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11-29-2008, 12:49 AM
Hello & :welcome: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

Come join us as we challenge ourselves to lose weight during the holiday season!


"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke or whatever your drink of choice is, and pull up a chair and join us!:coffee:

11-29-2008, 01:03 AM
ok, I might have started this thread a little early, but I wanted to make sure that a new thread got started before we hit the limit!

I happened to see the deaths of the three people on the news just now, and it honestly doesn't surprise me one bit with as crazy as people get about the deals.

we did some decorating here today. we have our tree up, and a couple of holiday things, but we will be doing some more decorating I am sure!

oh, before I forget, I was trying to find the right smilies to put in the opening post for Christmas, but I didn't want to not include someone because they don't celebrate Christmas, so I just went with the snowmen, the shivering dude, the elf with the snowball, and the snow globe.

Cristina~ We ended up not making the cookies! Tommy and Brandon went to my in-law's to get the Christmas stuff.....and then we set up the tree. Then me and the boys put up some ornaments while Marissa slept. During this time, Tommy was on the phone with Comcast to figure out what was up with our internet connection. So right now, our living room is a mess.....but he did mention making his chocolate chip cookies I might wait and make my cookies on Monday.

SuzieQ~ I got your Happy Harvest card today! Thank you so much! It is a really cute card.

Tammy~ I have to agree! You are much braver then I am! When Brandon was about 8 months old, we ventured out to Walmart on Black Friday night to get a new Christmas tree. Even at almost closing time, the lines were crazy!!!

Sassy~ What did you guys get for dinner? The kids wanted leftovers, so I made them their plates, then Tommy walked in with two pizzas from Little Caesars. There went their plates......they pushed them out of the way and all screamed pizza!

Francie~ How are your kitties doing? I saw on your myspace that you were worried about Fonzo. Is he okay?

hello to every one else......I have some things to do, then I will be heading to bed.

11-29-2008, 04:39 AM
Hey everyone!!

Thanksgiving was great!! My friend made lots of yummy yummy yummy food. I over did it with the turkey though, lol. It was just too damn good, lol.

Black friday was pretty good. I didnt have any money, but I helped my friend shop. She got a lot of great deals on toys for her kids. We went to Toys R Us at like 5am..and then went to Target afterwards. Both were totally organized and non stressful. Which was nice. The mall was a little crazy. Soooooooooo many effin shoppers. I went to the video game store to see if they had a game for Fonzo..and it was so packed in there, I started panicking, lol. We had to leave asap.

We got paid this morning (at like midnight) we're all gonna go to the King of Prussia mall later in the AM. I'm soooooooo freakin excited for that. They have BLOOMINGDALES!!!!!!!! I love love love love that store. Cant afford anything in there, but whatever, lol. They also have a ton of other great stores that I'm excited to go to.

Fonzo had to leave thursday night cuz he had duty on friday. Then he couldnt pick me up, cuz he didnt have any money gas. Then his stupid card didnt work, so he couldnt fill up until he called the damn bank. So he's like a half an hour away right now. He should be here a little before 4am. I'm trying to stay up some more to open the door for him. He's been sick, so thats why I was worried about him. I think it got worse on thursday night. And it sucked, cuz I couldnt be at home with him.

My Sassy is doing better. She just gave us a freakin scare. Fonzo said that since I havent been home, that the cats have been extra bad. They're mad that I'm not there, lol. So they've been acting up and making Fonzo angry, lol. They want me and not him, LOL!!

Anyways.....enough rambling for now, lol. I shall go. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!!

11-29-2008, 02:58 PM
just popping in quickly.......

nothing new on this end, just putzing around the house.

Francie~ I hope Fonzo starts to feel better soon! I hope the cats start to feel better soon too!

11-29-2008, 05:06 PM
Thanksgiving Day was fun, not fun and stressfull all rolled together.....Friday I ended up with a migrane and still not feeling 100% today. Teri ended up working from 8am to 11 pm at the outlets on Black Friday and then back again at 7AM this morning....

11-29-2008, 05:59 PM
Hello ladies...

SASSY...funny, glad you got rid of your headache. Mine finally went away...not till bed time though. Feeling much better today. Ordering out sounds good...what did you guys get?

MINDEE...Little Caesars is me and DD's favorite pizza! Don't care for any of the others. Although we have gotten Pizza Hut a few times...always seems so greasy.

JULES...hugs to Teri...that's some long arse hours! I couldn't imagine shopping on black Friday and I think working it would be even worse! Glad you guys had a nice Thanksgiving.

FRANCIE...glad the kitty is fine. And glad Fonzo is too!

Nothing going on today. Had decided to get back to exercising but that hasn't happened yet. Will probably just do a 30 minute dvd and maybe a short 10 minute walk on the treadmill. :dunno: Wanted to do it this morning but me and V went to Target to get a couple of things, mainly salad and bananas, on the way home we got a call for a showing 1:15-2:15, yikes! This was at 11:30 and we weren't home and the place was a mess! We got it presentable enough and got out in time. it is 4:00 and still no exercise...but typing this is motivating me to get it done as soon as I finish this. I stepped on the scale this morning and it wasn't good! :yikes: I have been a very bad girl this past exercise, hardly any water and ate out probably 3 or 4 days, ugh! But I think part of it was due to me eating some stuffing about 9 pm last night. I have got to write out some rules for of them being no eating after 7. Seriously thinking about doing WW for a few months...haven't decided yet. It seems like I need a jumpstart again and it always helps. Anywho...

Hoping everyone is enjoying the weekend! :hug:

11-29-2008, 06:00 PM
We had a nice turkey day also. Of course I ate too much and have been trying to scale back ever since. I threw the leftover macaroons and cake in the freezer in individual portions so DH can have sweets for the next few weeks. Mom had her leftover pie and I don't like frozen treats, so I am (maybe) good. I need exercise and it is so cold outside. Back to WATP I guess.

Now it is time to think about Christmas...and I don't wanna. I am a bah humbug person again this year. Too many things going on. Ugh.
I talked to DD a couple times today as she is packing to move out. Her DH did go away for the week-end so he didn't have to be there and she is glad. She sounds very happy. *fingers crossed* I know it is hard to be single, but harder to put up with verbal abuse and drinking.

We ended up refusing the condo...for many reasons, so back to square one. Since we are not going to LV Mom is wanting to go to FL to be with her sister for a couple months. I am going to put her and her doggie on a plane in a couple weeks. :) (Then I might climb in her suitcase and go too) Hate cold weather!

Okay, that's all I have for now. I am fixing meatloaf so gotta go...can't let my meat loaf. *groan, bad I know*

11-29-2008, 06:08 PM
Cristina- You have done WW before? I just don't even know how to get started with WW. I have wanted to, but cooking for DH and Mom it seems to sabotage anything I do. Would be glad for any help or suggestions on how to get started with WW. Everyone seems to do so well on it the first few weeks. I feel like if I could get going I might be able to lose the 20 pounds and then maintain.

11-29-2008, 06:46 PM
well, we at least got one thing done and checked off my to do list. which was to get the kids Christmas pictures done. we got them all together since they wouldn't sit still long enough separately so I will get those uploaded onto my part of the computer later and onto myspace.

not sure as to what else is going on tonight we might have some friends come over but we haven't heard from them yet. the Wings are playing tonight so we will be watching that later on.

Jules~ Sorry to hear about your headache, but good to hear that it is gone!

Cristina~ I love Pizza Hut pizza and bread sticks, but Tommy doesn't like them.

Sue~ LOL I had to laugh at your meat loaf joke. My hubby gets picked on and asked that if he takes meat loaf for leftovers in his lunch at work.

11-29-2008, 11:08 PM
Good Evening Ladies!!

Just finished my dinner....a piece of pumpkin pie!! Went shopping again today and had a late lunch at the mall. As I was rushing out the door to help with the diabetic study that I do part time, dh was heating up leftovers and I wasn't hungry. Three hrs later, I'm back home at 9:30 and woofing down a piece of pie. Not a good idea but it was sure tasty.

Francie: Were is the King of Prussia mall? Never heard of it. We were at the Annap Mall today for several hrs. Had lunch at California Pizza. Glad your kitty is doing better.

Cristina: Yikes :yikes: I would have freaked at having so little time to pull the house together for a showing. The last time we sold, we were lucky to have our house sold before it was even listed. The realtor knew someone who knew someone etc. and it sold minutes after the couple walked through. But that was 5 yrs ago when the market was going crazy.

Jules: Heading up your way to Hagerstown Outlets on Fri. Dh is taking the day off work.....oh that reminds me that I have to sched my dog walker for that day. We spend the entire day there. It's about 75-80 miles but so worth the drive now that gas prices are down.

Hugs to everyone else. :hug: Waiting for "Dooney & Bourke" to start on QVC at 10. Not that I need to spend that much on a purse but I like to watch. There is an D&B outlet in Williamsburg VA and the prices are so much better. OK, just watched the line up and don't see one that I'm dying to have. ;) Night night all!

11-29-2008, 11:41 PM
OMG!!!!! I couldn't watch anymore....I bought a navy leather Dooney & Bourke....dh is going to kill me ;) Hopefully it will be delivered on a day that I'm off work and I can hide it!!! I'm off to bed now :D

11-30-2008, 12:25 PM
Well I successfully passed my cold onto hubby who isn't very happy about it....

Tammy--didn't go out Black Friday shopping--we aren't buying much this year except for the grandboy. We are doing practical again--I have helped the kids out so much finacially this year that I am not going to go crazy at Christmas and they are ok with it. I will pay a bill for each of them and buy a few little things but that's it. Hubby and I are not buying for each other--we are trying to declutter and simplify our lives. We are also doing some long over due remodeling--putting down wood floors in the living room and hallway and new flooring in kitchen and bathrooms and painting. We are going to take a week vacation in January and do a home makeover staycation.

Mindee--I am going to start doing some lists myself to get me more organized. I have been looking into some tips on some diferetn websites--I like one called flylady so far...

Sue--I feel for your dd--when my hubby can be very hard to live with--there are days I really don't think I can take any more but then there are the days I don't know if I could actually leave. I am such a wimp...I have started standing up to him and sorry to say dd--both of them have the same personality--spoiled, selfish, controlling and rarely willing to listen to another persons opinion or needs. I am usually a doormat but pre menapause is apprently bringing out a witchy side...or maybe I am beginning to change--my mid-life crisis may be finding my voice...

Cristina--WW is working slowly for me--I have lost 10 pounds of the 15 I regained. Hubby is a major sabotager--he's always wants to go out for lunch to get away from work for a little while and never wants to go alone.

Francie--I love the big crowds, we are just downsizing so Christmas is not going to be a huge affair this yeatr except for the little guy--but even he doesn't need alot at this point.

Hi to everyone else that I missed on the old thread...

Welcome back to Kathy!!!

11-30-2008, 01:45 PM
Hi All.

Can u believe its the last day of November? :o Amazing! Christmas is less than a month away! Where does the time go?

Well I am off to bed. Another fun-filled week begins tonight...........(work) :p At least this week is my short week!!! Dunno if my coworker will be in tonight or this week. She called me lastnight stating she was sick. We were supposed to go out, but she was sick. So I have this feeling that um she won't be at work tonight............but we'll see.........she said she would be, but I just have a feeling...........

UGH stupid neighbor guy is at it again with the loud flipping music! UGH! I hope I can't hear it in the bedroom otherwise he will have one ticked woman beating on his door! lol.

Have a good one!


11-30-2008, 02:34 PM
Happy Sunday, chickies...

SASSY...I know! I was telling hubby that I would sign up for the XM radio in January thinking it was far's only a month away! This year has gone by sooo freakin fast. Hope you were able to get some sleep. Grrr, to the neighbor.

JULES...hey, 10 pounds is good! I have to do something to get back in control. I feel like I am losing it, and not the weight, lol. Of course I would just join for a quick jumpstart and do it probably 2 or 3 months...that always seems to get me on track. Sorry the hubby is sick now, no fun at all.

TAMMY...I have wanted a D & B purse for a while...but I can't really justify a $250 purse for myself, lol. Just keep thinking what else I could do with the money. I know though if I were to visit an outlet I definitely could be tempted, lol. Yeah, if DH hadn't been home the showing would not have happened. He helped me a lot. Of course DS's room wasn't left in too bad shape. I didn't have time to do anything in there except throw his comforter over his bed and call it good. Like DH said this place looked better with the mess than most places we've looked at. A lot of people don't bother cleaning their houses, or even straightening things.

SUE...I think without the tools it would be hard to do WW. If I had my old ones I would definitely give them to you so you could start it. I gave them to Charlotte when she was seriously wanting to do it and to lose weight...that lasted about a day or two and I think she threw the stuff away. But, I'll see if DH has his. I think they said WW has changed a little but can't imagine it would be that different. I will find out tomorrow when I go, or Jules would know since she is going. I am thinking the place I went to the meetings before is still meeting on Mondays. But basically you figure out your points for the day and stay within that limit. Every food has a point, well most...there are some that are zero points. Would it be possible for you to go to a meeting in your area?

MINDEE...yay to gettiing the kids pictures done!

Well, more drama on the homefront and momma has had enough. I say one freakin thing and someone goes balistic which totally pi$$ed me off and I let them have it. So tired of it...needless to say I am a mean MIL :devil: whatever. I think I am just going to leave the state.

I did get in a whole hour of exercise yesterday :yay: glad about that. Going to do a little over a hour today. I've got to get back on track. Yesterday I weighed in at a whopping 189-yikes! But as I said I think part of it was due to eating late and not water and who knows what else. This morning I'm at 186, still not good but not as bad as yesterday. I am not taking that weight though, will count whatever the scale says tomorrow. The WW meetings on are Monday so I'll be changing my WI from Sat to Mon. Guess I better eat right today eh? Anyway...better get...I need to work on my Christmas cards and get a couple of things ready for the mail tomorrow. Can't believe it is the first already.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

11-30-2008, 05:59 PM
Sassy-there are some very unfair things that go on at my workplace that are unbelieveable. The people that work get more dumped on them and those that don't seem to get promoted....Hubby is having a very hard time right now and has been talking about quitting for a while. I think that's why he's so gung ho about getting the improvements done since his bike and credit cards will be paid off I think by April. I really look for him to quit then even if he doesn't have anything lined up.

Cristina--I just remembered that they are tweaking the program again--there is one meeting in December that we are not to miss. I am going to try to keep going for at least a year. I do good and then get confident that I can stick with it without paying the $12/week to weigh and stay for a meeting but I don't. There is a girl at work that has lost 70lbs on WW in the last year and a half--she looks really great--she said at this point she doesn't want to lose more--she just wants to maintain and tone up. There were several that joined in her department but she was the only one to stick with it--she has been very encouraging to me. Your weight is still down from last year at this time and with all that exercise you have to have some great muscle tone. I bet it shows in your clothes. Good luck on the job hunting--try the local library or book store.

Well off I go to spend some time taking care of the sickies....

11-30-2008, 08:05 PM
UGH I so did not wanna get outta bed.......:p

All I keep saying to myself is, "This is my short week" lol

Cristina -- I know this year has just flown by!

Jules -- That is how my work is too. Seems like the less work you do, the more you get promoted! lol.

Well I guess its off to have some fun.............yippee! I know you all are jealous! :lol3:


11-30-2008, 10:09 PM
Back again for a few minutes...

Jules...couldn't remember when WW was doing the tweaking or if it had already been done. And thank you. I do see and feel a difference for sure but I am just getting where I want to be in the time. Not that I have a time frame...just thought I would have, or rather I would have liked to have lost a little more than what I have...wanted to be in the 170's. 70 pounds, wow! I am impressed!

Sassy...oh yeah, I am so jealous...I wanna have some fun too!

MsSuzyQ...where are ya? Hoping all is well. I am thinking you have been working...trying to keep track of your schedule.

Hiya everyone else too :wave:

I did manage to get a few things done but those cards are still waiting, as are the packages. I will get it done though.

See ya!

11-30-2008, 10:52 PM
I awoke to a slight dusting of snow and I guess tomorrow it will be 1 to 3 inches. Brrrr. It never got above 33 degrees today. Needless to say DH nor I walked.

I got mom a flight to Florida for next Sunday. She will be busy this week getting ready to go and I will be busy being envious. :)

Jules- You and your situation sound so much like DD's, then add in drinking. I know she is better off leaving, but I worry as it is so expensive to live in CA as a single mom. Luckily, she has a female friend from work who wanted a roommate. DD is very vocal and strong. She sure didn't get it from me as I am more quiet and hold things in. My DH is very verbal and I learned to talk back after the kids left. Funny thing, when I started voicing my opinion he backed off some. We are happier this way. :)

Cristina- I am thinking of buying the tools on e-bay. Just don't want to do the meeting thing unless I can get my friend to go with me. She talks about it then backs out. grrr.. I know people really get results with WW.

Tammy- I am not a big purse person, but I am so glad you got the one you wanted. :)

Susan, Francie, Katy, Asia, Kathy, Sassy and Mindee- Hope your week-end is going well. It is hard to believe we are starting Dec. Yikes.

I did laundry today and helped DH with some things on the computer (he knows nothing about it) Had leftovers and soup for dinner. Just didn't feel like fussing much.

Hope this is the start of a good week for you all!!

12-01-2008, 12:05 AM
Hi everyone

Hope that everyone had a good weekend. I am just popping in really quick to say hello, as I am trying to get the carpets steam cleaned tonight before I go to bed.

Cristina - I agree with your DH. You probably didn't need to clean up anything and your house still would have looked great. Your little Cambrie is such a sweetheart.

Jules, I sure hope that your daughter has a day off soon. She will be exhausted. Her days will go fast being busy though. How old is your little grandson? My little grandaughter just turned 1 year. My DD just asked for some books for her for Christmas this year. She loves looking at books, and being read to already.

Sassy, I sure hope that your short week goes fast for you. Do you always work night shift?

Sue, can your mom sneak me on the plane with her? I would love to go to Florida. Sorry about the LV condo didn't work out.

Mindee, did your friends come over? My DD got DGD picture taken with Santa today. She didn't like Santa at all and wouldn't stop crying until she spotted the reindeer, to which she got excited and said "oh puppy".

Tammy - congratulations on your new "What, you mean this old thing? I've had it forever"

SuzyQ - Did you make it home ok? How was your trip? I don't have a job anymore. I got laid off on Friday. The owner has a few companies, and he is laying off some of his staff so that he can hire foreign workers that have been brought into the country. He says this way he can pay them alot less than he has to pay us. What a jerk. - Well he's alot worse.

Sorry if I missed anyone, I can't remember what was on the last thread.
Must run and get the carpet done.

12-01-2008, 11:27 AM
Hi everyone.

I think I'm finally recovered from this weekend. I had gone 3 days without proper sleep, lol. I'm good now though. Although, I'm sick again. I just took some Mucinex and its already working, so yay. I love that stuff.

I did some good shopping on sat though. We went to the King of Prussia mall. Omfg, that place was so awesome. My friend and I totally freaked out when we were in Neiman Marcus because they had actual Manolo Blahnik shoes!!!!!!! It was a dream come true. Those shoes are so soft and so beautiful. We saw a bunch of other designer shoes there too. It was like living in our Sex in the City world, lol. All the shoes Carrie talked about were there. It was like being in shoe heaven, lol. All the urban shoe myths come to life, LOL!! I'm now saving up money to buy some Manolos!! I gotta have some.

Anyhoo..I bought Fonzo some stuff..and I bought my friend's hubby something. I still have to shop for her kids, my friend, lol. And some more things for Fonzo. I also bought a Little Brown Bag purse from Bloomingdales, lol. Which they gave to me in a Medium Brown Bag, lol. I totally saved it. I also bought some socks that were on sale from Juicy Couture. LoL!! I just had to have something from the store, lol. I saved that bag too, lol. I just loved that mall. I wanna go back, cuz we could only make it to Bloomingdales towards the end. We got soooooooooooo tired, lol. We spent a good 4 hours there, lol.

Anyways...I must go have some lunch now. Hope everyone is doing great!!!

My anniversary is on thursday!!!!!!!! 4 years baby!!! YAY!!!

12-01-2008, 12:26 PM
Hi All. :wave:

Well I was correct. My coworker called off lastnight, and will be out the rest of the week too. So no biggie.....:shrug: I told her that she has to get herself better. I guess she has a major migraine, which I can understand how painful that can be. I guess nothing has touched it and she can't sleep so she is off to Urgent Care this morning.

Well I was Mrs. Productive this morning!! I got home, made breakfast for DH and myself, baked my banana cake, boxed up Susan's gift (DH is gonna ship it out today when he gets to work), and I even gift bagged ALL the gifts we have so far. Well except for the one for my friend's baby. We thought it'd be more fun to wrap hers, so she can unwrap it. ;)

So that being said, I am off to bed because I get to go and have more fun tonight!!! All by myself!!! WOOHOO!!! I know your all jealous! lol.


P.S. -- Yes Kathy I always work nights. ;)

P.P.S -- lol.......It was snowing on my way home this morning!!! :carrot:


12-01-2008, 03:24 PM
well, I managed to do some of my list today. I have to call and reschedule the kids' doctors appointment and then call and make appointments for me and Tommy.

okay, the boys' appointment is rescheduled, I will call tomorrow to schedule mine and Tommy's so I can figure out when would work best for us. we have to get our cholesterol levels checked, so they recommend that we fast for 12 hours prior to that they can draw the blood right then and there. So, I will talk to him tonight and then schedule them tomorrow.

oh yeah, it is snowing again! light flurries right now, but who knows what it will be like later. our friends never did come over on we just all hung out here at home. Brandon took a late nap, which he never does anymore, so therefore he was up late that night.

I got up an hour before my alarm went off this morning, so I am sure that it will be an early night tonight, which I am fine with....since the kids like to get up at the butt crack of dawn!

I will go and change my avatar here in a second to one of the shots that I took of the kids. you can see that one, and all the other ones, including shots from Thanksgiving over on my myspace page as well!

12-01-2008, 03:59 PM
Hello ladies...

Quick one...was on earlier but got to chatting and have been ever since. Needless to same nothing has gotten exercise, no laundry, no cards-lol. I'll get it done soon enough. Went to wrap the package for the exchange and I don't have anything to put it in but definitely will get it mailed tomorrow Jules.

Heading to WW later this evening, excited about that. I put up a new ticker but without a time frame. I am a slow loser so...but today, this morning I weighed in at 184.6 just rounded it up to that cheating, or should I have rounded down to 184? Never do know what to do since it only does it in whole numbers.

Better get going...need to jump in the shower and get at least one dvd done. Chat later.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

12-01-2008, 05:18 PM
1st list
Asia will send a gift to Cristina
Cristina will send a gift to Jules
Jules will send a gift to Sassy
Sassy will send a gift to Susan
Susan will send a gift to Tammy
Tammy will send a gift to Asia

Since Asia hasn't checked in since the names were assigned, maybe we should change it? I hate to do that but it has been awhile since she has checked in and I would hate to leave someone without a gift or someone with no one to send a gift to........
Yada, , how does this list look?


revised list........
Cristina will send a gift to Jules
Jules will send a gift to Sassy
Sassy will send a gift to Susan
Susan will send a gift to Tammy
*change made*
Tammy will send a gift to Cristina

Do you think that is ok?

12-01-2008, 05:29 PM
I am just chcking in real quick, I have had no computer time since last Thanksgiving.
Made it home in the dark and told Gaby "never again"....I lost my mojo , I guess. Scared to death.
I have Monday's and Wednesday's off Cristina.

anyway, Gab and I woke up an hour late today and have been dragging all day. I am tired. I have a 3 day weekend comoing up and think I might have to just stay home instead of making another trip into Portland.

Kathy - sorry about your job:hug:

I will have to catch up more later, need to go pick up Gab from school now.

A huge hello to everyone!!

12-01-2008, 06:27 PM
just popping back in while Tommy is making dinner.....we are having chicken fetticini alfredo.......

Cristina~ I use the whole math concept with the decimals.....if it is 0.5 and higher then I round it up, and if it is under that then I round it down.

SuzieQ~ It is good to hear from you!!! Sounds like work has been keeping you busy.

12-01-2008, 09:09 PM
Mindee-The pics on your myspace are cute--I need to put some new ones up myself. Flurries here and there but nothing big. I can't believe I am actually excited about snow this year.

Susan--missed you...Teri hates the dark too--always has. We have a six hundres foot driveay to the middle of the woods and there are no houses within sight of the bottom of our driveway where are gate is. Drives hubby crazy that she won't get out of the car and shut the gate when it is dark. She says it's too creepy.

Cristina--I missed WW WI on Friday since I had a migrane but I did weigh today and I am not changing my ticker until my actual WW WI next Friday, but I think I lost 2 pounds--I have been sick all weekend and not eating so it may be back by Friday.

Sassy--I am having a hard time going back and forth between a few different ideas for your gift--I will have it sent no later than next Monday via UPS (go brown!!). It's terrible to say but I get more done at work when I am alone.

Francie--the closer you get to DC the stuff at the malls get more swanky. I am sick too--I tried that new Theraflu warming stuff -- it works pretty good on what I have--too bad I left it at work...

Kathy--Teri spent the night here Saturday and Sunday--she slept until 2:00 on Sunday!! Dominic will be 1 on January 4th. He's got walking mastered and even does the little "dance/bounce" thing when he hears music--it's too funny. He really likes to be read to too. Sorry about getting laid off.

Well hi and bye to everyone else--hubby wants to check his ebay!!

12-01-2008, 11:09 PM
Hi ladies..
Busy getting Mom ready for her trip to FL, coming up Sunday. I had to call for her medical info and some refills, get an appointment for the dogs bath and trim (she gets to go to FL also) and will take Mom to the bank tomorrow. Now, if I could only climb into her luggage and hitch a ride. Funny but DH came in earlier and told me I could go to FL if I wanted, that he wouldn't mind. Ha. Mom got an open ended ticket and won't come back for awhile. He would cave after the first week of me being gone.

I did grocery shopping today while it was snowing..thought it might freeze and get bad, but it didn't then. Later tonight it did freeze.

Of course, it was Monday laundry day..ugh. But it is done and put away.

Nothing else from here, just trying to stay warm and NOT overeat. haha (why is it that comfort, warming food is always so tempting?)

12-01-2008, 11:34 PM
Hello ladies...

Let's see if I can do a little catching up.

Jules...doesn't it seem like the year went by too fast? Can't believe that little Dominic is going to be one already! CONGRAT'S on the 2 pounds! Hey, maybe by the time next WI comes around you will be down even more!

Kathy...can't believe that your granddaughter is going to be one already too! Bet she is a cutie! Sorry about your job, that totally sux! Kathy, can your mom sneak me on as well? Tired of the cold already. You know, actually, I don't mind the cold, it's the wind that makes it really hard. You just reminded me that I need to get some laundry folded and put up.

Francie...sounds like you had a fun day shopping.

Susan...if you mean driving in the dark, I am not a night driver. I don't get scared but I sure don't care for it. Hope you found your mojo!

Mindee...the pictures of the kids are cute! Looked like they were having some least you got a couple of them sitting down, lol. Love the little dress Marissa is wearing, too cute. you can't wait to get your new D&B bag!

Katy...are you out there? Hoping all is well with you and yours.

Kristi...same with you, hoping all is well with you and yours.

Asia...ditto, lol.

Now, who did I forget...I know I forgot someone, always do, or think I do. Ah! Sassy...hope your friend is better...I hate migraines and feel her pain.

Well, I did it! I went to WW and man, all I can say is the leader needs to get some bubbly pills. I don't think I have seen anyone with so much spirit! She's younger than the last one. But she is nice enough and maybe this is what I need to stay motivated! Looking forward to losing and to attending the meetings. Other than that, not a lot going on...need to go fold my laundry before I can go to bed.

Take care ladies, and have a good night. :hug:

12-01-2008, 11:56 PM
Well, DH and I had a talk about his newly diagnosed high blood pressure. I think he might be ready to lose some weight now. We are going to plan meals and shopping this week for things we BOTH like (I cook for him more than me) then our official date to start is next Mon. We thought that after Mom leaves we could purge the house of sweets...she loves sweets. We are trying to decide if we want to eat a late breakfast then a snack and early dinner with snack later..or early breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks. I told him he is in charge of planning 5 dinner meals. I am planning 5 also. So 2 weeks should be doable...leaving one day a week for going out and one day for cleaning out the fridge and eating leftovers. :) We do that now.

If anyone has a good meal plan for a dinner pass it my way. I get tired of grilled chicken and veggies. LOL. I like casseroles and crock pot meals. HELP!!

DH wants me to commit to walking every day and I can't say I will. I just can not stand the wind. (as Cristina said) I told him I would commit to SOME exercise daily, just can't promise it will be a walk outdoors.

I think if we get a good start we can do this. We both have to take meds for high blood pressure now and would like to scotch that. If this fails I am going to WW after the first of the year.

On another note, I bought mini rice cakes today in caramel corn and they are not bad. I love the ranch and cheddar cheese ones too. I parcel out a 100 calorie serving. Not bad for a crunchie snack.

Okay, that's all I have. :)

12-02-2008, 01:25 AM
well, I have a busy Tuesday ahead of me......I have to call and schedule mine and Tommy's doctor's appointment. I talked with him, and he said an early Friday morning appointment would work for him. so I will be calling them on Tuesday to make that appointment. I am going to ask about her checking my thyroid when I go for my appointment. I have been really tired lately, and a couple of the other symptoms. So, I am going to make it well worth the visit and get every thing checked.

I am in the process of uploading some pictures onto facebook, per a request of a friend of mine since she doesn't go on myspace all that often. I really need to get my butt into the kitchen to empty and reload the dishwasher.

Jules~ Brandon is so ready for snow that he went and put his snow suit on instead of getting dressed for school! He keeps getting mad that it keeps melting on him before he can go out and play in it!

Kathy~ I am so sorry to hear that you were laid off. I hope that you are able to get something quick, either what you were doing or a different job.

Sue~ How long do you think your mom will stay in Florida?

Cristina~ I love the ones of them sitting down, but I also love the one where Marissa is right in front of the camera and the boys are looking off behind her. Even when they are being silly, they take great pictures!

12-02-2008, 05:13 AM
Jules~I'm gonna have to check out the stores near DC then. I really loved the KOP though. I was gonna try that stuff, but I dunno. Does it taste weird??

Cristina~If you dont mind me much is WW?? I would try it, but bubbly people gets on my nerves, lol. AND I worry about money, lol.

Mindee~Loved all the pics!!!!

12-02-2008, 10:15 AM
Happy White Tuesday All!

Its a snowin' outside!!! :D Sooo perrrttyyyy. Too bad I have to go back out in it tonight. :p

Well I spent another night all alone. :( I was singing the song "Mrs. Lonely" (instead of Mr. Lonely lol) Man it sure makes the night DRAG by when you are all by yourself! and I do mean ALL by myself! At least until dayshift comes in at 7 am, at least where I sit.

Then I get off of work after working 12.5 hours ALL ALONE and my coworker (who has called off the last two nights and is also going to be gone tonight) texts me 3 minutes until I have to leave saying, "Hey can you ask our boss to do my timecard?" Well I don't see this until I am already out in my car and I rode the elevator down with our boss on my way out. GGGGRRRR! :mad: So I am ignoring her text message. lol. May sound cruel but I didn't even get a "Hi how ya doin?" or "how'd your night go?" nothing. I'm Just a messenger girl. PPPPFFFFTTT. Why is it my responsibility to make sure HER time card is done??? Anyways I guess I am just bitter because I just worked 12.5 hours ALL ALONE and I have a HEADACHE!!! :mad: lol.

Anyways................Jules, no worries. DH was supposed to get Miss Susan's out yesterday but he forgot it so he has to take it today. Grrrr. Men. lol. He has a post office in his work so its easy-peasy for him, that is if he remembers! lol.

Well I am off to watch a little tv and then off to bed. I am soooo tired! :yawn: I didn't sleep very well yesterday. I went to bed too late because I did too much. lol. So today I'm not doin' a thing!!! lol.


:hug: (

12-02-2008, 11:02 AM
It's my Birthday!!!

Am I going to slack got so much to do. Finish decorating the tree, carry all the boxes to the basement. Decorate the foyer and take in my fake pumpkins from the front porch and get it ready to put lights out on Thurs when dh has off from work. Going out for dinner tonight is all the celebration I'll have today. I usually get lots of ecards from my kids and sisters. Other than that, it's just an ordinary day for me.

Cristina--please pm me your address. I have one but it might be before you moved the last time. Congrats on heading back to WW. Brave girl doing it before the holidays. I can't handle it now and will go back the first of the year.

Francie--Happy Anniversay!!

Susan--Thanks for making the change for the gift exchange. I was getting a little worried not hearing from Asia.

Jules--This should be a fun Christmas with little Dominic. I found a ornament last night while decoration the tree that had pics of my kids when dd was newborn and ds was 20 mo. Sure brought back memories. :)

Kathy--How am I going to explain my "What, you mean this old thing? I've had it forever" when it gets delivered Thurs when dh has off that day from work? Maybe I let him think it's something for him for Christmas ;)

Hugs to Mindee, Sue, Sassy, Katy, Christi, Asia...hope I'm not missing anyone. Better get my butt moving and finish stuff around here. The cleaning lady cleans this Thurs and I don't needs boxes and stuff laying around. My sis is coming to visit this weekend from Charlotte, NC. so I'll do shopping with her and maybe start wrapping gifts. I also need to start my cards.....hate doing getting them.....hate doing them :dizzy:

Have a wonderful day ladies. I'll eat a bite of cake for ya'll.

12-02-2008, 11:28 AM
:bday2you::bday2you:HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR TAMMY:bday2you:

Am I like living in the only place where it hasnt snowed yet!!!!!!!!!! This sucks!!!!!!! I want more snow!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:

12-02-2008, 12:03 PM

That's my version of a PARTY!!!

Happy Birthday Tammy.

12-02-2008, 02:08 PM
well, I just tried to call and schedule our appointments, and the office is closed until 1:30 for I will be calling back later on. other then that, nothing really new......I was going to make cookies, but I will make them tomorrow.

Francie~ Thanks for the nice comments! Happy early anniversary! Any plans to celebrate?

Tammy~ Happy birthday!!!!!!!

Sassy~ I hope your friend gets better soon so that you aren't so lonely at work at night!

I should scoot and figure out something to occupy my time with....

12-02-2008, 02:32 PM
Mindee~What kind of cookies were you gonna bake?? And Fonzo has thursday off. So I wanted to watch Titanic the night before, lol. Then we're gonna go see Four Christmases. Then later that night, we're gonna watch the greatest love movie of all time ( to Gone with the Wind, lol) THE NOTEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So thats basically it, lol.

I'm just so excited for our anniversary. 4 years baby!! I'm pretty sure certain people in our families thought we wouldnt last this long. So :p to them!! LoL!!

12-02-2008, 03:53 PM
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday dear Tammy...
Happy Birthday to you!
And many more...
From channel four...
And scooby do...
On channel two...

Lol or something like that...can't remember how exactly the end part goes.


:celebrate::hb::woo::bday2you::balloons::bday2you: :woo::hb::celebrate:

12-02-2008, 04:41 PM
just popping back in to keep myself moving.....I have been so tired lately, that I have been wondering about my thyroid and if it might be low. my OB/GYN at the time, five years ago, did a work up because she was wondering if it was low. so I am going to ask my doctor next Friday when we go.

I was talking to a friend of mine, and she told me to look up Chronic Fatigue and Adrenal Fatigue symptoms as well. So, I will be doing all that later when I get the kids to bed. Right now, I am waiting for the mail to come and then I am going to let Monster Logan out!

Francie~ That sounds like great, romantic plans! I love the notebook! I cried like a baby.

12-02-2008, 05:01 PM
Okay, I am back...

Posted a Happy Birthday to Tammy and then had to go grab some lunch, lol.

MINDEE...yeah, that one is a cute picture too! She sure has a pretty smile. I have been really tired lately too. But I am thinking with me it is just the weather. I can't get up early and go walk outside so I have been sleeping later and getting up feeling lazy.

FRANCIE...I paid $28 to start WW last night and then from then on it is $9 every meeting. Yeah, bubbly people kind of irritate me, lol. This girl was bouncing off the walls! Lol Tell me how you like Four Christmases...I was wanting to go see that, it looks funny. Not so much a fan of Reese Witherspoon but I love Vince Vaughn.

SASSY...sorry you were all alone. Hey, sometimes being alone is good...I know I like being alone and having some quiet. the mail missy, mailed the package today.

TAMMY...hoping you have a wonderful BD today!'s always nice when you have a support system. This time I decided to do WW alone because the hubby wants to lose but just keeps eating, and eating and eating so...he'll say, "I need to do something" I told him I've tried to help but you just get grouchy so...I mean I will help him and support him when he does, if he does actually decided to do something but until then I am thinking of myself. Yeah, I am not going to walk in the makes it much colder so I don't blame you for not committing to walking outside, brrrr.

Hello to Katy, Susan, Kathy, Asia, Kristi :wave:

Well, not a lot going on today. I had some errands to run this morning and then came home. Did a dvd and going to do another one after the weather on the news later. Getting ready to do a little, probably a mile on the treadmill. I have decided to not kill myself with the exercise anymore. I have to find a medium where at some point the amount of exercise is something that I can do for the rest of my life. And 90+ minutes I don't think is going to happen forever. Aiming for one hour and if I get a little more then yay, if not I am not going to fret over it.

Food is going well...staying within my points so far. Of course this is just day 1.

Have a wonderful day!

12-02-2008, 08:02 PM
Man I have such a bad headache :headache:...............UGH............

TG tonight is my lastnight...........Yes sometimes being alone is good, but 34 hours worth is pretty lonely. Esp when your stuck at a desk :comp:..........:p

Anyways, enough of my whining. :dz:

Happy Bday Tammy! :bday2you:


12-02-2008, 08:18 PM
Thank you all for your Birthday wishes :D We just got back from eating dinner out. I had a wonderful low fat dinner of fish, rice and steamed veggies :hungry: and then topped it off with German Choc Cake :nono: Gonna watch Biggest Loser and take it easy the rest of the evening. Tomorrow gotta run errands and buy Cristina a Christmas gift :yay: Again, thanks ladies!!:hug:

12-02-2008, 09:28 PM
well, I am still sleepy, even after taking a snooze on the couch with Brandon. I am not sure what is going on, but I am hoping that I can get every thing figured out next Friday!

I had to take a tote of our Christmas stuff outside because it had some pine cones in it, and since I am allergic to pine trees, I thought that that was what had me all wishy I am not too sure. I will just head to bed early tonight and see if that is what I am in need of!

Kathy~ I got your PM, and sent you one back. I found you on there, and sent you a request!

Cristina~ I wonder if the weather might have something to do with me. Although, it really hasn't been that different besides colder then it was before. The darkness factor gets to me....I will be sitting on the couch and look outside and see that it is pitch black outside, and then look at the clock and see that it is only 8:30 or 9:00 at night!

Sassy~ I hope your headache goes away soon! Have fun on your last night for this week!

Tammy~ Again, happy birthday! My hubby loves German Chocolate Cake, so does my dad.

12-03-2008, 12:15 AM
Tammy-Happy Birthday

Mindee - Thanks, I will go find you next after I am done this.

Sassy - Hope you get rid of your headache. Glad that you have a short week.

Cristina - What DVDs do you do? I got a treadmill, so I am going to start working out on that everyday. At least now I will have lots of time to workout.

Sue - Sorry about the DH high blood pressure. I've got some good slow cooker recipes I'll send to you.

SuzyQ - Have you recovered from your trip? Cole has got the flu so he hasn't been to school for 2 days. How does Gaby like school?

Hi Katy - how are things going with you?

Francie - Happy early Anniversary. I love your wedding picture you have posted.

Sorry if I missed anyone.

The dog had puppies. Too bad she didn't have them a couple weeks so they would have been ready to go just before Christmas.

Must run and get a little guy into bed. I'll have more time to check in now. I don't know what I will do with myself, but I am glad to not have that job anymore.

12-03-2008, 01:04 AM
just thought I would pop back in before heading off to bed.....I am going to try and get back into the habit of going to bed early and see if that helps my tiredness. and if it doesn't then I will make sure that I mention it to my doctor next Friday!

Kathy~ I am glad you found me!

12-03-2008, 02:11 AM
Mindee~I've been wondering about my thyroid alot lately. I'm always tired. I can sleep all day and still be tired. Its either that or I'm anemic, which I'm always tested for. God, isnt The Notebook one of the saddest movies ever? LoL!!! Thats the only movie that can make my eyes all puffy and my nose all snotty and gross, LOL!!

Cristina~That doesnt sound too bad, I might look into it. But then I dunno. I keep hearing that it doesnt work. I dunno, I should just try it for myself. Although, I'd probably lose a bunch of points for eating chocolate, LOL!! I ate an entire king size bar of Kit Kats today. LOL!!! Not all in one sitting though..but still, lol. Omg, bubbly people are seriously annoying. I'm always tempted to smack a person for being too bubbly, lol.

Sassy~I used to like being alone. But not so much anymore. Of course, with 4cats, I'm never really alone, LOL!! They are sooooooooooooooo annoying!! Sorry about your headache!!

Tammy~Sounds like you had a good bday!!! Mmm..German Chocolate Cake!! Man, I used to bake that allll the time, lol.

Kathy~Thanks!! Thats me & my hubby 4 years I was 19 and he was 20. He looks scared huh? LOL!!! I love going through our wedding pics, cuz I was totally buzzed on wine, and he looks scared in all the pics, lol. Awww...what kind of dog do you have? I want a puppy!!!!!

I finally bought some cough medicine today, and it worked, so thank God. My chest and head doesnt hurt so much anymore now. Yay!!! We also bought Wanted today too. Its this movie with Angelina Jolie. The action was soooooooooooo good!!! She was beautiful in it of course, lol.

Okay..I'm gonna go read my new book. Goodnight everyone!!!

12-03-2008, 11:17 AM
Okay just a quick Good Morning to all for now.

Just finished my Leslie Sansone's Sculpt & Burn=40 minutes. Going to do the Slim & Thin later, probably after Jeopardy and in between walk on the treadmill. I think I have given up on trying to walk outdoors. Ya know, 47 degrees really isn't so bad until you add the 50 mile an hour winds. So...and it's supposed to rain today...looking a little ugly out there right now. I'm thinking I may go to the mall a few times next week...find out what time the stores are open to avoid that crowd. I think the mall opens at 8, may be 9 but I know they have different hours for the holidays so need to find that out. I HAVE to get some other type of walking in.

Happy to say, that I got on the scale this morning and I am down to 182.4! I was a little surprised...thought or hoped that it would be down at least a pound but it's 2! to keep it off! Not changing my ticker of course because my official WI day is Monday now so we will see what the scale will bring me come then.

Okay, supposed to be a quick one and here I go babbling :) Gotta run to the store and get a couple of cards, and run to the post office again. Wanted to get a card to my Uncle to let him know I am thinking of him, Just found out he is doing chemo...saddens me. Anyway...I will be back to do individuals.

12-03-2008, 11:36 AM
I'm gonna be quick here too.

Just took some more cough medicine as soon as I woke up. Its Tylenol Warming. It tastes really nasty, lol. I wish I could add some rum to it, lol. I tried taking it like a shot so I wouldnt have to taste it, but that didnt work, lol. Some of it lingered on my tongue, lol., I'm cleaning because I dont wanna clean tomorrow, lol. AF came for a visit eh. I cant believe thats gonna ruin my freakin anniversary. Figures.

Okay..gonna go clean some more..

12-03-2008, 12:28 PM
Good Morning everyone

Well it is my first day at home, and I am sitting here watching the Tyra show, as she has the biggest loser contestants on the show today. Im feeling a little guilty that I am just sitting. Although as soon as this show is over, I will have to go out and feed the horses.

Cristina - I like Leslie Sanson. I haven't seen her sculpt and burn video. Does it combine cardio and toning? I have 1 of her WATP videos. We also got a wii, with the fit. I am hoping to spend more time on that. It is actually alot of fun, but it it is really hard.

Francie - Actually, because I don't know him, I didn't think that he looked scared at all. I actually thought he looks pretty happy, like it truly was the best day of his life combined with I can't believe it we actually did it. You two make a very nice looking couple. Do you have anything special planned for your anniversary? The puppies are Yorkshire Terriers. My daughter figures that she should become a breeder of Yorkies.

Mindee - Thanks for adding me. I love the pictures. You are very lucky to have such a great family. I really miss the kids being little. I do still have 1 little guy (he's 6) but because the other kids are so much older, he likes to "hang out" with them. I'll have to get my DD to add some pictures for me on my page and then you can look at them.

Tammy - didn't you lend "this old thing" to your friend that moved away, and she finally found it and mailed it back to you?:dizzy: Maybe you'll just have to tell him he has something stuck in his teeth, and he better go floss when the doorbell rings. (Yes that actually works with my DH if I have to sneak something into the house.)

Sue - have a great day today. You will be busy getting your mom ready to go for the next few days.

Sassy - I hope that your headache is gone, and that you feel better today. How many days do you get off now? So will your hubby help you with the Christmas shopping?

Hello to everyone else. Hope the day goes great for everyone.:hug:

12-03-2008, 01:20 PM
Kathy- Hope you enjoy your time at home. It sounds like you will find plenty to keep you busy. I would love any recipes you want to send.

Francie- Wishing you and Fonzo a very Happy Anniversary. Darn that AF! She always visits at the worst times.

Mindee- Hope you find out about your tiredness. There are many things that can cause that. I would say the biggest reason is having three little ones. LOL... No rest for a busy mommy.

Sassy- Hope you have a co-worker soon... Personally I would rather work alone, but I imagine in your type work it can get lonely.

Cristina- WooHoo on the 2 pounds. Funny, since DH said he would TRY with me I have been doing well. I have to weigh in front of him Monday so we can keep track, so I guess I am trying to NOT be up on Monday...makes perfect sense to me. He is just the opposite as he ate gravy this morning and is saying that is the last time I will have that for awhile and eating everything. I keep telling him we will eat what we want, just not large portions. He doesn't want to weigh on Monday either, but is doing nothing to lessen the shock. hahaha. I know he will lose faster than me, but I will last longer. :)

Tammy- Glad you had a nice BD and enjoyed the cake. I have cake and macaroons individually wrapped in the freezer if I get in a bad way for sweets. I do like sweets.

Susan- Missing you again chickie. Hope everything is well. Do we all need to come kick the "ex" to the curb for you? He won't know what hit him, that's for sure. Bunch of ladies on his tail that have gone all BIK on him. I can see it now! Then we might have to do a side trip to CA to take care of a problem out there. My DD's soon to be "ex." Ha..

Katy- Hope you are healthy and happily gearing up for the holidays. Much more fun with children in the house.

HI to everyone else...Hope you all come post with us soon.

I took mom to take the dog to the groomers and to the dollar store. Have to stop at the grocery and drug store on our way back to get Baby. Right now I am seriously considering going for a walk. There is no wind, but it is 36 degrees. I have been doing well on food, but need to walk. DH just finished our dining table for the condo we are not getting...haha. Still looking though, so we might get to use it. It is just square and a kitchen

Okay..I am off to do soemthing productive. BBL...

12-03-2008, 01:43 PM
Kathy~Trust me, he was scared, lol. But then after the ceremony, he was really happy. I have this one pic of him, and he just have this huge smile on his face!! LoL!! We're just gonna chill out and watch movies tomorrow. We're gonna go see Four Christmases and Bolt in 3D. Plus, watch Titanic (if we can find it, lol) and The Notebook.

Sue~Thanks..and yes, stupid AF has to show up at the worst times!! Grrrr :mad:

12-03-2008, 01:52 PM
Sue- what a wonderful offer! Nothing like a bunch of ladies after a man who are dieting. He doesn't have a chance.haha

Were we still doing the card exchange? I don't have Francie, Sue's or Kathy's address!!!:?: I am really going to try hard to get mine out before the end of the month. lol Last year I had a stack that was addressed but never made it to the post office.

Kathy - send me your address! I had it at my last move but I don't have the heart to dig in boxes looking :) Lazy, huh? How many horses do you have? Gaby wants one, says we can keep it in the garage. Anyway, my guilt comes from watching the Tori Spelling reality show. :p :hug: to Cole! Gaby likes school, she goes to the Kindergarten Cop school, it is so pretty w/ the river down below. She gets help w/ her speech still and has been stuttering alittle. She misses her sister Rach, and Daddy Doug........not so much Beck because Beck is mean to

Francie - Happy Anniversary! Hope you start feeling better!

Tammy - Happy Belated! Sounds like you had a nice day!

Cristina- Yay, on the 2 pounds! I like WW, think you will do great on it! You are so good on your cards :D Starting to get some tone in my legs (is that what you call it:?:) I like when I do the area 3 because of the walking, not so much the other shift , you stand around chatting most of the time.

Mindee- Maybe you have low iron? Not getting enough protein, maybe? Anyway, I hate that drag butt feeling,,,,,kind of makes you feel like you have worms and are are scooting your butt across the floor. lmbo....jk. I don't know where THAT came from. I go to bed w/ Gaby at 7:30 but still wake up tired...probably cause the cat is wanting in and out of the room all night and I have to open the door for him...........I close it to keep the heat in. Anyway - hope you get some rest!

Sassy- That is a long time at a desk all by yourself! I like working alone co workers (or one of them) is getting on my nerves already. Ya, didn't take long. She made fun of me getting Starbucks on my second morning there and yesterday I wore a skirt to orientation and when she saw me at lunch time she kind of I over dressed or something. Whatever! I like wearing my tattered skirts that I bought from 2nd hand stores and I WAS wearing flats, not maybe she needs to get to the big city every so often because I am not showing up at work in jeans.:devil:

Katy & Jules- Where are you???

Sorry, that is my lame effort to catch up, took me 30 minutes! I have today off and think I will just bum. I do need to get Tammy's exchange gift out in the mail!
What else?? I weighed 145 this morning, which is fine for me because after the holiday I was up to 149.....I have this weekend off ( I get every other weekend off) so might go to Portland , not sure.
The food at work is really good, I try and stick w/ the soups....the salad bar is 39 cents on ounce, so forget that!

oops, time is all have a good Tuesday!

12-03-2008, 02:40 PM
well, I went to bed earlier then I have been, and got up feeling a little bit more rested then I was. So, I will continue this trend and get into the habit of going to bed early. but I will also still have my doctor check out every thing else.

Francie~ I am the same way with that movie! That one, and the movie "World Trade Center" with Nicholas Cage. I went through almost a whole box of tissue myself with both of those movies! thanks for reminding me....someone put some books in the laundry room and I was going to go and check them out, but then I sat down on here, so I will go check them out once I get done on here. Darn AF!

Cristina~ You motivate me! I was going to get my butt up and do my Leslie video today, but then I got to folding laundry and well that was exercise in itself!

Kathy~ Not a problem! I will have to try and add some more pictures on there from recently. I will have to check out your pictures when I get a second to do so!

Sue~ I have wondered if that might have something to do with it! LOL But I didn't think I would still be somewhat sleep deprived once we got every body sleeping through the nights!

SuzieQ~ Those could both be options as well. I have been meaning to eat some more protein and get some more iron in. So, maybe if I make sure that I up that then I will start to feel better! The kids all were in bed by 7:30 last night and I was so ready to climb on the couch and fall asleep myself! LMBO No matter where that came from, that is what it feels like!

12-03-2008, 03:10 PM
Hola All!!!

Well its OVER!! TG!!! :woohoo: Yes 12.5 hrs alone at night makes for a very long shift! I am lucky I get along great with my coworker, we hit it off right away. So when she is gone its like part of me is gone. lol.

The BIG BIG wig is visiting our co. today from Germany. (I work for a German based Co.) so we had to take all our "personal" stuff down except for family pictures and make everything all nice and neat....:rolleyes:

After work I met up with my friend and we went shopping. I got a few things for DH for Xmas. My friend put them in his trunk of his car so DH won't find them! :carrot: My DH is a bit of a snoop and ALWAYS finds out what I get him!!! lol. So hopefully not this year! lol. I'm not even gonna say what I got him in here in case he snoops! lol. Not that he would, but I'm not taking any chances! lol.

I got some GREAT deals though! :D I got me two pairs of really nice gloves, 50% off baby!!! OH YEAH! Loads and loads of deals out there today! ;) I bought my friend (& coworker) a nice friendship necklace. It says, "A True Friend Reaches for your Hand...but touches your Heart..." I thought it was nice.........I hope she likes it.....

Oh Susan -- DH shipped out your gift yesterday so its on its way babe! ;) I hope you like what I got ya. :)

I frosted my banana cake. I don't think making it the "Cheated" way works as well. It was super moist. DH said it was really good, but just not as good as I normally make it. I normally make it completely from scratch, this time I used a cake mix..........oh well. Live and learn, right?? :shrug: lol.

I am so glad I am off for a few days. For whoever asked, I am off until Sunday Night. I work 34.5 hours on my "Short Weeks" and 46 hrs on my "Long Weeks" and they alternate. This was my short week. The long weeks SUUUUCCCKKK to say the least!!! lol.

My headache did go away finally. I took Excedrin Migraine. Its the only thing that takes my headaches away that are that bad.

Well all I am BEAT. I have not been to bed yet. :tired: Its easier for me to go and get things done right after work in the mornings then come home and crash rather than come home and crash a few hours then go out. Plus it wasn't as busy out in the morning.

Have a Great Day Everybody!!!

:hug: (

12-03-2008, 03:59 PM
Okay, got all caught up on posts and ready to start in with mine and wouldn't ya know it...gotta take a bathroom break, lol...and go turn the heat down. Turned it up because my hands were frozen and walked some on the treadmill and now I am burning up! Just need to get some gloves and keep them by the desk, or on the desk.

Back in a few minutes...

12-03-2008, 04:48 PM
Hello chickies :wave: is a list of the dvd's...Turbo Jam, The Biggest Loser Cardio Max & Power Sculpt, Denise Austin-Burn Fat Fast, WATP 4 Fast Miles, Walk & Jog, Walk Away The Waistline, Two Mile, and a series called Slim, Shape & Firm with the walkblaster...the Slim & Thin is 2 miles/30 mns, Shape & Firm is 2 miles and 30 mns and the Sculpt & Burn is 2 miles and 40 mns., then I also have Dance Yourself Thin and Dance it Off...but, the ones I use the most are the Biggest Loser Power Sculpt, the Slim & Shape series...I've not much of the others. But did finally do the LS Walk Away The Waistline Sunday and man what a difference! I like walking outdoors the majority of the time but with the weather being icky, I refuse. I won't walk in the rain, snow or when the wind is really bad, in the winter. The wind in the spring or summer doesn't bother me so much. So there ya go...that's what I do. I love the yorkies and have wanted one's just when I actually see one and then see the price I almost cry, lol. So I am thinking that is a good business for you DD to get into...lots of money there. Are you on myspace? If you are I also have a page, as does a few of us here, lol. I also have a facebook but can't remember what it is, lol. I got that a while back because my niece asked me to. Just forget to go there.

SUSAN...wonder why people are that way? Like they are so great! At least you dress for the job. And I know you look great in your skirts! So :p to her, lol. What do you mean Beck is mean to our little Gaby? Shame on her, she's just a baby. And yeah, ditto what Sue said. Wouldn't the ex be scared if we did go after him, lol. Try to have a relaxing day!

FRANCIE...WW works for me. I like it because I am the type that has to be able to eat what I want and WW allows me to do that and lose. As long as I keep track of what I am eating, count my points and stay within those points it works. I don't think I have known anyone who has joined and they didn't lose. I think whatever you put into is what you will get out of it. If a person doesn't want to work at it then it definitely won't work. Anyway, I didn't think Fonzo looked scared, looks very happy to me...but I bet he was nervous, isn't everyone on their wedding day? I know I was, big time! I just don't like standing in front of a crowd. Sorry AF had to pay a visit...always bad timing isn't it.

SUE...that is exactly what I say. You know, nothing would ever work for me if I told myself or even thought that there was a food out there that I could never have again. Did you go for you walk? I thought about it yesterday when it was a nice 59 but got lazy...getting to where I don't even want to go out at all during the winter months. But I did exercise at home the table your hubby made is looking good. You say it's 'just' a table but I've seen his work before and he does an excellent job! Wishing you luck on finding a new condo! And hoping all is well with your DD in CA.

MINDEE...that is why I joined WW to get a jumpstart again. I was just so stalled and drop a pound and then gain it back...tired of that. I think this was what I needed to get past this plateau, or I hope, lol. Seeing those scales this morning is making me want to keep going. Glad you are getting your self checked out...just to make sure nothing is wrong. Sometimes we may think it is something like the gloomy weather but it may be something else. And I know what you mean about looking out at the darkness and thinking it is later than what it is...hate the time change.

SASSY...glad you got rid of the headache! And hope you enjoy your days off.

Well, I got a few things done but not everything I wanted to. When I took a break a few minutes ago I also folded some clothes and took them up since I have to go upstairs to the bath, ugh. But I am getting extra exercise everytime I go up and down those stairs so I shouldn't complain. I did the treamill walk and just have the dvd to do after jeopardy. And then I am/WILL get my Christmas cards done today! I WILL! Lol

Take care ladies and enjoy the day!

12-03-2008, 05:37 PM
Cristina - My cat always runs up the starirs ahead of me and looks down at me from the top of the I am such a slacker, slow butt and all.....course I have worms. lol Oh, ya. Beck has always been slow to warm up to Gaby, she is getting better but Gaby doesn't trust

anyway , figure co worker is just nasty, immature or jealous .....maybe all three? I just don't have time for all her childish behavior. I am always nice to people ((ya......whatever.....I am - lol)) and would never snicker at a co worker like she has done me. We'll see how she is tomorrow, I am for sure going to watch what I say around her.

Mindee- You should test your blood, maybe you are low? Course like Sue said you do have kids, just par of the course, I guess. Not much help am I?? lol

Sassy- yay.....I want my present!! :carrot:

k- I better go. Did I say my bank burned down last Thanksgiving? I saw a mobile unit drive by just now....yay, I need a place to cash my paycheck on Friday!

12-03-2008, 07:01 PM
back again while Logan is in a time out....Tommy and Brandon went to the store to get some hamburger buns and to take the cans back.

I made some peanut butter cookies earlier the house smells like those and the french vanilla candle that is burning.

Sassy~ Great job on the deals!!!!

Cristina~ I have been meaning to get a full physical done, but it seemed like the only time I went to the doctor was when I was pregnant! so it will be nice to FINALLY know what my body is doing post pregnancy days!

SuzieQ~ I had a couple of glucometers, but the batteries were all dead on them. lol......those kids are always good for something, aren't they? that reminds me of when Tommy got his taxes done at an H & R Block near where my parents used to live.....right after he got them done, the place burned!

12-03-2008, 07:59 PM
Back again for a few minutes...

KATHY...this is what I do a lot of...the only place I could find this, hope the link works. I LOVE it! Not sure where I bought from, it was last year when I bought, I think or at the beginning of the year.

SUSAN...funny, lol. Yeah, I would watch what I said around this person too...not sure what her problem is with the snickering...just rude. And I would say she is all three as well...sure sounds like it anyway. And no you didn't tell us your bank burned down, ugh, what a pain for you, sorry. are killing me with all this baking! Peanut butter cookies sound so freakin good right now! At this point though, I won't bake any goodies because I know I will over-indulge! I have some points for a snack after dinner and will use those are some chocolate orange sticks for dessert. Unless of course dinner fills me up.

Okay, I had a few minutes, or rather have a few minutes before I start much for my no eating after 7 rule, lol. I am in the habit of cooking late and I think it will be a challenge to break. I will try though...maybe that will be my next challenge.

Have a good evening ladies :wave:

P.S. The link works, lol. I went back and checked and then looked at the prices on that :yikes: Like I said...I can't remember where I got it but I definitely did not pay that. The way I am seeing it is $60 for the walkblaster and $60 for the dvds???? :dunno: I got mine for $49.95 and it was new. What was funny is after I bought it I went to Amazon just to see what they were charging and saw that the walkblaster thing alone was that price...yikes! And there was a used on efor $ why is it I can remember that but I can't remember where I found/bought it.

12-03-2008, 11:52 PM
Just ready to pop in bed here. Feeling blah again. I have to get over the winter I hate not being out in the yard or on my bike. :(

Did okay on food until I found a bag with a hand full of chips..ugh. Well, they are gone now and won't tempt me again. Ha. I doubt it ruined my week.

Just ran around getting mom ready for her trip today. Our previous neighbors came by for a visit, which was nice.

Nothing planned for tomorrow until evening and then going to watch DGD in a Christmas performance. She is in her high school swing singing group. Hope the roads don't freeze or I won't be leaving the house. Freezing out there right now. Yuck.

Have a good Thursday ya'll.

12-04-2008, 12:51 AM
I hate it when I lose my post.

Susan- GGggrrrr to the coworker. I will come down and snicker at her. People like that (in my opinion) don't feel so good themselves and have to make other people feel bad in order to make themselves feel better. Sorry, and I hope that she sees the amazing person that you are, and things improve. Cole has a big mean sister also. When I try to point out to her that he is only 6, and she is much older than him, she says that she is not being mean. I finally end up yelling at her to not even talk or look at him anymore. Never works....

Cristina thanks for the link. and you have TURBO JAM? I saw an infomercial on it, and it looks really good. I wanted to order it but our dollar is back to being to low, so it is not worth it to order anything now. I am watching for it to end up at Wallyworld. As for the Yorkies, she sold a horse to buy a dog. Then she lucked out and got a male that someone couldn't keep, as she lived in an apartment, and the dog was way to yappy, and bothered the neighbors. Plus he is not a puppy and she couldn't sell him for the same price as a puppy. I don't have myspace, only facebook.

Mindee - Peanut butter cookies are my absolute favorite. Throw in some chocolate chips, and I am in heaven. Even better than chocolate. That is great that Tommy and Brandon had some father and son time.

Sassy glad to hear that the headache is gone. Good idea for hiding your DH presents. I always get Mark's on December 24 so that I am not tempted to give it to him early, or him find it by snooping. Does your coworker have a sister that can go and work with SuzyQ?

Sue - last week we were at a balmy 40 degrees, but today it dropped to a darn cold 5 degrees with a strong wind. But at least now it is to cold to get freezing rain. Weigh in on Mondays with the DH? Ok maybe I should weigh in with you so we can both be saddened at how fast men can lose weight!

Francie - Ok now you have to post the picture with the big smile on his face so that we can compare. Of course he will have a big smile, because he married you!

I am watching a new series on TV called the Secret Millionaire. I have spent the last 30 minutes trying to stop crying. This is a great show. Well I went into town and applied for my unemployment. Then we went to Cole's school and got his homework. He will probably just stay home for the rest of the week. His teacher thought that he looked terrible, but he actually looks and feels much better than the last few days. I think tomorrow, he might even feel like getting out the easy bake oven and making a treat.

Ok I must run. Gotta run out and feed the horses, I have been putting it off, as it is cold out. Oh ya Suzy - 5 horses. Yes that is 4 to many. Possibly even 5 to many. Kristi did buy Cole a minature pony, and then yells at him because he does not spend enough time with him, or feed him, the list goes on...

12-04-2008, 02:26 AM
Here's the pic...

12-04-2008, 02:29 AM
Cristina~A couple people have said that it doesnt work. I guess cuz once you stop, you just gain all the weight back and then some. But it could be like with any diet right?

Today is my anniversary!!! YAY!!!!! We were wed sometime around 4pm!!

12-04-2008, 03:19 AM
Just wanted to pop in and wish Francie a Very Happy Anniversary!!! :D (

12-04-2008, 03:24 AM
awww thanks!!! I love Minnie & Mickey!!!

12-04-2008, 09:41 AM
:val3::celebrate: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FRANCIE :congrat::cheers:
That is a great picture. You both look so happy. Your dress is beautiful.

Sassy- where do you find all your cute cartoons that you put in your posts? Even Cole always asks to see what pictures you have posted. He's gonna absolutely love the Mickey and Minnie.

12-04-2008, 11:36 AM
:val3::celebrate: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FRANCIE :congrat::cheers:
That is a great picture. You both look so happy. Your dress is beautiful.

Sassy- where do you find all your cute cartoons that you put in your posts? Even Cole always asks to see what pictures you have posted. He's gonna absolutely love the Mickey and Minnie.

Kathy, I find them at Glitter Graphics (

Glad you and Cole are enjoying them!!! :)

I hope he likes this one: (

12-04-2008, 11:52 AM
Sassy - Cole really hasn't had a smile on his face for a week, until today when he saw M & M , and Wall E which I told him was special for him. Thanks :hug:

12-04-2008, 12:09 PM
Thanks Kathy!!

Awww...Wall-E!!!! I love that movie!!! I think thats my 3rd fave Pixar movie. (Finding Nemo & Monsters Inc are 1 & 2)

12-04-2008, 03:01 PM
Hello all...

Francie...well, about WW, I can only speak from my personal experience with WW. And if you lose weight with any diet and then go back to eating the way you did before going on it, I think most will gain, I know I would. But I've joined three times now and I've not gained the weight back. A lot of the info is always in the back of my mind...but I am normal/human and I do slip. And there does come a point where I get bored with it like anything else...but for me it works. The last time I joined I was at 205 and that was I believe Jan 2007 and this time I weighed in at 184.6. . I just keep working at it even if I quit WW...I refuse to gain this weight back...worked way too hard. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Fonzo!

Kathy...5 horses! Wow, and you worked? That is a job in itself!

Sassy...just wanted to say, I did get your invite for facebook but I have to tell ya...not a fan of facebook at all. And with having a myspace page, that is more than enough for me. I did add you or whatever it is I did, lol.

Sue...hoping you are feeling better today!

It is bitter cold here today. Funny because the wind isn't blowing...but it IS cold! Supposed to get some snow sometime tonight, ugh! Supposed to be after about 10 thank goodness. We have Chase's school Christmas program to go to.

I've got an hour of exercise done so far. LS Slim & thin and the WATP Walk & Jog...going to do 30 on the treadmill too...3 ten minute walks. The food is going good.

Went and bought groceries this morning and other than that, not much going on.

Have a good day!

12-04-2008, 03:25 PM
nothing really new since my last post.....

Marissa is cutting her molars, so she hasn't been the happiest of campers here. She has three of them, and I haven't put my finger in her mouth to see if the fourth one came in yet.

Logan is into the "mama, I's scared" phase. He was playing yesterday and all of a sudden, ran down the hallway (mind you the light was on) and crouched down by my bedroom door, and said "mama, I's scared." I said "what are you scare of Logan?" Then he started laughing and went back to playing with Marissa and Brandon.

Brandon is doing great! He actually had OT yesterday at school and brought home a Santa, where he had to draw the eyes and the nose on. So, he wanted me to hang that up on the front door.

I am in the process of making some brownies right now, per Tommy's request. I was going to wash his work clothes for him, but the office manager claims that the owner took the keys home with him on accident, so she sent me on a fricken wild goose chase through the city with Marissa and Logan looking for quarters. I ended up not getting any, and I will have Tommy get some when he gets home from work tonight, and I will then wash his work clothes.

Then to top it all off, I was looking in my Parents magazine last night, and there is a recall on Marissa's crib! So, I have to get in contact with then to see about getting the right stuff for it.

we don't have anything planned for tomorrow during the day. but tomorrow night, me and Tommy are going to a Christmas party for one of his lodge brothers. The kids are going to the sitter, and so it will be a nice night for us! Then on Saturday, Brandon has a birthday party for a little boy in his class. Then on Sunday, we are suppose to go to our nieces birthday party, but I forgot to send my sister an email to let her know we would be there. So, I am guessing that we are just going to hang around here and do our grocery shopping.

Cristina~ I was going to make some sugar cookies too yesterday, but then Tommy asked me to make brownies.

Francie~ Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

Sue~ I am the same way! I hate the winter blues!

Kathy~ I have never tried them with chocolate chips in them.....maybe the next time I make them, I will put them in there. I am a sucker for peanut butter cookies myself!

12-04-2008, 03:27 PM

Hope your day is a special one!

12-04-2008, 03:34 PM
Hiya Mindee...

Brownies sound good too! My favorite is sugar cookies I must say. I will make some but not until Christmas Eve for dessert then. I am so weak when it comes to sugar cookies, or most desserts! The choc orange sticks I didn't even eat last night so that was good, and I had counted the points already. Oh well, maybe today if I am good. I've got 16 points left for the day so I am sure I will get them if I want them. Having chicken fajitas for dinner before we head out to the school program and I am sure I will want something later because I never eat as early as we are going to have to today...5 p.m....too early for me. I only plan on having one fajita too so that may leave me with even more points...maybe have an apple or banana, we'll see...but the cookies and brownies sound good!

Glad to hear Brandon is doing well. I loved when the kids made things...always made them proud when I hung it up somewhere. Logan is such a cutie, I

Have a great day...gotta go if I am going to get my walk in. I NEED to walk instead of doing nothing but dvds.

That reminds me...

SUSAN...WTG on all the walking missy!

Have a good one!

12-04-2008, 03:40 PM
Francie...Again, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Hope you and Fonzo have a great celebration.

Very cold here, but the sun is shining, so I am not so blue today. I washed a load of laundry and cleaned the utility room, but not much else.
I am already hating the idea of going out tonight, but must go to DGD's program.

Everyone have a nice day...and into the week-end.

12-04-2008, 03:53 PM
after checking out the cpsc's website, it claims that their crib's serial numbers aren't in the recalled batch. I don't know if I should be worried or relieved by that! I am still going to send them an email about it and tell them then I would like a repair kit just in case.

oh yeah, Marissa has been showing signs that she wants to be out of her crib and in a toddler bed. She will go into the boys' room and climb up on their beds and then look at you and smile. Tommy said "I know you want a big girl bed princess, but if we do that, daddy won't get any sleep!" I said "you never know......she might come and wake you up on the days that you sleep too long!"

Cristina~ I have a weakness for pretty much any dessert, but I am keeping them to a minimum this year. I was letting the brownies cool down, and then I will cover them and put them in the microwave.....along with the peanut butter cookies from yesterday!

Sue~ I hope the roads don't freeze tonight and you are able to make it to your DGD's program!

12-04-2008, 04:31 PM
Hi all.

Today is not a good day. I am in a lot of pain (my back) and I have taken not just one, but two of my pain pills and they have not even touched my pain and usually I take one and I'm good............I think a cold wave is coming in or is awful. :cry:

I hope that it goes away by Sunday night I don't want to miss any work, at least because of my stupid back. Plus my DH bday party is next week too. So I have to make it to that. Even if I have to crawl in. lol.

I'm also very very sad today. Won't go into that, but I am. I also finished off an entire container of cottage cheese.........:( I am pathetic! I was hungry, but I did not mean to eat it ALL! Geez!

Anyways, thanks for listening. lol.

Kathy -- Awww glad Cole liked it and glad it put a smile on his face. :) I loved Wall-E. I even cried. :cry: Well Cole, here is another one for ya: (

Not sure what Cole likes, just putting the ones I like! lol and I loved Ratatouille!!! :D

Cristina -- I don't really like facebook either, just my DH's coworker is into it and I needed to talk to him about my DH's bday so that is why I was there and it had that thing to invite your friends so I did. lol. Thanks for the add! ;)

Well I really need to go to bed. (I haven't been yet)

Have a Good Day!

12-04-2008, 06:15 PM
just thought I would pop back in to see what every one had to say.....

I am going to be going to do Tommy's laundry here when he gets back with some quarters. The boys seem to think that they are going with me, but they have another thing coming if they think so!

Sassy~ I hope you feel better soon!

12-04-2008, 08:13 PM
Hi everyone

Sassy - Cole says he likes everything. He likes the Rat. 2 smiles from him in a day. My DD who is 19 really liked the Rattatoulle (need spell check) movie. It is her favorite. Sorry about your back. What special plans do you have for your DH bday party?

Mindee - What kind of crib is in the recall? and what is wrong with the crib? I hate it when there is recalls on baby stuff. Have fun doing laundry. I sure have to stay home and get mine done. I was going to ask you before but forgot, what time does it get dark where you live?

Sue - Have a good time tonight at the program. How old is your DGD? It sounds like your weather is very close to ours. What time does it get dark where you live? It gets dark here at 4:00 pm, so it is hard not to get the blues.

Cristina - I have sort of looked at what plans WW has, but with working, I didn't want to try and fit that in also. How many points do you get a day? Do you get a few more points because of all the exercise you do in a day? Way to go on all that you do. Have fun at the school program tonight. Cole's is on Tuesday night, but only 2 guests can go from each family. Where do you find all your nice pictures that you post? And I have to say you always have the best avatars. I love Charlie Brown.

Hi Tammy and SuzyQ - I was sending you both good vibes today. (and bad vibes to the coworker.)

Well, I am off to get my butt kicked on Mario cart. I have such a life of leisure now, and it is great.

12-04-2008, 11:19 PM
Kathy...WW definitely takes some extra time for sure! Once you get the points down the first time you don't have to do it after that. But it takes time trying to figure things out when you don't have the point value on certain foods...just have to guesstimate. But I get 24 points a day plus there is the 35 flex points to use as I wish. I can either use them all at say, a dinner out one night, or on a couple of days or spread them over 7 days and have 29 points instead of the 24. You do get points for exercise as well but I don't count them. It's like rewarding myself with more food because I am working out and I don't want to do that. Also, I don't know what is in store but come Monday's WI/meeting we will be getting the new program, I am excited about that. The leader gave me the old stuff last week anyway and told me I/we will love the new changes...we'll see. Why only 2 guests at Cole's program? The Christmas program was cute! It was the kindergarten thru fourth grades and they did a wonderful job. Have fun at Cole's! The pictures I post I get at photobucket and the avatars at iconator...there are tons!!

Mindee...have fun doing the luandry! :)

Jules...meant to tell you to let me know if the gift comes in one piece. If it is broken let me know and I will replace it.

Susan...hope today was a better day at work with the snickerer.

Anyway...thought I would drop by and say Hi. Guess I am going to go lurking and do something, don't know what. I am tired but V is sick and I don't want to go to bed until I am about ready to pass out so I don't have to hear him snore, lol. Or I could just sleep down here in front of the fireplace.

Nighty, night ladies!

12-04-2008, 11:45 PM
Kathy- The program was very nice. DGD is a senior, so just the Spring concert to go. It didn't rain tonight or freeze, but boy is it cold. Around 20 degrees. Sunset here is between 5 and 5:30. I sure don't like that. It was sunny today, so I did feel better, but I really want to get outdoors. Hope your little one is finally up and around, feeling better.

Sassy- Hope you get feeling better soon also...I hate back trouble. Earlier I got out the heating pad for my back. I just have to turn the wrong way and my back goes out. It is a little sore tonight so I am not taking any chances. I don't have any pain pills, just Aleve. Sounds like you got a start on shopping for Christmas. I haven't done anything yet.

Mindee- Get the laundry done? I get such a chuckle reading about your little ones. They sound like so much fun. The pictures are about the cutest I have seen. Hope Marissa gets here molars through. Ouch!

Cristina- Did you make an offer on the wallpaper house? I hope you get it if you did. I love older houses and our town has so many beautiful Victorians. Glad you are liking WW. I am making a menu for next week for DH and I. Don't know how long he will stick to it, but I hope at least two weeks to show him we can live without gravy. LOL

Susan- Boy, I have to threaten you "ex" now I have to take care of the bratty co-worker. Snickering is so "middle school" so she better grow up. (How big is she, can I kick her butt? remember I am OLD) Hope you get to see your girls soon.

As I said I went to DGD's program. Didn't get outside for a walk, but DD and I had to walk a block to the program and it was so darn cold. I decided right then that I am going to buy a new coat next week. They have some good sales right now and I need a warm "nice" coat. I have a parka for "playing" outdoors, but I need something that looks less like an Eskimo and more like a grown-up. (but WARM)

I got the sweeping and dusting out of the way today and another load of laundry. Tomorrow I can play all day. I want to work on a scrapbook and maybe some sewing. Just some odds and ends of things I have started. I also have a book almost finished and want to start the Sue Grafton series. I have A, B and C. Mom is mostly packed and ready to go on Sun. She is ready to get out of this weather...and I don't blame her.

Have a good Friday!

12-05-2008, 12:42 AM
Hi Everybody. :wave:

Well my pain pills finally kicked in because my back no longer hurts!! TG! :carrot: Now my ear is hurting though.......UGH I hope its not an ear infection! I haven't had one of those since I was like 5 or something so I don't remember what it feels like! lol.

Mindee -- Thanks!

Kathy -- My back is feeling better and I am so glad! I am having a "Surprise" party for DH at Dave and Busters ( Dave and Busters is kinda like a restaurant, bar, pool hall, and arcade all into one if you haven't been. I have invited a small group of our friends, to just have a good time. Won't be a total surprise, as DH knows I am planning something, kinda hard to keep anything from him!!! But he has no idea who all is coming. He does know where though. :rolleyes:

Cristina -- Sorry that V is sick. Hope he feels better!

Sue -- Thanks. My back is feeling better. I used to never have any pain pills for my back either until it went out on me a year or two back and ever since my dr has continued to give me refills for my pain pills so I have them on hand in case I need them. I don't use them unless I REALLY need them. But its nice to know they are here in case of extreme pain. Yeah I have done well with Christmas this year. We only have the men folk to buy for now, and that is DH's dept. ;) I learned from my MIL to start early so I started buying one thing at a time early for people and it just accumulates. I am in need of a new winter coat too. You are right, they are having some awesome sales right now. I have been wearing my leather coat, which is extremely warm and all, but I don't like to wear it every single day, esp when it starts getting really cold because I hate wearing those knit hats so I prefer a coat with a hood. lol. I haven't gotten anything done this week. Laundry is pretty much caught up, since DH only has two pairs of scrubs for work, we have to constantly keep washing them so our dark clothes at least are caught up. lol.

Well thanks everybody for the get well wishes, I do feel better! :D

:hug: (

12-05-2008, 12:19 PM
Happy Friday everyone

Well I have to come back in a little bit. Cole is still home sick, and he just asked me to go get him a kleenex. I told him he could go get his own, but he just informed me that he really couldn't go get his own kleenex because he doesn't think that I would like to clean up the floor after all his boogers fall out of his nose onto the floor. :dizzy: Then he added he would like some hot chocolate to make his nose feel better. Kids.


12-05-2008, 01:00 PM
Omg!!! I just saw a commerical for the new Bachelor!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 5th!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe Jason is the new dude. Geez.

12-05-2008, 02:54 PM
well, I have spent the morning cleaning up the boys' room. Big Trouble, AKA Logan, decided to make a mess with his poop. So between cleaning that up, cleaning the clothes up off the floor, putting the dresser back together, and answering the phone a couple of times.....he is now in his room playing with the duplos instead of napping. Marissa, on the other hand, is napping!

Tonight, the kids are going to a baby sitter and me and Tommy are going to a Christmas party for one of his lodge brothers. We are going to try and do a little bit of Christmas shopping while we are out as well.

As for the laundry.......that is another story! Tommy never got a chance to get the quarters last night, so I am NOW waiting for a call from the office manager telling me that the owner brought the keys back. She told Tommy last night that she would call me first so that I can get them first. I will let you know if that happens.....I am not counting on it though!

And just in time for us to go out tonight, it is now snowing! I am hoping that it doesn't pick up too much other wise I just might knix the night and stay home. But then again, I am looking forward to a night out, so I am sure that won't happen!

Kathy~ Check out for the recall. But it is the Simplicity crib. We have the same one, from both Logan and Brandon, and we ended up tossing Brandon's and now just have Logan's crib that Marissa is using. They are saying that the drop side of the crib can come loose and cause the child to get caught in it. It gets dark around 5:30 or 6pm here.

Cristina~ Did you end up going to bed? Or did you sleep in front of the fire place?

Sue~ Nope, laundry isn't done yet! I am hoping that she calls me soon, or I will be waiting until tomorrow to do it! Tommy has to work, but he is getting out early because Brandon has a birthday party for a boy in his class tomorrow at the bowling alley near by. thanks for the nice comments on the pictures.

Sassy~ How is your back doing today?

Katy~ I will go and look for you on there! ok, so you beat me to it! I added you though!

Francie~ I was wondering if you had seen a commercial for it yet. How are you doing today?

12-05-2008, 03:30 PM
Well, not much playing today. My little bit sore back of last night has turned into a BIG sore back. I can't sit in a comfy chair, just perched on the edge. Needless to say I have found lots of things to do standing up today. I am really bummed because I wanted to go shop later. Oh well, no use crying, this is nothing new for me and it takes a few days to ease up. (hopefully no more)

Ya'll have a good week-end and I will try to do the same.

12-05-2008, 11:20 PM

Well I have felt like crapola today. Ever since I ate a hamburger earlier today. :p Red Meat and me don't seem to get along too well. :barf: (

Guess that is what I get.........

So once again nothing has gotten done. Oh well. :shrug:

Kathy -- thanks for adding me to facebook and your address. :) I hope Cole feels better. (

Mindee -- my back is feeling better, thanks. Hope you have a good time at the party!

Hope you all are well. I'm going to bed.


12-06-2008, 01:17 AM
Mindee~Ya, I dont watch ABC too much, except for weds and thursdays, lol. So I finally got to see the commerical for it. I'm doing good, how have you been? I was gonna make some cookies today, and realized that I'm out of flour, lol. And for some reason, I was like..Mindee needs to make me some cookies, LOL!!!

Katy~Omg, Jason wishes he could be Sleepless in Seattle cool. Did you notice that there was a lot of blonde chicks?? I was like...whoa, blonde babes overload!!! I doubt the girl him and whoever he picks will last forever. I think Jesse should be the next Bachelor!! Poor Jesse. I still feel horrible after what that b*tch did to him!!!

OKay so I have some news. My BIL Angel is coming to live with us after the 19th!!! He better not screw up over here!!!

12-06-2008, 10:39 AM guys have been busy posters. I was shocked Monday when I got on the scale at work...but I thought it had to be wrong...weighed in at WW Friday morning at minus 5 1/2 --I have been sick again and have no appetite so that may have helped. Chasing a walking Dominic has given me a workout too.

I am still coughing, sneezing and feeling yucky....I am so sick of being sick that it is not funny....

BBL for indys....

12-06-2008, 11:22 AM
I cant believe I forgot to mention this, lol. The command is having a Christmas party on the of course, I went out and bought some new clothes, lol. The top I bought is actually smaller than my usual size!! YAY!! I love buying smaller clothes!!!

12-06-2008, 05:04 PM
Saturday -

I can't believe I am so far behind! Gabrielle and I drove into Portland today for the weekend.

Thanks for the good wishes on the coworker, she wasn't so bad yesterday when I worked w/ her. I think she is just bossy and doesn't have a good home life, I was surprised when another worker said that she (Snicker Worker) walked in on her husband and another lady fooling around. Not that that excuses rudeness but whatever.

Oh, I was opening up a case of toilet paper at work....and my hand slipped and I hit myself in the face below the , I have a bruise....and I even have 2 zits. It is like.......what more God???

I feel fat! Back up to 149! I didn't even weigh this morning. Gabster and I went to a pancake house and had breakfast. I had a bowl of oatmeal and she had eggs, pancakes and 2 sausage links. Of course she didn't eat it, I had 1 link and a few pieces of panackes that were left over.

anyway, we have tons to do and I could be moving next week! So, I am stressed but I love my job and the area I live , so it is all good :)

catch up more tonight!

12-06-2008, 06:07 PM
well, we almost didn't make it to the party last night. Tommy got home from work and asked me to help him. So, I went out to the van and stepped on the brake for him. then I heard "son of a b****!" and I knew it wasn't good. come to find out, the back brake line had rotted and was leaking. he called around to get some prices and was able to get it fixed today, after he got off of work.

we still ended up going last night, we just took it really easy and stayed in the middle lane so we didn't have to brake that much. Our friends, who were watching the kids, let us borrow their truck to go to the party. so that was nice of them.

Brandon had a birthday party for a friend from school today. I told him that he needed to get into the bath tub so that he was clean for the party. He told me "no, I'm sick." So, I said "well, if you are sick, then you need to take some medicine." He gladly complied, which I knew then that he wasn't bsing me when he took it. Marissa and Logan got some medicine as well. The boys are still sleeping and Marissa is walking around playing. The kids didn't get up until 12:30 this afternoon! So, I knew that something was on the horizon...we are suppose to go to our niece's birthday party tomorrow, but my sister hasn't emailed us back and with the kids being sick, we are going to nix it. we do however have to go grocery shopping probably in the morning, and then Tommy is going to wash our laundry.

I am going to be putting up some more pictures on myspace and facebook here in a second. I took some pictures yesterday and today....and then I am going to add some snow pictures, from when we lived up north and from today. so look out for those!

12-06-2008, 07:12 PM
Hello all...

Busy day today. The weather was so freakin nice though and I HAD to get out and get a walk in. I had planned only 1/2 of it but couldn't resist! I haven't walked outdoors in sooo long I had to today. And plan on going to the park tomorrow to walk a good 2 or 3 miles as well. Also, did my dvd and some weights so feeling good about that. Hoping for a good WI come Monday. I have been doing great with the food as well. Really need to do some thinking and planning tomorrow because we have Chase & Cambries church program to attend and it's at the time we usually eat. Look forward to that. Plus we are having an open house tomorrow. Had a showing today and also put in an offer on the wallpaper house so as I said. busy day today. I love it though!

JULES...:bravo: on the loss, impressive! Hoping you feel better soon :hug:

SUSAN...yay to moving! And I am glad the co-worker was acting a little better. Glad too that you like your job and where you live. I want some of Gaby's breakfast! Hey, 149 is not so bad. You always do great and I know you will be at goal soon! :hug:

FRANCIE...yay to a smaller size!

MINDEE...omg, I don't think I will ever get over the poo story, yuck! And I didn't have to clean it up! Kids do the weirdest/funniest things don't they? Hey, that's what V and a friend did on his truck Wed...he had been leaking brake fluid but neither one could get to it until then. Glad you guys were able to get to the party.

KATY...sorry to hear all goings on...hoping everyone is fine. :hug: And glad to see you posting! I'll try to find you on facebook but honestly, I don't really spend time there.

TAMMY...THANK YOU!! I received your gift today! Made me laugh and I LOVE IT! :thanks:

That's about all I have. Was up kinda early to get some pinto beans cooked for chili. Wanted to get the beans cooked so that I could light some candles and get the bean smell out of the house...and chili sounds so good to me for dinner right now...kinda hungry!

Going to go check out Mindee's pictures and see if I can find RK on facebook.

Have a wonderful weekend!

12-06-2008, 09:29 PM
I am back for a second, waiting to head out for the zoolights up at the zoo.

I picked up a rinse for the hair *nutmeg and it came out kind of dark but it covers all that icky paprika that is taking it's own sweet time to grow out. Also, picked up a coat for Gaby at 50 % off.....the R's were getting G going at the store. I think Gaby likes the attention,,,,she was running and dropped her gum on the carpet and we watched as she stuck it back in her mouth. omg- she is not my child. lol

Jules - hee haw chickie, great about your weight loss, I am hoping you are feeling better now??

Cristina- I bet your home looks lovely all dolled up for Christmas, hope you get a good showing for the open house! I think I would be happy between 145/150, getting below that is hard. I was down to 135 but gained to 145 for several years, so I am ok w/ where I am,,,,just don't want to go over 150 :yikes: .......these holidays are tough w/ all the goodies around.

Katy - I want to knit! How long did it take you to learn? I wanted to go to PCC's Christmas program this afternoon, but zoolights won out. It is beautiful around the park, isn't it?

Sassy - Hope your back is feeling better? You hav found some cute pictures!

Kathy - I was off for a year and enjoyed the time just taking care of Gaby. I got wages for 4 months and after that unemployment, plus the 13 week extension they had. Anyway, enjoy it while you can!

Francie - Good for you on getting into a smaller size! ewwww, they have a pet tree at work was going to tell about my Momo along w/ a picture - thought of you on that.

Sue- I want to go w/ your mother! Sounds like fun. Co worker is can probably take think she is 5 feet.

Mindee- Yikes lady, good you were able to get the brakes fixed before anything happened. Remember it was so dark when I drove home last week?? Seems I had a headlight out. Duh, got it fixed now.

Tammy - :waves: hope you are well!

Did I get everyone??? Hope so.....better go walk off my dinner at the zoo.

chat more later.

12-06-2008, 10:29 PM
We put up our tree yay!! Our tree looks all ghetto, lol. We're sooooo gonna get a new one next year for sure, lol. It looks really pretty though.

Anyways, we're watching the ASU vs. UofA game right now. ASU is in the lead right now. YAY!!! Fonzo is for UofA of course, cuz he's from Tuscon, lol. I doubt we'll finish the game. We're gonna watch Get Smart soon.

Susan~I've always wanted to get Christmas pics for the cats..but theres just too many of them, lol. Plus, they dont sit still..LOL!!! Maybe we'll pick one cat and take her to get a pic with Santa at Petsmart, lol.

12-07-2008, 01:26 AM
I think I will put alittle tree up for Gaby but nothing beyond one that can stand on a table. I am glad you and Fonzo got one up!

Speaking of X-Mas I will be working that day - no biggie, I will have Christmas eve day off so we can celebrate that evening. And after this Monday I will work 6 days straight so you won't see me much on line.

I am going to get my pj's on and go to bed. It was freezing up at the zoo, my hands were so cold. I liked seeing all the lights but there was a lot of people and that wasn't very fun. I did get to see the baby elephant, he is very cute.

and we (G , Rach & I) had our picture taken with a billy goat.....yes, some people do a picture w/ a reindeer and maybe even santa, here in the NW it is a goat. A very cute goat I must say ( or maybe it was a sheep??? :dizzy:)....Rach just begged to get one taken so we did.

Have another turkey to cook tomorrow and I am thinking of just staying and going home on Monday. Course I have so much to do at home......ugh,


12-07-2008, 10:52 AM
Hello, and a good Sunday to all!

SUSAN...made me laugh, a goat?! :lol: And eeewww to Gaby and the gum, lol. Cambrie is going thru a phase, or we hope it's a phase where she keeps putting stuff, anything in her mouth. Josh said she had candy in her mouth and he asked where she got it she said off the floor. She keeps eating her buggers too, lol! Love those ages, too freakin cute! Bet your hair looks pretty! And we will miss you, no posting for 6 days. :(

FRANCIE...I don't think your tree looked ghetto, I liked it! And the blue lights around the door. I put blue lights on the mantle this year. I love to add some somewhere in the house, on the outside though, I think they are hideous, lol. Love that Fonzo's sweatshirt was glowing, lol!

Well, just thought I would check in while I had a few minutes. Josh got everything wrong, time, place, blah for Cambrie & Chase's program at church so I called last night to make sure. He thought it was at 7 p.m. and at the church where Cambrie goes to preschool...that's hers Tuesday evening. This one is during service today so we have to leave about 10:15 to get least I get to go to church, lol. Haven't been in so long because I don't care to go by myself.

So up early to get a couple of things done before we leave in case we get back too late to do it before the open house. I did my slim & thin dvd once and then did half of it for 45 minutes of exercise so far. Headed to the park for a good long walk later. It is supposed to be 54 today so that is great walking weather.

I am kind of excited about WI tomorrow. I weighed Monday at 182.4, Thursday at 182 so hoping I at least am still at that tomorrow. We'll see. Looking forward to the new changes with WW too, so the meeting may be a little longer tomorrow.

Better get going.

Have a GREAT Sunday!

P.S. Hiya KATY...glad to hear the boys won! :yay: Bet they were excited! And kudos to you for staying away from the pizza! That would have been hard for me. Hope little L gets to feeling better. :hug:

12-07-2008, 12:47 PM
Happy Sunday Ladies.

Cristina - Have fun at the Christmas program today. Wow, you are my hero with managing to get all your excercise in, stay on track with your eating, and you are actually very close to reaching your goal. :carrot: I hope that your open house went well, and you are able to get into your wallpaper house soon.

Katy -Congratulations to the boys. What sort of project did they make? I hope that you have a relaxing day, and hope L feels better soon. :) It is no fun when they are sick. We will try and spend today doing all of Cole's homework from last week. Good thing we had a relaxing day yesterday.

Susan - :D That is to funny - Goat? Sheep? I guess you better post us the picture so that we know which one it is. We will miss you while you are away working. I am glad that the coworker is better. But remember, we have your back. I will keep sending out the vibes to her that she better be nice to our sister! Give the girls a hug for me.

Francie - WTG on the smaller size. That always makes one feel a little better.
How many cats do you have? Do you have your pictures on facebook or myspace? Do you get along with your BIL?

Jules - :cp: WTG on the loss. Sorry that you haven't been feeling well though. Little Dominic walks already? Roxy doesn't walk yet, but she is starting to talk and it is pretty funny. This mornings word is Thankyou, and Meow. She keeps chasing the cat around and saying meow. When is Dominic's birthday?

Sassy - how are you feeling? I am going to learn how to post those cute pictures that you always find. :jig::doh::getwell: But for now Cole has to pick from the smiles list, and this is what he sends you today. Did you manage to get any shopping done this weekend? I am going to go shopping this week and try to get it all done.

Mindee - I hope that you had a good time at the party. Glad that Tommy got the brakes fixed. Sorry to hear that your little ones are not feeling well also. There is alot of colds and sickness going around right now. :hug:

Tammy - Hello out there, how are you doing?

Well, my MIL called me yesterday and asked me if she could come for Christmas. Of course I said NO - JK I told her yes it was no problem. So she is going to book her flight for the 21st. Now however, my DH figures that the house needs to be just perfect so I will have the next few weeks to get it perfect. I try to tell him that every closet and drawer does not need to be perfect. I think that for today, we are stuck at home. We had lots of freezing rain that turned to snow, so it is very slick around here. No reason to go out anywhere. It will give me a good jumpstart on all my closets and drawers. :dizzy: Men.

BBL - Hope everyone enjoys their day.

12-07-2008, 01:53 PM
oops, we are at 100 post.......

I just had a *little bit of eggs, a *little bit of hash browns and a *little bit of sausage for breakfast. I probably won't lose anything when all said and done this holiday season , lol.

Sure, I will copy the picture and send with the Christmas cards!! I think it was a sheep, what do you think Katy? The barn animals down at the family farm....anyway we had a real pretty one , after our pic they changed goat/sheep. Rach looks like a real farm chick, so stoic,,,,just needed to give her a pitch fork to hold.

Katy - No, I don't have a place to live in but I am moving anyway, lmbo. My mom says I would make a great gypsy. Hugs to L, hope she is feeling better. I will have to look into the knitting, I have always wanted to learn.

Kathy - I never have had a MIL.......oh, I did w/ my first husband back when I was 26....after 2 years we seperated and she told her son "she has such a pretty face to burn in ****".....*cough*cough...I guess they didn't believe in divorce. lol anyway........clean like a mad woman!! :)

Cristina - I hate my hair - grrrrrrrr. Wassup w/ the buggers?? I noticed Gaby doing something nasty the other day in that dept and she insisted buggers were good. Ewwwwwww. You are an Exercise Queen.....I give up even trying to keep up w/ you....hehe. Enjoy the programs w/ the kids! :)

I have orientation T/W so maybe I can post those days....Th/F is iffy. We do have computers around at work and I noticed *someone* in my dept has visited 3FC..... :yikes:...I hope my ID is never found out -lol,,,,S/S I probably could post. So it wouldn't be a total 6 days without posting, I would quit my job before that happened....haha......

k- need to get busy,,,slept til 8:30, it was so nice! I need to hunt for a dress for Gabster to wear at her school program the 15th.

chat later

12-07-2008, 02:03 PM
Susan~Aww..taking pics with a cute goat is always fun!!!

Katy~I'll have pics after the Christmas Party on thursday night, or friday. Thats great that the boys took first!!!!! Yay for not eating the pizza. Wish I could do that. We found this totally great pizza place here and its hard to resist it, lol.

Cristina~Well, there are some braches missing (cuz last year the cats just had to sit in the tree, lol). And its all tilted funny, (April kept knocking it over last year, lol). But I guess its just loved, lol. I love the blue lights..they're just so pretty. We got blue icicle lights for the outside too. It looks sooooooooo pretty. If you have stairs, you could always add some more lights there. OR put them up around the door!! That would be really pretty. Oh ya..that sweatshirt is like a reflector or something. The pants are like that too, lol. But I'm wearing his sweat pants so ya, lol. (Size medium!! OoO0)

Kathy~I have 4 cats, lol. And I have pics of them on my myspace. I do get along with my BIL (I have 2 BILs and 2 SIL..dont really get along with one of my SIL though). I havent seen him since he was a little bit younger though. He's like 18 now. I think I last saw him when he was 16. They grew up so effin fast, lol.

I should go..Fonzo is dancing all weird, LOL!!!

12-07-2008, 03:52 PM
Francie--Happy better go dance weird with Fonzo...Ry says his cat Hobbs broke the first "unbreakable" ornament of the season....

Susan--I am still over 200 so I can come sit on your snickering coworker and you can point and laugh....yuck on the moving again...

Kathy--Dominic will be 1 on January 4th..both my kids walked early and he has it mastered at 11 months. It's too cute to watch him "dance"...he is so fun. I have to post more pics. When does/did Roxy turn 1???

Cristina--I truly don't know what I did....I am eating less--no appetite and what I do eat I can't taste cause I am so stuffy. hope you keep going down. I have lost 14.5 lbs total since I started WW 12 weeks ago. I am trying to get in my water and I really need to exercise, but it's hard with having Dominic so much. Even with Teri and Jerry here I do most of the taking care of.

Katy--I really think Teri and I are just passing it back and forth...I am starting to feel 7-10 days will be up Monday, but Teri has it again..Yay for the boys..

Mindee--glad you had fun at the party--I will have to check out your pics...I don't know how you do everything you do with all three kids...I forgot how much work it is having a little one around.....

Sassy--hope you are feeling better...waiting for Teri to do something for me and I will have your package sent!!

Well I am on a decluttering bug again...finished my kitchen cabinets/laundry & pantry today. I want to do more but I am trying to do a little at a time and not get overwhelmed and quit. Dominic will be at his house Monday & Tuesday with his Mom so I will hit two more sections then. He's back on Wednesday nights since Teri does the night closing of the store. I dread doing Ry's old room so I will tackle it last--I will take a section at a time and not do it all at once. Teri helped me do her room--there are still some things she doesn't want to give up or take with her.

Well off to get this boy down for his afternoon nap--he wants me not his Mom and she isn't trying very hard...

12-07-2008, 06:39 PM
PLEASE STOP and POST at THREAD #65!!!:write::moped::scooter: