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12-13-2008, 10:07 PM
ive suffered from a very bad virus this week. vomitting, bad cough, back ache etc... and have had nothing to eat the first 2 days but only drinking mineral water. then i started to have fruit salads and fruit cocktails and nothing else... and it has helped which is great.

this was also part of my diet (no crisps, sweets, fizzy juices, frozen junk etc...)

i have noticed I seem to fit into my jeans slightly better. could it be because i havent eaten much because of this virus?

i also seem to be having fajita strips (quorn)... as they contain protein and im lazy to make anything because i am ill.

i then really began to notice i dont have much food! I mean i did alot of shopping but mainly on fruits, vegetables, pasta, sauces.... milk, wholemeal bread, cereal (wheat).... and basically thats it!

12-14-2008, 01:13 AM
Well, if you're not eating, you'll likely lose some weight...but you'll gain it back again when you start eating again, most likely. I wouldn't worry about it for now, just focus on feeling better.

As for the "not having much food"...that IS food! Good food! Add in some lean proteins and you pretty much described my grocery list.

12-14-2008, 08:08 AM
ah cool, thanks!
are quorn pieces ok? they should be....

12-14-2008, 08:15 AM
Quorn products sound good! Just read the nutrition info on the package, see what you're getting in terms of protein, fats, carbs, calories. The main thing is, get enough protein. :)

Feel better soon!

12-14-2008, 09:43 AM

darn i need a girl to look after me :( *sigh*