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12-09-2008, 03:26 PM
My issue...

I work about 439278973 hrs during the week, due to my hectic manhattan job. Its very hard for me to find time to workout when I am out at 6:30am and get home at bedtime. I currently am sharing a studio with my bf and his bestfriend, so I have no privacy or room to workout in the apt. I cant go walking when I get home or in the am, because well, my neighborhood isnt very safe.....you get the point....right now I just cant do weekday workouts.....ugh

My question is (because I know nothing about exercise), what is the best workout plan for me to do on Sat and sunday that doesnt require a gym? (I go home to my mothers so I can walk/run outside and also do workouts inside) I just need some help on making the best possible exercise plan to take advantage of my time.I really want to workout!!! I just am limited on the days I can.

Thanks much!

12-09-2008, 03:53 PM
What kind of exercise do you like? And what is your goal -- building endurance, burning calories, getting stronger, all of the above?

There are a variety of exercise tapes available that you can do inside. If we know your likes/dislikes, it will help in making any specific recommendations. Walking/jogging outside is a good activity but somewhat weather-dependent.

And another thought -- increasing your weekend activity will help, but there may also be ways to increase your week-day activity too. It may not be a "work out" per se, but there are things you might do to weave exercise into your daily routine. Like taking stairs instead of the elevator, going for a brisk 15 minute walk at lunch time, stretching at your desk, walking to the next closest bus stop in the morning, etc. Do some sit ups and push ups during commercials when watching TV in the evening. All of that helps ... and it counts.

Just a few thoughts .....

12-09-2008, 04:08 PM
thanks for your suggestions!!

My goal is to get back in shape. When I walk up the stairs of the subway i get so winded, its terrible!!! I also would like to incorporate exercise in my routine to burn calories. Trying to lose about 20-25 lbs by Spring.

I would really like to do a cardio workout mixed with some sort of yoga. If anyone have any suggestions on a dvd that incorporates both please let me know:)