Support Groups - "Every-Day" 21-Day Challenge -- Put on a happy face!!

11-22-2008, 09:19 PM
Okay, everyone, as is the tradition, I start a new thread when I personally start a new challenge.

Below is a short explanation of how this challenge works so all you newcomers can take a look and decide if you're game or not! I hope you are! Hop aboard and enjoy the ride. We've got a great bunch of supportive people, so I hope you'll give us a try. A lot of people try for a while and then disappear.. I hope some of you will keep trying. There is NO shame in starting over. Remember, it's not over till you give up. And our motto around here is:

NEVER GIVE UP!!...Just start OVER!!


It works like this: you decide you'll do something for 21 days straight, every single day, so keep it doable. Then you count through 21.....and if you flub it, you MUST go back to zero and start over again. Everyone will be on different days. You can start anytime. At the beginning of the challenge you declare what level it is -- Level 1, 2, or 3. Level 1 means you feel it's a relatively easy challenge for you and means you only give yourself ONE pause day (see explanation of pause days below). Level 2 would give you two pause days and so on...
And taking NO pause days is what I'm going to call "aceing a challenge," as in "I'm aiming on aceing this one!" Yowzah!! :cb:

With a pause day you pause in your counting and continue the next day with the number you left off with. Pause days are NOT substitutes for days, i.e. Day 12 -- Day 13 -- Pause Day -- Day 14..... I suggest taking a pause day late in the game (better to go back to Day 1 early on) if you need a break or screw up when you're well into the challenge, meaning, when you're on Day 15 or something like that.

In any case, the trick is to keep going. The momentum builds and it's great incentive to stick to your guns, cause if you don't.........back to START you go. :( And the really great thing about this challenge is that you are forming new habits that will wipe out the old! AND, you get to do it with a great bunch of really supportive people to whom you are accountable! :grouphug:


In the interest of maintaining structure, a sense of solidarity and facilitating support I ask anyone who wishes to join this thread to please strive to follow the following guidelines while participating in this challenge and in posting.

1. Although this is a fabulous support group, the focus is to be on your CHALLENGE/S and/or other people's challenge/s AND weight loss, whether your challenge is about it or not. Please keep the challenge a priority, although we welcome chattiness! :lol: This means tell us what day you're on when you post and it's a good idea to make regular mention of just what your challenge is. This an action-based thread. Our members are ON a challenge, RESTARTING a challenge, or just in between and looking to start up again REAL SOON. ;) We also welcome posts from admirers, encouragers, and old friends!

2. Please refrain from posting food logs or recipes, except where you are really looking for help and advice on your eating. If journaling is your challenge, please keep the journaling off the thread and in a notebook or blog and just tell us if you've done what you set out to do. We have ALL types of dieters here, low-carb, high-carb, low-fat, high-fat, vegetarians, meat-lovers...please use simple mentions if you have something you want to share and then links and/or private messages to do so.

3. Please do NOT go into glowing accounts of any slipups, food indulgences or binges, what we here call "food porn." Simple mentions are fine, but use of smilies :censored: :tape: etc. as substitutes where possible is encouraged.

4. Please keep this a secular thread. Of course, passing references to your beliefs, a bit of introduction about your beliefs, brief faith-related words of encouragement are fine. :angel:

5. Please show support, support, support! This is key. :grouphug: You can waffle on about yourself but please, at least occasionally,come up and look around at others and what they are doing and MENTION it with words of encouragement and/or praise or sympathy. We understand "busy," poor computer connections, and bouts of self-pity and life problems where the focus turns to "me" and dealing with those problems, but these should be temporary, not a habit! ('cept in the computer case.)

In conclusion, let me say, the above are just that, GUIDELINES. Please realize that these guidelines have been added in an attempt to keep this a supportive and beneficial thread, at the LEAST, to those who need it MOST, those for whom weight loss is the hardest and, more often than not, the most crucial as well as for those who still, perhaps despite great success, know all too well that the road they walk will always be a slippery one. :^:

The guidelines are also meant to cultivate an atmosphere of consideration and concern for ALL, not individually, but AS A GROUP.

Well, all's said. Please join us!! :wave:

11-22-2008, 09:23 PM
OK, people, hope you find us over here. I started a new thread (and stuck with the song theme for the subtitle...) since I finished my one challenge. Up and at 'em, everybody! Lights, cameras, SMILES! Let's get this show on the road!!

11-22-2008, 10:09 PM
Well, I am keeping my hard earned days from the last challenge and I have made it to day 16! I think I might make it this time! Today was one of those scudding cloud, sunny-between-the-storm days and it was warm. All the kitties were sleeping on the porch and the crows were raiding the compost pile. I took a long walk down the lane behind my house that leads to a big ranch at the foot of the local peak. It is a windy down hill and then a huffing and puffing uphill return. I think it is about 1.5 miles down to the private entrance to the ranch. I have not walked that way for a long time because the road is all private easement, but the neighbor who was unhappy about people walking the road has moved away and it seems okay again. The robins are back and the red-winged blackbirds, which means it is truly winter here. I saw a pileated woodpecker, which is rare and very local here. It scared the dickens out of me as it shrieked and swooped right next to me. They are very loud. I got a little sun on my face; I was starting to look a little wan and ghostly. I will come back later with personals. Our son is off to a friends for the weekend and I am making a nice dinner for DH and I. Pozole, which is a Mexican hominy stew. It's yummy and low carb. Talk to you soon.

11-22-2008, 10:39 PM
Quix -- Nice post. Will write more later. I was just looking up "quixotic" on the Net dictionary and this is what I found. Not "idealistic."

2. extravagantly chivalrous or romantic; visionary, impractical, or impracticable.
3. impulsive and often rashly unpredictable.

I like this better and it makes more sense, coming from Don Quixote....sounds like a perfect fit for me! Whaddya say, teach? ;)


11-22-2008, 11:17 PM
Hi redballoon and quixotica! I've never done one of these before, any challenge at all for that matter. But I've been hoping to join one once a new one started. Suffice it to say that I am very nervous, but I will be honest with how well I do or do not do with my challenge every day. Okay, here goes...

Schmalger's 21-Day Challenge:

Start Date: Sunday, November 23, 2008

Level 3

Exercise on the elliptical every day (will aim for at least 30 minutes - but the key is to establish a daily habit of exercise so duration won't be strict on this first challenge)

And I will be sure to report when I pause and if I fail and have to start over again.

Thanks, redballon, for starting this up. Since this is a new thread, I feel more comfortable jumping in. And please let me know if I misunderstood anything. :^:

11-23-2008, 12:55 AM
schmalger -- Welcome to our humble thread!! :welcome: So glad you could join us and you're very welcome for the thread. I've been doing this for years and we do seem to have more new people start in when a new thread starts even though the threads are continuous, on-going, like a loop. Everyone is doing her own thing. I just start new ones when I start a new challenge after completing one (or when the old one gets too long).

There is NO reason to be nervous, no one here is nasty (except me sometimes when I'm reading someone the riot act :kickbutt: for some tough love encouragement ;) ) If anyone gets nasty I bump 'em off the thread! So don't you worry. Your first challenge sounds great and I'd say you understand everything just fine. Thanks for reading. Your not focusing on the duration is perfect for a new challenge. So many people start up all fired-up and disappear because they've set the initial bar too high. I just finished a "cleaning challenge" and I did not demand that I make any sort of significant progress on of my living quarters. I just forced myself to do something. And, wow, it was eye-opening. It made me feel a LOT better too.

I read some of your blog and I like your attitude. You sound like you're making some major changes in your life and good for you! When I first went to Europe (I was 16) I was quite hefty and I felt miserable. England wasn't bad, but I felt it in Europe. I could hear people saying things. It made me utterly miserable. I just felt constantly that I had to apologize for myself. (Well, no more of that! :lol3: ) Here too in Tokyo I see big Americans here as tourists and they always look extremely self-conscious (the women do) because things are small here and they really stand out (no pun intended). I feel sorry for them. I just wish I could take a magic wand and give them what they want and put big smiles on their faces. It's such a waste to be feeling bad, but it's inevitable. It puts so much more fun into things when you like the way you look, truly. Not that I have that body yet, but I'm much further along. I do remember so, so well.

Well, that said, I am going to force this far-from-perfect booty to the gym now. I haven't decided on a new challenge yet. I still am doing four others, but I may redo the last

Good luck on the exercise. You can do this!! :flow1:

11-23-2008, 01:50 AM
:welcome3: schmalger! Excellent first challenge, and very doable! Best advice I can offer is try to post even a tiny comment every day--helps keep you accountable. I can't always, but I notice how much more likely I am to stick to my plan and succeed if I do........

Well, exercised hard today, did my 5K run at the gym, and followed with a serious set of weight training. Just read an article on the advantage of doing cardio, then follow up with weights, supposedly being ideal to get into shape fast. Of course, then I read another article that said only weight train every other day for maximum benefit, so like tomorrow, when I swim, that's all that I will do (usually go about 80-90 minutes anyway, so pretty wiped after).

Then we went outside, for a moderately-long walk and sit at the beach, for my sunlight (yes, I wore my sunscreen!) b/c I read another article about how important it is to try to get some every day for optimum serotonin and moods levels--may help with the winter/holiday blues I can get sometimes.

Eating was pretty good, not the lowest calorie/fat, but all-in-all, I'd say it was a good day. Water was good. Now, off to bed!!

11-23-2008, 08:03 AM
Yup, another day done and clear on all challenges. I am NOT letting me not do these challenges, it's as simple as that and because three of them are about NOT doing something, I have no excuse whatsoever. The only way I could not do them is if someone forced beer, sugar or a cigarette into my mouth and forced me to swallow. That said, it is not going to be easy because I am sworn off booze til the new year. I need the momentum and I need to see that I can hang out with people who are not insisting I get drunk. I also think it is greatly helping my body and mind get healthy. I am not seeing weight loss but I think I will. I have been weight training a lot and getting some muscle back. If I maintain the level of weights and keep at it AND watch the dreaded calorie intake I think, I think, oh I do think, I can lose weight! :yes: At the gym this afternoon I felt there was something missing around my stomach area and I think I have lost fat there. It's not something that would affect clothes where one could easily tell. I'm not wearing corset-like things, or tight jackets (they are always open ;) ) just big shirts, so the fat above the pants waist can expand considerably. Another thing, I uncovered some pants that are not stretchy. Stretch material is the bane of my expanding backside. I mean, it's great to be so comfortable and to allow for some expansion, but I realize that I have been expanding over a whole size and not noticing it. I am going to use these pants, which used to be big on me, as a measure. Now, I can't even get the top button done. There is about a 2 inch or more gap. Yikes! :eek:

No Booze
Day 19 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5)
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 19 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5)
No Sugar
Day 17 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7)
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 13 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11)

Sunshine Challenge (completed Nov. 22)
Day 21 completed no pauses allowed

Quix -- Lovely post before. I guess this is what you call a "walking post." I wish I could feel relaxed enough to write one. I am always in a rush to get somewhere. I need lazy days, lazy time, never have it. Always use the walk as a workout or just getting from one place to the next. You are up to 16! That is great. Can't believe how the days fly as the momentum builds. In the beginning they seem to crawl.

mod -- You certainly did have a good day. That was a LOT of exercise. I think articles have been written on every order of exercise. I always heard that it's better to do cardio after the weights and that's what all the bodybuilders I know do. I think it totally depends on where you are to start with and where you want to go. If your priority is muscle AND getting ripped I think weights first is the only way to go. The builders are dying before a contest because they eat so few carbs. The muscles are depleted of glycogen which gives you energy and strength. If they do cardio they will lose muscle as they simply don't have the strength to go heavy. I used to do it this way but now do the opposite. I like to get all sweaty from running and then do weights. Feels so much more intense. Also, I am in big danger of canning the cardio if I do weights first and I know this, so I do the cardio first and then weights because I enjoy doing weights and always get into them no matter how awful I feel at first. I think so much depends on what is easy for you, which is hard. For a lot of people, the weight training is the chore. For me, it's the fun. The boredom is the cardio. That is sheer torture. I listen to music. I count steps, really. It's the only way I can push myself to continue is to count off the steps to go. Really, I kid you not.

11-23-2008, 04:59 PM
Day 6 in progress.......

Red--yeah I totally agree with you. And yes, I always thought it was the opposite as well, but the latest article I read said to do cardio first, which, like you, I always hate and have to push myself to do. So I was generally doing that anyway. I also have to listen to music, alternating with counting steps, anything and everything to get me to push on through. The weights--I have fun with--it really feels like I'm accomplishing something. And I like to venture into the free-weight area in between some "machines" and work alongside some real cuties! ;) Hardly any other girls in that room, whereas both are using the treadmills and machines, etc.

I mean, just casting the surreptitious glance every so often out of the corner of my eye at some rippling pecs or lats, or whatever.....:hot: :D

So got done with my swim--an intense 90 minutes. I was on such a high, though, I came home and vacuumed the entire upstairs for another 45 minutes, before having lunch! Getting a bit of a rest now watching football (so far, Jets are doing awesome--yaay Brett Farve! But Dallas very disappointing....) Another gorgeous week-end here, not going to last but we've had 3 great week-ends in a row! Very sunny and decent temps.....

So I may get off the couch later this evening for a meditative stroll around the neighborhood--before Monday comes!

Catch everyone later! :flow1:

11-23-2008, 08:57 PM
Hi ladies,
I need some butt kicking!:kickbutt: I have not stayed out of the pie, mashed potatoes and I even had a dab of ice cream in the morning! I hope this is not food porn; I think it is fessing up. I can't figure out what is going on besides the fact that my motivation is waning and I am tired of trying so hard to see the scale barely move over the last few weeks. I think I will start a food journal so I can be more accountable about what goes into my mouth. Perhaps I am eating more carbs than I imagine. I know I eat too many nuts when I am hungry and need a quick snack. Maybe that is it! So, now I am on day 17 and tomorrow I will start day one of journaling all the food I put in my mouth each day and the amount of water I am drinking.

I went for another walk today. I have a friend who lives out along the river in the redwoods and we took her dogs for a long walk-about four miles (total) down the road along the river. It was still so cold under the trees that the frost was still on the ground and the road in the darkness of the "tree tunnels" as we walked along. I have been feeling a little shakey and tired lately and one of her dogs, a big lab, almost knocked me down by running past me and brushing against me. I have been overdoing it at work and then not able to sleep. Thanksgiving vacation will do me some good. I need the rest. I am thinking about getting a massage every once in a while. I have a good friend who does massage, but I can't count on "freebies" and I think I may start paying for them ocassionally. I had a therapist (yep, I've been there, done that) tell me that I should consider deep tissue massage, but I am chicken. Evidently, it is quite painful, but I have also heard it really helps. I have had breast cancer, I am missing a breast and my body is out of balance. I am thinking I need occasional muscle and tissue realignment. Part of the reason I have a hard time sleeping, I think, is that I become uncomfortable during the night and wake up.

Tonight I am going to pedal, too. I am also going to start logging my pedaling miles.

Red-I really like your definitions for quixotic better than the simplistic one I have...more would not fit, and yeah, the two you have definitely define Don Quixote better. He is one of my favorite characters in fiction. And, I would say you are very quixotic. But that is one of your charms, and the charm of Quixote. He is daffy, affable and impractical, but in a good, well-meaning way. That's me, too. Some days my DH just shakes his head and laughs. It's a good thing he finds it loveable in me!

About my walking posts...there is nowhere to walk except the country here. So, I walk in the country! I live in a very rural part of Northern California, in the coastal mountains. It is gorgeous, but tiresomely far from "anywhere" sometimes. I have to get a dose of the city every once in a while so I don't feel like an utter country bumpkin. I wrangle my DH into an over night in San Francisco or a vacation that includes a big city or two every so often. I imagine I will be one of those red-hatted old gals who leaves her husband behind to go gallavant with girl friends all over the globe-one of these days!

About those tight pants-hang them up somewhere where you can see them every day, try them on occasionally until you can button them again! I was so pleased when I went through my drawers and found three pairs of almost new pants that I could shimmy into again. And, you can do it, too. That two inch gap could be gone in a month. I dare you!

Red and Modcat-I enjoyed the discussion about cardio and weights. I use very light weights when I use them and mostly use them to lengthen a stretch and high repititions to develop muscle mass. I come from a ballet and modern dance background so far as exercise goes, so I have a "taboo" against bulking up. Heck, I don't want to be any bulkier! But, muscle is good. Osteoporosis runs in my family, too, so developing muscle is important. My DH and I have been talking about getting a bench and sets of weights. We will have to build a new room on our house for it all though! We are talking about doing a garage conversion and then building a new garage...yikes! Another project that costs money!

Hi Schmalger and welcome!:welcome2: This is a wonderfully supportive thread and I have always felt at home here and I hope you do, too! Your little avitar guy is it a "Schmalger"? Good luck on your illiptical training work! Do you own one so you can go right to it at home, or are you going to the gym? I broke down and bought myself a recumbent exercise bike and it has really increased the amount of cardio I get.

Well ladies. I am heading up to the cottage in Oregon on Tuesday. Someone asked where it's on the coast just north of Coos Bay, in North Bend. Our oldest son, his girlfriend and one of his band mates is meeting us there for Thanksgiving. I miss him so much and I am really looking forward to this vacation. Gotta get packing, cleaning out fridge and grading papers. Talk to you tomorrow and then I will be gone for five days. But, I will think of you all and try to stay on track!

Until tomorrow!

11-23-2008, 09:19 PM
Hey all, didn't check in yesterday but it was Day 2!! Today was Day 3!! I was actually not in the mood to exercise this morning cause it was so cold but I did it because I wasn't going to let my last two days go to waste.

My challenge within a challenge (watching my diet on weekends) was successful. I didn't overeat, so that's good. I kept to 3 meals a day and didn't overdo the snacks.

So on to Day 4 tomorrow. Previous posters - thanks for inspiring! Reading about you guys exercising hard and watching what you eat motivates me to do the same - thanks! :hug:

11-23-2008, 11:29 PM
Daily Exercise Day 1

Exercise? Check!
Stats? 30 minutes on the elliptical - 4 miles - 135 calories burned (AND I studied for tomorrow's exam while exercising!)
Mood? Ecstatic!


redballoon - Thank you for welcoming me so warmly (that goes to EVERYONE!), and I especially appreciate your encouragement and affirmation of my goals. It's so true that having this support makes such a huge difference. I was thinking all day how busy I am, and why oh why didn't I wait to start this challenge tomorrow AFTER this most heinous day?? But then I would think about how important my health is and how embarrassing it would be to come and report having to start over on my very first day! :rofl: P.S. I'll gladly take KITAs whenever you think I need them!! :D And WAY TO GO on your many many challenges. I'm so inspired! (Tackling smoking is coming up for me and DH the week after finals!)

modcat44 - Thank you for your warm welcome, too, and the affirmation of my very first challenge! I will be sure to try to comment each day. It helped me just this first day, knowing that I have this great accountability and support here, waiting for a report. WAY TO GO on the super exercise and calories yesterday and today. And I should add that I'm oh so jealous of the beach and swimming you have going on!!!! I'll live vicariously through you!

quixotica - Here's a big KITA for you: :kickbutt: You asked for it! :D Seriously, though, congrats on the exercise, at least you stayed on plan there! And get some rest woman! Thank you so much for your warm welcome, as well. I really do appreciate how warm and welcoming you all are here. I can already feel the love. :hug: My avatar actually came from the ones provided here; I picked him because he looks like a little book worm, which is an apt description of myself. (I used to have a glow worm when I was a kid, and he was my favorite toy!) As for "schmalger," it comes from a sort of "inside joke" among the family. (Suffice it to say that someone played an incredibly elaborate trick on my mom when playing Scrabble...complete with a faux entry in the real dictionary. Hilarity! Hopefully, now that I've told you that, I won't be found out!) And I do have an elliptical at home. I actually lost about 15+ lbs a couple of years ago, and then I broke my foot and stopped for about a year. I don't have an excuse for the last year... But at least I'm using it now, right?) And now you're making me jealous, too! I'm gonna imagine that I'm riding my elliptical in that Oregon cottage, right before I go outside to walk in that beautiful scenery.

sunnigummi - Congrats on exercising despite your inclination not to! Great job! And congrats on your min-challenge, too! I'm a huge snacker, so I can really appreciate how hard that is for you!

11-24-2008, 09:09 AM
:wave: everyone! I haven't disappeared - life has just gotten into the way! Well, I am finally feeling better, but all 3 of my boys came down with strep throat - life as we knew it stopped around here. Needless to say I am restarting my challenges!

Exercise Daily (2 pauses)
Eradicate 1 bag of needless junk/clutter/stuff from my home (2 pauses)

So I am off to exercise. The boys and I are starting to clean out thier unplayed with/outgrown toys and donate them to Goodwill. My mom always did this with me before Christmas and I want my boys to realize that they need to give things away as well. I am also taking them shopping for our Christmas Angels tomorrow so we are super excited about that as well! We love the Thansgiving and Christmas seasons at our house!

Hope everyone is doing well and I'll catch up on personals soon! :hug:

11-24-2008, 12:36 PM
New thread. New challenges. Although - I can see that even when we think we've really rid ourselves from some habits - they're a lifetime challenge.

I'd like to work on writing down my food every day (not planning ahead - just recording - i'll call it the recording challenge), 3 pauses

And: another challenge I'll just call the positive one, 3 pauses

I hope today will put me in day #1...

11-24-2008, 01:40 PM
I think I'm going to join in also. I've done this before but it's been a long time. I'm going to set two challenges one "diet" related and one not.

Challenge One (level 3): Write down what I eat when I eat it, even if it's off my program. This tends to be hard for me I start the week fine and fall off by day 4-5, but I do so much better if I have to write it down and "own" it as someone once said.

Challene Two (level 2): Wash and moisturize my face every night. I'm just really bad about this and as I get older.....

I think that should do it for me.

Red - I'm impressed with all the changes you have challenged yourself with. That's a lot to tackle at once.

quixotica - I love walking outside and take it over the gym any day, dh and I do the opposite of you, we camp and hike on vacation because we live/work in a metro area. Yea on day 17 - I assume it's a walking challenge :?:

schmalger - Yea on finding time to exercise even when you didn't want to :D amazing how much better it makes us feel isn't it.

Texscrapper - Glad your boys are better. Sometimes life just gets in the way of our challenges to ourself. Good luck starting over.

Miriam - Good luck on your challenges too.

sunni - Congrats on getting in the exercise despite the weather, and not overeating on the weekend.

Well, gotta go. Have a great day everyone :wave:


11-24-2008, 03:20 PM
No Booze
Day 20 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5)
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 20 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5)
No Sugar
Day 18 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7)
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 14 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11)

Sunshine Challenge (completed Nov. 22)
Day 21 completed no pauses allowed


No time for personals of any length today. My weight is down but I am feeling extremely pressured as I have freelance work on top of the regular. And it's pms week and that always throws me for a loop. The usual at work. :( Welcome Tech! :welcome2: Howdy miriam, tex, schamlger, sunni, quix and mod! :wave:

11-24-2008, 08:36 PM
Help!! I am in grave danger :devil: of eating, perhaps pigging out, :drool: on SUGAR! :stress: Please, throw me a lifeline!!

:nono: :nono: :nono:

11-24-2008, 08:54 PM

11-24-2008, 08:59 PM
Thanks so much, tex. I'm tired and late for work and have been here all morning writing something else. It's cold and I want to work out but can't get to the gym now. I am so close to turning all the things I don't want happening in my life, the annoyances, the irritations, into a reason to eat and thus seek comfort. It is a comfort I will find too, but one that puts other comforts further away. This ALWAYS happnes. Just when I finally do start to make progress I belittle the results and balloon the effort and throw in the towel. I do so need a good talking to! :(

11-24-2008, 09:27 PM
Hi girls,
I've got sooo much packing etc. to do that this is a quick fly by. I am now on day 18 with my walk yesterday...although I did rest and go to bed early and did not use my exercise bike like I had planned. All the exercise from this challenge has really shaped me up and my clothes are fitting better, so thanks for all of the support Red and everyone! I will catch up on those pages and pages of posts when I get back! Good luck through the Thanksgiving holiday and remember "pie does not look good on the thigh!" My goal, other than to continue to exercise, is to eat only one diminuitive piece of pie as it is a serious weakness. You know the movie "Micheal" and the pie song that was sung by Andie McDowell? That's me, right there! Oh, and I started journaling my food today, too. Day 1 on that one!

Have a great :turkey: day!

Vaya con Dios!

11-24-2008, 11:29 PM
Daily Exercise Day 2

Level 3
Exercise? Check!
Stats? 30 minutes on the elliptical Ė 4.52 miles Ė 157 calories burned
Mood? Very tired, but still pleased

On another note, I lost 2.2 lbs. last week. Woohoo! :yay:


texscrapper Ė Goodness, it sounds like youíve had a rough time of it with 3 sick boys on your hands at once! Great job at getting back on the proverbial horse. :D I love your idea about having your boys clean out and donate unplayed with/outgrown toys. If we ever have children, I will be sure to keep this in mind. Heck, if we ever outgrow any of our toys, weíll do the same. lol Good luck on your challenge and have fun tomorrow!

miriam101 Ė That sounds like a great challenge youíve got there. Iíll probably do one of those (recording food every day) sometime soon. Good luck!

TechAlum Ė I love your challenges, too. Every year or so, I try to get myself to wash my face every night Ė and I always fail. I donít wear makeup, but there is still the standard dirt and oil that needs to be washed off. I should get cracking on that myself. Thanks for the support, and yes, you are absolutely right. Today, for example, I am soooo very tired. :tired: I stayed up late last night preparing for an exam today, and then I was up at the school from about 7:45 AM to 7:00 PM tonight. All I wanted to do when I got home was eat and go to bed. But then I remembered that I have to check in here, and I got my butt in gear. :jig:

redballoon Ė Sounds like you have quite the busy schedule! Thatís double kudos for you for sticking to all of your many challenges despite it all. Great job! And great job on your weight being down AND avoiding that nasty attack of sugar cravings. WAY TO GO!

Quixotica Ė Have fun on your trip and congrats on getting your exercise and food journaling in despite all the packing you have to do. I love how you mentioned that your clothes are fitting better from this challenge. Thatís quite the encouragement! And Iím going to steal that: ďpies do not look good on the thigh.Ē LOL

Great job everybody! Way to go! :cheer3: :cp: :cheer3:

11-25-2008, 08:59 AM
Was it a bird? Was it a plane? NO! It was Red flying past! Look, ye all. I have completed two mega challenges, aced them in fact! :encore: And I was in a bar and hadn't even realized it was my last day. Good thing, too, or I may have wanted to celebrate. Of course, if I had done that, I wouldn't have completed the challenge.....

Howdy, Quix, schmalger, everyone else! :wave: Later!!

No Booze
Day 21 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) COMPLETED Nov. 25!!!
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 21 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) COMPLETED Nov. 25!!!
No Sugar
Day 19 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7)
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 15 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11)

11-25-2008, 09:06 AM
I took a peek before I left:
Red! Don't throw in the towel! We so admire you and so enjoy your support! You can do it! You can! Don't let the blues get you down.

Here's what I do when I feel like you feel right now: I make a big pot of brothy vegetable soup and eat as much of it as I can. It fills me up and makes me feel all warm inside, without blowing my diet day. With a little barley in it to make it hearty, veggie soup is a wonderful thing. I hope to see you on the mend when I get back!

Lots and lots of :hug: for you.


11-25-2008, 09:09 AM
Thanks, Quix! :love: I got through today. The morning was rough. The rest of the week may be rough too. Work makes me want to drink like you wouldn't believe! Stateside freelance giving me a hard time. Getting real testy with me when they're the ones telling me to take a rate cut! :?: :mad: Asthma kicking up. Skin bad. Fingers horribly cracked and painful. But the pms is starting to give me a bit, not much, of sugar cravings. Today, I ate some salty rice crackers and that did the trick. I took all my stuff to work and that means lugging a heavy backpack with me all day but I did NOT get to the gym. I was tired and just thought, OK, ease off a bit and hit it hard after you get some rest. I wish I had time to make a soup but that's most of the problem, not enough ME time. In any case, thank you very much for your support and encouragement. It helps a LOT. Have a good trip and take care! You sound like you need a good rest even more than I do!


11-25-2008, 09:22 AM
So, officially on Day 2 of journalling. Portions could have been smaller. Sorry -- still sick and have to work so this is a fly-by.

Hang on, Red! You're doing fantastic!

11-25-2008, 10:42 AM
Well I completed my challenges yesterday so it feels good to get back to it!

I am off to exercise and we are continuing the eradication of unwanted toys - I think it will be the train table and tracks and trains ...... whew!

On an off note - my babies turn 4 tomorrow. I am a bit sad, but absolutely thrilled at the same time. They are growing so quickly and it really does go fast. My "big boy" turned 9 2 weeks ago and I am just amazed at him - such a young man. It seems like he was just running around in diapers - Anyway, just a little sentimental mommy stuff ;)

Hope you all are doing well! :hug:

Red - WTG on resisting the temptation. Do you really want to go all the way back and start the sugar challenge again? Is it really worth it? I don't think so! Here is a little :kickbutt: for you! ;)

schmalger - WTG on your challenges and you WL!

Quix - Almost there - you're in the home stretch now! WTG

11-25-2008, 02:32 PM
Hi All,

Another fly-by as I have a dr's apt this afternoon and have to leave soon.

Day 1 of writing stuff down complete
Day 1 of washing & moisturizing complete

Red - Glad you hung in there. Stress can be a killer. :bravo: on completing those challenges :D :D. You can finish the sugar challenge too :hug:

Quix - Have a fun trip.

Schmalger - :yay: on sticking to plan. No make-up here either which has let me get away with it for so long.

Tex & Arabella - :wave:


11-25-2008, 02:44 PM
Hi all! Not much time--Mondays and Tuesdays I work, and with the work-outs right afterwards, then I get home late, inhale whatever DH has made, and practically fall asleep on the couch so that is why I miss sometimes at the beginning of the week....

Day 8 in progress. Weight going back down--low 180's now. Yaay!

Got to get back to work--had a mid-day break here. Swim class tonight.....

Will post personals later! :wave:

11-25-2008, 03:14 PM
Hi Y'all - I can finally kick off my challenge -
Recording - day 1, 3 pauses
Positive - day 1, 3 pauses

I'm off to the states next week - yep! Finally doing it!!!! Should be exciting to see how OP I can be while away from home....
================================================== =====
Tech - welcome! Good luck on those challenges of yours :)

Red - you are kicking butt! And keep to your challenges - or we'll have to kick yours!! :)

Quix - my mom told me she watched Erma Bombeck one time on TV getting some kind of award or something, and someone handed her a piece of cake and she picked it up and mashed it into her thigh and said - that's where it's going to go anyway! Think of how well your clothes are fitting you now...

Schmalger - WTG for your challenges so far! And what a nice loss!! WOOHOO!

Tex - my baby turned 4 this year - awwww. Can't believe he's so big! Sometimes I get broody and then I need to kick myself and look around at all 6 of em to get a reality check!!

mod - aren't you doing swell! Low 180's! You rock!

11-26-2008, 01:01 AM
:wave: ladies! Well, I have another successful day to report. :cb: And you know what? Last week's weight loss just motivated me even more. Let's hear it for the added bonus! Okay, here goes:

Daily Exercise Day 3

Level 3
Exercise? Check!
Stats? 31.30 minutes on the elliptical – 5.25 miles – 190 calories burned
Mood? Slap giddy, I am!


redballoon - Take your bow, girl! You earned it. Great job on acing two challenges!! On top of that, PMS and fatigue?!? You are a real trooper! :woohoo:

Quixotica - Have fun!!

Arabella - :getwell: Here's to you feeling fine and dandy asap! Great job on sticking to your challenge through it all!

texscrapper - WTG on completing your challeges!!! Happy birthday to your babies, and thanks for the kind words.

TechAlum - Big congrats on a successful Day 1 on both challenges! You're gonna have some killer skin by the end of this challenge. (Is it just me, or did "killer skin" sound like the name of a cheesy 1940s horror flick...or a really lame band name?) :lol:

modcat44 - Awesome job on staying on plan, and congrats on the low 180s! I can't wait. Great job!

miriam101 - You can do it, even away from home. The good thing is, you'll have a solid week behind you before you go. Stay strong! And thank you so much for the encouragement on my challenge and WL!!

P.S. I LOVE THIS FORUM! It is doing a major number on keeping me motivated. Thanks again, redballoon!!

11-26-2008, 03:35 AM
Hi Shmalger - look at you - full of positivity :)

Recording - day 2, 3 pauses
Positive - day 2, 3 pauses

11-26-2008, 08:51 AM
So I've been negligent in posting everyday but I'm happy to report that I have finished Day 6 of 21! Still got motivation woohoo! :carrot:

I've decided to drop the challenge within a challenge because it got too complex for me... hehe.

11-26-2008, 03:51 PM
No time again, everyone. Thanks for the congrats. Keep up your good work. I'll be coming up for air in a day or two. Continuing the challenges with counts to include both new challenge and old.

No Booze
Day 1/22 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round COMPLETED Nov. 25!!!
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 1/22 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round COMPLETED Nov. 25!!!
No Sugar
Day 20 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7)
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 16 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11)


11-26-2008, 05:03 PM
Wowzers, Red - one more day and you've aced the no sugar challenge!!

Hey Sunni - keep it up! Almost a week gone!

11-26-2008, 06:32 PM
Thanks miriam101! I hope not to hit a rut one of these days, but for now I've stayed positive. It makes a really big difference if I focus on the countless reasons why I am doing this. WTG on your ongoing success with your two challenges! :D

Sunnigummi - WTG on staying positive! Great job on your succesful challenge days! And hey, I'm like you. One thing at a time!

redballoon - Don't forget to breathe! You're SDC to finishing your next 2 challenges.

I'll check in later with my update; haven't exercised yet - but I will! Keep up the good work everybody. :carrot:

11-26-2008, 07:13 PM
Hey all. Day 8 starting over again. I didn't eat enough yesterday and even though I was tired, went to swim last night. Felt so tired and starved that when I got home, absolutely fell off the *not eating bad stuff for me* bandwagon BIG time! It didn't help that DH brought home a huge tin of a Xmas gift he received in his office that day (I won't post what it is but suffice to say I wouldn't be acing Red's sugar challenge right now!)

So today of course, my mood has swung to the negative, probably after the *high* I caused myself yesterday. And the stupid stuff is sitting over on the counter still! I should be exercising, or doing something productive, but instead I am sitting inside on this overcast, rainy day watching movies on the boob tube and reading internet garbage and writing emails. Very introspective today......

Yaay Red! You are so incredible right now! Send some good vibes my way, would ya'?

Miriam--FINALLY! you deserve that vacay, absolutely! Let DH take care of the kids and hold down the fort--you need some YOU time!

Quix--have fun on your break, as well! It sounds perfectly wonderful!

Tex, Tech, Schmalger and Sunni--you all sound like you are doing so well on your challenges!! Keep it up through the holidays!

Arabella--I hope you are feeling better. Maybe the holiday break will be good for you? Or is it too busy (i.e., do you have to do too much for it to be enjoyable when you are sick?)

Well, off to change the laundry and clean a couple of bathrooms.......

11-27-2008, 01:23 AM
Yep - Schmalger - positivity really has quite an impact on our successes...

Hey Mod! Nice to see ya! Climb back on the bandwagon - I have an empty chair next to me :) I know what you mean about the low after the high- - earlier this week I ruthlessly consumed an obscene amount of sugar and I felt like my heart was racing and adrenaline pumping and... very sick to my stomach, LOL

I am VERY excited about my trip to the states! I'll be staying in the metropolitan area - so I'm not quite sure how I'm going to be getting places - I guess on the subway <which makes me nervous by myself - I'm a big scardey cat after my cousin was mugged on the subway with me like 20 years ago...>. My brother and I are hopefully going to see Rock of Ages on Broadway and I'm looking forward to going ice skating at Rockefeller Center - all the fun things I could never do because for the past 10 years - when I've traveled - I've always has a baby or toddler with me. But I'm not sure how one dresses in cold and rainy weather - I've been living here a long time, lol. Here's a question: if you're going to the mall, and it's freezing cold outside and you're wearing 4 layers of clothing and a long coat and boot, when you get to the mall - what do you do with all those clothes?!

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans - I always found Thanksgiving a good time for personal introspection and realizing how much we all should be thankful for in our own lives.
Recording - Day 3, 3 pauses
Positive - Day 3, 3 pauses

11-27-2008, 02:30 AM
Whew! I just finished my exercising for the day, just before midnight. My sister stopped by, and her 15 minute stop-by to return something turned into 2 hours! I came so close to not exercising tonight and counting it as one of my pause days. But I got on there and finished at about 11:30 PM. And I had no idea how much this exercising has been affecting my legs until I got on the machine tonight. I didn't think I would make it 5 minutes! But I slowed down when I thought I would collapse and got it done. I know I wouldn't have made it without prayer, the ipod, and constantly reminding myself WHY I'm doing this. Oh yeah, and picturing Jilian barking at me works wonders, too. :coach: So here's the daily report:

Daily Exercise Day 4

Level 3
Exercise? Check!
Stats? 30 minutes on the elliptical Ė 4.50 miles Ė 135 calories burned
Mood? Completely tapped out. Whew! :tired:


modcat44 - Ugh! Laundry and cleaning bathrooms - two of my most favorite things. :barf: I'm sorry you've been struggling with sugar. You have been doing such a GREAT job. Remember that! You have sooo much to be proud of. You're in the low 180s!! You will get past this and continue to excel! :hug: Here are some "good vibes" to get you through this - :goodvibes

miriam101 - I hope you have a spectacular time in New York. DH and I went to New York last Thanksgiving. We were with my MIL, who insisted on dealing with the insane crowds to go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We were *not* thrilled, but after all was said and done, we were glad we went. New York was so cool to us, and I'm sure you'll have a blast. HAVE FUN and WTG on your challenges!! :carrot:

:thanks2: :happ3: :thanks2:

11-27-2008, 07:25 AM
Another quickie. I am SO busy. mod, good vibes! :goodvibes schmalger, what's SDC? miriam, I DID IT!!

No Booze
Day 2/23 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round COMPLETED Nov. 25!!!
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 2/23 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round COMPLETED Nov. 25!!!
No Sugar
Day 21 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) COMPLETED!!! Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 17 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11)

11-27-2008, 01:15 PM
Red--I think she means So Da*n Close, haha! (Or So Darn Close, I guess I should say).

Thanks for all the positivity Red, Schmalger, Miriam! I am feeling better now, so starting Day 9 (on Turkey day, so may not be successful, but at least off of Day 8!) I hope to go for a run here shortly after the bird is in the oven--want to run about 45 minutes to counter-act the upcoming feast......

Miriam--what I used to do was leave the coat in the car and run into the mall. Now I know, you are gonna be parked very far back and if it is really is freezing, you'll just have to sweat inside--maybe take a lighter weight jacket, so you'll have something on but not too heavy to walk around in......
Another trick is to buy something soon and put the coat/jacket into the shopping bag while you are walking around--another reason to not be bringing in a too bulky coat.....

Off now to do stuff--have a great day everyone!

11-27-2008, 03:32 PM
I went ahead and exercised early (in comparison), so that the rest of my day is freed up for other things. We aren't going out of town like we usually do, so it's just DH and me. But I am gonna cook a little and watch Peanuts and Garfield Thanksgiving specials. We finally broke down and bought the DVDs, because we always miss it on TV and love them!

Daily Exercise Day 5

Level 3
Exercise? Check!
Stats? 33.40 minutes on the elliptical Ė 5.00 miles Ė 180 calories burned
Mood? Great! I am more and more sore with each passing day, and like last night, I didn't think I'd make it 1/4 of a mile. It's funny, though. Once I crest 20 minutes, it's like my body gets "broken in," and I'm able to push through and keep going. I was so close to 5 miles at the 30 minute mark that I just kept going until I hit it.


redballoon - modcat44 has it right on the nose about SDC. :D And WTG on completing yet another challenge! You are unstoppable!! :carrot:

modcat44 - I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better! And enjoy Turkey day and your run.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

11-27-2008, 05:01 PM
mod and schmalger, thanks for the explanation and encouragement. I am really under the gun here with two stories to write before I go into the office. Lack of sleep is becoming a problem but I must push on through Sunday, with the big race here and more stories to write.

I am not feeling like I am doing great on anything or making progress, but I am trying to just allow the passage of time to come up with some tangible results. I think I am OK on eating etc, though I would like to be doing more. at least I know I'm not adding unneeded calories through beer and sugar and I'm sure my body (my liver especially) is enjoying these days. I, on the other hand, am just too stressed and tired to be enjoying them and I have no time to get to the gym, which I want to. It's cold and raining here, which doesn't help. But, I will try to keep it up. Your support is very much appreciated! :yes:

Well, I just weighed in this morning and my weight is down! I am just a bit more than 2 pounds higher than the lowest I have been since the end of December last year. That's gotta be good for something, eh? I tried on my "fat-gauging, non-stretchy jeans" and the top seems a bit closer to closing. They feel tighter on my butt though and thighs and that feeling I find SO irritating. God, trying on those jeans makes me angry. :mad: I HATE the feeling of tight clothes, even if I were thin. I am happiest in workout clothes, clothes that move with you and you never really feel. And I hate loose clothes. So, I really have no choice but to wear stretchy things. But, as I've said before, these allow for weight gain without noticing. Hmmm...well, perhaps I'll just use these jeans only for a gauge and never wear them. Ok, I'm babbling here, putting off doing my work... Oh, I wish I had jeans that were loose and looked good. I think all these stretchy nonsense I'm spouting is just me trying to rationalize being dumpy-looking.

Hang in there all and a belated (though it's still Thursday in the States) Happy Thanksgiving to you all! :happ3:

Ok, later! :wave:

11-28-2008, 02:08 AM
I suppose by now you Thanksgiving challenges must be finished, fellow Americans. Don't eat the leftovers today :) :)

How did you all do?

Red - nice fringe benefit - weight loss - eh? I know you might not see the tangible results of your challenges yet - which must be hard because they are really difficult ones! But I'm sure the subtle things will start showing (like you size-gauge jeans fitting better :) ) I've found that my weight was stalled for a while and even though the scale wasn;t moving (which annoys the ** out of me) I could see clothes were fitting better.

Mod - my coat question was if I was coming sans-car.... ;)

Shmalger - woohoo! Good for you for pushing through and reaching that 20 minute crest. My body - or maybe brain? is so anti-exercise but once I start - I do okay. It's the starting that is the bummer....

Wonder where arabella, and fish and apple are?

Day 4 for both recording and positive...

11-28-2008, 07:43 AM
No Booze
Day 3/24 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round COMPLETED Nov. 25!!!
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 3/24 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round COMPLETED Nov. 25!!!
No Sugar
Day 1/22 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round COMPLETED!!! Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 18 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11)

Well, today was not a pretty day eating. I had way too much, but stayed on my challenges. So much work and no time to really take time out to make a good meal, I grazed through the entire day eating calorie dense things. (Sigh). I can't let this weight come back on. It always does. This time has got to be different!

miriam -- Yeah, I'm glad the scale moved some. I think my body was changing but in ways not really noticeable with clothes. In fact, it was getting BIGGER in some areas :eek: because of weight training. I don't want to take my measurements though because I become obsessed with them. Even trying on too tight clothes makes me really irritated and then disgusted and given-up. I don't know. I think I actually do best not focusing on anything but what I put in my mouth and what kind of exercise I do. :^: All ready for your trip? Where in New York are you going? To the city or upstate?
As for malls, if you mean just like department stores in Manhattan, you'll just have to split your days, shopping or outdoor walking. That said, if you're walking a lot you really don't need to wear so much. You can always duck into a store or building to warm up a bit. Wearing technical wear is my favorite, sports clothes that are light and have underarm zips and such. They hold the air so are really warm when you have them all shut but are so light and cool when unzipped. Other than that, if you don't have a huge selection of clothes, just do what mod said and put your coat in a big shoulder bag or pack. if you are going to a real mall, then perhaps they'll have coin lockers, but I don't know. On the other hand, I think you just have to suffer and sweat. Americans are used to wearing around lots of clothes. It had never occurred to me to take something off. Hmm.... :shrug:


11-28-2008, 08:06 AM
Well - i'm not SOOO ready for my trip yet... I don't wear pants - only skirts -so i went and bought some warm tights to wear. Iguess i'll have to wear boots - ugh. hate boots because my feet sweat .... I'm going to be in Manhattan and Brooklyn and NJ. Starting to get excited!

Coats: I bought a beautiful long wollen coat when i was in NY 6 years ago, size 12P (yea America - for petites..) and last year I was so huge, not only couldn't I close it <like the previous year...> I couldn't even get it on!!! This year it fits, but only with something thin on - so not practical. So a short jacket it'll have to be, and not a very warm one, at that! Maybe I should buy a new coat?? Nah - then I'll be stuck in a big size, hehe. I would still like to lose a fair deal of weight.

Sorry for the ramble. I love the recording challenge - makes me think twice if I really want to write down that tempting junk -or not have it. :)

As you are almost done with your ENTIRE list of challenges, Red, have you given some thought about the next one??

11-28-2008, 05:11 PM
Well, it's morning here and I have one more little story to write (they're racing reports) and then get out to my horse. Hoping to be able to sleep in tomorrow. These days it's been 4:30 a.m. risings. But, since I'm not drinking I don't feel all that bad. And the no sugar means I have energy. It's great. It's really worth doing. But, why, every afternoon around 3 in the afternoon when I'm at work would I like nothing more than to go out and hit the pub? It's bizarre. I guess it's just the office and the atmosphere there. At least, now I don't act on that desire.

miriam -- I have started three of my challenges over again without a pause. You see, 3 days down? The second number is the cumulative. My goal is to go through till the end of the year so I don't want any pauses whatsoever, even between rounds.
My recording challenge needs to be ratcheted up a bit, so that I am actually recording as I go. Although I've been good, it's better to plan a bit and get better food in me. When I'm not recording I tend to only think of calories.
I have routed out a bit of what I think may have been stopping me from losing weight and that is rice crackers. I used to eat a lot of them, but looking at the calories I see they are absolutely PACKED with calories! :yikes: And though they're good, they're certainly not worth stalling weight loss over.
You're the opposite of me, miriam. I never wear anything but pants. I really can't stand the feeling of skirts and dresses, never could, especially since I was forced to wear them for most of my childhood and teen years.
Good for you for being able to get into that coat. I can't believe you only weigh 143 pounds and yet are wearing a nice 12. I bet your clothes are cut a lot smaller than the ones I wear. Different makers, different sizes. The difference between many is quite bit. Then again, it's amazing how bone and muscle play a huge part in what we look like. I am nearly 160 lbs and yet wear a 10 or 8...oh, but those are stretchy things....uh, maybe we are similar anyhow.... Yet, I have a LOT of muscle. I have a weird body.
Anyhow, my parents are/were both from NYC so I know it well. I like New York. Miss it. Really got to go there sometime soon. How long has it been since you were there?
Keep up the good work on your recording challenge! :sunny:

11-28-2008, 05:45 PM
Daily Exercise Day 6
Level 3
Exercise? Check!
Stats? 30 minutes on the elliptical Ė 5.10 miles Ė 186 calories burned (according to the machine anyway)


redballoon - You definitely ARE making progress. Look at all of those completed challenges under your belt. Those are MAJOR! And your weight is down again - be proud of yourself. Three, count 'em, three challenges down, and your "fat gauge" pants are looser than before. And one calorie rich day will not undo all of the marvelous success you've had. You've done so great, and we all have faith that you will keep doing great. :hug: P.S. Your job sounds like it keeps you crazy busy, but it sure does sound fascinating. I would love to write/edit for a living once I get school behind me once and for all in May.

miriam101 - I used to be the EXACT same way about exercising. Getting myself to do it was the absolute hardest part. As of now, I'm doing very well at getting myself in there on that machine. It's staying on it that is tough as nails. But so far so good, even though it hurts like you know what. I have to give myself pep talks from time to time while I'm exercising. It seems to be working so far. :D WTG on your challenge!!

Keep up the great work ladies! :yay:

11-28-2008, 09:04 PM
Wow, just read through this thread and it looks like exactly what I need right now. I just finished reading Mindless Eating and am deciding on my three goals to start and I've been having trouble staying focused for weeks. This could be just what I need if you all don't mind my joining you :)

My challenges:
#1 - stretches & weights for 15 minutes a day, Level 3 - I think I've done these once a month the last three months :( I need to get back on track because these include the exercises that keep my back pain at bay and keep me moving!

#2 - No chocolate, sugar free or otherwise, Level 1 - I would prefer to do this with no pauses but I'm not sure that's realistic this close to the holidays. If I allow myself to pick one that might actually make me stop and really think about which 100 calorie treat will give me the most yum for the buck. I've been having some issues with sugar free chocolate lately so need to get off those. I'm not wasting my 1 pause on a mediocre treat.

#3 - I'm going to eat 7 servings of veggies/fruits a day, no pauses. I know I do better when I get my veggies in so it's time to get back to basics.

Hope I did this right! Thanks for the idea and thanks for letting me jump in :)

11-29-2008, 07:01 AM
Finished Day 8 yesterday, doing Day 9 today in another hour or so. Munched all day Thanksgiving because we made most of the food. Thought that would prevent me from overeating at dinner. I didn't overeat but I think all the munching throughout the day was probably the equivalent of starving during the day + overeating at dinner. :( Oh well, minor setback. I went for 6 miles yesterday to atone for Thursday. :)

Should be back to normal by tomorrow. :D

:hug: to everyone. I love this thread for getting me back to exercise!

11-29-2008, 09:12 AM
Another day notched and it was a tough one. I was just feeling so defeated. Riding always does that to me. I don't know whether it's my teacher or my horse or a combination of the two but I only rarely feel I've done something good. Even when I tell myself I have done well, I never hear it from the teacher. She says a word of praise about once a year. I always loved riding but it's become something I'm starting to dread instead of just being able to be together with my horse. I wish I could ride better.... :( It seems I can never be good enough for my teacher, she is so strict, but that's why she's good I guess...
Nonetheless, I forced myself to the gym after riding. It was really, really touch and go there for a while but I really dug down and just did it!
I mean, when I say touch and go I really mean it. I was so dejected that I just wanted to go home and cry, but I didn't. I forced myself back on the train, got a coffee and finally got to the gym. And also, when I stopped for that coffee I was about to get some roll thing that wasn't sweet but would have been laden with calories. I didn't!! At the gym, I rode the bike for 15 min, jogged for 15 min and did quite a bit of weight training (chest, back and legs). It wasn't all that much but I worked up a good sweat and walked another 50 min. home. I will be sore tomorrow! :yes:
Well, can you believe 25 days without alcohol?!?! :dance: OK, I know I sound like an alkie, but... Hey, Apple, where are you? Do you see this?!?!

No Booze
Day 4/25 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round COMPLETED Nov. 25!!!
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 4/25 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round COMPLETED Nov. 25!!!
No Sugar
Day 2/23 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round COMPLETED!!! Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 19 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11)


schmalger -- Thanks so much for your words of support. They meant a lot to me. When I was feeling so hard on myself and down I was trying to think why I do that to myself and I thought of your words and said them to myself..."Three, count 'em, three challenges down..." Glad to hear you've made it to Day 6. You're doing great yourself! :yes:

Cyndi -- Welcome to our thread! :welcome2: But, first, perhaps I should congratulate you on your weight loss! Wow! Look at that!! What can I say but you are amazing! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: And my, starting with a triple! Well, best of luck. :goodluck:

Sunni -- Glad to see you again. What were the 6 miles? Walking? Jogging? Sounds like you have the right attitude. A bit of overindulgence and you crank up the exercise. Good for you! :cp:

11-29-2008, 02:26 PM
Hiya all...

Day 5 is done - and when I finish eating today - day 6 will be in the bag, too!

Red - skirts are my religious attire. And I don't fit so well in the 12's yet - more comfy still in the 14's. I have a rotten body shape and ooze with envy when I see people post pictures at weights higher than me and many sizes smaller. grrr. I DO have a small frame and light bones and have always weighed less than I look.

WTG on withstanding the temptation of the roll! What is it about riding that upsets you? I haven't been in NY for 2 years - and then - it was only for a couple of days. Looking forward! I wanna go ice skating!!!

Cyndi - welcome and good luck on those challenges!

Sunni - 6 miles!! Woohoo!!!

Shmalger - you're doing great and look at that ticker!! :)

11-29-2008, 06:33 PM
Thanks for the welcome :)

Hey Red - That's quite a list of challenges you have there yourself! Congratulations on the smoking. I quit 12 years ago and I can honestly say it's the best thing I ever did for myself. Sounds like you really keep yourself on track even when you don't want to. It's too bad that your teacher is spoiling something you enjoy so much though. Is she good enough to make it worth the stress?

Sunni - Wow, 6 miles!

Miriam - Thanks :) Aren't women's clothes crazy? I will never understand sizes. Now that I'm more able to be flexible about my clothes I've got 3 different sizes of jeans and they all fit. How can that be? Two are even made by the same company. I think they are trying to keep us crazy about our bodies!

No chocolate - Day 2 about to be successfully completed
7 veggies/fruits - I'm at 6 before dinner so can safely say I will complete Day 2
Stretches/weights - I plan to do this after dinner which will be Day 1. If I don't I will update tonight (that should keep me from weaseling out!).

I'm working to keep that weight from coming back. 5 lbs showed up when I wasn't paying attention so it's back to the drawing board for me.

11-29-2008, 06:38 PM
:welcome2: Cyndi! Good challenges you've picked! You will do fine, as Red said you have already won by losing an enormous amount! Congrats on that!

Miriam--Sans-car, haha! Shows you what I know--I don't even think that way, never having lived in an actual big city....

Red--why is the riding not a joy anymore? I think that is NOT the purpose, i.e., maybe you need to re-think your trainer/coach? I wouldn't stay with anyone who makes me feel bad time and time again about showing up. I understand about wanting to be better, but there is a fine line between constructive criticism and discouragement....Sometimes I do think we don't trust someone's judgement/skill unless they are pointing out all that we do wrong. Why is that?

Sunni--WTG on the 6 miles! I wogged on T-day about 3 miles in the AM, and did fairly well with the eating, not OVERSTUFFED as usual and more turkey and veggies than other stuff......

Schmalger--I am more sore this week also--not exactly sure why, maybe because I am doing different things at the gym, pushing it again. I went for a WO on Wed. and Friday with weights and some tm, ran outside Thursday, and today swam 90 minutes--even though I could barely walk when I got up this morning. The swim helped some, but still sore. I will swim tomorrow again and not do weights and run until MONDAY. I am tired of yo-yoing between 183-185. I really want to get out of the 180's!!!!

11-29-2008, 06:39 PM
CyndiM--just saw your post. Great minds think alike, hmmm?

11-29-2008, 06:40 PM
Sorry--forgot to add--Working On Day 11.......

11-29-2008, 08:44 PM
Ok, morning here. I had quite a sleep-in, and feel pretty good. I resisted eating after coming home last night. That was pretty cool. Usually I eat things just before I go to bed, just as, I guess, some sort of mental cap to the day. Too bad the calories aren't mental.

Oh, I must tell you about my dream last night. I had a dream within in a dream, where I was pigging out on all sorts of sugar. I woke up (in the dream) and was so relieved to realize it was a dream and I hadn't broken my challenge. Then I woke up for real, I think... :?: (Life, what is it but a dream..." Lewis Caroll) Thank God, I was still on track. I hear that alcoholics when they go sober have dreams of drinking. See what a sugarholic I was?

On a similar note, and nothing weight-related, I had this super cool dream the other night in which I was handed ¥1.7 million (about $18,000). I was at some bingo or something and the card I was given was unreadable so I asked for another one. Apparently, if you got an unreadable card, the host company felt you deserved to win. I was handed a pack of ¥10,000 notes. I just took it and nothing had sunk in yet. Then I went outside and showed it to my friend and it sunk in that I had just gotten so much money. I was gasping for air, I was so happy. The tears were rolling down my face and I couldn't breathe. The funny thing about the whole thing is that I had asthma that night and I guess this was the way I was interpreting my inability to get enough air. Wow, great dream. If asthma does that, then bring it on! I didn't even wake up. Again, in the dream, I knew I was dreaming, but it went on for so long and felt SO good, that I said, it's OK! Neat, eh?

Today's a big race day so I must get out. Normally I'd be drinking tonight but I have already decided I am going to walk the long way to another station to avoid going past the bar that always forces alcohol on me (there are people cooking outside so they'll see me if I walk by...)

And, I will bring a bag of mandarin oranges to avoid the blood-sugar lows from foods on offer for free at the track that tend to set me off. All in all, I've just got to learn to handle these traps.

Just uncovered more weight charts from the past and it gets so tiring seeing I have maintained the same general weight for years. Well, it could be worse, but years of not quite there, not good enough, mediocrity...hmm..reminds me of a poem.
I've posted this here before but will again...

"Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle. The world you desired can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours."
-- Ayn Rand

Anyhow, must run. Wish me luck.
Just weighed myself.:goodscale Weight is lowest recorded since the end of August! :dance:


miriam -- Well, if you do have a small frame and light bones, then that's your answer. Nothing to be envious about. I have big bones (big feet, hands and head), yet am only 5 feet 1.5 inches. It is really annoying trying to find shoes and boots are a problem because my legs are short compared to the size of my foot.
Riding is mostly because I have a difficult horse and also because this is Japan and I am at a serious stable where everything is about being good, not about having fun. There are such few choices here that I can't just move and get what I want, improvement while enjoying it. I think I just have to change my mindset. Riding to me is more a therapy, an escape from the city life and the stresses of my work. It's probably not right to expect to have that AND be in a serious environment. Anyhow, it's a bit complicated and I won't go into it. Thanks for asking though.
Yes, ice-skating in Rockefeller Center. I guess they still have it. I never did it, just watched. It looks like fun but I am too lousy a skater to do it in front of all those people. :lol:

Cyndi -- Yeah, I try to keep on track and not drinking is helping a lot. I quit smoking too about 20 years ago but started again this year. Now, I've quit again. I never thought I'd smoke again after all that time, but I did, mostly when I was drinking. It has been an extremely stressful year. That said, I did it all very consciously, drinking till dawn in the myriad bars that never sleep in Tokyo, chain smoking, enjoying talk and music all night. I was saying, this is how I'll find my way back to myself, though this too can be part of me. And that's exactly what I've done. Allowed myself anything and then made the choice to go with what's more important...having a lean, healthy body, being clear-headed and with enough energy to do the things I truly prefer, like getting up to ride, instead of sleeping off a horrible hangover. Sure, the night was fun, but it means sacrificing the things I truly love. Have to make a choice of what to sacrifice. Guess that holds with everything in life in a way.
With riding, as I said to Miriam, I don't have many choices over here, so I take what I can get, and believe me, I've been all over. I am constantly wondering why I can't seem to get out of this situation or wondering if I should at all. It makes for constant questioning with no answers, a very unpleasant situation.

mod -- You're over the hump on your challenge. Great job! :cp: Funny that lives revolve around cars in the States, or rather, that they don't in other places. I haven't driven a car in over 25 years, close to 30. I used to have dreams where I'd be in the States and driving without a license. Having a car in Tokyo is not practical. Still, I wish at times that I did. It gives you an entirely different freedom.
Riding is tough because of my sitaution. Getting up at 4:30 to travel miles to the stable for a lesson and then back into the city to work and trying to keep up with the huge costs is very tough work. But, my dream has always been to ride well and that's something that only time in the saddle can give you, so I'm trying not to lose the time. I hope I can eventually be in a situation where things will be easier. :^: As I said to the others, there are extremely few choices here and I think I've found the best when you take everything into consideration. I keep thinking and questioning though and perhaps there will come a time when circumstances allow me to make a change that will be for the better.
Sounds like you are having a good time at the gym. Good for you for pushing yourself and doing different things. I did that too recently and I think it helped kickstart my weight loss and changes in my body. Well, something's got to give, eh? I had forgotten how working out gives me more and more energy the more I do. In the beginning it is so hard. People always think they have no energy to work out and it's true, but it only gets better the more you do.
I SO understand how you feel about being sick of being stuck around a certain weight. I have been between 68 and 73 kgs for years and I am utterly disgusted with it. So, how about I go up to the 80s or even go for 90? :lol3: Nah, I think that's the wrong direction. Might not be that easy either. I want to be firmly in the 60s and eventually see the 50s. Wow, to be there would be freaky. I'd be like jockey weight, which is what I wanted to be when I was a kid. Now, at the track, people often think I'm a retired jockey. Retired is right! :rofl:

11-29-2008, 09:57 PM
Daily Exercise Day 7
Level 3
Exercise? Check!
Stats? 30 minutes on the elliptical Ė 4.38 miles Ė *not keeping track of cals anymore - nobody agrees on how many are actually being burned because of all of the variables. The point is to keep trudging forward and to keep pushing harder.

Y'all. That was such a feat for me today. My head is killing me - I struggle with chronic daily headaches (have for as long as I can remember) - and today was one of the worst in a while. I seriously considered using a pause, but decided to at least give it a shot. So anyway. I didn't do one of the programs, which are more high intensity and have serious alternating inclines, and instead just did it "straight." I could feel the difference in intensity, but for me, it was a huge step to at least do something if I could. (It's always been far too easy for me to use - or even manufacture - every possible excuse. So this was a big step for me.) Ugh. Enough of that!

CyndiM - Welcome! You've got some serious challenges, there, and you can so do it. I'll tell you what. Having this here has helped me sooo much. Knowing that I have to update every day really influences my decision to exercise. Congrats on the successful challenges today. WTG!!

Sunnigummi - Great job on the 6 miles! Wow! I should say that made up for your Thanksgiving munchies. Keep it up!

redballoon - Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad my words were of some use to you. :) You all mean so much to me, too. It is absolutely remarkable how much of a difference the kind comments and accountability make in me on a day to day basis. And I'm oh so sorry about your crappy instructor. I really hope things get better soon or that it's at least worth it for you to put up with. You have done such a fantastic job on all of your challenges, and look at you getting all crazy at the gym! You rocked the exercise yesterday! I hope you enjoy your run today, and major kudos on the low weight. (Loved the poem, btw. And I enjoy reading your long posts and about your dreams.)

miriam101 - Thanks for the encouragement! It works wonders, I'm telling you. WTG on 6 days behind you now! You're rocking it! WOOHOO!!

modcat44 - Day 11! You go on with your bad self! lol And I am still so jealous of swimming. Are you doing hard core structured laps, specific styles, etc.? And you will get out of the 180s and into the 170s before you know it. I'll bet you make it before the new year. Keep it up!

I think I've talked to everybody now. All of this scrolling up and down makes me nervous that I've left someone out. WTG everybody. Keep up the GREAT work! :carrot:

11-29-2008, 10:04 PM
schmalger -- I'm out the door here, but just saw your post and wanted to give you three cheers for doing your exercise. You certainly have a winning attitude. Showing up, i.e., doing what you did, is most of the battle! Hurrah! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:
Glad you liked the poem. It's one of my favorites.
Catch you later! And she's off!!!

11-29-2008, 11:50 PM
Thanks redballoon! I needed that after this terrible day. :) Yay!! I hope you have a fantastic day, and keep up the GREAT work! Remember, YOU ROCK. (I'm hoping DH gets me this awesome poetry book for Christmas - Norton's Anthology, or something like that. I've been dying to really read/study poetry, but haven't been able to juggling school and work. But May graduation is coming soon, and I'm looking forward to doing it then.)

11-30-2008, 01:54 PM
Hello All,

Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I just haven't been on the computer in a few days.

Challenge 1 - Writing it all down (level 3): Day 6 complete, Day 7 in progress
Challenge 2 - Face Care (level 2): Starting over (or maybe just starting)

Everyone is doing so well I am so impressed. And it a little easier sticking to the challenge when you know you have to report it out to someone.

Red - It sounds like you need to take it a little easy and love yourself a little more. You are making huge strides towards a healthier you and the leaner part is sure to follow, try not to beat yourself up so. And thanks for this tread and helping the rest of us keep on track :D.

Schmalger - :yay: you didn't make excuses and got on that machine :yay: Pretty impressive.

ModCat - Day 11 almost over the hump. I'm with you on the crazy sizes. I just don't get it. I also am big framed, but I'm tall no one ever guesses my weight, cause I carry it everywhere.

Cyndi - that weight always shows up when we aren't looking doesn't it. Great challenges.

Miriam - Sounds like you'll have a fun trip. I haven't been ice skating in years but man does that sound fun. I may have to do that this year. And again everyone is different a shape, I might fit in a twelve when I get down to goal, I've never worn smaller than a ten and at my heaviest (+100 lbs) I still was only a 20.

Sunni - 6 miles :eek: That may not totally make up for damage but it's sure a good start.

Well I should get moving. Have a great day everyone.


11-30-2008, 04:36 PM
OK, Day 12 in progress. Thanks for all the positive comments everyone! For some reason, I just do not want to eat badly right now, and I do want to exercise--believe me, it will change again soon, but I seem to get like this for a week or two, then have a bad couple of days (or more) then have to fight to get back on the wagon and back in the zone. I've been noticing this pattern lately--and it really doesn't seem to have much to do with TOM at all. I mean, it could be hormonal, but since I am so old I'm not regular at all, so no real connection there that I can see. Weird. I'm just grateful to be in a good frame of mind right now.......

Anyway, finally using exercise to relieve my stress now (usually), instead of food, or reading. I still read, but I try to use it as a reward AFTER I've done my exercise--otherwise I could read the day away.....

Red--yes, we will get out of our "decade" and progress onward. I have to just look at how far I've come and I can see that results are accumulating. It just is frustrating--but I was like that around the low 190's and never thought I'd be in the low 180's consistently, but I am now so I know it just takes time.....

schmalger--you have DAILY headaches? Oh, that's rough! You haven't figured out any link, hm, like any foods or caffeine or position while studying or whatever? Do you have to take meds for them? I hope they aren't too debilitating for you--apparently you've learned to manage them.

Cyndi--7 servings of veggies/fruits is so admirable! I don't think I get in more than 6 usually, but I know I should get in more.....

Tech--Yeah, no one ever guesses my weight right--they are always under-estimating it. I guess that makes me feel better, but.....

At my lowest (in college) I wore a 5-6, and was about 115 lbs., but that was too low and you could see my ribs, etc. And still--I had what I though was heavy thighs. I guess I'll always be "thick" in the legs, (and hips). Oh well, I'd like to just get them firm again!!!

sunni--got rid of those leftovers yet? Pretty much done here, yaay!

miriam--do you mean you wear skirts all the time? What are you gonna skate in, just a really long skirt, or can you wear a split skirt? Yeah, pack some leggings, it will be quite cold to you in NYC. :)

11-30-2008, 05:38 PM
Another day bites the dust! With success on all fronts!
Heh there schmalger, mod, Tech! :wave:
Forced myself up after a very restless night last night. But I will get to the gym before work! Got a lot of walking in yesterday at the racetrack. Avoided the bar with the booze-pushers and ate well at the track, there too turning down free cans after the race! :cp: I have been losing weight now and that is during pms. Cool or what? It's taken a lot of discipline but it's the only way for what I want. I think I can do it this time around. I am on a roll! :dancer:

No Booze
Day 5/26 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round COMPLETED Nov. 25!!!
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 5/26 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round COMPLETED Nov. 25!!!
No Sugar
Day 3/24 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round COMPLETED!!! Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 20 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11)

11-30-2008, 10:09 PM
Daily Exercise Day 8
Level 3
Exercise? Check!
Stats? 30 minutes on the elliptical – 4.70 miles

On a different note, I think I may have gained this week. (I’ve been cheating and getting on the scale, even though I’m not officially going to weigh myself in until Monday mornings.) Not sure why, honestly. I haven’t started officially counting calories yet – the plan is for after next week (final exams and insanely busy work schedule coming up). BUT, I’ve been really watching what I eat, and I feel pretty confident that if I were counting, it would have actually been at or below about 1500 a day, including on Thanksgiving. But you know what? I may be mad at the dang scale, but I am NOT mad at myself. I’ve accomplished a lot this week, largely thanks to y’all here rooting me on and my diligence at maintaining the connection for accountability. At some point, this weight will start going in the opposite direction again. So for now, I’m just going to relish in my accomplishment and keep at it! :)

TechAlum – Thanks for the kudos! Great job on sticking to your “writing it all down” challenge. You’re 1/3 of the way there! Keep it up! And you’ll get there on the “face care” challenge – just you wait and see. :) It really is easier knowing you have to report in, isn’t it. It’s making a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE for me. I truly don’t believe I’d have made it this far without y’all here rooting me on.

modcat44 – DAY 12?!? You rock! That is FANTASTIC news about your positive attitude about “diet” and exercise. Boy howdy, and do I know what you mean about reading. I’m dying to finish up with school so I can read for leisure again. I am a certified bookaholic, and I’m not ashamed. No ma’am. :) Yeah…the headaches have been daily for as long as I can remember. I’ve been to more doctors than I can count, off and on since childhood. I’ve had CTs, MRIs, full physicals, you name it. I’ve had my thyroid checked, my blood sugar and cholesterol. Surprisingly all good. I’ve been prescribed migraine medication, blood pressure medication (though I actually have normal to low blood pressure), and anti-depressants (even though I’m not depressed), all to try and treat the headaches. Nothing worked except over the counter stuff, and that only occasionally. Back in July, I stopped taking ALL OTC medications, because I got worried about taking it daily for as long as I have. And I stopped drinking caffeinated beverages (I was absolutely addicted to diet sodas). Stopping the OTCs and diet cokes drastically improved the headaches, but they’re still here – just thankfully much duller than before. I’m hoping that an improved diet will continue to help them improve. (I have a major candy/sugar problem that I’ve drastically improved over the last couple of weeks. And I plan to add a great deal more fruits, veggies, and water as well.) Anyhoo. I have learned to manage them in the sense that I’ve simply gotten used to them. I’ve learned that I cannot wait until I’m *starving* to eat, and I cannot handle getting too hot or bending over a lot. Other than that, the super bad ones have gotten pretty rare. I can live with that. (Sorry for getting so lengthy, there. Long story, though.) :)

redballoon – Get on with those walking boots, girl! Sounds like you had a great exercise at the track, and good on you for skipping the free beer AND the bar. Talk about pressure; free beer at the track! GREAT JOB! You are so disciplined, and yes you are on a roll. Take your bow! :)

WTG everybody! Keep up the GREAT work – you inspire me every day!!

11-30-2008, 10:58 PM
Evening all :)

Well I managed Day 3 of the no chocolate & 7 veggies/fruits and Day 2 of the weights/stretching challenges! Tomorrow it's back to work and the evil sugar free chocolate in my drawer. I think the trash can is my best bet with that.

The day whizzed by and I'm about to fall over now so a short note tonight. A giant :congrat:to all you exercising, booze resisting, challenge acing Chicks :) Great job everyone!

12-01-2008, 08:24 AM
Hi everyone, I'm back again! Between sick kids, sick hubby, and sick me I just can't seem to stay on task - Oh well that's life. I am here and ready to start AGAIN! I know once I get on track I can do this, I just need to get going!

I am also adding another challenge. I obsessively weighed myself this month and fluctuated up and down a pound, with only a .2 lb loss for the month. It really upset me and made me so much less motivated. So my new challenge is that I will not weigh myself AT ALL - I weighed in this morning to get a baseline, since I record the beginning of each month, but no more weighing for me. This may be a challenge, especially since I tend to weigh myself 8-10 times a day - it's terrible, I know!

So here are my challenges:
Exercise Daily - 2 pauses
Eradicate 1 bag of useless junk/clutter/stuff from my home - 2 pauses
DO NOT STEP ON THE SCALE - 1 pause - just in case I have to go to the Dr ;)

Hope everyone is well! :hug: I'll post more later today!

12-01-2008, 08:59 AM
Well, the final of the first round challenges finished up today. Hurrah!!

No Booze
Day 6/27 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round COMPLETED Nov. 25!!!
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 6/27 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round COMPLETED Nov. 25!!!
No Sugar
Day 4/25 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round COMPLETED!!! Nov. 27

Write-it-down Challenge
Day 21 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) COMPLETED Dec. 1!!!!!!! :cp: :encore: :cp:


schmalger -- There's that great attitude shining through again! :sunny: Good for you!! :yes: Give credit where it's DUE! :spin: Can't figure what's causing your headaches. Sounds like a food allergy or perhaps a preservative or food coloring. I get headaches from them. Could be something in the candy. I don't think the sugar would do that alone. Also, are you eating a lot of artificial sugars? msg? Dairy could be a factor as well. Have you tried going off all dairy for a while? Thanks for the congrats on my warding off the alcohol demons yesterday. God, today at work was so frustrating, so irritating I was saying from an hour after I got to the place how I wanted to go and get drunk.....but, I didn't! :nono:
Not eating sugar was really tough today too, but I just overate a bit of other things and didn't feel so deprived. :^:

Cyndi -- Excellent work on reaching Day 3! :cp: The evil lurker in your drawer is probably best given away to an unsuspecting colleague. I do that a lot, feed other people sugar. They love it. I tell them I'm not eating it and that's why there's enough to go around, otherwise zilcho! :lol:

tex -- Good to see you back! :wave: Sorry to hear things have been rough with illness. Hope you're all well now. Wow, from 8-10x day weighing to none! That may be tough. Then again, cold turkey is often the way to go. Good luck! :goodluck:

Tech -- Good to see you again too! And good for you for sticking to your challenges. Your face must be beautiful by now! Oh, I love myself enough, Tech, probably too much. I'm always "rewarding" myself, for everything....getting up in the morning...going to work....doing some work....leaving work....going home....getting home... ;) I admit I am tough on myself but it's the only thing that gets my big butt moving, really! :kickbutt:

mod -- It sounds like you have far more sticktoitness than I do. You say it's a matter of time but that is only going to work if you do the right things. I have been spinning my wheels for years and years and years. :^: But, we shall prevail! :strong: :drill: Onward, march!!

12-01-2008, 02:45 PM
Thanks for the encouragement everyone! :)

So I had an light Day 10 yesterday cause it rained and I wasn't in the mood to take a pause day or OMG go back to start - no way! So I ran up and down the stairs at least 5 times. I worked myself up into a sweat. Um that will count.

I'm really ticked off about my weight. I was up to 170.5 on Sunday. That's my highest weight ever that even before exercising was never close. Then today I was 169.6. Um. Ok. I thought it was the salty stuff I ate on Thursday that would be flushed out, but guess not. So today I worked out in the morning (walked 4 miles, woohoo!) and I come back and don't drink any water. Then I get on the scale to see the change. I'm down to 168.2. Huh? How can I lose 1.5 lbs in um 1 hour? Craziness. I'm so fed up with the scale. Not that I expected to see a huge decrease after 9 days of working out, but at least 0.1 increment decreases or staying the same, you know? That makes sense. This whole 3 lb increase just ticks me off. Boo.

modcat - all leftovers gone!! Actually, scratch that we have some turkey left but I'm the only one in my immediate family who eats turkey and it gave me a tummy upset so I'm staying away from it for now.
texscrapper - You can do it!!! :carrot:A carrot for you!
redballoon - I walk my miles but I do it as briskly as I can. I used to jog at least a mile out of those 4 but then I started pushing off my workouts because I dreaded the running/jogging part of it. I'm trying to get into the habit of exercising in the morning before attempting to incorporate running. I need to make exercising once a day a habit. Ok, that was a really long answer for a simple question. Haha. :P

12-01-2008, 09:20 PM
OMG!as my students would say! You girls have been really supportive over the last few days! I wish I could have taken you with me on my trip! I gained three pounds. It did not seem like I was overeating, but I wasn't being very attentive to what I was eating either, and the water was way down. But, I did finish my exercise challenge! Yes! I finally made it to 21 days!

So, new challenges for me:

Back to Adtkins induction plan for 21 days, starting tomorrow. Following the plan strictly and logging every bite I eat. One pause allowed.

Exercising at least 30 minutes daily. Three pauses allowed.

8 cups of water minimum, daily, one pause allowed.

This all starts tomorrow because I have already blown today. I got way off track with Thanksgiving and I have got to get going again. I will be back later to post personals. I need to catch up on all the chat!


12-01-2008, 10:02 PM
I am back!
I feel angry at myself and depressed because I gained over Thanksgiving. I was really pulling the old denial trick about what I was eating and thinking that I would just get back on plan when I get back. But, here I am kicking myself in the butt. I wlll just pull myself together and work on it all starting again tomorrow-see my challenges above.

I am over tired tonight and unhappy and I was going to post some personals, but I will do it tomorrow. I am glad to see everyone still here and a few new people, too! I am going to make a good dinner and go to bed and get rested up and come back with a better attitude tomorrow.

12-02-2008, 12:56 AM
Daily Exercise Day 8
Level 3
Exercise? Check!
Stats? 36.40 minutes on the elliptical Ė 6.50 miles

Oh yeah. You read that right. 6.50 MILES! I am a machine! Seriously, though. That's a new record for me. Once I reached 30 minutes and was already over 5 miles, I felt like I had it in me to keep going - so I did! I can't believe it. I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow, but it was so worth it to push myself. I think I could have gone farther, but my stomach has been upset today, and I needed to go ahead and stop when I did. Oh. And sorry about jumping the gun. I've *GOT* to stop trippin' over daily fluctuations on the scale, however massive they may be. Today I actually recorded a 1.20 lb. loss for the week. That brings me to -3.40 lbs. so far! :carrot:

CyndiM - WTG on your challenges. You're doing great! Keep it up woman!

texscrapper - I'm so sorry to hear about all of the illnesses in your family that have sidetracked you. I hope everyone is feeling much better! It's good to see you back raring to go! :) And do I ever hear you about obsessing over the scale! Why do we do that to ourselves? Good luck on that challenge; I'm not ready to go there yet. BUT I have decided that I'm not going to let massive fluctuations upset me. I know I'm doing what I need to be doing, and for now, that's all that matters. :)

redballoon - Thanks for the congrats! It means more than you know - ha, y'all probably all know! It's really encouraging to get affirmation from each other and remember that WE CAN DO THIS and we ARE. :) You're doing an amazing job on keeping up those challenges despite the many many pressures. I admire you! And I do think you're on to something with the MSGs. I eat A LOT of Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choice dinners because we stay so insanely pressed for time. It will probably continue through May, but after that, I plan to start cooking again. Cooking?!? What's that?!? I can't wait, honestly. I'm not only sick of those pre-packaged crap baskets, but I also enjoy cooking. So I'm looking forward to that and also the HUGE possibility that it will help reduce or even eliminate my headaches. I've already found several triggers (smoking - giving it up next week, caffeine, not enough sleep, etc.), so I'm still hunting them down. :)

Sunnigummi - Even more scale woes, I see. Sometimes I want to chunk that thing out the window, especially when we know we've been working sooo hard. But you're doing SO well on your challenges! WTG!! That number's gonna go back down soon, just you wait and see! :)

Quixotica - WTG on finishing your challege! It's so inspiring to see all of you successfully completing your challenges. It makes it that much more real to me that I can do this, too. And here's to feeling much better tomorrow! You've got some great new challenges ahead of you, and Thanksgiving is now BEHIND you! You can do this! :)

WTG everybody! You inspire me and encourage me everyday. That deserves some serious thanks and praise! :carrot:

12-02-2008, 01:28 AM
Day 13 almost done--but man the urges were strong today........
Had a bit of a shock about some financial (bad) news, and still wanting to go feed my face. But, I will not! :tape: But that's what I used to do, and I am learning to subjugate uncertain stressful times into something else besides food (at least today I am!) I am thankful for so many other things in my life, my good health, my DH, etc, etc. <just keep telling myself this...>
Who need's money? hehe......

Welcome back Quix, tex!!! Back on track, back in the game, now FOCUS! :drill: (talking to myself here as well....)

sunni--same problem here, can't get that darn scale to move and stay moved! Even after several "good" days in a row! :shrug:

Red! Congrats on the journal completion!! :carrot: Maybe I'll do that again, sorta fell off the FitDay bandwagon, thought I could do this in my head now, but maybe not......

schmalger--why oh why couldn't you live near me and come help push me to do 6.5 miles? I can barely force myself to do 3, and usually only twice/week. Oh I do some wogging about two other times/week, but often only can do about 2 miles or so. To me, my "long" run is doing the 3.1 or 3.2 "training for a 5K" I push myself to do. Maybe I'll be able to increase my mileage someday soon.....

:wave: Cyndi, Tech, Arabella, and everyone else lurking......

12-02-2008, 03:24 AM
mod -- Did you make it through 13? I hope so. Sorry about the financial news. Things are turning bad all over, huh? Oh, God, doesn't life just make you want to EAT!? I was just explaining that to some little itty bitty woman today and she was like, "Really? How odd." It was genuinely news to her that I would overeat because of nerves. :rofl: Well, mod, if you don't have money, then you'll have to save on food, why doesn't it work that way? :dunno:
Heh, remember when we were talking about counting out steps at the gym to make things go faster. I would often take 60 steps (100 meters on the treadmill) and break it down to 5-5-10-20-20. It just went faster than way than counting to 60 straight off. Well! I found a new way of counting, thanks to the Stephen King novel I'm reading now, "Duma Key." He says it's a crazy way of tricking yourself so I guess that speaks loudly for my mental state, eh? :lol3: I've been doing it at the gym running lately and because I only have some of them figured out things go a LOT faster. It's like this...say you want to count off 55 steps (alternate foot for example that would be nearly 100 meters for me), but you only have to count to 10 to do it and it goes much faster! :spin: You go:
You only "counted to 10! but you've done 55!
"Counting to 15" (the special way) would bring you all the way to 120! The time flies! 120 steps is 200 meters. Only 5 of them and I've jogged a kilometer!
I do similar with reps weight training. I can't believe how much faster a set goes when I count to 10 by only counting to 5. This is the way I have always done it... 1-1-2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5. You see, and then I got a slightly different style from Stephen King. Heh, his books are cool. Maybe our minds think alike........ I know I'm going to be fabulously rich when I write a book sometime in my 50s, I've always felt it. Um...right, sure thing.... Do you think I need professional help............?

Sunni -- Uh-oh, having a bad scale day, huh? :tantrum: Yup, been there, often. You gotta stop checking it and just check what you're doing, allow days off until your body adjusts, stay away from sugar, which really bloats you and then things will be a bit more consistent. Just take deep breaths and push on, ignoring the scale AS LONG AS you are being consistent with food. OK, OK, I'm sure you know all this and you just want to let off some steam. I do it all the time. ;) Heh, do you know this site? I chart my weight here. Great thing to have, a visible record. Go there and make a free graph.

Quix -- Good to see you back. I was wondering where'd you gone. I'd forgotten you'd said you were going away. Thought you'd gotten tired of us, my ramblings in particular. Heh, don't cry over the spilled milk. You know better. Just wipe it up and kick on! You're back. You're on track. You're going to kick some a$$! :dancer:

schmalgie -- You is flying, girl!!! Where did you get that determination, that resolve, that energy, that incredibly high threshold for pain and excruciating boredom?!?!? Superwoman!! :cheer3: By the way, you stopped writing your feelings after your exercise and I enjoyed that. Put it back, will ya? :p
Thanks too for your feedback. It feels so good to see a big long post directed right at ME! It's like a Christmas present! :dance:
I hope you get those headaches stopped. I don't know what's in the food you mention (how was that again..."pre-packaged crap baskets?" :rofl: ) but it could be. It doesn't have to be msg though. Other preservatives do it too, often worse.
But, I can't get over your exercise. Woah, like you are really smoking!
Since you like poems, maybe sayings too, here's another quote I like.

Hope begins in the dark,
the stubborn hope that if you just show up
and try to do the right thing,
the dawn will come.
You wait and watch and work:
You don't give up.
--Anne Lamott


Well, enjoying a day off today. I'm taking it to make up for the day at the track. I'll do it till they tell me I can't. ;) Well, I lost to my horse today. She was freaking out out in the big ring and I was just petrified. It wasn't normal. She was like seriously spooky. So, I gave it up and had my lesson in the relatively safe round ring. She spooked at a noise there too and I nearly fell off but didn't...heh, sounds like my challenges of late, eh? :)
Afterwards, I went through the usual introspective analysis crappola but trying to find a solution to my timidness and a way of overcoming this. I decided to get some big paper and colored pencils and pens and do a mind map of solutions, perhaps images that can help me from going into paralysis and a vertical, on horseback fetal position. :^:
My teacher was actually nice. I was surprised. It makes ALL the difference.
Also bought a new "hot carpet" today. That's Japanese for electric carpet. Got it for my old cat so he can stay toasty warm while I'm away. (No central heating here). I'm also going to get a heated table that has a heater under it and then a quilt-like thing around it so it's warm underneath. I think my cats would never come out all winter! There at the bottom of this post is the old fellow, the black and white one, (he's 20) sitting on the hot carpet. He's a bobtail, btw. Actually, he prefers my lap, which is where he is now...
The other cat is my youngest...jeez, sounds like I'm talking about children....she lost her left eye and was about to lose her life from it when I took her in. Ok, enough of the family scrapbook! :lol:

12-02-2008, 09:46 AM
I did it! Nailed all three challenges again yesterday and followed through on throwing out the Dove sugar free that was in my drawer at work. For once I felt in control of that stuff! So 4 days of the no chocolate and veggie challenges and 3 of the stretches. I love this. One thing I've learned about myself is that I do a lot better if I have to be accountable to someone else and if I have a challenge. I reached goal last summer and immediately lost my focus (and gained 4 lbs). It took me a few months to get back on track but I feel like I'm on the way again.

Mod - Discovering I often actually like exercise and find it useful was a real eye opener for me. I've always been a stress eater (and a celebration eater and a boredom eater and an opportunity eater and, well, you get the idea!) so using exercise, especially yoga, has been great. The economy is making things tough. DP lost her state contract last summer and we've been belt tightening ever since. Why is it that belt tightening makes us want to do things that make that phrase a lie?! Hope things settle down for you.

Tex - We all slip sometimes. I think the trick is getting back on track faster each time.

Red - Love the kitty photos :) I'm like that with my babies too - it's embarrassing how often I can find a kitty pic and not a kid pic. :o

Sunni - Wow, nice exercise substitute! If you're exercising more check your measurements too. Sometimes the tape measure will show what the scale won't.

Quix - I'm always impressed that I can convince myself that if I don't log what I ate somehow it won't show on the scale! Today is a new day - get back on track and keep moving. You can do it!

schmalger - Wow!!!:bravo: I am awed and impressed! You're an inspiration.

:wave: to anyone I might have missed. Another long day here so I'm getting good snacks prepped and planning my day. Have a good one wherever you are :)

12-02-2008, 11:40 AM
Thanks Red and CyndiM for the good words. Yep, we will hang in there, who knows, maybe even come out ahead in the long run (after a few years?) I am extremely embarrassed to say this, but I want to say it to somebody, so I'm just gonna put it out there. I wanna tell you guys (only). Heck, you don't know me really so........

Anyway, I may have told you my DH was getting sued over a business deal gone bad. Well, we thought we could work out a payment plan or something, but we lost the judgement for the full amount, (plus interest and lawyer's fees, etc.) then we thought just DH's wages would be garnished (up to 25%, it would really hurt, especially since his work and incoming collections have really slowed down, and since I have only been working 2-3 days/week, also b/c of slow economy, but......)

Found out this week-end the other party got a court order to take all of our money from our personal accounts! We had been told that couldn't happen, but without warning, $30,000 gone, poof!! That was our cushion to help pay our bills for the next several months as we have just recently started running in the red with incoming vs. outgoing bills, until I can get another job or two or three, and DH also, or until our primary businesses pick up. This happened as a whole bunch of checks were going out for the mortgage, cars, bills, insurance, etc. etc. And we truly have no back-up--having already cashed in most of retirement accounts this last year to cough up more money for the high down the mortgages now require, and the stock market halving what we had left, down to next-to-nothing now......

So a major scramble on Sunday to call/cancel all those checks, yell at our lawyer (who has got to be the WORST lawyer in the world!) and now, talking to a bankruptcy lawyer to try to be able to keep our house, etc, but maybe get this debt (and consequently our stupid credit cards, which I never would have done but for this HUGE problem) off of us.

I am one of those people who NEVER EVER EVER entertained the thought of bankruptcy, and we always worked hard to maintain our EXCELLENT credit rating, Always were a bit smug in our good financial sense, our education which led to high-paying careers, our ability to not get behind in money matters, our "fiscal responsibility". Now, ruined credit for 10 years, that's right, it stays on your record for 10 years. This is extremely humiliating........ I feel like an idiot, stupid, a fool, but also selfish and self-centered to just be worrying about something so trivial as money, when people all around me have cancer or disabilities, or lost loved ones, or have handicapped babies, abusive spouses, etc, etc. I have told DH if this is the worst thing we ever have to surmount in our life, we would be lucky to have such a good life. Problem is trying to really believe that right now.

Anyway, just wanted to open up just a bit more about this to someone or else I might burst. It has been on my mind constantly for about 48 hours now and I am coming to terms with it, but, what a shock, and finally an unescapable realization--about what we have to do to be able to survive. (with our house, hopefully, but if not, back to trying to find a rental with BAD credit and 3 dogs, or go home to live with family-in-laws with our tails tucked between our legs--OH GOD!)

I am generally the optimistic one, the one that can always see the silver lining, blah,blah. Imagine what I have been having to deal with with DH's extreme pessimism and discouragement--I am emotionally wrung out just trying to not let him lose perspective and keeping his spirits revived. I can even make weak jokes, like, at least my gym and pool membership is paid for at least 6 more months, or, at least I'm now eating about half the quantity I was used to eating only about a year ago, etc.
I foresee myself becoming an exercising fool in the next few weeks, as I try to work my self into exhaustion so I can sleep most of the night. Who knows, I may truly reach my goal sometime in the first few months of the New Year?

Anyway, I totally don't mean to be a downer and bring down the party. I just wanted to vent, and be honest and open to someone, (anonymously, of course........)

12-02-2008, 12:38 PM
Hi All!

I hope you don't mind if I join this thread!
My challenges are going to be:

Drink atleast 8 glasses of water a day(no pauses)

Record everything I eat whether its on or off, because maybe i wont eat the bad stuff if i know i have to write it down later. (no pauses)

I can't wait to get to know everyone!

12-02-2008, 01:37 PM
Modcat - :hug: I'm sorry to hear about your financial woes. It's scary, these times we live in. It must be especially hard having to be so stressed and work hard at bringing a loved one's spirits up. More :hug:. Chin up!

Everyone - Thanks for the suggestions/support about the scale weight. It's nice to know that others are going through this too. I do weigh myself everyday (bad I know, but I'm so addicted to it at this point!). I record the weight in my trusty Excel spreadsheet hehe. I was hoping to see an overall loss at the end of the month with all the fluctuations in between. That 170.5? That was the end of the month. I started out at 169.5. So I um gained a lb over a month. Nice. Way to go, bod. :dizzy:

Well, I finished Day 12 today, woohoo!!:carrot: And I have an exercise class tonight so I'm psyched to add something new to my workout regimen. :D

12-02-2008, 06:18 PM
Heh, look at that everybody. Four weeks off booze and cigs! FOUR WEEKS!!!! :dizzy: Is that crazy or what?
Ok, my last record was 38 days so I still have a bit to go to set a new one, but I'm on my way. Actually, I can't believe I did 38 days last time. This time seems MUCH longer. In any case, keep on truckin'! :dancer:

That said, I had a setback yesterday. Just kept eating! It was anxiety about a lot of things. I don't want to go into them here, but I just kept at it, even though I was fully aware that it was NOTHING about hunger. :^: Oh well, I wrote it all down in the damage report and will get back on track. Eating is only upping my food costs, which is part of the problem. Well, actually, the problem is that I don't earn enough money, but... ;)

No Booze
Day 7/28 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 7/28 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 5/26 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 1/21 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1


Cyndi -- Excellent job on all three challenges! And you threw away the sweet stuff! Wow! I would have given it away. I don't think I've ever thrown away something I should have! This thread really does make a difference. But, you have to be totally honest and keep posting even if you're in a slump and not doing anything. It's so easy to hide otherwise. Not that you are, I'm just saying that in general. I've been doing these threads for years now and there have been many times I took a break, sometimes somewhat extended or came back with a super easy "challenge" just to get myself kickstarted again. Easy is a relative thing, after all. Your eating triggers -- stress, celebration, boredom, opportunity -- sound just like mine. :^: Belt tightening makes us feel deprived, that's why we want to compensate. It's also scary, I think that's why. Glad you liked the cats. I'm not embarrassed by it. I have no kids (am single) but I guess it's kind of silly... :lol: Heh, who cares?! I like SILLY! :dizzy:

ForeverLove -- What a sweet name! :love: Welcome to our thread! :welcome: Good luck on your challenges. :goodluck:

Sunni -- That's cool that you have a spreadsheet. I can't understand Excel at all. Wish I could do the same. Heh, if you wouldn't mind sending me a template of that sheet, I'd love to see it. PM me if you can, please. Good going on you challenge. You're over halfway there. Good to hear you're psyched about exercise! Every time I get into workouts and start losing weight my skin gets really bad and it's so frustrating. I don't know the cause. Doctors are useless. I'm just hoping it won't get too bad this time. The dry, itching skin is horrible. I'm wondering if it's something about toxins coming out of the fat cells... :?:

And we get to mod....dear mod, I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. I have money problems too but nothing like yours. That must be so scary. There's nothing I can say but to hope you find a way out of the troubles. The only thing I CAN say and want to say is to STOP feeling embarrassed or humiliated or anything like that. It happens to the most cautious, careful people. I know, I have friends who lost businesses and went into horrible debt because clients failed to pay their bills. It was nothing about the person losing the business. It really, really angers me when people think they are above hardships and put others down for being whatever. It's the biggest fallacy of thinking to think that it can't happen to you. I'm not saying you are like that. You just seem to have been proud of what you were doing. I think it is important to always look at others in a bind, and say, there but for the grace of God go I. We NEVER know how things can turn and that includes depression and mental illness that could make our decisions go pear-shaped (as the Brits say). In any case, just hang in there. Be strong. Be calm. Do NOT think anything is beneath you. That only exasperates the problem. We must learn humility and sometimes these things come as lessons until we do. Availing yourself of the in-laws might just be a good solution, if it comes to that. It's certainly nothing to think of as bad. Be glad you have someone you can help you out. Other people truly have no one. I hope your husband stops dragging you down. Hang in there, mod. :hug:

12-02-2008, 07:52 PM
Flyby here - from the states!!! Dang it's cold here! LOL

Mod - I'm so sorry to hear about you personal troubles! I hope you find effective ways of dealing with it all while preserving your mental and physical health!!!

12-02-2008, 11:00 PM
miriam, Welcome to the U.S. of A.!!!!

12-03-2008, 12:40 AM
Hi everyone!
Thanks for your words of encouragement. Denial is not a river in Egypt, you know? Sometimes though, I am the queen of denial. One of these days I will learn that it is not worth it.

So, I am back on track...logging my food, back on Adtkins and logging my water and exercise. I made it all today except the exercise. I am starting that tomorrow as I have been really tired and just need to go to bed. Soon.

Modcat-I am so sorry to hear about your financial woes. It is such a bad time right now in our country and people just can't keep up with what is happening. But, you will make it through this and get your feet back under you. I hope you can keep your house. My parents went through what you are going through and they made it out the other side with their home and then just worked to rebuild their credit. Luckily, you are two educated professionals who can more readily recover. Try to keep your center, be good to yourself, get your sleep and exercise and keep talking about it. It is so painful to have a traumatic event and not be able to talk. Try not to feel horrified or ashamed. Even though money is important, you did not commit a moral crime, you are a victim of circumstance. These things happen to most all of us in one way or another at some time in our life. When I was young I got evicted because I could not afford my rent and I ate popcorn for four days until my mom sent me food money. That was scarey. Thank goodness a friend took me in for a while. Let people help you and we will help you, too!

Red-YOU are rockin' on the no alcohol! Is it getting easier to avoid drinking or to respectfully decline? I admire your resolve and hard work! And congratulations of making those non-stretchy pants a little looser. One of these days soon you will get that button done.

I enjoyed reading your comments about training as a rider. We all need such passions in our lives to make us feel the spark of life! What is your horse's name? Description? Breed? I liked the kitty pictures, do you have a horse picture?

Miriam-I am glad to see you finally made it back to the states for your visit! I bet your kids are having the time of their lives! Are you seeing all the sights and visiting family? Hope you have a wonderful time!

Hi Tex! Glad to see you doing so well and back on track! And, I am glad you made it through all the sick kids and feeling low yourself!

Sunni-Keep going! You have the right attitude, even if your body is not cooperating. Sometimes you just have to outwait and outwit it! Good job on all of the exercise, too!

Hi Cyndi! Good for you for ridding your life of all the sweets! Do you find you are feeling better? I rarely eat sweets anymore (this from a person who used to be a professional pastry chef) anyway, I find that my energy is so much more steady and I don't get headaches like I used to now that I am on a very low sugar/sweets diet. I ordered a regular coke the other day and honestly could not drink it, and I used to love the stuff. I ordered an ice tea later. Good luck with that and let me know how it is going!

Foreverlove-Welcome to the forum! I know you will love it here! Good luck on your challenge!

Well, if I have missed anyone, I am sorry. You are all the best, but I am just out of steam and off to an early bed time.

Adtkins day 1
logging food day 1
8 glasses of water day 1
exercise day 0, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow


12-03-2008, 01:21 AM
Heh, Quix. Sorry, you did ask before and I never got back. I'm at work so not much now, but here she is...half Haflinger, half Paint, only 15 hands, and no, that ain't me looking skinny on her. ;)

12-03-2008, 03:05 AM
Daily Exercise Day 10
Level 3
Exercise? Check!
Stats? 37.30 minutes on the elliptical Ė 6.50 miles
Mood? (This is for you, redballoon!) If this was an hour ago, I would say I felt like ROADKILL! But now, an hour after exercising, I feel awesome. My legs are very sore, but I just canít believe Iím still doing this. Itís a gift every day that I do this, a gift to myself and to my future.

I had to exercise late tonight, but I DID get it in before midnight. I finished up around 11:15, actually, but I wanted to shower and cool down before posting. So the post is late, but I did day 9 ON day 9, I promise! I canít believe I went 6.50 miles again. I wasnít sore at all today from yesterdayís workout. So when I got on, I was surprised that both of my entire legs were insanely sore! I nearly gave up at 2.50 miles, so I kept setting mini-goals. Iíd tell myself, ďSurely you can do just one more quarter mile.Ē So I quarter miled it all the way to 6.50. It took a little longer than last night, but not much. And Iím still in shock that I made it. Thanks to everyone for the continued encouragement, so much of this is YOUR success, because without you, I really donít think Iíd have stayed committed past DAY 2. Iím NOT kidding. So thank you!

modcat44 Ė Great job staying on plan today despite the incredible pressure and turmoil youíre going through right now. You are so incredibly strong to have maintained through all of this. Iím so impressed, truly. And I wish I did live near you; Iíd LOVE to have an exercise partner! Iíll tell you what, though. I KNOW Iíd never make it 6.50 miles of actual running. I canít run 6.50 FEET! It is so much easier on the elliptical, and it helps seeing the distance tick by; it keeps me going somehow. Iíve always admired runners. When I get more of this weight off, Iím thinking of jogging on the river levee by our house. A lot of people do that around here, and I always look up at them longingly. It looks so fun and refreshing, running by the river like that. And I am so sorry about your bad financial news today. I will keep you in our prayers. I just saw your second post regarding your financial woes. That sounds so weakÖĒwoes.Ē And donít you dare apologize for ďbringing down the party.Ē You are understandably at the end of your wits, and weíre here for you no matter what you need. Iím just heartbroken for you, truly. This is so incredibly sad, and Iím so proud of you for trying to stay as upbeat as possible and maintaining your sense of humor. I understand what you mean about being fiscally responsible, I do, even the feeling arrogant about it. But with the economy as crappy (another weak word) as it is right now, there is only so much you can do. Right now, you need to focus on whatís best for your family. This hit you like a freight train, and itís not something you could have prepared for. I really hope that you are able to get out from under this. And I promise you, we will be praying for you hard core. And if you need to vent again? Weíre here for you, promise. :grouphug:

redballoon Ė FOUR WEEKS?!? FOUR WEEKS!?!? Hereís another one for you, four, count Ďem four weeks youíve got down! Thatís an entire month of hard core success. Way to go! I love your counting tricks, by the way. I actually tried it tonight on the elliptical, and it helped! In fact, thatís how I broke through that 2.50 mile mark when I thought Iíd quit. I had read up on your posts before exercising Ė I tend to do that and it motivates me to get in there after reading about everyoneís successes for the day. Where do I get the will/motivation to keep going? Thatís actually harder to answer than it seems. Itís soooo many things. First and foremost, I always pray for strength and determination before (and during) exercise. And I remind myself that God made me, but he didnít make me FAT. HA! :lol: Only I have control over that. And Iím thankful for working out at home. I seriously talk out loud to myself in there. When I want to give up, I will verbally say to myself, ďYou can do this! Just keep going a little farther; youíll be so glad you did.Ē And if that doesnít work, I get mean and go Jillian on my own a**. Iíve argued with myself. ďIím so weak. I canít do this.Ē ďNo youíre not! Weak is what made you FAT. So shut up and just DO IT.Ē Donít I sound NUTS?!? :dizzy: Ha! Thatís okay, because it works, and Iíll get mad and push harder. Also? THE IPOD! I received one as a gift a while back, and last week I got DH to load it down with lots of fast rock songs and some really lame but upbeat stuff. But it helps, because I donít get to listen to music a lot. Iím always studying. So when I turn on the ipod, I look forward to hearing the next song and the next and the next. Thank you for the poem, too! It is PERFECT. Iím going to print it out and read it more Ė itís VERY motivational. Keep Ďem coming! That was my little present from you! It sounds like you had a great day today, despite the problem with your horse. Iím really sorry to hear about that, but I AM glad that your teacher was kind to you today. That had to be a welcome change. And I LOVE your cats Ė they ARE like our children! We have two Ė well, technically three, one lives outside Ė and we have conversations with them like weíre human. Dang, Iím sounding more and more insane by the minute. The bad thing? Itís not because itís after midnight! Iím just plain crazy. Heehee

CyndiM Ė WTG on nailing THREE challenges again! Thatís one tall order youíve got there, and you are DOING IT! Great job on tossing the Dove, too. Mmmmmm, dove. Thatís some willpower right there, buddy. You are so focused, and you should be proud of yourself. Keep it up! And thank you for your kind comments. I canít BELIEVE someone called ME an inspiration. I read that earlier today, and it nearly brought me to tears. It just felt so good, because YOU all inspire me every day. And it felt so good to remember, again, that I really am doing it this time and that it means something to others is really cool. Thank you for that; you made my day. :hug:

ForeverLove (Randi) Ė Welcome! Iím sure Iím not alone here in saying that you are MORE than welcome. There arenít that many of us here, so itís pretty easy to keep up. And everyone is so incredibly supportive. Your challenges sound great, and quite doable. Let us know how youíre doing every day!

Sunnigummi Ė You too? :lol: I record my weight on Excel, too. Ha! And day twelve! Youíve got nearly two full successful weeks under your belt. WTG! I hope your exercise class was as great as you hoped it would be. You have a great attitude. Keep it up!

miriam101 Ė Bundle up! Itís good to hear from you. Stay warm and have a blast!

Quixotica Ė Good for you for getting back on track. Great job! Iím running out of steam at this point, and Iím sure youíre all sick of reading! But I hope your trip was great, and WTG for getting back on plan.

Sorry for being so long-winded everyone. Can you tell I'm done with the semester? All kinds of time to waste. HA! Seriously, I just wrote a freakin' book. My apologies!

12-03-2008, 06:31 AM
Oh, got me on a roll! Two more of the same two puddy cats and one of my third!!! :crazy: Now, who's nuts?!?!?!? Here's lovely Momo. The name means cloud, (two clouds written together). She has gorgeous blue eyes (now only one though) and I pictured fluffy white clouds (her fur) against a beautiful blue sky (the eyes) and thus her name. And here's my third, Nozomi, which means hope or wish. It seemed to me it was all that must have kept her going was hope, because when I found her she was about to die of starvation. And here's the old fella again. His name is Shachi, which means orca in Japanese. He used to be huge, scary looking but gentle, like an orca and the black and white markings as well.

12-03-2008, 08:24 AM
No Booze
Day 8/29 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 8/29 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 6/27 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 2/22 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1

Quix -- Great seeing such a long post from you. Queen of denial, eh? I thought we had another queen here, oh, that was queen of restarts. Ok, you got the title! So, best of luck on your challenges! As for the alcohol here, I don't know if it's easier...well, heck, yeah, I guess it is. It's just becoming a habit NOT to drink, whereas before it was a habit to drink. I guess that's what going through straight for this long does. The momentum helps. And the sense of accomplishment is cool. Also, I have a great sense of power by just saying, no, I'm not drinking right now. If people try to push, watch out! I have other people saying they may do the same as I have been and give it up for a while. Nice, huh? Those pants are closer to getting buttoned. The gap is almost gone, but to button them will take a lot more than just almost touching at the top....hmmm. And then of course, there'll be getting the zipper up and having it up and being able to breathe and having it up, able to breathe and not having the zipper break and on and on it goes until one day I'm saying, oh, chuck these baggy things! :spin: Well, hope you enjoyed the horse photo AND the three extra kitty pics! :lol:

schmalger -- I love it! Love that mood, from AWESOME. 6.5 miles?!?! AGAIN?!?!? That is utterly magnificent!! Are you like hot or what? Glad you like the counting game. And don't worry about sounding insane. Endorphins do that to you and so does feeling GOOD about yourself!! So, wacko on, sweet thing, wacko on! You gotta be smiling now!
Oh, the ipod is indispensable. I have playlists made that get me moving. I have running music and power music for lifting and walking music and playlists for moods. Sometimes I don't know the mood so I just go to songs until something hits. Today was an odd one. Walking to the gym was some Jimi Hendrix, but not the usual hard stuff, softer. But always I come back to the hard stuff. The songs can get you through the workout if you time them right. Glad you liked the saying too.
Well, I've got to call this quits as I must get to bed. You keep up with your great work, ok?! :sunny:

12-03-2008, 08:39 AM
Hi everyone! Well, I think that I am offically back on track I have finish Day 3 of both exercising and clearing my home of clutter - 1 bag at a time :) I have not been on the scale for 2 days, I was tempted last night, but I just walked past it. I don't know what this strange fascination is with weighing myself is. I never voluntarily stepped on a scale BEFORE my weight loss journey began :lol:

mod :hug: I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through financial problems. I'm glad that you are here and are able to talk about it though. Keeping it inside is not good. From reading your post, I think it sounds like you are holding up well. A few years ago, we lost all of our "cushion" - I know how it feels - it's not so much the money, it's the security that it brings with it. More :hug: it will get better!

Red - WTG on your booze/ciggy challanges :carrot: Glad to see you doing so well!

Quix - Hope all is well - Eventually I will finish some challanges too ;)

Hope everyone is doing well! Have a great day! :hug:

12-03-2008, 01:34 PM
Hello All,

Writing it down challenge (3 pauses): Day 8 complete 1-pause used.

Well I ended up using a pause for Sunday :o But 6 days in a row is pretty impressive for me. I'm usually good for 3-4 then "oh I'll just restart next week". I restarted keeping track on Monday, but have been way off track with eating (the numbers look pretty scary), but I didn't want to have to report that I started over so I've been writing away. Hopefully, that will make getting back on track easier.

I need to come on-line more often it took me so long to read the posts that now I don't have time to post personals :^:

So I'll just say this:

:yay: to all who are sticking to their challenges or working on sticking to them.

Modcat - feel free to vent anytime :D And hang in there :hug:

Red - your cats are cute and so is the horse, love the pics.

:wave: Have a great day everyone.


12-03-2008, 03:14 PM
Hey everyone. I'm back, starting over Day 13, I think I was on. No exercise yesterday, and ate out with DH (at Hooter's, just try to find healthy food at that joint!) and then came home and had "dessert". Not too good but hopefully back on track today. At least, no beer. Haven't had any this entire challenge, nor any wine, like Red says, it's just become another "habit" to not even think of having any. Had a headache off and on most of the day and I NEVER get headaches, so maybe that encouraged me not to want any alcohol, instinctively not wanting to wake up with a new one!

I don't know what to say to everyone, except all of your comments and support have meant more to me than you could ever know. Seriously, tears and everything when I finally got brave enough to open up the thread today and read everything posted. I actually thought I would feel better yesterday venting, but strangely, I didn't. I felt more naked and vulnerable and weaker and thought, oh jeez, why did I do that, that's TMI, what is everyone going to think of me, etc. Why am I so concerned with everyone else's opinions of me, still, at age 44, even an anonymous online community? THAT is weak, right there!

But now actually, after reading everything and accepting the helpful support, I DO feel better, much better! (Maybe the cry had something to do with that as well.....) So now I think, ok, yeah, maybe it WAS a good thing to do, write it out, ADMIT it to someone, let some people see a little bit behind the curtain (Oh Dorothy!) maybe it all is essential to my learning how to deal, to being able to process, to accept, and then, move on.......

And yes, I am/was guilty of arrogance, and the new-found humility will be good for us. And back to Maslow's hierarchy as well--that could be a blessing in disguise. I mean, no more mid-life crisis issues for me, at least for awhile. No more agonizing over self-actualization, what do I want to do to further fulfill my life, find meaning, express myself, leave my mark, give back and make a difference, debate and ponder philosophical, spiritual, even political issues, trying to answer age-old questions and solving cerebral problems. Just, back to basics. Probably good for me......

Sorry to be so inwardly focused here, just rambling on, writing down my thoughts as they spout.
__________________________________________________ ____________

Red--:love: LOVED the pics of the kitties and the horse! I have always had kitties, but DH is allergic. When he met me, I had three, but promised him I wouldn't get anymore after the last one one went, at nearly 18. After we moved to the West Coast, could have one outside I know, but no one has "adopted" me yet, and I haven't run across any in need of a family yet (DH won't let me enter into a shelter--usually end up with something to bring home, and I certainly don't need another dog right now and the little kitties would be too easy to substitute.....I have been known to adopt TWO at a time, have done that more than once in my life so far.....)

My horse pics are from long ago and not on any computer, but I had Quarter horses, first a grey, then a palomino, Western, then English equitation, then jumping, ring and just beginning field, (eventing) then sold them to focus on my higher education long haul but really miss that time of my life......

And your advice is priceless. Not just the advice, per se, as the EMPATHY. As is everyone's. Thank God we all are pretty verbose here on this thread (verbose isn't the word for writings, is it? What is the word I'm looking for?.....)

schmalger--If you were here girl, we could motivate each other, and PUSH each other to step outside our comfort zone and work it!! I've not done the elliptical for many years, but I remember it was hard and I'm pretty sure I couldn't do 6.5 miles right now at all! And yes, it can really do a number on your legs! Do you go "backwards" occasionally? I remember trying to throw that in for 2-3 minutes once or twice, and it really affecting my legs the next day!! And yes, here's to the modern world and the wonderful IPod invention! :cp: Don't know how good I'd do without some motivating tunes to help push me through.....

cyndiM--:thanks: Your little pms were super sweet and so encouraging. What a wonderful overture you made to a new, anonymous on-line "friend"!! That's what makes this process of mental unloading so worth it.......

And you are doing so awesome, wtg! I obviously know (as probably most of us here) about the "eating cures all" aspects of my prior existence. This new-ish venture of on-line support has really helped keep me mindful of that unconscious attitude, and given me the oomph I needed to really try to change that once and for good!

Quix--wtg about climbing out of that "river", lol! You are back on the wagon, officially, so just hang on, we'll try not to let you fall off again! And thanks also for that insight into your past woes.....and you nailed it on the head. I AM scared, just was afraid to even admit that until I saw you put it into writing......

tex--you are well on your way. WTG on day 3 and the clutter/junk challenge is one I have done unofficially once before--I really want to get back to that one again. I think I will soon, it will help to unclutter my mind as I unclutter my house....

miriam--wow, that was quick! When you said you were going as soon as you got your passport current, you weren't kidding! I heard about bad weather in NY area the past 2-3 days--what a time to come, haha! Oh well, still exciting to be in the big city again and on vacation, I'm sure......

sunni--Excel, hmmm? Very detailed and organized--that surely will help you when you do see the results in black and white--it will seem more irrefutable and absolute........When I was using FitDay, I did enjoy seeing a long string of successful days and a graph of my weightloss struggle. I've got to get back to that.......

techAlum--See what happens when you don't check in for awhile?? Too much reading, haha! So glad you are pushing on through, though, and congrats on making it to Day 8! This is the time (with the added motivational help) that you will be successful to CONTINUE PAST your prior false starts, until you are so far down the line you can't even begin to think of giving it all up, even if you have a pause day or three....

ForeverLove--:welcome2: Well, you said you couldn't wait to get to know everyone better, lol!! This is an awesome, small-enough-to-be-manageable intimate group that just keeps going, slogging along........Really a good motivation to count out days, report our progress and struggles, give and get feedback. For the weightloss, too! :rofl:

Thanks all for helping me with my perspective, and my journey.....:love:

__________________________________________________ _____________

12-03-2008, 04:55 PM
Good morning, all. It's looking to be a beautiful day here, though cold, no wind and blue skies, BUT I just mailed my riding teacher to cancel out. I always feel bad when I do that, but things are just a little too much for me at the moment and I have to be able to relax or my horse will freak again.
Out of the blue, some guy from a headhunter company called me yesterday saying he was looking and was I interested in talking, so I said yeah and will meet him this afternoon. If I had gone riding it would have been a rush to meet him, so I figured better to take it easier. It means I can wear nicer clothes too. I could even if I go riding but then it's such a pain to lug everything with me.
There are excuses but I am feeling kind of wired. It's so strange. Everyone thinks I am calm and dull but I am actually on pins and needles inside always. It's probably why I liked the dulling effect of the beer. I remember once when I got on a horse after having some beer at the club party, the feeling of NOT feeling nervous was amazing. And to think, some people must feel like that all the time.
OK, I am babbling because of my morning caffeine, which I have cut to one scoop regular, one scoop decaf, but it still gives me a jolt. Well, that's why I drink it.
I will hit the gym hard this morning to atone for not riding, then go in to work and I hope meet this guy. Of course, he could cancel, but...well, we have to plan till the circumstances change.
I admit to being on edge about what I am praying, hoping, could be a break for me, anything to get me out of the poisonous atmosphere of my current job. I have been begging for a viable alternative for months. I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up, but they are up. :^:
As for challenges, I ate way too much yesterday again, and not great stuff. Then again, I wrote it all down and I could figure the calories if I want. I've gotten away from some of the more calorie-dense favorites, such as rice crackers. It has become a conscious thing now, to actively say no to them when I go to the store and not just vacuum them in like I had been.
By the way, this morning I was just barely able to get the button closed on those non-stretchy jeans. The zipper opening was gaping madly and I was sucking in DEEP but I could have done that before and still not have gotten them closed, so.....
Yesterday was just one thing after the other at work, the idiocy that has taken hold there, moved the paper back decades. The place is seriously going down the can fast and we editors hate to see it happening. I think everyone feels like drinking there and, heck, many of them do that during the best of times. ;)

tex -- That's quite impressive that you have been able to stay off the scale, seeing as addicted to weighing as you were. Once you start to try to lose weight, you always want to hurry the progress. When I try, I begin noticing how fat I am more and more and get disgusted and discouraged. It's not that I cared all along, obviously, that's how I got there, but I just ignored it. I suppose the trick would be to keep ignoring one's body while at the same time sticking to a good diet and exercise plan, but, well, that doesn't happen. We do want to see RESULTS immediately upon putting a little bit of effort into things, don't we? Kind of ridiculous, isn't it?

Tech -- You're like me with the writing. But it is important to keep writing, so good for you! :cp:
Keep up the good work! :flow1:

mod -- I'm glad to see you in here and writing such a wonderful long post. Of course it was a good thing to come in here and tell us about what's going on with you. We may not have ever met in person, but that's the weird thing about the Net, you can actually get to know a person a lot better than if you had met. Meeting, you can just stand there and smile, but here you have to say something and I think because of that there is often more communication. Of course, you could come in and just remain superficial, but, ah, well, what's the point of that? Those people soon disappear anywhere, bored with others, bored with themselves no doubt. No, we're here for you. Of course, if you start making a habit of it, we might start nodding, are you listening, Red? ;)
I relate to your situation more than you probably realize because I didn't write about it before. But, I can feel now that you are probably going through much the same that I was earlier this year when, after doing my damnedest to do an excellent job at work, I was just ripped from the loop and neutralized. I couldn't believe it. I could have been sent for a loop myself, one that had me throwing myself in front of a train (a very common occurrence here) or turning mean or hiding under the blankets. Well, I did a little bit of the last one to be sure, but more so and more importantly, what I did was say, look, this is beyond me. I can't help what others choose to do, but what I can do is take an attitude of class. If you want to see me crawl, then you're going to be disappointed because I am much bigger than anything you can throw at me. I had to threaten legal action and show a lot of spine, but that was the easy part..easy after I got over the shock and, instead of walking around with an open-mouthed look of surprise on my face, started saying, to **** with this, you're not going to get me down. The hard part is now when they are doing the ostracism tactic, another extremely Japanese thing. The thing is, I don't identify with the group, never have. I am not compromised by standing alone. I am only unable to add to others to the extent I could were I part of a strong team. Anyhow, what I'm saying is that there is no shame in anything that is happening to you, so smile, turn your face to the sun, and with the sound of encouraging words from the stands (that's us :) ) do what you've always done, make the most of the cards you've been dealt and play your hand. Like someone said, you're blessed with the resources, mental and otherwise, to do a whole heck of a lot better than someone who would truly be lost following such a blow. You can do this, mod. :yes: And then, you can get out there and help someone else do it too. It's what it's all about.

12-04-2008, 01:33 AM
Daily Exercise Day 11
Level 3
Exercise? Check!
Stats? 30 minutes on the elliptical Ė 5 miles
Mood? I am WHOOPED yíall, feeling like steamed dookie. That was gross, but whew! :whoo: It took everything I had and more to get on that elliptical and then stay on it for a full 30 minutes. My legs are actually okay until I get on the machine, but then? Wow. Just wow. I had to fight disappointment at not going as far as I did the last two days. But I got over that pretty quickly, because just 12 short days ago? I was doing NOTHING. So I feel really good, I do. :woohoo:

redballoon Ė Your cats are beautiful, and I love their names and the meanings behind them. I love names that mean something; yours are much deeper and more meaningful than mine, I'm afraid. At the risk of revealing too much of myself (I live in constant fear that I will be discovered, :yikes:), I will reveal the names of mine. First, there is Genghis Hans Ė heís a short-haired orange tabby. We got him from a pet shelter, and his name was already Hans. We didnít care for it much, but he wasnít a kitten and we were afraid of traumatizing him by completely changing his name. Well, turns out he likes to play and play ROUGH. So DH named him Genghis, because the little man (ha) is like a warrior. He plays harder than some dogs Iíve seen, and he just wonít quit. But we kept Hans, too, because turns out the cat is a little bipolar. In one minute, heís Genghis, and the next? Heís tail-sucking Hans. And Iím not kidding about the tail sucking. Heís such a weirdo, and heís my favorite. Go figure. Then thereís Olga Grozny. She was a feral cat Ė sheís kind long-haired and kind of charcoal colored. A friend of mine found her hanging out around a dumpster at school. We took her in, and named her Olga Grozny. Grozny, very loosely translated, means ďthe dreadĒ in Russian. When she first came in, she bullied the heck out of our poor little warrior Genghis. Haha. And finally, there is Oscar the Grouch. Oscar is actually female Ė sheís black/white/gray/brown Ė a bit of everything. Sheís another feral who we discovered had been living under our house. Sheís a few years old, a bit older than the others I think, and boy is she ornery. She can be sweet when she wants to, but she is so incredibly grouchy. If you donít touch her just right, she growls and hisses at you. Overall, sheís really sweet, but she definitely earned Oscar the Grouch (which Iím sure you know comes from Sesame Street). We get a lot of weird comments at the vet, ďOscar is a female?!?Ē :lol: Okay, enough about the cats! WTG on your challenges. You are rocking! Iím like you, too. I gravitate toward harder things for working out right now. (I love Hendrix, btw, but he can be a bit slow for working out.) Stuff that I normally donít listen to, like Metallica, is great for getting my energy up. And I have a lot of 80s stuff Ė Billy Idol, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Motley Crue, etc. Thereís Green Day, 3 Doors Down, you get the idea. If I werenít exercising, Iíd have Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, and other things of that nature on there. But itís just TOO slow to exercise by! Seriously, though. KEEP IT UP! You are doing a phenomenal job at your challenges!! On another note, Iím so sorry to hear about your troubles at work. Thereís just about nothing more stressful than having to go to work, day in and day out, and be miserable the whole time youíre there. Iíll say a prayer for you about the meeting with the headhunter. Good luck, and try to relax and let the real you shine through. You donít need beer to be awesome Ė weíve all seen that here plain enough every single day. :D :goodluck:

texscrapper Ė Congrats on getting back on track! I knew you could do it! Great job on day 3. Keep up the great work Ė and way to go on clearing your home of clutter. DH and I have been on a cleaning frenzy this week. The house turns into total chaos during the semester, and itís always such a pain getting everything back in order Ė only to do it all over again. :lol:

TechAlum Ė WTG on day 8! Youíre over 1/3 of the way there now. Keep it up! 6 days in a row is impressive. And hey, youíre on a Level 3, too. So you knew you were liable to have to take some pauses. Donít feel bad about it! After all, you got right back on track! And I donít blame you for starting over on the eating/recording challenge. Sometimes I imagine it would be easier to start fresh than to dwell too long on very human mistakes that we all will and do make. You can beat this! :goodvibes

modcat44 Ė I love inward-focused, and I mean that in the best possible way. I actually find it quite fun and enlightening to really self-analyze, and I mean digging deep the way you are right now. We can learn so much about ourselves and even realize how much we still have to grow, and I love that. Sometimes I think the world would be a much better place if more people were more introspective, not necessarily as introverted as I am, but some self-analysis seems to lead to growth and greater respect for other people as well. Now Iím rambling. Iím so glad to know that youíve felt better today, and I hope and pray that each and every day will bring renewed and strengthened relief and resolve. You can get through this. You will get through this. And you will be an even stronger person coming out on the other side. About the elliptical Ė I agree about it being hard. Right now, each day is harder than the one before. I'm hoping I'll kind of break through that soon. We'll see. But Iím really not joking about how pathetic I am when I try to run/jog. Itís actually a sight people would probably pay, and pay well, to see. :rofl:I canít wait until I can run/jog without feeling every single ounce of fat feel as if itís trying to fly off of my body and into the great beyondÖonly to come crashing back down with such force youíd think it was trying to tunnel to China. Ugh!

Well, I got Jillian's 30 Day Shred in today. I haven't looked at it yet, and frankly it intimidates the **** out of me. In the next day or so, I'll give it a shot. If it goes well, I'll count it as that day's exercise and keep going from there. If not, it's back to the elliptical, at least for the remainder of this challenge. And I have to go to my father's this weekend. He's been begging me for nearly two years now - which is about how long he's been in his new house - and I've been putting it off that whole time. We haven't always been close - in fact, I dealt with a very real hatred of him for most of my life. But now, I have to give him credit. He's trying really hard, as best he can, and I'm still learning to just accept that he is the way he is. It's not about me, and he's never going to change. I have mostly stopped, by now, wishing for anything better. And I'm trying really hard to just love him the way he is and forget the past. Wish me luck. I may have to take a pause on Saturday because of that. But I'm going to TRY to exercise that morning before we head out - it's only about a 2 hour trip. And then I can exercise Sunday night when we get back. Anyway. I'm rambling again. Good night everyone - and good morning/good day to those of you on the other side of the world (here's looking at you, redballon)!

12-04-2008, 08:50 AM
Hi all -
Just a pitstop here :)
Lots of action going on this little thread - eh?

I'm here in NY - so much fun! So tired though! LOL
Ive bailed out on the recording challenge - as I don't have access to a computer all the time - and too darn laz to sit a write.. And to jetlaged :)
But doing well on the POSITIVE challenge.

Trying to relax here - the's the point of the trip - leaving behind DH & 6 kids, but jetlag makes it darn difficult.

Just wanted to touch base - I'll get back to formal communications whn I am back - but i still wanted to pop in and say hi :)

12-04-2008, 10:49 AM
The evil demon scale almost got me last night. I even put my toe on it to start it up, but I didn't get on. I looked at those zeros and thought .... is it really worth knowing how much I weigh? Isn't it better to know I feel good today? I walked away - thank goodness!

My Challenges

Exercise Daily (2 pauses) - Day 4
Eradicate 1 bag of needless junk/clutter from my home daily (1 pause) - Day 4
DO NOT get on the Scale (1 pause) - Day 3

12-04-2008, 07:58 PM
Hey all :) Sorry I've been missing a couple of days. My sweetie had surgery today (planned) and life has been a bit hectic. Looks like this will be the last one though and life should settle down again. I have reached the age where I really appreciate boring ;)

So yesterday was not my best day sadly.
Challenge 1 - Stretches/weights - I planned to do those after dinner but my stomach was exceptionally cranky so I ended up curled up in a ball in bed. Guess that's pause 1, so 4 days, 1 pause and plan to make sure it happens tonight!
Challenge 2 - no chocolate - okay, this one makes me really annoyed with myself. I was in the break room getting coffee and there was an open bar of 73% dark chocolate. I've been following South Beach so I am allowed small amounts of really dark chocolate now and then. Without thinking it through I popped a square in my mouth, started to chew, and then remembered this challenge :o I can't believe I used my 1 pause on a mindless piece of chocolate. It was good but I put that one pause in there with the holidays in mind. Darn! 5 days, 1 pause and on track to make today day 7.
Challenge 3 - the veggies - Glad I have this one in there because once I think about it I almost always get it right. I've already made day 6 without dinner. Yeah, I eat a lot of veggies and fruits.

Red - love the animal pics :) How did the meeting go?

Schmalger - That's what I love most about this site - there are so many inspirations. When I first joined I would spend hours looking at the goal stories and pics and hoping that would be me some day (and I did get to add mine! and I really built my exercise time by watching and engaging in friendly monthly competition with others, including moms with several children. What excuse did I have for being a slug?! Now here in this forum I think we all inspire each other with our successes. I'd never have gotten this far without this place, so thanks for the inspiration :) Let us know what you think of the 30 Day SHred. I keep hearing about it and might just have to check it out. Gotta find something interesting to get me through the looooong Vermont winter!

texscrapper - Way to move through the challenges! I'm getting inspired to add a non-diet challenge next time around. Clutter is such a major factor in our lives and I spend too much time with it in the winter! :bravo: on resisting the siren song of the scale

Techalum - Way to go for 8 days! Do you use an online journal or actually write everything somewhere?

Modcat - pausing just one day with the stress you're dealing with is pretty darned impressive! You know I'm here cheering you on :cheer3: and I'll be here to give you a friendly kick if you need that too ;)

Miriam - NY is fun this time of year. Hope you're having a great time and enjoying your time away.

Okay, off to get some dinner and then squeeze in exercise. It's a bit challenging in a 4 room apartment with a recuperating partner who will go to bed early, but I've got enough options to exercise somehow!

12-04-2008, 07:59 PM
Well, it's going to be a wash on working out today. I don't feel up to it. Of course, that's only because I just got up after a late night (not the bars, just a late shift).
As you can see, I have completed a full 30 days of no drinking and no smoking. It's times like this, however, that are actually the most dangerous. A simple 30 doesn't sound like much and yet it feels like a lifetime ago that I was hanging out in bars till dawn. So, I'm in mortal danger of throwing in the towel before any really noticeable changes appear. I get so sick of the vigilance.
:coach: Stop it, stop it, stop it! Just put a sock in it and carry on! :nono: This is what I gotta tell myself! :mad:
Yesterday, I really wanted sugar for some reason. I have know... things ;) ... in my drawer at work and they were calling to me, sirens on the rocks, wow, did they ever call with their seductive sweet voices. But, I resisted. Went out and got the fixings for a salad and added that to my brown rice brought from home. That silenced them! :yes:

You know, that said, I just tried on some jeans and they are fitting better. It's given me some encouragement and I may take my gym stuff to work anyhow... :)

No Booze
Day 9/30 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 9/30 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 7/28 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 3/23 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1


tex -- Excellent save on that scale monster. It almost got you, eh? Had a toehold on you and you managed to pull away. Awesome! :spin: Why don't you put it in a box, tie it up and bury it in the far reaches of a closet. Why have it sitting out where it can tempt you. You DON'T need the pause!

miriam -- I'm glad to hear from you! Glad to hear you're having fun. It's about time you gave yourself some good times. Nice to know you're thinking of us and don't worry about any challenges. Just have more good times for us!! Look forward to the "formal communications" resuming. :lol:

schmalger -- Thanks for the compliments on my cats. I think they're special. Loved your descriptions of yours. Very revealing. Your cats seem to have much more personality than mine. Mine are affectionate and want to be around but all get along and sleep together to keep warm when I'm gone. Two of them are sure to greet me when I come home and they are very communicative about what they want, Shachi especially!
Speaking of revealing, just who do you fear is going to "discover" you?! And why would it matter?
Well, what can I say about your challenge. You just keep it coming, don't you? Not sure what "steamed dookie" is but I can imagine and probably shouldn't inquire further. Yes, don't be disappointed by any means! Make that exercise a habit and you're going to be melting off those energy stores! ;) At the gym, I'm finding I am getting into a groove with running a little bit and am actually enjoying it a bit, just a bit, but's a slog. I am sick of the counting, the checking the number, but I am determined to keep it going. I've been adding in the bike too just to keep going, though I think the running does more. Oh, I don't listen to Hendrix when I run. Then it's AC/DC, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Deep Purple, Prodigy, all sorts of things but they've got to be fast, pounding stuff.
Met the guy yesterday, by the way, but I don't think it went too well. He turned out to not be just a headhunter but to actually be the new owner of a publication looking for someone. I talk WAY too much and he wasn't saying much. Which was weird. I think he's very inexperienced. Not a good thing, necessarily, though it could be, if he wants an old hand, which I am. Oh well. At least it was something.
Well, gotta run! Keep up that good work! :sunny:

12-04-2008, 08:10 PM
Cyndi -- You posted while I was writing. Hi there! :wave: I hope things go/went well with the surgery. Hmmm, are things OK?
Not nice with the chocolate. Well, you could always start anew....with the holidays. Still, you can just save the holiday things till later. I hate that when I forget a challenge. You couldn't help the stretching if you felt so bad but you made the veggies! Good for you! :cp: Yes, I saw your before and afters. Amazing! Meeting notes above in the talk to schmalger...I hope it pans out. I really don't know much what's going on. It was a weird meeting, weird guy, weird meeting. I think he's just an investor without a clue about the work...again, this could be a good thing if he gives people free reign.
Well, really gotta go! Later!

12-05-2008, 01:54 AM
Daily Exercise Day 12
Level 3
Exercise? Check!
Stats? Jillianís 30 Day Shred, Level 1
Mood? Hmm. I donít know. This was my first time to do the 30 Day Shred. I did have to modify some things Ė mainly the pushups. At first, I was like, eh, Iíd get a better workout on the elliptical. But by mid-way through the video, my muscles were screaming. And I do feel it more all over my body than I do when I work on the elliptical. Iím happy that I got through the whole thing; Iíve heard a lot of people say they only make it through 10 minutes. So on that front, Iím very pleased.

Iím going to keep doing it, and I really think that it will be an awesome workout once I build myself up and keep at it. It was also a nice break on my legs, to tell you the truth. Though the squats hurt, it was not as painful as 30 minutes on the elliptical. Ideally, Iíd like to see myself doing the elliptical in the mornings and the video in the evenings, or vice versa. But I donít know if Iím there yet, especially time wise. But Iíll let you know if I feel that daring any time soon. :s:

Miriam101 Ė Iím so glad to hear that youíre having a great time in New York, despite the frigid temperatures. I hope youíre able to relax soon; thatís some jetlag youíre dealing with considering where you live. Whew! Difficulties with recording makes sense; youíre on vacation after all. But itís really great to hear that youíre staying POSITIVE! Itís great to hear from you even though youíre half a world away from home. Have fun!!

Texscrapper Ė Great job on resisting the evil demon scale! :devil: So far, Iíve only weighed once since my weigh-in on Monday Ė instead of my former once or twice a day. Thatís so funny about turning it on with your toe and walking away anyway. :lol: WTG! Great job on all of your challenges; youíre getting there!

CyndiM Ė I hope your sweetieís surgery went well, and Iím glad to hear it was a planned thing rather than an emergency. I hope the recovery goes well and things get back to normal soon. And hey. I hear you on boring; DH and I have got to be 2 of the most boring people on the planet. And thatís just the way I like it. So many people my age (28) are STILL partying and getting into trouble, and weíre just so not into that at all. Home is my refuge, and I love nothing more than curling up with a good book/movie, petting a cat, chatting with DH, and just hanging out. That is fun and exciting for me. (Of course, Iíd love to travel more one day, but thatís another thing entirely.) Good job on the challenges. I know youíve had to take some pauses today, but youíve recognized the problem (with the chocolate), and youíll be armed to fight it off next time! At least it was a pause and not a start-over! But next time, you'd better remember the challenge! :drill: Now drop and give me 20! And you certainly couldnít help it on the exercise today. I really hope you get to feeling better! Take care of yourself! And WOW! Look at you, woman! :encore: You look fantastic; congratulations on your remarkable success! Thank you so much for sharing that link; itís definitely being added to my inspiration links on my blog. You rock! Iím going to read your story post in depth when I get through with this. On another note, Iíll be sure to update more on the 30 Day Shred as I do it more. Iíll tell you what though. In 20 minutes, Jillian has got me sooo sore. Itís amazing how sore I can be after such a short workout. I think itís a great idea to check it out if you can; I bought mine for just $10. And Iím really hoping that Iíll have the results that so many others have had. Vermont winter! Iíll bet it is long, and I know we can all get tired of our own homes and environments. But Iíve always ALWAYS longed to visit or even stay in Vermont for a while Ė which will be complicated now considering I married a man who HATES the cold like the plague. Growing up, I always swore I'd move somewhere with real seasons - beatiful falls and snow in the winter. And I married a man who'd move to the desert in a heartbeat if I'd agree to it. What are the odds? :lol3: Enjoy the scenery for me!

Redballoon Ė GREAT job on resisting the evil drawer-dwellers that shall not be named :tape:, those deceptively sweet creations that whisper evil thoughts into our ears Ė only to turn on us and curse and berate us for days after giving in. And to top it all off, they give us headaches and make the scale go in the wrong direction. WTG! Youíve been doing so well on exercising that one day break is not going to kill you. I hope youíre able to relax some today. Look at those challenges. Youíve earned a break, and like you said, you beat the demon drawer-dwellers, not to mention the smoking and drinking. You have so much to be proud of. But you'd better get back to exercising tomorrow! :coach: Thanks for your kind comments on my cats Ė they really are like our kids in a way. Iím sure you understand! Hmmm. Who am I worried would find me, and why do I care? Thatís actually a very interesting question. :dunno: My user name on here is something that only my family would understand Ė I think I may have told someone on here about it before, I canít remember. Itís about a prank that was played on my mom. So I get worried that one of them will somehow stumble upon it and KNOW that itís got to be me Ė Iím the only one other than my sister with this much weight to lose, and right now sheís too busy being feeling sorry for herself to do anything about it (Iím not bashing her Ė I stayed in that funk for far too long myself). But why would I care? The main thing is that Iíd hate for them to see/read all of the struggles and details of everything Iím going through. Most of us arenít very close, and this is sort of an intimate thing for me, you know? At the same time, I donít know how theyíd find me. After all, say someone like my mother or sister was to find it. Well that would be good news in the sense that they were getting serious about their own health. And that would be totally worth it. I just get too dang paranoid, and I just need to let it go. YES. AC/DC. Iíve got a TON of that on the ipod Ė great ones for me to work out to are ďTNTĒ and ďWhole Lotta Rosie.Ē Those are funny and upbeat. Love it. Iím sorry to hear that the headhunter meeting wasnít quite what youíd expected. I understand what you mean about being wary of a new startup. You never know what could happen in the long run. You never know, though. His new publication could sky-rocket, and you just may have knocked his socks off. Keep us posted!

12-05-2008, 06:09 AM
Sunni -- That's cool that you have a spreadsheet. I can't understand Excel at all. Wish I could do the same. Heh, if you wouldn't mind sending me a template of that sheet, I'd love to see it. PM me if you can, please. Good going on you challenge. You're over halfway there. Good to hear you're psyched about exercise! Every time I get into workouts and start losing weight my skin gets really bad and it's so frustrating. I don't know the cause. Doctors are useless. I'm just hoping it won't get too bad this time. The dry, itching skin is horrible. I'm wondering if it's something about toxins coming out of the fat cells... :?:

Hey red - sorry haven't responded in a few days. Work's been crazy. It should be slowing down this time of year but it's not, just my luck. :) My excel spreadsheet is broken down into the date, my weight, and the change in weight. I also have color coding for the days I exercise, overeat, when my period begins and when it ends. I can send it to you no problem. :D BTW, your cats are adorable! I love cats, especially when they look all scrunched up like your first cat pic (Momo). Awwwww. :)

modcat - way to go with the exercise! I love that feeling of finishing another day on plan. Hehe.

Schmalger - I am OBSESSED with excel and documenting minutae about myself. Haha. My fiance thinks I'm insane. Whatever, I like my numbers. :dizzy:

Cyndi - Hope the surgery went well. Good to know that this is the last one!

So, I finished day 14 yesterday - that's 2/3 of the way! I measured myself as suggested and I haven't changed in inches. At the beginning of the week, I weighed the highest (170.5). I have dropped to 168.4. Have to see how much I weigh today. However, I do feel lighter so I hope it's reflected on the scale. :p

My exercise class kicked my butt. My lower half was quivering and not in a good way. I was just dying after that class but I was happy that I went and suffered. Haha.

On to day 15. Good luck chickies!!:D

12-05-2008, 06:31 AM
Sunni -- Check these out! Scrunched cats galore!!! :spin:

12-05-2008, 06:55 AM
Hi All,
So much going on here - wow - seems like everyone has graduated to such long posts :)

Cyndi - wowzers on your befores and afters! Very inspiring!

Seems like you all are doing a great job at resisting temptations - be it a scale, or some sweet calorie ridden junk, or avoiding exercise,etc! It's great to feel part of a group!

Well I for one have certainly been doing well on exercise - welcome to NY! LOL I spent about 35 minutes walking all over the subway station at Times Square trying to figure out where I get one of the trains, and it was not easy! I also found that many, many New Yorkers are not going to gve you the time of day. I kept trying to stop someone and ask for help, but maybe they thought II was panahndling!! LOL The guy at the info desk gave me the WRONG directions!! GRR! ANyway - eventually - I got to the right place - but sure burned a heck of a lor of calories in the process!
I'm feeling like such a big girl, too, for riding the subways and figuring how to get from point A to point B all by myself. Yes, ladies - this IS a first. :)

12-05-2008, 10:06 AM
Hi all,

I just wanted to stop in and let you know why I haven't been around. I just can't keep up with the thread. It's too popular and busy! :lol: You folks are great. I'll lurk and probably drop in just often enough to annoy you.

But I hate it when people disappear without a word. So I wanted to pop in to say :wave:

I'm carrying my challenge over to one of the other two threads I post on.
Keep fighting the good fight!

12-05-2008, 04:26 PM
Just a quickie here. Will write later. A LONG month now behind me and nearly halfway on my second-round challenges! Cool or what?! :dizzy:
No Booze
Day 10/31 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 10/31 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 8/29 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 4/24 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1

12-05-2008, 11:20 PM
Hi ladies!
I have been physically out of sorts all week. Upset tummy, can't sleep and tired, tired, tired. If this keeps up, I am going to the doctor. I will rest this weekend and see if I feel better. I think perhaps that I picked up a little gastrointestinal something from the spring water at the Oregon place. I sometimes come back feeling funky. It might be time to invest in an ultra-violet filtration system. Or, maybe my diet is limiting a nutrient and it is stressing my body. Whatever it may be, if it continues it is time for the doctor. So, I have been coming home, eating dinner and going to bed. I even rewrote my plan book so that I had super easy, non-stressful things to teach all week. Still, I am tired.

So, I have been journaling my food and sticking pretty closely to Adtkins, but no exercise all week. My thighs are turning to pudding! Tomorrow, after a long sleep in I will get back on the old exercise bike or go for a nice long walk.

I did manage to lose two of the three pounds I had gained and that feels good. I attribute it to the added water and being careful about salt.

Red-Loved the picture of your horse! Thanks! I looked up Haflinger horses. Nice, very nice. My grandfather was a horse breeder and dealer (small time) so I grew up around horses and can appreciate their beauty and temperament. He also used to rescue and break range horses off the range in Oregon. Those were some wild ponies! Pretty though in a primal way! The wildest ride I ever had (when I was about thirteen) was jumping bareback onto one of those ponies and grabbing a handful of mane. To say that I am lucky to be alive is an understatement! My grandfather threatened to tan my hide if I ever did that again. Of course, my aunt, who put me up to it, was rolling with mirth.

Congratulations of the 30 days milestone! That is a long stretch! And for making it to the gym even though you did not feel like going! Is it a long trek for you to get there? There is a gym in the next town over from here, which is about a 30 minute drive, but from work it is an hour. I wish there was a gym closer. The sauna and pool bring me in and keep me going when I belong to a gym. But, it has been a very long time since I have lived close to one. And, is your gym one frequented mostly by Americans in Japan or is it a local Japanese gym? I am asking because I always feel like such a giant when I am around other and generally smaller nationals. Last summer I waited in line at the bathroom with a bunch of French women off a tour bus. They were so svelte and petite; I felt big and lumpish next to them. They were looking at me askance, too! Snobby French women!
I am having some trouble with my computer and will come back tomorrow when I figure it out.
Will visit with all more tomorrow!

12-06-2008, 12:36 AM
Okay, we all knew this day was coming. :^: I simply have to take a pause for today's exercise. This will be my first pause, and I'm on a Level 3 for the challenge. I really didn't think that Jillian kicked my butt as hard as she did, but boy howdy. My entire body screams out at me with every little move. But I was going to go ahead and do some light work on the elliptical, but my head has been pounding nonstop all day. :stars: It's a real doozie this time. I think I waited waaaaaay too long to eat supper tonight, and that made my headache just spiral out of control. I really know better than that; I just got so busy that frankly I forgot until it was too late to eat soon enough to stop it from getting worse. I'm fine with taking a pause, but this puts me in a bit of a pickle. I'm going out of town first thing in the morning and won't be back until Sunday night. While I'll exercise when I return Sunday night, I just don't know what to do about tomorrow. I guess I could take 2 pauses in a row; I just hate the idea of that.

I'm going to visit my father, and the town he lives in is having some fireworks and a sort of parade tomorrow evening. So we'll be doing tons of walking. What do y'all think? Could that count as my exercise for tomorrow? If we did a lot of walking like we're supposed to? He said we're going to drive down town and walk around for a couple of hours most likely. I haven't done one of these challenges before, so I'm hoping to get some of your input.

I won't be able to check this again until I get back on Sunday, but I'll see your responses then and it will help me decide whether or not I should consider tomorrow a pause day as well. Part of it will depend on whether or not my father follows through on the plans for tomorrow night, of course. We'll see.

Sunnigummi - I've just begun using Excel in this way. I've ALWAYS used it for things like household budgeting, keeping track of my grades, savings, etc. But I've never used it in this capacity before. I too have a weigh-in chart. It has the date, the goal weight for that week (figuring on 1.5 lbs a week), the actual weight, and the actual loss/gain for that week. I haven't color coded anything, though. I really like that idea. WTG on the weight loss and the exercising. You're doing a fantastic job! :carrot:

miriam101 - Great to hear from you! You seem to be having a great time in New York, despite the occasional brush off from the natives. LOL I'll bet it's really neat and somehow rewarding for you to be so free and independent. And wow, I know that's a workout. When DH and I traveled some last year, I thought my legs would simply fail me if I walked one. more. step. Ugh! But it is so worth it, isn't it? :D

Arabella - It's good to see you. Thanks for letting us know what happened to you! I understand what you mean about having difficulty keeping up. When I post too late, I can spend nearly 2 hours on here reading and drafting responses, while scrolling back and forth keeping track of who I have and have not replied to yet. I've been neglecting the blog a bit, too, and not commenting on others' blogs the way I'd like to. But I'm telling you, it's been so worth it for me. We've got some major accountability going on, and I'm so thankful to have this to get my new healthy habits kickstarted. Good luck!

redballoon - Halfway through your second challenges?!? Awesome job! You are truly an inspiration. I look forward every single day to seeing your next 24 hours of success and accomplishment under your belt. It truly can be done, and you are a great symbol of that ongoing, day to day success, while still in the midst of such stress and temptation. WTG! :carrot:

Quixotica - I'm sorry to hear about your sickness this week. I hope it passes really soon so you don't have to go to the doctor. :getwell: Great job to losing the weight and keeping on plan for your diet! WTG! :D

12-06-2008, 07:24 AM
Ok, got through another day. It wasn't hard today. Sugar cravings weren't there. I wasn't at work so no urges to go drinking either.
It was a very bad day for me mentally riding again but I won't go into it.
My weight was WAY up this morning but I just took it in stride and am hoping it was water and the "whoosh fairy" will be here soon.
No word from that guy looking for an editor, the one who blew in and out like a sudden storm. Probably good. He seemed odd somehow and I doubt there's any money in it. Talk of my horse and her cost probably scare him off. :lol:
Anyhow, I am probably going to add another challenge. I am not getting enough vitamins and minerals. My skin is very bad again. Made green juice today. It's especially hard in the winter because who wants to drink cold juice? But I did. Will call it tomorrow whether I do it or not.

No Booze Day 11/32 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 11/32 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 9/30 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 5/25 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1


Sunni -- I'd love to have your spreadsheet. It sounds fun...although I'm a little worried it will fuel my obsessions and lead to myself becoming yet harder on myself, which is not good. I'll private message you with my email address. Much obliged. Glad you liked my cats. And, great going on your challenge. Day 14! :cp: And bravo on the exercise AND the weight loss! :cheer3:

Quix -- I am sorry to hear you've been sick. Perhaps it's the flu. It is getting to that season. I do hope you feel better soon and can get some rest as well. Good for you for sticking to your journaling nonetheless. Don't worry about your thighs. They're not going to jell that fast. :lol: And smiles for those pounds falling off. Ah, sometimes it works, eh? Glad you liked my horse. She is far too smart for her own good and I am far too timid a rider. She needs a strong rider and doesn't respect you if you're not. I'm afraid I was so angry at myself today and sick of her refusing to work and ignoring me that I didn't lavish her with carrots afterward. She was very upset, neighing for me (and the carrots) and very unsettled in her stall. Finally, I relinquished realizing I was being a jerk. Her lips were quivering, she was so upset. I've never seen her do that and I felt awful. She is so untuned to me because she knows I won't hurt her and though she listens if she thinks she's not going to get something, under saddle, she doesn't respond to me because I can't work up the nerve to get after her to the extent she needs. So, I end up hating myself and feeling utterly depressed and in tears. Anyhow, so much for that.
Thanks for the congrats on my challenges. Yes, with the gym even yesterday I forced myself to go there on break at work. Worked up a good sweat. My pants feeling a little looser in the morning motivated me. I go to a variety of gyms, but no, there are no foreigners there, or very few. I don't give a hoot about my size at the gym (riding is another thing) and at barely over 5 feet I'm just wide, that's all. The Japanese are small, but undressed many of them are very unshapen. I have a lot of fat but I am very muscular too, like a little sumo wrestler, perhaps :^: so I don't feel so bad. :sumo: Don't mind the French (I am part French). Europeans in general are in the habit of looking people over. They probably thought you looked free and happy. Who cares about them being svelte?!? :lol3: Hope you get those computer troubles worked out. We don't want to miss you. :comp:

miriam -- I don't think we've "graduated to long posts." It's just we had some time and a lot to say, I guess. Don't feel pressured. Glad you're enjoying New York. It's a great walking city. And bravo to you for finding your way around on your own. New York is not the easiest place to do that. The crowds and traffic can be very intimidating when you're not used to them. Also, New Yorkers are not known for their friendliness on the streets. That's a big city for you and you go into shutout mode. But, I find them friendly in the shops and such. Of course, that's because I'm used to the outwardly cool way of Japan. If you want friendly, go to MY city, Pittsburgh!

Arabella -- Sorry to hear you've abandoned us, but thanks for dropping in. I don't know. I find this thread very manageable. Other threads are far, far worse and there is no way I can follow everything people are saying and doing. I can't figure how people remember the details of others lives. This one, you can mostly ignore everything and focus on the challenges when you're feeling overwhelmed. In any case, sorry to see you go and best of luck on your challenges, wherever you may be! :wave:

schmalger -- I hope you enjoyed your pause. Of course, you can't expect to go, go, go all the time. You would become sick and overtrained. You did absolutely fantastic and deserve a break. Jillian sounds tough!
I really am concerned hearing about your headaches all the time. That's not normal! I do hope you get to the bottom of it and eliminate whatever is causing them soon.
As for your exercise, I think a lot of walking is totally FINE for your challenge. I once lost a lot of weight with just walking and I know other people who have too.
Thanks for all your support. You're so sweet. Knowing you're be watching really helps me.
Each day is hard, though yesterday I got my first compliment in eons. A coworker looked at me and said I was looking SO healthy these days. Of course, he was well into the sauce already as he usually starts hitting the bottle around noon and probably never really sobers up from the night before. Sad state but we have at least three hardcore alkies in the office and a lot of big drinkers. Another guy said to me, "I always hate you when I see you making food, because it always looks so healthy." Weird, why would someone hate you for taking care of yourself. Guilt, I guess. The same guy the day before, on hearing myself and another guy comparing gym routines, said hearing us made him feel so bad about doing nothing. His beer gut is reaching massive proportions, as our the guts of about six other guys in the office. :eek:
I understand your explanation of why you don't want to be "discovered." Yes, I can understand not wanting people to hear all the details, but I'm in far more danger than you. I dread that someone at work may see what I've actually been up to, hangovers or riding my horse when I've called in sick, for example. ;)
Have you tried Rob Zombie for your workouts? I really like Great American Nightmare. I think the title song starts with this woman panting from running. Of course, you have to not mind the lyrics as they're pretty weird.
Well, gotta run! Hang in there and have fun at the parade!

12-06-2008, 12:31 PM
OK, guys, time to report in and post. I'm just gonna start over, beginning today. Was very bad for two days in a row, Thursday and Friday, that after taking the Pause on Tuesday. It's just been a real "challenge" to stay focused, but today (Saturday) is a new day and I'm going off to swim for the first time in a week. Not even getting on the scale until Monday b/c I am too afraid of seeing an enormous, but hopefully temporary, hiccup.

Challenges: (should take me up to Christmas!)

a) Exercise 6/7 days (at least 60 minutes) or 18/21 days for the duration--I guess I should just say 3 pauses.

b) Food journal, every day, no pauses, which leads me to.....

c) No more than 1600 calories, every day, no matter what I choose to eat--been having totally weird cravings lately, probably for comfort foods (but I'd better give me 3 pauses)

d) Positive thinking, gratefulness thought, every day, no pauses

e) also, water, 64 oz. minimum (no pauses)

Anyway, I'm off to get to my swim class. Feeling more optimistic today, so I'm gonna take advantage and not look back.

Arabella, hon, I am sooooo sorry for hijacking this thread and starting a long, personal post of some drama and possibly making you leave. I was wondering about what had happened to you, just assumed you were getting busy with holiday stuff, etc. I really miss reading your posts and hearing your unique insights. I hope you do come back and post at least a little.

Will come back later today and respond to others. :)

12-06-2008, 01:17 PM
Well, you know i was just lurking and here I am to bug you. ;)

ModCat, the ONLY reason I can't post here regularly is because I just can't keep up. Seriously. Very popular thread and deservedly so! GREAT people and that's why I'll lurk and pop in.

Red, sorry for abandoning you! Loaded word, Baby. I just feel guilty when I can't respond to everyone and guilty if I do because the only way I can do that is cut into work time. I'll be back to visit as long as you don't bar the door!

:wave: all!

12-06-2008, 05:07 PM
Morning, all. Drinking my coffee. Oatmeal's cooking. Clock is ticking and I don't have much time before I have to catch my train. It's cold! I hope the ground's not frozen.
I realized I have been so kind of wired recently and I think it may be due to losing weight....well, I think I'm losing weight. The body surely must not like that. Also, as they say with yoga and all sorts of emotions being released as you become more flexible, I am sure the fat cells getting shaken up (they are said to be stores for toxins as well as fat) must be doing something. It doesn't feel good. I need sleep and extra rest but that's not going to happen. After all, if it did I wouldn't be losing weight. Maybe I need to just slow down. The danger there is slowing down usually is coupled with eating.... :^: Oh, well, I'll figure it out...I hope.


Arabella -- Nothing loaded there. I was just teasing you. You're always welcome to pop in with a new challenge when you feel up to it again. Take care! :hug:

mod -- Good to see you back. Don't go thinking anyone has left because of you. :nono: You're being too hard on yourself already. Don't add to it! Remember, support comes in many forms, but in order to get it you have to ask sometimes, so your telling us about your troubles is part of the picture. With us, it all comes down to weight eventually, doesn't it? Those are tough challenges you've picked for yourself at a difficult time. Best of luck and hang in there. Remember, we have to learn to separate things. No matter what! :strong:

12-06-2008, 05:21 PM
Arabella, I'm just like you. I try to log on to post everyday but things just get the best of me. I think this thread is great too!!

I just finished Day 16. I dropped another lb so that's good. It's motivation to keep going. My inches haven't budged. I guess I will have to wait for another month to see something other than 0.1 or 0.2 change. Oh well. I read somewhere on this forum that when the weight starts dropping at first it's the fat around the viscera that is being used and that's more important because the less fat around the organs the better they can function. Once that's down to a healthy level, then the fat under the skin will start to dissolve. I don't know how much of that is true, but it makes sense.

Good luck ladies!! :carrot::hug:

12-07-2008, 06:19 AM
Hello there all. It was a good day today. I just took the reins in my hands, literally, and rode alone, just the two of us and reconnected with my girl. :)
And, another day notched on all fronts.
Right now, there's a sweet potato cooking in the microwave. Yum.
Heh mod, here's a song for you, sure to put a smile on your face. For ALL of you when you're feeling down, think of this when you're about to throw it in. Get a load of these moves! I LOVE it! (deep sigh) Do I ever want to reach to him .... :cloud9:

:dancer::dancer::dancer: :dancer:

Now if you feel that you can't go on
Because all of your hope is gone
And your life is filled with much confusion
Until happiness is just an illusion
And your world around is crumbling down, darlin
reach out come on girl reach on out for me
reach out reach out for me
I'll be there with a love that will shelter you
I'll be there with a love that will see you through

When you feel lost and about to give up
Cause your life just ain't good enough
And your feel the world has grown cold
And your drifting out all on your own
And you need a hand to hold, darlin
reach out come on girl reach out for me
reach out reach out for me
I'll be there to love and comfort you
And I'll be there to cherish and care for you . . .


No Booze Day 12/33 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 12/33 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 10/31 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 6/26 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1

12-07-2008, 08:25 AM
Good morning from the land of snow :snowglo: Well, not so much snow so far but I'm okay with that. No rush here because we will have it until April.

It's been busy around here. Not interesting fun busy just care-taking house chores busy. The good news is I've stuck with all three challenges.

Challenge 1 - Stretches/weights - I'm so glad I added this challenge! I realized I was falling into all or nothing thinking again, which usually leads to nothing. If I didn't have time or energy for an entire yoga DVD or series of exercises I skipped this one. I'm remembering that even if I take 10-15 minutes to do the most important ones that counts. Okay, so I'm also preparing to be lectured by the PT on Friday and trying to get back in the swing of things before I see her! My count is 6 days, 1 pause as of yesterday.
Challenge 2 - no chocolate - Went shopping, held the dark chocolate bar, put it back down. Later I went shopping and the Meteorbites were on sale (granola snacks sometimes sweetened with agave). I bought 6 bags of the Mexican Chocolate type because my DP (dear partner) loves them. I do too but I'm just ignoring them. 7 days, 1 pause.
Challenge 3 - All i needed was a reason to remember (you'd think my health would be enough!). I've completed 8/21 days.

Adding Challenge 4: I will journal EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth, no pauses. Don't know who I think I'm pulling one over on when I don't write down that spoonful of PB but it certainly isn't the scale :(

Red - Way to go on you challenges! I can't imagine doing anything else while quitting smoking so I'm mightily impressed :) I think I was just unpleasant and ate a lot when I quit :o Sounds like a wonderful day with your horse and just what you needed. Thanks for the flashback. My workout play list has a 60s section and an 80s section but not much new stuff. I think I'm getting old! Has the whoosh fairy visited? I'm hoping she will stop by here after.

Schmalger - I've always loved Vermont and it was the place I wanted to be when I rearranged my life. I'm not a fan of winter but I also hate humidity :shrug: There's something about the mountains and pines that speaks to me and I really miss it when I'm away.
I'll have to try the Shred. I'm going to put it in my Netflix queue to check it out first but it sounds like what I need. I'm no expert but seems to me that if you consider the walking exercise then it probably counts. See you when you get back :)

Sunni - Wow, sounds like quite a workout the other day! I love the after glow phase when I'm glad I did it. Just wish I remembered that before! Your spreadsheet sounds thorough. I've used FitDay almost since the beginning but I bought it so I don't have to be online. Your sheet tracks some things more clearly though. Sounds helpful

Miriam - I admire anyone who can navigate easily around cities. Bet you're getting tons of exercise. Hope you're enjoying your visit.

Quix - Hope you are feeling better and get to the bottom of this thing. Congrats on the weight. It can be so much harder when you don't feel well and want comfort foods. If you've been sick even baby steps with the exercise are good so just do what you can.

Mod - Good for you for taking control of things and getting back on track! The getting back on track is what makes the difference in the long run because we all have days, and days, sometimes. Wow, that's an impressive list of challenges. You can do it!

Arabella :wave: I'm new here and definitely don't post as much as I'd like. I don't know how people do it. I participate in another forum too and lots of days I just barely have time to read everything. Check-in when you can :)

I hope I didn't miss anyone. Now to get 2 breakfast and get the day going!

12-07-2008, 10:40 AM
Just a quick fly by. Need to go shower and get ready for church (oh yea and wake DH).

Write it down Challenge - Day 11 completed - 2/3 pauses used. I took another pause yesterday, and will start a new week today. To whoever asked I write it down physically, I'm not on the computer enough to do it here. I also have an excel spreadsheet I made downloaded on my Palm that I used, but I lately I've been just using good old paper and pencil.

I'm going to add a new challenge - Stretch/Yoga daily 3 pauses. I've had a headache most of the week and I'm sure it's partly that my back is this giant mass of knots right now. I tried to go back to yoga Thurs but the class had been canceled do to lack of enrollment.

Sorry this is all about me but I've gotta run.

Have a great day everyone, you're all doing great :D :D


12-07-2008, 01:07 PM
Hi Girls!
I got my connection problem figured out. I kept getting disconnected and then it would take forever to get back on. That is discouraging when trying to post! My husband recently moved our wireless router and he figured out that a wire had come loose and was wiggling around. So now, I have a great connection. Hooray for the DH who can figure out anything. He is a wonder man. He holds me to high expectations though, and I am becoming more and more self-sufficient. We had a conversation a few years ago about his fear that if he "went" before me, that I would be helpless about upkeep and maintenance things. He was right, and so he has been teaching me lots of mechanical and maintenance things. It feels good to tackle household chores and renovation things on my own and be able to think my way through it. I know it is a little morbid, but don't you think it is also an act of love? I was deeply touched by his concern and have tried to be very cooperative as he gets my girly brain to think mechanical. I feel good, too, when I can trouble-shoot friends' car problems and I am right.;)

Now, about the snooty French women comment. It was good to have a day or two to think about that. You know, after that incident, I reassed my wardrobe. It is interesting that it made such an impact on me. I realized that I dress like the country women around here dress, and I look like a farm wife. Jeans, plaid shirts, simple sandles, hair sloppy. At the
time I had on a comfortable pair of dockers shorts and a plaid summer shirt and thongs. My hair was a frizzy fright. Nothing to get excited about. Those gals were so stylish and put together. I looked like a babushka! So, I started weeding out all the drab, worn out clothing and filling in my wardrobe with nice fabrics (silks, linens, soft angora etc.) with more jewel tones and blacks, browns, greys and tans to complement a more elegant, stylish wardrobe. I also tried to find clothing that worked better with my shape and really fit me well. I got a few nice pair of shoes and I cut my long frizzy hair off into a youthful, updated bob. I really admired the look those women had going and I realized that I had been punishing myself for my weight gain with awful clothing for a long time. And, I had not really realized that all of this had happened until I wrote that post. I have just been going through a makeover without consciously doing it. Even though I am still overweight, dressing well and as prettily as I can has made me feel so much better. I also moved out all the "hippie" clothing I had been hanging on to. I worked for several years at an import store that sold Balinese import clothing and so I had lots and lots of those things that just did not work for me anymore. Well, that was a ramble, but germaine to what we all go through, don't you think?

The other thing that I realized was that I was slipping into superwoman mode and that is why I was so exhausted (partially anyway). I hold myself to such high standards sometimes that I cannot get it all done and exhaust myself trying. So, I have modified my challenges for now and I am starting over here.

10 cups of water each day
weigh and post my weight each day
gain no weight over the holidays
fit into 3 out of the eight pair of pants I dug out of my smaller pant stockpile (I am almost there...just have a small muffin top to go).This seems like a set of goals I can do without added stress during a stressful time of year for me.

The headaches have been due to a lingering, lowgrade sinus inflammation brought on by molds and mildews, which happens to me every winter and so I've got to get some OTC medication for that. The stomach aches have to do with anxiety: One of my very good friends from work was forced to take a leave of absence under duress and I miss her and I am just "sick" about it, literally. The sleeplessness can be attributed to all of the above, plus, probably a calcium and magneseum deficiency, which I am working on addressing.

Finally, I realized that my weight loss has slowed down because I no longer have all of the wonderful, fresh produce from my garden. I just hate the cardboardy taste of old, not fresh produce. Living in the country, it is so hard to get fresh stuff. At the local grocery store, if you don't hit the produce aisle on delivery day, you get wilted and old. So, yesterday my DH filled a bunch of pots in the green house with soil and I am going to the nursery today to see what I can find in the way of starts, especially lettuce, which I just adore when it is fresh.

Sorry for the long ramble...

So, Arabella, we will miss you. I have really enjoyed your holistic approach to weight loss and think you have some great observations to add to a group. I know what you mean though, about forums getting big. This one moves pretty fast. I hope you come back and say hi to us all from time-to-time and let us know how you are doing. I would like to talk to you about a rebirthing experience I had once, and the insights I got from that.

Red-I enjoyed your conversation about your riding experience with your horse. A spirited horse is a smart horse. Coming from a horse background, I learned to appreciate those horses. I have always felt sorry for the broken-spirited horses that I encounter on strings of rental stable horses. I guess a plodding horse is good for someone without experience, but a true horse person appreciates horses for the individuals they are. Very compassionate post! Keep working on those pants! Note that I have jumped on board with a pants challenge, myself!

Hi, TechAlum, Day 11! Wow! You will be there in no time! I like your yoga idea. years ago, a friend taught me "Sunrise Salutation". Perhaps I will refresh my understanding of that and try it again. It might help me make it through the holidays without becoming a frenetic, frazzled mess!

Cyndi-No chocolate! You are amazing. Your resolve is phenominal! Years ago I brought a box of fine chocolates to an women's tea party. I presented them and said, "I hope chocolates are okay?" One of the women looked at me aghast and said, "Well, we're women, aren't we?" And then something about chocolate being a drug of choice. So, yeah, I applaud you!

Okay, so this is so long winded that if I don't get going you all will be skipping over it and wishing I would "ferme la bouche", so I will go. Go to Costco, go buy food for the Raiders Game (yes, 20 students to Oakland and then Union Square to shop next weekend, yikes!) I will come back later to chat to more of you. Love you all!


12-07-2008, 04:13 PM
Hi All! Oddly enough - floating around from place to place - I'm happy to sit and read your posts - at least I have SOME constants in my life - albeit online ones!!! :)

In NYC - going ice skating soon with my brother. Certain;y staying positive - and positive I'd like a few more days of this!!! I;m going to look into extending my ticket a couple more days!

I'll only be able to do personals really when I am home and not pressured for time...

Take care, all!!

12-07-2008, 05:15 PM
Good morning, all. It's only 5:30 but I am awakening from the caffeine and planning to be out in an hour to get to the gym. I forced myself up at the 4:30 alarm, something I haven't been doing on gym days, which means I don't get much of a workout in. Yesterday, I stayed home after riding with the intent that today I would get to the gym before work.
I made green juice yesterday too but am still waiting to see if I call a challenge or not. I did it before, but the weekdays are really tough and I don't know if it's worth it to be forcing juice into me on top of breakfast or late at night. I hate just making a little too because the cleanup is the same. I feel better but have no idea why that it. Is it post-period relaxation? Is it better nutrition? Is it the placement of the planets? :lol3: Or is it just my imagination. "Just my imagination, running away with me..." Oh, yeah.
Yesterday, I was able to button the jeans, but the zipper is in dire danger of breaking if I try to close it so I'm going to stay away from them for a while. I have broken zippers before forcing them shut all the time. There is another pair of pants, green stretchy jeans, that I can get into but they leave...not a muffin top...but something closer to an enormous souffle that has failed and fallen and..well, you get the picture. It ain't sweet.
I made some food last night that I'll take into work. I love it when I have something homemade to look forward to, knowing it's healthful, cheap, and...makes people hate me. ;) (earlier reference)
Oh, my gosh, I just realized I totally forgot to go to a party yesterday! Wow, I was looking forward to it too. Totally slipped my just occurred to me. And here I was at home cooking Indian when I could have been at a cooking party thrown by an Indian lady....oh well, I guess it shows the state of my mind these days. In a way, it seems that the lack of alcohol is doing something. Perhaps my mind is reawakening and all the thoughts that normally aren't there are sparking around and distracting me from others. :rofl: Well, whatever...

miriam -- Online or not, constants are constants. We may be online, but we are alive and moving, not just sitting there. :lol: I'm glad you're enjoying New York and hope you can extend your stay. I hear the area has been cold. Is it cold in NYC too?

Quix -- Glad to see you're still with us and not off in failed computer land. And, yes, I definitely see your husband's desire to educate you as an act of love.
I am also happy to hear that you have turned what could have been a trigger for you to slide into the depths of whatever and wallow in self-pity and such and taken that instead to work on yourself. Though the Japanese are far from stylish, they do always try to "look the part." So, if you are at work, you should look like an office worker, at a party, look like you're at a party. Of course, the look means there is little room for individuality, that's why it's "a look," but you get the idea. Earlier, I couldn't have cared less, but now I enjoy being able to play the part IF I choose, whereas some people can't or don't want to do it. In this society, they lose out, and because people who associate with them lose out too, I at times have to not include such types. It's a shame but it's a small thing, and a kind of proficiency just like a language. It also means you can make a very strong statement when you diverge from the "usual," which is something I really enjoy.
Good luck on your challenges. Two of them don't fit the challenge parameters, so we will consider them "extracurriculars," like my jeans challenge. Well, it's not a challenge really, it's a goal.

Cyndi -- Love your little snowman. I used to love those shake up things. The all or nothing thinking is something that's always there, isn't it? I was doing the same. It still is hard to go to the gym when I know I only have time to do a little bit, but it does make a difference, of course! I should take your point and add a bit of stretching to my routine. I never stretch and this is part of the problem I think with the tension.
What a save with the choco! :bravo: Maybe just holding it helped! :lol: Hope you can keep ignoring the sweets. I am glad I don't have to bring the stuff into my home.
Yeah, the smoking thing wasn't hard as long as I'm not drinking as I was only smoking when I was drinking, except for a tiny bit and only real stressed moments. It also tastes so gross that I wouldn't dream of smoking when my taste buds aren't dulled by alcohol. I had quit for around 20 years so this past year of smoking was like a freak storm, it hit, there was damage but now it's over and seems like a dream. Well, that's me saying that as long as I'm not drinking.
Whoosh fairy...a little bit, nothing exciting though. I am so tired of the numbers in the 70s. I want to see the 60s soon! My weight this morning was 71 kg, which is 2.2+ lbs away from the 60s. I am having to fight for every little bit of weight loss. And though I'm doing it, these challenges are NOT easy. I feel the most in danger of pigging out, giving it up, sliding back to start, at times like this, where the slow progress is just too much. I guess I should be glad I'm healthy, well...kind of, if it weren't for the itching and rashes...oh, heck. I hope your whoosh fairy is more powerful than mine!

Tech -- Excellent work on your challenges. You're more than halfway there! The stretch challenge sounds good. It's something I should do too. Things have me way too tight lately. I've been getting those neck spasms too and I never get them. I didn't feel like I was tense, but I must be and it is reflected in my riding.

12-08-2008, 07:40 AM
Just the day's tally....where is everyone?!?!? :listen:
I way overate today... :(

No Booze Day 13/34 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 13/34 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 11/32 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 7/27 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1

12-08-2008, 04:39 PM
Well, it looks like it's just me and my lonesome. :( Another early start. Must think calm and relaxation. I am way too tense these days. The cold doesn't help, but I know it's not that. It's the days and days of never knowing, at work, riding, whatever. I think overeating and, especially, drinking did a lot to help dull my thoughts and make me less anxious, but it's just not the way to go.

Though the scale is up and I truly overate yesterday, I feel tighter (as in with less fat, not tense) and that reminds me of my accomplishments. That is a good feeling.

Yesterday was mindless eating. There was NO need to do it, no desire even. The food was there and I ate it. I was kind of excited about the prospects of change with work and that did it. I am well aware that any anxiety, good or bad or seemingly indifferent triggers me to eat mindlessly. I must learn to be calm.

Wish me luck, please.

12-08-2008, 08:23 PM
Daily Exercise Day 13 (Saturday)
Level 3 Ė 1 Pause used
Exercise? Check!
Stats? Kickball with my nephew for about an hour and a half! (out of town)
Mood? That was actually quite a lot of fun. It was just me and my nephew, and I worked up quite a sweat chasing after that ball, let me tell you!

Daily Exercise Day 14 (Sunday)
Level 3 Ė 1 Pause used
Exercise? Check!
Stats? Kickball with my nephew for about an hour! (out of town)
Mood? Again a lot of fun. This time was harder to keep him into the game Ė heís 5 and pretty lazy for his age. But it was great to be active in a ďrealĒ situation, and it was nice to show him how fun being active can be.

Well, walking around town didnít pan out. I actually had a feeling that would happen; I was confident in it really. I was looking forward to it, but at least I got some real exercise in Ė and it was super fun to boot. Yay! And thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on the exercise question. ALSO Ė Iíll update for todayís exercise later tonight. I just got off of work, so I havenít exercised yet. But I am probably going to do the 30DS again after I do a little cleaning here at home. :lifter:


Redballoon Ė I know what you mean about the headaches. It really isnít normal, and it frustrates me to no end. Sometimes my quality of life suffers, but I try REALLY hard to just live normally and not let the headaches affect what I can and cannot do. For example, though it just kills my head, I will still attend concerts when I get the chance. And I hang out with my nephew as much as possible, despite how extremely loud and rough he is. There are just some things that I refuse to pass up on. When DH and I were on our ďhoneymoon,Ē I had killer headaches and THEN, one of my teeth abcessed (I didnít know thatís what it was until we got back). It got so bad that I could barely speak, but I was DETERMINED to do everything we had planned to do. And you know what? When I think back on it now, what I remember the most is how fun I had. So I try to live my life like that every day. Iím really hoping that once I graduate and can start cooking on a regular basis, I can play with ingredients and hopefully eliminate these headaches once and for all. And like you, I need to be more diligent about my vitamins. I forget to take them more often than I remember.

Congrats on the compliments at work! Youíre working so hard, the results are showing. WTG! And I think youíre absolutely right. Sounds like someone is jealous of your success and feeling pretty self-conscious about his own health. Hopefully, you and your other officemate are good influences on him. It can be difficult seeing other people succeed when weíre failing at the same things. Donít let him bring you down. You rock! And Iím so happy about your reconnecting with your horse. I know that must have felt great!

Sorry about the weight gain. I was up a little at my weigh-in today. It was just .2 lbs, but I noticed that my ankles are a little swollen. So Iím pretty sure Iím retaining some water after the fried foods this weekend. What is it about us southern people and fried foods? My father did a fish fry Saturday night, and then a big fried breakfast Sunday morning. I ate minimally, but nonetheless, it was FRIED. There was nothing else to eat, and I didnít want to be rude and leave. So I ONLY ate until I was no longer hungry Ė not even completely full. But, I was soooo sick to my stomach afterwards. I laid in bed for about 2 hours that night, and I've been sick to my stomach all day today. Ugh! :barf: I'm feeling much better now, but it was not pretty.

You are too funny. You will get those pants zipped soon enough; you will! And youíll look fantastic in them. And I loved your story about forgetting the party and your new sober mind overwhelming you with all of the thoughts! I swear, sometimes I think Iíll go crazy trying to keep up with the running lists of things going on in my head. It gets tiresome at times. LOL :crazy:

Keep the faith, redballoon. You can do this. Youíve done so well, and itís natural that youíll have some rough days. Iíll keep you in my prayers that youíll stay calm and get through this rough patch. Put yesterdayís overeating behind you; today is a new day, and you WILL do better. I hope you have a fantastic day, and just remember that as hard as your challenges are, you ARE SUCCEEDING, admirably so. WTG!

Modcat44 Ė Good for you for being optimistic. You had a hiccup, and youíre getting back on track. I think you made the right decision, and youíre going to do GREAT this time! You can do it! Youíve lost FORTY-FIVE pounds! WTG! You have some great challenges there, and you we know you can do it!

Sunnigummi Ė WTG on your challenge progress and the weight loss, too! Youíre doing a fantastic job! Only 10 more lbs to go, according to your ticker. Youíre SDC to reaching that goal. WTG!

CyndiM Ė You are doing so well on your challenges. And Iím so happy for you for that day you picked up a chocolate bar and then reconsidered. WTG! Crisis averted! And oh man! Your words are exactly why Iíve always dreamed of living or at least taking long vacations in Vermont. Beautiful! And yes, definitely try the shred. Itís at least worth a shot. It had me sooooo sore, but not in a bad way. It wasnít PAIN, it was just my poor unused muscles crying out from the exercise. My legs finally calmed down after I played kickball this weekend; I think it helped to stretch them and work the kinks out if that makes any sense. But Iím gonna do it again tonight, so tomorrow should be another doozie on the soreness scale! Let me know when you try it and what you think.

TechAlum Ė Great job on the challenges! I like your new one for stretching and yoga, too. On days that I do the elliptical, I really need to stretch before and after. Iím going to have to find a good website or something that gives some detailed stretches. Because I really donít know what stretches I should be doing. Of course, when I do the 30DS, Jillian has you stretch. So I could always use those same stretches after the elliptical. That would be better than nothing. Keep it up!

Quixotica Ė Tu ne fermes pas la bouche! No no! LOL I love your explanation of your DH and the conversation yíall had about you needing to be more self-sufficient, just in case. My DH is like that, too. With just about anything, with the exception of most car troubles, he can figure out the problem and fix it. It simply amazes me. Weíve had similar conversations, and I really do need to be able to do simple things like adjusting the router without going cross eyed at all of the wires. Congrats on your good man! Your new/reduced challenges look quite doable, and I wish you the best of luck. Iím so happy that you reassessed things after finding that it was all too much. If your challenges were adding too much stress to your life, then itís really great that you were able to so easily remedy that situation. Also, Iím like you in the calcium/magnesium deficiency department. I try so hard to take my supplements on a regular basis, but Iím sooo forgetful. It doesnít help that DH keeps stuffing them in a cabinet in the bathroom. I like to keep them out, even on the coffee table, so that Iíll remember to take them every day. But heís been on a major cleaning/organization kick, so itís been hard to keep things where I want to keep them. Iíll have to mention that to him again. He doesnít care; he just forgets and think I neglected to put the bottles up. Good luck with your challenges!

Miriam101 Ė I hope you had a blast ice skating with your brother. And I really hope you are able to extend your ticket a few more days as youíd like to. WTG on your positivity challenge. That is so important, and I know itís helping you to have an even better vacation. Have fun!!

Okay. I'll be back later with my update for today!

12-08-2008, 09:52 PM
Finally a minute to post. I'm back from yoga and just too darned sore to do anything but sit here. Why do people think yoga is all about relaxing and meditation?? My muscles are always screaming afterward but I do love it :)

Red - Mindless eating drives me nuts and I fall into it far too often. Seems like once I start I'm doomed because it's harder to stop if I've given in once. Aren't muscles the best? Good luck today. Hope it starts and stays calm and centered no matter what goes on around you.

Schmalger - Don't know if it is useful but I had migraine level headaches for years. In fact the Dr. diagnosed migraines. Then last year I had an MRI of my neck and discovered I have a really wrecked disk. I've started getting a massage every 3-4 weeks and haven't had one single serious headache in over a year. It's not the cheapest solution but it's so much better than getting the headaches and no drug side effects. FWIW

Tech - I have some of the Yoga Zone DVDs at home for days class is canceled. I never seem to work as hard but it does help the knots.

Quix - My wardrobe is more and more Vermont every year I'm afraid though I did add some "kid clothes" after losing weight. I admire people who have the energy to pull together a look in the morning. I can match my socks to my shirt but that's as good as it gets ;)

I'm still on track with my three original and one new challenge!
Challenge 1 - Stretches/weights - My count is 8 days, 1 pause as of yesterday.
Challenge 2 - no chocolate - Believe it or not I cleaned my holiday gift closet and discovered the chocolate stash yesterday. Once again I held the chocolate and thought about opening 1 tiny (giant) little bar but I put it back and walked away. I'm happy to report that today when there was chocolate in the break room I remembered this challenge and resisted! I didn't resist the homemade challah but that's another story and not chocolate:o 9 days, 1 pause.
Challenge 3 - I am the veggie queen! 1.5 c broccoli & .5 c mushrooms with breakfast, peppers at lunch, fruit for 2 snacks, huge bowl of spinach for dinner and I've completed it again. 10/21 days

Challenge 4: I will journal EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth, no pauses. I completed 2 days successfully and it is making a small improvement already. Knowing I have to write that spoon of PB down actually embarrassed me enough to not eat it, which is the goal. I'm still eating more calories than my goal but I can feel things slowly getting under control again.

Now I'm going to lie down and hope my muscles stop whining ;)

12-08-2008, 10:25 PM
Daily Exercise Day 15
Level 3 Ė 1 Pause used
Exercise? Check!
Stats? 30DS
Mood? Incredulous! I made it through, and I can't believe it. This may be TMI, but I finally got a new sports bra, and I can actually do the jumping jacks now. It was far too painful before, what with the gravity problem and all. :o I'm pleased and in pain. Wow, it's amazing what Jillian can do in 20 minutes. Just wow.

CyndiM - You may be on to something there. I've had pretty serious neck pain for years now, and I have shamefully poor posture. I try so hard to make myself sit better, and I must say that our couch is not helping the situation. I've had CT scans and an MRI once, but they were only looking at the head. I've never had the neck checked out, and that's a great idea actually. This probably sounds bad, but I'm going to have to wait to go to the doctor about that until I graduate in May and find gainful employment. I work part-time right now, with no benefits, so we would severely damage our savings if I went before I had health insurance. But I will definitely bear that in mind - it shouldn't be too difficult to get a referral from a regular physician. Thank you so much for the comments and suggestion. And I'm so glad to know that your headaches have so drastically improved. Like you, I would find that to be well worth the expense. To a better life!

WTG on your challenges! You are doing a fantastic job. I especially admire your status as veggie queen! I am a sworn veggie hater, and I simply must get creative and find ways to incorporate them into my diet. As PhotoChick would say, I can't exactly eliminate an entire food group from my diet. I'll get there!

12-08-2008, 10:31 PM
Hi ladies!

Thanks for all of your support. I feel so much I better. I think I needed some rest and a good night of sleep!

10 cups of water each day; three pauses
12/7-10 cups
12/8-7 cups so far...but the night is young!
weigh and post my weight each day; no pauses
Goal-gain no net weight over the holidays
Goal-fit into 3 out of the eight pair of pants I dug out of my smaller pant stockpile (I am almost there...just have a small muffin top to go).

I'll be back...I am going to go catch up on all your great posts!

Red-I loved the Four Tops post. Mowtown can get me dancing any time. My husband used Mowtown as seduction music when we were first dating. He had it all figured out! Your fallen souffle analogy was pretty good, and, yeah, I know what you mean! But one of these days those green pants will be left in the dust as you move into other, smaller pants!

Scmalger-I went through a couple of years of serious headaches and finally had them diagnosed as Meniere's Disease. When I went to a nutritionist and went on a low salt, sugar, and fat diet with special supplements and I quit drinking coffee, they gradually went away. She gave me the recipe for a really nutritive broth, called Beiler's Broth, that I drank/ate three times a day for weeks. It is rather ghastly tasting, but really helped me a lot. It is full of veggies and has the added benefit of being a mild diuretic. Anyway, if you want more information about a nutritional approach, I would be happy to tell you about my experience.

Are you writing a thesis paper for your degree? That would give you a headache! Although I love to write, thesis papers are a challenge!

I have not had the nerve to do Jillian yet, although I have heard she rocks the fitness plan!

Cyndi-Good for you for keeping up with the yoga! I remember tremblingly tired after yoga classes, too. It is a great workout; the endorphin rush is pretty amazing after a good yoga session!

Well, gotta go. I have a couple of phone calls to make a planning to do for the field trip this weekend. I must have been crazy...


12-09-2008, 07:28 AM
Hiya Gals,

My eating has been awful the past few days. And I sure see it when I try and close my skirt!!!! Grrr!!! I must've gained 5 lbs! And my brother has no scale.

Ice skating was awesome, and so was my brother's improv show. Last night we went to see Rock of Ages - and let me tell yu - if there are 80's lovers out tere - don't misss it!!

Unfortunately - I was unale to extend my ticket which means I'm going home on Sunday. <sigh> It was worth a try...

I should add that to my challenges - hehe - Challenge 3 - GO HOME, no pauses, LOL

Sending positive vibes to all of you out there!!!!

12-09-2008, 07:13 PM
Morning here. Have to meet someone this morning before work so no gym.
The challenges were cool but I still ate too much. It's when I get home. I'm not hungry but I eat and it's not good stuff. Got to stop that or all my efforts will be blown away, just like with the booze, just like with the sugar. I stayed off sugar for a year and didn't lose much weight once not so long ago. Compensating is my middle name.
Still, two full weeks done on the second round. That means five weeks. Wow, it seems SO much longer. :^:
I say I overate but I don't think it was that much in the big picture, meaning over the course of the day. Still, weight is not down, still up from recent lowest. (Sigh). Ya mean I have to do something else in order to get this body in shape?!?!? :eek:

No Booze Day 14/35 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 14/35 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 12/33 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 8/28 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1

miriam -- Heh, don't worry about your eating. You're in the States, land of, I mean....abundance! ;) Just enjoy yourself. :yes: Thanks for the vibes!

Quix -- Glad to hear you're feeling better. And glad you liked the Four Tops post. Did you know lead singer Levi Stubbs just died in October? I love their music. It really gets you dancing to be sure.

Yes, fallen souffle. It's amazing that the fat and loose skin can be all bunched up like that. And that actually indicates that the fat is disappearing and the skin is loose. I guess that's what full-body girdles are all about. Gosh, I remember my mother squeezing into those high-waisted girdles. Do people still wear them? Quix, I sure hope I can keep at it long enough to see real progress, such as nothing hanging over the green pants, which, oddly, I can get into (stretchy material!) but the top is the horrific thing and unless I were to wear a huge baggy sweater under which the rolls could be it sweater or is it fat?...then I can't wear 'em.
Bravo on your challenges! :bravo:

Cyndi -- I agree on the yoga. It's very strenuous. Of course, there are different types that focus on different things, so some are more about breathing and meditation. But the more popular ones in the West are the physical-oriented ones.

Thanks for the calm wishes. I'm realizing it's one of my biggest problems, with eating, with riding. Yesterday on my horse, I really really tried to constantly stay relaxed. You see, because I have so much muscle, I go tight without even thinking. I was joking with my teacher that I need some kind of lower body muscle relaxant.
Heh, congrats on your challenges! :cp: Fantastic saves on the sweet stuff! :spin:

schmalg! -- Way to go on the "incredulous" mood inducing exercise! And no prob about the sports bra talk. Heck, it's a lot better than some dude talking about his new jock strap. :rofl: And fun exercise is the best, eh? Your nephew must have loved it. Well, maybe, but what a great role model you were!

I do wish you would start changing your food around now and doing things to ease your headaches. I mean, how much easier would it be to do the things you need to do if you weren't having to fight through all that pain. Also, pain causes bad chemicals to be released in your body, so that can't be helping anything and could only complicate things years down the road. Anyhow, sorry, I don't mean to pressure you. Just am worried, that's all.

At work, I've decided to distance myself from some of the more pessimistic ones. I mean, heck, they're a good 20 years younger than me, but, boy, the excuses, the nasty words, the never-looking-at-themselves! Scary stuff in such young people. But, no, shouldn't say that. If there's one thing I've learned over the years....may be the only thing ;) ..... it's that AGE is truly irrelevant. Yet the expressions remain.

Thanks, schmalg, for your words of encouragement. They mean a lot. I don't know if I'm succeeding. I guess that depends on how you define "succeed." I guess I am, huh? I don't know. I gave up my warm muffler to someone yesterday, thinking I could buy me another one but the store was sold out. I spent nearly two hours advising a coworker being let go to legally fight it and I will be marked for my constant "troublemaking." The upper managers are already going around asking if I had a hand in the latest rumble of discontent and show of standing up to intimidation by management that is hurting the workers. But, heck, there's just things you gotta do. Call me stupid. Call me a martyr. But, ohhhh, here I go again....."call me, I'll be there...." :dancer:

12-09-2008, 11:36 PM
Daily Exercise Day 16
Level 3 Ė 1 Pause used
Exercise? Check!
Stats? 30DS
Mood? Iím even more in shock today than I was yesterday. I actually didnít hurt as much today as I did the day after the first time I did 30DS. And I performed the exercises even better this time. I still have to pause now and then, get some water and catch my breath. But I really believe Iím executing the exercises better and better each time. Depending on how I feel tomorrow, Iíll try it again.

Quixotica Ė Looking good on those challenges! Iíve got to get my water intake back up again. I was doing so well for a while, but Iíve slacked off a bit too much. Iím not replacing it with sodas or anything, which means Iím not drinking enough at all. Thank you so much for the info. I looked up Meniereís Disease, and I donít fit any of the symptoms except the headaches. BUT, that doesnít mean the nutritional info wouldnít help. I would LOVE to hear anything youíd be willing to share. Oh, and Iím not doing a thesis, actually. Itís a very very frustrating and long story. I WAS doing a thesis, and itís what I wanted to do Ė a little type a much? But after 7 months of research, my hard drive crashedÖand it had been exactly 7 months since Iíd backed up. I learned my lesson the very hard way, and now Iím just doing the comprehensive exams. Iím terrified of them, and the heavy reading can definitely make the headaches worse. I did get some reading glasses a few months ago, and it has helped some. And yes Ė Jillian definitely rocks the workout. Just watching it, everything seems so slow and basic. But doing it? Well thatís another story entirely. Ouch!

Miriam101 Ė Well, it sure sounds like youíre having a blast on vacation. Vacations can do that to your waistline! But youíve lost 23 lbs so far, and thereís no doubt that youíll get right back on track as soon as you go home. Sorry you couldnít extend your ticket. But Iíll bet youíll be happier to get back home than you realize now. Enjoy the rest of the week!

Redballoon Ė Youíd better stop all that mindless snacking, woman! Look at how strong you are Ė and yes you ARE succeeding! Donít start sabotaging yourself now; you are doing sooooo well! Keep up the great work! (LOL Ė I saw what you wrote to Miriam Ė U.S. = land of overeating. That is so unfortunately true!) Youíre right about making changes with food now, even if itís slow until I have more time. I actually stopped by the grocery store tonight after work, and I picked up some lettuce, carrots, a cucumber, and a couple of tomatoes. Iím okay with lettuce and carrots. Iíve never really tried cucumbers (What!?!), and last time I tried tomatoes, I did NOT like them. BUT, Iím gonna give them another go either tonight or tomorrow. I HATE salad dressing, so hereís what Iím thinking Iím gonna do. Get a little tortilla, put a small amount of spaghetti/marinara type sauce in the center, add some lettuce, some baked/grilled chicken, a few shreds of carrots, some tomato pieces, and a little cheese. It sounds tasty, anyway. And, despite the fact that I will have NO dressing, Iíll try to make a little salad and see what happens. Iíll let you know when I get up the guts to give it a whirl. Thank you for your concern. Youíre so sweet, and it means a lot that youíre worried about me. Donít worry, though, the really bad ones are rare now. Today, for example, I feel great, even AFTER doing the 30DS. Yippee! Iím sooo sorry about all of the problems at your workplace. WTG for sticking up for your friend, and Iím really sorry that youíre going to be penalized for doing the right thing. And good for you for steering clear of all of the negative people up there. Youíve really got it rough, and that just shows even more how strong you are. Youíre sticking to your challenges, despite daily pressures ALL DAY at work. Good for you, and Iíll keep you in my prayers Ė for peace, fortitude, strength of will, faith, and a new job or better situation at your current one. :hug:

12-10-2008, 01:42 AM
Hi gals!
Just a quick post. I spent the day in bed. My tummy finally pooed out on me...but I feel better now.
10 cups of water each day; three pauses
12/7-10 cups
12/8-10 cups
12/9-4 cups, a pause day
weigh and post my weight each day; no pauses
Goal-gain no net weight over the holidays
Goal-fit into 3 out of the eight pair of pants I dug out of my smaller pant stockpile (I am almost there...just have a small muffin top to go).

Will post more tomorrow. I am off to bed, again

12-10-2008, 08:12 AM
Nuther day notched.
Gotta get to sleep, so just a flyin for now....
schmalger, Quix, heh there! :wave:

No Booze Day 15/36 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 15/36 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 13/34 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 9/29 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1

Check this out though, inspiring video!

12-10-2008, 08:25 AM
Good morning :) Well another day completed and all challenges mastered. It's amazing how much this motivates me, just knowing I have to report back. Someday I'd like to develop that much internal motivation. In the meantime I'm really glad there's 3FC!

Challenge 1 - Stretches/weights - 9/21 days, 1 pause used
Challenge 2 - no chocolate - 10/21 days, 1 pause (none left!)
Challenge 3 - I am the veggie queen, wonder what that crown looks like ;) 11/21 days

Challenge 4: I will journal EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth, no pauses. 3/21 days even though I really didn't want to yesterday! It was a constant picking day. I know the state budget crisis and it's impact on my agency and clients wasn't caused by food so why I think eating will fix it is beyond me.

Red - I am right there with you with this mindless eating issue. I was reading the Beck book last night and they talk about distinguishing hunger, cravings & desires. It's all desire with me and I know exactly what I'm doing but I do it anyway. Must find a way to stop that. We know better but we just do it anyway. What's with that?!

Schmalger - You aren't alone with the posture. I just don't think our bodies are made to deal with all this screen time and it encourages really poor posture and then neck injuries. There are a couple of simple stretches my PT says are musts. I'm going to look around and see if I can find a link and pics for you. You have me really fired up to try the Shred now :)

Sheri - :carrot: Glad to hear you're drinking that water. It helps in so many ways. I have great skin now and I swear it's all the water.

Miriam - Hope your flight home is safe and seamless with no unexpected delays or travel annoyances :)

I'm off to shop with my best bud today. Every year we take a Wed. off to get our shopping jump started and get in the mood. Luckily she also watches what she eats so we will help each other make good mall choices today - no high fat lattes or bread bowl soups!

12-10-2008, 04:47 PM
Morning all. Early one again today. I did try to be aware of the eating yesterday and not do any mindless stuff, but something is happening when I come home and it's not good. I reach for calorie-dense things. I know I am craving a bit of sweet and because I can't have that I reach for other things. And, NO, I can't just have a little. Besides it being my challenge, I know myself too well. It's the reason I have the challenge, because with sugar and me (perhaps like alcohol) I cannot stop at just a little. Sure, I can do it for a day or two or even a week, but soon things are snowballing. So, anyhow, no sugar, and the cravings are bothering me. In the summer, I will reach for sweet fruit but that doesn't appeal to me in the winter. Also, the available fruit isn't that sweet. Also, it's just the cold. Oh well, maybe I should try it. Even though it doesn't appeal, maybe it would stop the craving.
Weight is still up. No movement, maybe a little upwards. Not happy. :(


Cyndi -- So glad to hear that the challenge is helping you stay on track, stay accountable and doing the things you set out to do. :sunny: Yeah, the mindless eating is something I am aware of now, which I guess means it's not totally mindless, eh? But, knowing and not doing are different things. (Sigh) Still, I think it definitely, most definitely makes it less. I think it's largely a wanting to do something and just turning to the old habits of eating. Must learn a new trigger...get a certain feeling, do something else, and think of things that can be done in the office in sight of others without them knowing it. In other words, mind games! Learn a poem or some new foreign words. I don't know. Or just go take the stairs for 5 minutes.

Quix, schmalger, I've run out of time. Talk to you later!!

12-10-2008, 06:30 PM
Sorry I've been MIA recently. Thanks to everyone for the shout-outs and support. And I have tried to be mindful of this thread and my challenges. Took a pause on the exercise on Monday, but eating has been "ok", but not really strict. Will attempt a more serious focus now on that.

I just have been fumbling along, trying to deal with stuff. I do want to keep up with everyone and will respond more with personals later. Now, though, I have an actual job interview to get ready for. Weird, all of a sudden, from shaking so many trees for so long, something may have popped up. I feel like Red, though, not too terribly optimistic but still grateful to have found something to try for, to explore a possibility.

I will come back hopefully later today and post more. Just wanted to drop a quick note now.......

12-10-2008, 08:46 PM
Daily Exercise Day 17
Level 3 Ė 1 Pause used
Exercise? Check!
Stats? Elliptical - 30 minutes - 5 miles
Mood? 4 or 5 days, and I've already forgotten how tough a workout the elliptical is. I'm happy to have gotten through it, because once I got on that thing, I realized how much Jillian has worked my thighs. Whoa momma!

I have a weird reason for doing the elliptical today, rather than the 30DS. I wasn't too sore today (before climbing aboard the thigh-killer express), so I could have done the 30DS. But there's something about all the sweating I do on the elliptical. Gross, I know, but it makes me think I'm getting a better workout somehow. I'm not quitting on the 30DS, I just want to mix the elliptical in, too.

Quixotica - Your challenges are looking great; keep up the hard work! I hope you keep feeling better and that your stomach feels much better tomorrow. The rest will do you good, I hope. :getwell:

redballoon - You were just flyin' earlier, with your challenges that is! I'm so sorry you're struggling with both your weight and cravings right now. I truly can't imagine what that's like for you - the sugar cravings. The only thing I can compare it to is when I got off of sodas. But for the most part, those cravings are gone - it's been nearly 5 months now. I really do hope you'll try some fruit. Even though it doesn't sound appealing to you right now, maybe once you bite into it, it will turn out to be just what you wanted and help stem those cravings.

CyndiM - I know exactly what you mean about how much it helps knowing you have to report back here. And like you, I can't wait until I internalize that feeling. It is so great having you all here. Great job on the challenges. Show us how it's done woman! :carrot: I would *love* to see some stretches/exercises that help posture. Anything you've got will help. Thank you sooo much for the offer! (And yes, I spend pretty much my LIFE on the computer: work, school, homework, leisure, etc.)

modcat44 - We all understand about the personals; don't you worry about it. I'm so happy to hear good news from you, though. That is GREAT news about the job interview. And what great timing! I'll keep you in my prayers that it will work out if it's meant to. There's something out there that's going to be just perfect for you (you and red). Good job on the exercise, and "ok" eating is much better than terrible, especially with the stress right now. Keep on truckin'! :hug:

12-10-2008, 09:22 PM
Checkin in.....

As my return date comes closer - I find the POSITIVE challenge getting very difficult.. :(

<I'm not even going to talk about my eating , haha>

12-11-2008, 12:58 AM
Hello gals!
I am all better. Whatever it was finally worked its way through my system.

Red-I am struggling, too. I made the mistake of having a few Hersey's Kisses and I am going to have to put the package in the garbage, or my son's backpack to stay out of them! I think one reason I wasn't feeling good is that I just was not eating enough carbs. Now that I am eating a little more, I feel better and I am sleeping at night. It seems like Atkins is not working for me anymore, so maybe I should go to calorie counting or something. I get what you mean about the calorie dense things you are craving right now, too. I think it has something to with winter and metabolism. I almost think the cold weather has something to do with it. Fats and carbs are important for poikilotherms. Squirrels need their nuts, bears their our chips? No! But, I did not exercise restraint with the pistachio nuts this evening. I've got to count out those little buggers!

Miriam-Although I know you are sad to be going back, it will be great to chat with you about your trip when you return to your own computer! Those extra holiday pounds will come right off, too. No worries!

Modcat-I hope your interview goes well! Sometimes things come along just at the right time! Keep coming back even if you get busy or feel crazed...we'll give you:hug:

Cyndi-I try to cure what ails me with food, too. I have learned to not buy a bag of potato chips when I am upset anymore, though! I can find myself at the bottom of a bag and wonder how I got there! I am taking a little break right now as I was just so exhausted and overwhelmed, but I am seeing that I am going to have to get back to journaling again. It really helps me be accountable. Someone here is the queen of, I am the queen of denial!

Schmalger-One of the things I learned from the nutritionist is that students, especially those who drink coffee to get it all done, exhaust their adrenals. Here is a recipe for a wonderful, nutritive shake that will make you feel really good after you drink it for a few days.

1 cup yogurt
2 tbsp. brewer's yeast
1 tbsp. lecithin
2 tbsp. flax seed
2 tbsp. wheat germ
2 tbsp. nut butter or tahini
1/2 cup of juice or berries
Blend up until smooth and the seeds are broken down.
I add 2 tbsp. of soy protien powder to this and drink it for breakfast frequently. If you add berries rather than juice, you might want to add some ice to thin it a little so you can drink it. This is really good for your nervous system and is very dense in minerals. The brewers yeast takes a little getting used to, but it is the best thing for you in the recipe.

Here's a link to good information about adrenal exhaustion:

Well, this is where I stand today!

10 cups of water each day; three pauses
12/7-10 cups
12/8-10 cups
12/9-4 cups, a pause day
12/10-10 cups
weigh and post my weight each day; no pauses
12/10-188.4 dang, gotta start exercising again!
Goal-gain no net weight over the holidays
Goal-fit into 3 out of the eight pair of pants I dug out of my smaller pant stockpile (I am almost there...just have a small muffin top to go).

Well, as you can see, my weight is going up. So much for taking a break. I am going to bed so I can get up early and exercise. Night all!

If I missed you, give me a big shout out and I'll get to you tomorrow. I'm pooped tonight!


12-11-2008, 06:00 PM
Well, if I get through today...WHEN I get through today...I will have matched my last no alcohol streak of 38 days. Really, this time seems much longer. It also seems more complete, more comprehensive somehow. Maybe it's because I'm off sugar too. And I didn't go to so many bars as before so I have been away from the environment more completely. In any case, every day I am reminded that though I may be sleepy at various times of the day, it's not a bad feeling. It's not one of exhaustion or fogginess. I can throw it off easily enough, often just with a short, brisk walk.
Well, the weight is not dropping further but I haven't been able to get to the gym this week because of work and other appointments, today included. So, I'm going to accept this as a pause in things and that's OK. It will give my skin a bit of time to adjust if it can. There's nothing worse than looking drawn and scrawny and the older you get the easier that happens.
The boozer at work commented again on how good I looked but I take it with a grain of salt knowing from experience how things ALL look better with a bit of the sauce under your belt. ;)

No Booze Day 16/37 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 16/37 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 14/35 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 10/30 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1

Quix -- Trigger foods. You can't just have a little, eh? Yeah, gotta just steer clear. I hope you got a hold on them and not they you. Oh, yes, and glad to hear you're feeling better.

miriam -- Sorry to hear you're bummed about going back to Israel. I hope you can anticipate some good things about your return. If not, well, that's something for you to look into, right? You always sound so unhappy there. I hope it's just because you aren't telling us about the things you do enjoy.

schmalger -- Don't worry about me sounding like I am struggling. I'm not able to do as much as I was but I think I'm just coasting and not gaining or sabotaging. I have been making more conscious choices of things and cutting back on the mindless eating. There's a lot going on behind the scenes here now and I am holding my breath. Don't even want to talk about them because I'm afraid I'll wake from what seems to be a dream. (Sigh) This is the way my life has always been. Things come to me seemingly out of nowhere. And even though they are not the 1.7 million yen of my recent dream they do appear in ways that are more like a dream than any of the normal ways. Well, more when I know more.
Your challenges sound like they are well in hand and I love reading about your mood so keep it up! Oh, and I got tired ready about you and Jillian so I went and bought my own!! :spin: Now, I have to make room in my tiny living quarters to try it out.
Next week I take some days off so I'll try to get to it. :yes:

mod -- Hi there! :wave: It's good to see you in here! I was getting worried. Yes, I understand "fumbling along," but that is OK! You've still got the ball. Right there with you on the weird things popping up. Hmmm. Must be something in the stars or the full moon.

12-11-2008, 11:50 PM
Hi everyone!
It's quiet here today!

Red-Luckily I had the wisdom to get just a little bag of kisses...sigh. They were stocking stuffers but they didn't make it:o I have got to give myself some tough love before I slide into a big weight gain! Stress is doing it, and the lack of exercise and so I got back on the old bike today and pedalled away. Listened to some Santana instead of watching TV while I rode. That was kind of nice for a change. Hope this "dreamy" secret you are talking about becomes happily real for you! I love it when life sends me a dream...

Well, I did not make my water today and I am changing that challenge as of today. Ten cups of water send me to the WC all night! I hate that urgent, middle of the night awakening! Teaching all day, on my feet and on the go, I am lucky to get in four cups during the day. Drinking six cups of water in the evening was floating my proverbial boat! So, it's down to 8 and the exercise is back on. The challenge for exercise is to exercise at least four days from Monday to Sunday. Today was one, so I will need to do it every day for the remainder of this week. And, I have a feeling those kisses I ate are following my a$$ around trying to jump on.

8 cups of water each day; three pauses
12/11-8 cups
weigh and post my weight each day; no pauses
12/10-188.4 dang, gotta start exercising again!

Exercise 30 minutes per day four days per week-from Monday to Sunday
12/11-30 minutes on the bike
Goal-gain no net weight over the holidays
Goal-fit into 3 out of the eight pair of pants I dug out of my smaller pant stockpile (I am almost there...just have a small muffin top to go).

Got tons of planning to do for the Raiders game field trip. Chat with all of you tomorrow!

12-12-2008, 02:09 AM
Finished with Day 5

OK, so the office I interviewed with wants me to come next week for a trial--so that's good. I didn't even ask what the pay was, guess I'll find out next week, but at this point I don't care. DH said I should at least found that out, but hey, it's really irrelevant to me at this point. Felt much better so went to the gym, and had a high-energy day there, ran a 5K in about my best time ever, and still did a challenging set of weight-training. I was pumped! I love it when my mood shifts to the positive for awhile!

miriam--try not to be sad, but I know how you feel, sometimes I have gotten so blue about the too quick end to a much needed break. You will feel good though after you get back home, I'm sure. Now back to work I'm not so sure about......;)

Quix-- I hear ya about the too much water thing, haha! I was attempting to drink about 96 oz/day because I read somewhere you were supposed to drink half your body weight in water---waaay too much! Now I just try for 64 oz/day, and earlier also rather than so much after dinner!

And thanks for posting that shake recipe--I'm gonna try it also!

schmalger--yeah, I'm with you about the sweat thing, now if I don't sweat (except when I'm swimming) I don't really feel like I am burning those calories, even though I know it's not true. I try to do a strenuous cardio at least 4-5 days/week. Strange how my mindset has changed, I really hate to sweat, but now I almost like it when I really am sweaty at the gym. Even though I look horrible, (I'm sure) with wet hair and red face, I feel so much better that I really "had a good sweat" now!

CyndiM--I love yoga--and I try to go at least once but preferably twice/week. It really helps me feel more youthful, I know that is strange to say, but besides the great after-glow, the greater limberness just makes me happy and feel younger! and wtg on all those veggies! :broc: I have been sneaking in more and more veggies in the dinners I am preparing for DH and I. I know I'm eating more now, even if I am not one to snack on them raw so much.

Red--love those videos of Motown! Brought a smile to my face! And WTG on your no booze/no sugar challenge!!! :cp::cp::cp: What an awesome accomplishment, struggles and cravings and all!! And getting out to the gym so much--yaay! And here's :crossed: that good things do happen with you with your work and life's stresses. You know, we are all much stronger than we think we are. We will persevere, survive and even thrive! We all know this, but it bears repeating every so often......

Some of you were talking about dressing frumpy, or old--and I just wanted to say I had been doing that also for a couple of years before this latest weight loss, and I pretty much stopped doing that now, having been able and desirous actually of wearing cuter, more fashionable things again this last half year or so. My Dh has commented on that very fact, that I was beginning to dress like his mom, but recently I have been wearing much more "age-appropriate" clothes--haha! It does make me feel good to have comments again on what I am wearing, from friends as well. I didn't realize I wasn't getting any for a long while there......

Hi to everyone else :wave: Now off for the night......

12-12-2008, 04:59 PM
Well, I made it through the magic 38. Now, this is virgin ground, perhaps the longest I've been without a pint for years. Hmm. That sounds awful. And it's not like I was drinking tons, but yeah, well, whatever.
In a bar with my biggest drinking buddy last night and he was asking forlornly when I would drink again. When I said, "maybe never," his face fell. But then I assured him I would drink on very special occasions and I've decided I may do that before the year end after all. But only, very special, so I doubt it.
I really would like to get in better shape than I am now by New Year's. Is that a cool goal or what? Saw it in some gung-ho exercise newsletter I get. As they said, when most people are allowing themselves to slide through the holidays, you could just as well (if not easily) do the opposite. Hit the new year feeling on top of things. Sounds nice. :yes:

No Booze Day 17/38 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 17/38 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 15/36 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 11/31 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1

mod -- Hi there! Glad you liked the Motown. I just love the moves, really can't help smiling at that. Thank you so much for the congrats. Yes, it's been tough lately. Yesterday again, I really wanted to just reach into my drawer and pop know...dark and sweet, into my mouth, but I didn't and instead gave it away, which feels almost as nice. I feel like a pusher.
I hear you on the dressing frumpy. Since I had to dress better for work the past two years, now, I can't even imagine wearing the things I used to to work. Sure, they're mighty comfortable but the other isn't bad either, just more revealing, which, again, brings it back to the real problem, hiding under my clothes. I still am appalled by my reflection caught in the windows etc. l think the fat around my midsection is hidden, but it's not at all. (Sigh).
Mod, I can't believe you not asking about pay. That is always my first concern, whether I ask or not, I wouldn't go near a job without knowing. Still, it's good you get something at this point I guess and it will help you feel better. If the pay is lousy, you can get annoyed about it and contemplate strategies to move on, WHILE you're at last drawing a wage. Good luck!

Quix -- I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and that your sugary transgressions ended before the fracture became compounded! ;) Well, "dreamy" sounds a little too nice. "Like a dream" is more what I meant, and I have a lot of nightmares and a lot of relatively unpleasant surrealistic dreams. This is more like the latter. Nothing comes to me easily, but at least it comes. Keep you posted.
Good work on the exercise! Don't worry about the kisses. It's a little thing IF you stop it there!

12-12-2008, 11:44 PM
Daily Exercise Day 18
Level 3 Ė 2 Pauses used
Exercise? Check!
Stats? Elliptical - 30 minutes Ė 5.10 miles
Mood? Eh. Iím not really in a great mood. Donít know why. Iím not upset or anything, just kind of blah ya know? Nonetheless, I am glad that I exercised today.

Sorry I wasnít around yesterday. I took my second pause, because I was feeling sick to my stomach for most of the day. Itís the fruitÖapples/bananas. Itís always made me somewhat sick, but now that Iím eating it more regularly, itís happening more often. But itís worth it if Iím just going to feel that way every few days. Itís a frustrating and painful tradeoff, but Iím willing to stick with it. Maybe Iíll just be careful not to have more than 2 apples in a given day and then maybe do a different fruit the next day. And I definitely have to be careful with bananas. Ugh! Okay! Enough of that, letís see what yíall have been up to!

Miriam101 Ė Iím sorry itís getting more difficult to stay positive, now that homecoming is looming. Enjoy the little bit of time you have left Ė enjoy it to the hilt! And youíll get back on track with healthy eating once you get home and back into your normal routine.

Quixotica Ė Thank you so much for the info! Iíll have to share that recipe with my DH, too. Weíre both students, and he drinks his body weight in coffee every day (only slightly exaggerating!). I donít drink coffee, but we definitely both wear ourselves out studying. We have a couple of health food stores nearby, so I should be able to get all of the ingredients. THANK YOU! Great job on the water and weighing challenge. And good luck with getting back on the exercise horse. You can do it, and Iíve just read that you already ARE doing it. Keep it up!

Redballoon Ė You are doing a great job on your challenges. You inspire me every day with all that you have and continue to overcome. Seriously, you are a great example of what can be done when we set our minds to it and keep at it, one day at a time. WAY TO GO on reaching ďvirgin groundĒ with the drinking challenge!! It doesnít sound bad at all. Youíve never come across like youíre a lush, just that you felt that the drinking was getting or could start getting a little out of control. You assessed it and addressed it. And now youíre kicking itís a**! Yay about the 30DS! Youíll have to let us know how it goes. I canít wait to see what you think!

Modcat44 Ė Great news about the successful interview! Good luck with next weekís trial run; knock Ďem out of the park! And great job on the exercise, too. Iím thankful that you have something positive to look forward to and to add additional motivation for you. Yes! I was hoping I wouldnít sound too weird with the sweat thing. It seemed odd even thinking that, so I didnít know what yíall would think. lol The amount I sweat really does seem to be a sort of gauge for me of how good of a workout Iíve had. One thing I do hate is the weird prickly feeling that comes right before you start really sweating. Do you know what I mean?

Again, Iím sorry I stood yíall up yesterday. I was going to at least post last night that I had taken a pause. But then DH wanted to watch a movie, and heís been so patient with me getting on here for an hour or more every night to catch up and post my updates. Itís tough, because during the semester, itís like weíre two single people cohabitating. I donít mean to imply the marriage is tough Ė not by any stretch of the imagination. Itís just really tough how much going to school and working at the same time takes out of us. When we finally get home, we *have* to hit the books. So we really try to put in tons of quality time during breaks.

Sad little story Ė A nice little bookstore in our town is closing Ė after sixteen years of operation. Iím surprised it made it that long, frankly, because we have a Books-A-Million that came in several years ago now and several other bookstores closed almost immediately. This was the last little one left, and itís really really sad. Iím a huge bookworm, and it turns out DH is too. Iíve been putting off going, because itís sad and because Iíve been really busy this week. But despite how sick I felt yesterday, we went over there together. They had 50% of everything, so we bought nearly $300 in books for about $150. We had no intention of spending that much, but I especially tend to go a bit crazy around books Ė especially when theyíre on sale. We got a lot of great things. ButÖIíd much rather have only bought 2 or 3 at full price and still have the bookstore in town. The ladies that owned it seemed really sad, especially the one that will be retiring for a second time. We were in there for about an hour and half, and she looked near tears the whole time. The younger one remarked that she has other plans, so thatís great for her. In fact, she told another customer that sheís lost 185 lbs in the last year and has about 100 more to go. And! Sheís going to be teaching classes/coaching people in weightloss/fitness/nutrition. How cool is that? I didnít know her personally or I would have picked her brain. Ha!

12-13-2008, 03:33 PM
Just a peek...will be back later today, after a nap and decorating the tree!

This is for you Schmalger...another tip to help with the headaches. This is another recipe to support your adrenals. I have used Beiler broth for a number of years. It helps to curb hunger, flushes an imbalance of sodium and helps balance an over-acid system. It is harmless and highly nutritive. I cook up a bigger, batch, blend it up and eat it before meals for a few days. this is a link to a recipe for the broth.

As any "natural" restorative strategy, it takes time to work and must be used consistently. And of course, just because it is my cure, I do not mean to try to be a doctor or whatever. Just sharing what works for me. This recipe is a good natural diuretic that actually balances sodium and potassium, rather than stripping your body of sodium and leaving you deficient.

I will be back later! I am trying to rest up. I am leaving early tomorrow to take 20 high school students on a two day field-trip to San Francisco. Of course, there will be other chaperones, but still...

12-13-2008, 03:34 PM
Daily Exercise Day 19
Level 3 Ė 2 Pauses used
Exercise? Check!
Stats? Elliptical - 20 minutes Ė 3.40 miles
Mood? Flabbergasted. I'm disappointed that I only went 20 minutes, but at least I exercised I suppose. I really did push myself, too, hard. It took all I had to go that long.

I know, I know. Pathetic. Really though? I couldnít have gone much farther if youíd held a gun to my head. Donít know whatís up with that unless itís just all starting to catch up with me. My legs feel extremely tight and sore, so when I get done with this, Iím going to do some stretches to see if that helps to loosen them up. Another thing that may have contributed to the fact that I couldnít even make it 30 minutes - which hasnít happened until today - may be the fact that I worked out late last night and then fairly early today. Maybe it was just too close together. Pure speculation. I wonít make any promises, but I may try to get another 20 minutes in again later today/tonight. Iíll update if I do, but it will still count as part of day 19/21 for the challenge. But if I do get in another 20 minutes? Thatíd be nearly 7 miles in one day! So Iím definitely considering it; will see how I feel later.

I hope everyone has a great ON PLAN day!! :D Some of us are in the home stretch, and others have just recently begun. YOU CAN DO IT LADIES!

12-13-2008, 03:43 PM
Quixotica - Looks like we were working on our posts at the same time. :D Thank you SO much for all of the information you've been sending my way. I assure you, it is very welcome and appreciated. It means a lot that you're willing to go out of your way in hopes of helping me get healthier and eliminate these headaches. I'll try to make it by a health food store this week for the ingredients for the shakes, and I should be able to get those veggies anywhere. Should be fun; I've never bought a zucchini. :o Quick question about preparing the broth - do you finely chop the veggies first? Probably a very lame question; I was just wondering because the recipe sounds like you just throw the whole veggies in the pot. Not sure if that's right. LOL Also, when you say to use it consistently - what size serving do you use (a cup? more/less?), and how often do you use it to consider it consistent? Do you drink/eat it along with something else, too? Okay, that was way more than one quick question. :^: I understand your disclaimer about not being a doctor, but this certainly can't be BAD for you. ;)

Really, thanks again. You've a wealth of information, and I appreciate you sharing it with me. And I hope you have fun today decorating the tree - and enjoy the nap, too! Try to have fun on the trip to San Francisco. I know it could be stressful - I can't imagine! But I hope you're able to have fun and enjoy!

12-13-2008, 04:36 PM
Hello everyone! It's been a long couple of days of storms and no electricity/internet but things are back to normal here. I actually managed to stay on track through the craziness, though I did get a little mindless in the last few hours before the power came back. Don't know why I thought eating would make it come on faster ;)

Challenge 1 - Stretches/weights - 12/21 days, 2 pauses used
Challenge 2 - no chocolate - 14/21 days, 1 pause (none left!)
Challenge 3 - Veggies, veggies, veggies 15/21 days
Challenge 4: I will journal EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth, no pauses.7/21 days.

Red - I've made a list of things to do when I feel like munching. I figure if I start working through the list first maybe I'll pay attention to what I'm doing and realize I'm not actually hungry.:congrat: on your new record.

Modcat - Good to see you around these parts :) Wow, a 5 k and weights! I'm constantly amazed at the workouts all of you get in. Hope the job works out and it's a good fit for you.

Schmalger - Sad about the bookstore. We had a similar closure near us. I felt bad but I have to admit I do shop at Amazon a lot. I'm not a big fan of shopping in general so doing it from home works for me. Like you I love books. We have had to set a no new bookcases rule so all new purchases have to fit by either trading in or gifting books I have or borrowing the book I want. Okay, I admit there has been some piling on the shelf too :o
Hope your legs have recovered. I bet it was the two workouts close together.

Quix - You know where those kisses landed! Your experience with potato chips sounds like mine. I used to throw bags out so no one would know I'd eaten the whole thing. And then I said it was because I was big boned and had a slow metabolism.
Have fun in San Fran. Bet you will get tons of walking in!

Miriam- Hope the last of the visit was enjoyable and the trip back smooth.

Okay, that's my lame attempt at catching up :) Now back to my regularly scheduled weekend chores :eek:

ETA - It is 8:30 so I've added today to the totals above :)

12-13-2008, 10:56 PM
Well, yesterday was weird. I went riding, came home and had planned to just hang out and go to the gym the next day, but I was so energized for some reason that I went to the gym and that involved a 50-minute walk each way. I only jogged for 15 minutes and did some weights, but the whole picture means I did a lot more exercise than if I had just sat home. Not bad, eh?
And, I even stopped in a convenience store on the way home and was going to buy some junk snack. They didn't have what I wanted so I left with NOTHING. Wow, right?!
I didn't even eat much after that. Now, that is stranger. I guess what I did was just kind of push home while saying to myself, when I get home I can eat this and this, deciding in advance what I could have, instead of leaving it to the dangerous spur-of-the-moment kind of thing. Then, when I did get home I just had a part of what I'd planned. Perhaps it was knowing I could have it that allowed me not to have it. Yes, twisted, I know. :^:

I am coming up on the magical 40, a number linked to the solar system and numerous biblical references. For me, it just marks another day of having stuck to my guns. I admit that yesterday I was feeling very much like hitting my old hangouts, where I can hook up my iPod and listen to the tunes while drinking and talking with the owner of the bar and whatever customers come in. But (sigh) I am just going to have to choose between one or the other, the Saturday night gym date that leaves me nicely sweated out and tired (but, feeling accomplished with something to show off later), or the boozing, smoke-filled, money-wasting (but, FUN for the MOMENT) night on the town. When you think of it, it's not such a hard choice to make.

Another thing, yesterday I was starting to actually be able to imagine myself looking good in just a T-shirt and jeans. I was wearing that under other things and changing in the gym locker room I could look in the mirror, stand a certain way with gut sucked in and actually picture it. Wow. It was nice.

Before that at home, I was contemplating all the fat all over me and instead of getting super bummed out about it I thought, well, look, there is lots of room for improvement and improving it (i.e. LOSING it!) would mean I can really look different.

Now please understand, the very ability to think like this is an amazing development for me!! I don't know what has caused it. It may be because I am starting to see something despite the fat and loose skin, like a mirage of the me that could be. Now, I admit, trying on clothes that don't fit and not seeing progress there REALLY gets me angry and down, but I've decided to stay away from the clothes a bit. They are not always the best gauge because the body changes in other ways too, or shrinks in a way that may not be apparent from a certain clothing item. OK, ENOUGH of me. I am really babbling, aren't I?

Heh, check out Jen on her blog. Is that a before and after to die for, or what??!

Also, I recorded a weight this morning that has only been bested once this entire year!!!!

No Booze Day 18/39 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 18/39 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 16/37 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 12/32 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1


Cyndi -- Amazing you were able to stick with your challenges despite the storm and blackouts. But you know, I don't think eating during the blackout was such a bad thing to do. I do remember something back in, what was it, physics or something in high school, where there is a Law that states something about frenzied consumption of food during a blackout expediting the return of electricity. I think it was a formula like this. SGTx2#$+void+334-(kjoules)=Exyt™power£¢∞ߺ It may have been a copyright sign instead of the trademark though, not sure. It also can be that I dreamt it all. I did fail physics...

Heh, thanks for the congrats on my record :thanks: and good for you for listing up the things you can do instead of munching!

schmalger -- Hi there! :wave: You're doing a great job on your challenge. There will be days where you just can't seem to get the same energy, But, doing just a little itsy bit of something is good just for the habit. And 20 minutes wasn't itsy bitsy. Strange, but I've been feeling the same way. I just can't push, push the way I was. It may be a depletion of my glycogen stores, which happens when you're doing a lot of exercise and not allowing much time to refuel. BUT, that's when the body really starts drawing on the fat stores, which is why I recommend doing even just a little. You don't want to overtrain, get sick and be totally sidelined (which I have often done) but you don't need to totally sit out and chance getting out of the habit. So, how did it go? Did you do another 20? Recently, when this happens to me, I switch over to the bike or other cardio machine. I feel like I've done so much more when I stick to one thing instead of doing 5 here, 5 there, 5 there, but it's probably the same, if not better. Heck, the heart doesn't care what is making it pound. Just the muscles would know and that shouldn't matter. I guess it would be better to switch things around.
You've been absolutely amazing with your challenge. You're nearly through, what, just two days left?! You are absolutely tearing through this challenge!!

I hope you're feeling better. How is the stomach? I was reading where you have to eat really ripe bananas for them not to make your stomach hurt. If you eat the nice firm ones, it'll do it.
Well, I'm glad I inspire you but I don't feel like much of an inspiration. Sure glad I don't come across as a lush. Have you fooled right well, don't I? ..... JUST KIDDING! :rofl: No, you got it right there, it was just getting to be too much of a habit and I know what habits lead to because of the eating. And though a bit of fat isn't unhealthy, staying out till dawn wreaks havoc on a lot of things, not to mention my appearance and the sorry state of my, debts. :eek: "Assessed it, addressed it." I like that! Very snappy! I'm afraid it's going to be a while before I can make room to do Jillian. The cats are preventing me from cleaning my room (my God, she stoops to blaming the cats!! Has she no shame! Next she'll probably blame the weather :lol3: ) since they're all lying about on the electric carpet.

Also, it's cold and rainy out today, so that means I can't move things outside in order to move things around to find the things I can throw out....
I am exactly like you when it comes to books, schmalg. Exactly! That is sad about the little bookstore. I wish we had things like that here, but then it wouldn't be Tokyo. There is a used store but that's different. That's so sad to hear it had to close. That is amazing that this woman has lost 185 lbs. Wow and double wow! You really should talk to her. Take it from a reporter. You don't know anyone personally until you talk to them. ;)

Quix -- Good luck on your trip with the students to Frisco. Wow. Thanks for the nutrition help too. I am a huge (that is NOT meant as a pun!) advocate of eating healthfully.

12-13-2008, 11:09 PM
I do remember something back in, what was it, physics or something in high school, where there is a Law that states something about frenzied consumption of food during a blackout expediting the return of electricity. I think it was a formula like this. SGTx2#$+void+334-(kjoules)=Exytôpower£Ę∞Ŗļ It may have been a copyright sign instead of the trademark though, not sure. It also can be that I dreamt it all. I did fail physics...

Physics and I were not friends either so I could easily have forgotten this very important formula :rofl:

And FWIW my cats are responsible for all sorts of things I do and do not get done ;)

12-14-2008, 01:07 AM
Oh, no, trouble just arrived! :eek: The mailman just delivered a package from my sister and the label says there are sweet things, as in sweet, YUMMY things that I can't have. My gosh, what am I going to do??!?!?
Well, there are a couple options.

1) Don't open it until I allow myself to eat sugar.

2) Open it but just (don't you love that little word?) don't eat the stuff.

3) Open it and eat it, perhaps even ALL of it!

This is tough, especially on a day where I am feeling sore and annoyed and NOT in the mood for going to the gym...though I think I can force myself to.

This is it...the's like a bomb waiting to go off, resulting in severe damage to my hips and stomach, not to mention the scale. Any damage will be certain to send me plummeting into a pit of self-loathing.

12-14-2008, 01:44 AM
Don't open it!!!!

12-14-2008, 01:51 AM
Oh, Shad, you are making me laugh here with your big red warning! That is just TOO funny! You're the best. Thank you so much!!

.....but, but ..... I want to open it and just look at the stuff. What if there's stuff in there that could, you know, go bad? Or what if my sister feels bad when I say I can't open it? Or what if there's like a lottery ticket or something that I have to tell my sis the number of and I, like, you know, win or something? Or what if......

Or what if you just shut the frig up, thank your sister and then get your sorry arse to the gym!!!

......oh.....OK. :( I was, you know, just worried and all.....

12-14-2008, 02:02 AM
:hug:Take it to the smoke filled-bar you are doing such a good job staying away from, plop it on the counter, smile and let bartender know they are a donation, turn around and walk out.

Sisters, gotta love 'em.:dizzy:

Schmalger-I think it best to cut up the veggies first as they cook more quickly and thus have more vitamins. I eat the broth before a meal as an appetite supressant and I also eat/slurp it as in-between meal snacks. I also make mine with salt-free chicken broth...that makes it taste a little better. The parsley makes it pretty potent flavored.

Cyndi-So, you are playing "Little House on the Prairie" without power, phone etc.? My kids used to love it when we had to break out all the candles and lanterns and cook scrambled eggs and pancakes for dinner on the camping stove. They also loved to get to eat the whole carton of ice cream before it all melted. We have wood heat, so no problem there. Hope you are staying warm and that the storm eases up soon.

I will catch up with all of you and my challenges, which I have not been doing very good on, when I return from the San Francisco trip. I am excited now that it is almost here and now that the chance of rain and hail in the city is less. Chat with you on Monday!


12-14-2008, 02:08 AM
Thanks Quix, you are a gem too! It's a cool and quirky idea, which fits me well, but!!!!!! there is no way in heaven or **** that anyone is getting a hold of this package other than ME! My lil sis knows my most favorite of favorites and, even if I don't eat them, I am going to fantasize over them for a while. At the risk of breaking my own rules here, just let me say that my favorite of favorites -- black licorice --- gets a big "blech!" from 99 percent of Japanese. So, it would be a TOTAL waste.

I just wrote to my sister and thanked her and told her the dilemma. She didn't know a thing about my challenge and seeing as I don't do this well for this long usually, you have to forgive her thinking I just might be successful this time around.

Oh, gosh, there's the sun out at last after the rain. Really better get to the gym now. Thanks again. Later! :wave:

12-14-2008, 02:14 AM
Don't open it - go to the gym - get off this site - just do it

Don't make me come there and take it away.

12-14-2008, 02:16 AM
......ok, ok, I'm going, I'm going ..... big, mean, Shad.... :(

12-14-2008, 02:20 AM
You haven't gone yet. I can still see that egg glowing. Go on, get out of there, leave the parcel under the bed (oh that's right the bed is on the floor) or the table or in the tatami well or behind the loo - somewhere where you won't trip over it and have it in your face all the time!!!!

Move woman

12-14-2008, 02:25 AM
You still haven't gone yet!!!!!!

:mad: :nono: :yikes:

12-14-2008, 08:37 AM
Wow, look at that. FORTY! Forty days in the hole!
And, thanks to a very adamant Shad......and Quix, the package remains unopened.
AND, I got to the gym and now my knees are hurting so bad I can't squat down. It's a good thing I don't have a Japanese style toilet! :eek:
Yup, the sun came out and with Shad yelling at me I had to go. Shad, don't know why the egg was glowing even though I didn't get any messages saying you had posted. I wasn't using the computer anymore but maybe I hadn't turned it off. Probably a time lag and then I just turned the computer off without checking anything. Thanks for looking out for me! I'm grateful. :yes: (even though I called you big, mean Shad...)
So, I walked all the way to the gym telling myself I allow a splurge on books if I did 30 minutes of cardio, which I did and weights, then showered and got on the train to the bookstore and dropped a lot of money. Oh well, I felt good about it this time. I'm going to set these rewards for myself, but really must watch the expenses.
So, there's the tally folks. Not bad, eh?

No Booze Day 19/40 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 19/40 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 17/38 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 13/33 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1

12-14-2008, 05:31 PM
Now don't those stats look good - and to think you might have blown them yesterday - well some of them at least.

Well Done Red - I'm proud of you!!!!!


12-14-2008, 09:58 PM
Heh there. Where is everyone? Shad, thanks for the congrats. I guess the stats look good, eh? I think I'll wait till my sugar challenge is up to open the package. It's only a few days away. I had wanted to go through til the new year and I do have a weight goal I would like to make so I just might but I won't make it part of a challenge unless I allow some pauses. Sugar adds a good 5 lbs in water weight, which looks and feels the same as real fat...heh, water weight it's virtual fat!

I recorded yet another recent low this morning. Weight was 70.4 kgs. I so wish I could be under 70 for an entire week by the new year. I don't know if it's possible but I can aim for it. I think it's possible but with water retention and such I don't know. Anyhow, just to be in the 60s again would be nice. There hasn't been much of that this year. In fact, there hasn't been ANY of it!

The handfuls of fat above the green jeans are considerably less. It's SO gross. I can pull the loose skin and fat around. God, it's so depressing because it's SO malleable. I feel much, much fatter than if it were just a hard gut. Anyhow, now that I no doubt have you all considerably grossed out (this is what you get for keeping me lonely...) I will add that the non-stretchy jeans were making me increasingly angry because I couldn't get them closed. Well, today I realized why. They have a high waist. If I pull the fat up, I can close the top button but no way the zipper is going to close. So, that's it. The green ones sit low, thus the incredible fallen souffle top. Ok, enough, I know, this was definitely a TMI.

On the topic of numbers, I am obsessed. I sit here staring at my graph all the time, when I should be out running, jogging or bicycling or walking, something instead of just sitting there dreaming of lower numbers.

My lowest recorded weight from June 2007 was 68.4 and the only reason it was so low was because I was severely dehydrated from yet another bout of food poisoning in Hong Kong. It was hovering more around 70 kg and then over the next two months rocketed up to 74 kilos! I know why it did that. It was trouble at work and a lot of emotional eating and drinking. Ten pounds, NO problem.

Ah well, let's hope I can get through today.

12-14-2008, 10:34 PM
Daily Exercise Day 20
Level 3 Ė 2 Pauses used
Exercise? Check!
Stats? Elliptical - 33 minutes Ė 6 miles
Mood? Itís another roadkill day! My quads are absolutely killing me, but Iím also feeling proud of myself for getting in there and getting it done anyway. Iím also proud that Iíve only taken 2 of 3 planned pauses on this challenge. Initially, I believed I would feel like a failure if I took ANY pauses. But I do believe that the pauses Iíve taken were logically thought out and necessary. So thankfully, I donít feel like a failure. And so long as tomorrow goes as planned, I will have only used 2/3 pauses I planned. So yay!

I wasnít able to get back on yesterday evening after all. I really wanted to, but Iím telling you these legs are screaming! If they could talk, theyíd be cursing me by now. But Iím glad they canít or I might cave to their demands! LOL Today I considered using my last pause, my legs are that sore. But I decided instead to try doing the elliptical with no programs and zero incline. It was still extremely tough, but I was able to hang with it. I know I wouldnít have made it 30 minutes with one of the varying incline programs. And I was still able to get my heart rate up and Iím sweated buckets. (Ewww, I know.)

On another note, I bought some veggies the other day. Nothing much Ė some lettuce, a bag of carrots, one cucumber, and two tomatoes. Still, this is HUGE for me. I havenít gotten up the guts to try the tomatoes yet Ė last time I tried it, I HATED it. But I fixed DH a salad last night (the one healthy thing he likes Ė very strange), and I tried some bites of cucumber and was pleasantly surprised. It reminded me of watermelon without the sweetness. I can definitely eat it; it will just be a matter of figuring out what it goes good with. (I wish I was a salad person Ė I hate eating them dry, but I have also hated ALL salad dressings Iíve ever tried: mustard/Dijon types, Italian, thousand island, a few vinaigrettes, etc. Iíll figure something out.)

CyndiM Ė Power outages are such a pain, arenít they? Sorry you had to deal with that. I believe the longest weíve ever been out of power was 2 days, but usually when it happens itís only for several hours. I hope thatís not a regular occurrence for you. But at least you stayed OP for the most part! And yes, I must confess to shopping at Amazon A LOT. I too loathe shopping with every fiber of my being. I bought all but one Christmas present online from my couch, and I am so pleased with that. And the one I didnít purchase online was an impulse thing I got at Books-A-Million when I was shopping for something else. When DH and I went to the little bookstore the other night, I said to him, ďI feel partly responsible for this.Ē And you know, every avid reader and book buyer around here is responsible for his or her own lack of patronage to that wonderful little treasure. Itís tough, though, not only for convenience sake, but especially finance wise to shop at small local stores. Theyíre more expensive Ė I realize that they HAVE to be Ė and itís difficult to shop at those places when you know you can buy 2 or 3 items at big box stores or online for the price you could purchase 1 item for at a local specialty shop. Ah well. Whatís done is done now, I suppose. Great job on your challenges. Youíre halfway or more on most of your challenges. Keep it up!!

Redballoon Ė WTG on the gym yesterday, including the long walks to and from! Now thatís dedication! And great job on backing out of the store instead of buying ANYTHING just to have a snack. I know that took a lot of strength. Iíve often found myself hunting snack/candy aisles, just looking for something, anything fattening to eat. And even when nothing looked good, I would just snag something up anywayÖand ALWAYS regret it later. WTG! And great job, too, on your improved mindset yesterday. That is a major breakthrough, looking at it as room for growth and improvement rather than something damning and unfixable about yourself. This is major!

Thatís a good idea you have about switching machines when you can no longer stay on the one youíre using. The problem is that I exercise at home, and right now we canít really afford another machine. I mean it would pinch, but we could do it, but then thereís the added problem of space. We live in a very small house right now, and it was all we could do to squeeze the elliptical in. Pretty soon, though, weíre going to buy a weight bench because we could both use it. Weíre going to look at local pawn shops to see what turns up there. And the thing will just have to sit in the living room unless company comes over and we could just stand it up somewhere out of sight. LOL

Thanks for your compliments; it really means a lot. Itís been hard, but so rewarding. Iíve NEVER EVER exercised like this Ė so many days consecutively, and the consistency is shocking. I KNOW Iím going to do it this time, but itís nonetheless been shocking. Iím proud of myself, and in a way, this is very exciting for me. The pain is a pain (lol), but it is so worth it. I am feeling better, and thank you for the advice about the bananas. You hit it right on the nose Ė I donít care for really ripe bananas. I always eat them when theyíre mostly really bright and solid yellow (no brown spots AT ALL), with some green near the upper part and the stem. Iíll bet thatís exactly why theyíve ALWAYS made me sick. And donít feel bad about blaming the cats! I blame them for all sorts of things Ė why I didnít study sufficiently for this or that, why I couldnít clean the kitchen today, why I canít get out of bed when Iím supposed to. Really, you canít exactly get the peacefully sleeping cat off of you just because you selfishly should get up, right? LOL Shameless, Iím telling you, shameless!

Great job on that package red! I donít know what to tell you, but I think it shows remarkable fortitude and is a testament to your awesome willpower that you have been able to look at that box and CHOOSE not to open it. WTG! And WTG on todayís exercise, too! And FORTY DAYS! FORTY DAYS! That is unbelievable, but you keep busting your own records and setting a great example for all of us! I LOVE your book rewardÖIíll have to tell DH about that. HeeheeÖ I know what heíll say. ďIíll tell you what. Anytime you think youíve earned a reward, why donít you dig through one of the dozen piles of recent purchases and pick one or two out. By the time you get to the end of those, youíll be at goal.Ē Yep, thatís just about exactly what heís say. LOL And WTG on your weight loss Ė hereís to another GREAT day!

Quixotica Ė Thanks for the added tips about the broth. That helps a lot, and I can definitely see how the chicken broth would help. Have fun on your trip, and I hope the weather stays agreeable for the duration! Be sure to take a lot of pictures!

Okay, itís about 8:30 and I havenít eaten dinner yetÖand youíd better believe my guts are just a griping at me, too. So Iím gonna get off of here and, I think, make a little chicken wrap or two (theyíre small). Talk to yíall tomorrow!

12-15-2008, 08:18 AM
Howdy, schmalg! :wave: Flyby here. Glad to hear you're holding strong on the challenge. You're almost through!! :dancer:

No Booze Day 20/41 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 20/41 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 18/39 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 14/34 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1

12-15-2008, 09:46 PM
What kind of a sadistic yoga teacher brings homemade fudge to class?! I resisted but I wasn't happy about it.

Challenge 1 - Stretches/weights - 14/21 days, 2 pauses used
Challenge 2 - no chocolate - 16/21 days, 1 pause (none left!)
Challenge 3 - Veggies, veggies, veggies 17/21 days
Challenge 4: I will journal EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth, no pauses.9/21 days.

Red - Fabulous job resisting that package! :woohoo: Look at those totals! You are rocking your challenges.

Quix - How was San Fran?

Shad - Have you ever considered being a personal trainer?! You weren't even talking to me the other night and I stayed on plan!

Schmalger - How do you feel about hummus? My favorite dressing is some hummus mixed with Greek yogurt. I really think the more vegetables you can eat the easier it is to keep the weight off. I used to hate eggplant but last year I started chopping it really small and putting it in my sauce and chili to bulk it up. Now I actually like it even when I can taste it ;) Great job on the elliptical girl! I don't know how you can move that fast I just can't get mine past 2.5 mph. I'm impressed!

Okay, now I'm going to go relax for a bit before falling into bed. She worked our butts off in yoga (maybe because she knew there would be fudge!) so I know I'm going to ache tomorrow. I've earned a warm bed and a good book.

12-15-2008, 11:07 PM
Daily Exercise Day 21 - CHALLENGE SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED!! :carrot:
Level 3 – 2 Pauses used
Exercise? Check!
Stats? Elliptical - 30 minutes – 5.08 miles
Mood? Hmmm. As usual, that depends. I'm so excited that I completed this challenge; I really surprised myself. So I feel great in that regard. On the other hand, my knees are starting to give me fits. So right now, I'm hurting. It's not insane pain, but they're throbbing pretty good.

Anyhoo! I completed the challenge! AND I only used 2 of 3 pauses that I allowed myself. That means, except for 2 pause days spread throughout the challenge, I essentially worked out for 21 days straight. I know that’s not *really* straight, but it is absolutely phenomenal for me. Woohoo!

For now, I’m not going to start another challenge on the thread, but I may do a personal one just for me on the blog. It helps doing challenges and allotting only a certain number of pause days; it helps keep me more accountable somehow. I'm really going to miss y'all. I COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT Y'ALL, especially this being my first ever challenge and my first REALLY SERIOUS effort at exercising. You are such a great group of people, and over the next few days, I'm going to check in to see how y'all are doing. I've grown to love y'all in a sense, and I hope to chat with you in other ways on occasion. I know the thread is not for chatting exactly, but I'm still going to stop by for a bit. I hope y'all understand - I have a lot to do over this Christmas break to prepare for next semester (things that I don't have a choice in doing for school), and so far I have yet to begin getting them done. So I'm going to have to cut corners where I can. When not in school, I work more hours, and I also devote more hours to my volunteer work. So I'm still pretty busy. But fret not, exercise is now a permanent part of my routine, and that is NOT an option of cutting out. Promise! :D

redballoon - Hey there! I hope you had a GREAT yesterday and another one today! As usual, you are rocking those challenges in spite of everything you have to deal with on a daily basis - and those unexpected surprises like a box of sugar from your sister! Argh!

CyndiM - OMG! Talk about sadistic! :devil: I can't BELIEVE your YOGA instructor brought fudge to class today. That is truly unbelievable, and I can imagine how unhappy that must have made you - especially with your no chocolate challenge. You are doing a fantastic job, and WTG on resisting the killer fudge.

You know, I've never had hummus. I've wanted to try it before, but I don't even know what's in it - chickpeas or something? Yet another new thing to try that I need to put on my ever growing list! Thanks for the idea! And I wonder what the difference is in Greek and regular yogurt. I hate regular yogurt, even the new flavored kinds. I can, however, handle it blended in with a smoothie. So I guess as long as I have something to mask it, it would be doable for me. And I know how good it is for you, probiotics and all. :) Thanks for the congrats! And enjoy the warm bed and good book - sounds like the perfect end to a successful day!

12-16-2008, 08:28 AM
Schmalger - I'll miss you! Don't forget us :)

If you like peanut butter check out the recipe for peanut butter hummus:
I've even shared this with child care folks and the kids love it. Greek yogurt is strained so it's extra thick and higher protein - lower carb. I love it with some agave and chopped nuts, maybe a little cinnamon and cocoa powder. Right now I'm eating it with blueberries & agave.

Hope everyone has a good day and keeps rocking those challenges :)

12-16-2008, 08:37 AM
:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

:cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: Schmalger has done it, :eek: :eek: :eek: and with one pause still standing!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp:
Movin' that bod for 21 days straight!!!
Here's the champion's dance comin' at you!
:dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:
:dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:
:dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:
:encore: :encore:CONGRATULATIONS!!!:encore: :encore:

12-16-2008, 10:23 PM
Hi there, everyone, what little everyone we have these days. Seems like just a couple of the more hardcore members are hanging on. Where are you all? :listen:

Well, lookie here, I have completed yet another round on booze and smoking. Cool or what? :dancer:

No Booze Day 21/42 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED!!! DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 21/42 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 19/40 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 15/35 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1

Then again, I am feeling bummed. Sore all over, too much to run or bicycle and yet I am revved to go and want to get more weight off. Patience, patience. The scale certainly isn't doing much. I am starting to pooh-pooh what I have done and I know that ain't good. You know what I'm finding? It's that when things aren't looking rosy, it's easy to blame it on the eating, the exercise, the scale, the whatever and bring it all around to that. Being overweight is, in a perverse way, a scapegoat I keep so as not to look at other areas in my life. I've noticed this before but quickly ate a ton and gained weight before I had to deal with it.... ;)

I really want to eat sugar and whatever. It's getting worse as it's getting near pms time again and, oh, yeah, Christmas, yearend and all that. (Gulp)
Well, I'm getting through this sugar challenge no matter what! And on the other ones I may add a pause (booze only, not smoking) but aim to get through the year alcohol-free unless there's true cause for celebration!


Cyndi -- Your yoga teacher should be tied up in a full pigeon or some other such pose. She should be tied up and left there with an especially delectable-looking piece of fudge just out of reach. Because that's the feeling she gave to you and she needs the wisdom of empathetic experience! :devil: Thanks for the congrats on my challenges. I could never do it without you all. You're almost through two of yours too. That was an amazing choco save. Pat yourself on the back....and, yes, being into yoga as you are, I know you can do it! ;)

schmalger -- You sprinted through your challenge like a wildcat!! Holy moly!! And, I hate to see you go. Honestly, I want you to stay but I can't force you and you got places to be, people to meet. Still, you have found your way into our hearts and will be sorely missed. You words of praise and encouragement are addictive and I will most likely fall off my challenges and into the sea of self-pity without them.....laying it on thick here to get you to stay...who says I never make people feel guilty! HA! Joking aside..I read your blog and see the weight is coming down! YO! Come on down, girl!!! :dance: Talk about rockin'!!! You are going to get that body you want!

Shad -- Heh, you should come in and take a bow, inspiring people just by a fleeting appearance like that! It's NOT fair! I have to work my arse off (why isn't it getting any smaller...?!?!!?) to even get them to come in here and post!!

12-17-2008, 12:45 AM
Not quite sure what I did to inspire apart from tell you off Red.

No Cyndi - Personal trainer is not my thing. How could I get up people and make them swear and sweat and cry and push them to do things when I can't always motivate myself too often to get up and at 'em. I need a dose of my own medicine. But I'm glad it inspired you to get back on plan.

12-17-2008, 01:47 AM
CyndiM - I'm going to miss you too, I promise you that! I won't forget about you; I'm still gonna check in from time to time. It truly pains me to leave; I've just been neglecting some pretty important things (not that this challenge hasn't been absolutely imperative in kickstarting my exercise), and I don't have much time left to get them done. Thanks for the recipe link; I'll definitely give it a shot. I'm not big on peanut butter, but I do like it on occasion. It just depends on my mood. But I don't just hate it, so it will be a great experiment! I hope you had a great day today, and keep up the great work!!

redballoon - When I looked at your big fun congratulations post, it made my day! I can't believe all of that was for little 'ole (big 'ole?!?) me. :o Thank you!! That was very sweet!

WTG on your challenges! You are kicking a** and taking names, woman! :carrot: And I love your idea of your excess weight being a sort of security blanket or insulator from addressing other aspects of yourself or your life that could use some work. That's a very perceptive point, and I think it's something that has bothered me for some time, and I've never had the words for it. You put it well. (And I noticed, too, that not many people seem to be hanging around anymore. If it doesn't pick back up soon, maybe it wouldn't take me that long to post on here afterall, eh? We'll see.)

On another note, y'all inspired me and helped me SOOO much over the course of this challenge. And I'm keeping that inspiration and motivation close to my heart. Proof? I worked out today after feeling pretty apathetic. I wanted to take a break today, and I very very nearly did. I was worried about my knees, because they hurt so bad last night. But later in the evening, I realized that my lack of desire to exercise actually had very little to do with worry over my knees and much more to do with simply wanting a break. And I don't want to be the fat girl who cried I can't! LOL There will be those days that I simply can't, but today wasn't one of them. And how counterproductive would that have been? To REWARD a successful exercise challenge and weight loss with LAZINESS and APATHY?!? Yeah. As soon as that hit me square between the eyes, I got my butt up and got on that machine. I can't take a day off because I WANT to; I have to save those for when I NEED to. :)

Shy Moment
12-17-2008, 02:08 AM
Hello everyone
Hope you all have been meeting your goals and having a bit of fun doing it.

I haven't been around for a bit. Had a little heart attack and then broke my leg so just getting around and getting house work done has really been all I have been up to lol.

I am ready to start my new challenge.

I put on a bit of weight with being sick and the meads and then all else that happened. Not to worry, I took it off once I can sure take it off again.


1. Eat those required amounts of the food groups
2. No Christmas yummy that don't fit into the amounts of calories, fats and carbs I allow myself.
3. Get some exercise each day. I can't go all out until my doc appointment at the beginning of Jan but I can do some easy workouts and get the body moving.

12-17-2008, 07:05 AM
Wow this thread has really grown! Great job guys! :carrot:

I finished my first round of this challenge on Dec 11th. I started my second round the next day, but I didn't go workout on Monday because I was just too tired in the morning and I overslept. So I'm back to Day 1 of my second round of this challenge. I'm on Day 2 today, woohoo! I've also lost ~5 lbs since I started (Nov 21st). I hope the trend continues.

Good luck to all! Sorry I haven't been online but I've got LOTS of deadlines coming up. I will be free, oh, around May. :(

12-17-2008, 09:13 AM
Hi all!
I am officially back home! I see lots of good things happening here - people finishing challenges - and DOUBLE challenges... Way to go, all of you.

Now that I'm back - time to reevaluate things here - once the brain-fog <read:jetlag> clears.

12-17-2008, 09:43 AM
A quick, snowy update-
Challenge 1 - Stretches/weights - 15/21 days, 2 pauses used
Challenge 2 - no chocolate - 17/21 days, 1 pause (none left!)
Challenge 3 - Veggies, veggies, veggies 18/21 days
Challenge 4: I will journal EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth, no pauses.10/21 days.

I'm already planning my next challenges but first I have to get through the office party tomorrow. For a small group of people we sure turn out a whole lot of good food :eek: Some will be healthy but some will be naughty. Next year I will remember that going off plan in Oct. and Nov. leaves me no room for treats in Dec. Oops.

Red - you continue to tear through those challenges. The no pauses really impresses me!

Miriam - Glad to hear you got home safely.

Shad - Maybe you could send yourself emails ;) I know how much easier it is to tell other people to do the things we aren't so good at doing ourselves though :o You can do it!

Shy - Wow, you've had quite a stretch of challenges! It's really smart to start moving a little every day even if you can't yet do full on workouts. Aside from everything else it just makes us happier (or less crabby as a friend of mine says ;)

Sunni - Congrats on the 5 lbs! Stop in when you can.

Schmalger - if we keep talking to you will you keep coming back?!

Okay, off to deal with the snow!

12-17-2008, 07:53 PM
Hi all. Haven't felt much like posting but got to keep up the count. I'm starting my third round but haven't decided on whether I'll allow a pause or not. The thing keeping me going is because I have allowed NO pauses. The momentum is great. I know that if I allow a pause I am going to want another and another and another on and on ad nauseum.

I do want to have the choice of drinking with friends and having some of the box my sister sent me. On the other hand the abstinence is something I fall back on constantly in my mind when I'm bummed about other things, which is always, or not just bummed, but worried, anxious, excited. My problem has always been nerves. I am a worrier. Always have been, from childhood. Things go well, I worry. Things go bad, I worry. Things go, I worry. I'm sick of it. I have always wished my brain would just click off and thus, I suppose, I seek the dullness obtained through alcohol or a carbohydrate/sugar fog. My gosh, the other day I was outside and things were so clear and vibrant, I said to someone that I felt I was on drugs, something to give me a different perception of things. I suppose it was because I WASN'T on drugs, off alcohol, off sugar, cutting back on caffeine. Good and not.

Anyhow, I am frustrated by the pace of weight loss. It's so slow I feel like I'm kidding myself most of the time. The scale plays with me. Up, then down, mostly up. With clothes it's hard to tell. Am I smaller? Am I stretching things further? Am I kidding myself? Problem is the difference is so small that it's hard to notice. (Sigh)

I need something great to happen to me. Instead, it's more worries. Ok, someone shut me up....Shad? Where are you?

No Booze Day 1/43 complete ? pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED!!! DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 1/43 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 20/41 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 16/36 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1

Shad -- The fact that your telling me off gets people to the gym indicates I need more telling off....hmmm. :(

schmalger -- Glad I made your day with the congrats message. Haven't done one in a while, but I felt you really deserved it. Way to go!! Thank you for thinking of us and continuing to exercise because you were successful. That shows a ton of consideration. Take that consideration and start using it for yourself. You deserve it. You deserve the body you desire!!

Shy -- Wow, good to see you!!! :wave: I'm so sorry to hear about your health problems. A heart attack?!?!?! What goes? Are you OK now? Were you in the hospital? Come on, fill us in. A broken leg??!?!? My God, what happened? Tell us more. What spirit that you are back in here doing challenges, not one, but THREE! Best of luck and I do hope you get some turning your way! :sunny:

Sunni -- Hi there! Good to see you back again too. I wondered where you went. And major congrats on the weight loss. Five pounds!! Yippee!!! :dancer: Keep it up, baby!

miriam -- Ah, back at the homestead. I hope you're be OK and use that break you took to add some good things to your life. I'll be looking for you back here as soon as the fog lifts.

Cyndi -- You're almost through veggies. Great going! :flow1: Hope you can whip that office party! You CAN! Decide what you'll do and what you won't do in advance. Enjoy the people. Enjoy the conversation. Focus on that and not the food. The food is not worth it. It's not. Not with all the work you've put in. Thanks for the support on my challenges. Yeah, the no pauses has been difficult. Difficult, yet my motivation, as I wrote above. That's what makes it actually scary to contemplate adding in pauses. I need a break and yet am afraid of what that will do. Actually, I both want to go back to my old ways and yet I don't. What I think I actually want is I want something different, something different from then and yet different from now. Moderation doesn't work for me. I can't just say, I'll do the same life with less beer, less sugar. I need a different life and then the alcohol/sugar/exercise thing will change. I don't know. I need something!

Shy Moment
12-17-2008, 08:21 PM
Hello, hope you had a real nice time

Hi, was glad to see the room was still around. You all keep me on my toes. I was in the hospital for a few days but that was all. Operation was run of the mill the doc said. Am doing great now. Sure don't get as tired as I use to get lol. I broke my leg the day I came home. Forgot how to walk down stairs lol. My challenges are pretty much the same as they have always been. Just going to have a bit slower start at them. Don't think I will be doing 10 miles of walk aerobic videos a day for awhile lol. Somtimes I think we make loseing weight harder than it is. We set up a good plan for ourselfs and we stick to it. That really is all there is to it. When we fall by the way side we have to look at why it happened, pick ourselfs up and keep going. I know you can get to where you want to be.

My challenges are the normal things. Exercise each day. Each right. Stay with in the amounts of calories, fats and carbs I allow myself. It worked great for me before all the meads packed on a few pounds again. You don't get anything in life by going at it half way. :)

Day 1
Has been a great day. The house is clean, the laundry is done. Was nice to be back to planning what I eat. The walk aerobics was more like stroll aerobics lol but I felt good after the mile was done.

12-17-2008, 09:00 PM
I need something great to happen to me. Instead, it's more worries. Ok, someone shut me up....Shad? Where are you?

I am HERE and I am yelling

Something great is happening to you. You woke up this morning, you are breathing, you are alive. Think of the alternatives!!!!

12-17-2008, 10:45 PM
Another day completed - challenges met. I realized today that I will need to do another round with the chocolate because my brain still tries to convince me to open a bar. I fear the mindless, compulsive eating voice because it's still lurking in my brain. Wish I could figure out how to get rid of it but it seems like I just have to keep battling it.
Challenge 1 - Stretches/weights - 16/21 days, 2 pauses used
Challenge 2 - no chocolate - 18/21 days, 1 pause (none left!)
Challenge 3 - Veggies, veggies, veggies 19/21 days
Challenge 4: I will journal EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth, no pauses.11/21 days.

Red - Seems to me that you're making lots of inside changes that are getting you ready for something - making you stronger and clearer so that you can do whatever is on your horizon. You can't quite see it yet but I really get the feeling it's up there just a little way.
I worry at night when I wake up. Now I keep my iPod nearby and listen to the most heavy, dull podcast or audio book I have until I drop back off.

Shy - Congratulations on a successful first day :cp: Any exercise is good and starting slow is the best way to make sure you will be able to stick with it.

Shad - I'm telling you I need you to text me through out the day - tell me to stop whining and get on with it and get off my butt and move. Oh yeah, and back away from the chocolate :) What is it about chocolate?!

I think I'm set for the party. I'm making cinnamon bread (whole grain, barely sweet) and a 7 layer dip with homemade refried beans & veggies to dip. A co-worker is bringing veggie chili too. I know I'll have food to eat that will be filling and help me stay away from the goodies. Of course now we have a snow storm in the forecast for Friday and that presents a whole other set of challenges! I should wrap the chocolate in the morning so it's harder to get to ;)

Good night or good morning gang

Shy Moment
12-17-2008, 11:16 PM
Can't wait until I am back up to 10 miles a day ( 5 days a week ) of walking/aerobic videos and at least an hour of resistance training three times a week. That is what I was doing before I got sick a few months ago.

12-18-2008, 02:32 AM
No idea what your problem with chocolate is CyndiM. I don't have a problem with it myself. I don't like it much and it has been known to go out of date in my fridge.

I think texting and yelling would end up some what expensive so I'll get on with telling you off here.

Get away from the Chocolate - you hear!!!!!!!!! :nono: :nono:

You might try putting the chocolate out in the garden shed. That way you get exercise going out to get it.

Move it you hear!!!!!

12-18-2008, 09:45 AM
Shy, Shad, Cyndi, hi there! :wave: No time to post now. Just wanted to get my tally up. No sugar finished today..... :cp: I'll be starting a new thread soon too I think....
Still haven't decided on whether I'll allow pauses on the next round or not. Talk to you all soon.

No Booze Day 2/44 complete ? pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED!!! DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 2/44 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 5) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 21/42 complete no pauses allowed (started Nov. 7) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED Dec. 18!!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 17/37 completed no pauses allowed (started Nov. 11) First round completed Dec. 1

12-18-2008, 12:31 PM
So I feel like i need some accountability in terms of my hoping to do this 21 day challenge.

So here goes.

No fast food which includes (popeyes, burger king, mcdonalds, wendy's and pizza) - 2 pause days:^:

no applebees - 3 pause days (hoping i won't use them)

1 salad & 1 piece of fruit everyday - i am so not getting enough veggies. 3 pause days:(

writing down what I eat 3 pause days.:smug:

no rice - 3 pause days :^:

Ok today is day one, End Jan 8th

I think I'm going a lil easy on myself, but wanna make it doable. I guess I can always remove pause days the next time around. Also with my birtyday, Christmas, New Years and the bf coming home I know I won't be able to say no to everything.

12-18-2008, 04:02 PM
Hello everyone

I haven't been around for a bit. Had a little heart attack and then broke my leg so just getting around and getting house work done has really been all I have been up to lol.

Sorry to hear of your health problems, praying that you will soon be back to normal and will have a healthy New Year,

12-19-2008, 02:14 AM
Just a quick peek.

CyndiM - You've gotten to know me well. :D That's EXACTLY how I am - keep talking to me and I'll keep coming back - usually. But for now, I'm barely keeping my head above water with everything going on. Thanks for your very kind words! ;)

Redballoon - Thanks again for everything; you are really too kind to me. You touched on something that DH tells me ALL THE TIME. He's told me that that's why I do well in school - because I don't want to let professors down, and I think he's on to something. While it's good to do things for other people, I need to stop making that my primary motivation. I HAVE got to learn to do things for ME. I'm getting there, and I think that's why I'm so committed this time.

Thanks to everyone again, and I'm so glad to see that y'all are still ROCKING your challenges. And I'm also glad to see old faces returning and new faces popping up. This thread is doing great! :carrot:

Shy Moment
12-19-2008, 03:01 AM
Day Two
All challenges met. Thanks everyone, it is nice to be back.

12-19-2008, 07:40 AM
Hi all. Don't really feel like writing. Just coming in to give you the numbers...hope to be up and babbling tomorrow....:^:
No Booze Day 3/45 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED!!! DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 3/45 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 1/43 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 19) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED Dec. 18!!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 18/38 completed no pauses allowed (started Dec. 2) First round completed Dec. 1

12-19-2008, 09:44 PM
:shocksn: It's snowing again! It's going to be one of those years.

So I'm actually surprised to be reporting success in all challenges. Yesterday was my office holiday party and I wasn't even going to bother trying to log food. It was pot luck and that's always a challenge But I had a little time last night and I actually did a pretty good job of logging what I ate! I also avoided the chocolate though I ate one orange almond cookie and a tiny corner of cranberry bread (both homemade and well worth the calories). Today I'm back on track.

Challenge 1 - Stretches/weights - 18/21 days, 2 pauses used
Challenge 2 - no chocolate - 20/21 days, 1 pause (none left!)
Challenge 3 - Veggies, veggies, veggies 21/21 days
Challenge 4: I will journal EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth, no pauses.13/21 days

Wow, I actually completed the veggie challenge and have one more day on the chocolate challenge. :carrot: I already know I'm going to continue the chocolate challenge only with more pauses this time. I need to continue getting a handle on that and can't trust myself to just operate without limits. The vegetable challenge did what I needed it to do and I don't need to continue that one. I'm going to add a new challenge in the morning, want to think it through a little first.

Shy - wow, 10 miles a day! Are you a runner?

Shad - thanks ;) It would certainly be a lot of work getting to the garden shed through all that snow!

Hi Red - Miss your babbling :) Hope all is well in your world.

Obsidian - Makes sense to start with something manageable and build up from there. It's a tough time right now so anything to keep you focused has got to help!

Schmalger :wave: You're just encouraging me now. Hope you're well above the water soon!

I've got an early morning and long day tomorrow. It's Christmas Bird Count. So I'm off to bed soon. Have a good night/morning/day everyone!

Shy Moment
12-20-2008, 12:02 AM
Nice going on how well you did with your foot today. Run ? Me? I run if there is a bee after me that is about it lol.

Day Three
All challenges met

12-20-2008, 06:22 AM
I was just thinking 10 miles would take me three hours so I assumed you were a runner. Wow, that's a lot of walking :)

I'm off to brave the snow and the cold :brr:

12-20-2008, 07:19 PM
No Booze Day 4/46 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED!!! DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 4/46 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 2/44 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 19) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED Dec. 18!!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 19/39 completed no pauses allowed (started Dec. 2) First round completed Dec. 1

Cyndi -- Congratulations on avoiding the sweet stuff at the office party...well, the kind on your challenge. Excellent work! :bravo: Oh, and heh, you're through on veggies! :cp: :encore: :cp: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And you must be through no chocolate too! Yes? :listen:
The bird count day intrigues. What is it exactly? An actual count in the woods. I notice your little chickadee in your avatar. :)

Obsidian -- Welcome back ! :welcome: Now, where have you got to? Those sound like tough challenges, but you can do them AND they will do you GOOD! :yes:

Shy -- It's nice to have your quiet, steadfast presence in here again. I hope you're well on the way to recovery.

schmalg -- Come back soon! :(

12-20-2008, 09:23 PM
I'm tired but here :) I managed to stay on plan at the potluck except for one bite of eggplant spinach pizza. I cut half a slice but it didn't taste as good to me as I thought it would so I quietly got rid of it.
My Update:
Challenge 1 - Stretches/weights - 19/21 days, 2 pauses used
Challenge 2 - no chocolate - 21/21 days, 1 pause (none left!) Completed 12/20
Challenge 3 - Veggies, veggies, veggies 22/21 days Completed 12/19
Challenge 4: I will journal EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth, no pauses.14/21 days

Red - Here's the Bird Count info: It's my third year doing it and it's always exhausting and a lot of fun. We are really into birding so a lot of our weekend and vacation time involves birds :)

I'm going to continue the chocolate challenge for another 21 days but with three pauses. I want to be able to eat some holiday treats but keep myself from going out of control with it. Okay, too tired to think. Hope everyone is warm and enjoying the weekend

12-21-2008, 02:18 AM
Well, I'm feeling bummed because I couldn't go see my horse. Got halfway there but the trains were down and no one seemed to know when they'd start again. So, even though I was all set to see her, I couldn't..... :( :( :( That was NOT a nice ending to my week of vacation. It is absolutely beautiful weather too. Darn. Oh well, she did really well yesterday so I will say it's a good rest for her. But still, I'm bummed....

HOWEVER, can we say THE FIRST TIME UNDER 70 KGS in nearly a year!!!????????? :dance:
Can we say I GOT THE NONSTRETCHY JEANS ON AND ZIPPED!!!???????? :dance:

YOU BET! Cool or what?

Did it help that I was like a mad woman (like??) and got to the gym last night after riding. Walked both ways too. And didn't even eat that much. And this is pms week (almost). Pretty crazy, eh? And today I've spent a bit chunk of time making a new playlist for jogging. Gotta keep that butt moving.

I need new nonstretchy jeans that I can't button. That is easier to gauge then -- got em on but can't wear em and breathe -- can breathe but am uncomfortable -- can wear but a bit too tight....If I can't even button them then it's obvious, NOT buttoned, BUTTONED. I can dig around. I certainly have them. How about, jeans I can't even get over my knees? Have them too. :^: And those, of course, are jeans I used to wear..... :(


Cyndi -- Heh, what's this??!??! Yet another fabulous save? This is major!! Office parties and potlucks and you turning up your nose to temptation like a queen to the drooling masses. Wow!! :dizzy:
You are a STAR!!
Thanks for the link to the bird count. I used to be an avid bird watcher as a kid. I have pictures of chickadees sitting on my head!
Good luck on the keeping from "going out of control" on the choco. Best of luck! :goodluck: I wish I could. I have that box from my sister. I want to open it and yet I don't because I just know I will become like a human vacuum cleaner and the goodies will be sucked into my gaping mouth...and OH MY...she told me what's in it :eek: and it's better than I thought. :spin:


12-21-2008, 06:40 AM
Wow Red - such good spirits! And rightly so!! Congrats on the weight, challenges and pants!! LOL

I think I need to go back to an eating challenge - as I don't forseeably see myself adhering to any sort of exercise schedule until after Hannukah (always something - eh? ;) )

So here it is:
Eat meals and scheduled snacks ONLY - 3 pauses. This will encourage me to forgo the garbage I inevitably wind up eating at night.

Cyndi - you're rockin it - aren't you!!

Shad - come give me a kick too! LOL

12-21-2008, 01:10 PM
I've started coming back to again and I'm loving it. But most of all I missed the support that I got from my friends in this 21 day challenge. I also missed doing the challenges. I get so much pleasure from knowing I accomplished something. So here I am ready to start all over again with a new challenge. This one will be making sure I write down everything I eat, no matter what it is. This way I can see what I'm eating and I can be held accountable for what I'm eating. It's so good to be back guys!

12-21-2008, 05:12 PM
Monday morning here. My week off is over. I am dreading the office. It was SO nice to not really have to do much at all. Planning on getting out to the gym now. Got my new play list. Hope it energizes me! :yes:
I'm really getting to like the feeling of being JUST tired in the morning. Sure, I miss the buzz I suppose of drinking with friends but maybe not all that much... :^:
No Booze Day 5/47 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED!!! DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 5/47 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 3/45 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 19) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED Dec. 18!!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 20/40 completed no pauses allowed (started Dec. 2) First round completed Dec. 1

miriam -- Thanks for the congratulations. Good to see you back on a challenge. Yes, if you can't get the exercise in, at least watch the food. I should follow suit. ALL my eating is totally unscheduled and when I'm working (meaning at the office) it adds up to WAY too much, because it's triggered by stress.

bbybear -- Welcome back! :welcome3: Good to see you back! Best of luck! :goodluck:

12-21-2008, 06:35 PM
Well, I'm late getting out to the gym and I am in a VERY vile mood. I got a haircut I hate. It makes me look old and fat and I didn't even want to get it cut but went anyhow to give the hairdresser a yearend thank-you...
Back to work today is really, really making me angry and I have to do an interview this evening. That on top of the fact that my weight is back up over 2 lbs and....oh, I'm just so unhappy with the lack of opportunities...but the lousy haircut (and a very pricey one) is really ticking me off something awful. :mad: I do all the work to lose weight and a haircut ruins it all. I need perspective and some kind of calming drug. This looks really, really bad for my two favorites -- beer and sugar. I am sick of the whole thing. How is having the body I want going to help any of this? :tantrum:

12-21-2008, 08:05 PM
Red- you and I must be living the same life only in different time zones.

I too got a haircut that I don't like at ALL. It poofs around my face and doesn't look anything like the PICTURE I gave the hairdresser. WTF. I gave her a pic of the model with the hair from the front and from the side. Dude. It's a simple haircut, why couldn't she just copy it from the stupid sheet? ARGH. I gave her a $5 tip and I don't feel one bit bad about it. She told me to go home and use a flatiron. I was like "hello when my old hairdresser did my hair I looked like a queen and I felt so hot and sexy coming out and now I feel like I totally wasted my money." :mad:

Anyway, I'm part of this group and last week I got a call from one of my group members ranting and raving at me over a petty misunderstanding that instead of clearing up in a polite way decided to go over the top about it. Geez, people. Calm the heck down before you talk to someone. Argh.

Anyway, red - I feel ya about your day but the one thing that kept my spirits up was that I was on track with my food and exercise. So my one reason for suffering for that body you want is because it will make you feel like you overcame something and improve your self-confidence in tackling other hurdles. So keep at it!! These are obstacles that will happen n more times in life and you can't quit everytime something gets in your way...think about it - this is just practice for maintenance. :D

That's a lot of random thoughts. Anyway, that's been my um two weeks? Sorry I haven't logged on as much guys. I missed you gals. I wish I could just step into this forum-world and not my crappy everday life. :p ;) Haha.

:hug: to all. Happy Hanukkah!

12-21-2008, 09:13 PM
Hi guys. Just dipping my toe back in--trying to post, trying to re-motivate me.
I swam yesterday first time in about 10 days. I felt so good!

But then, nothing productive today. I tried to get my dh out b/c he is in a strange, foul mood, but nothing going. And I felt like I couldn't just leave and do my own thing when he is like that, b/c probably I'd come back to resentment that I went out all day or something like that. Now he is off for the next two weeks--I so hope he isn't like this every day! oh well......

Cyndi and Red, you guys rock!

Hi everyone else, ttyl....

Shy Moment
12-22-2008, 01:41 AM
Day 3,4,5
All challenges completed. Just stopped in to say things are going well. Looks like we have a lot of good things going on. Red you are doing great. I am sleeping a lot still that is why I haven't been around much. Give me a few more weeks and I will be right as rain :)

12-22-2008, 07:40 AM
Well, y'all, I made it to the gym and to work and the interview and home early enough to enjoy a bit of down time for me. I think my mood this morning was mostly caused by the return to the office.
Once I was there I could b!tch with any number of people, which made it a lot easier. I also was able to bail out early and go to the interview. Was able to snag a photographer too so it was all much more pleasant.
The meeting was a bit of a dread thing because the despised president was there. I was dragging my heels, not wanting to go, but finally just did it. I am afraid what I feel inside for her is evident on my face though I tried to be civil, then excused myself early, as did others.

The eating was not good. As I figured, I was reaching for the food, using it to...what?....I don't know...using it to keep myself from making a scene in the office. Sometimes I feel so close to telling certain people what I really think about them. Thank God, there are so many like myself and the steam is let off and the pressure reduced.

Still, I logged everything so I can calculate the damage if I wish. I did get to the gym. I only did 25 min. of cardio. The jogging was the easy part for some reason. The cycling was the hard part. Go figure.

Well, another day notched on all fronts. And the writing challenge will be starting ANOTHER round!! :spin:

No Booze Day 6/48 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED!!! DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25

No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 6/48 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25

No Sugar
Day 4/46 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 19) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED Dec. 18!!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 27

Write-it-down Challenge
Day 21/41 SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 22!!! First round completed Dec. 1

Sunni -- I hate to say it but your post really made me feel better, knowing you were going through the same thing. Sorry to feel good about your feeling bad...well, actually, it just made me feel better to know someone else was going through the same know what I mean? I was checking my computer mail via my mobile phone (something I shouldn't do because it's costly but...) and I was standing out on the train platform waiting for the train after the gym, saw your message and felt a lot better.
I was able to say to myself...the hair will'll feel'll look better. Now, keep it up with the weight and don't pork out again!

I don't know why hairdressers can't follow a picture, unless it's totally not your hair. If that's the case they need to explain that before they do it... Can't you go back to your old hairdresser or did you or she move?

And what's with the group rant? Right you are, CALM!! Sunni, by the way, I've been meaning to ask, what's that in your avatar, a gerbil or a hamster? It's cute, but I admit that that's what I think of you as, cute little furry critter.... :lol3:

modcat -- Good to see you! Ah, doesn't it feel good to get back moving after a break? Good for you!! Thanks for the congrats and I hope your husband breaks out of his gloom. :sunny:

Shy -- Hi there! :wave: Thanks for your kind words! Good going on your challenges. That must be hard to do with all you're going through. You're a rock! Here's wishing you a speedy recovery to 100 percent! :dancer:

12-22-2008, 08:53 AM
It's a hamster!!! Cute lil' thing. Actually, I'm convinced I'm 50% rodent genetically speaking. I love them so much. Hehehe. I had a hamster back in college and I loved him to death. My friend said he was my pet dog cause he was so huge - why yes, I associate food with love. Haha. He lived a long life though (2 years) so I guess all those seeds did something good, eh? :D

Yeah, so apparently I'm supposed to be nice and walked all over just to get people to do things. I'm not allowed to get frustrated and be curt with people when things don't get done. Huh? I'm in charge of this group, why shouldn't I be up peoples' butts when they aren't doing their jobs? I'm kinda still mad, which is shocking to me because I get annoyed really quickly but I calm down and forget about it just as quickly. Oh well. Must be just the combined stress of everything going on at once.

So you pulled through on your challenges for the day - YAY! It's carrot time! :carrot:

Modcat - glad to see you back. I wish I could swim but I'm a land person. :p At best, I can dogpaddle. That's why the last time I was on a cruise, I first went around the boat and checked to make sure there was a lifejacket close to me. Hehehe.

Good luck to everyone with challenges and dealing with crappy people. I worked out this morning so challenge down but crappy people still to go. Sigh.

12-22-2008, 02:48 PM
Hi y'all! I'm starting to feel better, really like the gloom is lifting. I dunno why--I think though that I fell into some sort of hole and am just now starting to see daylight. Maybe partly that has to do with me stepping on scale this morning for the first time in forever and finding that it isn't that bad. Or as bad as I'd feared, after doing practically nothing in many long days to promote any weightloss, in fact, just the opposite.

So my scale said 184.6. Yes, at one point in the hazy past (earlier this month) I was briefly under 180, but mostly I have been around 182-183, so I guess today's weight isn't going to totally sink this ship. I am just about to go out to the gym, I don't care what DH is or isn't doing today. He said maybe a movie later today, so that's fine. (4 Christmases? Yes Man?)

I have also been in a reflective mood lately, looking to the past for patterns and explanations and answers. I have been reading some almost "self-help" books, books I never would have looked at before. Just finished "Fear of Flying" and "I'm Not The New Me", and going to try some others I bought used (mostly around two bucks!) I ordered "Eat, Pray, Love" and am looking forward to that one coming in the mail.

I have one last stupid office Christmas party tomorrow--then done with that! I shouldn't say stupid, it's just that there have been too many this year. (4!) Then just have to get through the next week with my brother-in-law, who's coming on Thursday, and that means lots of going out and drinking and eating at places he likes here. Oh, and then my birthday--jeez, I'm not going to think about all these possible eating opportunities coming up--not when I am trying to get back in the groove!

No challenges yet, or should I do one? Just to keep it "real", and in moderation? OK--I'll try one....

CHALLENGE (from December 22-January 11):

To not OVEREAT any day, or any meal. To eat slowly, mindfully, and stop before feeling stuffed. To reach for the healthy stuff first, then decide if I want the other stuff. And cut out the snacking!! (i.e., mindless grazing....)

OK, that'll be it. Just, count out 21 days, and no pauses, so if I fail, I start over. I may be able to do it, with or without any other challenges I may give myself later. These are more like resolutions I guess, just to get through the next couple of weeks.

Hi Red, Shy, Sunni! And everyone else! :wave:

12-22-2008, 03:21 PM
Hi Everyone - what an interesting mix of moods! Like a rainbow - after the rain..:)

I'm almost done with day 1 - but now the hardest part comes - evening munchies. I have planned for this though - if I get edgy - then I'll have a cup of hot instant soup, and if I'm still munchy - I'll drink coffee <that's like a sweet thing substitute for me> but no other CRAP. Wish me luck!!

I went shopping with my teenage daughter today - wow - do I get a gold star..... And it's her b-day and I made a fantastic cake and budgeted for a tiny slice - that's it!

I had a looooong day at work today - from 7 AM-3 PM - although hours-wise it doens't seem so long - starting that early is taxing, as it going stright form there to the mall to shop with teenager... and now I just went and did a very brisk 1 1/2 hour walk!!!!!! Am I going to be sore tomorrow!! ;)

Anyway - I hope to be able to say I aced day 1 proudly tomorrow....

12-22-2008, 08:38 PM
Good morning all. Glad to see some action in here! I slept late so changed my riding lesson to afternoon. It eats up the day but I was feeling terribly lethargic. Also, yesterday was balmy, truly balmy in the morning, then turned cold and rainy. The ground would be frozen this morning, which means I can't ride. So, let's hope the trains are working and I can get out there today. It's a national holiday here (Emperor's birthday or something) and I'm taking off work yet again.
Hurrah. My reward for making it in yesterday!!!

Still, I am bloated. My face FAT and even more disgusting looking than yesterday with the haircut from ****. My fault though as my eating was awful yesterday, despite staying on my challenges. I HAVE to rein myself in. Let's work on that today. I am continuing with the food journal and am going to force myself to notch it up a level by writing in calories and making it neater and in order, commenting on why I ate things, if I had planned etc. When I'm relaxed, my eating is fine, but once I have to work it becomes more of a free-for-all and that ain't pretty. :nono: Still, the scale wasn't that bad this morning. I will NEVER understand it. :dunno: :shrug: :?:


Sunni -- Ok, a hamster. Cute. I used to have them as a kid too. Had 13 once. I think my old guy, a beige hamster named Buffy, outlived yours. He was over 3! He and Honey had little ones, 11 of them, which we sold to a pet shop. Buffy really lived a long time, Honey not so. They are really adorable, with their little tails and the way they pack their pouches and run, run, run on their exercise wheels. I miss them but my cats would terrify them in no time and be waiting constantly for a chance to snatch them up. My huge one-eyed all-white Momo brings things home. The other day I went to do the wash and there was a dead mouse in the washer. It really gave me a jolt. Momo likes to sleep in there, so I guess she brought it in to her favorite place. Gosh, do I ever check first now when I throw clothes in.
Oh, Sunni, here's a cartoon for us! Jen, over on her blog had it up today.
Sunni, on the group it sounds like you're going through a lot of what I went through the past two years as a manager. It really opened my eyes to people and how they change depending on the whole role thing. I've learned more and more not to listen to everything people say. It's a sad thing actually, but it's also more realistic so I don't get knocked around in shock and surprise. You're learning. It's a good experience. Distance yourself a little bit and look at the situation as if you were a disinterested bystander or a researcher or something. It helps. Thanks for the congrats on yet another successful challenge day! Hurrah! I'm with you too on swimming. Though I can do more than dogpaddle, I have never taken to the water. It scares me and just seems way too dangerous and alien. :^:

mod -- So glad to hear you're feeling better. You had some major shocks, things that rattled you, so of course you got knocked down for the count. But you're up, probably still dazed and staggering but you're UP! That's the main thing. I love hearing you're heading to the gym. This is the kind of stuff it takes. Just doing it. I wish you'd mentioned the eat and pray book because I have it and am looking for a new home for it. It was fun to read! I hope your office party goes well. Just have a pleasant gab with people and then out. That's the way to handle them if you go at all. I don't think there's anything planned at my office, that's how bad things are. When's your birthday? That's a tough challenge! Good luck :goodluck:

miriam -- A big hand on your successful liftoff!! :bravo: oh...wait a wasn't over yet. Well, I'm sure you made it!! :yes: It's good to hear you're planning for the rough times. What foresight! :cp: Good luck!!
Happy birthday to your daughter! I bet the cake was wonderful and again, excellent on the planning. :yes:

12-23-2008, 02:58 AM
Yipee!!! Day 1, 3 pauses

Red - luckily - your hair will grow! I wear a wig <for religious purposes> and when you get a bad haircut on one, er... no going back!

Try planning you meals - you'll feel sooo much better! It helps so muich - even if you don't keep to it 1000%.

Hope you have a great riding today!

12-23-2008, 08:34 AM
Wow, it's been busy around here! Well I completed the third of my original challenges yesterday! I love this thread - it's so inspiring!
Challenge 1 - Stretches/weights - 21/21 days, 2 pauses used Completed 12/22
Challenge 3 - Veggies, veggies, veggies 24/21 days Completed 12/19

I'm happy to say that these two are becoming habit again. I'm going to continue a variation of the first one but see no need to do another round of the veggie challenge now that I'm back on track.

Challenge 2 - no chocolate - 21/21 days, 1 pause (none left!) Completed 12/20
So I proved Sunday exactly why I need to do another round of this one. I eventually threw the rest of the bar in the compost to stop myself from eating it :o

Challenge 4: I will journal EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth, no pauses.16/21 days

Red - My last haircut was awful too. I even went back so she could fix it and she just didn't get it. The worst part is I've been growing it out a little so having two cuts in a row was depressing. On the plus side the 6 weeks passed quickly and I just had it cut by someone else and love it so hang in there. The good thing about hair is it grows! I've found brutally honest journaling to be the best tactic for keeping myself under control. Sorry the week has been so up and down for you. Hope things are looking up.

Miriam - Good to see you back and rocking those challenges. Yes, you absolutely get a gold star for shopping with a teenager! :eek: I remember those trips. I would have been in the food court half way through ;)

bbybear - Nice to meet you :)

Sunni - I have been through hairdresser h*ll a lot - find one I like, she leaves, find another, rinse and repeat. It's so frustrating! I sure hope the challenging people around you lighten up! Good idea exercising your frustration away instead of eating. I really should do that more often!

Mod - It's great to see you back! That's really a huge challenge and one I wish I could get better at. You can get through the next few days. It's good to know you're taking care of you :)

Okay, now I'm behind schedule again (the story of my life!). I could so never work somewhere I had to punch in and out.

Have a good day everyone. I hope to get on later and write out my new challenges.

12-23-2008, 06:09 PM
Well, I got through yesterday and even went to the gym after riding. That's such a hassle but I did it and got in 30 mins of very sweaty cardio and just a bit of weights. My brain was fried though. Couldn't figure out how to use a machine I always used. Even called the trainer over and told him it was broken when it was just me forgetting how to use it. God, how embarrassing. I did win a discount on some protein powder. An extra 20 percent just for winning a round of paper, scissors, stone, which is a big thing here. Not bad.

Well, people, it's been SEVEN WEEKS since I had a drop of alcohol or smoked. Pretty good. It sounds like nothing though. Why does it feel like such an accomplishment? :dunno:

No Booze Day 7/49 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED!!! DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25

No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 7/49 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25

No Sugar
Day 5/47 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 19) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED Dec. 18!!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 27

Write-it-down Challenge
Day 1/42 no pauses allowed SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 22!!! First round completed Dec. 1

miriam -- Good for you! You have liftoff!! :cp: I wish I could plan my meals but it is nearly impossible with my schedule and all the places I go in a day with no breaks till I'm home again and nothing but a backpack to carry things in. Well, no, that's not really true, I guess I have to "plan" even if it doesn't mean the things I should be eating. If I plan junk than at least it'll be less junk than had I not planned.

Cyndi -- Way to go on the no-choco challenge!! That was a true toughie, I'm sure. :yes:
:cp: :cp: :cp: :woo: :woo: :woo: :cp: :cp: :cp:
Bravo CYNDI!!!!
:cp: :cp: :cp: :woo: :woo: :woo: :cp: :cp: :cp:

I'm glad you find this thread inspirational. Wow! I don't know why hairdressers get it "wrong so often. I suppose this is lack of experience or skill on the most part and perhaps it's professional pride and the artistic streak coming out when they are good. I think a lot of it has to do with them going with the image they have of us and not the image we want. Thanks for the encouragement. I need it. :(

12-24-2008, 02:18 PM
Hi Everyone,

Sorry to be one of those beginners who disappears after a few weeks. But there's been a lot going on in my life the last year and added to the holiday stress I just crashed for a couple of weeks, couldn't do anything actually considered going back to the dr. for meds. But it seems to have passed for now, and I will be back next week starting over.

To those who celebrate have a great Holiday (which ever it may be).

:wave: Tech :wave:

12-24-2008, 04:07 PM
In the spirit of Christmas no matter what your beliefs....
Merry Christmas, everyone!!! :wreath: :gift2: :tree:

No Booze Day 8/50 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED!!! DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 8/50 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 6/48 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 19) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED Dec. 18!!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 2/43 no pauses allowed SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 22!!! First round completed Dec. 1

Tech -- Good to see you!!! Thank you for coming back and telling us what's been going on. I'm sorry to hear things have been rough for you, :hug: but you're here and you're about to start again. THAT'S the spirit!!! Look forward to seeing you counting the days with us again. :yes:

12-24-2008, 05:09 PM

That's a very cute Xmas icon you have going on there - where's my menorah?? You still have 4 days left to post one, ;)

Challenge: day 2 almost done - seeing as I'm done with eating today - i could almost say I'm home free :)

Tech - hope things are picking up for you and that we see you here acing challenges really soon!

12-24-2008, 06:24 PM
Happy Hanukkah Miriam!

12-24-2008, 08:10 PM Whoops, miriam, my apologies!! :o Thanks, Cyndi!
Not only a menorah, TWO menorahs, but dreidels as well!!

12-24-2008, 10:50 PM
Hello Ladies and Merry Christmas,
I am with Tech, between last minute Christmas, the field trip that keeps on giving (I got bed bug bites all over) and constant guests, I am way off the dial so far as coming here! I have been thinking of you all and trying my best to stay on track (no weight gain at least) and I will be back after our ten day trip to San Diego to settle in for challenges with you all. I just wanted to say hello and I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season. My only goal is to not gain weight, rather than the usual ten. So far, so good. Have a wonderful, wonderful holiday and I will be back on the 5th of January!


12-25-2008, 05:34 AM
Thanks for the Hannukah wishes, LOL

I am on day 3 today! Hope for a good one! The fact that someone trashed the new container of tahini I bought to keep in the office doesn't help though. Hmm - wonder what that was all about. I'm used to people eating my food - but not to it disappearing altogether!

I actually saw a little scale victory this morning - nice to see a loss again!

Haha - look how positive I sound in this post! Good you all can't see the smoke coming copiously out of my ears.... Grrrrr..

12-25-2008, 08:16 AM
Ah, it was a good day today. Got out to see and ride my horse and though it was a tough lesson, I think I learned something important, that the power and decisiveness MUST come from me in order to speak clearly to my horse. It really carries over into everything else in life. So much of riding does.
Well, I broke open THE BOX just now, after deciding to allow myself some pauses on the new no sugar challenge. My God, there was SO much candy in that box and totally, totally my favest of favs. Unbelievable. I wrote my sister describing it as "box from heaven....or is it ****?"
I'm still solid on the booze and cigs. Last night was tough. I ALMOST gave in and drank, because I was out with a friend from work and it was Christmas Eve and all that. But, I said, No, I made a promise to myself that I would take this through til the end of the year, and gosh darn, I'm going to stick to my guns. We even went to two bars, but I stuck to oolong tea and tomato juice. How's that for resolve?! :strong:

No Booze Day 9/51 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED!!! DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 9/51 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Pause today.... Day 6/48 complete 3 pauses allowed 1 taken (started Dec. 19) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED Dec. 18!!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 3/44 no pauses allowed SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 22!!! First round completed Dec. 1


miriam -- Glad you liked the Hanukkah wishes. I even looked it up because I didn't really know what it was about. Now I have a better idea! :idea:
Congrats on getting to Day 3!! :cp: And a happy dance for the SCALE VICTORY :dance: Hurrah!

Quix -- Good to hear from you! Hope you get over those bed bug bites, have a good trip to San Diego and MAINTAIN. You can do this! We'll be waiting for you when you're ready to join back in on a challenge! Take care. :hug:

12-25-2008, 06:10 PM
It sure is quiet here today! We've just spent a relaxing day at home. Tomorrow we will travel to my parents and meet my DD there for our family celebration. I like our quiet holidays at home though - very relaxing.

Here's my almost completed list:
Challenge 1 - Stretches/weights - 21 days Completed 12/22
Challenge 3 - Veggies, veggies, veggies 21 days Completed 12/19
Challenge 2 - no chocolate - 21 days Completed 12/20
Challenge 4: I will journal EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth, no pauses.19/21 days

Tomorrow I start my new round of challenges and it's a good thing because I've been a little piggy today. Kind of crazy starting new challenges before 2 days on the road, but maybe it will keep me on track!

Chocolate Challenge, Rnd 2 - No solid chocolate (I'm allowing hot chocolate with unsweetened choc.almond milk since it doesn't seem to cause cravings for me), 3 serving sized pauses

Grain Challenge - Limit of 3 grain servings per day, 1 pause for New Year's Eve

Exercise challenge, Rnd 2 - yoga, weights or stretches every day (cardio is assumed). 1 pause

Journal Challenge, Rnd 2 - Journal everything that goes into my mouth,no pauses

Red - :hat::dancer:50 days and counting :hat::dancer::congrat:
How is it going with the scary box? I think your sugar challenge may be like my chocolate challenge. I don't want to never eat chocolate, I want to eat it sometimes but I want to be in control instead of it being in control. I'm trying to figure out what that balance looks like. How's your hair doing? In a few more days I bet it will be easier to live with (the magic two weeks). I let mine air dry this morning to give it a day off - very scary ;)

Miriam - Want me to come and slap the tahini bandit around a little? It's a long trip but I'd do it ;) How frustrating for you! Sounds like you're keeping your eyes ahead and just moving forward though.

Quix, Tech, Mod, Shy, Sunni :wave: Hope everyone is having a good day whether you celebrate or not.

12-26-2008, 03:38 AM
Hi All! How did your holiday go?

Cyndi - you have been acing those challenges! Wtg! Yeah - come help me get the thief! Realy through off my planning for the day - that was supposed to be my protein. Hmph. Good luck on your new challenges!

Red - BEWARE OF THE BOX. I understand that you took a pause, but... Just speaking form my own experience - if I still had that open in the house - I'd eat the whole damn thing!!!! Probably at one sitting.... Stick strong to the other ones! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Day 3 completed!

12-26-2008, 07:21 AM
Another day notched and NO sugar again. Allowing a max of around 300 calories on a pause day and they are to be spaced out!
I am so bloated from the sugar I had yesterday it put me in a foul mood all day. I mean, come on, 300 calories make my face balloon???!?!?
Still, I stuck to it today. Someone even asked me if I were still not drinking. Probably just wanted to know if the real reason I took yesterday off from work was because I was badly hungover... :^: I wasn't, of course, I just didn't want to be in the office on Christmas Day.

It's COLD here and my little kerosene space heater is not doing a great job. Now the guys are walking around outside clicking pieces of wood. It's to wake up nodding-off people and say, "check your heaters!" so they don't catch on fire or something......a bit of Tokyo.

No Booze Day 10/52 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED!!! DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 10/52 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 16!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 25
No Sugar
Day 7/49 complete 3 pauses allowed 1 taken (started Dec. 19) SECOND ROUND COMPLETED Dec. 18!!!!!!!!!!! First round completed Nov. 27
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 4/45 no pauses allowed SECOND ROUND COMPLETED DEC. 22!!! First round completed Dec. 1

miriam -- Three down!! Hurrah!! :cp: You are SO right about The Box. I am not thinking of it. I am determined!!!! So, did you find out who stole your tahini? That's unreal. Did you bring that back from New York with you?

Cyndi -- I don't want to discuss my hair. I hate it!!! Why, after all my work, do I get a horrible haircut, start retaining water and pigging out and balloon because of a bit of sugar. My face is broken out as well and that almost never happens. What goes??!"!? I am TICKED! :mad:
You, on the other hand, are doing dandy. Did that stretch challenge fall today? :encore: :bravo: :cp: Yowzah!!!
You know, as much as I think I want to eat sugar, I was doing fine without it. It isn't until I have a little that I start wanting it, but really, this time, with me looking absolutely awful, I am too discouraged to even crave it. I am beaten down! :(

Shy Moment
12-26-2008, 11:14 PM
Day 10
All challenges met. Sorry I haven't been chatting. Have been so busy have to sleep more and more with little naps. I am at least getting stronger each and every day. :)

12-27-2008, 12:16 PM
Hi All

I'm a little freaking out.. This morning - the glass doors kept rattling - and my pre-programmed-california-mind shouts "EARTHQUAKE!" <reminds me of the first week I was in Israel - there was a boom and the windows shook while i was at school - what could I do? I dove under the desk to take cover, and then I realize the class is very quiet and staring at me...So, yea, um, it wasn't an earthquake - it was a sonic boom. But boy did I get some strange looks! LOL> and my heart started racing and I went to the doorway and it kept happening and I was shaking! I am soooo earthquake phobic! Turns out - there was no earthquake - we're "just" bombing Gaza. Hmph. Life is so.......exciting (?!@#$$) here.

Red - sorry to hear you're feeling down. But think about what you ARE doing - not what you're NOT doing! You have been keeping up the daily stuggle of your challenges - and you figured the pause in - and now you know how you react :) Maybe you can document in depth your insights of sugar-binging and put it in the BOX ! and the tahini was local, and the thief is still at large..

Rennie - Glad to hear you're doing better - and that you're getting some rest!

I finished Day 4, and soon day 5 is coming to a close. The hardest time for me is after dinner before sleeping.

12-27-2008, 08:18 PM
It's another day behind me and not all that bad, because I did make green juice, but nothing to write about. No gym, though I did ride. Stuck to my challenges. Still bloated, hair still looks absolutely horrid. I am so mad that my hairdresser did this YET again. She must totally forget each time. Unless I spell it out, she reverts to her old ways and I can't stand the look. You can never let up on your vigilance and that infuriates me. :mad:

No Booze Day 11/53 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) second round completed Dec. 16
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 11/53 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) second round completed Dec. 16
No Sugar
Day 8 complete 3 pauses allowed 1 taken (started Dec. 19) longest streak 48 days (to Dec. 25)
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 5/46 no pauses allowed, second round completed Dec. 22

Shy -- Glad to see you're meeting your challenges and feeling stronger. Hang in there!

miriam -- Yes, I often wonder about life for you in Israel. It must be scary. Glad to hear it wasn't at earthquake. I am in a quake zone too and I react much the same way. I am SO scared of them.
You're right about the struggle of course. But, you know how it is. We KNOW what to do but we need to hear it to get through sometimes. All the times we're not coming in here looking for pity, we, or at least I am, are giving ourselves those pep talks and chiding. But, sometimes, oh, sometimes I really, really just want to throw in the towel and throw a tantrum at the same time. I mean, I didn't binge, I kept to 300 calories, which is NOTHING. I have been unable to bring food from home and the stuff you get at restaurants for a vegetarian is awful, all white flour and rice, no beans or vegetables that are vitamin-packed. It's just so much work. And thus I slide into the just grabbing any old stuff routine and then my body refuses to feel satiated. Anyhow, at least I know.
The sugar bloat seems to be clearing a bit. I made green juice yesterday and added celery and asparagus, which are supposed to be diuretics. I guess the rest is just fat, as I have not been working out like I was. I am hoping there will be a post-period loss of fluid, but I'm not holding my breath.
Good for you for sticking to your challenge! :cp:

12-28-2008, 08:59 AM
Day 5 completed

Red - as a fellow vegetarian - I know how you're feeling about all the work for food preparation!! I've resorted to nuking frozen vegetable because I'm too tired at the end of a day to cook anything! I do find that making a good veg soup at the beginning of the week is very helpful = and when I'm so hungry I could see stars - I have a bowl while I figure out what else to eat.
Tomorrow is the last day of Hannukah - and then live resumes its <semi>normal routine- i.e. all kids back in school on Tuesday.
Maybe I'll be able to start some routines of my own then!!

12-28-2008, 09:52 AM
Well I don't know what I was thinking when I said I'd start my new challenges Friday! I'd already decided to try one each of my Mom's from scratch cookies (nothing with mix ingredients allowed) and exercise wasn't happening unless you count the 6 hours driving. Yesterday was the return day and while I might have exercised and had no chocolate, the drive home in heavy fog with the check engine light on and car constantly threatening to stall did not lead to exercise. I had a glass of red wine and one 100 calorie whole grain brownie with dinner. Soooo that's my long-winded way of saying I'm starting my new challenges today!

*this is how motivating this thread is - I was just about to admit that I blew the journaling challenge because I didn't log my food Friday. I realized I could still do it from memory and just did so instead of admitting defeat I get to tell you as of yesterday I completed my first 21 say journaling challenge! And it turned out I didn't do badly even with the cookies because I was careful with everything else. :carrot:

So here's where I am today:
Chocolate Challenge, Rnd 2 - No solid chocolate (I'm allowing hot chocolate with unsweetened choc.almond milk since it doesn't seem to cause cravings for me), 3 serving sized pauses First challenge completed 12/20, 1 week break

Grain Challenge - Limit of 3 grain servings per day, 1 pause for New Year's Eve. 1/21

Exercise challenge, Rnd 2 - yoga, weights or stretches every day (cardio is assumed). 1 pause. First round completed 12/22

Journal Challenge, Rnd 2 - Journal everything that goes into my mouth,no pauses. First round completed 12/28, 21/21

Red - I'm wondering if you have the same issue with high fructose corn syrup I do. I can allow myself small amounts of sugar (like my Mom's cookies) without feeling like crud or binging afterward, but the couple of times I've unthinkingly ingested HFCS I've been off the charts with eating and then felt awful afterward. Unfortunately a lot of that candy is probably loaded with HFCS unless it's the more expensive, "natural" stuff.
I kept going back to the same hair dresser on and off for 10 years so some of us just learn slower ;) Sorry it's so frustrating. I have to admit my last one never really stopped annoying me until it grew out enough to have someone else fix it.

Miriam :hug: sounds like life is very stressful there. How did day 5 go?

Shy - Glad to hear you are taking good care of you and feeling stronger.

And now off to my chore list :eek:

*ETA - Mariam congrats on day 5! You posted while I was taking my time with this tome ;)
I'm also a vegetarian.

12-28-2008, 03:03 PM
Hey all! Haven't checked in this forum for days. Sigh to me. I've had so much on my plate that I'm just now starting to breathe and get rid of each to-do one by one. I love lists. :p

I'm on day 12 of my second 21-day challenge. Next challenge I'm going to incorporate some running. I don't want to be specific, because I know I'll talk myself out of it so I'll put it at "some" for now.

How's everyone else's day so far? :)

Happy holidays! :D

12-28-2008, 05:32 PM
Heh, all, I'm really low and barely hanging in there. And "hanging in" means just NOT stopping even trying, which means not giving in to the call of the pub and all my old haunts. It means not going hog wild and bingeing on sugar. I took another pause yesterday and that is major that I could do that, take a pause which means I stopped at about 300 calories and didn't binge. I don't know. I just had to. Well, I didn't have to, but I wanted to AND I did stop.
It was also a VERY close call with drinking as I was at the track and invited to go out after the race, but then didn't even though I was saying, I can go perhaps and not drink alcohol. Then it was easier to just not go, so that temptation was taken away. I think that was probably divine intervention. Today, however, I have another party, which always means a lot of alcohol. I can get out of it...really, is there anything we can't really get out of if we want?....If I just disappear after this meeting that precedes the party, then I can do it. If I get talking to someone, they will pester me to go to the party. I have to decide early on, do I or don't I?
Part of the problem for my feeling so bad is 1) the horrible haircut...something I never have because I spend so much darn money to get a good one 2) a bad skin rash and painful cracked hands still as the air is extremely dry 3) bad pms 4) bad hassles at work and hard decisions I have to make and 5) really poor sleeping because of No. 4. OK, enough, it's tough. No question. This is NOT a pity party.
So, toots, what are you going to do about it?....well, I'm going to try to concentrate, to just put one foot in front of the other and trudge on, hoping the fog will lift, determined to hold steady until this is over....
It's nearly 6:30. I am trying to get to the gym before work.

No Booze Day 12/54 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) second round completed Dec. 16
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 12/54 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) second round completed Dec. 16
No Sugar
Day 8 complete 3 pauses allowed 2 taken (started Dec. 19) longest streak 48 days (to Dec. 25)
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 6/47 no pauses allowed, second round completed Dec. 22


miriam -- Yes, I know I need to make some food. It's the only way to get better. I am cooking some brown rice now and will bring that to work. My food has been awful and I know it's part of the problem with the skin rash. I just am not getting the proper nutrition on top of pushing myself hard with exercise most of the time. My body is depleted big time. It is better than last year so far though. I tell you, doctors are useless. They never look at nutrition, though I think this is the biggest reason for so many problems. I hope you can get some routine back in your life if that will help you. Good going on the challenge though! :yes:

Sunni -- You too, good work! Hang in there! :cp:

Cyndi -- Glad to hear you're finding the thread motivating. Oh, and a big congratulations on completing your journaling challenge!! Three cheers! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:
Thanks for the condolences on my hair. I can't believe it's so bad this time. This hasn't happened in ages. Really, and the one time I decide to go when I didn't even want a haircut just because it was the yearend and I wanted to give her a yearend tip (this is not done in Japan and it was the first time I did..makes it all worse). Sugar and I just don't work together. At all, period. Yes, I'm sure corn syrup is just as bad if not worse than anything else. I have to stay away from ALL sweetness other than natural as in fruit because it just is all a mental trigger for me. I really, really need a vacation. :(

12-29-2008, 03:04 AM
Cyndi - you're doing great on soo many rough challenges! I know that being accountable;e is such a help - by knowing I'm going to post success <or defeat> help me loads too!

Red - you know what? All those issues you are going through sounds like one source: PMS accounts for all of them! The lousy mood, the sugar cravings, the alcohol cravings etc etc etc.... The good thing about PMS is that it goes away :) Be strong for today! Just for today... Then tomorrow is a new day - a day that maybe your hair will even be longer! ;)

I finished day 6 - no pauses as of yet. I stayed away from my major trigger - and that's watching something with DH on the boob tube at night. Instead I stayed in my bed, drank some coffee, and read a 700 pg novel. I'm a little compulsive, and therefore had to read the entire things, and therefore went to sleep at some obscene hour and therefore am exhausted now!!!

12-29-2008, 01:56 PM
Hi everyone! Sorry to be absent, but with bil here and the various activities we've been doing, it has been busier than normal for me, and that's actually a good thing! Today we are going to leave shortly to drive to Big Sur and take in a couple of hikes as it is a deliciously crisp but sunny day here--high to be in the mid 50's. the most important thing is the clear sunshine we've had for a few days now, after a rainy period. :flow1: Yesterday, we went to the beach with the dogs for a walk, and Thursday we hiked in the forest near here with them. I think the dogs like it when we have (certain) company as well!

Well, day 8 today I guess on my "not over-eating" challenge--I really have done quite well with that. I think the amount of activity has helped, plus I worked on Friday and I will again tomorrow. Now that the holiday goodies are gone from the offices, not much of a problem there for me. Weight today was decent, not a gain, but actually a little less than a week ago--182.4. Not really starting to obsess about it until after my bil leaves, though. But feeling optimistic I can continue downward in the new year!

Happy last day of Hannukah Miriam! :stardav: (And belated Happy Holidays to all the rest of you.) How scary about the rattles and vibrations! I feel for you--I would be quite unsettled as well, to be in such a political "hotspot" 24/7. Stay safe, ok?

Red--bad hair day (week, month.....)--let me tell you, I have had so many with various hairdressers. That's why I will cling with amazing tenacity once I find a stylist "in tune" with me--even traveling a fair distance away if we move several miles the one I finally found here after a year has my undying loyalty and I hope he doesn't leave here for the "big city" someday........
You are doing so awesome with your year-end challenges--wow! The sugar thing is tough--I find as well once I open that door I often can't stop as it is soooo addicting.....Finally took last box of candy someone gave us and put in the freezer b/c DH didn't want to give it away (he claims to love that type, but I know him, he opens the box and has one piece or two at the most every day--he can stretch it out 2-3 weeks, but I can't resist it, the box is always gone in 2-3 days, then he says "What happened to the candy?") :devil:
Once the New Year is here, you will be soooo motivated to continue onward as you have gotten over the holiday "hump" so successfully!! As I am going to be, hopefully! Notwithstanding my birthday (Jan. 8th)--only makes me feel more motivated to try to not "look" my age. I have decided to ignore my b-day if possible--I do not want to think about the ever-more-swiftly advancing numbers there--I WILL NOT GO THERE!! haha

CyndiM--Look at you as well, your accomplishments and successes are simply amazing throughout this holiday period. You sound like you are in the zone and going strong--keep it up! How awesome you are ready to jump right back in there for Round 2 right away at this tricky time for everyone! The one thing I will like this year is even though at the first of the year there are always so many news articles and media pieces about how to start your new diet and exercise and health resolutions to shed those excess holiday pounds, that THIS year, I will not have had any gain to work on losing, just to get back to where I was before Thanksgiving!!!! As most of us here can say! We are "just" continuing onward, and downward, on our losing and exercising, not having to feel badly about ourselves and depressed, procrastinating every day before finally getting the energy and motivation to "start" our new healthy program, our new "diet" or whatever. This is maybe one of the very few years of my life that I can say that I haven't felt like I really went overboard and gained a bunch of holiday weight. SO NICE to feel like I'm ahead of the curve, for once!

Sunni--you are also doing awesome, as are you Shy! Even being busy is not keeping you from being mindful of the bigger picture here, and after this holiday time has passed, you'll both feel so happy to continue striving forward!! And Quix and Tech--sounds like you two are also doing your best to be "mindful" and keeping things real. Just know we are all here working on the same thing (basically) and hang in there....only a few days more until life settles back into relative normalcy once again!!

Well, gotta go get ready for hiking and enjoying this gorgeous day! :running:
Have a great New Year's Eve everyone (If I don't get back before then!) :hat:

__________________________________________________ ____________

12-29-2008, 11:04 PM
Good evening all :)

Chocolate Challenge, Rnd 2 - No solid chocolate, 3 serving sized pauses. First challenge completed 12/20. 2/21

Grain Challenge - Limit of 3 grain servings per day, 1 pause for New Year's Eve. 3/21

Exercise challenge, Rnd 2 - yoga, weights or stretches every day (cardio is assumed). 1 pause. First round completed 12/22. 2/21

Journal Challenge, Rnd 2 - Journal everything that goes into my mouth,no pauses. First round completed 12/27 (miscounted yesterday). 2/21

Sunni - Good job sticking with the challenge with everything going on! Can't wait to hear about the running. I'm trying a little again though my knees stopped me last time. I really want to be able to run so am giving it another try.

Red - You had a treat but didn't binge even though you've been having a stressful week! That's incredible! Hope things are looking up a little.
I do know what you mean about the sugar. I actually tossed part of a good chocolate bar in the compost last week because I just couldn't get myself to stop nibbling all day. :eek:

Miriam - I used to be like that with reading. Now it's exercise. I miss my reading time though and hope to find some this winter. As far as the challenges go I do well with this format. I just wish I would develop that much internal motivation but so far no luck.

Mod - Good to see you! The hike sounds heavenly. I do miss hiking weather. As far as the age thing goes I don't always love getting older (whined at the Dr. today about impending arthritis in overused joints) but I am so much healthier than I was 15 years ago. Back then I smoked 2 packs a day and weighed about 50 lbs more than I do now, and I never exercised if I could avoid it. I could run circles around that younger me, so I don't miss her even though I envy a little of that age related ease. I'm going to age my way and that means strong and healthy and fit, doing the things I want to do. Oh, and I got a tattoo for my 40th gift to myself a few years ago. Scandalized some people which made it even more fun ;)

Okay, off to make the morning coffee and hit the sack.

12-30-2008, 12:23 PM
Good Morning All,

Red - :hug: Hope today is better for you. Hang in there you are doing so well.

Cyndi - Congrats to you on sticking to all your challenges even with all that was going on.

Miriam - That shaking and rattling would scare me too. I actually will read the last couple pages of a book so that I can put it down and go to sleep, so it's not really that weird.....

Modcat - :cp: Yay on sticking to your challenge too. I would love a walk on the beach. My folks are down in FL for Jan and have invited me down for a few days, and I'm trying to figure out if I can swing it.

Tonight we're "celebrating" our New Year's since DH has a chemo treatment tomorrow and won't be in any mood/shape to go out. So I will begin my challenges tomorrow. They are as follows:

Challenge 1 - Write down everything I eat (and I mean everything) - 3 pauses
Challenge 2 - Clear up junk spots in house 20 mins each day - 3 pauses
Challenge 3 - 15 mins of stretching every day no pauses!!!!! I feel like a knotted mess and this will help.

Unofficial challenge - check in everyday with progress report.

That should definitely do it for me. Now I just have to stick to it :D


12-30-2008, 08:53 PM
Hi all. New Year's Eve here but I'm heading in to work. I really want to go to the gym but it's not open till noon. There is a branch near the office so I may try to go to that later in the day. I am trying to keep my nose above water. Notice I said nose and not head because the head is already partially under... :(
I decided, and, yes, it was kind of conscious, to end the sugar challenge. I had a small binge, nothing too outrageous, enough that I could write it down, but enough to call forth memories of much bigger ones. Then yesterday I started again and got through the day. I could have kept going since it was my last pause, but I wanted a clean slate.
When I came home from work the bag of candy from the box (the bag is tied and on a high shelf) called loudly to me and i was about to tear into it, but then just said, NO!
Yes, I am tired of it all. My weight is creeping up. I did get to the gym yesterday. But, it seems to be all for nought. My body is resisting. The stars seem set against me. It shouldn't be this hard. It's just not right.
On the booze front, I was going to allow myself to drink tonight and still might, but invitations to countdown parties have me turned off. I would prefer a quiet evening with a friend and a couple glasses of something and that's it. But that's not going to happen, one, because I have so few friends and two, because everyone is elsewhere or doing something else for the Eve. There's a cool invite to a party at some bar where a friend is singing in the band, but it's far from home and even though the trains run all night here tonight, the thought of all these seriously drunken, extremely loud people is a turnoff. Some weeks ago, it would have been a draw. I would have been one of them, at least the seriously drunken part. But the thought of ending nearly two months of total abstinence with a night like it will surely be at this bar, known in normal times apparently, for its "serious" drinking, is scary, truly scary.
Here's hoping I can get through the day with a semblance of self-control. :^:

No Booze Day 14/56 complete ? pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) second round completed Dec. 16
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 14/56 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) second round completed Dec. 16
No Sugar
Day 1 complete 3 pauses allowed 0 taken (started Dec. 30) longest streak 48 days (to Dec. 25)
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 8/49 no pauses allowed, second round completed Dec. 22

Well, sorry, people, but I have no more time. Will try to talk to you all later! :wave:

12-31-2008, 07:22 AM
Red - I feel for you and can totally imagine what you're going through. Everyday I have to tell myself not to overeat and it's difficult with the snacks in the house (I can't deny other people living here the snacks that they can control themselves over). However, I can imagine it must be worse because of the temptations around at this time of year. I wanted to tell you to hang in there and I know that sounds really weak, but just think - wouldn't you feel GREAT if you came through this without yielding to temptation? Try it! Only one's so close for you! Try faking sick and stay at home, watch some movies, make yourself a nice and healthy dinner, ring in the New Year and go to bed. It will be over. Yes, it's not the most thrilling New Year ever, but hey it's one more day that you overcame and that's the most important thing. :hug: :D

So yesterday I got into an accident that was partially my fault but not really. Nothing major happened, I'm just really bummed because I've never been in an accident before and it was kinda my worst nightmare. :( I need to shake myself out of this but I keep thinking about my perfect record with driving and how it's going to be busted because of this. Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone!!

12-31-2008, 02:07 PM
Sunni :hug: I'm so sorry to hear about your accident--oooh I hate having one also, though I haven't for many years now, but I can still remember all the anguish and embarrassment--luckily no injuries but still horrible all the same, even if just a "fender bender"......keep strong and this too will pass......

Red--Hope you were able to hold out and not "binge" on the NYE thing--tonight of course is mine and I also want to "keep it real", just going to a local place a few blocks away to hear a little band (or maybe just a single guy), just some music with bil and dh and a couple of friends, and not gonna over-indulge! :nono:

Tech--I hope your early NYE celebration was good--so sorry to hear about your dh's chemo tx--we have two family members who are dealing with that stuff--they have for about 3-4 years now, still hanging on, still enjoying life as much as possible, though looks like not a cure for either of them at least a worthy battle and grateful extension of life.....

CyndiM--well, I have my fair share of tats and not gonna get anymore, so don't know what I could do to "shock" anyone, oh hey, I know, get back to a "normal" weight, look great, feel great, be happy, be organized and disciplined and at least "act" like I'm much happier to be this age than 10 years younger, haha! :D Oh yeah, that's the ticket!!

Well, Happy New Year to everyone and now I'm off to the gym for a quick WO before the day gets away from me!

01-01-2009, 12:35 AM
Well, it's New Year's Day and I'm sitting around doing nothing though it's past 1 p.m. Last night ended up with me going out with people from work after work and having my first beers in nearly two months. I got totally drunk so quickly. It wasn't really fun, except for the first hour or so. But, heck, it was New Year's Eve, I kept my pledge not to drink til the new year and was celebrating. (well, a bit of license there... ;) ) Fifty-six days through some of the toughest weeks in the year. Not bad.
Smoking is still on a streak. No need whatsoever to bring that one back in any form.
Here's wishing you all a very Happy New Year!! Health and happiness in 2009!!
No Booze Day 14 complete 1 pause taken --longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 15/57 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) second round completed Dec. 16
No Sugar
Day 2 complete 3 pauses allowed 0 taken (started Dec. 30) longest streak 48 days (to Dec. 25)
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 9/50 no pauses allowed, second round completed Dec. 22

01-01-2009, 11:13 AM
:newyear: everyone! :brr: It's bitter cold and clear here. It looks lovely from inside, which is where I plan to stay!

Well, I made it through last night and didn't use any of my pauses! Not sure how that happened except there wasn't anything chocolate or grainy and appealing. Actually there wasn't much appealing on the buffet. I ended up happily eating raw veggies and pineapple chunks. I did have one shot of Bailey's on the rocks, worth every calorie, then switched to seltzer. All in all I wish I'd been home with healthy snacks and a bottle of good wine, but it was fun to be with our friends. We agreed that next year should be a Lord of the Rings marathon and the previously mentioned good bottle of wine ;)


Chocolate Challenge, Rnd 2 - No solid chocolate, 3 serving sized pauses. First challenge completed 12/20. 4/21
Grain Challenge - Limit of 3 grain servings per day, 1 pause for New Year's Eve (didn't use it - had 2 servings of rice during the day, no grain in the evening). 5/21
Exercise challenge, Rnd 2 - yoga, weights or stretches every day (cardio is assumed). 1 pause. First round completed 12/22. 4/21
Journal Challenge, Rnd 2 - Journal everything that goes into my mouth,no pauses. First round completed 12/27 . 4/21

Tech - I am so with you on the stretching. I forget all the time then wonder why everything is tight and achy! Hope chemo went as well as it could.

Sunni :hug: Accidents happen to the most careful of us. The most important thing is that you are okay. It must be tough living in a house with lots of temptations. Can you store your food in a separate spot or ask others to keep the stuff you are avoiding somewhere you don't usually go? Even separate cupboards might help.

Mod - A woman after my own heart :) We are plotting a trip to the tattoo artist soon to get touch-ups and add-ons. Getting healthy and looking great is the best way to surprise other people. I still like running into people I haven't seen in awhile. I also like that some people don't recognize me so I can get through the Co-op faster ;) I hope this year is hopeful and happy and positive for you friend.

Red - 56 days is great and way to go with the cigs. I know it was always harder to not smoke when I had a drink. That picture is gorgeous. Did you take it?

Well it's a very slow start this morning but time to get my To Do list in order and get to do'ing!

01-01-2009, 07:42 PM
Good morning, all. It's Friday here and I'm late for work. I confess to an allout binge yesterday after I tried to get to the gym and work out, but failed due to severe abdominal cramps. The day before, too, I had all my gear, took it to work, planning to go to the gym nearby and was stopped by a headache that wouldn't be conquered, even by aspirin, which I rarely take. (Sigh) Well, it was frustration beyond my limits and I caved. I really did NOT enjoy the binge and today am horribly bloated. So, when most people are out making resolutions and starting their fitness programs, I was ruining mine. Oh well, I always say I am a contrary type of person.
Up and at 'em again today. I am totally disgusted with myself though..... :(
Cyndi, I didn't take the photo. That's the first sunrise over Mt. Fuji. It's a tradition to go watch it, the first sunrise anywhere actually and this year it was beautiful I hear. I've spent entire nights out near the beach hoping to see the sunrise and then had nothing because it was cloudy.
Everyone else, a big hello and best of luck! :wave:

Apple Blossom
01-02-2009, 01:46 AM
Happy New Year everyone!
Thought I'd check in on you all and see if any interesting New Years Resolutions have been posted. Looks kind of quiet here though.
Don't worry Red, just get yourself back on track! You've been doing so well!
Hope things quiet down for you, Miriam!
Hi Cyndi, Sunni &Tech! I don't know you guys yet, but I look forward to sharing our successes together. And hi modcat!
I'll post some challenges soon. I have my brother's wedding to attend in June and I want to look good! Plus my problem of having no clothes that fit still looms large and I've promised to buy only necessities this month. (no new clothes!) See you soon!:wave:

01-02-2009, 08:26 PM
Ok, people, things are not looking good. This is the worst start to a new year I've had in a long time. But, well, it was probably the best END to an old year (as far as eating/drinking/exercise was concerned) EVER. So, I'm not going to sweat it.
Today is the riding club party and I will probably have to drink. Yeah, yeah, never HAVE to, but will, even though I'd rather not considering health and all, but considering socializing and the fact that I friggin' need to relax occasionally!!! (don't you love the rationalization?) I am going to leave now and go to the party. It includes the traditional Japanese tradition of pounding rice cakes. I may miss that part actually if I don't hurry! I made brownies and have a bottle of wine as my contribution. But most of all, most of all, I want to see my horse!!! :dance:
No Booze
Day 16 complete 1 pause taken --longest streak 56 days Nov. 5 to Dec. 31
No Smoking (Started Nov. 5)
Day 17/59 complete no pauses allowed (started Dec. 17) second round completed Dec. 16
No Sugar
postponed -- longest streak 48 days (to Dec. 25)
Write-it-down Challenge
Day 11/52 no pauses allowed, second round completed Dec. 22

Pictures of rice pounding (mochi tsuki). One person hammers the hot sticky mass of rice and the other one jumps in and forms it again. You have to work up a good rhythm and be careful not to get hit! Here are some pics off the Web....

01-03-2009, 09:28 PM
Hello Challenge Chicks :)

My Challenges:

* Chocolate Challenge, Rnd 2 - No solid chocolate, 1/3 serving sized pauses. First challenge completed 12/20. 6/21 - used 1 pause today and stuck to 2 squares of very dark chocolate, then I stopped :carrot: big victory for me.
* Grain Challenge - Limit of 3 grain servings per day, 1 pause for New Year's Eve - Oops, used that pause today with 4 grain servings. It will be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow.7/21
* Exercise challenge, Rnd 2 - yoga, weights or stretches every day (cardio is assumed). 1 pause USED. First round completed 12/22. Used the pause Thursday night when I fell asleep the minute I hit the pillow and didn't do any stretches! 6/21
* Journal Challenge, Rnd 2 - Journal everything that goes into my mouth,no pauses. First round completed 12/27 . I'm experimenting with Calorie King but think I will stick with FitDay. I want to know how many calories I ate, not how many minus exercise. 7/21

It's been busy as usual around here. I've decided to try the Couch to 5 K program again and see if my knees are stronger. I've done a couple of days and so far my knees are holding up. :crossed: I hope I can do it this time because I'd really like to add treadmill running to my winter repertoire. There have been conversations about holding a half hour workout time in the conference room in our bldg three days a week. I'm hoping it happens because it will actually give me a little free time at night.

Red - Thanks for the pictures! I love hearing about things like that. So how was the party? And now that it's over are you back on track? I really think we have to decide what times and events we will let ourselves go a little. Otherwise it's hard to make it through a lifetime. This has to be a livable way of life. :shrug: You've done great the last few months and I know you will be back on track when you are ready. And you've got a cheering section waiting for you :carrot::cb::broc:

Apple - It's nice to meet you :)

I'm going to do a little yoga and see if that helps make my aches go away. Tomorrow we're off on a drive again looking for a bird.

:wave: to all my busy friends :)

01-04-2009, 01:37 AM
NEW thread started!!!


Do NOT post here! The new thread is up!! Please click the link below and we'll see you there!! :sunny:

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