40-Somethings - Emotional eating during the hoidays.......

12-25-2008, 07:51 PM
:( Is anyone else having a hard time with picking at goodies when you feel down? My husband and I are splitting up, and I've been so strong..............until Christmas Eve came along. I hope I can get it together now that Christmas is over because I want to keep going toward success - but eating to feel better is a hard habit to break.

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12-25-2008, 09:42 PM

I know how you're feeling. My husband and I are separated, but spending the holidays with my in-laws and it's an odd and awkward situation. Weird. Emotional. Kinda ... surreal.

But remember that this is temporary and don't let it "convince" you that it's ok to eat stuff you shouldn't. I know that today I've eaten things that are not on plan for me, but I haven't overindulged. Yes, I had stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy with dinner ... but I had small servings of each and then QUIT.

Don't pick. Don't keep going back for more. Find a good book, a good movie, something .. and walk away from the food. It won't help your emotions. It won't fix your marriage. It won't make you feel better. It's just food and it's something you CAN walk away from.

Hang in there ... the holidays will be over soon. I'll be thinking of you!!!


12-28-2008, 01:38 AM
You have no idea how much your advice helped me! I feel so lucky to have found a place where others are going through what I am. It's a blessing - I feel for you too it's a tough situation with in-laws/family, etc., but I took your advice - and soooooo happy to be back on plan! Thanks so very much I know I will get there with friends like you all in my corner!:)

12-28-2008, 09:10 AM
HI LynnMarie,

It was just before Christmas, a few years ago, that I told my husband that I wanted to end our relationship. (He was an alcoholic and I was at the end of my rope)

Anway..we had to continue living "separated" for almost a year while waiting for the house to sell before either could move on. That was a year from ****, and the most stressful...and of course I gained weight!!

Believe me...all will end...and life will go on. Hang strong and like what was said before....walk away, take a walk around the block, do some laundry, talk to a friend on the phone.

take care,

12-28-2008, 11:52 AM
Hi Lynnemarie,

Good advice above.

I wish I could say that I survived the Holiday and stuck to plan. I didn't and I'm paying for it.

I *am* here though. I am moving forward again. I know for me, the more time I spend here learning, inspiring and being inspired, the safer I am. Hopefully it will work for you, too!

Best wishes for each upcoming day.