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12-26-2008, 03:51 PM
My boyfriend, obeying my literal hints/instructions contained within my Santa list, gave me 5 pairs of "Medium" La Senza knickers as part of my Christmas present. I thought that this would be the safest size, if you get me, even though when I've bought stuff from there previously, its been a "Small", and still fits me now. However, I assumed it had stretched, and I'd gotten fatter, so I wrote "Medium" on the list. He's rubbish at assessing sizes for himself so needed me to put that down.

The underwear is perfectly nice (a couple of the pairs are particularly pretty) but when I lifted them out of the box, I giggled a lot.

Why? Asked my boyfriend. I say truthfully that I like them, but arn't they HUUUGE! They looked MASSIVE! I said "wow, these can't be medium!". I checked the label. They were medium. But so huge looking!

I decided I'd try them on anyway, genuinely not expecting them to fit.

But they did! HAHAH what an idiot I am. Not tight, a little loose, but certainly not "definitely too big". Arrghhhh

Obviously I'm in serious denial. I had a little breakdown.

Someone really really needs to be less ... big.

So I have returneth. No idea of a goal weight right now, but I DON'T want the massive pants to fit me next year.

I can't believe I typed that out. But public humiliation never hurts if done in moderation. It's motivated me somewhat.

I tried to LIKE my body and not diet or want to lose weight but it wasn't working and now its no way working.

At least I have 5 pairs of pretty knickers for the time being though! (Trying to have good attitude).

12-26-2008, 04:11 PM
I assume that knickers in your country are what we call underpants or panties. Knickers are usually worn by golfers and are a bit more than knee length.
Whatever you call them , they may shirink in the washer and dryer.

12-26-2008, 04:14 PM
Lol sorry I forgot this is predominantly American site! Yes, in UK "knickers" are the bottom half of the "bra-and-panties" combination.

12-26-2008, 04:18 PM
Public humiliation? Come now. This is 3FC for goodness sakes. ;) We tell each other everything around here.

T'was a cute story. You made me giggle. I bet those are pretty "tiny" mediums, btw. I know you've struggled in the past. I'm glad you've returned - and I gotta tell you - I like your attitude. A little sense of humor can take you very, very far.

Knickers. I LOVE that word. I'm glad you've got some pretty ones to tide you over, for now. Try on go easy on yourself though, will ya? Remember, we're all works in progress. :hug:

12-26-2008, 04:21 PM
Well, to be frank, it was either this or an ED site with less than healthy outlook!

3FC is definitely better. Some great folk on here, just having a "reminder" look round.

I do feel a little silly sometimes given my numbers, but its..my head, I guess. Stupid head. Would be lost without it though, I suppose.

12-26-2008, 04:50 PM
I love the word knickers myself! So much more fun than panties.

Hey, don't worry too much - you know that sized differ from one manufacturer to another; and sometimes I would swear that sizing fluctuates within the same brand.

Don't get your knickers in a twist over the size of your knickers! (LOL - how's that for a sentence :D )

12-26-2008, 04:56 PM
Public humiliation? Come now. This is 3FC for goodness sakes. We tell each other everything around here.Heh. Ain't that the truth! We discuss the details of our Brazilian waxes here .. what's a little undies confession between friends. :)

I think you've come to the right place for support. And next Christmas you can ask your boyfriend for the "small" ones. :)


rocket pop
12-26-2008, 05:09 PM
I just thought I'd add- in my experience, one has to buy knickers at least two sizes too big to avoid the curse of VPL, or the dreaded 'hungry bum'. Try not to sweat it too much about what the label says.

12-26-2008, 05:17 PM
I always leave my unmentionables shopping to myself. My other half cannot be trusted to pick the right sizes...that is if he'd even agree to go into a LaSenza in the first place!!! lol

He got me some cute http panties on our 2nd xmas together (two years ago) and they fit, now they're really loose (I only wear them on special occasions, so have gotten little use of them)

loose is good though!

12-26-2008, 09:07 PM
My Dh is just not into pretty underpants, or other lingerie. I buy something sexy and pretty, and he couldn't care less. I have a drawer full of lacy stuff, and I only wear it for me, to make myself feel sexy. And the size on the tag means nothing. Depending on the lingerie company, I am a large, and xtra-large, or 2x.
Just in case you are wondering, the thing I have that really turns him on? I wear and old flannel shirt. :D

I bet you look very hot in these "huge" knickers, and he thinks you are beautiful.

12-26-2008, 09:40 PM
My DH has to have everything spelled out for him...he will buy things for me that are three sizes to small...I guess in his eyes I'm smaller than I am :sssh:
We won't tell him the truth though, I just take them back, and get the same in a nornal size.;)

12-26-2008, 10:26 PM
Oh Emily! :hug: So good to hear from you!

Now don't get your knickers in a twist, it will only stretch them out! :lol: Really, there are just so many more important things on Earth than the size of knickers... Why, they will be only a memory in a year or so... Perhaps use them as motivation, as I think someone else said.

And it's true... the only one subject to public humiliation is EZMONEY because he deserves it... :p ;)


12-26-2008, 10:31 PM
I can relate, sort of! My friend once bought me a pair of underwear (knickers) and I was initially soooo offended.. they were HUGE. HUUUUUGE. I normally wore a size Medium and there were XL and just looked... enormous. Turns out they fit PERFECTLY. So all my offense and annoyance turned into self-pity.

I still surprise myself. I'll start feeling better about how I look and then hold up a pair of undies--I shock myself with how big they are!

I'm amazed your boyfriend buys you underwear! My boyfriend can see me in them but he can't TOUCH them.... because then he'd know how big they are! Can't have that!

12-26-2008, 11:15 PM
I just thought I'd add- in my experience, one has to buy knickers at least two sizes too big to avoid the curse of VPL, or the dreaded 'hungry bum'. Try not to sweat it too much about what the label says.

Oh geez, the only thing too big knickers gets me is a wedgie. Too small causes terrible lines. They have to be JUUUUUUUST right :)

12-26-2008, 11:25 PM
Ha ha, that's so funny...because I KNOW that feeling so well...I think to myself...OMG, these better NOT fit! They usually do...UGH, I gotta BIG rear.

Since I've been exercising and losing weight, my husband has made 4...count them...4 trips to Victoria's Secret in two months. I'm really not going to stop him. Hey...I want him to be happy!

12-27-2008, 06:07 AM
I LOVE you ladies. You're all so funny and nice!

There are more important things in life than knickers, for sure. Like my end of year exam results coming out on the 14th of January. THAT is scary. No knicker in the world is as scary as that.

12-27-2008, 07:33 AM
Please don't worry your pretty lil head about the size of your undies (knickers). If the tag size bothers you, simply cut the tag size out of the knickers, problemo solved! Besides, all makes and manufacturers are different, hence the small and medium. I deal with this by going commando, no sizes to deal with!

However, I can so relate I bought a camoflauge bikini last summer and the top part is a size M & the bottoms are a size XL & I showed my husband and my friends it and they all laughed and said OMG your @ss is NOT that large, those bottoms are HUGE and they will literally fall off of you! I said, I know I realize that my vision of myself is still somewhat distorted, and I bought the WRONG size, but the SAD reality is the XL swimsuit bottoms fit me perfectly! Talk about embarassing.... So yeah I have a big ticket @ss swimsuit, so be it! I rock it pretty well too & I weigh a bit more than you and am only 1.5 inches taller, so I think you probably look pretty darn GREAT yourself! Best of luck on your exams and the knickers too, don't be too hard on yourself, I'm sure you look great in your knickers despite what a darn tag says!

Jaye, too funny on the EZMONEY line...

12-27-2008, 09:49 AM
I said "wow, these can't be medium!". I checked the label. They were medium. But so huge looking!

You should try XXXL now THAT'S huge! LOL! It is because I REFUSE to wear XXXXL (do they even make XXXXL?) that I started my weight loss journey! LOL!