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05-02-2002, 12:42 AM
Welcome to a thread full of encouragement, support, and humor as we share our lives, as we restore our health, lose weight and raise a family! We welcome newcomers as well as all of our regulars!

Be sure to go back to SAHM's #42 to catch up on what has been going on in our lives. We are glad that you are here!


05-02-2002, 12:51 AM
Today was a bit quiet for posting, so I thought I would take care of starting a new thread.
Latisia- that low fat eating sounds interesting.........although right now I am just having trouble with eating period!!!!! Keep us informed as to how you fare.
Spryng- glad that your family is feeling better. It is so sad to see little ones sick:( . I think you are on to something with taking it slow getting these last 10 # off. You know you will succeed and allowing more time destresses it a lot.

My day ended on a bit of a sour note. Dh was in a bad mood (working on a home improvement project that just seemed doomed for today). I have had a tough time keeping a smile on my face. But, tomorrow is another day!!!!!!!! And a fresh start.
Ok, I had better get some shut eye.
See ya tomorrow!

05-02-2002, 01:22 AM
Hi everyone

My name is Sam and I a SAHM with a 1yr old dd and am 19 weeks pg with no.2. I've been a SAHM for 2 months now after being made redundant. Still getting used to it, though liking it more as I go along.

At the moment I'm not trying to lose weight obviously, as I'm pg, but I've been with 3fc for years now and am staying so that I can get the help I need to keep healthy during the pgy and lost the extra after.

Would you mind if I join you?

05-02-2002, 08:22 AM
Good morning!!!!!!
Sam- WELCOME!!:) Of course we do not mind if you join us! It is great to have new friends here. Congrats on your pg. 19 weeks- how are you feeling? Some ladies find the 2nd (and subsequent) pregnancies a bit harder- primarily because you have other little ones to chase around! When are you due (forgive me, my brain cells are not working this am). How much weight do you want to take off (after baby, of course!) We have a friend who stops in from time to time at this thread who just had her 5th baby- and I think did a really good job of controlling her weight gain during his pregnancy. I think she did a sort of modified Weight Watchers program just to keep from gaining too much. Anyway- welcome! Feel free to stop in whenever you can.

Well, despite that I am tired (5 hours of sleep will do that to you) I am off for another day of insanity. I got a rainy 25 minute walk in this am- and hope to get my step tape in this morning too. I have to break out of this slump somehow. Dh appoligized for his irritability last nite. My two oldest are off to school and the little one( Dd6) is still asleep. So I had better get off this and take advantage of that. Have a great day!

05-02-2002, 02:50 PM
Good afternoon all!
Well now we have two working computers again!! :) It's so great. We have this one set up in the kitchen now and I just love it. I can write posts and watch the kids at the same time!! Isn't it funny how little things can make your day??
I want to welcome Sam and congrats on your pregnancy!! 19 weeks wow! You are almost half way there!! Do you know what you are having yet?
I have two kids. A daughter who is 2 and 4 months and a son who is 1 and 4 months (he'll be 1 and 5 months on the 6th) They are 11 months apart. Has this been a normal pregnancy so far? Sometimes I want another baby but then again I don't. I go through phases. Right now I'm enjoying my 2 and looking forward to all the fun things I'll do with them this summer.
Anyway, my day is going ok. It's a lazy day for me. I don't feel like cleaning much so I've just been playing with the kids and relaxing. I think I'm entitled once in a while. We have church tonight so I'm getting things ready for that too.
Well guess I'll get off here. I hope everyone is having a good day.

05-02-2002, 04:53 PM
hey all, how's your day? Welcome Sam, Congratulations on your pregnancy, I wish I had thought about my weight when i was pg.. ( i just let the number go higher, and higher) You are making a good choice!! Spryng, I agree with you about Mommys deserving a day off!! It is tough work to be a Mommy ( though very rewarding),, Enjoy your kids, and your day!! Today, is my cleaning day, but Sat, I rest.. play with my boy, busy day tomorrow.. I am op, and will keep you all posted on my progress!! I kinda slid a few days ago, but I am back on track! Sat I will post my weigh in, have tae bo today!! Talk to you all later.


05-02-2002, 10:44 PM
Good Evening Girls!

Sam~ Welcome Hon. Congrat's to you with your pregnancy. I hope to see you posting. I'm also a SAHM. I have 2 Dd's one is 1 and the other 3. It will be great getting to know you.

Jackie~ I had to re-register. It was a mess but is all undercontrol now. Thanks for the advice tho.

Spryng~ Glad to know the babe's are better. I also agree, you are entitled to a "funday"! How's the critters?

Ginny~ I'm concerned about you. Seems you are burning your candle at both ends. You could be headed for a breakdown. Please, try and get alittle more rest. Have you ever seen the stress tabs, it's a vitamin. Momma takes them. Would you benifit from something like this? BTW, you mentioned a few posts back that your Dh had commented you were being difficult. Or something along those lines? Bahh! Men. They always say the wrong thing when we are vulnerable (sp?). You are one of the most caring giving understanding women. Water off a ducks back. Ya know? Hope you are well.

Gemini~ glad to see you posted. I'm still keeping you in my prayers. If you ever need someone to vent to, pm me anytime. I don't give very good advice but I'm a good listener.

Sheila~ How are you darlin'? What is your program now? I hope you find something that works for you. Have you learned anything about Jackie's fit for life. She is doing really well. Might be something for you. What kinds of food do you enjoy? Weakness and such? I'll keep my eye out. Maybe I'll see something. Pm me the details if you like.

T-girl~ Glad you are doing well. You are still in my prayers. Keep it up with the tae bo. Let me know how the results are. I'm excited to see how you have loss too.

As for me, I arrived at 5pm yesterday. Kids are enjoying their grandparents and great grandparents. I'm still trying to get "settled". Eating today and yesterday was poor. Momma's scale said 125# this morn. Go figure? Maybe it is just different from mine? I'm not letting it bother me to bad. I ran 5 miles this morning. Hope that will make up for all the bad eating. I aso did an hour of yoga. I'm really missing my bike and Dh. But tomorrow is a new day. I'm hoping to gain some control.
Nighty, nite!

05-02-2002, 11:51 PM
Hey all ! Just checking in before I go to bed, How is everyone? I stayed Op today had this yummy stir fry shrimp i made, without all the oil used chicken broth, It really was great!! I am feeling good been cleaning up.. Well talk to you all later. :)


05-03-2002, 03:35 AM
Hello Everyone!

I've been quite busy this week. Lot's going on in my nick of the woods. And to top things off today, like it wasn't busy enough-dd & I were on our way home after school today & dd saw something in the road. She insisted that we go back & check to see what it was. Thank goodness we did because it turned out to be a baby squirrel. I was afraid to touch it, so I found something in my car to give it a little shove. This didn't work, so I found some old clothes in the car, got brave & made a mit out of an old flannel nighty & carefully picked it up & put it under a tree. I could tell that it was too young to fend for itself & couldn't find any squirrel nests close by, so we decided to take it to a Rehabilitation Center for injured & orphan animals that is about 40 minutes from our house. We at first had it in dd's backpack, but decided to stop by the vet & pick up a pet taxi for it. The vet told us that we made the right choice, as the poor little fellow was only about 4 weeks old. It was so cute, but so tiny! It could fit in the palm of my hand. All-in-all, it was well worth my 3 hour time investment & we felt so good that we were able to help it. (It got me out of making dinner too!) I hope you all didn't mind me sharing my story,as it sure gave me a warm & fuzzy feeling inside. (No pun intended ;)) Yesterday I had to take my FIL to the heart specialist again, so this was another busy day for me too! I decided to write things down on paper & hand it to the nurse. This way we wouldn't forget to mention anything to the doctor. After the Dr. read my notes, he decided that my MIL needed a break from everything & put in an order for my FIL to have a nurse stop by their house for an evaluation. Once he's evaluated, they should be getting an aide to help relieve my MIL & also a Physical Therapist to try & strengthen my FIL's mobility. Finally, an answer to our prayers! Well, so much of the stories here. I've been pretty much staying OP, but have missed pedalling a few times this week. I did get a chance to stay on for l.5 hrs. yesterday & this gave me the opportunity to catch up on reading everyone's posts here on the thread. Sam: Welcome to our thread & so glad that you have joined us! You will see that we are more than a group of Mom's trying to lose weight, but also here for the other "ups & downs" in our lives. We believe that total support in our lives gives us the willpower to keep on going. So, how is your pregnancy going? Any complications along the way at all? I sure hope not, as this should be a joyous time in your life. You have made the right decision by staying "tuned in" with 3FC's, as this should help you in trying to make good food choices. Ginny: My mind is a little bit foggy, so please help me out by letting me know which one of our buddies just recently had a baby. :?: Glad to hear that you were able to squeeze in a walk early in the a.m. Did you get a chance to do the tape? I'm sorry that you are in a slump & feeling so overwhelmed. It sounds like you need to put your feet up for awhile & sip some tea & after that-snooze off for a nap! I hope you were able to get the much needed extra sleep tonight. I usually run on 6 hrs of sleep p/night & I know anything less than that, I feel like a zomby. I sure hope that my insomnia goes away after I get done posting here. I was in bed, but after tossing & turning 'til ll:30, I decided to get up & go online. And Ginny, I'm so happy to hear that your dh apologized to you. Somehow when we receive an apology, it gives us a little lift, doesn't it? Spryng: Good for you that you took time out to "play" a little! This is always an energy booster. And about your computers: Is the one in your kitchen a laptop? When my DH isn't traveling, I use his in the kitchen while he's on day trips or at night when everyone else has went to bed. I hate going down in the dingy basement, but once I'm typing away, I guess I kind of forget where I am & then it's not as bad anymore. At night it gives me the spooks though! :eek: Did your dh by another control for your game cube? Do you ever compete against each other on the game cube? I'm so glad to hear that your family is back to feeling better. Latisia: It sounds as though you are in better spirits again. (Or you make a great actress!) :lol: So-how did the cleaning go today? I cleaned the main floor of my house today, but as usual...didn't have time for the 2nd floor where the real big mess is!! Good for you that you got back on track with staying OP! I've been struggling with trying to stay OP this week, but haven't really gave in yet, thank goodness. Matter of factly, I was ready to grab a midnight snack from the fridge awhile ago, but decided to come here for support instead. Thanks Gals! Latisia, enjoy your "play day" with your ds on Saturday, as they grow up so fast! It's kind of scarry how fast the time goes, as it just seems like yesterday that my 13 y/o ds was a baby. Don't forget to get your camera out! Jen: I hope that you're doing okay. I miss seeing your posts! Just remember that once you post & "vent" a little, you'll feel much better, at least it helps me! (You just have to put up with my long..... posts!)
Misty: I'm surprised to see you posting already. I guess I won't miss you after all! Sorry to hear that you had to re-register again. Had to change your username a "lil bit" huh? Oh well, you're logged in now & hopefully you saved your password on your Mom's computer. So, hows the vacation coming along? I hope that you feel more "settled in" when you wake up in the a.m. I bet you called your DH already, didn't you? Did you leave your pink robe back home with him? The way the weather has been, he might need it! Sorry to hear that your eating was poor yesterday. It sounds like you got it under control with the exercise though. Well, enjoy your vacation! Sheila: Where are you & how are you doing? I miss seeing your posts! Just remember-we're here for you! Hopefully you found some tranquility by one of those peaceful places in the pictures that you posted. As I told Jen, coming here to vent helps me out quite a bit! Speaking of helping me out-I'm getting so tired that I'm having a hard time typing here. I guess I'm over the insomnia now. Good Night all! I hope I didn't miss any of you, but I'm so tired now that I can't even think straight! TTFN

05-03-2002, 11:57 AM
Good morning everyone!
Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day today. :) I hope so.
Misty I was so happy to see your post! How far away do your parents live?? I hope today goes well for you. The critters are doing great! We have 8 turtles now and they are so fun to watch! Three little bitty ones and 5 larger ones. The crawfish are thriving. I have to clean the aquarium today sometime. They are messy pets :)
Jackie, I'm so glad that you fought that urge to snack. You are doing so great with FFL. It makes me want to give it another go but I just can't keep with the proper food combining. I think I will try low fat though and see what it does for me.
Ginny, I hope things are better on the home front for you. I'm thinking about you alot lately.
Well, this is about all I an do this morning. My 2 yo is begging to play on the computer. I bought her some toddler learning cds and a preschool one. Well after I installed the preschool one she just went to town. She can't control the mouse very well but she suprised me with how much she knows!! She is very good at matching shapes and numbers and letters. This is a program for 4-5 yo. So I'm sure the toddler one should be a breeze for her. I guess I'm gushing. :) I'm just so proud of her sometimes!!
Somebody asked if this computer in the kitchen is a laptop. I wish! :lol: no, it's a regular computer. We have a built in desk/bar table in the kitchen and I cleaned it off and the computer sits perfectly on it and it out of the way.
Anyway, I'm going to give low fat a try today. I'm still a little unsure on the details of this kind of diet but I'll give it my best. I'm just not sure what I can eat. So I keep my fat grams at 20 or less a day but does that mean I can eat as much as I want of "no fat" foods like fruit and such??? I don't have to count cals at all???? You see? Still a little unsure of the details. But Latisia is helping me out alot :)
Talk to you later!!

05-03-2002, 01:35 PM
I was going thru a "funk " and I think I am at the end of my self piting stage now..*fingerscrossed*When I am in a thing like that I know I should stay away from people cause I tend to be a downer..Just been trying to dealing with stuff at home and trying to deal with some religious thoughts which I wont discuss on here,no offense to anyone but I have learned never talk religion or politics on a furum those being touchy issues..Anyway I am backkkkkk
Thanks everyone for asking about me, Gosh it felt good to be missed..I been working on a family site while being on Hiatus which is far from finished since my A drive is now shot and most my favorite pics are on those darn floppies
PLus I think I am allergic to my furbabies.. I found out the siamese cats produce a different oil in their fur which make sense since I been hiving out and itching like crazy..Benadryll helps but it is a knockout thing for me..2 of those pills and I am in dream land.. I would hate to give them up Tyson is finally trusting and loving to me..Giving him up would send him into a relapse into being scared ifI gave him up.. <speak of the lil devil, he wants to help me type>His purr is LOUD!!The little chump even sits on my pillow and stares till I open my eyes..Which I admit scared me the first time,since he usually hissed at me when he was less loviedovie..Ever see a pair of animal eyes staring into yours when you first wake up???
I wasnt anywhere near a tranquil spot lately..Making that new site helped me though
The Caron Page (http://www.geocities.com/sheila061968) Thats where it is ,basically just things that I could find on my computer .. I gues I will have to go to moms with my disks and email myself some of my other pics from my disks till I can get A drive woking again..Then I will have to save them to desktop and upload them to the new site..I havent put my own pic on that site yet either but I will have a page of just family pics and links of things of interest..
Yes for the record I did put up a link to the 3FC as well as Flylady ..I have a few more links I want to add but I am doing this for a hobby and fun so I want to take time and do it right..It is my first real attempt on a home page site ..
Going to add pages for different things that have helped me and my family and different sites that I might help others .(Now just to find all the links)
Spryng .. I used to have the Jumpstart kindergarten installed for my son but he got to the point where that was too easy for him so now there is a Jumpstart first grade installed which he is getting bored with as well.. He is 4 will be 5 in July..Thank GOD that kindergarten is starting for him in Sept..
Freckles.....I am sure that baby squirrel thanks you for stopping and helping..And KUDOS to you on getting the help your MIL and FIL needed ..I used to bring my MIL to every docs appt she has but it got to the point where FIL would just automattically depend on me for that so he could sit home and do NOTHING ..He wouldnt help her out whatso ever ..She has had half her foot amputated due to diabetes and he wouldnt even cook for her..Welll not to sound like a toughie that picks on old people but DH and I had a little "visit" with dear old FIL and well lets just say he is a new man..He cooks and cleans and does what he should be doing ,(including driving her to her appts) and if I get any drift that he isnt taking care of her we go and have another friendly visit .To renew his husbandly values ..He isnt a spring chicken ,but he is a sad sad excuse for a hubby (he isnt DH father ,just someone that married his mom to live off of,he has never worked claimed to be illiterate (which was false he filled out disability forms in less then an hour CORRECTLY without help)Tried to claim to be diabetic till one time he was in the hospital and out of spite I asked his doctor (in front of the entire family) how has his sugar levels been since he has been prone to quick changing sugar levels..His doctor looked at me and said, I am sorry but your Father isnt diabetic, and has had no signs or concerns of it either.. Ohh I am sorry Doctor I must have been thinking of my mom..Dont ask me why I said all that but I been outta focus lately..Just glad that you have the strength and normal in laws...
Lilbit...I went back to the same thing I was doing before.. I feel terrible that I couldnt do the adkins but maybe I will try again when things are better..As for weaknesses and food enjoyment I will have to think of it.. I really dont enjoy food just something that a person eats to live, I am a sap for salads thou with tomatoes and radishes (as many veggies I can buy I will throw in a salad..)Yup even raw brocili and raw zuccheenie (I know That is way off spelling wise but it isnt an easy spelling anyway.)Your moms scale is off dont worry about it.. Glad you got time to log on and post .. I have never really been away from DH in the 20 years I have been with him (17 married years) so I dont know how it is to miss him... Sometimes I wish I could go somewhere to see if I would miss him..
Welcome To OUR LITTLE THREAD Sorry I didnt welcome you earlier ..Also CONGRATS on your prgnancy!! 19 weeks ,(my prenatal mind is a bit off ) so that leaves only 21 weeks left right??? My friend is 11 weeks now she is due Nov 21 ..When is your due date and besides saying you want a healthy baby do you want a girl healthy baby or a boy healthy baby..Do you want to know ahead of delivery which it will be?? or just keep it as a surprise ?? I know I ask some really off the wall questions ..But I try not to (it doesnt always work) You know I didnt think of weight when I was pregnant ,which I really should have since I started at 203 and ended up 337 (327 after my son was born ) but oh well hindsight is 20/20 cant go back and fix it so I might as well fix it in the present.. I have a 4y/o DS and a 12y/o DD
ECMom... You know if I got here earlier I would of put in a link to the last post ( it is fun for me to do and since I get a bit unfocused I can check back once in a while)I never print the posts up to read later since DH thinks I am a bit addicted already to the site I dont think he would want to see printouts as well.
Tgirl Congrats on keeping sooo focused..I will get that way soon I am sure of it..
Well all I think I typed too much..My fingertips are kinda tired ..And Ds wants to have a friend to play Nintendo with..(Me )
Take Care all Talk soon
Dont know if I mentioned this already but I am now done to 254.5

05-03-2002, 02:14 PM
Hi again!! I know I just posted a couple of hours ago but I wanted everyone to know that I am officially trying the low fat diet. My husband was so excited to hear about it. When he was 16 his family was put on a low fat diet and he said he really liked it. They all lost weight from it. He knew lots of details about it. Like I can eat all the fruit and vegetables I want (just till satisfied not stuffed) and there are lots of products that are low-fat or fat free that I can have. I'm excited now. :D I hope this is the one I can stick too. That's why I loved atkins. You could eat all you wanted of "certain" foods and on low cal you can't. I missed breakfast this morning because of cleaning. Now my house is in order and I feel better about that, I'm always afraid someone will stop by when the house isn't clean. I had a lean pocket for lunch and am planning a nice dinner of pasta (low fat version) baked poatoes, salad, and maybe one other vegetable. Luckily my kids LOVE vegetables so they will like the variety. Then I also have fat free yogurt to have as a snack so I think this is really doable. I want to buy some other fat free things. I have fat free mayo and margerine, so I'm ready to start anyway. :) Ok, I guess I didn't have to give you a detailed account of what I am doing but when I'm excited I just babble.
Sheila I am so glad that you posted. I know what you mean about not wanting to post when you feel down. It's wierd how personalities and moods come across through typing huh? But whenever you feel down feel free to post here. That's what we are here for. To listen to you and just be your friend. Sometimes we just need to vent and that's ok. All of us have done it here and will do it again and you are more than welcome to join :) It's funny how I think of all these ladies as close friends of mine. I thrive on hearing from them everyday, not just to help me lose weight but to just be a friend. And you are included in that. You are a great person and have alot to contribute here, and I always enjoy your posts whether they are short and to the point or long and drawn out with your heart laid out for all of us to draw from. OK, guess I'm getting mushy. I just want you to know that you are needed here and never to feel that you are too much for us or too down to write anything. We are here for you!!!
OK, guess I need to get off. It's really nice having this computer in the kitchen. Bye.

05-03-2002, 04:15 PM
Hi girls....

firstly, welcome to Sam! Glad you have joined us, and look forward to hearing more about your impending arrival. :)

Well, I have been reading the posts, just have not been able to respond. Things are crazy around here and today has been just awful. And I feel terrible because I have not been a very good cyber-friend to you girls lately. But, I'm going to vent a bit right now, even though I really feel like I don't deserve your time or attention.

My eating has been atrocious (still) and my exercise has been non-existent. But, I've been in total denial over it... you know... "oh, I'll ride my bike later" and "oh, just a few cookies won't hurt me". I am totally out of control and need to reel myself in. In fact, I am chomping cookies as I sit here and type! Go ahead, tell me girls... I need a kick in the a__!!!!! You're probably thinking, "What the he__ is this chick's problem??? Put down the cookies, turn off the computer, and peddle that bike!" Trust me, I would not fault anyone for being disgusted with me right now... I am disgusted with myself.

So why am I in this mode??? I could give you every excuse in the book.... I'm busy running around with the kids, I'm working extra hours, trying to keep up with the house, yadda yadda yadaa. They're all just excuses!!!

Today, we were late getting to the doc's for the baby's 18 month check-up because I just had too much going on and couldn't get there in time. Of course, they would not see us, so I had to reschedule for next week. Well, I wanted to just throw myself on the floor right then and there and have a good cry. And the day is not getting any better. Tonight, dh and I have to attend the wake of a very dear friend's father. We had a message from our friend's husband yesterday that her father had died Tuesday night. Dh called our friends last night while I was at work, and it turns out that the father didn't just die, but he shot himself in the chest! I feel so badly for our friend... losing a parent is so difficult, but to lose her father in this way.... I just cannot imagine.

So, I am full of denial and self-pity right now... I'm so sorry to dump this on all of you, but I just needed to get some of it out. Maybe seeing it in print will help wake me up a little. Thank you, girls, for listening.....

05-03-2002, 06:49 PM
Jen~ I'm glad to see you posting. You deserve the right to vent. No doubt. You are as welcome as the rest of us. I'm very sorry to hear about your friends loss. It is tragic. As far as the bad eating. I'm guilty also. But we really just have to get over ourselves and realize what we need to be doing, right? I've been worried `bout ya. I hope you can get sometime to grasp a thought of your own and regroup. BTW, we wait sometimes 4 hours on a doctor who has an "emergency" why must they make us reschedule while we are a few minutes late. Majorly ticks me off!

Spryng~ I'm about 6 hours away from home. Not so sure how many miles. The low fat plan sounds really good. I'm excited for you and that this is something your Dh will be doing also. After your recent scare with him and all. Keep me up to date. I'm v. interested.

Jackie~ Loved the squirrel story. Momma and Daddy have tiny albiono ones running everywere. I'll try and get a picture to post for you. They live on a wildlife reserve. You are a v. special lady BTW. Most would not have gone so far out of their way. :lol: I left the robe at home! Hope he is wearing it!!! I never called him, are you suprized? It's sorda funny, we are v. close. We vacation apart alot so it is a norm. for us. We instant message at night for a few minutes but thats about it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Ginny~ hope you are getting your walk in. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sheila~ Glad to see you posting. I hope you a feeling better. I was sorry to hear you may be allergic to your new furbabies. I hope it subsides. I'm allergic to everything! It is awful. No pets in our home. I always wanted one of those little lap dogs too. Anyhow, you are fortunate to enjoy a hearty salad instead of half of a cheesecake (like me!). Let us know how it all goes.

Sam~ Hope your feeling well and getting plenty of rest.

T-girl~ you have been on my mind. I had to re-register so if you need me, pm me on this nic. Congrat's on staying OP. Was today your weigh in? How'd it go?

Last, I'm doing great. I'm settling in a bit. I've devised myself a new plan. Seeing as I am so close to my goal. I'm not going to count calories anylonger. I'm now cutting all portions in half and increasing my exercise program. I guess if the rest of the #'s don't come off it will be okay. I had a revolation this morning. I'll let you all in on it. I put on a pair of size 14 girls pants today. I believe this is small enough. I consignment shop so I never really pay much mind to the sizes. I sorda hold up items and compare if they will fit. I got home and was showing Momma all of my finds. She fliped over the size 14's. Me too.
I have to get. Kiddies are raring to go!

05-03-2002, 07:33 PM
It's me again :)
Just wanted to let you know that I did very good today. Dinner was delicous! I had an angel hair pasta dish, corn, beans, baked potatoe with fat free margerine, and I even had fat free skim milk to drink!!! That was so good. I can't tell you how long it's been since I drank anything but water. So in all today I've had about 17 grams of fat. I call that a success!!!! I may have a yogurt later but other than that I'm done for today. I think this may be the "ONE". I'm in love :love: with a diet one again. That hasn't happened in a long long time. I really feel confidant this time. 10 more lbs to go and then I'm done!!!!!
How does a 6 hour trip work with two toddlers?? Misty, my in laws are 4 hours away and I hate every second of the drive. You are my hero!! :lol: Actually last time we went wasn't bad at all because we left about 1 hour before their normal nap time so they slept the last 1/2 of the trip which was nice. But on the way home we didn't time it so good. It was 3 long hours of crying and screaming to get out. We are suppose to go back at the end of this month but we haven't decided for sure yet. It's sad that you are allergic to animals. Maybe you too can get something like a turtle or lizard. Not many people are allergic to those reptiles. :) And a size 14 in girls is AMAZING!!!! I can't believe you still don't feel thin enough. What size do you normally wear in women's?? I'm hoping that when I hit my goal weight I'll be in a 6. You are doing so great!!
OK then, guess it's time to go again. Hope everyone has a great night and a fantastic weekend!!

05-04-2002, 02:01 AM
Hey all, just peeping in, and I will weigh tomorrow, Spryng, glad to hear you like the lowfat eating!! Keep it up.. I am tired, my son is teething and now has a low grade fever, been giving him tylenol, looking for tooth to pop out SOON, Thank goodness!! Stayed op, and glad.. well goodnight to all!!


05-04-2002, 11:54 AM
Good morning all!!!
Sorry to hear about your little boy Latisia. My ds is teething to but nobody notices. He is having several come through this time. But my kids have never been fussy with teething. If tylenol doesn't break the fever try infant motrin. That's what my doctor says to use first because it works wonders on fevers.
Well gals, today is day two and I'm ready for anything!! I lost a lb and that felt great! I'm looking forward to counting fat grams and all that. Since as you ladies know, my weakness on any diet is fast food I printed off some of my favorite restaurants nutrition guides. Two copies. I'm putting one in the car and one for home. That way I can just look at the sheet and know if it fits into my eating for that day. It seems like alot of restaurants are including low fat items on their menus now and that makes it easier for me. I really want to go all the way this time.
I hope everyone's weekend is going well. I don't feel like my weekend starts until sunday so today is like every other day to me.
Guess I'll get off here. Have a great OP day!!!

05-04-2002, 04:54 PM
Hey all, just letting you know my progress, I have lost 1.5 pounds this week even though i messed up twice( not too shabby) I was a 22 like I told you all, now I am in an 18 that is loose!! Oh my it has been a long time since that has happened!! I am gonna tae bo, and weight lift today!!!

Jenni, glad to hear from you, we all have our times, and it is good to be able to have someone to tell it to, and let it out( i know....) Lilbit.. thanks, and I will pm you soon, !! spryng, sounds like this is the plan for you!! Hooray!! GOod job, and keep it up! to everyone else , I hope you have a wonderful day!! Talk to you all later today:)


05-05-2002, 02:19 AM

I'm going to try & make this a quick post as I'm pretty tired. I couldn't go to bed 'til I read everyone's posts. It's like going to my mail box to see if there's any interesting mail for me. I'd loved to send the bills back to the sender. :rolleyes: Congratulations goes out to Spryng & Latisia for their success in weightloss this past week! I've only lost a half-pound this week. It's kind of got me down, especially after the week before when I lost a pound p/day for 3 straight days. I'm sure a lot of the weight that I lost was water weight & maybe the excess sludge in my intestines & digestive tract. (Pardon my matter of speech, but I really do think that this is what it was!) I'm trying to stay focused though & lose this once & for all! DD had a unexpected friend over for the afternoon & part of the early evening. She stayed through the dinner hour & unfortunately I didn't have anything too apealing in the house, so we ordered pizza again. I guess I'll have to pedal it off again. Misty: Your size 14 girls jeans was just too much for me to read! :lol: I believe in Jr. sizes it would convert to a size 3 or 5. I agree that you don't have to lose any more wt. & just to maintain w/b a better choice. Oh!, and IM counts as a phone call to your dh in my books. It's sure a lot cheaper that way. Ginny & I were always going to try IM to each other, but I didn't think that I had it available on my computer. I did notice that DH has it on his. All I need to do now is figure out how to use it. Jen: Thanks for popping in & posting. I know exactly how you feel right now. I was in the same mode for about 6 months straight. Isn't your bike a stationary/recumbent bike? If it is- try to have your computer close to the bike so that you can surf the web while on the bike. The time sure flies this way. I ended up staying on for 16 min. longer yesterday because I was so into reading my e-mail & the posts on our thread. Just by what you said, I can tell you are stress eating because you are burning at both ends. Don't ever think that we think you are disgusting. We enjoy hearing from you! Spryng: Glad that the low fat plan is working out for you. I'm also watching my fat grams on the ffl plan & try to stay at no more than 20 grams of fat p/day.
I also am trying to keep my WW points at 25. I guess you could say that I'm on the 3-in-1 plan! Sheila: Thanks for posting & I'm sure glad to see you in better spirits. I sure hope you can work something out with the twin kitties. What a bummer if you have to find them another new home! (Especially since Tyson has warmed up to you.) As for the religion part, I hope I haven't offended you by adding you to my prayer list. If it bothers you, I'll just do a "silent" one for you, okay? ;) And for your homepage: I sure wish I could be as talented as you are when it comes to computers. I'm a slow learner when it comes to this subject. I still haven't found my favorite picture of myself yet & when I do, I'll definitely try to figure out how to post it here. And for the inlaw part, I'm not too sure how "normal" my FIL is. He makes my MIL's life miserable by accusing her of having an affair with his friend. He keeps her up all night by constantly bringing up this subject. He cuts her down to the last notch & she's such a sweet lady & would NEVER cheat on him! We can't figure where his thoughts are coming from. Ever since his prostate cancer, he's been thinking like this. I wonder if it did something to his hormones, kind of like how we get PMS? Who knows what it could be. Well gals, as usual, I've typed way.... more than I expected I would. I'm getting quite nautious due to being so tired. So, goodnight everyone, I'm going to bed! :yawn:

05-05-2002, 03:42 PM
Ok everyone, Imma start it like this, I hope you all are op, and doing well, if so keep it u p!! As far as eating goes, yes I am op. but i havent worked out in 2 days, and if not today it will make 3 but imma do it today, no doubt) I wake up, and go ok today is ... and then before i know it , it is 10 pm, and no workout.. I was really angry about it yesterday. so as soon as I get off, tae bo is gonna be my first destination. I dont know what's up,,well my son is having it hard teething and thanks Spryng, got the motrin today, and will give him some:) i just hope tomorrow will be better for him, it really gets him down:( Sometimes he will eat, he drinks much better than eating (relief),, well imma do this, I have to , my arms feel like jello!!!cant let that happen,,


05-05-2002, 05:24 PM
Hello Girls! I'm begining to enjoy my vacation alittle more... thank goodness. My parents are very difficult people but they are begining to lighten up alittle.
We had a little pool party today, I took the girls to the park and to visit my very fav Auntie. It was nice.

Jackie~ I'm with you. That size about blew my mind. Like I said, I'm going to try and maintain now and tone some flab up. I've had several comments of concern from family and friends since I have been home. I think it is just shock tho. You all know I have done this the healthy way.

T-girl~ don't sweat it, you'll get your motivation back in no time. I'm going thru the teething also. Motrin is a sanity saver! Hope it works as well for you.

Spryng~ hope you are enjoying your Dh's weekend and having some of this beautiful weather.

Well, I have to get a friend and I are going out tonight to celebrate cinco de mayo. Needless to say I won't be staying OP:p. I'm going to enjoy every minute of it too!!!

05-06-2002, 02:04 AM
hey all, and yes, the motrin i s great!! Thanks for the advice!! i am op, did tae bo and weight, then i was tired!! But i am feeling well!! Hope everyone is op!! talk to you later


05-06-2002, 06:10 AM
:lol: I did stay OP. I'm no fun after all!

05-06-2002, 10:02 AM
Good morning!
I am still alive...........and well.........:dizzy: in my usual state of turmoil! Another busy day on tap here........ (now do you see why I can't stand softball season?)
Actually, things have been going well, awfully busy but well.
So I'll count my blessings and stop there.
I wish I had time to respond to each of you and read all the posts- but that will have to wait until tonight. Hope you are all doing well and drinking lots of water!
Have a great day.

Ok, and I did get my walk in this am...........hehehehe

05-06-2002, 10:16 AM
Ok, so I go and leave this post (the earlier one) and a whole bunch of other posts show up........so now I am hopelessly behind!!!!! I promise to read later. As a matter of fact I will print this out.. BTW- Jackie- as I skimmed(super fast) the posts, it was Patricia (losingforgood) who had the bambino.:)

05-06-2002, 01:34 PM
Hey girls.... :)

I am feeling much more balanced today... had a great weekend full of beautiful weather and quality family time. I'm back with the program today... breakfast-on-the-go was a couple of apple-cinnamon rice cakes and some fruit. Just finishing up lunch, a nice caesar salad (fat-free dressing) and a brown rice cake with a bit of peanut butter for protein. Gotta get going on some housework after I put the babe in for a nap, then working an 8-hour shift tonight. Not sure if I'll get any formal exercise time in, but between housework and work, I should be covered.

Misty, I'm glad you're having a nice time on your trip. I also have a difficult mother (dad has gone to difficult-parent heaven ;) ), so I sympathize. But, sounds like you're making the best of it. And way to go on those junior jeans!!!

Spryng, hope you're enjoying the last half of your weekend today. I'm happy you're enjoying your new eating plan. I try to combine low-fat with low-cal... I don't really count fat grams, but just try to choose low-fat whenever possible.

Ginny, thanks for checking in! You sound harried!! Sending you some cyber (((((((HUGS)))))))... hope you can slow down soon and take some time for you.

Jackie, congrats on your half-pound! Hey, a half-pound lost is better than a half-pound gain, right?

Latisia, Spryng gave you some great advice on the Motrin. Motrin works best for fevers and teething pain, since Motrin is an anti-inflamatory... meaning it will help with the swelling caused by teething. For really terrible pain and/or high fevers, you can alternate Motrin and Tylenol, 3 hours apart. So, you could give Motrin at 8am, then Tylenol at 11am, then Motrin again at 2pm, and Tylenol at 5pm, etc. Spacing it that way means there is never less than 6 hours between doses of either Motrin or Tylenol. Does this make sense? This is the advice we give to all our ER patients, but you can check with your doc and I'm sure he/she will confirm. Also, happy to hear you got a workout in... you go, girl.

Sheila, how's the cat situation? Do you think you'll be able to keep them? Not sure if you take any allergy meds already... I know you've said you're asthmatic. You may want to ask your doc about Zyrtec... it is the only prescription antihistamine that covers seasonal allerigies and pet dander. It could be your ticket to keeping those kitties!

Well, hope I didn't miss anyone... time to drag the vac out and get to those floors! Oh, and despite the fact that my post sounds like one big commercial for drugs, I do NOT work for a pharmaceutical company!!! :LOL: Take care girls! Talk soon... :wave:

05-06-2002, 01:39 PM
I just re-read my previous post and thought of something.... Latisia, didn't you mention earlier that you're a nurse?? I realized this after I posted, and that you probably already know all that about the Motrin and Tylenol! Sorry... guess it was sorta like preaching to the choir!!! :lol:

05-06-2002, 03:16 PM
Hey all, how is your Monday coming along?? I am doing well, stayed OP, got my walk in , the motrin did very well, he is afebrile now( i had never had to use it before, he rarely spikes a temp, or had this bad of an affect from teething) we are going to take some pics, he love to do that!!

Jenny, no harm in giving me the advice, I actually lean more towards geriatric,/adult care, so I really appreciate everyone's advice. I did know about the motrin/tylenol schedule, but never had to use it on my son, because tylenol always seemed to nip it in the bud, til the last few day!! As soon as the motrin took effect, he was extra happy, because i know it brought down alot of the pain in his gums quicker than the tylenol!! I just was also so worried, my mind wasnt thinking about that. I thank all you ladies for your wonderful advice, it helps:)

I hope everyone is OP, doing well, and having a blast on this Monday!!


05-06-2002, 03:41 PM
Good afternoon all!!
yes the weather has been wonderful the past two days. Yesterday we went to my parents house and had a water fight with my dad, little sister (15), little brother (2) and my family. It was such a blast. Water guns, water baloons, running screaming, soaking wet!! :lol: I love summer!! :cool: I didn't stay OP very well yesterday but with all the running around I'm sure I worked alot of it off. :) Today I'm doing good so far. I had some fruit for breakfast and no clue what I'm having for lunch yet. Maybe some beans.
I'm glad to see that everyone else has done well this weekend. Misty, how long is your vacation? I'm glad it's getting better for you. And I'm also glad that I was some help with you and Latisia with the motrin. I just learned that this week myself when my kids were running their high fevers. Motrin broke it fast.
Jen, I'm so glad you are feeling better too. Remember that we are here for you no matter how you are feeling and congrats with staying OP. Are those rice cakes fat free?? They sound like a nice snack.
Well, it's almost time for me to lay the kids down for their naps and then either me or my DH has to run to the store for more FOOD!! :) Hopefully we go swimming or some thing later. That will be more exercise!! :lol: Talk to you later!!

05-06-2002, 05:25 PM
Spryng, yes the rice cakes are FAT FREE!!! :D I love them, and so do the kids. The apple cinnamon are only 50 cals each, so when I have a busy morning and don't have time for breakfast, I'll grab 3 and eat them on the go, and that's just a 150cal breakfast, no fat. The brown rice cakes are salted and 70 cals each... they're great for topping with natural peanut butter (not low-fat, I know, but "good" fat + protein) and all-fruit jelly (no fat).

Rice cakes come in all sorts of flavors (even chocolate) and most of them are fat-free. I keep a bag in the car and in my locker at work for when the "hungry horrors" hit.

05-06-2002, 11:43 PM
Thanks Jen for that info on the rice cakes. I'm definitely going to buy some. Where I went today to buy a few groceries didn't have any. Can you believe that?? I'll have to go to walmart or somthing. I've seen them there before. The chocolate ones sound great. :)
I did really good today. I stayed under 10 grams of fat. I had alot of fruit and vegetables though. I feel so good about this diet.
Well, I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. I hope all had a great monday and I look forward to reading your posts tomorrow. G'nite!!

05-07-2002, 12:32 AM
Hey all, I am op, had a pretty eventful day with the glam shot place. I have dry skin, and why did that girl, coat it with powder, and now I am itching.. lol.. Well how whas everyone on this Monday?? I love rice and corn cakes!! I always have some on hand for my munchies,, yummy, and fat free fig newtons!! Glad to hear that you are still doing well SPryng, I knew you would:)Have a good night everyone, and see ya later!!


tae bo tomorrow, hurray!

05-07-2002, 08:31 AM
Good morning!
Well, it sure sounds as though most of you are doing fine. Lots of low fat eating and excercise. I love those chocolate rice cakes too- Quacker makes chocolate chip caramel ones that are deadly. And I think fairly low in calories and fat too. I do not buy them anymore- primarily because they taste too good and I tend to overdo with them.

I am so proud of and happy for you- Jen, Latisia and Spryng, you seem to be doing well with your eating and excercise. (Jackie- I read that you were a loser too!!!) I stay inspired by your posts (thanks!) and even though I am sort of stuck in neutral here I hope to break out of it today. My walk is planned for midday- I have errands to run then and I might as well do it on foot. As soon as I get off of here I am going to do the body sculpting section of my step tape- to tone up all the flab ( which will take forever).
Still super busy here. I am planning a 16th bday party for Dd on 5/18- and we are trying to get this house cleaned up and painted before then. Gotta go! My sleepy head Dd (the 6 yr old) just woke up. Have a great day!

05-07-2002, 12:28 PM
Goodmorning everyone!!
Thanks Ginny for the encouragement. You have alot to do this month huh? You always have alot to do!! :dizzy: You could probably run circles around me. I'm slow at everything I do. My days are never very eventful. I get up about 9:00 am (the kids have been sleeping in lately) clean until about 11:00 am and then that's it. I read, play with the kids, or watch the tube, and on occasion when the weather is nice we all go somewhere. But I am a definite home body. But I like it that way. :)
I'm doing good so far today. I don't have any urge to cheat. I had a banana for breakfast so far and plan on having low fat meals the rest of the day. I can't thank latisia enough for recommending this diet to me. I think it's been a lifesaver because I was about ready to quit dieting all together. I was tired of being hungry all day and counting so many calories. This is perfect for me.
Last night I kidnapped my little sister (15) and little brother (2) and held them for ransom!! :lol: I left a note for my dad to come and get them and a free dinner or else! (my mom works nights so she couldn't come) So he came over and we had a nice dinner and jammed with our guitars. Then my sister and I did some karoake on the computer. Anyway, it turned out to be a great night. All the kids had a blast and so did the adults. Maybe I need to kidnap them more often. Did I tell you guys that I have a new pet?? I brought home a black and white flop eared rabbit. The neighbors behind my parents wanted to get rid of her for free and she came with cage, food, etc. So I took her. She's about a year old and so cute! Her name is Oreo. And it fits her. She's in the house right now. I put her in her cage at night and she runs around in the daytime. She's very friendly. The kids just think she's something.
Well, I guess I need to get some dishes done and then the house is finished for today. I'll be back later.

05-07-2002, 04:52 PM
Hello everyone!! Thanks Ginny, and those caramel chocolate ones are deadly!! they didnt last long here!!

I am doing good, got my tae bo in early, and i have to try to keep it early now, much more affective, Feeling pumped, eating op too!!

Spryng, I am just glad you didnt give up:) Keep up the good work, and your reward will be here before you know it!! That bunny sounds cute, i really want a pet, ( when i return home!!)

Well everyone hope all is well, ttyl!!:)

05-07-2002, 05:52 PM
Hi girls...

I've never tried the caramel choc chip rice cakes... will have to pick them up on my next trip to the store!

Ginny, thanks for the kind words! I hope things are going ok for you and that maybe you can find some time to relax a bit. :)

Spryng, you sound so pumped!!! Keep it up! And congrats on the bunny! I had a golden colored mini-lop named MAxine who would run around the house with our cat and dog. She was a riot! The kids would desperately love a bunny or two, but dh will not allow it. :( It's ok, we have the dogs and cats.

Latisia, sounding good, girl!

I am dragging today... worked til 4:30am, came home for a couple of hours of sleep, and been up with the kids all day. Had to run dd to the dentist this morn, then took the gang to the mall for lunch. Good thing is I've been too tired to eat badly, but also too tired to exercise. But I am way under for my calories so far today, and it's almost dinner time.

I did get to make a way cool purchase at the mall, though. My girlfriend's Mom gave me a larger-than-she-should-have check for my upcoming b-day (she is like a 2nd mother to me). So I decided I would use it to purchase a special piece of jewlery that would remind me of turning 30. Remember the earring I briefly lost at the sock hop a few months ago? Well, the earrings match the diamond anniverasry band from dh, and I used my money to buy the matching diamond tennis bracelet today. :) It is just gorgeous, and very special to me, since I do not own a lot of "good" jewlery. What a nice gift and so fun to splurge on ME for a change!

Well, gotta go start dinner for the crowd... ds has a hockey game tonight, so we eat early. Hope everyone else is well. talk soon... :wave:

05-07-2002, 11:36 PM
Simply amazing that I got back on here this evening! Actually, I had to get on to print out invitations to Dd's bday party, and thought I would stop in and say hello.

Jen- I warned you, those caramel chocolate chip rice cakes are addicting!:) That tennis bracelet sounds wonderful and I am sure that you will really appreciate it if you do not have all that much good jewelry (I have very little also). Enjoy it ! And what a sweet "mom" to give you such a generous gift! I hope that you ended up under calories also.

Latisia- your day sounded really good! You got your Taebo in (WTG) and hopefully ended up on an energetic note.

Spryng- Oreo sounds adorable! Bunnies are so cute and fuzzy- and a whole lot rambuncious than a 1 year old cat (I have one of them!) Sounds like you had a great time with your family too, what a fun and relaxing evening.

My day ended up ok, I guess. (eating sort of fell out again........grrrrrrrrrr) I did get a walk in.:) And thankfully, Dd got a ride home from softball practice, so I did not have to do that run! (but I have to pick her up tomorrow). Youngest Dd was not feeling all that well this evening- it just seems to be allergies to me but she is a bit droopy.
Well, I had better go and work on those invitations! See ya tomorrow!

05-09-2002, 11:27 AM
Well it's confession time :o
Tuesday night I went over my fat grams and it was fast food AGAIN!!! I had a list of every restaurant except one and of course that is what my DH brought home. So I over ate. Yesterday I didn't stick to a low fat diet it was more of a low cal but not that low. I ended at around 1600 or so cals. I'm going to confess something. I know I really liked Low Fat eating. I liked it alot. But to tell you the truth I'm so tired of dieting. I'm tired of eating "certain" things and weighing so often. I hate depriving myself of favorite foods when we go out and thinking about food all day long. So I talked it over with my husband and I think I'm just going to do portion control and exercise. I will use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate when I eat. I will still buy low fat foods and such (I prefer the taste anyway :) ) But I'm not counting calories or fat or weighing in anymore. I'm going to measure success by the way my jeans fit. If they are getting tight I will cut back but if they continue the way they are or get loose then I know I'm doing something right. I will weigh but only once every couple of weeks. I'm putting the scale out of sight. I've been dieting for such a long time (almost a full year non stop) switching diets often and feeling guilty when I go over my daily allowance. So I'm taking a break for a while. maybe in a month or two I will feel like doing it again. But I'm losing hair like crazy and I thought it was my BC pills but someone told me excessive dieting can make that happen. I'm still going to buy a treadmill and today I'm going to start some strength training. So I'm not giving up girls I'm just changing the way I lose weight this time. It will probably be really slow but I'm ok with that. Yesterday I ate what I wanted (including pizza) just to see if I could manage without a "specific" plan and I did good. I even got some exercise in so I feel good about it. Does this sound like I'm giving up? I don't feel I am. I just need a new approach. You know??
Anyway, I guess I'll get off here. I'll check back in later.

05-09-2002, 11:53 AM
Hi everyone!!!

Ginny~ I'm glad to see you posting. I missed you! What is your theme for the birthday party? Hope you can get outa neutral soon!!!

Gemini~ I'm glad you are back posting too! Happy Birtday too! When was/is it?

T-girl~ How are things going? Are you seeing results from the tae bo?

Spryng~ I made the same transition as you. I don't count calories or fat anylonger. I am cutting all portions in half. I still get on the scale. Good luck! Are you still going to post? I hope!

05-09-2002, 11:58 AM
Of course I'm still going to post!! :) I have made great friends here and even if I was going to put on 20 lbs I'd still post. :) I'm not going anywhere, just changing my dieting approach.

05-09-2002, 02:07 PM
:lol: @ myself! I have been really weird lately. I'm not sure why I said that to you Spryng:?:
I sorda felt like I didn't belong here anymore since I'm not dieting anymore.
It's my insecurities. I guess I was wondering how you felt about it all?
What do all of you think?

05-09-2002, 02:30 PM
Misty you will always be welcome here whether you are dieting or not. In fact even if you hit your goal weight you will always be dieting to maintain. It's a never ending process!! :p So in my humble opinion you are greatly appreciated! Please don't quit posting ok??
My day is going well so far. I had a bowl of bran flakes with fat free milk for breakfast. I still feel like I am on a low fat low cal diet. But I didn't measure my cereal or milk nor did I look at the nutrition panel (a hard habit to break) But I know I can do this.
Last night was a doozy for us. We had a massive thunder storm roll through at about 3:00 this morning. My DH got up to check the weather on TV and we were right smack in the middle of a tornado warning!! My DD (2) was really scared and ended up in bed with me, and I was so afraid. We live in a double wide, not the safest place to be when there is a tornado on the ground. But there wasn't anywhere for us to go. So I clutched my kids to me and prayed very hard. I was crying and my DH was pacing and then it blew by. Just like that. Gone. Even the rain and wind stopped. Talk about prayers being answered. I told my DH that if I'm going to be that scared everytime a storm comes through because of the type of house we live in then I'm MOVING. or we need to invest in a storm shelter. But they are so expensive. Needless to say when we all went back to bed my DD came with me and wasn't tired anymore so she spent the rest of the night waking me up by playing with my hair or arms and such. I am so tired today from all that. Nap time is coming up and I think I'm going to steal one too :)
Anyway, they are calling for more storms the next three days. I hope they are mild. Or I'm staying elsewhere.

05-09-2002, 03:44 PM
Hey all, how is your day, I am d oing great, but didnt get to tae bo early!! Gonna do it in a min though!! Misty, I am seeing more results now from the tae bo, I put on those 18 capri pants, and they honestly are tooo baggy. Also i just feel better, I wanted to tell you too, you are welcome here also no matter what you are doing! We love to hear from ya!!

Thaks Ginny for the support, and helpful words, dont know what id do without tae bo!!LOL

Happy Birthday, Jen, I know it feels good to get that jewelery back, Have a nice on!!

Spryng, Well girl, you just have to do what is right for you, and what you feel comfortable with, Just because this (low fat) works for me, doesnt mean it will work for you, or lots of people. I hope you do find the plan that you can stick with, thus leaving the dieting yo-yo!! I know it is hard, I have been there, as alot of others have!! I cant stand counting anything, so I don't. This plan is just programmed with me, but everyone likes/respons to things differntly, I wish you well, !! I really agree with you about the scale, it can set some people for failure, if used too much!! Well ttyl.. Take care everyone, !!


05-09-2002, 03:59 PM
Hi Just so you know I started a new thread 4/8 so I will leave a clickable to the new thread and also quote your posts to the new thread if you dont mind..--------------->NEW THREAD<------------- (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?threadid=16075)