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12-06-2008, 11:27 PM
Who else is in this boat? I have 5 exams this week and 1 the next week. All I want to do is eat! I won't have any time to go to the gym and will hardly be sleeping, and will pretty much be sitting all day. Any advice from those who have experienced this? I'm trying to look on the bright side, how much weight could one really gain in a week? :carrot:

12-07-2008, 12:10 AM
Hey sm177, I've been there, done that! I'm a grad student and working on my final paper so it's not exactly the same situation this time around for me, but I know how it is. Just do your best to eat healthy and get up and move when you can... other than that just keep your sanity and worry about your exams first and foremost! You'll be fine! :)

12-07-2008, 12:43 AM
Ugh, I have 5 tests and an exam and a C++ program to write! It's excruciating... So, maybe you're too busy to exercise. Oh well, school should be an absolute first priority. It doesn't mean you need to eat your way into oblivion, but you're right, it's just a week. You'll feel so much better when it's over, and with that sense of accomplishment you can hit the gym! And you're right back on track!

Just don't give into stress eating and don't stress ABOUT eating and you will be golden.

12-07-2008, 01:20 AM
I'm not a student but my business has deadlines and THAT'S when I get off track the most. I can tell you, you can GAIN a lot in a short period if you go for the junky snacks and processed foods like I did, to gain a lot of weight back. Strategize by keeping frozen meals handy, they aren't the best but easy to pop in when you are busy. And buy precut veggies if you really lack time to munch on. Those 100 cal. popcorn packages seem to help with the need to crunch something under stress, spray a little I can't believe it's not butter on for more flavor. Take some walks, outside in the fresh air. Actually I'm thinking about starting a master's program, trying to figure out how I could handle it right now!

12-07-2008, 01:32 AM
i'm in the midst of that problem as well - pack tons of snacks that are healthy! it definitely helps. and make sure to only eat if you are hungry - as much as you won't be burning many calories, your brain needs energy to run well. eat well and your thinking power will be improved thus allowing you to do that much better on your exams!

Zen Pharmacy
12-07-2008, 10:13 AM
I'm with you. I have an all day exam each day this week where the "politely" provide us with pizza, chicken tender, and maybe if we're lucky deli sandwich lunch.

A few other students and myself have formed the "Fruit Basket Coalition" and are each bringing in some fruit or raw veg for us to have at least a healthy option.

12-07-2008, 11:23 AM
This is going to be me next weekend. My plan is that since I have exams on half days, I'll find some time to go the gym. I figure exercising will not only help me focus in the usual way, but also help me focus on studying because maybe it'll keep me from thinking about my weight when I should be thinking about my finals! So, it seems a reasonable use of time :)

12-07-2008, 11:26 AM
if you feel you're going to snack, perhaps keep things like carrots and apples in the house. that way it's healthy and low calorie! :~

12-07-2008, 11:36 AM
thanks guys! it's good to know other people are feeling my pain as well lol. keeping snacks is definitely a good idea, especially since library vending machines are pretty tempting. soon as it's all over i'll be back to the gym

12-07-2008, 11:47 AM
If you can POSSIBLY get some exercise or go for a walk each day, please do! Even if it's only 15 or 20 minutes. You'll feel a lot better! :cheer2:


12-07-2008, 12:48 PM
Yeah, my exams were last week. I think as long as you don't go crazy eating (late night McDonalds or early morning donuts not such a good idea), you'll be just fine. Chances are, if your eating stays steady, you'll probably just maintain for a week.