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12-17-2008, 10:07 AM
Good morning ladies. It is chilly and wet but no longer raining. It was kind of nasty yesterday. We have a highway that is mostly up in the air and it always gets really slick. There were tons of accidents because people just will not slow down. I ended up driving way out of my way coming home from taking Jack to work because they had the highway blocked from a big accident. Just down the street here a SUV flipped over and was on its roof and down the street another accident where he was broadsided. I even saw a car burned to a crisp going to pick Jack up.

We had a bite to eat out, a little heavy calorie wise, but we both took it easy then went straight home and stayed in for the night.

I went and got my hair cut and my nails and feet done yesterday and mostly everything was pretty deserted except for shopping areas. I had to run all over town to find more yarn for my nieces project.

I colored my hair this morning and now look like a carrot. The box color was so beautiful but I look like Bugs Bunny's best friend. It will grow out, but I will have to put up with comments from my dd and sil about it I am sure.

Please say prayers for my good friend's sister and family. Their house caught fire last night and burned to the ground, killing their little dog. My friend's sister is named Sharon and she has two boys. She is her 40's and is a widow of about 3 years as her husband commited suicide and left them almost destitute. He was a drunk and wouldn't work saying he had back problems so the only money was her secretarial job. I guess he had borrowed on everything including his insurance so he left them in bad shape. They have struggled so very much and now this.

I have to get going on my exercises so I better go. Have a great day today and stay warm!

12-17-2008, 12:40 PM
Good morning, ladies. Raining again.

I had the to do something exciting, so i dislocated my thumb (left hand fortunately) and now have to wear this ugly black contraption for a month at least. I was down on the floor doing a few stretches and the phone rang. I went to get up and instead of putting my hand flat on the floor, my thumb was bent under. I heard it pop. I didn't want to go to the emergency room so I put ice on it and was waiting for urgent care to open this morning. Xrayed and out in under and hour - must be a record. Its amazing how many things require that thumb (like putting a bra on or buttoning pants and shirts or opening a sweetener packet). I'm really bummed out because I won't be able to do hand-sewing or hand-quilting.

I have quilting bee tonight and we are supposed to bring a dessert. I'll take WW Pumpkin Fluff. I love that stuff.

Faye, the idiots here never slow down either, in fact I think they speed up. You might be able to put a drabber on your hair, or a temporary rinse, to tone the color down a little. I've had some interesting hair colors in my past that weren't planned on. I'll keep Sharon and her sons in my prays. What a tragedy anytime, but especially at Christmas. As Richard Simmons says "keep shaking your boody! Sounds like you have come up with a good exercise plan.

Maggie and Jean, please don't share the snow! I remember what it looks like so won't be needing to see any this year. I'd be happy for snow on Christmas Eve that melts by the day after Christmas - just enough to cover the grass.

Have a good day.

12-17-2008, 02:40 PM

It has warmed up to 20 and it looks like the snow is fixin to melt. I have a roast in the crock pot cooking for dinner and it sure smells good. Ole Ragg Mopp was certainly entertaining last evening. He got his present and started on ripping bits of the paper off. After each tear he would look round at us and we didn't say anything like "stop" so he continuted. The box isn't square and the ends are concave so he had a dickens of a time. I had taped the ends down tight and so he brought it over to Will for help. Will cut the tape and Ragg Mopp had to figure out how to get those ends open. He finally did and withdrew the plastic bag of goodies. He got out a yellow squeeky fish and all the other things are put up. He is so entrtaining.

DONNA Prayers for sure for that mom and two kids. What a tragidy. Your exercise program sounds like it is going to work fine for you. You go girlfriend. :barbell: I have always wonderd why folks don't drive more cautiously in inclimate weather. DUH. And it is usually the innocent ones that get the worst of it when they get plowed into by one of those drivers going too fast.

SUSAN Oh dear~ Your thumb is so necessary and now one of yours is out of commission. :yikes: :getwell: Your mishap reminds me of what my dear departed father said "Be careful and appreciate what you have because when you lose it you will appreciate it's worth more. If we have never had things we learn to do without, but once you have it you miss it when it is gone." Isn't that the way of it. Our thumbs are so important to what we do with our hands and our big toes help us balance. Most of us come with those appendages and a few that don't learn to do without. :soap:

JEAN Did you go to work today or get snow day. Hope you are staying warm and cozy. Do check out that cook book at WW ~ the pictues are nice anyway. :o

Well Magnolias I am going to go work on my latest building. :candy: Type at ya'll later

12-17-2008, 11:13 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It has "warmed up" to 10 degrees tonight! It was 0 when I came home from bell choir practice at 6:00. The weather is supposed to begin again tomorrow afternoon with rain, sleet, and snow. I am beginning to panic about Christmas! I'm not done with my cards nor do I have all of my shopping done. I haven't wrapped a thing and still have some decorating to do. I know it will all get done, but I wish it were done now. Every year I say I am going to not wait until the last minute but I do. It seems like the older I get the slower I go!

We are working on next semester's schedules. There are a couple of study halls that I could have some of the same goof balls that I had in the reading class. They are big study halls and I am going to push to split them in half and I will work with the math kids and the other teachers can have the leftovers (behavior problems!). They won't be happy but that is just too bad. It looks like I won't be going into any math classes because there are no special ed. kids going into the second semester of the three semester algebra classes. I will miss that! AN IA is having her gall bladder out tomorrow -- I hope it is not catching!

"Gma" -- I had to chuckle about you being Bugs Bunny's best friend! :lol: Does it take a long time for the color to fade or could you tone it down with another color? I will keep Sharon and her family in my thoughts and prayers. If it weren't for bad luck she wouldn't have any luck at all. We have had several area fires lately and most seem to be due to faulty wiring.

Susan -- I am so sorry about your thumb! I know what you mean about fastening your bra! I had to wear a brace protector on my thumb for a few weeks when I was in college. I was so thankful for my roommate! I hope that it will heal quickly. You said you couldn't do hand sewing or quilting so I assume you are left handed. :hug:

Maggie -- Nope, no snow day today. In fact it was a beautiful winter day here. The sun was out and bright blue sky even though it was so cold. It would have been fun to watch Ragg Mopp open his present. He is a smart little guy! :yes:

I need to work on my cards! Maybe I should send Valentine cards instead! Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wreath: in Iowa!

12-18-2008, 12:25 AM
IT IS almost my bed time.

The roast was simply scrumptious this evening. The only way to do a chuck roast in my book.:D I am going to have to make this my high point day and trade it for Sunday. I can do that ~ I am allowed. I did a lot of laps up and down this long hall today and Ragg Mopp followed at my heels every step.

JEAN Sounds like you have a good plan for next Semester. I got a chuckle about getting older and slowing down. Guess I am in that category. I just got my cards finished and in the mail. I certainly didn't send out many this year. We got a big surprise this evening from our neighbor across the alley. He brought us a big ham and a pack of chewies for Ragg Mopp from his mutt. We hardly ever see him ~ he has a very high wooden fence and ours is chain link. In fact we have the only chain link down this alley. All the others are high and wooden. I don't even know what those dogs behind those fences look like.:o But I can tell their size by their bark. I can just imagine those dogs peering through cracks in their fences at Ragg Mopp when he is outside. They do communicate. I am just glad they don't do a lot of barking.

Well nighties folks. Type at you later. :candy:

12-18-2008, 02:20 AM
Evening gals. I got up to go to the bathroom as I had fallen asleep in the chair and Jack just left me instead of waking me. I realized I hadn't done today's menu yet so sat down and figured out points for that so Jack can do his food for the day. He is doing "fahhhhbulous dahlings" as he did his 30 minutes on Monday and last night. Dr wants him to get 30 minutes 3 times a week and he is staying OP. He used 1 exercise pt last night to end the day with a small snack of cheese and a couple crackers as he was hungry then hung in there until bedtime. I told him that some days are rougher than other, especially in the beginning.

Susan: Oh dear, what a thing to happen! The cartoon at the bottom is just for you! I have this as my computer wallpaper. I am a real bra hater and don't wear one in the house so the cartoon was perfect. Hope your thumb gets better quick! I will probably go and get a darker red and put over the top of my carrot top, but I need to wait a week or so before I do it. Jack never said a word and I thought he might but maybe he likes it. Lots of highlights, I have to say that.

Jean: How about I transport my tree and decorations as is to your house? That way, I don't have to look at them anymore and you have a house all set up already. Of course my little snowmen in the canoes have the wrong names, but you can scratch them out and write your own in! lol Well, guess that wouldn't work as the stockings are embroidered with names too. Shoot, I am sick of this stuff! I am a good friend, but not good enough to help with wrapping presents! I would address Christmas cards for you and take them to be mailed though! :D

Maggie: Sounds like you had a nice dinner. I made the "fried" chicken last night and it came out great. I used just a smidge of olive oil and roll chicken breast in it, then brown and then take ff chicken broth and a package of dry chicken gravy and mix together and cook chicken in it. I make mash potato and green beans and Jack had a salad besides and it made a nice meal.

I finished the newboy bag, felted it and stuck it in the dryer as it could use more shrinking if needed so it was done, I got it packaged and will take it to post office after Jack gets home from work tonight and she will get it in time for Christmas. I hate being under the gun time wise with knitting. I now am doing the braiding for the party hat for Emma, will sew that one then can start the final hat and get it done then maybe I can go back to finishing my peach sweater I started over a year ago. No more outside assignments for awhile!

You all have a nice day later today and keep safe if your streets are icky!

12-18-2008, 10:13 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We have waited all afternoon and evening for the "weather" to arrive and so far nothing. The powers-to-be came up with an alternate test schedule for a two hour late start tomorrow or a no school day tomorrow. If we do all of the tests on Monday and Tuesday morning, there will be no open campus and everyone will be required to eat lunch in their assigned homerooms -- sack lunches no less because of the time crunch. The kids really pitched a fit after they heard that. I'm guessing we won't get much of anything although the weather channel still has 6 - 8" predicted and a 15 mph wind to blow it around. At least it is a bit warmer tonight -- 18 degrees!

Maggie -- A roast in the crock pot sounds good! Have you ever used Coke poured over the roast? I read that hint in the newspaper, but it didn't sound so good to me. It was nice of your neighbor to bring a Christmas ham and a treat for Ragg Mopp. :D

"Gma" -- Your knitting needles must be hot! You have gotten a lot done in the last day or so. I wish you could do my cards! We got a Christmas letter done on small Christmas paper today. I've never seen paper that small. If we have no school tomorrow I will get my cards done, or else! :joker:

Susan -- How is the thumb tonight? I hope it isn't very painful for you.

Gloria -- Happy Holidays to you and your family!

I need to pick up the kitchen and get the newspapers together. Have a fantastic Friday tomorrow. I can't believe another week has flown by.

Jean -- :wreath: in Iowa!

12-18-2008, 10:50 PM

It is icy out here in the heartland. Seems from the picture the TV weatherman showed we are on the edge of that huge storm which is dumping snow up North and back East. The edge means more ice I guess. Never have been here before in the winter I just take it as it comes.;) What else can I do anyway. Will did his volunteer work at the cancer center this day and only had one walk in. No phone calls. He said that when he was leaving he didn't use the sidewalk and just walked to the Jeep in the snow. Slick sidewalks are hazerdus to your health:p

JEAN I have heard about using cola on a crock potted roast for it works as a tenderizer but have never tired it. My roasts always get tenderized by crock potting them anyway. A friend gave us a couple bags of beef sticks ~ actully deer sticks and they taste like they came from last years shoot so guess who gets them. Yep, Ragg Mopp will have some great treats. Little scudder took one chew then swallowed the whole thing so I am going to cut the rest of them in one inch pieces. He will chew those.

DONNA I bet your a happy camper getting all that knitting done on time and glad to get back to your pretty peach colored sweater. Sounds like your doing well on the program now and also Jack is into the groove. Don't you love being a looser. Wouldn't it be fun if we both met at Jeans and did her decorating for her. She could just sit and address her cards and we could decorate.

SUSAN I do hope you aren't in too much discomfort with that bound up thumb. Isn't it a fact that now you know just how much your used to that thumb. I even tried to not use mine today and didn't like it one bit. Do take a look at that Momentum Cook book ~ I think you will like it. This leader here won't give us "old timers" all the booklets even if we have been in the program for over a year ~ so guess what ~ yep, my leader I had in CA is sending me the bundle of booklets. I am going to have them all spiral bound together with some sort of a cover. They are such an odd size this year. I would have made them a different size but they didn't ask for my input.:(

Everyone stay warm. :wreath: I'll type at ya'll later :candy:

12-19-2008, 09:25 AM
Good morning to you all! Feels like bermuda short weather here today except it is terribly windy. My walking garage door is all warped and won't stay closed so I put in a call for repair. I doubt they do anything as they never fixed my wood fence gate and that was a couple months ago. I hate this guy that is the manager over the condos. He does nothing to help you and is a big jerk. Kenny, the guy that does the maintenance is a real nice guy and if I would see him, I would just ask him to put me on his list but I haven't seen him for awhile. Seems like only landlords get any work out of the manager guy not us owners.

Jean: Hope you get the schedule you need for the testing to get done so you can finish up with school for a couple weeks. I know you have to be dying to be out of school for awhile.

Maggie: I always oven roast my roasts and they always come out moist and tender, but then I put liquid in with my roast and vegetables and usually bake it about 3 hours. Why add the extra calories from the coke! lol Hope you enjoy the ham.

I finished the braiding, sewed it and the buttons on, blocked the color and the party hat is now finished. I have started the last one, but I hate boucle yarn so it is slow going. It knots up so easy but that is what the pattern calls for and I have a huge ball of the stuff I need to use up.

Everyone have a great day. I am going to eat my breakfast and then exercise in a bit then it is upstairs to clean today. I haven't had a bit of trouble staying op so far, but I know I will have tough days ahead as you always do. I am down 3 lbs :carrot: from my weigh in on Monday so am pleased with that.


12-19-2008, 11:43 AM
Good morning, ladies! Raining again but that is sure better than snow!

Ladies, the roast with coke is great. You use diet coke (1 cup) and 1/2 cup of Catsup. It is very moist and tender and tastes a little like BBQ. I also do it with chicken and pork.

I weighed in last night and lost 2.8 pounds this week! I'm really happy with that. I liked the leader last night better. She was filling in but has meetings on Saturday so I'll probably change.

The thumb throbs unless I hold it up. I've designated this day as my day to not go out of the house. I need to pay my bills and send a few Christmas cards. I can take them to the post office in the morning when I go to the grocery store. I need to plan my menus for next week today. I'm going to my friend's house for Christmas and she isn't a food pusher so that will be okay. She is making a shepherd's pie, I'm in charge of sides and dessert so I'll use the WW cookbook for that.

I did buy the Momentum book at the meeting last night. The recipes are entirely different and look good, too.

Faye: :carrot::bravo::cp::yay: that's 3 pounds gone for good! You are doing great! If we could just keep that momentum going...but we do get discouraged when the scale doesn't cooperate, etc. Do post a picture of the hat. Happy knitting on your sweater.

Jean: Did you get the day off? I know you are so ready for a holiday away from those kids!

Maggie: They only passed out the Week 6 booklet to those who were on Core. I'll be sure to go the 10 weeks to get all the booklets. I have every plan back to the orginal up on the bookshelves. The original plan was four 8-1/2x11 sheets (one given out each week), Menus on the front, recipes on the back. And we had a sheet with the exchanges. How things have changed!

Have a good day, ladies!

12-20-2008, 12:39 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! We had 6" of new snow during the night but there was no ice first. There was a 2 hour late start for school but we were able to get the first 3 final exams in. They just eliminated the make up session at the end of the day. It's so nice to have just a few students in the halls instead of all 700+! I'm hoping Monday and Tuesday will be normal winter days so we can get the first semester over and done with. We are in a blizzard watch for tomorrow afternoon and into Sunday morning. I never will get my shopping finished at this rate. I don't think there is much snow predicted but just the wind blowing around the fluff we have now.

I need to plan my Christmas menu and make the first grocery run tomorrow morning before the wind hits. If I am stuck inside I can wrap the gifts that I do have. At least I have everything for the grandchildren which is the most important. :D

Maggie -- I think I will put a roast on my grocery list! That sounds good and we haven't had one for awhile. :T

"Gma" -- Congrats on staying OP and losing the 3 pounds! You are on the road to a thinner you! :cheer:

Susan -- Did you get all 6 of the WW booklets at once? I like the "old" counter and the weigh in booklet better than the latest one. The new one doesn't fit in my purse so I tore the weight log pages out and taped them together. They will probably be ripped, wrinkled, and torn by the time I've completed all of the weigh in boxes. :lol:

Well, I am heading to bed! My blanket has been preheating long enough! Have an enjoyable weekend!

Jean -- :wreath: in Iowa!

12-20-2008, 06:59 AM
Good morning gals! I went to bed very early last night so I was up at about 3. I sat and watched a western called "Bad Girls" that was pretty good and as soon as I am done posting I am going to make a double batch of lowfat buttermilk biscuits. These freeze great and that way I can make Jack sausage gravy and biscuits. I use skim milk and lowfat sausage (we can't find turkey sausage that is edible around here it is all nasty and Walmart has quit selling theirs.) Anyway, he can have that and I will just have a couple biscuits with jam and some fruit. I do have some precooked bacon that is only 1 pt per two slices so if I am desperate for meat, I will fix that.

Jack has lost 3 lbs and I am now down FIVE! :carrot::carrot: Yesterday was a bit of a trial for me. I got really hungry after lunch and before dinner, but filled in with a couple snacks and piece of fruit so stayed op.

I sliced open my left thumb yesterday coring an apple. It was a totally dumb move on my part. I have a nice apple corer my sister bought me for my birthday, but like an idiot, tried to clean it on the blade side and sliced open my thumb. Since I am lefthanded it makes things a bit difficult, but I have adjusted. It isn't a bad cut, just enough to be bothersome keeping bandaids on it.

Susan: Hope the thumb continues to get better. Way back around 1975 I broke my foot stepping off a curb with a basket of laundry. The first couple nights that thing throbbed like a son of a gun no matter what I did. I was alone with a 2 year old as Jack was out to sea and had a secretarial job, so I couldn't take off work. I was so exhausted after the second day of no sleep so I know what you mean. Hopefully it will stop the throbbing when you lay it down soon.

I got my Ellie Krieger cookbook yesterday and it has some nice recipes in it. I would probably try more but Jack wouldn't eat the stuff so I will just use what he would eat. My ww cookbook is backordered. It is pretty popular I guess!

Jean: Hope you snow and such doesn't prevent your from getting done what you need to. It was in the 70's here yesterday but is pretty chilly this morning again. It is supposed to be around freezing come Monday though dry thank heavens.

You all have a nice weekend and I will yak at you later.
Faye (oh Susan, here is what I named my Dr Seuss on the Loose Party hat for Emma)

12-20-2008, 11:19 AM
Good morning, ladies! Another gloomy day but it looks like the rain is over.

Faye, sorry about the thumb. Have you ever tried the liquid bandage. It's good for cuts that are hard to put a bandaid on. The had is adorable, the little girl will love it!

Jean, I didn't get all 6 booklets. I chose to do the plan in order from Week 1. Those who were doing core had to stay after and they received the Week 6 booklet along with their Week 1 booklet and she explained the differences so they could continue with the Simply Filling option. The new booklet fits my purse just fine. You must have a really small one. I like having the food list with me all the time and a slider. I'm glad the snow hasn't kept you in. 6 inches here would be a disaster (no snow removal equipment). Will you be off until January 5 from school?

Maggie, how are things out in middle America?

I need to pick up a few things at the grocery store today and do a little cleaning downstairs.

Have a good day!

12-20-2008, 04:01 PM

I am so very proud of you SUSAN & DONNA :congrat: for your losses, and lets not forget Jack :congrat: to him also. I am looking forward to weigh in on Monday. I don't scale at home so don't have a clue till I step on the iron moster at the meeting. I am such a slow looser but have learned to accept that is the way it is. I made a wonderful smoothie for brunch thi day. This time of the year out comes my Christmas misic. I am playing one of Chip Davis's Mannheim Steamroller CD's. I have one on right now and love it. I have several of theirs. I first learned about these recordings from listening to Rush Limbaugh years ago.

Everyone have a wonderful rest of the day here on this weekend. Saturday sure came around quick. Type at ya'all later. :candy:

12-20-2008, 06:54 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The blizzard winds are blowing the snow around and it is a ground blizzard out in the country. The sun came out about a couple hours ago and that is so weird. We have piles of snow around town that have to be hauled away because there is no room to shove it any more. We've been out and about twice today; this morning we went to a furniture store looking for an ottoman for Beth. They were all huge and too big for the space that she has. We hit the grocery store for a few things and headed home to watch the weather blow in. When the sun came out we took off to take the paper to MIL and go to the other furniture store. We did find an ottoman, but it is nothing like she wants so I may end up with it and she will get money to pick one out herself. :shrug:

"Gma" -- I hope that your thumb heals quickly! The dermatologist told me to use super glue on my fingers when they crack open. It does sting a bit at first but really works. There is also liquid skin that is pretty much the same thing. Congrats to you and Jack on your losses! The hat is so cute! I'm sure Emma will love it! :yes:

Susan -- We get out of school Tuesday at noon and teachers go back Jan. 5th. The kids start on the 6th. The WW folder just seems bulky to me. I have a big enough purse but it just doesn't fit like I want it too. I like to keep the food list and books handy in the kitchen where we eat. Congrats on losing almost 3#s! You are on a roll! :cp:

Maggie -- I belong to the SLOW LOSER CLUB right along with you! ;) I know that when I walked all summer that made such a difference.

I need to change laundry loads so better keep moving. Keep warm and have a nice evening!

Jean -- :brr: in Iowa!

12-21-2008, 06:59 AM
Good morning to you ladies! It is 30 right now supposed to warm up to 40 then be cold tomorrow again. I see Las Vegas even got snow this year. My great niece goes to UNLV and she said people were totally freaked. She lives in South Bend, so it was nothing to her. They have about 2 ft of snow at the moment and ice on top of that. My sister said it warmed up enough to melt but the plows didn't come through so it is like driving on cobblestone.

Susan: Hurrah on your loss! I'd give you a smilie, but it doesn't want to post for me this morning. I have heard about liquid bandage but never seen it. I will have to look for it. I have super glue for my acryllic nails I guess I could use! lol I am about in "get rid of the darn decorations" mode. I am sick of them and am thinking of doing at least part of it today.

Maggie: I imagine I will slow down, but I always lose weight fast at the beginning. That may be because of such bad eating habits by body sheds a lot at first who knows? You have been on the program a long time so it isn't surprising you have to eek out ever ounce of loss. It will come though. Oh and thank you for the Christmas card, but you didn't sign it. Good thing I looked at the return address as I don't know anyone in Kansas but you.

Jean: Hope you aren't buried under snow today. No one wants ottomans anymore or the ones I have seen are big enough to sit two people on. Maybe she will eventually find one. Hope your holiday plans all come together and you can get everything done.

You all have a nice Sunday. I am going to start on morning chores and get some exercise in before Jack gets up I guess.


12-21-2008, 05:44 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Rain left this morning and now it is a lovely sunny day.

I went to church this morning. I have to say I haven't got much done around the house this weekend. I just can't get the hang of doing things one handed. I'm sure it'll all be here when I can.

Maggie, you are doing it right weighing once a week. I confess to weighing every morning, but I know the fluctuations are just that and take my official WI as the number of the week.

Jean, it's hard to find an ottoman that isn't big enough for the whole family. I have one I've had a long time, just keep making new slipcovers for it. I know you are now down to counting the hours until the end of school.

Faye, I can see that you'd be tired of Christmas decorations since you had to put them up earlier than usual. Liquid bandage is located with the regular bandaids.

I guess we could change our name to the Steel Magnolia Turtles to describe our weight loss. It just isn't fair when you work so hard and stay OP and the loss is small and the one sitting next to you doesn't stay OP but has a big loss. But then we will be the ones to get to goal and maintenance!

Have a good evening!

12-21-2008, 06:47 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We are having a ground blizzard, but still had church and made a WM run after dinner this noon. Bob has a 4 wheel drive pickup so it was nice to be able to plow through where a car couldn't go. Several "dummies" were stuck in drifts; they are so dumb about driving in snow. It's -2 as I type and much lower if the wind chill counts for anything.

"Gma" -- I am sick of the tree clutter just because it is half done! I will get it finished tonight, I hope. :yes: I'm glad I didn't plan on dragging out a lot of stuff this year because that's not going to happen. I did get a good share of my groceries yesterday. Now I just have to figure out the salads and I'm good to go. When we lived in Ohio they would panic at 2" of snow. We would just come and go like we always did here in Iowa. At the furniture store they had BIG coffee tables and the tops were on spring type hinges that would raise the top several inches. I finally asked the salesman what they were for thinking computer something or other. He said it was for eating in front of the TV! I guess people don't sit down at the kitchen table, as a family, to eat meals. I know our kids' families eat in front of the TV.

Susan -- For whatever reason (I thought it was the previous minister's preference) our church no longer sings the old well known Christmas carols before Christmas but afterwards. It just doesn't seem like Christmas without the carols in church. They are having a "carol sing" at the 7:30 Christmas Eve service. We plan on going to the 2:30 service with MIL so will miss out there too, I suppose. I have tomorrow and Tuesday morning until I am officially done with school . . . that is if the weather cooperates. I'm not sure what Plan "B" is if we wouldn't have school. The weather report sounds like it will just be very cold and very little snow coming. I am dreading the heat bill this month. :(

I do need to fold a load of clothes and work on some more of my cards. I gave up trying to beat the deadline and figure I will do well if I get them out before New Year's. We always get a few late ones too.

Have a nice evening, stay warm, and have a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :brr: in Iowa!

12-22-2008, 06:17 AM
Good morning ladies! Oooh it is very chilly here, 16 degrees and it is a bit windy so probably right around 0 or so this morning. I saw it was 2 degrees in South Bend so they have to be freezing to death. I think the cold Jean just experienced has blown through there.

Today is weigh in and I am down 6.5 lbs for the week! :carrot:

Jean: I put all the decorations away and Jack took the tree out to the corner yesterday. The needle mess was awful. I ended up having to use a broom and dustpan on the carpet because it overheated my vacuum. It is all put away for another year now except the tree skirt and the nativity scene. Jack has to bring me home some newspapers from work to wrap them in and we have to get another big box for storage. While everyone else is getting excited and gearing up for Christmas Jack and I are done.

Susan: I am bad about getting on the scale too often and like you, take my weekly weigh in as the number of lbs lost for the week. I finished the very last hat, the very last project for someone else and can now go back to working on my sweater. It will probably be too big by the time I finish, at least that is what I hope for! lol Here is a pic of the last hat I made Emma. I didn't like how it looked so I fooled with it a bit.

Have a good start to the week everyone!

12-22-2008, 12:07 PM
Good morning, ladies! A chilly, windy 26 degrees which they say feels like 13 degrees with the wind chill factor. Guess who had to get gas this morning!

One of the tenants where I work delivered her usual dozen of Death by Chocolate cookies. They are from a 5 star restuarant, The Trellis, here in Williamsburg. They are enormous. $29 for a dozen so I'm never tempted to buy them. I'm busy trying to give them away. I'll keep 3 for Christmas Day when I go to my friend's house. The rest have got to go now! One year she gave me a very nice quilting calendar. I with she would go back to that.

I just found out one of my older (81 years) friends was diagnosed with lung cancer on Friday. She had breast cancer 15 years ago and was pronounced cured. Doubly sad coming at this time of year.

I'm the only one at work today so it is very quiet. I'll probably go home at one and do the same thing tomorrow - then I'm off until January 5.

Faye, Congratulations on the great start on the road to a healthy weight! :bravo::cb::cp::dance::dance: All that exercise must be paying off! I love the hat. They are all so bright and cheery.

Jean, I know the experts tell us not to eat in front of the tv if we want to maintain a healthy weight. It leads to mindless eating and trains us to think we have to have food when watching tv. I used to do that but now I only eat at my place at the table with the proper dishes and silverware, even if it is a snack. I find this works better for me. I love the old Christmas Carols. We are having a lot of them at church this week.

Maggie, hope things are going well for you!

Anybody have a take-along recipe for a vegetable side dish I can take for Christmas that is WW friendly? I usually just eat steamed vegetables with a little I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray. Not exactly festive.

Have a good day!