Soups and Stews Phase 2 - Mexican Vegetarian soup!

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11-24-2008, 01:06 PM
1 can Eden Organic Black beans(undrained)
1 can diced tomatoes
1 small can diced green chilis
3tsp ranch dressing mix
6oz morningstar veg. crumbles
4.5oz corn(I used frozen we had from the garden) [note that corn is only okay no more than one serving a month--make sure it doesn't spike cravings in you. Could substitute zucchini instead.]
2c water
1tbs cumin
1tbs chili powder
.5tsp paprika
.5tsp ground red pepper
1.5tsp onion powder
.5tsp garlic powder
(I am estimating these spices this is just what I use to make taco seasoning, you can use prepackaged but I would use reduced sodium if so.)

1 bag quick-cook brown rice

Do not drain beans or tomatoes. bring all ingredients to a boil except rice. Boil rice separately, then add to soup after 10 minutes. I have put mine in the crock pot so it can simmer on low a couple hours… Not necessary but I am not having lunch until then and we are having company so now it will be ready when we are!:carrot:

11-24-2008, 10:54 PM
I went ahead and used the corn because I pretty much used 1 serving in the entire recipe and it made 4 large servings... But zuchinni would be good too I am sure!

Nutrition info on this for a whole batch would be
1225 cal
13g fat
70.7g protien
36.2 fiber
206.1 carbs

Per 1/4 batch(probably about a 1.5c serving)
306c/3.5g fat/18g prot/9g fiber