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12-02-2008, 10:17 PM
Lets see, I am a Christian, I ride a Motorcycle, I'm married to a Navy man, I live in Florida, I'm 33, I have 3 children 12yr old girl, 6 yr old girl and 5 yr old boy, I have 50-55 lbs to lose. OK, that is about all there is about me. Anyone else have these things in common?


12-02-2008, 11:39 PM
Hi Mandy! :wave: :wel3fc:

I'm in Fla--over in Tampa Bay area. But not much else in common. :)


12-02-2008, 11:54 PM
- I'm a Christian
- I'm married
- I am a woman
- I had 50-60lbs to lose (still have a bunch)
- I want to live in Florida (Miami specifically)

So yeah, I guess we have a few things in common. :D

12-03-2008, 02:30 AM
Well, some stuff. ;) I'm 33, mom of 3 (4 yrs, 2 yrs, and 4 months), married to a Navy man, used to live near the GA/FL line but now stationed in WA, also have about 50 more lbs to lose. I no longer ride a motorcycle though (not since college) and I'm not Christian.

12-03-2008, 08:54 AM
Hi, Mandy! I'm Christian (check out Christian Encourager in the Faith-Based section), but older, so my kids are older. Haven't ridden a motorcycle since 1st DS was born and he's 16 now! Have a few more pounds to lose also. Welcome to 3FC!

12-03-2008, 09:50 AM
its a little hard to know where to post. the 30 somethings, the faith based, i dont know. when i type things out do I paste in all sections that apply to me ???...lol

12-03-2008, 10:49 AM
when i type things out do I paste in all sections that apply to me ???...lol

No--just post in whatever forum best applies to your comment or question. For example, you might post in this forum only when you're facing a dire problem. Or, if you feel like it's a faith issue, you could post in the Faith-Based Support. And for daily check-in, the age-related forums usually have threads going, although you're not limited just to your own age group. Like that! :)


12-05-2008, 12:44 AM
I just post everywhere. ;)