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12-24-2008, 12:35 AM
i used to always make tons and tons of holiday cookies, and i've become quite proficient at baking cookies and cakes etc for holiday gatherings and work pot lucks.
So most of the time i contribute a dessert dish.
and the truth is that i LIKE to bake and be in the kitchen.
but after this year, i don't think i'm going to bake sweets for the holidays because i eat too much!
esp. cookies. becuase you can just keep eating another and another etc.

so i'm wondering if anyone has any good healthy appetizer recipes to share. maybe like a good cocktail shrimp recipe or veggie dip or a salad.
preferably something with low carb, since carbs always seem to trigger bingeing in me.

i feel so blah right now after making cookies and sampling too many :) that i got to thinking why do i do this to myself during the holidays when they are supposed to be something to enjoy?
I feel better when i eat well, so why not celebrate with whole fresh foods that make me feel alive?

any ideas or suggestions?

12-24-2008, 11:42 PM
We are going to a family potluck on Boxing Day and I made a pasta-cheese casserole with a broccoli layer to get some veggies in those guys. The main meats are ham and chicken wings, so they wanted something to go with it. One other person is bringing a veggie tray with dip. You can buy package ones or make your own with light sour cream and parsley flakes and onion soup mix to taste. I really love the veggies trays and go for them first.

Romaine salads are so easy; buy the multi-pack and rinse and shake. Break up in pieces. Top with slices of red onion and parmesan cheese. Toss this with a bit of lite sour cream and salt and pepper just before serving. Some people sprinkle with bacon bits, but they are optional.

You said you prefer low carb, but cookies aren't low carb at all. Pasta, rice, or potato salads made with veggies and a low-fat dressing are good options and much healthier than sweets.

You can buy a pre-cooked shrimp ring that usually has the cocktail sauce with it; they are great for those who like shrimp (I don't, but others do).

And you could do a cheese and meat and pickle tray that you make yourself; with or without whole grain crackers.

12-25-2008, 08:00 PM
You said you prefer low carb, but cookies aren't low carb at all.

heh heh, no, i know cookies aren't low carb, but that's my problem!!!
they are the only recipes i really know how to make!
i like baking for the creative aspect, but now that i'm getting older, i just can't really DO sweets like i used to be able to. Truth be told, i think i am a good candidate for diabetes in the future if i don't make changes. Plus i have an addictive response to sugar.

I have purchased veggies and fruit for potlucks and thought of purchasing a shrimp ring. but sometimes i feel like adding a more personal touch to what i contribute.

plus, potluck so often turn into binge fests where i work anyway, maybe i'm not the only one looking for something more nutritious. I've just noticed our potlucks are always sorta low on the greens...but i'd hate to bring in something healthy that people wouldn't eat.

actually, the salad idea's not too bad. everyone likes ceasar salad, like with real parmasan. that would be something appetizing.

just wondering if anyone had any recipes or ideas to share... or if anyone feels the same about potlucks!