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12-01-2008, 05:45 AM
Welcome to The Beck DIET solution discussion group, support group, diet coach group relating to the book by Dr. Judith S. Beck:The Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person.

The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

There are no eating plans, calorie counts, recipes or exercises; according to Beck, any healthy diet will work if we learn to think differently about eating and food. Beck's book is like an extended therapy session with a diet coach.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet coach to each other.

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12-01-2008, 06:28 AM
Diet Coaches - Cooked up the batch of greens that I had bought for my work lunches. CREDIT moi. LOL, I thought I had purchased Kale; took it from the stack of greens where the Kale is usually sold. Turns out it's Collard Greens. Fortunately, I like them also. I was distracted when I bought it by a lady buying about ten bunches - that's a lot of Collards. One more item I'd never cooked before. The big challenge is to remember that you're cooking Collards for 45 minutes without leaving the house or going too far to hear the timer bell go off. DW made extra Butternut Squash mashed with Matzu Apple - yummy. Those two, plus some leftover turkey, and I'm set for lunch this week.

angelmoma210 - Yep, Kudos for having your head on straight about Thanksgiving, "today is a new day." Sending supportive thoughts that this is the week that you and DH receive a positive outcome on his saga at work.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch for DS having a "screaming fit." Double Ouch for the Sabotaging Thought "I have failed my son." BTDT. It's an awful feeling when my DS's life isn't like a Norman Rockwell painting and I feel that my limitations contributed. BIG Kudos for joining the Y and Kudos for planning out your exercise week. What a great start for December.

Thanks for the reminder that fewer dishes supports eating less. Which reminds me that where we usually eat Thanksgiving dinner, a ham is also served. And I always have some ham as well as some turkey rather than choosing one or the other. Still have some work to do on meals served buffet style.

Your consolation prize is the old Catch 22 safety net: Anyone who is clear enough to channel a cartoon character is declared sane. Next.

Readers - "When it seems unfair that I can't eat something, acknowledge that I'm right. Then ask myself, Which unfairness would I rather have: not being able to eat this or not losing weight? Then say, Oh Well, and get on with it." Beck, pg 186.

12-01-2008, 09:39 AM
Happy December! Just a quick swing by this morning to say that DS is completely fine this morning. I however, am exhausted, level 8, and am hereby going back to bed now that the kids are at daycare and see if I can catch a couple hours. I may have to postpone or even skip my workout today, and my oil change is now tomorrow, but OH WELL!!

Catch you all later this evening!


12-01-2008, 10:27 AM
Hello all,

I'm back from my trip. Hope you all had a good week. I'll have to go back and catch up on the old thread.

Well, I didn't follow through on any of my plans. I brought the book, but didn't open it once. Brought my laptop, but never checked in here. Didn't read my AR cards, didn't follow any of the steps I'd done so far. Alas, it was a lost week. I did have a great trip though. I'll just jump right back in where I was before I left. Today I'll review the first 12 steps and start step 13, overcome cravings.

Anne - have a great nap!

Bill - your lunches for the week always sounds great. Enjoy those greens.

12-01-2008, 11:10 AM
had a wonderful couple of days off, yet glad to be back. all that time with el nino is fantastic and stressful at the same time. this morning, all was norman rockwell (thanks, bill!) until i started putting his new boots on. it was hard to tell right from left, and i put the first boot on the wrong foot. as i took it off, the kid started SCREAMING and didn't calm down until i got his foot booted again (not easy since he was kicking.) i guess he thought i was teasing him, since he's been excited about wearing these boots since we bought them last week. holy moly - the mood swings are intense. he got very upset at DH scratching my back. pushed him away with one word - "mine." ladies and gentleman, we have officially entered the terrible twos! on the plus side, he's super lovey, very verbal (haven't quite decided if this is good or bad) and generally has a pretty good time. he happily ate an entire can of green beans yesterday (straight from the can. yick.)

trying to figure out what's going to happen to our vacation. we still haven't heard back from our tour company - apparently they did lose someone on the tour to the gunfight. it's horrifying. my mom thinks they'll run it and re-route around mumbai. i'm not sure that i'd want to go anyway at this point. it would be hard to relax and enjoy, wkim?

glad to be back on my routine, too. if i spent more days at home with the kid, i'd get it together so i could work out there. as it is, it's much easier to get my exercise in at work. there's a rec center in kettering that's super cheap and very close that i might join, but that assumes childcare there, or negotiating with DH. i'm going to hold off until after the holidays. it may not be worth it.

still losing! i'm officially down to 171.5, closing in on the 160s. unbelievable. 1 1/2 lbs to my next charm!

anne, hope you get some rest!!! days like that are TOUGH. bill, in agreement with olive. sounds yummy! and olive, hop on board. no worries! :)

cheers all!

12-01-2008, 11:15 AM
Good Morning

Bill~ Kudos for your lunch planning! This has me wondering what everyone else is bringing for lunches. The first time I had collard greens was when I moved to buffalo and my husband took me to a real BBQ joint. Unfortunately now, that's the only way I like them cooked :lol:

So what does everyone bring for lunches?

Anne~ oh how wonderful that you can slip a nap in this morning!! Enjoy!

Olive~ Kudos for getting right back to it. Im glad you had a nice little holiday.

This was a particularly difficult weekend for me. Lots of self realization, lots of feeling sorry for myself, and an epiphany. We need a smiley that pats itself on the back!! Im in a better place this morning and feeling like the 100+lbs I need to loose isnt really the problem, it's me and my attitude. I plan to take off early today, go home and redo my beck cards, get some grocery shopping done, and clean up.........things need to be put in order.

With tv being upstairs now, with the treadmill...this is posing a problem. I dont want to walk when hubby or dd is in there because it makes too much noise. I dont like walking in the early morning because I just dont get the workout I get later in the day or evening. Simply because Im not awake yet.

Getting the treadmill set up someplace else in the house is one of the first things that needs to be put in order.

December 1st is a brand new day :sunny: I plan to make the most of it :D

Have a great day everyone!

12-01-2008, 02:07 PM
Hi all you wonderful "THIN-kers"!

My book finally came in at Barnes & Nobles....or should I say I was finally able to swing by and buy it! Woo-hoo!

After my Thanksgiving melt-down, I believe it came right on time....I can't wait to get started....over this long week-end, I noticed that I do have self-sabotaging thoughts and I am excited to learn new strategies....I am afraid to step on the scale to see the damage I've done...eeek.....but I did notice that official "weighing in" does not occur til a little later on....good for me!...I can live in denial a bit I definitely need some coping strategies to not beat myself up and give up!

Well, it's official....I am starting today!

God speed,

12-01-2008, 10:08 PM
Diet Coaches: I'm struggling. My mom is here visiting and that's tough on so many levels. Whenever I'm doing well with weight loss, food issues, etc. I feel guilty as if I'm leaving her behind on the "other side". She's always talking about trying to lose weight, eating better, etc. But my WHOLE life she's been doing that and I have this great fear of turning into her. I don't want to share my experience/success with anyone right now (kind of feel like it jinxes me) and I definitely don't want to talk to her about any of it. She's constantly making comments about what she has/hasn't been eating and I don't say anything whenever she does this-- I just cringe on the inside. The other day I told her that I have a hard time with hearing her talk about food, etc. and asked her not to anymore. I was very proud of myself for doing that :broc:

My brother passed away this past September, and this is the first time I've seen my mom since his funeral. She's not doing so great with it (understandably) which also makes it difficult to be around her. She also drives me crazy (and my kids a lot) in general and many of her annoying habits that had gotten better are now back in full force since my brother's death. Then there's just the difficulty of having someone around me, talking, etc. ALL the time! She's always in my space, never goes off on her own or even up to her bedroom. Always up late, watching tv, etc. ARGGHHH! It's just making it very difficult for me to concentrate on me.

I did finally make my new ARC and printed them out on the little business size cards and put them on a ring. :broc: I've been doing okay with food and exercise which is good :broc: I haven't been able to concentrate on even the first week's topics, let alone moving forward. So, that is where I am.

Bill I just made greens for the first time this summer! I bought a bunch at a local farmers' market and the farmer gave me a yummy recipe. I keep forgetting which kind I bought though, I think it was kale (that's pretty mild right?) Since then I've made mustard greens (didn't like those, too bitter) and collard greens (also a little bitter, but not too bad.) The recipe is really yummy-- onion, olive oil, a can of beans (black, kidney, pinto) and some balsamic vinegar. I just steam the greens on the stove. What way of preparing them takes 45 minutes?

Anne Glad to hear DS is doing better and I hope you got a great nap in! Please don't beat yourself up about the nursing thing-- I think you are doing a fantastic job!

Olive Welcome back! No worries, I've been around and working the program and I'm still only concentrating on the first week :) Glad to hear you had a good trip. Oh and I think practicing "oh well" would be perfect for this past week. It's helped me keep some minor set-backs or poor decisions in perspective where in the past those could very well set me in a tail-spin.

Jeanie Glad you enjoyed your time with the little one. Do I dare tell you that from my experience (and most other people I speak with), the Terrible Twos really aren't anything? Three is HARD! (Okay, where's the duck and run smiley?)

I totally get you on the whole trip thing, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near India-- how sad. I hope it all works out okay for you and your mom.

I've been contemplating joining a gym too, but I'm holding off for now.
Congrats on your weight loss-- very happy for you!

Yeah for epiphanies! I usually bring some kind of frozen meal for lunch:
Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine, South Beach or Kashi are my usual choices.

Good for you for getting back on track! There is definitely something motivating about a new month on a Monday :D

Thinkerbell Yeah for getting the book! I'm currently still using my library copy of the book, but I'm looking forward to buying my own copy soon and marking it up with highlighters, etc. I would also like to get the workbook at some point too.

See what I said to Jeanie about December 1st and Monday-- great day to start :D

Have a good night everyone!

12-01-2008, 10:56 PM
Diet coaches Today I'm reporting on Day 27 and 28. Day 27 is Master the Seven Question Technique. I analyze my sabotaging thoughts about 80 different ways, using everything from logic to observation to humor and even the occasional good natured self-mockery--see the Homer Simpson thing at the end of last month's thread. The one rule I have is not to beat myself up, and I usually manage to follow that. Usually. Day 28 is Get Ready to Weigh In. Since I do this pretty much daily and record it in my spreadsheet if the weigh-in fits certain parameters (same time of day, same clothing, no atypical eating, sickness or prolonged exercise/race the day before).

Confession: I have two reminder emails to read my ARC, and I only get it once a day. I suppose I should start reading. I could read the words, but not so much into feeling it today. Hmmm. And there's the should word, which means...

Sabotaging thought: I don't want to read my ARC card. Response: I've spent longer messing avoiding it than it would take to just read the card. It can't possibly hurt, and it could help.

Ok, card read. Not so bad. I don't think that matches any of the thinking errors. Just brain lock.

Sigh. Plan for tomorrow, since I'm feeling so unmotivated to do anything right now. I'm going to pack my lunch & snacks for tomorrow. I'm going to pack my gym bag. Tomorrow, I'm going to get up, cry, and then get on with it. Slob around on the internet for a bit, change the oil (opens at 7), then go to work. After work, I'm going to the Y, get my photo card made, do the elliptical for about 30 minutes or until I cry again, and figure out any sort of strength training plan (since I realized my NRLW is off limits until next Wednesday due to foot issues). Shower, return stuff to Target, pick up children. Home, play, nurse, make dinner, eat, baths, bedtimes, and then I get to sit down and breathe, if DS doesn't wig out again. :idea: Ah, I see, I'm feeling overwhelmed and I just don't want to have to do another d@mn thing. That's why I don't want to read my cards. If I do one more thing, I'm gonna go absolutely nuts. That is exaggeration and negative fortune telling.

If I keep whining publicly, I'll soon reach enlightenment! When I was in grad school my text editor had a mode where it acted like a psychologist. Emacs. Anybody else remember?

Posting before it vanishes! BRB with personals.


12-01-2008, 11:13 PM
Bill I never did develop a taste for greens of any sort, and even spinach is sort of problematic, unless it is raw and in salad form. You have my admiration and respect for eating them.

Olive2 I think you need to give yourself a great big credit for coming back to BDS and here after your break. That is a BIG thing.

Jeanie Ouch on the terrible twos. We just got past that, and have moved happily into the funk that is substituting for sibling rivalry. I love the boot story though! Of course, that could easily be my morning tomorrow.

RobinW Congrats on your epiphany! I hope you get your treadmill thing figured out. Maybe you could ask your family if it bothers them or if they can work around it somehow? Maybe it isn't a problem?

thinkerbell I'm not sure the first step is the hardest, but it is hard. Good for you for starting.

Kim sounds like you are dealing with your mother in a very positive way, even if it is difficult and uncomfortable for you. It is ok to wait til your visit is over to move on, if that works out better.

My nap was kind of lousy--I had trouble getting to sleep, and after about 20 minutes, I had a nightmare (banged head, bleeding children) and got up.

OK. Two more questions for anyone (including lurkers) who may know:

1) Anybody have any experience with FitLinxx? My Y has it and it looks interesting.

2) Anybody have any experience with Martha Beck's The Four Day Win? I'm reading it, and find it has some interesting ideas, but I'm not convinced that the four day concept is really real, having failed spectacularly at that sort of thing in the past. It also is a book to "fix" me, but as Bill said in an earlier thread, I don't feel like I'm broken. However, that doesn't mean that I can't pick and choose some of the better ideas from it.


12-01-2008, 11:21 PM
My end of the day report....

I got out of the shop by 1pm, but forgot to eat my lunch before I left. So that meant making smart choices when I was hungry. I headed over to the book store, because I was on a mission. I found a book called "Why Can't I Stop Eating" ....ordered a grande coffee, and sat down to have a look see if this was the book I needed to accompany my Dr. Beck teachings. Yes......I think it just might be. I'll let you know.

Then I did some running around, picked up more protein powder, eggs, toothpaste and moisturizer. By the time I got home it was time to start supper. Then I managed to drag hubby off to the apple store to get some questions answered, and he actually helped me with some christmas shopping for his grandkids!! YAH! I didnt get alot done around the house. BUT, I managed to get the dining room table cleared of the clutter! Yah me! :cb: I plan to stay home tomorrow from the shop and get everything done tomorrow that I wanted to get done today.


Good night :D

12-02-2008, 06:43 AM
Diet Coaches - Good planning: I did make it to the gym on Sunday and, indeed, Monday was so tight it would have been impossible. CREDIT moi. My collard greens were tasty, which is good since that's for lunch again today. Thanks for the reminder, Anne, that it's a gift to like greens (and many vegetables). What we like, just as what we believe, seems to me to be a gift that isn't easily altered.

Jeanie (kuhljeanie) - Congrats on the continued weight loss. Kudos to el nino for eating green beans - that's a good start kido toward a healthy eating life. LOL at "mine." Clear. Terse. Definitive. The kid might write like Ernest Hemingway. Good luck with your vacation plans; I shudder when I think of how close you were to being at the Taj Mahal. Sunday I spoke with a guy with fond memories of the many times he's stayed there and the several grand weddings he's attended there. Just read this morning that it will be several years before it reopens.

Robin (RobinW) - Yep, the proper way to cook greens is with ample pork fat. That's the way we had them as kids. Big Kudos on your "epiphany." Now that's marching forward. And Kudos for clearing the dining room table, I know how easy it is for that to attract stuff.

angelmoma210 - Waving. Sending supportive thoughts for the saga.

Anne (wndranne) - Yah that DS is fine. Heart pounds that you fondly recall Emacs - now there's an editor that needed to go on a diet, LOL. But it could do anything. Kudos for marching forward into day 27 Master the Seven Question Technique. Did you solve a problem with that? I only used it once, thought it was the greatest idea ever, but haven't incorporated it into my regular thinking. Perhaps, LOL, I need to use the Seven Question Technique to figure out why I don't use it more often.

I understand that "I'm gonna go absolutely nuts" is indeed "exaggeration and negative fortune telling." Good demo there of Thinking Errors. But also a good reminder to me that exaggeration might be sitting on a real situation, e.g. you really are facing a busy life right now. Kudos for continuing to charge forward with nursing and working and mothering and wife-ing as well as planning for eating and exercising.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Sending warm sympathies for the recent loss of your brother. That's a tough one

Ouch for the reality of your mother so full time in your face. Kudos for keeping sane one day at a time with that.

Yep, that's the order of bitterness: spinach, kale, mustard greens, collard greens. Your recipe sounds good, think I'll try it. I steamed the collard greens on the stove top; you'll find that they take 45 minutes to tame them. Methinks the time increases from spinach to collards.

Olive (Olive2) - Welcome back from your trip and welcome to jumping right back on board. LOL at lugging a book for a week that remains unread. BTDT many times myself.

thinkerbell - Kudos for already recognizing Sabotaging Thoughts. Welcome aboard getting started. As you can read, there are several people on the early days - so you have good company.

Readers - "Remind yourself that dieting is not difficult most hours of the week." Beck, pg 190.

12-02-2008, 08:44 AM
Good morning!

I am wondering how you'all are able to respond and remember everyone's posts so thoughtfully....I am quite impressed by this and I must admit it may take me a bit to get the hang of it. Do you write it down as you read and then type a post? It's a little mind-boggling on you are able to do this....but it is something that makes this thread very warm and welcoming and supportive. Good job!

How many advantages do you'all have on your ARC's? I fear I may have over-done it with 25 reasons....should I whittle it down? or am I on target?

Bennyhannamama~ I didn't even realize it was the 1st and a Monday! Thanks for pointing that out.....feels like a good sign! Good for you to ask for what you needed and setting a limit and boundary around talking about food with your mom. Kudos you! It also sounds as if you have alot of awareness surrounding all that's going on....hang in there and hold on.....this too shall pass.

Anne~ wow! you have awesome awareness....I really admire that! and such a busy day.....I can see why you don't want to add another "to do".....hmmm, how do your cards make you feel after you read them?

Anne~ I did the CD set of the 4 Day Win......I remember liking it as it was a very gentle appoach but I don't really remember much else.....I guess it didn't stick with me. I passed it off to someone who was "sick" of always dieting....and never got it back nor did I get any feedback back. One thing I remember liking was her Plan A-B-C-D for exercize....Plan D was for when you are sick or life is very chaotic and it included "fidgeting!"

Thinkerbell aka Andrea

12-02-2008, 08:57 AM
Robin ~ I know what you mean about clearing the dining room table! When it is uncluttered it feels so much better...kinda like having no dishes in the sink or the bed dining room table is a hot spot for "dumping" ...little things mean alot! Kudos you!

Bill ~ it is a gift to like veggies! and some I know love exercize....I did not get that gift naturally but I am working on it! BTW, thanks again for the warm welcome and keeping this thread active and alive....I think I just got the hang of the individualized responese by using the quick response so I can refer back to the is something very special about this thread. Good job!

God speed!
thinkerbell aka Andrea

12-02-2008, 09:38 AM
Diet coaches Today I weighed in and I'm exactly where I was last week, which is down 3 lbs. I was prepared for this because 3 lbs is a big number for a week, I'm now nursing part-time so my caloric needs are a bit lower and my food intake has remained about the same, and I'm a little sore from biking on Sunday which causes swelling and water retention. I'd like to shave off a 100 or so junky calories from my diet, and I think I can make some (relatively) painless adjustments. I like to eat two of everything small, like 2 cookies or 2 dark chocolate squares. There is just no reason for that, other than habit, and I can still have my cookie (singular) and eat it too. ...Trying not to overthink the fact that Bill comes and talks about greens and I come and talk about cookies... :o

Today I'll do Day 29 Resisting Food Pushers, and I think it might have some tips. I've never had a major issue with this one, since I'm a relatively straightforward person when it comes to that kind of thing, and the second time I say no, well, frankly there are a lot of people who don't like me a whole lot since I have a limited amount of tact and use it sparingly. :devil: BDS doesn't deal with pushed food that is resistible in and of itself (usually of the non-chocolate variety) and there are a whole slew of techniques for dealing with that, including cutting it up and pushing it around, taking a single bite and "losing" the plate at a party, etc, etc. The trick is knowing what is resistible and what isn't.

I need to be sort of careful at my workout today--my knee is bothering me after the hilly ride on Sunday. I could throw my swimming suit in my bag so I have a back-up workout. Maybe I'll do that. I don't want to, but I'm not committing to it or anything....Hmmm. Done. Options are always good.

RobinW Nice work on making smart choices while hungry! I must admit I always have a hard time doing that. Let us know how the book is! It must feel great to have the table decluttered.

Bill Enjoy your greens today! Thanks for the observation that I'm really in a tough situation with the kids, and work, and and and. That is true. But, I have a tendency sometimes to look at all the small tasks to do and get overwhelmed. If I can focus on one task at a time, I do much better, or if I can step back and look at the big picture and eliminate some small tasks (who really cares if I vacuum tomorrow instead of today, as long as it gets done before MIL comes). I made a to do list today, all very manageable tasks, some marked optional. Now if I can only find where I put it...LOL on you remembering emacs! While it was a step up from vi, it wasn't nearly as bloated as, say, Word is. I believe it is still around.

thinkerbell/Andrea Thanks for your thoughts on The Four Day Win. I think I like the meditative aspects of it. Step back, breathe, and be the Watcher. I'm not convinced by the 4 day thing, and one section I was reading last night says you need 5 linked 4 day wins to make it really stick. 5 x 4 is 20, of course, but that wouldn't sell a book, because if you had to do something for 20 days, that might be hard.

I probably have about 15 things on my ARC. I would think 100 would be fine, if they were all meaningful to you.

I do my responses by hitting the [Go Advanced] button at the bottom of the page to reply, and then as I type each response, I scroll down and reread what everyone wrote, since I have a 30 sec attention span and no short term memory to speak of. As long as I don't go more than a day or two, usually everyone's responses will be on the same screen, and if it goes longer than that, well, I've got bigger problems, and you all get a fly-by. ;)

Have a good one, everyone.


12-02-2008, 11:29 AM
our travel company (tauck) is still determining whether or not to run the dec 11 tour. my mom and i decided that if tauck feels it's safe, we're going to go for it. they've got a lot more people on the ground and decades of experience to inform their decision, and we have CNN. they run tours in all kinds of places with problems (kenya, thailand, etc.) so they've got a better knowledge base to make the call. if they cancel, we've got a plan B. so i'm good (although DH is worried and doesn't want me to go.)

andrea, i was thinking about your ARC question, and realized i haven't read my list in a long time! i'm enjoying the actual advantages a lot more these days, so haven't needed the boost. i've got 17, and for a while i was going through the motions, so rather than just read them twice a day, i'd pick one or two and write about them here. it helped drive home why they matter to me, and halted the "roteness" of the exercise. i eventually got through all of them, and that's when i stopped reading the whole list every day. i don't think the actual number matters; what's important is that you start internalizing the importance of them to you, and that they're right at the forefront of your mind. sometimes when one of us falls off the wagon, we usually say something like "i don't really care if i lose weight or not," and that's exactly when you need those ARCs.

anne, go ON with your bad self, figuring out that you're feeling overwhelmed, and that's where the "shoulds" are coming from. love that you packed your suit to give yourself plan B if the knee continues to bother. i'm also a fan of drivin' and cryin' (on the treadmill, that is.) i get so red and sweaty, who can tell if i'm crying? (it's only a problem if people notice, if they're nice people who want to talk to you or help, and you're just crying because it's a great release.) and arrggh - seriously - the terrible threes? are you kidding me? :yikes: what the heck, he's a great kid. i'm sure it's character building (for me, that is. :))

bill, the greens sound lovely. could one add liquid smoke without adverse health risks? and yep, the kid's on his way to eating a much better diet than i used to. he's only had brown rice pasta, and sunday night he wolfed down 4 oz of halibut, which was meant to be my dinner. MINE! :)

robin, hello! is the treadmill on that list? wish i had one at home...what kind do you have?

kim, that sounds like a big bummer. how long is she staying? so sorry to hear about your brother. it's tough - and really tough that your mom's less-than-desirable habits are back in force. emotional pain wreaks such havoc!

olive, glad you're back in the saddle! beating cravings is wonderful and liberating!

12-02-2008, 03:04 PM
Hey all...Thanksgiving was great..just dh and I. No word on the saga yet. Was in a-fib is gettin to be a drag. Will be talking to dr about it on the 22nd. Doing a little better today...was driving my school bus during the a-fib. It was not all that bad, but it did cause me to be in it a little longer as it is hard to relax when you have 60 students on the bus. Am okay now....just tired. Well have to go back in a few. Have a great day.

twilit tera
12-02-2008, 03:06 PM
Well, for over an hour I've been trying to use "Go Advanced" to post, so I could do personals. The pain level has been creeping up gradually all this time and I think I've had it. The forum is just not cooperating. (I can be stubborn when it matters to me.)

Never made the music class, haven't been to a class since the Tuesday before last, but my professors know what's going on and are willing to work with me.

Dr.s appointment was yesterday. It cost $700 after the 20% cash discount, the bulk of which my mother paid. I received a corticosteroid shot in the knee and the hip, and I'm waiting for that to kick in. He gave me a scrip for physical therapy, but I can't afford the whole program, not even with family's help. The plan at this point is to go to the eval and request exercises I can do on my own at the health club. I wish the club had a "deep end", because I expect it would really help improve my range of motion to have all that space to move around in. I'll have to do my best without deep water exercises.

I haven't been on plan at all since 11/22. Today, I picked up my journal and wrote at the top of today's page "BACK ON PLAN FOR ME"

I am going to go lay down right now and give myself a chance to stop hurting before coming back to take care of a few school related tasks. Tomorrow I expect to feel much better.

I told DH that he'd know when I felt okay because he'd come home to a clean house. :^:

12-02-2008, 10:53 PM
Diet Coaches
Felt a little bit better today. If nothing else, my therapist validated for me how incredibly annoying my mother is and how difficult to deal with! Decided to set up some boundaries for this upcoming weekend when my dad comes to visit too (my parents have been divorced for 25 years and get along okay). The original plan was to have my mom stay in my bedroom with me while my dad stays in the guest room. No way I can deal with her staying in my bedroom-- it's the only space I have right now and I need it. So either my dad can stay at Ross' house or the kids can share a bedroom at my house and my mom can stay in DD room.
Tried to focus on the BDS today, but mom wasn't quiet for very long so that made it difficult!

Oh and the $ I was waiting for came in and I was about to order the book on Amazon when I saw that the softcover book is due to be released in February. I think I'd really prefer the paperback, but not sure that I want to wait until February. Would love any thoughts/opinions on this.

I was very conscious of no nibbling while standing today :broc:
I was mindful and slow with my eating about 80-85% of the time :broc:
I read my ARC this morning and will do it again now before I go to bed :broc:
I was good about giving myself credit this morning, but then slipped as the day continued.
I checked in here :broc:

Anne I read my ARC when I'm brushing my teeth in the morning and at night, would this work for you?
Sounds like you're doing a great job plugging along with the book. Thanks for sharing your response cards, it really helps me think about the ones I need to make!

Thanks for the suggestion of just being okay with not moving on in the book until my mom leaves. I won't definitely resign myself to that plan, but I will be okay with it if that's the way it works out.

Sorry, never heard of the Linxfit (or whatever it's called).

As far as the 4 Day Win-- do you realize this is not the same Beck? This is by Martha Beck, not Judith Beck. I may be stating the obvious and you may know that, but I know when I was first doing some web research on Judith I got the two confused. I don't know anything about the book though.

Sounds like you had a good day, even if it wasn't how you had originally planned it. I'd definitely be curious to hear your review of the book you mentioned.

Bill Kudos for going to the gym and the good planning! Thanks for always putting a quote from the book, I find them very helpful. I never seem to have my book near me when I'm posting!

Looks like you're getting the hang of the personals! (I do a lot of scrolling up and down to remember what I wanted to respond to.)

I probably have about 20-25 responses (I have each one on a small individual card.) I would say keep all of them now and then you might want to re-do them in the future. I know for me I got frustrated by some of mine being redundant and also realized that there were some I wanted to add so I re-did them accordingly.

Glad to have you on board with all of us.

Anne You've posted twice since I last posted, so I'm going to respond separately.
First of all, this Trying not to overthink the fact that Bill comes and talks about greens and I come and talk about cookies...
totally made me LOL- thanks!

Second, I think that's a really smart strategy with reducing those things to one item. You're right, it is just habit. Now that I've been super conscientious about not taking little nibbles here and there, I realize that I must have been consuming many extra calories doing that. (Even just licking the spoon after serving my kids mac & cheese, etc.) Do you ever taste, lick or bite? Eliminating any of that may help too.
I think it's great that you braced yourself for staying the same weight (and I agree that 3lbs is a big #), but I'm sure it was still a little bit difficult. Hang in there and you know the scale will make it up to you soon :)

12-03-2008, 06:42 AM
Diet Coaches - Squeezed in my gym even though I had class last night; CREDIT moi. Haven't yet tired of leftover turkey, which is good because there's more. DW made turkey soup for dinner using the stock she made from the carcass. That was mighty fine eating. It's one of the benefits of my healthy lifestyle journey that I can find such joy in a simple soup, instead of my old life where I might feel annoyed that we didn't have a real meal with huge portions of meat. Yah for the journey.

Jeanie (kuhljeanie) - Neat that you're keeping India as a travel option; would love to go there myself someday. LOL at el nino wolfing MINE's halibut. I sense a future healthy food addict. Maybe you'll teach him how to cook. The liquid smoke idea might work; I'll give that a try next time.

Robin (RobinW) - Waving.

angelmoma210 - Ouch for a-fib; Kudos for staying on the bus. Sending supportive thoughts for the conclusion of the saga.

Tera (twilit tera) - Kudos for doing the Dr.'s visit, and Kudos for figuring out to get exercises that you can do at home or the health club. Ouch for the continued pain. Sending supportive thoughts for you to work through this.

Anne (wndranne) - Yah for biking, Ouch for sore. Congrats for the 3 pounds. Just amazing that you can stick to a losing plan while nursing - good job. LOL at "Trying not to overthink the fact that Bill comes and talks about greens and I come and talk about cookies..." It's just three months til Saint Patrick's Day and we call all talk about green cookies.

Yep, I loved vi; I was uber-facile using a DEC terminal with 5 screens open whipping data around and about. I miss the joy of using good software and good hardware like DEC and the old HP equipment. I like the cost of the ultra-cheap Gateway and Dell stuff that we all buy like potato chips, but the razor sharp screens and smooth scrolling of DEC displays were a pleasure.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Kudos for remaining sane with too much of anyone in your face, especially your mother. Neat that you're working out a sleeping plan that reserves some private space for yourself.

I can't remember, are you currently using a library copy of Beck? My thought is that owning vs. library isn't important (so February would be fine), but that having a book available is important. (Just saw that Amazon has "Used - Like New" for $4.96 + $3.99 shipping, so that could be an option.)

Andrea (thinkerbell) - To write individual responses, I open two windows, each with [ Go Advanced ]. Then I flip back and forth using the CNTL-TAB key pair. Since I can scroll the one being used only for reading, I can easily refer to the post as I type.

I have 22 items on my Advantages Response Card,, that's whittled down, sorted and adjusted over 14 months - comparable to your 25. There was benefit to me to keep working them over so that I could feel each one as I read it.

And thank you for the kind words. I agree, this is a warm and welcoming thread. I too am grateful to all the good folk who put much energy into their contributions.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
Dieting is too hard
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-03-2008, 09:37 AM
Diet Coaches I had a massage scheduled for yesterday. I completely and totally forgot and when I got home and found the message from my therapist on the machine, I just literally cried. How can I remember to take the Dora the Explorer doll that DH and I both bought back to Target, and yet forget one of the few nice things I do for myself?? I'm interpreting this as proof that I am overwhelmed, and need to rest my brain. (Perhaps my first clue could have been when things like shower and go to work show up on my to do list so I don't forget.)

Also, my sprained/broken foot, ground up biking knee, newly remodeled tooth, nursing breasts all hurt, and now I've got my second sore throat and headache in two weeks as I start catching DS's latest day care fun.


I am hereby taking some time off. MIL is coming, and with DH's marathon, things are going to fall to me a lot.

The Plan for the Interim I will continue to monitor my eating and get spontaneous exercise when I can. If I feel like it, or need to get out of the house, I'll go to the Y, but am not making plans. I will pop in here daily to lurk, perhaps post a short message, or respond to something that seems important. I will start again with Beck day 29 on Monday or Tuesday after MIL leaves, and check back in with a progress report and personals.

Bill I love soup. Sometimes I even manage to sneak greens or peas into my soup so I'll actually eat them. We don't get much here because DH hates it (too soupy!!). Enjoy!

Kim Good thinking on the sleeping arrangements. Hmmm, I'm working on this flossing thing (5 days in a row) and so I think all my tooth brushing mental energy is going there. Ha! But a good thought. I'd like to find a way for my Google calendar to mail the whole thing to myself.

Martha Beck is certainly NOT Judith Beck. In some ways I like reading Martha's stuff better because her writing is clever and funny. But in the end I'm not reading this to be entertained. BDS helps change your thoughts and thereby feelings so you stick to a diet plan, meet your goals, and have a better adjusted life in general. 4DW tries to "fix" you. While 4DW seems to have some good ideas (including a big emphasis on the very important sleep/fatigue/adrenal burnout issues that BDS doesn't touch), and I'll probably try to implement some of them, the bottom line for me is that I'm either not broken, or not fixable and I have to work with what I've got. BDS is a better fit for me, and quite frankly, even though I've done CT on my own for years, my poor over-tired brain is needing the structure of the daily task and 4DW is more free-form.

Thanks for posting the licks, bites, & tastes advice. I'm actually really good about that one. I decided years ago I wasn't going to be my children's trash can, and I'll sometimes eat their uneaten unadorned vegetables or fruit, but that's about it.

Tera Glad you're going to the doctor, and glad you are back on plan. These are some very positive steps.

angelmomma210 That a-fib sounds very frightening! I'm glad you are talking to your doctor.

Jeanie I think your approach to your trip is an excellent one. Using information and experience instead of fear to make the decision! I hope however it turns out, you get a relaxing, interesting, and enjoyable trip. Confession: I didn't make it to the Y yesterday to either swim or ellip. I got out of the house about 30 minutes late, and the oil change ran 30 minutes long, and well, time flew. And I felt physically ill (see above), so I took 15 minutes for a pricey cup of coffee and a few deep breaths instead. Not as good as a run (or OUCH a massage), but it had to do.

I'll be doing quick check-ins for the next week, and then back with you!


12-03-2008, 10:53 AM
sleepy tired today because i was watching the Tivo last night, as a treat. DH was working late, and historically this would be a prime occasion for a binge. amazing that the thought didn't occur to me until just now. my binge was tv watching, by myself, in bed, whatever i wanted to watch. two glorious hours of doing absolutely nothing. i can't remember the last time i watched TV for two hours! junk food for my brain. aaaahhh...somehow i'm still up a lb and a half today, just goes to show me!

didn't make it to the gym yesterday. work is getting heavy - a lot to finish up before next tuesday. everyone else is working on a different schedule. today i go - no question. i miss it when i don't do it, and i'm lucky to be injury-free.

today we should find out about india. i've got completely mixed feelings, no matter which way it goes. realized that part of my hesitance is about being away from el nino for 3 full weeks. he's going to be really pissed at me, and three weeks is a lot of development to miss. and yep, bill, we've already started his cooking lessons. got him a set of child-sized pots and pans (they're working models - thanks, IKEA!) and spoons, ladle, and spatula. he likes the noise they make, and he uses the spatula as a pretend-microphone when he sings. it's really cute - makes me less likely to want to kill him when he "asserts" himself so charmingly. :) i wish i liked chicken/turkey soup - just never have (unless it's got matzah balls in it.)

anne, i SO relate to how you're feeling! had a couple of weeks this spring when i was studying for finals (grad degree), training for a half-marathon, tentatively starting a side business, packing my house for a move, and oh yeah, working full time AND being a parent to a very young child. there were weeks when i was sure i would snap. i would walk into a room and literally have no idea why i'd gone in. and i was exhausted, all the time, and couldn't sleep. whatever you need to do to take care of yourself - that's exactly what you should be doing. between your injuries, adjusting physically AND emotionally to a change in nursing, you're probably sick, and taking the lion's share of childcare - that's a whole, whole lot. recovery will make all the difference in weight loss! i had to tell myself (several times) not to worry about it, the fat would still be there when i was ready to work on it again. and it was! :) and BTW - great job on the flossing!

onebyone, if you're lurking, i'm thinking about you and hoping you're okay!

tera, so sorry to hear that you're still in such pain. keeping my fingers crossed that you can get what you need from PT for the right price. i have no doubt that you're plenty self-directed to do what you need to do. we have ample evidence of your strength!

angelmomma, hope things sort themselves out soon!

hi kim! validation is great - but keeping your mom out of your bedroom is even better. :) go you for taking steps to making that work. wheeee boundaries! and ditto bill on getting a used copy.

have a great wednesday, all!

12-03-2008, 11:39 AM
:wave: Just a quickie, there is alot I want to say to everyone but time is chrunched at the moment. I'll get back later tonight when I take my time.

Got the house cleaned!!! Yah me :cb: :cb: Got 5 pointsettias bought and arranged, big huge pot of onplan soup made for my lunches this week, more christmas shopping done, and Im feeling more energetic.

Ive gotten only a few more pages read into my book. Finding time to sit and read undisturbed isnt easy. Its one of the those books you have to be "ready" to read. It's hard to read it when you find something that hits really close to home and you start crying :sorry: But its all good, and obviously what Im needing.

Im off....I'll check back tonight!

Oh!! No the treadmill didnt get moved yesterday, but it was the last thing on the agenda, so it will be the first thing on the agenda after supper tonight!! :)

Have a great day everyone!

12-03-2008, 01:51 PM
Well the saga continues.......dh was fired yesterday, but the union and dh are fighting it still. They may call in EEO.....we will see what happens. Please keep your thoughts coming we appreciate it.

12-03-2008, 02:33 PM
This is a drive -by but I just have to share!

In my life sometimes, license plates speak to me...really!

Yesterday, I was at a shopping mall in suburban Philly, where Dr. Beck is from (which suburb I don't know) and I saw a car parked next to mine that had the license plate "DR THIN"....I smiled and got excited as I thought of Dr Beck, the book and this thread....just felt it was a "sign" that this truly will be my diet solution and I will learn to think like a thin person.

Also last night, I skipped ahead and read Day 4 (I am on Day 3)...the give yourself credit. I noticed how you'all say "credit moi!" and I love that yet I wanted to come up with a personal phrase and action that would really mean something and feel natural as I do have the sabotaging thought.....this is silly!

As an aside, because it's part of my backgound and this story, I am working to develope an "attitude of gratitude"....listing 10 things I am grateful for everyday in my journal.

So, as I was driving in my car today, I saw another license plate on a sporty silver Jaguar that got my attention......"THANX 2ME"

At first, I thought "wow, how full of himself" ...eeeek!....and then I thought, "oh no, that's perfect. The person has probably worked really hard to buy themselves that expensive sports car.....good for him!....and THANX 2ME for finding the perfect little credit mantra!

So THANX 2U for being here on this forum and THANX 2ME for finding U!

Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-03-2008, 04:37 PM
Hello coaches!

Here I am, stealing time away from my work to check in. I am wrapping school up and have three more classes to go. Two tomorrow and one next Tuesday. I made the best thing I've ever made yesterday. Well, I completed the best thing I've ever made yesterday is more accurate. I sewed the pages to the spine of a handmade handprinted book that is an Atlas sized book... one of those old atlases people used to have, bigger than your standard coffee table book. Boy. Did I tell you I love it? I love it. Anyway still on the crazy schedule. Almost over. I am now focused on my craft show that starts Friday at 3pm. I have special orders to do and haven't started yet. I have regular stock to make and need to do that NOW. I have classes from 9-4:30pm tomorrow so I better get to it.

Foodwise I am still all over the map. The Wii Fit may be ours this weekend if we fit a day trip to Toronto into the mix. Drive up after my craft show Saturday afternoon (4hr drive) and then back home the next day after I walk the big craft show that ends that day, and then make 2 more books to complete my class on Tuesday plus add the embellishments for the books already done.


Cannot wait to drop these rocks.

Will stop by again soon! Wish me luck getting through the rest of this mess!

twilit tera
12-03-2008, 11:26 PM
Yay! The steroids finally kicked in! This morning I noticed that I was moving around with a lot less pain, so I started picking up the apartment. Overdid it after only an hour; I still have to limit bending, I think. But by the time Mom picked me up for PT, I was able to move again.

:yay: OP Food
:yay: Going to PT
:yay: getting some housework done!
:yay: getting schoolwork in on time, including extra credit!
:yay: deciding to go with one of the "Just for Me" options at IHOP on Monday instead of the strudel pancakes on the poster... and then boxing over half of my order to go.

:( missing two deadlines in one of my classes while I was laid up. Oh, well.

The therapists office was WAY cool! First the person who processed my registration had a meeting with the CEO and arranged a special rate for me. I pay 50% while I pay as I go. 60% if I ask them to bill me. Naturally, I'm paying as I go. We won't have to depend entirely on my family for the visits.

Then, the therapist that evaluated me told me that she'd work with me on how many meetings we'd do and how much I'd do on my own. She said that someone in my condition she usually likes to see 2x a week, but my first follow up appointment isn't til a week from tomorrow. I have exercises to do at home and at the pool.

Bill: Appreciating soup is a wonderful thing and really demonstrates how far you've come. :yay:

Anne: Sorry to hear about your being overwhelmed like that! Take care of yourself. I know you're doing all you can.

Jean: Good luck with the trip. The mental picture of your DS with his microphone spoon was precious! I know you're going to find it rough being gone so long. He'll probably get over it faster than you will. :^:

Robin: :yay: for house cleaning (from someone who truly relates!)

Andrea: Did someone say drive-by? *ducking*

:yay: for your new credit mantra! Mine, (if you haven't figured it out yet) is the smiley :yay: I'm a very visual person and the little guy is perfect for congratulating me on my every-day successes. Hmmm. Could it be that the DR THIN you were parked next to was Beck herself? Makes ya think. ;)

onebyone: Sounds like the end of this semester is quite an adventure for you! Glad to hear your book turned out so well!

Everybody: Thanks again for the encouragement. My aunt reminded me just the other day: It's not how many times you fall that matter, but how many times you pick yourself up.

Here's to picking myself up.

12-04-2008, 12:13 AM
Diet Coaches

Did better today paying attention to the first week tools. Even remembered to use looking at my watch as a trigger to remind me to give myself credit for something. As a matter of fact, the first thing I gave myself credit for, was remembering that I was supposed to give myself credit for something :D

Went to my running group tonight even though they were predicting 1-3" of snow and it was raining about to freeze when I left. Ran the 3 miles I was supposed to and felt fantastic when it was over. Even closed my eyes a bit as I walked at the end for my cool down and enjoyed the feeling of the rain hitting my face.

Somehow I missed some posts last night when I did my personals, so I'm going to go back to a couple.

I think using the travel company's recommendation is a very reasonable idea. Keep us posted on what's going on. I just got an email from my MIL telling me that the Rabbi from Peoria (where we used to live) was very good friends with the people who were killed in the Chabad House in Mumbai. He sent out an email asking for donations to help re-build the Chabad House.

I LOVE your idea of writing about your different ARC to really make them hit home. I will keep that idea in my back pocket when they become too rote. (Right now I'm doing okay with them since I revamped them last week.)

So sorry to hear about your a-fib, although it sounds like you handled it quite well. I really hope things start turning around for you SOON!

I fully understand the stubbornness thing! Right now I'm a very happy camper since Bill shared that he has 2 windows open when doing personals (duh, why didn't I think of that???)-- I've been a scrolling mad woman and it was really driving me nuts!

Ouch for the cost of the doctor visit, but glad you went. Great idea for asking the PT for exercises to do at home. I hope you're feeling better really soon.


Good for you for getting your workout in even though you had class.

It's one of the benefits of my healthy lifestyle journey that I can find such joy in a simple soup, instead of my old life where I might feel annoyed that we didn't have a real meal with huge portions of meat. Yah for the journey.

Your attitude about this journey is incredible and I find your insights inspiring.

Yes, I have a copy from the library right now, but pretty soon I will be running out of renewals (although, with a small town library, I have been known to return a book and then go and take it out 20 minutes later after it's been re-shelved :o) Hmmm... Used like new, that might be a good option. I am itching to have my own copy to highlight, mark-up, etc.
I'll have to think about it.

Oh and again, thanks for making responding to posts 1,000 times easier!! Not sure why I didn't think of opening 2 tabs at once :)

I'm glad to hear that you're seeing the need for taking care of yourself, yet feel badly that it took all these "messages" for you to realize that you need to do this! I think your plan sounds great and I think you should make sure you are doing at least one thing everyday that is just for YOU! (Even if it's just reading an article in a magazine or a few pages of a book.)


I hear you on the Tivo thing and the lack of ever just sitting and watching tv-- what fun! I Tivo anything I want to watch and hardly ever get to any of it. Typically the only time I do watch is when I'm doing my elliptical in my basement, so that's a good thing. Sometimes I'll watch when I'm folding laundry, but I can't remember the last time I just sat down and allowed myself to watch tv. Good for you!


Woo hoo for getting the house clean! This has been quite a battle for me lately.

I hope you get the treadmill moved tonight!

Angelmomma Will keep you and your DH in my prayers.

Thinkerbell Love your mantra! I also like to look for signs in my life and would totally interpret seeing that license plate the same way you did :D

I also felt like I wanted something specific to me for my credit, that is why you'll usually see the :broc: after each thing I post that I'm giving myself credit for.

Loved hearing your thought process of what you thought about the license plate. THANX 2U for sharing ;)

I seriously felt exhausted after reading all that you are doing. I'm so excited for you that you like the way the book turned out and you definitely need to post some pictures (at some point, no time soon!) of your book because I know many of us would love to see it.

Thought about you today when I was at Target and asked if they had any Wii Fits in. They had 20 on Sunday morning and they were sold out within 3 hours. They don't know when they'll be getting their next shipment. I am considering getting it as a gift for myself at some point, so if you do get it, I'd love to hear your review of it.

Good luck with this last of your crazy time!


So glad to hear that the steroids kicked in (now I understand how you got your house so clean).

What a great outcome from PT, I'm so relieved for you.

Congrats on all your other successes for today-- sounds like you have picked yourself up.

Gnite all!

12-04-2008, 07:31 AM
Diet Coaches - All activites were different than my normal schedule, which is not so unusual, I guess, but it brought up a continuous stream of different choices. Did OK, until I found myself standing in front of a serving bowl with roasted peanuts. Not a full bowl, but the remnants of a bowl with less than a quarter cup left. That went right under my radar and I simple ate them. I'm sort of aghast how easy it is to get past my mindful eating. Oh Well. With other opportunities to overeat, I stayed on plan; CREDIT moi.

Jeanie (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for "not even thinking" of a binge. Yep, the ol' brain needs some down time; vivoing is as good as any other. LOL at the image of El Nino the singing charming chef. Know about that pot banging stage, and, dispite my wish not to be a sexist parent, couldn't help but notice that it was MUCH louder from my DS than from my DD.

onebyone - Kudos for finishing the big book; can't wait to see it. Sending supportive thoughts for the next period of crazy schedule - you're winnig, keep it up.

Robin (RobinW) - Yah for that big pot of soup and Kudos for getting the house cleaned - what a turnaround for you in just a couple of days.

angelmoma210 - Ouch that the saga takes a nasty turn; sending supporting thoughts that you both find the right path now.

Tera (twilit tera) - Yah for the good news about your PT. Kudos for pursuing what you needed for yourself - it's neat to see so many smileys in your post again. And kudos for "Here's to picking myself up."

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch for the "over-tired brain" and the missed massage session. Kudos for recognizing that you need some relief and Kudos for making a plan to give yourself some. We'll think of you even though you might not be posting, and sending our standard supportive thoughts even if we don't write that down.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Wonderful image of living in the moment, "enjoyed the feeling of the rain hitting my face." Kudos for your CREDIT moi's - methinks giving yourself credit is an important attitude adjustment part of Beck's strategy.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Kudos for recognizing that "how full of himself" isn't always a bad thing. Yah for "THANX 2ME."

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I don't care
... "
Beck, pg 193.[/QUOTE]

12-04-2008, 08:14 AM
Good Morning.

Two critiques at school today: intermediate printmaking and media studies.
In printmaking I have about 9 new prints to show, (3 groupings of variations of themselves, 9 pieces total), plus the work we did before the midterm review. And then, the best part of the printmaking class happens; we do a print exchange with one another. There are 6 people in the class so we have to make 6 extra prints, our choice, to offer our classmates and they did the same so I come home with 6 pieces of new work made by my classmates. Love that printmaking tradition!

Then, over my 1.5hr break, I am meeting with someone about their wanting to use the ceramic room, so I have to quiz them and show them around and so I am working on my break.

Then after that I have my media studies class and it's final critique time here. 8 photos with an artist statement and labels. I am about to go downstairs and do that part after I send this. So then the school day is over and I come home to work like crazy for the craft show that starts tomorrow afternoon! YIKES:dizzy: BUT if I work hard I'll make $ and that is so needed right now. And if I make enough $ I will join that gym as well as having the wii fit here at home which we may be going to pickup after my Saturday show. So.

My final class is over on Tuesday and that's it for deadlines and crazywork until we start back in January.

My weight is really up. My loose jeans are tight again. My tummy feels really out there again. I don't like feeling like this. We have no good food in the house and the kitchen is not fit for cooking in even if it were. Can't wait to reclaim my space and my life next week.

I've attached a small drypoint etching I submitted to a local gallery fundraiser. The topic was "Lust". It's called "Lustful Need" (sorry about it being a bit blurry). I made this by scratching the image onto a piece of plastic (like Lexan) and then inking it up and running it through the press. This is called a drypoint etching. I think we can call this piece biographical:o
Gotta run.
Have a great day.

12-04-2008, 11:12 AM
After a week of off program it's really easy for me to say, "I'll start over again tomorrow." every day...Monday, Tuesday, has to stop today. At least I've been getting my exercise in. That is all I've been doing. So, I finally checked back in here today, then I need to actually read my cards, and the book and DO the steps. This will be a good day to work on overcoming cravings. I made cookies yesterday and they will be calling my name all day.

Wow, I have a lot of posts to catch up on...

onebyone - Wow, you sound really busy right now. Good luck at the craft show. I hope you make lots of $ and get the wii fit. Thanks for posting the etching. I like it. It's how I often feel.

Bill - Good job staying on plan. Eating only a few peanuts is not a bad thing. They're good for you. I used to serve seseme cashews from Trader Joes at Christmas time. Talk about mindless snacking. I've stopped buying them. And the quote, "I don't care" is my second worst sabotaging thought, the first being, "I'll start again tomorrow" I haven't gotten to that page yet. I'm glad glad it comes up and maybe I can learn to deal with it.

Kim - Way to go with the running! I love that feeling after a good run. I haven't been able to run since gaining 30lbs, it kills my knees, but I've started using the elliptical and it almost gives me that same kind of workout feeling. I hope everything works out with your parents visiting.

Tera - Glad you're feeling better and getting things done. Right back OP for so many things. That's great!

Andrea - I like your attitude of gratitude idea. I try to do that too, although I don't write it down.

angelmomma - You're in my thoughts.

Robin - I like your energy. I hope to get as much done today.

Jeanie - Great job on indulging in TV and not food! I tend to do that too when DH works late or is on a trip. The last time he was on a trip I took the computer to bed and watched tons of Netflix on demand. It kept me from a lot of late night eating. I hope everything gets resolved with your trip and you feel good about the decision.

Anne - You sound so busy and overwhelmed. Good decision putting Beck on hold. Sounds like you've got a good plan in place.

If I missed anyone else, I'm sorry. I'm going to check in here everyday now. I have to stick with this. I'm off to read my cards and the book.

12-04-2008, 12:00 PM
Good Morning! :)

onebyone~ I love your etching!!!! Im sitting here trying to think where I could put it in the kitchen. I hope it makes big $$ for the gallery you donated it to. :cheers: here's to reclaiming your life next week!!

Bill~ I love soup for dinner!! Hubby has issues with it tho. I cant put all the soup veggies in my soup, because he doesnt like them. I end up with other things that just dont make the soup taste as good. Oh well. Those peanuts are tricky little devils!!

Tera~ Im so happy your getting what you need for your hip. Excellent to that they are willing to work with you so that you can get what you need, and still be able to pay for it.

Kim~ Kudos for remembering to give yourself credit and big KUDOS for making it to your running group last night :cb:

thinkerbell~ lol I had to laugh when you talked about license plates talking to you. No I wasnt laughing at you, but with you.....because I do that too. But with pretty much everything else, license plates, signs, ppl's t-shirts :lol: Then I want to get back to the shop and make a t-shirt for myself with the saying on it.

angelmomma~ I hope everything works out for your husband! :hug:

kuhlejeanie~ Kudos for taking a rest with tivo and big KUDOS for not binging during it. I think its awesome that you didnt even think about eating until you posted about it. I think that is so cool, and it shows how much you have changed your way of thinking! Awesome job!!

Anne~ it sounds like there isnt enough time in your day to get everything done that you want to get done. Im so sorry you aren't getting the rest you need. Its good that your mil is coming to visit right? She will be able to help with the kids? This might be your opportunity to take some time to recharge your batteries. If you can....take full advantage of every minute you can!! :hug: Get some rest.

I think I got everybody! :wave: if I missed you.

I didnt get the treadmill moved :sorry: I am getting unplanned exercise in tho. Not enough to make a big difference, but its something. Alot more than what I had been doing. However.....I am making a promise to myself right now to get it moved and set up in the other room! Im even going to take off early today to get it done! (out by 2pm)

It's amazing how much more you get done when you are rested, and not pressed for time. Things have quieted down at the shop. Giving me time to think about getting things done (marketing wise) for the shop. Then getting them done at a leisurely pace, rather than at warp speed.

I have made a point of getting into bed earlier...even if Im reading for an hour its ok, Im in bed!

Things will probably be quiet around here for another week, then it all starts again.....all those ppl that need stuff "NOW" because its for christmas :lol: Oh well.

I have a bit of a delima. One of our customers had her company shirts done by me. I put the graphic big and large on the back of one of the shirts. She didnt want to put them on all because she isnt that (as she calls it) loud. So I talked her into one shirt with a big honkin huge graphic on the back. I thought it looked awesome :lol: When she picked them up I told her if she came back after wearing her shirts, I'd put the graphic on the back of the rest of them for free. Just because I really thought it should be there. Ok....she came in yesterday and wanted the graphics on the back :lol: she comes in to pick them up and gives me free gift certificates for a back massage. Here is the thing........unless hubby is doing the massaging, I dont want to be touched like that by strangers. It was very sweet of her, but now I feel like I am obligated to use them :( Should I just suck it up and go? I really dont want to offend her :( But Id be really really uncomfortable.

Ok I only have 3 things on my list today, 2 for the shop, and 1 being my treadmill...........Im off!!! Have a wonderful day everyone!!

12-04-2008, 12:02 PM
Olive you must have been posting the same time as me! KUDOS for getting your exercise in!! :cb: Put duck tape over the mouths of those cookies so that they cant call you!! :devil: You can do it!

12-04-2008, 08:04 PM
Bill ~ yummy turkey soup! the carcass part doesn't sound too yummy though....LOL! but I did appreciate your words "healthy life-style journey" is so life-affirming and a much kinder word than DIEt. And yes, mindful eating does seem to be have awesome awareness...even being aware of not being aware!

Anne ~ sorry about that massage it sounds that some nuturing for you and all you do for others needs some is good to nuture the nuturer!

Jeanie~ your TV watching sounds like a calorie free pleasure! It sounds as if you really enjoyed it....good for you! I think down time is so important....time to just be!

Angelmama ~ thoughts and prayers are on their way!

Tera ~ love your smiley guy....and the way you listed your accomplishments! Hope you feel better soon.

Kim ~ great idea about remembering to give yourself credit when looking at your watch....I use my cell phone as my watch.......maybe I can put on a screen saver from Visa or American Express......a real credit card! Your run sounds lovely......and good for you for taking the time to notice it!

Onebyone ~ oh, you are talented! How your lust! And I agree having the good food in the house is critical to eating the good is the tricky part and so endless yet so important to eating OP. You'll figure it out....there's got to be a way....I believe that every problem comes with its own unique solution.

God speed

Andrea aka tinkerbell

12-04-2008, 10:37 PM
Diet Coaches
I've discovered that the only problem with running so late at night is that I then have trouble falling asleep. After very little sleep, this is how I felt today :dizzy:

I'm planning on posting here and then getting to bed. Too tired to form my own original thoughts, but will try to write some personals.


It really is amazing how easy it is to slip back to old ways and it's humbling for me to realize that it even happens to someone like you has been maintaining for quite awhile now. I can only imagine how much "unconscious" eating I was doing before BDS. With my mom being here, I have to say that I'm super aware of all the times she is taking licks, bites or tastes. I also see her finishing up food my kids have left over and eating standing up. I know that if I were able to watch myself in action a few weeks ago it would have looked very similar!

Congrats on recognizing it, saying, "oh well" and making other good choices.


Love the drypoint etching and good luck with the show!


Welcome back! Of course we have all been there. Try not to minimize the things you've been doing. Keeping up with exercise is HUGE! Good luck getting back on the program. I look forward to seeing more posts from you.


You sound like you're in a really good place, :) As far as your dilemma, have you ever tried getting a massage before? Is it possible to request a woman and if so, would that make you more comfortable? If not, I would definitely say that you should NOT do something you're not comfortable with just to keep from hurting someone else's feelings (I'm a recovering codependent!)

What about giving it as a gift to someone else? I'm thinking that the only way you could do that is by letting your customer know that you intend to do that. If so, I think you should be honest about it. I can't imagine you're the only person who has ever told her that they don't feel comfortable being touched by other people. (I know years ago we bought my mom a massage for Mother's Day and she never used it because she wasn't comfortable.)

12-05-2008, 07:24 AM
Diet Coaches - OK, so some stuff is easy. Repeatedly had to walk by a dish of M&M's. No issues. CREDIT moi. Alas, it was a full dish; a full dish just doesn't call my name. Also have the jar of roasted peanuts in my face most of the day. No issues. A jar doesn't call my name. I'm still smarting that I just ate those peanuts the other day. Oh Well.

But more relevant, I passed on the opportunity to have seconds on a tasty lasagna. Now that was indeed calling because I don't have lasagna very often and the social situation called for stuffing my face instead of working on the conversation. So that's pretty encouraging. CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Love the Lustful Need etching. Hope one of the many people who will love that finds their way to the charity and bids big bucks for it. Ouch for being so busy. Yah that it may bring in the $$$ for the gym membership.

Robin (RobinW) - Gotta admire your business sense gently pushing your customer to see that she'd like the "big honkin huge graphic on the back." Sometimes gently being pushed is the way forward.

Re the massage: I'm not the best adviser since I'd be very comfortable. But I do suggest that you choose to accept one for yourself to see if you can use a CBT type of thought to make you feel OK, like "I'm comfortable with my body now." If actively confronting your discomfort doesn't appeal then my recommendation is to give them to someone. There's no reason for you to ever put yourself into a situation where you aren't comfortable with your body. Good luck on finding your path here.

angelmoma210 - Waving. Hope you're finding the right thing to do on the situation with your DH.

Anne (wndranne) - Waving.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yep, yah for bed. Yah for sleep. Neat that you can use your mom's behavior to take pride in the changes you've made in your life.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - LOL at "the carcass part doesn't sound too yummy though." Yep, some aspects of the kitchen should never be seen by mortals. Hope you're finding the way on your plan.

Olive (Olive2) - Kudos for facing that Sabotaging Thought, I'll start tomorrow by jumping right in and posting today. Yep, you're on your way to countering those uglies with Helpful Responses. Those cookies can be ignored; they're not about you.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
It's OK to eat this
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-05-2008, 09:27 AM
Good Morning THIN THINK-ers!

Day 5 for me! I thought reading the ARC cards would be a snap.....but it's I understand why she encourages all of those post-it reminders! Need to set-up more reminders!

Olive ~ Hi, I'm a rookie here but just yesterday I was reading some good stuff in Day 4 ...give yourself is the stories about the 2 people and the bread at the restaurant.....the one guy gave himself credit for waiting 10 minutes before eating the bread! and then got back on plan while eating that meal......from what I got out of reading the 2 stories was that saying "I'll start tomrrow" can be a very subtle and seductive sabotaging thought.....and simply being aware of our thoughts is a huge step to changing sabotaging thoughts into helpful thoughts.

Robin ~It's your body and your life......and I see a parrellel about being offered food we don't want and a massage we don't want.....I know people love massages but the whole naked thing makes me uncomfortable....I prefer a facial or a pedicure.....maybe one day I will feel differently, but for now, "No thank you" is a respectful response....just my 6 cents.

Kim~ I love your dancing full of life and energy! But I am also a huge fan of Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales....I must have a thing for tall dark and green vegetables! LOL! Sometimes I too have trouble falling asleep, but not from running rather caffiene past 5 pm......I have a bottle of Advil PM when those restless nights strike....tossing and turning is the worst and really does set up the next day as a struggle.....and when we are tired, staying on plan can be made more difficult as there is that "food-energy" connection.....oh, and hot baths is another non-drug alternative.

Bill ~ Thanks so much for posting the credits about the M&M's, the peanuts and is a wonderful example of how the credits work as I feel so delighted for you as I read them....and it helps me to realize that it can be a very helpful tool on this journey.....I need to start ringing up those positive "charges" on my credit card account.....cha-ching! In your honor, I might even remind myself to "Bill me".....get it? Bill me! LOL!

best wishes,

12-05-2008, 12:09 PM
my india trip has officially been cancelled due to safety concerns, so my mom and i are rolling with plan B - disneyworld and a caribbean cruise. should help dull the disappointment. :D i'm having a hard time keeping my head in the game the last two days of work, which is a problem, since i still have so freaking much to do! the treadmill has been a little lonely for me this week, and i'm not feeling good about that. i made it to yoga and running exactly once. this wouldn't be such an awful thing if i were getting enough sleep, but i'm not. and i've been fighting intense desire to eat with mixed success. part of it is increased hunger (lack of sleep, hmmm?) and part of it is this idea that i'll be on vacation for the next two weeks and off plan, so what's the point of staying on plan for the next few days? (e.g. it doesn't really matter if i stay on plan or not.) a new and interesting way to fool myself. it's complicated by a series of ongoing "special" meals, including:
-last night's company holiday party (stayed 85% on plan or thereabouts)
-tonight's dinner with el nino and my mom
-lunch tomorrow - 1st birthday party of a friend's daughter
-dinner tomorrow - our annual excursion to the Cincinnati Zoo's festival of lights, complete with a family sojourn to golden corral
-dinner sunday - annual hannukah pizza party (from uno's. could it be more caloric? but it's the one time a YEAR i eat that stuff.)

we're leaving for epcot tuesday. the bistro meals are piling up in the freezer, although i'm still eating them 98% of the time when i'm on my own.

so, i guess the thing to do now is give myself credit for all the things i'm doing right. i passed on dessert last night (crepe station and a bunch of small petit four/tart type things.) i also passed on most of the fried buffet (a staple of our annual party) and got a slice of turkey and some rice instead, and coconut shrimp and jalapeno poppers (2 each.) had one alcoholic drink, vodka cranberry with soda, and stuck to plain soda the rest of the evening. last night alone could have been a total blowout, and wasn't. tuesday i thought seriously about getting fried chicken for lunch, but ate my bistro meal instead. i've probably passed up 80% of the off-plan things i've wanted the last few days. i've been over my calorie budget, but still in deficit (just not as large as my current targets.) so, go me.

now onto vacation - my plan is to handle it the way i handled new york. i'll eat what i want, but not to excess, and get a TON of movement and formal exercise in. will wear my monitor a lot, but am giving myself permission to take it off for periods (beaches and swimming etc.) i really want to relax and enjoy - and part of that is enjoying the food. usually when i do that, my intake and output tend to equal each other, and i maintain. so that's the plan.

can't do personals today - sorry!!! i'm thinking of each of you and hoping everyone is doing really well - whatever your circumstances on this friday.


12-05-2008, 01:05 PM
Its Friday!! :cb: :cb: :cb: Im gonna take off early today too!! :lol:

Thankyou everyone for your insight on my gift from a customer. I still don't know what I will do about it. On one hand, yes it is a fear and it would be good to face it. But Im also one of those people that really doesnt even like going to get my nails done, and when I finally do go, I hate it when someone new at the salon does them :sorry: Then on the other hand, it makes me very uncomfortable and I shouldn't do something that makes me feel that way. ~~Im really stuck on this one~~ I know she gave them to me, in the hopes that I would use it and then go back for more....creating a new customer in me.

Let me ask you this.....would you be offended if I told you how I felt about it all, and then asked you if it was alright to pass it on to someone who may turn into a customer?

Tonight is the big festival walk for our street. We did our open house last year on this night, but only receive one person that we didnt know. So everyone that showed up, were folks that were directly invited. Instead of participating in the event, we are going to enjoy the event and hit the shops on the strip and do a bit of shopping!

Food is good, and believe it or not Im getting some walking in!! :running: Not on the treadmill (which got moved btw!) Im starting to feel better, and starting to look better too. Its never a good thing when the ladies at the networking meetings are telling you, that you look really tired :no:

I did a little splurge last night.....I found a beautiful bunch of scarves which I wear when I have my hair up (cold neck!) I bought one!! Just for me :D If I continue to behave I just might go and get another one :)

Bill~ KUDOS for passing the m&m's, peanuts and for mindful eating of the lasagna!! That is awesome!! I have issues with the garlic bread that is usually served with the lasagna :lol:
....I understand the CBT way of thinking, but how I feel doesnt have anything to do with how I feel about myself. I just dont like strangers touching me, or me touching them. I could never be a doctor, nurse, hairdresser......anything that involves touching others :lol: At least I dont flinch when I am touched by stepdil does, and hasnt worked around that yet.

thinkerbell~ great job getting your reminders in order! On my old phone I had set up the alarm at certain times of the day to go off. I havent figured out how to do it yet on the new one :sorry:

jeanie~ sounds like you have a plan for your trip. Sounds like it will be a fun one too!

Thats about it for my little corner of the world....have a great day everyone!

12-05-2008, 04:48 PM

I called in sick the other day. Was about to go get checked out for strep but it is letting up finally. MIL is here and we are having a good time. The scale is being kind and I'm at -4. My food is still pretty much on, even if exercise is non-existent until probably Monday at least.

Back to lurking and sending silent good thoughts. I will be back Tuesday evening.


twilit tera
12-05-2008, 06:22 PM
Hi, everybody! I'm on campus at the mo and in pain so I'm going to keep this pretty short so I can go home and lay down. The pain isn't as severe as it was pre-steroid shot, but pain is pain.

All I have left in school is to take finals. The Cold is back and kicking butt, but I found that I get a lot more sleep if I've had extra water throughout the day, so really working on keeping myself irrigated.

:yay: OP Food
:yay: PT morning and night (especially first thing THIS morning, when I really had to fight sabotaging thoughts to do it)
:yay: Getting Biology homework done in spite of Internet connection issues

12-06-2008, 12:07 AM
Really quick wave to you my fellow Becksters and goodnight!

12-06-2008, 06:18 AM
Diet Coaches - Got a good hour long walk for the second day in a row. CREDIT moi. Have been slipping in my walks lately, so it's good to get back on track.

Was shopping in a Wegman's supermarket that displays gargantuan volumes of prepared food. This stuff flips my hormones or something. I start craving all of it. Not just a serving of it, but a huge amount of it. I want the giant loaves of bread, all of the six varieties of hummus, three kinds of salmon, four kinds of rotisserie chicken, plus pork and beef and veal and vegetarian bean dishes. I did buy some carrots, cabbage, sugar snaps, and skim milk - the kind of foods that don't make me crazy. I feel like a guy walking into the Mustang Ranch in Nevada just for a glass of water.

onebyone - Waving. The crazies will end.

Jeanie (Kuhljeanie) - Ouch for losing India; Yah for making a decision, for feeling safe, and for moving on. Love your list of "special meals" in your immediate future; it reminds me how often special meals occur and how wimpy they are as an excuse to stray from a healthy eating plan. Kudos for passing on the fried chicken for lunch. Good luck fighting the Sabotaging Thoughts about why stay on plan for the few days before leaving.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos that the treadmill is moved. Ouch when someone notes that you're looking tired. And Kudos for your diligent efforts to think clearly about the massage. In response to your question, I don't think the masseuse would be offended if you explained that you're not a massage person (I don't even think you have to give an explanation).

And yah for the scarf "just for me."

angelmoma210 - Waving. Continuing to send supportive thoughts.

Anne (wndranne) - Congrats on the minus four. It's really neat that you have a good time with your MIL.

Tera (twilit tera) - Ouch for the continued pain - even though it's less. Yay that finals is all that you got in front of you for school right now. Kudos for getting Biology homework done. When your mind is too frazzled to do real biology, you might find rest with The Lives of a Cell by Lewis Thomas. It's an oldie, 1974. Methinks you might especially enjoy the seven page chapter Organelles as Organisms. He honors chloroplasts and mitochondria as the workhorses of the planet. Light reading, but based on solid science.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Waving back. Sleep tight.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - That's a neat analogy that giving oneself credit is like adding into a credit account, "cha-ching!" LOL at "Bill me." Yep, gotta figure out some way to get to those Advantage Response Cards. When I ignore mine, I drift from remembering how important a healthy lifestyle is for me.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I'm being punished.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-06-2008, 10:06 AM
Morning coaches,

Last time I posted I was on my way to Atlanta to help DD and then to a meeting in NC. Well, during trip to Atlanta found out my mom had fell and broken her neck. So, had immediate detour to Tennessee and was there for almost three weeks. We were admitted to three different hospitals and each transition was touugh. In the end, they were not able to operate on her neck, so she is left with an unstable neck for the rest of her life. That means if she moves her neck wrong, she damages her spinal cord which will likely be a fatal event. After her initial recovery, we had to work at finding a long term placement for her while the folks at a rehab hospital worked with her Placement was incredibly tough as virtually no place wants an 82 year old woman with moderate dementia and a broken neck. We finally found a place and moved her there this week. So sad.

I have not only been off the wagon...the wagon rollled over me in forward gear and reverse gear and is so far down the road I can barely see it. Seriously, my intake of comfort food was high. Only thing I can give Beck credits for was that I never overate and that I often made the better of two choices. I got no exercise. Scale result for the past month: up 3-4 pounds.

So, I have to get back in the driver's seat on my diet and exercise for my health. Will be tough as I am still down about my mom and so far behind at work and at home, not sure where to start. I have bagged doing any Christmas decorating and will just try to get the shopping done.

Will try to catch up with personals as I have time. Just trying to get one foot in front of the other and go forward.

12-06-2008, 11:24 AM
Good Morning :snowball:

Shrinkin~ Im so sorry to hear about your mom!! My goodness, you've had your hands full the last few weeks. Will your mom have to wear a brace around her neck to keep her protected? I cannot image how difficult this is for you. But big KUDOS for you, for getting back to taking care of yourself :hug:

Bill~ I feel like a guy walking into the Mustang Ranch in Nevada just for a glass of water.
I nearly spit my coffee all over the place! Too funny! I agree the beautiful choices in some of their sections are very tempting. I have big troubles in the bakery area. So I very rarely even go other there.

Tera~ Its good that your pain has eased up a bit, but not so good that some of it is still there. :( I hope the pt helps you with the pain.

Ann & Kim :wave:

Have a great saturday everyone....I'm going to get some reading of my new book done and a little more christmas shopping.

Keep warm!

twilit tera
12-06-2008, 02:02 PM
I was pretty sore last night so I skipped my strength exercises and focused on stretching. Pain level was back down to 0 this morning, and I did all my exercises :yay:

Decorated the tree last night. It's a little pre-lit thing and I just felt so warm and good inside - our first tree in 2 years! Then this morning I found it on its side and the topper broken (the topper was the only glass ornament). Thanks, cat.

:yay: OP Food

shrinkin: What terrible news about your mom! Before worrying about getting back on track, perhaps you should do something special for yourself. I know decorating seems like another chore on top of all that's overwhelming you, but I know decorating my tiny tree made me feel better - like Christmas was really happening after all. Just a thought - maybe not all-out decorating, just one special place where Christmas can happen for you?

Bill: I don't know what a Wegmen's is, and I've a feeling I should be grateful. ;)

:yay: for your walking!

12-06-2008, 08:51 PM
Well all..I really feel a little better...dh is putting in for unemployment and that should help some. He is still fighting for his job or at least another one that is in the same building. Please still keep us in your thoughts.

12-07-2008, 06:20 AM
Diet Coaches - Wandered off path with some homemade cookies; not far, but off. I was in a social situation made stressful due to elderlly, hard-of-hearing, drifting attention issues. It makes me appreciate all of the posters here who are fighting stressful situations. Yep, life is easier when it's easier. Oh Well.

I did get in my third long walk in as many days. CREDIT moi. Out walking is so calming. Rather nice to take note of the red berries that haven't yet been consumed by the birds; they seem to save some, like Holly, for later when all other food supplies are gone. Smart birds them.

onebyone - Waving. Hope your weekend is going well and raking in the $$$.

Jeanie (Kuhljeanie) - Waving. Be prepared; just heard from a returnee that Disneyworld has already started background Christmas music everywhere, "But not too loud." I could even tolerate Rocky Mountain High everywhere; but I'd melt into a puddle if I heard It's a Small World for more than 10 seconds, LOL. One ride with my kids a zillion years ago and I'm done with that song for life.

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for a Saturday not going into work. Hope you have a relaxed day. (Bakeries where I can smell the baking bread are absolutely the worst for me. I want it all, LOL.)

angelmoma210 - Continuing to send supportive thoughts for the saga.

shrinking - Just Wow. Sending supportive thoughts for your mom and for you handling a tough situation. Kudos for hanging on to rational size portions and wise choices when your mind was so occupied and emotions on edge. And Kudos for posting here as part of getting back on plan.

You've been missed; I particularly thought of you on at the end of November when making a note to remember to start the December thread. Was laughing at the memory of you gently reminding me that I was posting right along into the new month in the old thread. It's good to see you.

Anne (wndranne) - Waving.

Tera (twilit tera) - Yay for pain zero. Kudos for jumping right on track with your exercises. Yep, it's better to never know about Wegman's if you have any molecule in your body that responds to abundant attractive food. They're like Whole Foods, only more so. Whole Foods started in Austin, which from here, seems to be in Texas, although I understand that some Texans have issues with Austin. They're very UT there, not very A&M; lots of orange everwhere. All pickups sport longhorns somewhere.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
It's not fair.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-07-2008, 08:18 AM
Jeanie ~ I am a huge fan of Disneyworld and those blue caribbean, it sounds like an awesome trip. Good for you! I think there is so much walking around at Disney that the exercise is kinda built in. At WDW there are treats for all 5 senses......the smells, the sounds, the tastes, the sights and the feel of that warm Florida sunshine.....don't forget to indulge in all the no-calorie beauty and whimsy and delight!

Robin~ woo-hoo! got that treadmill moved! As far as the gift certificate, here's my 6 sounds to me as if she was returning a "professional" courtesy...her way of thanking you for the work you've done with her as opposed to a birthday or Christmas me, the birthday/Christmas gift could be passed along but if it is a thank you to you, this is something that cannot be forwarded, as it is yours! I might be way off here, just wanted to offer something to help you get clearer.....even if you totally disagree with what I wrote, at least you know that's not for you. It's all good!

Shrinkin' ~ sending thoughts of peace and calm at this most difficult and sad time for you and your mom....ouch, a broken neck. Good for you that you checked in here....when life gets crazy, it is so easy to abandon our food and X plans....but exercise is such a great stress relief and eating right does give us more energy to deal with what must be dealt with. It was a good instinct to check in here in the middle of the chaos.

Tera~ a toppled tree and broken glass ornament.....yikes! how did you handle all of that? that can be a real mood-changer. Does Dr Beck's ideas work for toppled trees too?

Angelmomma ~ I am sending you thoughts and prayers of support and encouragement..... when God closes a door, somewhere He opens a's one of my favorite lines from The Sound of Music.

Bill~ I think outdoor walking is a real treat.....good for the body, mind and spirit! I have been walking almost daily at a near-by park since June 1st......and I hope I can continue walking thru a Pennsylvania winter. Were those cookies, Christmas cookies? Christmas cookies are so seductive! I am going to a Cookie-Making party next Sunday and I am already feeling nervous.....those tempting cookies look so sweet and innocent and Christmas-sy......cookies are really only a problem for me at this time of year because my challenge is a "bread" tooth, not a "sweet" tooth. It seems like you kept the damage to a minimum by wandering only a little off plan....good for you!

God speed!
Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-07-2008, 08:49 AM
I am on Day 6....find a diet coach

This idea is a bit tough for me. What do you'all do? She seems to encourage a real life you have a person in your life that could do this for you? This idea is a real trigger for me......ideally I would love to hire a diet coach, but right now I can't afford it. I have been talking about dieting etc with friends and family and they are not in the same place as far, noone is interested or motivated.

Day 6 makes me a little sad and a bit frustrated.....anyone else feel this way? This is the hardest day and idea so far.

Will you all be my diet coaches in my virtual world? I feel the need to ask officially.

Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-07-2008, 11:20 AM
Diet Coaches
I'm doing everything I can to get through each day-- things are stressful and hectic. My Dad arrived yesterday from NY (luckily his flight was on time despite the snow that began to fall) and we ran around trying to get DD the proper shoes for her performance (no such luck). Took DD to rehearsal for her show and then went back to my house where we spent some time reading over the full autopsy report for my brother (Dad just received it in the mail the other day) and discussing that :(

Then went to DD's show which began at 6 and was supposed to last an hour. I had a late lunch so I didn't eat anything before the show. Didn't leave her show until almost 9pm! They served cookies and other homemade treats after the show. I was starved and didn't really pay attention to what my thoughts were (except that I knew I hadn't eaten much all day and that I figured I could count the treats I was eating and still be okay) and ate a little brownie bite and a cookie and 1/2. I did however pay attention to what and how much I ate so I can track it.

Made it to the restaurant after 9pm. Ordered something I would have pre-Beck and pre-losing weight (Butternut squash ravioli), but justified that I could eat a smaller amount. (Since I'm only counting calories in vs. calories out, no food is forbidden or off program.) I did end up eating a little bit of bread (about 1/2-3/4 of a roll) that I hadn't intended on eating and I did munch on a few of DDs sweet potato french fries. I definitely did not eat slowly or consciously :( But I didn't really overeat :broc: It felt like I failed and I forgot to say "oh well". I did think about how different that experience would have been pre-Beck.

I'm off for another day with my divorced parents (mother who is driving me nuts) who are still majorly grieving the loss of my brother (September) and my soon-to-be ex-husband! Okay, I just realized, I'm doing great :D

So great to hear about your long, enjoyable walk and that your more easily able to get that in.

Wegman's-- I didn't know they have one in MA! Ross and I LOVE Wegman's (which is based out of WNY) and when we left WNY wrote to Danny Wegman all the time asking him to open stores where we were currently living. They did eventually open a Wegman's in Princeton when we were living in NJ (I'm pretty sure it had absolutely nothing to do with our requests!) and we actually went there at 6am for the Grand Opening (pretty pathetic, I know!)

Anyway, I know what you mean about the prepared food, there's just something about the lure of the displays, the smells, etc. HUGE kudos for you for walking out of there with nothing but "water"!


Oh I am so sorry, what a terribly difficult time you (and your mom) have been going through. My heart aches for you. I have to point out that you have done SO well though! First of all, reporting here when you got back rather than just throwing it all away is HUGE!

Secondly, Only thing I can give Beck credits for was that I never overate and that I often made the better of two choices.

You can't say "only" those are 2 HUGE factors-- you deserve credit for every single time you ate and didn't overeat and every time you made the better of 2 choices. Do you think those things would have happened pre-Beck??

Same thing with the scale-- 3-4 lbs, that's really not that bad. I know personally if I was doing a lot of emotional eating, my #s would have been way worse over a 3 week period. You may not have been consciously following Beck, but obviously a good part of it has become a way of life for you-- yeah for that!

Hang in there and I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.


Hope you had a successful shopping trip and got to spend some time enjoying your book. Sounds like a nice relaxing day!

Tera Glad your pain was down to 0!! Kudos for your exercising.
And yes, not knowing what Wegman's is, is probably a good thing (if your really curious though, you can google it!)

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better and still keeping you and DH in my thoughts.

Bill I'm sorry you had a hard time with the homemade cookies and it may be my fault. Okay, you'll have to follow my weird thinking here:
I found myself somewhat comforted by the thought that EVEN you are sometimes thrown off by homemade cookies (just like I was), which just reminds me that we'll all have moments like that. So, I learned a lesson from your experience, so thus it was my fault that you ate the cookies because I needed you to, to learn said lesson :D


What part of PA do you live in? I used to work in Morrisville and my college roommate is also from Bucks County.

I have to say that I must have mentally tuned out about Beck stressing the Diet Coach being a real person. Other than checking in with my therapist once a week, I have not found a "real life" Diet Coach. I have found in the past that talking to others about my journey somehow takes away from the journey for me. This group has been the perfect fit for me for a Diet Coach, especially since there are people at all different stages of the journey. The wealth of knowledge and support here is unmeasurable.

So, since this is my only true Diet Coach, I make an even stronger effort to check in here daily. I'm also trying to journal quite a bit which has also always helped me in general.

I would be honored to be one of your cyber Diet Coaches :)

12-07-2008, 03:33 PM
Hi coaches. I see it's almost 2pm so it's not morning but afternoon already. I finished up my farmers' market season officially yesterday with the xmas market and then the removal of my market display. (I've attached a picture of what my booth looked like this year.) I've been in a stupor for hours now. When I got home last night we ate, poorly, and I went to bed at 8 and was asleep by 9. I got up early and dozed off and on in the lazyboy and I'm still foggy. We desperately need to do groceries and I am not going by myself so I have to wait for DH. I'm a bit frustrated but it will be worth the wait.

I still have one class to complete; my book-making class. I have to make 2 books before Tuesday. Once Tuesday is over, I am done for the semester. Next semester starts the second week of January so I have a big break from school for now. So glad. Of course I am still the ceramic technician for the school so I still have to do work there (rats) and no doubt those two instructors will have a list for me a yard long, but at elast i come and go as I please with no deadlines for now.

It's been a very tough semester and I weathered it without getting sick but I did toss all my weightloss out the window. I have regained everything I lost so I am back to square one. BUT a wii fit is arriving soon and I think I may go right ahead and join that gym. It will be a few weeks before I can schedule a meeting with the trainer again but one step at a time. I miss the pool. I really miss the sauna. I need to get on the wagon big time. I can't keep doing this, eating like a teenage boy who does sports. I, at age 45, female and overweight the bulk of my years, am not a young male athlete inspite of my food intake.

Better go.

Have a great Sunday.

12-07-2008, 07:35 PM

Thanks so much! I really like what you wrote about the community here and how sometimes sharing things with the "real' people in your life can take "something" away.....especially if they are not familiar with the cognitive therapy principles and the sabotaging thoughts.

She does write also that the internet is a good place to find on-line support and I have already learned so much here on the forum and "met" people who are commited and living their own healthy life-style you Kim. Thanks so much for your kind support and wise words.....I feel better now realizing that this forum and especially this thread can be my diet support.

Day 8....I am in. I feel commited and can check it off the check-list as my heart is now in the game thanx to U and your helpful words.

best wishes,
Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-07-2008, 11:30 PM
Diet Coaches

Again not one of my best days, but just as stressful as the past couple, if not more so. Just logged all my food for the past couple of days and it was super frustrating because I had to guesstimate on so much! Oh well.

Onebyone Your booth looks awesome, professional and with gorgeous work. How did the fair go? I'm really looking forward to the end of Tuesday for you!


So glad my perspective on the diet coach was helpful to you. Your response was really sweet and made me feel good, thanks.

Hi to Robin, Bill, Angelmomma, Anne, Jeanie, Olive and everyone else! :wave:

12-08-2008, 06:43 AM
Diet Coaches - Had dinner at home after four days away. Ate on plan, comfortably on plan, without temptations on plan, without wrestling it to the ground on plan. CREDIT moi - ever so small for the act itself, but real for having created the place where it's easy to be on plan. Great reminder that Beck's strategy to set up the environment works. There were no serving dishes with more food on the table. There wasn't even extra food on the stove. No bakery desserts in sight. No bakery desserts in the house. And I knew there were California Navel Oranges in the fridge for snack later.

onebyone - Thanks for the pictures of your booth; fun to see your whimsical humor and visually pleasing order at that scale. Ouch for all the tensions associated with the end of markets and the end of school. But Kudos for having the clarity to see what you're doing and what you need to do to get back on your track. Hope the gym works out; the positive feedback from a swim or workout can allow the mind to get eating back on track. Beaming my supportive thoughts your way.

angelmoma210 - Continuing to send supportive thoughts.

Kim (bennyhannahmama) - Yep, I think you're doing great. Kudos for staying sane while entertaining divorced parents. (Did your DD dance barefoot? Did I miss the end to the failed search for her shoes?) And Kudos for the Butternut squash ravioli in rational sized serving. On plan is so easy in an on-schedule day, at home, with nothing else going on. You were facing the more realistic difficult situation where you ended up at hungry at 9pm choosing from the menu in your hand. Good job.

Nope, no Wegman's in Massachusetts. The Wegman's was in New Jersey (possibly Cherry Hill, but you know how NJ townships are all squished together.) LOL, I'd have been with you at the 6am opening. I hope they do come to MA to give a little competition to Whole Foods.

Sending you supportive thoughts for the loss of your brother; I do hope you are finding ways to allow yourself to feel the grief so that you can process through the steps to let him go. With so much else on your plate it would be easy to overlook your own needs here.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Yes, I'd be delighted to be one of your on-line diet coaches. Hope you will be an on-line diet coach for me.

I share your desire to have a face-to-face diet coach, but have taken no positive steps to make it happen. I am sure that it wouldn't be my DW - too close and no good way to have a diet coach session that ends until the next session in a week.

Good luck at your cookie making party next Sunday. Good for you that your "bread" tooth won't be triggered. Yep, my cookies were Christmas cookies, bought, as directed, at a church bazaar for my elderly relative who missed that he could no longer get there himself. Passed on loaves of pumpkin bread, banana bread, cranberry bread, zucchini bread and a few others, all priced below the 2008 cost of the ingredients, made by devoted church members for a worthy cause. Failure to buy was clearly failing a religious duty. It wouldn't have been an easy place for someone with a bread tooth. I was able to pass only because I wanted all of them - a good clue to me that it was a desire thing not a rational hunger for a sugar, shorting, and white flour product.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I'm not going to let anyone tell me what I can and can't eat.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-08-2008, 08:18 AM

A mixed weekend to report. Did not get to posting food for calorie counts. But credit for making good choices and for having reasonable choices.

Did not get to pool. But big credit for getting Christmas shopping both started and finished. Wow, that is a big job and a big relief.

Have to accept that it is going to take days to get self back on track. Goals for today: Read ARC twice, give credits for good things, get haircut and start getting finances in order by paying bills.

Have to be at work early with much to catch up there too. Thanks coaches for reminding me to take credits for each little step...including just getting back here to post while busy.

Have a great day all...will get to doing personals as soon as I can.

twilit tera
12-08-2008, 12:18 PM
Good morning, Becksters!

I can't claim OP food. I ate a brownie that I really didn't need. It was tiny, but it was still off plan.
:yay: morning PT and part of evening PT (we got home really late last night)

It's amazing how many ways this lingering cold expresses itself. Right now it feels like someone rubbed sandpaper across the back of my throat. Swallowing is difficult, so it should be really easy for me to stay on plan today, right? :D

Took my Early Childhood Education final yesterday. Of 20 short essay questions there was only one I know I didn't answer completely. I'm hoping for an A in that class in spite of missed discussion board deadlines (it's an Internet class).

I also completed registration for next semester and discovered that I have more than one semester's worth of work to do before I qualify for my Associates, strange to say. So I postponed PE for another semester and signed up for an entire schedule of online classes.

My Music Appreciation final was to write an essay explaining who the greatest musician of the 20th century was/is and why. I extoled the virtues of the the Beatles, with emphasis on Lennon/McCarthy and said that I couldn't choose between them for "best" because they both worked better in collaboration with each other than either did on their own. I have two more tests to take: Government and Biology. I'm nervous about Govt. because I missed ALL the lectures for the last section, and he bases most of his questions on the lectures. I'm going to have to do a bit of research off the review list he sent out. Fortunately, I have about 80 extra credit points accumulated and have gotten A's on the previous tests. (I love this Prof for his interesting lectures AND the extra credit opportunities.)

Ok, enough about school. I lost over 2 pounds since my last weigh in on 11/23! It's a small loss, but considering all that's been going on in that time, I'm giving myself a huge :woohoo: !!

angelmomma: Thanks for the report. I've been thinking about you. If there's only one person who's complained about your DH, then I think a position in another department is not too much to ask. Most companies work with you unless you have a history of complaints. I hope things go smoothly with the unemployment office too. A little cash to tide you over would be a good thing.

Bill: Austin is plenty Texas enough for me. I've still got enough Yanky in me to resist the A&M frenzy that permeates many parts of Dallas. I moved down here for family and employment, not culture.

What I've found is that you've got two, maybe three primary cultures here. There's rural Texas, metro Texas, and ghetto Texas. Rural Texas is ultraconservative, Good ol' Boy, well, you know. Metro Texas is made up primarily of geeks and technophiles, and ghetto Texas is a lot like rural in attitude, if not style.

I'm of the metro variety. Yes, I am a snob. ;)

Andrea: On the subject of diet coaches. I formally asked my mother to be my diet coach, but the truth is that I report a lot more here than to her. I try to check in daily at the Beck Thread, but I only report to my Mom once or twice a week. The real benefit to having her support is that there's someone to call when I'm facing an "emergency" like depression.

I also want to stand up and say count me in as a diet coach, and I hope you do the same for me. :)

To be honest, I was half expecting the tree to come down when I went to bed the night I decorated it. Hubby and I already had plans to buy some "No Stay!" spray. What I wasn't expecting was having to abandon the idea of a tree altogether. The "No Stay!" worked overnight, but yesterday when we came home from a day at my mother's, the tree was down again.

Maybe I can anchor it to something with bungee cords? If not, I'm going to move ornaments to the immitation fir garland I have above the sliding glass door, where the cat can't reach, and pack the tree back up.

Depressing thought. Maybe I'll put Christmas music on and make myself feel better.

So, instead of working myself up over the issue, I'm facing it, coming up with possible solutions, and getting on with life. I guess Beck thinking *does* work with toppled Christmas trees.

Kim: You are doing great! :yay: to you for recognizing it, and for taking time to check in here even in the midst of that storm! Days like yours would have kept me off the message board completely.

onebyone: Your booth looks most nifty! What I see in your work is attractive design, humor, and wisdom. Your stuff is very "giftable!"

How were your sales?

You know, each of us are just a tenth of a percent away from a young male athlete, according to biologists (meaning that your chromosomes and all the athletes' chromosomes are about 99.9% identical). Maybe that thought is reassuring, maybe it isn't: I just find it amusing. I guess the real point is that we are all a lot more alike than we are different, and the challenges you face could one day be theirs. You're not alone. :)

I hope you have a wonderful winter break and have your diet and exercise routine firmly established for next semester!

shrinkin: Welcome back to the wagon. :) Big :yay: for giving yourself time to adjust.

12-08-2008, 01:49 PM
Good Afternoon :)

This morning has just whizzed by!! Hubby and I went to one of the local linens n' things and bought some of the store fixtures for the shop. Now we just need our landlord to come and help us install them on the walls. (they are all brick!) I'll go back tonight and pick up a bunch more of the hooky things and little clippy things and sign holders and little shelves. Usually when we get to a store to buy the fixtures, they are all gone. But we made out pretty good this time....and it all fit in the focus!! :eek:

Well yesterday was a bust foodwise :( I did too much baking and too much sampling. I made some bread too, to go with supper, and I was surprised at how good it turned out. I ate wayyyyy too much of it. The rest of it is all bundled up and in the freezer now! The cookies are all in the appropriate containers with lids on them, and the pumpkin bread is all divided up, wrapped up and in the freezer. :dz:

I talked to hubby this morning about my diet....thankyou Andrea for reminding me about coaches. I have my husband, and everyone here. There isn't anyone other than my mom that I would trust to help and not ridicule. kwim?

I told hubby that I needed to refocus, and any gentle pushing he feels like offering is ok with me. (god love him, he's so good at this stuff)

Ive been reading my book too "Why can't I stop eating" I have to say if you dont feel that food is an addictive substance for you, then this isnt the book for you. If you do, and you're ready to admit that you have addictive tendencies, this just might help. Ive always said that if I didnt have to eat I would be fine. But I have too many trigger foods that lead to binge eating. Its not all emotional even tho I admit that I am also an emotional eater. The book states that food to us is like alcohol to an alcoholic. I have always believed this to be true for me. For others, they think its a bunch of hefferdust!

I wanted to comment on something else too. I have gone to OA and tried to work their program. I just have such a hard time giving my urges up to a higher power and allow that power to deal with them. At least that is how I understand it. I just can't do's my problem, I own it, I will deal with it. The only thing I can work and work well from that program, is "one minute, one hour, one day at a time"

I think this book may be my alternative to the program...something to help me solve a few issues, still be able to follow the Beck teachings and be successful at getting myself back into control.

Ive rambled on a bit too long.....I'll check back later tonight for personals. Have a great day everyone!

12-08-2008, 02:47 PM
trying to get everything finished up before heading out. realized while packing late last night that i don't own any bathing suits that fit. this is a wonderful, wonderful thing, except that i'm running out of time before we get on that plane to florida. so in addition to working today, i somehow have to find the time to go bathing-suit shopping and get el nino from dayton to cincinnati (i work in cincinnati, so it's a lot of extra driving today.) all the big projects are already done, so i have a little time to write y'all. :sunny:

weekend went pretty well! we decided to cancel for saturday night, which allowed me another bistro dinner. weight was 170.5 as of sunday. WHOO HOO! half a pound to my next charm, and 6.5 lbs until i am no longer obese. i'm now thinner than i was a decade ago. i won't change my ticker until after i get back from vacation, because i may go back up a lb or two and i don't want to get ahead of myself, but i am getting there. i AM. feels like i've finally internalized a lot of the things that people say they needed to get to maintenance, like thinking of it as a lifestyle change instead of a diet, and not depriving yourself, but at the same time, not making excuses. i now know that my body loses in spurts, and there's a ton of up and down while that's going on, so a pound or two either way doesn't trip me up anymore. i still have room for improvement (exercise is still last on my list too many days) but i don't think of it as a temporary thing anymore. i'll get there!

onebyone, your space is so wonderful! someday i'd like to own something you'd done. and agree with tera - you may not be a young man, but you should definitely think of yourself as an athlete. congrats to both of you for getting through the semesters!

andrea, ditto bill and tera and everyone else. i tried using dh as my coach, but he'd have to read the book and understand what it's like to be a compulsive overeater. it's a lot to ask someone who just wants to make me happy. he tends to enable, which i love, but isn't so great for the accountability thing. i just use y'all too. also, you guys aren't nearly as bored by the weight and eating talk. :) and thanks! we're still feeling a little disappointed that we're not going to india, but as my mom says, we'll have plenty of time to cry in our mai tais on the beach at st. kitts. really looking forward to epcot as an adult. we've got tickets to see la nouba (cirque de soleil) and i'm very, very excited. my body is still at work, but my brain...:D

hey shrinkin! glad you're back! yay YOU!!! it's the hardest thing - but every time you do it, you get better at it, and it comes more naturally. so sorry to hear about your mom's health complications.

bill! oranges! mmmmmm....and second your statement that beck's idea to set up your environment, works! i credit that strategy with my ongoing success, and ability to recover faster from falls. it's just easier to be on plan than to stray.

kim, absolutely marvelous very loud KUDOs to you on recognizing your ability to continue taking care of yourself in the midst of grief and stress. just, wow. :hug:

angelmomma, thinking about you!

hi robin! did you ever talk to that lady who gave you the massage coupon? i'd be happy to take it off your hands.:)

hi anne! happy lurking! :wave: hope all is well - don't write back if you don't have the time!

all right everyone - the next time you hear from me, well, frankly, i don't know exactly when that will be. but i'll have a tan then, for sure. ;)

12-08-2008, 05:12 PM
Bill~ ah, the comfort of home not-so-sweet home! perhaps home healthy home would be a better Beck Mantra!

Shrinkin' ~ originally I thought reading the ARC would be a snap...but its not. I like how you listed it as what you need to do to get back on plan.

Tera ~ woo-hoo for you! it's good to see those down-stream numbers, especially this time of year and during a hectic time with school....simply not gaining is a victory so losing 2 is great! Glad that Beck works for toppled trees......I do think that getting the tree straight and secure is a big challenge every Christmas.

Robin ~ I think OA is a wonderful program but it doesn't help everyone.....I tried it twice and although there were parts I liked, something wasn't quite a good match for me. I think it's important to trust our gut.....if it doesn't resonate with you, keep searching until you find what feels right and works. just like Oprah has tried many things in her's all a journey to a healthy life-style......losers never quit and quitters never lose!

Jeanie ~ have much to celebrate on this vacation....i love how you wrote about being so close to not offically being obese! Woo-hoo for you! What kind of charma do you use? And just think of how great you'll look in vacation pictures! Personally, that's one of my ARC reminders....I want to look good in pictures!

I totally know what you mean about your DH being a diet's just too close for me. It is an art to be a diet coach....and frankly there are not many whose communication skills would not "trigger" me.....I am an emotional eater and can imagine the disaster an unskilled but well-intentioned diet coach could inflict! I think clean communication surrounding weight loss and weight issues are as important as keeping your environment clean.....things can get messy! (at least in my world)

Best wishes,
Andrea aka thinkerbelll

12-08-2008, 06:42 PM
Today's lesson is about a clean's so true!

It's funny but one of my favorite "bad" foods is red doritoes...the nacho flavor. Fortuntely for me, my DS likes the blue doritoes-cool ranch. The blue ones can sit there forever without calling my name....a red bag won't last a day!

My DH has a sweet tooth....I fortunately do not....his cakes and chocolate jrs can sit unnoticed....never a temptation. Yet 2 week-ends ago, he bought potato chips for the football game......and I finished the bag.

Even before I read today's lesson about keeping your environment safe, I knew the potato chip thing was a I brought one of those big bags of single sized snacks....and keep it in the closet, not in the usual spot. I even thought if I am tempted, the single size serving bags won't do much a whole big bag.

I am concerned this week about my X plan.......I walk daily but an artic chill is passing thru....and on Wednesday I take a 4 mile hike...good for body, mind and spirit. Tonite I am missing my zumba class for the first time in 8 weeks (since I joined) as my DD's BF grandmother's viewing is tonight. Perhaps I will re-schedule for Tuesday at another location with a different instructor....ah, life does get in the way sometime....need to remember to be commited and flexible.

Eating on plan.

Need to drink my water.....I've noticed I am drinking more warm my Lipton green tea with madarin cals and full of anti-oxidants!

Well, so far so good.....once I got over the diet coach bump, everything else is going smoothly......just needing to remember the ARC.

Oh and Bill, since I made that joke about "Bill me", I realized my retired next-door neighbor is named Bill....he is always out and about, does alot of yard work so I see him quite whenever I see him I think "Bill me" and I give myself credit for some fabulous thing I did.....thanx 2 me! my neighbor has become a live human post-it! LOL!

And some good news I want to share..... 0.1 lbs until a 20 lb weight loss! Woo-hoo! A funny thing about me is that I had an aversion to scales because I had in the past a tendency to get scale obsessed or else go off plan when I didn't lose when I knew I was eating on I bought a scale for my B-day with a deimal point and promised myself only to pay attention to the numbers on the right side of the decimal's so much more rewarding!


God speed,

12-08-2008, 07:14 PM
:wave: Still here; doing OK. MIL leaves tomorrow a.m. and I have the kids. Will stop back by either tomorrow night or Wed a.m., depending on schedule.

I have had an epiphany! Still learning things after 6 years of weight management (come Dec 20). Anyway, much more on this later, because I'm very excited about it.


12-08-2008, 07:33 PM
Hi, Coaches,

Have a minute for some personal message:

Andrea...thanks for your encouraging words. Kudos for committing to be flexible in order to keep up your plan! Yup, controlling the environment is critical. Congrats for controlling your environment, getting in your water and eating OP! Personally, I think this board is far better than a single person and happy to add my voice to the great coaches that post here. We all just help each other.

My house is not diet friendly at the moment as the frig is empty which leads to eating out...which often leads to poor choices. But, convinced my DH to stop by the market today (I am work overloaded) and get some foods good for our just have to choose to eat good choices at home.

kuhljeanie-Sorry to hear that India needed to be postponed, but you will have a great trip! If you don't get the suit before you you will see some options when you reach the beach. Keep up your great attitude...recognizing that you have changed your life style and are in control!

RobinW-Have missed reading your posts these last few weeks. Ouch for the sampling. You are such a great cook...hard to resist nibbling. Yay for the new fixtures and shop progress. Kudos to you for getting hubby to be supportive of your refocus.

Tera-SOO glad to hear you got help for your pain and that PT is underway. Last time I was reading the boards you were facing a dilemma of what to do. Congrats on dealing with what life has thrown at you...2 pounds is AWESOME! WTG on all of your success at school. Hope the virus lets go of you soon...I have had it too...fever, sore throat and then sinuses and it seems to last a long time. One reason I have not been back to the pool....have to be able to breathe. BTW, we are going to Dallas for Christmas (visiting DH's parents who are in their 80s and his sibs too), so I have not been inspired to get the decorations out. So, DH and I agreed we will relax and enjoy everyone else's decorations this year. I am enjoying the simple things, like having a great fireplace, a nice glass of wine and my own comfortable bed. After sleeping in hospital chairs, a comfy bed is truly heaven.

BillBlueEyes-Kudos to you for Being Thankful for an environment that works for your health. Thanks for the welcome back. Hopefully, I will not be MIA for such a long time again. I am still dealing with mom's issues...but at least now it is only 3 or 4 phone calls a day instead of 24/7 and emotional/mental challenges.

Bennyhannahmamma-Thanks for your positive vibes. Ouch for the trauma in your life, too. I have not yet read all the past posts but even from your recent ones, I am sending you a big:hug:. It is much easier to do Beck before life intervenes....but life always does intervene, so we keep practicing. Credit to you for logging your food...even if doing estimates is not totally satisfying! Also credit for just a "OH WELL" to dealing with frustration on not knowing exact calorie counts. You are doing great and are practicing some Beck concepts in the midst of some very hard times...give yourself credit for that...not over eating, limiting your portions. You are not me, you are focusing on what you have done right as well as plans for doing even better.

onebyone-HEY, onebyone...remember me? I've been missing your gentle b-ks. Your booth is gorgeous! Congrats on thriving thru a tough semester. OK, the time for us both to regroup is at hand...we will both be jumping entirely on the wagon in the next day or two. Not looking back...just looking forward. We know what to do...right?

angelmomma210-Will keep thinking good thoughts for your DH to get a job in same building. Are you still in touch with your diet coach?

Got to run...haircut tonight. Sure am looking forward to that too!

12-09-2008, 07:55 AM
Diet Coaches - As it happened: Trainer: "Squeeze your gluts. Those shoulders are to be pulled together. Gut in. The leg goes straight back, not bent around. Head forward. No ... the back needs to be straight. Look at you, you're not relaxed. Just relax."
Me internally: "How the frig am I to relax if I'm concentrating on six body parts that normally live their separate lives as free men?"
Me actually: "grunt"
For having another session with my trainer who is following my request to work my core muscles, CREDIT moi. For whining to my diet coaches because my trainer is doing what I asked and it's a pain to work unused muscles, Oh Well.

The great icon is at it again. Apparently we're about to read that Oprah has crept up due to, duh, eating: "The talk show queen continues the honesty, saying in the January issue of "O" magazine out Tuesday that she now weighs 200 pounds and has "fallen off the wagon" when it comes to healthy living." Wishing you well, Oprah, to do it so publicly, while you're so unreasonably busy.

Jeanie (kuhljeanie) - Neat insight on success on your journey, "ability to recover faster from falls." Congrats on being too small for your bathing suit; Ouch for having to buy one. I'm told that the more expensive stores have them for the finer ladies preparing for their winter cruises, but, of course, I really don't know.

shrinkin - Kudos for moving forward one step at a time. Good idea there to lead with the Advantages Response Card. Good news that the emotional load with your mother is decreased, but 3-4 calls per day is still a heavy load. Sending supportive thoughts.

angelmoma210 - Continuing to send supportive thoughts.

Robin (RobinW) - Neat that "Why can't I stop eating" speaks to you; I'll put that on my to-read list. Ouch for sampling while baking; I can't imagine any other way. Good that you held it where you did without big time falling into a hole. Professional baking is a job that I find impossible to imagine. Funny that I don't want to give up the Desire that is raised by the smell of baking bread. Wonder how the pros do it.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Neat that you have a Jack Sprat relationship with your DS and DH about Doritos and sweet stuff, LOL. Now that's setting up an environment. LOL at having a "live human post-it" next door to remind you go give yourself credit.

Anne (wndranne) - Waving back. Can't wait to hear about your epiphany.

Tera (twilit tera) - Thanks for the cultural synopsis of Texas. There's a lot about Texas that we foreigners struggle to understand, LOL. Sounds very Beck to me to have planned ahead to have "80 extra credit points accumulated." Good luck with the exams.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I deserve to eat this.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-09-2008, 08:37 AM
Hi, Coaches,

A good day to report yesterday. Read ARC. Stayed mostly on plan in terms of selected food, but did not record food. Did not stress over being life behind. Credit for that as stressing usually leads to either outright eating or at least not caring.

DH was wonderful yesterday...picked up produce on his lunch break and stopped at grocery for healthy choices on his way home. Also treated me to carry out sushi last night. Wow...does he get credit. Guess I get credit for having married him. LOL.

Did PT exercises yesterday and got in some necessary, but unplanned walking. Haven't planned to go to the pool until I get rid of sinus trouble.

Plan for today: return to logging food and wt onto I know I always lose when I record my food and gain when I dont. Will read ARC twice and pack lunch to stay OP for eating.

BBE-:) at your trainer experience. I sure know the frustration of being told to do exercises that don't seem to be within reach. Seems that early on, some exercises require repetitive brain exercise before the body can follow. But, think you can and you will get there.

Posted personals last night but will try to do more later.

Have a great day all!

12-09-2008, 08:52 AM
Good morning coaches

I worked long and hard yesterday getting my 6 handmade books completed for today's final class. I now ask myself, if my work is complete, do I get to leave early???? I soooooooo want to be done already.

And I've been counting and re-counting the money I made over the weekend and I have "more" but "not enough" and so this makes me think I may as well take $74 and plunk it on the credit card and then head to the gym and sign up. I am still working at the school and maybe this will help me work there to make sure I earn the $ for my membership. Memberships are for 6 months at a time. In 6 months I'll be graduating with ample photo opportinities. Perhaps this IS the time to go for it?

Hmm. I sense the wagon making tracks toward me.

shrinkin I was overwhelmed at your story of your mother's injury. I cannot even imagine the fear and the pain you must have felt and continue to deal with. This is all so out of your hands. My weight is now 216.6 but credit moi it is not more. I would be honoured to climb up onto that wagon wiht you ASAP. Perhaps we need a :kickbutt: to get that wagon rollinrollinrollin... :hug:

angelmomma210 very sorry to hear of the outcome to your DH's job situation. Glad to hear you have unemployment insurance for now and I hope something else comes up for your DH. It may even be better... most probably will be better given recent experiences. (Yikes!) Keep well.

wndranne I eagerly await your epiphany too. I think someone who's managed to manage their weight for 6 years (credit toi) must have something very interesting to say.... have a great day today.

thinkerbell Congrats on the weightloss and the closing in on 20lbs lost. Awesome. And I so relate to the clean environment=clean eating. My environment's a total mess. The kitchen is very unusable. If you want to cook you have to fight for the space. Not good. It needs to be easy to work in or I go for the "easy" food = fast or frozen never fresh.:(

kuhljeanie You're doing so well. Congrats on all that! Your bathing suit quest reminded me of when Dh and I went to Key West for Xmas and we had a side trip to Fort Lauderdale and walking along the beach there there were strings of stgores facing the beach with all manner of swimsuit displayed near their open front doors. I alos remember heading to the local Wal-mart and asking about bathing suits to which the salesperson said, laughing, "It's winter. We don't have suits." Winter? No. What you have here is not winter. What we have is winter. Of course, it's all relative. I'd take the worst of that Florida winter anyday.... to this end I have been mulling over the thought that I have spent 1/2 of my life in the cold. Oct to March every year. DH says Oct doesn't count but I say yes it does. 22.5 years in the cold. Why???? :?: I have vague travel plans for March break of all things. Keeping my fingers crossed on that. Enjoy your trip and everything that goes with it!

RobinW I was in OA two or three times. I abstained from sugar and "things in a bag" for 3 years. I had a great sponsor this last time but she was such a great sponsor she had too many sponsees and, alas, I was dropped and never found another that was such a great fit. I do think of going once a week to "ground" myself. It feels like an all or nothing thing there. Anyway, If you are recommending that book I am going to seek it out. I am 100% and emotional eater. Stress eater. It's very hard to cook and not sample. Reminds me of Beck's "eat only while sitting down" rule. Have a good day today!

twilit tera Thanks you for reminding me that I DO have an inner teenage boy athlete! (He's very assertive.) I wanted to congratulate you on getting through your semester. How many more semesters/years do you have until graduation? I get my diploma in a never-ending graduation process that culminates at the end of June with a diploma. It's not a very high status piece of paper int he world of Art. it would only get me exempted from foundation/first year at a "real" art school but it did what I wanted it to for was like a course correction, and on the whole, it was good. I am glad to own a college diploma and a university degree too though. Would love a Master's but have felt that way for a decade. I don't have it because I would NOT love the student loan debt.:mad: Perhaps I need to start saving for this? hmmm.... never thought of that before!

bennyhannahmama Sorry for all the parental stress you've had lately. I am feeling big family stress too. Just do the best you can and keep checking in. you are doing great you know :hug:

billblueeyes I have thought of how unreal Oprah's life is. How in the world does she fit in exercise and eating right? I know she has all the money in the world but we all know it's not that, it's making the time to do it and then keep on doing it. So she's over 200. I'm 261.6 today. I am sorry for her struggle for it she had found "the key" we'd all surely know about it and own it by now. instead, she reminds me we all go offtrack and get right back on again. Like me. And you. BBE we are both Oprah.

Sorry if I missed anyone but I have to get my stuff together and head off to my LAST CLASS UNTIL JANUARY.:woohoo: And later today it's MOVIE DAY :corn:

Bye for now.

12-09-2008, 08:52 AM
Anne ~ I am looking forward to reading about your epiphany! woo-hoo for you....6 years maintaining! Losing has a built in reward when you see the numbers begin to go down-stream.....maintaining on the other hand requires an inner commitment and that I have yet to master!

Shrinkin' ~ ah, yes that empty fridge! Interesting but when I thought of a clean environment I actually was thinking about clearing and containing the "junk"....but you make a very good observation here.....the flip side is having the "good" stuff in......which sometimes is even harder bcause it requires multiple trips to the supermarket....or one really BIG order (which intimidates me!) This was a huge obstacle for me....the getting in the good stuff. I find I do better which multiple short routine has been to drive to a near-by park for a 30 minute walk and then swing by the supermarket....I can be in and out in less than 30 minutes.....with enough bags to carry in one trip from the car to the kitchen. Finding an easy and graceful way to get the good stuff in is key! I have often thought that they should have diet support groups in the supermarket....getting there is half the challenge. The thoughts here bring up a great challenge......need to remember to give myself credit for food shopping....perhaps at the check out when I am paying my bill, I'll remember my new mantra...."bill me" as in, charge it to my "credit" card account...cha-ching! . Have you given the "how-to" get the good stuff in challenge any thought?......what will work for you with ease and grace? Its made a huge difference for me coming up with a plan.....I actualy am learning to enjoy it! Hope you like your new 'do! Last time I got mine cut, I cried...way too short!

Bill ~ your inner awareness ah-mazes your recall of your training true it is! Woo-hoo for you for working your core! And I was wondering about Oprah's gain....last year she was talking about her thyroid problem....I'll have to get Jan's O....thanks for the tip....there is something reassuring for me knowing that she struggles too....this weight loss thing is a life-long journey and is certainly unrelated to finances and fame....I appreciate O's oh so humaness.

Onebyone ~I am someone who has wasted a lot of $$ signing up for gym memberships.....and if I could afford it, I once again this winter would be signing up and not using it! I know that so many love the gym and USE the gym.....I wish I could claim I was one, but I am not. So I feel a bit inspired to play devil's advocate here.....will you get your money's worth? I think before charging it, it would be a good idea to really think it thru....when and how will you use the gym? what are you commited to? what is your exercise plan/goal? I found a zumba class....latin cardio fitness is pay as you go.....$5-6 a week. This is very do-able for me. I take a free 4 mile hike once a week at a near-by park and I have a Dancing with the Stars work-out video I use along with my i-pod. I dug an old Denise Austin Jump Start book off my book shelves that includes a 25 minute strength training/weight routine twice a week.....and I walk 20-30 minutes daily, never skipping more than one day in a row. I share this as an example that fitness can be free....or at least low cost. Most important is finding what works for you and what you can be committed too.....the gym is great, as long as you will use it. I just think it is a good idea to get clear before you charge know YOU best.....I am just putting out ideas for you to consider as you make this decision. I am a self-confessed exercise-fantasizer....i.e one who makes glorious plans and daydreams about exercizing but didn't follow thru. I am learning though....slowly learning. I have been walking since June 1st consistently as my heart is in this very do-able and free! again just some thoughts....please take or leave as you wish.

God speed,
Andrea aka thinkerbell

twilit tera
12-09-2008, 11:48 AM
:yay: PT am and pm
:yay: OP Food
:yay: saving Christmas!

This morning, I found two ornaments on the floor that were not there the night before, but the tree remains upright on its anchor.

Even though food selections were not normally what I'd consider on plan, I decided to eat them with full knowledge and control and did not violate any of my rules. Normal food is painful to swallow. Even the peanut butter soft taco for lunch was difficult to get down, so I ended up with a milk shake for dinner.

Breakfast this morning is a little chocolate soymilk and maybe a yogurt. I am going to take my vitamins, but I'm not going to enjoy it. Lots of chilled water and ice after that and I don't know what for lunch and dinner.

Robin: Congrats on finding a book that really helps you. I had a friend who was an atheist and she had trouble with OA's "higher power" thing too. She finally decided that the higher power she was turning the problem over to was the love and concern of the group. It worked for her. :shrug:

I'm with you though. I think we accomplish more by taking responsibility for our actions. If the desire to eat is more powerful than we are, then there are ways to change that.

Jean: Please let me know how the bathing suit thing works out. This is just the wrong season to have to look for one!

:yay: for being so close to another goal!!!! (And for your insights)

Andrea: :yay: for hitting the 20 pound mark! (.1 pounds is enough that a daily fluctuation would take you there)

I'm afraid I had to google Zumba - boy that looks like FUN! (I just love latin dance music!) Maybe as one of my PT goals, getting into a class or getting the DVD's... or becoming an instructor at the Addison club!!! Nah, now I'm getting carried away. Oo! I just discovered there's a Zumba chair workout!

Good luck finding that flexibility to keep your workout going. :) One thing that I found helped was applying the reverse of something I learned from YOU: On a Diet. The book states that having a large variety of foods to choose from increases overeating. So, I added dancing to music at home to the workout I was getting in the pool, for those days that the pool wasn't available to me for one reason or another. It sounds like you already have a wide range of exercise opportunities. You just need to be willing to shuffle as necessary. ;)

Anne: Waiting on pins and needles for your epiphany. (I can use all the insight I can get!)

shrinkin: Thank you for the kudos :broc: I understand not wanting to get decorations out that you'll be driving away from come the holidays. I'm very glad that you've found time to do some caring things for yourself.

I'm with you on avoiding the pool while the sinuses are acting up. It's driving me crazy because I really want to get in the water while the steroids are still working well!

Bill: :lol: at your workout moment. To be honest, his instructions all looked like the opposite of relaxing to me. If he wanted you to relax, he should have been saying something more like: "Okay, now, tummy out, lean back, legs on that foot rest. Now, slooouuch.... Good!"

About school, I do usually look for extra credit opportunities, but to be honest, the extra credit that my Govt. Prof offered I did because they sounded interesting, not for the points. The first was participating in a Democratic rally featuring Bill Clinton, and the second was a the WWII holocaust survivor's lecture. It's been a really great semester.

onebyone: Just two more semesters to go. I thought it was a two year program, but the only way it would have fit into two years is if I'd taking 15-16 credit hours every semester. I tried 15 my first semester, dropped one class and have been keeping it at 12 since then. After that, I plan to transfer to a 4 year college to complete a bachelors.

A masters or a second bachelors would be great too, but if I do, it'll be part time while I work. Student debt is a huge no-no to me. Have you considered continuing part time? Oh, and YAY FOR THE END OF THE SEMESTER!

12-09-2008, 12:05 PM
Good Morning!

Andrea here's my 6 sounds to me as if she was returning a "professional" courtesy...her way of thanking you for the work you've done with her as opposed to a birthday or Christmas me, the birthday/Christmas gift could be passed along but if it is a thank you to you, this is something that cannot be forwarded, as it is yours! I might be way off here, just wanted to offer something to help you get clearer.....even if you totally disagree with what I wrote, at least you know that's not for you. It's all good!

See, I knew there was a reason why passing it forward wasnt going to be a good idea. I just couldnt get my head wrapped around the reason. You hit it right on the head Andrea Thanks! Now I just have to decide if Im going to suck it up and give it a try, or tuck them away in a drawer incase she ever asks about them.

That lipton green tea with mandarin pcs sounds like a very good idea, I think I'll look for that next time Im in the grocery store.

shrinkin~ frig is empty which leads to eating out this is such a hard thing to get right when your busy!! Sometimes I even remember to take something out to thaw before leaving for work, but when I get home its still quite frozen :( KUDOS for getting back to logging in your food!

Anne :wave:

Bill~ dontcha just love the pt'ers :lol: You say you can't, and they look at you like your mother used when you were a kid, and they say "Oh yes you can" you almost expect them to cross their arms and tap their foot :lol: I used to make my pt redo an exercise I was doing wrong for me so I could see exactly what they were talking about. It helped quite a bit.

As for Oprah, I really think her weight issue is one of the main reasons women gravitate to her so much. She's honest about it. But have you noticed her magazine covers dont make her look fat at all? hmmm?

Tera~ Feel better soon!!

onebyone~ I never did get to the point of asking someone to be my sponsor. I just didnt feel comfortable doing it. (I really dont know why) I found that any meeting I went to was very depressing. I cried way too much listening to everyone else. I could feel their pain, and understand their frustration. I couldnt help them, because Im in the same boat. Once in a while I would feel a sense of peace after leaving a meeting.......I dont know, I might give it another go.

Kudos for recognizing the wagon tracks....its on its way back to you :hug:

posted by Andrea Onebyone ~I am someone who has wasted a lot of $$ signing up for gym memberships.....and if I could afford it, I once again this winter would be signing up and not using it! I know that so many love the gym and USE the gym.....I wish I could claim I was one, but I am not. So I feel a bit inspired to play devil's advocate here.....will you get your money's worth? I am the very same way!! Would it be better to invest in a set of dumbells (or ask for this as a christmas present) and see if you can get a treadmill or bike for the house? Even an exercise ball and a few dvd's? But if you are the type of person that will use the membership, go for it! I'll sign up for a year, and only go about 3 months :( Besides its too flippin cold to leave my house, drag my butt to the gym workout, leave all sweaty and hot only to be freezing when I get home and need to take a shower. Blah, no....not my idea of fun :lol:

I have done pretty good. I planned 1.5 hrs last night to sit and just read my book. Im on chapter 5 now....Ive planned another 1.5 hrs of reading again tonight. I wanted to share something I read. In chapter 3(I think) it talks about food addicts missing work because of eating, stealing or cheating because of food. I was that's not me. Ive never missed work because of eating. I started reading a bit more, and realized this was me...stress makes me eat, I eat more, Im more stressed, and I get sick. I dont steal food........but that is because I can afford to buy it. When I was a kid I used to steal buttertarts (solidified liquid sugar in a tart shell)from the local grocery store. I then realized Ive had this addiction since I was a little kid!! :eek: Pretty friggin scary!! It also made me think of my daughter, and that I need to watch her habits a bit more closely and see if this is happening to her. I don't want her to suffer the way I am with this issue. As much as I hate talking to the ex, I just may have to have a chat with him about this. Things exploded for me when I reached puberty....right about where my daughter is now. :( We'll see.

So far Im liking what Im reading. It is going to get more into what and how I should be eating probably during tonight's reading time slot :D

I also believe that addiction is hereditary. If you look back at your own family, how many have had issues with food or alcohol? My father is the only son out of 4 (11 kids total) that didnt become an alcoholic. He managed to inherit both the desire for alcohol and sweets. He has been able to deal with both without sending him over the edge. Looking thru the family, I can see the ones that have issues with alcohol, and the ones that issues with just food, and the ones that like both very much! I dont think it is all in the way you eat or are raised. My husband is adopted, and struggles with these issues. So it certainly isnt something he learned from his parents....this issue came from somplace else.

Ok....this has been a bit of a downer post. But I am learning alot and wanted to share it with my coaches. Ive finished my coffee, done my post and I suppose I should get to work :lol:

Have a great day everyone!

12-09-2008, 07:44 PM
Woo-hoo...I only needed 0.1 lb and got a 1.8 lb loss! Hoping to be in Onederland by the New Year! ....but I know my body loses in cycles, so even though I need a 1.3 lb loss to get to Onederland, I need to remain persistent and commited thru these upcoming holiday thing can lead to another.... I need to stay FOCUSED....reading the ARC certainly helps!

The time scheduling is interesting .....and I have noticed that I have been hyper-focused these past 2 does take a lot of planning to live a "healthy" lifestyle! But worth it! I noticed that I really have to plan my veggies......just getting them in and preparing them takes thoughtful seems to me that the bread and proteins and milks and fats are so much easier to plan than veggies....but vegetables are key.....makes eating time longer and the fiber is good for weight loss and is filling. For me, I need to be vigilant about veggies!

The weather warmed up a bit...I am so happy I can be outdoors and walk!

Thanks for listening!
Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-09-2008, 08:26 PM
Evening, all!

Andrea-WooHoo for the continued focus. You can do it! Envy your weather being good for walking. We have a foot of snow and another storm tonight. I have found that smaller more frequent shopping trips make me more likely to go and results in better produce in the house. In past, I have even passed up eating out at lunch time and gone to the grocery instead. A couple of our larger groceries have good salad bars with lots of choices of fruits and veggies. So, I can get lunch for immediate eating and get extra things for the frig....BUT now we are in the season where anything left in the car at work will be frozen. So, that strategy is not so good.

RobinW-Thanks for sharing what you are learning. Yup, remembering to thaw things early enough is a problem for me too. Can't say that it is easy for me to go exercise, but I do feel better after being in the pool. I need to catch up on your old your treadmill in action? Before I went MIA, you were getting the sweater off of it. ;)

Tera-WooHoo for an upright tree! Double ouch for a throat bad enough that a soft taco with peanut butter hurts! Sending positive thoughts that you'll be better soon.

onebyone-WooHoo for class being over! And for movie day! Not sure what your best play is re the just gotta make the best choice for you. Gym, videos, dumbbells...what is your best investment. OK, seems it is time for the mutual :kickbutt:. I am considering myself back at Beck day 2...choosing a diet (which is calorie counting)...and getting it started. Just taking it one day at a time...aka one by one! :D

BBE-Thought of you last night as I was chomping into a Honey Crisp apple...yup, one of our specialty produce shops still has them. They are smaller than the ones we get earlier in the year, but it was dEEElish. Today, had an Ambrosia which had gone soft :( but was still fairly sweet. My DH (aka self proclaimed Apple Expert) states that Ambrosias go soft quicker than Honey Crisp, so although they are sweeter they are not as good after their prime season. Guess I have to be happy with either one this time of year.

12-09-2008, 11:40 PM
Why do we overeat? A simple question with profound implications. The common wisdom is that we overeat for "emotional" reasons. I know this is a real issue for a lot of people, and I have certainly done my share of it myself. But this never really rang true for me as my main problem, one that got me to morbid obesity, and in fact I often don't want to eat at all when I'm emotionally upset. I was only successful at losing the weight and keeping it off when I gave up trying to figure out the reasons, and just started controlling my eating strictly with calorie counting.

I've talked about reading Mindless Eating as being kind of a lightbulb experience for me. I does ring true that I eat simply because food is there. See food, want it, Homer Simpson style. After that I really cleaned up my environment, use smaller plates, keep evidence of food eaten (wrappers, shells, etc) around, keep healthy food in plain view. And it helped a lot making maintenance easier. I don't crave donuts until someone brings donuts into the office--this is not an emotional issue, just an overdeveloped evolutionary response. And that has helped a lot, but was that really all that was going on?

I've been doing a lot of reading lately trying to keep my motivation up, and look for new tips, most of the books along the "How to cure emotional eating" lines. Still not ringing true, but I pick up bits and pieces, since I do eat emotionally from time to time (as I believe all people-even thin ones--do).

Anyway, reading about eating for comfort, eating to alleviate pain, and suddenly, my brain interpreted this as physical pain and discomfort in one of those exhausted dual vision moments. And CLICK! Oh yeah. That is big problem #2. It makes so much sense, and feels right to me. My most challenging times with losing and maintaining weight are always when I'm physically feeling bad. When I'm sick, when I have a headache, when I'm injured, and at least in terms of weight (and not the wonderful outcome of producing the loves of my life) my two 60 pound pregnancies were weight gain disasters and I was pretty much sick the entire time.

So now I feel like I have another thing to work with! This will only be useful in the end if I can make some strategies that take advantage of it. I've found the fatigue scale I'm using to be helpful in being explicitly aware of my fatigue levels and helping to guard against eating for that reason. In the last couple days I've also started to be aware of any pain or discomfort I'm feeling, and addressing the thoughts that arise in response to that. I'm now conscious of the fact that, say, my tooth hurts and remind myself that eating won't help that.

So that is the big insight. I'm excited about it, but still trying to make it work for me.

I've been working with BDS over the last week. I'll be back tomorrow morning to report on where I'm at with that, and finally get to some personals.

Oh yeah, today has been a terrible food day (tamales at work) but this morning I met my first 5 lb goal. I'm setting a second 5 lb goal as of today.


12-10-2008, 07:29 AM
Diet Coaches - Bought two packages of dried figs and a package of dried apricots - three items - for my morning granola. That's interesting to me because I usually only buy one at a time, but I was feeling that old familiar feeling, I want more, I want it all. It's not a problem, there's room on the shelf and I will eat them eventually in the right portion size. But it's a vivid reminder that I still retain that way of relating to food. Oh Well. However, for satisfying that urge by buying rather than by eating, CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Yay for six books completed and the end of the semester so near. Good luck deciding about the gym. I am moved by your Buddhist-like insight, "Like me. And you. BBE we are both Oprah." Yep, there's insight to gain by accepting that notion rather than making comparisons. Thanks for that.

Jeanie (kuhljeanie) - Waving toward the land of Mickey Mouse.

shrinkin - Yep, Kudos to your DH for getting healthy food into the house as well as for being the apple expert - there's more in the XY chromosome pair than many people realize, LOL. And Kudos to you, of course, for getting back on track so quickly with your physical therapy.

Think you're onto something with "some exercises require repetitive brain exercise before the body can follow." That thought will help me feel less frustrated that even simple exercises require me to practice a bit before I'm not ultra focused on the movement; I was beating up on myself that I was acting feeble brained.

Was delighted to read about your apples; I'm a happy voyeur reading about eating good stuff and apples are near the top of my list. Honey Crisp yummmmmmm....

angelmoma210 - Hope there is movement on the saga; continuing to send supportive thoughts.

Robin (RobinW) - Yep, "Pretty friggin scary!!" Thanks for the reinforcement about using the trainer to demonstrate. I've asked mine to demo what I was doing wrong and then the correct form so that I can see the difference. Even though I know the words, "you're bending your back," I just don't see it until he shows me. Do you find that you fudge the correct form as you get tired?

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Congrats on the loses that just keep adding up; Onederland is in sight. Kudos for staying focused and for the dedication to stay focused during the holidays. Just recently a couple told me that they were going to start a healthy eating regime - in January. Ouch. Starting before the holidays gets a double head start.

Anne (wndranne) - Congrats on the loss; Ouch for the tamales.

That's a useful strategy for me to work on - to note the pain, physical and/or mental, that I'm eating to alleviate. Thanks for your insights.

Tera (twilit tera) - Waving toward the exam booklets.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I'll just eat these crumbs.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-10-2008, 08:36 AM
Tera ~ LOL! your "saving Christmas" it! I am starting to find it fun to become aware of all the good things we do...a no-cal treat! Yes, I did here they have Zumba Gold....a modified zumba that can be done sitting. The music and moves are fun...the tag line is "drop the work-out, join the party". BTW, I just want to let you know that I really admire your persistence, commitment and focus during this "painful" time....dieting is difficult enough when n life is easy and pain-free. I think Anne's epiphany points out what a fabulous job you ARE doing! Many woo-hoo's for U!

Robin ~ Glad that something I wrote was helpful. Now you need to decide if a massage is something you would enjoy....on a scale of 1 -10, how much would you like to experience a massage right now? (1 is absolutely not and 10 is absolutely yes!) I didn't feel like your posting was a downer....I think you are exploring the reasons for the behaviors you do not understand. From how you described your reaction to the OA meeting, it seems to me there was something attracting you there....I know many stories I heard sound very similiar to is so good I think to hear from real people who have triumphed.....and see your story in their story. There is something about community that is so helpful....we are not alone.....that's why I am so happy I discovered this forum. And a sponsor would make an excellent real life diet coach! I think the whole "Higher Power" thing will work itself out as you learn more about the principles of your gut and where it might be leading you. I do recall thinking about OA when I was reading the piece in Beck about the Diet Coach....she does seem to recommend support groups. Have you read the OA thread on the forum?

Anne ~ very interesting insights in the connection of our bodies not feeling well and reaching for food. Thanks for sharing this.....there is much awareness here and much to mull over. I know that I have used food to medicate because I used to be a "I don't take medicine" person.....when I couldn't fall asleep, a peanut butter sandwhich and milk would to the I just take Tylenol PM. Thanks for sharing this!

Bill ~ You can have it all.......just not all, all the time! LOL! I liked how you solved your problem and the way you can trust yourself....that's why the structure of an eating plan is so helpful as it establishes the boundaries and frees us to make choices within the safe frame-work. I think what Oprah needs is the support of this forum! Wouldn't that be cool!

Best wishes everyone....dreams do come true!
Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-10-2008, 09:56 AM
Hi guys! Now that my home office is back like I want it, I have some time for personals.

shrinkin I'm so sorry to hear about your mother.

I need to get to the pool as well. Maybe we should make a deal to go next week? Your DH sounds wonderful, BTW.

angelmomma210 I'm sorry your DH lost his job. Crossing fingers he finds another desirable one pretty quickly.

Andrea I've been coming to 3FC for years for the Diet Coach aspect of weight management. I know the common wisdom is that it is better to find someone in real life, but what happens when they flake out? I have trouble continuing. Here at 3FC there are lots of people to help out, and even when people do come and go, many stay around. This is why I'm on the Maintainer's boards a lot, even if I'm not posting over there as much now as I used to. Anyone who's lost a single pound qualifies as a Maintainer, since that pound needs to stay gone, even while we send its friends away.

Good job on moving those trigger foods for you, and congrats on your (almost) 20 lb weight loss! Are you giving yourself a nice non-food reward??

I think the key to long-term maintaining for me is that there really is NO CHOICE. Life has ups and downs and so does my weight, so flexibility is required, but getting back to 289 pounds is simply not a choice I'm going to be making. I like my lifestyle too much. I believe that NO CHOICE with all my heart, so while I'll eat a cookie once in a while, there are mental and emotional lines now that I'm psychologically incapable of crossing.

Good for you for planning so much! I must confess I do much better with my vegetables on work days when they are packed in my lunch bag and it's either eat them or hit the giant tub of junk food at my lab. On weekends, I find a thing of yogurt, a mini whole grain bagel with a dab of peanut butter, and yes even a cookie preferable. I'm also a V8 nut, so I actually drink about a serving a day, and load up with marinara sauce (pizza, pasta, dip) when it is available to get some extra in.

kim Can't believe you found time to post with all that craziness going on! You need a :broc: for that one too.

onebyone Your booth is wonderful and I hope you are not too exhausted to be proud of it. Sounds like you are just aching to get back on the program, and that is a huge mental step.

I vote yes on the gym if the money isn't going to wreck the holidays or anything. Were you getting the Wii fit as well? Maybe that'd do.

I like the rollinrollinrollin thing. I just got back up here after the great 60 lb pregnancy, and would love some company!

tera I think the occasional brownie should be in everyone's plan. That is one food that is just worth the calories once in a while. Congrats on the 2 lb loss, especially during your finals! Give yourself two :yay:s for that!

RobinW I think your insights from your new book are very powerful. We all eat for different reasons, and we have to address our own issues and not someone else's if we are to be successful. Is OA the kind of program that you can pick what works for you, or is it an "all in" kind of thing? I collect bits and pieces of wisdom from here and there, taking what I need, and leaving the rest, but I also understand that is easier to do with some programs than others.

I spent years being really uncomfortable with massage. I wasn't thrilled with my body and on top of that I'm not a "touchy" kind of person. I finally gave it a shot to deal with some shoulder issues I was having. Now I love it. A good massage therapist is very professional and you can generally undress to a level that is comfortable for you. I was also surprised to find out that not all massage actually feels good while you are having it--working knots out of sore muscles during deep tissue work is a little, well, OUCH. But you feel great afterword, with reduced soreness and better range of motion.

Jeanie feels like i've finally internalized a lot of the things that people say they needed to get to maintenance, like thinking of it as a lifestyle change instead of a diet, and not depriving yourself, but at the same time, not making excuses. i now know that my body loses in spurts, and there's a ton of up and down while that's going on, so a pound or two either way doesn't trip me up anymore. i still have room for improvement (exercise is still last on my list too many days) but i don't think of it as a temporary thing anymore. i'll get there! Oh yeah! You've got this!! I'm convinced that the lifestyle thing is true for the long term, perfection not required, but consistency is. I hope you are enjoying your umbrella drink and not reading this! :)

As it happened: Trainer: "Squeeze your gluts. Those shoulders are to be pulled together. Gut in. The leg goes straight back, not bent around. Head forward. No ... the back needs to be straight. Look at you, you're not relaxed. Just relax."
Me internally: "How the frig am I to relax if I'm concentrating on six body parts that normally live their separate lives as free men?"
Me actually: "grunt"

:lol3: Yes, and more and all are concepts I understand well. Kudos to you for being able to portion them out.

Olive Good for you for coming back after being off program a week. Come back again! It is hard to do, but it really is easier to start when you have some support. The wagon is rollinrollinrollin.

:wave: to anyone else I missed. Go Oprah.

I think I'm caught up, 20 minute timer notwithstanding, but I do have an early meeting at work today I have to run to. Will catch you all up on where I am tonight, and probably do another (hopefully shorter) round of personals. Lots of good insights around here this week, some of which I missed on my skim throughs earlier.


twilit tera
12-10-2008, 11:26 AM
Must keep this one short. Reading posts took longer than expected and I want to get to the testing center as early as I can - I'm expecting a crowd. Today is my last final - biology. I had a B before extra credit, and now I have a low A. So this test will determine whether I'm getting an A or a B in that class.

:yay: OP Food
:yay: PT morning and night

So far the most comfortable thing I've found to eat, besides ice cream, is bananas. I had cottage cheese and a banana for dinner last night and to my surprise, the cottage cheese was not comfortable. I'm hoping to not have this pain much longer.

Take care everyone!

12-10-2008, 11:57 AM
:coach: Hellllloooooo Coaches!

I am in for some serious rest and relaxation today. I hope to finish an autobiographical book a friend gave me last year written by a local firefighter. I have sold at many a craft fair with his wife. I feel like I know him so it's odd to be reading his life story... but interesting.

Our local transit system is on strike today. 350,000 people take the bus in our area everyday and I am one of them. Luckily, my classes are over and the kiln room and the ceramic room are a 10hr/week committment. So I'll go in for the day tomorrow with Val who lives near me and works at the school and that'll be an 8 hour workday and I won't be in until next week. Probably Tuesday so the kiln can fire on Monday. And that's that so I really am done. Wow. It's just sinking in. Geez. I have to get DH to look at my computer. It keeps freezing up because the automatic icon for Windows Defender keeps popping up. Stupid Vista. It keeps installing stuff and it just decides without any informed input from me... boy do I hate that. And it's slower to power up than any system I have had since 1990. Now it's telling me to install a service pack. Service Pack I. Can II or III be far behind?

I give up. This is too frustrating. I type a few words and it freezes until I tap the cursor here again. Will be back once DH gets rid of the problem. Ugh!

Now I really _do_ need to relax.

BTW I attached a picture of my local Crispin apples in a "green bag" (bananas in same kind of "green bag" also in the picture there). I bought some of these bags to see if they really do extend the life of green things. The bananas were bought fully ripe and seem to be only a touch riper since Monday. Working? Not sure. Maybe. Also, thought I'd post a pic of 63 yr old Helen Mirren in a bikini. Kind of inspirational to me.


12-10-2008, 08:25 PM
Evening Coaches,

I wrote a post this am and then just before posting...poof, went away. No time to repeat it this morning. OH WELL. Yesterday's report: Logged my food and met my target calories yesterday, read my ARC and did my PT exercises. CREDIT MOI for getting these steps done. Targets for today were: stay on far so good. Eat sitting far so good. Declutter desk at home...still to be done. Got in unplanned exercise: three flights of steps after lunch. Two flights were easy, third flight winded...more exercise needed. OH WELL.

onebyone-Did you make the movies today? Looking forward to the wagon being crowded with both of us on it.

tera-Double ouch for the throat..sending positive thoughts you will be well soon. WTG on staying on target with your food and your PT. Hoping to hear the final grade is the A...but proud of you for controlling eating no matter what happens...your diet and health are more important than any grade.

wdranne-My target for getting to the pool is Saturday at the latest...we will both be there by then?? By Saturday, I expect my sinuses to be better, my life will be more in order and I will be mentally ready for a recommittment. Then I will be really ready for rollinrollinrollin. After I get rolling, my target is 4 times a week. Methinks you are right that the boards are better than a single real coach.

thinkerbell and RobinW-I love massage. Was told to have massage after an ankle injury and then again after knee surgery. If you learn to relax, massage can provide great temporary relaxation and improved range of motion. Agree that it can be painful during massage, particularly if you have deep massage. If you can't relax or don't like it, IMO, it is a waste of time and money.

BillBlueEyes-Dried figs and dried apricots sound wonderful for granola. I am guessing that you do not rehydrate these in granola, but maybe do for other things? RE the brain training...In the past, my PT has convinced me that brain control is the first essential part of exercise. After an injury that left me not walking for 9 months, I had to retrain my feet, inclluding my toes in order for me to stay balanced and prevent injury. One task was to learn to wiggle each toe independently. Initially, I thought..."absolutely impossible, you must be kidding". I would sit and stare at my action and no luck, either all moved or none moved. After a few days of staring, the brain-to-toe circuits connected and I got my big toe to work independent of the other 4. Over the next several days, got to point where I could "drum" my toes, one at a time, just like fingers. I have not practiced this in a while and cant do it now, but I am told dancers do this for their forefeet and the brain to body circuits can be trained and maintained. You WILL get to where your body WILL follow your brain. If others in the gym are further ahead at this...who will get there! Once you are there, who cares how long it took!

:wave: to kuhljeannie who hopefully is not reading this and to angelmomma210...who hopefully is seeing it and smiling.

A great evening to all Becksters!

12-10-2008, 10:32 PM
Catching up with just a brief summary of what I worked on last week. The realization of eating in response to physical discomfort and I wrote extensively about that yesterday.

Day 29 Dealing with Food Pushers. Did this on 5 Dec. I will just say no if I want to say no, or play the push it around the plate games if it is a touchy situation and not a trigger food.

Day 30 Stay in Control When Eating Out. Did this on 6 Dec. I put together a list of the strategies I use when eating out. #1 is don't do it often. I have a separate list for dealing with buffets, which are hard for me.

I used strategies from Day 29 and 30 when my MIL was here. They didn't result in perfect eating decisions, but did help. That is the point.

Day 31 Decide about Drinking Did this on 7 Dec. Bottom line is I'd rather eat my calories than drink them most of the time. I do enjoy a beer or mixed drink once in a while (maybe twice a month), so I'll have it if I have the calories to cover it, and not in a situation where lowered inhibitions might result in a BIG BAD decision, like at a buffet! This was also epiphany day.

Day 32 Prepare for Travel. Did this on 8 Dec. BDS mostly addresses vacation, which happens seldom for me. My strategy on vacation is to have fun, eat good stuff, drink a bit, don't go crazy, and walk a lot. Business travel and travel to visit family are more difficult, since I have less choices about eating in both cases, and exercise on a business trip. Mostly my strategy is just to be aware of the issues, and do the best I can.

Day 33 Eliminate Emotional Eating. Did this on 9 Dec. I sort of laughed about this one since it seems to be a little optimistic to eliminate emotional eating in a day. I reviewed the Mindset and Behavioral techniques. I think the idea here is to learn to identify emotional eating. First 5 lb weight goal met and set a second one.

That puts me up to Day 34 Problem Solving. Back to the Seven Question technique. I was trained as a scientist and work as an engineer and seven questions just isn't enough. So I think that how to problem solve isn't really an issue for me. My issues are 1) being willing to problem solve, and 2) being willing to be flexible and creative in implementing solutions. I.e. change is Hard. Duh. I'm going to ponder this more tonight and figure out if I can get myself over these. Response cards are probably in order.

My food journal for today is on a post-it (another big meeting day) and while it was better than yesterday, it was still not optimal. I need to transfer the post-it to my food log, do some Day 34 journaling and read my Response Cards. I'm reading them once a day, usually in the evening. I think the morning would be more effective if I'm doing it once a day. I'll think about how to remind myself to do that.

Plan for the rest of the week: One more BIG day at work tomorrow. Friday is off and I can catch my breath. I'll do some form of exercise Friday morning, assuming I don't get another illness or injury or whatever. DS goes in for his 6 month check Friday and DH has asked me to shop for the kids' teachers. I'll also try to meet a friend for lunch. I suspect I'll also be indulging my newly acquired afternoon latte habit. Friday is also bill-paying and meal planning for next week. Things return to more-or-less normal on Saturday.

Tera sounds like that sore throat is very nasty and hope it clears up soon. In the meantime enjoy your bananas. Good luck on your final--wishing you that A!

onebyone enjoy your well-deserved rest. How will you get around if the transit system is down?

shrinkin Sounds like you are doing great! I seriously hope to be swimming by Saturday. I think I have to backpedal on any commitment on swimming, since this wound I'm trying to heal (yucky details withheld) isn't. A couple more days and I'm going back to the doc. Sigh. I will make a general exercise commitment though, and if I can't swim, I will go get myself on the elliptical.

:wave: everyone! Sorry for 3 long rambling posts in 2 days. I'll try to spread it out a bit now.


12-10-2008, 11:19 PM
Hi friends! Just perused all the posts I missed in the past couple of days. My mom left today (thank goodness-- love her, but enough is enough!) and my dad left yesterday. Ross has the kids tonight so I'm ALONE!!! It is a wonderful feeling. Met with my running group for the last time before our 5K on Saturday. It was a beautiful, cold night. I can't believe how much I like running in the cold! In the process of getting my house back in order and hope to get back on track with Beck soon (haven't lost all of it, have been eating fairly well, exercising, etc.) :broc:

12-10-2008, 11:53 PM
Good evening coaches.

Well I've had enough. Tomorrow it's veggies and water back into the daily diet. They've been all but non-existant and my poor body is really paying for my poor choices. Time for more roughage and for some exercise. I really have had enough.

Billblueeyes You've mentioned many times about your own food plan and how you decided to not be on a diet but be on something you could stick with forever and you just ate like that and let your body catch up to your eating, and if I have that right could you tell me how you did this for yourself? I'd like to find some peace around my food and create a plan that suits me. What did you base your plan on? How did you start?

shrinkin' The wagon's at my front door. Good thing it's not part of the on-strike local transit system. I'm jumping on and we're heading to your house next... rollinrollinrollin... good job on the work you did today re: foodplan targets, exercise and etc.

bennyhannahmama Good job getting through a tough time. Many kudos to you!

wndranne Great work with the Beck days. Nice that you have so much of it as a day to day thing already. As for getting around during the transit strike, well I just don't. DH and I don't own a car and he works at home and my classes just ended and I am only required to go into the school and do my ceramic tech job for 10hr/wk and there's a woman in the office who lives around here and I will get a lift with her in the morning to do the full day at the school tomorrow. 8 hrs will get the bulk of the ceramic room clean-up work done. I won't need to go in but one day next week for 8 hrs again. I am thinking of Tuesday. The worst of it is no grocery store within walking distance of me. Well there is one within 45min of me. Fortunately I insisted on doing a big grocery shopping with the rental car this weekend so we are set for a few weeks. I am lucky. many many people live far out from the city and commute. Plus the university and college students are in exams and they live all over too. Imagine the stress of going to a final exam and then not knowing how to get to school! AND we had a 6" snowfall overnight... made it hard to walk or take a bike if you were planning on that. yep. Perfect time to get the city's attention.

twilit tera By now your final is over and I hope you did well. There is great satisfaction in completing it no matter how you did though and you are to be congratulated.:congrat: Feel better!

twilit tera
12-11-2008, 12:55 AM
Trying to get into the habit of starting my post, then doing personals as I read through your posts. I suspect it'll be a time saver, if I can ever remember to do it. :dizzy:

:yay: PT am and pm
:yay: OP food
:yay: catching up on giving myself credit via rewarding OP action with stickers in my journal
-and a big-
:woohoo: Planned Exercise 30 min in the pool!!!

Throat is much less sore, although when I was eating my Chipotle burrito bowl, I noticed that it's not fully recovered... that pico STANG. (oops)

Final grade in biology: B (unless my prof decides to give me 3 extra credit points for sending him a thank you note.)

It's my first B in a year and a half and if I was going to get anything lower than an A, it was easy to guess it would be in math or science. Oh, well. Mostly, I'm glad that another semester, another chapter, is closed and I have some time to focus on my health before starting another.

Some update info on the bursitis: pain levels are virtually 0. Max pain level lately has been 2 (out of 10) and that after much stress to joints and/or severe cold. Most the time I feel like I could go run marathons. Okay, slight exaggeration. Tomorrow morning is my second PT appointment.

After test I spent the afternoon apartment shopping. Hubby and I are planning ahead for the expiration of our lease in May. We don't want to stay here another summer, with our west facing glass door and outdated a/c system. We were hoping to find something affordable walking distance from his work, but now we're thinking as long as we get to stay in Addison, with the free health club membership, we're good. Must be on ground floor - there's no telling what the future holds for my hip and I do not want to climb stairs if things should take a bad turn.

Everybody: Thank you. You all help me keep things in perspective, and I'm grateful that I found you.

onebyone: I envy you your day of relaxation, but mine is coming soon. :D I do hope you enjoyed it and didn't bust a blood vessel dealing with Vista.

In developing your food plan, have you read YOU: On a Diet? I found it about a year ago and it really helped me come to some conclusions about how I wanted to approach food. It's chock-full of information about how our body processes food and what causes hunger/satisfied feelings and what our metabolisms are really doing.

:crossed: that the transit strike is over quickly.

shrinkin: Awesome job getting on that wagon and taking the reigns!! Thank you for the healing vibes - I think I'm finally almost over this thing!

Anne: Thank you for sharing about your insight! Yes, I too want to "fix" my ouchies with food. I'm working on that along with the rest.

Kim: :yay: for you staying pretty much on track in the midst of a hectic time.

12-11-2008, 07:02 AM
Diet Coaches - Faced the standard big Christmas party for an organization that I like. Did OK, CREDIT moi. Worked hard to avoid the stuff that is common. Worked hard at keeping portions under control even though it was a standing up using micro plates that called to be refilled. Almost completely avoided the monster dessert table, but got seduced by DW to try a little dark chocolate cup with a chocolate custard. Oh Well. But stopped at one and had no more. CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Yay for getting back to the veggies - hope you can work that out around the transit strike. Neat use of the green bags; keep meaning to do that.

Re my food plan: Yes, I chose the path of starting with maintenance, skipping any diet phase. It is presumably a slower loss but eliminates the diet/maintenance transition. The easy part for me was dinner, since DW prepares a thoughtful, nutritious dinner every night we're at home. For dinner, I did have to drop all seconds, as was my want, as well as taking initial larger portions than DW. Dinner is consistently a protein dish, a veggie, a starch, and a salad. The starch can be winter squash or sweet potato fries, so it's not always the classic rice or potatoes. The protein dish is frequently lentils (soup or dahl) or beans. When meat, it's most often skinless chicken breast with a different seasoning each night so it's never the same.

I do breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Big deal for me was to eat breakfast at home. I had been doing the buttered, grilled humongous blue berry muffin at the office. I initially rotated between cereal with fruit, English muffin, and bagel with apple butter, but for many months now I've made my own granola in two-week batches.

Packed lunch is sometimes leftovers, but works bests when I make something like turkey chili to put over spaghetti squash. Always bring my two quarts of raw veggies - no dressing. I love whole leaves of Romaine Lettuce bare; for dinner salad when the Red Lettuce is chopped, I use a balsamic vinaigrette.

Snacks are scheduled; morning is now soy nuts - more bang for the buck than anything else. Has been Kashi crackers, cheerios, and Oatmeal Squares cereal. Afternoon snack goes with tea and is frequently toasted pita bread (60 cal) with hummus. Evening snack replaces dessert and is always fruit. Loving grapefruit, California Navel Oranges, and still this season's apples. But love all the melons in their seasons, and mangoes year round.

I don't have a rational for my way of doing things that would justify anyone else following them. Except for this: each choice was one I was willing to live with for the duration. For that reason, I never felt hungry, never felt deprived. I wish you well in formulating your own plan. You've seemed to have some powerful strategies that were working for you; hope you can find the way to reconnect.

shrinkin - Yay that you're getting right back into your on plan pattern. Ouch for losing a post - I know it's hard to redo something like that. Nope, I don't rehydrate the dried fruit for granola, but just learned about using mission figs in roasted veggies. They are rehydrated in black tea overnight before roasting. Were delicious. Thanks for the insights about the brain part of exercising; that will help me accept the efforts required for me to get some of this stuff right. Love the toe tapping; just tried it - mine think they're one organ, LOL.

angelmoma210 - Supportive thoughts your way.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Kudos for staying on plan with eating and exercising during your mom's and dad's visits. Good luck with your 5K this weekend.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - LOL at "You can have it all.......just not all, all the time!" Yep, Oprah would be welcome here. But hmmm... thinking that maybe her 10 million die hard followers could make personals consume a lot of time, LOL. Hope all is going well with you.

Anne (wndranne) - Kudos for plowing through with days 29 through 33 even with your MIL about and full time busy. LOL at "little optimistic to eliminate emotional eating in a day." Yep, I found that a bit odd at first until I finally accepted that Beck days are completed when we complete the list of tasks she lays out, including to plan to do this for the rest of your natural born life.

Once you get caught up, would you share your buffet strategies. Buffets are big time problems for me and I face at least a couple a month.

Tera (twilit tera) - Kudos for getting in your physical therapy and pool visit - it's neat that you're working diligently on that stuff. From my perspective, a B in Biology is a great grade, reflecting serious work; Congrats for that. I remain a tad envious that you've had a full Biology course.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I should be able to do what I want.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-11-2008, 07:17 AM
Dear Coaches,

For me, exercise is key!.....even more important than the food piece, although I know the food is very important. From a life-time of dieting experience I know my body responds very well to exercise.....almost impossible to release the stored energy without it.

2 years ago I was taking a leadership training course that included much self-reflection and personal goal setting.....and, as always, exercise was on my list of yet unaccomplished goals. The group fell evenly among over-weight people who did not exercise and fit people who did. The non-exercises grilled the exercisers for motivation tips, for the "how-to", for the "why".

The results of the cross-examination have stayed with me. The number 1 reason and motivational factor among our group who exercised consistently was..........drum roll please..............they LOVED to exercise! I was to exercise?!*?!* sounded like an absurd thought!

So I began to examine my thoughts surrounding exercise....I guess Beck would call them "sabotaging" thoughts and I began to think about what kind of exercise I would love..what would bring me joy for the doing. Previously, most of my exercise was about calories burned, "no pain, no gain" not the joy and well-being of the doing.

I discovered that I love walking in it. Fortunately I have 2 parks within 1 mile of my house and these parks have become my gym and my sanctuary. I can honestly and whole-heartedly now confess.....I too love exercise! Woo-hoo for me!

Since I started walking everyday since June 1st, I have added a zumba class....latin dance cardio.....because I also love dancing to great music. On the days the weather is not cooperative, I dance in my living room to my i-pod.... (thank God for new addiction!) It's a lot of fun and a great sweaty work-out. I also play "imaginary" jump rope and "imaginary" hula-hoop and sometimes even "imaginary" hop scotch while puts me in touch with my younger self who exercised for pure fun! (Ever watch little kids who run because they can?) Oh, and I sing along.....a great chorus of Gloria Gaynors "I Will Survive" does wonders to my motivation and focus.

Since joining the forum and getting serious about the food piece, I have learned much and picked up some great information. I started weight /strength training twice a week at home from an old Denise Austin Jumpstart book....again, I use my i-pod and so far I can really say I am enjoying it.....nice and easy.

Last week, I added yoga....I am curently doing an Artists Way group with 4 other woman, 3 of which are really into far I am not lovin' it as I am finding it very challenging!! I thought yoga was gentle?! I am not giving up as I paid for 10 weeks and I think my frustration is just that I am totally tight and mis-aligned....I can't even sit up I am not juding yoga or myself.....I'll see where the rest of the classes lead me....something tells me that once I get more flexible, my body will love it....just need to ride out the beginning learning curve.

So that's where I am exercise's taken a very long time to get here but I do declare that right now, I am an exercise lover! and that makes me very, very happy! Feels good....and so does my body! I definitely have more energy, less moody and the stored energy aka fat is slowly releasing.

Thanks for letting me feels good to put it in writing and out into the world (as I know how fragile life can be sometimes!.....I know from experience, just because I got "it" today, doesn't guarantee I'll have "it" day at a time!)

EDIT: BTW, this is the one piece of advice I would share with Oprah if she asked me! I remember her saying that she hates to exercise but knows she needs too....and in her recent admission about her 40 lb weight gain, she admitted that she stopped her exercise program. It reminds me of the old Frank Sinatra song.....Nice and easy does it everytime! for those of us who do not naturally love exercise!

best wishes,
Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-11-2008, 08:45 AM

I would like to offer my 6 cents about why I choose my diet plan as I follow the American Diabetic Association's guidelines for a nutritious eating plan (I don't have diabetes but all over-weight people are at risk for developing it as they age :o( )

Although I also do believe in calorie counting, there was a time (I've been at this for years!) that I figured if all I ate was a Big Mac and fries then I would still be under my daily caloric intake! Then there was the time I followed the all carb-no fat-little protein diet and gained weight and then the no carb diet and felt deprived, moody amd miserable!

So as I thought about it, the ADA offers cutting edge nutrition for people who eat right because their life and health depend on it! It's not about a diet, but about a life-style.

So I plan my eating plan based on their recommendations.....3 servings of dairy; 2 servings of fruit; at least 3 servings of vegetables; 4 servings of fat; 9 servings of protein; 5 servings of starch (whole grains). There's a lot of info on the web and it's free! It works out to be a 1800 calorie eating plan and like Bill wrote, it is really starting out at maintenance and losing slowly.

They also recommend handy ways to determine portion a serving of starch is half a tennis ball and a 3 oz portion of protein is a deck of cards and a fat serving is the tip of your thumb including your thumb nail.

So I plan my eating plan using the ADA guidelines and also keep a loose track of calories..... Breakfast 400 cals.....Lunch 500.....Snack 100 cals.....Dinner 500 cals.....Snack 300 cals = 1800 cals

This is my structure, my foundation, my safety net and far, for today, it is working. My blood sugar and moods are stable....I am satisfied, never overly hungry and intellectually I know that I am meeting my daily nutritional requirements with a well-balanced diet....I am not sure where my bones were finding the calcium before as I was not a dairy person (I guess they were lovin' the cream in my coffee!) I make sure I include dairy. Before, I was all about bread and carbs....and best of all, the weight is releasing slowly....down 21 lbs and counting. (from 222 at 5'7....I have something in common with Oprah....I wish it was her $$$ LOL!)

God speed,
Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-11-2008, 09:05 AM
Anne ~ I am a bit down and out today...TOM and a cold coming on (my teeth itch...a sure sign) What you wrote about is on my mind as my body does reach for food to feel better....your musings came right on time for me....thanx!

Shrinkin' ~ keep believin' ( I love your tag line and avatar) It reminds me of the energizer bunny.....keeps going and going.....sounds as if you have a plan.....I say "keep going!"

Kim ~ an amazing job for keeping at it during such an "over-load" time.....I am standing up applauding you.....hear the wild cheers....atheletes should not be the only ones who get standing ovations....scoring a touch-down is NOTHING compared to what you just did.....many, many kudos to you (and the crowd roars!)

Bill ~ wow....what an inspired eating nutritious! turkey chili with spaghetti squash....I am impressed. I am not there yet, perhaps one day I will be! You are a shining light. So glad you are you and you are here! LOL about Oprah's're right, it would be impossible to keep this thread so personal ...there is alot to be said for not being famous! Even Obama has said that he really misses being anonymous sometimes as he can't even go for a walk anymore......ah, the glory and advantages of not being a celebrity!

Tera ~ good job...from what I read you are doing a great job as you are being challenged mentally, physically and emotionally.....many kudos to you!

God speed!
Andrea aka Andrea

12-11-2008, 09:09 AM
Morning coaches! I sat with Day 34 (Problem Solving) for a while last night and thought about why I sometimes avoid it. It comes down to what I said in my post last night, that change is hard. So why? Here's my list:

Change is frightening (uncertain)
I don't want to admit I've been doing something wrong
It is easier to just keep doing what I'm doing
I don't feel empowered to change some things
Some changes require sacrifices I'm not ready to make

So now that I have my negative thoughts spelled out, I can start working on responses to these. Problem solved! Anyway, I get stuck in a local minimum sometimes (this is math geek speak) and need to get some momentum to get up over the hump to find the true minimum.

Day 35 was another Prepare to Weigh In Day, and I prepared, and weighed in this morning. Up about 1.5 lbs, which is better than the 2 lbs I was expecting, given all the meeting food. Most of that gain will be transient, if I keep good habits up. Today I start Day 36 Believe It! which looks like a fun day!

I started thinking about what to do next, since I'm on the last BDS week. Wow. Anyway, there are a few exercises from the other Beck's Four Day Win that I want to do, reread Mindless Eating and do a couple exercises from there, and also reread Volumetrics and Thin for Life, which I pick up every once in a while to help keep me where I'm going.

As of today, I'm medically cleared to try running again if I want to, but it still feels like a stress fracture to me, and so I'm going to do the smart thing and wait another couple of weeks. I've had some legitimate reasons for letting exercise slide the last couple weeks (sickness, etc), but taking a hard look, I haven't been pursuing my exercise opportunities like I could since I'm discouraged about putting C25K running and NRLW lifting on hold. Oh Well. I have to find another way, at least for the time being.

Personals coming right up...


12-11-2008, 09:33 AM
Kim I am insanely jealous of your cold night run, all alone. Sigh. You sure earned it though!

onebyone I think small steps on your diet is a good plan, and veggies and water are great first steps. Great timing on the shopping trip! Hope the strike doesn't last so long you can't get some fresh produce and dairy though. Oh yeah, I like both Bill and Andrea's diet plans very much, and mine is sort of similar, at least in the ideal. But I'm one of those people who needs a certain minimum amount of junk food in a day (a 100 cal pack will do, but I'm happier with twice that, and preferably something better tasting) or I get uncontrollably munchy and start hunting around. Other people seem to get better results detoxing completely, but that never worked out for me. So I plan my junk in! LOL.

tera wow, congrats on getting that pain level down! That must feel great.

Bill LOL, I can't even plan to plan in a single day! I like to stew on things for a while, and then poof! done. I wish weight loss worked like that, LOL. Buffet strategies below.

Andrea Thanks for sharing your thought process on your exercise program! I found it useful to ponder as I attempt to get my own backside off my couch. Let me know if yoga grows on you. I've tried it before and just never got into it. I also love that you did 3 posts in a row, because it makes me feel just a little less obsessive!! Oh yeah, I also enjoy chicken chili (fresh from the can, and please read the label) with broccoli slaw. I think Meg gave me that idea years ago. Mmmm.

Ok, Buffet strategies:

Accept that I'll eat more than normal so plan for it
Before picking up plate, go over the entire buffet to see if there is something special that is a "must"
One, one, one. One trip, one plate, one layer!
Half the plate has salad and/or relatively unadorned vegetables
Pick only one choice each from the meat, adorned vegetables, starches
Avoid fried anything as much as possible, since fried stuff is calorie dense and just doesn't hold up well under heat lamps
Go easy on rice and/or bread
If there is dessert, consider if it is really worth it. Small slice of chocolate mousse pie, probably, soft serve ice cream with sprinkles, just not special enough

Note that I usually violate at least one of my own rules any time I go (I'm about 50/50 on samosas at Indian buffets--mmmm), but it's better than nothing.


12-11-2008, 12:13 PM
Good Morning
Well I didnt get here yesterday, cuz the poop hit the fan and I ran out of day before I got things done!!

I did a quick read last night and this morning, but I dont remember everything :( Someone asked me if the treadmill is moved...Yes! :cb: :cb: ...ok but no I havent been using it. I have a plan that starts tomorrow, I will post more about it later.

I finished my book yesterday, and like I said before, if you dont think you are a food addict then dont bother. However, if you do think you have issues, then it should be a very good read for you. a side note, there was not any research in it in regards to artificial sweeteners, and the effects on the body when consumed. So when I got to the food plan section I was immediately turned off to see so many diet soda's suggested, and artificial sweeteners being added to things. If you are a sugar addict (which I am) you need to stay as far away from sweeteners as possible.

This turned me off the book, and the author lost my confidence.

Ive done my research, Ive lost the 100+ lbs before, and I know how to do it. No I wasnt looking for a quick fix. I was and still am looking for more insight into why my body behaves the way it does.

Hubby and I went out last night and I picked up the Yeast Connection book. This is the 3rd and last time I will buy this book!! I so truly believe in what it says that when someone tells me about issues they are having that sound so much like I am going thru, I lend them the book. Never to see it again :rolleyes: Im NOT giving this one away!

Anyway, BDS is an amazing tool to use with any diet/eating plan! I will keep this forever! This book wont get lent out either!

Ive also decided to go back to OA and give it another try. I talked to hubby about it, and he has been amazingly supportive. Last night he asked me if I wanted to go out for supper. Then we ran thru the restaurants we could safely go to, to safely order food that would not have flour or sugar in them. We ended up at our ole standby, (greek place down the road) and replacing my fries with veggies wasnt a problem at all, and they didnt charge me extra for that. I did good :D

Last night we had 2 big plates of home made christmas cookies delivered to the house by dil and granddaughter. :eek: Here is the easy part....put the plate of cookies up to your nose and take a whiff.......if you smell intense cigarette smoke it's really really easy to put the plate on the counter and not even think about eating them. But wow, we sure gushed about how delicious they looked and lots of thankyous for all their troubles :D

I'll try to get back later tonight for personals, there is alot more to say :lol:

Have a great day everyone!!

12-11-2008, 01:39 PM
Good day to you my coaches!

Lets start here
1) just did 30 minutes on my mini trampoline
2) have written down my food = breakfast snack and lunch, snack and dinner all recorded.

Plan for today:
exercise :cp:
water 8 glasses - 4 to go
write down food
3 meals 2 snacks ... I want to say no second helpings but I am not sure I can do that today - so far I haven't had 2nds. :cp: UPDATE: no 2nd helpings today - all meals completed.
don't worry about tomorrow :hat:

As for being home :shrug:. Well I made arrangements to get a ride from a co-worker into the school and I waited for as long as I could take it. I thought I was dressed warm enough but after 30 minutes I was getting the start of frostbite on my face and my legs and my feet were really getting too cold so I made a decision to go warm up in the mall behind me, which was where I was waiting for my friend. I bought some stuff and the cashier told me her parents took 3 hours to travel what usually takes 40 minutes. Whoa. So, I figured it'd be even longer for her to show up and while I felt bad for leaving (neither of us have cellphones) I figured I'd call her at the school and apologize later. So as I was about to disappear into the complex of buildings where I live and I hear a shout and it's her. By then I just wanted to go home and I shouted back that I was just going to go home. And here I am. I left her a message at 10:30 and she still wasn't in! I was waiting for her at 8am. She did call and it took her 3 hours in total. Wow. I decided I am not going in until next week. Unloading the kiln is just not that important. I am sure there are some xmas presents in there but whatever. It is not an essential service and classes are officially over anyway.
The strike doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. *sigh*

That's how things are here today.

Thanks for all the input about foodplans coaches. I'm taking it all into consideration. Very helpful.

And a :hug: to all those out there, whether posting or lurking.

UPDATE: read Beck Workbook's intro & chapters 1-5 and created new reasons to lose weight list.:cp:

Advantages to Weight Loss December 11, 2008

1. to have a fine functioning body
2. to preserve my healthy body
3. to feel strong
4. to feel confident
5. to look good in clothes
6. to feel at ease in my clothing
7. to have complete choice in clothing again
8. to succeed in facing this issue by reaching maintenance
9. to lessen aches and pains/move my body easier
10. to increase my level of health in all ways

12-11-2008, 08:58 PM
Hi, Coaches,

Too tired tonight for much of a post. Working long hours. :(

Doing OK: on target yesterday for calories. Logged food. Decluttered desk. Still need to catch up with financial matters. Still fell behind in life.

Hope to post more tomorrow. Just tyring to keep head above water.

Positive vibes to all!

12-12-2008, 07:29 AM
Diet Coaches - At the gym, I'm beginning to feel less awkward doing lunges; CREDIT moi. I continue to be amazed that exercising improves the muscles, duh! Apparently a slow learner here. Perhaps the daily workouts by the Obamas will make us all more diligent. But that thought led to the more selfish thought - just thinking how crowed my gym will be in January if the hordes who join for New Year's resolution are joined by the hordes of Obama imitators. I'd love it if they all lasted even as long as March because that would cause more gyms to open.

onebyone - Kudos for that 30 minutes on the mini trampoline and Kudos for the no seconds. Ouch for the cold and bus strike. Good for you for following your instincts and saving yourself three hours of stuck in traffic.

Robin (RobinW) - Ouch that the author missed the issue on artificial sweeteners. Good for you for being on top of that. Kudos for the artful handling of the plate of Christmas Cookies - that's a good demo for me on gracious living.

shrinkin - Waving back. Ouch for the long hours trying to catch up. Hope things are going OK with your mom.

angelmoma210 - Send supportive thoughts to you guys.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Neat that you're acting on your awareness that all overweight people are candidates for diabetes. Good stuff that ADA diet plan. And thanks for the endorsement of yoga and for liking exercise. That led me to look at the yoga schedule at my gym; might be time for me.

Anne (wndranne) - I read and reread you list of reasons to avoid problem solving; I got a bunch of those big time. It does amaze me sometimes when I finally set out to solve a problem, that the solution is simple. Then I'm angry at myself for dallying. Oh Well.

And thanks for the buffet strategies. When I follow all of those, a buffet is a pleasure for me. Perhaps I need to problem solve why I sometimes violate the "One, one, one. One trip" rule. I'm reading Mindless Eating after finding your review via another thread. The most interesting part to me so far is reading again and again that people who know how the environment manipulates them, a) believe that it doesn't, and b) continue to be manipulated by the environment. Just finished reading the experiment where one man ate a quart of tomato soup from the bottomless bowl and described it as "filling." Now that's frightening.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I can't resist.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-12-2008, 08:16 AM
Anne ~ seems you are looking your fear of change squarely in the face....thanks for sharing the process with for the obsessive postings, I think it might just be too much time on my hands and/or gratefulness for the chance to connect with others on this healthy life-style journey....probably a combination of all the above! ;o)

Robin~ kudos to you for being open-minded and your willingness to read and learn and try new things to solve your problem. LOL about lending out your books....I have stopped lending out my favorites also as often I won't see them is a boundary I set. At first it felt a wee bit selfish, but now it just makes perfect sense....these books are IMPORTANT to me! your post, I hear you getting clearer about what you want and what you need to a focusing lens on a camera, the image is getting sharper! Good job! Your #1 Advantage reminds me of the song by Mary Jo Bilge "Just Fine"...have you ever heard it? Love the looking in the mirror lyric! Worth checking out on you tube if you're not familiar with is my recent addition on my i-pod in my exercise playlist.

Shrinkin ~ I am sending you positive vibes as you keep your head above the water....remember to breathe!

Bill ~ yes our bodies are amazing machines aren't they? is wonderful to feel how our muscles so willingly respond to a new demand. As far as yoga goes, I am giving myself 8 more weeks to see if I love it....perhaps I need to lose a bit more first and develope some upper body it is a struggle for me to do and maintain the poses, so currently I am not lovin' it....but I do see the potential and I don't want to give up too soon. I feel great the day after...stand a little taller, sit a little straighter, feel a little calmer/more centered.

12-12-2008, 11:16 AM
Good Morning

shrinkin~ :hug:

thinkerbell~ I agree 100% my books are important to me!! Ive lent out several, I think Im on my 4th copy of the atkins book. Which ticks me off because each time I had to re-buy it, it had changed a bit. I need to find a copy from about 13 yrs ago. :( That's the one that worked for me.

Bill~ I absolutely hate lunges!! I told my pt that I wouldnt do them (I have krickety knees). She came up with another exercise that was killer on my legs and easy on my knees. I still do it at home!

I got into the chocolate last night :( .....since I havent had any sugar in quite a while Ive noticed mood issues this morning. Im crankier than all get out :( I also had a diet soda, which caused pains in my chest. When you eat like this all the time, you just deal with the issues, thinking your getting old, and you have lots of aches and pains. Well Im not that old!

So I suppose you could say I put my book to the test. :lol: sugar and artificial sweeteners did the stuff I knew it would do but had a temporary mental lapse :dizzy:

Today is the start of 21 days to break the habit for me. I am restarting beck from day one as well. I am restarting low carb from day one today. I am planning on getting out of the shop early to get my workout in and done before any gets home, to just get started! This brings me to day 21 on January 1st 2009. Sounds like a great way to start the new :)

I will redo my cards today and make 2 sets, one for home and the other to make sure they are in my purse at all times!

Have a great day everyone!

12-12-2008, 12:30 PM
Hi coaches.

I just lost my big long post so I'll keep it short.
Credit moi for
1) 30 min on mini tramp this morning. Much harder today than yesterday with core muscles achey! :cp: for pushing through that 10 minute mark when I wanted to stop.
2) writing down my food - will continue to do this all day. 3 meals and 2 snacks are planned. No 2nds.
3) drinking 8 glasses of water - 3 done
4) taking my vitamins and my fibre
5) planning ahead by cooking beef stock for freezing AND making crockpot dinner at the same time
6) cleaning my sink and getting dirty dishes into dishwasher

I feel a bit bad about not trying harder to get to the school to do my ceramic tech job but the thought of the 2 hour ride and the knwledge that once there I am stuck there just drives me bonkers today. I think I may be burnt out. Emotionally I cannot take this extra stress right now. So I am avoiding the whole thing. Classes are done. Xmas gifts are not my problem. I am not a manufacturer of ceramic objects but a school technician firing school work. School is over so that's that. When the strike ends I can do something about it then. BTW the sides aren't even talking. I doubt it'll be over before xmas and I can't imagine what that will be like. Doesn't feel very Christmas-y.

RobinW I'm on Day 2 today so :welcome3: to you too:hug: I am being conscious of carbs too and upping the veg and fresh aspects and getting my 30 min in daily too. We sound very alike;) I'm going to write my cards out today too. All the best RobinW! The wagon is at your door. Hop on.

thinkerbell Thanks for the tip on that song. I'm going to go find it. I know Mary J. Blige has had a few life struggles to overcome and she did just that. We are all "works in progress".:hug: Hey! I just checked out that song. Thanks. I see why you like it. Here's a favorite of mine you made me think of from 1984! Just as good now as then.

BillBlueEyesI continue to be amazed that exercising improves the muscles, duh! Apparently a slow learner here You know, I am the same. All I know is I am sweating now, I am doing something difficult or I am tired even just thinking about's all about the NOW and with exercise it's now and later... the benefits last for hours after you work out and they build on themselves but when you live in the moment you don't connect with that... plus it's such an internal process. We don't feel the changes going on until one day you can do a chin up or do 10 lunges in a row easy. Funny what we choose to focus on and how that colours our perception of the world eh? (I had this very thing this morning with my core being sore. Go figure. I really thought I was "just bouncing and nothing was happening but I'll do it anyway and just trust that there's something to it." Really. These were my exact thoughts yesterday. Not today! Totally different experience... Wonder what tomorrow will bring? Have a good day!

:wave: to everyone out there.

12-12-2008, 01:20 PM

Yep! This IS the day! ;o)

God speed,
Andrea aka thinkerbell

Great song! Thanks for sharing....I never heard it before!

12-13-2008, 07:44 AM
Diet Coaches - Took a long walk after work. CREDIT moi. Chose a route through a park that doesn't feel safe after dark but did it anyway by declaring it to be very late twilight. Oh Well for not being appropriately cautious. Went by the bridge construction that I'm monitoring - it remains a race to see if it's completed before some big snow sets in for the duration and stops all work until next spring. Consciously avoided walking past Whole Foods as I know that I'm capable of remembering something I need to buy so that I can snarf up all the samples. CREDIT moi for that. Stopped at my favorite Indian food market and bought a 99 cent Gold Pineapple. It was ripe for eating after dinner and super sweet. Thanks to whatever chain of people caused a pineapple to move from the tropics to my table for 99 cents.

onebyone - Congrats on waking up with your "core being sore" - the sign of a good workout. Thanks for the perspective that you did the exercises just because, and then the good feeling of soreness came the next day. You remind me that when I'm doing an uncomfortable exercise, I'm kinda wishing that a light ray from the heavens would shine on me. It would seem enough to expect the Almighty to worry about each blade of grass without also having to count my lunges, LOL.

And Kudos for the cooking, especially for making beef stock for the future simultaneously while making dinner in the crockpot. Clever cook, you.

Ouch that the transportation strike continues - that's a real bummer. Nope, you didn't cause it; you can't fix it.

Robin (RobinW) - LOL at "krickety" and "crankier" but "not that old!" Yep, I recognize that. Kudos for the triple start of Beck, sugar free, and low carb. It's so smart to start before the holiday season to avoid that seasonal bump in all the problem stuff. Wish you well on your journeys.

shrinkin - Waving; sending supportive thoughts for you and your mother.

angelmoma210 - Still thinking about you guys; sending supportive thoughts.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Now that's a great endorsement for yoga, "I feel great the day after...stand a little taller, sit a little straighter, feel a little calmer/more centered." I do understand the feeling that yoga is for the already slender - it's awkward to encounter a pose requiring crossed legs when your legs just don't cross yet. In my twenties, I loved yoga, especially because I could do the head stand easier and longer than almost anybody else. That compensated for feeling awkward doing most of the other poses where the lithe and the limber seemed at ease and my muscles were in pain. Good luck with your 8 remaining sessions; hope you find the pose where you feel confident to help you with the others.

All of which reminds me that I saw a large lady walking toward the front desk of my gym as I was leaving the other day. Made me sooooo happy since I don't see many large ladies working out there. Thought about it all the way home, realized that the large ladies might tend to stay in the smaller room (specifically not labeled the ladies room for legal reasons I'd guess). But then remembered it was water aerobics night, so I lost the happy thought that we were about to get more large people on the workout floor. Oh Well.

Anne (wndranne) - Waving. Just had to tell you that Mindless Eating continues to boggle my mind. Just finished reading about the big warehouse stores like Costco. First you gotta buy more to justify your membership cost, then you eat more because you're serving from a giant container, then after a week you get tired of that and push it to the back of the shelves until it goes stale and gets discarded. Then return to Costco and repeat, LOL. So glad that you tipped me to this book.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I really want it.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-13-2008, 08:25 AM
Oh, this is a juicy part day 12 hunger and day 13 cravings!

Day 12 I fear hunger? I am definitely resisting this experiment....choosing to skip a meal. Part of why my eating plan is working at the moment is that I know I am fueled thru out my day and the break-down of proteins, carbs and fats allows a never hungry/never stuffed stream of glucose release thruout my day. Sabotaging thoughts or not, I am skipping this experiement unless it happens naturally....that is, I find myself unable to eat and the intense hunger kicks in. Plus, in the past, I did a book called Thin Within, where I did identify true hunger, real 0. I am confident that I am aware of the difference between hunger, desire, craving.

Day 13....cravings. I am getting the feeling that this chapter alone is worth the cost of the book....good stuff! Real and practical what to do. Earlier I had posted my worry about the No Choice rebellion......I modiifed it a bit.....My choice is No Choice!.....I really like how she talks about the tension of ambivalance and how the tension can go away once the decision is made....either in eating or CHOOSING not to eat. I am looking forward to my next craving to use these skills and develope my resistance muscles....right now they seem as weak as my upper body strength. ;o(

I think I shall make a reminder card....put one in my pocketbook and one in my ktichen on the ways to triumph over cravings.....and maybe Ill even document each time I work-out the anti-craving resistance muscle which is located somewhere in the space bewteen my ears....I think hunger comes from the body and cravings and desires come from the to make my time like NOW.

Thans for listening to my musings,
Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-13-2008, 08:30 AM
Coaches: I got wrapped up in Christmas card labeling (always a fresh fight with Word every year) and wrapping yesterday and didn't do any Beck stuff. Oh Well. Major score on lunch where I left about a third of an extremely yummy steak & bleu cheese spinach salad because I was just done. Whoop!

Where is that wagon? I've got to get rollinrollinrollin again. Calories were high yesterday and still no exercise to speak of.

RobinW sorry your book lost you and hope OA works out for you. Sounds like you are taking a lot of positive steps with your weight loss journey. Good for you for restarting low carb and BDS.

onebyone I like your Advantages list. Feeling strong is so important, since I think it empowers you to try and to do things that you wouldn't have before! Hope the strike ends soon. You do sound burned out, so perhaps this semi-enforced rest is a good thing.

shrinkin :hug:

Bill Isn't Mindless Eating such an eye-opener?? I was astounded. Sounds like you are making some serious exercise breakthroughs. I do pretty well at Costco myself, since I have some serious no-buy rules when I'm there and usually stick to stuff like diapers and soy milk. DH OTOH is just almost about to get banned from the place. It became obvious that he might have a problem when he got 140 juice and chocolate milk boxes for DD's b'day party with 25 guests!!

Andrea I don't think we're obsessive at all. Just committed. Which is a big deal.

Public commitment I'm going to do another BDS day exercise today. I'm going to get some sort of physical exercise, even if it is small, and I'm going to have no more than two, that's two, count 'em two, one two cookies, :cookie: :cookie: at DD's cookie decorating party today. I will need a :kickbutt: from you guys if I don't.


12-13-2008, 08:41 AM
Andrea same time post! I don't especially fear hunger, but I certainly dislike it. I think it is natural to resist! I'm glad the cravings chapter resonated with you.

the little boss is trying to help me type! Must go find a drool-safe activity!!


12-13-2008, 09:14 AM
Just did my Anti-craving strategy cards....thanx 2me! woo-hoo!

I made a strategy for remembering these reminders....DR. DRILLS, in honor of Dr Beck!

Hmmm....see if you can follow along and if I can remember my just made reminders...

4 Behavioral Techniques

D istance
D rink 0 cal
D istract

R elax

5 Mind-set Techniques

D on't give yourself a choice/D ecide
R emind yourself why....ARC
I magine the aftermath
L abel the feeling
L abel the feeling (needed another "L"....laughing could be useful)
S tand firm

Anne...we did cross-post....I have a cookie party tomorrow.....I'll match your two cookies and raise you one.....this will be a great experiement for DR. DRILLS!.....Right here, I am commited to 3 cookies or the DRILL sargeant (sp?) in the house? Hop, two, three four....breathe, breathe, breathe,'s how long we are supposed to breathe under the Relax technique. I'm kinda picturing
Louis Gossett Jr. from The Officer and a Gentleman....he was scary! Fear usually doesn't work for me, but I will give it a try....I tend to lean toward fairygodmothers like in Cinderella or Glenda the Good Witch of the North from Wizard of OZ....but I am willing to try whatever works! This shall be an interesting experiement.

The few...the proud...the Becksters!

Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-13-2008, 11:33 AM
Good Morning Coaches

To finish up with yesterday's report:
credit moi for writing everything down & for getting 8 c. of water :cp:
credit moi for a second bout of exercise, a walk to the mall :cp: Although, I did not feel good on this walk. Felt weak and anxious. :?: Not sure what that's about. When I came home I was ravenous and had a meal. it was about 9pm. I ate more beef and some veggies from the soup. It was day two pick a diet plan and I am doing this: plan 1: eat every 3-4 hours, no seconds, seriously limit sweets and junk, eat fresh whenever possible, exercise daily, drink water and get your vitamins. plan 2: everything as in plan 1 but I follow Crack the Fat Loss Code strictly.

Plan 1 is a version of what I learned following plan 2 a month or so ago. it works I just can't bear the strictness of it right now so i will take what works for me and be gentle and keep on going, making adjustments when necessary which requires the biggest commitment of all: consistency and honesty. Without either, I won't get very far. The wagon will sink in muck and mire:faint:

I just printed out my 3x5 Advantages cards. You know, I never did that before. :cp: yay me. I am hoping that I can maintain (BIG :cp: for this being Day 3 for me) these habits and have them ingrained before I am back at school for what promises to be a very long very stressful final semester. Cannot wait to be done now. Although, it's about the only thing I know for sure about my plans for next year. Everything is up in the air. Or that's how it feels.

Today I am reading Day 3. I didn't do the written exercises for Day 2 so will get that done when I log off of here. I have yet to do the 30 min :trampo: session and I made a decision about the gym. I really want to join but I really can't afford to and having to scramble to cover a payment is not a good idea. I shouldn't be adding to my stress when I know what's coming at me in a short month from now. So, for now, unless I get very depressed which can sometimes happen over the winter, I won't be at the gym. I need to do this on my own, use what I have at hand. In the end, it'll be good for me or I'll discover I need a gym. We'll see but I am going to commit to trying it this way for now. I have lots of resources and you guys, you coaches, are a big part of that.

Guess that's it. I will try to clean a few rooms today, flylady style. Flylady crisis cleaning here I come!:soap: <--- this is all the soap I'm going to need to get this place sparkling... I'll need some of this though to see it through --->:dust:

thinkerbell Wow. Your brain is fascinating. Look at that creative mnemonic! Fancy! I especially love this part 5 Mind-set Techniques

D on't give yourself a choice/D ecide
R emind yourself why....ARC
I magine the aftermath
L abel the feeling
L abel the feeling (needed another "L"....laughing could be useful)
S tand firm
very powerful good stuff. May borrow some of this for myself but will take the time to figure out what would mean the most for me. Thanks for posting this. Could I suggest your second "L" be "listen to your gut"?

wndranne Hi! The wagon's coming by just turn your light on that you want it to stop! I loved that you called your baby a "little boss". Geez. That had me chuckling. And I, as your coach, am holding you to your commitment. If not you can be sure that I, well versed in giving the occasional :kickbutt: will do so, and I believe you can count on shrinkin' to do the same.;) "Easier to stay on plan than to get on plan I always say." (and once more I find this to be too true.) Stay strong. Strengthen your resistance muscle!

BillBlueEyes I am doing this too Went by the bridge construction that I'm monitoring There is a bridge over the Ottawa River to the "Quebec side" where many people live. Lots of government workers here (capital city and all) and they cross over two bridges to come to work. So with the strike the city has re-opened the 2 lanes of the bridge (there are 4 lanes) that were closed due to the bridge being unsound structurally. So, before the strike, the bridge was being closed for maintenance and prevention, and now, with the increased volume of traffic and the impatience of the commuter and the generally extremely high traffic levels, they re-opened the bridge to all traffic again. Is it fixed? No. their solution? No vehicle over 5 tonnes. But my guess is that much and more in volume of traffic is now crossing. Does this make sense? Every day I expect to hear that bridge collapsed under the weight of x amount of cars. And the Ottawa River is mighty cold this time of year. Sheesh! Kudos to you for avoiding a food stimulus, the Whole Foods Store. And good for you for challenging the notion of "scary" by walking in "twilight". We are all afraid for no good reason I think JMHO.

Off to meet my day. Have a good one.

Evening Update:I continue to eat standing up in the kitchen as I prepare or right after I have finished making my dinner. I keep telling myself "I'm not there yet in the book! Don't have to sit yet."
Also, I had second helpings at dinner. I just wanted MORE = food desire and it was good and I wasn't overfull...? OH WELL.
I completed my 30 min on the trampoline :cp:and will get the 8 glasses of water in.:cp: Took my vitamins and my fibre:cp: but serious veggies were missing today. :(
I MUST eat that broccoli tomorrow. Green bags are NOT an excuse to keep veggies in the fridge forever.

Methinks I had a bit of the "persist in victory" trouble as I got on the scale to see a drop to 259, 5lbs down since my high a couple of days ago. I'm taking it... but see? A little bit of success can undo me if I am not careful. Need MAJOR work around this.

Have a good night!
shrinkin' Hello! I wish things were easier for both you and your mother but short of staying at her bedside 24/7 all you can do is trust and keep tabs. IMHO the best thing you can do is to make sure the staff at that hospital KNOW that you are active and engaged in your mother's care. And you are. Please get some rest! :hug: and gently lift your foot! the wagon's-not-a-gonna-be-draggin'-you but lifting you up! Come for the ride.

12-13-2008, 11:59 AM
Morning coaches,

Being grateful this am that I have survived a very tough week, but not pausing too long because I have much life work to do today and have to work at the office tomorrow. :( OH WELL. Grateful to have a job during these tough times.

The good and the bad: Thursday on plan for calories and eating was all healthy. CREDIT MOI. Friday was OP and healthy until....DH arrived back in town from four days of travel. We agreed to get Chinese food carry out because the weather and the roads were bad. We were too tired to eat out and no food thawed (yup Robin, someone forgot). Well, I did not eat past full CREDIT MOI, but I don't think that Chinese food is particularly healthy. I don't know any valid calorie counts, so I wont log it OH WELL. Pretty sure too much carbohydrate and too much fat. OH WELL.

Until last night had stayed on target getting life items caught up. Did not follow thru on plan to finish catching up finances. DH and I just sat on the couch talking to each other. We were both just too tired to do much. Went to bed early. CREDIT for realizing that life has limits and sometimes you just have to slow down. I MUST get this done though because have to sort out whether we can afford a new washer and dryer. Our old ones are making awful noises and any day now they will cease all action. EEW..not a happy thought. So, should get out and buy a washer and dryer this weekend.

Have not been doing PT exercises last few days as too tired on return from work and too rushed in the am. Must change that starting today. Next PT appt is Thursday and I want to make some progress before them. I am finally pain free and now beginning strengthening.

Weight report, aka the great: The "gain" that I thought I had while under duress has disappeared and then some more with it. All of my weights have been down from the 3-4 pound gain that I reported on my return from MIA. Yesterday's and today's weight was down 2.5 pounds from my last weight prior to leaving town to deal with my mother (so about 6 pounds from initial weight last week??). So, I guess I am going to say the heavy weight was water or whatever and accept current numbers as real, say WooHoo and change the ole avatar. Also, I am :wave:ing goodbye to the 190s! I am a bit concerned that I have been losing muscle from lack of exercise and that is why I weigh less?? Muscle weighs more than fat I believe? So, as my exercise gets back on track, if scale moves up a bit, will have to remember this drop and just say OH WELL. Still :D that current wt is 33 pounds less than beginning wt 6 months ago. Need to set some non scale challenges.

thinkerbell-Thanks for your posts! Love your techniques! BTW you don't have to spell correctly on those it could just be DRILS (pronouced the same so I think it would be called a homolog of DRILLS?) Good luck to you and Anne on the cookie parties. Reminds me I have a work party to go tonight. Not looking forward to it. Will think of your Hop, Two, Three Four and attempt to MARCH BY lots of tempting food. Got my marching orders from your coaching!

Anne-I SO identify with your epiphany from a few days back. I reread it again today. I have been thinking about why I eat poorly too. Although I may occasionally eat from emotional reasons, I have been wrong in thinking of myself as an "emotional eater". My two biggest dietary challenges both relate to enjoying food: When life is handing me unpleasantness, I can count on food as something that is enjoyed! It is a sure thing. A fall back that I can count on even when tired, discouraged, etc. That is challenge number one. Challenge number two also relates to food enjoyment: I eat from food desire. This leads to trolling for food after dinner...just looking for something to enjoy. It is not a craving, as there is no particular food. It is not hunger...just looking for something to enjoy. Thanks for stimulating me to think deeper about my own reasons. BTW, hope your wound is healing and that the pool is in your future (my future too)!

BillBlueEyes-Ouch for not so safe walk...reminds me of my Phily experience several months ago. Determination to exercise can become a not so great thing. Glad nothing untoward happened. LOL on your new second job (bridge inspection) as the new reason to walk. You always manage to have a reason for getting that walk in. Kudos to you for routing around Whole Foods. I think pineapple is the only fruit that I can 100% count on right now. We have a fresh one in the frig too. Yummy!

Thanks for positive thoughts (from you and other coaches) on my mom. Dealing with Mom has become a bit frustrating. Example: I call her (which I do twice a day), she says the nurses have not brought the new medicine she was supposed to have for past 2 days. I call her doctor to be sure the Rx was faxed. They take a day to return my call, then say with a bit of irritation "we did that 2 days ago". Call the nurses station where she is living; leave a message because no one answers. They dont return my call for 2 days. I call the administrator who gave me her cell number so I would "always be able to check on Mom". Leave a voice mail message, she doesn't return my call all day. Next day, ask mom again and she says..."oh yes, I got that 2 or 3 days ago" (she has very poor sense of time)??? So, was there ever a problem? How would I know with Mom's dementia? How do I know they are taking good care of her? Just say, OH WELL and move on? Just doing the best I can and hoping it is enough. Mom's spirits seem fairly high but she is still adjusting to new environment and keeps asking when she is moving home. Sad she can't and that she can't remember.

onebyone-You are rollinrollinrollin! WooHoo! I am still with one leg on the wagon (food has improved) and one leg still draggin' (exercise). But I am getting there! Ouch for that bus strike. Horray that being "forced" home fuels time for both rest and focus on diet and exercise. Kudos for using it that way! Sounds like some of the old guard (you, me and Robin) are headed back thru Beck again. Will be pleased to hear your comments as you restart the journey. Have you made definite decision on your diet? With life chaos, I haven't gotten to a daily routine, but reread days 1-5 this week and will skip day 6 (finding a diet coach) and will be rereading day 7 next, hopefully this weekend.

RobinW-Whoa, you are WAY to GENEROUS with those books! Sounds like you are rollinrollinrollin too. :carrot: for doing alternative lunge exercise! With your low carb plan, are fruits allowed? Or is it really the Atkins early phase of almost zero carbs? Will listen for your wisdom as you reread Beck. :D that you are moving are a great source of inspiration!

Sending positive vibes for a great Saturday to all those who are reading!

12-13-2008, 12:00 PM
Just a quickie. Im caught up reading everyone's posts :hug: I'll try to get back later tonight for personals!

Yesterday was awesome!! (Cranky most of the day) But it was successful, and I feel very proud that I made it thru day 1 100%.

Im off to the paint your own pottery place today with a bunch of girls :rolleyes: wish me luck!

Have a great day everyone!

12-13-2008, 12:11 PM
I just wanted to comment on this shrinkin Muscle weighs more than fat I believe? No ....a lb of muscle weighs the same as a lb of fat, fat just takes up more space than muscle. Muscle is leaner and more compact. But a lb is still a lb. There is a link Im going to go find...brb

...hmmm it used to be a sticky in resistance training, or in maintainers but its not there anymore. Maybe Anne will remember where it is.

12-13-2008, 06:38 PM
Here is the link:

1 lb of muscle is the same as 1 lb of fat to be sure, but 1 cup of muscle does weight more than 1 cup of fat, if you are thinking of volume. Muscle is more dense. I personally, am very, very dense! :)

Report: I had 3 teeny cookies (smaller than one standard one). I don't know if I should get a :kickbutt: for that or not, but it felt like a good result.


12-13-2008, 09:54 PM
Report: I had 3 teeny cookies (smaller than one standard one). I don't know if I should get a :kickbutt: for that or not, but it felt like a good result.

I'm sending you a :hug: for getting through your cookie day! Good Job!

12-14-2008, 07:33 AM
Diet Coaches - Tis the season to run around in circles a bit. But did manage to take my long walk to the supermarket and get some Kale for next week's lunches. CREDIT moi.

My current efforts are to nibble back on some of the 100 calories items that seem to have crept into my life. My normal up and down scale isn't downing as much as upping. For example, this summer I added an ear of corn to lunch every day - no big deal right? And, despite it's reputation, corn is food, not junk. But 100 calories a day adds to the upping by nearly a pound a month and in six months I can see it. So I'll do little things like drop the afternoon snack when dinner isn't that far away. And I'll be more conscious of the size of apples in my evening snack - another thread reminded me that a one pound apple is a lot of apple.

onebyone - Kudos for making a decision about the gym; IMHO, the big deal is to make a responsible decision, more important then which way the decision goes, because then you can work around the ramifications. I think that many of us get stuck by not choosing either the high road or the low road and then just wallowing in place. Now you are able to make home workout choices. Good for you.

In the "Say it ain't so Joe" department: LOL at the decision to open the two lanes on the bridge over the Ottawa River due to increased traffic flow, that had previously been closed for safety. That bumps into one of my prejudices about Canada - that government decisions usually make sense. Oh Well. Maybe there's a good safety reason; maybe the increased traffic will cause people to drive more slowly and that makes it more safe. (Not willing to let go of my prejudice easily.)

Robin (RobinW) - Waving back. Still laughing "krickety" and "crankier."

shrinkin - Congrats on being pain free and starting strengthening. And Congrats on the new lower weight. Sounds like you're pulling stuff together. Kudos for not overeating the Chinese food.

Ouch for the story about your mom's prescription. That's tough trying to help without solid information. Sounds like you still need to find a reliable link into her assisted living place, even though the cell phone of administrator would seem to be as good as one could get. Continue to send supportive thoughts for you and your mother here.

angelmoma210 - Hope things are going well.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Hey, I like your DRILLS also. Neat stuff. Particularly like "D rink 0 cal" - that's a big one for me. Kudos for your focus on Desire.

I wouldn't think you have to sweat skipping the meal skip with hunger if you've already done that. It was an eye opener for me because I was so flabbergasted that the hunger went away in hour and that the discomfort was only at level 3 or so. If you have already internalized that, you're ahead of the game.

Your yoga discussion yesterday pushed me just right. I studied the schedule of yoga classes at my gym. Of course, there is no time slot in life that doesn't bump into something. But I'm gonna make an effort to at least try one.

Anne (wndranne) - Kudos for "3 teeny cookies." Awesome job. Looks to me like you're rollinrollinrollin again.

LOL at "140 juice and chocolate milk boxes" - your DH is my kind of guy. If you're ever in our area let me know - I have a big station wagon and he and I can go together.

More on Mindless Eating: I was surprised when I measured our dinner plates and found them to be 10 inches diameter, since the book suggests we're all using 12 inch. Are we odd? Does everyone else use 12 inch plates?

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I'm really hungry.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-14-2008, 07:57 AM
Robin ~ It sounds like a good sign that in 21 days it will be the New sounds like a solid plan and you are clear and focused. woo-hoo for you!

Onebyone ~ how do you like your mini-trampoline workouts? I was thinking it might be an excellent cold weather-can't go outside alternative. I am impressed that you know how to spell the word "mnemonic"! It sounds as if you are putting alot of thought and energy into getting clear and taking the time to plan and be aware....your enthusiasm is leaping off the page....woo-hoo for you! I am a huge flylady fan is amazing what 15 minutes can do (finally loving yourself!). Glad you liked Dr. Drills....and yes, L could be "listen to your gut"...good one...I guess the best thing is to adapt what Dr Beck suggests is a way that works for us individually, what helps us to succeed and met our personal goals, and our individual and unique personalities.

Anne ~ the wagon is waiting for's right outside your door....I have found that there needs to be time and space to make a commitment and stay commited....the holiday season seems to eat up time and space and present many food and family and emotional's all part of the process....and as long as you are aware of your goal/wish/desire, and don't give up or give in, you'll climb in the wagon when you are ready and the time is right....and it will be the perfect time....just like a flower, it blooms when the conditions are right for the gentle with yourself....the wagon train is waiting'll know when the time is right. Babysteps, babysteps, babysteps! woo-hoo for you for being aware, even being aware that you don't have time for Beck...awareness is key! And I think you did awesome at your cookie party.....I hope I do as well....I am kinda thinking that I may have sublimally influenced you to 3 since I upped the ante on your original comments....sorry about that ;o(

Bill ~ wow....a handstand?! Never could do one of those. You provided some interesting reflections though about finding what I can do well and focusing on that and letting the rest grow....I am really, really good at the just laying there meditation part! I always said I was very good at doing nothing! LOL! I am happy that I helped to push you.....healthy choices can be contagious too! You have an interesting walking path....thru a park and past a Whole-Foods! Yeah, sometimes the safety fears come up for me cell phone helps a bit knowing that I am connected. Your pineapple experience sounds like the height of Mindful Eating...such lovely awareness...woo-hoo for you!

Shrinkin' ~ woo-hoo for you for saying good-bye to the '90's! Your consistent and persistent and commited efforts are reflecting themselves on the scale! Our bodies are mysterious machines sometimes aren't they? I know my body loses in cycles over time....and I can't always see the immediate connection from action to results....I need to trust the plan....and it seems to me that your consistent efforts are revealing themselves. Good job!

best wishes,
Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-14-2008, 10:05 AM
Morning coaches,

OP yesterday in spite of work party last night. Had several food stations scattered over a very large indoor garden museum. Passed on entire Tex-Mex station, and focused on baked Italian chicken, green beans, caulifolower and broccoli mix and some delish Italian vegetables. For desert, had ONE chocolate covered strawberry. CREDIT MOI. For sitting down, everytime I got something from a stationi. CREDIT MOI because it took really working to find a place to sit.

Did not get enough life chores done yesterday and have to go to office today to meet a deadline for tomorrow. Must run....not sure if I will be back before tomorrow...sending a great OP day to all!

12-14-2008, 10:35 AM
Andrea, just a quickie--you didn't influence me to 3 cookies! I got caught in the "it's small so one more won't hurt" trap. So my thoughts/behavior behind the third cookie bothers me more than the number of calories.

Back later, kids are needing attention...


12-14-2008, 11:36 AM
Happy Sunday

I had another 100% day yesterday. Even managed to get hubby to come to the grocery store with me, to stock back up on veggies. I had been having a bit of trouble figuring out how to eat my veggies without the dressings, or sugared/lowfat dressings added to it. I found a few recipes last night, and picked up some lemon juice. I just may have it figured out! :lol:

Anne~ thanks for the link....I knew it was around someplace. Ive read it many many times.

Bill~ Kudos for recognizing what was creating an up-creep. Good for you! I dont know how big our plates are...Im going to go have a look-see.

shrinkin~ yup, Im low carbing it, but Im also working on getting excessive yeast out of my system as well. No, atkins isnt a "no-carb" diet. I eat plenty of lower carb veggies, and keep my cheese down to 2oz a day, and butter to no more than 2tbsp (which is alot) I also dont eat much bacon, simply because I have trigger issues with bacon. I eat mostly chicken, fish and ground turkey....I very rarely eat beef. Its usually a treat.....I'll have a nice big steak in the summer on the grill with lots of mushrooms, but thats about it. You also asked about fruits....Ive never been a big fruit eater. Certain fruits trigger me as watermelon. I can't eat just one slice of watermelon. It just isnt possible. So I tend to stay away from that stuff. I'll eat berries, and maybe cantalope if Im wanting fruit....which isnt that often so I dont miss it.

thinkerbell~ I am thinking more clearly....funny how that happened once I decided to take back the control. You'd think I'd learn!

Have a great day everyone!

12-14-2008, 12:13 PM
Hey There Coaches :)

Let's go start with the good stuff.
:cp:'s for 1) drinking my water
2) getting my fibre and vitamins in
3) doing my 30 min on the trampoline
4) writing down my food

:halfempty: Need to work on
1) reading the Beck Book! Yikes! Fell asleep without doing this for 2 nights now. Today I'll catch up.
2 ) Still eating every three or four hours as per foodplan of choice but I begin my meal at the counter not at the table.
3) DH was being thoughtful last night and as we passed each other on the stairs he had a piece of cheese for me and I opened my mouth up like a baby bird and just took it! Yikes! Just like Pavlov's dog. *this was offplan cheese* Oh Well.

So far today I have consumed a bowl of high fibre granola cereal with my flaxmeal mixed in for breakfast. I've had a glass of water and one more to come after this post. In about an hour I'll get on the tramp and jump for 30 min. After that, my life is wide open. I've been slowly getting more and more sleep. Every morning I get up a bit later. It's awesome. I am getting rested:cloud9:. It's really nice not to be walking around in a fog.
I didn't do any cleaning yesterday but will start somewhere today. It doesn't matter where I look, it's a disaster everywhere. Guess I'll start with the spaces that others may see if they dropped by. Getting my place ready for a visitor may be a good way to focus my efforts.

BillBlueEyes I like it that you think the low road can be a choice. Don't know why I like it but I do! I like that you think well of Canadians Bill but governments are made of politicians and I am afraid their kind is the same the world over;) Our current government is a bit like this::tantrum: if you know what I mean nudge nudge wink wink.

thinkerbell I am okay with the mini trampoline workouts. I'm not head over heels about them (I prefer the pool over everything) but I don't expect to be either. I do enjoy bouncing and I just do it in front of the TV so mostly the time passes fairly easily. I never feel like it's doing much until around the 18 min mark when I start to sweat and then I have to push for the next 12. When I come off the bouncer my legs are like jelly. I can really feel the workout then. I also cling to the "fact" that they ("experts")say that rebounding massages every cell in your body and is especially good for the lympathic system. When you bounce up you are "weightless" for a millisecond and as the gravity pulls you back down you squish your cells. Every one of them in your body. And so this open/close up/down is supposed to be an inner massage and this is supposed to be very healthful. Is this true? I don't know. Maybe. Apparently NASA endorses it. I'm doing it for 21 days straight so I'll let you know what my experience is.

shrinkin Credit you indeed for your handling of the Christmas party food. Awesome! AND you sat down. I am inspired. Hope you get your work done faster than you thought you would.:hug:

RobinW How'd the pottery go? What'd ya make??? Kudos for getting through day 1 and 2 100%:hug: I got DH to go grocery shopping too last week. Still smiling about that! Your plan sounds good. Keep going! :carrot:

Wishing everyone a great Sunday

:cheer3: Waving with my pompoms at wndranne, angelmoma210, Olive2, kuhljeanie (get some rays for me too!), bennyhannahmama, twilit tera, coastal sue and maryblu.

12-14-2008, 05:43 PM
onebyone~ I used to love bouncing!! Id turn trace adkins up as high as I could and go to town!! My bouncer started splitting tho, and I didnt replace it. Maybe I should ...hmmm...

at the pottery place I made a snowman bowl/plate thingy lol Kind of a bowl, but not too scooped, it could be a curved plate? :lol: I'll post a picture of it when I go get it next saturday.

Sounds like you are doing great!! Keep it up!

Special treat for me today.....I havent gone and had this done in over 2 yrs....I went and had my nails done :D Pretty good, and I only messed up one on the way home :lol:


12-14-2008, 07:02 PM
Hello there fellow Becksters!

It's been QUITE a while. I sorta started lurking when school started (I'm a 2nd grade teacher), but I've been plugging away all along.

The last couple of weeks have presented me with some real challenges and I'm trying to sort out what's going on, dietwise. Maybe you can help me.

I have been eating off plan for more than a week now, with just one of those days on plan. Today, so far so good.

I think the struggles began when I stepped on the scale one day and it had really dropped. More than I had expected. Doesn't sound like a problem, right? Well I don't know why but I keep thinking back to that experience and I think there is something to learn about my struggles in there somewhere. Has this ever happened to any of you? Have you figured out what's up?

It's like when I imagine my weight REALLY going down, it causes me to eat. There's just something scary about it. What the heck is that about??

After this incident I began eating off plan, mainly in binges. Then, we hosted a holiday party and there were a lot of leftover trigger foods, so I thought the best way to 'clean' them up would be to eat them. The vicious cycle began.

The net net of all of this is that I continue to hover around 35 pounds lost. But I'm not losing, because, duh, I'm not eating on plan. It's very scary.

Any advice out there would really be appreciated.

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, but I've been with you all in spirit. :)

12-15-2008, 12:10 AM
Coaches I've been majorly distracted by some stuff going on in my life-- it's mostly good and it's been making me NOT want to eat much at all. I've forced myself to eat something the past few days, but it's hard. This has never really happened to me before-- maybe I am becoming like a thin person, LOL!

So, sorry I haven't checked in (I think knowing that I've been doing well has helped me justify not posting here.) I have been reading your posts though!

I hope to get back in the swing of things this week.


I have so much to say on the question you brought up, but not a lot of time. I just wanted to let you know that I have experienced this same thing repeatedly. So much so that I now have to watch myself (and my sabotaging thoughts) really carefully. Without sounding too Dr. Phil here, have you ever considered what benefits you are receiving from being overweight? I know that sounds weird (especially considering how much time and energy we put into losing it and how badly we want to lose the weight), but there has to be some payoff(s).

For me, there are multiple things.
1) Being overweight keeps me at a safe distance (literally and figuratively) from other people.

2) I'm scared of success because there is so much riding on this. So many times I think about how much better my life would be if I could only lose this weight. What happens if I lose this weight and things are better? What if I find out I'm unhappy for other reasons? Once I stop having losing weight as a main focus of my life, what else will I have to look at?

3) I have a problem believing I *deserve* to be happy and therefore don't feel like I *deserve* to lose weight. This one is so tough for me because intellectually, I don't believe that, but I know on a deeper level I do.

Most of the above I had been aware of for years and years.

Something that came up later was the feeling that I'd be "abandoning" other people close to me that also struggle with their weight. I had commiserated for years with my mother and mother-in-law and many friends about losing weight. We had tried different diets together, gotten excited about working out together, and been miserable at times together. What happened if I left them behind in the overweight world and switched teams to the think world?

These are just my experiences, hopefully it's given you some (sorry, bad pun) food for thought!

Good luck and it's nice to see you back here.

12-15-2008, 06:49 AM

Wow. Your thoughts ring true with me. That is so helpful and yet so confusing! I can see that I really need to work on this. Maybe losing the weight that I have has begun to peel away the layers protecting me from these thoughts. I wish Beck discussed this in her book!

12-15-2008, 07:06 AM
Diet Coaches - Did it: did a yoga class at my gym. CREDIT moi. Was obviously what I needed by the well know criteria that it hurt in so many places. The instructor was good - gave me personal pointers once when I was acting particularly clueless - and I spoke briefly with one of the men after class who has been coming regularly for two years. All good signs that it's a micro community. I got what I needed, primarily a group of people creating the social pressure to stick to the poses for the whole hour and to continue to push. Hope that I can work this into a regular schedule.

Had to laugh when the instructor said "Not many heads touching the floor." Well, I could see the floor - touching was a long way to go.

So two eating occasions as part of the celebration season. Met my own expectations at the first - simply had no birthday cake. CREDIT moi. Only did OK at the second. Same old same old at a stand up, tiny plates meant for continuous nibbling at appetizers. Inserted many raw veggies and fruit, but still a bit much guacamole. Another birthday cake skipped but had two bites of a killer pecan pie. Oh Well.

onebyone - Kudos for getting the sleep that can help you gain access to your brain. LOL at "Pavlov's dog" having a bite of cheese on the fly.

Don't tell me that the Canadian government is populated by politicians cause you'll dent my positive prejudice. Or you'd get me started on my positive prejudices about the Canadian health care system that has faced the issues that we just ignore here in the US.

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for lemon juice. Yay for veggies. I understand the notion of "trigger issues with bacon." Bacon is one of those foods for which I immediately think of a plate of bacon, not a slice.

shrinkin - Big Kudos for your stellar performance at your work party, particularly for sitting down each time you ate. My particular admiration since I just did only OK at a similar situation. A separate Kudos for stopping a one chocolate covered strawberry. Good job.

angelmoma210 - Waving. Sending positive thoughts.

freer - Kudos for one day on plan last week - it's good to hang in there even when the pull is to let it all go. Congrats on the weight drop. There's a "persist in victory" crowd around here, although I think it might be led by Jeanie (kuhljeanie) who's off for two weeks vacation. It seems to happen regularly that approaching our goals exposes us bundles of Sabotaging Thoughts.

My best suggestion is to get back to daily reading of your Advantages Card if you're not regularly doing that. Or more often if that's what's needed. Another thought is to identify the time of day of the off-plan eating and schedule some activity then. Are you still doing Jazzercize? (Presumably the second graders are still forcing you to do Teachercize, LOL.)

And Kudos for posting here. Posting is particularly difficult when off-plan - just when it's most useful. Hope you come back, particularly until the persist it victory crowd gets a chance to pipe in.

Sending you supportive thoughts for one day on-plan. Good luck.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Big thanks for your push that helped me to actually get to my first yoga class in years. LOL at the typo, "handstand." It's headstand that I used to do. Laughing because I have the image of myself as a person who could never do a handstand. Have been jealous all my life at the girls who could do cartwheels which are also beyond me.

Anne (wndranne) - Kudos for focusing on your thinking about the third cookie, even when the calories weren't that much. Ouch for the Sabotaging Thought, "it's small so one more won't hurt."

Kim (bennyhannahmama) - Yay for "thinking like a thin person." Boy if that's not hitting the goal directly. And Yay for the good stuff happening in your life.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I have no willpower.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-15-2008, 08:16 AM
Brief update, will try for personals later...

Yesterday did not overeat, but foods not easy to calculate calories. Had left over Chinese for lunch. Not so great for choice, but had very modest portion. DH made chili for dinner. Had planned to have only ONE SMALL bowl, but I was hungry and ended up with ONE AND A HALF. Oh well and CREDIT MOI for not filling the second bowl.

Made it to the pool and got in about 30 min of reasonable work out. :( for how far back I've slid in strength, but :D for finding the energy to get over the inertia. Must say that the exercise felt good. CREDIT MOI for just saying yes.

Had flat tire at the Y:(... because I have been needing tires and have not attended to it:o. New tires is now on the job list for the week along with finding a washer and dryer. Seems the to-dos are piling on faster than I can check them off. Work still pounding with past due items.

More later, I hope!

12-15-2008, 09:37 AM
Good Morning

Bill~ Oh!!! Canadian health care vs. American health care system!!! Dont get me started!! OMG!! Stuff is running thru my head and I know I shouldnt post it :lol: So I wont :D Talk about a trigger issue to get Robin right riled up! :lol:

onebyone~ I just have to tell you again how much I miss canadian tire!! I was talking to my mom last night and seems 3/4 of our christmas presents came from canadian tire. All stuff that I havent been able to find here (metal auto-shutoff kettel) etc. Great job in getting more sleep!! Feels good doesnt it?!! Im glad your feeling more like yourself.

freer~ I have this same issue. Seems it doesnt take as much weightloss as it used to. It almost seems like once I start loosing more weight, I probably shouldnt get on the scale. :( I have a few thoughts on this...

1~ I dont deserve this.
2~ my fat is a safe buffer from unwanted attention from the opposite sex
3~ I think, I look good at this its ok now to eat what I shouldnt.

Im sure there are some weird psych issues involved in all this.....but as a good patient I will choose to ignore them :lol: :rofl: :lol3: Anyway, Im hoping when I get to this road block that the Beck teachings will help me past this funky point.

Kim & shrinkin~:wave:

Got about a mile walk in yesterday, and food was 100%, water was lacking but I'll make up for it today.

Have a great day everyone!!

12-15-2008, 09:53 AM
Shrinkin' ~ there is much I find inspiring in your posts...I really love the credit for not filling the second bowl....something clicked inside my head when I read that.....yes, it is the small choices made consistently and with awareness that is a victory...mindfullness! And double kudos for the sitting down at the holiday party when sitting was not an easy choice...I can see how being dedicated to this one simple action slowed the eating process way down and how easy it would have been to remain standing and over-eat....woo-hoo for you!

Anne ~ thanks for letting me off the hook.....I am inspired by your thought process .....not about the calories, but about my thoughts.....that's tremendous insight. This thread is so chock-full of true insights on how to think like a thin person...ah-mazing!

Robin ~ from way over here in cyber-space, I can see most definitely that you are learning..if it was easy, the weight loss industry would not be a billion $$ business....I am inspired by reading about your process as you sort and sift thru all you know to find out what is most effective for you....woo-hoo for you!

Onebyone ~ Thanks for the trampoline info....interesting stuff about the lymphatic system....makes perfect sense.....I shall keep it in my mind as I do have winter exercise concerns. Kudos for you for catching up on your is treating your body well and giving it what it needs to function at its peak....woo-hoo for you! Funny about the cheese...I guess that's why the sitting down thing is an effective tool for eating mindfully...seems so simple yet so effective.

Kim ~ wow! It sounds as if the principles have sunk deeply into your brain....yes, that is thinking like a thin person...the promise of Beck's book....woo-hoo for you! I want to say that what your wrote about the reasons to fear weight loss resonate strongly with me....great insight...thanks for sharing.

Bill ~Hand stand vs headstand.....both impressive! sounds as if you may have stumbled on a very nice addition to your exercise plan...woo-hoo for you!

Freer ~ I think you are asking a great question....something deeper about the weight issue that is beyond the numbers. Kim's advice resonated strongly with me....extra-weight is definitely a coat of protection for me too...seems to me an important thing to resolve in order to lose and then maintain the weight loss....I'm certain that there have been books written about these issues as you're right Dr. Beck doesn't address them in her book....but I am certain someone has. Perhaps a bit of jounaling might reveal your conflicting ideas and then you might find a book to help you move thru to resolution....this journey is a process and we are always learning!

Best wishes,
Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-15-2008, 11:01 AM
Another quickie today--big headache and have to get to work anyway. Oh Well!

I'm doing OK. Feel like my thought process is getting straightened out. Need to get my behavior to follow.

Freer, a quick reply because my fear of losing weight is really really different than that most people talk about so I'll put it out there. I was afraid to lose weight because I'd gained it back before. I was afraid to put forth the effort, which would be noticed by everyone, and then gain it back in a very public failure. I wanted the good things weight loss brings, and felt I deserved them, but didn't want to go through the public display of "weakness," when I believed I couldn't do it long term and would just end up back where I started anyway. I didn't want to embarrass myself, and it wasn't any more complicated than that. In fact, I was not successful with losing weight until I shifted my mental emphasis away from my weight and my size, and onto what I could do, the kind of lifestyle I wanted to lead. My ARC has only two size-related issues on it, at least direct issues, dealing with making shopping easier (since I'm not a shopper) and fitting into airplane seats.

Back later tonight after headache is gone for the usual long rambling post. :wave:


12-15-2008, 11:14 PM
Coaches BDS progress report and highlights follow. I can't believe it has been so long since I posted in detail. DS has been, teething maybe, and not sleeping very well. My headache exploded this morning and I ended up calling in sick. Four hours of napping and some OTC painkillers finally knocked it out. Did I mention I'm tired, like eyes not focusing tired, fatigue factor of 8 or 9?

Day 36 Believe it! I worked through it and made myself a Believe It card. Actually two cards, one with The Big Picture of The Plan on it, which is very simple and workable (somebody ping me on Friday and I'll try to scan it in when I get a few more minutes), and also of list of things I know I can do now, because I have done and/or am doing them consistently.

Day 37 Reduce Stress I pondered this for a while. Solve the problem, relax and change your mindset. I did an exercise with an unreasonable rule, "DS should be asleep now." I talked myself out of that one, still felt (physically) awful, but didn't eat, which I realized was the whole point of the exercise. Woo hoo, how to feel cruddy and like it. Hooray for stress reduction! The four hour nap did a lot more for stress reduction than anything.

Day 38 Deal with a Plateau I thought about what I did after The Big Loss, which was call it done when I could do the things I wanted to do, since I'm not into goal weights, just a goal life. I have a plan to have a plan this time around.

Day 39 Keep up with Exercise I've actually been wanting to do this one for a week or so now, since I feel so derailed right now, and want to find a way to get myself restarted. After The Big Loss, I became a triathlete and distance running junkie and did just massive amounts of exercise. As a result I have some sabotaging thoughts along the lines of "That's not really enough of a workout to make it worthwhile." I spent some time with that, and sigh, divorcing myself from the notion that I'm ready to drop everything and run a half marathon tomorrow. Since I'm also dealing with some real physical issues like extreme fatigue, injury, and now illness, I sat with "reasons vs excuses" for a while.

Anyway, I was going really well with the C25K running plan and NRLW lifting schedule when my foot broke, bent, split or otherwise got mangled. To get back on track, I did the following lists:

Legitimate reasons for not exercising, fatigue levels, degrees of sickness, etc.
Exercise that I can do that isn't necessarily swimming, biking or running
List of places to work out, and exercises I can do there (e.g. Y: swim, elliptical, weights, classes, home: walk, play w/ kids)
List of exercise I can do when I have to care for the children
List of exercises I can do when I'm injured
List of exercises I can do when the weather doesn't cooperate (heat, cold, storms)
List of easy, gentle, short exercises, when all else fails

I decided to start again on Friday since I'm still sick, tired, and now have a bunch of work to make up. If I can get some of the easy, gentle short exercises before then, I will.

I think that catches me up. It seems weird that I have only 3 more days of BDS and then I'm a graduate. Really weird. I suspect I'll be here working through my To Do list for a while.


12-15-2008, 11:31 PM
Personals (quick ones!):

Andrea Love the DR DRILLS mnemonic. Thanks for your wagon comments. There are days I consider planning to plan a victory. I figure I've got nothing but time for all this.

onebyone Seems like you are getting some structure back now that you can breathe in your life again.

shrinkin Glad you are starting on your PT again. That will help! I think of the trolling for food that you speak of as my inner Homer Simpson. The visual helps me realize I'm being ridiculous! The situation with your mother sounds frustrating, and :hug: to you for doing it. Good job on the work party. Hope you can find a deal on your tires.

Bill I think you are doing so well to recognize the creep before it is fully crept. At least I think I think that. LOL, just confused myself. My plates are 10 and 11 inches. We had 9 inch plates for a while, which DH detested, for reasons unknown. WTG on the yoga, and the two holiday parties. Sounds like you struck the right balance of yummy and controlled.

RobinW High five on stringing those OP days back to back!

Kim Glad you checked in, and glad you are busy in a good way.

:wave: to everybody else. Sorry if I missed you! My brain is, well, challenged these days.


12-16-2008, 07:16 AM
Diet Coaches - Planning: made a big batch of lentil soup with Kale and veggie sausage for lunches for the rest of the week. CREDIT moi. Found an enthusiastic endorsement and link to this recipe ( on another thread on this site. So, bought the ingredients on Saturday. Still fighting to overcome my self image as a non-cook by trying to gain some proficiency at the small tasks. I was wondering whatever was going to happen to this huge mound of kale I had just chopped, then had the thrill of watching it shrink and disappear beneath the waves. I modified the recipe by adding a tablespoon of cumin, two veggie sausage links, and by not using the two cups of water - thus making it stew than soup. I'll let you know how it tastes tomorrow.

Robin (RobinW) - LOL at but as a good patient I will choose to ignore them." Kudos for that walk - hopefully you also had the good weather that so many of us have had recently.

shrinkin - Big Kudos for getting back to the pool. And, yep, Kudos for not doing the full second bowl of chili. You're doing great getting your stride back despite the overload of work and continuing to deal with your mother.

angelmoma210 - Waving. Positive thoughts going your way.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Yep, carrying weight does have some advantage to us that we need to sort out and bring into the sunlight. Hope all is going well with you.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch for the headache, but Yay for giving yourself a big enough nap to have an impact. It's such a conflict to find time to take care of yourself with such a busy life.

Thanks for the story that your DH hated the 9-inch plates. That's so interesting since Mindless Eating suggests that each one of us has a minimum size that, if we reduce below it, the plate doesn't seem right.

Kudos for marching forward in your sixth and final week of Beck's 42 day program. LOL at being a "graduate." Yep, only a lifetime of working the to do lists remains.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
It's not that fattening.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-16-2008, 09:57 AM
Dear Diet Coaches.

The Perfect storm is brewing and I am in a danger zone.....physically not feeling well, emotionally-tense with the economy impacting DH's work, my DD's stressed out during finals week, my DS totalled the family car, the craziness of Christmas, the dark and cold and rain....ouch! I did not go to zumba last nite as I have a deep chest cold/cough and did not feel up to it.

These are special times! Choice not to sabotage myself? In Martha Beck's 4 Day Win, one thing that I remember besides her "happy rat park" is her Exercise Plans.....A-B-C-D.

A was the ideal challenging work-out when life is going well
B was the reasonable and realistic plan meeting your fitness needs
C was just getting exercise when life gets stressful
D was the plan for when life has absolutely fallen apart and if my memory serves me included rocking in a rocking chair and fidgeting!

Food is OK....did just have 3 cookies at Cookie-Baking Party! Thanx 2ME....but I am on the edge food-wise...white flours creeping in, not enough veggies, not drinking my water, turning to coffee for some energy, did not food shop on plan yesterday....little signs and small choices that lead to bigger crashes.

Ever have the feeling that when you are not feeling well, you will feel like crap forever? You can't imagine what feeling well feels like.....well, it's now almost a week since this cold began....I'm losing patience!

These times and my thoughts about these times are's when my all or nothing thinking can get me in a heap of trouble....awareness is key....this too shall pass.

It's easy when it's easy....and it's difficult when it's challenging.....seems so obvious....on my weight loss vision board I have a quote from WW.....Dieting is full of ups and downs. I promise to enjoy the ride. (or something like that)

Well thanx for listening....I am feeling like I need to be gentle with myself, babysteps, babysteps, babysteps.

Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-16-2008, 11:52 AM
Good Morning

Ok......nobody sneeze on your computer screens!! I havent caught this bug, and Im hoping to completely dodge it. Feel better really soon everyone. I so understand the loss of patience thinkerbell....after about 4 days Ive 'bout had enough. :getwell:

Yesterday was a slippery one....and Im not talking about the weather. The day was good, but getting home to make supper was a bit of a challenge. I was tired, and I just didnt want to cook or eat anything that was in the fridge. I was sitting on the verge of tossing in the towel. I was frustrated, tired & hungry.....I just wanted someone to feed me :bomb: I also knew it was going to be at least another 1/2 hr before any food would be ready and I needed to not nibble while I was cooking. So........I took my ipod out, plugged myself in and got to work. The music seemed to calm me down quite a bit, and I was able to focus and completely get rid of that anxious feeling. Ya Me :D

Another Ya Me.....I put my pedometer back on today :carrot::broc::woohoo::cheer: things are looking up :D

Bill~ Im looking forward to your review....I just might have to try this one. It looks pretty good.

thinkerbell~ it's when my all or nothing thinking can get me in a heap of trouble....awareness is key....this too shall pass this is such a tough one for me. But it sounds like you have a good grasp of it....dont let go :)

Anne~ since I'm not into goal weights, just a goal life this got me thinking. I associate the life I want with a certain weight. I know when I get to a certain point I can once again fit into airplane seats, amusement park rides, then when I get down further, I'll be able to take up kayaking/canoeing without so much bulk on my body, I'll be able to cross country ski for miles and miles and enjoy every minute of it.

I understand that its not all about the numbers....(thinking with my fingers here) maybe it would be good to watch the numbers until Im finally out of the obese rating, and then work on a goal life from there. Hmmmm ...things to ponder.

:wave: to everyone!

Have a great day!!

12-16-2008, 11:55 AM
Side note: when you are cooking with your ipod on, thread the ear pieces thru the inside of your shirt to your ears. The wire gets caught on pot handles and will pull that pan of chicken right off the stove! :eek:

12-16-2008, 12:13 PM
A little whine can do wonders....after typing my post I realized that I am facing's not easy 'cause it's not easy!

So I went for a 30 minute gentle walk, listened to some uplifting music, and came home and did a 20 minute strentgh training work-out from Denise Austin's Hit the Target workout which I recently got at K-mart for $10...she's really perky...for my mood it was good.

Drank a long glass of water and I feel so much better....I did not wander totally off the road.

Robin....oh my! about the i-pod! I can totally see that happening to me...thanks for the warning! Glad you're OK....can really see that has the potential for disaster (sp?)!

Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-16-2008, 01:49 PM
Afternoon coaches

Not sure what to report today. I'll start with the good.
1) exercising daily 30 min on minitramp.
2) drinking water in right amounts daily
3) getting flaxmeal in for my fibre needs and vitamins for all of me
Now more problematic:
4) 90% eating while sitting down - need to be more aware but I am catching myself = progress
5) I do not read my advantages card ever. Why not???! (okay just read it. credit moi. Why is that so hard?)
6) I am falling behind in reading the book. I am not writing the exercises out either. I am doing this half-assed. (hey. it wasn't censored.)

So that's how things are. I hope to get into the city tomorrow. Transit is still on strike. Day 7 now I believe. I have a school friend who wants a bunch of us to get together and socialize over lunch and she offered to come get us so
I am taking her up on it. I can then get some work at the school done too.

And today is movie day and we are seeing something at 3:30pm so I guess I'd better get at my special order painting before we go and that I can feel like I've been doing something since all I've done is rest and relax. I am not complaining but starting to feel guilty.

Better go! Will check back in for personals later.:hug:

12-16-2008, 02:52 PM
onebyone~ have fun at lunch!!

Today's lunch.......thought I would share since it was a type of salad :lol: One I can sink my teeth into!

3oz chopped leftover chicken
3 stalks celery chopped
1 young green onion chopped
.25 tomato (I have issues with the acid) so add more if you like
then add a dime size squirt of dejonaisse (sp?)
1 tbsp mayo (or your fav salad dressing)
salt and pepper to taste, mix and you are good to go!

12-17-2008, 12:08 AM
Hello Coaches!

Another quickie tonight. I was thinking how much better I felt this morning after getting about 4 1/2 hours of sleep yesterday, and feeling like a human being again, ready to take on the world. Or at least stick to my food plan.

Well, DS got sent home from daycare today, after spiking a fever. He seems to be fine now, but he's out for 24 hours, and DH and I are now juggling work schedules and childcare. I'm in tomorrow from early until about noon, and then I'm on the afternoon shift. So I'll have a moment to breathe again this weekend, after we catch up.

I'm reading for 15 minutes and then going to sleep. Will try to catch up again here tomorrow afternoon if I can get DS to go for a nap.


12-17-2008, 06:10 AM
Diet Coaches - The lentil-kale-veggie-sausage stew was a terrific lunch. Loved it. CREDIT moi. I froze half for a future week and still have enough for lunches this week. CREDIT moi again for good measure.

Next step for me is cart some of the sorted treasures to Good Will. Boy do I ever seem reluctant to let things go. I have moved stacks of stuff to go into one room where its sheer volume helps to motivate me to get rid of it. But it only helps - I still have an unwavering ability to rethink of how I can use an item. The old soccer ball is a good example. Kids are gone; I don't play soccer; there are soccer families nearby as well as schools. Yet it sits there waiting for me to act on its removal. And each book is the same. Who knows when I might need a picture book of Australia. Or any of the other zillion books I've already decided to let go. It's not that I've failed to keep the other zillion. I so identify with those of you who are struggling to let the weight go; I've chosen my clutter to continue to clutch.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for putting the pedometer back on. I'm such a believer that wearing mine encourages me to walk more. Ouch for a slippery day, but Kudos for the inspired response of using your iPod to cook dinner. Thanks for the reminder that a loose iPod wire can wreck havoc. Thanks for your chicken salad recipe - that green onion looks like a fine addition.

onebyone - Good for you for taking advantage of the transit strike to get in some catch up relaxation. I do hope your plan to get in to the ceramics lab works so that you can get that off your mind. Have a fun day at the movies.

angelmoma210 - Waving. Sending supportive thoughts.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Ouch that "The Perfect storm is brewing." Yep, a week is a long time to nurse a cold. Kudos for the aware responses, especially "babysteps, babysteps, babysteps." I hadn't seen that Martha Beck suite of ABCD exercise plans. That makes such good sense to have a fallback plan when the ideal plan and even the realistic plan aren't possible.

Anne (wndranne) - Yay for feeling better and "ready to take on the world." Ouch for DS's spiking fever. Sending him a virtual Popsicle to cool him down.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I'll make up for it later.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-17-2008, 07:02 AM

I had two days on plan and then blew it yesterday after getting home from work. This is truly my new danger zone. No one is home so no one can see me eating. I am going to work harder on Bill's suggestion of finding something to distract me at this tough time.

The good news is I have maintained my exercise. Still doing both Jazzercise and "teachercise" (credit, BBE).

thinkerbell I hope you make it through your perfect storm. I really liked your imagery as that is what it feels like I am in. It's as if there is a chain of events (or foods) that coincide to create this storm. Your insights are very helpful.

Robin congrats on using your Ipod to ward off temptations. I love music and I'm not sure why I don't come home and put some on. Seems like I'm in a rut during my 'danger hour' and maybe this will get me out of it. I will try to do this today to distract myself. Great idea!

Well, off to start the day. I WILL make it, ON PLAN. I will try some new distraction during my Danger Hour...maybe music while I take care of some little household chores I ignore in favor of slipping off plan. Good luck to all!

12-17-2008, 08:04 AM
Anne ~ sleep deprivation can be such a huge trigger to reach for food for an energy least for me it is. You seem as if you are juggling many balls and finding the time to be aware of the Beck stuff....a round of applause! )( )( (this is the sound of two hands clapping!)

Robin~ You sound so energized and focused....woo-hoo for you! Just the other day, I read in Beck about the short term goals/set realistic goals on our way to our long term goals....this idea is key for me. In the past I became self-defeated because of the numbers and so frustrated when the numbers did not fall as quickly as I wanted. This time around, I have found it so very helpful to concentrate on very short-term goals, including numbers and non-numbers. What has happened is that instead of geing super frustrated, I have enjoyed a string of success....and the process so far has been more joyful than ever.

Onebyone ~ yep, reading the ARC cards isn't so easy.....I thought it would be a snap. Yet I can see that keeping our reasons fresh in our mind is important. Kudos for you for what you do DO...half-assed is better than quater-assed! LOL! Learning to give ourselves credit, instead of beating ourselves up, is a fresh insight from this Beck takes practice, but is alot more fun!

Bill ~ oh, does remind me of flylady....ever heard of her? ....she is the master of de-cluttering. Once she gained some success in de-cluttering and oraganzing her home, she moved onto her "body clutter" and wrote a book of the same name.Usually in the new year, there's a ton of info put out about de-cluttering. is amazing how de-clttreing can free up is similiar to weight release in that it is all stored, unused energy and creates blockages. Your soup sounds yummy....and the freezing it is helpful as often I get tired of eating soup before it's all gone....I don't usually think of freezing things...mental block.

Freer ~ being aware that we have entered a danger zone is the very first woo-hoo for you. Are you physically hungry at this time? I know the 3-4 o'clock hour is a low energy time and a real "hungry" time....I plan for a snack around then or there's no way I'm making it til dinner. I have also found that I need enough protein and fat at lunch to carry me past the 4 'o clock crash....oh, and I have discovered the blessings of tea happy that green tea is considered a super-food.....and no-cals too! Just some thoughts....take or leave as you wish.

Here's my stuff....

My struggle and hot spot is night-eating...and I caved in last night! My niece had a holiday party. I brought my own hazelnut Wawa de-caf coffee which was my treat and strategy to avoid the wine and party food....I had a small snack at the party as I do eat a 300 calorie evening snack. Left the party feeling accomplished food wise....settled into bed but could not fall aleep...did a little internet surfing and the next thing I knew my cravings started....thought of Sergio, my DR DRILS sergeant, and ditched the thought because I wanted to eat! Had some left-over raviloi which I did not even enjoy...oh, and then 2 cookies from the cookie party that I had been avoiding.

This morning I feel dis-couraged as I had really hoped that discovering DR DRILS would be the solution....this night-eating is the reason for my weight gain and try as I is my weakness. :o(

Any tips. insight, advice is greatly appreciated!

I was thinking about getting those Teacher stars like in grade school and putting them on my calendar that adorns my refrigerator in the kitcehn for each nite a don't "night-eat"....and if I do put on a star and then eat, I would have to peel the star the visual of how many times I used my resistance muscles may give me a boost. This is so key to its frustrating to have such a great day and screw it up at night!

God speed,
Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-17-2008, 08:48 AM
New news. DD started throwing up last night. She seems better now, but geez. I'd love to catch a break soon! I'll be back when I can, maybe tonight??

Waves, hugs all around.


12-17-2008, 08:49 AM

Second attempt at post...lost the first one.

A good report considering that life is still bombarding me. Eating is OK although have not logged food in two days, so I don't know calorie counts.
Portions have been appropriate and food selection great because my environment has been controlled at home. Dodged two whole plates of Christmas cookies in the coffee room yesterday. Brain thought of BBE's "that's not about me", laughed out loud while pouring coffee and walking out. CREDIT MOI. Did PT exercises last night for first time in 3 days...and made computer spreadsheet to track these. Really want to get to working on strength before I have another problem.

Have not been back to car. Going for four new tires today in midst of snow storm. OUCH for the drive and the cost.

DH and I bought washer and dryer last night. Another unplanned OUCH. Supposed to be installed Saturday, just in time to catch up laundry before we leave for Dallas on Sunday.

Meetings all day today without even 10 min breaks between and I am supposed to be writing proposal that is months overdue. So, need to put in some long hours at the office today, tomorrow and Friday. Work just keeps dumping more and more. Oh Well. Food won't fix it.

Andrea-:( for your illness, sending warm thoughts you are totally over it soon. You are will pass along with the life challenges. WooHoo that you refuse to attempt to fix it with eating and just staying focused on what you can do. Thanks for the Beck Win scores...think I am somewhere around a C-...which is better than a D. Realize that she refrained from giving an F. :D

RobinW-:) at iPod challenges! Your comments about waiting until a scale number reminded me of the Beck chapter on Enriching Your need to wait for weight loss to try new things. I realize that SOME things simply cant be done until in better shape...but no need to delay for others. Think about it. ;) Proud of your progress!

Anne-WooHoo for at least a little sleep. Glad to hear DS is getting better. Kids are amazingly quick to heal...and get their energy back 1000%.

onebyone-Love that you are getting some time to care for yourself...and agree that one half is always better than one quarter. Good to nip that all or none thinking in the bud. You don't have to be perfect!

freer-Hello, sorry to have taken so long to greet you. WTG on the jazzercise and teachercize! And, welcome back!!

BBE-Decluttering is so tough. Sometimes, I think it is harder than managing the weight. I now have a dining room full of things brought back from my Mom's and have zero energy about dealing with it. Oh Well.

Off to drop the car for tires. Great day to all!

12-17-2008, 10:18 AM
Some reflections after this mornings posting.....

I am having an aha moment that I wish to concretize by putting my thoughts out into cyber-space. I have lost 21 lbs slowly and steadily since June 1st by not focusing on the numbers, just focusing on my eating plan, my exercize plan, my water plan and hoping for just a 0.1 lb reflection on the scale.....nice and easy.

But here's the trigger....I have wanted to be in Onderland by the New Year and at my last weigh in I was only 1.4lbs I am feeling the pressure and expectation and am having difficulty accepting that my life is not flowing in that not gain right now is a victory!....yet an inner resentment and frustration is building.

My body doesn't have a clue that the New Year is approaching...she lives only in the present moment, the eternal NOW. What my body knows is that the sunlight is dwindling as we approach the shortest day of the year in North America making this the darkest week of the body is fighting a cold...cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle.....and at the moment, she is content with the changes she has under-gone in the past 6 months.....New Year's Day is an artificial goal date that my Brain has imposed....ah, need to release this.....the numbers game still continues to trip me up, even though I have made progress.

Onederland, I will arrive when I arrive.....all is well, it really is. As we move thru these darkest days, I am holding onto gratefulness for having a plan, for finding this forum and Beck's book and for knowing that the sunlight will soon be increasing a minute a day once we get past Dec 21...the first day of winter in North America. I will continue to trust the process....I am headed in a down-ward direction and for this I am grateful! Ah, I can feel the resistance and resentment melting already......thanks for listening.

best wishes,
Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-17-2008, 04:09 PM
Good Afternoon :wave:

Bill~ good job on getting the stacks of stuff in order!! Every time you post about this I think about my dining room table! :lol: I wonder if some of those picture books you have might come in handy to a scrapbooker? If you dont mind the thought of the books being cut up....they might be put to good use?

thinkerbell~ I struggle big time with night eating!! Here is what I have been doing. Staying away (completely) from the tv, until that one show that I want to watch is on. Otherwise I dont sit in front of it. Ive been reading in another room, decorating, christmas shopping and wrapping & making phone calls to family to get caught up. I'll make myself a nice cup of herbal tea for the evening and have that if Im feeling peckish. So far its working for me.

Anne~ :hug: it will get better soon.

shrinking~ Enriching Your need to wait for weight loss to try new things. I realize that SOME things simply cant be done until in better shape...but no need to delay for others. Think about it. Proud of your progress!
I agree 100%!!! Thankfully I havent been waiting tho. I just know that some things will be alot easier without so much bulk on my body. For now Im doing the little things that I usually put off until Im where I want to getting my nails done etc.

Kudos for making up your spreadsheet....I envy you, I can design car wraps, logos and cool stuff like that, but I just cant get the hang of spreadsheets and whatnots that would be so helpful to me :lol:

I did my networking meeting today that serves salad for lunch. I skipped the lunch!! Stopped at starbucks first got myself a venti coffee, and had that. I had my eggs and broccoli soup when I got back to the shop ~Yah me!!

I got a strange compliment today....kinda made me wonder just how bad I was looking :( One of the presentors today was the marykay lady. I have been using the timewise dermobrasion stuff for about 2 months and love love love it!!! The woman sitting next to me says "Wow, that's what you have been using?!?!!" I said yes. She went right up and bought it after the presentation. She said "I want this stuff, Robin looks like she has had a facelift!" :sorry: So I guess that's good right? :lol:

Food is 100% but water is lacking today....I'll make up for it this afternoon.
Exercise is about 50%....which is a huge improvement. AND I have my pedometer on again today Yah me!

Have a great day everyone!

12-17-2008, 08:06 PM
Evening Coaches!

Here I am, chili cooking on the stove, feet up, laptop in my lap.
I sucked it up (credit moi) and met my friend at the mall, got in her car and off we went to the soutend of the sity to pick up the next person and then back to another part of the city to get the fourth person and then we headed downtown to have coffee and a sandwich at a very nice little cafe... a entrepreneur who wants it to become a cafe des artistes. I liked it there. And I really needed to meet people and talk to them... it was good. I feel much better mentally and emotionally. Much better. Credit moi for letting myself have what I need;. And to celebrate this fine day, I bought a book I have wanted to read Outliers: the story of success by Malcolm Gladwell. It's his theory about who makes it and why, and eternal puzzle to me so I am happy and eager to get into this book.

Foodwise it's been good. But I did eat two bananas in succession while standing up as soon as I got in the door. Too hungry. Oh Well.
So far today I have a) had my fibre
b) walked well over and hour, may still do the mini tramp later...optional
c) working on the water up to glass 4 now, with 4 to go

My diet is really a quest to get enough fibre and water. I am experiencing a mental shift brought about by a physical breakdown. I won't elaborate but I need to do this. My poor body. Last month and all the stress and all my nelect cannot be repeated. I cannot take it physically. I have to smarten up and take responsibility... so credit moi for leaving the chocolate at the store tonight. That was hard. (I am trying to eliminate sweets again.)

Gotta go check the chili. will be back later.:hug: to all.

12-18-2008, 06:46 AM
Diet Coaches - Correction: The lentil-kale-veggie-sausage stew reported yesterday actually contained Swiss Chard, not Kale - according to my DW who can tell a parsnip from a potato. Oh Well.

Made it to the gym; CREDIT moi. Did my walking lunges a little better - that's encouraging. But I feel embarrassed that I'm a bit wobbly doing lunges, a feeling that isn't helpful since it leads to the thought that I could make the feeling go away by quitting. I think the embarrassment comes because I associate wobbly with old. It would make sense to be pleased that even with graying hair I'm healthy, active, and at the gym. Perhaps it would be helpful to remember that the guys lifting the heaviest barbells are wobbly under the strain. Or, perhaps, it would be useful to remember what I've been reminded here - comparison isn't helpful.

Today's challenge is a long lunch with friends followed by an early company party with buffet dinner - historically massive Chinese platters of yummy calories. I have a plan; just need to stick to it.

Robin (RobinW) - Drooling over "eggs and broccoli soup." Boy does that sound yummy. Also, of course, drooling over a networking lunch that serves all salads, but I know your feelings about salads. Congrats on that nice compliment on your face.

Yep, whoever gets my discarded books from Good Will is welcome to cut them up as they see fit. Interesting that you mentioned that. Yep, I hate the thought of cutting up books - left over from childhood I guess. Can't think of a reason to keep carrying that around. Will have to put that on my long list of obsolete thoughts that just won't go away. (When I was a kid, my grandmother thought that switching channels wore out the television, LOL.)

onebyone - Kudos for getting out and going to that little cafe - sounds like a neat place. And Big Kudos for leaving the chocolate at the store. You're taking great steps to keep yourself going.

shrinkin - Just loving the image of you "laughed out loud while pouring coffee and walking out" in the coffee room with two platters of cookies being abandoned. Kudos for eating OK with all that is bombarding you. Yep, Ouch for tires on top of the washer and dryer. Sending you supportive thoughts to stay the course.

angelmoma210 - Waving. Sending supportive thoughts.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Great strategy to bring your own Wawa coffee to avoid the party's empty calories. Ouch that Sargent Sergio isn't doing her job on that night eating. Perhaps she can order you to drop to the floor and do ten pushups if you eat after 8pm, or something. Kudos for identifying the time and place and working on strategies.

Your reflections are so refreshing to read. Great perspective on onderland, "I will arrive when I arrive." It's always a conflict to use goals for motivation yet to avoid unrealistic goals that lead to feelings of failure. You seem to be striking a good balance here.

Yep, I've visited the flylady site, but haven't incorporated that into my life. Maybe that's what I need to do next. I appreciate your comment "unused energy and creates blockages."

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch for DD - sending her a virtual Popsicle to sooth that stomach. And sending you supportive thoughts to get through your over-busy times while remaining sane.

freer - Kudos for two days on plan, for continuing your Jazzercise by choice, and of course Teachercise (in self-defense, LOL). Ouch for " danger zone. No one is home so no one can see me eating. And Kudos for taking the initiative to plan a response. Will cheer for you from here.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
It'll go to waste if I don't eat it.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-18-2008, 07:29 AM
Shrinkin' ~ouch for all the broken things....there should be a rule about stuff breakin' right before Christmas! With how busy your life is, kudos for you for your continued awareness of all things Beck.

Robin ~ that was a fine compliment....what was the name of the product? Thoughtful strategies for the distraction of nite-eating...thanks for sharing them.

Onebyone ~ it sounds as if you got over-hunger which lead to the eating while standing.....are you getting enough protein and/or fat in your lunch to carry you to your next snack/meal? Just a thought. Woo-hoo to you for saying "No thanks" to the stood firm! and distanced yourself! DR. DRILS is jumping up and down with glee! Small consistent victories!

Anne ~ I hope your little one feels better soon.....that should be another rule in sick kids before Christmas! have your hands full....sending you thoughts of calm in this storm. This too shall pass! Hang in there!

Bill~ wondering what others are thinking of us at the gym is a dangerous place to visit! Somewhere I heard this line....your opinion of me is none of my business!....LOL!'s a useful mantra sometimes when I feel judged by others. Good for you to have awareness of these subtle sabatoging ideas and the helpful thoughts you choose instead.

My stuff....

I decided to draw little blue stars on my huge kitchen calendar to mark every day when I do not nite-eat....and celebrate this. And the old red ghostbusters symbol thru the blue star whenever I choose not to follow DR DRILS (Sergio) commands and marching orders. I noticed I definitiely beat myself up pretty good for one slip and do not celebrate my successes with equal intensity....very, very interesting to notice this. Got one blue star already *...woo-hoo for me! It does all seem to be a head game....that's why I am very grateful to have found this book subtitled "How to Think like a Thin person"....the thoughts rolling around my brain is so key!

P.S. Good stuff today about Christmas and dieting on Maria's Last Diet website, under the section Daily Weight Loss Blog.

God speed,
Andrea ala thinkerbell

12-18-2008, 09:48 AM
I wanted to thank everyone for their kind thoughts! No sick children today, and they are off to day care. I had a decent night's sleep, and a good breakfast and feel like I might be on track again. Plus I changed out the filters in my coffee pot (water filter and gold filter) and so the coffee will be extra good this morning. I'm due for a long day at work today to get a few things done before our holiday shutdown, followed by DD's gymnastics class tonight. I'm sorry I won't have time for personals until tomorrow, but I want you to know your support is really wonderful and I appreciate it.

I could use some help from you guys. I hit a major stumbling block unexpectedly yesterday on BDS Day 40 Enrich Your Life. I think the gist of the exercise is to get us off our collective backsides and start doing the things we want to do now, instead of waiting until we hit some goal weight to do it. But I drew a complete blank on enriching my life. A big dark nothing. My goal is to get a good night's sleep, and my plan to do it is to wait until DS is no longer nursing and book myself into a resort with no family for a couple days. Beyond that...nothing. As a side note, I generally don't wait until I lose weight to do the things I want to do, notable exceptions being things like not buy size 10 clothes until I'm a size 10 again, but I think that's a healthy thing. Any thoughts on what is going on? My working theory is the tired and overwhelmed thing.

I still have two athletic life goals (do an iron distance triathlon and qualify for the Boston Marathon), but those take years long foundations, and I am working those. I also have a dream vacation to France to watch the Tour de France, but that has to wait until the children are grown (or at least bigger) and I accrue enough vacation time to make it worthwhile. Anyway.

Day 41 is making the new to do list, and I'm planning to set that up on my computer tonight with a spreadsheet. The list is actually sort of overwhelming (there's that word again) to me, daunting maybe, and my plan is to pare it down, or make two shorter daily and weekly ones. Then tomorrow is Day 42.

As an aside, Saturday is my 6 year anniversary of the beginning of my life style change. I weighed 276 pounds on 20 December 2002, already down from my all-time high of 289, I stuck to my diet and I rode a stationary bicycle.

Barring more sick kids, I'll be back tomorrow for my Day 42 check in for Graduation, and personals.


12-18-2008, 11:46 AM
Good Morning :)

onebyone~ sounds like you had a lovely lunch with the ladies. Im glad you got out and it made you feel good!! :hug:

Fibre and water.....I put psyllium husks in my morning protein shake, and keep a mug of water next to the computer so I remember to drink it. Its a nice big one too! That was full 20 min ago..... You sound like you are on the right track. Taking care of "you" needs to be priority. Its too bad that when we get busy we forget this :( You are doing good!

Bill~ wobbly and old age? Wobbly at 2yrs old and learning to walk is a better are learning to walk the lunges, so you are going to be wobbly until you get the hang of it and you have built up stronger muscles. Has nothing to do with old age! As you build your core muscles, this will help with the wobbly feeling too.

Here is something else to think see some other poor person out there being told to do lunges by their trainer....what do you think when you see them? (remember I hate lunges!) Id look like I was ready to chew someone's head off.....and Id be wobblier than all get out. I suspect anyone that has been watching you has been admiring you. You've gotten yourself to the gym and you are getting into shape. I also suspect a day will come in the not too distant future and one of those guys that are pushing heavy weights will come up to you and comment on your progress. So dont worry about it, you are doing this for "you". Think positive! ;)

thinkerbell~ Im not sure what its called, but it is the TimeWise Dermabrasion stuff. If you have a marykay lady and tell them this, they will know exactly what you are talking about :lol:

About thoughts rolling around in your brain!! I couldnt agree more!! If you can put a stop to them, you are in a very good place. The trick is to recognize that you are thinking negative thoughts. I realized I was doing this after reading the secret. I built this huge neon red stop sign in my head, and used it when ever I had evil thoughts about the ex :devil: I still use that sign, but for other things works pretty cool. :lol:

Anne~ Congratulations on your 6 yr anniversary!! That's pretty awesome! I was thinking about your "getaway" That might be a nice christmas present from family. Tell them what you want, have the weekend booked, sitters in place and just take off and enjoy yourself. This particular day was hard for me too......even for stuff like getting my nails done. I used to think, fat women dont get their nails done. So I'll wait until Im thinner and it wont look so silly. :( Ok, so I was being silly.....I went and had them done the other day. Sometimes its the little things we put off until we are "thinner".

As for me, everything is going good. Food is 100% exercise is still only 50%, but Im getting better at accepting that it needs to be done and I'll intentionally walk around the shopping centers just to get the extra steps in.

My pedometer didnt read properly yesterday. I had on my dress slacks, and the waist is too thin, and they are loose. So the ped kept sliding out of position. By then end of the day it said I had only walked 694 steps :( Oh well. I have my workin' pants on today and it should be fine.

Its all good......Have a great day everyone!

12-18-2008, 12:00 PM
Dear Anne,

I have a totally sappy thing to share about Enrich Your Life....I've been accused about being an annoying polyanna but as I wrote to Bill, others opinion of me is none of my sappy or not, I want to say that I think nursing a baby/new life is one of the most creative, life-giving and enriching things that a body can do. It is a special time of life... nursing a little one....they grow up and away so quickly (my babies are now 19-17 yo).
Your life seems very enriched to me....and there will certainly be time for the other stuff.

Now I have not read that far in the book, so my thoughts here may not be compatible with what her point is....I just felt a bit inspired to point out that nursing is a very special time of life.


12-18-2008, 02:56 PM
Sigh. DS is now puking. OH @#$%ing WELL. :) Other than the puking he's happy as a clam, smiley, and now sleeping peacefully so I'm grateful for that.

Andrea, I had children to enrich my life, and enriched it is, puking notwithstanding. Although I'd make some minor tweaks, I'm actually pretty happy with the way my life is right now. Thanks for the thoughts.

Robin, I love the wobbly toddler image! I'm glad you're getting your steps in.

Bill, I'm wobbly with lunges too, and then I have to hobble for a couple days after. That is what makes me feel old.

onebyone, I think fiber is so important. And chili sounds like a really nice way to get it.

Shrinkin, ouch on the tires and washing machine.

:wave: to everyone. Boss is calling and I must get all the toxic pacifiers to their date with the dishwasher!


12-18-2008, 06:25 PM
Update: I couldn't face the long Day 41 To Do list. It was Too Much. But I decided I could deal with a few items, maybe get those down, and then add a few more later. I find I can remember one or two things and after that, if it isn't a habit, it's gone.

I've modified a bit from the list, but I'm working these three for now:

I took steps to reduce stress.
I ate mindfully.
I used Mindset and Behavioral strategies to avoid inappropriate eating.

Going out to eat with the girls tonight. PFChang's. I downloaded the nutrition info and have a plan!!

BTW: I'm now a flosser. I just did it last night without even thinking. NO CHOICE worked.

Oh yeah, I'm reading a book called Brain Rules about how the brain works (not diet related), and it is fascinating. It talks about stress, sleep, memory, attention span, exercise and other stuff that I'm actively struggling with right now.

Oh oh yeah, I ordered the new Beck Diet for Life book. It should get here just after Christmas.


12-18-2008, 08:54 PM

I am reporting a 5lb loss this first week back. :twirly: Fan-tas-tic. Fat be gone *poof*:wizard: And don't come back.:nono:

Okay had another good day. I am cutting down my food intake to a reasonable level. Eating on plan and getting the fibre, vitamins and water in. Got my 30 minutes of exercise done too--walking this time. 1/2 this morning to meet my last special painting order customer who met me to pick up a painting for his daughter, and then other half just now out to the drugstore to mail a Christmas card and pick up a few things. Not much else to report. Started reading Outliers. So far Malcolm Gladwell's analysis of the successful is still pretty much "oh yeah. I already knew that." kind of stuff. Born in the right place at the right time kind of things. I just started the book so I'm glad he's getting the obvious over and done with. I hope there's more to it...:crossed:

So I'm giving myself a :cp: and a credit moi for today. It was good.

wndranne You were mentioning not knowing what to do about Day 41 Enrich your Life and then you mentioned this My goal is to get a good night's sleep Until you can get to that resort enrich your life now. What about putting fantastic new sheets on the bed, making your room seem cozier or more peaceful? What could you do to help facilitate your confort around the area of sleep at home? A book to read? I don't know but I am sure that there is something that makes you think "special" in a rooom? I always put fresh flowers into my guest's rooms if they stay overnight. I would like that and it makes me happy. Our lives are enriched by very small things/acts sometimes. Oh yeah I know how to put it treat yourself like a guest! :hug:

RobinW :cp: for being on plan and :cp: for 50% activity... soon to be 55, then 60, then....! All good! That sure is a big cup! I find it is good to have the cup always full and around. I have a big one near the sink and drink up when I am there. I'm getting much more consistent and glad I am doing it. Happy to read you are doing well too.

thinkerbell Hello! I used to give myself gold stars when I stayed OP. I found it very motivating. It's like seeing the advantages to weight loss list right in front of you, you are reminded of what your are doing and why and when you get a string of stars there you really don't want to break your streak... you're doing great! Kudos!

Billblueeyes Good luck with your plan this evening. I am sure you'll be fine! And lunges. They can shake the most firm muscle or resolve. But this is a good thing. You are pushing yourself beyond your comfort level, physically, emotionally, mentally. You're not going to grow stronger on any level without that kind of effort. Keep doing it... Kudos for your willingness to go forward!

Have a great evening.

12-19-2008, 06:53 AM
Diet Coaches - Re plan for yesterday's challenge for lunch with friends and company Christmas party:

At lunch ignored rolls and butter, had no liquid calories, ordered portabella mushroom stack over white beans. Ignored the offered french fries from the guy sitting next to me who was served aboiut a pound of them. CREDIT moi.

At buffet, had no liquid calories, had one plate (as in 1.0) with only two items: green beans in a light blackish sauce and beef and broccoli except it wasn't broccoli but a similar Asian vegetable. Skipped fried rice, sweet and sour pork, and multiple little encrusted things that I used to inhale. Ignored the wine and beer area. Ignored the Christmas cookies table. CREDIT moi.

Three cheers for the Beck notion of planning. It does seem to work.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for keeping that food on track and for working on the exercising. Ouch for a pedometer that isn't counting. BTDT. I once pulled up my sweat pants because of puddles and then walked for an hour with the pedometer happily counting nothing. I felt like my walk didn't really count - that my exercise was wasted.

Thanks for the encouragement about wobbly lunges. (I do remember that you hate them.) I like the image of a wobbling two year old learning to walk; that should distract me from the Sabotaging Thought that I shouldn't be so out of shape that I'm not already doing this with elegance.

onebyone - Congrats on the five pounds gone. Sounds like you're getting back to your eating plan.

Read in the paper that your man Malcolm Gladwell spoke in Cambridge Mass to promote Outliers. He apparently annoyed the crowd by spending more than an hour telling the story of the 1990 plane crash. In gruesome detail. And then more gruesome detail. And then more story. Didn't stop the crowd from buying he book, but it's a good reminder that even a guy who's winning big time can drift off-plan. Oh Well.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Big Kudos for identifying the imbalance between beating up and celebration. And Kudos for the red and blue star strategy in response. That's just great Beck behavior.

Gotta steal your mantra, "Your opinion of me is none of my business!" Yep, even though it's my own embarrassment in the gym, it is also thinking about what they are thinking.

Anne (wndranne) - Congrats on your six year anniversary. That's one admirable chunk of time. And thanks for acknowledging that you're also wobbly with lunges.

Re day 40 Enrich your life: Yep, it's a bit difficult to envision cultural events when triage-ing between sleeping and cutting your toenails. Your planned weekend off sounds like a great choice. Perhaps you only need to redefine your concept of enriching. Maybe just choosing the green vegetable next to the one you always pick up at the supermarket. No opera was ever written by a working, nursing mother of two. It would fit the description of enriching to ask one of your friends who has the time to read what she thought about her latest read. Mostly, IMHO, you simply need the reinforcement that you're not in need of fixing.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I should eat it because it's FREE.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-19-2008, 09:00 AM

Wrote long post yesterday and then lost it before hit submit. Not sure what happens with that.

Still struggling just to maintain Beck concepts and not gain any weight. Yesterday did pretty well, but did not take time to pack lunch. Had a chicken wrap sandwich from the cafeteria, so not as bad as some options. Passesd on all the free desserts at the office. CREDIT MOI. Ate too many soy nuts last night after dinner while working at the computer. Oh Well.

Have decided that while life is chaotic, best goal is to maintain and just do what I can to hold to Beck thinking. Will forgive myself for not posting calories. Plan to read and post here at least every other day. Every day is better, but if that is the target and I don't make it...becomes a nidus for negative thinking. Will be in Dallas next week and may or may not have internet access.

Plan to focus on my PT exercises next few days and then do pool shopping in Dallas next week. :) Will be nice to walk outside without dealing with a foot or more of snow. We are in the middle of a snow storm here which is why I have time to post. Otherwise would be in to work already for a 7 am meeting. BBE, DD tells me Boston is getting ready for this one too, but that you have not yet had much snow. Envy that.

My two cents (worth less than others six cents ;)) on Enrichinig Your Life: Anything you do to add positive to life counts as Enrichment, but if you have been thinking: "When I am thinner, I will do X", and you can get over waiting...the bonus to the psyche is enormous. You get the benefit of doing it, but you also get a lift from doing something you may have thought impossible. Putting life on hold to be thin robs us of richness we could be enjoying least for many, if not most, things. IMO, being overly concerned with what others think ties into this. Will also steal the "Your opinion of me is none of my business." KEY THINKING to add richness to life is not to care what others think about what I am doing. It really isn't about them. It's my life.

Sending out smiles and some warm hugs for all...great Friday to all!

12-19-2008, 09:12 AM
Robin ~ I was struck by the line " I am getting better at accepting that it needs to be done"....kudos to you. Accepting melts the inner resistance....that's such a huge thing..a small step and giant leap. May I share a thought.....could there be any reason that might benefit you in a non-working pedometer? I think things happen for a reason when we are focusing on our goals...even small things, like not functioning pedometers.

Onebyone ~ I am celebrating with you....many babysteps and a 5lb loss! woo-hoo for you! I read a interesting review about Outliers in said that it is aimed to humble the arrogant a bit....the wildly successful among us who think they are better than the rest of us because of their success.....his point is that talent, academic, musical or athletic, is only part of the equations....luck also plays a is intended to deflate the egos of the aggrogant....well, at least according to Newseek.

Bill ~ great planning and great follow-thru....woo-hoo for are thinking like a thin person! Thanks for the example of your thought is really helpful....the victory is in the details and small but important choices. No need to steal the is freely given! ;o)

Anne ~ "My turtle sleeps sideway....crash", I am not crazy, these are the words to the graduation march! LOL! You are graduating today...congratulations! As Bill rightly noted about the opera composer not being a working/nursing of two, I add this favorite quote from a friend, "the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world!" One of the things that I admire about Oprah is how much she admires and respects motherhood....she even believes that it is the hardest/most important job in the world.....raising little human beings. I hope you enjoyed your night out with the sounds as if you needed a wee bit of fun.

Shrinkin' ~ ouch about the long lost post....I use the quick reply post and will often write and post and then hit edit to's what I am doing right now in fact because we cross-posted. It is so frustrating to lose a post.....for me, my heart is never quite into writing the second draft. I remember that you recently noted a 2 lb loss and said good-bye to the 90's.....I think to maintain this thru the holidays is truly an accomplishment....slow and steady wins the race! (I always liked the tortoise and the hare story since I was a kid!) Yes, the "your opinion of me is none of my business" is a very useful mantra and I believe so true....peoples opinion reflect their own projections/judgements. Once I went to an art museum and noticed that the beautiful woman in the 16th century paintings all had adominal was then I realized that I was not fat, just born in the wrong century! I could have been a sex symbol in the 16th century, pre-Twiggy! LOL!

My stuff.....

Red ghostbusters symbol last nite...oh well? I have a definite connect between finances and I wrote DS totalled car 2 weeks ago ....not a great time to be car shopping, right before Christmas, and in this doom and gloom ecomomy. Just putting it out there, so maybe I'll really get my anxiety-nite eating connection as the thought of the stars and ghostbusters sign did not prevent me, nor did Segio, DR DRILS.....I'll get this....not giving up. Also I did get this month's O magazine....I would like to caution others as I felt it was a downer....especially her comments about Cher and Tina Turner and cows.....frankly, I was a bit disappointed in reading her musings.....fortunately for Oprah, my opinion of her is none of her business! I did get in my Plan C walk.

It is cold and sleeting and gray....I am still coughing and sniffling.....much of Christmas still needs to be done. This is life....full of ups and downs, chaos and triumph, uncertainty and joy, anxiety and's all part of the process...only 3 more days until the light begins its return. woo-hoo! Perhaps I need a bit of holiday wonder...some fa-la-la-la and Santa Claus...some little elves and red noses.....some peace on earth....some Tiny Tim....turning my Bah-Humbug into a Merry Christmas. Today is a new day.....I can begin again, again.

God speed,
Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-19-2008, 12:10 PM
Good Snowy Morning :snowball:

We are suppose to get a bunch of snow today. This is when I miss our 4 wheel drive explorer. Didnt have to stay home and worry about getting stuck. Well, we drive a little tricked out street pkg focus :lol: Getting stuck is its specialty! What we do to save a $ on gas! Now its under $20 to fill the tank. Oh well. We can walk in this weather, its actually very refreshing. However my husband has other views on that :lol3:

Some silver lining news......hubby went and had his yearly checkup. All was good until he got his results back. Seems his sugar is a bit high, and the dr told him flat out, quit eating sugar crap! Funny things have started happening, he's eating just like me!!!!! Passing on the pasta with his meals, skipping his jolly ranchers, even contemplated the last 3 cookies in the cookie box. He ate them, but then told me not to make anymore. Im really proud of him, and thanked him bigtime yesterday for eating the same way as me. It makes everything so much easier. My daughter on the other hand is a whole different ball of wax.

Bill~ Kudos!! Big time!! For making it thru the labyrinth of food with your "beck" still intact!! We need a pat on the back smiley for here! :lol:
I once pulled up my sweat pants because of puddles you pull up your legs not your entire pants! You dont want to go around looking like those old guys with their pants up too high!! Hubby gets his pants yanked down quite often because of this :lol:

shrinkin~ enjoy the snowstorm!! Sometimes getting stuck at home is the best thing to recharge our batteries.

k.......Im going to post here and move to the nxt pg. :D

thinkerbell~ could there be any reason that might benefit you in a non-working pedometer? I think things happen for a reason when we are focusing on our goals...even small things, like not functioning pedometers. Hmmm....probably not, because I dont stress over the pedometer like I do the scale, or how many miles Ive done when I get into walking on the treadmill. But you never know....if there is a reason, I havent figured it out yet. :lol:

This time of year is stressful for ppl during the good times. So the fact that you plan to maintain and follow the beck teachings is a good thing. Having to look for a car right now isnt great either....but the silver lining??? They are getting pretty close to dirt cheap right now. Especially with some of the companies offering employee pricing and cash back. You just might do alright.

Today is 7 of my 21 days at a time committment. Im down a few more lbs, Im looking and feeling better. I havent decided, but I may choose to stay off the scale until my 21 days are done. I have scale issues :( I'll think on it. So as far as I know and have planned I have been sugar/flour free for 7 whole days :carrot: :broc: Ive been posting my food in fitday, and keeping track of moods, food, and lack of exercise. Havent been reading my cards as much as I should. I'll smarten up on that one. Ive been flexing my resistance muscle....its getting stronger.

Im putting it out there into cyberspace........I will commit to a minimum of 15 min on the treadmill for the next 7 days!

Stay warm and have a great day!

12-19-2008, 12:46 PM
Arghh, whole long update post-- gone! I'll try again.
Disappearing from here, was not a good idea! I should have known better. BUT, despite not being around, some of the initial BDS principles have luckily just become natural for me :broc: However, I still have only implemented the first week exercises and I still need to concentrate on those more.

I believe there were 2 main reasons why this happened.

#1 I was freaked out by the amount of progress I was making

#2 That good thing that was happening that I referred to the last time I posted was about a boy :o

I recently re-connected with an old college flame and we were busy communicating through lengthy emails, text messages, etc. I can not believe how LOOONG it's been since I've had that butterflies in the stomach feeling! (At least 15 years) That was so awesome! (Oh and good for weight loss too because there wasn't much room for food with all those butterflies in there :D) I have been through some horrible times in the past few years (including finding out about multiple affairs my soon-to-be-ex was having), so this is definitely a nice change of pace and something I feel I deserve after having to put up with so much crap. However, it's a catch-22 because I don't want me feeling good about myself to come from other people, I need it to come from me. I see how very quickly my good feelings about myself can be taken away when they're originating from how someone else perceives me.

I know that I was already on the path to feeling better about myself (that's probably why I had the nerve to contact this guy in the first place) but it certainly hasn't hurt to have him tell me that I'm still a "hottie" after looking at pictures of me on Facebook.

I know that I have a bad tendency to get completely caught up in other people though and not taking care of myself. One of the best things about my separation is that I'm finally living on my own for the 1st time in my life (with kiddos) and it's been so fantastic to have time and space for introspection. I cannot lose this. I need to re-focus on myself which includes being present here and continuing with the BDS.

Wow, I just realized something that seems so obvious now, but I didn't realize it until I started writing this post (maybe that's why I lost the 1st one)! I was stating that the 2 reasons I think I was losing focus on BDS was because of being scared of my success and because I was too wrapped up in a guy. I never thought about the fear of talking to a guy and letting someone into my life. He only lives a few hours away from me and we've already discussed getting together (maybe after the holidays). Whoa, of course that's scary. And, what better way to avoid all of it then re-gain the weight I've lost so I don't feel comfortable seeing him and I put that visit off.

HELLO? Duh! Okay, yeah, that was good to see and good for me to acknowledge. As a matter of fact, I noticed just last night sabotaging thoughts really coming in loud and strong (I'm pretty sure they are still there most of the day, just more subtly and I haven't been doing a good job of listening for them). Lots of thoughts about how I'll never have a good body, I'll never feel comfortable naked around somebody. Look at all those rolls still, etc., etc.

I did however, manage to pull myself out of the kitchen and get myself upstairs to bed :broc: And now I'm here and posting :broc:

Thanks for listening and I want to apologize for not being here to support all of you for the past week or so. I am not going to go back and do personals, but will resume them from this point forward.

Oh and I'm happy to report that despite the mental setbacks, I'm still down 12 lbs from when I began this journey at the beginning of November. :broc:

12-19-2008, 04:20 PM
Hello coaches

I decided today that I will be happy no matter the circumstances. What circumstances you ask? Well I'm not in touch with my family. I retreated when I started school and I think there is some kind of unwritten rule I tripped over by doing that. One that says "If I go away I have therefore rejected you." Not sure, of course, and this is the problem, but I have decided that if they are happier without me around, so be it. Really. AND it follows that my happiness is not dictated by their actions and I can CHOOSE to be happy and so I will do that. There have been no Christmas invitations extended to me and my DH, no calls, no emails. I have tried to call my mother and get no answer, let phone messages for my brother and several emails with no reply. I have two older sisters, one who said "oh it's you." the last time I called and has not called me back from when i called her last to invite her out for her birthday (in response I never sent her a birthday card or anything) and another who answered the phone by asking me why I was calling and then not bothering to ask me how I a doing after I took a deep breath and asked her how she was. Busy she said and she had to go. Okay. I could be making a mountain out of a molehill but you know I'm not hard to find, I didn't tell them off or yell at them or be mean to them, true I didn't keep in touch but I guess I was supposed to do all that. My mother may not be well and I don't even think they would tell me how she was so the last week or so I've been trying to reach her and there is no answer, leading me to assume she's out of town. Eventually I will get some news. Until then I refuse to be miserable any longer. It does make me wonder what to do about Christmas in terms of gifts or cards or what. Not sure what to do. I had thought I'd get my mother a present and mail it to her and send cards to everyone else. honestly, I don't feel like it, but then this is definitely a bad thing on my side isn't it? Opinions? :?:

Foodwise I continue to do well. Focusing on fibre and vitamins and water. It's all good.

bennyhannahmamaI believe there were 2 main reasons why this happened.

#1 I was freaked out by the amount of progress I was making

#2 That good thing that was happening that I referred to the last time I posted was about a boy Hello! A saying we have around here that goes "persist in victory" comes to mind with your post today. It's good you're back to ground yourself. congrats on having that butterfly feeling! Where would we be without that? And kudos for maintaining your loss! You have more Beck in you than you think! Yay!

RobinW Hi Robin. Kudos on continuing with your plan. I relate to the DH business. My DH needs to get to the Dr and he HATES it. He'll use any excuse to flake out and he knows it's just a matter of time before the Doc says to him something to make him change his ways. He just turned 40 and he is steadily gaining weight. I have been no model for his to follow nor have I been successful (yet) in changing my own ways and I can't be a do as I say not as I do person so, he gains weight, I gain weight. I am no longer going down that road though. it is painfully obvious my body cannot accept this kind of abuse any monger. it just can't. And I need to be well, heart and soul. And I will match your 15min on the treadmill with the same or more on my mini tramp for the next 7 days. :hug:

thinkerbell I await the return of the light more than anything else. I do believe my year turns around it. when all else fails in the middle of a January day I can remind myself the days are getting longer and we are marching toward Spring. Time will not be stopped. It's comforting.

:snowglo: Kudos for Winter Solstice! :snowglo:

shrinkin :hug: I do believe that choosing to maintain while chaos reigns is very very smart Beck thinking. And it's not a fall back plan either. when i have NO plan I gain weight. My fall back is a retreat to old habits, none of which will serve me well at this juncture of my life. So hang onto a maintenance plan and enjoy those 180's! You've had much success now you need to PERSIST IN VICTORY:xcheer:

Billblueeyes First kudos on executing your plan at the event last night. Very well done. Second, I am not surprised that Malcolm Gladwell drifted off topic when promoting his new Outliers book. IMHO there's not much CONTENT in his book so probably the crash story is better. I haven't read anything new yet that I didn't already know and I am beginning part 2 of the book, page 161 of 299. Perhaps he is the first commercial (as opposed to academic cause I cannot believe this stuff hasn't been covered before. If not, I really need to pursue that academic career.) writer to track down the statistics and the comparisons and actually prove some of the concepts that make up Big Successes but so far there's nothing here for me that's surprising. Luck, opportunity, hard work, being in the right place at the right time, some smarts but you only need enough; too much doesn't equal getting that much more; emotional intelligence, being able to deal with people ie. charm ... being good at something that comes into fashion therefore you are ready to go when the trend blows wide open (Bill Gates has many of these factors) family background/models/support... ho hum is my review so far. maybe part 2 will be more; maybe there isn't any more to it? In which case, I should move to New York, or Berlin, to be a Famous Artist. And then if I reach my late 80's and I am still doing it I may get fame then. Maybe. Did I ever tell you a woman once came up to me in the washroom at a craft show and said "You picked a career where you'll only really make it big after you're dead." I thought "You really think I'm going to make it big?!?" :cb:

TGIF in spite of the snow.

12-19-2008, 11:11 PM
Hi, coaches,

Time for me to give back a little as I am benefitting from all of your posts and for that, I am grateful.

Onebyone-WooHoo for your 5 pounds gone!! :cp::cp::cp::cp::cp: OUCH for your family issues. I think it is good to learn to be content no matter what happens with others, but when those we care about let us down, it does hurt. Family can unintentionally be hurtful. Maybe they were hurt when you were unavailable to them even though you didn't mean to hurt them. I humbly suggest you do whatever will make you happy for what you feel good about now and or guessing what you will feel good about later. Will you feel better if you send your mother a gift...then send it. Will you wish later you had sent her something, then send it. Same for your siblings. Will it hurt if no one acknowledges your efforts...yes, but it will hurt less if you decide up front you are doing it for you, because you want to...not because they will respond. Sending you big :hug: as you deal with this.

bennyhannahmamma-OUCH for losing that too. Seems to happen the most when I am typing fast. :) for the excitement of a new guy in your life, but more :D for all of the insight you are gaining about how you think about weight. Important to remember you are far more as a person than a scale number or a waist measurement. You are far more than what any one person can think about you or how they treat you. No single characteristic (not any physical characteristic nor even any personality tendency) ever fully describes a person. BUT, it is good to get healthier (both thinner and stronger) for youself. You will be able to enjoy life more. The right SO in your life will want to help you get there but will value you while you are doing it. Ewe, I just reread this...if it sounds like preaching, I am sorry:o....not intended to be a preacher, just a cheerleader. :cheer2:Hope something in it is of value to you.

RobinW-I am so excited that you and DH are pursuing health together! I have lost track of details of your 21 day plan, but it sounds like you are making great progress! Suspect Buffalo will be getting the snowdump like the midwest just had...but then you out state New Yorkers are snow pros.

Andrea-Kudos for your walk! I am still reflecting on your opinion of others mantra. Wish I had learned to not care about what others thought when I was much younger. Would have saved some pain. Yup, unexpected money outlays are stressful but not solved by eating. I think it was oneby one that said, "If food isn't the problem, it isn't the solution." I am remind self that somehow, even when the money is lean,it all works out. Saying that, methinks some deep breaths and some BIG OH WELLs in order for DS and car. Sending some positive vibes for energy to deal with it. just keep showing us how to be Beck successful. All that Chinese food...and you just skipped it. A 1.0 plate! Awesome...especially for someone that loves "free food", which a big buffet really is even if one has contributed to it. WTG on following thru on your plan. Thinking of you and those tough lunges!

Anne-Sending some warm hopes that your children are getting back to health. You do have a rich life. Looking forward to your Chang's report. Great to go out with friends and BIG Kudos for planning diet ahead of time. Hope to hear a review of the new Beck book...particularly whether it adds much to the previous one.

Got to get back to chores. Evenin' to you all!

12-20-2008, 08:29 AM
Robin ~ it's wonderful that you have inspired your DH by modeling healthy behavior...woo-hoo! It does make things easier when your life partner is on the same page. I totally get the scale thing! Yes, I have number issues also.

Kim ~ ah, those lovely butterflies! You have much awareness....I think that's so key to the anxiety-food connection and writing out what we are feeling does bring clarity. It seems to me the process of what you are experiencing right now is the key to "persisting in victory"....I just love that line!

Onebyone ~ Christmas time can highlight family have much awareness and resolve....."I decided to be happy today no matter the circumstances". My opinion as far as the present goes is do what feels good to you...just like in Beck's anti-craving stategies, imagine the do you feel after Chrsitmas if you decide to give her a present? if you decide to not give her a present?

Shrinkin ~ thanks for the good thoughts! I like the idea about "If food is not the problem, than eating is not the solution." ....ah, if it were that simple....old habits die hard....methinks it has to do with that lovely seritonin in carbs.....definitely some sort of anti-anxiety coping mechanism....does Beck address this at all further in her book? As I feel I need to come up with a new enjoyable that brings instant anxiety-relief, like the seritonin in carbs.....I have no will-power.....but I do have a very strong will to feel good, to be healthy and live a healthy life-style. I am wondering if finding a meditation CD might have a calming effect. Beck does list distracting behaviors in the Anti-craving chapter.....but nothing screams "relief".....I feel like this is my new find and practice a new behavior so that it will be in place when the anxiety hits.Again, thanks for your warm thoughts.

Best wishes,
Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-20-2008, 08:48 AM
Diet Coaches - Took a vacation day to avoid sitting in my office wondering when to leave early to avoid the snow, exposing myself to the giant traffic jam when I leave at the same moment everyone else does to avoid the snow and traffic jam. Good choice. CREDIT moi for some reason.

Used the morning to take four boxes of books and two boxes of stuff to Good Will. CREDIT moi for working on my environment. I'm still getting rid of things that I should never have kept, so it's a bit easier then it's going to be when I get to items of value that simply take up too much space in my life. Note the demonstration of projecting in advance what I'm going to feel in the future. LOL - OK, that's an opportunity to re-read day 26 Recognize Thinking Mistakes. Oh Well.

Thanks for all the encouragement about my on-plan eating at the company party buffet - yep, especially since it was FREE. Been thinking about it, and am kinda amazed that, with a serious plan in hand, it wasn't that hard. I planned in advance to have a bottle of water first, partially to delay rushing to the food table to feed my "gotta get mine" thinking. Then did that. Wasn't particularly tempted by the mounds of food because I attacked the table with an exact plan - which I simply exercised. Sorry for wallowing around in this, but it's a big deal for me because I continue to struggle with buffets and this was an unusual success. I usually don't arrive so carefully armed with a plan. It seems that I'm rather slow at learning the obvious. Oh Well.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for "sugar/flour free for 7 whole days," and Kudos to your DH for a wise response to the results of his sugar test. Neat that you'll have a co-conspirator on your healthy eating path. Had to laugh at having a car with the specialty of getting stuck.

LOL at your comment about old guys with their pants pulled high because I'm so sensitive to that right now. I'm at goal weight, but am not, and apparently never will be, at goal shape. Was trying to adjust my gym shorts to minimize the little muffin top that has taken up permanent residence in place of the old big muffin top. Was horrified that the best position made me look like a ninety year old man. I chose the muffin top, LOL.

onebyone - LOL and nearly in tears - that's got to be the most positive attitude on the planet when the lady suggested that you'd only make it big after you were dead and you thought "You really think I'm going to make it big?!?"

IMHO, responding to family requires a bit of considering, as has been pointed out, what you'll wish you had done ten years from now. My suggestion is to send your mother a gift and to continue to try to make contact with her regardless of her responses. Regardless of the past circumstances, you don't get another one and the ties don't go away in response to rational thinking about them. For your siblings and their kids, my suggestion is the same even though the ties are less. Small gifts can open hardened hearts. Can you make something personal for each? Especially using your incisive humor and cleverness that underlies your artistic talents.

Good luck with handing this. I know it isn't easy, isn't always reciprocal, isn't always fair, and NEVER comes with the certainty that you're doing the right thing. Just gotta push forward in the dark.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Ouch for the Red Ghostbusters star. But BIG Kudos for having your suite of exercise plans prepared and Kudos for doing your "Plan C walk." Your upbeat attitude inspires me when you can write "I can begin again, again." Shopping for a car isn't a fun thing for me in the best of times, so I can imagine it's a pain for you when it's forced and it's a busy season. The only silver lining is that the dealers are rather desperate to make a sale right now, so there should be someone willing to make an attractive deal. Are you shopping for new or used?

Anne (wndranne) - Waving.

shrinkin - Yep, good plan with "while life is chaotic, best goal is to maintain." You're doing great during a super difficult time - especially passing on the FREE desserts at the office. But did find myself LOL at your "pool shopping in Dallas" - just wondering what the airline is going to say when you try to check it as luggage to bring it home.

By the by, had to lookup nidus ( - what a beautiful word. I particularly like the definition, Latin for nest, but in this context a place or point in a host where a pathogen can develop and breed.

Kim (bennyhannahmama) - Great news about your old flame; will keep my fingers crossed. Kudos for having yourself together enough to make the contact and venture into a meeting. That's really moving forward in your life, whether it works out or not. That's just really a big move.

Welcome to the Persist in Victory crowd; success does seem to draw out the fangs of the old Sabotaging Thoughts. Neat that you're aware of what's going on and are actively fighting for your right to go forward and leave the old negative stuff behind. I'm cheering for you.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
Everyone else is eating.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-20-2008, 09:20 AM
Bill ~ LOL! ideal weight, not ideal shape! Once again, I learn so much from your process...thanks so much for sharing the real-life thoughts of a maintainer. Yesterday, we did buy a car (used).....once we made the commitment and figured out the finances it was fun....even bought one of those big red car bows...the look on my DS face...priceless!

God speed,
Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-20-2008, 11:19 AM
Quick flyby. Still lots of throwing up going on. DS isn't sleeping, DD is puking again and DH & I have the same bug, not as severe and so are cranky.

This will pass. Someday.


12-20-2008, 12:43 PM
Actually just a quick shout. Still trying to keep up with all of my favorite Beckies, reading your posts, sharing your victories and shaking my head and feeling your pain at the struggles.

Wndranne, that bug has not been frozen out in Minnesnowda, either. It is called the Nova (?) virus.....nasty, nasty, and not the it just has to pass through. Hope to escape, but it does seem to go through whole households.

We are snowed in again. Second weekend in a row. I am beginning to get visions of the winter of 96/97. The ice went off one of the neighboring lakes the day before fishing opener that year. It was a long one. The upside--I actually like shoveling snow. I do. It is good exercise and there is a visible outcome. Instant gratification.

One of our BAG (Beck Accountability Group) ladies has had great and consistent success..she is down about 15 pounds since we all started keeping each other accountable. She does have the most to gain. Yes, she does. She is just beginning to date and has cut one out of the herd; it is progressing slowly but surely.

To bennyhannamama, I say you go girl. The best way to get over one man is to find a new one. Always has been true, always will be. And of course, it doesn't mean "dive in head first" as if he is a carton of Ben and Jerry's. Just taste, evaluate, decide if it exactly what you want, or if you'd rather have cheesecake...or beefcake, as it were! I thought dating the second time around was a blast.

BillBE, I am willing to bet most anything that you are the only one who even notices a tiny muffin top. At our age, weight/fitness is the most important, almost the ONLY factor as to whether or not someone is attactive. We overlook wrinkles, liver spots (oh, *they* are attractive) follicle challenges of all sorts...there is that facial hair thang for girls our age..

Could so relate to your struggles with exercise form and then trying to breath right. I never got beyond beginning Pilates. Why anyone would need some machine when I can't even get the breathing right for The 100. Sheesh.

And, in defense of Minnesoda and our voting idiosyncrosies, on Wed. I heard a pundit saying by Friday of this week we would know which candidate would sue, because surely whoever was behind at that point would sue. Well, even that didn't happen. The counting continues.

That said, I have some pretty strong feelings about defending our state's voting process. For one thing, we again, as we usually do, led the nation in voter turnout. Yep, 77.3% of us did our civic duty and excerised our right to vote. Additionally, our system is paper/pencil and optic scanning, which is accurate, quick, and there is a paper trail. Now, keeping track of the paper is not without challenges, but still. ...

In fairness, I have to admit we do have that one thang to live down......that wrestler guy...we are a bit, uhmm.....odd.

We are the bluest of the blue states, but that is just the cold...

Tinkerbell, thank you for verbalizing exactly the joy and wonderment I felt about nursing; it was the best, the best bonding, the most natural thing. I loved every minute of it. Course there *was* that extra 500 calories a day that I could get away with, too! I think I should have nursed a few years maybe to 16 yrs. when he could drive and get out and about on his own..

Time to shovel, sweep and bring in wood..lotza wood....not gonna be above zero for a few days...yep, I think it is gonna be a lonnnnnnnggggggg one.

Happy Winter Soltice...tomorrow at 6:04 a.m. And then the days start getting longer. YAY!!

12-20-2008, 02:16 PM
Good Afternoon

Ive decided 2 hrs of shoveling snow trumps 15 min on the treadmill :yes: :yes: Thatsa lotta snow out there! More to come tomorrow.

Last night was our chirstmas dinner with my 1st stepsons family. They ordered pizza, wings and made salad. I did good too!! I had 2 wings, ate the salad, which was a spinach and cherry tomato as far as salads go it wasnt too shabby. I then picked off some mushrooms off hubby's pizza, and the pepperoni from granddaughters pizza ended up in my plate too. I did great! :cb:

Bill~ fix the muffin top by wearing your shirt outside your shorts. Presto, gone! I believe it was Joan Rivers who said.....always worry about your face first, because nobody sees her body, she makes love with the lights out, and when she lays down everything falls back and flat!! :lol: There....another issue fixed :D My husband knows the high pants bug me, but he loves getting pulling up his shorts in the summer, and wearing socks with his sandles when the kids are outside. Its a unison holler from about 4 ppl to pull his pants down and take his socks off. Its pretty funny! :lol:

Kudos for dealing with the buffett!! I dont know if I would be as successful.

onebyone~ I like Bill's advice. Im not sure how old your mother is, but I find when parents and grandparents get older (mine anyway) they wont call, or return calls. Gramma always loves to hear from me, but she hasnt called in years and years! That might be one of the things going on with your mom. Here is my 2cents....pick a day and time and call every week. Just leave a message if she isnt home. Then just leave it at that. I would include mom and your neices and nephews in on the gift giving. Send cards to siblings. Then just leave it at that. Enjoy the holiday with your hubby.

shrinkin~ :wave: yup we got dumped on :lol:

thinkerbell~ :wave: it is nice being on this together. I worry about him...he's has quadruple bypass about 10yrs ago, and he is going great without any issues. But keeping the fat and sugar away from him is a big problem. ........I had to go and fall for an old guy! :lol: I want to keep him around for another 20-30 yrs or more! :D

I can hear the snowplow out there....I suspect its going to coming down the street soon ....and no our street hasnt been plowed yet. That should be another hour out there digging that mess out.

Have a great day everyone!

12-20-2008, 06:59 PM

Here's my assessment of yesterday (and today so far):

1. Reading ARC: Umm... haven't read them once, although they do float around my head. Definitely need to improve this.

2. Eating while sitting down: I've done pretty well with this, although I know I've had some slips that I probably wasn't even aware of.

3. Eating slowly and consciously: This is one I've really let slip quite a bit. I think about it for the first few bites of a meal and then I quickly forget. This is something I had been doing really well with and I think was helping me tremendously. Need to get back to work on this. ** Oh boy, as a matter of fact I'm eating while I'm typing this and didn't even realize that until further along in my post!

4. Giving myself credit: I think I do at times, but I know definitely not enough. I need to really make this one a habit.

5. Checking in with diet coach: I posted yesterday and today! :broc:

In looking at my assessment of how I've been doing, I'm kind of tempted to start at Day 1 again before moving forward. However, I'm not sure if that will just enable my perfectionist thinking and keep me from making progress. (I think a big part of why I haven't moved past the first week is exactly that-- my perfectionist thinking.)

I'd like to give myself credit for a few things though:

- I have continued to follow my program (which is tracking everything that I eat in the Senswear software). I have done this even when I ate a bunch of Christmas cookies a neighbor dropped off, when I've nibbled on candy the kids have gotten and when I didn't mentally prepare myself for a potluck breakfast at work and ate too much! In the past, I've had a tendency to only keep track when I'm doing well. This is a HUGE change for me.
On the same note though, I have not been doing a great job with keeping up with my logging and find myself trying to remember what I've eaten much earlier in the day or even sometimes the day before. This makes things more challenging for me and then I get frustrated and tend to want to say, "The **** with it." But, I have NOT done that. So, I will continue to work at being more diligent in my logging.

- I have continued to exercise and even ran a 5K Holiday Hustle in the snow last Saturday! I also beat my last race time by almost 2 minutes! I have thoroughly enjoyed my exercise and the high I get afterward. It is really helping me with feeling like a "thin" fit person. I do need to work on doing exercise other than cardio though.

Onebyone I wish I had some good advice for you about your family situation. I will give you this: :hug: and tell you a couple of thoughts that have popped into my head reading your post. First of all, my sister stopped talking to my mother almost 2 years ago and saw and spoke to her for the first time at my brother's funeral :( My sister actually seems to be okay with that, but I know personally, that would have made a devastating situation, even more devastating to me.
On the flip side of that, I have been going to CoDA (Codependents Anonymous) meetings since the summer and I'm really starting to learn the importance of taking care of myself and not doing things because of how it will make other people feel. We need to live our own lives and not do/say things for others. So, none of it is advice, but just some things to think about, I guess.

Thanks for your kind supportive words, they were really helpful!

Shrinkin Wow, not only did I not think of what you wrote as preaching, I think I want to print it out and frame it! As I was reading what you wrote (and each time I've re-read it), I had tears in my eyes. Thank you so much for your important, encouraging words, they mean so much to me!

Thinkerbell Reading what you wrote about needing to find something to replace using food for relief really hit home for me. I know exactly what you're talking about (as I'm sure almost everyone else does) and there are times that I feel like I'm going to jump out of my skin if I can't just eat something. For me, unfortunately, that relief sometimes comes in the form of attention/flirting with guys. I had forgotten that because of all the years I had been married and that was not an option. Now that I'm exploring that whole world again, it's coming back to me. That is no better than food :( Especially because when I don't get the attention I crave (someone hasn't called when they said the would, etc.), I just want to eat more!

I think one of the things that's hardest about trying to replace food with some other form of relief is that food is so easy. It's readily available (at home, at work, while out and about-- EVERYWHERE!) and eating can pretty much take place anytime and anywhere. I can eat whether my kids are here needing my attention or not, I can eat while doing a report at work, I can eat when it's freezing cold outside or burning hot, I can eat while typing on the computer, I can eat while talking on the phone. Seriously, I can't think of any other stress relief that is so versatile :(

However, on a positive note, for the first time in my life I find myself looking forward to and craving my workouts. When I'm stressed, I think about when I can get my next workout in! This is so exciting and I do believe achievable by most people.

I like your idea of a mediation CD too. What you gain from that you can use at anytime, anywhere. Deep breathing, etc. Somewhere I have a "hypnosis" type CD that's supposed to help with food issues. (Haven't listened to it in a long time.) One of the benefits is supposed to be that after you listen to this guys voice enough, just hearing it for a moment or two should kind of kick your craving. I unfortunately never used it regularly enough to tell you if it works- LOL!

Bill I don't think you should be apologizing at all for "wallowing". I hardly think of it as that. This is a HUGE victory for you and I think you should be celebrating that. By apologizing for "wallowing" you're diminishing your success-- give yourself credit and enjoy it!

I know exactly what you mean about having a plan though. I've had 3 buffets in the past few weeks and the first 2 I was completely prepared for and did well. The 3rd I barely thought about (I figured since I had done so well with the other two, there really was no need-ha!) and didn't do nearly as well :(

LOL about the choice of muffin top vs. 90 yo man (I'm still giggling as I write this!)-- I say you made a wise choice!

Just got to your response to me and that you're "cheering for me", thank you, that means so much.

Anne I'm so sorry you are having to deal with all this illness. I hope that this means you will done with any kind of sickness for the rest of the winter (at least)! Hang in there, it will pass.

Maryblu OMG, thank you for the huge laughs and great mental pictures! Wow, I had no idea MN had such a huge voter turnout, that is something to be really proud of, how cool. Now if only you all could be rewarded with a decision already!

I missed Andrea's post about nursing, but I love being in the company of other women who realize what a truly wonderful, incredible experience it is. I nursed DD until she was 2.5 (she stopped due to low supply b/c I was pregnant with DS) and DS until he was 3.5. One of the things that's exciting about dating to me is the prospect of having more children :)

I spent about 2 hours clearing my driveway yesterday (I only have a little electric snow blower and we had about 6/7" of snow) and really enjoyed the workout (I did some shoveling too.) It was fun to see my calorie expenditure on my Senswear report-- definitely great exercise!


See above and yes, I totally agree 2 hours of shoveling trumps 15 minutes on the treadmill :D

Wow, I can't tell you guys how terrific I feel after coming on here, reading everyone's posts, etc. What a fantastic group this is!

Edited to fix some typos.

12-20-2008, 09:09 PM
Hello coaches

I got out there, found a gift fomr my mother and mailed it off with a xmas card. Done. Got a bonus card off for DH's mom. Good. I've decided that when I do talk to my sblings I'll tell them I have their gift wiht me and will give it to them when I see them. I have tried to reach my mother for a few days now and no luck. I'll keep trying and try weekly from here on in. She's 82 and qualifies for that kind of effort on my part I think.

Foodwise I'm still doing okay--have been eating cheetos though. odd. But is okay. Staying away from choclate bars and such but drinking hot chocolate. Hmmm. Stll. I am fundamentally okay.

Better go, my laptop's gonna die!

Thanks for all the thoughts and wisdom. Much appreciated.

12-21-2008, 06:10 AM
Diet Coaches - Good exercise this snow is. I did my two hours of shoveling. CREDIT moi. It was good shoveling snow - not too light, not too wet. And certainly was good exercise.

My DW has discovered this neato idea. She loves hot chocolate under situations like yesterday, but doesn't like the huge calorie hit. So, she discovered that 4 ounces of hot chocolate makes her very happy, at half the calories of 8. Which is pretty good since the premium mix she uses lists 500 calories for the amount it recommends for 8 ounces. So very unintuitive to me that moderation is such a good idea.

maryblu - Ouch for that Nova virus. Is that the cruise ship virus? when I googled it, I discovered these neat lyrics:Heather Nova - Virus Of The Mind Lyrics

Well I was watching this talk show the other day
And on it there was this guy and he was saying
When you let other people tell you what's right
When you leave your instinct and your own truth behind he said
That's a virus of the mind. That's a virus of the mind
I guess it's kind of like losing your sight; for a
Second you think that they might be right, and it
Feeds the doubts you have inside, and it
Almost starts to feel like a crime
To follow your own rhythm and rhyme

Yeah I'm pretty happy living in my own sweet time I'm pretty happy
And I don't need your virus of the mindThat 77.3% voter turnout is impressive; congratulation to "Minnesoda" for good citizenship. Wish you could distribute that to the rest of the states. Just WOW that the last I read your senate race was separated by two votes. Perhaps that story, however it unfolds, can be used to motivate those who think of wimpy excuses not to vote.

Thanks for the perspective about physical appearance of people "our age." It's still a challenge for me to accept that, regardless of how healthy my lifestyle, I don't get the body of a 20 year old. Oh Well.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for your performance at DSS's Christmas dinner. Love the passive voice in, "the pepperoni from granddaughters pizza ended up in my plate too."

Laughing at the image of your DH presenting himself to the family with hiked shorts and socks in his sandals. Interesting that at my gym, the only guy with a tucked in shirt is an Asian gentleman who also wears socks with his sandals - and he looks pretty neat. But don't think any of the rest of us could pull it off.

onebyone - BIG Kudos for making a decision about your mother and your relatives. And I think you made a really good decision - one that you'll feel comfortable with regardless of their response. Yay for doing OK with food.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch that DS and DD are acting, well, age appropriate. Yep, this too shall pass. Kudos for hanging in there.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - That's just beautifully stated, "I feel like this is my new find and practice a new behavior so that it will be in place when the anxiety hits." It seems so realistic to accept that we're using food to face anxiety, and that anxiety will arrive again and again.

Congrats on your prompt car purchase. I like that big red bow that blew away the mind of your DS. Your post yesterday caught me by surprise, since I was sleeping in to avoid the shoveling task and you posted while I was dawdling over my responses, LOL.

Kim (bennyhannahmama) - Yep, good idea to move forward with the Beck program. It was a big step for me to accept that completing a program day didn't mean mastering it; it meant that I had read the material, done the checklist, and added that strategy to my arsenal.

Kudos for giving yourself credit. It is indeed a HUGE step to also track food when it's not on-plan.

Thanks for your story of the three buffets. That's good reinforcement for me to persist in victory after a success by remembering to repeat the planning effort, rather than minimizing the planning to try the experiment, one more time, of how I perform in front of mounds of food.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I don't want to disappoint or inconvenience [fill in the blank].
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-21-2008, 07:39 AM
Woo-hoo! It's officially winter is North America....the shortest day of the year! We get thru this dark day and it will only get brighter and more sunny...the light shall return.

Maryblu ~ nice to meet you! I am impressed that you hang out with real-life BAG ladies! LOL! How did you find them? I love this forum and thread, but flesh and bones is nice too. I'm green with envy.

Robin ~ yes, snow shoveling trumps the treadmill! And woo-hoo for you for thriving at your holiday can be such a trigger for some...great job! Seriously, you strengthened your resistence muscle.....between the shoveling and resisting you had an awesome work-out yesterday.

Kim ~ Your post is brimming with victories...especially impressive to me is your willingness to track your food when it is even off-plan....oh, and looking forward to your is thinking like a thin person! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the anxiety food food is everywhere and so available. The flirting can also be an instant hit but it can also have an opposite effect....the whole attention thing can be a trigger for needing a layer of protection.....finances and sexuality are slippery slopes, at least for me. Thanks for the validation of the whole "anxiety/relief" issue...You have given me much to ponder.

Onebyone ~ sounds to me your making positive life-affirming choices and living by your values...regardless of the others response. Many years ago I went to a weight-loss psychologist and one of the things that I learned that has stayed with me is that I need to do/ask/say what I must....the other person's reaction does not make it right or wrong.....I need to live out of my personal truth and core values, listen to my own gut, learn to honor my own opinion of my own life. was an important lesson and like you, had much to do with family....parents and siblings....and yes, Christmas time does put the spotlight on these sometimes challenging relationships. Sending you warm thoughts of peace and confidence and you have decided. Hugs! (((((onebyone)))))) Keep going!

Bill ~ wow about the hot chocolate....500 cals! I am shocked. Give me a 0cal coffee or tea any cold snowy day. But I do admire her awareness and is all about choices. Shoveling IS an awesome work-out and pretty too. I do appreciate your warm reflections as I struggle to figure to this thing out.....I am feeling the encouragement.

best wishes,
Andrea aka Thinkerbell

12-21-2008, 08:16 AM
Dear Coaches,

First I want to express my thanks for all your thoughts, reflections and feed-back....this on-line diet coaching thing really works!

After mulling things over, I would like to share with you my plan of action.

Kim's comments about food being everywhere really got me thinking....and reminded me of something Eckhart Tolle wrote in his book, A New year of paying attention to your breathe is more valuable than any retreat, seminar or book one could ever read....and yet, it is simple, free and everywhere!

In reading Beck's Anti-craving strategies, I did notice that she also recommends Relaxing with breathe....and this reminded me of something I learned in a Leadership Training course (also based on CBT) I took 2 years ago but never implemented called an "Instant Better Feeling Maneuver"

A. Think "I am breathing in" and slowly breathe in 6-7 secs
B. Think "I am breathing out" and slowly breathe out 6-7 secs
C. Pause. Close your vocal cords so that you stop breathing and think "I am relaxing." (6-7 secs)

Repeat the process for a total of 4 cycles.

When you start noticing that you're feeling more relaxed, maintain the rhythm and repeat to yourself (an was a faith-based leadership course, so the following was suggested, please take or leave according to your own beliefs ...that is, if you take it at all! Faith issues can be as highly charged as finances and sexuality!)

"Lead me, Lord. Guide my thoughts, words and actions in this situation."

(According to Louise Hay in her book, How To Heal Your Life, she suggests this affirmation for weight loss: "I am protected by Divine Love. I am safe and secure. I am willing to grow up and take responsibility for my life. I forgive others, and I now create my own life the way I want it. I am safe."

On this first day of winter, I am commiting to practicing this technique so that it will be second nature when I need it. I shall read my ARC and do the Instant Better Feeling Maneuver every night around 9 pm. (this will take approx 5 minutes very doable no matter what!) Once done, I shall put a blue star on my calendar and no eating after 9 pm. This is my commitment until the first day of spring....March 21.

Please indulge me for this long post but I feel this is so important..... I need to get this! It is so key for me!

I recently heard a health expert talk about the hazards of nite-eating...she said that is how sumo wrestlers get so big...very few calories all day and mega-cals at night before bed. It seems that the metabolism slows during the day as the body is not being fueled so the nite-eating packs on the pounds.

I have often thought that I did not understand my weight gain as I don't over-eat calorie wise (or at least that much)....and it's been very frustrating to have a great day diet-wise and then cave in at night....this has been my cycle for my frustration is at its height....I need to get this....I really do!

Does this make sense? What do you'all think?

Thanks for listening is good to concretize my private thoughts by putting them out there into cyber-space...oh, and it's a little scary I feel the pressure of a public commitment....eeek! What have I done...shall I delete? If you are reading this and I did hit "submit" is a huge very scary leap!

Oh well....there is always the edit button!

12-21-2008, 10:20 AM
Morning, Coaches,

We are off to Dallas this morning and DH is sitting next to me frowning that I am on the computer. We will have 8 days with his parents. They are lovely folks and I will LOVE getting out subzero wind chills!

A so-so day yesterday to report. Was on good behavior until we delved into a can of honey coated cashews. :( Should have just thrown them away. Sent to us by my DS who knows we are both trying to lose weight. Seems a crack in my environment leads to bad behavior. OH WELL but must learn to cope better from this to get ready for environmental challenges at in laws.

Rest of day was healthy eating including having cold shrimp with cocktail sauce for dinner. Did all of my PT exercises extremely well. CREDIT MOI. Result is that I am somewhat sore this am. That is good...evidence of workout but not too bad.

Thinkerbell-Thanks for sharing about the deep breathing and meditation. Night eating is my downfall too. For me it is food desire. Kudos for making a BIG committment. Hoping this new tool in your armamentarium works for you.

BBE-WTG on the shovelling. I know, I know, snow does provide for great exercise. BUT, I still hate it. Give me warmer temps and nonslippery ground to walk on. So, WI winter means endurance for me. Wow, hot chocolate is that calorie dense. Amazing. I enjoy it occasionally....but now it will be VERY OCCASIONALLY.

onebyone-Your christmas response to family sounds perfect. I had forgotten your mom is 82. Mine is too. I remember when she first starting forgetting my birthday. First is was no gift, then it was no card. Then, it was no phonecall even. That was the point that I thought she might not care any more. Next step, she did not seem to care even when I told her the day was my birthday. Now, she sometimes forgets who I am when I call, and that she has two daughters. That is the progression of dementia. So, I agree, your mom deserves special indulgence.

Kim (aka bennyhannahmomma)-Kudos to you for keeping up with the logging even though not perfect. It is hard because counting makes you want to be exact about it and be good. But it does take time. You have inspired me to work on logging my food this next week even though on the road and will not know exact amounts and counts. I may not be able to use the internet, but I have a copy of fitday on my PC. It works, just have to use it. WooHoo for that 5K hustle...and a better personal time on top of that!

RobinW-I am enjoying your posts! WooHoo for salad eating! This from a gal who thinks salad is what food eats. :D Yup, when the plows come thru they mess up the end of the another round of shovelling.

maryblu-We, in Wisconsin, are declaring that snowfall is now over for this winter. ;) Last year we had 109 inches of snow even though our average snowfall is a measly 49 inches. So with what we have already had...we can not have any more. The math simply will not work. Actually, we should have had negative snowfall this year....hmm, maybe next year. Hats off to MN on election behavior. WI always respects what MN does....well, except for the wrestler governor. Never did understand how Minnesotas decided that. They are usually exemplarly about everything. Enjoy warming by the fire!

Anne-Continuing to send wishes for family recovery. It will pass, just feels like forever.

Gotta get moving. If I don't make it back posting...have a great week! Hope today/tomorrow is a very Happy Hanukkah. And sending a very Merry Christmas in advance for Thursday!

12-21-2008, 12:53 PM
Im starting my post at 15 min to Good Morning :D

Lots and lots of snow, Im going to go out and shovel the 8inches that has fallen so far. Id rather shovel 8 inches 2x than 2ft once!! :eek:

Yesterday's food and exercise was 100%. However, water was lacking. I caught a chill from shoveling, and couldnt get rid of it. The last thing I wanted to do was drink cold water. I ended up drinking too much coffee, and tea. Oh well.

I struggled a bit with sugar cravings last night. I made a cup of tea (herbal this time) and rode it out. I was having overwhelming feelings about the amount of weight I need to loose. You know the feelings....and feeling sorry for myself. But then hubby stepped in and told me to not think about next week, next month or next year. Just get thru the night and it will all be good in the morning. He was right :D I made it thru the night and today is looking bright despite the snowstorm outside.

thinkerbell~ I dont know about the sumo wrestler thing.....those guys are huge, and it takes alot of calories to maintain that kind of weight. I cannot image eating that much in one sitting...or even thru the evening.

Bill~ a nice idea on the hot chocolate. Thatsa lotta calories for 8oz!! She must be drinking the good stuff :lol:

Im off to shovel, then I'll tredge over to the market (I can walk) and pick up a few ingredients for next week's lunch soup. Then I'll get busy in the kitchen. There is no way we are taking the focus out in this weather!! We wont get off the street!

Have a great day everyone!

12-21-2008, 01:38 PM
Good Morning Coaches and Happy Winter Solstice :ginger:

It's very wintery out there. We are in for 20cm of snow today and I'll bet it'll be twice that. It's been snowing very heavily since early this morning non stop. And the wind is howling blowing it all around. The BEST part is it's winter solstice and we start off winter and head toward spring.:flow1: Yeah I know it's crazy to think spring at the beginning of winter but a girl can dream like this-->:bike2: <-- this is me getting on that bike this spring--I sense a New Year's Resolution here...too early for that just yet.

Anyway my food is getting a bit loose. I need to reign it in. Still doing the vitamins, fibre, small meals thing, just not keeping track so I'll take the time to write it down. I can feel my attention drifting. Can't afford to do that. I have a 5lb loss to maintain. And the past two days I didn't get on the mini trampoline because the top of my right foot is paining me again. I did get exercise by walking a lot two days ago but not yesterday, so time to get that done today.

shrinkin Your description of your mom is close to what it's like now with my mom and me, but our relationship has been unpredictable for most of my life. I was raised by her parents, my grandparents, apart from my siblings so there is another layer of complexity amongst us all, but sometimes I think I am the only one who carries that. Well, I know I carry that. Don't know about the others. She's always reacted with forgetfulness when stressed out; and she was often stressed out. Why I think it'll be different now is truly my problem and no one else's! Thanks for your support and.... Bon Voyage! :carrot:Hope you have a great holiday and soak up as much sun and warm air as you can. DH just informed me we may have the $ to take a trip and boy, do I want to go south this winter... but I equally want to go to San Diego to the San Diego Comic Con this summer so I may have to bask in your report and trust that right now there are some places in the world without snow. Enjoy your time away and PERSIST IN VICTORY;)

thinkerbell I do enjoy your searching posts. I was looking for a winter solstice ritual last night and stumbled upon lighting a candle and meditating. I lit my beeswax candle and did just that. I used to do it all the time. Funny how when I meditate I really wish the world well and everyone in it! I, like you, want to keep doing that. Interesting how we were both mulling the same things over. I too "need to get this" and CHANGE MY WAYS. At 45 I'd like to "be changed" by 50. This sounds nuts to me writing it down like this but yeah, by 50, I want the challenge of "maintenance of a goal weight" and not the challenge of "getting the weight off". Enjoy the ever-approaching Spring (lalalalalanotlookingatthesnowstormlalalala):)

BillBlueEyes I never think of moderation as a response to anything! I alwys think "how can I have more?" So half a cup of cocoa...nah...pshaw... never work..really? it does? Go on! Congrats on the snow shoveling. Methinks we will all be shovelling experts by the end of this winter.

maryblu Sorry to hear you are tangling with the Nova virus. That came round here last year. Very nasty. Take care and enjoy the snow shovelling!
Nice to hear from you. BTW are you the state where Al Franken may win? Can't even imagine the story behind all that...

bennyhannahmama Nice to read your post too. You seem to be doing very well. Life is busy at this time of year and you're getting much done. Big kudos on a good run beating your old time! Fantastic. (hmmm... and in the snow??? I think that may qualify for BIG kudos.

RobinW :cp:Way to go dealing with Christmas dinner #1. I wanted to ask, have you gone to any OA meetings? I've decided to return to program when the bus strike ends. (yes they are still on strike. :mad:) I think I need the fellowship. The program will grow on me too I am sure... but really going to be with others is something I need right now. You are doing really well.:hug: (we must have been posting at the same time and getting the same storm!)

wndranne :getwell: Hang in there.

angelmomma210 Thinking of you and DH and wondering how things are. Pop by if you get a minute!

Enjoy your day, snowy or not.:shocksn:

12-21-2008, 09:59 PM

Feeling really crummy right now (PMS), so I think I'm going to get some sleep. Just wanted to check in and say hello to everyone. I made sure to log my potato latkes and 1/2 a doughnut I ate. And now, I should go to bed before I start raiding my cabinets.
I'll be at work tomorrow all day, but hopefully tomorrow night I can get to personals.

12-22-2008, 06:50 AM
Diet Coaches - Happy Hanukkah to all you guys who celebrate it. It's certainly one COLD Hanukkah - cold enough to need to concentrate on the joy that today is the first day to be longer than yesterday, LOL.

After another bout of shoveling, this time with wet snow, I tried the fancy hot chocolate for myself in a four ounce serving. Absolutely to-die-for. CREDIT moi for only a 50% obscene indulgence. If you're curious, it is the high end stuff - simply shaved premium dark chocolate to be mixed with milk as described in this food porn site for LA Burdick ( which doesn't directly tell you that the twelve ounce, $18 bag with the free whisk makes only four 8-ounce cups of 500 calories each (plus the calories of milk, or, since you're in so deep anyway, the cream, LOL).

Chanced upon a huge stack of used cook books; only bought four, which seems like moderation, just for reading to get my head into different ways of thinking about food. The most fun reading was the Food Preparation text book - so I now have the recipe for 180 pancakes as well as for 2 gallons of brown sauce which I can then use to make the "small" sauces. The appeal of this to me is a bit of an insight into my way of thinking about food, as adeptly captured by onebyone with, "I never think of moderation as a response to anything! I always think "how can I have more?" "

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for the Focus which forces you to exercise by its threat to get stuck. Can't decide whether to admire your positive attitude or your creative math with, "Id rather shovel 8 inches 2x than 2ft once!!" Just wondering if 2 inches 3x wouldn't be better still, LOL.

onebyone - ummmm ... Only 20 cm of snow sounds like a lot less than a whopping 8 inches, LOL. Gotta get into that metric way of thinking. Neato that you may have enough for a trip - especially neat to think of a warm place when the snow is falling. Kudos for thinking about your bicycle at a time like this.

Sending you warm supportive thoughts as you work on your relationship with your mother and siblings.

shrinkin - Bon Voyage to Dallas. Yay for a warm place with no snow to shovel. Good luck shopping for a pool and eating on plan around the in-laws.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Thanks for posting your beautiful plan using the "Instant Better Feeling Maneuver" daily until Spring. That's one cool maneuver. I'll put that on my list of things to try when in need of serious attitude adjustment.

Ouch for the night time eating; many people seem to be experiencing difficulties then. Your strategy for cut off at 9pm sounds pretty good to me, particularly as combined with the "Instant Better Feeling Maneuver" and reading your Advantages Response Card. A mood improvement should burn in that ARC for a great setup for the remainder of the evening.

Kim (bennyhannahmama) - Kudos for logging the half doughnut. Have a restful sleep.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I'm stressed/tired/sad/bored/upset.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-22-2008, 07:19 AM
Shrinkin ~ Bon voyage! I hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy all that Dallas offers....sunshine, warmth and lovely in-laws...oh, and TO! He has the body of a god! You are teaching me new words....and I love words. So yes, I now have another tool to use as a resource in my quest for optimal health and well-being. Have a great trip, a peaceful holiday and a happy new year....see you next year!

Robin ~kudos to DH for coaching you thru some very common Sabotaging Thoughts....sounds right out of Day 10/Set Realistic Goals! and woo-hoo for your labeling your craving, standing firm and exercising your resistance muscles....woo-hoo for you!

Onebyone ~ I'm 46...and what to ride my bike when spring returns too! We have much in common! Very cool!

Kim ~ sending thoughts of comfort....sleep can do can Midol PMS! Hormones can really mess with our diets and our's real and it really messes things up extra gentle and kind to your body....the changing tides are real!

Bill ~ keep shoveling, keep cooking, keep de-cluttering, keep choosing, keep going! You are a keeper! Not certain what your last line to me (in the above post) means...could you explain a bit more? I appriaciate all the input I can get as this is key.

My Stuff.....

1 magnificent shiny Blue Star....woo-hoo for me. Like Robin, I am going for a 21 day, er night, challenge! It takes 21 days to make a new habit and/or break an old one. One night at a time! It feels so good to wake-up knowing I kept this commitment to me.....woo-hoo! I read my ARC, did the Beck Chapter, did the IBFM...sweet success....nothing tastes as good as keeping this commitment to myself feels!

I also noticed that I did stall in reading further in the Beck book....I couldn't move on from Day 13/Overcoming Cravings as I just felt this chapter was so important for me. Since I started on Dec 1st, I liked the fact that the date was the chapter...oh well! I guess I need to trust and respect my process.....overcoming cravings held my attention because it is my stumbling block.....I felt that I had already implemented most of the stuff in the previous chapters. Day 14 is Planning for Tomorrow.....while going thru this recent struggle, I admit that this dropped out....and I shall resume it today. Writing my plan does help as it sets my intention for the is an important habit.

best wishes,
Andrea aka thinkerbill

12-22-2008, 11:35 AM
Good Morning

Well, we are knee deep in snow! :eek: We walked right past all the snow and continued on to the shop :lol: Its plowed here!! Yah! Depending on who's report you listen to, we may be in for another 1-2 feet :eek: :eek:

Ok, here is the silver lining in all this. Ive been out shoveling, and walking thru the deep snow because there is no way Im taking our car out in that mess only to get stuck someplace! It's felt good!!!!!! I love the way this fresh crisp air feels in my lungs! I just love it. I come in the house and hubby thinks I look all cute from my frosted eyelashes and rosey face. Dare I say I miss that?!? Winter here is usually just a slushy mess, winters up north were "winter worthy" could call them winter! I get homesick on days like these.

onebyone~ Ive slacked off a bit on my food logging, but its been because I had been eating the same things until last night. Your post was a good reminder for me to get back to it.

No, I havent gone to any OA meetings yet. Im still pondering it. I need to find a few meetings that dont drag me down. Sometimes I come away from there feeling so helpless and depressed. I'll let you know if I get there. :hug:

Bill~ like my math?? :lol: That 2ft, was more like the "feels like" 2ft :lol: Because the more you leave it, the bigger the pile gets. It grows by the foot not the inch ya know!?!

thinkerbell~ KUDOS for starting your 21 night challenge!! You can do it!! Just do it one day at a time. I have to remind myself too often than I care to, that it's just for for 21. I have it marked on my calendar, and Im trying to not focus on it. Jan1st will come fast enough for me. Oh....something else I'll do to occupy my mind when Im wanting to eat at night, is I'll load up dd's sims game and play that for a while, or I'll play mah jong tiles. It keeps my brain busy and stops the food thoughts.
:woohoo: on your bluestar!!

Food is 100%, exercise is about 75% (didnt shovel as much yesterday) water is down, but I'll load up today.

Somethings Ive noticed....
Ive cut out the sf caramel in my coffee. Im no longer craving coffee in the afternoon, and drinking herbel teas instead.

I cooked up 2 big pots of soup yesterday, and 2 meals for the freezer. I didnt feel the need to pick or test at all while I was doing all this.

Ive noticed my serving sizes have been getting smaller. I had been leaving food on my plate because I was full. Now I just dont put as much...even if it is mostly veggies, and its ok to eat lots of them.

The sugar and potato chip cravings are gone. What I get every once in a while is the feeling of entitlement. Angry because I cant have it anymore etc etc. But hubby has been helping me thru these.

I dont want to be the fat mom that looks like she's 20 yrs older than everyone elses. Its bad enough Im about 8 yrs older (really). I want to be the mom that can go out and have snowball fights with my dd and sgrandkids. I want to be the mom that isnt afraid to get on the rides at darian lake with dd (k, even skinny Id be afraid to get on some of them!)

So........Im keeping positive and just getting thru today :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

12-22-2008, 10:13 PM
It sounds like everyone has been doing a lot of positive things, food/exercise-wise anyway.

We are still struggling with the sickness. DD has been throwing up for almost a week. The ped is telling us to wait it out, unless it goes on for another week or they start to get dehydrated. I'm a bit stressed.

Ducking back out, since DS is in need of, dunno, something. I keep thinking this will be over soon.


12-23-2008, 07:15 AM
Diet Coaches - Just got an email from Amazon that they had shipped the new Beck book which, I thought, wasn't going to be released until after Christmas. That's good, even though it's right into the massive backup of Christmas packages sitting in UPS trucks trying to get through narrowed streets with little room for maneuvering and no room to pull over. Travel well my Beck book, but don't kill yourself, I'm not in a big rush for your arrival.

Did my second yoga class on Sunday. CREDIT moi. It went a little better, which is encouraging. Lots of tight muscles, so there's much opportunity to improve. I like that. It's easier to keep interested while getting better. I can imagine that maintenance yoga might be hard for me to stay with. Still am not committed to adding yoga into my life, still at the flirting stage.

And did another session with my trainer at the gym on Monday. CREDIT moi for continuing to work on the tight muscles. Double CREDIT moi since working on tight just isn't as much fun as working on big for me. Maybe that's just a guy thing. Had to work my lunges in full view of a not-particularly-young woman who was on her mat in a split position. Caused me pain just thinking about it and she was calmly reading a book. Ouch and Oh Well.

Robin (RobinW) - That's pretty interesting that cutting out the SF caramel reduced your cravings for morning coffee. I have to see if there's a lesson in that for something I'm doing. I do suspect that sugar cravings are behind a lot of my own food cravings, even in things like certain salad dressings.

Kudos for a long list of stuff you got going there: for the tow pots of soup, for the reduced serving sizes, for more veggies. You're on a roll.

shrinkin - Waving to the warmth of Dallas - enjoy it all the more as you read about our biting cold.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch for the continued family virus. Sending virtual chicken soup and supportive thoughts.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Kudos for another Blue Star and continuing on your 21 day challenge. And good move to continue reading days in the Beck plan. I know that I got stalled for over a week on the Hunger challenge before I could get going again.

Re my comment: Ooops, eventing should have been evening. My thought was to suggest that reading your ARC will have a more powerful impact when in an improved mood. Just reflecting my experience that stuff doesn't go into my brain when I'm not in the right mood.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
It's a special occasion.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-23-2008, 07:46 AM
Robin ~ have you noticed any positive physical effects from you sugar/chip de-tox? I know for me, once off that stuff for a bit, my fingers are less swollen, my tummy less bloated, a little brighter mentally...the fog clears. I have noticed that even one day eating clean, I feel a wee bit more energetic when I wake up in the morning. All this has convinced me that my body does not really enjoy the sugar/white flour.....there is just a few taste buds on my tongue and a few pleasure receptors in my brain that gets a charge....all the billion other cells are not really pleased....they all prefer the lightness of clean eating. You are making so many positive choices...many woo-hoos for you....I hope that you are giving yourself lots of credit and many "good jobs!" I need also to re-commit to WW leader friend swears that this is key to cravings and flushing fat away!

Anne ~ ouch on sick for a week! How can you tell if he's dehydrated? How old is your DS? Sending you many warm thoughts of wellness for you, DS and your whole family. My SILs family had the GI bug but it was 3 days per family member.

12-23-2008, 08:16 AM
Bill ~ kudos to you for your training and flirting! Ah, yes "evening" clears it all it! A new Beck book? Makes sense that they are trying to get it delivered before all those New Year Resolutions are made....I can't wait until my New Year resolution is to maintain, and not get smaller.

My stuff...

2 glimmering Blue stars! And an extra-woo-hoo because I got a chance to exercise my resistance muscles! Got the craving about 11 pm as I was watching the Green Bay game to determine the Champion of our Fantasy Football League.....I am the defending champ and squeaked my way once agin into the Super=bowl.....time for a party in the mouth! But, I did label the craving as a craving....oh, this is just a craving....and stood firm.....after finding out I won! (woo-hoo), I did my ARC cards, practiced the IBFM, and listened to my new Nite-Eating playlist on my i=pod....which includes the song, "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera and "Breathe" by Faith Hill. I am very, very proud of my positive actions.....great job! Feel like a champion....two major victories last evening...wild applause.. )( )( )( )( (this is the sound of two hands clapping!!)

Struggling with what Beck says about writing down food.....what do you'all do? I write down my guidelines everyday and set my eating plan, exercise plan and water has been successful so far.....but I don't get specific/detailed......I am on the fence here as my system is working for gives me accountabilty and flexibilty.....both things necessary for me....freedom and structure.

Have a very Merry Christmas Eve's Eve!
Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-23-2008, 09:00 AM
A quick observation: as I keep getting called home from work, I've been eating exclusively out of my lunch box, which also contains my snacks for the day. Doing better sticking to plan that way than having free range in the house. I'm thinking of putting a container in the frig and instead of doing a snack plan, just allow myself to eat from the container. That way I can pick what and when I want, all on plan, and not have to worry about eating more than enough.

Beck 2 is scheduled to arrive today. I've been postponing BDS graduation since this sickness has hit, since I feel I need to do some reflection, so waiting for a breather.

Gotta go. Hope to talk to you all much more soon!


12-23-2008, 11:40 AM
Good Morning
Well, we dug out, and managed to get the car down the street!! yah :cb: We have lots to pick up so I can get orders done today for pickup before christmas. The snow storms thru quite a wrench in my planning. Lesson learned? All orders 3 weeks before christmas should be delivered UPS or Fedex!!

Bill~ KUDOS for trying out yoga again!! Here are a couple links about sugar (, and sugar/sweetener cravings ( done extensive research on this and am pretty attune to what triggers me. After my daughter was born, I had "madwoman" sugar cravings!! I drank cases of regular coke in a 3 day span, and unmentionable amounts of areo bars (Canadian chocolate bar). Absolutely no doctor was able to tell me what was going on. It was scary!! I gained over 100lbs within 5 months! I turned to alternative medicine and discovered what was going on. Ever since my daughter's birth Ive had serious craving issues with sugar. Ive been fighting that same 100lbs for over 12yrs! It was gone once :rolleyes:

thinkerbell~ KUDOS on your 2nd blue star!! :cb: and BIG KUDOS for working thru your cravings last night :cb: :cb:

No, I dont remember to give myself credit for making it thru my daily hurdles :( I suppose I need to work on that.

As for keeping track of my food, I like to use (

As for changes in my's kinda funky changes :lol: My hair gets super curly :lol: The better I eat, the more good hair days I have :lol: My skin clears up too, I have excema. So when I take out all the wheat and sugar both my excema and asthma pretty much go into hibernation.

The only other thing I notice is my sleep patterns change. When Im tired, and hit the sack Im sleeping....but when Im done sleeping, Im up! Doesnt matter if its 4am or 8am. I cant get back to sleep, and I usually have more energy.

Anne~ thats a good idea, eating out of your lunch box only during the day. That would certainly keep me out of the fridge. Im hope you little ones get better soon!!! I cant imagine how miserable they must feel. :( Im out there shoveling all the hard packed snow out of my driveway last night and Im thinking to myself. I want chocolate!! I deserve it, Im entitled to it....shoveling all this crap, Im entitled!!! Well, hubby came out and helped me (which he wasnt suppose to do) So that took my mind right off everything so I could give him **** for doing what I told him NOT to do :mad: Men! So hubby risking his health helped me keep mine on track.....not so good. I would have worked my way thru it some how.

I made it thru the was kind of a downer day tho. I dont know why. Just was. Did about an hour total of shoveling, eating is 100% water is pretty good. Ive started cutting myself off by 8pm. I dont like getting up in my very cold house to go pee in the middle of the night!

Well, lots to do today. Have a great day everyone!

12-23-2008, 11:43 AM
Where is everyone else? Check in with a wave if you are lurking :wave:

12-23-2008, 02:22 PM
Hi all. Angelmomma (Chris) here. I have not been doing good. Since dh lost his job it has been hard here. Not much time for myself so have not been doing much.
Had snow here in western wa...not used to it. We had three days off last week, wed..thur..fri. So I have an extended winter vacation. Dh and the union are going to file an EEO...equal employment opportunity. Discrimination is the name. I sure do hope that this will end soon....I just need to think things thru. Have been listening to a relaxation tape by Dr. Travis Fox. It has really seemed to help me alot.
Have a dental appt today and dh will be going to the unemployment office so hopefully that will give me some time for myself. Am reading a book now...saw my bds on the side and realized that I have not opened it for quite a while. Plan on doing that today and again starting over.
Thanks for all the support and thoughts you all have given. Dh is thankful too. There are so many people that we know here that are upset at what happened to dh. Alot of support and prayers there. I just know that you all are thinking of us and you don't really know us personally. You all are a blessing and I need to remember that. Thanks

12-23-2008, 06:06 PM
Robin ~ Just a couple of thoughts I wish to share with you....I was reading the reviews on amazon on the new Beck review from a medical professional (I forget the credentials) gave Beck's book very high ratings along with a book, The Anti-inflamation I checked that book and it sounds very useful.....your comments about sugar cravings made me think of it. About OA, I thought it was a little depressing while I know it is very, very helpful and I deeply respect the 12 step principles, something didn't quite resonate for me....I think it is about finding what matches our needs....and we know it is right for us deep down....if its right for you, you will be drawn and things will work-out. ...keep trusting the process. You are doing super with the changes you have implemented...I hear your firm resolve and I applaud you!

I am thinkin' that the others are busy with the holidaze....hopefully when life calms down, they'll post....these are difficult dieting not gain is a major accomplishment!

Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-23-2008, 11:32 PM
First news: I put up my anniversary post ( in the Living Maintenance Section, in case anyone is interested.

Now, getting on to personals back to the 18th...apologies for it taking this long, but the sick kids thing really set me back. BTW: they are both better now, if not 100% and I'm hopeful there will be decent sleep soon.

onebyone Congrats on the 5 lb loss! Good job on eating and exercising to plan. You are building those habits, getting that resistance muscle nice and strong. Thanks for the great thoughts about making my room special and relaxing. I'm so sorry to hear about the distance in your family--that must be extra tough this time of year, and I don't have much advice for you, except that CT does help with depression/happiness issues if you can identify and respond to sabotaging thoughts. Sounds like you got some good advice here, and made a good decision for yourself and your mother. Happy Solstice by the way! One of the events my family celebrates this time of year.

Bill Great job on the 1.0 buffet trip and the great choices! Thanks the thoughts about enriching my life in my situation. I often struggle trying to figure out if I'm simply acknowledging reasons why things seem hard/impossible right now, or I'm making excuses. The outside perspective is valuable, since it isn't loaded up with "shoulds" and self judgment. Sounds like sitting out the snowstorm was a fantastic idea! I don't think I've ever been able to drink half a cup of hot chocolate. Your restraint is amazing! LOL on your observation that working on tight isn't as much fun as working on big. Refreshing to have a male perspective.

shrinkin Sorry you lost your post. I often copy my whole thing before I hit the reply or submit button. Just in case. I like your idea of maintaining while life is chaotic. So often I try for perfection and end up worse than if I'd just dealt with what I could realistically deal with. Have fun in Dallas, and Oh Well on those pecans.

Andrea Sounds like you are sick and the world is uncertain and dreary. :hug: I think you have a great attitude about it, in spite of it all. Thanks for the breathing exercise description. I'm going to be adding meditation to my day very soon and may make use of some of it. As far as night eating goes, I guess I pretty much think it doesn't matter when a calorie is taken in, but I know some people have times of day that are difficult to manage, and if night is tough for you then maybe yeah, stop early. My tough time is about 3 pm. I like your blue star approach to night eating. As far as writing down food, I'm lousy at writing down a plan, but appear to be good and literally throwing my plan into a box and just eating that. I may have to just do this for a while.

RobinW Love the new kitty cat avatar! Glad your DH is now committed to eating better, but sorry to hear about his motivation. At least he's motivated. You say you have scale issues; have you reread the BDS preparing to weigh in chapters? I don't think waiting until your 21 days is over is a bad idea, but preparing is probably good. Or you could be like me and weigh yourself 37 times a day until you are well and thoroughly desensitized to the whole fluctuation thing. But I'm a little weird... Sounds like your sugar busting is going well, and I'm glad your cravings are diminishing. It is getting quiet around here for the holidays.

Kim good to see you around! Yikes another post eaten....I'm going to submit and edit. Exiting news about the guy! I'm glad you are facing your fears about it, and your progress too. I like that you are continuing to focus on improving on the BDS topics that you've already begun, rather than getting bogged down by adding new stuff in before you're ready.

maryblu Yes, that virus is NASTY, but I think it is pretty much gone. I'm so hoping... And here's hoping you manage to avoid it as well. Happy shoveling. I so adore Arizona.

Chris Sounds like you are having just a tough time, and I continue to send my best wishes for a good resolution to your DH's problem.

Everyone is shoveling. Gack. And thanks everyone for your get well wishes for my family!

My new Beck book came while I typed this. I'm going to do a quick browse and then hit the sack. I'll be back tomorrow, barring more vomiting children, to finish out Day 42, ponder BDS Maintenance since I like some of her concepts and try to put together a plan for moving forward.


12-24-2008, 12:30 AM
OK, I'm really, really excited about the new book, The Complete Beck Diet for Life. I just did a flip through, and I think it addresses some of the issues of the first book (e.g. one day per skill) and I think I even like the new food plans and I almost universally hate food plans, even my own.

Anyway, I'm excited. Bill, did you get yours? What did you think?


12-24-2008, 03:06 AM
Okay..just found out about the book and ordered it from amazon. No one around here has it in yet and it is cheaper thru amazon. What do you all think of it.

12-24-2008, 08:48 AM
Diet Coaches - Started today well with a hike to Whole Foods to be one of the first 100 who bought more than $25 after 6am to receive a free bag of Whole Food products. CREDIT moi. Do I love freebies. Particularly when I can combine that with my daily walk AND get myself moving early this morning since I have a ton of gift wrapping to finish today. LOL that I worried whether my short list of items would make the $25 minimum. Any four items at Whole Foods will cost more than $25. The Brussels Sprouts look particularly good for our roasted veggie medley for our big dinner today.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for the 100% on-plan eating and for that good exercise with the snow shovel. Ouch for the real-life Sabotaging Thought, "Im entitled!!!" It blows my mind that such a thought can just pop into our heads and seek to plant its roots. Good job of standing it down.

Thanks for the links about sugar. I'm still struggling to categorize my own reaction to it, but it's remarkably clear that sugar makes me crave sugar. Perhaps I need to devise a strategy that allows a small taste of a sugar thing when there is no more available to me, but absolutely none when there is a bowl sitting in front of me. Like last night at a party with a potluck dessert table. I decided to have a sample. Then had another, then another, then a fourth before I caught myself. I do well when I ignore the dessert table, and I do well when there is only one item available and I take a bite of DH's. But last night didn't fare well with dipping into a cornucopia. Oh Well.

Chris (angelmoma210) - Ouch that the situation with your DH's job continues to be tough. Hope the quite holidays give you time to reflect. Sending you both supportive thoughts as you look for your path forward.

Anne (wndranne) - BIG Kudos for your six year anniversary. That's a full year longer than the magic five year number that is touted as the duration that moves you out of the 95% who gain the weight back. I salute you and wish you sixty more.

That lunch box discovery is neat; once the choice is made, then following the plan is easier. That helps me to see why eating on-plan at work is so much simpler that on-plan at home. Might think of a way to use that for Christmas Day when the house is full of treats and people eating them.

I'm jealous; my copy of Beck's The Complete Beck Diet for Life arrived at the local UPS at 12:50am today (thank you Amazon for servicing the geeks who thrive on too much information) - maybe delivered today, maybe Friday.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Congrats on making it to the Superbowl and Congrats for being the defending champ. Perhaps you can help out our Patriots; we seem to be slipping a bit here at the end of the season.

And Kudos for your active, positive steps. You're working your Beck strategies well. Having Music of the Night on your Nite-eating playlist just cracks me up. That would scare me into staying on-plan big time.

Interesting question about writing down food for the day. I recorded my food daily for over a year, but recently stopped after a hard disk crash and recovery got my files out of kilter. Methinks I would do well to go back. I didn't record the calories, or volume (except perhaps LARGE AMOUNT, or small taste). The daily review helped me to confront when I was drifting, and particularly forced me to acknowledge samples from Whole Foods, which I tend to ignore as merely samples even if they're high fat cheese and fig jam.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I'm treating myself.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-24-2008, 09:32 AM
Good Morning :rain:

Its raining!! :( :( :( YUCK! All this snow is now being covered and we are seeing huge water ponds in the roads and walkways.

Ok....anyone see the news this morning about the chocolate being confiscated by (french?) customs? Over $300,000 worth of chocolate is going to be destroyed. Just because it's a cheap knockoff. What a waste :no: :lol:

I have a kudos for myself. I dont usually recognize when this happens to myself, but see it in others. I stopped eating when I was full! I usually only make what we will eat and rarely have leftovers. Last night the chicken thighs were exceptionally tastey! I finished my plate and looked at the chicken thinking, I should have another. Its chicken so its ok. But I was no longer hungry and realized that I can have it again tonight :D So I left it.

Another kudos. Hubby and I trucked out to a mall that was about 10miles away. Its the only one that had what we were looking for. (Yah for shopping done!) Anyway, it was a stressful ride with the weather and traffic. When I got home I went right to the fridge to grab a deviled egg. I pulled my hand back out because I realized I wasnt hungry....I just wanted the egg. Yah me :cb:

Anne~ Im so happy your kiddies are feeling better. Im going to head over and read your anniversary post. Congratulations!!!!!

Bill~ Kudos for getting up early and getting your freebies!!!

thinkerbell~ Anti-Inflamitory diet sounds interesting. Im thinking its probably lower carb with lots of berries for fruits I right?

What is everyone's plan for eating or not eating tomorrow?
...I'll be eating breaky and lunch just like Im suppose to.
...dinner I will pick out the noodles from the lasagna, skip the bread and pile the salad on my plate before I eat any lasagna!
...cookies and goodies shouldnt be a problem...I didnt do any baking this year, and where we are going the cookies are going to taste like cigarette smoke. Im safe :D Odd way to thank smokers :lol:

Have a wonderful Christmas eve everyone!!

12-24-2008, 07:49 PM
Hello coaches :wreath:

Well it's the 24th and we're in for a quiet holiday, just DH and me.

I made DH a present today, just a small book that I was dying to try out. Iit turned out pretty good and I hope he likes it. We were going to not give gifts but he does so much for me I wanted to do something.

I've been having a tough time with cravings, battling a really really strong desire for cookies. I don't have any in the house so I can't give in but the thoughts and desire for them are possessing me. I'm practicing distraction to get through it.

In general my food is okay but I am feeling very puffy. I haven't been on the trampoline for a few days now. I was walking a lot instead but really I should do both.

I am looking forward to the new book. If you're reading it can you give us a review of what's different in it? I doubt I'll find it in my local bookstore for quite a while yet.

Well everyone have a nice Christmas eve. And I hope :santa: is good to you.

12-25-2008, 06:19 AM
Diet Coaches - Merry Christmas, One and All. Hope you find peace in your life and your path to bring peace to the world.

Our big meal was last night, Christmas Eve, declared by DW as "the best meal ever produced by this kitchen." And it was. Just the combination of each item being special, including apple sauce made from four kinds of apples that complemented the pork roast with current sauce (from a Penzeys magazine). My eating was close to, at least within sight of, on-plan. Had a small slice of the mince meat pie that was made just for me, leaving a chunk of the crust, and a sliver of a sliver of the pumpkin pie without any crust. CREDIT moi for not going crazy.

Had a quiet evening playing Apples_to_Apples ( Had to berate my adult children to go to bed so DW and I could fill the stockings. It's pretty special that both of them spend the night here so they can do the wake up to the Christmas morning thing, especially the stockings, which I have dutifully stuffed, including the five $1 coins (gold-colored) that they dig for knowing that they're there.

onebyone - Yay for a quiet holiday to give some respite to both body and soul. Neato to make an unexpected book for your DH.

My copy of my copy of Beck's The Complete Beck Diet for Life was delivered at 4:30pm by a UPS guy in a hurry - simply amazing to me that a pre-ordered book with a release date of Dec 23rd is delivered on the 24th despite the snow blocked streets. It was immediately wrapped to go under the tree, so my review will have to wait.

Robin (RobinW) - WOW, Kudos for stopping eating when full - even with an appealing chicken thigh in sight. And Kudos for avoiding the deviled egg just because you weren't hungry. That some good Beck strategies going down.

Re "plan for eating or not eating tomorrow?" My day won't be that difficult since our big meal is done. Do have to continue to avoid a whole tin of re-gifted cookies

Everyone Else - Waving. Hope the holiday season goes well for you.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I can start dieting again tomorrow.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-25-2008, 08:46 AM
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just a quick hello to say that I too have the new book and am just through the second chapter or so. This book is arriving at a perfect time for me as I've been on a slippery slope pretty much since Thanksgiving.

My first impressions are that she's retooled things a bit and gotten more specific about a diet plan with food lists etc. That is not a real draw for me, as I'm such a professional (I said professional, not successful) dieter that I know all the right foods to eat. The beauty of BDS to me is the mental stuff. I look forward to reading it all again as I need to hit reboot on this whole thing.

I have what I think I'll be eating over at my parents' house for Christmas dinner all planned out for today, even saving room for a small slice of cheesecake. If I stick with that plan I'll be back on track. There are still too many Christmas goodies in our pantry. I need to hide them or get my husband to take them to work.

I look forward to hearing others' impressions of the new book. Happy Holidays to all!

12-25-2008, 09:25 PM
Good Evening :)

Things are all winding down and Im about ready for bed.

Bill~ Kudos for not going overboard!! I hope you had a very nice christmas :hug:

freer~ I havent even thought about picking up the new book. I like the orginal....I think I'll wait and hear what every has to say about it. for me and my food today. Breaky and lunch were right on. Supper was not in my control but I did alright with my choices. I filled 1/2 my plate with salad, took 1/2 a slice of lasagna, 3 pcs of sausage in sauce. I skipped the garlic bread and asked to take the dessert home because I was too full. That is where the problem lays.....I was too full.

What is kinda cool tho, 1/2 a plate of salad and about 1/4 of the food I would have normally had filled me right up!

Not so cool....I ate the noodle layers, and there were apples in the salad. This means I had sugar and flour today. Not cool! By the time we got home I was feeling freaky about the cake we brought home. I wanted to dig right in....and I was already full!!!!!!!!!! So took a big chunk of cheese and knawed on that with my mug of water. Hopeing that would fix the sugar craving. It did :D

My merry christmas gift to myself this morning....I got on the scale and Im down a total of 12lbs since Dec 1st Yah!

Good night everyone!

12-26-2008, 12:44 AM
Coaches: I'm happy enough with The Complete Beck Diet for Life and still feel like I'm needing the structure and focus after my recent derailment, that I'm now working through it. There are some tweaks to the basic skill set between BDS and CBDL, and Coaches become Buddies. I'm not thinking the terminology matters much, but I sort of like Coaches better.

Unlike BDS, CBDL has Five Stages, which are filled with familiar material, sometimes with a slightly different spin on it, and a diet/food plan spelled out in Stage 2 and modified in Stage 4. Anyway, I'll start checking in on my progress in Stage 1 tomorrow.

Prior to Stage 1 there are 10 Tasks to do to get ready. Again, lots of familiar stuff, but with a couple new items and some twists. So here are the tasks and my progress with them.

Gather Your Supplies: Mostly BDS stuff, with the addition of Business-sized cards, a small box for a Memory Box, and a large box for a Distraction box, plus measuring cups/spoons, food and people scales.
Set a Modest Weight Loss Goal: I'm still at my 2nd 5 pound goal from BDS
Make Time for Dieting: The time management stuff with the prioritization exercises. I feel somewhat relieved that this time around Beck includes get enough sleep on the list of "diet" tasks!
Get a Diet Buddy: The coach role we are all familiar with.
Get Organized: Clean up and prepare your environment.
Make a Memory Box: to collect positive memories of diet-related accomplishements. A genius idea I wish I'd thought of years ago.
Fill your Distractions Box: A more concrete take on the Distractions List from BDS. Mine has actual stuff, plus lists (cards) of things to do.
Talk to Your Family: Not asking for permission or help, just letting them know what is going on.
Build a Sense of Entitlement: Do not put yourself last.
Make Response Cards: Specifically dealing with practicing skills every day, NO CHOICE (slightly expanded from BDS to a more global sense I like better), and unfairness.

This was pretty painless for me, just having gone through the 42 Day BDS cycle. I imagine it would take more time starting from scratch. I'm pretty much good to go, except for getting the smaller cards.

Tomorrow I'll report back on Stage I, Skill 1, which is Motivate Yourself Daily, using an Advantages Deck (essentially an ARC with one reason per card). I haven't figured out why the switch.

In other news, we had a decent Christmas day today, with moderately overstimulated children and way too many cookies, but so be it. I'm feeling better and am finally fully healed up from the nursing/pumping issue I had before Thanksgiving. Long time to heal! Sleep has been better and I'm generally positive. And, nobody puked even once today!!

At the risk of activating Bill's book habit, I just finished a fascinating book called Brain Rules. Summarizes the major things we know about how brains work, and ideas for doing things better in daily life. The associated web site is It isn't diet/weight loss related at all, but I got some insights into how CT might work, as well as a lot of understanding of why my brain is melting with the stress and lack of sleep I've been dealing with lately, and why my visual migraines manifest the way they do. Absolutely fascinating. I'm going to have to read it again when I'm better rested and can retain more.

Right back with personals...


12-26-2008, 01:00 AM
Chris/angelmomma210 Hope you are hanging in there. Let us know what you think of the new book.

Bill Free food normally sounds like a diet nightmare, but sounds like you actually scored a triple with that one. Your Christmas meal sounds wonderful.

RobinW Hurray for leftovers! Scary how an apple can trigger a sugar craving for you. I alway want sugar, but that is true whether I'm eating the stuff or not, and apart from a few very specific trigger foods, moderation always works well for me. I know how lucky I am.

onebyone I distracted myself from eating cookies by eating cookies. Hope your strategy worked out better for you than mine did for me. If I blame Santa, do you think I'll be put on the naughty list?

freer I'm liking some of the shifts in emphasis of the new book, and I think the core of the techniques is still strong and effective. I'll let you know about the food plan when I get there, but the bibliography is full of scholarly papers from Barbara Rolls (of Volumetrics fame), Brian Wansink (Mindless Eating), and National Weight Control Registry (among others), so I'm pretty hopeful.

kuhljeanie Are you back from vacation yet?

:wave: to everyone out there busy over the holidays!


12-26-2008, 07:46 AM
Good morning to all,

Diet-wise, a fairly successful day, considering the temptations. I stuck fairly closely to my plan, though not perfect. Given my recent off plan eating, I'd have to say I did great. Credit ME. There's always room for improvement, but my mindset wasn't in the mode of, I'll start over again tomorrow, so for me, that's huge.

I found time to read more of the new book and it's been quite helpful. I never had the original book. I had chosen to purchase the audiobook and the workbook, so having the new book has been great. There have been many times when I've wanted to refer back to something I'd heard in the audiobook but that's just not so easy since each cd doesn't list an index or anything. For this reason, I'm really happy I got the new book.

Anne - It'll be interesting to hear your take on the new book. I too think it's a great refresher of the original stuff. I also like the idea of the Memory Box and the Distraction Box. I'm doing it a bit differently than the book in that I'm keeping them as "tasks" in Outlook on my computer. That way I can always find them and add to the list. I do that with my Advantages as well. I have them set on a timer that pops up everyday or twice a day if needed.

Today I finally get to get back to Jazzercise as the center I go to has been closed for 2 days and we were out of town a few days before that. The exercise part of all this is no problem for me as I have enjoyed aerobics for years. It'll feel good to 'feel' my muscles once again after almost a week off.

Have a great day everyone.

12-26-2008, 07:57 AM
Diet Coaches - Eating was mindful even though not stellar. CREDIT moi for that much; I passed up many, many opportunities for mindless behavior. Had two more meals served in the dinning room with tablecloth and candles - signals to my brain that this is serious eating time. I expected dinner to be a cool-down at the kitchen table just with DW, but ended up with DD and her BF back in the dinning room. The family time was great, was the first time to have just those two for a meal, so a good time to hear more of his story.

We took a family walk in the early afternoon. Weather had turned sunny and clear - just a bit cool. Was a chance to try out my gifts of new wool hiking socks and super warm mittens.

Robin (RobinW) - Congrats for the 12 pounds down in December - a great reminder that the holiday season can be a good place to work on-plan eating. Kudos for the plate started with 1/2 salad; seems like that sets the mind frame so that good choices can follow. LOL at gnawing on your cheese; yep, we gotta do what works for us.

Anne (wndranne) - Thanks for the summary of The Complete Beck Diet for Life. That will help me to dig in; I'm currently kinda flipping around and about trying to figure out how I'll incorporate this into what I'm already doing based on The Beck Diet Solution. I immediately like that Coaches are now Buddies - that seems to match the role of equals, and reflects that we're most likely to find someone interested who is also on a similar path.

And thanks for being sensitive to my book addiction with your pointer to Brain Rules. Naturally, I've now read the site and the Amazon reviews and put it on my Shopping List. It's appeal is that it can enhance what I'm doing without requiring a new framework.

So glad that the family health issues are under control so that you all were able to enjoy Christmas day.

freer - Kudos for making a plan in advance for the Christmas dinner at your parents' house. That's such a positive example of making Beck thinking work. Glad that Diet for Life arrived just when you need a restart. Does it lend itself to tracking through the program here on this thread?

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I'll never lose weight anyway.
... "
Beck, pg 193.

12-26-2008, 10:57 AM
Good Morning Coaches...

I just took a step toward health and weightloss and posted in the group I was a member of when following my last foodplan of choice: Crack the Fat Loss Code. I'm going to give it 100% of my time and attention starting Monday (I know. Monday. But this plan and that group are all about the Monday start and it gives me a few days to get ready; go shopping etc.)
It's important to get that first killer week out of the way while I am at home and not dealing with school. This is a carb cyclng program that I felt really good on but the first week is restricted carbs and I never do very well with that so better to baby myself while I get through it. I am feeling good about this decision. And if it turns out to be not the right one, I reserve the right to change it and do a fall back to my second plan, as per Beck suggestions, which will be... YOU on a Diet guidelines. Okay. Done. I am anxious now to be rid of my excess weight. I do not need to carry this anymore! NO.

BillBlueEyes Congrats for getting through the feasts! No mean feat that! ;) BTW the Outliers book had about 5 pages of real new-to-me content. It's really an extended argument for changing how we do school especially for kids who don't get opportunities to continue learning over the summer. It's a long lament about how we/our society could be FANTASTIC if we did x and x and x. My lament is the whole book was a let down.

freer Hi freer! Good to hear you're doing well, making progress and happy Jazzercising today! Kudos for keeping up with the exercise:carrot:

wndranne Thanks so much for posting the stage 1 from the new Beck book. I am going to attend to these tasks before I start out on my plan on Monday. Could you elaborate more on the "Fill your Distractions Box" task? Is this where we'd place an actual book, or just a list of things or ... ? I'm assuming you use it as a "go to" when you are craving or in danger of going off plan? Thanks! I'm going to look for the book after I post here as I am going to the mall bookstore. I expect not to find it though. It's a pretty poor bookstore :(

RobinW Big Congrats for your surprise weightloss! Awesome! And good going on dealing with the cravings by subverting them... sugar into protein. For me I had a big continuous battle with a sugar craving for over a week and I gave in last night and this morning. It's spurred me forward to making a committment to getting on plan seriously again. This is my year to do this. :hug: Nice to read of your success. Makes me think I can do it too. Thank you.

Hope everyone reading this has a good relaxing happy day today.

12-26-2008, 11:46 AM
Good Morning :wave:

Bill~ first let me thank you for spelling gnawing right :lol: I just couldnt get my brain to work right last night ....must have been the full belly :D

I have to you sit there big and mean at the end of the table and make dd's bf feel uncomfortable? My dad used to do that .....I warned anyone I brought home (which was very few because of him) :lol:

Kudos for making it thru the holidays with good eating, and getting a walk in too! Great!!

onebyone~ Big Kudos for restarting!! My biggest hurdle is the sugar cravings....once I get them under control, the rest is fairly simple. Here's to conquering your first hurdle :cheers:

Anne~ Thanks so much for link! Im going to go check it out. It always helps to learn why my brain thinks the way it does. Im glad everyone is feeling better....makes life so much easier doesnt it?!!

Is it possible to still be full from yesterday's supper? I didnt really think so. But when I was drinking my protein shake for breaky this morning I really didnt want to finish it because I felt full :sorry: weird! I kinda had to finish it tho....if I didnt all the fibre in there would solidify and then be a bugger to get out of the cup :lol:

I am suppose to take notice of things after eating sugar or white flour. Here is what I noticed.

1. I craved sugar big time after supper!!
2. I didnt want to get up this morning. Eating properly has me better rested and actually feeling like Ive had enough sleep. Not this morning that's for sure.
3. My face was all puffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUCK!!
4. I have a headache this morning........only happens when Im not eating properly.
5. Im groggy...kinda sleepy.

I need to write this down in a journal so I can go back to it and remember why I shouldnt eat that way.

Ive also been thinking about my next 21 day challenge. Im very pleased with this one and I think Im ready to add to it.

January 2nd will be my next step to healthy habits. I will add a min. of 15 minutes of planned exercise everyday for 21 days. Ontop of my good eating habits.

Have a great day everyone!!

Happy Boxing Day onebyone!! :wave:

12-26-2008, 08:05 PM
Hi Coaches!

I just got this book at the bookstore today called Write it Down, Make it Happen: knowing what you want and getting it! by Henriette Anne Klauser.

It's really good. I must say I am enjoying this book very much.

There's something in it that reminds me of Billblueyes and what he told me about how he lost his weight. Forgive me for paraphrasing your experience BBE, but you mentioned that the food plan you chose was what you were willing to do for the rest of your life. You basically started to eat for maintenance, as if you were already there, and then you let your body catch up. I think you even said you waited for your body to catch up. And you knew this would be your thin self that would show up (this was your expectation right?).

So brilliant. Now I know why. In chapter 4 of the book, Getting Ready to Receive the author suggests doing this exercise:

Writing a full-fledged description of what you want is one way of saying you believe that it's (your goal) attainable and you are ready to receive it. The more precise you can be, the more ready you are. Write a visualization in loving detail--not only depicting your goal, but rehearsing what the particulars of your daily life will be like once this goal is realized.

BBE this is what you did! You saw your life as one in which you ate what you set out and you saw your body respond to it and shed the pounds. Wow. This is what I want. Suffice it to say that we can't make it if we don't believe it. I need some practice in this arena but I am starting to do the work. I will see the results. I will. We all will.

Anyway just wanted to post this. See ya!

12-26-2008, 08:50 PM
waving! lurking! back in body but not in spirit. ;)

12-27-2008, 12:29 AM
Coaches/Buddies I had a big Beck day today, and a lot of stuff to report! I started Stage 1 of the CBDL program today, and again with BDS so recently, I was able to fly through a lot of the skills. Now, I may be in Stage 1 a while, since you stay in Stage 1 until you get a perfect score on your checklist for 7 straight days, but the plans are largely in place. Now it is practice, practice, practice.

Stage 1 has 9 "Success Skills" all of which are familiar from BDS, with some new twists, techniques, and thoughts added it. I worked through five of them today. Again, the proof is in the practice, so I'm not kidding myself with a BTDT.

Success Skill 1: Motivate Yourself Daily. This involves making and reading an Advantages Deck, which is our familiar ARC with one reason per card. I spent some time thinking about why it is so hard to do this, didn't come to any useful conclusions, and in the end it doesn't matter. CBDL convinced me that this was useful as an exercise in self-discipline, and it is better to be in the habit now, so it is automatic when things get tough later. So I made a web site with my ARC list on it, the text from the more useful Response Cards I read, distraction techniques and activities (complete with links), and a few other odds and ends. [The boy is sleeping again, thank goodness, and I had some time for once.] I also have a to do list to copy my list onto other cards to 1) hang on the bathroom mirror (I got this idea here, from Kim maybe??), and 2) to carry in the purse. I'm also going to make a Deck just to see if it makes it easier to read and/or absorb.
Success Skill 2: Weigh Yourself Daily. This is up from weekly in BDS and the text gives reasons for it, including references to studies showing daily weighing is a valuable tool. I'm all set with this one!
Success Skill 3: Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down, and Enjoying Every Bite. Yes, this is a BDS skill, but I've been stinking at it. I did better today, catching myself a few times and giving myself a course correction. I've come to the conclusion that I've been disengaging in life a lot lately, and perhaps that is a legitimate response to sickness, but I don't want to miss my life. Letting the days go by. So I'm being more mindful about everything, eating included.
Success Skill 4: Give Yourself Credit. I'm pretty good at this one, too. I've been trying to think of a way to quantify it better, especially all the small stuff, the 200 decisions a day thing. I think it would be nice to know if I made, say, 189 of those good ones, rather than focusing on the 11 bad ones.
Success Skill 5: Get Moving. Exercise! I went through a bunch of stuff on this right before the kids started barfing every 5 minutes. I'm an all-or-nothing person, and just brainstormed how to get myself moving. I don't need to run a marathon every day. So we are now all better, and it is time to get going. I did a set of push-ups and another of crunches to get myself in the spirit of small steps today, and I have a plan for getting out tomorrow. My parents are coming Saturday and when we work out a plan for next week, I'm going to plan my exercise for the week around their visit.

In other news, I put all my allowable snacks in a container in the frig and it worked like a charm. My only deviation from it was a latte (skinny vanilla please) that I picked up while grocery shopping today. Calories are under 2000 for the day! Yippee! That one gets a CREDIT MOI!!!!

Looking ahead, Success Skills 6 (Overcome Hunger, Cravings, and Emotional Eating) and 8 (Follow Your Plan, No Matter What) have a bunch of experiments and techniques in them, and may take some time. Skills 7 (Plan and Monitor Your Eating) and 9 (Get Back on Track-Right Away) are skills I'm better at and may take less time to work through. Then I just need my 7 days straight on my "Stage 1 Success Skills Sheet" or the To Do List, and I'll move on to a more set eating plan. I may mess with that some, because it's what I do, but I need some structure right now, so structure it is.

Back with personals...


12-27-2008, 12:41 AM
freer thanks for the Outlook comment. While that doesn't work for me, it did make me think about other options, which led me to my new web site.

Bill congrats on the mindful eating and the family walk. Sounds like a great way to spend a holiday!

onebyone I think having some time to baby yourself through the start of a new program is a good one. My 6 year anniversary is a few days before the holidays because that was my first day off work for a 2+ week holiday leave (with some vacation). Worked like a charm!

Regarding my distraction box, I have actual stuff in it, like a book of puzzles, and an aromatherapy candle, and well, I don't remember, but actual stuff. I also have lists of things to do, and if I think of something ("Oh, I should..." or "That sounds fun, I'd like to...") I write it on a card and throw it in the box. Then I can just pick something. I also have a virtual Distraction Box now, too. Google does free web sites now, that you can keep private (or at least non-public; I'm sure the standard data mining engines analyze it), which is what I've chose to do with mine.

RobinW I like the 21 day challenge concept. I think your next one is a good one! Your reactions to sugar are just scary!

Jeanie Welcome back! I can't wait to hear about the trip.


12-27-2008, 07:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Have now read through the first two chapters of The Complete Beck Diet for Life (CBDL). CREDIT moi. I'm developing a positive attitude toward it. My five cents at this point is that if you're on track with The Beck Diet Solution (BDS), then you don't need CBDL. At the point that you need a refresher course, then CBDL is enough of an improvement that it's the path to take. I'm getting a great deal out of the on-going review by Anne (wndranne) - helps me to see the path in front of me. As per my usual, I've flipped through the whole book several times, and the Table of Contents multiple times, as well as the appendices to get my mental framework ready to tackle the book. Would appreciate everyone' opinion about incorporating both books into this thread as I've discussed in my response to Anne (wndranne) below.

Had dinner recently with my friend who taught Weight Watchers for a spell. She reminded me that the genius of WW is that it teaches people how to make wise dietary choices - it's an educational program, not just a support program. The whole points tradeoff business, that bugs the dickens out of me from the outside, leads people to understand which foods they have to abandon to get the ones they need for the protein, veggies, and good fats they need for the day. That may be what's behind the idea of Beck's rather small set of recipes in the back of the new book. Am not there yet, but it has already reminded me of my friends positive understanding of WW.

Eating on The-Day-After felt so good to be on-plan without temptation. CREDIT moi. Without temptation that is, except for that d*rn tin of re-gifted cookies, package of dark fudge with walnuts, and several Japanese snacks from our Christmas Stockings (I'm the guilty party there, but the tradition is quite old). And too much fruit - but I don't have a tendency to over react to that. And too many good leftovers, but they'll be under control by Monday. DW pointed out that we've now accumulated three jars of Buchetta (olive oil soaked olives, etc.) that I've bought or gotten in my free bag from Whole Foods, and don't eat because it has the same calories as olive oil. And it's traditionally consumed on toasted Italian bread or crackers, which doesn't help much. Gotta find a way to take it to a party or potluck.

Jean (Kuhljeanie) - Waving back. Glad you are physically here. Do hope that El Nino recognizes you, forgives you, and is delighted to see you. And your DH as well, LOL.

onebyone - Kudos for charging into your cherished Crack the Fat Loss Code. It's great to read your positive tone as you go forward.

Thanks for the pointer to Write it Down by Henriette Anne Klauser. I added it to my Amazon shopping list; maybe I'll be moved to it when I've made some progress on my current stack.

And thanks for your positive memory of my journey and your gracious comparison of it with the neat Write it Down strategies. I do like her stress that we gotta believe in the destination and the journey in order to go there.

Robin (RobinW) - LOL at knawing/gnawing; I have stared and stared at my own misspellings waiting for the old brain to tell me why they seemed odd, and the old brain just says nothing.

That's a neat list of what you've noticed after eating sugar/white flower. It helps me that you're publicly fighting that stuff. There's room for me to get a better fix on its impact on me.

Anne (wndranne) - Kudos for charging forth into The Complete Beck Diet for Life and thanks for your continuing review and summary. You've helped me to start in also. I'm looking for suggestions for tilting the January 2009 thread to include CBDL as well as BDS. Thinking, for example, of adopting your Coaches/Buddies salutation - that handles both. Will try to fit the title of both books into the thread title - that's what helps people to find us when they Google. My take is include quotes from either one in my Readers part of my posts. What are your thoughts about this? Do you have any idea whether Beck plans to drop BDS and move entirely to CBDL? Perhaps to stop selling BDS rather than coming out with a paperback version?

By-the-by, your pointer to Brain Rules led me to discover that Dr. John Ratey has a new book, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain that disuses exercise as the non-medical solution to a long list of mental issues: stress, ADHD, Depression, etc. So that's on my Amazon Shopping List now, for when I'm in need of encouragement to keep up my exercise. Product quote:Did you know you can beat stress, lift your mood, fight memory loss, sharpen your intellect, and function better than ever simply by elevating your heart rate and breaking a sweat? The evidence is incontrovertible: Aerobic exercise physically remodels our brains for peak performance.

freer - LOL, you posted before me yesterday as I was typing slowly and reading over on Amazon about all the book references we have going. Kudos for giving yourself credit. I like your qualification, "a fairly successful day, considering the temptations." Do you have ideas for incorporating Beck's new book into this thread?

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
No one will know.
... "
Beck Diet Solution, pg 193.

12-27-2008, 08:07 AM
As I sit and watch the snowstorms across the country, I am blessed to be sitting in Austin, with my windows open at a balmy 80 degrees yesterday! As a transplant from Chicago, it doesn't get much better than this!:D

Another day (that's two!) on plan and it feels sooooo much better than where I've been. I really feel like the holiday food fog is finally lifting. That was quite a storm!

Anne I'm enjoying your takes on the new book. Glad it's helping you.

Bill I think the best part of the new book for me so far is that it is a physical book, and not an audiobook. I am loving that I can easily refer to parts of it later.

My overall impression is that I'm not too keen on Beck prescribing a diet and recipes. I say this only because one of my favorite parts of Beck was that it was not specific about a diet. For me, I have done them all. I need no further education on what I should eat. That's really not the problem for me. I know exactly what I should eat. I could put together menus for a diet book myself! :) My problem is actually following the diet all the psychological stuff that goes on when dieting, and that is the true beauty of Beck for me.

I'm only about 60 pages into the new book. I am using it as a much-needed refresher course, and it's been great. But I can't help thinking that the book publishers wanted Beck to create a more marketable diet book, and those always prescribe a diet and recipes. To that end, I hope this book is successful. I have no idea why her original book didn't do better than it did. It certainly wasn't on my radar while it was first released.

onebyone Thanks for sharing your comparisons to Bill's success and the book you're reading. Very helpful! I never knew that part of BBE's story and I certainly admire him sharing his journey each day with us.

BBE for President! Or how about a newly created post of Secretary of the Exterior?! :D

12-27-2008, 09:42 AM
Morning coaches

Got up, looked out, and then thought wow. Looks dark. And cold. I grabbed a bag of garbage to bring out and the sidewalks and parking lot are really really icy. Yesterday they said the temp today would go to 7C... well above the freezing point of 0C and tomorrow we can expect 11C (50F or so)! This a spring temperature. Oh and rain. It's supposed to rain. I'm getting ready to head over to the mall. I saw this set of very Hungarian-like canisters (I am of Hungarian/Scottish ancestry) for the kitchen that I decided I want. I am planning on cleaning and painting the kitchen this coming week. I hope they are still at the store. It'd be fantastic incentive to get the kitchen in order and then display these fantastic colourful canisters that have the same base yellow colour that I bought for the paint oh so many months back! Morning Sunshine I believe I bought. (Still enjoying my Bermuda Cocktail blue btw for those who remember!) So I would clean the kitchen today and tomorrow and then paint Monday, Tuesday. Talk about getting your environment in order! Woo-hoo! Gee. it does feel right.

Food is so-so. I am going to make some pea soup from the xmas hambone and I am looking forward to that very much! I'd never made a ham before and DH liked it so much it made me wonder why we didn't do that before in our 17 years together? It's good we still have new adventures to share! Keeps it fresh!

Anyway I think I'll head out to beat the mass of shoppers. I hope I find those canisters!

Will check back in later...

12-27-2008, 11:33 AM
Good Morning :rain:

Yesterday was a serious chore!! It was rough!! Why is it, when you make it thru a rather frustrating evening that it doesnt feel like a big kudos?!?!? It was more a feeling of isolation and anger. I was craving sugar so badly yesterday I actually had the chocolate in my hand and was making my way to the check out. My hand managed to put it on a shelf and walk out of target. I went home, and talked to hubby. I needed him to know what was going on with me, so I would stay out of everyone's christmas stocking goodies!

I was so angry that pcs of apple and the little bit of noodles in my lasagna sent me on a craving frenzy. Very angry!! At about 9:45pm last night hubby and I had a chat. I was pissed off because that little change in my diet set me back 2 days now. It feels like I have to get past the "first 3 days" again. I havent eaten anything I wasnt suppose to....but it feels like I have :(

Add to effects of sugar

6. crankiness(squared)!!
7. ability to block out all self talk to get what I WANT!
8. unbelievable hunger all day yesterday!

Im a bit more calm this morning, but still pretty ticked about it all.

Today's plan...Im off but need to get into the shop for about an hour. Then its home to get stuff cleaned up and if the rain stops I'll get outside for a walk. Its 50F here today...a good time to get a walk, and get the snowbanks at the foot of the driveway cut back a bit.

I'll be back for personals.

12-27-2008, 11:39 AM
I just got off the phone with dil.......turns out she also put sugar in the sauce!!! :eek: I thought it tasted sweet, but just thought it was my taste buds. When Im off sugar, even green beans and broccoli will taste sweet. I asked her about the salad dressing for the salad......3rd ingredient was sugar.

No friggin wonder Im a crazy woman!!!

12-27-2008, 02:59 PM
Bill~ Kudos for sticking to your woe after the big day!!

Anne~ Thankyou for your summary so far of beck's new book. Im still deciding...we will probably head over to the book store tomorrow and have a look at it. I love the idea of a distraction box!

onebyone~ enjoy your shopping and mini kitchen reno! I love freshly redone rooms! Im thinking our new tv room needs to have the purple covered :lol:

freer~ Yah for the holiday fog lifting!!

Im a bit more settled this afternoon. Still having sugar issues, and hubby said I was cranky.......but Im better than I was last night or this morning.

Have a great weekend everyone!

12-27-2008, 11:26 PM
Coaches/Buddies Today I didn't have as much time as yesterday. I read through Stage 1 Success Skill 6 of CBDL, Overcome Hunger, Cravings, and Emotional Eating. It has 6 Experiments, and of these, four of them are identical or very similar to something from BDS, so I'm passing on them. There are two others Experiments 5 (Cravings are tolerable and go away) and Experiment 6 (I can tolerate negative emotions without eating in response). I need to read through these more carefully and figure out when/how to do them. There are also some good ideas for Response Cards in this section and I'm going to review and make them as necessary.

Edit to include summary of all six Skill 6 experiments:

Experiment 1: Prove to yourself that you confuse hunger with other states
Experiment 2: Prove to yourself that hunger isn't an emergency
Experiment 3: Prove to yourself that fullness kicks in
Experiment 4: Prove to yourself that you can stop eating
Experiment 5: Prove to yourself that you can make cravings go away
Experiment 6: Prove to yourself that you don't need to eat when you are upset

Today was a huge day with a lot of credit. I worked my ARC stuff hard, reading my list on-line and making additional cards to hang in my bathroom to read while brushing/flossing and another for my purse (CREDIT for Skill 1). Weighed myself and I'm down about a pound to a new post-partum low (CREDIT for Skill 2). I sat down to eat every time (!) and ate slowly and savored it, even with kid stuff going on. (many CREDITs for Skill 3). I gave myself a lot of credit (Skill 4), yes, CREDITs for CREDIT. And I got out and did a run/walk today, even though it was cold and I didn't want to (CREDIT for Skill 5). I also ate to plan (Skill 7, CREDIT), calories under 2000 again, and paid attention to hunger levels not eating unless it was time (Skill 6, CREDIT).

Plan for tomorrow is to finish digesting Skills 6 and 7, get some walking in, and eat at this calorie level again.

My parents are now visiting for a week, so we'll be a little off routine, but I'm up for it this week. Not expecting perfection, but I do expect it to go well.

Back with personals...(I'm doing dual posts since there is a post-eating monster around).


12-27-2008, 11:53 PM
Post monster. I'll just say shucks here, but my real-life language was a bit harsher.

Bill I think the psychological, motivational, and organizational stuff between the two books is so similar it makes sense to combine the threads. I think the CBDL food/diet plan could be considered a chosen diet plan under BDS, so I'm hoping that the BDS'ers out there will interpret my writing on it as such, and I'll try to summarize new concepts. No clue where J. Beck is going in terms of book support. Her intro in CBDL seems to indicate she views this as an improvement to BDS with added features, based on her patients and seminar participants.

Good for you for not seeing fudge as a temptation. It is tempting from here!!

freer I'm also a diet and nutrition expert. I could write books. I know the arguments for the various recommended omega 6 to omega 3 ratios. I can discuss the Krebs cycle intelligently (well, once upon a time anyway). I could write cookbooks and diet plans. But I just don't have the mental energy to do this for myself right now. So, since the CBDL diet happens to line up with my personal ideas about what sort of diet is right for me (at least at first glance), I'm jumping in. I'm sure to tinker...

Good for your two days on plan, and glad the holiday fog is lifting.

onebyone It sounds like you are doing some beautiful things with your kitchen and I bet that will make it nice to prepare and eat healthy food there. Pea soup sounds good!

RobinW I'm so sorry about the hidden sugar and your need to redo your days. Sending you happy vibes so it won't be so bad this time around! I think you get major credit for putting back that chocolate.

12-28-2008, 01:53 AM
OMG, wndranne, I can't believe you said this!

["I'm also a diet and nutrition expert. I could write books. I know the arguments for the various recommended omega 6 to omega 3 ratios. I can discuss the Krebs cycle intelligently (well, once upon a time anyway)."]

That is soooooo something I could have said. The omega discussion from my Dr. -Barry-Sears -Devotee- Zone -days, and the Krebs Cycle, well yaaahh. ..30 yrs ago, at least! BillBE could refresh us both after his current Botany class! :D

I appreciate the discussion of the new Beck book..I remember being a bit cynical when I first started reading TBDS.. for just a brief while, til it became obvious on about page 2 she really knew her sh..her schtuff.

It does sound as if she has some new ideas in these pages....but, it seems like alot of these ideas are out there, not just all in the same place. I read Maintainers and many are doing Beck much of it, because it works; they have just learned by doing what works for them.

The Distraction Box sounds like something Dr. Phil would suggest.

DS gave me You Being Beautiful for Xmas. ..cuz, well, if there is a new You book, then I need it! Some new health tips in general and specifically. Have picked up some new stuff. They did mention CBT briefly. Very interesting discussion of smoking as a habit of could apply so easily to the habit of eating out of stress. Just change out the words. They also pointed out the benefits of Omega 3s for just about everything!

onebyone, reading this new You book reminds me that the You diet has a lot of behavioral tips similar to TBDS, so I can see why you would chose it as your backup diet. I always have to laugh when I think about the line in there about "stop reading self help/ diet books and start moving"..:D:D

Am gonna have to invest in Brain Rules, for sure.

My problem right now is trying to figure out why I am not doing it (Beck). I have all the tools at my disposal and a great group with which to share ideas, and I am not choosing to take advantage of it. So, keep talking, ya'll, I am listening!

I appreciate you all!

12-28-2008, 06:55 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - The leftovers are being consumed. The mess from opening presents is getting under control; CREDIT DW. I cooked a mess of red beans in New Orleans style in the crock pot. They turned out well. Half will serve as lunches for next week and half got frozen for a future week. CREDIT moi for working in advance for on-plan eating. That's the big thing Beck has taught me; it's gonna be hard work, but the payoff is when I do the hard work in advance rather than the hard work of white-knuckling it when confronted with the need to eat and trying to choose from low value options.

Planned the seed purchases for next summer's vegetable garden. CREDIT moi. It'll be my first. DW has always done it and is lending me the garden for a year to see if I like it. Good grief, do you have any idea how many kinds of tomatoes there are to choose from? That leeks take 100 days to produce? That when your patch is adjacent to others in a community garden you have to be aware that their stuff might well fertilize yours making your cukes taste odd if they have aggressive squash? Seems like you shouldn't take up gardening unless you've done it all your life.

Read further in The Complete Beck Diet for Life. CREDIT moi. CBDL does a more convincing job of recognizing that making the transition to a healthy liffestyle using the Beck strategies takes a bunch of time. Eventually the strategies become habits taking little extra time. But, initially, it's a big effort and CBDL emphasizes that you gotta plan for that and make the time by deleting something else. I like that - felt that BDS glossed over the time commitment with reference, by example, that meal planing only takes a couple of minutes. Eventually, yes, but initially its big.

maryblu - Admiring your expertise in the proper Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratios. You sent me off to review my Krebs Cycle stuff. Remembering fondly that I breathe Oxygen to take away some Hydrogen to make respiration possible. I do so admire that plants perform the same basic biological functions that we do. Every minute of the day. And they do it without a brain. It's all just boggling to me.

Neat that your DS knows you well enough to give you You Being Beautiful. Hope you enjoy it. And hope you find the path to keep doing your Beck stuff.

And, if it's not asking too much, in your spare time, would you kindly choose one senator or the other and be done with it. Ya don't get a vote if you don't have a senator, LOL. That election count is another thing that boggles my mind. It simultaneously reminds me how robust and how fragile our electoral process is.

Jean (Kuhljeanie) - Waving. Hoping that you mentally make it all home as well.

onebyone - Yep, I remember "Morning Sunshine" yellow as well as "Bermuda Cocktail blue." Kudos for preparing your Environment. The new Beck book makes a clean kitchen one of the first tasks - sorta like a bit of flylady dot com creeps into Beck. Can't wait to hear how your split pea soup made with a ham bone turns out.

Robin (RobinW) - Ouch for a rough day, and Ouch for the discovery that sugar was in the sauce and salad dressing. Kudos for having a DH who will tell you that you're cranky.

Thanks for the additional insights into your sugar blues. Sugar's impact on you is pretty sobering. Gotta believe that the impact on all of us is similar, even if somewhat less.

Anne (wndranne) - Thanks for continuing the summary of The Complete Beck Diet for Life (CBDL).

Kudos for all the work on the Stage I Experiments, and, writing with a absolute straight face, BIG Kudos for giving yourself CREDIT for giving yourself CREDIT. That CREDIT business is a weak spot for me, so it's neat to see you facing it directly.

freer - Yah that the holiday food fog is lifting; Kudos for the second day on-plan.

Interesting comment that you know what to eat, it's the mental stuff that you want from Beck. I feel the same way. There's lots of good light cookbooks available. I would guess that the buyers who find their way to Beck's book would also be among the too-many-cookbooks crowd. But her book is best I know describing Cognitive Therapy - CT (nee Cognitive Behavior Therapy - CBT) strategies for staying on-plan with eating and exercise.

And thanks for the kind endorsement for Secretary of the Exterior. No doubt that three years ago I was qualified for Secretary of the Posterior, LOL.

Readers - "Common diet related sabotaging thoughts:
I'll end up eating it eventually.
... "
Beck Diet Solution, pg 193.

12-28-2008, 09:28 AM
Hi coaches,

Just stopping by briefly to say that the holidays have been a feast and I feel like crap! ;o(

Hoping to de-tox today......water, water, water and veggies to get back to feeling good. I need to keep learning this lesson til I get body hates sugar, white flour and ground meat! Just hates it!

I am hoping to get back on plan usually takes 3 days of good eating to Wednesday I shall be feeling better, hopefully! Til then bloated, swollen, sluggish and miserable! I'll get this....I really will!

Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-28-2008, 10:08 AM
Good Morning :)

Im feeling better today. Only thought about dd's chocolate once more after my post yesterday. Kudos for me!

Bill~ Kudos for getting your pot of beans cooked up for the week!! Dontcha just love being able to go into the fridge and grabbing your pre-made lunches?!! I sure do.

thinkerbell~ :hug: for your sugar/white flour issues. You can do it!

onebyone~ splitpea soup Ive only ever made for my husband...and I havent a clue how it tastes :lol: I cant get past the smell :lol: Kudos for getting a big pot made!!

As for me, Ive been eating alot of fatty meals to help keep the sugar cravings at bay. So last night I made a big pot of cream of celery soup. Who would have thought Id get a hankering for cream of celery soup?? :crazy: Not me! :lol: There was a problem tho....trying to find a recipe without flour added as a thickener. So I pulled out a couple recipes one of them being a greek lemon soup that uses eggs as thickeners!! Voila...I have a nice creamy celery soup with no flour and lot of protein :D

Have a great sunday everyone!!

12-28-2008, 10:25 AM
Hi all. I've struggled through this holiday season, which gives me the opportunity to do something I've never been successful at before -- getting back on track after regaining some (10-15?) but not all of my lost weight.

I got the new book too. I've browsed a bit, but haven't really read it yet. I like the idea of a daily checklist, and I think I'll make one for myself on a spreadsheet. As w/BDS, I'll try to get concepts and approaches that work for me, using the material in the book. Hopefully, I won't get too caught up in my tendency to resist the parts that are just too prescriptive for my taste...I mean, it's not really helpful for me to be told exactly what card size to use for my responses....

I'm also not sure what to do about her diet plan, since I have a "diet" that works for me...I know that's the case for many of us.

Anyway, I'll be interested in continuing to read everyone's reaction to the new book.

12-28-2008, 01:34 PM
quick thoughts on the time commitment for the new CBDL..from what our team has been saying, there is more acknowledgment of the time it takes to plan and be successful in the new program.

One of my mentors used to say, "there is only one way to search for a job, and that is frantically". All-in. The same applies to how much one has to change one's life and focus on a whole new approach and make a full-out commitment to be successful.

Everything I read about those who are successful is that it is an all-out, more important than anything effort. It is. The neat thing about Beck is she gives you stuff to fill up the time/effort with useful tools. Do this, then that. Rote.

I can find that thread in every "diet" or life style, or health book I have ever read. The Zone. After you buy into the 40-30-30 and Omega 3s as the #1 way to be your healthiest best, in "the zone", then you are willing to spend the time and effort to make sure you eat that way.

Beck has you convince yourself of the benefits..ARCs..and then create your own coping plan. Again thinking about how much of those strategies are in the You books; I think Beck does the best job of laying it out step by step.

I am going to get the new book..was pretty sure I would not, because I so believe in TBDS, but CBDL might be the kick start I need.

On another note, I swear I see the days getting longer already! Prolly because we have had two sunny days in a row, but still.....

BillBE, we are far from having a senator. We still don't know which one is going to sue! The gov. could appoint an interim, but the senate could chose not to seat him/her. This is/was a tie. I wish (for the first time ever) that we could be like GA and just have a run-off.

Am so excited for you that you are entering the gardening adventure. It does help me pass many a long winter evening plotting and scheming and designing...of course my fantasy catalog is Spring Hill Nursery's all about the flowers and ornamentals with me. The edible realm is SO's domain.

12-28-2008, 03:27 PM
HI there friends! Remember me? It is Heidi...I am now "landlady6"...a little more anonymous-I manage a couple of my dad's properties so am a landlady of can just call me Heidi though. :)

I wrote a whole diddy the other night and am quite sure that I posted it but it didn't stick...:( So I am trying to recreate my wise words from 2 nights ago. Sort of symbolic of what I have to say about Beck/being on plan, etc..really.

The wagon is sooo far ahead of me...I am crawling. It is so hard to have this be the case AGAIN. Bill-I have to ask you what advice you have for hopping back up...what made you REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME?

Santa brought us the Wii along with Wiifit for me. I LOVE the WIi and my body is sore from doing the activities. It is a hoot and a good workout. I am sure that I am using muscles that I don't usually use. Brilliant for it to focus on balance and the core stand on the balance board and the program reads your weight (makes your tummy pop out of your Mii on the screen if appropriate...) and gives you activities to do. The more activity you do, the more other activities it unlocks for you to do. I have been hula hooping, running, skiing, ski jumping...haven't delved into strength training or yoga yet...they really do get you moving. So that feels fun and motivating.

I have the new book and have not cracked it open yet. I am lapping up everyone's words is motivating and inspiring and I need to figure out how to get myself back into taking good care of myself. For those that know me may remember that I tend to be a black and white thinker. Time to practice giving myself credit for the exercise that I have been doing with the Wii and running around in the snow with dd and doggies....trying to be gentle with myself and try to remember that this is my life and not a plan that I am ON or OFF.

Good to read your words again everyone...I am here and look forward to reading the beginning of the new book today.

Pushing "post" with fingers crossed...Heidi

12-28-2008, 03:42 PM
Just ordered Brain Rules from Amazon! THANKS for the rec Anne! Probably will also get Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain ..... I am addicted to books... finding the time to read them all... well..gotta go! :)

12-28-2008, 09:57 PM
Coaches/Buddies Another good day for me. Today is the 3rd day under 2000 calories. And I have an apple left in my snack box if I need it.

I sort of inadvertently did Experiment 5 of Success Skill 6: Overcome Hunger, Cravings, and Emotional Eating. My parents left a bag of homemade cookies and chocolates (including the dreaded peanut butter cups) on the counter. Took about 10 minutes for the craving to go away (this is probably why my 15 minute rule works so well). The craving got reactivated every time I walked by, but I sort of stopped looking at it somehow. I'm in denial that the things are in my house. Yet I'm writing about that. Perhaps I should invest in some real therapy. Experiment 6 is still to go, awaiting my next lousy feeling.

I walked a couple of miles with my mother today, and that was very nice. Good food choices, read my cards, made some new ones.

I read through Success Skill 7, planning and monitoring food, and as in BDS, had no issues with monitoring, but wasn't so happy about planning. I just did it. Plan for tomorrow is made, with full knowledge that I have to be flexible with my parents here, but such is life.

Success Skill 8 is Follow Your Plan, No Matter What, and has a list of 11 resistance techniques that will sound very familiar to BDSers.

2: Oh Well
3: Dispute your "I don't care" voice
4: Quell your "adolescent rebellion" (the I don't want tos)
5: Read all of your Response Cards
6: Drink water or another low-calorie beverage
7: Meditate, pray, or relax
8: Read your Advantages Deck (the new ARC)
9: Do a negative fast-forward (what happens if you give in)
10: Do a positive fast-forward (what happens if you resist)
11: Distract yourself

And finally, Success Skill 9, Get Back on Track Right Away. Instead of a Get Back on Track Response Card, this time around the card is a Cheat Sheet, which helps you problem solve the situation that led to the lapse.

I made some new Response Cards today, some of which I like very much, read my ARC, did my exercise, stuck to plan, and generally had a great day. Oh yeah, lots of credits all around here.

So now my to do list for Stage 1 is nearly complete. I have to get some blank business cards and make an Advantages Deck out of my ARC; who knows, I might be more likely to read it. I also have to do Experiment 6 of Skill 6.

Then I just have to keep practicing the skills until I get 7 good days under my belt and I'll go on to Stage 2, the diet.

For the record, I only swung through Stage 1 so fast because I did BDS so recently, and still feel like I have lots of practice to do. I really feel excited about being on track though. Weight was down another 0.4 lbs today, within my fluctuation zone, but moving in the right direction.

Back with monster got me last night.


12-28-2008, 11:10 PM
maryblu I think we were separated at birth. I hate when I get stuck not doing something. I don't have any deep wisdom for jump-starting things. It seems like I do things when I'm ready to do them. Small steps sometimes work. Pick one thing.

Hope the CBDL gives you the start you need. Also glad to hear you notice the daylight creeping back in--funny how that helps.

Bill Your descriptions of your meals always sounds so yummy and healthy at the same time. That gardening thing sounds way too complicated. I accidentally started growing basil recently. I have a black thumb so this is a weird thing.

Andrea Hope the detoxing is going well.

RobinW LOL on your celery-egg soup! Hope it is tasty.

barpos Congrats on getting back on track before you regained more. That is a huge step to recognize what is going on and correct it.

Heidi Welcome back, and glad you survived the post monster on your second go round. Sounds like you are having fun and getting a good workout with the Wii fit. Double credits. Also credits for recognizing that this is your life and not a plan--that is the key to long term success. Crack the book. It's good!

hbuchwald Hope you like Brain Rules!

See you all tomorrow! Wishing you all a good on-plan night.


12-28-2008, 11:19 PM
Whoops...posted using old account.. not so anonymous am I? :) I had a gift card and ordered the other book to open new Beck-I am excited to dig in!

12-29-2008, 06:25 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Wandered off-plan out of a bowl of candied pecans. And once my hand was in the bowl, it took a lot of pecans before I got back under control. Oh Well.

But I was moved to try, in my head, the recovery technique in Beck's new book. I only got as far as to ask what I was feeling, and discovered a huge resentment because I was getting stuck with a chore that someone else was taking credit for. Yep, resentment is a strong enough emotion to block all attempts to get back on track. With a little distance, I can see that the person who stole the credit didn't really mean to do that; that the chore wasn't that onerous; and that I've done that chore many times without getting credit anyway. It's a BIG insight for me that going off-plan in a place that's usually easy might be caused by a BIG emotion. Duh!! Am I really that new here, LOL. CREDIT moi for using that portion of using the new technique. I may try to finish the task later.

Did get a walk with DW in the warm afternoon - a joyful use of unseasonably warm weather. CREDIT moi.

maryblu - Yep, "frantically" is the way to go. For me the intensity has been required to get it into my brain that I'm making a major change, not just a little adjustment, like turning the thermostat down a few degrees at night.

LOL at your "plotting and scheming and designing" of your gardens. Speaking of fantasies, after an hour or so trying to down select from my favorite 200 choices to a set to fill 144 square feet, I was strongly drawn to a cookbook in the seed catalog, titled something like Preparing the Harvest. Now talk about projecting, LOL. From looking at a seed catalog I feel the need for a new cookbook to handle all the vegetables. Boy, am I easily manipulated by those guys.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Waving. Do you still have that BIG WAGON - big enough for a bunch of folks to climb aboard? There's a lot of wagon-climbing-on at the moment.

Heidi (landlady6) - WOO HOO - Is it ever good to hear from you!!! So good to hear that you and DD are thriving, with Wii and WiiFit to boot. You make it sound so much fun that, for the first time, I have to think about owning one. I've never done inside exercise outside of the gym, but your joyful description of WiiFit calls to me. (LOL at the memory of reading Inside Outside Upside Down about a zillion times.)

Re "REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME?": Wish I had some wisdom there. I do the obvious stuff, but no longer feel that I know that I'll keep on track. I grab onto pieces of wisdom, like your "this is my life and not a plan that I am ON or OFF" and read them frequently. The single thing I note from the long time maintainers is that they doggedly work to get back on the wagon. But even that thought seems circular to me, as if saying that the people who aren't off the wagon for long are those who get back on quickly. My take is that you are doing exactly the right thing for Heidi - working the strategies and going public about getting back on the wagon so that you can gather the support from the folks on this thread. I'll continue to think about your question. Maybe Anne (wndranne), who just recently celebrated six years, has some thoughts here.

Anyway, it is really good to see you again.

Barbara (Barbpos) - Kudos for jumping into getting back on track. You've got good company on this thread; lots of wagons being climbed back upon.

As for the diet in Beck's new book: I'm pretty sure that she'll eventually state that you modify the diet plan to fit your private recipes, so I plan to do that. I'll consider her diet plan to be a starter for those beginning from scratch. Since you've got a plan that you've used for some serious weight loss, it would seem to me wise that you continue with it.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for digging until you found the non-flour thickener for cream of celery soup. LOL at the thought of a high protein cream of celery soup - gotta admit, I've never craved it. Glad you're recovering from your sugar experience. It continues to amaze me how powerful sugar can be.

Anne (wndranne) - There's got to be a story behind "I accidentally started growing basil recently." Like I know how I accidentally starting growing mold in my fridge - is it similar? LOL.

Someone who is "in denial that the things are in my house" doesn't need to "invest in some real therapy," but should write a book telling the rest of us how to do that. Seems that one big part of Beck's books is to teach us how to live our lives away from the constant awareness of off-plan foods that surround us. And you've added denial as a weapon in the arsenal. Sounds good to me.

Continue to appreciate your reviews of the new Beck book as you go forward.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Ouch for the feast; Ouch for feeling like carp. Kudos for a plan to immediately get back on track. Cheering for you from here.

hbuckwald - Yesterday upon the stair,
I saw a man who wasn't there ... For those who missed the laugh, this ID didn't mean to post. It is to be ignored.

Readers - "Common Thinking Errors:

Thinking Mistake #1: All or Nothing Thinking
Thinking Mistake #2: Negative Fortune Telling
Thinking Mistake #3: Overly Positive Fortune Telling
Thinking Mistake #4: Emotional Reasoning
Thinking Mistake #5: Mind Reading
Thinking Mistake #6: Self-Deluding Thinking
Thinking Mistake #7: Unhelpful Rules
Thinking Mistake #8: Justification
Thinking Mistake #9: Exaggerated Thinking" Beck Diet Solution, pg 195.

12-29-2008, 08:03 AM
Dear Coaches,

Just stopping by so I totally don't fall off the wagon....yesterday was a day on plan until the cookie moster came out of hiding....ooops! but my meals were on plan and water and vitmains on plan plus some plan c exercise. Feeling a little better...........but still have the after effects of a food coma....eeeek.........truly am getting that its not a quanity issue but a quality issue.....kinda makes me feel sad, as I realize that my Christmas must change next is so identified with my Christmas celebrations......need to start some new and healthy a year to figure it out.

More water and veggies and exercise today.....getting back on track, slowly.

Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-29-2008, 08:18 AM
Good Morning

Bill~ Big Kudos for recognizing an emotion that could have derailed you!! Im still always amazed at how our brain works....then the light goes on and we realized what we have been thinking.

thinkerbell~ toss the cookies or hide them. I can't have anything in the house when Im trying to get my cravings under control. My dd's xmas chocolate barely made it :lol: You'll do alright, read your cards and just get thru today....worry about tomorrow when it gets here.

Anne~ my celery soup was very very tastey! Certainly hit the spot yesterday at lunch time. Yah for the scale moving in the right direction :cb:

We had really high winds here yesterday. Lots of power outages, uprooted trees, even some roofing has gone missing from some buildings. I spent most of the day inside.

Food was 100% yesterday. Thankfully!! I managed without any issues. I am truly thankful for that!

Water is lacking as is exercise. But I should be able to get all that back on track today.

Send healing thoughts to my hubby please....he's coming down with some sort of bug :( I really really dont like it when he is sick!!!

Have a great day everyone!

12-29-2008, 10:53 AM
There's got to be a story behind "I accidentally started growing basil recently." Like I know how I accidentally starting growing mold in my fridge - is it similar? LOL.

Someone who is "in denial that the things are in my house" doesn't need to "invest in some real therapy," but should write a book telling the rest of us how to do that. Seems that one big part of Beck's books is to teach us how to live our lives away from the constant awareness of off-plan foods that surround us. And you've added denial as a weapon in the arsenal. Sounds good to me.

The basil story is pretty boring. I got a basil plant instead of fresh cuttings at the grocery store, thinking it would last me two uses instead of one and pay for itself. So MIL came and repotted the thing and it's still going strong, if looking a little worse for wear in my house.

To show you how my mind works, the denial thing is a technique I picked up from my dog. When she was a puppy, she would come to the full length mirror and bark like crazy at the "other" dog there. As she got a bit older, she began to notice that the other dog just wasn't acting right, doing exactly what she did instead of responding and interacting, and probably also had no smell. So she quit looking in the mirror, very obviously turning her head away if it happened to be in the line of sight. I did catch her peeking once in a while, but that other dog was just always too weird, or perhaps challenging, for her. We lost the dog a year ago. She had a long good life, but I still miss her.

I think your examination of the candy coated pecans incident was wonderful.

I'll be back for everyone tonight, but I had a minute and the dog story got me...


12-29-2008, 11:39 AM
Good Morning Coaches

Well I just had the first meal of my foodplan and I am off and running. 8 week plan begun today. I am doing a modified re-start, kinder and gentler to me than the drastic re-start I could have done. I had some issues and my instincts were telling me not to go to the harsh start and so I won't. It is enough to be back on a plan. Enough!

My biggest hurdle is this stupid on-going transit strike. Ugh. There is no resolution in sight and our mayer wants to force the transit union to vote onthe proposal he put in fornt of them and the union management say no, they won't being it to the union for a vote and so the mayor has asked the federal transportation minister to force a vote, which they can do, and the union says they will go to court to prevent a forced vote.
I have no real grocery store around here. There are department stores and a drugstore and they all stock food stuffs but no real fruit or veggies. I find it all just really irritating. BUT I can cope. I don't like being stuck in my neighbourhood either BUT I am at least lucky in that there is woman who works at the school full time who is willing to give me a ride to the school Mon-Fri for the duration of the strike. The catch is I have to be at school from 8-5, even if my classes are only 3 hrs in the morning or the afternoon. Big Drag. BUT am still lucky to be able to get back and forth. Bet many others are not so lucky at all :(
Okay enough complaining.
Makes me want to buy a car and then makes me feel BAD that at age 45 I cannot afford a car. *sigh* can't afford taxis either which is why I am not going to the grocery stores with the fruits and veggies... *sigh*
No more complaining. Really.

I'll check in later...

PS. I was on this site and it seemed kind of helpful in terms of what would be good food choices to definitely make sure I got

12-29-2008, 01:12 PM
hey everyone! still sluggish re: getting back on track from vacation. no question my wagon is big enough for everyone - including MOI. and i'll be right back on it, in just a minute...:) got sick yesterday, still wiped out from spending last week with the in-laws. why is sitting around doing nothing so exhausting? i thought it was tough being jewish during the holidays...actually celebrating christmas is even more draining (at least for me.) yipes. eating for comfort, for fun, eating to get the junky stuff out of the house. as i write this the light is going off in my head. note to self: i am not a garbage disposal.

i still haven't had a chance to get caught up on everyone's posts, but am back at work again tomorrow, and i'm guessing there won't be a lot going on - may get that time back. hope everyone is doing fabulously!

12-29-2008, 10:08 PM
Coaches/Buddies Today was a more laid back day, planning-wise. Having worked to the end of the Stage 1 exercises, I'm practicing now. In general, it was a good day. I need to work on giving myself more credit.

I didn't completely stick to my eating plan I'd written out yesterday (Skill 8). I was driving by a Starbucks and my afternoon latte habit I've developed lately reared it's ugly head. I thought at the time "oh, I'll just have that for my afternoon snack" which is what I did, and calorie and hunger-wise the day worked out just fine. But I lost an opportunity to build my self-discipline and follow my plan. It absolutely didn't enter my mind that I now have a plan I'm sticking to, until quite a bit later; I'm so used to dieting on the fly and making reasonable substitutions and so forth. I'm going to sit down and do my Cheat Sheet (Skill 9) after posting tonight. I think the solution is to remember that I'm going to want a fancy coffee and schedule it in once a week. I may also need to list out some non-caloric caffeine options, because that addiction also plays into it, and I have no interest or desire in cutting that out. BTDT, and I prefer it this way.

The plan for tomorrow is written and it does not include a $4 coffee, although it does deal with my parents picking up lunch for us, and dinner out for Mexican food. The restaurant plan is pretty detailed and I'm going to have to spend some time tomorrow afternoon visualizing not eating any chips and salsa.

I read through Chapter 5 of CBDL in detail last night. I'll be on the 2000 calorie plan, at least at first. I think I'm going to mostly follow the plan, since I like the calorie breakdown structure, and love the 150 free calories per day (lattes everywhere), with the caveat that I'm adding some of my own choices to the food lists--I think after 6 years of analyzing the caloric and nutritional content of the food going into my mouth, I've earned the right to do that. I'm going to take some time to digest the food lists, and add my own reasonable favorites to them. Anyway, it'll look like Stage 2 eating, with some Stage 4 modifications added in.

After reading quickly or skimming through the rest of CBDL, I think BDS is stronger on techniques for problem solving, identifying sabotaging thoughts on your own and building responses and plans. It is just an impression at this point since I haven't read Stages 3-5 in any depth, sat with them, and thought deeply about them. I'm definitely glad I have both books.

Oh yeah, DS has begun the process of weaning himself. I'm probably not exercising for a few days because I'm really sore. And yeah, I feel comfortable labeling this a legitimate reason and not an excuse. I expect I'll be massively hormonal soon, so please bear with me.

Heidi Advice for how to get back on the wagon is tough. It seems like life ebbs and flows, and some days are easier than others. I think the wagon is more about habits and commitment than willpower or motivation. Willpower is useless after the first couple days. I just keep trying and sooner or later life cuts me a break, and a I get a few good days in a row, and put enough willpower/motivation together to build a new habit. Then I just have to keep on keeping on. Recognize that sometimes this works exactly in reverse and I'll catch a few bad days in a row, along with enough discouragement or ambivalence and a bad habit is born. And recognizing that this is life and not a plan is a really really good way to ride the cycles. I figure I've got nothing but time. If you can get two steps forward for every one back, you're ahead. I'm gonna quit waxing philosophical now.

Andrea Next time you see the cookie monster, give him a good hard smack for me. He makes far too many appearances at my house too. The water and veggies seem like good steps.

RobinW Hope your husband feels better soon, and if it's contagious, that you don't get it. It is hard and/or foolish to exercise when you're sick and it is doubly hard to feel derailed about it.

onebyone A gentle restart is a restart. Good for you! I think not being able to get to good food selection must be very rough. That's the sort of thing I take for granted. Sounds like you are using a great deal of perseverance and creativity to get through the strike. I hope you are giving yourself lots of credit for that.

Jeanie i am not a garbage disposal. I like that. I always tell myself I can use the trash can, or I can be the trash can. Puts a new perspective on throwing out food that is doing no one any good.

:wave: to everyone else. Hope you're making it through the holidays OK. Almost through it now, and then we can all fight the resolution madhouse here in the healthy eating corner of the world.


12-30-2008, 01:55 AM
Hello there!
It is so great to get back into the conversations here. Thanks so much for the advice on "getting back on"...wish that there was a silver bullet but doing Beck is as close to that as we will see most likely.

My core is sore from the "power hula hooping" on the wii fit. Also, heading thos soccer balls and avoiding the soccer shoes and other objects factors in as well-too funny. Take the plunge BBE.... if you can, it is so fun and makes me laugh.

I read the intro of the new book and got pretty motivated. It is great to read the comparisons of the book from Anne-thanks for sharing your reviews! I like the little checklists in the back-and I have some index cards ready to make my deck.

We are in slushville here in the northwest after our big bout of snow. The snow was great for getting some exercise-kicking that soccer ball for the dogs is hard work in deep it is a mudpit in my backyard so it is slippery and super messy...thankfully we have the Wii... wonder if/when the novelty will wear off... I keep earning new activities though so hopefully that will continue so that it stays fresh.

Off to drink a tall glass of h2o and hit the hay.

Goodnight and it is good to see you all again too! Heidi

12-30-2008, 05:52 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did another gym session with my personal trainer. CREDIT moi. Little CREDIT moi for a gym session, but BIG CREDIT moi for standing down my frugal nature that hates to pay for a trainer whose big contribution is to egg me to do more than I would do alone. It bugs me that I do a better workout just because he says "five more" when I'm ready to quit because I'm tired.

I console myself that his other contribution is big - he constantly corrects my positional errors in a way that makes the exercise work. It continues to amaze me that my body can find a way to work around the intent of the exercise and protect the targeted muscles by leaning back or hunching forward or, apparently my favorite, slouching rather than holding in my gut. Oh Well.

onebyone - Kudos for making the choice to do a "kinder and gentler" restart. Actively making choices to adjust our plan seems to be Beck stuff.

Ouch for the continued transportation strike, with the symptoms that both sides are hunkered down for the duration. Good for you for your positive attitude that you have an option to get to school, albeit an imperfect forced eight hour day. Is there a grocery shopping opportunity within walking distance of school?

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Love it, "I am not a garbage disposal." It is so universal to think of disposing of something by eating it. And it's as stupid as it is universal.

Ouch for getting sick yesterday. Congrats for making it through Christmas with the in-laws. Yep, doing nothing is exhausting.

Heidi (landlady6) - Yay for the "sore core." Laughing at the image of an adult doing power hula hooping on the wiifit. Do you have to wait until DD is asleep to keep her from laughing?

Neat that you're into the new book. Do you have any insights about making this tread about both Beck books (as is my inclination and the thought of those who have spoken out)?

Robin (RobinW) - Congrats for "the scale moving in the right direction." And Kudos for 100% on plan food. Sending healing thoughts, as well as virtual chicken soup, to your DH.

Anne (wndranne) - That dogie in denial story is just classic - makes my day. Loving the image of your adult dog turning his head to avoid seeing his image in the mirror.

Ouch for evil Starbucks. Super neat that you'll plan for an occasional fancy coffee to avoid going off-plan to get one. That's a good reminder that we gotta include the stuff we really love to avoid feeling guilty when we, eventually, go get it. CBDL seems to strongly emphasize adding one treat per day - sorta mirroring her own daily candy bar every evening. I'm gonna cogitate on your Starbucks planning in the situation of my falling into the bowl of candied pecans; perhaps I've been remiss in planning my occasional treat so that I had a Beck like defense - "I don't need those candied pecans because I'm having my candy bar at 8 pm this evening."

Andrea (thinkerbell) - BIG Kudos for posting while climbing back on the wagon, and for the water, veggies, and exercise. That's solid Beck thinking to plan new family traditions to replace the food centric stuff. For me, this was the fourth Christmas that I put golden colored US one dollar coins in everybody's stockings rather than my traditional gold foil covered milk chocolate. That chocolate coins tradition came from my childhood so it was a MAJOR mental adjustment to even THINK of changing it. What my kids seem to really like is the warm fuzzy of knowing what's in the toe of their stocking as they dig down. Traditions CAN change.

Readers - "Resist Food Pushers

• You’re entitled to work toward your goal of losing weight as long as you’re not maliciously trying to make someone feel bad.

• It’s OK to disappoint others. Disappointment is a normal part of life. Their disappointment will most likely be mild and fleeting."
Beck Diet Solution, pg 207.

12-30-2008, 07:01 AM
Hey all. Sorry about be MIA. It has been pretty hard here lately. Dh is still trying to get his job back and until then is trying to get unemployement, but they are dragging their legs. So we hope and pray for the best.
Went into a-fib again on sunday. It was a long 4 hours and I was so tired too. Then we went out after that and I really go dizzy and sick to my stomach. Dh asked when I ate last and we figure that my sugar level was low. I am not diabetic but after the a-fib, it now takes so much out of me.
When I go to the dr this time gonna talk about the operation (abalation). Will let you know.
I have started reading the cbdl and think that it will help. Like it so far.

12-30-2008, 07:33 AM
Dear Coaches,

I am in search of the magic seems as if "bad' eating starts a cycle that is so difficult to break....just as good eating starts a cycle. I feel this is a very inportant lesson heading into the New Year....I totally want this crap feeling seared into my brain.....nothing tastes as good as feeling light and empty and energetic feels....nothing!

I mentioned cookies, but honestly they are not the issue....when I am in a good cycle, all kinds of sweets can be left undisturbed....I don't really have a sweet tooth.

Which leaves me to wonder about ground beef? It all started with the gumpky's (stuffed cabbage) that my polish DH makes for Christmas and Easter...oh and a simply-made pototoe salad. Something in these is my absolute liver trigger....has anyone ever heard of these foods being a trigger?

Also I have noticed that the foods I crave are the foods that trigger the cycle.....spaghetti, soft pretzels, bagels, potato salad and gumpky's! Cookies, candy, ice cream etc do not hold the evil spell.

I had been choosing whole grains and whole grains do not start the cravings or the cycle.....very interesting to notice.

Besides the water and veggies, I am wondering if there might be a cleanse or vitamin supllemnet that might help eliminate whatever's going on....I was looking thru Dr Weil Anti-inflamation diet stuff on-line because I feel like that is what happens internally....a massive inflammatory response. Thinking of going to GNC today and to B and N for the Anti-aging Weil book......with 2009, 3 days away, I want to be set and inspired.

The next bite really does matter. When I was younger, my body was more forgiving.

Sorry but feeling too foggy for personals....I'll try and stop back because I do wish everyone much success and many blessings as 2008 winds to a close.

Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-30-2008, 09:37 AM
Hellooo, coaches,

Back home Sunday night at midnight. Have been pretty sick with bronchitis and sinusitis for last 4 days and was puny for several days prior. Last night was the first night I actually slept. I am still not 100%, but at least better enough to believe that I can get there.

My behavior during the 8 day trip to Texas was mixed but was much better than in my preBeck days. I did keep my Beck rules to never overeat and to always eat sitting down. Most of the time made good choices and was eating mindfully. However, even though I walked away from them some, I had way too many sweets. My MIL makes tins and tins of Christmas cookies and homemade desserts. Both she and my FIL could teach classes on effective food pushing. First 15 mini at their house, DH turns to me and says..."you know, mom and dad are really bad food pushers". :D He is learning Beck too by osmosis. We both realize how important environmental control is to healthy eating. Time crunch/planning is my other big hurdle.

Before getting too sick but while puny made three trips to the pool...which was awesome in that it took a 40 min drive each way. :carrot:Did my PT exercises every day except yesterday (was sick enough I missed work; coughing was just too bad yesterday). PT is this afternoon...and I have a great report to give on that. I can actually see forearm muscles now!

Overwhelmed feeling is back...I have almost no food in the house, a party to prep for on Wednesday night (dont feel like that) and DD comes on Thursday to shop for a wedding gown (another high energy project). Plus, still way behind at work. Oh well...just try to get moving and do one thing at a time.

:wave: to you all and hoping I can get back to personals later today or if not...tomorrow.

12-30-2008, 09:42 AM
Good Morning! :sunny:

Bill~ I agree with you on the cost of the pt and how much it stings to fork over that dough!! But I also agree with you that they are worth it :lol: Stinks tho doesnt it :lol: Kudos for sticking with it! Im considering going back to mine after my next 21 day challenge.

Thinkerbell~ I can see your triggers. It's starches and white flour! As for the ground meat....I dont know about that one tho. I only crave lean red meat once a month ;) I give it to it with a juicy steak :lol: I feel that's better than a big chocolate bar!

Jean & Heidi :wave:

Anne~ I like reading how you are working thru the new beck book .... and how you are recognizing the way you are thinking. Im learning alot from you :) I would never have thought my own sf caramel coffee from starbucks should be worked into my daily food plan. Even if I only have this once or 2x a week. Sunday is the only day that the coffee is planned.
Good Job!!

Did great yesterday......even had a salad for supper!!!! :eek: :lol: Dd wanted to make salad for supper, so she made a nice ceasar salad. I bought a cooked chicken from the market and we had a nice chicken ceasar salad for dinner. It was really tastey :lol: .......ok I have to admit, ceasar is about the only salad I like ;) The best part!?!?!?!? I have a sugar free salad dressing! Just awesome!

Ok, so food was good, exercise was lots of walking with dd, but Im down on my water. I coud certainly feel it this morning. I was feeling a little (stale?) I dont now, just not right. Like I needed a big jug of water to flush all the crud out of me.

Have a great day everyone!

12-30-2008, 11:17 AM
Good Morning Coaches!

Much success to report.

I've attached a jpg of one of my biggest successes: I managed to paint the kitchen! There, my friends, is morning sun yellow. It is the exact shade of yellow in my astronaut painting so I had to put it up there... but now I have the dilemma of a space themed kitchen:?: Interesting. I may need to paint something just for the kitchen. I was going to paint two walls with this colour but it is so vivid that the impact might be, ironically, lost with too much of it. Like a spice or a seasoning, you need only a little to flavour the whole mood of the room. this is a colour that is, for me, impossible to stay mopey in. Look! It's even THE EXACT colour of spongebob (as seen in the tin on the microwave). Wow. Do I have an eye or what?

But now, since DH and I sat together at the table, having dinner by candlelight last night... FOR THE FIRST TIME in this kitchen since we moved here 3 years ago CREDITS ALL AROUND FOR cleaning, arranging, storing, throwing away crud, persevering through 3 days of gently moving forward, in spite of my own doubts, with one more round to do today to get the counters back in order (you'll see that in the other jpg I put up here)... today's tasks are cleaning the stovetop, emptying the dishwasher and refilling it and running it (SO GRATEFUL FOR A DISHWASHER!!!!!)and getting DH to mop/scrub/clean the floor. I told him that was his contribution. Anyway, the only thing I'd like to do now is the cupboards. When i sit at the table I just see their whole ickness--that ug-ly fake wood panelling. This is a rental so I don't think I can do too much but am wondering if merely changing the knobs to bright yellow could help? Any ideas for how to cover the panels with anything> I thought of car detailing...striping... Hmmm... maybe I could paint on watercolour paper cut to size and put that up over the cupboards... treat the surface of it so it's kitchen safe/sturdy? Not sure what to do. Any ideas?

I also stayed OP for my first day back and have had breakfast sitting down in the kitchen for the start of day 2. I have plenty of food for the day and a plan so I am good. Today is movie day and will have to forgo the popcorn. It's okay. It's well worth it.

Better head off, be back later for personals. Have a good day coaches.

12-30-2008, 03:24 PM
hey everyone!

feeling even sicker today than yesterday. el nino is also sick - pinkeye AND an ear infection. little dude doesn't do anything half-assed, bless him. my mom has him today and i'll work from home tomorrow. have to agree with a number of my wise, wise coaches, anne in particular, with the comment that willpower only gets you so far - environment is key. today is my first day back at work, and i'm 100% on plan, no problem. the holidays didn't trip me up because of the proliferation of off-plan food everywhere; it was the change in routine and environment that did it. greatly simplifies things in a good way. note to self: work the standard environments first (work and home) and exceptions second (in-laws, cruise ship). then, no matter how off-track i get on vacation or whatever, it's just a blip. i'm not even going to worry about the 3 or 4 lbs i put back on. they're coming off again. there was a point on the ship when i thought, what would a thin person do in this situation? in a moment of clarity, i realized that a thin person would probably overeat, maybe gain a few pounds, enjoy herself, and get back on track at home. without obsessing about it.

welcome back heidi! it's great to hear from you!!! i told DH i wanted a wii fit for my birthday, but that's not until may. think i should push for one earlier? hi bill! agree with robin that PTs are expensive, but worth it. had one that used to say, "worship at the altar of the goddess of form, and she will double your efforts and return them to you." thought it was hysterically funny. still do - but it's so, so true! worship at that altar, coach. :) i'll be back in the gym as soon as my temp goes down and the dizziness goes away. looking forward to feeling strong again! flying pig training officially starts next week. hi andrea! agree with robin - the white starches got ya. i'm the same way, and those are stealthy little buggers who often hide under the guise of "healthy." like your observation that no matter which direction you're going in, you create momentum to keep going that way. in other words, a body at rest tends to remain on the couch, huh? :) hi shrinkin! isn't it funny how differently being off-plan now is from off-plan, pre-beck? no comparison. love the yellow, onebyone! i recall seeing something on HGTV (might have been candice olsen) on stick-on designs that can be peeled back off with minimal residue. not sure what it's called, though. and MAZEL TOV! on your kitchen! having a welcoming space is so critical. i'm still working through the remodelling plan on the house we've been in for 6 months now. the pantry is first - but the rest of it will be mucho money and time and work. i try not to think about it. hi robin! know what you mean about "crud". feeling it too!

keeping my fingers crossed for angelmomma. hope things resolve happily and soon.

12-30-2008, 04:20 PM
An update.....went to Whole Foods and found a huge slection of teas for detox-ing.....some by yogitea but I bought a Clean out by the republic of teas...good for the liver. I can "feel' my liver when I eat poorly, not pain, jut an awareness.....the lovely liver is the body' de-toxifier, so I am giving it a little lovin'. Also, kinda weird, there happened to be a Health consultant/life coach brewing the yogiteas....shhe advised me to drink hot water with lemon for a detox. I also went to B and N and got a stack of diet books, including Becks new one.....I put them all moi! I am so proud of myself!!!

I did buy a book, but not diet related...books are my sweet treats!

Loaded up on some good food at Whole Foods and I am feeling better already! woo-hoo me!


12-30-2008, 11:19 PM
Coaches/Buddies Another really good day today. Perfectly on plan, and even avoided the chips at the Mexican restaurant. I've been a little spacey today, and broke into tears twice--the weaning is tough. Sad for this stage of my life to end, excited to have my body back, and just swimming in hormonal soup to boot. Not to mention a certain level of discomfort. I haven't eaten in response to it, although I did have to use (successfully) some resistance techniques this afternoon. "How will I feel about this in 10 minutes?" was particularly effective today. CREDIT moi. I have to write out my plan for tomorrow, read my response cards, and then I'm heading for bed.

Heidi Thanks for talking about the WiiFit. It sounds like a lot of fun! I may have to get myself one, once they get back in stock.

Bill Good for you for continuing to deslouch and recognizing that makes your personal trainer so worth it! Have I thanked you for posting here day in and day out every day? It makes this a nice, comforting place to come.

Chris Please take care of yourself. You are in a stressful place right now, and that's not especially healthy. Sending you warm and healthy wishes.

Andrea IMHO, if you think ground meats are causing issues for you, they probably are, if not for a physiological reason, then a psychological one. It doesn't really matter what the reason is, if it creates issues for you, it is probably best to leave it aside until you get a good streak going. You'll get there. Sounds like maybe you should make books your rewards for meeting your mini-goals!

shrinkin Welcome back. Sounds to me like you did just fine on the trip. Sometimes I think we beat ourselves too hard for not achieving perfection. I hope you're taking credit for all your successes! You are also inspiring me to get to the pool, once the weaning is accomplished and the discomfort passes in a another couple days.

RobinW Kudos on your supper salad! I'm with you on not being a big fan. I'd rather have a plate of steamed veggies myself.

onebyone Your kitchen is cheerful and beautiful and I especially like SpongeBob there in it! I bet you feel great about it and that helped with your on-plan day.

Jean Yikes! Pink-eye and ear infection. Is that one set of antibiotics or two?? Yikes! Hope you and he are feeling better soon. Your hypothetical thin person overeating on the ship sounds like my coworkers. I think you are exactly right and hope you enjoyed yourself.

'Nite all!


12-31-2008, 12:44 AM
Thank you for your thoughts. Dh has a phone appt with the eeo tomorrow. It is the initial contact and I really hope and pray that this is the beginning of the end of this seemingly endless nightmare. I appreciate that you all let me come here and vent. It does help.

12-31-2008, 03:25 AM
Hello buddies,
Nothing too new to report here-I haven't done more with the new book yet but I have my cards and am practicing eating mindfully and drinking more water.

BBE: the hula hooping is so funny to watch of course-sometimes I wonder if my neighbors ever see me-it is a remote view and I doubt it but there is a small possibility. HA! DD was jumping and running this morning like a madchild-she yells hello to the miis that go by (friends and family and the Santa one I created..).

As far as incorporating both books into the thread-my vote is "yes"! Does the search engine look at the title of the thread, description of it or contents of the posts or all or none?? Hmmm...

angelmomma210: hugs to you and your hubby-this is a hard time..hang in there...

thinkerbell: Oh yes, I know the cyclic thing well. It is so difficult for me to break out.

shrinkin: So sorry that you are so sick-rest up and see if you can do some prepared at the store type things for your party????

RobinW: Good move on that salad-love the chicken addition. I love those rotisserie chickens-we get them sometimes and eat them for several days in different things (simple things like sandwiches and tacos...). YUM!

onebyone: WOW-I love your creativity. DD and I were at home depot looking for something and we happened upon a section that she was WAY into that could help you with the cupboards-they make these cling on things for walls-different designs and colors. Maybe they could be used even as a starting point for creative you who may cut your own shapes or something??? What a cool kitchen and I love that you guys busted your tails to make it a room that you are excited to use!

jeanie: way to think like a thin person! That really puts it in perspective. flying pig training? What did I miss? :)

wndranne: Nice work on avoiding those delicious chips at the restuarant. Way to apply your "Beckniques".. (vocab word by saved me typing -the "tech" part of the word...):)


12-31-2008, 06:52 AM
Bill ~ I would like to say "ditto" to Annie's appreciation of your commitment to this is comforting and reassuring and welcoming....many, many thanks! And yes, traditions can change....this was very insightful....thanks for your "aha" moment for this (sometimes) dim bulb! ;o)

Angelmomma ~ Sending prayers and warm thoughts as you wander thru this challenging time. "This too shall pass".....I hope it passes very soon. Keep hope alive....keep holding on....and never, never, never give up. Keep us posted on the ups and downs. ((((((angelmomma))))))

Shrinkin' ~ welcome home....has it really been 8 days already? I hope you got a chance to enjoy the warmer weather before the broncitis kicked in....we have yet to fly without someone picking up some kind of bug. Yes, the return from vacation can be overwhelming...the piled up mail, the no food and no routine. Take it slow.....and remember to breathe. Wedding dress shopping...oh, how lovely.....a very special time! Somehow, what needs to get done, gets done!

Robin ~ keep going! Wasn't it you who said that salad is what food eats? good job and finding a no sugar dressing...woo-hoo! And yes, my trigger is definitely white starches/flour.....and they set in motion the anti-inflamatory response...the sausage fingers is the 1st sign.

Onebyone~ woo-hoo! your new kitchen looks the yellow and artwork! Fantastic! Hmmm...about those cabinets....painting is the easiest but if its a rental that's probably not an option....I shall mull this over....what would they do on Trading Spaces?

Jean~ love your thinking like a thin person observation! LOL! Welcome back to reality....there is usually no easy way to ease back into it!

Anne ~ woo-hoo for the thought "how will I feel in 10 minutes" ..way to resist. Recently Bill congratulated you on 6 years of maintainence....I just am realizing that it included at least one! double kudos! Yes, the Wii fit sounds like fun! Just not easy to get a hold of. How's the weaning going.....for you and your little one? And you're spot on about the psychological "ground meat" issue....thanks for pointing that out.

landlady ~ the hula-hoping sounds fun! Do you have any of the other wii fit games?....the Jilian Michaels challenge looks good too....I'm am feeling very tempted to perhaps use a wii fit for my winter work-outs...for when the weather does not co-operate. As far as the cyclic thing goes, I am going to document this as a is so much easier just to stay on plan and enjoy the Lightness of being (LOB) than to dig out from underneath the rock of excess.

Hope things were great in '08 and
may they be just fine in '09 (btw, Just Fine is a great song by Mary Jo Bilge)

Happy New Year's Eve

12-31-2008, 07:28 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Ate on-plan at last night's party. CREDIT moi. Big deal because I had fears of drifting into a mindless eating night; the opportunities were certainly there. Had exactly one plate - tiny little appetizer-size-fill-me-up-multiple-times plate. Filled it more than half full of a green leaf salad containing orange slices and walnuts, leaving room for only two potato lattes with a dab of homemade apple sauce on each. No cheese, no homemade fudge, none of the mounds of cookies and other holiday treats. Later I had a taste-sized serving of the hostess's Moosewood Cookbook mushroom bisque. Boy was that good.

OK, now two eating events between 6pm and midnight. Gotta get my head into arriving with a plan for each. It isn't a surprise that I'm going. I've RSVP'd both events. With a plan, both will can be simple eating events.

onebyone - Whopping BIG Kudos for that kitchen make over. That's some real contribution to a supportive environment. Neat candlelight dinner. Thanks for the pictures; I immediately recognized your astronaut painting; it looks good there.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch for feeling sick, both you and el nino. Thanks for the insight, "worship at the altar of the goddess of form, and she will double your efforts and return them to you." Yep, I agree, that's both funny and painfully true.

Interesting thoughts about thin people eating on a cruise ship. I've always assumed that I'd never do a cruise because for fear that I'd fall into non-stop grazing and meal time stuffing, and also assumed that sane people somehow withstood that.

Heidi (landlady6) - LOL at your DD yelling hello to the miis. LOL at my use of "miis" as if that's now a word in the English language. Yay for eating mindfully.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for that chicken Caesar salad and all the walking with your DD. Appreciate the awareness that it's a pain to pay for the personal trainer. Will follow with interest whether you decide to go back to yours.

Anne (wndranne) - Kudos for the demonstration of your 15 minute resistance technique. Gotta add that one to my arsenal. Ouch for the reality of weaning - just have to imagine the psychological trauma being exaggerated by the hormones. And thank you for your kind words.

shrinkin - Welcome back from Dallas and the land of in-laws pushing food. Ouch that you face an over-full agenda to bring up that feeling of "overwhelmed." Good for you for immediately confronting that feeling since I think it's a kind of portal into mindless eating.

Kudos for your amazing three pool trips during your stay, despite the time cost of getting there. And Kudos to you DH for recognizing food-pushing so he could be supportive of your efforts at restraint.

Chris (Anglemoma210) - Ouch for the long a-fib and feeling sick. Sending supportive thoughts for your health and for your DH's initial phone visit with the EEO. Glad you're also reading CBDL.

Andrea (thinkerbell) - Yep, you state it all too well. When we're in an on-plan cycle, the strategies work for staying there. But, when we're off-plan, getting back is big time tough. Kudos for digging to find your triggers - methinks that's the kind of hard word the Beck suggests, rather than relying only on the hard work of white knuckle will power in the face of cravings.

You well state the current reality with, "When I was younger, my body was more forgiving." Yep, we done spent that snap-back body. And Kudos for choosing to put the books back. I do know about buying books faster than I can read them.

Readers - "Sticking to your diet every time
you eat our or while celebrating is a skill that
requires preparation and practice." Beck Diet Solution, pg 210.

12-31-2008, 07:37 AM
Dear Coaches,

I need to confess my silly "fat" thinking surrounding my recent crash! Hopefully owning up to it so publicly will help me to release it.

First, I do have a white flour/starch my head, all other foods are OK....not a trigger and do not start the cycle (left-over from my South beach and Carbohydrate addicts' diet days)

Secondly, there is a near-by resaurant that makes the best burgers and fries....knowing that this is low quality food, it is a treat that I indulge in once-a-month....I have learned to split the burger and fries (or leave half on my plate) because eating the whole thing gives me a food-hangover the next day. So I figured out a way to enjoy it in moderation.

Now, as I shared, my DH makes gumpkys for Christmas and is gound meat and rice wrapped in cabbage leaves with a tomato sauce gravy...yummy....and my twice yearly treat. In my head, it is not white, it is not a problem. In my head, since I only can eat it twice a year, I indulge, not a problem with quantity, but quality....basically one gumpky, B-L-D. Afterall, a head of cabbage makes alot of gumpkys!

I know it may seem so obvious to you'all, but it was not to me.....if eating one hamburger gives me a food hang-over, why, oh why, am I so surprised that all that ground meat makes me feel like crap! DUH! Can someone whip me with a cabbage leave? It is like the magic of Christmas suspends body is shaking it's lovely sausage finger at me...silly, silly girl!

Well, it's been a blessed 3 days since I have been back on track and I do have the Lightness of Being (LOB) back....nothing, nothing tastes as good as feeling light and energetic feels...nothing....not even Christmas gumpkys!

Thanks all for listening and for all of your insights (definitely psychological Anne...thanks!)....yes Christmas traditions can and will change! (Thanks Bill for that one!)

It feels good on this New Year's Eve day to have such new resolve and insight!

Happy New Year!

Never, never, never give up!

Andrea aka thinkerbell

12-31-2008, 09:32 AM
Good Morning

We woke up this morning to another winter wonderland. It was all gone by yesterday. Oh well :lol:

I spent 6 hours in the malls with my dd yesterday :faint: I am NOT a mall person!!!! But she managed to get me out shopping for most of the day!!! :eek: I was beat by the time we got home. The malls were crazy busy, parking was impossible, and I prayed my dd would say, "its ok mom, we'll come back another day" She didnt :lol: Oh well...I had fun anyway :D She was thrilled with all her purchases, and all the good deals she got! Me too for that matter :D :D

onebyone~ I love the cheerful color of your kitchen!! Kudos for making it thru your first day back on beck!!! Kudos for on plan food in the fridge too!!

kuhljeanie~ feel better soon :hug:

landlady6~ I love those chickens! No cooking!! That's the best part. Hubby isnt too keen on them tho, he says they feel mushy and dry. :dunno: He's funny about that stuff. But its been nice to have it to toss in my ceasar, and for him to make sandwiches.

thinkerbell~ yup, salad is what food eats :lol: Its the lettuce I think that I dont really like. I'll tolerate romaine, and I do like baby spinach leaves. Other than that, to me its a waste of energy to eat the stuff :lol:

I havent had gumpkies in years!! I love them split open with a heap of butter melted down the middle. :D I was thinking about that burger joint you were talking about. How about if you order it bun-free and replace the fries with veggies. This way you still get your red meat, but without all the other stuff that will contribute to your food hangover. Just a thought....I crave red meat one in a while, and that's what I'll do.

Bill~ Big honkin' KUDOS for eating on plan during your party, and for your preplanning of the next 2 parties! Awesome!!You've had lots of holiday events, and I dont know if I would have made it thru consistently the way you have. Great job!

The snow will help keep me out of the malls today! :cb: Yah! :lol:

Food was 100% on, exercise.......hours of walking in the malls :lol: water was next to nil, and replaced with coffee. :( I'll have to fix that. I just dont like drinking lots of water, and then having to use the public bathroom Ick!

That's it for me.........have a great day everyone!

12-31-2008, 12:21 PM
Good Morning Coaches

I just finished my breakfast and am getting ready to make something. I keep looking for my sketchbook but it's lost for now. Oh well. Gotta move ahead, sketchbook or no.

I'm very happy to be back on my foodplan this morning. The bloat is slipping away. That's just so great. I can feel my arteries thanking me. I think today I will do some mini trampolining. You know coaches, I have a wii fit just sitting at DBIL's house. He hasn't mailed it and so we will head off to Toronto next week sometime and bring the darn thing home! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the wii fit to come into my life already! Actually, this is the motivation I need to get the living room cleaned up and re-arranged. Wow. It's true! We couldn't do the wii fit the way the room is set up right now. There's no space. So I have to make the space and so maybe waiting for the wii isn't a bad thing afterall...especially since I want it soooo baaaad! Motivation is built into this whole thing and I have A LOT to do. DH isn't escaping this one either. Poor boy. We have to move his giant tv and that, my friends, he will step in to do for sure.

So credit moi for continuing to self motivate re: cleaning. Actually BIG credit moi for doing that. I was so smart to have done the kitchen because I can see it is possible. I don't think of myself as someone who knows what to do re: cleaning up. Really. So one success breeds another and I have always thought that and it's working out that way again. Also it's garbage day so I can take advantage of that too... oh things are coming together!

I had a bit of a rough patch foodwise yesterday. Not enough planning and not enough green things in the house. I have old expensive ($1.99)cucumbers and iceberg lettuce available to me in the department store at the mall (buses still on strike = no real grocery store shopping) but there is an ethnic (arabic?) grocery near by. I may wander in and see what they have in terms of veggies. Seems they carry meat too. That could be helpful. Also there is a place called the Shree Freshmart which when I last wandered in was not very fresh. Maybe it's better now? Something is better than nothing.
I'm also going to check out the grocery delivery service. There is one company who is all online and their delivery charge is $12.00. But a cab to the nearest grocery would be at least that there and back. DH may go for it and I have wanted to try it for quite some time. I'll run that by him today.

Oh yeah so my rough patch had me placing more food than I thought I was going to have on my plate. I guess I could stop here cause I see what the problem was. I didn't write down my food. I kept it all in my head with a dismissive "yeah yeah I know how to do this I don't need to do that". DENIAL and wrong thinking at work here. I'm writing out my food asap. haven't done that yet today but I am only one meal in!

RobinWHi! I like shopping but the crowds here are big too. Yesterday at the movies it was packed. We saw Bolt and wow. So many kids. I am not used to that. And I got the giant drink and had to run pee in the middle of the movie and there was a line-up 10 deep for the bathroom! man. This time of year can be a real bother. Kudos for your mall walking!

thinkerbell And Kudos to you for being onplan and feeling good! It's a great way to start a brand new year... yay!

BillBlueEyes Extra heaping kudos on your plate (better than all the homemade cookies in the world ;)) for dealing with your food challenges this holiday season. You are a fine example that we can all do the things we want to and not have the wreckage of broken foodplans too. One does not mean the other. Awesome. Yesterday when I was feeling challenged I went searching for some maintenance threads here, and some success stories. I started reading the section with Goals. Boy that'll help motivate you if you can manage to get yourself to do it! Wow. Do you have a thread in particular you like to go to, where there is real wisdom? This where I went is there another place too?

landlady6I am so looking forward to my wii fit. I love reading you are enjoying it. Kudos for doing it! For my kitchen I've decided going the wall sticker/applique way. Just need to find contact paper somewhere! And this can all wait. I have the giant living room area next to get wii fit ready:carrot:

angelmomma210 hi! I don't know what an eeo is but I sure hope it brings you both what you are seeking. I'll bet you are really looking to put this trying year behind you! It's a good new start. Kudos for venting.:hug:

wndranne Kudos for being POP (perfectly on plan) and for bypassing the chips. Awesome! Planning is indeed the key, and kudos to you for following through with what you know works. Sorry to hear you are a bit sad but you know what that's about for sure. All things change. Think of all the great milestones ahead! Exciting!:hug:

kuhljeanieSo :carrot: to see you back! Sorry to hear you're sick though. Bummer. I believe you are totally right that thin people overeat and don't overstress about it. They just re-adjust and they BELIEVE and KNOW they can shed the weight. Then they just do it. they take the actions that they know will work. Me? I've given up and given in way way too easily. it comes from my own experience but I need a new way of dealing with this and I BELIEVE I am walking toward my thin self everyday... everyday I am one step closer. Like BBE I will catch up to my thin self. It's already waiting for me. Take care of yourself!:hug:

shrinkin oh! I hope you are feeling better! The holiday fuss will be donewith tonight. Hang in there. Sorry to hear you are feeling overwhelmed too, but this is natural when are feeling sick. You're not at full shrinkin' power! Kudos on swimming while away and doing PT exercises. You will be back and fit as a fiddle soon. ;) All the best!

12-31-2008, 01:05 PM
EEO is the equal employment opportunity. I guess that you would call them the big guns.
Had a good thing happen that I did yesterday. Dh went to the mall and went to see's candy. He got me the black licorice and I figured that I could have 6 pieces with nuts. And that is my play.

12-31-2008, 02:33 PM
whoops, it's afternoon. yipes. staying home with el nino - he's feeling MUCH better than i am, but the ped said one more day at home. it's been...challenging. after a whopping 4 hours of sleep last night and a nose running like a fire hydrant, all i want to do is crash. the kid has other ideas - he's excited to have a special day home with mommy and has been firing on all cylanders. he's finally down for a nap, and shortly i will be too.

shouting out to all my peeps! on this new year's eve, i'm grateful to be sick now instead of in a week, when i start training seriously again (heidi, the flying pig is a marathon in cincinnati. i can see where that would be a bit puzzling.:)) i should be completely fine by then - and maybe back down to fighting (pre-cruise) weight, since i have little appetite.

happy new year's, everyone!

12-31-2008, 10:42 PM
Coaches/Buddies Another good day today. Stayed on plan, had a planned treat, and generally enjoyed myself. Still adjusting to my new independence. I've decided to get my ears pierced--one ear grew shut a couple pregnancies ago and I haven't gotten it redone. My New Year's celebration tonight is just to be asleep! I did have a (planned) beer, which was nice.

We are going to IHOP for breakfast tomorrow, assuming it is open. I'll be ordering from the kid's menu, but still have to select my entree tonight.

Chris/angelmomma210 Hope the EEO contact went well.

Heidi/landlady6 I like Beckniques! Keep eating mindfully!

Andrea/thinkerbell Yeah, the 6 years included two pregnancies. It is hard, but I'm still me and want a good life for myself, so I see no other option. I figure I've got a couple more days of rough transition on the weaning and then I'm more or less normal again. Here's hoping your three day streak turns to four.

Bill/BillBlueEyes You did just one bite of mushroom bisque. Wow. Hope your events tonight go/went OK.

RobinW I also think mall shopping is a special kind of trial. I'm glad you did it and were able to have fun with your DD.

onebyone Sounds like you have some good ideas for getting your veggies during the strike. Let me know what you think of the WiiFit. I was sore just from bowling on our new one!

Jean/kuhljeanie Here's hoping you get better soon. I think there is almost nothing more exhausting than being home with a sick kid.

Happy New Year everyone! See you in the January thread.


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