Weight Loss Support - Hit all time low....how do you get yourself refocused???

05-01-2002, 02:30 PM
Well, I am now going on months of being off track and I can feel myself feeling very guilty, disgusting, ashamed, and embarassed.....I was doing so well.....had almost 19lbs out from under my belt....was feeling good.....wearing clothing I hadnt worn in a long time....friends/family were starting to notice the difference in me.....and BAAAAAMMMMMMM right smack into a brick wall......now gaining back 11lbs of what I had lost!!!

I have had so many things going on in my life....with buying our first home.....and getting things packed and ready to move.....my 16 mo old having surgery.....and now my 6yr old will have surgery on Friday....and all of this has happened in the last month....talk about stress.....and thats when it happens.....I am definately a person who eats mostly for 2 reasons....not always for hunger....9 out of 10 times its out of sheer boredom and stress eating.....and I cant just stop at a few bites...I eat until I am so sick of eating that I feel even more disgusted with myself.....I just don't know what to do....I have lost the entire feeling of wanting to following my ww's points and journaling....like its too much of a chore to figure out pts and write it down and measuring the amounts.....I have no energy to walk or do anything.....I just dont know what else to try.....

If anyone has any ideas of where I can get some help....or any suggestions or ideas from your own personal experiences....please share with me.....I know I need to get back on track...I just dont know how to begin or where to begin.....

Thanks ahead of time.....LisaL

05-01-2002, 06:43 PM
{{{{HUGS}}}} Mom.......just give yourself just a little more time for things to settle down. My suggestions for right now are to remind yourself that you are blessed with a great loving husband and 2 wonderful children. Things are just a little crazy right now, but keep trying to stay on program, and try your best. I don't blame you for not having the time to journal or figuring out which end is up. We all eat for our own reasons, I for one; am also a boredom/stress/emotional eater ...(see? I knew we had alot in common... lol ) so just be patient and kind to yourself, how about a nice relaxing bubble bath. Take a minute and give yourself a manicure/pedicure...or better yet leave the boys with B and go get one!!! You deserve 1 hr of peace and quiet. REMEMBER YOU ARE WORTH IT....and YOUR HAPPINESS MATTERS. tc

05-01-2002, 08:39 PM
Thanks angel.....I was hoping to hear from you....I think I had a much better plan going when the entire group kept each other going....now its dwindled down to most of us lurking and failing OURSELVES.....but maybe in the long run a break is what we all need.....

My mom is taking K for the weekend since J will have his surgery on Friday morning.....then we will be home Saturday.....so that will be a night without K and J I am sure will be pretty mellowed out and tired....so maybe that will be the night I escape to the bathroom for a nice long hot bath and then a night to myself on the computer to play games etc.....

We do have a TON in common.....I think thats why we have managed to stay in touch one way or another....and hope to have you on my support system for some time longer....huge hugs.....LisaL

P.S. Crone...if you read this....I miss ya and hope all is going ok with you....I worry when I dont hear from close friends in our support group......HUGS TO YOU TOO

05-02-2002, 08:52 AM
Well, I think yesterday I truly did hit rock bottom....I was feeling extremely low and feeling very much a failure.....even at dinner time....I felt so guilty that I couldnt even eat my main meal. I had a couple pieces of some fresh bread and my drink and there sat my plate of spaghetti....which I took 2 bites of and scraped the rest into the garbage.....then I shared some 94% fat free popcorn with my youngest for his snack time and had NOTHING else after 8pm.....I think thats the least I have eatten in over a month....so....could this be a new beginning....I am not sure....but I hope so.....but we will see what tomorrow brings when J has his surgery.....and from now on....I am going to try harder at taking one day at a time and not worrying about next week or the week after that.....

I went into chat last night...which I havent done in over a month either....and found out that a few of the girls I used to chat with....were not OP either....they had fallen off the wagon also....so I think I realized more then that I wasnt the only one struggling at this point in time.....that there are many others out there that struggle just like me.....and I wish them all the best of luck!!!

I will post later on to do my journaling of sorts and it allows me to clear my head.....take care all...LisaL

Jordyn.....I got your private message last night and left one back for you.....hope you got it ok......look forward to getting to know you and keeping in touch!!!

Angel....huge hugs to you for always standing behind me.....I truly appreciate the support from you and to know you are struggling just like me at times...only you had that awesome 3.2# loss just when you thought you had failed yourself......TY!!

joshie's mommy
05-02-2002, 07:43 PM
Mom to 2:
{{{hugs}}}to you...

I can relate to everything you're feeling, I'm in the same boat...
I've been out of touch & WAY off track for over a month myself...

First of all...NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

Try not to be so hard on yourself. I'm a stress/boredom eater too...and like you, the past month& a half was high stress with losing my grandfather, refinancing our house, a job interview, etc, etc, etc....I blew it. But I got back on plan, yesterday was day one & today is day 2 & just like they say in AA, ONE DAY AT A TIME... or I guess maybe a more accurate term would be one pound at a time...:p

Anyways I'm thinking of you & hope you're feeling a little better. I hope all goes well with your son's surgery.

05-02-2002, 09:24 PM
Unfortunately we all do this, mostly because we are human. Our focus is lost, there are too many other calls on our time, we put others and their needs ahead of our own, and when we get around to looking at what has happened to us, there we are, 'way off track!

We've all been there, and done that -

The answer of course is to begin again. Think through why you want to get healthy. Is it to please your husband/significant other? Is it so you can fit into that bikini this summer? Is it so that you can be there for your kids as they grow and develop? Is it to prove one and for all that you are in control of your own life?

What ever the reason, and each of us has our very own personal reason, it is necessary that we make a committment to begin again. Right now is the best time to restart. Why wait until tomorrow, or next week, or 2003, or whatever. Just start. Start slowly, but start.

After all, we are all "experienced dieters." We know what to do, it is the "doing" that is tough.

So drink that water, munch those veggies, plan your meals, journal if that is what you do, exercise a bit, and get going again. No one ever said that it was easy, but it is worth every effort.'

05-03-2002, 01:28 AM
Mom: I know all will go well in the surgery tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this). It is hard on you, but as you know, children seem to just bounce right back from these things.

My knees have really given out this time and I'm only supposed to walk gently for exercise, so am having a hard time getting back on track. Too much dulce de leche (it is a flavored milk product, a small bottle of it is 480 calories and 18 grams of fat, not to mention tons of sugar). I've banned it from my menu, but it keeps slipping back since I've worked all this week and also enrolled in school, hoping to jumpstart a new career.

On Sunday, I will start a new plan of some kind.

Mom, you are such a consistent supporter of everyone, you really should start to feel good about yourself and know that it's a foregone conclusion that you will eventually succeed. Enjoy your long bath ... that sounds like a great idea! Take a long, gentle walk afterward ... I believe slow meditative walking is healing to body and spirit.

Good luck.

05-04-2002, 06:55 PM
Hey everyone...thanks so much for your thoughts and for thinking of us thru Jesse's surgery....he came thru ok.....tonsils were so nasty the doctor said they just disintergrated when they touched them.....which makes me even more disgusted with his pediatricians never mentioning the condition of his tonsils.....he had to be on iv fluids all night because of not being able to keep things down from all the drugs etc.....we are now home...which they almost wouldnt let us because he is being very stubborn.....well I cant say that I blame him.....his throat is very sore and he says it hurts to swallow....so he hasnt been cooperating much on the liquids and soft foods.....we just went to the market and got him some yogurts, gatorade, ice cream, and I think thats it.....LOL....he managed to eat part of the yogurt before he thru the rest away and said he ate it.....little stinker....LOL...but he now has to be out of school for a week and on antibiotics and pain relievers.....so hopefully by end of next week he will be feeling more like himself......

I havent the energy to sit and respond to each of you right now.....as he slept all day due to the meds and was up all night.....so was MOMMY.....so I am off to the couch to lay down and watch some movies we just rented and hopefully get some rest....my mom still has Kail which is nice because I can sleep tonight and get some MUCH needed sleep!!!

I promise to reply tomorrow at some point with a more personal response to each of you.....but I right now want to say....THANKS so much for your support and thinking of us thru these times......hugs to you all.......

P.S. Crone and JoshiesMom.....so glad to see you posting and not lurking.....hugs to you both....

Take care....LisaL

05-06-2002, 06:14 PM
Hey come out come out wherever you are......I am getting lonely now girls with all you lurking....I sure dont wanna join a new team of thread posters that I dont know.....wishing you all would come out and post no matter what your eating, doing for exercise ( or in my case, what your not doing for exercise )....this message board used to keep me very well in-line and I was always motivated with all the support I received...but it seems like our group has fizzled out to nearly nothing.....

Guess I will have to join another thread since no one is posting any longer.....just know that I support you no matter what is going on with you....and that I am always a message away.....I wish you all the best of luck....LisaL

05-07-2002, 01:51 AM
I'm ready to de-lurk Lisa. Would love to hear from all the rest of you too!
I've been doing alright-- just not losing! grrr... I don't know why I'm making this so difficult for myself. I know for me, I need to be be exercising *dailly* (one day off) and watching my portions-- being OP 95% of the time. Instead, I've been about 10% and hardly exercising. Why the self-sabotage??

Come on girls! It's spring and at the very least we can be moving more and eating more yummy fruits and veggies.

What's the next holiday? Anyone up for another challenge-- to *really* try and meet some goals?


05-07-2002, 09:33 AM
Emily...Hey girl...glad to hear your wanting to get back into the swing of things....and your thoughts are the same as mine....with spring here and summer around the corner....all the fresh fruits and veggies will be starting to arrive and that is the best part of warm months for me.....I could live off fresh tomatoes in the summer.....

Looks like the next holiday is Memorial Day on May 27th. I am not sure of what sort of challenge title we could come up with but let's think on it for a bit and see if anyone else is up for a mini challenge to try and get ourselves back on track....I think we owe it to ourselves to get back into our routines and get back to becoming "fit as fiddles" ... hmmm....ever heard of fiddlehead ferns that grow in the the summer??? Maybe we could do a challenge called "Fit as Fiddles"......lol....just a thought.....but please for the rest of you LURKERS....lets get moving together.....we helped each other come a long ways before...why not do it again......POST POST POST....NO MORE WATCH WATCH WATCH......

Talk soon...LisaL

05-07-2002, 01:19 PM
Hi Mom. Glad to hear that your son is on the mend....although slowly. Just keep the icecream flowing and he'll come around soon. Maybe try making a milkshake for him.....it'll just slide right on down. You were asking about fiddle ferns???.....they are delicious!!!! But the only way I know to serve them is in fried butter.....DEFINITELY NOT FOR THE WEIGHT CONSCIOUS!!!! lol
We tried this delicacy when we were visiting our good friends who lived along the Atlantic....(Cape Breton Island) and actually, we picked them ourselves in the forest. MMMMM, love those fiddleheads!!! Well, I've been avoiding the topic of my weighin on Saturday,,,,,but truth be known, I only lost a measly 3 ounces. Not a very good weighin to say the least. And actually, it would have been better not to go, as it put me on a bit of a backwards slide. I am now trying to do the damage control and get back on track. Sorry....I just seem to be 'neither here nor there' lately. UGH!!!

05-07-2002, 01:27 PM
Angel....we used to steam them and eat with butter and vinegar.....so I suppose if you steamed them and used the fat free butter spray you would be doing OKIE DOKIE....LOL

HEy....3 ounces isnt much....well its better than putting 3ounces on isnt it??? I would be happy with any loss at this point.....so dont be hard on yourself....its better than gaining girl!!!

I think I really need to get this group going again....we all seemed to have done so darn well when we were posting daily.....do you agree??? So.....LET'S GET OUR ACTS TOGETHER LADIES AND GET BACK TO POSTING...WHETHER IT BE A GOOD DAY OR BAD DAY.....I FOUND THAT NO MATTER WHAT YOU POSTED....IT WAS INSPIRATIONAL, MOTIVATIONAL, AND ALL THAT GOOD STUFF.....So, please please please....lets get back on the wagon together everyone!!!