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05-03-2002, 01:44 PM
Hey all you wannabe losers! We are a group that started out thinking about going to the beach and on various vacations. Those dreams took us to thoughts of just getting happy with our bodies and accepting the fact that weight is soooo easy to put on....but so hard to get back off unless you get motivated. We want to motivate each other, and new posters, to lose the weight and stay motivated to maintain that new weight loss. Everyone who reads this is invited to join in on our goals to be happier, healthier people.

Boating mommy

05-03-2002, 02:10 PM
Okay, now the housekeeping duties are done. I thought seven pages was getting a little long.

I am ready to be on my way to the lake for a glorious weekend of camping! The sun is shining and my bags are pack...where is that five o'clock whistle?!

I weighed myself today. Still at 167. Didn't go up or down. I hope to get some walking done at the park at the lake. there are lots of paths to walk on.

Wisconsin, we go to Carlyle Lake. It boasts that it is the largest lake IN Illinois. I say in because we don't count the Great Lakes.
Gennel, hope you are getting better. Those colds and such are the pits!
TryN...I wish I had paid more attention to your stats. How impressive! Now you are on the maintenence track. Be good to yourself!

Well, I have got to get back to work. Home office day and I am swamped!

05-05-2002, 11:39 PM
It is Sunday night here in California-- had a pretty good week-end. Yesterday we went to my step-D softball party--only one more make-up game before play-offs-- then All-Stars. Today my son and I and my ex-wife went to his last track meet of the year-- maybe his last one for college ever--he has one more eligible year left but he thinks this will be it. He has a great opportunity to come back (he took this year off for his own training) to the local high school and be assistant coach for track, cross-country and/or basketball-- our 2 high schools have 4,000 kids each so they are not small-- he wants to be a history teacher/coach so this helps him get his foot in the door! to teach where he wants to-- the athletic director has told him that his vacant spot is still his to have/ with pay.
How did the Lake trip go Boating? Hope all had a good time and no sunburns for the little one!
Well I am outta here for the night-- see ya Wisconsin, Gennel, Try'n and all the rest-- Gary

05-06-2002, 12:24 AM
I'm s till here hanging in there! Well I have two brothers and two sisters( 5 of us kids! ) I think I must have started something in my family cause there are 4 out of 5 of us losing weight! lol
Well that makes me happy. Now everyone wants me to cook them their "low fat meals for them!" when they look at my food its always" Are you sure this is low calories and fat?" lol I made something a little different and its tastes YUMMMMYYYY!!
1 whole skinless chicken breast, I chopped some cilantro,1 tbsp BBQ sauce (Sofrito Goya ) which is garlic,onion,peppers well blended) I made chickenkabobs( 280 cal 6 fatgrams) (shishkabobs?) With Onions . 1Cup of cooked instant Brown Rice (150 Cal) 1 Cup Broccoli and sprinkled some cheddar fatfree Molly Mcbutter on it. Well everything including the BBQ sauce is roughly 500 calories and 7 fatgrams. This is a deffinate once a week dinner that I will start making! The grilled flavor from the BBQ grill outside is the best! lol . Anyway just wanted to share :) Lost another pound this week.So that bikini is closer !

Have a great week everyone,


05-06-2002, 09:46 AM
Hello! Well here is it....Monday again. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

The lake was beautiful. We got a camping site right on one of the points on the lake. We could look straight out across the lake and watch all the sailboats and such. Absolutely gorgeous weather, to boot! We played outside and rode our bikes. My husband was going nuts that his boat isn't water ready yet! There were so many people on the lake already, but I bet it was just a tad cold out there. The new camper is great too. It was wonderful to be able to tell Brooke to "go potty" instead to dragging her to the campground bathrooms. Weather permitting we'll be out there next weekend too. I didn't excercise the way I had hoped to, but I didn't eat too bad either. Gennel, I am so addicted to my vegetable steamer. I have been eating yellow squash and zuchini steamed and then squirt some butter flavor and a little seasoning salt! Yum! Your recipe sounded great, too. I agree that the grill just does something to foods and makes them extra scrumptious. I love brown rice, but never think to fix it. Need to do that for variety.

Gary, how many hours do you have in a day? You seem to catch a few extra.... or you are just superman and fly to all of your events? That's great that your son has a job offer. And with teaching it's nice to get a foot in the door.

Well, I have got to get ready for work. It's raining goats and pigs, which is a little more than cats and dogs. Talk to you later! Be good to yourselves.

Boating (and camping) mommy

05-07-2002, 01:26 PM
Well, I've been avoiding the topic of my weighin on Saturday,,,,,but truth be known, I only lost a measly 3 ounces. Not a very good weighin to say the least. And actually, it would have been better not to go, as it put me on a bit of a backwards slide. I am now trying to do the damage control and get back on track. Sorry....I just seem to be 'neither here nor there' lately. UGH!!! Congratulations for all of this weeks losers.....there might be hope for me yet.

Boating....sounds like you had a great time. I envy you....making the time to get away like that. Sure sounds great!!

Gennel......I love doing shish kabobs......thanks for the great reminder, I should do them more often!! Keep up the great weight loss.

EZmoney.......you sure do log on the miles!! Its so nice that you do as much as you do for your kids!! You're such a nice guy/Dad.

Wisconsin Woman
05-07-2002, 11:38 PM
Hi All. First to to business...MD challenge lost 3 1/2 pounds this week Yeah!:D
I've been extra busy lately at work, so haven't had a lot of time to post. Sounds like you had a great weekend, Boating. Summer seems to be such a tease, at least here in Wisconsin. Last weekend was so beautiful, now it's chilly, breezy and wet out. Bur-r-r-r-r-r. Gary Sounds like you're as busy as always with the family. I truly feel that family is one of God's greatest gifts to us. I'm sort of a tweener right now. The kids are grown enough to have their own thing (alas no more sports! I miss those days) and they don't have children yet (not quite old enough for that, still some college to go) so no grandchildren. I spent some time in the NICU at the hospital rocking a preemie (they were really busy and needed an extra hand) and it was so sweet and wonderful to hold a tiny baby again. Angel - 3 oz is 3 oz off and none on! It's all in the right direction.
Well gotta go and get ready for work. Take care all.

05-08-2002, 02:14 PM
Just got a few minutes before I head 0ff to another job-- Things going well here-- although I have not been in my gym for a week now (OUCH!) I have been eating good though- except for McDonalds last night-- it was my turn to cook and I got home late from work--my wife was out on a 3 mile run so she didn't know I was late--my POOOOR son was starving and since he is JUST 21 it would be too much to think he would figure it out--HA--Deans list every semester too--go figure. Anyway we had a meeting at church so we just stopped by there since it was closest to our home-- I like it but it is almost impossible for me to get my wife to eat fast food. Well at least I am better off!
GEN-I am going to try that recipe-any chance of you including me in your family and cooking for me too!BOATING-Yea for potty training--But if you think that is freedom wait until you get rid of the car seat and diaper bag-Now that is FREEDOM!! As far as hours in the day--besides work, church, and watching the kids sports this time of year I don't have much. But my son and daughter are done for the year--well except for mens league softball for my son, but no more week-ends. My step-D still has softball and All-Stars is just about to start--that will go at least until July 4-- then it just depends on how good they are-- last year they won their NATIONALS but this year it may be a struggle.
ANGEL-EYES- it isn't backwards-- it is just balance-- don't give up!! There is always hope--ALWAYS- our good LORD is ALWAYS with us to help us in our struggles!! WISCONSIN- Tweener is COOL- I am looking forward to grandchildren-- but I too have college kids and that comes first!!
Well I gotta head off-- Take GOOD care of yourselves!!! Gary

05-09-2002, 11:50 AM
Well, just stopping in for a quick chat. How is everyone doing. Well I didn't post the Weight loss chart for the mother's day because I only got a few messages with losses and I gleaned through the posts to see if I forgot anyone. I hope not, but let me know if I did.

Gennel - Goal 9 lbs....lost 12.5
Boating - Goal 10 lbs....lost 7
Wisconsin - Goal 12 lbs....lost 9.5
TrynHard - Goal 6 pounds....lost 3 At Goal Weight
Angel - Sorry, I lost track (please forgive:^: )

I am holding steady at 166 lbs. 16 to go till goal, but I think I may be getting greedy and move my goal to 140. We'll have to see how I look and feel about myself at 150.

Work is kicking my butt lately and that has got me a little down, but I am trying to stay energized enough to get the excercise in. That seems to relieve a little stress. :sheep:

Well, I have got to get back to work for sure...the paperwork just keeps piling up!

Wisconsin Woman
05-11-2002, 07:41 PM
Hi all. Again, busy, so quick post.
MD challenge..good news and bad news..I lost 2# yeah!! 1/2# short of MD challenge goal :( If only I had behaved and not gained a pound that week!Oh well, such is life. At least the MD challenge kept me focused.
My wonderful son took me golfing today for my Mothers Day present. It was sort of cold and ended up raining on the last couple holes, but I still had a wonderful time. Any 1:1 time with him is good time. I have got to start working out though! My shoulders hurt from all that swinging. One good thing about my golf game..I get twice the exercise most people do because I take twice as many strokes and chase the ball back and forth.:lol: DD is winding up with her finals. She'll be home for the summer on Wednesday. My how time flys.
I'll be working on Mother's Day, so probably won't have time to post..So HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you mothers and my wishes to your wife, Gary.

05-12-2002, 01:23 PM
HI Everyone-- HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of you. I hope you are/were being treated as special as you are!! You deserve it for all your hard work!! We went to church last night so that my wife could sleep in this a.m.--she didn't!! but at least she didn't have to go anywhere. She has a day planned of shopping-I guess, I am going to my mom's for the day. Later-and HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!! Gary

05-14-2002, 09:04 AM
I am afraid this thread is really starting to fizzle out. It's lost it's energy, as well as several people who were posting regularly. That makes me very sad...But. I am hoping that those who really need it are finding their support on another thread or another source.

Well, the mother's day challenge is over. I have only a couple of posts to confirm additional losses.

Wisconsin, YOU DID FABULOUS!!! 11.5 pounds gone!! WAY TO GO! And it sounds like your household will liven up a little soon, when your daughter comes home from school. Golfing? I tried it for a while...and it tried my patience! Boy was I bad. I got lots of excercise too when I played. Eventually I gave it up because we never had time due to the boating and camping. I did enjoy the being outdoors part of it though....the woods and treelines...where my ball was always at!;)

As for my weight loss, I lost 7 of the 10 I had hoped for. I wish I had been more motivated, but there were a couple of meals that I lost some control. Still, 7 is bettter than nothing so I'll take it.

Gary, thanks for the mother's day well wishes. Hope we all enjoyed a little time with out mother's.

Well, I have to start getting ready for work!

05-14-2002, 08:57 PM
Just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone and see how everyone is doing.I'm still hanging in there. This month seems to have slowed down as far as my weightloss but its still a steady loss so far since Ive been varying my calories everyday. This past saturday I lost 3 lbs! So I will not complain! lol Saturday and Sunday I ate good, really good lol. So we'll see what the scale says this saturday coming up! Hope everyone is doing well.

Gen 194/160/135?

Wisconsin Woman
05-15-2002, 08:56 PM
Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. Things are plugging along pretty well here. It's a warm, sunny day here..a little windy, but oh well. I got quite a bit of time in the garden again so I'm just as happy as a little clam. I had to go in to work for a couple hours, which was sort of a bummer (Not working, I love my job, but I was having so much fun in the garden and then I had to shower and drive in to work.....on and on.) My DD comes home from college for the summer today. DH is in Madison now, packing up her stuff. They should be home soon. Wow, did the year go fast! DS is on an involuntary crash diet! He broke his jaw in two places so it's wired shut. (Actually rubber banded shut) He and some friends were fooling around and he got smacked in the jaw. The kid has had more broken bones than the whole rest of the family put together. He practicing his closed mouth Whoo Hoo for graduation. Seems like we've lost our steam. Any ideas? I hate to lose touch.:(

05-16-2002, 10:48 AM
I think this thread is losing steam because summer seems to far away! Here in the northeast, it's been cooler and lately, wetter, than normal!
SO.... here comes the teacher in me! Everyone who reads this needs to go try on their bathing suits! That'll put more life back into this thread! Come on, go do it! Look at how much better your reflection is and come back and post and tell us all about it. Don't look at the flabby skin under your arms and the inside of your thighs--look at the well-defined muscles in your legs from all that walking and stand up nice and tall and notice how small your belly is! Then, turn around and notice how little your butt has gotten!
Come on, everybody! We all need to do this and support each other! The beach weather will be here before you know it and we are all going to knock the lifeguards off their chairs!

05-16-2002, 11:09 AM
Hey Tryn, thanks for reminding us that Summer is going to creep up on us and....WHAMO! It'll be here and we want to be prepared!

I did the swimsuit thing the other day. It was finally sunny and warmer out and I thought "what the heck" and put it on. I am supposed to get an hour lunch (HA-HA!), so I actually took it while looking at my Woman's Day relaxing in my favorite lounge chair. :cool: The sunshine felt great and I wasn't too self concious. My swimsuit has one of those great little wraps (You know...the kind that cost more than the whole darn suit!#$%!!). Anyways it does a fair job of covering the cottage cheese and undesirables. But even though I am not where I wish I was...I still know that I am doing pretty good, and giving it a good amount of effort. Some days more than others, but I am not giving up, and more importantly, I AM NOT GOING BACK!!!

Wisconsin, sorry to hear about your son! I had my mouth wired shut in high school. I got ran over on a hayride by two wagons...long story, and one that makes me look stupid.:o NOT FUN! Trying to suck chicken noodle soup through a straw is quite a feet of will and determination. Gardening sounds good! Do you have a big yard? What do you plant? I had a garden the first couple of years that we were married. But I found that for a family of three, one of which won't touch veggies, raising a whole lot of stuff takes more time than it's worth. We have a large lot in a very small town. I have a couple of flower beds with a bunch of throw offs from my friends and family's beds. I love to mess with them though. I have gotten to the point now where I don't buy many annuals because I have so many perennials that come back and have to be weeded out.
By the way, I am very proud of how well you did on your weight loss during the challenge. You really went at it!

Well, I have got to get on the work computer and get motivated. I saw some little kiddos yesterday that need lots of help....so see ya all later!

Wisconsin Woman
05-16-2002, 11:29 AM
Yikes! I'm not quite ready to put on the suit,Tryn. Give me just a little more time. (My vacation isn't until August, so I have a little time to get there)..ofcourse I'll want my bod to see a little sun before then.... When I see how well you and boating, and Gennel and others have done I KNOW I can. And I know if you all can look in the mirror with pleasure, I too, will be there again some day. I'm feeling better about myself already. I have a wedding to go to in the end of May and I figure I'll be down 15# (from my start weight) by then, so the clothes should be fitting a little looser. Boating..I have lots of gardens, mostly flowers. Some asparagus, some berries, rhubarb, fruit trees, and I always at least plant some tomatos, peppers, onions (salsa yum!) and zucchini. I used to plant a lot more but it's a lot of work, so I've cut down to may favorite stuff. I love sweet corn fresh picked, but the raccoons always get to it before I have a chance, so I gave it up. DH and I keep thinking we're going to have to cut back, but not just yet.
Angel eyes are you out there? Does anyone know how Turtle is doing? Well, time to get back to work before it rains...........

05-18-2002, 09:30 PM
Hi Boating and everyone!
So far so good. I lost less this month 8.5 lbs . Last month I think it was 10-12 lbs. But Iwill take what I can! lol I'm still doing the Wendis Plan and its coming off steady. One week 2 lbs and the next 3 lbs. SO I wont complain! lol
I had a small 4 wk challenge thread that I started and it officially ends monday . My goal was to shoot for 9 lbs. So you guessed it Iam going to walk my butt off to try to get to my 0.5 lb goal lol.
Either way I feel great .I'm now in the 150's!! I still dont believe it . I started here Around Feb 10 at 194 lbs and now weighing 157.5 lbs ! Today we had friends over that had not seen me since Christmas when I was 194! SO imagine all the questions I got today when they saw me! I told them what I eat,( Baked dorito chips,tuna sandwhiches,boca burgers,pancakes & Boca sausage in the mornings,etc.... Well everything was questioned" But are you sure you can eat pancakes?" The answer is YES! you can eat them. Id ont eat them everyday. But I will have 2 pancakes with Carry's sugarfree syrup,Boca links, egg beaters andmy cup of coffee . Everything is low fat. Cook the things you love to eat. Just find a way to make it low fat or fatfree,sugar free! Trust me that is the key to sanity !lol Walking is 50% of the battle. Today was a high cal/high fat day for me and it was still 1,300 calories , but the fat was 28 fatgrams for today. Tomorrow I have about 18 fatgrams total. So my body doesnt go into starvation mode( Plateau) So far I've had a loss every week since Ive done this Wendis Plan.
194/ 157.5 / 135 ?

05-19-2002, 12:46 AM
Hi you ((GOOD/GREAT)) looking ladies-- Glad to see some posts again! My wife is watching TRADING SPACES rerun that I have already seen so I am spending the eve. with you guys!! by way of the keyboard.
I had some good and bad news in the last few days, my best friend and his wife, godparents to my kids, are going to be grandparents for the first time. The sad news is another dear friend went in to have cancer removed from his colon and the drs. found in on liver, etc. They give him 5% survival, most likely a couple of months to a year at best-- he is such a sweet man, 14yr. boy and 5yr. girl. Not only that but his mom just passed away 2 months ago.
My step-D won her softball tournament for her league and was nominated to All- Stars today-- so we will add another month or two to softball--OUCH! glad she made it again but also burning out!! I am an old man!!!
GENNEL- great job on the wendis plan- that is so awesome!!! WISCONSIN-- isn't it goo to have DD home-- mine comes home in a few weeks and also will be transfering to a Christian college only an hour away instead 200 miles--I am soooo happy--even though she will stay in the dorms, she will be home more. It sounds like to me the good Lord has brought your daughter home at just the right time to help you with your weight loss program!!! Your son too!! with his jaw disaster-- I can see the 3 of you all training together!!!! TRYIN'HARD-- I will send you some of our California beach to get going on!!
BOATING-Great attitude--keep pressing forward, a little setback from time to time is going to happen-- no big deal!!
Well you LOOOOOOSERS-- Keep up the great work and most important TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES!!! Your families need you<>< Leaving ya--Gary

05-20-2002, 10:39 AM
Well, let me just say that I was very bad this weekend.:devil:
I am very disappointed in myself. I ate everything that I shouldn't have yesterday. We had a BBQ at our house and had six couple and their kids. We did burger and brats and everyone brought a dish...none of which was low fat! And I had the urge to eat one of everything! Got on the scale this morning and found to my disgust 2.5 lbs had jumped back on for the ride. So....I am going walking at lunch time today and really watching the calories and fat! I can't believe I blew it like that. To top it off I had a couple too many beers. I have really been staying away from it because of all the empty calories, but yesterday I must have completely lost my mind. Well, back to the old drawing board! Other than that I had a completely wonderful time with everyone. We had a bon fire and played washers. The kids ran around and got along all day. I was very nice.

Hey Gary! I watched that Trading Spaces for the first time the other day. It was kinda funny cause the red couple absolutely hated what their friends had done to their living room! I don't think I would want to be on that show. Too risky! Oh, and thanks for always being so positive and encouraging. I really appreciate it.
Gennel, Let me know when you do the next challenge. I need some motivation lately. I need someone to challenge me. We were so close there in weight for a while, now you are blowing me away! Gotta do something about that!:p It helps me to motivate in a warped sort of way...I don't want to get left behind.
Wisconsin, your yard sounds lovely! Lots of good things to eat and smell and look at! I wish the weather would behave the way it is supposed to. I have some flowers that are normally blooming by now but this goofy weather pattern just isn't helping things. It's gonna be sunny, but cooler than normal for the next 5 days. Our camping and boating lake is under water! For the first time that I can remember they have totally closed the lake and all six of the campgrounds because of the flooding that we have had. It has been terrible here and I heard that the Army Corps of Engineers will not open the park until mid July and that's only if it quits raining and they can let some more water out of the dam!!!:( We are very sad because we wait all year for summer to get here and who knows when we will get to take the boat out now. Okay, I will quit crying now.

Well...hope you all have a good Monday! Talk to you later!

Wisconsin Woman
05-21-2002, 08:27 PM
Hello everyone from the sunny state of Wisconsin. Sunny yes. Warm no. Oh well, there are promises of warm weather ahead.
Gennel...Please do let us know when your next challenge is. I did so much better during the Mother's Day challenge than I have since. I have noticed, though, that I eat more (and exercise less) when I'm tired. I think I would do myself a favor if I would do a better job with my sleeping schedule. I work nights, so it's hard, but I could do a lot better job of it than I am. Anyways, I'm looking forward to the next challenge.
Boating... I feel so bad about your lake. Isn't that a *****too much water for the lake! Where will you camp now? I know you are looking forward to using that new camper of yours this summer.
Gary..I'm sorry to hear about your friend's colon cancer. I was an oncology nurse for years, but I needed a break. Not only is it unfair to face death at a young age, but it's also a rough battle. If only we could understand God's plan. He'll need his friend's now. And he'll need to know you'll be there for his wife and kids. That's very important.
I'm off for Memorial weekend. Spending time with the extended family. A wedding and a graduation. I love family outings, and am really looking forward to the weekend. I'll try to touch bases before then. Take care you all!:smug:

05-22-2002, 01:13 AM
HI Ladies-- just got posting on the christian thread and thought I would check in here -- where is all the ACTION!! you guys must be out training and exercising!! GREAT!!!
Had our monthly board of directors meeting at church-- o.k.'d lots of money to be spent-- we are building new buildings for our church.
BOATING-- sorry to hear your lake is (( FLOODED? )) what are you smokin' ? Just kidding-- I know you were looking forward to the season-- don't let it set you back!! Stay away from those BBQ's. WISCONSIN-- I have a graduation next week to go to, one the week after, a wedding and 2 sports banquets in the next three weeks-- maybe we can hook up and share gifts!!
Well I am going to head off to the kitchen to make my lunch for tomorrow-- shouldn't my wife do that!?
Outta here-- Jesus loves you! Gary

05-22-2002, 10:29 AM
Hello across the country to all of you. Well, the sun is shining for a couple of days and it is even supposed to get into the mid sixties today. Tomorrow in the Eighties!!!:cool: LOVE IT! Might even get to wear some of the new shorts that I bought!!!

Well, going camping in TWO days to a different lake than normal...but camping non the less. CAN"T WAIT! Got the camper mostly packed and ready to roll. There are 7 couples going with us...and kids...and dogs...who knows what else. Should be a good time. Four days off work to boot! YEEEEHAWWW!!!

Sounds like you guys are gonna be busy, too! I love family outings too. My mother is one of eleven children. So when we get together there has to be lots of space. It is fun, though. The only thing is that they are bible beating baptists. Now, I don't say that to be disrespectable. I really do think that having God in your life is a wonderful thing. It's just that all of them still live within 15 minutes of each other. My mother is the only who really moved away. Where they live you are a baptist...or you are going to ****. I grew up in a German catholic community where beer and bingo are part of the religion (right or wrong...it is). SO...the point I am getting to is that they don't drink...dance...have much fun unless it's revival time. And the worst part is THEY DON"T HESISTATE TO TELL YOU THEIR OPINION ON HOW YOU SHOULD BE LIVING YOUR LIFE! So...it's very different when we all get together. But...still fun cause they are family. The best part is the aunts and uncles all grew up in a five room farmhouse 5 miles from town...on a road that is still gravel for the last 3 miles to the house. They can tell the funniest stories about stuff they did as kids. Jumping in hay lofts, breaking bones, swimming in the creek, throwing cow chips at each other. They always have enough kids for a baseball game!!! Anyways....sorry to go on so long winded!

Well, I have been working hard on that weight loss. Wisconsin, Gennel has her challenge page up. Look under the support section.

Hugs to you all!

05-25-2002, 12:08 AM
Hi all,

Hope it's ok to join in the conversation again.
I didn't get lost, just very busy for the past while.

Haven't lost any weight but haven't gained any back either.
Hoping to get out and get more active as the weather warms
up. My husband and I bought kyacks and am looking forward
to getting out in them soon. Want to wait until the weather warms
up as I have only been in one once and am afraid of flipping over.

Going to start camping in a couple of weeks so should be more active.

If it ever warms up here in Canada would like to get my plants in.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am working all weekend but that's ok keeps me out of trouble.

Take Care, Canoes:dizzy:

Wisconsin Woman
05-28-2002, 10:33 AM
Hi everyone. Welcome back, canoes. I hope everyone had a warm and wonderful Memorial weekend, and also took some time to honor those who have left this earthly home, especially those who died in the service of our country. Amen.
I'm ready to head off for town and do some flower shopping. Had a full day in the garden yesterday. Went gambling over the weekend. Came out a nickle ahead. WhoooooHoooo!:lol:
I haven't even thought about dieting all weekend, and I suppose I'll have to step on the scale sooner or later, and buckle down. I joined Gennel's 4 week challenge so I have a definite goal to aim for.
Gotta get out in that sun, so I'll check in later. Take Care.

05-28-2002, 02:06 PM
Oh, I really hate it when a beautiful weekend comes to an end...especially when it was an extra day long! Had a great time camping. Only wish I could add the word "Boating" to that. We went to a different lake than we usually do and couldn't drag the boat and the camper, both. We had a great time anyway. Didn't do good or bad on the eating. Didn't do any real excercise though, but the scale doesn't seem to mind...no gains! There wasn't really any place to walk at this campground. The lake we usually are at has lots of trails and paths and you can really get a workout in if you want. But...alas..it's under 14 feet of extra water!

Well, how are you all doing on your weight loss adventures! I need to get back to LOSS mode. I just can't seem to make that scale read any less than 166. I need to make the time for some extra excercise...but it keeps eluding me.

Canoes...should we change your name to ...Kayaks? Just joking. That sounds very exciting. Are there lots of places there to kayak? I would be afraid of flipping over too! Tell me more. It was glad to see your signature again!

Wisconsin, Congrats on your BIG win! Hey, I am always glad when I come home with at least what I started gambling with.

Well, I have to mow the lawn on my lunch hour and then get back to work!:dizzy:


05-29-2002, 11:35 PM
Hi Ladies-
How are you all doing-- must be as busy as me since no one is posting. Seems like it comes alive here when Boating (yells) at us. Just kidding!! I hope you are all on your programs and going strong. I have been quite busy with my step-d all-stars for softball. This took up all of last week-end and will for at least the next 4. They have the last week-end off in June--so far anyway. Have my sons' track banquet tomorrow and my daughters' tennis banquet next week. That will finalizze those two events until next year. Well off to Home Depot for a lawn spreader- Later girls and KEEP POSTING!! Gary:cool:

05-30-2002, 09:41 AM
Good morning, all! I am sitting here eating a low-fat pop tart, trying to get ready for the day ahead. I have lots of driving to do today, and that is good and bad. Good because the weather is gorgeous...bad because it would be more efficient to be at my desk working on case management. I am taking a can of slim-fast for lunch, and some animal crackers to nibble. Gonna try to stay away from fast food. My eating habits have been pretty good lately. But I have found no time to excercise! It has been run, run, run! I have no evening appointments tonight, so I plan to walk, or at least do my video workout.

Gary, I know we have all been very slack about posting. And I know that our focus on this thread has shifted from SUPER WEIGHT LOSS...to mediocre support. I do so love chatting with you guys though,...so. We plug along.


Wisconsin Woman
06-05-2002, 10:48 PM
Hi all. Sorry, it's been a long time since I've been on the computer. Summer is here, what can I say? It's sort of like tv for me. It's nice when I have time, but not a priority. I've been busy outside...tons to do this year..every year I guess. And busy with work as always.
Weight loss hasn't been much of a priority lately either. I've maintained my weight without any effort. I'm sure the increased activity helps. I want to lose about a 100# by next week, Wednesday. My daughter and I are going to Great America in Gurnee,IL and I'm afraid I'll get stuck in a roller coaster :lol: I haven't been to Great America for a few years, and I hear they have new adventures for me. I can't wait!:dizzy: I hope to get into my biking now. This spring has been rainy and windy so I've only been out twice on the bike, but the weather gets more accomodating all the time. Problem is that takes time too. So much to do, so little time. I really gotta buckle down on weight loss. August and the Apostle Islands are coming up soon.
My son graduated from high school this weekend. Yeah!
I'm going to sign off for now. Hope to hear from you Boating, Gary and all.

06-06-2002, 09:37 AM
Hey Wisconsin, I know what you mean about the nice weather and more stuff to do than time to do it in. We have been cramming house chores in with the attempts to get the boat and camper out. Still waiting for the floods to lower.
Congrats to your son,...and to your for raising a child who graduated! I bet it's a very happy,...yet sad time. My kiddo is still little, but I often wonder where the time flies to. They grow up too fast...how often does that get said?
Bicycling sounds good. I need to try that this week maybe. I went walking on Mon. and Tues. and wore a blister on my heal. I thought that I was tough, but it looks really bad and now I can barely stand to have a sock on. So maybe the bike is the answer. I could wear my slip-on tennis shoes until the foot heals. Hey, and at least you are maintaining the previous weight loss. I need to get back to being gung-ho on the excersize. My eating habits are mostly good, but I am going to have to make the time to excersize somehow.
Well, let us know how the roller-coasters are. Talk to you later!

Wisconsin Woman
06-12-2002, 09:11 AM
Well, we're off to Great America today. I'll let yu know if I get stuck in anything:lol: I decided to be a little more committed to weight loss. I haven't really focused on it for a while now, and Im getting no where (duh)
I paid for my weight watchers for 10 weeks up front in hopes that if I have already paid for it I might work a little harder to get my money's worth (I'm quite cheap, especially when it comes to throwing money away)
How's that heel Boating? Anyone else still stopping in to read? Drop a line. Think summer......sun and swimming .and camping too!

06-13-2002, 07:24 PM
:dizzy: Hi Everyone? Is there anyone?
I am on my way to the graduation of my neice and have a minute to kill-- any one here interested in coming over to Christian Encouragers feel free-- NOT DESSERTING YOU BOATING However this one needs a kick-- Gotta jam girls-- Take care of yourselves!!

06-18-2002, 10:29 PM
Well, I think that we have worn this out...I am going to quit posting on this thread for now, but will look for you elsewhere and maybe even drop you a pm from time to time. I have truthfully loved every second of everyone's support. I wish all of you the best of luck with the weight loss and path to a better/healthier you!