General chatter - Eating healthy foods throughout the day can help speed up your metabolism

12-18-2008, 06:28 PM
Nothing I didn't know, but never hurt to remind some chicks ;)

News USA–With every new year, you vow to lose weight. And yet, if you’re like most Americans, pounds creep on throughout the year.
Many people make unrealistic resolutions—like giving up their favorite foods forever—that they simply cannot keep. But even Americans who stick to their diets can struggle with weight loss. The reason? Different bodies respond differently to the same activities and foods.
“Weight management is a complex issue,” explains Norah Lane, the founder of Dietcare, a diet based on an individual’s metabolic rate. “Every human being has a unique metabolism, but struggling slimmers can find weight loss more difficult to achieve because their metabolic rate could be much slower.”
Skipped meals, certain medications, stress, trauma, age and inactivity can all slow down your metabolism, or the rate in which your body converts food into energy. The slower your metabolism, the lower your daily caloric needs. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn.
Creating a diet that boosts your metabolism can help you shed weight. “Metabolic rate diets can help shift even the most stubborn pounds,” says Lane.
Here are some tips for Americans hoping to increase their bodies’ metabolic rates:
- Strength-train. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so increasing your muscle mass can help you burn more calories throughout the day. The best way to increase muscle mass? Exercise! Walk 30 minutes a day, three times a week, or engage in low-impact, weight-bearing activities like swimming or yoga.
- Eat throughout the day. Skipping meals slows down your metabolism and can lead to late-night sugar binges. Eat small, protein-based snacks throughout the day to keep your digestive system running.
- Don’t take pills that say they will increase your metabolism. They don’t work, and some may cause health problems. If you want to lose weight, move more, eat sensibly and find a support group.
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12-18-2008, 06:46 PM

This is a good reminder. I tend to not eat anything afternoon or early evening. I'm not hungry till then, and I forget all about eating until my stomach reminds me. Unfortunately, once I start eating, I'm hungry till I go to bed, and if I had smaller meals throughout the day I might be able to shift my body's schedule. It would be so nice not to be craving food in the evenings when I don't want to eat. That is the hardest part for me...craving something, anything, and not being able to satisfy it. I don't even have gum to chew and am snowed in (possibly for weeks) and this is the toughest time for me.

My sister lost a lot of weight and has kept it off for years now, and her secret is to snack on a few raw almonds throughout the day, whenever she feels hungry, or her energy is flagging.