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12-07-2008, 01:05 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's a cold night here . . . 11 degrees with an 8mph wind which makes it "feel" like 0. :brr: I hated to go out again after getting home. I worked in the gift shop this morning and even sold a few things for a change. Usually I'm lucky to have any sales. Then I went for a haircut which was originally scheduled for Monday after school so that is out of the way. We worked at Santa's Castle this evening -- it used to be a free will offering to go through and view, but now they charge $4 for adults and $2.50 for children over 2. I personally think it is pricey and especially for people who have out of town guests coming and want to visit again. Stopped in to see MIL on our way home and now it is time for bed! I sure didn't get anything accomplished at home today except a couple loads of laundry. Tomorrow is another day! :D

"Gma" -- Bob doesn't like anything "low fat" or "fat free" and I have tried to fool him on a few things. :nono: He's a bit like me and would rather eat the real thing and less of it. I just wonder how much worse things will get before the general economy starts to turn around again. Bob comments on the prices of corn dropping so fast and we just had an ethanol plant shut it's doors in a nearby town. They had filed for bankruptcy and the court shut them down. It's scary for sure. I like your idea of vacationing while you can still enjoy it!

Susan -- By Friday afternoon anyone who wasn't sick at school was to the point where they didn't want to touch anything or be in the halls when the students were passing to class. I've never seen so many people get sick so fast. There were no subs available at the beginning of the day so I'm not sure what they did as the day went on. I covered 2 classes for another special ed. teacher. Bob went with me to WM last night and when I got to the checkout I had a box of chocolate covered cherries in the cart. He acted surprised and wondered how they got into the cart. When we got home he opened the box -- there were only 10 pieces of candy in the box and they weren't very good. It was a brand I've never heard of and he admitted he should have left them on the shelf. :lol:

I think the bed should be preheated by now and I'm heading in that direction. Have a relaxing Sunday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-07-2008, 07:30 AM
Good morning to you all! I was having knee problems yesterday. It hurt all day long and then was aching when I went to bed last night. So much so that I couldn't sleep, so I got up, slathered Icy Hot all over the back and front put a pair or ratty pj bottoms on to keep it from getting on the sheets, took advil and went back to bed. I woke this morning and no aching and it doesn't hurt when I walk so I guess I fixed it for now.

Jean: It is 32 here right now and no wind and supposed to get up to 42 today. A bit of a warm up on Wednesday then back down to daytime temps in the 40's. I guess everyone is just going to have to hang on until the economy gets better. I truly believe a good portion of the problem was the rising oil prices. It makes sense as pretty much everything depends on oil, either oil is in the product in some way, it is needed to run the manufacturing company, it is needed to take goods to stores and it is needed to run many stores, ie heat and such. When prices kept climbing, companies couldn't keep up and us regular folks started losing jobs because of it or keeping our money close to us and so retail sales plummeted. If you look, the stores that are in trouble are ones that are pricier, Linens and Things, Circuit City, places like that. Good old Wally's world is hanging in there along with Target. Kmart has been in trouble for decades so it doesn't count. I think the other big thorn in this country's side is the unions. I saw yesterday a window company shut their doors in Chicago with only 3 days warning to employees. The employees are now camped out in the factory refusing to leave until they are paid severage and vacation, but the company's bank trustees won't pay as they are in bankruptcy. The electrical union there is putting up a big stinkeroo and trying to make trouble. Well, if you look at the auto industry, that is run completely by unions. Jack said the biggest problem is that the unions have strong armed the auto industry into covering all retired auto workers with lifetime medical, dental, life insurance, etc coverage. On top of that, the hourly worker's salaries are so inflated it is unbelievable. My brother is an electrician with a Ford plant and if he would work a weekend holiday, he makes thousands of dollars on just one weekend. You take that on top of people not buying a high ticket item like a car right now and they get into trouble. People are also downsizing to smaller suvs and crossovers and sedans over the big sedans like we have or big SUVs. Though you wouldn't know it here. I think there are more Navigators and Escalades in this city than anywhere. They ride around in Lexus's and cadillacs with doo rags on their heads looking like they haven't got two pennies to rub together then walk into a grocery store, buy high ticket items like steak and junk food and pay for it with food stamps. I quit going to our Walmart Neighborhood market just down the street for that very reason. I got burned up watching people buy expensive stuff on food stamps and go out and get into expensive cars and drive off. Or the other scenario, they spend thousands of dollars on those huge fancy wheels. When I had to order ours when the one got bent, I saw some that were over $2000 apiece. You see them on some beat up 20 year old car like that makes it stylin'. It is still an old beat up car! :lol: I like chocolate covered cherries too. I always buy the Cella brand as I like the clear liquid instead of the white cream inside. Bad thing is Jack hates them so I have them all to myself! :o

Susan:I have started another hat. This one is in red, white and blue and is shaped like the kid's party hats. It is cute. The original colors are pink, white and gold, but I didn't have the yarn for that and wanted to use stash yarn so went with the red, white and blue. I think it will still look cute. My cookbook cost me $14.98 plus free shipping. Sometimes it pays to be part of a book club. I know I save a lot of money now that I have been a member a long time. Well I say that, but I buy a lot of books. I have bags and bags in the garage ready to go to the library to give away. I get a lot of freebies, and such. Right now they owe me a secret book that I still have yet to get. It was a promotion awhile back and they ran out so I don't know when I will see it. It is probably some stupid book I wouldn't read anyway. Can you say "regift?" :lol:

Well, I guess I am going to get into the recliner and knit for awhile until I can do the floors. We ended up going to the commissary for a weeks worth of groceries yesterday and they were really busy so I didn't get much done at home yesterday. I will be caught up then can start back on my daily cleaning tomorrow I guess. I will be glad when I can just take down Christmas stuff and put it away!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

12-07-2008, 04:34 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue with white jet streams making crazy patterns. The weatherman said we were supposed to get snow . . . boy, was he wrong! The wind is blowing so I suppose snow could blow in before the day is over. I've been doing laundry and am sneaking up on decorating the tree. My heart isn't in it, but if I don't it won't get done.

"Gma" -- I also believe that the "now" generation is living on plastic which hasn't helped the economy at all. I know when Jason was in college he could fill out credit card apps every day of the week and they would send him a card. They didn't have high limits but if you have 10 cards that adds up! He learned the hard way I might add, and we didn't bail him out. I always thought that food stamps were set up to just buy the basics and the people couldn't use them on just anything. I see it all the time in our grocery stores -- "they" eat more expensive cuts of meat than we do! In our Sunday paper today there is an article about an old fashioned variety store in a small town that has survived for 75 years. The town has 4700 people and WM is coming to town! The locals tried to keep it out but somehow WM managed to get in. According to the interview, the townspeople plan on supporting the local variety store rather than WM. I hope they do a follow-up article to see if that really happens.

I have got to get busy on the tree! Have a nice "rest of the day" and a marvelous Monday tomorrow. I have 9 1/2 days of classes until final exams begin! TA DA !! :cheer: :cheer3: :cheer2: :dance:

Jean -- :brr: in Iowa!

12-08-2008, 10:40 AM
Good morning to you all! It is clear and cool this morning, but not freezing cold. It is supposed to be in the 60's for the next couple days. Ought to give our furnace a rest. Looks like thunderstorms planned on Wednesday. Of course, since that is garbage day and I have a ton of it to haul out since idiot next door blocked the walkway. If she is parked there on Wednesday morning, I plan on taking all my trash and parking it right in front of her bumper so she has to back up to get out. That way I know I will get my trash picked up too.

Jean: I forgot you get a nice long holiday in just a week or so. I need to get on the stick and get a Christmas card for Tom's parents to put their gift card in and a birthday card with her gift card for my sister, whose birthday is the day after Christmas. I have a ton of reward points on my credit card so I used them to get a couple $50 gift cards, one from Sears and one from Kohls. Does that sound cheesy to do? I guess it is better than regifting, huh??? :D The little town I grew up in has a variety store and I think it is still in existence. My home town had about 1600 people in it and farm land all around. South Bend is 20 miles away so the variety store provided a purpose when you needed something and couldn't get "to town." My grandma used to buy yard goods and thread and such all the time at the variety store. It had old wooden floors that creaked when you walked around and the store smelled sort of furniture polishy. We also used to have a hardware store, which eventually went out of business, a lumber yard that is now out of business, and later on a video store, convenience store with a gas station a kid I went to school with owns. I think when I was a kid we had 4 gas stations, 2 grocery stores, one a "country store" my great uncle owned and the other a bigger grocery, 2 bars, 3 restaurants, one a diner style, one a restaurant and one a combo of both. We had a drug store with a soda fountain where you could get the best ham salad sandwich with chips and a coke for 30 cents. I later found out the ham salad was made with bologna, but it was delicious. We had a rainbow hall/mason hall, an american legion hall, a community hall, a post office where you had to go get your mail and it still isn't delivered except if you live in the country today. There is a bowling alley right outside of town and used to be a mom and pop ice cream place right outside of town. There are 5 churches, 2 brethern, a baptist, a methodist and a church of Christ and 2 cemetaries, the old and the new! We had a nice park, an elementary, jr high and high school all right together. The high school is now the elementary school and they bus the other kids 6 miles to the next town over.

Well, enough walk down memory lane. I need to get up and going I guess. Have a great day everyone!


12-08-2008, 03:50 PM

It is a tad chilly but the temp isn't too bad. No snow. I am excited to go to WW this evening because of the new program. We get our first weeks informaton and there is no time like then to renew my commitment. Will has been out looking for blue ray movie players today to match up with our new TV and checking prices of the faster internet and the special cables. They sure do complicate things. Nothing like the old days when you turn on your TV and get a few stations the the test pattern at night when the stations sign off. My have they made great strides during my lifetime. I'll be back after WW tonight.

12-08-2008, 06:02 PM
Good evening, ladies. Darn cold today - in the 30s.

We had internet problems all day at work and could hardly get anything done. Our provider was out twice and we still don't have service. Then the boss gives me his new Blackberry Storm to get it set up and synched with his computer. Of course, it hasn't been activated and the battery hasn't been put in or charged. So I gave it back and told him to charge it up and I'd work on it tomorrow.
I'm so fed up with computers and phones it isn't funny.

Faye, I remember those small towns, too and lament their loss. I actually live near one (2 miles at most) that still has 2 grocery stores, post office, 2 drug stores, a Dollar General and a few mom-pop businesses. Love to shop there.

Jean, I agree about the charge cards. They pass them out too freely. Here they give debit cards instead of food stamps so no one knows who has them - except when the pay for toilet paper, soap, etc. someother way. It's to preserve their self esteem. They have to save money somewhere so they can afford guns and bullets.

Maggie, I can hardly stand waiting for you to tell you about your meeting. I thought about going tonight, but I'm done in and I really want to go on Friday again. But do tell us what you learn.

Our party yesterday was great and I ate too much so I had nothing for the rest of the day (we at at 1:30 pm).

Have a good evening.

12-08-2008, 07:19 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It is raining, sleeting, and freezing on everything in my corner of the world tonight. Maybe the weatherman was right after all. The snow is supposed to start later. :( Schools around us dismissed early but not us! We have lots of teachers who drive in from other towns so I hope everyone was able to get home ok. We also have several teachers in Des Moines for meetings today and tomorrow; word was they were heading home because DM was supposed to get more snow than we are. I guess winter has officially arrived whether the calendar says so or not. School was typical Monday with lots of subs thrown in the mix.

"Gma" -- My little hometown had a variety store too! It was owned by a man that was my grandparents' age, then his son took it over in later years. I remember going there as a child when my mom would buy fabric and sewing stuff. When my dad was in the hospital 6 years ago I decided to check it out again for old times sake. The son/owner called me by name and asked how my dad was before I even had a chance to introduce myself. I asked how he knew me and he said I looked just like my mom. :D The store has since closed. The town still doesn't have a WM though. :cp: I think perhaps because K-Mart is there and it is a smaller town with WMs 30 miles away in any direction. I also remember the drug store soda fountain, the bowling alley, a skating rink, and an ice skating rink that they flooded in the winter, the TV programs that didn't even come on the air until 4:00 and off at 10:00 after the news. Ah, the memories! Those were the GOOD old days for sure! They still do have all of the schools because they consolidated with a couple of smaller schools close by.

Maggie -- Good luck at WW tonight. :cheer: I'm anxious to find out the news too!

Susan -- You have far more patience than I to work through computer glitches and setting up telephones. I know that some people have to use food cards out of hardships beyond their control, and I feel for them. It irks me to see people use them and then drive away in new cars talking on fancy cell phones! :( We have more "free and reduced" lunches at school than those paid for, and I'm guessing 90% of those students have cell phones. I'm glad you enjoyed the party yesterday! Today is a new day to get back on program.

Bob is at church for practice. He assumed they would have it since no one called to cancel. Dumb! Guess I will unload the dishwasher and work on the tree.

Have a relaxing evening and stay warm!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-08-2008, 11:27 PM

Back now from WW and I am going to like the new program. MOMENTUM ~ I call it the Big Mo. It is the old program streamlined for sure for why mess with something that works but just try to make it better. The weigh in chart is included in a booklet they named the "Pocket Guide" that also has a pocket in the instide cover for your tracker or passport, a food list, your weekley weigh record and a tracker hooked to the back cover that folds in. It includes good hints for following the program all in a handy little booklet. They are advocating eating more satisfying filling foods and exercise 30 minutes daily. The points remain the same.

The program hasn't changed all that much but made it easier to use the resources. Water can be any drink now. Coffee and tea doesn't have to be decafinated. Sodas should be diet ones.

I went ahead and sprung for the neat insulated tote pack with the following goodies in it: Complete Food Companion, Dining Out Companion, 3 Month Joirnal, Quick Fixes booklet of 40 pages of ideas, Silver Materials Keeper, Start Getting Healthy DVD, Basic Training, 10 easy cooking techniques.

I was going to get the book you gals have but she forgot them home in the garage ~ they sell them for $15 here.;) So she will have one for me next week.

That is about it all in a nut shell. I know you gals will like it.

Type at you later.

12-09-2008, 06:10 AM
Good morning to you all! I woke up with a little backache, probably the result that I was dead tired last night and went to be early, so needed to get up anyway. I feel fine now.

Got a lot accomplished yesterday so today I am going to finish up downstairs, dusting and vacuuming, then start the upstairs tomorrow.

Jack and I are going to sit down, probably tomorrow and work out menus to go back on WW so I can go shopping on Saturday. It takes a lot more stuff to get started, ie fruits and veggies that are fresh, egg beaters, yogurt, and on and on. I hope he will go along with a majority of the recipes I have so we can have change of pace.

Susan: How would bosses get along without their assistants? I think it is funny he hadn't even put in the battery to charge the thing up. Thomas is driving his parents nuts about the new IPOD Touch, which I guess you can play games on. She is refusing to buy him one, but my suspicion is Santa is going to put one under the tree. The kid is definitely spoiled, though at least he isn't a brat. I ordered another cookbook called The Food you Crave by Ellie Krieger. I watch her tv program "Healthy Appetite with Elie Krieger" when I can find it on the food network and I like how she takes favorites and pairs down the fat and such. For example, she made hot wings with blue cheese sauce and made them in such a way the fat was really reduced on everything, using ff yogurt instead of sour cream for the blue cheese dipping, stripping the wings of their skin and then baking instead of deep frying them, stuff like that. So it makes it easier for you to have some of the snacks you love without all the bad stuff. I am anxious to see her book. She has a recipe "pork medallions with cherry sauce" I would love to try. I would have to separate picky poo's as he doesn't like cherries. I love them. She also has roasted cauliflower and I think I would like to try that. They do use debit cards now instead of paper food stamps. Anyone who has seen them knows what they are as they are very patriotic looking! lol Also, they hold up the line because you can't do self checkout with them without help. I quit using the Walmart Neighborhood Market because they would have two baskets of groceries and use the self checkout then have a food stamp card. Of course, there wouldn't be a soul around to help so you stood there waiting. That particular store is very very poorly run so we skip it even though it is conveniently a mile down the road.

Jean: Hope you are safe and sound at home and get tons of snow so you can't work. You can sit at home and enjoy yourself! Of course, I want you to eventually be able to get out and about so don't want it too bad. It was decent here yesterday, but I noticed the deck is spotted wet so I imagine the rain is going to move in quicker than believed. I sound like an ole shrew, but I have nothing against help for people that truly need it. I wish some of the elderly would take advantage of it so they could eat properly. I just get miffed at people in designer jeans you know cost $75, gold jewelry and expensive cars using the things and that happens a lot here. I guess it is doubly irritating for me as we could have used the help when Jack was in the Navy, but we didn't qualify for anything but reduced lunches for the kids. I would have had no problem using the card to help out with groceries. Ahh well, we made it through though it was really tough sometimes.

Maggie: Glad you liked the program. It seemed to me to be mostly a gathering of all aspects of dieting into one program. Learning behavior modification, exercise, eating, etc. The blueray and HD stuff is coming down little by little, but I saw several places say that tvs weren't going to be anything you could really get a deal on for Christmas this year so to wait. The best time is January if you live in a state that has an inventory tax. We do and you can save a bundle when they want to get rid of stuff they have to pay taxes on.

Well gals, I am going to sit in the recliner and read or knit for a bit. Jack should be up and around in a hour to get ready for work.

Have a great day and keep warm and dry!

12-09-2008, 10:58 AM
Good morning, ladies!

The internet is working again so I can cross that off my list. Now to get the phone activated and synced. Then I can heave a big sign of relief until the next time.

I finished the binding and put the label on the mystery quilt so that is done and ready for the meeting tonight.

Maggie, thanks for sharing. I finally found a slot Thursday evening to go to WW. I intend to go on Friday morning but have Quilt Guild the second Friday so I'll go on Thursday's that week - or Saturday! I really, really, really like that leader. I need to get started now so I don't gain another 5 pounds. She is so inspiring and she does Core 90% of the time. How much was the kit you bought? I have a Christmas party tonight and another tomorrow, then one next Monday and Wednesday.

Jean, Let it Snow, let it snow, let it Jean can have time off for good behavior from the brats at school. Stay warm and dry.

Faye, Do you get FIT TV? They also have some good low point cooking and "diet" shows. I've been having fun with "Shimmy" (exercises like belly dancing). Since I am home alone, I can make a fool out of myself and have fun exercising on the weekend. Roasted cauliflower - any roasted vegetable is yummy! I'll bet you'd like Master Cook. I keep my recipes and menus in there, then I can put together a new weekly menu really fast and print a shopping list. I paid $5 for the one I have now because a newer version had come out. Did you read "Beach Road" by James Patterson? It's wonderful and I guarantee you can't figure out who done it until the end. A warning, however, it is one of those books you can't put down.

Have a good day, ladies!

12-09-2008, 03:00 PM

WOW it can get windy here in the heartland. The wind chill must make it really cold outside. Burrrrrr. Today is the day we were going to buy the ingredients for the Chili Feed this coming Saturday. Ha! I wasn't going out in that wind so Will is there as I type doing the shopping. Ragg Mopp and I opted to stay home. ;) The bag of stuff I bought last night was kinda spendy but I was going to get all the things new this go round anyway and so the $39 was less than buying it all separate. :p This day for my first meal I made beaters with some of Schwans mushroom and onion mix in it and it sure was good. I won't bore you with all I eat but it is good to back at it. WW isn't running two separate programs now so the Core plan is built in with the regular plan. You will better understand that when you get your material.

Ole Ragg Mopp upchucked on the beige carpet and boy is it hard to get out. Will is picking up some of that Oxy clean stuff so hope that works better than the carpet cleaner we have. I don't know what got into that dog, he has not done that before. O well he is a dog and they do those things.

My main squeeze is back so I better get off here and go put up his purchases.

Type at you later.

12-09-2008, 11:11 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's another cold and windy night in my neighborhood -- 10 degrees and with the wind it "feels" like 2 degrees. :brr: Not much new nor different going on around here. One of the teachers I work with is having her gall bladder out on Thursday and will be gone a week. I'm hoping we get a good sub because it is an English class and we are working on Julius Caesar for the final exam.

Maggie -- I have good luck with Oxy spray . . . much better than the powder. Good luck with your spot! Ernie hasn't had any fur balls so haven't had to use it with him. I figured it was about time for WW to do a program change of some sort. I hope the points calculator is better than the paper thin one of a couple of years ago. :) We've had a lot of wind lately -- we noticed more windmills have been put up since last year when we traveled for Thanksgiving.

"Gma" -- Bob thinks we got 3 - 4" of snow judging from our driveway and the deck. My "mom" lives about 150 miles east of us and they got 7"! Further east into Wisconsin was to get 12", so I will keep what I have and be glad. We had a 2 hour late start today. The kids were complaining because some of the towns around us cancelled. :( The wind blew the snow around and made the ice really slick. The parking lot at school was tricky even with boots on.

Susan -- I'm glad you got the internet back in working order; that does make life simpler for sure! Bob had "Shimmy" on one afternoon over the weekend. I told him to try it but of course he wouldn't. I know it isn't as easy as it looks. :no:

I'm off to work on the catalog pile. I have free shipping from Penneys and want to make sure I don't miss the deadline like I usually do.

Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :brr: in Iowa!

12-10-2008, 09:39 AM
Good morning to you all! It was us to mid 60's yesterday but it is cold this morning and misty. We got a lot and I mean a lot of rain yesterday. It poured down all day long. Poor Fortchy couldn't go out at all and spent all day barking to get out. We would go and open the door and he would either stand there or go out and come right back in. Thank goodness I trained him on puppy pads.

Maggie: I use a spray bottle of Resolve pet cleaner. It works pretty well. My doggy upchucked yesterday too and who knows why. It was just bile. He probably got hold of something that got dropped on the rug or fuz from his elephant. Jack and I are sitting down and doing our menus this evening for the next two weeks. I just hope we can get a good variety in. Jack is pretty picky.

Jean: :brr::brr: You can keep your snow. I want no part of it. The people get nuts enough with just rain. Took Jack an hour to get home last night because of nutty people driving too fast on wet roads. I finally got my rug from Penneys! :carrot: The UPS guy came on to the deck and just threw it and walked off. I had to get on shoes and go out in the driving rain to get it. Lazy jerk.

Susan: Yes, we have fit tv. I don't check in very often because it always seems to be infomercials but I will keep an eye out! I'd kill myself if I did Shimmy! All the blubber would slap me around until I was all bruised! :lol::lol: For a fat lady, I have pretty good moves though. My husband always makes sexy comments about me shaking my behind going up the stairs for him. I always have to remind him, it does it all by itself with no help from me! :^:

I already have the carpets vacuumed and will do the dusting in just a bit. I have the "party" hat done for emma except for some trim and am waiting for some buttons for the top. I decided to use buttons instead of bobbles for the hat. It turned out pretty cute. I am now working on the bag for my niece since her yarn came in yesterday. It is tough going as it is double wool and a big bag. It is to carry her books and stuff in so it had to be strong and fairly good sized. I want to have it done by the first of the week to ship to her mom to give to her for Christmas.

Gotta go, lots to do!

12-10-2008, 07:19 PM
Good evening, ladies! I am happy to report it was in the 70s today. It'll be back to the 50s tomorrow. More sick people.

Faye, we got the rain you had. Darn stuff wants to stay. You can go to to check the schedule in your area. I hope you get some interesting menus.

Jean, please, please, please keep the snow. I never want to see snow again!

Maggie, that bag of goodies sounds interesting - I take the Visa with me!

Last night was Quilt Guild, tonight is bee - more Christmas parties.

Well, I need to hit the road so you all have a good night!

12-10-2008, 07:19 PM
Good Afternoon/Evening, Flowers! Bob is at the board meeting and I am to go at 6:00 for the dinner part. I hate walking in alone even though I know most of the people there. It was -1 when I got up this morning and 61 degrees in the house. No wonder I was cold! Today was another day in the "end of the semester" crunch. :dizzy: The "list" of students who owe assignments, fines, detention, etc., went in to the office today after school.

"Gma" -- Bob wanted a solitaire game to install on his new office computer. The only place in town is WM so in I went. I asked at the counter because I didn't want to waste my time looking. The RUDE clerk pointed in the direction of an aisle and said, "the games are over there." I walked over and started looking, then another clerk chewing gum like her life depended on it walked up. I asked her and she said she didn't think they had any. She didn't look like the brightest bulb in the box so I kept looking. I did find one called 101 games for computer and it had solitaire on it. As I left the department I loudly said, "solitaire is over there if anyone else asks for it!" I felt like reporting both of them to the manager but didn't want to take the time. Belly dancing isn't as easy as it looks; we had a program at school one time and it was a hoot watching the students trying to do it.

I need to change clothes and get ready to leave. Have a relaxing evening and a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-11-2008, 06:44 AM
Good morning to you all. I hope your day has started out well.

Jean: You can download games straight from your computer. There are tons of places to go so next time if he wants a game, have him to go and look around for what he wants. I love hidden object games and I use several sites. I am pretty good at it by now so when I download the free one hour trial, I find another site witht he same game, uninstall the game on the original site, then install it from the second site. A lot of times, the computer game remembers you and you can start up where you left off. I don't like buying hidden object games because once you get to the end, that's it. It isn't like card games etc where you can play endlessly, once you solve the thing that's it. You can go back again and it may have put some of the objects in different places, but the puzzles in it are the same so why bother? I have downloaded and paid for 2-3 of these games before I knew that so I don't do it anymore. I just play my free trials at the different sites. Bob would be able to find a myriad of different solitare games at this site as it has a lot of games available.

Susan: Thanks for the fittv info. I looked at yesterday's line up and most are way out of my physical league right now. I will keep an eye out though. There used to be a sit and exercise program on our public broadcasting channel. I need to look at it. For right now, I am going to use weights and my band to strengthen muscles instead of cardio until I lose some weight and take some pressure off my body, then I will go back to my walking and the treadmill and intersperse my weight training. One thing I always get disappointed about is a show on discovery I think it is called "I lost it." I like watching others who have conquered the weight loss game, but I never see them do a show on people who use regular means to lose weight like WW, or even something like Jenny Craig or something. It seems to always be about bypass surgery. Though that might be the solution to my problem, it is not possible at all anymore. They wouldn't even consider me with my intestinal issues now. Not that I want to go that route, it is just I would like that show to put on someone who lost significant weight the old fashioned way with good ole hard work, like you for example.

Well, Jack will be up in a jiffy so I better go. My crocs are coming today so I will be interested whether they stay or go back. My feet are so big, I imagine they will look like boats.


12-11-2008, 03:55 PM

It is Thursday and so far this week I have done well with the program. Not fallen off one bit. I am happy with myself! :D Tonight is a going away party for a couple that have finsihed college here and so I will watch it close. I have planned to eat real light this day so I will have my points to spend this evening. Not much else going on here this day. We picked up a gift card for then instead of buying anything that they just might not need. I made a computer generated card for them to put the gift card in. Will is down at the canser center for his 3 hour phone answering volunteer session. He goes on Thursday from 2 till 5. Sometimes folks just need someone to listen to them and he is a terrific counselor if they need it. This time of the year is a busy one.

BTW my computer came with games on it including solitare. Check your computer and you may have the same thing already installed. I did buy a Monoply game that is good.

Everyone have a wonderful day this day.

12-11-2008, 10:39 PM
Good evening, ladies! Fog, wind, rain - pouring rain - all day. It was so foggy this morning I could hardly see 2 cars ahead as I drove to work. On the plus side, the cold spell hasn't arrived and it's still 68 degrees at 9 pm!

More computer problems at work. I swear, this has been a week from the devil. I even have to go to work after Quilt Guild in the morning. Pray for me that I get that phone activated so I can have a decent weekend.

Despite the pouring rain, I went to WW tonight...and I ate my dinner before I went so that I can keep on doing it. I'm really excited about this new program. The leader did give out the Week 6 booklet to people doing Core but I told her I will do it as though I were new to WW because I need to get back in touch with portion size. I ended up getting the deluxe stuff in the blue insulated bag and the electronic food scale. So now I have all the tools and I've run out of excuse so let the program begin. Maggie, you are my inspiration, Faye just jump right in when you are ready, Jean you up for the challenge? I really like that everyone now is supposed to eat the filling foods, think about their hunger level before they eat and track that level, all liquids count, and 30 minutes or more of exercise most days of the week is now one of the healthy guidelines.

Faye, I was trying to tell you to check your FitTV for the healthy cooking shows. They have a lot of good info besides exercise programs. They have a couple of good programs of people losing weight the old fashioned way - eat less and move more, not surgery. Maybe only certain shows go to certain areas. My feet are size 10 so I always look like I'm wearing the boxes. I don't care as long as the shoes are comfortable.

Jean, I hope it warms up a little. No way I could stand cold like that with my Asthma. I'd have to stay inside all winter.

Have a good evening ladies!

12-11-2008, 11:03 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We are have a "heat" wave at 38 degrees for a high today. The ice did melt in the parking lot, on the streets, and on my driveway. I imagine it will be "slicker than snot" in the morning though. We have a half day at school tomorrow for teacher in-service. I have some things I could do for the teacher who had surgery today. I toyed with the idea of going to Sioux City and finishing my shopping but just am not in the mood. Beth and family are coming Saturday to see Santa's Castle so I need to finish the tree, either wrap what gifts I have or hide them, as well as make a grocery run. There never seem to be enough hours in the day. :no:

Susan -- You and I posted at the same time last night! Great minds think alike it seems. ;) I'm sorry you are having yucky weather and computer problems at work. I'll bet you are more than ready for the weekend to begin. I'm always up for the WW challenge; it just seems like I have a hard time with keeping the motivation going on the right track. I couldn't see much difference in the new plan except for the booklet thing; I like the larger point calculators better. I count points so have never tried the Core plan.

"Gma" -- I downloaded, from I think, some Granny (and her kitties) games -- they are kind of fun but when you reach the end you are done. :( I've seen the sitting exercises on the internet but don't remember exactly where.

Maggie -- My computer came with several games installed on it, but Bob's new computer at work did not have solitaire on it, nor any games for that matter. The company frowns upon downloading anything from the internet because of viruses and for security reasons. It's nice of Will to volunteer at the Cancer Center. Bob says that when he retires he will become a full time volunteer. :D

I need to look for a gift online so had better get started. Have a fantastic Friday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!