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04-25-2002, 03:20 PM
Hi Everyone. I have lost that losing feeling....(to pseudo-quote a great song) and am trying to get it back. I've been following ww's for almost 12 weeks now, and have only lost 10 lbs. My body, when I was following plan to the "t" had few slow or no losses. And now, I hate to say but .....I've recently gone off plan by not journalling. I still try to follow my pts, but do it in my head. Yeah, I know .....I know, what I'm doing wrong and what I should be doing, but I can't seem to get in back in gear and start doing all the right stuff again. I am so mad and frustrated.....more frustrated and upset with myself.What I need is a good cry and some help, and all of you have been so good with suggestions and support in the past.......could you please help me? I know its within me to start again, pick myself up.....but if you could give me a booster shot of some motivation I sure would appreciate it. Thanks.

04-25-2002, 04:39 PM
Don't give up!! Hang in there. I am at the end of my 10th week. I have lost 18.2 and tonight is weigh in night. At first I journaled to a T. Now I am beginning to slack off that. Needless to say, the losses have slowed WAY down. I know for me, I need to just hang in there and not give up. Maybe you need to think of some new foods to eat. Do you have a diet buddy to join you to meetings? I do and I know she helps me lots. I sat down last night and starting writing out some menus for next week. (I haven't tryed that yet). Hope that may help. Remember and keep telling yourself that YOU are worth all the work that this takes.

I also think that when I dropped down into that next point level that that is what also made it harder. (Which is only 2 points so it has to be in my head.) :dizzy:

Hope this helps. Keep on trying. We never get anywhere if we don't keep at it.

212.4, 194.2, 140

04-25-2002, 04:56 PM
Hey girl...you sound as low and down in the dumps as I do.....I know exactly what your saying cause thats how I have been.....you know how well I was doing when I first got back on plan and now look at what I have done....I set myself up for the biggest fall when I thought I could handle it without journaling and being 100% STRICT with my pts......and I feel like CRAP again.....I know I have gained a significant amount of the weight I lost back.....but I just have lost that get up and go......shoot its got up and ran right out the door......I too know what I should be doing but I feel so low right now that I just have absolutely no desire to do whats right even though I KNOW I have to.....so what do you say....we give each a good swift kick in the booties and then stand back up...dust em off.....and get back into the swing of things.....???? I am game if you are????

Huge hugs to you...and Jilles....your more than welcome to give us some "SOFT" kicks if you like....and maybe in return we can give you some....ha ha.......take care all....LisaL

P.S. Not sure if you read the other thread angel....but we had lost hope in the house buying and went and rented an apt last night...only to get a call from the bank this afternoon saying they had gotten it all squared away and we are now back in and should be moving into the house May 15th......yaaahooooo

04-25-2002, 10:15 PM
Angel-Eyes! :) Let me get this straight ... you've been op for 12 weeks and lost 10 pounds? By my calculations, that's .83 pounds per week. If you kept that up for another 12 weeks, you'd have lost 20 pounds in approximately half a year. Keep it up for another half year and you'd have lost 40. The year after that you'll be 80 pounds down (probably more, because you will feel better eventually and your metabolism will pick up, etc., etc.). I'm really not sure how many pounds you desire to lose, but what's the hurry? :dizzy:

I'm in a slumpy depressed state, too, and wondering if the next year will be as bad as this. But even if it is, I will still be living that year, so I know I've got to make the best of it. And the best, in my view, would not be obtained by gaining back all of my weight.

So since you'll be living that year anyway, why not continue to take off your .83 pounds per week? You have nothing to lose but poundage! :D

I agree that strict adherence to program really works best, but being human, we'll never master total adherence to anything every day forever. It's not going to happen. Every departure, slump or whatever simply rests us up for the battle again and we come back fresh and ready to go. Our metabolisms seem to know this, too. We've all observed the quick weight drop and renewed energy that follows a plateau or a day of eating extra food.

And, may I also say that if you are journaling in your head, then you are indeed journaling so no reason to feel you're off track. It's all a game, Angel-Eyes, give yourself every break to make sure you are the winner. (You have to be because it's just you playing against you!).

I shall step down from my soapbox now, having inspired myself to go do weights. I'm starting to carve wood again after a year's layoff, so I intend to spend the evening planning a piece rather than worrying about my deceased career and subsequently eating ice cream bars.

04-26-2002, 01:49 AM
Angel-eyes... I know it is hard... but ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING in this weight loss journey. Attitude of Gratitude.
We have ALL been depressed that this weight doesn't come off quicker. But that is no reason to give up... and you sound like you haven't. That is good.
Make a gratitude list everyday and start counting your blessings.

You know... instead of losing ONLY 10 lbs... you could have gained 20lbs easily. So lets do the math.... you started at 222. If you gained 20 lbs you would now be 242lbs. That is mighty close to 250.
INSTEAD.... you LOST 10lbs.!!!!
So instead of weighing nearly 250... you now weigh only 212.
It puts a whole new perspective on it. You are getting soooo close to 199.
Start each day with a sincere "Thank you" for weighing 212.... I am soooo grateful. I am looking forward to the next 10 lbs.
Give it a try... see how it helps.
Attitude of gratitude.... it will work every time. ;)

04-26-2002, 09:45 AM
Angel Eyes, I happen to be surfing the boards and ran across your worries. My heart and empathy truely goes out to you - especially since I have been there and done that. I lost about 80 pounds in about a little over a year - I thought I had it all together and became relaxed about my health and guess what? In a matter of 3 months I gained 20 pounds back! I just started weight watchers again 4 weeks ago and lost 7 pounds. So, PLEASE! Hang in there! It WILL happen, and it WILL feel SO GREAT! It will become 2nd nature. If you have any questions, etc. about WW let me know and I hope to help! Stay Strong from one WW soldier to another! :dizzy:
Fondly, Kim

04-26-2002, 01:53 PM
Thanks ladies, I knew I could count on you to help me. I took all of your posts to heart, and started fresh. Today is going well, and with my weigh in tommorow.....I'm not necessarily counting on a loss but to re-affirm my commitment and talk with my leader. Motivation and support is what I need right now, and hopefully she will also give me some "pep" and ideas. Dh came home with a beautiful new top for me last night, for no reason and I feel so much more with it!!! Imagine....just because he said I'd look gorgeous in it......(he's a keeper!!) I feel gorgeous in it too. Thanks again. tc

04-26-2002, 03:09 PM
GLad to hear your feeling better today....and your right....what a keeper about M.....that was such a nice thoughtful thing for him to buy you something that you feel beautiful in!!!

I sure wish I could get back in the swing of things but with everything going on around here all I feel like doing is eating when I am stressed out....and a lot of the eating is out of sheer boredom....it stinks!!!....Maybe once we are moved I will be able to breath a little easier and worry more about myself.....I HOPE

How are things going as far as with your brother? Better I hope for your sake....and how are those 2 handsome little men of yours doing?

Take care of yourself and good luck tomorrow at your weigh-in.....LisaL

04-27-2002, 05:57 PM
Hi Mom. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I lost 3.2 lbs!!! I had no idea of what to expect from my weighin and frankly, after the few weeks of non-journalling and missing 2 out of 3 meetings....I was very unsure of myself. I must of been guessing my pts around my range but only started "back on track" since Wednesday journalling again. I can not tell you how much I appreciated everyones ideas and support. It probably won't be the last time either, but please know that I'm rooting for you Mom. I know you can do this, don't get too down on yourself....YOU ARE COPING IN UN-CHARTERED WATERS!!! You have sooo much going on right now, please don't be discouraged!! Congratulations on the house!!!! Phew, what a relief. I remember our move only too well....lots of emotional highs and lows. Sort of like a rollercoaster. Take one day at a time or one meal at a time...and just do the best that you feel you can do. Some effort is better than no effort.

04-28-2002, 06:02 PM
You go girl....that is a GREAT loss...3.2#s......and to think you were failing because you werent "journaling on paper"...but sometimes doing things in our heads is ok too!!! I am so happy for you....you must have breathed a huge sigh of relief to know you had still taken weight off even when you felt you had lost your momentum......what an inspiration....
Thanks for the congrats on the house....your so right...it is a rollercoaster ride....one minute we thought we had it....the next we were told not without $20,000 down...then we were told we had it with $5,000 down......the stuff they put people thru is UNREAL.....and then K having his surgery 3 weeks ago....and J goes this Friday for his tonsil/adenoidectomy......I will be so thrilled when its all over......but anyhow....gotta scoot to go get laundry going and dishes done.....gotta get more packing out of the way with tonight...B and I want to get almost ALL packed so when the time comes to move into the house.....we arent busting our butts to pack up......so huge hugs to you and again....CONGRATS on that awesome 3.2lb loss.....LisaL

04-28-2002, 10:03 PM
I am new to this board (except for one other posting) but i just had to say Hi to all and

MOM - I am moving in 8 weeks too to a new location about an hour and a half away -- I am sooooo nervous! We just sold our house this past weekend and I am going next weekend to pick out a house. I also have started packing but with a 9, 6, and 4 year old it is slow going. I have to work really hard to stay on track with my diet because I am a stress/emotional eater - I lost 80 pds. in the last year but due to this type of stress- trying to decide what to do - I gained back twenty pds. I have been on WW again since about 3 weeks ago and I lost 8 pounds and the hip pouches I gained back. Drinking water is really hard for me.
hang in there and keep in touch with your move!:)

Angel Eyes - I hope you are encouraged with your weight loss and are back on track! Enjoy your Sunday Night!

Crone and 2Cute - Hello! it is very nice to meet you! You two sound like Great cheerleaders and a great inspiration when someone is down. I hope you are around when I am down and out! I need people like you around me!!:D

i hope to hear more from everyone!
Fondly, KIM;)

04-29-2002, 06:16 PM
Hi 3Mom. Isn't moving stressful? I moved last November and it sounds very similar to your situation. We painted and put down new carpets in 1 week, had 4 showings and sold our house in just 6 days. At the time, we didn't have a house either but the one big kicker was that we were re-locating to NC from Canada. My husband actually emailed me pictures of prospective houses from our digital camera.......NOW THAT IS STRESSFULL!!! Lucky for us, we did find the perfect house (and you will too) and we had professional movers come and pack everything up. But try to co-ordinate 2 pets, a month long hotel stay (in 2 countries), 2 small boys and try to remain sane?....not possible!!! Hang in there and just do the best that you can. I survived and I'm sure you'll have lots to talk about when all is said and done. (lol...we still reminice) Way to go on losing the 8 lbs!!! Keep up the great work.

04-30-2002, 09:25 AM
3mom....I hear ya on the moving....It's exciting to be moving into a place we can actually call OUR OWN...but very stressful to think somehow in between cleaning, taking care of the 2 boys, 2 surgeries in one month, cooking meals, packing that you have to find time for yourself amongst all that...which I havent found much of MY TIME....which is why in a little over a month...I have managed to gain back 10 of the 19lbs I had shed leaving me feeling quite disgusting and quite P!$$ed off.....I now will eventually come to the point where I am SOO disgusted with myself that I make myself start back to journaling and counting points and walking......I just cannot believe I allowed myself to get so out of control....I wish you good luck and hope all goes right for you in the long run....

angel.....how are you doing? you back on track now? I sure am not.....I can not wait for all this to be done with so I can think more about myself .... right now I barely find time to sit alone for more than 5 minutes....which is normally when I get on here to post a message or two and then its back to the grind stone.....J has his surgery on Friday and then the move should be around the 15th so there has to be some relief somewhere right?!

Hope all is well with everyone.....LisaL