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12-22-2008, 01:01 AM
So.....its funny because I work at a drug & alcohol treatment center. And Ive finally decided its time to give in and let go for myself. Though I dont have a problem with drugs and alcohol, I realize I suffer the exact same consequences as the people i see at work everyday, just from a different source. Sometimes I think food is worse because it is much more subtle, and so infused into everyday life. At least drugs are illegal and alcohol has its regulations. But America is still obsessed with food. So it is time for me to finally devote myself to go to meetings. As soon as I return home from vacation I am going to incorporate meetings into my weeks. Im going to start off with two a week, Saturday morning and Wednesday evening. Luckily they are close by and won't cost me much gas. And I am out of school at the moment, so why not? really, I dont see any other way. I can't stand the emotions that I suffer, it is so painful. It is destroying half of my life.

Sigh. So there it is, there is my rant. Im glad I remembered this website and the awesome support of all the lovely ladies and gentlemen out there. Ill be happy to support you all too :hug:

12-22-2008, 01:38 AM
The worst part about having food issues - whether you consider yourself "addicted" in any sense of the word, whether you have a disorder, or whatever - is that unlike a "regular" addict, you simply cannot give up food.

An alcoholic can quit drinking. She can refuse to buy alcohol, refuse to go to bars, refuse to go to situations where alcohol is being served. If she feels a compulsion to drink, she can figure out some way to remove the temptation.

You can't do that with food. You HAVE to eat to survive. And sure you can remove the junk, remove the fatty foods, remove the processed foods, but you can still overeat and gain weight on healthy foods. And you have no way to completely, 100% separate yourself from what tempts you.

That's, IMO, the MOST difficult part about dealing with food issues.

I"m glad that you've figured this out for you and that you're taking steps. Good luck with the meetings and remember you can always come here to talk or vent or get support! :hug:


12-22-2008, 01:51 AM
thanks chick :) im glad you understand why the food thing is so difficult. it drives me nuts when people look at my plate and ask if thats all im eating, when its a reasonable, healthy amount. Its quite an epidemic and its a huge obstacle. But im hoping thats something that the OA meetings will help me out with. Ill do whatever it takes to destroy this monster! I know each day that passes without a binge, the stronger Ill become. It gets easier, and Ive seen it. So im hopeful. And thank you for the response, Im eager to hear more!