Dieting with Obstacles - PHYSICAL CHALLENGES ~ December's Thread

11-30-2008, 11:15 PM
WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us in our thread: to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.



:hug: ROSEBUD :hug:

12-01-2008, 09:51 AM
And a great Good Morning to all . . . :grouphug:

Let's hope that December is a great month for all of us -- unfortunmately mine is not off to a good start -- looking at the second day of my morning blood sugar running a little too high and it is raining to beat the band again and that always makes the arthritis act up even though it is mild. Anyway, those two delightful little events "forced" me to eat chocolate for breakfast. :o :o

Other than that, same stuff different day (SSDD) . . . see you later . . . :wave:

12-01-2008, 10:09 PM
HI LADIES ~ pretty quiet around here the last couple of days. We had another :shocksn:snow storm :shocksn:today with frosty cold northeast winds; and we went out to put up some 'penny' lights and you just froze your skin so fast it was really bad. The lights are a bit jagged, so I'll have to go straighten them up on a warmer day; too horrible and cold out to do anything with them tonight.

THANKS MEOWEE ~ for coming in and putting our December thread up into a red sticky for us; very appreciated. Sorry to hear that your sugars are too high right now, but hopefully you can get them managed again soon. You are pretty lucky to just get rain right now, but I know that when the snow shows up there, you can get some pretty doozy storms too!

We had a pretty good day; did a bit more sorting and planning out ideas for our decorations. Took a nap this aft to rest my poor tired feet; I bought some new cushy slippers that seem to be helping my feet a bit. They have soft fur inside and help to keep my feet warm. There are many things we like about our new place, but nowhere is perfect; and that is one of the flaws here: the floors are cold, so I had to get some warmer slippers with heels to protect my feet. I have enuff problems with them as it is.

HI PURPLE ~ hope you are feeling OK.
HELLO to NUMPSTER and VAL too ~ hope you both have a great week.

Not much to report tonight; just resting a bit. Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-02-2008, 01:21 PM
Hello Ladies

Just to let you know what is going off in my neck of the woods so to speak. With Christmas fast approaching we are having several deliveries to do. Done two this week already one more tomorrow. Mind you the delivery today was on our way home from the MS therapy centre so a local delivery.

Still not feeling 100% I must admit not sure what is going on but I think I will end up going to the doctor to get to the bottom of this. I have abdominal pain and pain in my back. So not sure if I have a UTI or urine infection in English :lol: MSers can be prone to this for some reason touch wood I have been fortunate in that area unlike some I know.

I will try to pop by as much as I can but time is a bit thin on the ground at the minute. I do try and read your posts before I retire to bed even if I do not have enough time to post. I am hoping next week will be a bit better. I have a lot of Xmas whist drives next week. Though our Christmas dinner with the MS centre is this Friday at 3pm.

I can not believe it is December already :yikes: where did this year go to. Today I woke up to a good covering of snow at about 7am though by 9am it had started to clear. By the time we came home from the MS centre it had disappeared all together.

Just finished our lunch as I cook in the evening on a Tuesday to make life easier for me with having treatment. Had beef with steamed vegetables and potatoes. Then a framage frais with a raspberry compote at the bottom. Nice to round off the meal I must say.

Time to go again and wash a few pots up then get bits and pieces ready for tomorrow going to Bristol which is down south and approximately 150miles away. It is to a cinema whom have had previous orders from the company all over the country.

Bye bye

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-02-2008, 09:45 PM
HI LADIES ~ our day started out pretty nice; calm and even a bit of sunshine for awhile, but then some clouds and fierce winds came through and ... BABY, IT'S COLD OUT THERE!!! :lol:

We got a lot accomplished today; I started wearing my new cozy slippers and they are really helping my feet a lot. They are very warm and have good support soles on them, which is just what I needed. We got several boxes sorted through and tossed two bags of stuff just today. We have our tree up now, but just have to decorate it tomorrow; and all the livingroom was rearranged too ... yeah!!!

With all this storming about out there, we will probably have to keep the outside decos to a minimum this year; but that will give us lots of time to plan for next year. Two of my big, red bows got blown down, so DH went out and rescued them; will have to find a better way to secure them in the morning.

HI PURPLE ~ glad you dropped in long enuff to let us know how you are; sorry to hear that you are having some pain in your abdomen. I had some tiny jabs on my lower right side for a couple of days, but now it has gone away completely; probably just gas or something like that. :o ;) You know the first thing that comes to mind is appendix, but more likely the other; or so we prefer, for sure; so very glad it's gone now. :D

Hope your doctor gets to the bottom of your pains soon; will send up some prayers for you too becuz you really don't need anything else on your plate. Glad your trips went OK; I thought maybe you two had been off on some more deliveries, esp with Christmas so close.

WOWEE, you had snow over there; too bad it didn't stick around for awhile longer, but at least you got to see some for a bit. Maybe you'll get some more for Christmas yet; that would be nice as long as it isn't too much. :D

HELLO to NUMPSTER and VAL ~ hope you two are having a good work week; tomorrow makes it more than half over, right? That's how I used to look at it when I worked before. My favorite jobs were only four days; but the ones that were five, I would break up like this:

Monday is the fresh, first day (keep really busy to make it go fast); Tuesday is almost half way; Wednesday is well over half; Thursday is almost done; and Friday is YEAH Day (meaning last day); hence TGIF!!!

HI MEOWEE ~ hope you have a good weather day and a good sugar day tomorrow. Any snow yet?

Well, DH had his battered fish and I had baked breaded chicken nuggets with lots of salad and veggies for dinner tonight. I had PURPLE's homemade Banana-Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert. Love that one ...

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-03-2008, 10:27 AM
Hi . . . :grouphug:

Our weather is still unseasonably mild and we are supposed to see sun but I can't find it yet. Nothing exciting around here -- want to get the wrapping done today so I can take things to the post office tomorrow. After that, I'll be spending my time trying to overcome the almost all consuming urge to bake, bake, bake that hits me every year at this time. Wouldn't be too bad if it didn't also come with the almost irresistible urge to eat, eat, eat.

Have a great day, gang . . . :carrot:

12-03-2008, 10:12 PM
HI LADIES ~ we had another snow day with blowing winds; winter is sure making her presence known now. DH did some running around and I just stayed here and hybernated. Did some more sorting and rearranging of decos today. Make a nice, creamy pasta dish for dinner; had a romaine salad with mine.

Boy, I am really gonna have to watch the munching this month; I think I am gonna wait to just before Christmas to pick up any ready snacks this year. I made some bran muffins for DH and I today to have with our afternoon tea.

I heard from NUMPSTER last night; they had a death in their family on the weekend; and they had to put down their 19+ yr/old kitty buddy yesterday as he was having seizures. As a result, they will be hosting the family Christmas Dinner with a family who is in mourning for a loved one: what a challenge for them. She said she may drop by on the weekend, if she has time. She has some quick planning to do, but I'm sure that family and friends will pitch in and help them out too.

HI MEOWEE ~ boy, you are blessed with very mild weather right now. Is this normal for your area or something new and strange? I don't do the 'BAKING' thing any more; I always ended up with piles leftover and then would have to eat it, of course, so it wasn't wasted. So, I stopped that bad habit a few years ago; now we just pick up a variety of nuts, and some cereal bits & bites for our guests, which they really like.

We are having friends here for Christmas Day this year; so I am making the Christmas dinner. Gonna have a couple of kinds of pie for dessert; roasted veggies with our meat (haven't decided yet, but we have a turkey and a roast beef) plus a salad and mash potatoes with gravy: naughty, but nice!!! Well, that's the point of this joyous season ... to enjoy the blessings we have been given and that includes good food.

HI to PURPLE and VALDINE ~ hope you both had a lovely day!!!

Time to go make my evening tea; take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-04-2008, 11:15 AM
Hi there . . . :wave:

Another mild day in northeastern Nova Scotia -- but it is very, very windy. We do tend to have a slightly 'softer' climate than some of the places I've lived in Ontario (Toronto, Kitchener, Barrie). We get slightly milder winters and slightly less humid summers. This is, however, an extremely warm one so far.

Decided to buy myself a treat the other day -- a can of French Vanilla flavoured coffee -- brewed some up this morning and it smelled magnificent both in the can and in the pot -- but, guess I'm just a boring coffee drinker because I didn't like the taste of it at all. :shrug:

Nothing else too exciting for me . . . hope you all have a great day. :grouphug:

12-04-2008, 09:42 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ oh, we had a lovely, sunny day today ... all day; it was glorious! The first one we've had in ages, so we opened the blinds wide open to drench ourselves in all that beautiful sun. I even saw the stars tonight and a bit of the moon as well.

We got a lot of stuff sorted today; I sorted out the last of the clothes while DH ran errands today and visited his sister. Then later, we went through all our records and are donating 3 boxes of duplicates (meaning we have the same music on tape or cd's); and some we just don't listen to anymore, so might as well let someone else enjoy them.

We finally finished around 8 pm; so told DH that's enuff for one day! I had to watch him cuz he kept going through the boxes over and over, and taking some back out: he's such a hoarder! ;) Today, while he was gone, I was able to toss two bags of old clothes; and I had a ball doin' it too!:D

We finally got our lights on our tree this afternoon; and my bows back up on our deck. We have three of our large decos on the deck; we are just waiting for one that I ordered that will be here in a few days. We didn't like the penny lights where we had them, so we may try them somewhere else.

Since this is a new place, we are having to do a lot of trial and error decorating to see what looks OK from the street. Poor DH gets annoyed by that, but I have made it all so easy this year, that he was happy anyways and couldn't complain; and actually told me he was glad of the changes to simplify everything this year. I don't want the enjoyment taken out of the season with the decos taking days to put up; so I try to do as much as I can myself, and leave the really ez stuff to DH now.

HI MEOWEE ~ I really like Mocha coffee; you can buy it or make it yourself -- two ways. You can make your regular coffee and add a bit of cocoa powder to it; OR you can make a packet of Swiss Hot Chocolate and add a bit of instant coffee to it for only 110 C's. You may want to buy the low-sugar one though ... and I like them both!

HI PURPLE ~ hope your feeling better and the doc gets to the bottom of those abdomenal pains for you; and I am sending up prayers that it isn't anything too serious. Hope you have lots of fun at your whist drives and good delivery trips too.

HI to NUMPSTER and VAL ~ TGIF near the end of the week for both you ladies; hope you have a wonderful Friday!

Well, that's all for me tonight; time to go put my tired feet up and rest a while, so take good care ladies ~ your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-06-2008, 01:40 AM
:wave: HELLO LADIES ~ we had a great day today; went shopping and ran errands and got in some walking, without aches for a change ... yeah!

Will be back to share more tomorrow, as it's getting late now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ~ your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-06-2008, 09:43 AM
Hi Ladies

Just returned from the monthly farmers market. Very nice out with brilliant sunshine though a bit nippy. Bought bread, no added sugar wholemeal scones and homemade apple and blackberry jam

Got another delivery trip to Bristol again to deliver more bean bags to a cinema there. Fortunately it should be our only delivery this week so I breath a sigh of relief ;) Travelling is tiring I must say.

It is nice to have a little time to come on a read posts and generally catch up. But most of all it is great to be able to write here on the site. I really miss that but time is very short on the ground recently.

Yesterday went out for a meal with the ms therapy centre. I tried to select items that were not too bad. I allowed myself one treat for the day I had Christmas pudding and brandy sauce. I reduced my calories for the day in order to minimise my naughty treat :o I started with melon. Then had breast of roast turkey, with steamed vegetables. I only had one potato has I had lots of vegetable to fill me up. I am pleased with my selection considering I would not have gone down that route before I would have eaten so much more and put lots of potatoes on not so much vegetable either. So my habits have changed and I am so much more mindful what goes in my mouth. I realise my choices do have consequences which I never thought about before.

I am with you Meowee when it comes to enjoying just plain coffee. I once tried vanilla coffee oh my :barf: I hated it. I just like coffee black and strong. Though now I drink decaff due to my face which can be triggered by a stimulant such as caffeine.

Oh boy must go and wash up as the washing up fairy ;) hasn't arrived to do the dishes :lol: Just go a few to tackle from lunch so nothing really bad just psyching myself to do them thats the trouble. Well enough of making excuses for not doing them. Catch up with you soon.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-06-2008, 08:28 PM
HI LADIES ~ we went up town today to do the last of our Christmas shopping for family and friends; got some really good deals today. Now I can get our gifts for my Dad and SM wrapped up and on it's way. Gee, I'm so very late this year; gotta work on my Christmas Cards too and get them out as well.

Our last outdoor ornament arrived, and we put him up today; now we were able to put our lights on outside. I decorated the tree this afternoon as well; so we are starting to get things in order. Now we just have to put up some indoor decos over the next week.

HI PURPLE ~ glad you are feeling better; hope those pains have left. I have been so blessed; my feet and legs held out for two trips up town in a row, but they are tired right now; and my knee just pulled once after all that walking I did today. Some friends and others have been praying hard for my legs; they are being answered becuz they have improved so much that it is amazing. I just have to be careful and not overdo it, then reinjure them again and again.

You did very well at your MS center Christmas dinner; I am doing fairly well with dinners, I have to watch my snacking more. I am a bit of a tea toter I guess; and I do like hot chocolate on a cold night, as I only have one or two coffees each day or it bothers me for some reason. I like our TIM HORTON's coffee a lot and DH usually buys me some tins each Christmas.

HI TO MEOWEE, NUMPSTER, AND VAL ~ hope all you ladies are having a great weekend. It's is very cold here tonight and the winds are becoming wicked, with lots of snow blowing. Our fingies were freezing in only seconds out there tonight; glad everything is done, so now we can hybernate.

Well, we are late having dinner tonight ~ gotta go check on it, so take good care of yourselves :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-07-2008, 07:11 AM
Hi Ladies

I woke up to a very picturesque scene this morning we had had a haws frost. So everything was completely whited over, looks very pretty but oh boy it is cold. Oh well you can not have it both ways ;)

ROSEBUDYes so far the abdominal pain seems to have gone so thanks to your prays. I have been drinking enough water to sink a battle ship. So if it was a UTI it would flush it out of my system. Also to not have antibiotics if possible not keen on going for those unless I have to. This is because I have a compromised immune system so I like to use antibiotics sparingly so if I do get something serious god forbid my body has not because use to the spectrum of antibiotics.

So glad prays have worked for your legs and you have been able to adventure into town for two trips. Yes we always have to be mindful that we do not do too much and end up being compromised for days.

I have only heard of Tim Horton in the capacity of things like doughnuts as at our big local hospital they were on sale there. Though I have not heard of them in the capacity of coffee. Apart from independent little coffee shops our big seller of coffee is Starbucks. I really like this coffee but it is mega expensive so it is reserved for a special treat like my birthday or DH.

I am a coffee drinker through and through. I have to fancy a cup of tea which will be once in a blue moon. I drink both tea and coffee black no sugar. I have done since I was a young teenager. I can drink coffee with milk in but tea I can not stomach with milk in. You sound like a Brit we are a nation of tea drinkers. Though the younger generation are breaking that trend a bit.

I have a hot chocolate at night every night. Though I have cadbury's light variety at 40 calories per cup. The only trouble is the chocolate is a bit on the pricey side. We have tried others but not liked them so false economy.

Time to start on Sunday dinner. Though everything is prepared just need putting on and gravy making from the stock. We have lamb today can not remember the last time we had that. Found this piece and it was very lean so choose it.

Take care ladies, Hello :wave: MEOWEE, NUMPSTER, AND VAL till next time. Not sure whether I will have the time the next couple of days but I will endeavour to do so if at all possible. I need my daily fix of 3fc ;)

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-07-2008, 08:55 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we woke up to -25C temps this morning but we had beautiful sunshine all day that warmed things up for us. Right now, it has dropped back down to -21C; that is nippy cold, but the howling winds we had last night are gone, thankfully!

PURPLE ~ your weather sounds like it is colder over there this year also. I will have to look for that Cadbury's light hot chocolate in our local market and see if I can find it, as I'd love to have a cup of that every night myself.

I'm so glad that your pains are gone: I really believe in the power of prayer and have seen hundreds, if not thousands of them answered in my lifetime for family, friends, our pets, co-workers, many associates, and ourselves over the many years. Regarding associates: these are anybody who asks for prayers, or that I notice need prayers, and also people from prayer clubs that I belong to, who request prayers. I belong to five prayer groups/clubs at present and we pray for others and each other as well; I really enjoy it, and have met many people through this as well.

TIM HORTON is a Canadian NHL hockey player who died in a car crash on the way home from a game one night. Tim wanted to start another business to fall back on when his hockey career ended as he had a wife and family to support; so he and another man created a coffee/donut shop here in Canada called TIM HORTONS (as it was his idea). After he died, his partner bought the existing restaurants from Tim's family, and it has grown to be a very large and popular franchise, with some in the US and other countries now.

I hope you have a good week; and I agree, I love coming here to and miss it if I don't get to come in and read or post. I enjoy talking to the people here about all kinds of things; and we have a Christian group here where we prayer for others who have needs as well.

hope you all had a great and restful weekend; and are not too bushed from shopping and such. Take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-08-2008, 06:11 PM
Hi Ladies and good evening

Been to Bristol an back some 300miles or there about. Very tiring I must say though the van journey was great no hold ups on the road.

Tomorrow is my treatment day gosh it comes around quick I do say. I know over the Christmas period it is closed for 2 weeks and so I know I will be ready for my treatment after that.

ROSEBUD I never knew the history of Tim Horton's so it was good to here where the name came from. Such a shame that the hockey player lost his life in a car accident.

Yes our weather as got colder. They are thinking for the first time in 25 years we might actually have snow at Christmas. We very seldom have a white Christmas as it is not usually to have much heavy snow fall. Although some places just recently just had 6 inches. We were not one of them fortunately.

There are many things in life that can not be explained how or why they work but they do. God moves in mysterious ways as they say. I am sure that you gain great comfort from the pray groups that you attend. It is even nicer when the prays you said had a positive outcome for those who you have said prayers for.

HI TO MEOWEE, NUMPSTER, AND VAL Hope I find you all in good health and had a great weekend. How are you doing with the Christmas shopping? Have you finished it all yet? I have 2 more presents to get and post some cards and I think that is me do. Oh of course I will have the food to get nearer the date but that might be the 22 of December I think as we are going out for a meal with my BIL works.

bye ladies take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-08-2008, 08:31 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, it was cold today, but only -11 or 12C but there were a few winds which made it feel more like -17C or so; but we just stayed home and did stuff around here. Did some more sorting and cleared all the boxes from our back porch; we've cleared away more than half our boxes so we even have some room in the first storage shed now.

DH put up the bird feeder he bought me for my birthday in October; as we picked up some seed last weekend. Some chickadees were fussing and eating out of it in no time. So fun to watch their antics again: I just love watching them.

I had a bad fall today; DH put my two stainless steel cans that we store the seed in the porch for me, and I went to come back in and first, I tripped over the straw snow mat; caught myself, then tripped over the doorway lip that stops the cold. I have tripped on it before, but this time I went crashing down on my left side: oh, my poor knee took the worst of it. And dear NIKO was so concerned: he came arunning and didn't want DH to touch me (as he was trying to help me get back up), and NIKO kept licking my face and then DH's, so at least we could laugh about it.

I had to lean on the hurt knee to get up; DH helped me but I took the rest of the afternoon off to rest my body. I seem to be no worse for the wear, and I hope I don't feel any pains tomorrows; maybe have a few bruises though. I know we'll laugh over this one for a long time; I was even laughing about it as I was typing it here, so that's a good sign ...

HEY PURPLE ~ yah, you just might get some snow for Christmas this year; they say the northeast has been hit by a brutal cold front, but that it may go away by next weekend. Sure hope so ... :^: It doesn't usually get this cold until January to March. Well, we are managing to stay warm; even if we have to put the furnace up a bit or use my mini backup heater, we'll be OK.

We have all our gifts too; and just have to do my Christmas cards, and get the last few things for Christmas dinner just before as well (like you, a few days before). Will try to get a few inside decos done tomorrow as well.

We had a nice lean pork dinner tonight with a mixed rice, green and yellow snap beans, and sliced tomatoes. This is another of our favorites; nice and lean and healthy. Well, time to go get my tea and warm myself up again.

HI TO MEOWEE, NUMPSTER, AND VAL ~ everyone seems to be very occupied lately; hope you are all OK as some of you haven't been here for a while ... hint, hint, hint!!! ;):D

Bye for now :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-09-2008, 09:06 AM
Hi . . . :grouphug:

Yes, I still exist . . . but my back has gone out again and this is the first time since Friday that I've actually been able to sit upright comfortably enough to actually type on the computer.

And do we ever have snow and cold right now. :brr:

12-09-2008, 12:18 PM
Hi Ladies

Still remains brass monkey weather. Nice sharp frost this morning though our dog out in our yard today made me laugh. There were a couple of puddles which had frozen over due to the freezing conditions. Our Rizzie bless him stood on one of these and was like Bambi on ice. The ice then broke under his body weight so his paws went through into very chilly water and was not one bit impressed. If that was not bad enough he is a slow learner I am sure he repeats the process again on another frozen puddle. Good job he did not stand on the area we refer to as a "pond". It isn't a pond but just where water seems to collect when it runs off the playing field when it has been raining heavy. If Rizzie did his impression of Bambi on ice on this puddle he would have really got his paws sodden in ice cold water.

meowee I hope you get better soon with your back. My father has had a bad back about as long as I can remember. He has arthritis of the spine so hence it gives pain. I can remember having to lace up this corset which was especially made which had bones in for support. Dad would put this on when doing any heavy work like gardening.

ROSEBUD Sounds very cold at the moment with you as well. See you are gradually ploughing through the boxes from the move. I remember doing one a day when we moved till eventually I had finished. It seemed never ending I can assure you.

Sorry to hear that you have had a fall I hope that you do not feel too stiff today and covered in too many bruises. It is surprising how intuitive dogs are to when you are unwell or in pain. I know Rizzie if it is a day when I can hardly walk he likes nothing more than to snuggle up to me on the sofa. Yet normally he is a boisterous dog with buckets of energy. He will play with his ball morning, noon and night. Some days he is so focused and obsessed by the ball that I have to remove it from him. This is because he will not eat or drink he is that obsessed. The minute the ball goes he eats ravenously and drinks well. I think he is OCD not to mock anyone with this condition which I know can be debilitating. He is so obsessed about his ball he reminds me of clients I have nursed with this condition.

I have deliberately kept my calorie intake low for today as I am going out to a Christmas whist drive tonight which has a nice buffet on. This will now allow me one treat off plan or maybe two ;) I know that I will be mindful I what I have that way I will keep more or less to my calories for the day.

I have 4 Christmas whist Drives this week so lots of naughties on the menu. So I am making sure all my meals are lower in calories so that we can partake in the event with some restraint on remembering what goes in my mouth does have a consequence especially if it is very calorie laden.

So if I survive this week I can survive anything I think.

Time to make tracks and make some toast so I can have my tablets,

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-10-2008, 12:18 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, it wasn't quite as cold today, about -8C with a bit of snow for the morning. We had lots of Chicadees come to our feeders and bells today; we counted over 10, which is the most we've seen at once, so far. I think they called all their relatives and friends over ... hehe ;)

We picked up a timer for our outdoor lights, so that poor DH wouldn't have to keep going in and out to put the light on and off in this terrible weather. At the last place DH had put in an indoor switch which isn't possible here, so the outdoor timer was the best solution and it worked great today.

I got some laundry done today and we only sorted a couple of boxes as we had company drop by twice. One nice fella brought us a chicken as a gift, as they were on sale and they were sold out so we couldn't get any; that was very nice of them to think of sharing one with us (as they managed to get six, or three each). DH's sister came by for a visit, and was telling us about a Christmas party they are holding, and will let us know about the details soon.

HI PURPLE ~ yah, my leg is sore, but I don't see big bruises like I expected but I sure can feel it when I touch it though. NIKO doesn't like the cold either and asks to come in right away; but he does have a make-shift hut that he goes into to get out of the elements.

Today, NIKO was quite naughty and acted up terribly when DH's sister came: I thought maybe that he thought she was my sister as they do look a lot alike. He kept yipping at her for some reason and jumping on her. I know he likes to play with my sister and he just loves my sister's dog, Shibby. She's a beautiful husky-shepherd with the biggest smile and lovely, gentle spirit. NIKO is sweet too but today I had to use a water spritzer to get him to behave and it worked very well. I'm so glad that I found something he doesn't like that won't hurt him. He doesn't like water either, which is something we did notice about him too.

MEOWEE ~ so sorry that you hurt your back so badly; I can so relate to that as I have so many back and arthritis type issues. The cold has really been hurting my legs and feet lately; the pain has been so excruciating, so tonight, I took a pain med to see if that helps a bit. Sending up some prayers for you ...

HI NUMPSTER AND VAL ~ hope you ladies are having a good week; I know that it's getting quite cold up there in Thompson, Manitoba right now, VAL: bundle up good to keep warm.

Well, it's getting late and I'm gonna try and put my legs up if I can; the one is sore so it's hard for me to put them up how I normally like too. Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-10-2008, 10:51 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

My back is feeling about 80% functional this morning and our really strange weather continues. After lots of snow on the ground with sunshine and a high of -9 yesterday; today we are supposed to get +13 and bunches of rain and wind (that's 16F yesterday and 55F today). :dizzy:

Nothing big in my plans . . . still have a little wrapping to do (local stuff) and will continue my reading and back resting that's been the story of my life for most of the week. Still taking the Robaxicet, of course. The added muscle relaxant in it really does seem to help a little.

I'm sure it would work even better for muscle pulls, but I'm pretty sure this is the old pinched nerve in the sacro area and now I'm just waiting for the poor nerve to get over the trauma it suffered. :lol: My father suffered from the same problem . . . maybe it's a family trait that the nerve fibres in that area are too long and thus get trapped in strange places from time to time. :lol:

Hope the rest of you have a great day . . . :wave:

12-11-2008, 12:50 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had another very cold day today, but we also had the full day of sunshine: I sometimes think that is GOD feeling very sorry for us that it's so cold, so He sends along some sunshine to make it warmer. It dropped to -20C around dinner time, but it's about -18C right now. Our gas furnace is working at full capacity trying to keep up; I can hear the $$$cachings$$$ as she goes! :lol:

MEOWEE ~ so glad to hear that you are feeling better today; definitely take it easy until things are back to normal. I have two discs that give me problems from old injuries; and they aren't the ones involved in the SPINA BIFIDA: those are in my lower back where you bend and the spine isn't fully closed there. That's why I have such difficulty walking sometimes, esp in snow and sand; and cold, damp days.

I'm still trying to get that scrape in my leg to heal; it keeps scabbing over, but not falling off like it should. Had to use a creme the doc gave me today; it worked and now we start again. I am going to try something different this time to see if that works; I'm praying (literally) that it will work. DH and I both have been having trouble with CHARLIE HORSES in our legs lately; maybe it's the sudden freeze, so we are doing light stretches to see if that will help (it seems to be helping me, so I just shared that with DH).

I heard from NUMPSTER today; they went to NITA's funeral on Saturday; had a busy three days with all that, and they had to arrange the music for the funeral and the pics at the family gathering for everyone too. Hope they get some rest time now; as her DH is trying to fight off a bad flu bug too.

HI TO PURPLE and VALDINE ~ hope both you ladies had a good day today.

I managed to get most of my cards done today; just a couple left as I was waiting for new addresses. It's that time to hit the sack again, so take good care of yourselves now ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-11-2008, 10:47 AM
Good Morning, Chickies . . . :grouphug:

Back is still about the 80% level -- guess I just have to be patient with it. At least I'm semi-mobile now.

Won't be doing the normal Tursday Mall Crawl today. Actually nothing will be moving very far or very fast around NS today. Don't know why they seem to manage to get the forecast right when it's for the most dreadful of the winter dreadfuls -- freezing rain -- it's a skating rink outside this morning and since all the snow had melted before this stuff started, there isn't even a little cushion of white stuff under it all.

At least I'm better off than some because I have electricity although I did think my telephone lines were down first thing this morning but that turned out to just be a minor 'cat'astrophe. I don't know what they do at night sometimes or how I manage to sleep through it. You would think that knocking the phone of the table and half way across the room would be noisy enough to wake you up. :shrug:

It's supposed to turn mild again tomorrow so hopefully the ice will be mostly gone by the weekend and hopefully my back will let me get out and about a little bit.

Have a good day, gang . . . see you later . . . :wave:

12-11-2008, 09:56 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had lots of snow today and much warmer temps; thank you, GOD, for that! I would much rather have the snow and warmer temps, as the cold bothers me much more these days. I just saw another thread where other ladies were saying that they have the same problem; they had some good tips on there and I'm gonna use them too. I have been going around with my fleece robe on over top of my clothes some times, and with wooly socks and slippers, to boot. ;) It warmed up to -5C and now it is about -11C, which is much better.

HI MEOWEE ~ yah, with that kind of weather, you are better off staying at home anyways; and letting your body heal a bit more. Yes, kitties can get up to all kinds of shenanigans during the night, but they can be so fun to have around and good companions too. Prayers ... that you are feeling better real soon.

We spent the day wrapping a few gifts that are being shipped down south, finished off my Christmas cards, and took some extra boxes to the shed so that I could set up my sewing machine for mending jobs. This place is starting to look like a home. DH's sister stopped by the other day and said that this place is noticably smaller than our old place; the livingroom is longer and narrower, but we will call it cosier. It is plenty big enuff for us though, and we don't want it too big or it would cost too much to keep up.

Well, it's time to put my feet up with my hot tea and do a puzzle; and rest my poor leg that got bruised when I fell the other day. Will be going to bed earlier tonight to as it took me a long time to get warmed up last night for some reason; hence, longer to get to sleep, but it should be better tonight, we hope.

HI to PURPLE and NUMPSTER and VAL ~ TGIF ... just one more day ladies, as tomorrow is Friday!!!

Take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-12-2008, 07:30 AM
Hi Ladies

Well another few busy days have passed by in a flash. What with delivery trips, grocery shopping, Christmas shopping and Christmas whist drives. I don't know hardly which day it is ;) One blessing though i have now managed to finish the Christmas shopping. Now just the wrapping to do when I have a bit of spare time. Both DH and I have done very well over these Christmas whist drives we have been very blessed. Though a lot of the things have been naughties which I would not have I have recycled and given to other whist drives who do not have so much money to play around with.

Hmm go figure this week partaken in more naughties than I normally do and I have lost weight :lol: OK so it is not a lot only 1lb but you would think I would have put it on. I have been mindful though prior to these buffets of the food I have eaten and taken low calorie options well it must have paid off.

Really nice to drop by even if it is for a flying visit as we are off to my parents in a few moments. My father has been to hospital this morning for an appointment regarding having a cataract operation done will see very shortly how that has gone and whether they think he is a candidate for the operation.

Well will close now and go and put my coat on. Hopefully will drop by tomorrow and catch up with you ladies so till then take care. A big thank you though to Rosebud and Meowee for keeping the thread active.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-12-2008, 09:00 AM

Our roller coaster weather ride is continuing . . . still raining of course but the high today is supposed to be between 15 and 17 C (60 to 65 F). My front porch is still looking a little ice-covered right now but it is melting fast.

Other than that . . . SSDD

12-12-2008, 09:03 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, apparently the temps dropped down to -30C during the night, but we had lots of blankies on the bed, so we didn't notice it until we woke up to cooler air; but we slept very well. Today, we had full sunshine again and -20C temps out there now, and I can even see a few stars.

We got our parcel and the last of our Christmas cards out in the mail today; so that's out of the way. Just have a few gifts to wrap to put under the tree for a friend and DH, then I'll be done too. I did some housecleaning; put away some laundry; and baked some banana-bran muffins for DH and I put some chopped dried prunes in a few for myself, and I added a Christmasey touch by adding a few spices like cinnamon, cloves, and ginger, etc. They are quite nice actually.

WOW, MEOWEE ~ those are pretty warm temps you have there; they say it is supposed to warm up here too, but haven't seen that just yet: maybe tomorrow will be the lucky day.

HI PURPLE ~ nice to have you drop by; but we knew you were quite busy with a lot on your plate right now. Glad you had fun and some good fortune at your whist drives: very nice of you to pass those "naughty" prizes on to others, who may want them. Hope you have a nice visit with your parents this weekend too.

HI NUMPSTER ~ hope you had a good week. I sent DH to M & M's meat store to pick up those Italian Meatballs for only $9.99 box of 130-140: I will make my own sauce to go with them. They also had shrimp platters on for the same price, for those who like them (I never did); and I saw a pic of those Chinese h'oerderves (sp?): they do look yummy too, and nice and light as well.

HI VALDINE ~ hope things are going well for you right now, esp on your new job. Are you planning to spend Christmas or any of the holiday with your parents this year? What about your brother: how is he doing? Was he able to find a job of some kind? How are things going with your apartment? Well, I hope ... drop by for a few minutes sometime, and let us know how you are doing, ok?

Well, tonight we had an old favorite of "baked" fish & chips; trying to enjoy some meals we always loved (as DH just loves fish), but also make them a bit lighter as well. We had a nice coleslaw and sliced tomatoes with this as well.

I have on a pair of DH's wooly-type socks and they are keeping my feet nice & toasty; and soon I will put my feet up to do a puzzle or two as well. We are just staying home tonight and taking it easy as the weather out there is frightful, but yes, the snow is delightful ... :lol: Many more people are putting their lights on; our neighbour to our right decorated a huge fir tree on the other end of their lot with large blue lights: it really looks lovely, I must say.

Hope all our friends here are having a wonderful Friday night and a restful weekend; take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-12-2008, 11:43 PM
:wave: hopefully i will find a moment to stop by this weekend.

My brother did find a part time job at grey hound cleaning buses. It pays much better than his walmart job did unfortunatly he left his junker truck unplugged on the street for four days while it was below - 35 celsius. SHOCKER! now the battery is D E A D sometimes I think that kid just seriousy needs to grow up. ugh.

I gave my notice at Reitmans, my casual job. I cant keep doing it and working my current hours at the City. Which I still love! Who knew a position in my field of study would actually invigorate me every day? I'm very lucky. Now just to keep my health completly in check.

I'm still on a plateau. though I think of it as a self imposed one. I'm happy where I am right now. Anyways. more later I hope! :hug:

12-13-2008, 05:57 AM
Good morning ladies

Just dropped by whilst I finish my breakfast as I thought it would be a great opportunity to catch up a wee bit.

ROSEBUD See you have been busy with going the Christmas shopping and card writing. That is my job this weekend to do the Christmas cards and write them out. In actual fact I have a few things I would like to get done this weekend if I have the energy which at the moment seems to have eluded me.

Oh my you have dipped down to some very cold temperatures which I can only imagine what it feels like. It has been cold here at the minute but I have nothing to complain about after hearing your temperatures.

This is the first morning in about a week that we have not had a frost but this is the coldest spell we have had since I was 14 according to the weather people which was 30 years ago. Climate change strikes again I think we are still having different extremes.

I do like the sound of your muffins you made. I have some to bake this weekend, I have 24 to do, 12 of one sort and 12 of another. Still making my mind up what to make. These will then go into the freezer for future use. Plus if there in there we are not tempted to eat more than our daily rations.

MEOWEE Sound like your weather is mimicking ours at the minute but fortunately now where as bad. Got rather a lot to catch up on this weekend once I get my act together. Plus there is the dreaded ironing to catch up on. I hope you are up to speed with all the Christmas festivities and not running round like a headless chicken.

VALDINE Glad that your brother has found employment now. Even if he did the party trick of leaving it unplugged in minus temperatures. One thing I know medically about men or boys shall I say they do not mature as quickly as girls. Girls are normally much more responsible citizens in there teenage years but it takes boys into their early 20's to achieve this. This is because the brain does not mature until later with a boy. Hence the stupid pranks lads play and do not think always of the consequences to their actions.

Being on a plateau is not a bad thing I believe it is practice for later when we are at our goal weight. I planned that for these few weeks around Christmas as I partake in naughties whilst out. Though I ended up losing weight :dunno: this weight loss journey sometimes baffles me it really does. Just when you think you have it all figured out something throws you a curved ball.

Glad you are still enjoying your job and you feel brilliant. Going to work when you enjoy something is a real pleasure. I know when I have worked in certain areas I have adored I have felt on top of the world and loved to go in each day. In a way it did not feel like work doing something that I adored.

Time to get cracking and make some head way into jobs.

Bye for now and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-13-2008, 09:55 AM
I know that Canadians are famous (or maybe that's infamous) for talking about our weather a lot; probably because we get so much of it. Nova Scotia is still on the same roller-coaster. Yesterday we broke fifty-year-old records by hitting +20 C (68F). Today -- our high is going to be -2C (+28F) with a little snow before we also head back to about +10/11 C (+37F) for tomorrow. Oh well, out in Cold Lake, Alberta (where my oldest son is) today's high is going to be -25C (-13F); so guess I should be thankful for small mercies. :lol:

Well, I really have to go out and brave the cold and the crowds for a bit today since the larder is looking a little bare and I do have one more gift to get. So I'd best get moving in the hopes of beating the snow. Which, of course, will likely melt again tomorrow. Won't be a long wandering trip because the back is still not quite right and i don't want to aggrevate it any more than I have to.

Have a great day . . . :carrot:

12-13-2008, 10:17 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ wow, lots of posts over the last couple of days to read. Well, we did get those lower temps and had some sunshine, to boot! It was around -20C when we got up, but that came up into the single digits with the sun, and now it's holding at about -7C.

We got a lot accomplished today: we put up our indoor Christmas decos, which is a lot of little annoying jobs, but I love it myself. Deliberately kept it simple this year so it went much faster for DH who does all the climbing and nailing, which he insists is his job. :lol: And, that's OK with me! ;)

YES, MEOWEE ~ talking about the weather is indeed a favorite Canadian pastime; and you are probably right that it is becuz of the varied weather and extremes that can come our way all across this beautiful country. Glad that you feel well enuff to venture out for a little shopping today; that's a good sign, for sure.

HI PURPLE ~ I do the same thing with the muffins; I make lots and put some in the freezer. They keep well there, and then we just grab one at a time for a snack. I try to make them as healthy as I can, using a low-fat recipe and always adding lots of fruit to them, as that's the only way I can sneak fruit into DH.

I really fooled him this past week, as I chopped up a pear and put it in our chili pepper spagetti sauce just to see how it would be. DH said that he didn't even notice anything except that it just tasted really good. I got the idea from another recipe I heard about by EZMONEY's daughter. I think the recipe had sauteed chunks of chicken breast with chunks of apple, pear, and sweet green peppers.

HEY NUMPSTER ~ you said that you were coming in to post this weekend, and I haven't seen anything yet. :nono: Hope you had a good day of rest today. I know that you are all going shopping next week. I just have a few small gifts to wrap this week and still have lots of time. Here I was concerned that we'd be behind with the move and trying to unpack and find everything for Christmas, but we've managed to find all the most important things. Tonight, we went on a hunt for batteries for our Christmas Clock (a gift from our nephew). I found some with my MP3 player and camera bag. DH wanted to just go buy some more at the store; and I said, 'Why do that, when I know we have lots here somewhere?' He hates looking for things, so now I tell him that I'll look for the stuff, not to worry about it ... ;)

HI THERE VAL ~ so nice to hear from you; and I am so glad that you are lovin' your new job so much. It makes the change all the more worth the risk, doesn't it? And, I'm really pleased to hear that your DB has another job as I sent up some prayers for him on that one. I also have a tip for him about the truck battery: when it's that cold here, in the past, DH brings his batteries in the house (here we have a back porch that will do or on the floor of our coat closet just inside the door on a piece of cardboard from a pop case to protect the floor); charge it up overnight and then he can put it in his truck only when he needs it and he will be good to go anytime. I have a weather map and was looking at your temps, and yes, you get some pretty low ones up there too! I love your new avatar pic, and yes, learning to maintain yourself at a comfortable weight is a very important goal in itself, and you look great too!

Well, that's about all the news for now; just taking it easy for the rest of the night. Take good care of yourselves, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-14-2008, 06:21 AM
Hi ladies

I am very sore after yesterday and managing to get in most of my chores I had lined up. The only ones I have left is to make a dozen fruit muffins and Hoover. I did one batch of muffins last night and made a dozen of them. My lunch is all prepared now just a matter of cooking it. Did a boo boo last night was in the process of defrosting my freezer and guess who forgot to put the electric back on to the fridge/freezer :o Fortunately the only thing that had started to defrost was some muffins so we will have them for tea. The other thing was a lasagna I had made so we will have that tomorrow so nothing went to waste. I had envisaged having to have a baking marathon to try and use the food before it spoilt. So I can breathe a sigh of relief that it was only a couple of items that was defrosting.

Last night watched the final of X Factor which is equivalent to Canadian or American idol. The only difference is that over 25's are allowed and groups. Also last night was the semi final of the strictly come dancing (dancing with the stars) so next week it is our final. This year it is very close I would hate to have to pick a winner. So no doubt I will be glued to the television next Saturday to find out the result. Tonight it is sports personality of the year. This has been running since about the mid 1950's when the public vote to say whom they think has done outstanding things in sport. Some years it is easy to pick a winner but in the year of Olympics it is much harder. Plus also Lewis Hamilton won F1 championships this year as well. It is only open to British citizens to win though there is a cup for outstanding achievement for non British citizens.

MEOWEE :~ The Canadian must have caught it off the British about the obsession with the weather we are also renowned about talking about the weather. Also complaining about it being too hot, too cold, too windy well you get the picture we are never satisfied with what we have :lol:

We have gone milder at the minute though the rain has come in bucket loads. I have been very fortunate lots of the UK have had weather warnings regarding the risks of floods due to the heavy constant rain fall.

I hope you managed to get your last present and you back was fine. It made always be a bit temperamental after injuring it. It can at anytime bite you back without warning doing the simplest tasks.

ROSEBUD :~ It is amazing what you can sneak into dishes and sauces with a bit of creative thinking. A great way to get vegetables or fruit down people whom are poor eaters of these. Fruit is my DH problem also so I have to be inventive in that area like yourself to sneak them in here and there ;)

Like in Canada our weather is also varied and can change so rapidly. We do not have the lows or the highs that you have temperature wise as we are a temperate climate.

Must soon start on the final chores I have to do that way I can relax tomorrow well hopefully. Just waiting for a load of washing to finish then I will see about getting it dry. Before I go I must say hello to VAL and NUMPSTER I hope your both well and having a lovely weekend. I tell you it has been so nice to have the time to come and post on here and not be in a hurry as such. I have really missed my regular postings on this thread which keeps me from being too naughty.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-14-2008, 09:42 AM
Hi Rosebud, Purple, Meowee, Val and all other postees:

Sadly I don't have a lot of time to read all the posts & reply, especially during excessively busy times.....10 hour work days, do take a toll. Rosebud as you know I faithfully read yours since I want to keep abreast on what you and DH are up to! Was terribly busy with the funeral, preparing artwork for a Christmas mural at work, setting up/troubleshooting a couple friends MP3 players and loading 'em up with music files from my database and volunteer work for our Christmas families also at work. We go out this Monday to do all the shopping. DH is going with me to help with the lifting and once I've got him there, I'm going to corral him into wrapping......he just doesn't know that yet!:D A friend at work has asked if I would consider doing a photoshoot for her daughters wedding.....oh boy, I just don't know whether to commit or not. It's not until April and it's only a small wedding, but I just don't know if I'm confident enough. I have two awesome Panasonic Lumix cameras & a Sony HD video camera which would be sufficient to do the shoot but I so lack confidence. I'm still mulling it over.

I haven't even begun Christmas shopping for my own family yet....YIKES!:dizzy: On Tuesday my daughter and I will hit the pavement and try to get some of it done. I'm just terrified that if I over do it, I'll be sick for Christmas, so we'll just have to pace it out.

Purple & Meowee, I just go with the flow of the weather, although winter is definitely not one of my favourite seasons. I don't even bother looking at the weather forecast, it will be what it is and I can't change sense of me whining about it.

Val great to hear your brother landed a job. Oops on the battery though. Like Purple said boys will be boys. They just just don't seem to have forethought. I am always saying that to my DH.....cause and effect my friend....for every action (or lack thereof) there is a reaction. Guys just don't think ahead. It's okay to live in the moment but a little forethought can save some headaches later on! I enjoy my job too Val and look forward to my work, just not when things are terribly overwhelming. If your second job was stressing you, it makes sense to let it go and focus on the one that does invigorate you!

Rosebud, your muffins sound delicious....wish I had the time. Glad to hear you have everything almost ready for Christmas....wanna come help me out?????? lol Can't wait until retirement (or semi-retirement). I just never seem to have time anymore and it's not that I don't try to make the's that people are so demanding of my time. In one way it's a compliment that they come to me, but on the other hand, there is only so much one human being is capable of. I have to work on a Christmas video to play on Christmas day when the family gathers. It will be sort of a memory video for our dear Nita, gosh I still can't wrapped my head around that fact that she is gone....I know the facts but it just doesn't seem real...such a young person. I have photos from various family events & video from last Christmas which was at her home (which it always was) so I'll incorporate some of that footage. I don't want to make it a sad video....don't want people sad & crying on Christmas day. I'll try to make it uplifting somehow.

I went last Monday for an MRI....that was interesting. Sheesh why don't they tell people in advance that this machine is very confining. I'm claustrophobic (reeeeeeeeeeeally claustrophobic) and couldn't go through with it. I tried, but it scared the beejeebees out of the point of onset of a panic attack. I can't believe I was set up like that. Poke me, prod me, cause me all sorts of pain....I can totally handle that, but put me in a confined space and I lose it! Called the specialist that ordered this and they seemed very inconsiderate but did offer a sedative for the next appointment....fine, I'll try that, but if that doesn't work, I'm done with it. On one had, I feel really stupid and on the other hand I know my limits. DH is going to come in with me and maybe that will help too...who knows. I know I need the MRI because I want to ensure it was not a stroke I had in the summer, I just don't know if I can get past my phobia to do it even with meds. I'm a fighter so I won't give in without a valiant effort first though.:stars:

Well I better get off of here, gotta do those Christmas cards today. I double booked this evening, friends invited us over to play a new game but Bre called last night and said she was coming over this evening and without thinking I agreed. Just too much on my mind I guess.....oh well. Also, notice I didn't speak of weight/diet issues??? It's not that I shouldn't be thinking about it, it's just the furthest thing from my mind at the moment. I'll get back on track soon enough.

Hope you all have a terrific day and will touch base again soon!


12-14-2008, 11:09 AM
Good Morning :wave:

Just to continue the pattern; it's cold but sunny with a bit of snow flurries today . . . :lol: . . . think I'll take myself out for a bit again today since it mioght be the last sun we see for a good length of time.

12-14-2008, 09:02 PM
HI NUMPSTER ~ glad that you found some time to come in and visit with us; I know that you and your DH are very busy, and that you are always doing kind things for others. Gonna have to pace yourself, and maybe say "NO" sometimes, so that you don't get sick. Did you get those cards done? Hope so ... I'd love to help you out if I wasn't 500 miles north of where you live.

Oh, your day will come when you will have so much time, you'll be looking for things to do; that's what happens when some people do retire. We have a friend who retired recently and she needs to find something to do soon becuz what she is or isn't doing right now isn't pretty; we are praying hard for her right now. When you retire, you must find hobbies and clubs, or volunteer work or a part-time jig or something to fill your day, or you could go bonkers and/or drive everyone else around you that way! ;) That's why DH and I try to keep busy with our many hobbies and such; simply becuz it's healthier for you: physically, mentally, and spiritually!!!

HI PURPLE ~Actually, I like comparing our temps across this country and even knowing what your weather is like over there for you. I have a weather site I look at daily; and we have a thermometer outside our window, so we know what the temps are so that we know how to dress up here. When you live up north in very cold temps, you NEED TO KNOW the temps to plug in your car, do a car warm-up before you go anywhere, and also make sure you dress warmly enuff, or you could end up with FROSTBITE VERY QUICKLY.

HI MEOWEE ~ so glad that you are feeling well enuff to get out once again; and your temps are still better than ours, so far. It was milder here, and we are grateful for that!

VAL ~ I so agree with Purple and Numpster about men/boys/guys and the maturity thing. Men do mature slower and I swear, that some men NEVER DO; at least, that's been my experience with some men in my life. I have also found from talking to other women that these traits are common to most men. Like just tonight, DH and I were discussing how many things women find annoying and immature, men seem to find funny and acceptable; therein reveals a big gap in perspective between the sexes.

Well, we just stayed home and had a relaxing day; and I made a roasted chicken with a bunch of our favorite veggies (carrots, onions, green and yellow beans from our garden, celery, and a new jacket potato each). I could eat this every Sunday and be happy forever; actually, I could eat chicken 2-3 times a week and be very content becuz I love it so much. Can you tell? :D

NIKO just came by to see me by our desk; he often lays beside me while I am typing and keeps me company. DH watches his favorite movies why I am on here in the evening; it works well for us. Well, it's time to go make my evening tea ... so take care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-15-2008, 06:42 AM
Good morning

Well my weekend of catching up with the chores has caught up with me and I am shattered and did not surface out of bed until 9.45am :o I will go early to bed tonight as I have to be up early tomorrow at 7.30am. I know getting up at that time in the morning is going to go down like a lead balloon.

I did manage to get all my chores done and also made a big batch of cereal bars a bit like granola bars. The main ingredient is oats, then add egg and sugar (I use half and half sugar. which is half sweetener and and half sugar). Then add in what ever you like, nuts, dried fruit the worlds your oyster what you put in. I then put it into a tray I have lightly sprayed with one cal spray. I made double batch so the others are now residing in my freezer along with the fruits of the forest muffins I made after lunch.

I sure did not take any rocking when I went to bed I was so tired. I managed a couple of pages of my book before I called it a day. Can not even remember DH coming to bed plus when I woke up this morning he wasn't there either. I can remember when it was me who was always up first as I never need much sleep about 4 or 5 hours and that was it. It is more like 9 or 10 hours now.

NUMPSTER Nice to hear from you, sorry that your so busy at the minute work does take a big portion of your time up. Even when you semi retire or retire you will still find that you are short of time. :dunno: You even wonder how you ever found the time to go to work :lol: One thing is you must learn is to slow down and especially if you have had a health issue. It may come really difficult to put yourself first and not others. Though sometimes you have to do this slow down and take heed of you body. Otherwise the body has a nasty way of biting back to ensure you make it rest.

MRI are difficult to have even if you are not claustrophobic. I hope that with the sedation and with your DH it is much better for you. I have had to have 2 of them in the past 9 years. I have had 2 scans of the brain plus the spine but not the lumbar part of that. We tend not to scan the lumber part of the spine as it is very difficult to spot the lesions so it is hardly worth putting people through the stress unless absolutely necessary. It was the MRI that finally gave the neurologists the diagnosis of MS for me. One thing also you will find they are very, very noisy. Even for the person who is waiting in the room. I have been a nurse having to stop with a patient due to the home office stating that they must be observed at all times by 2 members of staff.

MEOWEE I hope you managed to get out and about a bit yesterday. Plus that the weather held out for you whilst you did your bits and pieces you needed to do.

ROSEBUD Your advice about slowing down to Numpster was spot on. Also the advice about taking up hobbies and interests is great also. My DH took up a bit of voluntary work this year at the MS centre that I go to. He operates the oxygen therapy tanks. He is now what they deem as a number one which means he can take charge in an emergency with the tanks or in the tanks themselves. A number 2 operator would inform a number one operator of these problems. A number one operator must be on for every dive.

Wow I never knew that you had to warm up your vehicles prior to setting off on a journey in winter. I always wondered how people cope in such cold temperatures which I can never imagine. So telling me that you have to do this sheds some light on how you cope with the cold temperature.

I am starting to come round now after feeling like death warmed up this morning. I best go and wash a couple of pots up then get dressed to be in the land of the living.

bye bye all and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-15-2008, 09:11 AM
Hi gang . . . :wave:

Warm and wet again today. I liked yesterday's cold and sunny a lot better. Oh well . . . no snow to worry about.

Nothing exciting for me since all the shopping and wrapping is done and jjust a few more things to be delivered in the coming week.

Bought a little turkey breast yesterday to roast up for leftovers. I go out to friends for actual Christmas dinner but, even though I'm not a real turkey lover anyway, I find I miss leftovers. Think it's a psychological thing. Also got cream cheese to make the Christmas cheesecake I take along and some other fixings for a new salad I'm going to try. A way to take some Sweet Potatoes without resorting to the usual and overly rich and sweet version.

Have a good day . . . :carrot:

12-15-2008, 09:58 PM
:wreath: HI LADIES ~ wow, we had a big snowstorm last night and this morning the temps rose to 40F and it rained, then everything turned to ice as the temps dropped down to -18C or close to 0F; the winds were the worst part, a kind of whirling wind that howled too! :brr:

HI MEOWEE ~ yah, this messy stuff isn't too great but halfway in the middle might be nice: sunny with temps cold enuff to hold the snow but not too icey and slippery. That's a good idea to take a couple of healthier dishes to the Christmas dinner; good for you. Wow, you have really caught up with the gifts and such. I may pick up a few small things for DH for his stocking; as he already has his big gift: another big tool! No surprise there ... haha! :D

HI PURPLE ~ as a nurse, you are a great comfort when explaining medical things; thanks for your input. I'm sorry that you are so tired, but I am in the same boat some days, so I can so relate. I was just saying to DH yesterday, that I can't believe I did all this, and worked a physical job too. For awhile, I worked as a community support worker, but most of my jobs were physical ones. Thiss sore, old body couldn't do any of that now. I used to be an early bird and now I don't get up until 8 or 9 am. My legs get tired and sore by the afternoon and I have to put them up and in the evening too; finally following doctors orders simply because I need too. I like the sounds of those granola bars; I used to make one with bran and oats in it too. Maybe I'll make some for Christmas; they were very healthy and low-fat. Be sure to get enuff rest; some of those chores will wait for another day.

Yes, it is very cold here in the winter; and where VAL is, it is even colder, so I imagine they have the same issues as us, that's why I gave her the tip about the batteries for her brother. So far DH hasn't had to bring our battery in the house, but if it gets too cold (-30C or lower), he may have to. That's a time when you see cars and trucks stranded all over the place. Also, we have to plug our cars into something called a BLOCK HEATER, that warms up the engine, for at least 2 hours, but some people leave it on all night. Then we have to warm the car up before you go anywhere as it's a frozen popsicle with the windows all frosted up, and not fun to ride in. The windows have to be clear before you take off for the visability factor, of course.

VAL ~ DH asked me to pass this onto your brother: that it is advisable to put a piece of 1/4" plywood under his battery as this also helps it from losing power so quickly; and to clean his battery connections about once a month.

HI NUMPSTER ~ hope you all had a fun day shopping for those families ...

We had a nice dinner of lean steak with sauteed veggies and mixed rice, plus a salad for me. Last night, I did about 40 minutes of chair aerobics as I haven't been out the last few days becuz of the weather. This afternoon, I finished putting a few more decos on my tree to fill in a few empty spaces. Now, I going to make myself a tea and put my feet up for a while. Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-16-2008, 04:28 AM
Hi Ladies

I am up with the birdies this morning it is 7.45am and I am up at this time as it is the day for my oxygen therapy. Normally you would not see me for love nor money at this time of the morning ;)

My messy little tyke namely called Rizzie I gave him a treat yesterday which he normally eat without a trace. Though yesterday when I went into the kitchen if I did not know better I would say he had been stamping up and down on it. It was smash to smithereens and all over the place. The trouble was every time you went to the kitchen it picked up on your socks and trailed through the house. So needless to say the Hoover soon came out for a second appearance that day. Having dogs at times can be as messy as children any day if not worse ;)

MEOWEE We have turned cold again last night and as I went to put the bins out for tomorrows collection I had a bit of shock. Why the pavement was like a sheet of ice and I was slipping all over. A little while later I saw the gritter lorry go up our road. Not that it is a big major road or anything like but if it is a bus route which ours is they endeavour to keep public transport going in bad weather.

Talking of sweet potatoes I have that for dinner today. I have swapped my ordinary plain boiled potatoes for a sweet potato. Not a whole one or anything like it but just a couple of piece from one. I like to ring the changes with the potatoes. I have never made a desert or anything sweet from a sweet potatoes only saviour dishes. I have done jacket potatoes with a couple teaspoons of low fat cheese :T. I also like them roasted with a little one cal spray and a touch of black pepper.

ROSEBUD If I can use my medical input for any use now I am only to willing to impart with the information that was passed on to me years ago or what I have learnt from my own experiences. For about 10 years of my nursing career was spent in geriatrics as it was called back then. I looked after ladies and gentlemen with advances stages of dementia, Alzheimer, picks disease and occasionally Huntington chorea. Hence due to the nature of their illness it was hard physical work like your own career. I know that I would not last a morning now in that environment let alone a whole shift. In those days you worked 13 hour shifts as well at least once a week.

Yes you must follow doctors orders on health issues else it is a recipe for disaster. I have heeded what my doctor told me when I was diagnosed with MS he told me " use it or lose it " referring to my legs. I have alway attempted to pay close attention to this even on days when I have found it hard. I am still able to use my legs even if they are a bit wobbly at times.

Hello to Numpster and Valdine, hope you both had a wonderful weekend and are about ready for Christmas which is zooming up on us fast.

I hope this post all makes sense but I am not my best when it is this early. so catch up with you all soon.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-16-2008, 10:48 AM
Good Morning . . . :wave:

Sorry to hear about your ice, PURPLE . . . seems the weather is strange all over. Warm (+11;over 50) and wet at daybreak but moving toward cold (-2;below freezing) and white by mid-afternoon around here. :dizzy:

At least I've got a couple of things to take my mind of the chronic lower back pain this morning.

(1) Didn't sleep well last night and woke up with a sore, stiff neck. (2) The tooth I had the root canal done on this past April decided to discard it's gigantic filling while I was enjoying my big salad last night. Hey, at least it doesn't hurt. Luckily, the dentist has a cancellation for this afternoon so hopefully it will be okay over Christmas but I guess I`d better start saving up for a crown in the new year.

Nothing else exciting on the go for me . . . hope everybody else is having a great day. :yes:

12-17-2008, 12:04 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we ventured out today to pick up a few things (mostly fruit and veggies) and a couple of small gifts that were on order, so we are mostly done for this year. I did manage to get some walking in too, but we really had to be careful with so much ice everywhere.

HI MEOWEE ~ I had a filling of some type fall out on me about a week ago too; gonna have to try and find a dentist to look at that soon. One dentist here is only open two days a week and it takes awhile unless it's an emergency. I haven't had much luck at dentists; hope I have better chance this time. This one didn't and doesn't hurt either, thankfully, so I should be OK until I can find somewhere to go. Sorry, that you are still having trouble with your back; hope it heals up soon. Prayers ascending for you ...

HIYA PURPLE ~ I am grateful that you are willing to share some pointers with us; and so much interesting info too. Yah, it really icey here and in MEOWEE'S area as well. Gonna have to get DH to pick up some rock salt for our back porch area (we forgot today; drats). ;) Memory gets very distracted these days.

We have trucks here that put sand on our roads, but even still, we had a frightening SKID-OUT today; I didn't even look! DH went part way up a hill and tried to turn left, but the road was so icey, that we just spun and started skidding and sliding backwards down the hill ...

Thank GOD, our angels were looking out for us today, becuz no cars came over that hill or they would have hit ME right on. Good thing that DH didn't panic, but he had to work fast and hard to get us out of there; it is a main road and usually very busy. It was very scary for me, becuz traffic comes down the hill on my side, and they can't see us until they are already on the top of that hill. I can't tell you how many times I have asked DH not to go that way. NOW, he has promised me that we won't be going that way again this winter! I won't be driving with him, if he ever goes that way any time ...

HI TO NUMPSTER and VAL ~ have a great week ladies ...

Bye for now :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-17-2008, 06:04 AM
Good morning Ladies

Last night we escaped the frost instead we had something we never see any of rain ;) Well joking apart far safer on the road with a light covering of rain than a sheet of ice. Looks a lovely crispy sun shine out side today lovely day for walking providing you wrap yourself up warm.

Next week at the oxygen tank will be my last time for 2 weeks as the centre goes on its Christmas break. I will imagine that the session will be very busy indeed due to the fact of the holidays. I really do not like more than 5 in the tank but they do hold up to 7 people. Though 7 people is a tight squeeze and you have to just about book your turn to move your elbows and move your legs ;) I have only been in with 6 and that was bad enough so I am really hoping that it is not that full.

Next Tuesday not only is it my tank session it is also a day for a meal with my DH works. So I had a try run yesterday could I get ready in the morning with war paint on, get dresses and do my hair. Well I managed it just about. It is not ideal situation by any means I would have preferred to have not gone there but DH does voluntary work at the centre so he knows how important that is to others with MS.

MEOWEE Has you read earlier in the post our ice has disappeared thank goodness I hate that it is so treacherous under foot and on the road for that matter.

Sorry to hear that you have got a sore neck that caused sleepless night. Then to top it all off you had a filling part company. The only blessing is it was painless as it has had work root canal work done on it which is where the nerve is removed from the tooth. Shame now you are going to be hit in the pocket for a crown. If anything like here they are major expenses the dentist even paying NHS prices. Some people get their dental care for free but I am afraid I am not one of them so I have to cough up like the rest of them.

ROSEBUD So glad that the :angel: was looking after you both when your car had a slide over a hill. It must have been a frightening experience to say the least but at least your DH kept his head during this stressful time.

Yes the older I get the poorer my memory gets and my level of concentration. Now I do not know which to blame my age or my MS both which can be culprits I know. At present I have not been able to read like I use to due to the level of concentration I have. I know my consumption of books is well down as I keep a record. I have had low years before and peaked back up but this is an all time low. Maybe next year I will be better as it is something I love so much to lose myself in a magical place that the author has created. One book I am reading at the minute was set in the 1850's and it was partly set in India and partly in East End of London. She is so good at making you envisage the setting you believe that you are there.

Must go and get dressed and go to do the weekly grocery shop. Plus come on to the site at a later time rather than with the birdies ;) Hello to Numpster and Valdine hope you are well and the weather is not too unkind to you.

Time to shoot for now so take care and will come back soon.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-17-2008, 05:17 PM

It's snowing . . . it's been snowing all day . . . it's going to continue snowing off and on every day for the next week. Every time Rosebud gets snow, you can bet we'll get it the next day. :lol: Thanks buddy. Will definitely be surprising if we do not have a white Christmas.

Back is still a little bothersome and the jaw aches a little because he stuck a couple of retention pins in before refilling the tooth and hopefully I can avoid the crown for a little while. This bit of work was done at no charge because it was less than a year since he placed the original filling and probably should have put the pins in in the first place since it was so large.

Have a great evening everybody . . . :grouphug:

12-17-2008, 10:19 PM
HI LADIES ~ we had a nice, quiet day at home; and I just did light housecleaning, mending, and cooking. After all that walking yesterday, it was best to take it easier today.

YES, MEOWEE ~ it was really mild today (-6C), so it did snow here all day again, and pretty heavy at times too; but some of them were big and fluffy; and it did kinda look pretty. ;) One of our big red bows when flying in the wind so I had to fix it up with a long, gold metallic cord as the winds are so strong this year. Glad you got that filling thing sorted out and for FREE too: that's a lovely Christmas present, I'd say! That will help you sleep easier tonight, I think. :lol:

HI PURPLE ~ I didn't realize that so many people went into that tank at the same time. I imagined it in my mind like a long tube that you layed in by yourself (kinda like a very large incubator shaped like a missile), and just read or napped for awhile; yikes, that sounds squishy, but all of those folks need the benefits of that machine too. It sounds like you have a lot of people with MS in your area? I know of several myself in our town, and there may be more that we just don't know personally. I don't think we have treatment centers like that here; I kinda wish we did, esp for those with those types of serious illnesses.

I heard again the other day that my personal doctor is planning on moving next April as he wants to send his daughters to a special school down south. And another doctor will be available on a part-time basis only, as he is moving to a nearby city. I am praying that some new young doctors will be coming up here pretty soon.

Lately, I have been reading some Christmas stories, but some of them aren't very cheery. I picked up this big book at a second-hand place; and set it under my tree to read a story each night; it started off with the two Christmas stories from Matthew and Luke from the Bible, then went to a war Christmas story. Now, this book was intended for school age children at least, but I was surprised with some of the fresh language and morbid, sad stories in it. I thought the author who compiled this book has a machob (sp) sense of Christmas.

I think someone should write one with real-life stories that show the true spirit of the season; where goodness, and peace, and joy, and hope are shed on people's lives; and maybe even some Christmas miracles too ... that would be nice! ;)

HI TO NUMPSTER and VAL ~ hope you ladies both had a Wonderful Wednesday!

Take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

12-18-2008, 11:27 AM
Hi Ladies

I think I am still reeling after yesterday marathon walking session and my body is rebelling. I was unable to sleep until the early hours this morning so hence woke up a shade after 10am feeling a little frayed around the edges. I am a wee bit better with coffee and food inside.

Been to pick up my prescription today from the doctors well my DH did that whilst I ordered lunch and coffee. I had chicken with salad and a few chips :yikes: i forgot order to order a jacket potato instead of chips (i think you call them fries). So needless to say I did not eat many of those. Though the chicken breast was big enough with the simple salad to more than fill me. I will not be eating much a tea now I think just some fresh fruit or a cup of soup.

Just had to stop posting but I have had a man round to see if we have the correct insulation in the loft and cavity walls. Our loft is correct but walls needs filling. So in the new year they will be done for free as I have the correct benefit from being registered for disabled. So I wonder what a difference it will make to the fuel bills which have risen very sharply due to fuel increase.

My thoughts today are with a friend who is at a funeral today of her BIL whom passed away about a week ago. Such a sad time and just before Christmas as well. She has such a busy schedule today so by tonight I know her walking will be effected as she has a steel rod and metal work along her spine. About 16 years ago she had an accident at work which caused this accident when a slot machine fell on top of her. She used to come and collect the money from these machines at pubs. If she is on her feet for long hours she begins to limp very badly and pain level increases. Not only that the weather is cold and damp which always make it worse for her.

MEOWEE I see Rosebud has been sharing her weather with you so kindly :lol: Sounds like a white Christmas is on the cards for you. It is a high possibility for us as well according to the weather people it will be my first in 30 years. The last one I saw I was 14 years old so I was old enough to remember it my sister was 9 years old and barely remembers it.

I hope your work on your tooth is successful and that the discomfort/ pain settles down very soon. Dental work takes a few days, I would suggest if you can take any simple pain killer that is recommended by your pharmacist that will not clash or react badly with current medication that you are on. I would take a simple pain killer to tide you over the most uncomfortable period till it settles back down again. I know DH suffers post dental work very badly so I know it is very painful at times.

ROSEBUD The type of oxygen therapy tank that you think of does exist as well so you are not so far of course but mine is not like that. Picture taken from the Garden City Hospital Web Site

This is a picture of a tank used for multiple people this is a long galley like tank mind is a round tank but this gives you the gist of what it looks like. This is prior to treatment as no one has an oxygen mask or oxygen hood on to have the oxygen administer to them. Oxygen therapy does exist I think in Canada but it may be given at hospital rather than a centre like I go to.

Yes it is difficult to spot people with MS. It is easier to spot if it has effected mobility or other limbs you know something is not quite right with them. Though so often they have no visible symptoms so people suffer in silence shall I say. Frequently the person with MS who has not yet been dx with the condition do not know that they have anything wrong with them. Oh so I have a numb leg I must have sat funny or slept wrong in bed or pulled something. Often frightened to go to the doctors afraid that that there is nothing wrong with them or the doctor will think that they are wasting time. It goes undiagnosed for many years so they plod on in silence shall we say. Many you speak to went down this route.

I did to some extent for a few years previously until the frequency of the symptoms began to ring alarm bells in my head. Initially I though I had done various things to myself as I did work in a heavy environment and I wasn't exactly no light weight so what did I expect. I am sure there are many in that position today thinking the same thing. Especially if they get the late onset type where they have symptoms around the age of late 40's early 50's they put it down to the aches and pains of old age which is normal.

Yes I prefer nice Christmas stories with nice happy endings or ones with miracles in them. Conveying messages as you say as peace and good will to all men is great as well. I not like the macabre stories to me they are way off the mark or maybe I am old fashioned and out of date :o

I love the story of the christmas carol by Charles Dickens. I know it is not from the bible but it stops and makes you think that your actions have a consequence.

Time to go and make a coffee my throat is so dry one of the side effects from all my medication is dry mouth. Catch up with you soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-18-2008, 09:16 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had lovely sunshine again today, but as you might have guessed, the temps were very cold at -20C. So, we just stayed home and wrapped the rest of our gifts for our friends that are coming at Christmas. My friend called last night to ask if we might make room for another couple as they had planned to go out of town, but if the weather is too bad, they will stay here but won't have anywhere to go. So, of course, we would love to have them too, the more the merrier!

HI PURPLE ~ thanks for the picture of the oxygen therapy tank; that one looks quite roomy, but I could understand how a smaller, round one, could be a lot squishier (is there such a word?) ;) BTW, how did you put that big picture inside your post like that??? I'd love to know how to do that ...

Sometimes, we have baked fries with our fish; but I just take a few and give the bulk of them to DH as he loves them so much. Tonight, we had fish; but with a small jacket new potato, veggies, and a romaine/tomato salad for me.

That's great that they are gonna put in some more insulation into your house so that you will be warmer this year, esp with all the cold temps. I think that it might be nice for you to have some snow this Christmas; but make sure you dress up warmer this year. Our gas company says that they will take a look at how much we are using in January and adjust our bill, if needs be. DH banked the snow up on the lower part of our place (a little bit each day last week), so we are warmer now; but it is still very cold outside.

Sorry for your friend losing her BIL so close to Christmas; was just like NUMPSTER losing her SIL recently. They are doing a 'happy memories' video for the family for Christmas Day, as they are all going to her place this year. Prayers sent up for your friend and her family at this time. I recall you mentioning her to us before.

I read a couple more stories from that book; it's called "A CHRISTMAS TREASURY". Today, I read one that I had seen a long time ago called 'The Fir Tree' and a short one about a cat scaring away trolls that took over people homes at Christmas :lol: plus a couple of small poems. DH is reading a book called "STRANGE STORIES and AMAZING FACTS" that he picked up at the same place.

I like a lot of the traditional stories like 'A Christmas Carol', "It's a Wonderful Life', 'The Bishop's Wife', 'Miracle on 34th Street', and 'Borrowed Hearts'; many of which we have on video too. We also have a few other modern Christmas movies too. As for reading though; I am also probably a bit old fashioned and prefer happy stories too!

HI MEOWEE ~ hope you have found some relief from the pain in your back and that dental work. I agree with PURPLE, why suffer when it isn't necessary?

HI TO NUMPSTER AND VAL ~ TGIF, LADIES ... hope you both have a Fabulous Friday!!!

Well, I also got a few more light housechores done today (dusting the floors and cleaning the washroom), so it was productive. Did a bit of rearranging of my cupboards as well, to make things more handy. I just have to wrap a few small gifts for DH when he isn't looking and I'll be all done for Christmas.

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-19-2008, 10:37 AM
Hi Ladies

My trigeminial neuralgia is playing up today and is painful to say the least. I dare not move my head downward without getting a searing pain shooting up my face. Hopeful the second lot of medication I have taken will quieten down the attack. I have had twinges but not an attack as severe as this for ages.

Just had my daily walk to try and introduce the bodies natural pain killer to kick in. Oh boy there is a biting wind that catches you despite being wrapped up to the hilt. Did enjoy the walk until the walk down my road where the wind was facing me. I am tired now after the walk the first I have done in a bit after my recent relapse I had a couple of weeks ago. So was nice to stretch my legs a wee bit.

I have my last Christmas whist drive to attend tonight in a small village not far from my training hospital that I commenced my nursing career. It is a beautiful setting this village over the river Trent with boats moored up.

Must very shortly go and put the dinner on as we are having a cooked tea today rather than at lunch time as I normally do. We are having meatballs with pasta today. I have been planning my Christmas menu to have over the Christmas period. So I know what items to get when I go shopping on Monday. I would normally go on the Tuesday but that is going to be a rather busy day with the oxygen therapy in the morning followed by my BIL works party.

ROSEBUD. you were asking how do you put photographs in like that of the tank, Firstly I used something called photo bucket. You can get an account for free at upload image to photobucket from PC
then look for image in photobucket
hover mouse pointer over image you want
a box will appear beneath the image
look for the last option of IMG code
left click on the words IMG code
this will then highlight the code
right click and a box will appear
look for the option Copy
left click on the word Copy
now go to your post in 3fc
right click where you want to post the photo or image
a box will appear
left click the word Paste which is in the options
now the code will be placed on your post.
to see if you have correctly done this
click preview post rather than submit post
this will allow you to see if it is right but it has not posted it for the general public to see.
if the image is way to big then you will have to delete the code that you have just popped in
go to photobucket and edit the image

if you are unsure how to edit the image I will give you a walk through with that if you want to help. I know it seems like a lot of instructions to do something but I have really broke it down to make it simple. I hope that you find this helpful

Not sure what you mean exactly by banking the snow up? Now this is how I have understood it but may be barking up the wrong tree :lol: Now does your DH put the snow right up close and high where ever possible around the home to use it as an insulator? It will be interesting to know if that is what you do with not having snow fall ourselves I do not know what you do to make things warmer or better for that matter.

Sorry your sister also lost her SIL there is never a right time to have someone pass away but before Christmas is particularly difficult I think for anyone. Nice thought to make a memory video but make it up beat to bring joy as you think of that person no longer with us. Children here if they lose a parent they are encouraged to make a memory box with photographs, trinkets, ribbons etc that remind them of Mum or Dad. This is not a sad box but something to be treasured and think of the good times.

Took some well 2 slices of flapjack out of the freezer to see how they have frozen never froze them before. well pleasantly surprised they worked well so glad I have more in there. Will make some more this weekend for Christmas with things in that my parents like so not having everything to make on the same day. I want to make a jelly with yogurt in then beat it up to make it a moose like consistency. Then a jelly with fruit in (raspberries that I picked in the summer) When I say jelly I mean Jello which will be sugar free of course. One I have to make on the day is raspberries layered with fat free, sugar free yogurt. You can sweeten the yogurt with sweeteners and a teaspoon of vanilla essence if you wish. When layers are complete stir very gently to create a marble like effect serve when ready. Store in fridge if not immediately.

Off to put lunch in so by for now and take care. Hello to Numpster, Meowee and Valdine hope you are all well .

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-19-2008, 02:15 PM
Oh PURPLE . . . I really feel for you . . . my Mother suffered from that and although she had a very high tolerance for pain, that facial problem used to bring her to tears. I have occasional flare-ups of TMJ (Temporal-Mandibiular Joint Syndrome) and that's bad enough, but nothing like I remember my Mother suffering with the Trigeminal problems.

ROSEBUD . . . enough already . . . we too are getting Ontario's snowmageddon. It's white windy and very :brr: out there. at least it looks like a sure bet for a white Christmas (although the current long-term forecast for Christmas Day is calling for rain).

Other than that, nothing much going on around here.

12-19-2008, 08:29 PM
:wave: HI THERE ~ well, the temps dropped down to -30C last night, but thank GOD, we had lovely sunshine all day; but now that the sun has gone to sleep, the temps are back down to -24C. I feel chilly, but our indoor thermometer says its 20C or 70F; so I guess it's me. I have been having this chilled thing going on; maybe it's a cold bug, becuz I was stuffed up when I got up this morning.

THANKS, PURPLE ~ for all that info about the pics; now I will have to try it all out for when I would like to show some pics. SORRY, to hear that your trig pains are acting up again so badly; will send up some prayers about that for sure! You don't need that right now or any time for that matter.

Hope you have lots of fun tonight at your whist games. We are just staying indoors with these terribly cold temps; I'm turning into a bear: all I want to do is hybernate when it's this cold outside. You are SPOT ON about the BANKING UP of the snow: he shovels the snow up against the outside of the house to seal all the cracks and to act as an insulator to keep the cold out from around the bottom of the house. It really works well; we used to do that at our old place as well. It can make a difference of 5-10 degrees, mostly becuz it stops all the winds from coming in as well. You know that animals curl up in dens under snow all the time to keep warm.

HI MEOWEE ~ NO SNOW TODAY; we had temps too cold for snow. The clouds are all frozen in place somewhere. ;) Sorry, you got those colder temps though; apparently, they are getting them in the northern states as well; very strange this year! DH got the car going this morning; had to mail another gift for me today (almost forgot one). He was happy that is started in these low temps, but he had it plugged in all night too.

HI NUMPSTER and VAL ~ ah, now you ladies can relax for the weekend. Hope you are all doing well.

Well, I really went to town and made homemade pizza tonight, but with my own wheat ULTRA THIN crusts. I make mine almost as thin as those pita rounds, but it turned out nice. I made DH's a bit thicker, but would still be way thinner than the commercial thin crusts. I think nothing tastes as good as homemade pizza. I make them the shape of beaver tails or about two medium slices each.

Well, time to go have my tea now; take good care ladies, and have a Fantastic Friday night!!! :hug: ROSEBUD:hug:

12-20-2008, 07:04 PM
Hi Ladies

Well take two my PC decided to shut down completely as I was writing this and of course I had not saved it at that point. The annoying thing was I was finished and previewing to see if I had an errors. Oh well cest la vie.

Fortunately my face has settled down today no more pain. Though it makes you wary after a bout of pain like that. I have been quite dopey today after taking extra medication to control the pain. I did not merge out of bed till 10.30am which is not me. DH has been an :angel: today helping me out loads today which is really sweet of him and just what the doctor order ;)

I have had a lovely walk today to the local shops ended up buying a loaf of bread from the bakery. It will make excellent toast as it has thick slices. This is what I had for my tea in actual fact with a little of apple and blackberry jam.

MEOWEE I do not envy what your mother had to go through. I can fully understand how it brought her to tears as it does me. On a really bad bout I just end up curled in a ball on my bed hugging a pillow with the curtains close. The medication does eventually kick it but due to the high doses I have to have during a really bad bout it gives me nausea.

Temporal-Mandibular Joint Syndrome is a condition that I have not heard of but it equally does not sound very nice. I know that I would never wish my condition on anybody. I am normally up beat through after a couple of days of being in pain it gets me down to some degree.

ROSEBUD I can see why you bank up the house with snow ( when I say you I mean DH;)) if it makes that much difference in the temperatures. Especially when you have temperatures well below freezing in the winter months for days on end. Every little bit helps when you have rising fuel bills due to the rise in the cost of living. The only slight blessing here in the UK they have cut our tax by 2 1/2 % but how long for I do not know. Our tax now stands at 15%.

Last night at whist I was hopeless I was the whooping girl I think ;) I would have won the lowest in the house but for winning the last 3 hands with big scores. Not that it bothers me I come more to socialise and to get out of the home. The other bonus it is a natural pain killer it helps distracts me from the aches and pains for a few hours that I get with this condition.

I hope that you are not coming down with any lurgy (bug) You have done well so far as last winter you and your husband caught to many colds unfortunately. Lurgy is a slang English term referring to an illness which can be passed on to others.

Hello to Numpster and Valdine hope you are up to date with all your Christmas festivities and that you are both well. Night ladies and take care till next time.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-20-2008, 10:11 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had lovely sunshine again today with our -25C temps; the sunshine makes it seem not so cold. Even NIKO lays in the sunrays coming thru our livingroom window: smart boy! I just finished cutting DH's hair for him as it was getting pretty long and curly.

HEY PURPLE ~ I am sooo glad that your trig pains have dissipated for you (gone away). DH has a friend who has been getting them for years, and he always said that they made tears run down his face too. And, you were able to play your games and go for a walk today; that's pretty good.

I've joined in at PHOTOBUCKET, but have yet to figure out how to load up some pics; apparently, I was missing something, so I'll try it again tomorrow. When I get it all figured out, I'll post some more pics in here and there. My PC acts up now and then, but it hasn't shut down on me; just have to redo some things now and then as things get jammed up.

HI TO MEOWEE and NUMPSTER and VAL ~ hope you all are having a great weekend.

We were listening to some Christmas music tonight to get into the spirit of things. And we sorted out some records and one box of brass to put up on top of my piano. Must be another box ?somewhere? as many pieces were missing. Just did a bit of tiding up around here today. We are pretty well set for Christmas here. On Christmas Eve, I make up a small stocking for DH and myself with a few small gifts and treats each year; nothing big though.

Not much else going on around here; time for tea and a puzzle, so take good care, friends :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-21-2008, 07:45 AM
Hi Ladies :clause:

Remains dull and damp :rain: here with temperatures about 11c so not too cold. Hope to have a little walk :exercise: after lunch if I feel up to it. Must admit it felt good to have a walk the last couple of days been the first in about 10 days with me having another relapse. I still feel my right leg as not being quite right and difficult to get moving after a little while. Though overall it is so pleasing to get about under my own steam.

We were suppose to be going to friends to for dinner :hun: this evening but we had a phone call to say that the host was unwell. She has a cold and did not want to pass it on to me. Which is so thoughtful towards me. Fortunately I had not put the extra casserole portion in the freezer so we are having that for our dinner instead. I have prepared the vegetables last night so everything is now ready to go.

ROSEBUD Like you I also play hairdresser to my DH with the hair clippers. He just has it cropped close to his head on a number 2 setting. It is so much cheaper than the hairdressers. I think my DH will get another couple of weeks before I am called upon again for my hairdressing services. With my own hair being very long I use a technique for cutting my own long hair. It is really simple and I have used it for years. So needless to say I do not go to a hair salon very often. I really have the fear when the hairdresser gets their scissors in their hands of being scissor happy of which some are but I know I should not tar them with the same brush. It is even more simple now that I have decided to grow out my fringe (bangs) for the first time. I always had a fringe since my teenage years and before as I suffered from acne on my forehead so it was an excellent cover. Then just kind of stuck with it and the rest is history shall we say.

My Trig pain was not a real bad one this time which was good it lasted for a few hours and then just had a residue of if I moved my head in a certain way it gave me acute pain for a second or two. Though eventually that dissipated with medication

Hope you get to figure out photobucket soon and you are able to post photographs as you would like to. Not sure what would be missing. fingers crossed :crossed: my PC is playing ball and no more switching off during the middle of posting before I have had the opportunity to post.

Niko sound like Rizzie he plums for the spot in the lounge where the sun :sunny:comes beaming through. If we have the gas fire on guess who is in front of that toasting himself :D

HELLO :wave: to MEOWEE, VALDINE & NUMPSTER hope you having a great weekend and recharging those batteries for the busy days ahead we are usually inevitable for us ladies.

Bye for now of to write my shopping list for tomorrow, I bet I forget something :o like I normally do but will try by best with my colander brain.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-21-2008, 05:10 PM
It's warmed up to -25 degrees C!! FINALLY!! It's been weeks around -40. ugh!

I finally really quit my weekend job. I gave my notice several weeks ago saying I'd help up to christmas. Then I worked six hours yesterday thinking it was MY LAST SHIFT and they tried to tell me I was on for eight hours today. So, I politly declined and turned in my discount card. I am officially DONE!!

Numpster - I'm glad your MRI is done and over with! I am not a fan of them either. So confined and LOUD. I felt pretty traumatized after my first one for quite awhile.

Purple - I hope your UTI is totally cleared up by now. I get them practically all the time now as an MSer too. And it's never ever typical symptoms. It's just abdominal pain - so they have to get really bad before medical staff take me seriously. Darn silent infections. Last time I had a UTI I didnt even know it. I did some regular lab work and received a call from my clinic a week later. I got pretty mad at my doctor (since he represented all the doctors who have brushed me off) and he gave me this super UTI killing drug that is guarenteed to kill any UTI ever. (but of course it comes with bad side effects!)

I recently learned more about TM - just came across the information I guess. And my gosh Purple. Doesnt sound good. I'm glad there are several therepies you are pursuing.

Rosebud - thank your DH for the advice for my brother. My Dad has much wisdom like that too but my brother is 22 and male- so he wont take advice until he learns the hard way at this point. Ah well! He pushed his truck up the driveway with two of his friends so it is parked in the garage until he can buy a new battery. My poor little car has to stay outdoors 24/7 for now. Not ideal at -50 :( and thanks for the compliements on my new display picture. I was feeling very down for all my bad eating this month so I took pictures to remind myself there is still a huge change in my and to not give up. Today is always fresh with no mistakes in it.

I had been really feeling the effects of the season and both my jobs this month. I had to call in sick for a couple days to get my energy back because cog fog and fatigue were starting to set in. Luckily I seem to be past that right now. With all the staff Christmas parties I have not been sticking so well to plan.

I even got to go out on Friday for some drinks so alcohol calories not so good! I did well though and didnt drink enough to suffer the next day (I think MS is enough for me I dont want hangovers!) But my stress levels are headed back down and I'm leaving for my parents place on Wednesday to be back on Sunday.

If I dont catch you all before then. Merry Christmas!!! :xcheer: :xcheer::present: :hohoho: :present: :coolsnow: :brr: :brr: :coolsnow: :ginger: :ginger: :xcheer: :snowglobe: :snowball: :tree: :brr:


12-21-2008, 05:24 PM
:wreath: HI LADIES ~ I tried to upload a pic into photobucket again this morning and it didn't work; I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. So then, I went to ImageShack and when I tried to upload one pic, I ended up with a boot (as I call it when it sends you off the site with a we can't find your server page). I had no luck this morning at all everything I tried didn't work. Either the weather is playing havoc at these US sites, or my PC is acting up unbeknownced to me. :?: Who knows? :shrug:

HI PURPLE ~ I will keep trying to see what happens; maybe I'm not computer savvy enuff to figure these sites out, but the IMAGESHACK site looked pretty straightforward to me though. I don't like wasting so much time like that; to spend 2-3 hours and get no results, when it should have only taken a few minutes.

Glad to hear that you felt up to going for a walk; I am going to have to twist DH's arm to go for a walk with me. Sometimes, I just walked up and down our laneway a few times just to get some fresh air; but it's so cold here, you have to really dress warm with hats and mitts and scarves. I got a new pair of boots and I'm so glad that they keep my feet nice and toasty; but I had to get them extra big and wide to keep my toes nice and warm.

I just cut DH's hair using a pair of good hair scissors; I couldn't use a clipper becuz he has nightmares from his childhood of his Dad using them to almost bald him with those; and he hated that. DH has a small face and looks better with a neat, short cut; but not too short. I'm an amateur, but I had a little practice on my brother and Dad's hair; plus DH's for the last 20 years or so. Yes, we save $15.00 at the barber every time I do it myself, which is about every 6-8 weeks. I trim my bangs myself and the rest is long. DH used to trim it for me, but now I do it myself. You are right, in that most hairdressers are scissor-happy people; and a couple of inches to them, is about SIX in their hands, from my experience. :lol:

When NIKO comes in from outside, he runs to the rug in the livingroom of to the gas wall furnace to get warm; they are very smart aren't they. And just like our SWEETIE did, when it's 5 pm, he comes to get us to let him outside as he thinks it's time for us to start making dinner When we first got him, he would plant himself in front of the kitchen stove when I was cooking; now he has learned to get out of the way and sits and watches instead. It's really funny to see; our girls used to do the exact same thing. Watching with anticipation for the leftovers, of course. ;)

HELLO to MEOWEE, and NUMPSTER, and VALDINE ~ hope all you ladies had a lovely and restful weekend. Probably lots of stuff to get ready, for Christmas is coming upon us real fast.

:wave: HI VAL ~ you posted while I was typing. Sorry you had a bad experience with your MRI; I had one when I was in my twenties. It was spooky but the nurse/techie was so reassuring that it was OK. It was loud and bright, if I am recalling it all correctly (as that was a long time ago), but I was OK. Glad you are feeling better; and we hope you have a great CHRISTMAS with your parents.

Well, I made a few muffins today for DH; usually make them on Saturdays, but was too busy doing other stuff. We are having pork chops for dinner tonight; probably with some mixed rice, veggies (broccoli & cauliflower), and maybe a salad for me. NIKO loves leftover pasta and rice and buns or bread. Sometimes, I will pick him up some day-old buns, for a treat, as he loves them so much.

DH's sister dropped by for a wee visit this afternoon. I will be making a Creamy Cheese Pasta Casserole tomorrow for Boxing Day gathering. I will put it in the freezer and bake it that morning to take with us for the afternoon. Also making our last-minute list for tomorrow or Tuesday, as the weather is supposed to be milder by then.

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

12-22-2008, 01:12 PM
Just wanted to let you know -- Nova Scotia is CLOSED -- seriously, you cannot get in or out of the province by land, sea, or air because of the current blizzard. :yikes:

12-22-2008, 02:15 PM
Hi fellow chicks :clause:

Well I spent most the night awake for no reason, no in pain or anything like that just plain and simple couldn't sleep. It felt as though I had not had a certain type of pill last night that helps me to sleep. It is not a sleeping tablet but a mild antidepressant used for pain. I was on my hands and knees searching for it where I took my tablets but nothing found. I know that my dog would not touch it with a barge pole it because plain and simple it didn't taste sweet or remotely nice ;) My dog is very fussy what it eats and will go days without eating then all of a sudden when you are starting to become concerned at this point he eats you out of house and home :D You think kids have hollow legs I think some days Rizzie (dog) does :lol:

Talking of Rizzie he has just had his bath as he was starting to have that smell about him that I find unpleasant. I bath him as he does not struggle for my or mess me about like DH. It is as if he knows that he can't do it with me else I will fall over. If my DH has the lead he pulls him but me he does not. Animals are so intelligent more so than I think we give them credit for a times. Some times I think he is also as crafty as a barrow load of monkeys as well ;)

I have just got the Xmas shopping in today all but the milk and bread. I will get that on Christmas eve. I must admit it was awful in the shop so busy and it was murder trying to get round the shop. I am exhausted now and could go to bed. Though I will try and stay up at least until 9 or 10pm. I have to be up early tomorrow as it is oxygen therapy day. Then on to a works party of my DH brother whom invites us every year.

The next few days I will not have a great deal of time to post as I have my parents coming to stay for a few days over the Christmas period. So that keeps me out of mischief ;)

VALDINE So nice to hear from you and catch up on all the :gossip: and get up to speed how things are going your neck of the woods so to speak.

It is really difficult to stay on plan 100% at this time of year. Though I think if you try to do most of it on plan then it is damage limitations. Yes you have come so far and you should be proud of that not beat yourself up as you haven't eaten quite as on plan as you should. I haven't been no :angel: this month on the food front. Though for some strange reason my scales read an all time low of 172lbs. I moved the scales several times hopped on and off but no they still said 172lbs. Mind you after the carrot cake I had at lunch time :o that won't be there for long :lol:

UTI has gone with plenty of fluids you sound so like my sister with here symptoms of a UTI. She has one kidney that hasn't formed properly and had to have surgery to correct the plumbing work from the kidneys to the bladder when she is was 15. She continually wet the bed and you get "she will grow out of it" but of course she did not so investigations were done. Hey presto there was something wrong. She insisted that all her children were scanned for the same abnormality fortunately they are free from it. She too ends up in a poorly state before she was believed. Now on her medical notes it has in big red writing about this condition and antibiotics are prescribed when she says she has a problem in that area.

Yes TN is not a nice condition and very difficult to treat. I was always fearful that surgery will be my only option and that at the size I was operating was not going to happen until I lost weight. So months of waiting in agony. Though now I think they would operate even though I am still over weight but only by 11lbs. That is so why I want to be nearest to the healthy BMI as possible then if operating is the only possibility then I am more likely to be considered the lower I am. I hope I am putting this across right not really sure how to word this.

I hope you have a lovely time at your parents at Christmas.

ROSEBUD Your a braver lady than I with a pair of scissors :lol: I think if I was armed with a pair of scissors I would be called the demon barber of Seville :lol: I would not have the foggiest where to beginning with cutting hair with scissors a pair of clippers just about but thats where my talent ends. I understand why your DH hates the clippers and has nightmares about them. A lady after my own heart when it comes to describing hairdressers :lol: The longer my hair is the worse they seem to be with the cut in my previous experience. My hair is just about touching the top of my trousers waist band when loose now. I wear it down for special occasions but that is about it. I tend to do many up-dos as they call them various buns and braids. It is very thick with a tiny wave and curl at the ends. It takes about 5 hours or longer in winter to dry. I do not blow dry or use any heating appliance on my hair. I heavily condition it and oil it occasionally. So I spend a wee bit of time on my hair care.

I made muffins yesterday evening and put them in the freezer for the week. I tell you what it didn't half smell good :T There is something about the smell of home baking of any kind no matter what it is. I did my muffins last weekend. I tend to eat mind when I go to the MS centre with some fruit. When I was cooking less healthy food namely something called fairy cakes. This is a basic sponge mixture called the Victoria sponge divided into 12 cake cases. Well Rizzie would sit there and cry as he smells them cooking as he wanted them so badly. Well this one day I was decorating these cakes with butter icing :yikes: I accidentally dropped it on the floor. Rizzie ate it cake case and all. Normally so obedient he would not drop this for love nor money. He saw food dropped as fair game and a fairy cake was too good to drop :T

MEOWEE Sorry to hear that you have awful weather at the moment. I hope you and your family are safe and well.

Till next time take care. I will not be posting much over the next few days as I have mum and dad here so that keeps me rather busy

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-22-2008, 06:56 PM
:tree: HI LADIES ~ it's very cold here again today, but we did get some nice sunshine to warm things up for us. I went outside for a short walk with my ski poles this afternoon and to take some pics of our outside decos, but couldn't stay out too long, as my poor fingies got froze just being exposed for a few minutes. However, I did get a couple of pics anyways.

I spent the day just doing stuff around here; we decided to go up town tomorrow becuz it was sooo cold and nippy today. They are forcasting warmer temps for Tuesday and Wednesday. So I will have to make my casserole tomorrow as I didn't have any carry-away tins to put it in. Will pick some up tomorrow as well. That gathering is at DH's Sister's house on Boxing Day; it was supposed to be on Saturday, but it got changed to Boxing Day again. Guess some people couldn't make it otherwise.

HI VAL ~ just put in a short note yesterday when you were in, as I was typing while you posted. Too bad you can't put your car in your own garage as you are working full time. As much as I know how you didn't want to give up your part-time job, now you will have some more time for yourself and to rest. That is difficult trying to hold down two jobs, esp with health challenges as well.

DH says that when he worked up on BAFFIN ISLAND in a mine many moons ago, that they had sometimes keep their batteries charging up becuz it was so cold up there. I see your temps are getting pretty frosty too (in the -50C range ~ WOWEE ... now that's really cold; and I find our temps bad enuff as your face and hands freeze so fast when exposed to the air, esp if there are any winds like today. We had -30C when we got up, but there was a cold north wind today too; thank GOD for the sun, or it would have been even worse.

Once again, we hope you have a wonderful CHRISTMAS celebration with your Mom and Dad; and we wish your brother the same too!!!

MEOWEE ~ yes, I agree with PURPLE; sorry to hear that you have such a bad blizzard down there right now. Hope it clears up before Christmas Day, so you can join your friends, but if not ... the most important thing is to stay safe and warm at home!

HEY PURPLE ~ many people here say that when they were on a plateau, they ate a bit more, and then lost more weight. That may explain that 4 lb loss; but heck ... take it, girl!!! Maybe the walking the last week has helped too. I have been trying hard to watch what I eat, but I did have a candy treat last weekend. :nono:

I made sure to eat well the next day and today too. We are having baked chicken breasts with roasted veggies for dinner tonight. As far as hair cutting, I started practicing on myself and doing bangs for my little sisters when I was young, and it just evolved from there. then when in a pinch, I did my brother's and Dad's a few times to save them money. At one time, I did consider going through to be a hair dressor; maybe I should have, eh?

We are having one couple for sure and maybe another on Christmas Day, then if weather and health are OK, will be going to DH's sisters on Boxing Day. So we are gonna have an easy dinner on Christmas Day; will be picking up something tomorrow for that (DH wants a Shepherd's Pie, so I'll see if I can find one for him. Usually, I make them myself but he said he saw one at our M & M's meat shop when he was there picking up a meatball special for me. We always have something like meat pie or pizza or lasagna or something like that on Christmas Eve, so I can have a break from cooking.

Well, I really hope you and your DH have a wonderful Christmas celebration with your parents over the next few days. I will come in each day to keep the thread moving along as best I can.

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-23-2008, 12:54 PM
Hi there . . . :wave:

The good news is that things are moving in Nova Scotia again. It's even sunny out there. Both Air Canada and West Jet have scheduled quite a few extra flights out of Halifax in hopes of clearing the herds of stranded travellers before the next storm hits tomorrow evening. And that, of course, is the bad news. Even worse, IMHO, is the fact that they are predicting warm and raining for Christmas Day and I really dislike rain on Christmas.

Hope everybody else is having a good Tuesday . . . :carrot:

12-23-2008, 05:01 PM
Today has been a long day today I really I am so shattered after going to the oxygen tank and then I went to the works party of my BIL. Then off home I have been then making preparations for my parents coming. Like preparing food ready for tomorrow. This is one girl whom will take no rocking to sleep tonight :lol:. The food at the meal out was very nice. I know my portions have got so much smaller since I have commenced on this healthy eating. Prior to that I would have eaten maybe three times as much as I did today. I did have one vice at the meal I had dessert. Though at the MS centre I was also naughty I had one biscuit and 3 chocolates. Good job I am being good over Christmas with my food after that off plan eating.

Again today at the meal I had numerous comments about my weight. I know that when you are dressed up with nice clothes that show off your new figure it shows it even more the weight loss. I think my BIL is now beginning to wonder now whether I am eating properly. Though I think if he came to eat at my house for a day he would be shocked at how much I eat. The tip is what you eat rather than anything else. It is surprising if you are aware about food that you can have a big plate of dinner but if most of the dinner is vegetables they are not much in calories. So many are shocked to hear that I am still clinically classed as overweight. OK not by much but never the less I still am. I know if I go to the doctors for something in the near future i will be asking him what weight he would like be to be at. Then I know for definite and will have an answer to give to people if it is a smidge lower. I would suspect he would like it a wee bit lower just because I have such a history of heart trouble in my fathers side of the family. His sister, father, mother, grandfather, grandfather plus him have all had heart attacks. My father being the only luck one to survive the others only had the one. Dad has lived through 3 now. Dad and granddad both have / had a history with type 2 diabetes. Weight is an issue with both of those condition so a healthier weight will reduce my risk considerably.

It is hard dealing with positive attention I must admit. I have been overweight or clinically morbidly obese for most of my life since teenage years. So that is a long time. Plenty of negative comments came my way but you had a thick skin which you develop over the years. So positive attention is something I am not use to dealing with in any way. Talk about a fish out of water scenario. Thanks for listening only people hear in our situation would understand how we feel. So it is nice to tell someone my difficulties that you have once you lose weight. I suppose I never prepared myself for this in any way. I never thought that people would comment so much.

Sorry no replies to personal posts today but I really do not have a lot of time for that. Will try and drop by as much as I can in the next few days. Though with guests it is not easy.

Time to go I have a wee bit more to do before bed but this was just a sit down and rest before I collapsed in a heap :faint:

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-24-2008, 12:26 AM
:wreath: HI LADIES ~ well, we had those higher temps, so we were able to go uptown and get our last-minute shopping done. Boy, you sure can spend some $cash$ so fast at Christmas, eh? We found some Shepherd's Pie for DH for Christmas Eve and he is so happy about that. :D

We finally decided on having 'Eye of the Round' Roast Beef and French Tortiere Meat Pie for Christmas Day (as we are having Ham and Chicken Wings on Boxing Day at DH's sis's place). We are having yams, mash, turnip, carrots, tomatoes & cukes, and maybe a romaine salad as well. We have blueberry and pumpkin pie with Vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. We try to have something different each year. One our guests is allergic to turkey so we work around that. We can have our turkey at New Years' or some other time, as I have a small one in the freezer.

So, we are pretty well set; I will prepare the veggies the night before and store in the fridge so I won't be too worn out. We also picked up some rolls at a good price. I usually make biscuits, but it would all be too much for me with my feet and leg problems lately. It will be a nice dinner I'm sure.

MEOWEE ~ So glad that things are movin' and shakin' again down your way. Yah, yucky rain isn't great for Christmas, but it's better than a blizzard, right? ;)

PURPLE ~ Actually, I have been where you are, as I have lost weight many times before. I found it odd when people would tell me I was getting too thin (discovered I was 117 lbs, but didn't realize it until a friend weighed me). Other times, at 137 lbs, some people would say that I needed to lose a few more lbs; I thought, 'gee, people are never satisfied, are they?' Dummy, I was and listened, and set myself up to regain the weight again. I stayed at that weight the longest ... over 5-7 years or more. I'd love to be that weight now, eh?

The best thing I learned was that most men don't prefer toothpicks after all; they like a bit of flesh to hold. I know that now; why can't we learn this when we are younger? I hear young ones here say they must get lypo suction on their tiny pouches (lower bellies) even though they weigh so little. Why do they want to be so flat? Who says that's the look of a woman? I always thought that was how a young man looks. Why can't we see that we look great, when we look great?

I was talking to a casual friend today about how when you hit 40 y/o all that really matters is how you feel in your body; especially regarding your health. You finally learn that VANITY and flat tummies won't really make you happy. I get so concerned about those procedures. Many say that if you gain weight back after having them, that you look all disproportioned afterwards. I sure hope they investigate it well beforehand.

Anyhow, it does takes some adjustment on your part. There will be those that sincerely are concerned that you are eating enuff; thank them and reassure them that you and your doctor are keeping an eye. Getting your doc's opinion will quell concerns, I think. Don't worry about personals right now; we know that you are busy and have a full plate as it is. Be sure to take some time to enjoy yourself too, OK? Don't go and wear yourself out. This is a time for celebration: a time for sharing love and peace and joy with our friends and loved ones!

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-24-2008, 09:06 PM

We had a lovely day resting at home; got my casserole done for boxing day. We've had nice, mild temps here and lots of snow falling all day. Hope you are all enjoying a lovely evening with family and friends tonight. Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-25-2008, 07:46 AM

Hope the day is everything you've wished for.


12-26-2008, 12:55 AM

We had a wonderful day with friends, with a delightful dinner, and even glorious sunshine all day!!! How perfect for this special day of our Lord's birth. Am so very grateful for all the blessings that we have, there are so many ...

May GOD bless you all too, with good health and peace and safety for now and the coming year!!! Take good care :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-26-2008, 10:47 AM
Hi Ladies

:clause: I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas where ever in the world you are :clause:

I just have a few moments to spare to relax and come on here and make a post. Plus get up to speed with your posts. Thanks for the Christmas well wishes.

We have had a quiet Christmas but nevertheless it has been very nice. I am busy at the minute playing host with cooking and entertaining. I have tried to incorporate a walk each day into my schedule to keep my exercise up to scratch. That way I hope to counter attack the little naughties you tend to have. I have kept the food has health as I can and within my eating plan. Though I did have a couple of chocolates :o Hmm I know that they were not on plan in any shape or way. Not to mention my Dad's Christmas mince pies :yikes:. Though I have been reserved and only taken one where previously I would have had more than one. So some improvement made even if I am not perfect :D

I hope to go on the whole body vibration machine this afternoon for a session and then a little walk later if my body is up to it. We were traditionalists in our house this Christmas we had Turkey with Brussels, leeks and runner beans. Served with mashed potatoes ( these were just mashed nothing in them just plain) sage and onion stuffing and gravy. DH then convinced me to make Yorkshire puddings. ( i do not like them so made for others).

Nice to drop by and catch up. Though I really must go now and get on with preparing vegetables for tomorrow. Take care all and will drop by as time permits.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-26-2008, 06:49 PM
:wave: HELLO LADIES ~ well, it's Boxing Day here; I'm not really sure what that is but many people go out shopping today for sales and such. DH and I laughed about that; he wanted to know if I wanted to go look for deals this morning, and I declined, as my legs need some resting today; and secondly, we really don't need anthing. ;)

It happens a lot lately, whenever I am busy and do too much; the next day, I am worn out and my poor feet and legs let me know it and how. It has been worse since our move, but I hope over the winter, my legs will get better for the spring, I pray :angel: ...

Well, I did eat some treats last night and this morning; but not in big amounts, so hopefully not too much damage done this year. I didn't do any baking and bought much less this year than in the past; so I am glad for that, but I do seem to have a few leftovers that we'll take somewhere.

Each year, I am getting better and better at down-sizing. We cut back our gifts and the amounts, but just made better choices; and we cut back on the food and junk too (I mean, cut way back). DH received some candy this year that we can't eat, so he took it away for some kids, but ended up bringing back some other goodies: I said 'you rascal, you are supposed to be giving it away, not bringing some back', and he just laughed ... me thinks he really wanted them; turned out to be a kind of exchange ... :dizzy:

WOWIE, PURPLE ~ You are doing better than me; I did do some exercises though, but didn't get out to walk yet. I walked enuff around here, but give me a couple of days and when my feet and legs are better, I'll try to go SKI-WALKING a bit on a sunny day. We had a roast of beef this year; simply becuz my friend has an allergy to turkey. They usually come at New Year's; this was the first year they have come at Christmas as far as I can remember. We can have turkey any time; I have a small one in the freezer that we could have at New Year's, if we desire.

Well, just taking things easy tonight and resting at home; I need space in between my celebration days. Hope you all are having a great time with family and friends ... your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-28-2008, 12:01 AM
HI LADIES ~ we have very mild weather here right now (+5C); can you believe we had a bit of rain and melting snow? DH had to go put some rock salt on our steps, as the temps fell and turned everything to ice. :yikes:

My legs feel much better, as I really took it easy today; and we had a very light supper. DH went to the mail today, only to find it on extended holidays, made a gift delivery, and then dropped in on a friend before the bad weather hit. Not many people out there right now.

Anyways, hope you all are having a great week. Take good care of yourselves, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-28-2008, 11:39 AM
Hi fellow chicks

It has been a cold and wintry day today. My parents are still with me but are going back home tomorrow. We are going back with them to spend a wee bit of time with my sister and returning on Tuesday evening.

I will have a few days of relaxing and recharging the batteries. Unfortunately my washing machine decided to die a death so I am waiting for the repair team to come out on 5 of January to fix it :crossed: So when it is repaired I will have a lot of washing to catch up on with having mum and dad here. For starters the bed linen and a towelling not to mention clothing. Oh well I am thankful that it is getting fixed and it will not cost me as such as I have it under cover for a small fee.

I have gone out for lunch today I had a lovely dinner of breast of chicken with salad and jacket potato. So relatively healthy lunch seeing as plain jacket potato and no dressing on salad. I have exercised over Christmas every day one walk a day and a session on the whole body vibration machine. It has been cold on the walks but seen no foxes. We have many urban foxes but have not seen any for the last few days. A couple of days ago on the walk their was 5 police cars in quick succession passed us on the road going at a very fast speed. We found them parked in the middle of the road and at the pub down the road. On walking around the pub we found 5 more police cars the other side of the road which we could not see. It transpires that a couple of police was in the pub asking have you seen this man he has gone missing. Whilst they were making this police enquiry there was a man screaming and stomping about demanding his coat. The police called for back up and this was the result. Wow never seen so many police :lol: So a little bit of action I never expected to see especially as this pub as very little trouble as most of the clientèle are 60+ so are good citizens.

Hopefully Wednesday I will be able to answer posts rather than just make one post. It has been nice to drop by but I still feel something is missing with not being able to post properly in my opinion.

Time to go and sort some tea out for my guests and us. So take care all and look after yourselves.

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12-28-2008, 01:11 PM
:wave: We have a blizzard outside right now: a total white-out!!! So needless to say ... we are staying home today. We can hear the winds howling through our furnace exhaust pipe. We can't believe that there are actually a few people going by in their vehicles: where on earth are they going in this kind of weather? DH says the fir tree outside our kitchen window is doing the WAHTUSI! :lol:

HI PURPLE ~ glad you are having a good visit with mom and dad. Sorry to hear your washer is on the fritz, but that you have it covered on warranty, so it will be repaired soon. We have been blessed not to have any troubles like that this holiday; just bad weather. Yah, we had a few sirens go by here this week, but we really don't have any idea where they were going. :shrug: The rest of the time has been pretty quiet here.

DH just turned the furnace up as the winds are really cooling things down by about another 10 degrees. There's gonna be quite a mess to clean up tomorrow, or whenever this storm decides to stop. Well, I am getting hungry; so it's time to go have a light lunch and a hot tea to warm up.

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

12-29-2008, 12:28 AM
:wave: HI THERE ... I'M BACK!!! :lol: Well, that storm finally died down late this afternoon and it's warming up nicely, now that the winds have died down with it. We just stayed in though, Dh only meandering out to let NIKO to go do his duty! ;) Then I made a SHEPHERD'S pie out of our roast beef leftovers: beef & gravy, then layers of mixed leftover roasted veggies, and top with the remaining mash potatoes. It was so yummy that DH called it "food for the gods" and even washed and dried the dishes for me ... gee, I should make that more often. :D

My sis from out west called tonight; said she couldn't get through before and sent a message from NUMPSTER ... HI BACK!!!! Her and her DH are watching a very important movie right now ... shhh ... I didn't tell you that. :lol:

ANYHOW, they had a lovely Christmas, but her DH's father is not well; he is in his late 80's and his kidneys are failing ... poor dear: so they are on there way to go visit with him tomorrow. Sending prayers up for travel Angels for them on the trip and comfort for Alan too. :angel:

DH is watching a movie too; he's a real movie buff as well. I don't hear anything right now, so maybe he decided to go to sleep early after all. Anyways, I just came on to answer some emails I received from friends earlier and came by to check in here as well.

HI TO MEOWEE, and VALDINE, and PURPLE, and NUMPSTER and family down south!

Hope you all have a great week coming up too; your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-30-2008, 12:38 AM
:wave: HELLO FOLKS ~ we had a little bit of sunshine early this morning; a welcome treat to wake up to, and the temps were really mild, so we decided to go uptown and pick up some basic staples (mostly veggies, meat, and stuff to tide us over). Good thing we did, becuz tonight we have another mini-storm. It started to snow again in the aft, but now we have those gusty northern winds to go with it; and they just got the laneway cleared. ;)

We had a new visitor early this morning; besides our faithful Chickadees, we had our first WOODPECKER stop by our tree; DH says he saw him before but this time he stayed a lot longer. Guess he figured it was safe enuff; and with this being a stormy winter, he can use the protein from the seeds.

So, I did some walking today; too much, I'm afraid and my feet were so sore that I had to put them up tonight for a couple of hours. Gotta watch that. I made a big pot of beef vegetable soup using up all the leftovers we had; and it was yummy. Was able to put some up in the freezer for other lunches or dinners too.

Well, that all the news from here; will be staying home and resting for the next couple of days as the temps are supposed to fall too. Must stay in and keep warm this winter. Take good care ladies, and hope the last week of 2008 is good to ya ~ your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

12-30-2008, 12:46 PM
Hi fellow chicks

Still remains very cold here and no sign of the sun :sunny: . Walks at the minute are far from pleasant and I have to drag myself out when it is like that. Though I have tried as much as possible to continue to walk :running: over the holiday period. Plus go on my total body vibration machine at least once a day.

Just done my weekly grocery shopping not that I needed a lot of things mainly the fresh produces like vegetables and fruit. Went out for lunch today it was a carvery I had roast turkey (no skin) and vegetables (carrots, swede (rutabaga), Brussels and boiled new potatoes well I only had one :) ) Very nice food and it is reasonably priced which is another bonus.

Went this morning to a jewellers eventually after been threatening to go for weeks. This was to see if my rings could be altered. :yikes: my engagement ring need altering (making smaller) by 6 sizes. Never thought it would be by that much. I know I have been wearing it on another finger in the interim so that I do not lose it. They will be back just into the new year. The price to have them altered as well was reasonable. Plus they will not touch my security markings I have had put on when I had my rings evaluated a few years back. I really thought that that may have to be redone again when they were altered. I am so pleased that I do not have to have it done again.

I am now back to eating clean after a few little treats over the last few days. I have cooked healthy meals and desserts. Though I have had a few naughties in between which certainly was not on the plan :o. I know the first few days are going to be difficult :eek: whilst your body detoxes from rubbish. Though after that it will not be so bad.

My parents have gone home and we have returned home after a day of being away from our home. It seems quiet in the house now my parents have gone kind of empty. It will take me a few days to get use to it again. I need a few days also to recuperate I have over done it for the past few days. I am certainly feeling it now especially as my oxygen therapy is not available for two weeks. I will get increasingly tired :yawn: and have fatigue. It is the hardest symptom I think to cope with.

My dog Rizzie is exhausted he does not know when to stop he has been playing no stop since mum and dad is here. The trouble is like the rest of us he is getting no younger. He is ten next month. I suspect he has mild arthritis and if he does too much exercise he is limping. He is recovered by morning with a good nights sleep. He is getting quite miffed :s: (annoyed) when my DH goes for his 3 mile walk in the morning and he does not go with him. He is a real mans dog not that he is nasty to women but prefers men to women. So I have a miserable dog for 50 minutes as DH does his daily exercise. He goes on a smaller walk with me later when I am able to manage the walk as well with DH help.

Time to go and make a cuppa :coffee: I hope I am not coming down with anything I just can't seem to get warm today :brr: Bye fellow chicks hope to be able to post properly tomorrow when I am having more time to do so.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-30-2008, 08:54 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had lovely sunshine today, but the temps had fallen quite a bit too (-20C) and only up to -18C tonight. Just stayed home and took it easy, only doing some light housework and wrote a letter and caught up on some emails. We had fish with a *few* baked fries, tomatoes and salad tonight. We only had a couple of goody stuff left over that didn't get to where is was meant to be, so DH put it away in his stash in a high, far away place, so I won't be tempted to nibble on any.

Well, it's back to the drawing boards for me, as I sure would like to make better progress in 2009 than I did in 2008. I sure wish the weather was better here; it's so cold to go for walks and we now live on a busy main road, so we will have to find a quiet place for walking. I'm really gonna have to push myself this winter, I think. Our poor landlord is getting quite discouraged with all this snow as we are almost buried and it's only December. I find it very difficult to walk in snow, so I'm gonna try out my ski poles and see if they can help me some.

HI PURPLE ~ nice to see you pop in today; hope you can get some rest over the next while. Good for your DH going out and doing some walking today. Does he not like to take Rizzie with him? My DH used to take NIKO out a lot, but since we came here, he has gotten out of it; and I'm not sure why. When we go to our lot, I take NIKO around for walks; maybe I will have to try to do that for a while and see how it goes. I'll give him a trial and see if he stays off the road; as there are big transports and all going up and down this road.

I have to go uptown to pay a bill tomorrow; my feet were just too sore by late afternoon last time, so we just came home and will try to go then. I'm gonna have to start small and go for only 10-15 minute walks and work my way up again, like before. Those long walks uptown really set me back for a day or two: oh well, live and learn, they say.


Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-31-2008, 02:48 PM



:sssh: Don't tell her that I told you this, but she's ... :coach:4949494949494949494949494949494949494949! :rofl:


12-31-2008, 04:42 PM
:celebrate:HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!:celebrate:

:newyear: HI LADIES ~ now I'm back for a chat; just wanted to wish NUMPSTER a Happy Birthday! We went up town today to run some errands and pay some bills, so I got some walking in today, but tried not to overdo it this time.

Then we stopped in our local department store and picked up a super deal on videos and dvds for only $1.00 each! Yes, I said $one buck$ each! I got a BELLY DANCING for beginners; I WANT THOSE ABS; POWER YOGA for beginners; A PILATES workout for everyone; YOGA for Weightloss; LATIN DANCING for beginners; AB SCUPTURE; and FAMILY YOGA. All of these are for improving your fitness and health in some way; even those with the ab toning cover the whole body too.

So I should have lots to do this winter indoors; I was concerned about all this cold weather. It doesn't exactly beckon you outdoors; so maybe with all the tapes and dvds I have now, I can find something to burn energy and tone up at the same time. Now, I have to set up a schedule and will try to spread it out over the week.

DH got some videos too; some of his favorite shows and movies. The manager of the store shipped in 8000 for this deal; that's a nice gift to the customers here. I thought they would cost more than that; OOPS ... my friend thinks that they are actually previously viewed movies and that's why they are so cheap. Apparently, they rewrap them and sell them at rock-bottom prices. Gee, you learn something every day! :shrug:

PURPLE ~ I forgot to mention that my rings are too big for me too; I have to wear my wedding band on my middle finger as it is too loose for the ring finger. I went from a size 9 down to a size 6.5, but on days when I am a bit puffy, I am a size 7. I can wear my engagement ring on the ruby ring finger and the band on the middle for now. I had to put clear polish on the inside of the band as I have a metal allergy and that helped some. I don't wear them all the time now, as I often take them off to do the dishes and forget to put them back on.

Well, it's time to go put my feet up and rest them or I'll pay for it tomorrow. We are just staying home with a quiet NEW YEAR'S EVE this year. Usually, we have friends over, but we had them at Christmas instead. We've had enuff celebrating for this year anyways.

Take good care ladies, your friend :belly:ROSEBUD:belly:

12-31-2008, 10:31 PM
Hi to everyone--I am new here but would love to join your group. Weather is cold here in Kansas---gotta love the wind too!! Hope everyone has a happy new year!

01-01-2009, 09:18 AM
Hi everyone

:newyear: Happy New Year for 2009 :newyear:

It still remains very cold here :brr: it has not gone above freezing and we also have fog which is a dangerous combination for anyone driving at this time of the year.

DH is out of the house at the minute walking Rizzie (dog) more than likely they will have gone for a 3 mile walk which I can't do. Plus with the weather being so cold I have been staying indoors so not to trigger my trigeminial neuralgia which does not act well in cold weather and is a known trigger factor for me. I have just finished doing 25 minutes on my whole body vibrator :yikes: I have found leg muscles that I didn't knew that existed :rofl: If I feel like it later I may have a short session of about 7 minutes.

I visited my sister the other day and the children where showing me their wii fit board. ( Christmas present to all 4 girls from their parents) Needless to say they dragged me up to have a go on ones that did not have too energetic moves :o I did the Slalom skiing and ski jump. I would love to have one of these as it has a whole section on balance and I know that MSers have have benefited from this. Trouble is that they are so expensive :( so I will not be getting one anytime soon. We are saving for the deposit on our car which we change this month. I am entitled to a car due to my poor mobility but some cars (the bigger ones especially) require a deposit. So we are saving like mad to give ourselves the biggest choice of cars to choose from. I can't believe that 3 years have nearly gone by it does not seem that length of time. You have the car 3 years then change it. You keep it for 5 if it is heavily adapted to suit your needs.

ROSEBUD I won't tell a soul that you told us when your sisters birthday was ;) Sounds like something my sister or I would do to her :lol:

It sounds like your ring sizes are different to ours in the UK here they are letters rather than numbers. I have looked at the conversion chart on the INTERNET and it says I was 7 3/4 (P1/2) and have gone to 5 (J 1/2). So we have both lost a lot around our fingers. I feel naked at the minute without my rings on my fingers but it will be nice that they fit rather than dropping off my finger. You sound like my Mum and sister regarding an allergy to metal. Mum and my sister it is gold but fine with silver. Mum did not find out until she had her wedding ring :(. But since then Dad has bought her a lovely silver one. Not that there is much choice of nice rings in silver.

DH normally takes Rizzie with him on his walks but occasionally he has a limp. I suspect it is the starts of arthritis. So if he has these symptoms only small walks are in order not to aggravate it. He is not a young as he once was. Mind you neither are any of us :lol3: To be honest Rizzie is the shadow of my DH he can not even get into the bathroom without him :) The only time he is not his shadow the minute he heres the shower go on for my DH he sits the furtherest place away namely the lounge :D Thats because he hates water with a passion.

NUMPSTER :balloons: :bday2you: :balloons: Belated happy birthday to you. I hope you had a wonderful day.

3turkeys :welcome2: to 3fc and to this thread. Here you will find a great bunch of ladies who have different challenges in life. You will find it is nice to find someone who really understands your struggles that you have on a daily basis. Look forward to getting to know you over the next few weeks and months

Must go to check on the lunch as I have it cooking at present. Do not want burnt offerings for dinner ;) Take care everyone

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-01-2009, 11:33 AM
Hi Again, I'm back ;)

I have just remembered that over the holiday period I tried a recipe out on 3 guinea pigs :D Well Mum, Dad and DH it is a low fat chocolate pudding that is simple and easy to make.

Here is the site

That I took the recipe from we had it cold when it says it sets that is not strictly true. It is the consistency of custard. When i put it in the fridge to chill I put cling film (plastic wrap) on the top of the pudding to stop a skin forming. You let the cling film rest on top of the pudding but do not push the film in the dessert.

Everyone enjoyed the pudding if you want a more set pudding add more cornstarch though this will add a little more calories to the over all finish. one thing that is excellent about this site it can be easily adapted for as many as you want. It a good fix for those of us (namely my DH :D) with a sweet tooth also good for anyone whom is diabetic as it a diabetic recipe.

I feel spoil today being able to answer posts and having a leisurely day. It is certainly nice to recharge the batteries so to speak. Bye and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-01-2009, 03:37 PM
HI LADIES ~ I set up a new January Thread today; just waiting for MEOWEE to come in and set it up as a red sticky for us. I'm sure she is pretty busy right now.

HI PURPLE ~ see you over in the new thread; you can bring your new posts over there if you like too.

:wel3fc: 3TURKEYS ~ happy to have you join us. Usually, each month, we start a new thread as they can start to get a bit long after awhile. Come back often and tell us a bit about yourself so that we can get to know you a bit more.


:wave: SEE YOU OVER IN THE NEW JANUARY thread ... Rosebud