LA Weight Loss - Can Treating Sleep Apnea Be As Good as a Diet?

12-12-2008, 07:51 PM
Hello everyone,

I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, and have been put on a breathing machine called a CPAP (continuous positive air pressure). I've been reading up a lot on sleep apnea support sites like ********* about how properly treating sleep apnea has resulted in dramatic weight loss for some. Has anyone on the forum experienced this? Could it be as good a diet? Thanks,


12-12-2008, 07:58 PM
When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, my pulmonologist told me that I would probably lose "some" weight without trying, because most patients do. It was right before I had to quit my job because of my other health problems, and my husband and I moved to Wisconsin.

A few months after we moved to Wisconsin, I had my first doctor's appointment and discovered I had somehow "accidentally" lost 20 lbs. Now, was it the CPAP machine, or not working 8-10 hours a day sitting within 15 feet of a vending machine?

I'm not sure, but it was the first time I have ever lost even a single pound without trying to (I didn't even have a scale at the time, and the only difference in my eating habits was that I was able to eat what and when I wanted).

12-13-2008, 12:20 AM
I have sleep apnea and use a cpap.

I think how it works is that when you have sleep apnea you are always fatigued so you are less active and you gain weight also you never go into the REM stage so it sabotages your workout because your body repairs itself in that 3rd stage.

So if you fix the sleep apnea you have more energy to move and burn more calories and your workouts are more benificial.

I don't think that if you just take care of the sleep apnea pounds just melt off at least not much I don't think or thats about what I remember the Sleep Lab Tech and my doc at the VA hospital told me.