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12-28-2008, 11:27 AM
So I'm so pleased and proud that I've lost almost 45 lbs! I'm about 15 lbs from my goal weight now and I feel like the end is in sight! 15 lbs doesn't feel like a whole lot now--it seems reachable. I remember thinking back to the beginning when I had 60 lbs to lose and just thinking that it would be impossible. Any way...

I look in the mirror sometimes though and I wonder how I'll possiblly look at goal weight though...I mean it seems like *to me* there's more fat there than 15 lbs can fix(or come close to fixing). My legs, arms and everything have slimmed down nicely--but I still seem to have that fat collection right on my stomach, which has always been an issue for me-- even as a pre-teenager(now 24). I've never actually weighed my "goal weight" as an adult--so I have no idea how I'll look! I look ill-proportionate though...little limbs with a gut! I know that everyone's body is different and responds to weight loss uniquely but will 15 lbs *really* make that big of a difference around my mid-section? Anyone have any advice or thoughts for me?

12-28-2008, 11:33 AM
Hmm, what type of fitness are you doing? Pilates seems to be a good way to tone the core. BUT some people just seem to have a pot no matter what.
congrats on the loss, that is really awesome. You are already almost to your "normal" weight range, so toning is probably more important than actually lbs now.
good luck

12-28-2008, 11:51 AM
I wonder the same thing also. I'm almost halfway to goal but have only gone from a size 16 to a 14. I was wearing size 8 the last time I weighed 145 lbs., so I don't see how I'm going to get there. I guess I lost some lean muscle mass and will need to start doing more strength training because I am flabbier than I used to be.

12-28-2008, 11:59 AM
In my experience, if you gained first on your belly, it will be the last to go. You may never have a flat belly like in the ads. But that is OK. Toning and ab workouts can help that.

The good news is, you have probably lost most of your weight elsewhere, so it has to come off your belly now. I think you'll be surprised.