Fitness Videos - Cathe Friedrich is kicking my butt!

11-25-2008, 05:30 PM
In a good way!! my VCR is dying, and my exercise collection is over two dozen video I was panicking, until I dug out two Cathe DVDs someone gave me years ago.

I had to have my 25 yr old son WRITE OUT detailed instructions on how to operate the DVD :rofl: (because I AM over 40 ya know) and now I am proud to say I can use the DVD player :D

But WOW her workouts are something. I do have to modify them, the choreography is too challenging at times for me, and there is alot of high impact that I modify, but still...a great workout. And lots of variety on the DVD's.

The two I have are Cardio Kicks & Circuit Max / and Cross Train Xpress.

I also don't have a barbell, but do have a variety of hand held weights, that I'll use. So until Santa brings us a new VCR, I'll do Cathe workouts :carrot:

(this is funny - one of her segments has the exact same background music as a Karen Voigt as Cathe is doing weight work for upper body, the music in my head is doing leg lifts on the floor :dizzy:)

12-01-2008, 12:46 PM
I know what you mean...Cathe's workouts are great for anyone who means business! I LOVE the kick, punch, kicks some serious butt!:carrot:

You might want to think about asking Santa for a vcr/dvd with a burner, we have one and I have been using it to transfer my vcr tapes to dvd. They are less likely to wear out, atleast that is what my DH told could have been to help him justify the purchase too, but that's OK, it works great. ;)

12-01-2008, 01:05 PM
I have Kick punch, crunch and it is a serious workout. I love it. Her dvd's are awesome, and i love how strong and healthy she looks Plus, she isn't super annoying. I wish her dvd's weren't so expensive though.

12-02-2008, 08:03 AM
Hi ladies, thanks for the replies! Since I was 'forced' into using them, I have been doing them pretty wilingly, because they are different, challenging and fun and I can FEEL them afterwards.

Nail lady, Santa came early :) and yes we got one with a burner. Electronics are relatively affortable compared to years ago. It was about $79.

wantingtolose, I also admire her shape!! SO fit and trim. And also not annoying, not super chirpy-rah-rah.

The kickboxing moves are new to me, so I do modify the 'snap kicks' to regular kicks, and there is alot of high impact that I have to modify, but I am glad I found her!

I looked up the dollar value of the dvd's and oh boy, one of the ones I have is expensive!! Like $80. I'm sure glad they were gifts to me, even if I didnt use them for many years!