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04-25-2002, 04:52 PM
Welcome to a thread full of encouragement, support, and humor as we share our lives, as we restore our health, lose weight and raise a family! We welcome newcomers as well as all of our regulars!

Be sure to go back to SAHM's #41 to catch up on what has been going on in our lives. We are glad that you are here!


04-25-2002, 04:56 PM
I know jackie and Ginny are busy people and hate threads over 2 pages long... so I started the new one. Hope nobody minds :o

I'm excited to hear how those on the challenge are doing on their first day!! I hope you are doing well. Just remember that day one and two are always the hardest. Well until ketosis sets in and then it get easier.
My day is going ok. Potty training isn't going so well but I'm not about to give up. She hasn't gone once in the potty yet but I know it will happen in time.
I had hamburger patties for lunch with mustard to dip them in. Not the greatest of meals but it was filling and my kids love hamburger meat. I'm making pork chops for dinner and steamed broccoli.
Well, guess I need to get off here. Talk to you later!!

04-25-2002, 06:41 PM
Good evening!

I'm doing really well staying OP! I really thought it would be harder.

Lunch= 3 eggs scrambles... water

Dinner= 1 steak in worchestershire sauce
slaw (1 1/2c cabbage 1 pk sweet n low 1 tbsp mayo)

Not bad, huh? No chocolate, I might be able to do this?! I dusted off the george forman grill and began grilling. Dh commented "back on the adkins" I just giggled alittle. We never use the grill unless I'm "low carbing". He likes it tho, he's a meaty kinda guy!

Spryng~ Did you read about Jewel? She had an accident on her Bf ranch. It was mentioned on the view today. I haven't had time to really catch the details. Thanks for starting the new thread too. I felt bad because we filled the other so fast. I know this one will fill fast too. The only way I can stay OP on Adkins is to post alot and tell everyone what I am eating.....

Sorry In Advance To Everyone else.

Also my begining weight is 121#.

04-26-2002, 04:12 AM
hello everyone I am doing much better!! I cant wait to get on the scale(always had issues with that). lol Looks like everyone is doing great!:) that's a good thing! I stayed Op, and the day was pretty good, rained a little. gotta do tae bo 2 tape 2 tomorrow, it looked pretty good when I scanned it. Well talk to you all later. I am feeling much better,!!


04-26-2002, 08:47 AM
Hi Everyone
Doing good so far .. Too early thou to think of food but I havent made coffee yet ..I admit the headache is starting I am used to having 4 cups of the stuff in me by now..Been drinking water thou, bottled sams choice purifed water
Hubby just found out he will be going to day shift effective Monday morning..This weekend we have plans to go out to get away from the house and everything.. It will do us good to get out..
The snow that they forcasted last night came and melted already we had base ball size flakes ( I kid you not I was shocked I have never seen big flakes like that it looked like a cotton factory exploded..)
Just so you all know I wont be posting this weekend.. Besides getting out of the house I need to fix something on my PC ..Both the A drive and CDrom drives are TOAST so I know I can do the A drive without a problem..
Well just so you all know the kitty in my Avatar that pic next to my name) is my Bingo..Tyson still isnt used to us but I think I will be locking me and him in a room so he can get used to and trust me..
Take Care

04-26-2002, 09:22 AM
Good morning!!!!!
Just a quick check in. Spryng thanks for starting a new thread.
As for me, I hate more than on page or so because a lot of the time I get on here for a precision hit- and have no time to go thru the pages. My computer is not extremely fast, so it takes a while page thru.
Good to hear that y'all are doing ok out there. No walk yet for me, I hope to get one in at lunch time, and maybe post more then too!
See ya later.

04-26-2002, 12:22 PM
Hello all,
I'm a SAHM in AZ, I started WW 6 weeks ago. I've lost 11 pounds so far. I have two children, 3 yrs and 5 months. I've enjoyed reading all of the posts here on this board.

04-26-2002, 01:33 PM
Welcome Newbbie To Our Little Thread We love to see a new face around here!!!Glad to see your post and I hope you stick around and post more often!!!
Tgirl I am sure your weight will be good.. I used to be a sufferer from scaleaphobia so I know how you feel.. Now I just sufferer from mirror-aphobia (the fear of looking in a mirror)
ECMom I am sure you will get that walk in today..
Spryng I am still TRYING to keep up to OP on that challenge.. But I will be honest , the caffeine thing might be my downfall.. Right now I am suffering the WORST headache one could ever have and I know it is due from lack of caffiene..(in fact the moniter is hurting my eyes due to brightness and I have to wear my prescription sunglasses to read even the paper..) I hope that I can do this if not I hope you all can forgive me..

Well all I am off to ly down a bit to rest this weary head of mine

Take Care

04-26-2002, 04:13 PM
Hey everyone, my day is good so far, went walking followed up with tae bo, and a quick weight session, feeling good!! How is everyone doing, ?? I am op, waiting for..tommorrow, Feel great today. unlike yesterday!! Well just checking in gotta run to some stores, take care all!!oh yeah, welcom Newbbie!!!


04-26-2002, 04:15 PM
Ok girls, I have some bad news. I'm sick. very sick. I started feeling naucious the night I started atkins. But yesterday it escalated and I'm having troubled keeping anything down. No fever, just stomach problems. So needless to say I'm trying some broth today and hopefully that helps. I feel so bad that I'm not going to be able to do this challenge when it was my idea and all. Can anyone say "failure". ??????????????????
Sheila, don't quit because of the caffiene. there is a part in the book that says if you are addicted to caffeine (which clearly you are) to wean yourself from it. Drink a small glass of diet coke (make sure it says no carbs) and see if that helps. Or whatever 'diet' caffeinated product you like that is carb free. Most diet sodas are carb free. Caffeine won't kill the diet. Atkins just doesn't recommend it like he doesn't reccommend sugar. Not because it will keep you from losing weight but because there is no nutritional value to it. So have a little caffeine. Not 4 cups of coffee, but enough to ease your headache. But it sounds like you need off of it anyway since your body is so dependent on it.
Girls, I can't tell you how awful I feel. (not just physically) I feel like I'm never going to get these last 10 lbs off. And now I feel like I failed Ginny, Sheila, and Misty on the low carb plan for two weeks. I'm not even sure why I am sick at all. I had no real warning signs. What do I do now?? Go back to low cal??? ugh... I need to think. I'll check back in later.

04-26-2002, 05:28 PM
I'm back again!

First of all: Welcome, Newbbie!
Did you post somewhere before, like maybe last year? I'm sure I heard the username "Newbbie" here not too long ago.
Congratulations on losing 11#! That is a great accomplishment with a 2nd born & just after having a baby!
I'm glad that you enjoy reading all our posts here. I have a friend that moved to AZ @ the beginning of the school year. She lives in Anthem, AZ. It's a new town on the map if you can believe this. It's kind of neat because EVERYTHING is new in her town. New schools with a new school district, new stores, new health club & so on. Nothing like disappearing into a new town, huh? I've been on the WW program on & off for a few years now. I'm kind of following the program with the points, but generally am following the Fit For Life program. I've lost 14# since Easter on the FFL program. A little about me: I've been married to my DH, Gary for almost 18 years. We have 2 children; ds, Kevin is 13 y/o & dd, Kaitlyn is 8. We have a 7 y/o cat named Klarabelle & a 2.5 y/o goldfish named Charlie. DD & I would love a dog, but DH & DS will not allow it!~ Come & post with us anytime! Spryng: Thanks for starting a new thread, as I don't mind a bit & agree with Ginny about a 1 or 2 pager being enough. I also have a slow computer! I'm sorry that the Atkins program is not working out for you right now & that you are feeling ill. Don't feel like a failure, as you are so... close to your goal. If you haven't added aerobic exercise to your plan yet, this should do it! Without getting on my bike for an hour p/day, I don't think that I would have lost this much wt. in such a short time. Did you take my advice & take a 2nd pregnancy test yet? Latisia: I'm glad to hear that your program is working out for you & can notice the difference. How's the Tae Bo 2 tape coming along for you? So what's the news with DH? It sounds like you're filling the time in quite nicely while he is gone. Are you still feeling lonely? You seem to be in great spirits lately!

04-26-2002, 05:41 PM
Thanks jackie for the encouragement. I'm starting to feel better. The broth stayed down. :) No I didn't take a 2nd PT. I think the first one was accurate. I'm not having any other signs. But thank you so much for caring!!! :D And you are right about the exercise. i should stop fighting with diet after diet and just get off my butt and exercise!!! I plan on some tonight. maybe not aerobics but definitely something to get my heart rate up for 20 minuted or so.
I am so sorry for not welcoming Newbbie!!! It's great that you have joined our thread. I look forward to getting to know you better. I'm Spryng (that is my real name) I'm 22 and have two kids DD (2) and DS (1) they are 11 months apart. I'm married to a wonderful man for 4 years now. Just had our anniversary on the 4th of this month. :) and I'm battling my weight like the rest of you. I'm 10 lbs away from my goal and I seem to be stuck. But the women on this thread are like best friends to me. And I know they'll see me, you, and the rest of us through to our goals! So welcome and tell us some more about yourself. :D Oh and congrats on the 11 lb loss!! Do you mind if I ask your stats? I'm one of those who like to know where everyone is at in their struggle and where they want to go.
Well girls. This day feels like it has lasted forever. And it's only 3:30!! :o I need to start thinking about dinner for the kidos and something my stomach might be able to handle.
Sorry Misty, I didn't answer your question. No I didn't hear about Jewel. What kind of accident was it? If you hear anything else let me know. She is a great singer. I just love her music. And don't feel bad about posting your daily meny here. I like to see what all everybody is eating. Gives me ideas for meals too!!
Talk to you all later!!

04-26-2002, 06:59 PM
Good evening! Hope you are all ready for the weekend!!!!

Spryng~ YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!!!!! Sorry for shouting:lol:! In my tiny little opinion, I think you should get back on it. I fell off the Adkins almost 4x the first time. And anyhow, you are sick. It will pass. When you are better, try again. Unless you think the diet made you sick? Like you said this diet will do it.
I haven't heard anymore about Jewel. I suppose she is fine. I think she was trown by a horse.

Sheila~ Your kity is verrrry cooot! Awww I love cats. Hope your head eased up.

Newbietoww~ Welcome! Congratulations on yur loss!

Jackie~ I just wated to tell you again, Congratulations on the 14# loss! How's the plan going?

T-girl~ I'm glad you got your issues worked out. I wanted to coment before but didn't want to put you on the spot. You can pm me anytime you need a friend, okay. How's the tae bo? My sister is doing a tape too. She has had super results and says she can tell her tush is getting tighter.

Ginny~ Hope you got our walk in at lunch! How are ya doing? Did you get back OP?

Gemini~ Hope you are doing great and staying OP!

And me....
Breakfast= 2 breakfast steaks (they were small) and one over med egg

Lunch= oops, sorda skipped! I grabbed a steak and cheese dried thing at the gas station and a diet rite

Dinner= one rib eye and a salad with cheese and low fat ranch

lots of water but not enough.
last night I ate half of a chicken breast before I went to bed.

I'm sticking to it! The family is having pizza movie night and I wasn't tempted! Wohooooo! I think I can, I think I can!

Have a great weekend girls!

04-26-2002, 08:03 PM
My Continued post...

There, I'm back again! My Mom came over, so I had to stop posting for awhile. I see Spryng snuck in the middle of the posts & am glad that she is feeling better! Misty: Glad to hear that you're doing so well OP! So...you watch the view,huh? Do you have a favorite on the show? I think that Star Jones is mine. I like them all, but i think they talk too "dirty" once in awhile. :eek: And for your posting what you ate, I don't mind a bit & Spryng took the words right out of my keyboard!
Wow! You're only 6# from goal-good for you!! 115# seems light to me, just how tall are you anyways? I could only dream to be 115#. I looked pretty good @ 125#, so this will probably be my lowest. Good luck, you can do it!! Sheila: Congrats on the twin kitty's! Mine is crying in the background right now! Nice picture of Bingo-very pretty! As for the caffeine-gradually wean yourself from it! I'm not sure how much protein you have during the day but-protein is the culprit to making you feel drowsy. :yawn: Maybe save it for later in the day. I hope you have a great weekend getaway. And for the mirror-aphobia: Did you watch Oprah yesterday? (Thursday) I hope your headache stays away for the weekend, if not-you know how to handle it, don't you? Ginny: Hope you were able to get your walk in today. So...Is the prom this weekend already &
where does dd stand with her dress? Well, you didn't write much for this thread yet, so I don't know what else to say to you, but-thanks for missing me while I was away from the thread this week. It feels good to be missed! I'm so happy to be done with the G.S. bridging & all the work that goes along with it. Now-I sure wish that I had a cleaning fairy over at my house for the 2nd floor, as it's trashed! Well gals, I have to get going & go get our Fish Fry's. (A tradition here in WI on a Friday night!) Only part is, I can only eat the fish with the FFL plan, which is okay with me, as this is my favorite part of the meal! Have a great weekend everyone & I'm sorry if I missed anyone. I love you all!! Jen: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to miss greeting you. How's it going?
I promise to post more to you later.

04-26-2002, 11:38 PM
I'm just checking in, I'm on my way to bed and I have a fairly busy weekend so I may not get a chance to post.

Jackie~ I'm 5'3" and still at 121#. Was a fairly small person before I became pregnant. I stayed around 105-110#. My body has changed ALOT since then tho. It seems 115# will feel comfortable. I feel pretty good now. I'd like to give myself a little leway to maintain. I always yoyo 5# for some reason. I've never been able to maintain an exact weight. So between 115 and 120# seems like a safe reasonable weight. Hope the fairies came to clean house. Send `em my way when they finsh.

Nighty Nite!

04-26-2002, 11:42 PM
hey all! i am doing well Just a little tired, my DS had a rage of energy today, !!Well thanks Lilbitosunshine,!! THe tae bo tape is great!! I know I will h ave to switch between my others too, to keep a change of steps, but I really enjoy it. He really challenges the abs, which is my weakest body part. Spryng, I am sorry to hear about you feeling sick!! I agree with the exercise issue, it should do the trick.. Just hang in there!! dont give up, you are ALMOST there!!! Freckles, my DH, wont be back now for another 3 weeks, LOL, ( kinda getting used to him not being around)...just kidding, but there is more to this story..well, I am just glad to be doing better, hate feeling blue..I am staying OP reagardless.. talk to you ladies later;) goodnight.


04-27-2002, 12:09 AM
Hi gang... sorry I have not checked in. I am totally down, not staying OP, etc. Sorry you have been sick spryng, and welcome to Newbbie. That is all I can muster for now, girls. I am taking the weekend off and hope to be able to pull myself together by Monday. talk soon...

04-27-2002, 09:21 AM
Good Morning Moms!

I was surprised to see the amount of posts after mine on yesterday. Jen: Thanks for checking in with us & I hope that you are in better spirits for the weekend. Please check in with us on Monday, okay? Don't feel bad about not staying OP, as we all have these days from time to time. I find the best solution to my "guilty" feelings of not staying OP is to pedal my bike for awhile. Just try & keep your chin up, think more positive & know we're here to help you through your struggles.

To everyone: I'm a little bummed out myself. Not too much with the weight issue, but with the death of an ex-boyfriend of mine that I dated before meeting my DH well over 20 years ago. I decided to go to the visitation on Thursday night because I felt that this was the proper thing to do at the time. My friend told me to go if I really felt the urge to go, otherwise I may regret it later on. Well, everything seemed ok until I got to the middle of paying my respects of sympathy. I reached the part of the line where his older sister & his parents were. They didn't recognize me, so I had to tell them who I was & then I was at a loss for words & hurried through 'til nearly the end of the line where his middle sister was. I felt comfortable talking to her & we joked about the past & about his death. All the time I was talking to her I didn't realize that the my ex's wife was standing 5 feet behind us! I was so embarassed by what I was saying to his sister, but managed to introduce myself to his wife as an "old friend" of the family. I didn't know what to say to her, but managed to say what a great & funny guy he was & then I said : "My Heart Goes Out to You" & " You Have My Deepest
Sympathy". She then thanked me & I proceeded to leave & while I was leaving, she said she couldn't believe that he had so many friends. I didn't know how to handle this, so I kept on walking so that she wouldn't see me cry. When I got to my car I felt so embarrassed over my actions & also felt embarrassed over how some of the family didn't recognize me or, even remember me.
I also feel bad because I don't remember if I expressed my sympathy to his son. I remember being introduced to him, but can't remember anything else. Sorry for babbling on & on about this, but it's got me so depressed. Part of me wants to send a sympathy card, along with a note explaining how I feel & also enclose a check for his memorial fund. The other part of me says leave be, but then I feel like it's still an open issue. What should I do? I'm really having a hard time focusing since Thursday & am so scatter-brained & dazed. Another weird thing is just about all the guys I have dated either have a serious illness or have died.
Thank God , my DH is alive & healthy at the present time. I keep telling my DH that he better not get sick & die on me! Well ,enough about me & again I'm sorry for rambling on. I just needed to vent a little. Latisia: Did you ever notice that I put your name in this color before? This color just seems right for you. Something tells me that this could be one of your favorite colors. Am I right, or just being goofy? I also use this color for you because I feel it represents being "lively & outgoing" , as I feel you are. I've got a thing with colors & associating it with people & things. When I was a kid, I even had to match my underwear to the clothes that I was wearing that day. I don't do this anymore, thank goodness! :rolleyes: Well, enough of this subject & on with the subject of husbands. Don't feel guilty that you are getting used to your DH gone. My DH was gone from Monday a.m. until last night. I did miss him occaisionally, but felt relieved that I could put my guard down & relax a little. I didn't have to feel guilty what the house looked like because of all the volunteering that I did this past week. (I did have the main floor in immaculate shape when he returned, but kind of ran out of time for the upstairs.) The kids didn't mind if they had sandwiches, raw veggies & fruit for dinner & ate off of paper plates. As for me: I stuck with my FFL plan & am so happy with the results. Another good thing about DH being gone, when he returned; he noticed that I actually did lose some weight & told me I looked great! Now, if he would have been home all week, he would have just took me for granted & probably wouldn't have even looked at me! Latisia, I'm glad that you are feeling better & are in great spirits. I'm also proud of you for staying OP, you're doing fantastic! I'm curious to know the "other part of the story", so if you ever feel up to telling us, please do so! I do respect your privacy, so it is also okay if you don't tell me/us. ;) The Tae Bo tape that you are doing now, seems interesting to me. Is it a Billy Blanks video? I need to start working my abs too! Between doing your videos & staying OP, your dh should notice the change in you too! Misty: And for the color I pick out for you...I'm not too sure if this is your favorite color or not, but I associate it with you because of springtime & maybe because you live on a farm. I think of you as a "refreshed" person that likes to be full of happiness & love. I also feel that green is such a "balanced" color. You would think that I'm an artist or something with my palet of colors, but I'm far from it! :lol:
Now, to answer your question about the "Cleaning Fairy".... No, she didn't stop by for a visit & the upstairs still is trashed! Did she stop by your house instead? Thanks for answering my question about how tall you are. Looking at the picture you posted, I would have guessed you as being around 5' 7"! And for your 5# fluctuation in weight, I believe this c/b water weight. I guess your goal weight may be just about right for you, as you are an inch or 2 shorter than me. Well gals, I hear footsteps up stairs, so I'd better get going & start thinking about breakfast for the gang. Have a nice weekend, everybody!

04-27-2002, 04:30 PM
Well here it is... Saturday again :) Boy it crept up on me this time. This week really flew by!
I'm feeling much better so thank you all for caring and being concerned. Misty I know you are right about me getting back on atkins but I lost the will power, plus my DH is sure that is what made me sick. He made pork chops last night and I was feeling ill just by *smelling* them! But I'm going to be ok. maybe the two days I was on it helped me out some because I lost a lb!! Back to 135. I had 1100 calories yesterday and lots of water and even got a short jog in to the mailbox. Today is going well too. I've had 280 cals so far. I'm planning a big dinner. Chicken (for DH and kids) and stuffing and potatoes and gravy, etc. So it will all fit into my cals for the day. So I don't feel like I went off my diet. I just switched back to low cal. Which I prefer anyway. I think I'm going to stop looking for a quick fix and just take this slow. I mean I am a size 8 and I should be happy with that.
jackie I feel so bad for you. I wish I had something great to say but I am at a loss of words. The only thing I can think of is if you feel unresolved by the death of your ex-boyfriend then do whatever you think will help you. Send that card to the family, call them, send flowers or maybe a letter. You are wonderful with words. I don't know what I would do if I were you. Like I mentioned several threads back I haven't had but only two people die that I knew and I wasn't close to either of them. So all I can be is sympathetic when I would really like to be empathetic. But I know you will do the right thing.
Misty- your last post sounded so chipper!! :) It's contagious you know. :lol: I started smiling by imagining the smile on your face as you typed your post. What has you so happy right now?? Bottle it and send it this way! :D
Well, I guess I need to get off here. The house is clean but I promised myself that I would work on laundry. And clean the crawded tank. They are neat to watch but filthy little suckers :o But my kids just love them. As soon as they get up they run over there and yell "crabs, crabs!!" which makes the crawded scoot under their rocks and out of site. Not a normal pet, I know. but that's why I like them :)
Talk to you girls later! Enjoy your weekend and I hope everyone stays OP.

04-27-2002, 05:58 PM
Hey all, !!!! ANd yes, Jackie, red is my favorite color of all times!! WOw, you have good judgment!! Well here goes, I have lost 3.5 pounds this week!! I am so surpised, delighted, and plain motivated up to?? DOnt know, !! Well It is Billy Blanks Tae Bo and it got me a little sore today,( a good sign for me) I hope everyone is OP!! Imma relax today.. just do some crunches/pushups, talk to you all later!! One more thing.. thank you all for the kind, helpful words!! It GREATLY helped me do this, and I will continue. We will do this!!!


04-27-2002, 06:10 PM
Oh yeah, the reason I was down, was that I am going back to Virginia, and will be separated from my husband in preparation for a divorce..It is a kinda long story, but basically we aren't meant for eachother.. well that's it.. :( talk to you all later..


04-27-2002, 09:35 PM
Good Evening!!

Jackie~ No fairies here:( I was really looking forward to them too. BTW, I like the mom on The View. What is her name? I don't always agree with the show's opinions. But it is slim picking around here. Either them or Jerry Springer. I like the green you choose for me. It remindes me of granny smith apples, I just love them!

Spryng~ to be honest I'm feeling abit sick myself. I skipped lunch and about barfed the burgrI had for dinner (sorry for the graphcs). I'm sticking to it tho. Atleast for a week. But if there is no change then It is back to low cal for me too. I wish I could bottle some of this and ship it out to everyone, save some for a rainy day too! I have great news today to add to my mood! :?: Have to wait till the end tho!

T-girl~ I sent you a pm. I'll say it again tho, we are all here for you. I hope you feel like you can tell us anything. Lots of hugs to you.

Ginny~ has the weekend swept you away???

Gemini~ I really hope you are feeling better soon. Join us when you feel up to it, okay. You are missed and thought of often.

Jackie~ sorry for addressing you again. I feel very badly for you and your experience. Saddly enough, I've lost alot of loved ones in my short time on this earth. Mostly young friends. Blessed like Spryng, my family members livve to be a ripe ol' age. Anyhow, do you think your visit had an impact on anyone there? I too would worry, did I say the right thing? Did I make a fool of myself? But in all honesty, no one really noticed. I know this because I asked a friend of mines mother. We were close as teens running track and weight lifting. She died before we went to college in a drunk driving accident. I spoke to her mother for awhile at the funeral and really felt badly afterwards. Wishing I had said something different then what I did. Later she became friends with my Momma. One night while I was back home Momma invited her over. We talked untill very late about her daughter. I point blank asked her if she was offended by what I said to her at the funeral and that I felt bad all these years. She said the whole day was a blur to her. She didn't remember much but the short period where they opened the casket. In my little opinion, do what makes you feel best. Donate to the fund or what you feel you need. Make it resolved tho. It is an awful feeling to live with. I know. It could have been so simple too. She was very undrstanding. It really has to be resolved for you too, don't forget your own feelings.

04-27-2002, 09:47 PM
Oops!:dizzy: I wasn't done yet!
As for me...
breakfast= 2 eggs, 3 sausage links
lunch= skip
dinner= salad and burger with cheese

Now the good news! I'm leaving the 1st of May for vacation! I'm going back home for 2 weeks. I'll still be checking in. Moma and Daddy are online. It will be great to see everyone. Well, I have to get some rest. Nighty nite girls!

04-28-2002, 01:14 AM
Good Evening, Gals!

Thank you all for your opinions in regard to the funeral. I feel close to one of his sisters, the one I talked most to @ the funeral. I think I may call her up tomorrow sometime. I'll tell her just the way I feel. If it doesn't work out, I at least tried & will get on with my life. We live in the same town, but rarely run into them anyways. I'd just hate to find out that I was more of a hinderance. (sp?) I was so... busy today with contractor's today that I didn't have much time to think about it anyways. DH is putting up a 3-car garage, so the guy came over with the papers for us to sign & went over things with us. I then mentioned to the guy that it was "my" turn next to get something & pointed to the pile of floor samples. The guy then said that he knew someone reasonable & would give him our phone number so that he could call us. Well...he called 10 min. after the garage guy left & the floor guy came over to our house 2 hrs. later! We did feel that he had great prices, so we signed a conract with him too! I'm so glad that we don't have to look at anymore samples, this was getting very frustrating for me. Misty: The Mom on the view is one of my favorites too! But I do like Star's funny sense of humor. My Mom went to a Jerry Springer show when she went to Chicago on a bus tour & was totally turned off by him. She say's he's a big fake & so is his show! She feels everything is staged, but this is her opinion. I don't care for the guy either. Good for you that you get to go on vacation! When you go-don't forget to bring your 3FC's password with you, otherwise you won't be able to post, or will have to come up with another username for your parents computer. If you forget to bring it & you are able to check your home internet service "online" by your parents, ask them to e-mail the password to your home e-mail address & then go back later to read your mail "online". I hope you understand what I mean, as it's kind of hard to explain. Spryng: Now the pork chop smell makes you sick! I still think there could be a possibilty that you are PG'd. As the smell of pork chops really bothered me when I first found out I was pregnant with my ds. I could be all wrong though! On another note: I loved your pet crab story. I just love watching them in the lake in the summertime. I hate swimming in the water with them though!
Latisia: I'm so sorry to hear that things aren't working out with you & your husband. I'll say a prayer for you, okay? Sometimes it seems like the right thing to do, but please think this over before signing the final papers. Your baby is so young & divorce can be worse than going through a death in the family. I'm not sure of your circumstances though, so I don't want to be quick to judge. If there's any domestic abuse & it seems to be life threatening, get out of it right away!
I almost filed papers on my DH about 5 years ago, but thank goodness we worked things out & just today I was thinking how great we have been getting along lately. Don't get me wrong, we still have our squabbles from time to time, but who doesn't? I have a few friends that are married to Police Officers & men in the service & I know these types of careers can really take a toll on a marriage. The key is positive communication between the two of you & "hear & listen" to your differences & don't be quick to judge.
I'm sorry if I've babbled on & on about this, but please think how things w/b for the baby. My parents divorced when I was quite young & it was always confusing during holidays. Especially Christmas, as I wanted to wake up that morning with both parents present & it just wasn't possible. I'm sorry gals, maybe I should have PM Latisia, but I wanted to get my feelings out to anyone who may read this post (even lurkers). I have to live with this situation on a regular basis & holidays are still a "whirlwind" for me. Well, I'd better get going. DH just hollered down to me that he was going to bed. I think he's a little jealous that the computer is getting more attention than he is. Hmmn... maybe I should get even with him for waking me up @ 3:30 this morning, huh? I'm actually getting tired, so I guess I'll go join him. Good Night, all! :yawn:

04-28-2002, 04:13 PM
Hello everyone, I am doing pretty good, still need to do my workout, later!! got up late, and had to run to a few places..I agree with what you are saying, I was going to file next month, but decided to go to Virginia, where we will have to be separated before filing. My main communication problem is him, He does things, and I dont find out until after I find papers about what he did or something like that>> I have to tell him EVERYTHING< and normally he doesnt listen.. WEll, that;s that!! I dont want my DS confused, and that had distressed me as well , to me he deserves only the best that I can do for him.. My parents divorced when I was 12, and it was tough, but i was very tired from all the bickering that had happened before hand.. WEll , imma change that subject.. I hope everyone is well, motivated and focused, and really ladies, I thank you all for helping me do so, and God, also for keeping me strong through all the downs, as well as ups!! I will talk to you all later!!


04-28-2002, 05:12 PM
Good afternoon!
To quote a most profound and famous intellectual that all of us are familiar with "Oh, Bother"! Having a perfectly awful weekend here, softball butterflies, irritable hubby,enough!!!!
My eating, while it was great until the stress crept in, has ended up each day abonimable. I'll have to get off to anew start tomorrow.
Welcome to our newbie!!!!!!!!! (no I am not usually this negative-am I????? Please let me know if I am- Dh just jumped all over my case for being difficult).
But my day is being overwhelmed by Robert Louis Stevenson. The preliminary outline is due Tuesday and with today being a rainy day here in NY, well I thought it was a good time to knock that off. Ds does not agree......:dizzy:
Wish I had more time to post, I am downloading RLS biography info from the library web link (thank goodness for that!)
Gotta go.

04-28-2002, 05:18 PM
Hello again!
I just got Latisia's last post....and I agree with Jackie. Proceed slowly.... and I will pray for you too! How long have you been married?? Me too with Jackie also-Dh and I will be married 20 years in May and not all of them have been a picnic. Not even close. But a lot of prayer on my part has changed hearts- both mine and Dh. Not a perfect marriage here- but an improving one.
Sorry for being so short here.

04-29-2002, 12:53 PM
Hi All
First of all I need to apologize to Spryng and the others who are doing Atkins.. I tried hard I really did but I couldnt stay with that food plan.. Maybe I dont have the will power to do it or maybe my own thought s sabotaged the idea .. I cant give you the exact reason.. My head was pounding ( for the record I drink POTS of coffee daily I wish it was just cups) anyway please forgive me I know I failed in the atkins since but I was able to lose another pounds so I am now at 254.5..It wasnt just the caffiene thing it was other things as well..Here at my house we use bread as a filler to meals .. Not saying we are broke but I make the minimal requirements to the food pryamid as we can between our rent and bills we have about 200 monthly to accomadate the 4 of us foodwise..There for the breads play a huge roll in this house.. Maybe when he is making more money at his job then I will give it a try then..( I know how pitiful that sounds but it is what I deal with )
As for everything else I been doing good.. as I mentioned above I am down another pound which is good although I still wishedit was more..
I have a online album now my kitties pics are there and so are a few other pics zI took
So if you are interested ------> CLICK HERE<-------- (http://photos.yahoo.com/sheila061968) I am admit there arent many pics in there but as the time goes by I will be adding more..I have folders and folders of pics that I have to go thru.. Also I have disks and disks of them as well..
Well I guess that is all I have to say right now I am in a decluttering mode and I need to keep it rolling or I lose momentum
Take Care

04-29-2002, 02:16 PM
Good Day, All!

Well, I didn't get on the scale this a.m. First of all guilt set in from what I ate over the weekend & then when I was going to be brave & hop on, ds beat me to the bathroom. While ds was in the bathroom, I was just too hungry to wait 'til he came out, so I had my banana's & raspberries. Then...I felt too "weighed down" to hop on the scale. Is this a good enough excuse for you all? Today is a new day & a start of a new week, so I'll try to stay OP for the ENTIRE week! So far today, all I had was my water & the banana & raspberries. Lunch is just around the corner & I decided to make a veggie wrap. I could just about gag & other things if I had to eat another salad. I'm going to try & be creative in the kitchen this week to stay OP. For you all with inquisitive minds: I had 2.5 pieces of Pappa Murphy's Pizza on Saturday night. I made it all day with good food choices & then dh blew it for me by ordering the pizza. Then yesterday was our schools carnival where I helped out in the kitchen the entire 6 hours. I did real well for 5.5 hours & the last half hour did me in. We didn't sell all of the homemade toffee cookies, so they were giving them away & I couldn't resist. I had 3 of them & they were not small cookies either! I was so proud of myself that I brought a Garden Burger from home, along with some sliced carrots & non-fat dressing to dip them in. I also brought plenty of water to drink. I didn't get a chance to pedal over the weekend, so today I stayed on for 75 min. & burned 725 cals. Well, enough about me. How's everyone else doing? Latisia: I've been thinking a lot about you lately & I'll coninue to keep you in my prayers. Did you get your workout in yesterday & how about today? Has your busy lifestyle slowed down just a little for you? Ginny: I'm using the color "purple" for you today because purple is supposed to be a sign of a person with a determined & adventurous mind. I think you fall into both categories, don't you? And for your "Oh, Bother!" quote, I guess we are twins after all, as my favorite salutation is: "TTFN" !! So, did you get Robert Louis Stevenson out of the way yet? Sorry to hear that you had a tough day OP & all round. Stress can really goof up our food choices, huh? I think that's why I ate the cookies, as I was really feeling quite wore out @ 5:30 p.m. & being in the wrong shoes. I guess I should have had on your favorites, huh? Hopefully today is going a little bit better for you, or should I say a lot better? Sheila: I'm using yellow for you today to bring sunshine your way! Send a little bit back to me too, okay? It's sure a dreary day here in WI. I looked up your Photo's online today. I see you got a picture of Tyson, as well as Bingo! Are the rest of your pictures taken in your back yard? It looks like a place for complete tranquility! It looks as though the "Flylady" has entered your home & is staying for awhile. She sure can rub off on a person, can't she? I'm glad you enjoy the site. Come on over & help me de-clutter when you finish with yours, okay? Congratulations on another pound lost! Keep going girl, you're on a roll! Well, I must get going & hop in the shower before someone pops in & I scare them away!

04-29-2002, 04:18 PM
Hello everyone, my day is pretty good even though the good texas heat is here, Did my am walk, and did tae bo last night. I was about to sleep on it last night, but i quickly changed before that actuall occured, I needed the work out, it was up lifting..Thanks Freckles and Ginny for the advice. I will take my time with the total filing, and everything, we got married in January of 2001. I know it isn't long at all:(... I am feeling so much better though ( do you think I could have also been blue last week because of my period?) LOL.. dunno.. Sheila Congratulations on your loss, even though things didnt go as planned, I do hope you find something that works!!Just try to make sensible decisions to start?? I hope everyone starts afresh today, and is back OP, or at least giving all they can, cuz, we can do this!! Dont let a weekend or a day ruin it.. that is in the past!! ok everyone talk to you all later!!


04-30-2002, 10:56 AM
Good morning everyone!
Sorry I didn't post the last couple of days. Life has been hectic here. My ds (1) had a fever for three days solid. I kept calling the ER to see if I needed to bring him in (my kids never get sick and they have never had a fever over 101 degrees) his fever reached 103.9 and I was freaking out! But since he had no other symptoms they said not to bring him in. Just to put a cool rag on his head, give him medicine, and wait. So that's what I did. He was so pitiful. I also gave him cold juice to drink and ice chips which he just loved. It brought the temperature down but never broke it. Then finally it broke yesterday for good. But then last night my dd (2) developed a fever as well so here we go again. Hopefully she doesn't have hers as long.
I also had my little sister (15) stay with me the night before last. My parents fight and bicker all the time so she just wanted out for awhile. My parents are the kind that have been together for 20 years and should be divorced. There isn't love there anymore. I think parents who just argue and fight (vocally or silently) is doing more harm to their kids by staying together than those who divorce and try to find some quiet in their lives. But that is my personal opinion and you can just toss it. :)
But anyway, so the last three days have been eventful. My dad came over yesterday evening and helped my dh build me a turtle cage outside (I caught 3 box turtles) it came out really well and the turtles have lots of room to move. I decided I'm going to collect strange pets. :) I have my crawfish, my turtles, and now I want toads. I use to have them growing up. I feel like I'm 12 again somtimes. Its great!! :lol: My kids just love it.
I'm ready for a new week now. I went grocery shopping yesterday and I'm stocked and prepared for low cal eating. :)
OK, enough about me.
Sheila don't feel bad about quitting the atkins. It's not a diet for everyone. You do what's best for you. :)
latisia, I'm sorry to hear about you and your dh, but there are so many women in your shoes right now that have made that choice and feel it was the right descision. I know you are thinking about your childs welfare and your own happiness so no one is judging you here. I'm behind you 100%. Whatever you decide. And congrats on more weight dropping!! You are doing so great.
jackie, as usual, I love your posts. My mind is going blank now though, you are a great peddler you know?? You make me really want a recumbant bike. :)
Ginny, you are always so involved with your kids homework and such. I admire you so much! But don't forget to take a breather for yourself too.
Misty, If after the week you quit atkins don't worry about it. I mean you are doing it alone now anyway. It's hard to be on a diet alone. I know. But you are doing so great!! I thought atkins would knock those few lbs you had left to go right out of here but I guess since you are so close to your goal you'll lose slower. We all envy you anyway!! :^: I can't wait to be thin like you!!! Keep up the good work!!
Did I forget anyone?? I hope not. I need to get off here and give my dd some tylenol. I'll try to get back on later.

04-30-2002, 02:36 PM
I'm about out of here everyone. I'm still packing like mad and trying to make sure I don't forget anything...yeah right.
I still have to figure out how to get my password (thanks Jackie) and all of that fun stuff.
Real fast run down on the Adkins. I stopped. I lost 1 # is all. I don't even think it was the diet. I believe it is all the stress I'm under. Anyhow, what brought it to a hult? I was frying sausage links and eggs and almost hurled. It will be a long time before I eat pork or red meat again. Totally burnt out. I do believe I'm just going to have to really buckle down and get these last #'s off. It just depends on me. How bad do I want it? Guess we will find out?!

I'll be honest girls. I didn't read your post but I printed them. I'll get back to you all later about that. Sorry. I have to get and finish up around here. Have a great day!

PS~ gemini & T-girl, you both are in my thoughts and prayers.

04-30-2002, 03:27 PM
Hey everybody, good afternoon! I am doing pretty good, thinking about last night.. I had a little snacking attack, but i just threw that worrisome cheescake away. It was lowfat, but too tempting, and I got a little out of hand with it yesterday! it is always in the evening, after dinner, I plan to get some more rice cakes, they do well with me.. Hey Spryng, nice to hear from you!! Thanks for the support.to you, and everyone!! THanks lilbitosunshine too, for havng me in your prayers, I cant say thank you enough...:) well I am going to kick butt with the tae bo, esp, when I think of last night. As well, i have to run and get new tires this evening, I know they are getting pretty bald. Might as well knock that out!! Keep up the motivation ! Talk to you all later!


04-30-2002, 03:35 PM
Hi girls... I'm still kicking. Actually, I could use a good, swift kick in the a__!!!!! Thanks to all who thought about me, and thanks for the prayers, too, Misty. I hope you have a WONDERFUL trip!!!!!

Things are crazy as ever around here, but I'm managing to get some exercise in.... three days on the bike and 2 days walking last week. Eating has been atrocious, though, so I'm not losing. My own fault, though... I gotta find I big ole dose of willpower somewhere.

Gotta run... groceries to put away. I have been keeping up with the posts and I swear I am thinking about you all often! Talk later... :wave:

04-30-2002, 04:11 PM
Hi all!
Misty you enjoy your trip you lucky girl!!! How far away does your parents live? Enjoy every second of it. :)
Jen, don't feel bad about the munchies. I have them BAD today. I'm not usually one who eats candy or cookies and such but today I am craving chocolate like crazy!! must be because TOM is right around the corner. I gave in and had one low fat chocolate pudding, two small chocolate animal cookies and a little chocolate donut. I don't feel bad about it but I do know that I can't continue like this today.
Latisia, I'm ready for your diet plan. Low Fat. how low do you have to stay? Do you have to count cals?? How many fat grams do you try to stay at a day? Please help me with any info you know. I need a diet change but I don't want to go on a diet that excludes any of the food groups you know?
Well girls, I have church tonight so I'm going to hit the shower while the kids are napping. Hope everyone is doing good today.

04-30-2002, 04:14 PM
Hi, It's Me Again!

Spyrng: I'm sorry to hear that your babies are/were not feeling well. There's a lot of crud going around. I'm so grateful that my entire family has been doing pretty well for the past month or so. They may feel like they're coming down with something, but then snap out of it. Since I've started the FFL program, I've been feeling quite well. I feel for you & your babies right now with those high temps! It's quite gut-wrenching in itself! :eek: Hopefully you had some quality time with your little sister. And for your comment about parents & relationships: It made me think twice with the advice that I gave Latisia , as I remember so...
well how my parents got along when they were married. I do agree with you if the children have to be constantly around the fighting & bickering, maybe they are better off not being married to one another. My Dad is somewhat a Lunatic & it's not a matter of speech either. He has some out of this world thoughts. I keep telling my Mom how I can't picture them together anymore, as they would have drove each other crazy! :dizzy: My Dad was always very verbally & physically abusive to us kids & extremely verbally abusive to my Mom. I pretty much have a forgiving heart & sometimes I put the bad times out of my head & forget how bad it actually was. Well, enough about my childhood! Oh!, one more last thing: Your turtle, crawfish, frog & toad stories still make me go back & reminisce the good part of my childhood memories! Keep us informed on how they are doing. I'm not sure if I mentioned this on another post but, dd won another goldfish @ the carnival on Sunday. It's name is Co Co & this is the correct spelling as my dd corrected me on this. I told her we should name it Co Ho, after the Co ho Salmon, seeing that we have one named "Charlie", after Charlie the Starkist tuna already!
Glad to hear that you stocked your fridge & shelves with good food. I'm starting to run out, so I'd better go grocery shopping again. My veggie wraps turned out delicious & as a matter of fact, I liked them so much that I invited my Mom to stay for dinner & have one with me. I still had one tortilla left this noon, so I made another wrap for myself again! :T Latisia: I'm glad to hear that you are feeling pretty good & seem to be in good spirits. I'm also glad that you snuck in your exercise before going to bed the other night. It didn't keep you awake later, did it? In regard to your question about your period making you feel negative, this could be the culprit. As for your decision: I think it's good that you are going to VA to think about it first. Another thing I thought of- With your little one being under two, it may be an easier transition on him if you do decide to split up. He will be so young that he won't remember it later on being any other way. Whatever you decide, try & keep your husband in your ds's life, okay? Sorry for ramlin on again, but I will indeed keep you on my prayer list. In regards to yourself: Keep exercising, as it does the body & mind a good deed! Misty: Thanks for checking in with us again before you leave, I'll miss you! I'm going to look at this site again for you to see if I can find out where it lets you check your password again. Congrats on another pound lost! And my advice is the same that I gave to Spryng , the last 5-10 #'s will probably come off with a good exercise program that gets your heartrate up for 30 min. or more at least 3-5 times p/week. I hope that you are able to check in with us while you're gone. Well, have a safe trip & get the much needed R & R that you need & enjoy your time with your family.

Well gals, I'd better shove off of here 'til later. I hope the rest of you get a chance to post so that we know how you're doing. TTFN!

04-30-2002, 04:25 PM
Hi Jen! I see you snuck in while I was posting. Thanks for thinking of us & I'll keep you on my prayer list too! (You all are like family/best friends to me!) Try & take some time out for a great workout & also some quality time for yourself. I know, how do you find time for yourself? It's tough, but you got to try & make the time somehow. Well, I'd better scoot!

05-01-2002, 08:48 AM
Good morning!
Well, I have another nutzo day here........go figure!
I sort of skimmed the posts......... Spryng - sorry that you had some sick kids. High fevers are so bad.
Latisia- I prayed for you too- and your family. I know all about bad marriages (MIL and FIL are a perfect example) and know that that is not easy. You sound as though your thinking is clear and I am sure will do the right thing. Good job chucking out that nasty cheesecake!
Misti- hope that the vacation is great! We will miss you.
Jen, I hope that your life slows down a bit for you and that your self control kicks in.
Gotta go. Dd wants to read her newest book. Have a good day!

05-01-2002, 08:53 AM
Jackie- Please forgive me for missing the post on your former BF's death. How sad........... I think you did the right thing attending the viewing and dealing with his family. As always you are a warm and caring person. We are blessed to have you here as a friend.

05-01-2002, 04:13 PM
Good afternoon all!
I hope everyone is doing well. My kids are all better now. No more fevers and no more crankiness!!
I'm doing good today and staying OP. But I'm not going to be bent on losing any more. I mean I am still trying to lose but if it takes 6 months to get this 10 lbs off then so be it. I still want to learn more about your low fat diet latisia. It sounds interesting.
Well anyway, I don't have much to say right now. Just that I'm doing good and hope to stay that way :) Hope everyone else is too and I hope Misty's vacation is going well so far. I'll check back in tonight.

05-01-2002, 04:16 PM
Thanks EVERYONE for your helping words and prayers, Jackie, I slept pretty good after the workout. ( I dont know why, but i always so at night) I can relate to your childhood, mine was rocky too!! I am just glad for my MOM who really is my best friend tooo!! ( I forgave Dad, but that is a story to telL) that cheesecake had to go, and today, I am just kinda doing a cleanser, it helps me to do this sometimes.. I just drink lots of fluids, eat alot of fruits, and veggies later for one day. I did walk and I made it a little longer. Needed the Challenge.. Thanks Ginny for the words.. YOU all are such beautiful people!! I mean it!! SPryng, I do agree with Jackie about the exercise part, I do not limit any food groups with eating low fat, I eat 30% fat or less with my eating plan. It normally ends up around 20% total, but as long as you stay under 30%. I try to eat alot of whole grains like rice, whole wheat pasta, vegetables, lean meats, I just check my labels, and make sure it is in the range, you know how to calculate it?? I will write you with the formula, it is simple really. Girl, you can do this,,, you will do this.. ok. well talk to everyone later. Have a nice OP day!!


05-02-2002, 12:40 AM
Well, you all know me and long threads..........so I am off to start the next one!!! (#43). See ya there!