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11-21-2008, 02:00 PM
Hi, I am a former WW'er. I had no problem converting recipes to WW points. There was a ball park that 50 cals = 1 point, and it was pretty easy to cook that way. I am having issues with LAWL in figuring out how to take a recipe and figure out how many Starch, protein, Fat etc is in it. I have used some of the recipes in the LA recipe book, and also from this site (some of the recipes are so good), but I have tons of cookbooks, but don't know how to convert them. Does anyone have any hints or tips with this?
Thanks in advance, Terry

11-24-2008, 10:57 AM
Terry.. The best way is to go by weight and measurment of the food you're cooking.. If you're cooking up a stirfry recipe and you've got 7oz of cooked chicken, then I'd count that as 1 protein.. If your serving also includes 1 cup of veggies, then that would be 1 veg... Follow?

After a while, I got pretty good at converting old recipies to new LAWL standard. At this point, I kind of do it without even thinking about it, so I think it will become second nature for you too..