Atkins - Is it ok if I'm taking in under 1,000 calories a day?

11-15-2008, 09:36 PM
I am finding that in the induction and now that it is made clear to me that nuts are not allowed for the first two weeks... I am having a hard time collecting caloric points....

I have only eaten about 400 calories today... Made some egg whites with one whole egg and some broccoli... I'm going out for sushi tonight, so I'll be eating more then... but that's pretty much about it.

I was just wondering if someone had some input to this...

I appreciate it, thanks.

Also, do I even need to concern myself with this???

11-16-2008, 01:53 AM
I don't think it's healthy to eat less than 1000 calories a day, no matter what plan you're on. And I don't think Atkins, even in induction says you should eat that little.

Certainly 400 calories by dinner time is not good.

Perhaps you need to re-evaluate if Atkins is the program for you if you can't follow it as it's meant to be followed to be healthy.


11-16-2008, 08:37 AM
I hear it's not good

11-16-2008, 09:46 AM
Atkins doesn't restrict you to egg whites. Why aren't you eating the whole eggs? If you're eating protein and vegetables, you shouldn't be having difficulty getting enough calories. If you've only eaten eggs and broccoli by dinner, you've skipped a meal and that's not part of any healthy plan including Atkins. And Yes you do need to concern yourself about this. That level of calories is not healthy. I don't think you're following the Atkins guidelines so if you are unsuccessful or have unhealthy results, it won't be fair to say Atkins doesn't work.

11-16-2008, 11:15 AM
You should never go below 1200 calories a day or you are robbing yourself of needed nutrients. I did Atkins and found I was having too many calories and switched to calorie counting which works much better for me.

Thighs Be Gone
11-16-2008, 11:53 AM
You might want to check out zig zag dieting.

11-16-2008, 02:28 PM
Thanks all for your input...

I would like to clarify that I in NO WAY was saying that Atkins doesn't work... I know it works. I did it years ago and basically stuck to beef and broccoli which was great!

I do eat whole egg... But my thing is... is that I am not accustomed to consuming a large quantity of food in one sitting... Our stomach is the size of our fist... correct?

It is uncomfortable for me to eat more than that.

I DO believe that reason I haven't been able to drop weight is because I have done my metabolism much damage thru extreme dieting... aka master cleanse...

I am trying to just eat top quality food... everything I buy is from whole foods... I buy everything organic... I am going to try and eat every 2 1/2 hours... instead of 3 hours... I think this will for sure up my calories...

Yesterday I didn't eat til 2 pm... I slept in... I did end up eating a nice steak with my girlfriend ( I cancelled my sushi date ) and I had them add some cheese to the steak as well... It was fantastic!

So... I will definitely stick with this... Keep my carbs low... 20 to 25.

Protein protein protein.

I am also going to kick up my resistance training... by using the bands... I hate using weights when I have this layer of fat on me... It frustrates me and makes me feel even heavier.. so again, I'm baby stepping it!

I love this forum and I appreciate all your support.

I will goal myself to reach min 1200 calories a day...

It's hard for me! But I'll try.

11-16-2008, 02:43 PM
Yes, if you're not used to eating much at a time, eating more often will certainly help you increase your calories.

11-16-2008, 03:41 PM
I also will start adding flax seed oil and olive oil to everything... This should help.

I also think I am going to start on OWL instead of induction... I pretty much stay away from any refined sugar...

This morning I made my usual protein shake...

What do you think...

3/4 cup of frozen strawberries 13 carbs 3 fiber
1 tablespoon of organic flax seed oil 14 grams fat
2 scoops of ORXY goat whey protein 30 grams of protein 2 carbs

Total calories 350

I'm planning on eating again in 2 1/2 hours and every 2 1/2 hours from this point out.

Question... is there a limit as to how much olive oil or flax consumed on a daily basis?

Thanks all...

11-16-2008, 03:49 PM
I'm glad you're adding some healthy fats into your diet. Doing a "low fat" vlc (very low calorie) and very low carb diet can actually be dangerous. (if you're interested google rabbit starvation).

There was a very controversial variant of Atkins by a scam artist named Kim, who advocated an extreme diet very low in calories, fat and carbs. She claimed to have lost a huge amount of weight (and later this proved to be false), but some of the people following her plan got very, very sick because of the "rabbit starvation."

Low carb diets are not really compatible with a low fat diet. Drastically limiting carbs and fat at the same time, can be dangerous no matter how much weight you have to lose.

By the way (I've been called the trivia queen), rabbit starvation got it's name because it was noticed among wagon train settlers whose diet, because of circumstances had been pretty much limited to rabbit. Rabbit meat is extremely lean and in times when people had run out of provisions or weren't able to supplement the diet with fruits, vegetables, grains and fats, they would get sick and die if all they had to eat was rabbit. And while it was called rabbit starvation - it occurred rapidly and often before the person had experienced drastic weight loss.

11-16-2008, 04:16 PM
Thanks Kaplod =)

I remember running into this nutritionist at whole foods ( He's ALWAYS there)

He told me... Fat doesn't make you fat... Carbs make you fat!!! lol

I think I'm going to just keep my carbs low... Eat lots of salads... I LVOE salads... I love love love protein... salmon, tuna, beef, although I have heard that whenyou are trying to lose weight to kinda stay away from red meat, because it tends to "bulk" you up... Not sure if that's true... I remember back in the day, that's all I ever ate... Ground organic beef 5 times a day... with broccoli or romaine... was delicious... I'm also an O blood type too... hmmmm. NOw I'm thinking.... I think I am going to pick some beef up...

I know fat is essential for bone lubrication and I heard it makes your skin plumper =)

I think I'll be ok from this point out...

Keeping my carbs 20 - 30 or 35... not over 35... but will always be mindful to keep them low.

Good fats... I not a huge fan of cheese... However I do occasionally find myself enjoying a piece of pizza from the hot food bar at whole foods... I just eat the cheese off... lol... I toss the bread part... I'm allergic to wheat... O blood types should stay away... far far away from wheat!

Thanks again for the input...

Love your trivia ;)

11-16-2008, 04:43 PM
I remember running into this nutritionist at whole foods ( He's ALWAYS there)
He told me... Fat doesn't make you fat... Carbs make you fat!!! lol
He's full of crap.

Carbs don't make you fat.
Fat doesn't make you fat.
Calories don't make you fat.

What makes you fat is eating more than you need to maintain your weight, pure and simple.

Carbs - good carbs like whole grains and fruits are a necessary part of a diet.

Anyone who tells you that an entire group of macro nutrients "makes you fat" doesn't know what they're talking about.


11-16-2008, 05:10 PM
I think that "carbs make you fat," is a gross oversimplification and overapplication, but for some people it's not entirely untrue. Saying "carbs don't make you fat," for some people is a lot like the statement "guns don't kill people, people kill people." Yes, but killing people is made much easier by the existance and use of guns.

While eating more calories than I burn is the "pure and simple" explanation of why I am overweight - it is not the whole picture, and the role of carbohydrates in the process is complicated. Carbs didn't make me overeat them, but my reaction to carbs has made it more difficult not to. When I eat high carbohydrate foods, especially refined ones like sugar and white flour, but even too many or too much of "good" high fiber, whole food, high carbohydrate foods, I experience more psychological and physical hunger. There's a scientific explanation for this, in the insulin/blood sugar responses.

So for me, controlling carbs is vital to weight loss. Often you will hear "slow carb, not low carb," and that's a great guideline for me, but the number of carbs is also important. Now, I've never had to worry about the carbs in most vegetables, but grain and starchy vegetables are another story (I don't eat potato or corn very often).

The more I control carbs, the better I feel physically (excess carbohydrates are symptom and pain triggers for me, and for many others with fibromyalgia - and more doctors are recommending that patients with fibro try a low GI or low carb diet to see if it helps control symptoms).

While I don't agree with the contention that carbs make people fat, I can certainly understand why some people see more truth than falsehood in the statement.

11-16-2008, 05:25 PM
kaplods, I understand your perspective, but you have to admit that "carbs make you fat" is a flat out false statement.

And especially when it's used in such a way as to imply that if you just cut out carbs from your diet, then you'll lose weight and keep it off.

Even you CONTROL your carbs, not eliminate them.


11-16-2008, 05:42 PM
What about in fruit???

For my shakes I stick to strawberries... One because they are low in carbs... Low on glycemic index as well...

Everyone I know at the gym was telling to stay away from fruit... I am a rebel so I didn't listen.. But I have ot admit that when I did stop eating 3 apples a day.... I did start losing a pound or two.

But I am such an extremist... I'm just trying to find a happy medium for myself.... I DO think everyone is different...

The whole Eat Right For Your Blood Type diet did a number on my psyche!

Don't eat this, don't eat that... I get the whole "wheat" thing... I also understand diary... Personally I stick to goat whey or goat yogurt... but the yogurt I only eat like once or so a week.

But the Orxy Goat Whey is the best! I Love IT!!!

I stayed away from strawberries for the longest time because the list said not to have them.... But finally I was like... "How the heck is a strawberry going to be BAD for me?"

Anyway... I'm off to gym in 20 mins... I already had another shake plus ten almonds.

I've reached my carbs for the day.... I'm just eating protein and lettuce for the remainder of the day.

I think basically I need to not "sweat it" so much.

Like you said Kaplod... Carb control is important... I for sure agree 100% with you!

I'm curious... are you on induction? Or how many carbs do you allow yourself a day??? Do tell... also do you have fruit and if so.. which one and how much... I do think sugar is a HUGE factor.

Again... everything has to be in moderation... Just like working out...

I used to over train... so I was screwing myself that way too... geesh!

Now I'm doing the opposite.. to where I've taken the last month off of any resistance training.... my fat % is at 30... That is NOT GOOD.

My guy friends tell me to not even worry about how much I weigh but to more focus on getting my fat % down.... I have to say... I think I agree.

Everyone who sees me thinks I am fine and am in great shape.... The thing is, I KNOW how I used to be... yes, granted it was 5 years ago... And that CROCK that we are NEVER going to look like we did years ago... I don't believe it!

Look at Dr Oz on Oprah.... He says we all CAN be the same weight we were in high school. It's all about the MIDDLE.. the tummy... =\ The darn TummY... Urghhhhh! That's where I store my "cushion" and my hips and thighs.

I just want my clothes to fit me comfortably... right now I'm SQUEEZING into my jeans, and I hate it!

I would love to know about your carb count..

Hope you are having a lovely day.

Regards =)

11-16-2008, 05:58 PM
As to fruit - for me - it can be a problem if I don't stick to reasonable portions. Also, high sugar fruits can trigger a hunger spike, so I try to eat fruit with a meal or at least with a bit of protein. For example I eat apples with a bit of peanut butter. It seemed counter-intuitive at first, because pb is so calorie-dense, and it didn't seem to make sense to add 100 to 150 calories to my 100 calorie apple, but in the long run it pays off, because I find it filling for a longer period of time.

As to the carb/fat issue - Yes, I believe the statement "carbs make you fat" is untrue if taken literally or as an absolute truth, but I don't think that most people who say it truly mean it in an absolute literal sense. They're overstating and oversimplifying - but that's what people do. When we give advice, we want to condense it into a short, easy to remember format... a maxim, a saying, a book title, a magazine "headline." The problem is the truth rarely condenses into a neat little one sentence statement, without losing a lot of the truth in the process.

"To every rule, even this one, there is an exception."


11-16-2008, 06:05 PM
Perhaps you need to move away from things like Oprah and whatever best selling diet book is on the charts today and so forth for your health and nutrition info and look into some solid, medically based, reliable sources. And not just one or two ... but read several of them from various points of view and then decide what works best for your body. :)

Too many people get hung up on Dr So-and-so who was on national television said this. Or Dr Whatsis wrote a book, so she must be right. Or Oprah lost weight doing what some nutritionist said, so that must be the thing that works.

The thing is that what works for Oprah or you or me or kaplods or anyone else is not going to be exactly the same. The basic concepts are the same everywhere, but ... as they say ... the devil is in the details. :)

So stop focusing on the soundbites (carbs make you fat, strawberries are bad for you, etc.) and start thinking about diet and health from a holistic standpoint.

No one got fat because they ate strawberries. No one got fat because they ate apples. But it's possible that eating TOO MANY of them did make you fat.

You say when you stopped eating three apples a day, you lost weight. 3 large apples are 120 calories each or more. If you ate 3 apples a day, that's 360 calories. Every day that's 2520 calories a week, or 2/3 of a pound. So yeah, it's possible if you cut out those three large apples, that you'd lose weight. But not because they're apples. You'd lose weight if you dropped 360 calories a day of *anything*.

Moderation is key. Being sensible is key.

Not following the fads and the voices on the TV is also key, IMO.


11-16-2008, 06:17 PM
To answer your questions I missed the first time. I'm not on induction or a carb counting plan. I follow an exchange plan I tweaked based on other reduced-carb exchange plans I had studied. Hillbillyhousewife website lists several carb/calorie level exchange plans.

My advice would be for you to read a couple books on basic nutrition. This will help you put into perspective a lot of the conflicting advice you read and hear. Personally, I like the exchange plans, because they help ensure at least minimal balance. All foods within an exchange aren't equally nutritious, so it's still necessary to make careful choices and to make an effort to encorporate a lot of variety in your choices, but the exchange system reminds me (for example) to get in my dairy and high calcium foods, because that's a food group I tend to neglect.

I also cannot stress enough, what PhotoChick has already referred to Moderation, Sensibility and I would add Variety.

But you can't be moderate or sensible without a basic understanding of nutrition, so that you can evaluate the validity of the conflicting messages you will encounter.

My sister (a dietitian) recommended this book to me. I haven't bought it yet, but I've borrowed it from the library several times.

American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide by Roberta Larson Duyff and ADA (American Dietetic Association)

The "for dummies," and "idiot's guide" books are usually good too. I'm sure there's a Nutrition for Dummies, and/or an Idiot's Guide to Nutrition.

11-16-2008, 08:19 PM
Thanks.. I'll check it out ;)

11-17-2008, 05:49 PM
If you really want to do Atkins and do it correctly...reading Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution (2002 version & earlier) is critical.

11-17-2008, 06:21 PM
That's a really good point. I forgot for a moment this thread was within the Atkins forum. If you're going to do Atkins, do it by the book - don't try to combine it with any other plan or add additional rules, or restrictions.

While apples and other fruit aren't appropriate for induction, you can add them in OWL, but you will have to count the carbs. Because carbs, even in low carb foods can add up quickly, you can't get away with winging it - it's not Atkins anymore if you do.