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11-23-2008, 03:56 PM
I know there is a lot of controversy over these, and I hadn't planned on buying any, but my husband was at Sam's Club and brought home two boxes of the bars and a case of shakes. One of my biggest obstacles is quick meals, as I hate to cook or really prepare anything at all. So I decided I didn't want them to go to waste and have been eating them for breakfast. And lo and behold, I've finally made a dent on the scale, down two pounds. So be it luck, or the bars, or just my body suddenly deciding to give up a little bit, I don't care, two pounds gone and I'm happy.

Does anyone else use them and still do ok with loosing?

11-24-2008, 01:04 PM
I eat the bars ocasionally, especially when I am traveling and trying to stay away from airport food!

11-25-2008, 07:02 PM
I've used them in the past and truly, they can be a great emergency food. When I do air travel from Australia to the USA, I always pack 1-2 of them to have with me. However, when I'm in my home environment, I rarely have them as they are a bit addictive FOR ME. But that's just me.

I think that what is most important is that if you can handle them without getting compulsive, and if your weight removal process doesn't stall, then it's no problem. If you find they are a problem for any reason, I think that is when you need to become willing to back away from them or at least re-evaluate.

We are all on such a different path and different journey that it's impossible for anyone to say you should or shouldn't do something. I think the key is to remain willing to make changes over time and as needed in order to make this a lifestyle of eating that will work for you long term.

A year ago, there is no way I could have lived without using artificial sweetner - but today I rarely have it. A year ago, I wouldn't have been able eat the way I do today (whole foods, low carb, med protein, high fat) - but today I'm (mostly) totally satisfied with my way of eating. For me, it works best to make small changes rather than spend too much time in the 'black and white' world of foods.

Good luck and be well.