It is a very sunny bright day here in the heartland. Not much doing this afternoon. We went out with a couple from church this noon to a place called Montana Mikes. Good place. Ole Ragg Mopp had a grand time while we were gone ~all of his toys are scattered over the living room. Must have gotten them out and tossed them about. He will gather them all up again later. ;)

A good :welcome: to the new posters on this thread. You two will feel very welcome here I am sure. This place has been opened for quite some time. Way back there were 3 of us that started it and I am the only one left and I was gone for awhile myself ~ just a bit of history there:). We are a family for sure here always ready to welcome new ones.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Type at ya'll later.

12-28-2008, 06:51 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I'm enjoying sunshine and the weather bug says it is 38 degrees outside! Yesterday was cloudy and windy so this is a nice change! I peeked in here last night but was just too tired; I gave up reading and went to bed. We went to Sioux City to brave the crowds at the mall and to return Beth's boots that she forgot here on Christmas Day. I am looking for a new stove and refrigerator -- know what I want but can't find it locally. Sears will charge us $250 to deliver . . . don't think so! I now remember why we try not to shop at the mall on the weekends -- too many people and not enough parking spaces! There is a closer Sears store on the way to the lake so we may make a run up there today.

Susan -- That's right! I was looking for my keys! You can bet I keep them handy in my pocket when they are separate from my car keys. :yes: I need to go through my cupboards and pitch the outdated items. When I was looking at spices (on Christmas Day when no stores were open!) I found one that I had marked as 12/02. :o Thank goodness that wasn't the one I needed to use. You use mighty good planning to stay OP! Thank you for sharing your strategy!

"Gma" -- I had to laugh out loud at your "dumb and dumber" trying to get the back end open in the parking lot. At least you weren't doing it on ice, snow, wind, and below 0 weather. ;) Since the children can no longer sing Christmas carols in school I'm guessing very few will ever know the words to the old favorites. It won't take me long to put Christmas stuff away because I didn't get that much out. I love your new wheels! I have a red car (my choice) and Bob calls it the fire chief's car! :rolleyes:

Maggie -- Thank you for starting the new thread! It seems like the most popular car color around here is any shade of beige or sandstone. I never wear that color and wasn't about to drive it either. :no: Please, please, please REMIND me to start Christmas early next year! In visiting with others it seems that I'm not the only one who felt rushed and unprepared this year. I don't know what my problem was and it all worked out in the end just like Bob said it would. Just today I remembered a couple of things I was going to get for the "big" kids. Maybe next year . . . if I remember. Perhaps I will start a list of gift ideas as I think of them! You are lucky Ragg Mopp picks up his toys. :cp: Ernie is good at getting them out but they end up wherever he gets tired of playing with them.

Gloria -- It's so nice to see you again! :D I'm glad you had a nice Christmas! You will be back on your eating program with the new year. The gal I am cat sitting for gave us this huge candy assortment done up in a tower of boxes. It was "almost" too pretty to open, but I did and the candy is out of this world delicious! :T I wish I could get some one on one instruction on the computer; I seem to learn by guess and by gosh which sometimes gets me into trouble that I can't get myself out of. Bob can call his home office and they can fix his computer from there while he sits and watches. That would be nice.

LaVonda -- Welcome! :wave: I play cards with a gal named LaVonda -- had never heard the name until I met her, and now I know two! Where do you live in AZ? We have relatives scattered between the Tucson, Mesa, and the Scottsdale area. Susan gave you some very good tips on staying OP. I am embarrassed to say that I usually just wing it. My favorite form of exercise is walking outside and since we live in the land of ice and snow (Iowa) I don't do much of that during the winter months. I try to watch what I eat and do go to WW.

beledigirl -- Welcome to you too! :wave: It is always nice to have new faces join us!

The dryer is buzzing so I'm off to fold and hang clothes. I must do some serious ironing sometime this week! Have a nice evening.

Jean -- :newyear: from Iowa!

12-29-2008, 09:59 AM
Good morning to all you lovely ladies!!!! Weigh in was this morning and I am down 3 lbs for the week! :carrot:

We went to see Valkyrie yesterday and it is a good movie. I wasn't sure I wanted to go as I don't like movies that involve Hitler and such, but this was pretty good. I do think they should have used subtitles to make it more authentic, but all in all it was a good movie about a real event. Did you know there were 15 separate assassination attempts on Hitler? Unbelievable that no one ever succeeded. This Colonel Stoffmeyer and his group came the closest of them all.

LaVonda: Happy to see you here and welcome. I can only re-iterate what Susan said. I and my dh are on WW and I decide the night before what we will have for dinner the following night as it uses the most points. We can then decide what we want for breakfast, lunch and snacks for the day. It helps my husband to decide as he leaves for work at 6 AM so we don't scurry around trying to figure stuff out for him. As to the non eating issues, which I have always believed are the real crux of dieting problems, sit down, be honest and see what makes you eat other than your regular meals. In other words, are you an anger, sad, eater, do you just plain overeat at all meals, what foods do you crave, salty, sweets, soft drinks, breads? Think about why you feel you have never been successful before. Then make changes to those things. If you seem to overeat watching tv, reading or other leisure, turn the tv off, put the book down, etc. Set a time limit as to when in the evening you will stop eating and never go past that. I never eat past 7 and even go upstairs for the evening so I am not close to the food. Make sure you include things you do love, but pair down the calories. If you love ice cream, substitute the WW treats instead of full fat, believe me, you won't notice the difference. If you love cake, have a slice of angel food with some fresh fruit instead of high fat cake with frosting. If you are a potato chip or salty food eater, allow yourself that treat, but buy ff and portion it out not take the bag with you. Pick a piece of fruit for a snack instead of something higher fat. I find a bowl of some kind of high fiber cereal for breakfast and a piece of fruit helps me stay OP instead of being hungry right away. One thing is DON'T plunge in so deeply all at once. Ease yourself away from the things you crave into better choices. More diets fail because people do something radical then they become fed up with how they are eating and go back to eating poorly. Rarely can people drastically change all at once and stick with it.

Gloria: You are doing a great job losing the weight so you diabetes stays under control. I am sure now that the holidays are pretty much over it will be easy to lose the last 10# I know you had to have had a wonderful holiday with the kids and grandkids.

Jean: The new Mariner has a tiny button underneath a logo thing for the liftgate instead of the squeeze handle type we always saw on other suv's. Jack swore the gate didn't lift, but I told him to look at the fact it had an open edge all around it instead of being solid so it had to open some way! lol We gals are going to hound you next year about Christmas! lol

Maggie: I wanted either red or blue for my new car so this was perfect. The salesman wanted to sell Jack another baby blue car, which is what our grand marquis is and Jack flipped out as he never liked the light blue car much. Have you now got all your glass projects finished? I am plugging away at the sweater and am almost to my armhole decreases so I may just get it finished in time to wear it at least once this year!

Bele: It is great to see you here. These ladies are a lot of fun and you will have great support here. I sent you a private message so I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Susan: I have to pick my battles with regards to my cabinets. Jack sort of tosses stuff in and I have to remind him not to do that. My spice cabinet is a mess, but it is a tiny cabinet so keeping it organized is tough. I really don't have enough cabinet space for everything so that makes it hard too. I have a bunch of small appliances that there isn't enough room for so they sit on top of my separate pantry in the dining room.

I guess I better go. I got rambunctious and got all my daily chores and the cleaning for today done so now it is time to exercise as I have had my breakfast. Then it is back to knitting on that sweater.

Have a great start to the week!

12-29-2008, 10:53 AM
Hello everyone.

I bailed out on y'all, I know, quite a few months ago. Make that more than a few. So much has happened that I just could not post. I could not type words. I could not express myself. (I still have that problem.) I dropped away from the whole internet for awhile. The latest that has happened has thrown my whole family--my Mom has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I have been back and forth to Va. Beach. There are a lot of complications with my Mom (who is still in the hospital in ICU), with my Dad, with my brother, the family business...I can go on. Thankfully, my husband and the rest of my little family in Delaware is strong and healthy and my source of support. My mother has so many complications going on inside her body now that the doctors will not talk about chemo. I cry alot. I get angry at her body for turning on her. I pray so much that the Lord and I have continuing conversations. He is with me because if He's not then I couldn't bare all of this right now.

I am losing weight. I've done Weight Watchers for so many years I keep a running tally of points in my mind w/o even knowing I'm doing so. I've been taking long walks to the ocean front from my parents' house most days.

I know this may seem like a sad post. Believe it or not, mostly now days I get angry. Angry at the cancer that 10% is still inside my Mom. Angry at the cancer that is probably growing again.

Anyway, that is why I haven't been around...

12-29-2008, 01:17 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly, but the wind is blowing so it feels colder than the temperature says it is at 36 degrees. It is supposed to get windier, for tomorrow, with a few flurries thrown in the mix. I need to do cat chores and run a couple of errands which I will do right after lunch.

"Gma" -- Congratulations on losing another 3#s that are gone forever! :cheer: :cheer2: :cheer3: I hope I have learned my lesson about putting things off and putting things where I can find them in a hurry! I know (think?) that I bought gift tags and when it came time to wrap could not find them. I know that I looked at them when the Christmas giftwrap was first put out in the stores. I still have not found them and now have bought more for next year. *sigh* Did you figure out where you were on your sweater pattern? I am :o to admit this but I have an afghan that I started knitting in 1969/70. It is a fan pattern and I put it away when we started moving from place to place. Jason came along, another move, Beth came along, another move, and you guessed it . . . it is still not finished. I'm not sure I can figure out just where I should start on it again. It was a kit and another teacher showed me how to do the pattern row since I couldn't "read" the pattern itself. That can be another project to look forward to when I retire. :D It's various shades of green and I can't say that I even like it now, but it will be a challenge for sure.

Gail -- I'm so sorry to read about your mother. :( It's not easy for you, I know. I have been there and done that twice with my parents. Cancer is an awful disease and it has touched just about someone in any given family. Remember that you need to take care of yourself; I think walking along the ocean sounds like good therapy. :hug:

I hope the week is off to a good start for all the rest of you. Have a great day! I will be back later!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-29-2008, 01:49 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Glad to get to know new people.

Haven't been doing anything much, just enjoying my time off from work. And quilting, of course.

Gail, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. I'll add her to our prayer chain. We're all good listeners here.

Faye, glad to hear you are keeping up your chair dancing! Enjoy your knitting time. Congratulations on the loss. You're doing great!

Maggie, Lavonda, Bele - hi!

12-29-2008, 04:50 PM

What can I say. Here it is weigh day and I know, yep, it isn't going to be pretty at the scale. I do need to get a grip a firm grip. Am I just wanting to get a good strong start for the New Year to start? I didn't plan for it to be this way but it seems that is what is happening. We are having a small group in after Wed. evening Bible study to eat and possibly welcome in the New Year. I am partied out. We got a few bottles of that non alcoholic bubbly grape juice and it will be a sort of potluck of yummies folks will bring ~ ya'all come. We will play some games a yack a lot. And Ragg Mopp will be pestering everyone. But he does it so cute. Tomorrow they deliver our new freezer. It is an Upright Whirlpool and big enough to fit our moose when I shoot one. ;) Which will be awhile for I need to reach goal before that happening. I do have plans and it would surely make sense for me to get a grip and pay attention to my program. Am I sniveling? Sounds like it to me. OH, counselor counsel yourself. Yikes, now I am getting philosophical. Can't spell either for let me point out that when I started this thread I mispelled Magnolias ~ yep I left out a letter. :o I will post after I weigh in this night. Did I say that I don't like weighing at 7 pm? But when one lives in the heartland here there aren't any choices. One leader and one time. And the leader has fried hair. OH stop with it now.

JEAN Did Beth use the old trick to leave the gift because she didn't want it? I never did get into that game and I am not saying that she did either. However, Once I had a white elephant gift exchange for a bunch of ladies in my home. When I vacuumed the sofa I found stashed way down in the cushions a gift. I knew who had gotten it but not wanting to be mean and take it to her I just announced to the group that was there once again on a later date that I found someone’s gift and they could claim it afterwards. No one claimed it. I was so glad then that I hadn't fronted her off by returning it to her. If I hadn't wanted it, I would have taken it home and disposed of it and not shoved it down in the hostesses couch. Some folks do some strange stuff I have found through the years. Different strokes for different folks.

LA VONDA & BELE Let us hear from you and how you are doing. We are family. I could write a song. We ~ are ~ fam ~A~leeeee. Maybe someone already did. I'll just sing it then. I know, I'm nuts.

DONNA I was wondering what Volkyrie was like since the "critics" all said it was a flop. I usually do like what they don't. All those attempts to end his life and he ended up committing suicide. He was very difficult to get to and duped so many folks and killed so many innocents. Makes me shudder. You posted some good advice and I copied it and pasted it and am saving it. Like I said I need to really get a grip and that review is great that you gave us. I did get my projects done that I had ordered for Christmas and have a building cut out for me. It is white with a blue roof and bigger than the ones that are currently in my little Christmas 3 house village. I am thinking of making the whole 15 building village once again for me. And this next year I have an order to build 9 houses for a lady that wants to set up 3 building villages like the one I now have for each of her 3 daughters. That will keep me busy for awhile. Plus there is a woman that wants me to teach her how to work with glass. She makes plans for regular folk’s houses to live in and wants to make a glass one out of one of her designs. I told her that after the holidays I would let her come here and use my equipment and build a small house so she could learn the process before buying all the tools and stuff for herself. She might not like cutting glass after all and I hate for her to put out the money for equipment she may never use. It has taken me a few years to build up my studio. I will just have her buy a glass cutter of her choice to begin with.:o

GAIL :hug: Girlfriend my prayers are with you and yours. I miss you around here. Please feel free to poke in and let us know how you are doing and we are here for the good times and the not so pleasant times like you are going through. I have been hearing about the car companies and wondering how Wayne is fairing in all of this. I do hope it is working out well for ya'all. Hug those grandbabies ~ they are getting taller by the minute I imagine. They do grow so fast don't they. Turn a round and they are young ladies.

SUSAN I hadn't imagined you would be doing anything else but your quilting on your days off. :D I think it is so neat that you found that piece that ran away and hid from you for so long. Funny how things do that. Hide someplace like that. If I lived closer to you I would purchase those large containers you have. I am now having to get some larger things now that we are in a house and do more entertaining. I think of all those things I used to have and am thankful they are being used by friends in far away places.;)

GLORIA I sing your name every time I type it. You are being so good to yourself losing your weight and keeping that condition in check. How is your weather there? Keeping you indoors when the wind blows. It sure blows here. If I wore a wig it would be in the next county by the time I had walked a block. I zip my coat up all the way and it zips up clear to my nose. Once my forehead got so cold I got an instant headache but went away the minute I warmed up. I don't do well with the wind chill. Stay safe.

Everyone have a great Monday, and smile, makes the neighbors wonder what you are up to. Type at ya'all later. :wave:

12-29-2008, 06:32 PM
Susan -- It's nice to see you today! I figured you would enjoy your time away from the office and would be quilting to your heart's content. ;)

Maggie -- The boots that Beth left behind (a chair in the livingroom no less) are fashion type boots that she wears to work. Even though they don't see the general public they have to dress up. :yes: I guess the boss thinks it makes them talk nicer to the deadbeats. :lol: She changed clothes to go out in the snow and play with the kids for awhile.

I'm waiting for Bob to get home and eat leftovers for supper. That is the best part of having the BIG Christmas meal here. See you later . . . .

12-29-2008, 07:11 PM
OH Jean

DUH, I thought you were returning the boots to the store ~ THANKS for the clarification. :o

12-29-2008, 10:56 PM
The scale showed me down, yes down eight tenths of a pound. I am happy, happy about it. Onward now to lose more this coming week.:dancer:

12-30-2008, 06:13 AM
Good morning ladies! It is cool here this morning, but not horrible. So nice and quiet too. Living where we do, it seems it is either Fedex airplanes flying low to land or police, ambulance or fire trucks as we are dead center between two of them, each about 3 miles away.

We are having chicken casserole for supper tonight. It is easy, just chicken, ff cream of chicken soup, rice and water, with a bit of cheese on top. Gonna be later than we usually eat though because Jack has to go by the LeHigh boot company and order his work shoes today. His voucher is only good through tomorrow. He may want to do his treadmill today too as he came home grabbed a bit to eat yesterday and went straight back to work.

Gail: As stupid as it sounds to someone going through trials, God really does give us only what we can handle. He may allow us to be right at the edge though. You keep your chin up. Concentrate on loving your mom, all the good times and let the doctors and God take care of her illness. Go ahead and have the pity party once in awhile to cry out all the anger and sorrow, but don't dwell on it. I know it is easy for me to say, but I have been through a bunch of medical trauma with either Jack or I the last few years and I know what it can do to you to sit and stew about it. Help make your mom comfortable by knitting her something wonderful. Make her a bed jacket or a throw to keep her warm. Put every bit of love you have into it and if God calls her home, you know you helped make the time a good one for her. My prayers are with you and your family, but come here and talk with us. We are all good listeners!

Jean: I did better than figure out where I am! I am almost finished with one front side and will start on the other today then I will have the front done and and work on the sleeves. I would like to do what they call the feather and fan pattern someday, now that I am more experienced at lace patterns. I still want to conquer making SOCKS, which have been my nemisis since I started knitting.

Susan: How is the ole thumb coming along? We were at lunch on Saturday at Ruby Tuesdays with Kelly and family and all of a sudden my left index finger seized up straight as a board and I couldn't move it. I was begging Jack to massage it to get it to relax but he didn't know what was wrong. I was half laughing and half in pain and my sil was sitting directly across and asked me if I had a charley horse in my finger! lol I told him he was lucky it wasn't the middle one that was sticking up frozen or he would think I was being insulting to him. We finally got it relaxed and I told them all I figured it was from knitting so much. Hope you are having fun quilting your heart out.

Maggie: The holidays are over pretty much so you just dig deep and do this thing. You can do it. Even not having great weeks and such you have kept with WW and haven't given up so you will be fine. I guess since I am not going to Las Vegas next year I need to make a new ticker for this coming year.

Well, everyone, I am going to put dishes away out of the dishwasher and maybe sit and knit until Jack gets up. We have the man coming to install the lojack on the car today and since the grand marquis is still out of commission, I will have to take Jack to work.

Have a good Tuesday!

12-30-2008, 05:46 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sky is dark and the wind is blowing like crazy. With the wind chill it "feels" like it is 6 degrees outside according to the weatherbug. We have a 20% chance of snow and we usually don't get any unless it is over 30% so I hope we don't. I did my cat chores this morning and ran some errands while the sun was shining. I couldn't get warm so sat down with a blanket after Bob was home for lunch. Two hours later and here I am!

"Gma" -- Being the talented knitter that you are, I'm sure you can figure out the socks! ;) The feather and fan pattern sounds pretty. The teacher who had her gall bladder out, made herself some wrist warmers to wear with her winter coat while she was home. Years ago winter jackets and coats used to have them sewn right in the sleeve and they kept the cold air from going up the sleeve. I suppose they quit making them to cut costs. :(
If I have to stir anything thick by hand, I will get a cramp in my fingers. I try to do it when Bob is home to help me just in case that happens. My fingers hurt if I don't quit and massage them for a bit.

Maggie -- Congrats on the loss! Any loss is a GREAT loss during the holidays! :cheer:

I have some dishes I need to wash so had better get busy. I don't want Bob to think I didn't get anything done this afternoon! LOL Have a nice "rest of the day" and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

I just looked out the window and it is snowing! :p

Jean -- :brr: in Iowa!

12-30-2008, 06:23 PM
Good afternoon ladies!

My friend and I went to the quilt shop today and had our usual talipia and cole slaw at the Crab Shack afterwards. For once I didn't buy anything - fabric has to speak to me and they were all mute for a change...not that I need any more.

Maggie, .8 down is great - a bit more than 3 sticks of butter! Tomorrow it's my turn to face the monster. I don't think I've lost but I also don't think I've gained so I'll be okay with maintaining. You'll have that sweater finished in no time.

Have a good evening!

Jean, how are you spending your vacation from the brats?

Faye, sounds like sympathy pains to me! Thumb still hurts. I can't believe how long it is taking to get better. Today is 2 weeks and it's still swollen.

12-31-2008, 06:34 AM
Good morning to you all. It seems cool outdoors, but the furnace didn't kick on much so it must not have gotten too cold. It got up to the 60's yesterday and became quite nice. I even drove around with my sunroof open, which was nice.

Jean: So much for you predicting no snow, huh? I never believe the weather guys anymore and they seem to have bigger and better weather trackers than the old days and still can't get it right. I worked yesterday on my sweater and discovered after merrily doing about 12 rows that I had forgotten a decrease for each row so I had to tear the whole thing back and start over. Ahh well, it certainly isn't the first time. I usually have to fix something in everything I do.

Susan: My left hand takes more abuse than my right since I am left handed. It is difficult for me to use my right hand for anything. I am getting better, but for the most part, my left hand does all the work. You should have seen me when I first used a computer. I thought I would never get the hang of the mouse being on the right.

We did our once a month eating out early last night so we are done now until February. I was hungry all day yesterday no matter what I did to try and curb it correctly (ie high fiber stuff) so instead of just pigging out, we went out to dinner. I ate about half of it, but I did end up with dessert so I dug into my extra points, which I hate to do.

Everyone have a great day!

12-31-2008, 12:29 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining but it is cold outside. I have been on the phone trying to cancel a #*&^% credit card. I HATE the automated system everyone seems to have. I got a notice in the mail that since there had been no activity on the card they were lowering my limit to $300. It's a card where you can earn points towards buying a new car; every time I've had any points we've lost them because we didn't buy a car. I ended up sending them an email to close the account. My house is a mess because I've got piles every where from Christmas yet. We're still getting Christmas cards so guess I'm not the only one who was behind this year. :dizzy:

Susan -- I don't know why but "Crab Shack" strikes my funny bone. :lol: It sounds good to me! Good luck at WW today; I'm sure you will be fine! I am sorting and pitching as I go around the house. Every room has stuff that I need to go through; I'm very good at opening a drawer or cupboard and shoving things in when I'm picking up in a hurry. :( Bob put a pile of catalogs and magazines out in the garage -- the catalogs are being pitched and the magazines are either going to MIL or the hospital on Saturday. :cp:

"Gma" -- The snow flurries didn't amount to anything yesterday but they sure came down heavy for a half hour or so. You have a lot of patience to find your mistakes and then fix them. :yes: I can remember more than one sewing project that I would start and have to take apart -- I'd give them to my mom and she would create the miracle finished item for me. She's been gone almost 15 years and I still want to cut out newspaper articles, ask her advice, etc. I miss her.

I need to get busy on my piles! Have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-31-2008, 02:04 PM

It is chilly outside and the breeze sure has a nip to it. I am just back from getting my hair cut and boy did it need it. My gal ~ Tatum ~ has magic fingers because I always come out of that place looking so much better than when I went in. I am building her a glass house as a gerprize. ;) Will dropped me off here at home afterwards because I didn't want to sit in that Wal-Mart parking lot in this cold weather. He is getting some of the things we will need for the party tonight. OH our new freezer was delivered yesterday and those guys were so neat ~ they had plugged it in and got it cold so we could transfer our things into it right after deivery. It has two doors ~ the main one on top and the smaller one at the bottom holds big bins, one for ice for it has an ice maker built in. We won't hook it up because we have one in the fridge that works great. There is lots of space to put my moose in that bottom bin. :o I am going to make a huge order for Schwans this next delivery to fill up my new freezer. They have started a new thing that some of "my favorites" can only be bought when I order on line. They can't carry everything on the truck. I always make my order on line now and so I was pleased that I can get some things that they don't carry on he truck. If we aren't going to be home ever than our man will put the stuff in the freezer. They are bonded of course, and we have never had any trouble with drivers that we have given a key to. One of the things about Schwans I love is that you can obtain the all the nutritional information on everything they sell. I can look it up on my computer. Plus the fact they have everything packaged so nicely. No, I'm not on their payroll. ;) I am looking for a kitty for Ragg Mopp. The ones at his groomers ddn't want to play with him yesterday and just wanted to sleep. He loves kittys. He learned to like them when he was a little baby himself. I can just picture him and his kitty curled up together taking a nap. I want a manx though ~ gotta find a manx.

SUSAN I do so hope your thumb gets well soon. That can be such a drag for someone like you that uses it for your quilting. How did you do at WW afterall? I imagine you did show a loss afterall. You are such a trouper.

JEAN We paid off and got rid of all of our credit cards a few years back and just use a debit card. Got tired like you did with their shenanigans (is that a word)? Anyway it is wonderful to be debt free (except for a car payment) especially during these times of our dear country being in a depression. It felt so good to cut up those cards. We are still getting Christmas cards in the mail. I am not so sure but I think the ole' post office is slow this year.

DONNA Our furnace is on. My temperature on my clock says it is 69 in here. We like to keep the house on the cool side. I agree with you there, those weather folks don't have all the correct 411. I always thought that was the nature of knitting. Knit then take out some stitches then knit some more.:dizzy: Been there and done that. When I reach goal I am going to knit myself another fishermans cable sweater in a natural cream type color. Well I could start it now and then have it finished when I reach goal. Donna, those extra points come in handy for those days when you are hungry so don't feel bad about using them because they are there for such moments.

It is coming onto noontime and I haven't eaten anything yet this day and don't feel hungry. I will go now and cut up a naval orange and have it. We will have so many munchies here tonight it is probably good that this isn't a "hungry" day for me. I'll have a good lunch so I don't get too hungry this evening and graze on everything.:?: I do so want to go moose hunting in the north county, paddling a canoe on one of those rivers. Got to keep my FOCUS

ALL OTHER MAGNOLIAS A howdy to you and I do hope this day is going well with you. GAIL Do know that our prayers are with you.

:newyear: Let's all make it a good year for our program.
Type at ya'll later. :wave:

12-31-2008, 04:58 PM
A quick note to is a good day today. My dad phoned me twice today to share the news that mom is down to taking dialysis for three hours a day instead of being on it 24/7. She was actually able to squeeze his hand in acknowledgement of him which lifted his spirits. And she's breathing easier today. In fact, the doctor said if she continues the progress she's made today she will be out of ICU in two to three days. Thank you all for your prayers.

12-31-2008, 04:58 PM
I forgot to tell all you gals:


12-31-2008, 07:53 PM
Good evening, ladies! Cold and so, so windy today! Temperature has fallen more than 20 degrees since noon.

Had my WI today - down .8 so I was happy about that. Strawberries were on sale for $2 and Asparagus was $1.99 so I stopped to pick some up. I stand the asparagus up in a jar with water and it keeps all week. Put the strawberries in a green bag and they'll last 2 weeks.

Faye, shame on Jack for not telling you there are mice for lefthanded people! I was in Boston and came across a shop in Fanquil Hall that sold all this stuff for lefties - mugs, shirts, sissors, etc. I was fascinated that someone could sell enough of that stuff to make a living.

Jean, if you thought the Crab Shack was a funny name for a restaurant, today Glory and I had lupper (late lunch combined with early supper) at the Happy Belly. We both had liver and onions and it was so good. They have a very eccletic menu - Greek, Italian, and good old American. The Crab Shack in on the pier at the James River near the convergence with the Chesapeake Bay. The seafood is fresh from the boats so varies from day to day.

Maggie, I love the Manx...I had one when I was much younger. I know you'll all have a great time at your party tonight.

Gail, I'm so glad your Mom is doing better. I pray she continues to improve.

:wave: waving good-bye to 2008
:celebrate: Happy 2009 - may this be a good year for all of us!

01-01-2009, 08:19 AM
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