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12-07-2008, 06:34 PM
Hello & :welcome2: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

Come join us as we challenge ourselves to lose weight during the holiday season!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

:cofdate:You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke or whatever your drink of choice is, and pull up a chair and join us!:cofdate:

12-07-2008, 06:47 PM
Last few posting from thread #64!

Good Morning!
Susan - I like Zoolights, but its always so cold! We usually go after Christmas, then the lines for the train aren't so long. I want to see the baby , I have to be the only Portlander who hasn't yet. As for knitting - the book Knitting for Dummies is good, I hear. I also used I was taught the basics years ago by my grandmother, then used books and the internet to teach myself the rest. Did you find a place in Astoria?

Mindee - yikes on the brakes..glad you got them fixed. I'm glad you were able to get out for the evening anyway.

Francie - yay for the smaller size! Pictures! We want pictures!

Jules and Sassy - hope you two feel better soon...sick is no fun, that's for sure.

Cristina and Jules - thanks for adding me to facebook...the more the merrier

Hi To everyone else!

The robotics tournament went well for the boys - they took home a first place trophy for their project which just stunned the parents. We didn't think they had that great of a project, but they really pulled it together. I stayed for the morning then went to my knitting group. I met back up for pizza afterward to celebrate. I went through the salad bar twice and had a glass of wine. Kept my face out of the pizza - woo hoo. Predictably, I woke up at 2:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. Guess I really can't drink anymore, at least not if I want a good night's sleep. Waaah! Today is church and not much else. L is sick so we are hunkering down and just resting today, for her to get better and for J to recover from yesterday, which had him running all day.

Have a great day, everyone


Hello, and a good Sunday to all!

SUSAN...made me laugh, a goat?! And eeewww to Gaby and the gum, lol. Cambrie is going thru a phase, or we hope it's a phase where she keeps putting stuff, anything in her mouth. Josh said she had candy in her mouth and he asked where she got it she said off the floor. She keeps eating her buggers too, lol! Love those ages, too freakin cute! Bet your hair looks pretty! And we will miss you, no posting for 6 days.

FRANCIE...I don't think your tree looked ghetto, I liked it! And the blue lights around the door. I put blue lights on the mantle this year. I love to add some somewhere in the house, on the outside though, I think they are hideous, lol. Love that Fonzo's sweatshirt was glowing, lol!

Well, just thought I would check in while I had a few minutes. Josh got everything wrong, time, place, blah for Cambrie & Chase's program at church so I called last night to make sure. He thought it was at 7 p.m. and at the church where Cambrie goes to preschool...that's hers Tuesday evening. This one is during service today so we have to leave about 10:15 to get least I get to go to church, lol. Haven't been in so long because I don't care to go by myself.

So up early to get a couple of things done before we leave in case we get back too late to do it before the open house. I did my slim & thin dvd once and then did half of it for 45 minutes of exercise so far. Headed to the park for a good long walk later. It is supposed to be 54 today so that is great walking weather.

I am kind of excited about WI tomorrow. I weighed Monday at 182.4, Thursday at 182 so hoping I at least am still at that tomorrow. We'll see. Looking forward to the new changes with WW too, so the meeting may be a little longer tomorrow.

Better get going.

Have a GREAT Sunday!

P.S. Hiya KATY...glad to hear the boys won! Bet they were excited! And kudos to you for staying away from the pizza! That would have been hard for me. Hope little L gets to feeling better.


Happy Sunday Ladies.

Cristina - Have fun at the Christmas program today. Wow, you are my hero with managing to get all your excercise in, stay on track with your eating, and you are actually very close to reaching your goal. I hope that your open house went well, and you are able to get into your wallpaper house soon.

Katy -Congratulations to the boys. What sort of project did they make? I hope that you have a relaxing day, and hope L feels better soon. It is no fun when they are sick. We will try and spend today doing all of Cole's homework from last week. Good thing we had a relaxing day yesterday.

Susan - That is to funny - Goat? Sheep? I guess you better post us the picture so that we know which one it is. We will miss you while you are away working. I am glad that the coworker is better. But remember, we have your back. I will keep sending out the vibes to her that she better be nice to our sister! Give the girls a hug for me.

Francie - WTG on the smaller size. That always makes one feel a little better.
How many cats do you have? Do you have your pictures on facebook or myspace? Do you get along with your BIL?

Jules - WTG on the loss. Sorry that you haven't been feeling well though. Little Dominic walks already? Roxy doesn't walk yet, but she is starting to talk and it is pretty funny. This mornings word is Thankyou, and Meow. She keeps chasing the cat around and saying meow. When is Dominic's birthday?

Sassy - how are you feeling? I am going to learn how to post those cute pictures that you always find. But for now Cole has to pick from the smiles list, and this is what he sends you today. Did you manage to get any shopping done this weekend? I am going to go shopping this week and try to get it all done.

Mindee - I hope that you had a good time at the party. Glad that Tommy got the brakes fixed. Sorry to hear that your little ones are not feeling well also. There is alot of colds and sickness going around right now.

Tammy - Hello out there, how are you doing?

Well, my MIL called me yesterday and asked me if she could come for Christmas. Of course I said NO - JK I told her yes it was no problem. So she is going to book her flight for the 21st. Now however, my DH figures that the house needs to be just perfect so I will have the next few weeks to get it perfect. I try to tell him that every closet and drawer does not need to be perfect. I think that for today, we are stuck at home. We had lots of freezing rain that turned to snow, so it is very slick around here. No reason to go out anywhere. It will give me a good jumpstart on all my closets and drawers. Men.

BBL - Hope everyone enjoys their day.


Susan~Aww..taking pics with a cute goat is always fun!!!

Katy~I'll have pics after the Christmas Party on thursday night, or friday. Thats great that the boys took first!!!!! Yay for not eating the pizza. Wish I could do that. We found this totally great pizza place here and its hard to resist it, lol.

Cristina~Well, there are some braches missing (cuz last year the cats just had to sit in the tree, lol). And its all tilted funny, (April kept knocking it over last year, lol). But I guess its just loved, lol. I love the blue lights..they're just so pretty. We got blue icicle lights for the outside too. It looks sooooooooo pretty. If you have stairs, you could always add some more lights there. OR put them up around the door!! That would be really pretty. Oh ya..that sweatshirt is like a reflector or something. The pants are like that too, lol. But I'm wearing his sweat pants so ya, lol. (Size medium!! OoO0)

Kathy~I have 4 cats, lol. And I have pics of them on my myspace. I do get along with my BIL (I have 2 BILs and 2 SIL..dont really get along with one of my SIL though). I havent seen him since he was a little bit younger though. He's like 18 now. I think I last saw him when he was 16. They grew up so effin fast, lol.

I should go..Fonzo is dancing all weird, LOL!!!


Francie--Happy better go dance weird with Fonzo...Ry says his cat Hobbs broke the first "unbreakable" ornament of the season....

Susan--I am still over 200 so I can come sit on your snickering coworker and you can point and laugh....yuck on the moving again...

Kathy--Dominic will be 1 on January 4th..both my kids walked early and he has it mastered at 11 months. It's too cute to watch him "dance"...he is so fun. I have to post more pics. When does/did Roxy turn 1???

Cristina--I truly don't know what I did....I am eating less--no appetite and what I do eat I can't taste cause I am so stuffy. hope you keep going down. I have lost 14.5 lbs total since I started WW 12 weeks ago. I am trying to get in my water and I really need to exercise, but it's hard with having Dominic so much. Even with Teri and Jerry here I do most of the taking care of.

Katy--I really think Teri and I are just passing it back and forth...I am starting to feel 7-10 days will be up Monday, but Teri has it again..Yay for the boys..

Mindee--glad you had fun at the party--I will have to check out your pics...I don't know how you do everything you do with all three kids...I forgot how much work it is having a little one around.....

Sassy--hope you are feeling better...waiting for Teri to do something for me and I will have your package sent!!

Well I am on a decluttering bug again...finished my kitchen cabinets/laundry & pantry today. I want to do more but I am trying to do a little at a time and not get overwhelmed and quit. Dominic will be at his house Monday & Tuesday with his Mom so I will hit two more sections then. He's back on Wednesday nights since Teri does the night closing of the store. I dread doing Ry's old room so I will tackle it last--I will take a section at a time and not do it all at once. Teri helped me do her room--there are still some things she doesn't want to give up or take with her.

Well off to get this boy down for his afternoon nap--he wants me not his Mom and she isn't trying very hard...

12-07-2008, 07:43 PM
Susan--you put up the best pics!!! Love the little mermaids with attitude!!

12-07-2008, 08:14 PM
Hello ladies :wave:

SUSAN...thank you for starting the new thread! :thanks: And I too love the little mermaid girls, so cute! Too cute about Rach and ya know, I have no idea what it is with the buggers, lol!! I am impressed with your 14.5 pounds lost! That is awesome lady! :bravo:

KATHY...oh, I wish I was close to goal...guess I am kinda close to my 10 pound goal. Was going to change that to my WW 10% goal which will be 18 pounds...shoot, that will almost be to my ultimate goal which is 155-160. Of course that's not really my ultimate goal, it was a number I thought I would be comfortable at so it might change once I get there. Men...when they get something in their heads!

FRANCIE...well. missing branches or not your tree is pretty, as is the lights. And :yay: to a size med!!!

HI to everyone else :wave:

The kids were so cute in the program but we didn't get good pics because we sat in the middle on the side by Josh & Char...should've moved like I was wanting to. I really enjoyed Church today though! Thinking I should just start going by myself.

I don't know who held this open house but when I talk with our agent we plan on mentioning that someone took V's Eternity cologne and sprayed it thru the house. Okay, not thru it, but in our bath, on one side of the room and then in the living room, so weird. It's funny because Ernie dog when we opened the door to come in he smelled the smell and took off up the stairs barking thinking someone was here. He went crazy running thru the house, something he's not done before. Really makes me want to not have another one unless our realtor does it. Will find out later how it went.

Other than that, not much going on. Just wanted to stop by and say HI :wave:

12-07-2008, 08:15 PM
I just realized Jules how close you are to your Christmas goal...YGG! :cheer: :cheer:

12-07-2008, 08:43 PM
Hello Ladies!!

Back to work tomorrow :(. I've been off all week (usually take the same week off every year) and got a ton accomplished. All the decorating is done. I've wrapped 90% of the gifts. Alll I need to do is my Christmas cards, some baking and the usual grocery shopping and meal planning. I have a few small gifts to pick up and we need to decide on a printer for one daughter and a TV for the other daughter. We went outlet shopping near where Jules lives and made out like bandits. Some stores had bargains like 40% off and then another 30-40% off again. I got dd a $56 sweater for $19 and a $69 lightweight jacket from Tommy H for $17. Pfaltzgraff is closing their stores and had everything 70% off. Needless to say, the car was loaded down by the time we left.

My MIL is coming up from NC for Christmas. It's her first time alone for the holidays. FIL died this past summer. They were married almost 60 yr. DH is not so thrilled about driving 5 hr to pick her up and return her but I can't see her spending the holidays alone. I'm sched to work both the Christmas eve and day and he's dying with the thought of watching TV Land reruns for two solid days ;) Oh, the sacifices we make :dizzy:

Well I gotta go iron some uniforms for work, put laundry away and settle down to watch a Hallmark movie tonight. Have to tape Bro & Sis and the new show Leverage tonight.

Oh oh.....Cristina....You're welcome :hug: Glad you liked your present. I had a friend who visited from the South and the first thing she wanted was a steamed crab. I love to get ornaments from different states. My tree is a mix of a little of everything. I even have ornaments from places that I've cruised. DS is going on a late honeymoon to Disney on the 14th and I'll have to ask him to bring me back an ornament.

Francie: Got a little snow but nothing to brag or complain about! I'd love to see your myspace pics. PM me your link.

Take care ladies!!

12-07-2008, 10:00 PM

Susan - you lucky woman. I won't share my MIL with you. You know, I have been trying for 20 years to get along with her, and after this long, it probably just won't ever happen. My DH says it is because I am really good at tuning her out as she is lecturing me about 1 thing or another. - Although I am in her good books kindof right now as I am helping DS look at colleges, and lining up people for him to talk to that are in the field that he is wanting to go into.

Tammy - I am sorry about the loss of your FIL. Do you get along with your MIL? How old are your daughters? WTG on the great bargains that you found.

Cristina - Too strange about the cologne. I hope that it went very well and you don't have to have another one. Glad that the Christmas program went well. I love the Christmas programs. I really missed them for a few years, as it seems after grade 8, schools here don't do them anymore. Glad that we now have a few more to look foreward to.

Jules - Looks like you are using the flylady decluttering plan. Now that I have lots of time (after tomorrow) I am going to be using her plan also to get everything MIL ready. Or actually DH ready. Roxy turned 1 October 21. Hard to believe how fast the time actually flew by. Somedays it seems that I do most of the chasing while her parents seem to have a nice relaxing evening.

Francie - Is myspace about the same to navigate and set up as facebook?

Well I must run and go referee the fight that is going on between my children. DD set up the Christmas tree, and Cole wants to put his candy canes on it that we bought. She is screaming at him that the candy canes don't match with her color scheme on the tree, and they will make it look ugly. He of course is screaming that they are his and I told him that we could put them on... which of course I did. Men.....and Kids.


12-07-2008, 10:02 PM
Susan~What cute little mermaids!!!! I'm gonna have to snag that one, lol.

Jules~What a bad kitty!!!! I hope mine dont break any this year. And by saying that, I probably just jinxed it, lol. WTG on decluttering!!!!

Cristina~Thanks. Fonzo just said that he thinks our tree looks prettier this year, lol. I think its cuz of the blue bulbs. I cant believe someone sprayed colonge everywhere. Geez..people shouldnt be touching your things. It's called respect. You could always put up signs around that say do not touch!!

Tammy~Thats nice that your MIL is coming for Christmas. Being with family makes it all the merrier. Here's my link: We got some flurries here (hehe, I like that word). My friend said it snowed big time up in Lancaster!!

Kathy~Umm..Facebook is rather different than Myspace. Its pretty easy to set up though. At least I think it is, lol.

12-08-2008, 05:25 AM
Morning All. :coffee:

Well another fun-filled week at work! :woohoo: lol. At least I get to leave early Thursday AM (DH's BDAY!) Then I'm off next Sunday (the 14th) too! :carrot: I think that there will be a pretty good turn out to DH's Bday party on Saturday (13th), so I think he'll be pleased. :)

Kathy -- Please thank Cole for me for the cute smilies. To post the ones I do, if you go to the site I posted, there are two codes listed, HTML and the other for forums, the 2nd one is the one you want for in here. Just copy and paste it into a reply and VOLA! there you be! ;)

To Everybody -- TY you all for your get well wishes. :) I do feel better and I am so thankful too!


12-08-2008, 11:23 AM
Good Morning -

I wanna go home now! These R's are being brats and Gaby has come down w/ a stuffy nose. I also need to get home and have my skin read where they did the 2nd TB test and get Gaby's after care paid for this week......*wah, it is always some *amn thing. lol

I feel fat too and haven't weighed in daaaaaays, I really need to get back on track.

Which reminds me....

Jules - You are doing awesome during the holidays! I am impressed and a tad jealous. lol Is Ry home? You are a good mom for helping in the babysitting dept. I need to ask my mom to help during the Christmas break w/ Gaby, she kind of doesn't *do* that....she is busy feeding her cats and plucking their fleas w/ tweezers and

Cristina- What the heck? I would never go inside someones home and spray cologne. If I did I would at least open a window and air out. lol Ick. btw- I need your address again, I don't know where it is.....ugh.

Francie - One year my cat climbed up the tree to sit, so cute. I could have killed him though. You can find that mermaid one under *little girls* in photobucket, couple pages in. I usually look up pictures under that title.....and feel like a perv doing it. lol -jk

Kathy - Your family sounds like mine , if there is something to argue about they will. haha What are your plans today?

Tammy - Ugh, I did think it would be cute to send an ornament from Oregon, I didn't thinking you might open it after Christmas. Maybe we can do that next year when we draw names?

Katy- I did see the baby elephant but it was just his little butt and tail, so cute. Mom andhim were eating and had their backs to the crowd. I like the idea of going after the 25th, we didn't even get to the train, the line was so long.

Sassy -I am glad you are feeling better! Yay, to going back to work! lol

Sue & Mindee- Where are you ladies????

I guess I better go get a shower and get my butt in gear. I didn't sleep at all, I am going to be so cranky today.

12-08-2008, 11:48 AM
'Morning, ladies...

Feeling a little icky. I am sleepy for some reason and my back is out, but it's not as bad as sometimes. Of course I didn't help it at all. It was out a little Sat and sunday a little better. But I had to go and pick of Cambrie...she always wants Nana to hold her so I couldn't resist, even knowing my back was being stupid. But it is not so bad that I can't do anything so that is the good out of this. I will walk some on the treadmill will be a very, very slow walk but a walk nonetheless. I have found that the more I sit on my arse when it is out the worse it gets...moving around really does help. But anyway, I was up early because V had a guy coming over to blow the sprinklers and all the guy said was Monday, lol. So I may go lay back down, too sleepy. know, I am glad I hid the toothbrushes, lol. For some reason at the last minute I did. I am a little anal about total strangers going thru the house. When it's a showing the realtor's usually stay with the people and walk thru the house with them, but with an open house, or the ones I have been too they don't. So if you get a crowd of people who knows what who is doing. I would never dream of messing with someones stuff though. The hubby also thought that maybe someone brought their dog since Ernie (our dog) was going crazy with the barking and sniffing. Surely not though...who knows. Anyway...Fonzo is right, lol.

TAMMY...wtg on your shopping spree! I too like to get ornaments from different places. My tree is a mixture of ornaments people gave me, people made me, including ones the kids made when they were little, ones I made when the kids were little among other things. I think about the only new ornament(s) are the angels that I buy from Hallmark every year. I didn't start when they first came out so I don't have all of them...but every year there is a new Mary's Angel in her series and I always get it. I think I would have the MIL visit's always sad to me when someone is alone for Christmas, or any holiday. What Hallmark movie did you watch? There was one coming up an dI bet I already missed it...can't remember the name of it but it was with, oh shoot, forgot her name, think her last name was Cameron, well, before she married.

KATHY...hoping we don't have to have another open house either. I've not ever had anything like that happen. Don't know why someone would mess with someone else's stuff. I think programs are like field trips...when the kids were little they always had them, both and I noticed the older they got they quit. The program yesterday was nice was all the kids. They had four kids tell the story, in between the others on the other side sang the songs and then pre-teens lit the candles and the little guys were angels, three wise men, etc...too cute for sure! Can't believe that Rosy is one already! For some reason I was thinking her and Dominic were born around the same time.

SASSY...hoping you guys have a GREAT turn out for your hubby's BD!

HIYA to everyone else :wave:

Well, I messed up big time! Well, maybe not big time. I weighed in at 182...could have been worse. I went over my points and had pizza and bread sticks. I knew I didn't have the points for it and didn't care. And the day before WI :yikes: Really need to work on that, and work harder next week. Not saying that that is not a good loss, because it is...and I am happy about it. Just the first week I usually lose just a little more, at least 3 pounds. But close enough's to next WI! Oh, I count my WI at home because I found out last week, there was no difference in my scale and WW. I was a little surprised...I weighed first thing in the morning and of course weigh in at WW is in the evening after two meals, lots of water and with my clothes on. But I weighed before I left dressed without my shoes and it was the same at WW...even said something to the leader about it. Glad to know that my $40 scales are the same as their expensive WW scales.

Okay, before I start yaking again I will say adios amigos!

Have a MERRY MONDAY! :clause:

12-08-2008, 11:54 AM
HIYA snuck in there. You crack me up! I forgot you were still in Portland. Have a safe trip home. Hope Gaby isn't getting sick, hugs to her :hug: I will send you my address again, but only one more time :lol: Sounds like you have a busy day today. Have a good one! :hug:

12-08-2008, 12:26 PM
Cristina - I am pretty funny, huh? lol

You should be careful w/ your back! I would refuse to weigh in the middle of the day w/ my clothes on,,,ALWAYS in the morning , nude :yikes:...and no wire hangers!

Ugh, put me out of my misery. I have hip pain from pms and I drank a large coffee from Starbucks, BIG mistake because I am way too tired to have a surge in energy.

anyway - thanks for the adress again! Remember when you sent me an adress book?? I lost that. I am just not someone who can be organized, it is just like totally beyond my grasp. I mean I gave birth to 5 children and 2 have been lost for years. hahaha.....

k- shower time!

12-08-2008, 12:30 PM
Susan~LMAO!!!! Omg, thats too funny!!!! So far, none of the cats have tried sitting in the tree..but who knows what they do when we're not in the room, lol. No more wire HANGERS!!!!!

Cristina~What would they have done to the toothbrushes?? LOL!!! N/m, I really dont wanna know, lol. Next time, you should pretend you're one of the people looking, just so you can watch what the weirdos do, lol. Why would someone bring their dog? LoL!!! People are strange, lol. Sorry you're feeling icky!!

Okay, well..nothing much is up with me. I have a massive headache right now!!!!! I just woke up, but I think I might go lay down. Its just blinding me right now. I keep having these headaches too. It could be a tumor (ya, my mind goes straight there) or I just need some new glasses.

Anyways..I'm gonna go lay down and pray Fonzo comes home for lunch today.

12-08-2008, 12:38 PM
Thanks for the Anniversary card Cristina!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-08-2008, 03:29 PM
did you all miss me?

we have been so busy that I have just had the hubby shut the computer down after he was done and I would go to bed. right now, however, I am waiting for some dryers to open up in the laundry room, so I can dry our clothes! I really wish I would have done it last night, but then I wouldn't have been able to chat with our office manager and our friend that works here. the office managers dog passed away on Saturday, so I took her back her little figurine that she let the boys play with over the summer. and then our friend left to go take his wife to the hospital.....she is due for an induction tomorrow, but honestly, they should have sent her there last week. last Tuesday, at her doctor's appointment, she was already 5cm and they sent her home!

I hate to say it, but I have gotten the baby bug! shhhhhh don't tell Tommy!

we did end up going to our party on Friday night, but we didn't do any shopping. our friends who offered to baby sit let us borrow their truck to go to the party, which was really nice of them! then we came home, and Tommy had to go to bed since he had to work on Saturday. We got home after midnight, and the fricken snow removal company that this complex hired, showed up at 1am to clean up the snow! Saturday was a day of pretty much sleeping around here. I got every body up and told Brandon that he had to get into the bath tub so that he was clean for his friend Zach's birthday party at the bowling alley. He kept telling me no, so I asked him why he didn't want to go, and he told me "no, I'm sick." I said "well, if you are sick, then we need to give you some medicine." To my surprise, he didn't fight me one bit, so I knew that he must be sick. I gave all three of them medicine and all of them took a nap.....including Tommy! I got him up at about 3:30, and we hung out for a little bit, and then we heard a knock on the boys room and a little voice that said "let me out." the kids had chicken noodle soup for dinner, and me and Tommy had pizza and bread sticks. they are still coughing, at least Marissa and Brandon are.....Logan is just his normal loopy self.

12-08-2008, 04:08 PM
SUSAN...too funny! That quote and Frankly my dear i don't give a damn are my two favorite quotes ever! Lol Cracking me up! are welcome, sorry it was late. Yeah, I don't want to know what any one would do with the toothbrushes but someone told me once to never leave them out when you have a big party or an Open house, lmao. Maybe you are preggos? I always got the headaches, not that bad though.

MINDEE...was wondering where you were off to missy. Figured you were off baking some goodies for the fam.

Okay, better get going...have a few things to get done before heading out to WW later. I think I mentioned they are giving out the info on the updates on the plan tonight or I wouldn't bother going with my back like it is. And tonight I have to turn in early...starting tomorrow I am/will be Cambrie's daycare provider. And maybe another child too...Charlottes friend is wanting me to watch her 3-year-old in January. I told them I would think about it but then decided I would as long as she is potty trained...I am not wiping no one's butt! Lol Those days are over for me. Anyway, chat tomorrow.

12-08-2008, 04:16 PM
Mindee~I have the baby bug too, lol. BIG time!!

Cristina~Omg, I just totally remembered going to this party once at my friend's parents hosues. And my friend had just gone down throwing up..and she used someone's toothbrusher!!! I thought it was totally weird, lol. Ewww!!! Did you know that you're supposed to keep your toothbrush like really really really far from the toilet? LoL!! I dont think I'm pregnant. I just finished TOM. Well no..TOM was supposed to be finished on friday, but its still around..and its very very very light. I hate it!!!

12-08-2008, 04:24 PM
just thought I would pop back in quickly......

I took my measurements on the 5th, and I just now got a chance to sit down and compute them since I first took them on August 4, 2007.

so here are my updated measurements:

My measurements for August 4, 2007:

Neck~ 15"
Bicep~ 15"
Arm~ 10.5"
Chest~ 45.75"
Waist~ 46"
Hips~ 55"
Thigh~ 27"
Calf~ 16"

And here are my measurements for December 5, 2008:

Neck~ 14.25"
Bicep~ 15"
Arm~ 10.5"
Chest~ 42"
Waist~ 40.25"
Hips~ 39"
Thigh~ 24"
Calf~ 15.25"

So, I decided to compare them to see what my progress is at this stage in the game, and here are my findings!

Neck~ minus 0.75"
Bicep~ same
Arm~ same
Chest~ minus 3.75"
Waist~ minus 5.75"
Hips~ minus 16" (yippee!!!!!)
Thigh~ minus 3"
Calf~ minus 0.75"

I am so very pleased right now! and I think I either heard or read somewhere that once your waist measurement gets under 38 (I think) inches, then you are no longer considered obese or maybe it is over weight.

Cristina~ I actually didn't so any baking over the weekend. I am however in charge of figuring out what is for dinner, but I am not sure what sounds good. Tommy was thinking cowboy spaghetti, but now I am thinking taco salad.

Francie~ I can get it all I want, BUT since I got fixed, there is nothing that can be done to make a baby. (well, actually there is the one in a million type chance at getting one) although, if I tell Tommy that I have baby fever, he will probably just roll his eyes at me!

12-08-2008, 08:02 PM
I would love to have another baby, don't tell Tommy. *sigh...I am joking. I don't know what is wrong with me besides going without sleep for 48 hours. I am soooooo looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.

Ya, we missed you Mindee! Glad to see you back posting.

Cristina - you are so good on your card sending, you put us all to shame. Crossing fingers you have a good night @ WW!

Franice - I made it home and Momo was so happy to see me, he didn't even make a dash for the door, he actually hung around to socialize.

anyway- I am fat. I will get on the scale tomorrow and you will all hear a bloody :yikes: scream from the NW region of America. If it doesn't go over 150 I will be surprised.

Made it to the skin reading, paid for this week of day care and now I need to go and get Gab some chicken noodle soup, do a load of laundry and into bed we go. I thought I had orientation tomorrow but it is just the 8 to 4:30 shift, which is fine.....I can wear my scrubs and hide my fat. lol

k- adios from me.

12-08-2008, 11:00 PM
Hello Everyone

Mark really wants another baby. Shh don't tell Mindee or SuzyQ. I pointed out the obvious fact that there actually is a baby living in this house and he says its not the same.

SuzyQ- get tucked into bed with Gaby and get a good night sleep. OK for the next week, it is Oatmeal for breakfast, and salads for lunch and supper for us. Then we will weigh in together on Monday.

Mindee way to go on the inches lost. Its good to see that hard work does pay off.

Francie - Make sure you always hide your toothbrushes if you have a party.

Cristina - Well looks like you found a great job after all. Isn't that so cute that she wants to be cuddled by you. Oh I was going to tell you that at least she doesn't have a 17 year old brother because instead of eating her buggers, she would be chasing everyone around the house trying to wipe the buggers on everyone.

Sassy - I am sending you some good vibes to help you make it through your long week. Is your coworker back to work? Hopefully she is fully recovered so that the illness doesn't get passed on to you.

Jules - How did your day go today?

Tammy - How did your day go at work? Always hard to go back after a week off.

Sue - How are you feeling? Hope your day went well.

Well I am off to read a story and get someone off to bed. Hope everyone has a great evening

12-09-2008, 12:40 AM
Well sorry ladies..but all of you already have kids, lol. I need to be the next one to have a baby!!! LOL!!! I'm very activily trying to have one, lol. Hopefully 2009 will be our year!!!

12-09-2008, 12:55 AM
Well Francie - I am sending you Good baby vibes to you.

12-09-2008, 02:11 AM
Thanks hun!!!

12-09-2008, 10:24 AM
Francie - sending out the "make a baby" vibes.....I know its such a hardship, but it means lots of sex..hee hee

Mindee - wow - wtg on your inches're doing great!

Kathy--mo' babies? I get baby cravings now and seems like all moms do at some point.

Susan- I've been eating poorly this week...we'll get back on track together, ok? Once you get back to work and all that walking, it'll burn right off!

Cristina - Well, that should be a fun job. I like taking care of kids..but I'm with you on wiping butts, those days are over for me, too.

Leigh is going to stay home again today. Her asthma has been really bad over the last few days. I started her on prednisone yesterday, so she should be feeling better today. Yesterday she was pale and tired all day and had yucky circles under her eyes, aack I just feel so bad for her when she's sick. We did get the tree decorated, and today we'll make some homemade soap and run a few errands, so we won't go too stir crazy. I ate crap all day yesterday and it shows on the scale..time to get back on track.

Have a great day, everyone!

12-09-2008, 11:03 AM
Good morning all...

Up early this morning, ugh. Going to take some getting used to getting up early again. Over the summer months DD and I would get up at 5:30 and go walk but it's been quite awhile since I did that. Anyway, for now, I decided I would pick Cambrie up in the morning so it would easier for J & C. And Charlotte would pick her up after work...just seems easier for me. And it is only Tues & Thurs that she will do this. M, W, & F Cambrie goes to preschool half day so I will take her and then Char will pick her up from there. It will just have to work until we get moved closer. Just glad that the electric co finally got their act together and Josh is finally going to work! He's been actively looking and had a job but was laid off about three weeks later. So hoping this one lasts a long, long time and he likes it!

FRANCIE...good wishes on getting pregnant! Hoping 2009 is the year! :hug:

MINDEE...good job on your stats! You are doing great, keep up the good work missy! :carrot:

KATHY...I agree, it is the best job ever! Picturing the chasing and trying to put boogers on the others, too funny, lol! Apparently a few of us have the baby bug! I have been wanting another for years, but it's a little late now.

SUSAN...I am a slacker, or have been with the card sending. I always sent cards early to everyone and now I always seem to forget unless I make notes to myself. I try to to make a list of BD's and other special events when I make a run to I said...slacker, lol. And you are NOT fat!

SUE...hoping all is well with you. Did your mom get off to sunny Florida. Right now I wish I was there...we have some of the four letter word stuff, ick! Just so glad it waited until I went and picked Cambrie up this morning at 6. First they said up to 3 inches but then it changed to a trace-1 inch.

TAMMY...hoping work went well.

JULES...are you doing the monthly thing with WW? I was a little clueless and left early last week so kinda missed that part. I am going to sign up for it the next meeting though...didn't realize that you could get the eTools with it and I would get to skip the line to pay and just go to the WI line...would make it so much easier.

ASIA, SASSY & KATY...hoping all is well with you ladies too!

Well, not a lot planned today. I am sure Miss Cambrie is going to keep me quite busy. But I am going to try and exercise in a few minutes. She loves to exercise with Nana, need to do it before Dora come on...she loves Dora & Diego. Right now she has the teddy bears lined up on the fireplace and reading to them...had to take a picture, too cute. Anywho...will check back later.


12-09-2008, 11:49 AM
Hola all.

Yippee another night down. 1.5 to go. (Leaving Early Thursday AM) I haven't really been in a very good mood lately, :kickcan:I dunno why just everybody is getting on my nerves lately! :club:

Anywho, DH started 3rd shift lastnight. He likes it, he was actually busy as they had some things going on.

Thanks all, I think DH should have a good turn out for his BD another person replied stating that he may stop by too. :)

Kathy -- Thanks luckily it won't be as long as normal as I am leaving early Thursday AM (DH's bday). He was supposed to be off but now he isn't but I am still leaving early since my boss already approved it, why not, right? I figure I can make him a nice bday breakfast and have it all ready for him when he gets home from work in the morning. ;) Yes my coworker is back, but she totally conks out on me about 3 am. I am talking snoring here! lol. I know it will just take her some time to get back "in the groove of things" lol.

Francie -- :goodluck: I know what its like to have everybody around you have kids and you don't. DH and I have been trying for many many many years! Lots of :bb: Dust!

Edited..........Don't wanna be a downer to everyone. ;)

Happy Holidays!!!

Big :hug:

12-09-2008, 12:01 PM
HIYA KATY...aaawww, hoping Leigh feels better soon. :hug: I too hate to see the little ones sick, or any child.

12-09-2008, 12:25 PM
Okay...was getting ready to move on and see that Sassy posted, lol. Hoping the hubby gets lots of cards for his BD. I think it's hard too for people around the month of December, they are just so busy with other things...not that I am making excuses for people. But then some people just don't send cards or call...I can attest to the calling...I am not a phone person and I always try to remember someone's BD but I am human and it doesn't always happen. Sorry to hear about your co-worker/friend too...lots of hugs to you. :hug:

Okay, now I am going to head on over to look at a couple of threads. I did the slim & thin=30 minutes. Will do it again and then jump on the treadmill later...aiming for 80-90 minutes even with my gimpy back. Will be slow, but I have to do something. Okay, have a great day ladies!

12-09-2008, 01:12 PM
Okay...was getting ready to move on and see that Sassy posted, lol. Hoping the hubby gets lots of cards for his BD. I think it's hard too for people around the month of December, they are just so busy with other things...not that I am making excuses for people. But then some people just don't send cards or call...I can attest to the calling...I am not a phone person and I always try to remember someone's BD but I am human and it doesn't always happen. Sorry to hear about your co-worker/friend too...lots of hugs to you. :hug:

Okay, now I am going to head on over to look at a couple of threads. I did the slim & thin=30 minutes. Will do it again and then jump on the treadmill later...aiming for 80-90 minutes even with my gimpy back. Will be slow, but I have to do something. Okay, have a great day ladies!


Oh I totally understand that people are busy, esp in December! :dizzy: Just was kinda venting I suppose. :shrug: Its just tough for me to see DH bummed out. But hopefully that won't happen this year! :carrot: Sorry to be such a downer...........:(

WTG on the exercise. ;)

Later Ya'All. Bed time for this Chic.


12-09-2008, 01:14 PM
Katy~Yes..lots of nookie is good, lol. "I did it all for the nookie" Lmao..I cant believe I used to like that song, lol.

Cristina~Thats too cute that she was reading to her teddy bears. When I was little, I used to put on "concerts" for my toys, lol.

Sassy~We've been trying for almost 6 years. I hate "trying" I wish it would just happen!!! So hopefully 2009 will be our year!!! Jan is going to be a busy month for testing and what not. I hope your dh gets cards for his bday!! Fonzo gets upset when his family never remembers his birthday. Which is totally stupid, because his birthday is Valentine's Day. He acts like it doesnt bother him, but it does. Nobody remembers my birthday, and I wish I could forget it, lol. BIL is moving in next week. I have no idea what to get him for Christmas. Guys are hard to shop for. I barely have Fonzo figured out, lol. Dont even get me started on what to get him for his birthday, lol. But ya..what do you get an 18 year old? I might just get him some gift cards...

12-09-2008, 01:20 PM
Okay, I really am getting off the computer after this post, lol. DD has been playing with Cambrie...she loves her Auntie Carrie. are not a downer at all. :hug: And it's quite okay to vent. Guess I just always try to give people the benefit of the doubt for some reason. But I totally understand not wanting to see your hubby bummed and feeling down, it's hard to see the ones we love hurt. :hug:

And on that note...I will say adios amigos, for now anyway. Have some lunch to fix and then a nap to take with little Miss Cambrie.

Have a good day, all!

12-09-2008, 01:20 PM
Katy~Yes..lots of nookie is good, lol. "I did it all for the nookie" Lmao..I cant believe I used to like that song, lol.

Cristina~Thats too cute that she was reading to her teddy bears. When I was little, I used to put on "concerts" for my toys, lol.

Sassy~We've been trying for almost 6 years. I hate "trying" I wish it would just happen!!! So hopefully 2009 will be our year!!! Jan is going to be a busy month for testing and what not. I hope your dh gets cards for his bday!! Fonzo gets upset when his family never remembers his birthday. Which is totally stupid, because his birthday is Valentine's Day. He acts like it doesnt bother him, but it does. Nobody remembers my birthday, and I wish I could forget it, lol.

Hey Ya, yeah I totally hear ya on that one! I hate having to "explain" to people as well...................:p Usually stops them from continually asking us though, "When are you two having kids?" :dizzy: I guess its silly to get bummed about the bday thing, but my DH does. He tries to act all "tough" but he's a real "softie" lol. Hopefully 2009 will bring us both pregnant!!! :preg: When is your bday? I'll mark it down and I will send you a card!!! :) (If I don't write everything down I won't remember and even then sometimes I forget that I wrote it down!!! :lol:)

Latta! :wave:

12-09-2008, 01:25 PM
Okay, I really am getting off the computer after this post, lol. DD has been playing with Cambrie...she loves her Auntie Carrie. are not a downer at all. :hug: And it's quite okay to vent. Guess I just always try to give people the benefit of the doubt for some reason. But I totally understand not wanting to see your hubby bummed and feeling down, it's hard to see the ones we love hurt. :hug:

And on that note...I will say adios amigos, for now anyway. Have some lunch to fix and then a nap to take with little Miss Cambrie.

Have a good day, all!

Hey Ya,

Thanks. :hug: I guess I just feel guilty sometimes when venting because I know there are people who have it a lot worse than me and I try to stay positive, but sometimes it is just tough. :shrug: But Thanks.......:hug:
I hear ya I am supposed to be in bed but for some reason I just don't wanna go. I NEED too because I will definitely "PAY" for it tonight at work. Oh well maybe tonight can be my night to doze off instead of my co-worker. lol. It just totally kills me to see anybody I care about sad or down. Like one time I saw my cousin had "forgotten" on her mood in Myspace when it was her bday, it totally broke my heart. So I sent her a comment and an email and called my mom to give her a call too. ;) I just hate for anybody to feel forgotten, lonely, sad, or blue. I know that is life, but I don't like it. :no: lol!!!!

Ok now I am really going this time otherwise this chic will be asleep :yawn: on her desk tonight. lol.

12-09-2008, 01:30 PM
Okay,you guys gotta quit posting, I am trying to leave here :lol:

That is too cute Francie...I used to teach to a pretend classroom, lol.

12-09-2008, 01:57 PM
Ok last post........:tired:

Just wanted to share a link with Francie that I found that has some TTC thingys for Forums and what not........(don't you love my technical wording..."thingys" :rofl:)

Anywho, here it is: TTC Icons (

And I used to Sing, teach and according to my mother even spank my toys! :lol3:

Ok I am really going now......:yawn: :tired:

12-09-2008, 02:11 PM
Sassy~I hate it when people bug us about having kids. They just dont get that its hard for some people. My dh is a softie too, lol. My bday is April 29!! I will be 24 :cry: LoL!!! Thanks for the link!!! I love blinkies, lol.

Cristina~Those pics are too cute!!! LoL!!! I used to teach too. And I had a pretend library in my room, LOL!!

12-09-2008, 02:38 PM
wow! I mention that I am itching, and all of a sudden every body is itching! I hope some of us can figure out how to cure that itch before it gets too big!

I am in the process of trying to upload pictures onto both myspace and facebook. I have been trying to upload these pictures for the past couple of days now, and I have just been running out of time! Tommy is not going to lodge tonight, so I will be making cowboy spaghetti tonight.

not really sure what else will end up going on, but Brandon has been bugging me to put the candy canes on the tree, so we might do that tonight.

12-09-2008, 05:56 PM
Ok, I will get back on track w/ the rest of you ladies!

I had a yogurt for breakfast and I did steal a few bites of Gaby's pancakes. I had 2 small bowls of pea soup for lunch. I feel ok about that so far, have something light for dinner.

I also need to push the water and get back to counting calories, that helped before, no more trips to the vending machine and getting a pack of cookies. haha

I weighed in at 151 this morning, could have been worse, actually I thought it would be.........


sorry , no indy's - just a quick minute on the computer.

:wave: to everyone!

12-09-2008, 08:39 PM
Boy, you guys have been busy posters again....

sending baby vibes to all of you that want one....PLEASE DO NOT send them back to me...Dominic fulfills that needs for me...luckily Jerry and I did not have the baby fever at the same time when we were going through the empty nest thing....

A coworker who lost a son to cancer a few years back has got a little 7 month old foster baby girl...she is loving it. Jerry and I agreed to give our baby fever time to cool down and if it didn't go away we were going to do foster care. So many kids that need a loving enviroment. My SIL did foster care, she took care of my niece from the time she was six weeks old and eventually adopted her.

Well off to watch Jeopardy with hubby....

12-09-2008, 11:40 PM
You guys gotta watch this video ( may make you cry)

12-10-2008, 01:55 AM
Hello All. :wave:

Well I only have to get through this shift and then I have my "princess" shift tonight (Wed. night) of "only" 8 hrs. :crazy: I won't know how to act! lol.

Oh ya and the chick from Dave and Busters (the place we're having DH's party FINALLY got back with me, so not sure what room we'll get if any.........)

Francie -- Oh ya people can be so rude! I have had many people tell me and I am sure you have heard this too, "Just relax and it will happen" PPPPPFFFFTTTT! Whatever!!! I have a very positive feeling that both of us will be blessed very very soon! :D YW for the link. :hug:

Mindee -- I am always itchy this time of year.........I can lotion and lotion, still doesn't make a difference! And the most itchy place??? My bum!!! Soooo annoying because its not like I can scratch it like ya know out in public! :lol:

Susan -- I need to push the water too. I am totally addicted to Mt. Dew......:p I hate that I am too!!!!!!! UGH!

Jules -- that is great about your coworker. DH and I have discussed adoption and foster care, and I think even if we do have our own, we would like to eventually adopt or foster an older child, because they have the most difficult time getting adopted and they need a family to love them just like the small ones do! ;)

Well back to work for me.........:comp:

12-10-2008, 11:13 AM
Hello ladies...

Nice, cold morning here in Oz. :brr::brr: I don't want to get out in it but I have to later. Was kinda hoping it would warm up a little so the streets wouldn't be icy.

Cambrie is playing with herself, keeping busy so I thought I would jump on kinda quick. Need to get her in the bath and after lunch take her to preschool. I think while she's there I will go to Wal-Mart and pick up a few things so we don't have to tomorrow.

FRANCIE...I watched that video on myspace, on your bulletin and oh my did make me cry. She is so cute!

SUSAN...I am with ya on the water. It didn't help that WW now says that you can count anything you drink as your water...of course they want you to drink the water. Just seems weird to me. I think number 2 to the food, water is the hardest thing for me to get down and I don't mean that literally. I just don't like water-period. But I aim for 32 oz at least-average about 40 so for me that is good and so much better than none at all. And yes vening machines are bad! :nono:

JULES...that's cool about your co-worker.

SASSY...well, hoping you have some kind of room :crossed:

Better get going. Need to go make the beds and fold some clothes and probably get some washed. And...exercise. Only got in 60 minutes yesterday and I definitely want to get in 90 today. Ugh, hate that I can't walk in the winter months.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

12-10-2008, 11:35 AM
Back again for a couple of minutes...

KATY...keep forgetting to thank you for the online all the pics! :thanks:

FRANCIE...meant to say I like all the avatars in your signature...I have three of them, lol. I LOVE the pink!

Okay, was just getting ready to sign off and saw Katy's card and thought I better say thank you while I was thinking about it.

Have a good one!

12-10-2008, 02:52 PM
well, I managed to get to bed a little after 11 last night, and I was STILL tired this morning when I got up! I ended up taking a little nap on the couch while the kids were watching their programs. I don't know what is causing that!

last night was a nice homey night. Tommy had a migraine and his stomach has been bothering him, so he stayed home from lodge last night. He thinks that he has an ulcer....he took a tums yesterday and that helped and then he drank some milk and that helped. So, now he just needs to ask the doctor on Friday.

Brandon has his Santa's Secret Shoppe at school today. So we gave him some money to buy for me, Tommy, Logan and Marissa. Today in school, they are making presents to give to their families at their Christmas party. Friday they are suppose to get a surprise visit from Santa and the teacher is going to take pictures of them with him. I asked if my MIL can put him on the bus since we might or might not be home when he needs to get on the bus on Friday, the bus driver said as long as she has her ID it shouldn't be a problem.

I stepped on the scale this morning, and I am down one of the three pounds that I gained from Thanksgiving, so that is nice!

Sassy~ I have been having itchier skin too! I have also been having the baby itch, which I see that you and Francie have been having as well. I had to laugh when you said that the itchiest part was your bum, and how you can't very well itch it in public!

Cristina~ I hope that it warms up so it isn't icy outside for you! Brandon slipped on some ice on our porch when we went outside to wait for the bus. He didn't cry or anything, just stood up and grabbed his shovel to go shovel whatever he could.

SuzieQ~ It is good to hear from you! I was listening for some screaming but I didn't hear any, so I am guessing that all is well?

Francie~ Thanks for sharing that video! It made me cry while watching it.

Jules~ It is good to hear from you!

12-10-2008, 04:19 PM
Hello everyone
Just popping in really quick while I eat my lunch.

Cristina - what a sweetheart. She looks comfy reading to the bears. And please....can you mess up your house just a little because, well frankly, mine does not look like that (although that is what I am working on today)

Francie and Sassy - I am sorry that people are so rude. With all of us focusing our baby vibes to you I am looking foreward to this being your year.

Sassy - Good luck trying to control your enthusiasm for getting off early tonight just so you can have a good time instead of work.:carrot:

Francie - Oh yeah, had a good cry at the video.

Jules:D - Everytime Mark gets the itch we end up with a new pet. Should I send you a new pet vibe so that Dominic can chase a kitty and you can have a few miniutes rest in a day?

Mindee - wow it will be a busy week for Brandon. I have to tell you I am a little amazed that you can stay up so late. I am usually snoring by 9:30 or shortly after.

SuzyQ - cookies are bad...very bad. I had to quit cold turkey. Now I just sit and gaze at pictures of them. Very hard for my willpower, but I have been cookie clean for 4 months now. Of course the side effect of that was my milk consumption is down also.

Katy - how is DD feeling any better? Hope that you guys are all doing well.

Sue - :wave: How is your day going today? I got dressed to the shoes today so I could make my house look like Cristina's. (I sure hope it was you that was enjoying the flylady website) if not :o

Tammy - :wave: to you also. How are things going for you?

Well lunch is over, so I am off and running....away from the vacuum:dizzy:

12-10-2008, 04:34 PM
Another quickie and I am sorry about that, feels rude to me.

I had a bowl of cheerios for breakfast and just had a bowl of chicken soup for lunch, homemade. I had peaches and cottage cheese last night for dinner.

Kathy - little itty bitty cookies in a little itty bitty package,,,,,,,,hmm , vanilla frosting. But, ya. Bad habit!! lol

Managed to get to 150.8 this morning. Never again! I am determined to get back down.....

anyway - back to orientation. Be Proud! I advoided all the snack foods that are out.......had a cup of tea instead.

chat later!

12-10-2008, 04:34 PM

Leigh is feeling better and off to school today - yippee. Did have to put her on prednisone, but only for a few days, thank goodness.

I slept poorly (again) last night, so I am going to make some tea and try to rest for a bit until it's time to go to the bus stop. My NP ( who also does my acupuncture) gave me some chinese herbs to take to help me sleep - keeping my fingers crossed!

Hope you are all having a great day!

12-10-2008, 04:35 PM
..oh, did I mention she also wants me to try to stick to 100 g of carbs a day for six weeks?! Yikes! she did say I could go up to 125 for special occasions. No caffeine, no alcohol. I knew that already because I do sleep better when I am off those things. I'm a big veggie eater, but dunno if I can keep it under 100. Oy.

12-10-2008, 05:30 PM
me again!

I got Brandon off the bus, and got another bad report. yesterday he had to get separated from the little boy that he sits with because he kept taking his hat off and the little boy didn't like it.

Then today, his bus driver told me that while she was driving down the road we live off of, he got out of his car seat and proceeded to walk across the bus to another seat. She said that it is hard to keep a scowl on her face to yell at him because he is so darn adorable.

I climbed up on the bus to talk with his bus driver, and peered over the seat and he had two bags with wrapped Christmas presents in them. They were the presents that he bought for all of us while at the Christmas shop, but I wasn't expecting them to be wrapped up already and labeled. So, Brandon told me that we had to put them under the tree, so that is where they are at. Now, we just need to keep Logan and mainly Marissa out of them. But I am thinking that tonight after they go to bed, I will put them in a big bag and then place them in our closet for safe keeping. He is really proud of his shopping, so much so, he wanted us to open them as soon as he got home! I showed him on the calendar that we have to wait two weeks. But I think the main thing that was bothering him, was that he didn't get anything out of it all.

Kathy~ Honestly, that seems like a stretch now to stay awake that late! I have been known to fall asleep lately while watching the Red Wings hockey games! And as to the time I USED to go to bed, 11pm seems like 9:30. I used to not get to bed until 2 or 2:30 in the morning. But then I realized that it was okay to let some things go over to the next day and that they can wait. Now, if I could just get my body to agree with me on the 11pm bedtime!

ok, something has to give.....I have been going to bed early for the past week or so now, and I got up this morning and I was STILL tired. So, I ended up taking a cat nap on the couch while the kids played. I got myself a coke to drink since that usually gets me up and going. I just poured myself a second one, and it hasn't touched my tiredness!

SuzyQ~ Great job on avoiding all the snacks that were out!!!!

Sassy~ Thanks for the card, I got it in the mail! And as soon as I seen the Christmas Cookies on the front I knew why you sent it! Then I opened it up and read your message about why you picked it!

Katy~ It is good to hear from you! And so good to hear that Leigh is better and back at school!!! Let us know how the whole 100 g goes!

12-10-2008, 07:58 PM
Mindee-- I still have gifts that the kids got me at elementary school secret santa shop...My friend Angie that drives a bus was saying today that the last few weeks before Christmas all the kids get more wound up than usual and it has begun...

Katie--If the Chinese herbs work than you will have to let me have Teri try--she's having trouble sleeping again.

SuzyQ--I really tried to call you your big girl name but your my SuzyQ and yes I always hear CCR singing in my head when I type it or read your posts...wtg on avoiding the snacks--I was lead into temptation by a plate of peanut butter cookies :o

Kathy--with two big pit bulls at my house plus a bunch of "wild" cats we feed in the woods--his mommy's chiauaua CoCoa and Uncle Ry's fat orange cat Hobb's, I'd say I don't want the pet vibe either. I need to go cold turkey on the cookies--they are definitely my weakness at Xmas. but if I can give up Coke (cola that is) I will try to suck it up and do it...

Cristina--my leader says at least 2 of the "waters' have to be actual water without anything including the o calorie mix ins. My SIL went on a cigarette, coffee and toast diet years ago--worked for awhile but she gained everything back. I don't drink enough period--no wonder I am always thirsty... Cambrie is such a cutie--I was like you and going to be a teacher when I grew up..I had a yellow notice at the PO --must be my gift..

Sassy--your package is going in the mail has been extremely busy--way too much to do!!

Francie--what a cute little girl--I love your pink avatars...

Hi Sue, Tammy, Asia and anyone else I missed!!

Well I am going to go try and get motivated to do some Christmas cards!!

12-10-2008, 08:14 PM
Hi Ya :wave:

This is a quickie, as I have to leave for work soon, but I am soooooooo happy I only have 8 hrs to work tonight!!! :carrot:

Well TTYL!


12-10-2008, 09:21 PM
Cristina--I wish you could send it to Francie too...I would get some then....I can't believe I am hoping for snow myself..

Sassy--hugs to you..hope your night at work goes as fast as my day went today!!

12-11-2008, 02:12 AM
Thanks for the pics Cristina!! I wish it would snow here, lol. I'm like a 5 year old wishing it would snow.

Anyways..nothng much to say. I'm just sitting here watching Jumanji and sipping hot chocolate. I dont feel good right now. I've had a headache all day long!!!! I feel awful. It did go away after I ate a cinnamon roll, lol. But now its back. I feel like total crap :(

Okay..gonna go back to watching the movie..

12-11-2008, 10:21 AM
Good morning..I have a few minutes before the kids get up

Francie - hope you are feeling better. I read knitting blog from the DC area and she was commenting about the unusually warm weather there...said it felt creepy. I'm sure the snow is on its way!

Sassy- bet you're home from work by now - enjoy your days off and DH's party :)

Cristina- Love the snow! Guess we might get some of that by the weekend. But, this is Oregon after all, a bunch of hype for a couple of flakes:dizzy: hee hee sounds like dating, not that I know anything about that. Thanks for the card..made me smile:) YW for the pix. I thought it turned out ok this year...hard to do a slide show 'cause I felt we really didn't do much, ya know?

Jules - the herbs are gui pi, and I saw them online. You take 8 pills 3x a day, but I am starting out 2x a day. Last night was an improvement, I have to say. I tend to wake up at 2 or 3 and can't go back to sleep. OR I wake up at 4 and am up for the day. Last night, I did wake up a few times, but was able to go back to sleep and get up at 5. My ideal sleep schedule would be to sleep 9-5 or 5:30. I'm getting there. I've cut out caffeine and alcohol which really help alot. Hey, Teri has a baby! That'll keep a person up, won't it? I swear my son didn't sleep through the night until he was 5.

Mindee - I ate 87g yesterday and it wasn't too bad. For me, it means very little or no bread at all, mostly veggies and some fruits. Meat, nuts, and soy milk. Hope I can keep it up today. Bread, potatoes and rice spike up the carb count very quickly!

Susan- great job avoiding the evil snackies...keep up the good work:carrot::carrot::carrot: we can do this!

Kathy- DD is doing better, sent her off to school yesterday. I think today will be the last day for prednisone, we'll have to see how it goes. I spent yesterday running away from my vacuum, too. No can do today, our tree sheds like crazy.

Time to go! Hope everyone has a great day!

12-11-2008, 12:58 PM
Hello All. :wave:

How are you all? I hope well. Well my night as you can imagine, just flew by! I have totally forgotten how it is to work "only" 8 hrs! :lol: I guess there were a couple issues this morning since I had left early, but ya know what I have decided? Its not my problem! :no: I have every right to use my PTO time, I earn it and my boss approved me to leave early and further more to have Sunday Night off as well! So I am not even gonna think about it and enjoy my time off!!! :D

Anyways, my left shoulder blade has been killing me since I got home. I dunno why. Its not hurt before, its always in my lower back that I have my issues. I just hope it goes away because I just don't want it right now. lol. It can come back Sunday. lol. Wouldn't that be nice? To tell your aches and pains to come back at a later date when you have "time" to deal with it? :lol3:

So I get home this morning and first I tape up a sign that my coworker made for my DH for his bday today. It was hilarious because I could totally hear my next door neighbor by his door and so I knew he was watching me! lol. I watched my DH through our Peephole when he came home and he had the biggest grin on his face when he saw the sign. lol. Its still up! lol.

Then I made DH breakfast and also made him a Reeses PB Dessert he got. I dunno about it, but its for him, not me! lol. I was gonna make him a cake, but I figure he's gonna have one of those on Sat. Plus the Reeses thing was easier -- no baking! :carrot:

Tomorrow I am meeting my friend (the one I work with) to get a new outfit for Saturday and then she wants to show me a store she goes too. Only thing is the 2nd store I have to follow her too because her daughter has a drs appt. later on. I just hate driving somewhere I don't know where I am going. lol. I know I will be following her, but I am just a big wussy. lol.

Kathy -- Thanks yeah people seem to always have the "answer" to our problems sometimes. Amazes me! lol. It was sure nice having an early night!! lol. How is my "Buddy" Cole?? I hope well!! :D Tell him I said HI!! :wave: and here is a pic for him: (

Cristina -- Yeah that lady is a complete flipping moron! I email her ALL the details and explain that I work 3rd shift, and what does she do? She leaves me a flipplin' Voice Mail!! :rolleyes: And she doesn't give me anymore information than she already has! GGGGRRR LADY! Do you want my business or not!!!!???? I'm over it already. lol. I think my friend will just go and grab some tables and save them. lol. Phooey on the dang room!!! lol!!

Mindee -- I can feel for Tommy. I have had stomach issues since I was a teenager and no they have never found out what the problem is. Well at one time I did have 7 ulcers, but that was cleared up. I just think I need a "Stomach Transplant" and I want one of those teeny tiny model's stomach's! :lol3: Brandon doing the secret santa for you all reminds me of the broach my mil showed me that my DH got her one year like that. He thought it was the most beautiful thing ever at the time. lol. It is the gaudiest thing!! lol. But it was so sweet that she has kept it all this time. lol. Yes we have "Babyitis" lol. I think it has a lot to do with my friend/coworker's baby. She is adorable! So hopefully by next year this will be Francie and Me: :preg: So are you and Tommy gonna try for another??? Then it could be you as well!! ;) Yeah all I seem to do is itch!! lol. Lastnight it was my ankles! lol.

YVW for the card! I got those cards because my mil had them last year (she also bought them this year too, I said wouldn't it be funny if we gave each other the same one! lol!) They are hand-made cards!! Not by me of course. :p But by someone very talented! lol. I got one back yesterday the label fell off! UGH! And they stamped my stamp so now I have to get a whole new one! lol. Cheap aren't I? :lol3:

Jules -- No problem. I understand. Whenever you can get it out is fine. :) Thanks time sure flew by! I forgot how it was to work 8 hrs!!! Been years!!! lol.

Katy -- Thanks. It was so weird leaving at 4 am! Nobody on the roads -- that was nice! lol. I told DH I could definitely get used to this shift! lol. Only I'd have to work 5 nights a week........:p I kinda like having my time off even though the first night off we spend "catching up on sleep" lol.

Well take care everybody. I am attempting to stay up as late as I can so I can "switch" back to a "dayshift" sleep cycle since I am going shopping tomorrow with my friend. So I took my pillows out here in the living room and am gonna just crash on the futon whenever I just cannot stay awake no longer. :tired: That way I don't bug DH, he has to work tonight. ;)

BIG :hug:

And heres one for all the ones who want snow and haven't gotten any yet: (

12-11-2008, 01:13 PM
Howdy ladies- Sorry to be tardy. First I had the back trouble and couldn't get comfy. Then the computer died. I had to order a new fan motor and DH figured out how to get it out and re-placed. Of course, the PC store didn't get it in when they said...ha. But as you can see that is fixed. During that time I was sick as can be. Coughing, and all that lovely stuff to get the clog out of my head/sinuses. Yesterday I lost my voice and today, although I am felling better, I can't talk much. (lucky hubby) Last night I drank a mug of Sleepytime tea, took 3 aspirin and a shot of amaretto. Slept like a baby.

Today DH and I are on our way out of town for an overnight excursion. Hoping I don't get sick again.

On a good note, we did start eating better Mon. (I am not hungry) and have started the "no eating after dinner" routine. I am down a pound and hope it holds for my Mon. WI. DH was heavier than he he is onboard. He has been walking outdoors in terrible weather (the teens and twenties) I won't do that, so he will lose faster. I did walking with Leslie one day and it was torture since my head was so full of gunk. It will get easier.

Going to catch up on all the posts when we get home tomorrow night. BE nice. :)

12-11-2008, 02:50 PM
well, nothing really new on this end......after midnight tonight, me and Tommy will be fasting for our doctor's appointment tomorrow! I can't wait to go and get it all done and over with.

I am still tired, and now my belly seems to be hurting a little bit! So, if it is still hurting tomorrow, then I will mention it to the doctor. Tommy thinks that he might have pulled a muscle on his side. I was looking at some anatomy of the body pictures online and it is on the side where the ascending colon, appendix, and such.....aka the right side of the body. So, if that too is still hurting tomorrow, then he will be asking the doctor about it. Our appointments are both at 10:45, but I am not seeing us getting home in time to put Brandon on the bus, so good thing I asked the bus driver if my MIL could put him on it. They are having a surprise visit from Santa tomorrow, and the teacher will be taking pictures of the kids with him, so I really wanted to send him tomorrow.

Marissa was up until about 12:45 this morning! I gave her her big girl cup to go to bed with last night........she didn't want it. I gave her a bottle at about 12:30 this morning and she was down for the count! Stinker!!

Jules~ I have noticed a difference in him already, outside of the bus! He is extremely happy about Santa coming, and in fact he wanted us to open our presents yesterday! I had to pick him up and show him the date on the calendar and then show him the date that we can open the presents up on.

Cristina~ I love those pictures! Brandon has to shovel while he waits for his bus. Granted the only thing that he shovels is the grass where all the snow is, but he says that he still needs to do it.

Francie~ Any snow yet? I can send you the stuff that we are supposed to be getting, if you want it.

Sassy~ We are out of commission as far as any more babies! I got my tubes tied after Marissa was born. So, unless God has other plans, there will be no more babies for us. Good luck to you and D in the baby making business! I will warn you is like a can of pringles.......once you pop you can't stop! hence, why we had three kids in the time span of three years and a day!

Katy~ I think I might have to try that......although I don't think I eat that many carbs in one day. Although I would definitely be willing to look into doing that for myself.

Sue~ How are you all doing? How is mom enjoying Florida? I wish you guys all the luck with the weight loss. I am going to ask my doctor tomorrow what she suggests.

12-11-2008, 04:14 PM
Just wanted to say thanks to Sassy & Cristina for the Christmas cards!!! I'm buying some cards & stamps this weekend.

OKay..gotta go get ready for the command christmas party!!

12-11-2008, 04:18 PM
Hiya ladies...

Busy morning and thought I would get on the computer while little Miss Cambrie is taking a nap. She never wants to and will talk, and talk until I tell her to turn over and go to sleep...once she does that she is out FAST!

Had to take DS to the eye doc. He went yesterday to the College doc and thought he had an abrasion on his eye and told him to go see his doc. It looked bad last night when he came home. But he wanted me to take him because he had no clue what they would do...thinking he just wanted to be babied, lol. While he was taking care of that, me and the little Miss headed to Penneys to take something back and a little pit stop to see Santa. Anyway..I ran out of Christmas stamps and had to stop at the post office and of course they were out until next week...just got some green love stamps to finish off the cards so I can get the rest mailed. Stopped at the store, grabbed some lunch and finally made it home! I am feeling sleepy too (Mindee)...been feeling that way for a little while too. For me though I am thinking because I have been slacking in the exercise department. Speaking of which...I AM going to do the slim & thin and get in a walk on the treadmill in just a few minutes. All this running around throws my schedule way off. Of course with Cambrei spending the night almost every night this week, that didn't help either. Just going to have to work around her schedule.

MINDEE...sending good vibes for the doc visit tomorrow! :goodvibes: Too cute about Brandon. I remember when the kids shopped at the school things...still have everything they gave me-somewhere.

SASSY...sounds like a better deal anyway. Thank you for the card! When I got it the lights on the house had three missing and somehow they poked thru the envelope...looked a little funny. Thank you!

KATY...well, it looked like you had a busy year to me! Can't believe how the kids are growing...growing up too fast!

JULES...let me know the date on the package when you get it. Can't believe it just got to you...especially when I paid for it to get there in 3-4 days! Love the freinds diet, kidding of course! My sister and sil did a no food diet once, terrible. My sis got so skinny she looked like a skeleton...mostly bones and just a little bit of skin, ick. She woke up after that and realized that wasn't good, lol.

FRANCIE...if I could I would send all the snow you and Jules way...I don't like it. Cambrie was really excited about it though and loved it! Oh to be a kid again. It's almost all gone now, thank car is a mess! That's the part I hate...having to drive in it and then the car gets all icky with the salt stuff and sand mixture they put on the roads...makes for a very messy car. I think I am having the same thing you are...not sure what it is...maybe the change in my diet-because I was being a pig before! I am pretty sure it's a caffeine headache though...not had much lately.

KATHY...oh, I should have taken a pic a little after the story time because it didn't stay clean very long. Cambrie likes to take EVERY toy, game, paper, book etc and dump it all out and then decide what she wants to play with...most times it's nothing she dumped out, lol. But that's what the family room is for...planty of space for her to play. Did you get your house cleaned?

SUE...good to see ya! :hug: Was wondering if all was well with you. Hope you are feeling better and don't catch anything again. WTG on you and the hubby, and the pound gone! :carrot: You know, it doesn't matter if the men walk or do anything...they decide to change their eating habits and the weight just starts falling off, ugh!

SUSAN...cottage cheese and peaches sound so good right now. And I am proud of you for getting tea and passing on the cookies! :yay: :carrot: You'll be under 150 in no time at all. :hug:

Okay, did I get everyone? I am hoping I didn't miss anyone, I have gone up and down I don't know how many times, lol. Getting dizzy :dizzy:

Better go get me a walk on the treadmill before Cambrie wakes up...she sleeps pretty good so noise doesn't usually bother her. She opted to sleep downstairs in the floor instead of in the bed...weird child, lol. We made a palet with blankets and comforters...don't ask me why I have so many extras, lol she thinks it's fun and calls it her bed. Anyway...

Have a beautiful Thursday!

12-11-2008, 04:19 PM
FRANCIE...have fun at the party!

12-11-2008, 05:53 PM
just had to pop back by to see how every one is doing!

I have been fighting with this fricken laptop to get it to keep charging while it is plugged in. I think there is a short in the charger, so it is being very picky about how we can use it. now, it is plugged in but it isn't charging for some reason, so now I have to sit and figure that thing out!

Francie~ have fun at the party tonight!

Cristina~ Thanks for the card!

12-11-2008, 11:48 PM
Hey. Well I'm sick. I have a fever and just basically feel terrible. :( UGH why now? So I took some Nyquil I'm going to bed and hopefully will feel better.......

Sorry Cristina that your card had poked through and some lights were missing....I thought the cards were really really cute but yeah I wondered about how they would "survive" the postal system.............Guess next year I'm not doing those. :p Oh and Thank you for your card, I got it today. :)

Anyways I am out. I hope you all are well and happy and everything........;)


12-12-2008, 12:04 AM

Hello everyone
Sorry this is just a quick drop in.

Its been a busy Thursday. We had to drive an hour into the big city because DD had to get her braces on today. Her appointment was actually in April, but someone cancelled so she got to go in today. There is a mall right beside the dentist office, so DGD and I went shopping while the braces were being put on. Didn't even find anything to buy anyone. Horton Hears a Who is finally out so I am going to put it on while I put Cole to bed. I really like this movie. Hope everyone had a good day.

Sassy - Well I am sorry that you are sick. I see that this illness is travelling. Please wish your hubby a :bday2you: from us. Thankyou from Cole. I had the biggest laugh, I got on the computer and I said Cole - and he crawled over Mark, telling him to get out of his way, he had a very important picture from a very important person to see. Mark received an injury from a not so well placed knee as Cole was crawling over Mark to get to the computer. Mark asked him who it was from and Cole said Mine and Mom's friend.

Cristina, I did not get the house cleaned. I guess I will start again tomorrow. I kept getting sidetracked. Tomorrow however, I will be very focused. Sounds like little Cambrie has settled in very well with her new favorite babysitter.

Mindee, I hope you get the computer fixed. Good luck at the Dr's.

Francie, Yup have a great time at the party.

Sue, glad you got the computer fixed. Hope you feel better soon.

Katy glad DD is better. Wow you don't get alot of carbs to work with in a day. Do you find that you have more energy when you keep your carb count down?

Jules, your household sounds like ours. What do you think German Shepard/Lab mixed with Yorkshire Terrier puppies would turn out? She is in heat, and the little stud dog thinks he should have his way with her. It is too funny watching him try his best to show his male dominance.

SuzyQ, how has work been so far this week. Any more problems with that coworker? Good job at staying away from those very bad cookies. The little packages are the worst. Make you think it is ok because it is just a little bag, so 1 more bad will be ok because now it is only 2 little bags, and of course they are loaded with transfats -yup I know this because they taste so darn good. Now you see why I had to just go cold turkey

Well I must run. Chat with you all later.

12-12-2008, 12:27 AM
Kathy -- Please send Cole a Big :hug: from me!! :) He truly made me feel better! :D I was feeling a bit down since I am sick and its my DH's bday. Also TY for the Bday Wishes for DH I will surely pass those along! ;) Sorry about Marks Please send him some gentle gentle :hug: ;)

Ok so here is one I think Cole will get a real Giggle Over: (

And here is one for your DD: (

I hope they like them!!! :)


12-12-2008, 08:23 AM
Hey all..the party was kinda boring. So to make it fun for me & Fonzo, I drank, LOL. I had 1 long island ice tea, 3 cranberry vodkas, and 1 tequila sunrise. Needless to say, I stumbled out of there, lol. I dont remember much after the 3rd cranberry vodka though. Fonzo filled me in though. I just feel like everyone's gonna be like..Fonzo's wife was the one that got trashed. I hope he doesnt get crap from it. I was nice to everyone, so it wasnt like I was a mean drunk, lol. And I'm pretty sure I walked straight enough while I was in front of everyone, lol. But ya..I'm still a little bit wobbly right now, so I'm like gulping down water like a fish, lol. Omg..when I came out into the living cats were all over me. They were so worried about me. It was sweet. Sassy isnt leaving my side right now, lol. OHH..I forgot to mention. They had a raffle, and Fonzo won 4 days of liberty. Which means, he gets 4 days off sometime. Yay!!! He was hoping for the PS3, but oh well, lol. Maybe he'll get one for his birthday, ;)

OKay..and now for the pics of me in my pretty top (which btw..I thought would look a lil bit slutty. I was wrong. Some of the girls there were dressed wayyyyy more slutty than I ever could've dressed. I felt under dressed!!) says the files are too big, so here are some pics. You can see more on my myspace.

this one is bright..but you can really see my hair color in it, lol. and the cute snowman sailor on the tree, lol

12-12-2008, 11:18 AM
Just a quickie for now...trying to get things done for once and get out of the house on time without rushing. Today I take Cambrie to preschool and she is gone till Monday :yay: I love her, don't get me wrong but she's been over every night except Monday and well...this is one tired Nana, lol. Forgot what it was like to have a "hyper" 4 year old...okay, my kids weren't hyper but this one is like the energizer bunny, lol. Next week she will be here every day but only spend the night twice. Nana needs her time, lol. the pictures...saw them on your page first. I always sign in on myspace first thing because I listen to the music while I exercise, lol. I have a little stereo/cd player in the exercise part of the basement but to hear it in here I wold have to turn it up loud and two people are usually sleeping in, lol. Also have the iPod but with Cambrie here I wouldn't be able to hear her because I like the music loud! all the pictures!

SASSY...a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your hubby! :hb: I tell ya, I don't know what the post office does but that card/envelope looked like it went thru a tornado, lol. Hope it didn't sound like I was complaining, just looked funny the little lites poking thru the envelope. Hope you guys have a wonderful celebration tonight!

Okay, gotta go or I will end up too long on here and then I won't be ready in time. I did my slim & thin dvd and headed to do a 10 or 15 minute walk on the treadmill. Then when I get back later I plan on more walking on the treadmill and the Shape & Firm dvd. I'll be back later.

Have a GREAT day!

12-12-2008, 12:23 PM
Good morning!

Yesterday was 109g and I woke up and weighed in at 171 this morning..yay! Let's hope I'm on a roll. I started up my produce delivery again and received our first big box yesterday. Now we have lots of fruits and veggies, which should hopefully make this lo-carb thing go a bit easier.

Cristina - How's DS' eye? Sounds like you and Cambrie have a lot of fun together :)

Mindee - hope the doc visit goes well today.

Sue - glad your back is feeling batter...good to see you checking in! How's your mom enjoying Florida?

Francie - have fun at the party - bet you look smokin'! Don't forget to take some pics for your chickie friends..I'm living vicariously through you, you know. I don't have much to dress up for these days.

Sassy - enjoy your catchup day!

Today is a slow day, so I hope to get all the presents figured out. Still have a little gift knitting to do, but I can wrap up what I have so far. We're supposed to get snow this weekend so I'm glad the fridge is full and we don't have anywhere we have to be. The kids are in the Christmas play at church on Sunday, and hopefully it won't be too hard to get there...Sounds like most of the snow is headed to the gorge ant the mountains, so we'll see.

TGIF everyone!

12-12-2008, 12:24 PM
ok - so I need to wake up and read the thread better - great pictures Francie!

12-12-2008, 12:30 PM
Hi Kathy- sorry I missed you earlier..yeah, 100 doesn't seem like much to work with, but if I fill up on veggies and some fruit with very little bread or starches, then it's not so hard. I do feel like I have more energy. Starting to sleep a bit better, but not there yet. I'll plug away...

12-12-2008, 05:31 PM
Hello ladies...

I am back and I am pooped! Had a couple of errands to run after I dropped the little miss off.

KATY...sons eye is fine. He had to buy some eye drops and then some eye, ugh, can't remember what the stuff was called, some sort of eye gel and it is much better today. He has no clue how he did it. Good job on the 171! :yay:

FRANCIE...I didn't think the dress looked slutty at all, it looks good on you!

SASSY...hoping you are having a good day.

SUSAN...ditto, hoping you are having a wonderful day!

KATHY...didn't realize Horton Hears a Who came out already...somebody wasn't paying attention, lol. I thought that movies was cute and is something I would like to have for the kids when they are over.

MINDEE...did you get the laptop charged?

Hiya everyone else :wave:

I am going to go walk some on the treadmill because for some reason I am getting sleepy. Of course I've not gotten much sleep, good sleep since the little one has been here. Tonight I get to sleep in my own bed, yes! And I plan on sleeping in tomorrow and Sunday! Will do the shape and firm after Jeopardy or the weather, not sure...but I will get it done for sure! Feels good to finally be exercising again...the back is feeling A-OKAY!

Nothing special planned for the weekend. Just going to relax and enjoy my baby free weekend! Chat later :wave:

12-12-2008, 06:45 PM
just thought I would pop in quickly to let you all know that we made it out okay at the doctor's.

the doctor thinks that Tommy has the stomach bug that is going around, but he doesn't. she told me that I needed to go on Weight Watchers. We both somehow shrunk two inches each.

great pictures Francie!

I will come back later, right now we are going to eat dinner and then possible go to Walmart, but a friend of ours that works here is going to come by when he gets out of work.

12-12-2008, 10:55 PM
Back again for a few minutes...just can't stay away, lol. But I have absolutely nothing to say :lol: Just trying to stay awake before bedtime, way too early to go now.

MINDEE...glad to hear all went well at the docs. Did you find anything out about yourself, why you have been feeling so tired? GREAT on the two inches!

HIYA to everyone else :wave:

Have a wonderful weekend!

12-12-2008, 11:18 PM
Hi All.

A very tired Sassy here. :tired:

Well thanks for all the Bday Wishes for Dh. I will surely pass them along!

Going to bed. :yawn:


12-12-2008, 11:37 PM
Quick pop in...We went on our overnight away, but were both so tired. I felt okay, but got feeling bad again this morning. My voice is gone, so DH is getting a break. :)

Nothing going on all week-end...I am just hoping to get rested and feeling better. I have tons of stuff to do next week..yikes.

Still haven't caught up here but I am glad you all have been so chatty. I WILL get my rear back in gear one of these days. At least eating has been good...I can't taste and don't feel hungry. Had soup and toast today.

Be back tomorrow. Have a good Saturday chickies.

12-13-2008, 12:01 PM
well, Tommy is working right now, the kids are eating some cookies that Tommy made last night......and then I have to go clean up Logan's "mess" he made in the bedroom! And try to get the room to smell better.....which will be a treat in itself...I will probably have to leave the window open for a little bit to get some fresh air and then see if we have any more Febreeze!

we ended up not going to WalMart last night.....Our friend that works here came over and we sat around and watched the Wings game. We all had a great time, even though the Wings lost last night. But they have another game tonight, so maybe they can win this one!

Cristina~ Thanks for the nice comments. As for the shrinking, we lost two inches in height somehow. Tommy was 5'6" and I was 5'2" at the office. As for me being tired, I didn't get any definitive answers....besides her telling me that me and Tommy both have a stomach bug that has been going around. Which isn't the case at all because neither one of us is throwing up or anything that goes along with it. He thinks that he pulled a muscle in his side, and I am still tired, but not sure why.

Sassy~ I hope you were able to get some sleep!

Sue~ Glad to hear that you had fun on your over night....sorry that you guys are tired though!

12-13-2008, 12:21 PM
Very quiet around here...

MINDEE...oops! Sorry, I thought you meant inches as in around your waist etc. How the heck can you shrink two inches? That's a lot! I saw your pics on myspace and man, I have to say you definitely have your hands full with those little ones! Love the one where the boys had the chest turned over...I know it's not funny and how the heck did they do that? And then Marissa getting out of the chair, lol...too cute! Hoping you and Tommy both feel better soon, whatever it is. Hopefully it's not something worse and the doc misdiagnosed.

SUE...hope you got some rest last night. For some reason I was thinking you guys were going away over the weekend. I can't ever keep track.

SASSY...hope you got some rest as well.

Nothing going on with me today. I was hoping to get a walk in outdoors because it is supposed to be 59 today...very nice walking weather. But...the wind is blowing about 50 mph which is horrible. Looked out the window a few minutes ago and someones box was blowing down the street at a good pace, lol. Of course I think the packing peanuts that were in it landed in my bed in the front, lol....maybe before it's said and done they will blow away too!

May try to get some reading done today...haven't gotten much done recently. Of course I will be exercising and I have the last of the presents to get wrapped. I paln on mailing my mom & dads Tuesday...Mondays are always busy at the PO for some reason. Can't believe Christmas is just a few days away...came too quick.

Are you ladies ready for 2009? Do you plan on making any resolutions? I hvae to say I am definitely looking forward to the New Year...why, I have no idea, just am.

Take care all, and have a wonderful day! Chat later :wave:

12-13-2008, 02:09 PM
Hi All!!! :wave:

Well today is Party Day. My DH's Bday party :celebrate: is tonight at 7 pm. I'm sooooo nervous!!! I hope everything goes well!!! this is the first time we've ever thrown one for my DH, so I just hope and pray that it all goes smoothly!!!

Ok I just got off of the phone with my friends who are helping me with this party. I talked to my friend from work, who is gonna be at Dave & Busters early to decorate and meet and greet anybody coming. She called up Dave and Busters (because the lady I TRIED to get a hold of was a moron!!) and I guess they are totally booked and will have over 1,000 people there!!! So they are going to do what they can for us, but anyways.........

I just told my friend that we will just all meet there since that is where the Invitation said to meet and then go from there. Cuz I don't have everybody's phone # and that would be a complete mess so I'd rather everybody just meet at Dave and Busters and we can go from there.

UGH. Why is my DH's bday in December when everybody has their Holiday Party's??? lol. Totally madness!!! :crazy: But I am calm and I refuse to get upset or anything. :yoga: Because what good does that do? Nothing. :nono: We will deal with it. :D If Dave and Busters is totally insane, we can just go to a restaurant or something. ;) Yeah may be tough with about 20 of us but we will be ok and you never know, Dave and Busters may not be as crazy as we think or maybe someone will cancel and we will get a room after all. I have to look on the bright side. Because this night will be special to my DH, I don't care where it is, as long as we are with our friends, who cares, right? :grouphug: :gossip:

Then I just got off the phone with the guy who is picking up DH's cake :hb: and told him I called Costco because they close today at 6 pm and the lady said if the cake was for today, it is already made and ready to be picked up anytime before 6 pm. So my friend is going to pick it up now (he just got off of work) and I am to call him around 6 pm to be sure he is awake. (he works nights) I have to wake DH up at 5 pm so he can get a shower and everything. (my DH does not like to be late, but in this case he ugh kinda has to be. but he still doesn't like rushing around at the last minute and neither do I.)

So I was gonna clean today but I have decided to just chill because I still do not feel not quite 100% yet and my back has been acting up so I just do not want to chance it. I can clean my heart out tomorrow because I took off Sunday night. ;) Also we are meeting other friends at a local restaurant :cofdate: Sunday night (some who are working tonight and cannot make it). So I think DH should have a wonderful time this weekend. :)

Sue -- Hey chick. I hope you feel better. :hug:

Mindee -- Febreeze is wonderful isn't it??? ;) Thanks, boy did I get my sleep!!! I went to bed right after I posted here, so probably in bed around 10:30 pm (EST) and then went straight to sleep and woke up a little after 8 am!!! Usually when I go to bed early I always end up waking up like at 4 or 5 am. lol. So I was totally shocked that I woke up so "late". :lol: Then tomorrow I have to do some napping to get back on to a "nightshift" sleep cycle for back to work Monday Night. :p It is amazing how easy your body goes back to a "dayshift" sleep cycle!! lol. You know I still have not made any cookies yet!! I am just beeehhhinnnnddd!! lol. Maybe tomorrow!!! ;)

Here is a picture for your kids I thought was cute!!! (

Cristina -- Hey Girl. 59!!! holy moly! :o It is only a measly 34 degrees here and it got down last night to 16 degrees!!! :brr: Christmas is coming quick isn't it!! and my DH is not done with his shopping!! Hee hee. I am already done and I even got extra stuff yesterday!!! LOL! My friend from work and I have already discussed our New Year's Resolutions, well at least the main one: to lose weight and be healthier. :carrot: We're gonna do it together! :D She even mentioned looking into WW's. We are gonna get rid of the junk food at work we have and only keep healthy foods!! I am giving up my Mt. Dew as well. *GULP* I am slowly cutting myself down.......:( I will eventually go to Coke Zero, its the only diet I can stand and what is nice about it is that I don't like it as well as Mt. Dew so I don't drink as nearly as much of it, so that means a lot more water!! :carrot: Also we are gonna encourage each other to exercise. DH and I are actually trying to get a place in their area and if so that would work out totally great for us as we could walk :running: together!!! :D I am also gonna be working on getting pregnant :preg: So I am optimistic about 2009!!! :D

:hohoho: :xcheer: :wreath: I WISH YOU ALL TO HAVE VERY VERY HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!! :han: :present: :newyear:
I hope they are all very special just like all of you are!!!

:hug: (

12-13-2008, 02:19 PM
Cristina-I got your gift--I drank hot chocolate out of it last night--I love it!!I am not making any resolutions. Just going to continue decluttering and simplifying my life. Continue on with the weightloss journey.

Mindee--How do you shrink 2 inches--that's alot--I'd say whoever recorded the measurements screwed up. Here's hoping you guys get better.

Sue--I know what you mean, I miss a day or two and feel like there's no way to catch up and post indys...I keep trying to make it in to post every day but it doesn't always work out.

Sassy--Hope you get some energy!! Tell hubby happy bday!!

KAty--sounds like you will be ok even if you get snowed in. WTG on the losing.

Francie-- i love your top--it looks cute--you and Fonzo look so sweet together.

Kathy--trying to imagine the two rolled into one.....and can't do it--too funny he thinks he can though!!

Well, I am still sniffling and sneezing--Teri succeeded into making sure I don't get better--one of her coworkers says Teri is a carrier--she keeps everyone at work sick too!! She did get some antibiotics at the doctors on Tuesday--hope it fixes her so the rest of us will get better!! Teri and one of her friends/coworkers are talking about transferring to bigger stores which will be about $8 - $10 more an hour for Teri. They want to get a place together which will be about an hour away from here. There both single mom's so it will be easier for them. Harder for me. She promises we will still see Dominic on the weekends...but we help her out alot and it means my Mom loses her day with him too. It won't happen to April so I have time to adjust.

12-13-2008, 02:22 PM
just thought I would pop back in.....we are eventually going to be going shopping with the kids here in a little bit.....

Tommy told me that there is a possibility of him being laid off after next Friday until who knows while the shop closes down for the holidays, I think that was it.

right now, all three kids are playing in the boys I am afraid to open the door to see what they are doing. but nobody is crying so we should all be good for now....

Cristina~ I am not sure how we each lost two inches in height. but for now, since it hasn't been proven to be accurate, we are just sticking with our heights that we have been at! LOL As for how they turned the dresser upside down, that is still a mystery....but they used to knock it over so that it is laying flat, so I am just taking a guess but I am sure that they took the drawers out and flipped it over again.

Sassy~ Good to hear that you were able to get some sleep last night. Good luck with the party! We had our bachelor/bachelorette party at the Dave & Busters here in MI. It was a lot of fun! We had a room, and on the marquee for the room it said our names and then it showed on the screens through out the place! That picture fits my kids perfectly!!! They love their sweets, especially their cookies, just like my hubby does!

12-13-2008, 02:22 PM
Jules~ you snuck in on are you doing? we are still scratching our heads on how we shrunk that who knows.

12-13-2008, 07:32 PM
Its Party Time.......Latta! :wave:

12-13-2008, 08:21 PM
Hiya ladies :wave:

Just can't stay away :D

SASSY...for some reason I was thinking the party was Thursday. See, can't keep anything straight anymore, lol. Have fun at the party!

JULES...glad you finally received it and like it! Another $8-10 is a wonderful raise! I would love to be making just the $8 or $!0, lol. Oh well, I love watching Cambrie and they are paying me but with me driving to get her and feeding her I think it evens out, lol. I told them I wouldn't do it for free...mean nana!

MINDEE...yeah, I absolutely think there was a mistake made. Unless you both have major bone loss I don't think you could shrink two inches! You are a brave woman! Taking the kiddos and the hubby to the store?! :yikes:

HIYA everyone else :wave: Hope you are having a good Saturday!

Well, I spent the majority of the day online...crazy I tell ya! But, I hit the jackpot! I found all kinds of free print outs for Cambrie...ABC's, numbers, coloring pages and more! I've got enough stuff for her to do for quite a while. I didn't just want to babysit her...I want to teach her things because she will be going to kindergarten next year and she needs to know it. She knows some and Nana had been working on her last name, address and phone number...that is proving to be a little hard. But we will get there. Just gotta make things fun for her. The good thing is she loves to learn!

Also managed to get some exercise 3 mile WATP waist dvd and the 2 mile slim and thin. Debating over whether I want to even off the numbers and make it an even 90 minutes for the day...too anal about having 77 minutes, lol. Anywho...that was my wonderful day in a nutshell. Hope yours was good for you too!

12-13-2008, 10:52 PM
just had to stop back in to see how you all are doing!

Cristina~ I am not exactly sure how they figured it out......but I know that it wasn't right. And then when Tommy told me that they said that he was two inches shorter too, I knew something was off with it all. Brandon can say his whole name. But it is so cute when he says our last name, it first sounds like burrito. Then when you ask him to say it again, it comes out as rico. but Tommy has been working on him getting it all out and he can.

12-14-2008, 12:30 AM
Happy Birthday to your hubby Sassy..and I hope the party went great!!!

Well..We went shopping today, and *whew*..we're finally done Christmas shopping. Yay!! LoL!!! Now, we just gotta wrap them all up...drag...

12-14-2008, 01:09 AM
Hi everyone

Tried to post last night, but then I lost my post. Hate that when that happens.

Cristina, I have a few websites that are pretty good for kids. I will PM them to you. A couple with some really good craft ideas, some good learning games. If you teach her the phone number to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, they pick it up quite quickly. (If you don't have to put an area code in front of the number) Cole really liked the Sesame Street website also. Boy you will be one busy Nana. I hope that you have a relaxing weekend and get a little rest in before your little miss sweetheart is back for the week.

Sassy have fun tonight. Glad that you are feeling better. Cole and I checked out the Glitter site, as he got a real giggle out of the last picture. I can't figure out how to cut and paste, so I will get Kristi to show me how to do it tomorrow. If you look under clipart page 5, you will see a sunny happy face that he thought was so cute, and that was the first picture I was suppose to send you. There is also a Winnie the Pooh, and Piglet snuggled together in a blanket. I am also suppose to put that in also.

Mindee, I will have to sign up for my space so that I can see your pictures. Did you by chance post them on facebook? What kind of cookies did Tommy make? I saw a recipe for a double chocolate peanut butter cookie and thought of you. I would make some, but then I would eat them all, and that would be really bad.

Francie, I loved your pictures. You look spectacular. You both make such a nice looking couple. When does the BIL move in? and what did you decide to get him for Christmas? My DS is almost the same age, and I am not quite sure what I am going to get him for Christmas.

Jules, that is great about Terri getting a different job for a lot more money. You will probably get the little guy every weekend. Although, it would be nice if they could both find a job for more money without moving away. I will keep my fingers crossed. I hope that you get to go out somewhere, and find a person that you don't know, and pass on your cold to them. You can really never get rid of it until you give it to someone anyways. Yup thats my theory.

Katy, I will have to try your eating plan. It sure has worked for you, you look great. I should learn to knit or something to keep my hands busy so that I can stop snacking. How is the Gui Pi, or what ever it is called working? I also have problems staying asleep. I fall asleep easily, but wake up numerous times during the night. I do not want to ask the doctor for anything if there is some herbal remedy I can take.

Suzy Q is your 6 days up yet? How many days off will you get after you are finished your stretch?

Sue, were you able to get some rest and feel better? I sure hope so.

Well I must run, my niece is having a sleepover and I must try and get her and Cole to sleep. Chat with everyone later.

12-14-2008, 09:51 AM
Good morning! Well, there' some ice , but no snow as predicted. The kids will be bummed when they get up. There's always Wednesday, which is when the forecast calls for snow again. I just want it to hold off until the holiday break...please, please

Kathy - the full name of the herb is gui pi wan, if you google it, you will get more info and places to buy it online. It has been helping. I tend to wake up during the night and then not get back to sleep. With the gui pi, I still wake up, but I can get back to sleep. I'd love to figure out how to sleep through with no waking and not have to take a drug. I guess going low carb is supposed to help me do that, so we'll see.

Jules - that's good news for Teri, I'm sure she'll appreciate the extra money. I'm sure you will still see lots of Dominic. I just saw on FB that your birthday is this week - HB in advance :) do You have any plans to celebrate?

Francie -Yikes - you just reminded me that I need to wrap my gifts and get them sent. I did get the SIL's prezzie out the door, but I need to get some sent to my parents as well. and pretty soon, or Santa will miss them :(

Cristina - child care is a big job, so I'm glad you are getting paid. As for getting ready for kindergarten, that's great, too. She'll love all that stuff. Do you take her to the library? I did ( and still do ) that with my kids...we read lots of books together and that was a great way to get ready for kindy. DO you have Learning Palace where you live? they have fun stuff for learning at home.

Mindee - now, I know I'm shorter at the end of the day ( gravity, n' all) but If it were 2 inches, I think there's a mistake. That's crazy. So, are you going to try WW? Seems like whatever you are doing is going well since you lost those inches ( not the height ones)

Sassy - hope the party went well...sure you had lots of fun:)

Sue - Hope you are feeling better. I caught whatever it was that L had earlier in the week, so I was resting all day yesterday, too. Not planning on doing too much today either. The kids are in the Christmas program this morning, so I'll get out for that.

So, yeah, I caught Leigh's cold :( upside - got lots of knitting done :) Have a great Sunday everyone !

12-14-2008, 10:55 AM
I have the snow Katy, it is coming your way eventually.

I left home early to so I wouldn't have to rush but it was no biggie, just snow flakes.

Kathy - ya, we made it to 6 days today, I have tomorrow off and only work Tues/Thurs/Fri this week, crazy schedule but it'll have to do for now. I do like the job and most of the co workers. I told Snicker Co worker she was stressing me out because she kept nitpicking everything....and she just laughed and kind of eased up after that. I mean she made a point to say I was wearing a mans scrub shirt because I only had 1 breast is like "whatever....who cares how many pockets you have and who gives a rip about location?????"....

and no it didn't really bother

Sassy - Happy Birthday to DH!!! And a huge thanks for the gifts!! I especially like the animal frame thingie, put Momo in it (his pic, not him...haha) and now I can carry him around w/ me.

oops, better get clocked in!

I managed to get to 147.6 this morning! I have a slight cold and 2 sore arms from a flu and Hep-B shot,,,,my head feels like it has been hit by concrete,,,,otherwise, I am well. lol

k- sorry this is a quickie!

:wave: to everyone :)

12-14-2008, 12:39 PM
Hello ladies...

SUSAN...well, I am glad the co-worker is getting a little better...the pocket thing is ridiculous to say the least! What the heck does it matter?! I am thinking someone is a little jealous or really needs to get a life! Snow...ugh! We are supposed to get something nasty tonight but they are talking more ice than snow...hoping it goes way south. WTG on 147!! :bravo:

KATY...umm, can we say duh?! :lol: Never thought about the library! Thank you for the tip! I know they have things for the little ones thru the week so I will definitely be taking her. Not sure about having a Learning Palace here...will check that out too.

KATHY...will have to check out the Sesame Street site for sure. Thank you for the tips! How was the sleepover? was the party?

MINDEE...Cambrie can say her name but it comes out Cambee, lol. She can say her last name too but working on the address and other stuff. She can count to 10, actually a little higher and knows some of the ABC's but she can't really write them too good. But some she can...Preschool is helping too. I think when she starts kindergarten she definitely will be ready.

FRANCIE...yay to finishing up the shopping! I just finally did wrap my parents gifts and will be sending those off Tuesday...Monday's are always a little crazy at the post office and I hate going anyway. But it's has to be done so...did you get the stuff wrapped?

Hiya to everyone else :wave:

Nothing going on today...laundry and walking. Going to opt for a bunch of little walks on the treadmill and forgo the dvds. Another lovely windy day here in Oz so any walking outdoors is not going to happen. I need to walk though and not get so used to doing the dvds all the time. Not sure what else I will do. I did get my mom and dads packages wrapped but now I have to get them put in a box and get them ready to ship. So...better get and get something done.

Have a good day! :hug:

12-14-2008, 12:43 PM
Happy Sunday everyone

Wow it sure is cold here. A freezing -17F or - 30C. Don't want to go out anywhere today. (Not even to feed the horses, but I will have to.) We have to go to my parents house for dinner tonight, as it was my nephews birthdays and we are having a family party for them. So I have to stop at the store and get them a present. 1 turned 3 and the twins turned 5. 1 turned 6 on Halloween, and the last one will be 2 next month. Yes they are all brothers. My SIL was very disappointed that she did not have a girl. My brother finally said enough, no more.

SuzyQ - Way to go on getting back to 147. What have you been doing to achieve that? I am still laughing at your coworker. I had no idea that was the way to tell the difference for mens and ladies scrubs. I will have to check that out when I go to Wally world. I am glad that it didn't bother you. And I am glad that she has let up on you. Hugs to you so that you will feel better after your shots. Rest up for the next couple days. Also you really were truthfull about how much you love your Momo.

Katy - hugs to you to. Just rest today, maybe knit me a scarf so that I can go out in the cold....We had 1 day of the perfect winter weather with the perfect snowman making snow but Cole was sick so we couldn't go out and enjoy it. When does your kids Christmas break start? The last day of school for the kids here is on Friday. Then they go back January 5. I am looking foreward to that. I am sending "stay away snow" vibes to you.

:wave: to everyone else. I must run and start cleaning out the closets. Only 1 week until MIL gets here.

12-14-2008, 12:52 PM
Cristina you snuck in there while I was posting....
The sleepover is going ok. The kids are busy cleaning the basement DD has the 2 running up and down the stairs bringing up all the dishes, garbage, pop cans, and all that other crap down there. I am getting a chuckle because it is not the little ones mess, but they are not complaining about cleaning it. Also since the dog has had puppies she has decided that she can no longer go outside to go to the bathroom. I am going to lose it with her shortly, so we are cleaning the carpets once again. So now I have her locked in the kennel with the puppies.
Anyone have any ideas on how to get her to start going outside again? (and yes, she does have a coat that DD puts on her so that she doesn't get to cold...)
Anways back to the closets.

12-14-2008, 03:08 PM
Kathy~Thank you :) BIL is supposed to be coming on friday, but they havent bought the plane tickets yet. It's getting so annoying, cuz they wont give us a set date. I hate not knowing when. But anyways...we got him a coat, and some stocking stuffers. Nothing major, lol. We'll probably take him shopping for clothes a little later.

Katy~I'm lucky I dont have to send out any presents this year. I always get soooo stressed out when I do, lol. Although, I ordered my friend something from Amazon, and I hope it gets here in time.

Susan~Its not fair that its snowing up there!!! Send some my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heart snow!! LoL!!

Cristina~No, I havent wrapped the stuff up yet. I hope I have enough wrapping paper, lol. Now I'm all worried. Fonzo's big present took up a lot of paper.

Why does it snow everywhere but here?!?! It's not fair!! (yes, I'm pouting like a 2 year old) LoL!!

12-14-2008, 03:28 PM
Francie, heres some "Let it snow, and take our snow" vibes to you. In fact, I will even go outside and do a snow dance for you. (Well actually I will stand at my door and do the dance for you)

12-14-2008, 03:36 PM
LOL!!! Thanks!!! Here's my snow dance:

And yes, I have to dress up like spiderman in order for it to work :p

12-14-2008, 06:01 PM
well, the mystery is solved! Tommy went into the ER today because he was still having severe pain. He called his mom and she met him at the hospital. She called me to let me know that he has sludge in his gall bladder and he has to follow up with the surgeon to see what he wants to do. And he has to change his diet, so now I am trying to scour the internet for the diet that he has to switch to. But all I am finding is stuff for the diet that he would need to go on IF he were to get his gall bladder taken out.

so, now we are looking at what we can do to change what we eat so that it will help things out if he does in fact need his gall bladder taken out. He is going to call and schedule that appointment tomorrow. do any of you ladies know where I can find information on what he, well we, can't eat? I read somewhere that he can't eat dairy products (such as milk and eggs), red meat, fried foods, and coffee. I am looking for anything that says what he CAN eat. Oh yeah, I read some where that he can't eat cookies any more either!

Tommy asked me when he got home from the ER if there was any way he could sue the doctor that we saw on Friday. I said "probably for misdiagnosis. Since she should have sent you for more testing instead of just passing it off as it being the stomach flu and sending you on your way."

Kathy~ I put the pictures up on Facebook as well, so you can see them over there. I have some pictures that I took over the past weekend that I need to put up. Tommy made some chocolate chip cookies that we got from Brandon's fundraiser.

Katy~ I am not sure how they got that, since we got called back after 11am, so I know we didn't shrink while sitting there! I have a couple of websites that my friend gave me in regards to what I can eat with WW, so I am going to book mark them again, and look more into them. Although, I think since Tommy has to change his diet now, we will be as well, so that will help me out too.

Cristina~ That is how Brandon is. He is really getting into his numbers and letters and such now. So, I am sure that he will be ready for kindergarten next year, we just need to get him potty trained!

SuzieQ~ My goodness you have been busy! Two shots....we were asked on the medical history form if either one of us has had a flu shot, and unfortunately neither one of us has. I told Tommy that we would probably be walking out with flu shots, but that didn't happen.

ok......we were going to have Italian Chicken and rice pilaf for dinner tonight....but I forgot to pull out the chicken and marinate it. So, I mentioned to Tommy that he has his salmon in the freezer that I could make for him. Do you think he will be able to eat it?

I asked him what he was going to have for lunch tomorrow, and I told him that I would make him some soup and put it in a container for him to heat up at lunch time. I am hoping that I am able to find something soon that I can write down and keep handy as for what we can now eat.

sorry if I missed any one, but I will be back later.

12-14-2008, 06:29 PM
Mindee~When I had my gallbladder taken out..they told me to switch to a low fat diet. I didnt even have a choice when I had my attack. They took it out the very next day, even though I was only in pain for that one day.

12-14-2008, 07:36 PM
Francie--I don't think I would look good in a spidey costume but I want snow too!! We are excited for Dominic to see it for the first time. I had to run to work a little today and you could see a little snow in spots--nothing at my house though!!!

Mindee--hugs to hubby!! I always use type in your question. Are you feeling any better???

Kathy--brrrr on the cold!!! Sounds like you are finding ways to have fun though. I will make sure I sneeze on a stranger!!!! I am sure we still have Dominic alot--it's just nice that she lives 10 minutes from my job and 1/2 hour from home.

Cristina--unfortunately Teri doesn't make enough to cover all her bills so there is nothing left for us--she does give us some of her free formula from WIC, but I buy diapers and everything else. He eats what we eat so I am not buying babyfood anymore.

SuzyQ--almost everyone I know that got the flu shot this time felt really yucky and sore after it. WTG on getting back down. The offer to point and laugh while I sit on your coworker is still open!! I loved the pics in your Christmas card--the girls are so pretty--Becky looks a little like Ry's almost girlfriend Sarah from before he moved to WA--he even thought so....There are still friends--she met someone while he was gone.

Katy--Our company Christmas lunch is on my bday, my Mom wants to take me out and hubby is taking a vacation day on Thursday so that's when we are going and then Sunday is her bday and we are all including my hubby, kids and brother going to eat at a place she likes---TOOO much eating out!! How will I ever lose this week!!! I'll be happy if I stay the same.

Well, I am off to play with the boy--I won't see him until Thursday night!!!

12-14-2008, 07:44 PM
Happy Sunday Ya'All!! :D (

The party went well even though not as many people showed up as they said they were. But it turned out even better I thought. It was all of our really good friends. DH had a great time. ;) My friend from work bought him a bunch of balloons and one was even a motorcycle one! Its very cool! :)

Thanks everybody for your Bday Wishes for DH.

I am going out to dinner with DH and our friend. (I took off tonight from work) ;)

Have a Good One,


12-14-2008, 07:59 PM
Sassy--so glad you guys had a good time!!

12-14-2008, 08:54 PM
Jules~I only saw snow once..and that was a couple weeks ago. You're lucky to have seen some in some spots. I'm wishing for a very very cold day so it will snow, lol.

Sassy~Glad the party was fun!!! Enjoy your night off!!

Well..I finished wrapping the presents tonight..yay!! LoL!!! My lower back hurts from sitting on the floor and bending all weird to cut the paper and wrap the stuff. I'm very excited for Christmas. This is the first time in 2 years that we get to spend it with friends!! Plus..I'm really excited for Fonzo to open his big present. I got him some swords..he's gonna love it!!!!

Okay..gonna go watch Mission Impossible 3 on TNT!!!

12-15-2008, 12:28 AM
Hello everyone
Just got back from a crazy supper at my parents house. I made a good save tonight. Our pipes to our laundry room are frozen, so I can't do any laundry, so I filled a garbage bag with laundry, and told the boys to throw it into the back of the truck, so we could wash a couple loads while we were at supper. As I was backing out of the driveway, I noticed a bag of garbage sitting at the curb. I asked Cody who put the garbage bag there and he said he took it out of the truck and put it there. I asked him why he was throwing out our laundry? :?: He said he didn't know it was laundry. (Yes supper was so crazy that I forgot that we even took some laundry until I was leaving. Didn't get any washed)

Francie - Thats great that you found Fonzo something he will love. Now the hard part, not letting him open it before Christmas. Ok I did the snow dance for you. Everyone asked me what I was doing and I told them I had to use the bathroom really bad but someone was in there.:D If I told them I was doing a snow dance, and then it actually snowed here I would not be popular.

Sassy - I am glad that you guys had a good time. Were you able to have it at the place that you originally were going to? Or did you have to go somewhere else? It is nice to spend time with really good friends. Especially now that you will probably be to busy between now and New Years to see them. Speaking of that, do you have any big plans for New Years Eve?

Jules - You know if my snow dance doesn't work, it means that both of us must find a spidey costume and do our dance together. Is your birthday on Thursday? Roxy just eats what we eat, and she will not let anyone feed her.And she just drinks regular milk now. She is quite independant. It does cut down on the baby bills.

Mindee - sorry about Tommy, but at least now you guys know what the problem is. Sorry also to hear that he might be laid off for a little while.

SuzyQ - are you staying home for a couple days, or are you planning a trip back for a visit with everyone on your days off?

Cristina - did you have a relaxing Sunday? Are you ready for the happy little Miss to come back and play? I am quite excited for Christmas Vacation to start so that the kids and I will have some time together.

Speaking of that I just noticed that it is 9:30, and a big brother was actually hanging out with a little brother, and that little brother should have been in bed an hour ago. Must run and get him there.

12-15-2008, 10:37 AM
Morning. :coffee:

I have gotten some laundry done, still working on that one. :rolleyes: Seems non-ending........:p Also kept up on dishes so there were none. Picked up some, cleaned the bathroom up.........phew. I need to go back to work to relax! :lol:

Well thats about it.


Back to work for me tonight......:(


12-15-2008, 11:42 AM
Happy Monday! it was cute watching the little ones cleaning. it's funny to me how helpful the little ones are and then they grow up, lol! You, know I have no clue about what to do to make the dog go out again, sorry.

MINDEE...I had problems with my gallbladder for years before they took it...kept diagnosing it as an ulcer and I knew it wasn't. But it didn't matter what I ate...I could eat a salad and then have an attack. Was never told to change my diet until after I had it taken out. Then they told me to follow a low-fat diet. For the most part I tried to and still try. I definitely don't eat how I used to...we ate out too much, waaaaayyyy too much! But it's been 14 years since and I've not had any problems. DD and both sons had theirs taken out too. DS#1 had one freakin attack and they took it out...and he has to watch what he eats...there's certain things he can't eat now because it messes with his stomach, and hope this isn't too much info but as soon as he eats he has to be near a restroom. Same with DD. Josh just had his taken in October so not sure if he has problems or not, so far, so good. But...if the doc tells ya to follow a certain diet I would! I am surprised though that they didn't want to take it out right away. Hope he feels better soon! :hug:

SASSY...glad the party was fun!

FRANCIE...I was wondering what was in that long box, lol. I think he will love it! Oh, me too...hate not knowing things. Josh & Charlotte will beat around the bush all the freakin time...can't get a straight answer out of them for nothing! Love the snow dance...maybe I will do it and send all the snow your way! We are supposed to get some in the next couple of days...'course they are talking ice too...that's what scares me...I will not drive on the ice. You know...wrapping should be included in exercise because it is quite the chore, or for me anyway. :lol:

JULES...I couldn't imagine raising a baby today. I don't think the diapers have changed a whole lot over the years but the formula sure has, yikes! Of course a lot of mothers now days breast feed, guess that is the way to go. Kudos to Teri though she is doing a great job and you guys are too. She's lucky to have a momma like you! :hug:

SUSAN...what's up with you missy? I swear when I run away I will end up at your door for a visit! I am this [] close to running away from it all! Like you need me at your door :lol: I think I'll just put a blanket, pillows and some food and clothes in the car and live there and just drive around wherever.

Nothing really planned for the day...going to get some exercise done and finish my laundry. Did 3 loads yesterday but didn't get them folded and put away. That's about it, other than freeze my arse's a warm -9 degrees right now :brr::brr:

Take care ladies, and have a wonderful day! :hug:

12-15-2008, 12:52 PM
Kathy~I confess..I let him open one present and we said it was just an anniversary gift, lol. It's a boatsman whistle. Which he loved. He's into all that sailor type stuff, lol. Just cant get him anything actually related to the Navy, lol. LOL!!! I would've loved to have seen your snow dance. Everyone must've been like...Okay, leave her alone..LOL!!

Cristina~Omg..Fonzo is just DYING to open the huge present. That will be the first one he opens Christmas morning, lol. And yes, wrapping presents should be included in exercise. I really hurt my back yesterday. And I think I might've pulled something in my leg, lol. I hate freakin ice. I slipped on some ice last year and omg, I was so sore!! Then we saw this one car actually stuck on the side of this hill because he hit a patch of black ice. Scary!!! Gotta be careful out there.

12-15-2008, 03:27 PM
well, Tommy went to work today. I talked to him at lunch and he said that he was in major pain. I told him that he wasn't taking his darvocets with him to work. his friend said that she might have some vicodin, I told him that he wasn't taking it and then driving home. he said something and I said, well then tell Cindy that she will have to bail you out of jail then because we don't have the money to do it.

he actually just called me again to see if the doctor's office had called here. they haven't so he said that he was going to call them back again to see if the secretary had talked to the doctor yet and what she said. so now we are just waiting to hear what she has to say and go from there.

we were looking around online last night and found out that we will more then likely have to switch to organic foods and leaner meats. He seems to think that once he gets his gall bladder taken out, if that is what they decide to do, then he will be able to go back to eating like he normally does. I have some news for him.....once we switch and get me and the kids used to the organic stuff, as well as himself, then there will be no switching back! granted it will be more expensive because the organic stuff always is, but we will have to get used to it and figure out new meal plans. any body have any suggestions?

oh know how I put together the calendar a while ago? well, I got an email yesterday from snapfish talking about free shipping and handling. So, since that is what we were going to have to pay......I tried it, and wouldn't you know it......I got our calendar for FREE!!!!! Now, I can't wait for it to get here!!!!!

right now, I am doing the kids laundry. right now, they are in the washers and I will be heading over there probably after I finish this post to see if they need to get switched to the dryers yet.

I just got a call from the doctor's office in regards to my blood work that they drew last Friday! My glucose was 98, my total cholesterol was 133, my triglycerides were 80, my hdl was 40, and my ldl was 77. I made sure to ask if they were all good before I hung up the phone, and she told me that they were. My doctor thought I was going to be all out of whack, since she classified me as being in the "obesity" category.

Francie~ How long did you have to stay on the low fat diet? Or did you have to switch for life?

Jules~ Thanks for that site....I will check it out here in a minute. I am feeling good. I am still have some stomach issues, but I know mine are not anything like Tommy's. I am still kind of tired, but I am hoping that I will have an answer for it all soon!

Sassy~ Sounds like the party went well!!!! I love D&B but we haven't been in a looooooooong time! The first time I actually got carded after I turned 21 was when we went to D&B......not like I was going to drink or anything, I was pregnant with Brandon when we went.

Kathy~ Thanks for the nice comments. At least if he gets laid off this coming Friday, then he can come home and apply for unemployment....which we are hoping that he gets if he does indeed become unemployed!

Cristina~ I am surprised they didn't take it either. But the doctor that saw him in the ER wasn't his normal doctor. So, they told him to call and follow up with his normal doctor today..which is why he has been trying to get in touch with them!

12-15-2008, 03:40 PM
Well I can't sleep :tired: and I have to go back to work tonight..........:p I also keep coughing so that keeps me DH is snoring...........:rolleyes: So I came out to crash out on the futon. Took some meds so hopefully that will help!!!

Well off to lay down and TRY to sleep. Wish me luck!!!! (

12-15-2008, 04:14 PM
Sassy~Hope you get some sleep

Mindee~I dunno..he never told me. Clearly, I'm not doing that anymore, lol.

12-15-2008, 04:47 PM
ok, he called me and he has an appointment with the surgeon on Thursday at we will know more from there.

12-15-2008, 06:11 PM
Mindee- Hope Tommy gets feeling better. When my DH had his gall bladder out they told him it did not have stones, just sludge. He still had pain off and on for awhile after, but now he eats anything. Me, I have been wanting mine out since 2004...still say that is what causes my side pain.

Sassy- Hope you get feeling better too missy. Sounds like a nice party for your DH..glad his BD was fun.

I will "talk" to everyone later. I have dinner cooking. Had a busy day and I am pooped. Just wanted to check in and let you know I am alive, not 100% well yet, but getting there.


12-15-2008, 08:41 PM
Sue--we had tacos yesterday at Teri's request so I made a quick taco salad with the leftovers

Mindee--hope Tommy gets feeling better soon (and you too!!) The site used to be called Ask Jeeves and it was one Teri used for research on her papers in school

Sassy--I got the nagging cough too..I was up after 1 last night--I coughed a bunch today and my throat is really sore from having to talk on the phone. I am thinking your package will be there by Friday!!

Cristina--sorry about your dil--she seems to enjoy causing drama. It was in the 40's and a weird warm--usually when it gets warm we are due for some snow--here's hoping that me and Francie finally get some of it...

Kathy--Dominic loves toasted cheese sandwiches and popcorn, but I actually haven't found anything that he won't eat--well he did spit pout the babyfood peaches but add fresh ones. Maybe we all need to do the snow dance at the same time==we will have to coordinate with you since Francie and I are at least in the same time zone...

Francie--glad you are closer to your friends--you seemed so lonely in WA...

SuzyQ--where are you!!!

Well I am off--gotta do my dishes so I can put them away before I go to bed--didn't do any decluttering at all this week but I have kept my sink clean and dishes put away!!

12-15-2008, 09:12 PM
Did I really seem lonely in WA?

12-15-2008, 10:00 PM
STOP! Please don't post here

See you over in BIK #66