Weight Loss Support - Hormones have got the best of me! semi rant

11-20-2008, 11:25 PM
I'm very thankful the BC I am on allows me to have TOM once every 3 months. This is the first time I have had it since getting back on the weightloss wagon and boy is it a dosey! :yikes:
I went to work and ate tons of chocolate. :chockiss: Couldn't even concentrate on my job! :comp: :no:
Sometimes my employment takes me to other peoples doctor appointments. So I go and the patient says she wants to start taking diet pills. normally I don't care how people choose to lose weight. Everybody is at different places in their life so how one chooses to lose weight, to me, is a personnal issue that I shouldn't judge. oh but not today.:nono: I know this patient very well and as I sat there at this appt my brain was turning a mile a minute. I was thinking "what!!!!! how dare you come in here and ask for these pills. How about stop watching Soaps all day and exercise...how about not going out to eat everyday......how about eating a vegetable for a change before you come in here and ask for these pills!!!!!":devil: OMG luckily I don't have to say anything at these appts so my thoughts were well contained inside my brain! But my goodness that was not nice of me to even think, Shame on me!!:o
Then when work is over I decide laying on my heating pad is a much more desirable activity then going to the gym. And ya can't lay around without food so I have ate ALOT!! :eating2: here I lay stuffed fuller than anybodys thanksgiving turkey could ever be. In fact I my blow at any time. I haven't ate like this for 3 months and oh how I forgot how icky eating so much feels.
I reiterate thank god or whatever you believe in that this only happens once every 3 months and it is almost over for this month.
And :thanks: everybody for listening!!!!

by the way, yes I realize this is NOT the way to handle the situation but now I have 3 months to get my plan of attack ready for next time.

11-21-2008, 10:46 AM
That's tough getting threw TOM. The birth control I am on I am SUPER lucky that I don't TOM at all! I haven't since before I got pregnant with my daughter, who turned 3 in October, it's simply wonderful! I was always thankful not to get it for the cramps & bloating and all that other stuff. But now that I'm dieting, I am glad I don't get one for totally different reason. Pretty much all you listed above! :-) Good thing it doesn't last long & you only get every 3ish months. Best of luck, you'll get threw it! It's only a few days!

11-22-2008, 09:39 AM
I am at the happy time where I have only had 6 periods so far this year, they are getting farther apart and lighter. Don't use BC cause DH had a vasectomy after baby 2.
BUT, as you may be aware, most hormonal BC will keep weight on you, mostly waterweight, but also helps increase fat stores.
its sad but true.